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Bathing In The Rainbow

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Being with Yoongi is like a dream. Seokjin had always been helpful with charities and NGOs and being with Yoongi helped him get to so many more people and communities. Seokjin had asked Yoongi if he’d like to deliver a speech for an awareness campaign about the trans community.

Yoongi’s socially anxious ass had passed on that offer but he had agreed on small group sessions to share his experiences with people and guide them on how to prepare for the different levels of transitioning.

Yoongi had also come up with various tech-related systems for his restaurant chains that had eased Seokjin’s management process by a tonne.

He’s also a big help at home considering he stays to play Overwatch with Jungkook whenever Seokjin has to stay for hours upon end in meetings or go overseas for some business deal.

Jungkook himself has grown very close to Yoongi and it shows. He goes to Yoongi for advice on things specially things that need building or are related to computers. He asks Yoongi for career advice since Jungkook wants to be a game developer and Yoongi is already a programmer. He also often sells off tiny bits of Seokjin’s embarrassing secrets in exchange for a skewer or two of lamb kebabs, and Yoongi laughs the night away.

On every level Seokjin can think of, Yoongi being in his life had helped him out. He had helped with work. He helped with Jungkook. He had even helped with anything and everything that needed fixing; from Ikea furniture to broken faucets. But most of all he had helped Seokjin appreciate life and himself more. That’s when Seokjin knew this is it; that Yoongi is it.

Seven weeks into dating Yoongi and Seokjin still hadn’t managed to get Yoongi comfortable enough for base three. However Seokjin was a patient man. He didn’t want to rush Yoongi into anything that might make the younger uncomfortable about himself so he never said anything. A love rushed is a love crushed.


Seokjin had wanted complete and utter trust from Yoongi for a long time. However Seokjin gets it when he least expects it.

Intimate moments among them have been limited to the torso as far as Yoongi was concerned. That too had taken them about three weeks to get to.

Seokjin likes to think he isn’t like the typical man and doesn’t think with his dick. He likes to think he’s capable of loving someone even if physical intimacy was off the table and to be honest he is. He is capable of loving Yoongi even without any touches that much he was sure of after all these months of unofficial dating and then seven weeks of official dating.

But sometimes it just gets so difficult to not touch Yoongi. To shower him with the amount of love he deserves for making Seokjin’s life so much better. To not pull him under the covers and unravel him like the bud he is. To not be one with him on a physical level. To not show him how much he’s capable of having a normal sex life as any other person. But if only Yoongi would let him .

It frustrates Seokjin sometimes, when he feels that Yoongi hides himself away from the romantic rapport that they have only because he somehow feels himself unworthy of it? Why? Seokjin doesn’t understand that.

They’ve talked about it. Like mature adults. That’s how Seokjin likes to phrase it even though the conversation they had went something like Yoongi telling him “We’ll get there when he wants it” while pointing at his crotch with both hands.

“You call it a dude?” Seokjin was amused and bewildered at the same time.

“Yeap!” Yoongi had nodded, “He’s a hunter.”

And that was the end of that conversation.

Of course Seokjin knows why Yoongi is apprehensive and of course he assured him that Seokjin is in no hurry.

But right now Seokjin is in his bed and he’s waiting for Yoongi to come over after work as he does three out of the five working days a week and Yoongi keeps sending him little encouragements and Seokjin understands why humans are weak.

He sits in bed staring at the rather provocative texts from Yoongi (Who’s supposed to be in a meeting in his office by the way) and then contemplates why he ever assured Yoongi that he was in no hurry.

Seokjin knows Yoongi does this on purpose. Riles him up and then revels in the effect he has on Seokjin. It’s sort of like Yoongi’s pastime, however what Yoongi sends next drives out a yell from Seokjin and Jungkook comes rushing to ask what happened.

“Nothing. Nothing at all.” Seokjin says a little too speedily, a little too cautiously.

Jungkook isn’t placated. “You sure? Why’d you yell then?”

“There was a cockroach.”

“You’re not afraid of cockroaches Jin, you used to collect them remember?”

Seokjin sighs at the mention of his four year old self’s hobbies, “Ugh don’t remind me. Anyways, it was nothing. No need to worry.”

Seokjin watches as Jungkook’s line of sight roams all of Seokjin; making sure he isn’t hurt, and then lands on his phone. “Oh I get it.”

Seokjin looks to the side sheepishly.

“Sexting was never your thing.” Jungkook delivers his bit of wisdom sagely and leaves.

Seokjin buries his face into the pillows and screams out the jitters before he looks at his phone again.

There on the screen is a picture. It might not even make sense to the naive eye to be honest but it does to Seokjin. It’s a tiny sliver of black; Yoongi’s pants Seokjin concludes. Then a tiny sliver of pale alabaster; Yoongi’s skin, Seokjin concludes. However it’s what’s in the middle that bothers him.

It’s red.

It’s thin.

It’s lace.

And Seokjin is a goner.

What is an even more turn on is that Yoongi took this in his office. Yoongi was wearing lace panties to work. And if that wasn’t enough, he had the audacity to lift his shirt a tiny teensy bit and take a picture of his waistband. Yoongi was on a mission and boy oh boy was he succeeding.

Seokjin was so immersed into the shock of it all that he forgets to read what Yoongi captioned the picture until now and then his mind goes into overdrive because if Seokjin’s language skills haven’t failed him, then that spells He’s ready .




Yoongi enters Seokjin’s apartment and Jungkook is already out with Namjoon. He spots Seokjin in the kitchen sorting out leftovers from the day and goes to hug him from behind. The content hum that leaves Seokjin is what Yoongi thrives on.

Seokjin finds it adorable how Yoongi clings to him and walks with his small pit-a-pat steps behind him while he goes about the kitchen looking for tupperware lids and  using his spatial skills in the refrigerator.

Yoongi finds it amazing how Seokjin can go around accomplishing his tasks while Yoongi’s clung to his back like a child not wanting to let go. But it’s taking too long so he whines.

“What’s taking you so long, it feels like you’re about to bake one of your really time-taking cakes.”

“I might as well. We have the occasion.”

“What’s the occasion.”

Seokjin turns in Yoongi’s arms and lifts him up easily putting him on the counter and standing between his legs. “Aren’t we about to pop your cherry today?” He says with mirth in his voice and his finger booping Yoongi’s button nose.

Yoongi scoffs in return, “You really think I’m a virgin?”

Seokjin closes the distance between their lips under the dim kitchen counter lights. “I’ll make sure you feel like one.”

Yoongi blushes.

And Seokjin is enamored all over again.

“You know that one Madonna song.” Seokjin giggles as he hums turning around, “Touched for the very first time.” He sing songs out of the kitchen.

Yoongi remains sitting blushing on the countertop for a good two seconds before he yells, “I am offended.”

“And I for one am thrilled,” Seokjin yells back from the living room. “So get your ass in the bedroom if you don’t want me to start in the kitchen.”

Yoongi hops off the kitchen counter and walks into the living room. “Take me.”

Seokjin looks at him incredulously but incredibly fond. He walks over to where Yoongi stands and picks him up, his legs on either side of Seokjin’s waist; straddling him as he kisses Yoongi. “You’re so demanding.” Seokjin laughs out but obliges as he takes Yoongi to the bedroom.



Yoongi’s still in his slacks and button down, along with his tie when Seokjin throws him down onto the bed and stands at the foot of it. He climbs at the end of the bed, his eyes focussed and hazed with something Yoongi couldn’t pinpoint was lust or love; or maybe a mixture of both.

Seokjin takes off his own shirt and Yoongi is reminded that this is really happening by the piercing concentration in Seokjin’s eyes. Seokjin makes quick work of Yoongi’s buckle before he slides out the belt from it’s hoops.

“You’ve been sending some quite interesting content while at the office.”

Yoongi breaks their eye contact and looks to his side, his cheeks tinged a bright red.

“I’ve been anticipating seeing in person.” is all Seokjin says before he slides off Yoongi’s slacks completely; guiding his nimble ankles out of them as he throws them to the side.

Yoongi lays there with his white formal button down barely covering the dark red lace hiding his private parts. He dares take a peek at Seokjin and Seokjin’s gaze turns carnal.

Seokjin starts with his eyes locked with Yoongi’s and two of his fingers walking delicately on Yoongi’s right foot and his left hand resting on Yoongi’s jutting hip-bone; thumb drawing circles in the lace, feeling the fabric in his hands.

Seokjin smirks before he takes a hold of Yoongi’s foot and Yoongi’s ticklish body automatically doubles over in response as a surprised yelp leaves his mouth when Seokjin bring his foot closer to his lips. Yoongi’s toes curl as his head thrashes side to side when Seokjin kisses the roof of his right foot, slowly trailing upwards.

Seokjin licks a stripe across his delicately wispy ankle and Yoongi tries his best to release his leg from Seokjin’s hold, running away from the ticklish sensation involuntarily.

To Yoongi’s relief Seokjin stops mouthing at his ankles but to Yoongi’s woes, he moves upwards; his long knobby fingers diving underneath the waistband of Yoongi’s panties.

Even though Seokjin would agree that lying there in nothing but a simple white dress shirt with his tie still loosely hanging from his neck and his plush bottoms in a blood red pair of laced panties was the epitome of Yoongi looking delectable and ravishing. But it was time they were off.

So he pulls down the flimsy fabric, leaving it bunched up at Yoongi’s thighs, and Yoongi’s legs close off; again involuntarily.

Seokjin pries them apart as he kisses Yoongi hard and long, “I feel lucky that I’m the one to finally be able to love you the way you deserve to be loved.”

And Yoongi relaxes. Not because he was coaxed but because he knew he was in capable hands. He knew he was in trustable hands. He knew he was with someone he won’t be able to let go even if the universe were to try. So he stopped shuffling his feet on the bed and let go, entrusting himself to his one true love.

Seokjin takes off the piece of garment all the way; kissing Yoongi’s trembling thighs, leaving bruises in places only he’d be able to see. With every kiss or lick Seokjin moved upwards and Yoongi knew what was coming but he still wasn’t prepared when Seokjin went down on him, licking and nipping. Yoongi’s hands went into Seokjin’s hair, holding on for dear life.

At first Yoongi was worried he might be causing Seokjin some pain from how hard he was pulling on the hair but then Seokjin sucks and Yoongi arches off the bed deciding this was no time to be considerate as he grabs onto Seokjin’s hair, thrashing his legs and bruising his own lips from how hard he was biting down on them.

Needless to say the next one and a half hour was proof that Seokjin was no joke when it came to intimacy if Yoongi’s trembling thighs, bruised torso and swollen lips were anything to go by.




Once the wall built by Yoongi’s insecurities is broken down, they find themself in the bed quite a lot. It takes them one too many times of being apart for too long and finding out they’re both shit at skype sex; before Seokjin asks Yoongi to move in with him and Jungkook.

“Why can’t you move in with me instead?” Yoongi takes the offer as a blow to his pride and manliness.

Seokjin thinks it’s immature of him to do so, “You know I can’t leave Jungkook to live on his own. The kid would burn the house down in a span of two days. Besides, I thought you liked him.”

Yoongi gives in, they’d been at it for about ten minutes of useless banter. “I love the kid. Trust me I do.” And Yoongi does, it’s true. “But it’s his indifference towards seeing you and I naked too many times that scares me.”

Seokjin laughs wholeheartedly. “Isn’t that better? We don’t have to worry about being caught considering he’ll just continue eating his cereal even if we are.”

Yoongi grumbles as he walks out of the conversation mumbling, “Yeah, let’s see his indifference when he sees your dick down my glory hole one day.”

Seokjin runs after him, “Did you just refer to your hunter as a glory hole.”

"I said what I said."

"Yoongi, what the fuck!"




Long story short, Yoongi is smitten and says yes to moving in with Seokjin.

When sitting down in his office and thinking rationally, it dawns on Yoongi that the offer is a jackpot. Seokjin is an amazing chef, his brother is amazing at household chores, they both love him to bits, and the house is warmer and livelier than Yoongi’s sad old apartment. All that coupled with the fact that he gets to be with the love of his life ninety percent of the time seals the deal.

However it’s the being together for so long part that scares him the most. Long term exposure to things too beloved lessens the love and Yoongi’s afraid he might bore Seokjin with his constant presence. But he agrees nonetheless.

He’s willing to give it a try.


Jungkook arrives to help him move his stuff and it warms Yoongi that he’s not only getting a significant other but a family as well. The huge bun is smitten with Yoongi and looks up to him for almost everything; still a tad bit less than he looks up to Seokjin though. Yoongi agrees though, it’s for good reason. Seokjin should be looked up to.

One joke about how he should be looked up to because he’s taller than both of them drives Yoongi to smack Jungkook on the head and focus on moving his boxes.

“Why didn’t Seokjin come himself though.”

“Oh he went to Jooni-.” and by the way Jungkook stops midway Yoongi knows something’s up that involved Yoongi himself.

“You’re not good at secrets and you’re even worse at cover ups kiddo,” Yoongi says tiredly, “Might as well just complete what you were about to say.”

Jungkook curses under his breath because he knows it’s true. So he relents, “He went to Joonie to ask him about stuff.”

“Stuff?” Yoongi raises a brow.

Jungkook gives an exasperated sigh, “Stuff you’d need and stuff he’d need to live with you, because Joonie was your roommate in college.” And all of a sudden Jungkook’s talking really fast, “But he means well ,trust me, he just wants to be prepared and all. Don’t hate him. He loves you.”

“Good lord you’re gonna give yourself a hemorrhage. It’s cool.”

Jungkook gives an animated Phew and Yoongi laughs with his whole heart at how much Jungkook cares about his brother.



Seokjin has the notes app on his phone open as he diligently writes everything Namjoon tells him.

“Hot water bottles and chocolate are the only solution I was able to come up with for keeping the monster sated every month. Also never, ever ask him if it hurts, he’ll tear you limb from limb.”

Seokjin just nods along to every bit of wisdom Namjoon has to offer.  

“Plus hold his hand all the time if possible.”

Seokjin looks at Namjoon with squinted eyes, “I’m a little jealous but I’m grateful for the knowledge so I’ll let it slide.”

“I should just let you go unprepared in front of the satan’s waterfall as he likes to call it and then we’ll see your jealousy.”

Seokjin sighs, “I said I’m grateful didn’t I?”

And he is. These are things Yoongi would never tell him. So he was more than grateful when Namjoon himself called him up after finding out they’re moving in together. He’d explained everything in detail from when Yoongi started testosterone and when the effects wore off and he started his period again.

However among all of this had come the small implication from Namjoon that Yoongi could bear kids if he wanted and Seokjin’s stomach did not only a flip but a whole cartwheel. However he had instantly decided he’d leave that part to Yoongi and had promptly told Namjoon the same.

Namjoon had smiled with pride and hugged Seokjin at the end of their conversation, “I’ve been with Yoongi from the start of his transitioning journey and even before then. And I’ve seen everyone he’s dated. I’m glad it’s you he has settled on.”

Seokjin felt a huge weight lift off of his shoulders.

Namjoon continued, “It’s funny how I’ve known you so long and him as well but I never thought you both will cross paths someday and just stick.” He smiles, “But I’m glad he’s with someone willing to put in so much effort to understand him.”

Seokjin smiles warmly before he turns mischievous, “Can I expect the same in return?”

Namjoon sputters, “Of of cour- you mean Kooki-I mean Jungkook? Of course.”

Seokjin laughs. He feels the same about Namjoon. Jungkook could never find anyone better.




Three quarters of a month of living together it happens and Seokjin has never been more thankful for Namjoon. He doesn’t mind shopping for supplies at all but it’s when he receives odd looks that he decides Namjoon is an angel for putting up with all of this all throughout college.

It amuses both Seokjin and Yoongi how cautious Jungkook is; treating Yoongi like he’s fragile or something and always bringing chocolate on his way home from college.

Months pass and Seokjin makes way for a lot more products in his bathroom than he was used to including bath bombs that apparently look like oranges but taste nothing like them according to bath bomb taste test veteran Yoongi himself.

He sees a lot more blacks and whites in the cupboards and a lot more jewellery in the dressing. All in all it’s like everything that his life was missing was being completed piece by piece.

So he decides to pop the question.



It happens a year after they met each other. The pride is around the corner and Yoongi is prepping himself to shout at the top of his lungs once again in favor of both abortions and gay people.

It’s the one day out of the whole year where Yoongi is actually thrilled to meet people and go out. So it’s the one day that Seokjin picks to propose to Yoongi in front of everyone he knows and more.

Jimin is kept in charge of hiding the ring until asked for and Taehyung is in charge of keeping Jimin away from alcohol until the proposal is over.

Hoseok is in charge of keeping Yoongi company until Seokjin can reach the pride. Namjoon and Jungkook were given explicit instructions of being on a date or as Seokjin said ‘Yoongi would be suspicious why they weren’t together and alone on their first pride together.’

To Yoongi’s complete and utter surprise, Seokjin enters pride on one of the floats and offers Yoongi his hand; pulling him up onto the illuminated float with him.

It’s night and all the lights are on full display hitting Seokjin’s face with multiple colors in multiple intervals and it seems perfect to Yoongi.

But then it gets better.

Seokjin bends down on one knee and Yoongi knows what’s about to happen but he goes lightheaded and instead prays honestly that at least someone is filming because his mind remembers none of it.

Jimin hands Seokjin something and Seokjin holds the box open on his hands as he goes “Min Yoongi. You know I fuckin hate pride.” And Yoongi laughs, a wet sound that tells Seokjin he has teared up already, “But I would do it a thousand times over if it means meeting you every time.”


“I didn’t even ask yet.”

“You’re taking too long.” Yoongi is full on crying now as he pulls Seokjin up from his position, “Ask dammit.”

“Yoongi.” Seokjin braces himself, “Will you spend the rest of your life with me?”

“Yes, yes fuck yes.” He pulls Seokjin from the lapels of his jacket and kisses him as the whole parade roars to life beside them.



The week leading up to the wedding is both exciting and nerve wracking for both Yoongi and Seokjin.

They both decide to bear expenses fifty-fifty and spend a good three days deciding the venue even though Seokjin’s pretty sure he’d marry the man wherever he’d want even if Yoongi were to say a marketplace or a graveyard.

To much of Seokjin’s relief Yoongi decides on the Cloister Garden at the museum of the order of St. John. Seokjin had never been there but he trusts Yoongi and his two hundred plus pins worth of pinterest wedding board.

The venue is filled with greenery and the buildings are all old stone walls giving the whole place a very medieval air and Seokjin finds it to his liking as well and Yoongi and him divide the 3600 pounds down to every penny.


When Seokjin asks Yoongi for the ring he had proposed with, it results in a fifteen minute chase around the house with Yoongi refusing to take it off in fear of bad luck.

It costs Seokjin all of the wind in him and a giggling Jungkook holding a pouty Yoongi in place to get the ring in order to put it on Yoongi again under the wedding arbor.

They go separately to get their suits; Seokjin with Namjoon and Yoongi with Jungkook.

“I’d have thought you’d prefer going with your brother considering you’re always on his side.” Yoongi remarks.

“I’m here for him. He loves you to bits and I’ll make sure you look perfect for him on his big day.” Jungkook leaves Yoongi blushin in the dressing room.

Seokjin turns around in front of the mirror, admiring his dark navy suit from every angle.

“Do you want to try a white one? Just for kicks?” Namjoon suggests.

“Nah, Yoongi’s definitely going to get a white one. I know him that much from our one and a half years together.”

Yoongi stands in front of Jungkook in his white suit with a semi-sheer shirt button-down and a completely white waistcoat with elegant self print. The jacket had peak lapels and it all made Yoongi feel like he was getting married. Somewhere in his heart Yoongi had decided this was it and if Jungkook argued Yoongi was sure that he will fight the kid.

“It makes you look taller. Get this.”

Yoongi deadpans at him and flips him off before mimicking Jungkook’s voice while saying, “All that talk about making me perfect for your brother and this is how you chose the suit.”

“Do you not want to look taller in front of the tall tall Jin hyung?”

Yoongi huffs throwing his arms in the air as a sign of both exasperation and agreement. He’s about to go change back into his mastermind tee when Jungkook calls for him and when Yoongi turns around he’s handed a veil. A small white birdcage veil that was slanted at the front and would reach just the middle of Yoongi’s button nose.

“A veil?”

Jungkook nods, “Just doin’ my job here.” He puts the veil on Yoongi’s head and clips it on the side of his mint turned faded blonde hair. “Makin’ you perfect for Seokjin hyung.”

Yoongi looks at himself in the mirror and he knows he has to agree. This is perfect.




The wedding is a small affair with only their close friends and family. Seokjin’s parents finally make time to visit their son in London and Yoongi’s mother makes an appearance however his father refuses to attend and Yoongi is surprisingly fine with it.

“I’d rather he not attend than to come and create a scene. It’s my happy day and I won’t let him ruin it.” is what his mother says and Yoongi gives her the gummy smile she has seen raising him up.

The photographer is Jungkook and he makes them do all kinds of absurd poses on the pre-wedding shoot which turn out looking magical on film.


On the actual day, they decide to keep separate dressing rooms on the request of Yoongi’s mother to respect tradition and not see each other before meeting at the altar. They’d decided who enters first via a game of rock papers scissors and Seokjin just had really good luck but Yoongi’s mother was ecstatic that she’d be able to walk her son down the aisle.

Jimin helps both of them dress up and keeps giving Seokjin tidbits on how Yoongi looks like a dream and Seokjin is half ready to disrespect Yoongi’s mother and go visit Yoongi’s dressing room at that very moment.


However when he stands under the arbor he decides it was all worth it as he sees first Jimin and then Taehyung and Hoseok walk down the aisle. His jitters increase when the second set of people come in and seeing Jungkook shyly linking arms with Namjoon as he walks down the aisle with Namjoon’s dimples on full display as he smiles at Jungkook’s bashfulness is wholesome.

Then it hits him full force as he sees the love of his life dressed in all white complete with a veil coming towards him. He feels like everything he’s done in his life was just an excuse to lead him up to this moment as Yoongi comes and stands in front of him. The veil covering his eyes looks exquisite and Seokjin thinks he’s never seen a more beautiful person in his life even though he’s seen this same person every day for the past one and a half year.

Jungkook makes sure to capture all his expressions on camera. He also makes sure to capture the sparkles at the corners of both Yoongi and Seokjin’s eyes.

Their wedding vows are easy and uncomplicated with Yoongi vowing to fix everything Seokjin needs in his life from his furniture to his woes and Seokjin vowing to love Yoongi as rigidly as the two hundred year old olive tree they stand under right now.

They kiss and Seokjin tips Yoongi during the kiss just like in the movies that Yoongi likes to watch but denies watching.



Over the course of the next year Yoongi gets used to living with Seokjin and Jungkook even further. It’s like a safe space where they roam around in their pajamas or boxers all day and take turns on making dinner. It’s peaceful, it’s homely and it’s safe.

The last adjective that he uses is what makes him firm on his decision that he’s about to propose to Seokjin.


They lay in bed in a post-coital haze. Seokjin is just beside him still catching his breath after their second round and it will always amaze Yoongi how much stamina Seokjin has.

Seokjin kisses his temple and then his cheek, still covered in sweat, “That was amazing. You’re amazing.” and Yoongi decides to put forth his question before he can back out.

“Jinnie do you ever want kids?”

Seokjin stops mid-kiss; his lips still attached to Yoongi’s collarbone as his eyes look up to stare at Yoongi’s face.

Seokjin is being careful, like he doesn’t know whether Yoongi actually wants to pursue the thought or he just asked out of curiosity only to shut down any hopes Seokjin might have. Yoongi wouldn’t be that cruel would he?

“I mean, I like kids yes. I used to love taking care of Kookie when he was little but then he grew up to be a building with feet.”

Seokjin’s typical way of reflecting anything remotely concerning with a joke is at play and Yoongi knows it. But at least Yoongi rests easy now. He knows Seokjin is not averse to idea of it. So now he decides to play.

Yoongi climbs on top of Seokjin, “Do you maybe? Want to? Try  for one?”

Seokjin’s eyes widen in surprise and his grip on Yoongi’s bottom tightens before he screams “Oh my goodness gracious yes yes yes.”

Yoongi takes the strip of condoms they keep on the side of their bed and slides them off the table and for some reason Seokjin is very turned on by that.

Yoongi grinds down on Seokjin who’s already half hard and Seokjin sits up to kiss Yoongi deep and just happy. “I’m so glad you trust me enough for this.” He kisses again, “I’m so glad you trust our marriage enough for this.”

And Yoongi thinks he did the right thing.



They decide to tell Jungkook about their decision and even though they were both afraid, Jungkook is the opposite of it and yells at the top of his lungs until told to stop. The rest of their friends are even more ecstatic, Taehyung particularly the most out of all of them.

They try for about six months and neither of them complains because barebacking is fucking amazing. The seventh month is where Yoongi goes for his routine check up and comes home to look for Jungkook instead of Seokjin to plan a reveal.

Jungkook however throws all his plans out the window because his eyes go wide and he yells “I’m about to be an uncle.” and Seokjin comes out of the study to see Jungkook with his hands on his mouth and Yoongi with his hand on his forehead in disappointment.

Seokjin looks at Yoongi and gauges the reaction before asking, “Is he um- is he correct or has he lost his mind?”

Yoongi just rubs the back of his head with his gums on display and Seokjin comes running towards them lifting Yoongi off his feet and twirling him around like in all those movies Yoongi likes to watch but denies watching.



The pregnancy goes smoothly and Yoongi’s glad he has two people caring for him. Neither of them leave the house when the other is out and risk leaving Yoongi alone for even a minute and it gets on Yoongi’s nerves sometimes. One mishap is all it takes to make Yoongi realize they’re right to not leave him alone.

He’s in the third trimester and Seokjin’s taking a bath while Jungkook goes to answer the door for his pizza delivery. Yoongi doesn’t remember how it happened but he remembers getting nauseous in the middle of walking down the stairs when his grip on the railing became shaky and he fell. He remembers spiralling down the stairs and falling face first, since he used both his arms to cover his bump instead of using them to break the fall.

The pained yell he lets out causes Jungkook to leave the delivery guy hanging and run towards the sound but he reaches the foot of the stairs to find a wet, dripping and completely naked Seokjin already standing there, worried but level-headed, helping Yoongi up. Jungkook runs to call the ambulance and grabs a bathrobe to give to Seokjin, with the phone held between his ear and his shoulder.

Seokjin carries Yoongi to the bed until the doctor comes to declare he’s fine and so is their little one and prescribes some meds before leaving. As soon as the doctor is gone Yoongi gets an earful of scolding from Seokjin and to be honest he’s actually sorry.

He was told strictly to not take the stairs alone now that he was very pregnant and very vulnerable to injuries. He was told to call for either Seokjin or Jungkook if he wanted to use the stairs; both men very capable of picking him up and down the staircase. But he did so anyway and now he wasn’t hearing the end of it from Seokjin. It was actually Jungkook who came to his rescue telling Seokjin it was enough and might be stressful for him.

Later that night Seokjin lays in bed teary eyed and apologizing profusely for going off on Yoongi, kissing him head to toe with extra emphasis on his bump. Yoongi tries his best to let him know it’s not a big deal and besides Seokjin was in the right.

“I shouldn’t have yelled at you still.” Seokjin says lying with his head on Yoongi’s swell, “Stress is also bad for you and yelling at you was like warding off one danger to you with another.”

Yoongi runs his fingers through Seokjin’s hair as he sits up with a hand on his back for support before Seokjin notices and replaces Yoongi’s hand with his own, supporting him as he sits up. Yoongi takes both of Seokjin’s cheeks in his hands, smooshing them as he looks Seokjin in the eye. “Listen here. You were right. I did wrong. You both told me not to use the stairs and I did and god wanted me to suffer for being an obstinate asshole. Now shut up and kiss me.”

So Seokjin does exactly what he’s told, a hundred times over.



It’s around two weeks later that Yoongi goes into labor and Jungkook carries him to the car while Seokjin gets his wallet, his license, his medical cards and Yoongi’s medical files in a hurry.

Jungkook calls the rest of the gang on the way and Namjoon giggles as he hears Seokjin cooing comforting words to Yoongi in the background.

They arrive at the hospital and Yoongi’s admittance is a scene because Yoongi keeps insisting there is no need while Seokjin keeps insisting that he will accompany Yoongi into the room.

There’s little Yoongi can do to refute when he’s lying on a stretcher so Seokjin ends up holding Yoongi’s hand (and getting his own scratched and bitten) throughout the delivery of their adorable little baby boy.

Seokjin revels in the fact that he’s the first one to be able to hold the tiny wonder in his hands.

Yoongi keeps on complaining, asking to let him hold the kid because it was more his making than Seokjin’s but his rant stops mid-way as he notices Seokjin’s tears and his eyes soften looking at his husband holding his first-born.

“I know something went into your eye and you’re not crying but can I please hold my child now?”

On multiple protests from Yoongi and a little teasing on crying, Seokjin decides to lay the child next to Yoongi on his bed, deeming it a little dangerous to lay him on Yoongi’s lap considering the IVs.

Yoongi runs the back of his finger on the child’s cheek and whispers a small thank you to Seokjin. For giving Yoongi a life where he deemed himself safe and accepted enough to be able to live as he liked beyond the bounds of gender norms and sexual restrictions.

Which Seokjin rejects promptly and turns into a string of gratitude on his own part for giving Seokjin a life both metaphorically and now literally in the form of their little one.

Their moment however is disrupted by Jungkook who comes running inside to hold his nephew and teach him boxing as he says.

Yoongi keeps yelling from the bed on how “The kid is too small for boxing.”

And Jungkook keeps ignoring him and cooing at the baby “You wanna learn an uppercut first or a drop kick? Who’s the best boxer, yesh you are, oh yesh you are.”

Seokjin looks at the scene unfold, both Yoongi and Jungkook arguing, and he looks above, like he always does when he’s happy; with his eyes closed and a smile on his face. And he thanks the stars, the lords anything that's above (and Jungkook) for making him go to pride two and a half years ago. For there he bumped with a minty menace and he forever ruled his life thus.

Yoongi notices and calls Seokjin over to the bed. He places his lips on Seokjin's and kisses him slow and tiredly because of his lack of energy before he smiles through fresh tears, "I love you." and Seokjin said it right back without a second of thought.

Yoongi was glad he had found Seokjin, he was glad he had trusted Seokjin. He had never thought that someone with the same life choices as him could ever be lucky enough to meet someone like Seokjin but there was a rainbow at the end of his storms and he liked bathing in it much more than he did in his rains.