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Mo XuanYu's face was really attractive. He had a delicacy and elegance that was impossible to deny.


But, it was not his face.


It wasn't a face that he, Wei WuXian, could feel completely owned by. It was something that he was borrowed, a forced gift could even be said, and although he had become accustomed to looking in the mirror to see a totally different image from the one he used to boast with confidence in the youth of his first life, he also experienced moments when his soul felt uncomfortable in that skin.


Like when he was with Lan Zhan.


Lan Zhan was wonderful in every way, even though he had few words and expressions, there was not a moment when he did not feel loved by his side. But there were moments when those golden eyes looked at him with sadness, they looked at this face with sadness and although he knew that his beloved HanGuang-Jun loved him deeply, he realized that he had fallen in love with another face.


"Lan Zhan, it's all right if this face isn't to your liking."

He told it to him one morning when he woke up feeling observed in his dreams, found the look of his companion on him. Seeing the look that confusion was on that jade face, he hastened to clarify what he was saying.


"I know that you fell in love with another face, my original face," when the confusion slowly dissipated, he continued to speak. "That's why it's okay if the face I have now doesn't please you as much as the previous one. It's not about feelings, just that when you don't like something, just because it's me, you shouldn't force yourself to like it".


The silence lasted for what seemed like an eternity until one of the two spoke.


"It doesn't matter."

The voice was soft, but it seemed to rumble in the room.




"The face, it doesn't matter"


There were only five words, but those words were spoken with such a tone of conviction that they made his heart beat with strength and happiness.


"Lan Zhan...wouldn't it matter even if it was an ugly, old face?"




"Are you sure?"


He couldn't help but laugh at the thought of this Jade kissing or professing love to someone with an unpleasant face, yet he sounded so sure of that that he found no reason to contradict him.


"You're perfect, HanGuang-Jun. Sometimes I think I don't give you enough appreciation, how can I reward you? ~"




"With a smile?"


"Smile for me, Wei Ying, no matter what face you have, because my love for you is dedicated purely to your soul. As long as you are the one who is always by my side, there is no place for appearances".