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A Hundred Golden Suns

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It was decided we would get to Rhys’s at 4:30. That would be early enough for Aiden and Rhys to cook.

Aiden, Timothée had told me, had been over the moon when he was told of the plans and I gladly texted Rhys to let him know we would be joining him on Thursday. Aiden had said Rhys could choose the meal, that he would be happy to eat anything he wanted to cook.

Rhys had asked me to ask Timothée what Aiden’s favorite meal was, so they could cook that.

“Uh, he’s always eating Taco Bell,” Timothée had told me. So I had told Rhys to cook to impress.


We turned into Rhys’s street. Timothée was in the passenger seat beside me and Aiden was in the back, talking a million words per hour.

“I wonder what he’ll cook?!” Aiden asked excitedly. “He has so many amazing recipes for everything. I can’t believe I’m going to his house! Wow!”

Timothée and I looked at each other and smiled. “Well, Happy Birthday!” I said as I glanced at him through my rear view mirror.

“Best birthday ever!” Aiden said and Timothée chuckled.

The gate opened after I texted Rhys and I drove in. I felt Timothée tense slightly. I had tried to talk to Timothée about this a little bit before we had left his apartment as I sat on his bed and watch him get dressed.

“Baby, I understand in you’re hesitant about today,” I began. I was searching for the right words but I was never good at things like this.

Timothée let out a breath and had come to me and kissed me. He held my face in his hands. “Hey,” he has said in his soft voice. “It’s alright. I know he’s your best friend and maybe this is a way of him extending an olive branch?”

“Perhaps,” I replied staring at his gorgeous lips.

“And if it is then I shall gladly take it, for your sake, my love,” he said sliding onto my lap.

I ran my hands up his gorgeous body. He had jeans on, his boxers visible from the top and no shirt. I ran my hands across his chest, leaning in and kissing him across it, giving a little lick to one of his nipples. Timothée sighed.

“We have to be ready to leave in less than twenty minutes,” Timothée said softly as I kept kissing him.

“Yes, my love,” I said and leaned in and kept kissing him.

“Behave,” he said as his lips found mine. We kissed deeply.

“And what do I get in return if I behave now?” I asked of him.

“Behave and find out,” he said sliding off my lap.


I looked at him now as we walked to Rhys’s front door. I reached and held Timothée’s hand as I knocked. Rhys came to the door soon after and we entered. He and Timothée were pleasant as they greeted each other and then all focus was on Aiden. There was no other way around it. He was talking too fast and too loud for anyone, except Rhys, to get a word in edgewise.

It was fine actually. Timothée seemed more than happy for Aiden to get all of Rhys’s attention. He stayed quiet, as did I, as Aiden gushed over Rhys. Rhys, of course, was more than happy to take all the praise showered on him and seemed pleased that Aiden was such a fan. He truly paid no attention to Timothée or I.

We all walked into the kitchen and wine was poured and within the half hour, Timothée and I had walked out and left Aiden and Rhys to cook. I took Timothée’s hand into mine. “You alright?” I asked.

“Of course,” he said. He had ended up putting on a thin black sweater. It made his hair look a bit darker, his skin a bit paler and his eyes more gorgeous than ever. He took a deep breath in. “It’s hard to forget all he’s said and leaving Aiden in there I sort of feel like I’m putting him up for sacrifice,” Timothée said and then looked at me as if he had regretted what he had said.

I pulled him into my arms and kissed his forehead. “I know, I understand,” I told him. And I did. “I have not forgotten all he’s said, baby.  I just -“

“No I understand. You truly don’t have to explain it to me,” Timothée told me.

“Hey! You guys prefer baked potatoes or mashed potatoes?” Came Aiden’s voice from the kitchen. I looked over and saw him and Rhys in matching aprons by the kitchen entrance. Rhys’s face was neutral.

“Baked,” Timothée and I said at the same time.

“Baked it is, then,” Rhys said.


When dinner was finally served, we sat at Rhys’s large dining room table. He was telling Aiden about his cooking competition show, some behind the scenes drama and Aiden was enthralled. Timothée glanced at me and smiled.

We were all eating and had been quiet a moment, savoring the food, which was delicious, when Rhys looked my way. “Ran into Paris,” he said softly.

I froze for only a split second. “How exciting,” I said.

“Seems Hector will actually be giving an art seminar at UCLA next year.”

I looked up at Rhys. “Seriously? What a joke! How could that be allowed?”

Rhys shrugged. “I didn’t ask.”

I nodded. I could feel Timothée’s eyes on me. I glanced at him and smiled after I drunk all my wine in one gulp. Timothée reached for the bottle and poured me more. “Thank you,” I said.

“Are these those brothers you spoke of?” He asked me softly. I nodded. He looked at Rhys. “You know them well?”

Rhys looked at Timothée a moment. “Not well , no,” he said. “I know of them and most of it is through gossip and of course them harassing Armie.”

“I’d barely call it harassing ,” I said a bit more angrily than I wanted to.

Timothée looked at me. “Why didn’t you tell me the depth of it?”

“I did!” I said, now fully annoyed at Rhys for alarming Timothée. “They’re just a pair of idiots who -“

“Who have no regard for anyone but themselves,” Rhys said. He looked at Timothée. “Please, look after him.”

“I intend to,” Timothée said.

“I’m right here you know!” I said. “And there’s no need for anyone to take care of me as I am a grown man and am capable of taking care of myself. The Troy bothers are nothing but a couple of pests that can do nothing to me! What have they done to me, huh?” I asked. I suddenly felt my cheeks warm as I noticed Rhys, Aiden and Timothée had all stopped eating and were staring at me. I rolled my eyes. “Can we stop talking about them please! This night is all about Aiden.”

“Sure,” Timothée said.

“As you wish,” Rhys replied.

“Dude I don’t even know who they are!” Aiden said to me.

“Consider yourself lucky then!” I told him and clinked my wine glass to his before emptying it in a single gulp.



Aiden didn’t seem to want to leave and Timothée looked bored. I wanted to go. I wanted Timothée.

“What if you stay Aiden?” I proposed. I was irritated. The talk of the idiot Troy brothers had soured my mood and I had drunk far too much wine. I knew it. I felt it. And, above all else, I wanted Timothée and the longer we stayed the longer I was made to wait.

Aiden merely glanced at Rhys, as if the thought was not even a possibility. “You’re welcome to! We can even bake!” He said with a huge friendly smile.

“Really?” Aiden asked, wide eyed.

I knew Timothée didn’t like the idea, but truly I didn’t care. Aiden was a big boy and could take care of himself. I stood up. “Wonderful! Happy Birthday Aiden!” I said and patted his shoulder. I went and grabbed Timothée’s hand.

We all stood up. “Are you... are you sure?” Timothée asked as I half dragged him.

“It’ll be fun!” Rhys said and Aiden nodded and grinned at him.

There was good byes and I hugged Aiden and Rhys. “Take care of him,” I said so only he and I could hear.

“Of course,” Rhys replied. He and Timothée shook hands after Timothée and Aiden had a quiet little chat. Finally, Timothée and I were on our way.

“I think I should drive,” he said.

“Let’s go to my place,” I told him and Timothée nodded. It was closer. He was quiet the whole ride as was I. I felt my bad mood hanging over me like a dark cloud.

Once we got there and got inside I grabbed Timothée and pulled him to me right at the entrance hallway. I felt him give in to me. We kissed deeply and I pulled at his clothing and mine until we were both naked and on my couch.

“I need you so much,” I said.

“I know,” he replied. Of course he knew. He always knew what I needed. It was one of the reasons why I loved him.

He got up and walked quickly to the bathroom returning with lube. “How shall I fuck you?” He asked me with a sweet little smile. I laid back along the length of the couch. He came and settled between my legs, sliding his hand under my left knee, pushing it back.

I felt my heart begin to pound. I looked up at him. “You’re a vision,” I said. “If I could paint I would paint you like this.”

“Horny and on top of you?” He asked.

We laughed. “Beautiful and bathed in moonlight,” I said with a grin shaking my head slightly.

Timothée leaned into me and kissed me. “I should make you drink wine more regularly, it gets you horny and romantic.”

“That’s you, not the wine,” I said looking into his eyes. “And you know it.”

I groaned as he slid into me without warning. We kept looking into each other’s eyes as he began to move in and out of me. I moaned as I parted my legs further for him. I wanted him in deep. I ran my hand down his torso. I stroked myself a few times. He moaned and went faster.

“I love you,” he said as he leaned forward. His warm breath was on me.

“I love you too, baby,” I said. I pulled him in for a kiss.

He went harder and faster. I couldn’t part my legs far enough for him. I grabbed his ass and pulled him in as he thrust into me. I wanted more and more and couldn’t get enough.

“You want it that bad?” He asked.

“Always!” I replied panting.

He began to fuck me relentlessly. It made me cry out and my body was hot all over as he hit that sensitive spot inside with every hard thrust in. It was relentless and hot and all I needed. He made me come before he came in me. It was too good for words. We laid there motionless for a moment.

“We should move,” Timothée said, panting as he laid on top of me. “We’ll stain your couch.”

“I’ll just buy a new one,” I said, not wanting to move. “Phoenix is off tomorrow. Can’t we just stay here?” I asked.

Timothée moved to pick up the throw that had fallen on the floor. “As you wish,” he said softly as he put it over us and settled on my chest.