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The world was spinning around Bakugou in a vibrant array of colors. He didn’t know how he managed to get out the door of the bar let alone hold up Kaminari as he did, but somehow they both made it to the Uber waiting for them.

Bakugou set Kaminari in the back seat and shoved him over to the other side. Bakugou settled in behind the driver with a grunted greeting. His head was swimming as he leaned back to get comfortable. Kaminari scooted closer and wrapped his hand around Bakugou’s arm with a giggle. The idiot was always stupidly touchy when he was drunk, but Bakugou didn’t have the energy nor the sober mind to be annoyed.

The car bumped along and Bakugou watched the buildings blur into each other as he let his mind wander. He was tired from the day’s events. Somehow he had ended up at the bar with Kirishima and the others to let off some steam. The idiots loved dancing and getting drunk, but Bakugou wasn’t one for getting wasted while out. At least not normally until Kaminari had challenged him to a drinking contest and there was no way in fucking hell he was going to let dunce face beat him. He won, of course, but at the cost of any level of sobriety or proper control of his limbs. In the end, he had to call an Uber to get their asses home stat before they had to be carried out by the rest of their friend group.

The Uber stopped in front of Kaminari’s apartment complex and Bakugou climbed out of the car, dragging Kaminari-who was  still latched onto his arm-along with him. With an arm around Kaminari’s narrow waist, Bakugou supported most of Kaminari’s weight as they made their way to his apartment. It wasn’t too difficult, thankfully, with Kaminari weighing barely anything compared to what Bakugou bench pressed daily.

Kaminari was a bumbling idiot as they stumbled into the elevator. He clung to Bakugou, digging his fingers into Bakugou’s arm with a surprising amount of strength. It was normal for Kaminari to flirt with people and cling to them while drunk, but Bakugou was rarely a target. Usually, Kaminari went after pretty girls or occasionally went for extremely attractive guys. Bakugou was more of a babysitter to Kaminari’s antics than a victim.

The elevator dinged when they reached Kaminari’s floor and they nearly fell when Kaminari’s foot got caught on the threshold. With a grunt, Bakugou kept his footing and pulled Kaminari along.

“Keys, idiot,” he said as they neared Kaminari’s door. Giggling was his only response, but a moment later he was handed a small set of keys. He propped Kaminari against the wall when they reached his door and stuck the first key that looked remotely like it would fit into the lock. He turned the key but it didn’t budge. Kaminari giggled beside him.

“Silly Katsu, that’s the wrong key.”

Bakugou rolled his eyes and shoved the keys into Kaminari’s hands. “Well, then you open it!”

Kaminari took the keys with a big, dopey smile, inserting the correct one into the lock. The door swung open and Kaminari fell through right onto the floor.

“For fuck’s sake, Pikachu!” Bakugou went to collect Kaminari off the floor, but the world spun around him as soon as he bent down. Kaminari was his only anchor to reality as he wrapped his arms around Bakugou’s neck. Somehow, Bakugou managed to miraculously hoist Kaminari to his feet. When Bakugou tried to pull away, though, Kaminari refused to remove his hands.

“Oi. Let go.”

Kaminari went on his tiptoes and pulled Bakugou closer, lining his mouth up with Bakugou’s ear. “You know, Katsuki,” he said with a playful smirk on his lips, “you’re hot. Like super fucking hot.”

Bakugou’s entire face heated up. If the alcohol didn’t make him feel warm before, he was on fire now. Kaminari pulled away and with one last smirk, he sauntered into his bedroom. Bakugou swallowed hard, not sure what to make of the situation. He left the apartment and headed back to the elevator.

The Uber driver was still waiting for him outside to take him to his apartment. He ran a shaky hand through his messy hair as he climbed into the car and blamed the alcohol on Kaminari’s unusual behavior. There was no way the idiot would say something like that sober, especially not to Bakugou.

Yea, he was just stupidly drunk and didn’t realize what he was saying.

What a moron, Bakugou thought as he tried to keep the world from spinning. He blamed the alcohol, but the fluttering in his stomach said otherwise.



Bakugou’s head was pounding as he walked the streets for his patrol, but he did an incredible job hiding how miserable he felt thanks to his hangover. With an irritated scowl, he glanced at his phone for the tenth time that hour. Would he admit he was hoping to see a text from dunce face? Hell no.

A bubbling warmth erupted in his chest when the word ‘Pikachu’ flashed on his screen. His fingers jabbed at the numbers, unlocking his phone in less than a second.

Pikachu- Yo, last night was fun! We should go out for drinks again next weekend!

Bakugou- Yea, we can go if I don’t have to carry your dumb ass into your apartment again

Pikachu- Stop being mean :<

Bakugou- Stop being a drunk idiot

Their conversation didn’t last long. With a few more jabs at each other and a half-assed promise for another outing, Bakugou pocketed his phone, but the warmth in his chest turned into a roaring fire. He tried to ignore it, chalking it up to his hangover.

Bakugou spent the rest of the week distracted by his feelings and man did he fucking hate that word with a passion. Feelings were annoying. They plagued your thoughts constantly and made you think about things you really didn’t want to. What was worse about these feelings was the fact they were directed at Kaminari.

Bakugou refused to think about Kaminari’s stupid drunk compliments, but they would echo in his head when he let his guard down. When the weekend finally came, he welcomed it with a sort of relief. He could see Kaminari in person which would most definitely sober him up from the feelings . Kaminari was a fucking moron. Why the hell would he have feelings for that level of stupidity?



Bakugou stood closer to the bar, away from the dancefloor where his friends were located. Mina was grinding against Kirishima which was already disgusting enough to witness until he saw Sero making out with some random girl who was kind of ugly if Bakugou was being honest.

He took a sip of his beer with disinterest. It was shaping up to be a boring night and he refused to so much as glance at Kaminari. Ignoring him was proving to be fairly easy until Kaminari starting walking over to him. Bakugou’s heart jumped in his chest and he did his best to keep his expression neutral.

“Dude!” Kaminari called as he covered the distance from the dancefloor to Bakugou. “You need to come dance with us!”

Bakugou scowled. “No fucking way.”

Kaminari folded his arms and pouted. “Ugh. Fine, party pooper. Let’s at least take some shots.”

Bakugou narrowed his eyes. “This better not be a contest because I’m not carrying your drunk ass home again!”

Kaminari rolled his eyes as he called over the bartender and put in two shot orders. “Yea, yea. Don’t worry. I just want to take a few shots to relax.” Bakugou conceded and they spent the next half hour taking shots between conversation.

Kaminari was already a little noticeably tipsy when he came over to the bar, but now he was drunk. He was latching onto Bakugou which was the first sign of his inebriated state. Usually, Kaminari was flirty with the girls he found at the bar, but his attention seemed to be fixated on Bakugou this time and he had no clue how to deal with it.

Kaminari pressed his body against Bakugou’s with a flirtatious smile. “Dance with me, please.” He looked up with wide, glossy eyes and nibbled at his bottom lip. Bakugou wanted so badly to say no, but those inner feelings betrayed him and he nodded.

He grit his teeth as he was dragged onto the dancefloor by a skipping Kaminari. He cursed the stupid feelings as Kaminari spun around and into his arms. The music pounded in his eardrums as it vibrated the floor beneath him and his entire focus was on Kaminari who started swaying his hips side to side. He wrapped his arms around Bakugou’s neck and pulled them closer, rolling his hips in time with the music.

I’m not drunk enough for this , Bakugou thought as Kaminari let go to spin around and press his ass into Bakugou. It was undeniable how sexy Kaminari looked in this moment with his ass grinding against Bakugou’s crotch with each roll of his hips. Bakugou grasped Kaminari’s waist, trying to keep anchored to reality because holy shit Kaminari could move and it was doing some weird shit to his buzzed brain.

Experimentally, he pushed forward into Kaminari’s ass in time with the music and well that was probably not a good idea because now he had a hardon. Kaminari pushed back harder and they were grinding along to the music in a lewd display.

By the third song, Kaminari twisted around again to face Bakugou. He pushed his body into Bakugou’s with a coy smile, stood on his tiptoes and with a flash of deja vu, brought his lips to Bakugou’s ear.

“I remember what I said.”

Bakugou shivered. He was frozen on the spot under Kaminari’s spell. Kaminari pulled back with a flirtatious grin plastered all over his stupid face. Shit. How long had Pikachu liked him? Because this counted as liking right? There is no way in hell dunce face would play with him like this if it didn’t mean anything, right? And why the fuck was he excited about it?

Fuck .

Kaminari spun around again and pressed his ass against Bakugou. They resumed grinding and Bakugou was completely enraptured by Kaminari’s sensual movements. The way his small waist felt in Bakugou’s large hands and the way his ass moved, it was incredible. How did Bakugou not notice this before? But he was too caught up in the music and exhilarating rush to think about it too much.

They danced through another three songs and Kaminari was all smiles. His face was flushed as he wrapped his arms around Bakugou, pressing his face into Bakugou’s broad chest. Kaminari looked up and the moment their eyes met, Bakugou did the unthinkable.

He leaned forward and pressed his lips to Kaminari’s. The kiss was returned with enthusiasm and Bakugou spent the rest of the night intoxicated by the taste of Kaminari’s lips. Nothing could kill this moment for him, not even the catcalls from his stupid friends when they caught the couple making out.



They started dating after that night. They didn’t make a big deal out of it or explicitly say they were “official”. It just kind of happened and they didn’t need a label for it. Kaminari would text Bakugou ridiculous good morning memes or send stupid gifs and Bakugou would reply with an angry emoji. When they had free time, they spent it at one another’s apartments watching movies together or they ran errands.

Bakugou would put his arm around Kaminari’s waist when they walked down the street and they held hands in public too. Sometimes they were caught kissing in public, but usually kept their regular heated make out sessions to a more private setting. Tabloids talked about their “PDA”, but they neither confirmed nor denied the relationship. Their friends, of course, were ecstatic about their relationship.

It came to light Kaminari had a crush on Bakugou since high school. He thought he was straight, but he always gravitated to Bakugou. He assumed it was some sort of weird loyalty or admiration because Bakugou was an amazing student and was clearly going places. But by his third year, he was having less than friendship appropriate dreams about Bakugou. By the time they graduated, and a year went by, his crush on Bakugou only grew.

Being completely wasted the night Bakugou had to carry him to his apartment rid him of his inhibitions. He could blame the alcohol if Bakugou was put off by his compliments, but Bakugou didn’t respond negatively so Kaminari took the plunge. He was glad he did because now they were together.

Spring came and Bakugou couldn’t believe he had been dating Kaminari for nearly half a year. He couldn’t imagine his life without Kaminari by his side. They did everything together.

Well, except for one special thing which they had yet to discuss.

The days continued to bleed into each other in a comfortable haze until Summer hit with sweat coated bodies after hours of patrolling in the sun and desperate gulps of cool liquid to fight off dehydration.

They were out at the bar again; the one Bakugou hated but was dragged to by his god awful friends and boyfriend. Kaminari was laughing with the others as they threw darts while extremely tipsy which made for an interesting sight.

The usual top notch heroes were making fools of themselves as they missed the dartboard entirely. Bakugou sipped his beer, not in the mood to really get too drunk nor participate in the ridiculous activities. He’d end up putting everyone to shame anyway and get called an asshole because he was such an ‘overachiever’. It wasn’t his fault he wasn’t a walking flaming trashcan like the rest of these idiots.

Kaminari locked eyes with Bakugou and stumbled over with the most ridiculous smile. Kaminari fell into his arms, too tipsy to keep his balance. He planted a messy kiss on Bakugou’s brow.

“Hey, grumpy,” Kaminari said with a teasing grin.

“Fuck off.” There was no bite to Bakuguo’s words.

“Oh. Is that an invitation?” Kaminari waggled his eyebrows.

“It could be,” Bakugou said more seriously than he had intended. Or maybe he meant to sound that serious after all. He definitely wasn’t opposed to extending an invitation.

Oh ,” Kaminari said, eyes wide.

They remained silent and Bakugou pulled Kaminari closer to kiss along his jaw. He pulled away after getting a few muffled moans out of Kaminari. “There’s no pressure,” he said quietly with his lips ghosting against Kaminari’s cheek.

“I know.” Kaminari was breathless. He ran his hands through Bakugou’s messy blonde spikes which always felt surprisingly soft. “Let’s head back. Uh. To my place, okay?” He suggested with a sheepish smile.

They were quiet the whole ride back to Kaminari’s apartment as they held hands in the backseat of the Uber. Bakugou felt the flutter of nerves dancing in his stomach and his beer did nothing to quell them. He just wasn’t drunk enough. And honestly, for this he didn’t want to be. No. He wanted to experience this moment with a sober mind and clear thoughts. The silence was grating on Bakugou after a while, but he didn’t know what to say. What was about to happen was a big deal because it would be his first time being this intimate with another person.

When they entered the apartment, he rounded on Kaminari and pulled him into a crushing hug. Kaminari whimpered as Bakugou broke the silence.

“I think I love you,” he said with a kiss to Kaminari’s cheek.

In all the time they had been dating, they never spoke the word ‘like’ and definitely never used the word ‘love’. But Bakugou knew his heart belonged to Kaminari. And if they were going to do this, he had to let him know.

“I think I love you too,” Kaminari said quietly, squeezing Bakugou back. He gently pulled away from Bakugou, took his hand and led the way to his bedroom. Bakugou felt the slight tremble of Kaminari’s hand and it gave him a strange sort of comfort to know he wasn’t the only one nervous.

They entered the room in calm silence. Kaminari sat on the bed and laid back, pulling Bakugou down on top of him. This was familiar to Bakugou and he pressed his lips into Kaminari’s with a hum. It was soft and sensual, the kind Bakugou secretly liked. Kaminari giggled which made Bakugou pull away with a cocky smile.

“Wow, how do you expect us to fuck if you’re going to laugh? I can’t get hard if you’re going to giggle like a fool,” Bakugou teased, pressing a kiss against Kaminari’s flushed cheek.

Kaminari swatted at his arm. “Oh my god, you’re such an ass. It’s not my fault your stupid hair tickles my face!”

“It’s not my fault you’re so damn ticklish!” Bakugou ran a hand under Kaminari’s shirt despite more giggling. It was actually really cute to hear Kaminari’s laughter which Bakugou, of course, would never admit. At least not without some coaxing. Bakugou kissed Kaminari’s cheek again as he caressed smooth skin under his fingertips.

He peppered Kaminari’s cheeks and neck with light kisses, slowly moving his hand lower to the hem of Kaminari’s shirt. They had made out nearly naked before so this wasn’t anything new, but Bakugou’s heart fluttered anyway as he pulled up Kaminari’s shirt.  Kaminari wiggled around, helping Bakugou remove it and it was tossed onto the floor. Bakugou sat up and pulled his shirt off in one swift motion, balling it up and chucking it behind him.

Kaminari’s skin was flushed pink and his nipples were little round buds. Bakugou licked one experimentally and Kaminari laughed, earning a growl from Bakugou through clenched teeth.

“For fuck’s sake, Pikachu, stop laughing!” Bakugou snapped.

“I’m sorry! I’m just sensitive and not turned on enough for that!”

Bakugou huffed with a roll of his eyes. His next course of action was to get Kaminari turned on enough to not laugh like a fucking idiot! With his new objective in mind, he fiddled with Kaminari’s pants and removed those next, leaving him in a pair of loose fitting boxers.

“You’re gonna take yours off too, right?” Kaminari was propped up on his elbows, staring down at Bakugou expectantly.

“Yea, yea. Don’t rush me.” Bakugou shimmied out of his pants, leaving him in only his boxer briefs. He refused to meet Kaminari’s eyes, feeling a wave of sudden self-consciousness. It wasn’t like he was a bad looking guy or anything, but he was also hella inexperienced in this department. He knew Kaminari had a few partners before him and they most definitely had sex, but Kaminari was his first serious relationship. It was such a cliche how he wanted so desperately for things to play out perfectly and he mentally kicked himself for it.

“Well?” Kaminari asked drawing Bakugou’s attention. Bakugou froze, seeing the lust in Kaminari’s eyes.


He wasn’t sure how exactly it happened, but Kaminari somehow pinned him down onto the bed. He had a full second to comprehend his new position before Kaminari’s lips pressed into his with a feverish intensity more like their usual heated make-out sessions. At least it started out like that until Kaminari pressed his hips down, grinding into Bakugou.

Bakugou’s body jolted involuntarily, the sensation overwhelming to his frazzled brain. Kaminari’s tongue slipped into his mouth as he rolled his hips again. Bakugou moaned into Kaminari’s mouth and Kaminari whined as he grinded harder.

Bakugou was panting under Kaminari’s body, feeling their skin heat as his tongue was sucked and the pressure of Kaminari’s dick against his own made him see stars. At his rate, he’d end up cumming before they even got to fuck, but holy shit it felt so fucking good!

Kaminari sat up, straddling Bakugou with his hands on his chest for leverage and slowed his pace down to a languid rolling motion.

“What do you want me to do, Katsuki?” he asked in a sultry tone.

What did he want?

“Fuck me,” was the first thing Bakugou blurted out in his haze.

“With pleasure.”

Kaminari reached over to open a drawer and pulled out a condom and lube. Bakugou gulped, not sure what to do except watch Kaminari snap open the cap with a coy smile.

“Boxers need to come off,” Kaminari said, surprising Bakugou with his commanding tone. Did Kaminari always act this dominant during sex or was the fact Bakugou was a novice that obvious?

Kaminari climbed off Bakugou and their boxers came off quickly. Bakugou’s cheeks flushed. He felt awkward under Kaminari’s intense gaze. He wanted to cover his dick or turn away, but he wasn’t a weak bitch. Kaminari smirked as he squeezed a generous amount of lube onto his fingers.

“So, this can hurt if you’re not relaxed. Try not to move a lot, it might take a bit to stretch you enough to take in my dick,” Kaminari explained nonchalantly and Bakugou nodded.

He realized he hadn’t actually looked at Kaminari’s dick and was mildly surprised to see it was thicker and at least half an inch longer than his own. It would definitely hurt if they weren’t careful, so Bakugou laid back with his eyes closed and let Kaminari prod at his entrance.

The first finger went in and it felt weird. Not bad per se but definitely not comfortable either. Kaminari placed a gentle hand on his stomach as he wiggled the finger inside Bakugou. The second finger slid in and made him feel full and a little heavy.  Once again, it wasn’t a bad sensation but definitely weird.

Kaminari’s free hand drifted down to his dick and stroked it as he scissored the two fingers to stretch Bakugou. The more Kaminari played with his dick as he eased into slow thrusts with his fingers in and out of Bakugou’s ass, the better it felt. Kaminari’s pace picked up and Bakugou was crying out the moment they hit a sweet spot.

“Holy shit!” Bakugou gasped as Kaminari pulled his fingers out with a self-satisfied smirk. Kaminari sat back, pumped his dick a few times and slid on the condom. He poured another generous amount of lube on his dick and was back on top of Bakugou.

“I need you to breathe evenly. I’m going to go really slow, okay?” Kaminari said, poking his tip against Bakugou’s entrance. Bakugou bit his lip and nodded his understanding. “Good.”

Kaminari kissed his lips as his dick pushed in slowly. Bakugou’s eyes were as wide as saucers and he grasped at the sheets as he was stretched and filled. It felt like too much and almost painful, but good in a way.

“You feel amazing,” Kaminari breathed the words against Bakugou’s lips. Kaminari grabbed his legs and pushed them up. “ Let me know if you’re in pain or want to stop,” he said before pushing in fully. Bakugou moaned into his hand, the sensation of Kaminari’s dick filling him completely almost unbearable.

Kaminari rolled his hips and moved in a steady, rhythmic rocking motion, easing in and out of Bakugou who couldn’t stop the whines and huffs and moans coming out. Kaminari pushed Bakugou’s knees to his chest and the rhythm grew steadily faster.

Bakugou choked out a cry, the residual pain turning to bliss as Kaminari fucked him. He was pinned down, panting. His nails dug into Kaminari’s chest the harder the thrusts became. Kaminari grunted out a few noises, eyes closed as he pounded into Bakugou.

He clenched hard around Kaminari’s dick as warmth built up in this stomach until pearls of white shot out onto his belly. Kaminari cried out a moment later, his entire body shuddering as he rode out his orgasm.  

“Fuck.” Kaminari said breathlessly, pulling out and flopping onto the bed beside Bakugou who lay motionless, absolutely blissed out and completely incapable of speech. He didn’t remember Kaminari cleaning him up or snuggling up under the covers, but he did remember feeling like a happy, limp noodle.



As time passed, there wasn’t a doubt in Bakugou’s mind that his feelings for Kaminari were love. He looked forward to the ridiculous texts from his idiot boyfriend. His dreams were filled with Kaminari illuminating his life and every moment he had to spare, he made sure to spend with Kaminari.

It was maddening at times. Kaminari felt like an addiction and being in his presence was the only way to get his fix. Kaminari fulfilled a longing… a hunger Bakugou never knew he had. He felt swept up in Kaminari’s very presence.

1 AM rolled by on a particularly warm night and Bakugou was on edge. His heart pounded relentlessly in his chest. He hadn’t heard from Kaminari all day because he was busy with an intense mission. Even though he knew Kaminari was busy, it did little to quell his building anxiety.

Bakugou paced his kitchen floor and after some time grabbed his keys to take a cruise around the city to get his mind off things. When had things gotten this bad? It was distracting and he was becoming obsessive, but it had been a while since they saw each other in person. Hero work always came first. And try as he might, he couldn’t always get a day off to spend with Kaminari.

His phone buzzed as he left his apartment. He glanced at it and saw Kaminari was calling. With a flick of his thumb, he answered the call.

“Eyyy Katsukiii!” Kaminari was as energetic as ever despite the late hour. “Hope I didn’t wake you!”

“I’m about to go for a drive, so no you didn’t wake me,” Katsuki said as he settled into the driver’s seat.

“A drive? This late?  Where are you going?”

“To you if you’re home.” Katsuki pulled out of his spot in the parking garage and headed toward the exit.

“What?! Um. I’m really gross and about to hop in the shower. I just wanted to say hi before bed.” Kaminari sounded flustered through the phone as Bakugou turned onto the main street. Bakugou didn’t care if Kaminari wanted to sleep. He had no choice but to deal with a visit from his impatient boyfriend.

“Well, it’ll take me 20 minutes to get to your apartment. Plenty of time to shower,” Bakugou replied easily, leaving no room for argument.

Ugh . But it’s late and I was out all day. In this stupid blistering heat no less!”

“Stop whining!”

Kaminari huffed over the line. “Fine, whatever. See you soon, then.”

Bakugou couldn’t find it in his heart to feel bad about forcing Kaminari to spend time with him at such an ungodly hour. He was feeling extra selfish tonight. Despite saying he’d be at Kaminari’s place in 20 minutes, he made it in 15. Kaminari didn’t need to know he drove well over the speed limit the entire time.

The moment he walked into Kaminari’s apartment, he went straight to the bathroom where he found Kaminari combing his damp hair. Bakugou came up behind, wrapping his arms around Kaminari’s waist as he planted a kiss on his neck.

“Wow, someone is handsy tonight,” Kaminari said with a light laugh.

“Shut up,” Bakugou murmured against his neck and resumed kissing the soft skin.

“So, how was your day?”

Bakugou grunted in response but felt Kaminari shudder when he licked a particularly sensitive spot.

“Holy shit, Katsuki, stop trying to turn me on!” He shoved Bakugou back and walked out of the bathroom. “Can we not do this right now? I’m actually hella tired and the last thing I need is for you to fuck me senseless.”

Bakugou shrugged. “Yea, whatever. Let’s go for a drive, then.”

Kaminari quirked an eyebrow. “Where to?”

“Anywhere. I just want to spend time with you or whatever.” Bakugou refused to meet Kaminari’s eyes. This whole feelings shit was still a bitch and he hated feeling so raw around the guy.

“Oh. Well, maybe the beach?” Kaminari suggested.


They packed up a blanket and a few water bottles for the beach. The drive was quiet save for the crisp summer wind whipping through their hair from the open windows. The temperature and humidity had finally dropped, giving the night air a slight chill.

They were the only ones at the beach when they arrived. Which made sense at 2 am. No normal person was out at this hour. They laid the blanket on the sand and settled down to watch the ocean. A comfortable silence settled over them with the ocean being the only sound as waves crashed along the shoreline.

The moon was nearly full, glowing brightly over the ocean. Kaminari scooted closer to Bakugou and was rewarded with arms wrapped around him as he was pulled into Bakugou ’s chest.

“I love you,” Katuski whispered into his hair.

“Love you too.”

“Do you see us being-” Bakugou took in a sharp breath-“permanent?”

Kaminari looked up at Bakugou whose stern expression faltered with a hint of worry in his eyes.

“You mean like marriage or something?”

Bakugou’s grip tightened around Kaminari as he nodded.

Kaminari bit his bottom lip, taking time to formulate a reply. “I wasn’t sure if you’d want that, so I never brought it up. But um. Yea, I want to get married at some point. I mean obviously not right away or anything, but yea.”

Bakugou buried his face into Kaminari’s hair.  “Good.”

Kaminari’s body rumbled with laughter. “A man of many words, as always.” Bakugou could hear Kaminari’s teasing smile in those words but refused to say anything more. He could only imagine how stupid he’d sound if he tried to speak now with tears threatening to fall.

Feelings .

God, they were the most amazing and, simultaneously, horrible thing he’s ever dealt with in his entire life, but holy fuck was he happy to be with Kaminari right now.