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We Can Be Sneaky

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“This is gonna be so much fun.”

Nikola rolled his eyes at Ashley’s near exuberance. “Calm yourself, Ashley, this isn’t entertainment, this is life or death.”

“Dude, they have your stuff. We get to steal it back–”

He held up a finger, interrupting her with, “Try to steal my files back.”

“Whatever. We get to be sneaky.” She shrugged. “This is gonna be fun. Ready?” Her hand was outstretched and, reluctantly, Nikola took it. “Who knows, you might find the letters mom sent you.”

“They’re not lost,” he explained, smirking.

“Then why…?” Nikola quirked an eyebrow and Ashley tilted her head, not unlike her mother in the moment. “You just want an adventure!”

“Can you blame me?” he asked, sweeping his arm around them.

Shaking her head and laughing, she said, “You’re so explaining this to mom when she rescues you.”

“We won’t need rescuing, we’re vampires.”

“You needed rescuing last week when the elevator broke down.” He pouted. Ashley grimaced, realising the plan he had. “Bet it sucked having Biggie get you.”

“Well the less said about that the better… Are we going or not?” he asked.

“Yeah yeah,” she muttered, teleporting. “You’re explaining it all to mom though.”