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Kingdom or Heart?

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The staircase leading up to his bedroom had never looked so long, so daunting. Slowly taking each step, flinching every time his boot made impact with the smooth, shiny wood, Midoriya sniffled quietly as he went. Grateful that there were no guards stationed this way – if they saw him crying, word would surely reach his Father and there would be even more lecturing, exactly what he needed right now – Midoriya raised his gaze to the top of the stairs, then promptly dropped it, heaving a huge sigh that echoed through the empty, silent corridor.

A gift…that was waiting for him when he finally reached his bedroom. His Father had explicitly stated what exactly what the gift was but given what he’d been implying, Midoriya could guess, and there mere though made his stomach whirl with nausea. The little he’d eaten during dinner was threatening to come back up at any moment. Clamping his lips tightly shut, chewing on the edge of his tongue, Midoriya scrubbed a hand over his face, distantly wondering why on earth Father insisted on torturing him like this.

Not that the man viewed this as torture. No, it was simply helping him through a ‘difficult time’. It was helping him ‘get out an urge that all young men go through at some point or another’. Nothing that was being done was happening out of intended maliciousness. In his Father’s eyes, he was simply doing what was best for the Kingdom, and expected Midoriya to do the same. To him, there was nothing cruel about that. A Prince’s greatest victory, greatest honor was serving the Kingdom to the fullest, sacrificing everything to ensure the royal line continued.

Midoriya’s eyelid violently twitched. His stomach lurched threateningly. Bracing his hand against the wall, he paused in mid-step, a dangerous belch seeming to indicate what was to come. Gripping tightly onto the front of his shirt, unfocused eyes turned downwards, he wondered if his Father knew just how adversely all this was effecting him. The moment the thought fluttered across his mind, he realized that was a stupid thing to wonder. His Father was by no means a stupid man. It would be obvious to even a small child. Though, just as he knew it was not maliciousness but devotion to his Kingdom that drove him, he knew that the dismissal of his distress was his Father viewing all this as him being rebellious and unreasonable.

He didn’t understand…he could never understand so when he witnessed Midoriya reacting so negatively to something that made complete sense to him, it was nothing more than a phase to be handled then squashed out until not a single note of it remained. Never mind the fact that this was something that would never go away. Never mind the fact that there was no destroying it, only swallowing it done as the desperate want, need festered like a rotting wound in his heart.

Never mind any of that. None of that mattered. All that mattered was the Kingdom. That was all that ever mattered. Nothing else. It was all for the good of the Kingdom.

Thankfully, the nauseous tempest passed without incident. His light dinner stayed right where it was supposed to. After a few moments, during which he forced himself to remain still, keeping the pace of his breathing slow and even, the threat momentarily lessened and he was able to get moving again, even though he really didn’t want to. He would love to just plop down on one of the steps, sink into the wall and stay there amongst the stone for all eternity.

Far too soon, he reached the top of the stairs. Pausing at the beginning of the hallway, staring abysmally at the door to his bedroom, Midoriya wondered if there was still time to bolt. The immediate answer was a resounding no. There was probably a guard waiting at the bottom of the staircase who’d catch him by the scruff of his neck if he tried to run. His father had given him the ‘gift’ with the stern instructions that he was to use it. In his Father’s eyes, this was the best and only way to clear up the ‘little problem’ that was plaguing Midoriya. Translation: he had no choice. He wouldn’t put it past his Father to force him if necessary. If anything, he supposed he should be grateful that he hadn’t been dragged down to a brothel.

Striding forward, his legs getting heavier and heavier with each step, the hallway seeming to stretch out impossibly in front of him, dread growing from a whisper in the back of his mind to a howling wail by the time he reached the door. Gripping the ice cold handle, hating the sensation of the smooth metal against his palm, he let his eyes fall closed, swallowed hard against the bile raising in his throat and, knowing there was no other choice, pushed the door open, taking the first step into his bedroom while stifling a small sob.

A strangely sweet scent greeted him as he stepped over the threshold. Closing the door tightly behind him, resting one hand on the finely crafted wood, Midoriya sucked in a trembling breath, counted slowly to ten then turned to get the first look at his ‘gift’. What he found wasn’t at all what he expected. Firstly, the man sitting slumped at the far end of his room was chained. Arms above his head, a link of thick chains going all the way to the roof, giving the man little to no ability to move about. There was a large muzzle covering the bottom half of his face. What little he could make out of the clothing he wore – most of it was ripped to tatters, revealing his muscular, defined chest and stomach – was strange and definitely not coming from his Kingdom. It took a moment but after studying the clothing for a while, he realized that the man must come from their neighbor, a country that they’d been enemies with for some time. There’d been a recent battle – the man must’ve been taken prisoner and his Father decided to get some use out of him.

He had some idea of what…or rather, who would be in his room when he arrived but…the man whose fierce, strong willed gaze he met when he turned was certainly not the type of ‘gift’ his Father would give. First and foremost…it was painfully obvious that the man was not here of his own volition, which also meant that what happened next was not going to be consensual. Shoulders slumping, Midoriya slowly walked over to his bed, the man’s red eyed cautious, furious gaze following him as he went, and flopped down on top of the covers. Great, excellent, fantastic, he totally wanted his first time to be spent with a man tied down and in no way consenting.

Turning his head slightly to look over at the man, who was still watching him, he studied him for a few moments. Handsome, he couldn’t deny that. Ashy blond hair that stuck out haphazardly in all directions, expressive red eyes that were currently narrowed into a suspicious glare, muscular, well built…gorgeous, he was gorgeous, Midoriya could freely admit that. His Father had, at least, found an attractive man, though he couldn’t really take any comfort from that considering the whole this was a complete stranger he was expected to have sex with.

Sighing heavily, Midoriya buried his face into the blanket once more. Heat bloomed in his cheeks, not from excitement but embarrassment. The utter humiliation, degradation and despicableness of it all. A man being grabbed off the battlefield to help the enemy Prince get rid of his ‘urges’ so that he could finally get this silly infatuation with men out of his system and focus on producing an heir. His Father couldn’t even get him a prostitute off the streets. No, it had to be an enemy soldier, someone who had no choice in the whole thing. That fact was the ultimate insult. It was a smack across Midoriya’s already stinging cheeks.

Rolling over onto his back, Midoriya blankly stared up at the ceiling. Facing this, knowing he was going to lose his virginity to a complete stranger, knowing that he would only get what he really wanted once in his life and it was going to be someone not of his choosing had already been bad enough but this? This was almost too much for him to take. Tears welled up in the corners of his eyes, spilling down his temples to moisten his soft curls. The worst thing, though, was that he didn’t have any other choice than to go through with it. Sure, some might argue that he could just fake it – tell his Father that yes, he’d done and was all better now – but he knew.

He knew there was no fooling his Father. His Father would want to make absolutely sure that he went through with it, that he finally got these feelings out of his system and could move on to being to being a dutiful Prince, meaning that there was probably someone either watching him right now or periodically checking in. Covering his face with his heads, Midoriya heaved another huge sigh, his body shuddering on the exhale. This…it was beyond cruel. Sobs pushed against the back of his tongue, threatening to spill out at any moment. The only tiny amount of comfort he could glean from this awful situation is that he being ‘allowed’ some semblance of physical contact beyond just light taps on his shoulder.

Continuing to stare up at the ceiling for a while longer, Midoriya repeatedly told himself to just get up and get it over with. No use just lying there, drowning in his own misery. It was on the fifteenth repeat to get moving that he finally sat up, head whirling with nauseous dizziness. Glancing at the man over his shoulder, finding that the suspicious glare was still there but it wasn’t nearly as severe – the man looked more confused now than anything else – Midoriya sighed once more. This was it. The only time he would actually be getting what he wanted, the only time he was going to be allowed to be intimate with the gender of his choosing.

After this, what waited for him? A stupid question, the answer was obvious. An arranged marriage to some girl from a powerful, affluent family. From the little scraps he heard, there were already candidates, none of whom Midoriya had ever met. Once the marriage had occurred, the only thing that remained was to produce an heir. He would step glumly into the role of the Prince, waiting for his Father to either pass on into the next world or relinquish the throne, then the role of King would fall onto his shoulders. Staring down at his hands, Midoriya could practically see the shackles slowly closing around his wrists. His throat constricted, lungs seizing, causing his breath to hitch.

Sinking, sinking deeper and deeper into this bog of unfair expectations. Furiously blinking away tears, wiping them away with the back of his hand, Midoriya sucked in a deep breath, have his head a shake and slipped off the bed, shakily getting to his feet. His Father would tell him not to be selfish. After all, his only purpose was to serve the Kingdom. Everyone had their role to play, and his was to produce an heir to produce an heir to continue to royal line. There were sacrifices being made every single day – his was no different than anyone else’s. He knew that but still…it felt like a giant chasm was opening up in the center of his chest, threatening to gobble his heart up.

“No choice left.” He murmured underneath his breath, walking around the bed. Sitting down gracefully in front of the man, distantly realizing that the sweet scent was coming from him, Midoriya stared at the floor for a moment then slowly raised his gaze to meet the man’s. Sighing once again, his shoulders slumping, he said, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. They’re not giving me a choice. If I don’t do this, they’ll force me to. It’ll much more unpleasant if they get involved so please…” he set a hand on the man’s muscular, beefy thigh, his skin tingling pleasantly as the heat coming off him in waves sunk into him, “forgive me. Please.”

The man gave him a confused, baffled look that immediately morphed into one of shock when Midoriya hesitantly placed his hands on the man’s bare chest, smoothing his palms over the warm skin, trailing the tips of his fingers over the definitions of his impressive muscles. Despite his bedroom not being that warm, the man was sweating – thick, fat droplets rolled down his chest, glistening in the light. Dragging his hands all over the expanse of the man’s chest, stomach, sides, legs and arms, shamefully adoring the sensation of it, wanting more, wanting so much more, marveling at how hard the muscles were underneath his fingers. Lightly pressing on the pronounced bicep, flinching a little when the man unconsciously flexed, shooting him an apologetic look, his heart breaking at the strained expression on his face, Midoriya leaned down to press a soft kiss on the center of the man’s chest, between his plush pecs.

Sucking in a deep breath, dragging in the sweet scent, tinted with just a hint of sweat and smoke, Midoriya moved down a bit further, slipping his tongue out and swiped a long swath up to the man’s throat. Along the way, he picked up delicious, salty droplets of sweat. As the taste swam through his mouth, a pulse of heat radiated out from the base of his belly. His cock twitched excitedly in the confines of his trousers. Good, he tasted so good! The feeling of his skin, his scent, everything was so amazing. More, more, more, he wanted so much more! Sliding his tongue up even further, one hand gently fondling the man’s pec, furiously wishing that his hands were free so he could feel those big, probably calloused palms gliding over his heated skin, Midoriya pushed his nose into the man’s armpit, dragging his tongue over the coarse, curly hair, his entire body shuddering from the powerful taste.

Sliding his other hand back down, Midoriya pushed it underneath the loose hem of the man’s trousers, grimacing a little when that prompted him to jerk hard in surprise. Doing his best to ignore the pain that reaction inspired, Midoriya kept going until he found what he was looking for: the man’s cock. Brushing his fingers across the, shockingly, already rock hard length, marveling at the heat it was giving off, Midoriya gave the man’s pits one more lick then slid back. The man, who’d been mostly quiet up until that point, the only sounds coming from him had been soft pants, barely even audible but when Midoriya began to lightly brush his cock, the reactions coming from him quickly began to ramp up.

Mouth watering, wanting to get a full view of what was waiting for him, Midoriya quickly tugged the man’s trousers open, pushing everything inside so he could slip his cock out, giving him his first look at what he’d been handling. His breath hitched a little at the sight of it. He was huge! Maybe it was because he hadn’t really gotten a feel for it when the cock was still trapped inside the man’s trousers but he hadn’t realized just how massive it was. Not only that but it was a gorgeous cock! Standing upright from a gorgeous patch of wild pubic hair, prominent veins elegantly running along the length, a proud head that was steadily dribbling precum that Midoriya’s tongue immediately started to itch to lick up, it was a cock that he could feel himself falling in love with.

Panting shallowly, he swallowed hard, his throat suddenly dry. Wrapping his fingers loosely around the man’s thick girth, he gave his cock a couple experimental pumps, his heart leaping with excitement with every muffled moan the movement of his hand pulled out of the man. Wanting more, wanting to hear so much more of those incredible sounds, wanting to touch him even more, Midoriya dipped down, rubbing his cheek against the incredibly hot, hard, wet length. This was a cock he could see himself worshiping – it already felt like he was worshipping it. Pulling back just an inch, that beautiful dick filling up his vision, his own cock whimpering with desperate want, Midoriya pressed his lips to the hot skin at the base then slowly kissed up until he reached his head, dizzily drinking in the soft moans coming from the man.

Sliding his mouth open, stretching his jaw was far as it would go but still not certain that it would be enough, Midoriya hovered over the head for just a moment, relishing the moment, burning it into his memory, wishing he could make it last for an eternity but knowing that there was no stopping the march of time. When, to his surprise, the man wiggled his hips with a seemingly impatient air, thrusting up slightly as though he wanted to be in Midoriya’s mouth already, he slipped the head between his lips, an incredible thrill racing through him, sending a flash of tingles across the surface of his skin as his nerves sung with ecstasy.

Closing his lips around the thick length, the immensely powerful taste of the man’s cock spreading across his tongue, making him feel dizzy and heady, Midoriya quickly found that his mouth was just a little too small for the man’s cock but he didn’t let that stop him. Forcing his jaw to relax, rubbing his tongue excitedly against the underside of his delicious dick, he slid down further and further, taking in more and more until the entirety of the man’s length was buried in his mouth. The bulbous head bumped hard against the back of his throat. His eyes were watering. His face felt incredibly hot. It was hard to breathe.

…it was incredible! Bracing his hands on the man’s beefy thighs, he began to move, happily bobbing up and down, sucking as hard as he could on the pulsing length, swallowing down every little bit of precum. Seemingly impatient with the speed, the man began to thrust up, driving his cock in even deeper. With one particularly hard thrust, the head of his cock slipped past the back of his tongue, easily sliding down his throat. Midoriya’s body was wracked by a violent shudder. A massive spurt of precum poured into his already soggy underwear. Almost seeming to sense that motion was more than appreciated, the man continued to thrust up hard, fucking Midoriya’s throat with a raw intensity that made his head spin. The sensation of the man’s cock gliding over his tongue, hearing the loud moans and groans pouring out of them, wishing that blasted muzzle wasn’t in the way so he could hear him clearly was nearly enough to make him cum. It felt so good. Having a man’s cock fucking his throat felt so goddamn good!

Slowing his movements, simply pushing down further so that the man would have easier time, creating a hot, wet stationary hole for the man to fuck as he saw fit, which only prompted him to go even harder, shoving his cock in even deeper, Midoriya moaned, whimpered and mewed, all sounds muffled by the thick girth of the cock stuffed in his mouth. More, he wailed internally. More, more, more! It felt so good! He wanted more! He never wanted it to stop! He wanted-! A disconcerting thump echoed through Midoriya’s chest as he abruptly came crashing back to reality.

That’s right…there wasn’t going to be any more after this. The man would cum, they would fuck then he would go about his duties without complaint. If he dared to voice his misery at being forced into living a lie once more, he didn’t know what his Father would do but…he knew it wouldn’t be good. There was no choice being left to him. He would get through tonight, enjoying the one night he was allowed to be whom he truly was and then, the lie would begin. After this, he would never have what he wanted ever again. He would never feel this ecstasy, this pleasure ever again. Tears streaked down his hot cheeks. He couldn’t bear the thought of it! This was what he wanted! He didn’t want to be married to some woman! He didn’t want to produce heirs! He didn’t want any of that!

This, right here, was what he wanted…but it was never to be his. By the time morning came, he would have to say goodbye to everything that he was and embrace the persona his Father had created for him. If he didn’t, he would be forced to. There was no other option left to him.

Suddenly, the man’s thighs tensed up underneath the palms of his hands. A powerful shudder wracked his muscular, powerful body. The cock in his mouth swelled up even further then with a loud, muffled moan, head thrown back, he came, pouring copious amounts of hot, thick cum flowing down Midoriya’s throat. Caught off guard by the suddenness of his orgasm as well as the sheer amount of cum being pumped into his mouth, Midoriya sputtered, huge streams of jizz pouring gushing out of his mouth as he struggled to swallow down what he could. Not that he was complaining. This was just the cherry on top of an already delicious dessert. Sucking hard on the still rock hard cock, wanting to draw out every last drop, Midoriya swallowed everything, adoring the taste, the texture.

When it seemed the tidal wave was finally over and everything was sitting pleasantly in his belly, Midoriya quickly pulled off with a lewd, audible pop then swooped down to lick up everything that had spilled out earlier. Once the man’s cock was squeaky clean, he leaned back, licking his lips, gathering up the last trace of jizz. The man was still panting heavily, his glistening chest heaving with the exertion of his breath. What little he could see of his face was adorably flushed. Heavy lidded, lust filled eyes gazed hungrily at him. Well, least it was pretty obvious that he had enjoyed that.

Sniffling softly, Midoriya wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, lightly flinging away all the excess saliva that had been coating his skin. From here, he knew what else he wanted but he didn’t know if he could bring himself to do it. Once that part was over, it was all over. Letting his eyes fall closed, painfully aware of just how hard he was, how much he wanted to be fucked, how much he wanted that incredible, beautiful cock shoved deep inside his virgin ass, wanted to know what it felt like to be fucked raw, Midoriya focused intently on the taste of the man’s jizz still on his tongue and steeled himself. He could do this. He would treasure this single moment he was allowed to be true to himself, allowed to be his true self, and just savor everything that he could.

Something brushed against his side. Jumping slightly, he looked up to find the man looking at him with a curious expression. When their eyes met, the man quirked an eyebrow, as though to ask ‘well, what are we going to do now?’. Blinking rapidly in surprise at his seeming indifference to being forced into all this, distantly wondering if he was enjoying himself so much that it didn’t matter that he was tied down, Midoriya looked upwards, gaze gliding along the chains then stood, quickly undid the binds that held the man to the roof. Gently tugging him up, a little surprised at how easily he allowed himself to be led around – then again, one look down revealed that he was still very hard so it was possible he wanted to be inside of him just as much as Midoriya did – Midoriya brought him over to the bed, indicated for him to lie down, giving him a little poke when he first laid down on his back and twirled a finger to show he should roll over.

Giving him another confused look, the man did so, flopping over onto his stomach, watching Midoriya quietly as he went through the motions of tying his hands to the headboard. Once everything was in place, Midoriya stepped back, surveying the stranger lying in his bed. Even if the man was, seemingly, consenting to all this, it still felt so wrong. What if he thought that there was a punishment waiting for him if he resisted? Shoving those thoughts away, knowing that thinking that kind of stuff wasn’t to his benefit, Midoriya hung his head for a moment, brushing sweaty curls out of his face then took hold of the front of his trousers, noticing how eagerly the man’s gaze bounced down.

“Please.” Midoriya said softly, that one word bringing the man’s eyes back to his face, “I know this is cruel of me but please, I beg of you, fuck me. Fuck me so hard that I’ll never forget the shape of your cock. Just this once, let me be free. This one time, give me exactly what I desire. Please, fuck me. Use me. Fill my ass up with your cum.”

The man’s eyes widened. Fire flooded into his cheeks. Resisting the urge to hide his face, mortified that he had said something so embarrassing, Midoriya turned away, burning underneath the man’s excited gaze. He quickly began to undress, dropping the articles of clothing to the floor without a second glance. Once he was completely exposed, standing naked before the man, Midoriya sucked in a shaky breath then hesitantly stepped forward, settling his trembling hands on the edge of the bed. The man’s gaze was roaming all over his body, gobbling up every inch of him. Seeming to sense what he wanted, the man rose to his knees, giving him the space to get up underneath him.

Settling back against the covers, gasping softly when the man lowered himself, pressing their sweaty bodies together, lusty red eyes staring down at him, impatience clear in his gaze, Midoriya shifted around, spreading his legs open wide to give the man complete access to his ass. Though the man didn’t seem to be hesitating in the slightest – if anything, he was pushing forward, seemingly with excitement to be inside – Midoriya still reached up nonetheless, cupping the sides of his face, flinching at the cold bite of the metal muzzle and said softly when the man’s red eyes swung up from his crotch to his face, “I promise that I’ll unbind you and you can do whatever you want after you’ve been freed. Escape, get revenge for your capture, anything. Whatever you want, as long as you fuck me. Is that a deal you can accept?”

The man tilted his head, his brows lowering into a, frankly, amusing expression that clearly said ‘are you kidding me right now?’. From behind the muzzle, Midoriya could’ve sworn he heard an irritated snort. Rolling his eyes, the man pressed forward, the head of his hot, rock hard cock brushing against his hole. Gasping loudly, his hips unconsciously bucking in response to that sensation, Midoriya raised his head to look down, though he couldn’t see much of anything, other than his own pulsing, twitching, weeping erection. There came a low growl from overtop him, followed by the man pushing forward with even more insistence. The head of his cock nudged his hole once more but slipped away, sliding down to push between his plush cheeks.

Swallowing hard, Midoriya reached down with a trembling hand, fumbled around for a moment before he managed to find the man’s erection. Loosely wrapping his fingers around it, smiling a little at the moan that simple touch prompted, he led the hard cock to his entrance. Wrapping one leg around his broad waist to keep him steady, he held the man’s dick in place as he began to push forward once more. Rolling his hips slightly, rubbing the smooth head against his twitching hole, already starting to pant heavily, his heart thundering in his chest, Midoriya looked up at the man, the two of them seeming to come to the same conclusion at the same time.

Now that he was securely in place, there was no reason to hold back. With another low growl, his red eyes squinting with an obvious grin, the man slammed his hips forward, shoving the entirety of his length inside of Midoriya’s tight, virgin hole. A howl rippled out of him, echoing throughout the large chamber. Grinding the heel of his foot against the covers, head thrown back, his back arching, hips strained upwards, Midoriya shamelessly whimpered as the man pounded into his ass, continuously driving his immense cock in and out. He had expected some pain, some itching or irritation – there was currently a huge rod of meat stretching his ass – but there was none. Not even a single hint.

What there was instead was an incredible, near terrifying pleasure. It roared throughout his entire body, overrunning, overwriting everything. Each slam of the man’s hips against him, driving his beautiful, incredible cock deep inside sent a deafening wave of pleasure washing over him. Loud buzzing filled his ears. His head was filled with a delectable golden fog. Every inch of his body was squealing with delight. Precum poured out of his cock, dribbling down to create a pond on his stomach. Inside, his ass clamped down hard on the invading dick, squeezing him, milking him. Though his mouth said nothing, his ass was clearly conveying how much he wanted that cock to cum inside him.

Using what little leverage he had, he slammed back against the man, pushing his cock in even deeper. With one particular thrust, the head brushed across a spot inside of him that sent an electric bolt of pleasure radiating up his spine. He’d still been desperately hanging on by that point, pushing back against the orgasm building steadily in the base of his belly but with that incredible pleasure, he found the fight was lost. Crying out, tears streaming down his cheeks, tongue hanging lewdly out of his mouth, wearing an expression that was probably so indecent that it would have made a nun faint, Midoriya came, splattering both his and the man’s chest and stomach with thick ropes of white cum. The man continued to fuck him as he came, driving it further and further until he felt like he might crack from the pleasure.

As he was coming down, the pleasure not wearing off but just quieting a touch, enough that he could sort of think rationally, Midoriya found himself reaching up, finding the clasps of the muzzle with trembling fingers. He tugged it off, revealing the bottom half of the man’s face. Not just a gorgeous body but a gorgeous face as well. Brushing the pad of his thumb over the curve of a round cheek, Midoriya slowly pulled the man down, giving him time to move away if he wished. When he went easily, panting rapidly, soft moans tumbling out from between smooth lips, Midoriya sobbed softly, dragging him down even further and pressing their lips together in a hungry, frantic kiss.

“My hands.” The man snarled against his lips, “Unbind my fucking hands. Right now.”

“No-“ Midoriya gasped, “You’ll-!”

“I’m not going anywhere until I’ve filled your fucking ass with my cum. You think I’m going to run when I’m this fucking excited, you degenerate? You think I’m just gonna bolt when I’ve got such a tight hole sucking on me? I wanna cum in this ass so there’s no way I’m taking off. Quit your blubbering.” The man snapped viciously, “Unbind my fucking hands, now!”

“What-?” Midoriya started to ask, only for his words to be cut off by a sharp squeak when the man dipped down and bit down on his shoulder, digging his teeth deep into the skin. Not hard enough to make him bleed but hard enough to hurt. There was a split moment where he couldn’t believe the man had just bitten him! In the next moment, his hips were straining upwards, a strain wail rippling up from somewhere deep inside his chest as he came a second time, adding another load to the one already splattered on his abdomen.

An amused snort echoed up from the curve of his neck. Flushing a violent shade of red, mortified that he had just cum from being bitten, Midoriya shakily did as he was told. It was a little difficult to get the man free when he wouldn’t let him move from his current position and also wouldn’t stop fucking him but, eventually, his hands were free. For one terrible moment, he thought for certain that he would bolt. It was a fear that didn’t last long. With an excited growl, the man abruptly flipped him over onto his stomach, gripping his hips in a powerful hold, holding him easily in place as he pounded hard into his ass. Each thrust sent him jolting forward. He bounced hard atop the covers, his cock rubbing against the soft cloth.

Clutching a pillow, hanging on for dear life as that insane pleasure threatened to unravel him, Midoriya sobbed, wailed, mewed and whimpered. Good, good, it felt so fucking good! He wanted so much more, he wanted the man to continue fucking him for the rest of eternity! He never wanted to lose the incredible, amazing, addictive sensation of the man’s cock messing up his insides, pounding into him with such force that it felt like he was fucking his stomach. But, he knew it wouldn’t last. They would have their fun, then they would part ways, never to see one another again. Midoriya would be married off to some girl, produce an heir and live a lie for the rest of his life.

Just as he was biting back another sob, this one coming from the dismay of what would happen after, rather than the blissful pleasure he was experience, the man rolled him over onto his back then dropped down so their chests were pressed together. Tightly gripping onto Midoriya’s chin, holding his head in place as he stared down into his face, a wide, predatory grin spread across his handsome face, the man whispered, “You want me to fuck you, right? Say it again. Tell me what you want. Tell me what you want me to do.”

“Fuck me!” Midoriya gasped, unable to stop the flow of tears, burning with bashful embarrassment. “I want you to fuck me! Please!”

Pressing their lips together in a hard, claiming kiss, the man snorted softly, “Good boy. Before that, though, you’re going to tell me your name, now.”

“Midoriya…” He breathed, startled that he’d be asked…or rather, demanded to give his name in this kind of situation. “My name is Midoriya.”

Nodding, the man leaned back, placing his hot, calloused hands on Midoriya’s chest. Rolling his hips, grinding his cock against his senisitive insides, making him shiver and cry out, the man laughed huskily, sliding one hand down to wrap it around his twitching cock. Pumping it lazily, the smile on his face growing when that made Midoriya writhe hard underneath him, he said, “Midoriya…huh? You look more like a Deku to me. Well, not that it matters right now. What does is that I’m going to fuck you dry. I’ll milk out every last drop. You’ll be cumming water by the time I’m done with you but first…beg.”


Smile fading just a little, irritation flashing across his handsome face, the man rolled his eyes, “I’m about to cum. This tight ass,” he reached down with the hand not wrapped around Midoriya’s cock to give one plush cheek an appreciative slap, causing him to squeak, “is honest in what it wants but I wanna hear you say it. Tell me clearly. Tell me what you want. Now.”

Midoriya stared up at him, slack jawed, startled by the abrupt change in events. This…this wasn’t at all how he envisioned things going once he unchained the man. When the man gave his ass another hard, impatient slap, Midoriya jumped slightly, his cheeks somehow managing to heat up even more. Swallowing with some difficultly, he tried to say something, found he couldn’t vocalize anything, only coming up with a raspy gasp that made the man chuckle. Terrified that the man might bolt if he didn’t obey, Midoriya forced himself to calm down, sucked in a shaky breath and said, “Please…come inside me. I want you to stuff me full with your cum. I want you to cum inside my ass.”

It was almost impossible to get those words out but thankfully, they were enough to have a profound effect on the man. Gaze going hazy, a beautiful flush of pink flooding into his round cheeks, a breath-taking softness coming into his smile, the man leaned down to give the corner of his mouth a small kiss and whispered, “Good boy. My name is Bakugo. You best scream it when you cum or I’ll punish you. Got it?”

He nodded shakily, turning his head slightly, wanting another kiss. To his relief, as Bakugo was picking up the pace once more, hot breath brushing across Midoriya’s cheeks, he pressed their lips together once more. Wrapping his muscular arms tightly around him, squeezing him tightly to his sweaty chest, the pace of his thrusts quickly became erratic – faster, harder. Muffled moans filled his ears. Cumming, cumming, Bakugo was cumming! He was going to cum inside him! Clinging tightly to him, blunt fingernails digging into his back, Midoriya squeezed the muscles in his ass as hard as he could, wanting him to cum, wanting him to cum inside, wanting to feel the sensation of that warmth flooding into him.

A few moments later, he got exactly what he wanted. Bakugo slammed his hips forward, breaking the kiss to let out a loud, coughing cry, dropping his head into the curve of Midoriya’s shoulders. Inside his ass, his cock swelled, stretching him open even further and scalding hot fluid came flooding in. It poured deep inside him, warming up the entirety of the base of his belly. Mouth falling open, Midoriya did exactly as he was told earlier: he screamed out Bakugo’s name as he came. Delirious with ecastcy, unconscious clenching his ass muscles as he tried to keep the jizz from slipping out, Midoriya barely noticed Bakugo rolling him over. It only became apparent when he tightly squeezed both his plush cheeks, spreading him wide open and started to fuck his hole again.

Bakugo held true to his word: he fucked him until there was nothing left in his balls. He had two dry orgasms by the time he was finished. At that point, not only was his ass full of Bakugo’s cum but his stomach was too. Over the course of the hours they were together, he allowed Bakugo to do whatever he wished – maneuvering him into any position, using any part of his body, anything, everything. In those hours, he was his to do with as he pleased, and was beyond delighted to be used by him.

But all too soon, Bakugo came inside for the last time. With a soft, shuddering moan, head falling back, sweaty ashy hair sticking to his smooth forehead, he added yet another load to his already drenched insides. There was so much of it inside of him that it was leaking down his thighs. Pulling out with a satisfied sigh, Bakugo gave his reddened ass a slap then leaned down to kiss the center of his back. Panting shallowly, every ounce of exhaustion he had been feeling from fucking so much driven away by the sudden realization that it was over, dread filling up his chest, replacing warmth with coldness, Midoriya slowly pushed himself up.

“Thank you. I know it must have been a pain to put up with my foolish requests so thank you.” He said softly as Bakugo was plopping back onto his butt. Brushing away the tears that’d come out of nowhere, he sniffled softly, “I’m sorry for everything. You’re free to do as you wish. I will not stop you.”

Bakugo was silent. He didn’t move for several moments, instead opting to just stare blankly at Midoriya, one broad finger tapping against his cheek. Wondering if he hadn’t been clear or if there was something else they needed to discuss, he opened his mouth to ask what the issue was when a series of things happened in such quick succession that he couldn’t hardly keep up. Bakugo abruptly jumped up, grabbed the chains that were still attached to the headboard and ripped them free. In a startlingly smooth, abrupt gesture, he bound Midoriya’s wrists and ankles, leaving him totally immobile. Yelping in surprise, frantically looking around, Midoriya was given no time to demand an explanation because Bakugo, after wrapping a sheet loosely around him, picked him up, cradling him in his muscular arms and darted over to the window. Kicking the glass out with one powerful sweep of his leg, he jumped out, holding Midoriya with only one arm as he reached out to grab hold of the craggy wall with the other.

Gawking, startled by the strength, speed and grace of this bizarre man, Midoriya could only watch as Bakugo easily made his way up to the roof. Racing across the rooftops until they reached the highest tower of the Kingdom’s castle, Bakugo, still cradling Midoriya in one arm, raised his other hand high up into the air. In the center of his palm, there was first a spark, followed by the tiniest flame then a massive explosion, vibrant and sizzling, erupted out of his hand. It was so bright and loud that before it was even close to fading, Midoriya could hear the alarm bells ringing from below them. Shouts immediately began to rise as the soldiers were roused.

“What are you doing?” Midoriya hissed, “Are you a fool?! You could have gotten away without alerting anyone! I was going to sneak you out if you so wished so why would you do so foolish as to alert the entire castle?! There is now an army waiting for you! You don’t stand a chance against them!”

“That was a signal for my men.” Bakugo sighed irritably, “They now know to mobilize.”

Glancing down to see Midoriya’s still baffled, worried expression, Bakugo flashed a cocky smile, squeezed him even more tightly and said, “Just wait. You’re about to see something you’ve never seen before.”

Midoriya was about to ask what he meant by that…along with the questions of what was going on, why they were up there, why he was tied up and multiple others, when there came an earsplitting roar. Crying out in alarm, hands clapping over his ears to block out the noise, Midoriya’s gaze flew upwards. He didn’t think the night could become any stranger but what he saw in the sky proved him wrong.

“A dragon!” Midoriya squealed, “That’s a dragon! Why is there a dragon?! Bakugo, why is there a dragon?”

There was no mistaking the form flying towards him. It was massive, even at a distance. The huge, leathery wings flapped gracefully as it sliced through the cool night air. He was so startled by this sudden reveal that it took him a moment to realize that the dragon was coming towards them. Shrinking back against Bakugo, wondering how in the fuck he managed to summon a dragon, the most powerful magicked beast in the entire world, Midoriya gasped sharply when someone called out to him from below. Wrenching around, he looked down, eyes widening in surprise, to find that his Father and the head guard were standing on the ramparts below.

“Vile fiend!” His Father roared, brandishing his sword, looking not at all threatening in his underclothes, “Return my son to me at once! I will have you quartered for this! Unhand my son at once! Do you not realize what-!”

Bakugo stared impassively at him for a moment then, without a word, took a step closer to the edge of the tower, flashed a massive grin and jumped off. There was a split moment when Midoriya was certain they were plummeting towards the hard ground but, to his shock, they didn’t land on the ground. Instead, they dropped promptly onto the dragon’s back. Finding himself in something that could have passed as a massive saddle, Midoriya was lowered down, his back pressed against a railing. Bakugo told the dragon something in a guttural language that he couldn’t understand and they were flying away, his Father screaming in the distance.

“What.” Midoriya stated dumbly. “What. What. What. What is this? What have you done? Where are we going?“

“We’re heading to your new home.” Bakugo told him matter-of-factly. “We’ll be there in just a couple hours so settle in, get comfy.”

“Beg your pardon?” Midoriya asked after a stunned moment of silence. “My new home? What’re you talking about?”

Plopping down at the front of the saddle, crossing his legs up underneath him, large hands on his knees, Bakugo regarded him calmly, though there was a slight hint of irritation in his red eyes, “Do you know who I am? I don’t think you do but I figured I’d ask just to make sure.”

“No. I know you are from our neighbor, our enemy but other than-“

“I’m the King of your enemy. That much should’ve been obvious the moment I was able to summon a fucking dragon but it seems you people don’t know a thing about me.” Bakugo interrupted him flatly, “I’m not just another somebody. I could have been your Pop’s most valuable prisoner or greatest victory if he had thought to kill me but somehow, he didn’t recognize me either. Found me on the battlefield after one of those stupid mages managed to knock me down. Imagine my surprise when the bastard decides after he’s taken me into custody to give me to his son for a night of fun.”

Rolling his broad shoulders, Bakugo flashed a mischievous grin, “Honestly, I was already planning my escape before that. Could have easily blown off those chains but after your Pop told me I’d be his son plaything for the night to get some demons out of his system, I wanted to see how things would play out. Thought I might have some fun, plus I wanted to see what the Prince looked like and I was curious as to what the fuck your Pop meant. Didn’t really understand what demons was supposed to mean at first but I think I get it now.”

Grin faltering, Bakugo said softly, “Can’t be easy to be expected to make babies when you’re longing for someone like me, huh? That’s what your Pop meant. Something completely natural, and he was calling it ‘demons’. That was why I was there. He thought that if you did it just once, it’d be all out, you’d be fine and able to fulfill your ‘duties’ as prince.” Bakugo’s lips curled into a disgusted smirk, “What a ripe asshole. Makes me wish I had decked him before we left.”

Midoriya started hard, his eyes going wide. Had it been that obvious, even to a complete stranger? Somehow, that brought him both comfort, and made him feel a little uncomfortable. Was he truly that easy to read or was Bakugo just that perceptive? Somehow, he got the feeling that it was the latter. Then again, most people back home seemed entirely ignorant to his struggle but perhaps they were just willfully ignoring it? There was no telling so probably not a good idea to linger on it.

Brushing a hand through his fluffy hair, Bakugo commented, “So, I figured it out pretty quickly. I was considering taking off at that point since I didn’t want you to get attached and try to make me into your personal plaything or something like that since that seems something you royal types would do but then,” the grin was back now in full force, spreading across his face with a hungry smirk, “I caught sight of your crying face. You walked into that room with the most miserable expression on your face and I knew I couldn’t bolt yet. Didn’t realize the Prince of our enemy would be so fucking adorable. You were so fucking cute that I couldn’t help but to want to stay. How forward you were was a little startling. Wasn’t expecting you to swallow up my entire cock – that really surprised me. Not that it was a turn off. If anything, it only made you even more adorable.”

Blushing furiously, sputtering loudly, flustered and embarrassed at being called adorable – no one had ever called him that before – Midoriya attempted to say something, probably along the lines of retorting that he wasn’t cute but stopped when Bakugo continued speaking.

“I didn’t really know what I wanted to do at first. I wanted to fuck you, I knew that much after you swallowed my entire cock but after that? Didn’t realize until after you told me your name.” Bakugo idly scratched his cheek, “I decided that you’d be coming with me. I wasn’t going to leave you there. Plus, I wanted to make you mine. I wanted you for myself. I thought about the fact that if I left, you be handed off to some woman or you’d find another man to satisfy you. I thought about the fact that someone else might see that adorable teary face you made while being fucked and that made me mad enough that I could’ve blown a hole through the wall.”

“So,” Bakugo spread his muscular arms open wide, “here we are. I’m not gonna force anything on you, though. You got a choice: go back home and be a dutiful son. Swallow down everything you want. Marry some random women, fuck her pussy till she gets pregnant with the heir that your Father so desperately wants and spend the rest of your life miserable but knowing you picked the Kingdom over yourself or come back with me back to my homeland. Become mine. Spend the rest of your life being loved by me, spoiled by me, being true to yourself. Your choice.”

Blinking slowly, head whirling, hardly able to believe the position he was now in, Midoriya stared blankly at Bakugo, the King of their enemy, the man he just spent hours being fucked by, the man whose cock he could still vividly feel in his ass. He was being given the chance of a lifetime, a chance to get away from the restricting role of being Prince, where he could live freely and would never have to even think about hiding his true self ever again. It was so tempting that the answer of a definitive ‘yes!’ was already on the tip of his tongue. Still, he restrained himself.

They had spent the night together but he didn’t know this man. He was not only a complete stranger but the King of their enemy! How could he trust him? He could easily be lying straight to his face! What was preventing him from whisking him off to the neighboring country to act as a political hostage to force his Father into doing whatever Bakugo wanted? Even as the thoughts were fluttering sluggishly across his dazed mind, he knew each one was just panic talking. There was no way to know for certain but…he was sure that Bakugo wasn’t lying. He truly meant everything he said. Maybe it was foolish to trust someone like him, yet he could already tell that he was going to trust him.

This…this was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. Plus…he couldn’t deny that it had felt so right to be with Bakugo. When they had been together in bed, it felt like that was where he was meant to be. Recalling how easily his body had accepted Bakugo’s cock, how easy it had been to fall into just being his, Midoriya realized that this was something he should do. There were only pros after pros after pros. The only con was that it might go bad. Well, anything could go bad but this option was far better than turning around, heading back to the Kingdom where he knew what fate awaited him. This chance…it had the opportunity of leading to something incredible.

Which meant, there was only one option left to him.

“Okay,” Midoriya said softly, “I’ll be yours.”

“Your answer is yes? You realize that that means, right?” Bakugo replied carefully.

He didn’t, not really but…considering everything, he could take a guess. Was he going to be a companion? A plaything? The past experience told him it was probably going to be a mix of both. Not that something like that particularly bothered him. It was far better than just being given away to some random woman to act as an heir producer, and that was about it. Least with this, he would be with someone who would treat him well…he hoped. Nodding firmly, Midoriya responded, “My answer is yes. I will be yours.”

Bakugo studied his face for a moment then the smile was back. Red eyes twinkling with heated delight, he got to his feet, padded over to Midoriya and plopped down in front of him. Removing the binds from his wrists and ankles, gently, lovingly rubbing the red skin, he leaned down to give his palm a little kiss. Lightly running the tips of his fingers up and down the interior of his forearm, Bakugo whispered, “Good boy. Well, I knew you’d come to that answer. You might be a crybaby but you’re no idiot.”

Pouting at being called a crybaby – anyone would have cried if they had been in his position – Midoriya responded, “Thank you for getting me out of there.”

Nodding, Bakugo leaned back, reaching up to brush the pad of his thumb over the curve of Midoriya’s cheek, “You’re welcome. Now, the final touch. You’ve said you’ll be mine but there needs to be a physical representation of who you belong to. Being so fucking adorable, there’d be both men and women chasing after you when we get back home. Not something you can help. One look at that cute face and you’ll have people fawning all over you. I can’t have that. Everyone has to know that you’re mine.”

Lowering his brows into an irritated expression, Midoriya said tersely, “I wouldn’t cheat on you.”

“I know, you aren’t that kind of person.” Bakugo replied with a shrug, “But I still don’t want people chasing after you so I need to take some extra measures.”

“Extra measures?” Midoriya asked curiously.

Instead of responding, Bakugo slid back a little, raising both hands out in front of him. As Midoriya watched, he cast some kind of spell that created a small fireball that hovered between his hands. With some careful, precise movements, he stretched, molded the flame until it was burning circle. Curling his fingers slightly, he whispered something and the fire abruptly solidified into a molten ring that had a gap in it and intricately carved symbols that glimmered and glowed. Smiling, clearly satisfied with his work, he shuffled forward, slipping the ring around Midoriya’s neck. It was pleasantly warm against his skin. As Bakugo was fumbling around, Midoriya reached up to touch the ring. It was smooth with a strange rippled texture.

“What is it?” He asked, tracing one of the symbols with the tip of his finger.

“A symbol that you’re mine.” Bakugo replied distractedly, then, with a smile, said, “There. Is it too tight? How’s the fit?”


Midoriya realized that the ring was now firmly secured around his neck. Reaching around to the back of his neck, he found the gap done. It was now a complete circle, and it was circling his neck. Far as he could tell, there was no way for him to get it off. Bakugo probably could but it was looking to be impossible for him to remove it. Blinking slowly, the realization of what he’d just been given dawning on him, Midoriya looked up at Bakugo, who looked quite smug, “A collar? Really?”

Bakugo shrugged, the corners of his lips curling up, “It was either that or a brand. Didn’t exactly want to hurt you so this is the best option. Is it too tight?”

“No.” Midoriya said after a moment’s pause, trailing his fingers along his collar, strangely…content with there being a physical symbol that he belonged to someone being in plain view. With this…it was clear, he really did belong to Bakugo. He’d was too shocked by, well, everything that it really hadn’t dawned on him but he was Bakugo’s. He was really Bakugo’s. That…that thought made him so incredibly happy. He couldn’t really explain why but this felt right. It felt so incredibly right, “It’s fine. Thank you.”

“Good.” Bakugo said softly, wrapping a large hand around the back of Midoriya’s neck. Pulling him forward, he pressed their lips together in a warm, sweet kiss. Slipping his tongue into Midoriya’s mouth, pushing the sweet taste deep inside, making his head whirl pleasantly, he nipped lightly at his plush lower lip and pulled back to whisper, “Now, you’re mine. I’ll never let you go. You’re mine, forever. You ever try to leave me, and I’ll punish you. I’ll drag you back and fuck you senseless to remind over again and again that you belong to me. Understand?”

“Mm.” Midoriya hummed happily, pressing their foreheads together. Bakugo’s warmth, scent enveloped him. An exquisite comfort washed over him as they seemed almost to melt into one another. One large hand smoothed slowly up and down his spine. Resting his warm cheek on Bakugo’s broad shoulder, sighing contentedly, Midoriya distantly wondered if he had made the right decision then immediately pushed that thought away. There was no telling right now so, for this one moment, he wanted to just enjoy the peace he’d be given. Whatever happened in the future…he’d tackle it then. No point in thinking how he’d do it now since he had no idea what was going to happen anyway.

Bakugo lightly kissed his temple, “Sleep. You’ve more than earned it. I’ll wake you when we’ve reached your new home. There’ll be a warm bed and a good meal waiting for you when we get there. After that…well, we’ll figure it out. There’s a lot you need to learn but you seem to catch on quick.”

Snuggling deeper into Bakugo’s embrace, Midoriya murmured, “Be here when I wake up?”

There was a snort from somewhere above him. A large hand landed on the back of his head, gently smoothing down the fluffy locks, “Where else would I be? Idiot. Course I’ll be here when you wake up.”

He had a point but still, it was comforting to hear. His life was about to take a dramatic turn, after all. He wanted…no, need Bakugo to be there with him while he handled it. He didn’t think he could do it alone. Eyes fluttering closed, sleep already coming close to claiming him, Midoriya had enough time to wonder what was going to happen on this brand new path he’d just stepped on then, before he could conjure up an answer, he was out like a light, lulled into a peaceful sleep by the warmth and scent of the man he now belonged to.