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The Loki System

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Loki walked around the palace, looking around here and there as he strode through the halls and corridors. His wanderlust went so far as to reach the training ring outside the castle walls where the garden was closest. Wind billowed his clothes slightly and there was nothing but a gentle and calm smile upon his face.

Gliding around the area, Loki did not see the several warriors training in the rings.

"What are you doing here?" An unkind voice entered his ears and the sorcerer paused in his steps. Turning around, he found himself facing a man with flaxen hair and a goatee. He wore Asgardian armor and a long, majestic cape that was the color of forest green.


{Answering to Master Mot. This Asgardian is named Fandral the Dashing. He is among a group called the Warrior Three and Lady Sif. They are Thor's friends and one of the many causes leading to the original Loki's death.}

I see...

Fandral was resting outside the ring as he played with his sword. Today was Thor's coronation and he was incredibly happy that the golden prince was about to take the throne. At least then, it will keep that wicked younger brother of his from usurping the throne.

Thinking about the raven-haired ergi made Fandral sightly sick to the stomach. The liesmith was evil incarnate and the very bane of his existence. He tried to shake any thoughts on the man away, imagining how many ladies would be at the feast and how many he could charm. Perhaps even taking one back to his chambers right after the feast.

The clanging of swords stopped all of a sudden and Fandral looked up curiously from his blade. He heard whispers begin to immerse around the training rings.

"Is that Prince Loki?"

"By Norns, what is he doing wearing that?"

"Isn't today the coronation? Shouldn't he be wearing his armor?"

"I guess he really did turn ergy. Those robes are like that of my sisters."

"Sorcerer robes. Magic is the practice of a woman. Perhaps he has given up as a warrior?"

"Him? Give up? I cannot believe my eyes until I witness the day he shouts those words loud and proud."

"But... don't you think it suits him?"

Heads turned as one to examine the oblivious dark prince as he glided their way.

"You know, I think you're right. For a moment there, I thought I had seen a fair maiden."

"Hah! Loki? A fair maiden? Don't make me laugh!"

"If you look closer, my friend, you will see proof in my words."

Suddenly there were several murmurs of agreement. Fandral didn't know why, but he felt his chest twist in some way that made him very uncomfortable.

Then, he himself looked over his shoulder, persuaded by the words of his fellow warrior. The result made his eyes widen. Black hair dancing slightly in the wind with a golden face guard that lined his face, the two, short horns protruding from it neatly. Long and hooded, green sorcerer robes over a green tunic and a black turtleneck. A grey scarf that loosely wrapped around his neck, and a pair of fitting breeches. A brown belt that made the outfit more shapely and black, riding boots riding up to his ankles. He was wearing loose clothes with asymmetrical cuts, like that of an Asgardian woman. And admittedly, Fandral thought it actually suited the younger prince.

Not to mention the sight that was truly to behold was the smile donning the silvertongue as he looked sleepy and rather relaxed today, like that of a small, black kitten, leisurely striding toward him...

Until he suddenly made a sharp turn and began walking past the training ring. Disappointed murmurs and sighs fell upon the warriors, and, unexpectedly Fandral himself.

However, Fandral was also thoroughly convinced that the sorcerer was up to one of his many tricks once more. Yes, he will stop him if it was the last thing he did. After all, today was Thor's coronation and he was not going to ruin it by letting the evil incarnate roam free.

He stood up and held his head high, confidently walking over to Loki.

Loki peers curiously at the man. Fandral is very handsome. A charming and flirtatious atmosphere floated around him, sprinkled with a smoldering sex-appeal that would make any lady go wild and vie for his attention. Too bad it was impossible for Loki to like the guy. He would have been more attractive if he wasn't glaring down at him.

"Good day to you as well, Fandral," Loki uttered carelessly, offering a sleepy smile to the warrior. Wow, he was tall.

{Master Mot, you should really know the backstory between-}

I'm sure it'll be fine, 009.

Loki told the system. He cared not for the backstory between the original owner and Fandral. It would be troublesome and a lot of work if he plays everything by the book. Whatever history these two had, he would gladly pretend it never happen, starting everything with a clean slate.

{But Host, that's too OOC (T^T)}

It's fine. Don't be such a mother-in-law.

Dutifully ignoring the system's protests, Loki continued to smile at Fandral like the great Buddha granting enlightenment.

For Fandral, he was bewildered, to say the least. Actually, no. He flipped his shit. Internally, of course.

Gruffly, the dashing blonde flirt narrowed his eyes distrustingly. "What are you up to, trickster?"

"Mm, going to the garden. I decided to spend some time there before the coronation today. I imagine you will be there as well?"

Stupid question, Loki knew. Of course one of Thor's best friends (and follower) would be there. Nonetheless, the only one bad mouthing them was 009. Loki didn't give a shit and he was happy that way.

"Yes." Was the dry response coming from the usual merry Asgardian. It seems being in the presence of Loki leaves a bad taste in his mouth.

Loki felt that talking with this Fandral was really useless and that the so-called "Dashing" man was just part of the fictitious world of the Marvels Universe and that this world's Fandral is just some overly-serious and antisocial guy with a stick up his ass.

"Well then, I must be going. I would like to relax a little in the garden before the ceremony. If you would excuse me, Fandral." Granting a smile, Loki calmly walked away, leaving behind a bewildered, confused, and complicated Fandral in his wake.

Loki was almost halfway toward the garden gates when a strong hand suddenly grasped his arm and tugged. He did not budge, but only looked slightly confused as he turned around to see who it was.

{Master Mot, I seem to have forgotten to mention this, but most of the characters in this universe seem to have been genderbend.}

What do you mean-

Loki found himself face to face with a man slightly taller than himself. He wore silver Asgardian armor over a red tunic and a pair of maroon breeches. Leather covered his right forearm, legs, and hands. His midnight black hair was wispy, tied in a ponytail that framed his lightly tanned face naturally.


{That is Lord Sif, Master Mot. I believe you knew him in your previous world as Lady Sif. It seems the Warrior Three has become the Warrior Four.}

I... see...

Loki decided that he didn't care because caring meant he would waste his time doing troublesome things that he shouldn't be bothered in the first place. And he rather liked his time, thank you very much.

"Lord Sif, greetings." The dark prince cast him a smile that was slow and mellowed like a river stream. "Would you be so kind as to let go of my wrist. Thank you." He wiggled out of the other man's grip and retreated a few steps to avoid further contact. Something told him that Sif was the kind of guy who wasn't afraid to manhandle anyone, prince or no prince."

"Sif, what are you doing? I thought we were going to spar." Fandral suddenly pops up behind the other warrior and speaks loud and clear.

Sif ignores him in favor of staring Loki down. "I'm watching you, liesmith." He warns tersely, refusing to go anywhere.

"... Okay...?"

Loki furrowed his brows slightly in confusion before nodding. "I guess I'll be going to the gardens. Have a good day, the both of you-"

"I'm coming with you," Sif says bluntly, folding his arms as his face became a scowl all of a sudden.

Fandral immediately raised a brow, turning his head so quickly it would have given someone a whiplash.

He sputtered something inaudible, or rather, discerning since Loki had no idea what the hell he was saying.

Again, the raven-haired sorcerer replies with an awkward "Okay" mixed with a large dose of confusion.

"I'll come along, too!" Fandral suddenly announces a little too cheerfully, raising his arms as if he was gracing the world with his presence.

009, I thought the personalities in this world was slightly different than the original MCU.

{They aren't. You just assumed. Everyone else is acting normally except for you.}


Loki tried not to think too hard about it. Let the wind blow either way. He'll be fine.

A lazy smile returned with hooded emerald eyes as Loki nodded in acceptance to their declarations and guided them to the gate, opening the doors for the Warriors to step in.

Loki glanced around at the sunny pathways. The castle garden had a multitude of plants and herbs. Stone walkways and green grass blended and twisted. Fountains that spewed golden nectar, benches made from the very trees of the garden itself, formed by the trunks and branches, and idunn apple trees with a few blossoms and leaves budding in scattered areas. The sight was magnificent and a happy smile donned Loki's face as he strode about, sniffing at flowers, feeling their petals, closing his eyes to breath the sweet air, and letting the sun warm his face.

Unbeknownst of him, Sif and Fandral were paying less attention to the garden itself and more intently on the raven-haired prince being covered with several doves on his shoulder as he taught them to sing, suspicion, confusion, and doubt in their eyes.

Loki's shoulders were covered with six pigeons. He taught them how to sing. Now, don't question how he managed to get six pigeons to land on him. The world may never know.

"No, like this." He sang a note briefly. The doves did their best to mimic the prince, but alas, they were doves and did not have the sweet song-like voices of mockingbirds.

It was at this time that two large ravens abruptly landed on either side of Loki, crowing in delight as they soaked the attention of the sorcerer.

What is with all these birds in Asgard...? 009, if you would?

{Gladly, Master Mot. This is Hugin and Munin, the ravens of Odin. They are his closest aids.}

And pray tell why is it that they are here?

009 felt his mouth stretch into a wide grin, a mischievous twinkle in his eyes as he responded.

{Wouldn't you like to know.}

Loki gently shook off the doves from his shoulders and offered the seats to the two ravens, who immediately hopped on.

"Does father and mother need me?"

The Ravens answered yes.

"Please tell them to appease their worries. I shall be there soon."

The Ravens took off, most likely to go back to Odin's side, leaving Loki in the garden with both Fandral and Sif.

He turned to his two companions and offered a slight grin. "I shall take my leave now, my friends. May the Norns be with you until then."

"May the Norns be with you in kind." The two responded rigidly.

With a nod, Loki left the garden swiftly.

Sif and Fandral looked at one another, the two warriors were tensed and frowning as they stared at the back of Loki's retreating figure.

"I suspect he is up to something." Sif spat out.

"I, as well." Fandral agreed moresly.

The two eyed one another before they saw something in each other's eyes. Nodding as they found what they wanted to know, an agreement was made with haste.

"Loki!" Frigga approached her son as he walked through the door of the room trailing into the throne hall. The coronation is to take place within ten minutes. Frigga and Odin were standing by the large, gold door, waiting for it to be opened. Thor was nowhere in sight.

"Mother." Loki greets her with a kind smile, still sleepy and slothful, but charming all the same.

"Father." He nods to Odin as well, in both respect and as a filial son.

"Here's how we'll do this. Your father and I will go inside first. Loki, you should head in once the clapping recedes. I have told Thor of his instructions to follow after you, so you need not worry about him, alright?

"Yes, mother."

Frigga nods, satisfied. Taking Odin's arm, the two of them stepped toward the door.

"Presenting his royal majesty, King Odin Allfather, and her royal majesty, Queen Frigga Allmother!"

The doors flew open and cheers erupted through the throne hall. Odin and Frigga entered before the heavy entrance closed shut.

Loki patiently waited, twiddling his thumb slightly. He saw a large, opened window behind the hanging tapestries and went over to get some fresh air.

It was at that moment when Thor stormed merrily into the hall, the door closing behind him as he did so. Marching in with his head held high, he had a goblet of mead in his hand. After drinking it down, he threw to the ground, yelled for another, before coming to stand in front of the door. It was then that Loki made his move, leisurely sauntering toward his brother with a gentle smile.

"Nervous, brother?"

The blonde smirked, turning his head to look at him confidently as if the question was absurd. "Have you ever known me to be nervous?"

Loki went through the original owner's memory and found something to use as a comeback. "Oh, well, there was the time in Nornheim..."

"That was not nerves, brother." Thor grinned, "That was the rage of battle."

Loki nodded in understanding. "I see."

"How else can I have fought my way through a hundred warriors and pulled us out alive?"

Loki raised an eyebrow and frowned. "Uh, as I recall, I was the one who veiled us in smoke because of our escape-"

Thor interrupted with a boisterous laugh.

"Yes. Some of us do battle and others just do tricks."

Loki truly frowned at this, his lazy grin becoming that of a disapproving scowl.

A servant came and delivered Thor's helmet, a silver headwear adorn by two wings on the side.

"Oh, nice feathers," Loki said playfully, a lazy smile creeping up his face as he shook slightly with laughter.

Thor did not look amused.

"You don't really want to start this, do you?" He asked, spitting out the words all of a sudden while starting to get uncomfortably close. Loki noticed that his brother was trying to intimidate him.

"I was being sincere." He replies honestly.

Thor snorted. "You are incapable of sincerity."

Those words must have stung the original owner. However, Mot was now Loki, so the Silvertongue ignored his brother's insult by looking away.

After a few moments of silence, the dark prince knew that his companion was becoming uncomfortable and placed a hand on the larger man's shoulder. He sighed. "I have been looking forward to this day for as long as you have... brother... my friend... sometimes I'm envious. But, Thor, never doubt I love you."

Thor placed a hand on his neck, a simple gesture of a bond that the two have had for centuries. "Thank you." He said sincerely.

Loki smiled. His eyes then glint with mischief. "Good. Now give us a kiss."

Thor laughed and let go, punching his brother in the arm with more strength than was needed.

The pair stood side by side, right near the door. They each looked at one another. Thor, a nervous smile, and Loki, with a reassuring a lazy one.

"Presenting his royal highness, Prince Loki!"

Without further ado, the doors swung open and Loki went inside to face the music and cheers.