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It’s common knowledge that prior to completing a mission that there first must be an orchestrated plan. The stratagem has to be laid out before all involved participants and discussed in detail from beginning to end so that everything can go swimmingly. This person arrives at this time, take that stairwell to that section of the building, shut down that power system, and be back in this area before the enemy. At first, it can be pretty overwhelming and a lot to take in, but becomes simple after many times.

The Avengers have these board meetings whenever there’s a brewing attack on the horizon. Sometimes there isn’t much time for a plan, it’s just a spontaneous call to action like that one time in New York with Loki, but for the most part, there is and anywhere from one to two weeks to be exact. Every member is required to be in attendance as not showing up is not an option. If one doesn’t, they can expect to be collectively chewed out by Stark or Rogers, the two unofficial heads of the superhero alliance. Another rule is that one can’t be more than five minutes late because you can’t save the world if you’re tardy, or so Tony claims, which is ironic considering he’s the one to always strut into the boardroom like its an afternoon church service. There is also no eating or drinking as no one should be more concerned with finishing off a croissant than ending a potential crisis.

No one had bothered to tell you about this particular rule to your remembrance and if they had, it’d fallen on deaf ears. At precisely two o’clock when Friday announced that there was a meeting on the west wing, you had just gotten back from Chick-fil-a and not wanting to out off eating it for however long, you decided to bring it along. Surely, that wouldn’t be a problem. To avoid being a distraction, you’d just sit in the back, unwrap your sandwich as quietly as possible, and eat very, very slowly. No one would even notice…

At the head of the roundtable, Steve looked very much like a teacher before a class of children, going through a high tech PowerPoint to catch everyone up on the new target. Apart from listening to the music playing lowly into your left eardrum, you got bits and pieces of the briefing. Like always there was a group of evil foreign guys trying to smuggle out a large number of important chemicals from a prominent scientists lab and they needed to be stopped before getting away.

It seemed like an easy enough job, one that could be done in no time by the world’s mightiest heroes so you didn’t care to listen to all the nitty-gritty details. Instead, you made sure to check that no one was looking before taking a sip from the milkshake you’d also purchased and anytime before someone could fully glance over, Peter would cough as a signal. The spider kid had really become one of your favorites amongst the group after a few months of trying to get a feel for him and you even gave him a couple fries with a pat to the back of his head at one point.

But even then, it was only a matter of time before you would be caught redhanded. The Avengers were going around the table, volunteering to check that section or take down that group, when a nose picked up on a scent that was much like that of food and a set of blue eyes wandered over to the sandwich in your hand. So caught up in trying to take a bite without being noticed, you didn’t even register that someone had just seen you. The last person that should’ve…

”Really, _________? You’re going to sit there and stuff your face when we are having an important discussion?” At the sound of Steve’s risen voice, every head turned and the conversation ended at once. In no time flat, all eyes were on you, taking in the sight of you with sauce all around your lips and meat shoved into your mouth. Suddenly you felt like you were back in high school, having been caught passing notes to another student. But for Christ’s sake, you were so hungry and had gone with eating all day. This sandwich was five dollars and damn it, you had every intention of eating it even in a board meeting.

Looking dead at Rogers, who had a visible flinty stare that peered right into your soul, you proceeded to chew the mouthful of sandwich and slowly like there was no rush. A collectively small snicker could be heard around the table then and at this, the one-time bearded fugitive snapped, marching towards the back of the room. By the time he reached you, the bit in your mouth had been swallowed and to wash it down, you picked up your milkshake. Boldly whilst taking a long sip, you cut your eyes up at the frowning leader and even smiled insolently afterward. ”Sorry, Captain.”

There are times in life when you see the entirety of your pathetic life flash before your very eyes and regret letting certain words slip out. This was one of those times. Never before had you ever seen someone look as mad as Rogers did, the expression on his face so intimidating that your eyes widened. Oh crap, you’d really screwed up. Before you could get a word out to apologize, he cut you off. ”In the hallway. Now.” His tone was flat and dangerously low.

Few times were you ever obedient and you loathed nothing more than being told what to do, especially by a man, but this one of the exceptions. That look and voice scared you so bad that the food in your hand dropped to the floor and you leaped up fast, scurrying out the room with Rogers following right behind.

”Whatever you do, don’t kill her, Steve, ” Sam joked.

Laughs and other teasing remarks could be heard right before the doors slammed shut. The moment they did, Steve gave you a push all the way down the hall until you reached a room. A peek in confirmed that it was vacant and he ushered you into it before shutting the door and locking it. The distinct click caught your attention and your eyes dropped to it. That wasn’t a good sign. Glancing back up, you cocked a brow at the other and crossed your arms. ”If you don’t mind, I’d like the door to be unlocked.”

Steve scoffed, shaking his head. ”Scared I might do something besides chastising you?”

”Who knows? You have become quite unpredictable after falling off the grid. There’s always a possibility.”

”I’m not that bad, am I?” When you didn’t answer him, he laughed half-heartedly. ”I think you know me well enough to know that I wouldn’t hurt you. Too bad.”

The beat of your heart picked up in speed, making your stomach churn just a little. This man was so different from the squeaky clean one you’d heard and read so much about. Truthfully, you still couldn’t wrap around your head around who Steve Rogers was and doubted that you would ever know. He was an enigma and even other members of the Avengers had claimed he had changed a lot. The only ones who didn’t seem to notice were Sam and Natasha but that made some sense as they’d both been at his side in the three years since he’d become a wanted criminal in the United States.

The person in front of you was no chaste boy scout who stuck to the rules. This was a man who had stuck his moral compass in his back pocket and didn’t give a damn about upholding certain bylaws. He did what he wanted when he wanted and took whatever his hands had an itching for. Hearing him say that he wouldn’t hurt you too bad confirmed all of this and shook you to the core, your confident facade cracking at its edges. Here you were in a room alone with him and the door locked. Even despite being enhanced, he still would have the upper hand and to get through him would be nearly impossible. The realization that he could get away with doing something to you hit home hard then and from the mischevious glimmer in his eyes, it was apparent that he knew that you knew this.

But there was something he didn’t know. Like the fact that you weren’t some damsel in distress who would back down. Yeah, maybe he had you a little shaken up, but in some ways, you were just like him. A firecracker with tricks constantly up your sleeves and you wouldn’t allow him to see you tremble. Not one bit, not at all.

”If you don’t mind, I’d like to wrap this up so please just say whatever it is that you have to. We’ve done this before. You get on to me and I apologize, promising to do better. It’s the same thing.”

”And yet, you never seem to learn, ” Steve shot back.

Oh, so he wanted to go down that road? Game on. ”Last time I checked, this wasn’t a school, and you, Mr. Rogers, are not my teacher. I do what I want because I can and if I want to eat a damn sandwich then I will. Look, I know you were a captain at one point, but you will not try to tell me what to do. Now unlock the door.” You finished with a saucy roll of your eyes, taking a risk by stepping right in front of him.

”No, ” he protested, stance widening as he peered back at you. In a nonverbal manner, it seemed as he was daring you to try him and doubted that you would. But he didn’t know you beyond what the files read. Another step brought you chest to chest somewhat. ”No?” You asked, pressing into him harder. This was the closest you’d ever been to this man and the feeling that washed over you at the proximity was strange. In the crack between your thighs, a dull throbbing had begun and your face grew hot. Seriously, right now? Ugh, you and your body were going to have a serious lady talk later because this was not the time to be aroused. But Rogers did smell really good…and felt equally good too, all hard and toned from the chest down to…oh my gosh. You let out a gasp, awkwardly backing away.

”Rogers, please tell me that you have a flashlight on your person…”

”I’m afraid not, ma’am, ” He answered cooly with half a subtle smile, taking place in the space you’d just moved from.

Okay, now this was too much. You were in a dark control room with a clearly aroused male, fairly close to him, and the door was locked. Not to mention, when you moved in a specific way, you could feel a distinct dampness and there was no denying that you found the superior attractive. He was a real-life Adonis, so unbelievably handsome with his chiseled features and impressive stature. Yeah, he could be a prick with a stick up his ass, but he was a nice looking prick. One that you had definitely stolen extra long glances of him when he was bent over or working out and had even masturbated to a couple times in the recent past. But still, this wasn’t right and couldn’t happen. It was too unprofessional, even for you, someone who had shagged a fellow co-worker in a gas station storage room.

”We should probably head back now, ” you began with an obvious crack in your voice. ”Assumptions will start to be made.”

Steve wasn’t moved in the slightest. ”Then let them be made, ” he stated nonchalantly, easing even closer towards you.

”Rogers, ” you stammered, crying out when he leaned down and grabbed at the backs of your thighs, picking you up. ”Please just put me down, ” the plea played on your lips on repeat like a musical beat in a rush as your legs were forced around his tapered waist.

Early that morning, you had finally decided to wear a stylish little skirt that had sat inside your closet for quite some time and now it rode up, revealing more of your legs. Connected waist to waist, your nether region immediately pressed into his and with a small adjustment on his part, the bulge in his jeans rubbed against your panties. You jolted, staring up into steel blue eyes in bewilderment. Yep, definitely not a flashlight. ”Oh, you like that?” He dared to question, a smug grin playing on his lips.

”No, now put me down, ” you urged, again even louder as he started moving, walking back further into the lowly lighted room.

Right now all you wanted to do was go back to the board meeting. If Rogers stopped messing with you as wished, you’d do whatever he wanted in return. You’d listen intently to all conversation and never eat again during a meeting, even personally wash his laundry for a few weeks, but this needed to stop. Whatever game he was playing, it had gone way too far.

When your back sit the smooth surface of something like a table and a set of hands moved from the back of your thighs, you let out a relieved sigh. ”Thank you, Rogers. For a second there, I thought you’d gone bonkers, but I’m glad to know that you do have—” You paused when you felt movement under your skirt. Oh no. Before you could even protest, Steve had your pink panties off and dangling from his pointer finger. Your eyes instantly dropped to look at them and your cheeks caught on fire at the sight of the damp blotch in the very center. ”Well, would you look at that! Along with being a brat, you’re a liar. A wet one to be more exact.”

”Fuck me, ” you whispered, completely embarrassed with yourself. ”Ste—Rogers, please. I’m sorry for being disrespectful. I really am. I’ll do whatever you want.”

”What makes you think you have a choice in the matter?” Steve snorted, pocketing your underwear. ”You’re going to do whatever I want regardless, even if you don’t want to.”

This couldn’t be real. Was this a prank? Because it seemed like one. You prayed this was just a sick hoax that the other members had planned to knock you off your high horse. Rogers couldn’t be serious about potentially taking you against your will, could he? Not that you had a problem with giving him any, but he was scaring you with this dominating demeanor. At one point in time when he was first thawed out, he might’ve been gentle, but he gave off the impression that he was straight rough. The thought both made you stir in excitement and shudder in uneasiness. Steve wouldn’t… He didn’t have it in him.

Spurred on by this confidence, you drew your leg up at the and brought it forward to kick him square in the face. Just seconds before making contact, Roger grabbed hold of your leg swiftly in a relaxed manner and sent it back towards your chest. A shaky breath passed from your lips both because of the stretch and a gush of cold air hit your exposed parts. Crap. How had you forgotten so quickly that you were out in the open? Talk about embarrassing. You then tried to fight back against his tight hold but it was no use, he was stronger. In no time, he had both your legs up and in spread eagle position.

With a quick step back, Steve whistled at the erotic sight before him. ”I knew you were flexible, kid, but damn. Look at your spread little pussy, ” he gave the tender flesh a tap and you jumped with a short whimper from the cold contact of his hand. One of his brows raised at the reaction and he repeated the action, the strike a bit harder. You sucked in a breath through your teeth and closed your eyes, refusing to look at the man. ”Don’t get shy on me now, _________. Open your eyes, ” the order was curt. He slapped you again even harder and this time, your lids parted faster than the waters of the Red Sea.

Steve was hovering over you, so close that the warmth of his breath made the hairs on your arms rise in reaction. The grays in his dark blonde beard could easily be seen and even be individually pulled out if you wanted to. A glance in his eyes showed the specs of brown in them and you swallowed hard upon seeing his pupils dilate. Fuck, fuck, fuck. ”Ah, there we go. I want your full and undivided attention while I do this, ” he said, slipping a single digit inside your entrance that was partially open as if it was begging to be filled with anything.

A choked moan filled the air, your back arching off the flat surface of the table. The dexterous finger nestled deep inside of your tight canal moved in and out gentle and sluggish at first but picked up speed with the seconds that blurred into minutes. Soon another joined in on the fun and a high pitched shrill bubbled up from your throat. ”Ah, listen to you, ” Steve breathed with a chortle as he watched your face change with each thrust.

The embarrassment from earlier had begun to ebb away and in its place, pure pleasure took over. Part of you was disgusted by your wanton behavior, but the other half didn’t care. It had been a minute since someone had touched you so intimately and they looked nothing like your superior boss, who was one of the most beautiful men you’d ever seen. Forget the board meeting or the food, if Rogers wanted to finger you in a desolate control room, then you would let him. Wait. But you didn’t have a choice… The reminder sent you moaning even more in arousal. Maybe you were a sick fuck, but there was something so incredibly hot about a little nonconsent.

When bearded superhero suddenly withdrew, you sat up and grabbed hold of his belt in a desperate attempt to bring him close again. ”Please. Don’t stop, ” you whispered through pants. The rise and fall of your chest caught Steve’s attention and with a hum that was undertoned with something you couldn’t put an exact finger on, he ripped off the white blouse. The buttons popped off and were sent flying to the floor. ”Hey, that was expensive, asshole,” you hissed. How dare he just ruin something so pretty? He didn’t see you going around shredding his crap.

In response, he scoffed. ”And?”

Really? Really? Wow. Just wow.

”And I don’t appreciate you just tearing it up. Now, you’ve just ruined the whole mood for me, ” you retorted.

”Well, you know what I don’t appreciate?” Steve didn’t wait for you to answer him. ”Your smart ass mouth. How you think you can just do whatever you want and won’t face any consequences. You walk around here like you run shit, but guess what? You don’t, girl. I’m the one in charge here and you do as I say because I’m captain.” The volume of his voice rose to a booming volume and you shivered at it. Was a bad thing that you were turned on? Probably so. But who could blame you? An angry lumberjack was hot as fuck.

Never one to be moved, you batted your eyes up at him and smiled slyly. ”Is this the part where I say yes sir and suck your dick to get back into your good graces?”

Steve shook his head with the bite of his bottom lip through a simper. Boy, were you a funny girl. ”No, it’s the part where I fuck you hard to remind you that your place is always beneath me.”

Oh my lanta. Your heart skipped a beat. That was the hottest sentence someone had ever said to you and the fact that it left the lips of one of America’s most beloved figures, the epitome of freedom and justice, a painted white dove in the wind, was enough to send more slick fluid flowing out of your entrance. Who would’ve thought that Captain America had a mouth like that on him? Oh my gosh, what else was he hiding from the public? Did he have a secret chamber like Christian Grey? Okay… Most likely not. He didn’t seem like the type, but still, the guy was a definite kinky bastard.

You watched dumbfounded and in a daze as Rogers then unbuckled the front of his jeans. Still staring deep into your eyes with a lustful glint in his own, he pulled his rock hard length out of its confinements and let it bob freely up to his stomach. Jesus. The thing was impressively large and took you by surprise. Sure, you knew that he had a penis like most men in the world and had even fantasized about what it looked like from time to time, but seeing it was like a slap to the face. It was thick, an angry shade of pink at the head, and adorned with veins here and there along the shaft that would probably twitch nicely when he came.

”Someone likes what they see, ” he teased, giving himself a couple languid jerks.

”Don’t flatter yourself. I just realized that even Captain America has a dick and surprisingly a not-so-small one.”

This made Steve’s eyebrows furrow. ”Excuse me?”

You shrugged. ”Oh, I thought your hulking figure and extra time in the gym was your way of compensating, but I guess I was wrong.”

”You’re gonna regret saying that, ” he said, guiding his length close until the tip teased your soaked hole.

”Is that a promise?”

”A guarantee, ” he corrected, then pushing forward and letting himself sink inside you.

The fullness of having all of Rogers stuffed deep within you was something life changing. He hadn’t even moved that much and you could already feel him so far that it seemed he was in your stomach. ”You’re so big, ” was all you could get out in a whisper and Steve huffed a bit of laughter, retreating from your tightness halfway before pushing right back in. A strained moan slipped out and your back came off the table once more, arms squeezing tight around his neck.

The way Steve fucked into you was unlike any man had ever done before. Every stroke was precisely as sharp as the last, hitting that spot inside of you over and over again. The surface you were on started shaking around six thrusts in and when the sound began to get on his nerves, he pulled away from it. You latched onto him harder, mewling girlishly at the sensation that washed over you with this new angle as he stood erectly. His mouth attacked yours then, lips fighting in a sloppy give and take as tongues lapped against each other. The rough rub of his beard cut into your skin, but you loved the pain that it brought. ”Fuck me, ” you whined against his lips, breathing all high and growing short faster. What kind of witchcraft had he put on you? In all your many times of having sex, you had never babbled and begged like you were doing now. It was like he had unlocked a part of you that had previously been dormant and unknown.

”Want me to fill your pussy with my cum?” He grunted out, bouncing you on his hard appendage and thrusting all the same. You nodded frantically with a whimper. But Rogers wanted to hear it from your mouth. By now, he would’ve thought that you knew that he liked vocalness. ”Nuh-uh, say it, ” on the next particular bounce up, he made sure to hit your spot just right on the way down and your lips parted to form a big o. This was torture and the best kind of punishment. Here you were getting your brains fucked out and he wanted you to talk? You weren’t even sure if you remembered how to speak anymore, but out of fear of pissing him off, you answered quick. ”Yes, yes, please, Steve. Fill me.”

So caught up in the blissful ecstasy of having your guts rearranged, it took you a moment to register that Rogers was talking to you. ”Lean back, ” he ordered through gritted teeth. ”W-what?” You asked confused, your mind a jumbled mess. Did he realize what he was telling you to do? Leaning back would leave you hanging upside down. ”Do it, ” he growled, pushing harder into you to the point where it hurt a little. Not needing to be told again, your arms unwrapped themselves from around his neck and as he continued to thrust, you let yourself fall backward into a loose hang.

Being fucked upright was one thing, but upside down was a whole nother. From this angle, you swore that stars could be seen as lightheadedness started at your temples. The fear of falling didn’t exist as Steve had an iron-like grip on your legs, holding you close, but your heart still beat rapidly in panic. All that could be seen was the bottom of the table and the nomad’s tousled hair that shifted with each bounce. Almost comically, your head bobbed back and forth and would’ve made you laugh otherwise, but right now, only screams of passion slipped out of you.

”Fuck yeah, that’s it, ” The husky rasp of Steve’s voice added to the paramount pleasure, the soft sucking sound of your slick growing more frequent and loud with his every pound. You’d never had sex with him before but from the strain in his voice and the way his hips were working into yours like a jackhammer, you knew it was only a matter of time before he came. Release was just around the corner for you as well and you were going to make sure you got yours. It was a bit awkward, but with a push, you were able to roll your hips upwards meeting each thrust in sync.

Steve took notice of this and in midst of his groans, a devilish grew on his sweet lips. ”Eager little cumslut. Gonna get you pregnant.” Even in the throes of pleasure, you paused at his words. Getting pregnant was something that you eventually wanted to do down the road in life but with a husband and in like five or more years. The thought of having Steve fill you with his seed and possibly ending up swollen with his child was scary, but at the moment, fuck, it didn’t seem too bad. If another guy had said it, you would’ve been turned off and screamed for it to stop altogether immediately but the nomad had a way of making everything so twisted sound so right.

Spurred on by his words, you came while screaming out like a banshee. Wave after wave of utmost gratification hit your quivering body and even in your state, Steve continued to get off, chasing his own release. It was like he was nonverbally letting you know that he was using you only for his own satisfaction and that was enough to make you tear up at the corners of your eyes. Fuck, this was amazing.

When your boss came, you felt like a toaster strudel being filled up to the brim with cream. His seed shot up deep inside of you and when he pulled out, it gushed out plentifully. The feeling made you feel equal parts of disgusting and like you were on top of the world, but then you thought about what had just happened.

Holy shit. This wasn’t good at all.

Steve Rogers had just come inside of you and that was the last thing that should’ve happened.