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The Loki System

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It was a particularly cloudy day in the City of New York.

Walking down the streets of the Big Apple was a well-dressed man, wearing a green scarf and a grey, cashmere sweater jacket with its sleeves rolled to his elbows. Paired with some well-fitted slacks that complimented his white inner shirt, the man could have looked like a prince despite his casual sense of dress.

Some people could look good in anything.

-Was the thoughts of many civilians- men and women alike- who stared in awe.

If only they knew that the man they were ogling was a Prince of Asgard and its resident God of Mischief.

He hummed a quiet tune to himself and admired the big city.

Loki knew he was technically supposed to check up on Thor, but he has become extremely fascinated with some of the technology in Midgard that he basically forgot about his brother.

He brought himself to a place called Central Park and watched the children play around while the adults went about in their everyday lives.

And now he was conversing with a group of college students.

"-Fascinating! I have never seen one of these before from where I come from."

One of the students looked at him curiously.

"They don't have Stark Phones in your country?"

"No," Loki shook his head. "The place I come from hardly has any of the technology I've seen so far in America. It was quite a culture shock, actually."

Oh, yes. Loki was pretending to be an exchange student from some foreign country...

Talking with the college students made him momentarily distracted from asking the whereabouts of the Avenger's Tower.

The prince could have teleported to that specific location, but being the free spirit that he was, he opted to take his own tour around the city while he was at it.

Along with acting friendly with some of the city residents, by noon Loki was performing some harmless mischief through the city.

Setting lose a few flocks of swans and acting like a pigeon tamer for some hundred pigeon swarms, New York received the excitement they never asked for.

Up in Avenger's Tower, Tony got an alert from Fury to gather everyone and suit up. Something about a bird army invading New York.

Remaining in Central Park sat the prince of Asgard on a park bench, playing happily with his bird army who surrounded him like he was their mother.

In his arms was a pigeon that he petted like a cat. Loki cooed at it. It was wonderful that the Midgardian birds were so kind as to receive him. He had not meant to cause this scene, but nonetheless, no one was harmed in the process of the event.

There were children chasing some of the flocks and adults taking pictures. The sight was harmonious, if not unusual.


A boisterous call erupted through the peace and Loki's head snapped up to see his brother trudge through the park. Behind him follows the Avengers, who had assembled in the quickest manner possible and were battle ready.

Obviously, they were not quite ready for the pigeons.

The raven-haired god greeted Thor with a smile and wave.

"Ah, Thor. I was planning to visit you. Seems like I lost track of time, the birds are very kind here."

Thor frowned as he approached. "Are you the one causing this chaos? Midgard is not ready for one of your pranks, brother."

Loki laughed. "Just some slight mischief. I got a little bored touring the city."

Tony entered the conversation.

"The report said something about an invading bird army- uh, your majesty. If you can help us fix this..."

The billionaire trailed off, unsure if he sounded right. What the hell. It wasn't every day where you had to ask a regent of some immortal Viking society from outer space to get rid of a bird epidemic.

Loki looked understandingly at the inventor and scanned the rest of the heroes that gathered. "Oh, certainly. See to it that it shall be done."

The prince whistled something that sounded eerily like a mix of Greensleeves and Scarborough Faire. Immediately, however, many of the swans and pigeons took off into the sky, returning to where they came from.

The only remaining bird was a single pigeon that took the liberty to Loki's shoulder. Hugun and Munin would not be pleased if they see the homewrecking bird that now stood on their perch...

With a kind smile, Loki regreeted Thor and the Avengers. "Brother, how have things been? Are you a step closer to proving yourself worthy of Mjolnir?"

The thunderer smiled, although it lacked the usual spirit. "I quite hope that I am. Volstagg and Hogun have been assisting me, though I have come to find that compare to them, my now mortal state is still but a burden."

Loki placidly placed a hand on his brother's cheek and patted it, a gesture that Frigga would often do when he or his brother felt quite down.

"There, brother. Patience. It has only been a week or two, I have faith that you shall return within the month. Besides, time is slow in Asgard. For a month you are gone away, Asgard will still be the same, stagnant self."

Thor nodded, his spirit slightly elevated, though mostly by the appearance of his brother, a familiar presence.

"Ah, let me reintroduce you to my friends. You have met them already, haven't you? They are the greatest warriors, worthy of Asgard."

"Indeed they are," Loki agreed, nodding to the Avengers. "I should re thank you for putting up with Thor. He is quite a handful."

Tony rubbed the back of his neck. "Uh, no problem..." You are super hot, has anyone told you that?

"Brother, you must come to visit the tower! Midgardian technology is far advanced then we have anticipated. It is similar to Seidr, but they do not use magic. I'm sure you will find some interest in them."

The dark prince nodded in agreement. "I spoke with some of the local Midgardians and they introduced me to a communication device called the Stark Phone. It is quite fascinating how this world has found some means to use devices similar to our scribing mirrors and crystals. The mechanics for it is something I have never seen before."

Loki praised, unintentionally inflating Tony's ego.

The Iron Man slinked his way over, purposefully placed his arm around Loki's shoulder like he was giving him a one-sided hug, and smoothly said, "How would you like to see more of that?" Finishing off with a wink.

That happened in Tony's head.

What really happened:

"I... Uh... Would you like to make more phones...?"

Loki looked at him with confusion, "What...?"

Clint came to the rescue. Clint, being an experienced SHIELD agent, was taught the art of diplomacy. With this particular talent, he proceeds to save Tony's ass.

"Don't mind Tony. He's just being Tony. Would his highness like to return with us to our tower?"

"Oh, if you don't mind."

Thus, Loki followed the Avengers and his brother back to their tower.




"- It's like a speculative structure linking disparate points in spacetime. I believe Lady Jane calls it an Einstein-Rosen Bridge. If I can simplify it into Midgardian terms, the Bifrost for your world is based on a special solution of the Einstein field equations solved using a Jacobian matrix and determinant."

Drinking tea in the tower living room with the heroes of Midgard playing host, Loki expertly explains the use of the Bifrost and the travel it creates to make it capable for Thor and him to be in Midgard.

Obviously, the only ones who actually understand what he's saying would be the two self-proclaimed 'Science Bros' in the room.

Tony and Bruce.

Though, only by a bit as neither of them have dabbled in the field of astrophysics.

Loki continues, nevertheless.

"I would guess that my brother had not quite explained to any of you of how our travel system is maintained. You all must be wondering how it is that we managed to fly several light years from one universe to another."

Thor looked abashed, but he, himself, did not understand the inner workings of the Bifrost. It was typical. Loki was the smart one...

"A wormhole can be visualized as a tunnel with two ends, each at separate points in spacetime if the theory is applied correctly. That is what the rainbow bridge is made up of. However, Midgard does not hold specific gravitational pulls and magnetic fields to create their own bridge, especially with the constant moving of your plates. 

"Asgard, being a flat surface with a unique gravity and atmospheric development, allows this; therefore, unless another factor in your universe is found, or the planet flattens, it is unlikely for the Einstein-Rosen Bridge to be a possibility."

The lecture made most of the Avengers zoned out for quite a while...

However, Tony and Bruce saw salvation before their scientifically inclined eyes.

There was silence.

-But then Tony slowly stands up and make his way over to stand in front of Loki just as the prince was taking another sip of his tea.

The Iron Man gets down on one knee and says four words that will no doubt change his life.

"Will you marry me?"


Loki: ( ; - ; )

Thor: 凸(ಠ益ಠ)凸

Everyone else: ......

"No!" Thor promptly rejects him, grabbing Loki (gently) by the waist and heaving his brother over like a sack of potato before swiftly bringing them over to the other side of the couch, to create better distance between them and the Man of Iron.

Loki, trying not to spill his tea (since he still had the cup in his hand), was very indignant.

"Brother, put me down!"

He ordered with irritation clear in his voice.


"At once!"

Thor: 。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚)゚。

Reluctantly, the older prince put his brother down and went to sulk in the corner of the room next to the bar, not forgetting to glare daggers at Tony as he did so.

Loki went over to Tony, who still kneeled on the ground like he was worshipping the couch in which Loki had sat on.

The dark prince awkwardly looked at him with uncertainty.

"Um... Stark, I am very flattered by your... Midgardian Proposal... But I don't think-"

"I think Dummy is getting hungry."

Tony interrupted him before he can say anything, feeling very humiliated as he bullshitted his way out of this situation like a goddamn rockstar.

His mind was in a frenzy.

Why the hell did he just say?!

Flustered, the billionaire stood up and sped his way out of the room like his butt was on fire.

Steve called after him.

"Wait, Tony, where are you going?"

Tony threw back an excuse as he left.

"... To feed Dummy!"

Most of the occupants in the room sweatdropped.

But Dummy is a robot...

The raven-haired prince could do nothing but look helplessly at the retreating man. Was it something he said?

He gave a small smile, embarrassed at what had just occurred. "You must all be bored out of your minds, listening to me prattle on."

"Oh, no," Bruce assured him. "Not at all. Please, your Highness, tell us more."

Bruce was highly amused by this display, and he was not alone as he smirked at his fellow Avengers. Except for Thor. Thor looked like he was going to murder Tony...

The Crown Prince was not too fond of anyone tainting his baby brother. He wasn't willing to let go just yet, Loki was still much too young to get married to anyone, and no one is good enough for him. Every man and women are scum compared to his brother.

You can say Thor has a bit of a brother-complex. He's always been rather protective, but ever since his failed coronation, where Loki began dressing in sorcerer garbs instead of armor, his brother-complex alarms were ringing far louder than usual.


This, he came to the conclusion that Loki can't get married until he's at least six thousand years old. In Midgardian age, that's almost as old as Odin...

Initially, his plan was for Loki to turn five thousand years old before anyone can even think about asking for his hand, but these days, the centuries were increasing...

No one can sully my baby brother!

Now that Tony was gone, the chaos that was left behind settled itself down and another wave of peacefulness engulfed the room.

In the laboratory, Tony watched from the monitors displayed in front of him. He had sixteen cameras in that living room. He could see Loki in sixteen different angles.

Every time he looked at the prince, he felt his heart being stabbed by an arrow-shaped pillow with a puppy and kitten riding on it.

It was that kind of feeling.

Also, he felt like puking. Love feels like something is in your throat while your stomach lurches. The bile would crawl up your esophagus, waiting to be vomited out.

That was how love felt like.

Or maybe it was because of the liquor Tony currently held in his hand...

After watching the monitor for a very long time, Tony took out his phone and calls Bruce, who was literally in the next hallway.

"Bruce," he says into his phone after watching the prince regent closely, like he could feel his presence and very essence nearby.

"Bruce, I think I'm in love. He's so gorgeous- like damn. Bruce, I'm so gay, what do I do?"

"That sounds like a you problem," Bruce, being the great science bro that he is, hangs up on him and goes back to talking to Loki.

In the living room, Loki smiles as Bruce comes back. "Who was that?"

"Just Tony being a Tony. Where were we?"

"Ah, the berserker. The recreation of the super serum..."

Bruce continues to entertain the guest.

Back in Stark's lab:

"Dummy," Tony cries into his liquor and wraps his empty arm around the robot.

Dummy is filthy with motor oil.

Tony is wearing an expensive suit worth more than one floor of the Avenger's tower.

He clearly did not think this through.

"You won't hang up on me, will you, Dummy?"

In response, Dummy hits him on the head with its arm. Tony felt that that was all the comfort he was going to get.




"Please take care of yourself, brother. Make sure to properly eat your meals, study hard, and focus on your task."

Loki reminded Thor as he prepared to leave.

The Thunderer smiles. "I will, brother. You take care as well. Please pass on my love to mother."

The two siblings gave one another a hug.

Thor murmured something to himself darkly.

"I'm going to murder Stark..."

"Excuse me?"

"Nothing, brother. Have a safe journey back!"

Thor smiles brightly.

Loki nods. He looks to the other Avengers and shows them a bright smile of his own. Giving them a wave, he vanishes through his secret pathways.

With his brother gone, Thor's eyes darken and settle on a certain billionaire philanthropist.


He says with a deadly tone.

Tony ran like the end was nay. 




The secret pathway landed Loki near the rainbow bridge. The moment he arrived, he cast a spell to turn his mortal attire back to that of Asgardian fashion.

The prince's eyes widen in surprise when he sees Sif and Fandral awaiting him.

Fandral was the first to race over and look Loki deeply in the eyes, anxious.

"Heimdall says a Midgardian Prince proposed to you. Is it true? Why is he proposing to you? Please tell me you did not accept his proposal!"

The Dashing warrior looked urgent and an unusual expression contoured his face.

{Master Mot, he sounds like an aggrieved wife who was left alone at home... Hmm, does that make you the slag husband?}

Who's a slag? Your wife is a slag! Your whole family is a slag!

Loki cursed at the system in his head, looking indignant for a moment before he turned his attention back to Fandral, who was now holding his shoulders in a shaky grip.

For the past few days since Fanreas had died, the warrior has been acting more and more strangely.

"Relax, my friend. He is not a Midgardian prince, although his position is similar. Stark is one of the most richest men in Midgard, though rather than a prince, I would call him a Midgardian sorcerer and intellect."

Fandral instantly deflated, his mood sinking even further.

He imagined his prince with another sorcerer. The perfect pair. Both are intelligent and royalty.

"-But no, there is no marriage to speak of."

Instantly, the warrior's ears perked up and he looks at the prince with wide eyes.

Loki looks a little helpless as he gives Fandral an indulging smile. He removes himself from the other man and makes his way out of the observatory, making sure to say goodbye to Heimdall before leaving.

Sif and Fandral follow him as he continues to speak.

"Thor rejected the proposal, and then I did." He chuckled. "Really, I believe it was a mere slip of the tongue, an accident, most likely. I was explaining the usage of the Bifrost and it seems he was so dazed that the only thing in his mind was a marriage proposal! Everyone had a good laugh."

He assures.

"Then, then, you're not going to marry anyone?"

Fandral asked, catching up to him so they could walk side by side.

Loki looked at him and huffed. "Of course not, Fandral."

He swore that the blonde warrior was getting more and more attached these past few days.

Sif watched like a third wheel, awkwardly trailing behind the prince and dashing warrior.

He seriously has no idea why he's even a guard anymore. Fandral looks like he's got it all handled, even taking over his own shifts.

The Lord remembered the other warrior telling him to go and spend some time with his beloved Idunn whenever it was his turn for guard duty.

Not that Sif minded. Every moment basking in the goddess's light was a blessing itself.

Seeing Loki and Fandral's figure getting smaller and smaller into the distance as they left for the palace, Sif sneaked away toward the orchard.


"Thank you, Dear." Loki murmurs absentmindedly as he took the apple. His attention was mainly focused on a problem at hand.

However, Fandral was not so absentminded as he.



Loki's gaze goes to him.

"A-Ah, nothing, nothing! I thought you called me-"

"Dear," Loki repeated. "Yes, that's right."


"You don't like it?" The prince asked curiously, purposely turning his voice sweeter. 

Fandral averts his eyes and leans away just as Loki continues to stare at him.



-And then the prince is letting laughs escape him. The amusement in his eyes flash.

"I'm just teasing, my friend. Please don't mind my humor."

"Oh... ha, ha, ha..." Fandral laughed along nervously.

Loki shook his head. "You've been looking down since Lord Fanreas passed. How is your family?"

The mood turns pleasant and tranquil despite the somber topic, and they discuss whilst walking.

Fandral sighs, although his lips curl into a small smile.

"The mourning period is over, but Mother is heartbroken. She's become ill as of late, but love can do that, I supposed. My mother and father may not look it, with father putting on the mask of a terrible lord for years before his confinement to the manor, and mother being a cold and rigid woman, they really loved one another."

Fandral explains, playing with the pendant of the Dashing Lord he now wore on his neck.

Then his eyes sadden slightly.

"I'm afraid that her time is limited. She might follow after my father very soon. They can't live without each other, you know. It makes people quite jealous, the way their story turned out."

Loki hummed in agreement."

"And what of you? How are you feeling about the death?"

Fandral huffed.

"My father wouldn't want me to mope around. Mother can join him anytime. She's suffering in the land of the living by thinking that I am not ready to be a lord. I'm shackling her, in a way, from father. I'll just prove to both of them that I can take on the responsibilities."

Loki chuckled. "Join me in morning court and learn a few things. You can get a better sense of how it all works. Even Sif represents his house despite his position as my guard. You can do it, too."

Fandral smiles at him, his eyes twinkling with merriment.

"I guess I can."




The fateful day arrives at dawn within the realm of eternal.

In his office, Loki is multitasking.

He is signing off some important documents on the matters of the council with the use of a Dwarven Glass Pen, a gift from Fandral.

It was given to him in a small, ornate, rectangular box with a single forget-me-not on top. The present was also accompanied by the now-habitual apples.

Loki had smiled and chuckled as he received the gift. Fandral was doing an excellent impression of a ripe tomato when he handed him the box. All was good with the world.

The pen was well crafted. Loki had loved it, especially when the extra mechanisms were explained to him.

As he signs the papers with it, he spoke with 009, making plans for the future.

Speaking of which, it was time to get back into action for Loki.

No longer can he procrastinate and lie around in the peace.

009 had reminded him of his task as a host.

{Master Mot, are you ready?}

I am.

The difficulty that lies in the Wicked Villain System is thus: the Host must complete the mission in two parts. Grant the wishes of the original, and advance the storyline as a villain.

To be a villain is difficult when said-villain tries to defy their own fate.

To complete the mission and restore the plot line for this world, Mot needed to play his part as a "Wicked Villain", and live through the ordeal so that the original's wishes will, later on, be fulfilled.

In other words, Loki's wish must be granted, but Mot still needs to make sure the plot continues for Thor, the protagonist.

Whether he is found out for the crime he is about to commit or not will be up to his skill set as a host.

It is with this reason that, once he finishes the last of the paperwork, he stands up from his chair and leaves the office.




The prince regent silently enters the Vault.

The castle has never looked darker than now as green flames flickered to life on the empty torches.

This is where he shall unleash a challenger upon his brother.

Whether Thor lives or dies, it is up to his protagonist halo to determine this...

By a corner of the vault, there was a suit of Asgardian armor glowing faintly with magic.

Loki steps over and touches it gently with his hand, whispering the incantation for its activation.

The Destroyer awakens at Loki's command. The prince veils him in magic.

"Come with me."




At Heimdall's observatory, Loki appears in front of him.

"My prince," The gatekeeper acknowledges him.

Loki smiles at him, although it lacked the usual warmth.

"Heimdall," He greeted. "How is the investigation going? Any news on how the Jotuns entered the Vault?"

The golden warrior nodded his head solemnly, his face grim from what he had discovered.

"The traitor to the crown is..."




These past few days, memories unfamiliar to him play through his head like a song. Since the death of his father, the pendant he had received were triggering these visions.

Fandral, despite knowing a way to stop the dreams, did not take off the pendant. He continued to immerse himself in those dreams because they were nice.

Fandral knows not of its meanings, but he has dreamt of himself as a young child, a boy, going on adventures and playing games with a pair of brothers.

Fandral could not tell their faces. They were blurred out and no matter how hard he tries to focus on their features, it felt as if something covers his eyes and blinds him.

The only thing he could tell of the two brothers was their hair. One that shines gold and another that sparkles black.

With no other means to identify them, Fandral calls them Dagur and Nótt.

They were playing a game again. It was a mock duel between Dagur and him, who were pretending to be two brave warriors determined to rescue Nótt, who assumes the role of the Mystical Storyteller rather than a fair maiden.

He and Dagur fight one another with determination as the prize was a story made up by Nótt with the promise of making one of them the star of the tale.

Such an award, neither were willing to lose to the other.

Fandral smiles to himself of the innocence he once held, and that of the two children who played with him.

"My Queen?"

"Oh, Fandral." 

He encounters the All-Mother in the Halls. 

"Is there something you needed?"

"No," She shakes her head, but clearly, she was deep in thought. 

Her gaze goes to meet his. "How are you as of late? Have things been difficult for you?"

She asked about the matters of the Dashing Household.

"Your father was rather close to Odin and I when we were younger."

"I see."

She smiles at him. "How would you like to join me for tea?"




"The traitor to the crown is... You, my prince."

Loki raised a brow in question, allowing silence to waft between.

-But then a crooked smile, looking cold and chilling, unlike the warm expressions he had been showing recently.

He chuckled, "As expected of your all-seeing eyes, Heimdall."

The gatekeeper's expression remained grim and solemn.

"How did you do it? Why did you do it, my prince?"

Loki looked more and more amused and he carelessly shrugged, although his eyes were piercing, like a cat who finally got the cream.

"There are secret paths between worlds to which even you with all your gifts, are blind to, my dear Heimdall."

The original owner of the body had made plans for the Jotun intruders weeks before the coronation. He had prepared to stop the coronation at all cost and even made sure of it by wiping away his own memories in case he was called in for questioning.

It was a cunning plan, but Mot had already received the information quite recently, which was the reason why he had decided it was time to act.

"You would gamble the fate of Asgard for the sake of your own ambitions?"

"No." Loki swiftly denies, walking swiftly to a window which looked out to the golden realm. "I would gamble the fate of Asgard for the sake of its future." He turns back to the gatekeeper. 

"Thor was not ready. I admit that the potential war he nearly placed us in was a miscalculation on my part, but he is learning. Learning to be compassionate, growing, developing a good head. When he returns, and when he is crowned, I will serve as his adviser until he knows what to do with the lessons he learns. He will be ready, then."

Heimdall understood Loki's reason, but he shakes his head, nonetheless, looking away.

"It was still treason, my prince."

"It was."

Loki replies shortly.

"It is why, please forgive me, good Heimdall, but believe me when I say it is for Asgard and always will be."

The gatekeeper snaps his head toward the prince, but he was too late to react.

Loki reaches out and, with both hands, takes hold of something invisible, hovering in mid-air before him. As it quickly fades into view, Heimdall realizes what it is.

The Casket of Ancient Winters.

"You knew."

"I did," Loki answers him, a sad smile appearing on his face.

The blueness creeps from his hands and up his arms, as Loki opens the Casket towards Heimdall, who is fast approaching to stop the prince from whatever he was about to do.

From inside the Casket, all hell breaks loose. The fury of the Casket is unleashed, its winds not just howling, but screaming, as ice and snow and darkness come flying straight towards Heimdall. Ice clings to his body, freezing him, but still, he moves forward, as if he wanted to rip the casket from Loki's hands and toss it down the rainbow bridge.

The Casket: 。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚+)゚。 But I'm innocent!

Heimdall is nearly upon Loki and the Gatekeeper swings his massive sword at the Casket-

-But undoubtedly, the blade stops, frozen, just inches from the Casket in Loki's hand.

Heimdall was now trapped in ice.

Loki sighs and taps on the ice, knowing Heimdall can still see and hear him. "Please don't be angry with what I'm about to do, my friend. It's really for Thor's good, I promise."

Back to smiling warmly, the trickster steps past the gatekeeper.

Gungnir appears in his hand and Loki gives it a pet on the 'head' and proceeds to insert it into the Observatory's control panel. He opens the Bifrost.

His hand gestures something and the Destroyer is unveiled from the prince's illusions.

It appears before him, a fiery glow rising within it as it turns its head toward its activator. 

"Ensure my brother proves himself worthy," Loki ordered. "Be sure not to harm anyone or destroy anything."

The Destroyer bows and jumps into the Bifrost, disappearing from the Observatory.

Loki continues standing and looks over at the view of Asgard.

"I bid you please, Norns give me strength."

He murmurs to himself just as the Bifrost reactivates again.

Three Jotuns emerge. One looks similar to Loki despite their difference in stature while two others wearing the clothes of soldiers.

Helblindi Laufeyson did not expect to ever meet the second prince of Asgard. His father had told him what had happened after the Crown Prince of Asgard intruded upon Jotunheim. The current prince regent of the land of eternal, however, looked much more level-headed than he had initially thought.

"You have asked for our assistance?" He inquired, looking down at the tiny trickster in bewilderment.

A mischievous smile appeared on his face.

"Allow me to explain. Can you act?"

The three frost giants choke on their saliva. 




The Bifrost landing site was in New Mexico.

From behind a jeep, Coulson and several SHIELD agents stare at an emerging shadow that was moving towards them in awe.

"Is that one of Starks?" One agent asked.

"I don't think so. But the guy doesn't tell me anything." Coulson answered as he grabbed a megaphone.

"Call the Avengers. We're going to need back up." He ordered.

Stepping forward, the Son of Coul calls out to the Destroyer.

"Hello! You're using unregistered weapon technology. Please identify yourself."

He faintly hears the hum of the being's energy powering up from a distance.


As the SHIELD Agents scramble for cover, a blast of energy from the Destroyer explodes a vehicle.

The SHIELD agents return fire.

The Destroyer was a sentient, like all magical weapons. As he watched the vehicle explode, he couldn't help but wince. Was he not told to not destroy or harm the citizens of Midgard? The sentient knew he was well screwed if the prince regent of Asgard found out what he just did.

With these conclusions, the suit of armor obediently stood there as a rain of bullets pelleted down on it. It took the abuse with pride.

"Son of Coul!"

A thunderous bellow flew through the 'battlefield' and the SHIELD agents stopped shooting.

A helicopter appeared above them with the Stark logo.

The Avengers have arrived.