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[This reading covers the relationship dynamic between Kim Namjoon and Min Yoongi on a subconscious and energetic level. This particular reading can cover romantic, platonic, and familial relationships and is designed to put a connection between two people into perspective, showcasing what is gained from the relationship as well as the highest potential of it. For this reading, in particular, I use 2 decks — the Rider-Waite Tarot deck and The Linestrider’s Journey Tarot deck. This spread is an original design by me. This reading lasted 1 hour.]


The first time I tried to do this reading was sometime between August 11th and August 13th. It was the same day that I tried to do the Taehyung and Kook relationship reading and was essentially blocked from their energies. This was a whole bit of fuckery that lead to a lot of revelations concerning the BTS Soul Map as well as what lead to the BTS Soul Body Healing. All of the information about that fiasco can be found here if you would like to understand that a bit better.

Basically, at that time I was unaware of the condition of the group’s Soul Body and was not at all aware of the fact that their literal fucking souls were kind of locked up in their individual energy centers in the Soul Body for protection while the low-vibe nonsense was infecting the body. This meant that they were not available for energy tapping around this time which is what made it very, very difficult for me to connect with Taehyung’s energy and gave me the sensation of being “blocked”, as well as what made it damn near impossible to connect with Yoongi or Namjoon.

After I gave up on the Taehyung and Kook reading I decided to try Namjoon and Yoongi’s because I thought it was just Taehyung that was blocking me out — again, I, the dumbass, was still pretty fucking blind to what was actually happening. As their souls, and subsequently, their core energy was locked up in the energy centers of the Soul Body I was only actually able to pick up on energy signatures between Namjoon and Yoongi from 2012. I was really fucking confused by this because I thought I was making “loose contact” with their core energies and I couldn’t figure out what was so fucking important about 2012.


Now that I know it was just an energy signature I was able to channel on it before I went into this reading here which I did around August 19th or August 20th. The signature from 2012 was something significant for both of them, it’s something they cling to, but it’s very, very blurry due to the fact that previous timelines, most of which are prior to 2013-2015 have collapsed for them. It’s mostly about work and music, of course. I think it’s probably just something, maybe something tense, that allowed them to bond a bit more in the year prior to their debut. There’s no emotional stress around it, but it does feel heavy. Again, because that timeline has collapsed I may be getting more of their memory of this moment or a more smooth and romanticized version of it. Either way, 2012 is important to them, lol.

Always together — These two have not been separated since the seven individual souls originally split from the main soul that they were many, many, many years ago. These two have shared every single lifetime together, including a few where they served as Spirit Guides for one another. It’s such a strong connection as well as I started getting all choked up while sifting over some of those lifetimes. They literally just find each other and even though they hardly ever stayed together for a long period of time, they had such a  major impact every single time. Even when there was a lifetime where more than two of them were meant to meet up at a time, they were still always the first to find each other. They’ve had every kind of relationship under the sun and they’ve always dealt with duality (Virgo/Pisces).

They are the head of the Soul Body — The fact that they were always the first two to meet up made a lot of sense to me following the Soul Body healing as I understood those individual energy centers to literally be the literal energy centers of the body, which would be the chakra centers. Did it take me nearly two months and 10 different Guides screaming at me to figure out the 7 members of BTS with their 7 individual energy centers represented the 7 main chakras of the body… yes. Yes, it did, but you have to understand, the Soul Map was all fucked and uneven so I don’t think anyone could have guessed that…

Basically, Namjoon is the Crown Chakra and Yoongi is the Third Eye Chakra in the balanced Soul Body. In the Soul Map that I had which showed the state of the Soul Body while it was completely fucked and rearranged due to a disconnection between Namjoon’s energy center and their Source Energy, Namjoon was still at the top, but Yoongi had been shifted down and was straight across from Hoseok as they were doing this weird little thing where, rather than Namjoon, Hoseok was picking up the transmissions, filtering them, sending them over to Yoongi who “translated” them and sent them to Namjoon, who would transmute the information into energy in the “heart center” of the Soul Body. That would be the “Rap Line Triad” thing I kept going on about, lol.

When the Soul Body was all settled, balanced, aligned, and connected to their Source Energy those energy centers started to shift back in place and they stopped functioning as a machine and started going back to the high vibrational state they had been in before. Yoongi and Namjoon are both in the “head” of the Soul Body as that is where the Crown and Third Eye Chakra are. So, pretty much they’re one thing. It’s almost like they didn’t fully split from each other when the seven souls split from the main body, and that might be why they had to be set into “dual energies” so much — so that they could develop more as separate beings from one another specifically. I mean, they all kind of deal with that for that reason, it’s also why most of their lifetimes had them separated more often rather than being family.

Their duality — Just to elaborate, they are meant to kind of butt heads a bit as it allows them to exist separately on a conscious level. They’re not meant to hate each other or to be so opposed to each other that they literally break apart, but to act more like twins who… weren’t dressed exactly the same for the first ten years of their lives… if that makes sense, lol. They have very similar ways of thinking and ways of being, but they are understood and expressed differently within the individual.

This is one of those things that I can see way more than I can comprehend in a way where I can put it into words, but it goes back to that thing I have for how the energy of Water (Pisces-Yoongi) and Earth (Virgo-Namjoon) mix with each other. When it comes to Sun Signs (core wall energy) mixing, there is an initial resistance to signs that oppose your own, however, if there is a conscious attempt to balance, then the relationships can be pretty solid and beneficial for both sides.

First off, there are a few ways that Water and Earth energy can mix. Water (emotions) can overpower and erode Earth (stability and self-awareness), or Earth (groundedness, attachment to the 3D) can form an embankment around a stream and stagnate the water (emotional and creative expression). With a bad mix, you can also get shit like quicksand and mudslides. When they are balanced you get wet clay, something that can be used to sculpt and build literally anything at all. It’s manifestation. Virgo and Pisces are like THE GODS of manifestation as Virgos are aware of their resources, their mental power, and Pisces are aware of magic and transformation. You combine that shit and you get some epic shit in return, honestly, but it has to be a conscious effort to balance.

In the beginning, and I know they’ve said this more than a few times, they argued a lot and this is exactly why. Both Virgos and Pisces hold great awareness and capability, but they carry what the other lacks. They both know things, they understand, but they’re like… It’s like they are standing back to back and only speaking from that perspective. Like two sides of the same coin, trying to face each other. It’s not really possible, you just need to have both sides willing to listen.

I, as I was writing this, did take a break to do some automatic writing because, again, sometimes shit just can’t be put into words and I need some extra help, lol. I couldn’t focus on what things were like for them when they met, so instead I focused in on tension between them, where arguments do actually occur, so I could read the imbalance and maybe find a “root” that is connected to their relationship at the beginning where that balance was still very, very far off.

“Combine. Work Ethic. Yoongi wanted to work, Namjoon wanted to be heard — Namjoon had the ability to work, Yoongi had the ability to be heard.”

That was the first thing in my notes. This doesn’t really show the imbalance, this really shows the “carrying what the other lacks” thing I mentioned before. From what I can tell I was working backward because this is more like the root of where tension was released, this is how they actually balanced each other. It was a conscious effort to see what the other could offer.

Yoongi wanted to work like literally he wanted to do work with music and Namjoon had already been doing that. Yoongi was more open and expressive and therefore didn’t have a lot of structure to his practice, so Namjoon helped him bring that around. Namjoon on the other hand… all he had was structure. All he had was guidelines and an image based off of what was around him (hip-hop stereotypes, expectations, and insecurity) that kept him imbalanced within himself between that soul purpose of communicating and teaching (guiding) and his own “hive mind” state of being early on in his career. 

Basically, he was trying to get all of his serious and more thought-provoking stuff heard while also trying to “fit the mold” of what he thought he needed to be in order to do that, which sort of took away a lot of his heart and legitimacy in that — which Yoongi had.

Yoongi “having the ability to be heard” is actually more like he had the ability to speak from the heart and connect to the hearts of others, which with any form of Art, that’s exactly how you do it. So, Yoongi was the one, I’m assuming, to really encourage Namjoon to focus in on the message rather than the image when it came to more personal work, and as they the grew and came away from the need to “fit the mold” in Kpop, they kind of lead the matter in being unique and focusing on things that mattered to them, such as mental health, social and political issues, and common problems that their generation faces worldwide.

“Highly developed emotional understanding — be true to who and what you are against all opposing factors, even the ones that go beyond yourself. Understand the self.”

“Namjoon understood connection physically — poser, the look. Yoongi understood connection emotionally — empathic connection, the voice.”

I feel like these last two bits kind of contribute still to the same thing, like it’s still not showing the root where the tension was because, like I said, those timelines collapsed for them, they don’t really matter that much anymore. However, I think the tension was more around feeling that “erosion” and “restriction.” A bit confusing, I’m seeing it in my head again and I don’t know why I can’t get words for it, lol, but it’s like Namjoon didn’t understand or didn’t like how or why Yoongi cared so much about how people felt the music. Like, Namjoon was concerned about how people felt about the music, like their opinions of it, how they judge it.

Omg, yeah. Okay, wait, lol, in Namjoon’s Elemental Alignment (and Kook’s) I talked about the judgment of Virgos and how with Kook (whose energy is turned inward) he judges himself and how Namjoon (whose energy is turned outward) judges the world around him. That’s where his focus was in the beginning — the judgment of others — because that would have been the time when his own judgment and his own energy was still turned towards himself. He was concerned about the judgment of others because he was still judging himself. I talked about it a bit in Kook’s reading how Kook’s Higher Self is literally in a state where they are pushing Namjoon’s energy towards him to try and trigger a “reset” like Namjoon had so that his the judgment he carries towards himself is pushed outward.

Lol, that I just put that together. So, that would have been another point of tension there because Yoongi’s energy was extroverted and Namjoon’s energy was introverted, so they clashed there as well… interesting.

Yoongi’s concern was how it felt to people and it was more important to him what the words carried — that might have been an unconscious concern like he really cared but he didn’t know why… maybe? Again, shit ain’t clear this far back for them anymore, lol.

Basically, the arguments they had when working together came from the concerns over how people felt the music and how people felt about the music. These things, visually and verbally are the same, but they carry different context and meaning entirely — that’s where the arguments came from. It’s like they lined up on everything and then there would be just this tiny little difference in how they were seeing things, and it was so small that neither of them could grasp the other’s point of view, so it just turned into one of those things where you think the other person is making your exact point but they’re still telling you you’re wrong, lol.

So, yeah, they ended up consciously balancing each other when they kind of came to the realization that the only way they were going to be able to work and be heard was if they did so together. At which point, they consciously found those positives in each other, what they were able to offer each other, and actually tried to be patient and learn each other’s way of thinking so that they could better understand each other. This is why they have such a strong connection just as friends, minus all the soul and energy shit. They actually try to understand each other and find their similarities. Very nice.


Just to gauge their energy now and how all these different strands intertwine in a way that I could actually get into words properly I pulled some cards for them. A lot came out, of course, but I will go through each set individually.


This here is where they were, and still are, giving each other that encouragement to express themselves truthfully and also put their ideas to paper and actually get the work done. A lot of this here is very condensed as it also carries that vibe of “going through some real shit” and then coming out of it stronger and much closer to each other like they built up a lot of trust for each other. Really, to be completely honest, I don’t think either of them would have been able to make it without each other. Like, they would have given up or not have had the right kind of drive in order to get to where they are now, let alone even get a full album out as solo artists. They kind of “unlocked” a lot of things for each other unconsciously and consciously, and that really bled out into the group as they all came together. I have no doubt in my mind that, as with all of their other lifetimes, them meeting and balancing was the trigger point for everything coming together as it needed to.


So… rich bitches. Lol, that’s what this set is screaming. This set followed the previous one and is literally what they were able to accomplish from that balancing act. You can think of the pentacles as the baked clay of their creation. I mean, this even follows the line of manifestation as it moves from the Page to the Queen, and then to the Knight. It ends with the Ace rather than the King which means that baked clay was just a tool that needed to be used in order to progress even further as a group. I can actually see the Page, Queen, and Knight being everything prior to 2015, and the Ace is like the “charge” to the baked clay that really set shit in motion fully.

Either way, this shows that manifestation and accomplishment that came from these two actually balancing with each other energetically, supporting each other subconsciously, and actively engaging with each other on a conscious level. As the head of the Soul Body, this was extremely important for the success of BTS as well as the fulfillment of the collective soul purpose between the seven of them.


Lol, I love how straightforward this set is. You have that 10 of Swords transitioning to the 10 of Pentacles, which would be the baked clay that came after they got over the more conscious state of literally just not being able to understand each other. The 10 of Swords also shows that restriction that I mentioned before that can come around with Earth and Water energies. So, it went from shit to the 10 of Pentacles where they were then actually able to “put out the call” for the other members to show the fuck up, lol. And then that connectedness really helped stabilize a lot of them, that connection and balance occurred between all of them, and then that reversed 3 of Swords shows where the expression of the heart and the soul (their soul purpose) was no longer being shoved down or repressed by more conscious limitations such as concern for image, concern for the opinions of others, or trying to “fit the mold”.


…so quite fucking literally this sums up their connection to one another. The Moon and Temperance are showing the balance of the sub and unconscious connections between them — the connections that are beyond the conscious understanding, aka, the mending of the two halves of the head. In terms of their core energy (the sun signs), you have Yoongi down there with his Pisces energy fueling the Ace of Cups while Namjoon is there within The Empress.

This is the epitome of WET CLAY. On all levels, they are synced up and balanced with each other and are able to create together, while still being their own people with their own energy and way of being.

The Reading


Current State Within The Relationship:
Yoongi: Temperance
Namjoon: The Lovers

This is a great representative of them on all levels. This here is how they play into the relationship and their connections past what is on the conscious level. Namjoon has The Lovers, he has that deep spiritual connection, that awareness and deep knowing that comes through the Crown Chakra. Yoongi has Temperance, he is the balance and the bridge between what is received and what is sent out. That’s pretty much how things were working in the Soul Body prior to the healing except Hoseok was the first to receive before and now, in his rightful space, his is the one that kind of grounds everything down into something manageable.

There is duality here again with this very Virgo-esque knowing and very grounded understanding of connection, and this very Pisces-like balance between what is seen and what is felt. Again, they are very much their own people with their own energy, but that link between them is very strong and it’s almost like they have separated completely, but they still kind of orbit around each other, pulled together magnetically by these negative and positive charges. It’s very interesting.

You can also look at this as Yoongi providing the “inner connection” while Namjoon provides the “outer connection.”

I was also seeing something that had to do with augmented reality and I think it has to do with how Yoongi’s energy center was “translating” the filtered transmissions before sending them on to Namjoon’s energy center in the Soul Body. Here it’s the other way around though, more in line with what the energy centers are meant to be doing within their proper structure. It looked like Yoongi was taking Namjoon’s “dream state” and turning it into something that was projected into the physical reality like a hologram. Like, Namjoon would be like, “I have an idea” and express it, and Yoongi would be the one to kind of elaborate on it or show him what that would look like.

That has to do with the Third Eye thing, but also the whole “speaking it into existence” and the visualization capabilities Yoongi has. I spoke about that in his Elemental Alignment reading as well.

This all kind of comes together in a way that not only affects them and how they work, but also how everyone else flows and functions. The head needs to be screwed on right in order for the rest of the body to function normally, you know.


Yoongi’s View of The Relationship:
7 of Wands (Reversed) + 10 of Cups

This shows a complete disruption in his anxiety and harsh views of the world around him. Like… I think we’re all pretty aware of where Yoongi was mentally before he started working and even while they were trainees. There really was a lot of anger in him at one point in time, and it did come through in his Elemental Reading, but I don’t think I put any of it in there because it was more wrapped up in personal issues and circumstances. But, yeah, he had some very upset views of the world and of his life — things just weren’t matching what he saw for himself and, energetically speaking, it’s because he didn’t have the “clay” part of the wet clay. He just had a lot of Water, a lot of emotion, a lot of dreams that were flooding out his ability to get a grip on things.

I’m sure his very strong and clear outlook, along with some of that anger, was what lead to a lot of those arguments in the beginning as Namjoon could have come off as just another person that couldn’t see what he was seeing. But that active balance and having someone (probably more than just Namjoon) who at least tried to hear him out really helped him come out of that “dark water” mode and get into a place of high spirits. Basically, it’s emotional fulfillment, but it’s also like a display of creativity and dreams.

It’s kind of like he was harboring a lot of very dense negative energy, like he was holding onto it, he wasn’t really spreading that anger around, but once he had the right outlet, or once someone came along and turned on the tap and got the water flowing, it all just washed out. It’s almost enlightening too. Like, I was seeing a lot of sunlight with the 10 of Cups and in one of the readings I did talk about how Namjoon’s “house” (the visual representation of the core energy wall) was this open field where the sun was way too bright, like I almost couldn’t see anything at all because of how bright it was. That’s what this feels like.

Obviously, I don’t think Namjoon is the only person that has given Yoongi the opportunity to open up and release a lot of that anger, but I feel like if you were to ask him he would say it was Namjoon.

Another thing I was seeing in this bit was Water (Pisces - Yoongi) being “spat” at a big clump of dirt — Earth (Virgo - Namjoon) and the dirt was just soaking it up and becoming fertile soil with it. It’s almost like Yoongi had moments where he unloaded on Namjoon, or he just broke down in front of him and purged all that shit out and Namjoon “processed it” on Yoongi’s behalf and turned it into something — a song or an idea, something that could be seen as “turning a negative into a positive.” I talked about that as well in his Elemental Alignment reading, about how he “processes” emotions or situations, but doesn’t fully experience them as his own, he always has an objective view of himself and of other people.


Namjoon’s View of The Relationship:
The Fool + 8 of Cups

There’s really no other way of describing the vibe of this set — this relationship was like a baptism for Namjoon. Like, he went through the 8 of Cups, which were Yoongi’s sets of emotional purging, and he came out of it as a brand new person just as Yoongi did. The Fool is literally that “fertile soil” that I mentioned, that’s Namjoon in this relationship. He’s just more receptive to things now and Yoongi is more stable in his emotions. Back to that, “they carry what the other lacks” thing — they gave each other what they had and now they are all balanced individually just as much as they are within this relationship.

Something that I heard more than I saw was “reversed empath,” which confused me a bit and then I saw the whole “water spitting at the earth” thing again. It looks like Yoongi, who is an empath, has such a high vibrational energy within his emotions (he’s been a Pisces in damn near every lifetime, so duh) and he’s able to force his energy onto other people… which I guess would be something a “reversed empath” could do?? It’s not a thing he can do though, it’s more symbolic of what happened here than anything else, lol.

Basically, all that shit that Namjoon was carrying around with him from the beginning, all of that concern for image and “fitting the mold”, his own self-judgment and insecurities, that shit was washed out at the same time when Yoongi released his anger and sadness. This is something they continue to do as well, this wasn’t a one-time thing at all. They still do this for each other.

Also, with the energy center thing as Namjoon is the Crown and Yoongi is the Third Eye — When we align our Crown and Third Eye Chakra, empaths, clairvoyants, and other extra-sensory individuals balance out their receptibility and can lower their symptoms of anxiety and depression, both of which can come from the over-awareness (over-thinking) of the Crown Chakra and the over-stimulation of the Third Eye Chakra… just saying…

Namjoon used to really overthink things, and he still does but it is nowhere like what it used to be. Remember, his judgment is extended outward rather than towards himself now. He used to try to play the part in hip-hop, he tried to be what other people were, tried to do what they do, look how they looked, tried to speak and write how they did all while feeling an incredible need to speak something honest and from the core — that would have been his Higher Self pestering him, lol. Yoongi’s “unloading” and “purging”, that honesty that he showed, is more so what made Namjoon want to be open and honest all the way through, or at least it showed him that it was possible, and it was even more impactful as it was someone older than him showing vulnerability.

The Water that Yoongi spilled out is what cleansed Namjoon and gave him a channel to ride through, it gave him the freedom and confidence of The Fool. It’s was a new beginning all the way around.


Current State of The Relationship:
9 of Cups

In almost all Tarot decks this card is the “wish granted” card. It means you got what you wanted and you’re just basking in the glory of it. Here with these two, this feels more like completion when it comes to balancing their energies. Like, they’re aligned and they’re locked in place and they can’t be budged.

Of course, that doesn’t mean they never argue or that they can read each other’s minds or anything crazy, it just means they’re in the same boat, each with a paddle in their hand, rowing over the same currents, while being fully aware of how fast or slow they need to go in order to keep the boat steady. It just works well, they work well.

Like, no joke, if they were consciously aware of all of this and they had that understanding of their energy, and could then focus and direct it they could actually take the group so much higher, so much faster. I mean… that seems unfavorable now, lol, but you know what I mean. They could literally do anything together. They create masterpieces together because they are fully aligned, balanced, and connected.


Highest Potential:
Strength + The Magician

Bitch… the highest potential between them is literal fucking magic… literal high-octane energy work… full on instant manifestation. Amazing.

Like, I don’t even know what to say about this set, it just is what it is. It’s magic. Like… it’s wet clay. They are wet clay. They are mediums of creation. They could probably ascend the whole fucking planet into 9D if they were consciously aligned (all 7 of them actually).

These two are old fuckin souls and are at the head of an extremely high vibrational Soul Body that was put here fucking millennia ago specifically to aid in the ascension process that is occurring globally right now… like… go off, I guess??

Final Thoughts

These bitches… I love them both dearly… but it pisses me off so much that they are not aware of this shit consciously. Like, Yoongi is aware of some shit, but he doesn’t share it with anyone >.> which is rude, and Namjoon, in spite of the whole BEING THE FUCKING CROWN CHAKRA, can be a bit too grounded in reality to think about that kind of stuff. I mean it’s fine, I guess, obviously… it’s not like I, along with the energetic contributions from the millions of people in their soul group, had to perform an emergency Soul Body healing because someone disconnected the Source Energy chord from the Crown and lost contact with all of their Guides and subsequently became extremely vulnerable to low-vibe energetic attacks… >.> Yeah, that could never happen… lol.

Overall, I think they are in a great place and I would assume they have a great connection both as friends and as co-workers. I can kind of see them both having their “work mode” and their “off-duty mode” kind of synced up, so that they have a time and place to have that Virgo structure, and another time and place to have the Pisces mental expanse, and then somewhere in the middle they merge that shit and create beautiful things together.

They’re always vibing with each other in some way, which means they’ll probably have a more familial relationship where even when they’re older, have gone their separate ways, and have not seen each other in years, they will still come back to each other and start talking like they’ve only been apart for a couple of days.

That’s all I have for this one! Thank you for reading!

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