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It is a truth universally acknowledged that one in possession of a life-sucking job must want of a vacation, a good and long one at that.

In an extremely small office, eight grownups cram together with mismatched chairs as they all squint at the overly bright LED television screen. Seated at the corner of the room, Seokjin sips his iced coffee slowly through the straw as he gives up looking at the heavily decorated powerpoint.

“Question, is this the exact slide layout used during the pitch?” Seokjin asks nonchalantly as he leans back into his chair while his assistant, Taehyung, who was busy doodling, lets out a loud snort. Kihyun sighs slowly and crosses his arms, turning to face Seokjin with a grim smile.

“If we did that, do you think we would still have a new project

“Hey!” Namjoon interjects before he waves his pointer at Seokjin. “Clip art is underrated and it deserves

“Namjoon, time,” Kihyun quietly reminds him. Namjoon withers a little at the reminder before he straightens his back and faces the slide.

“Didn’t want to intimidate you guys hence the extra friendly title slide. It’s okay if it isn’t appreciated.” Namjoon frowns in the direction of Seokjin and he shrugs back at him. “Not to worry because it gets serious after this slide.”

The slide finally changes and Namjoon was absolutely right.

Seokjin swears he could feel his soul leaving, along with the disgustingly optimistic title slide. Making a series for YHS is probably the biggest project they have ever gotten and the length and details of the shoot shows how big scale of a project it is. He swallows hard as he scans through the alarming amount of rows and columns, taking note of the important dates and especially periods of pauses between each shoot blocks.

Nope, he isn’t going to plan a vacation during those breaks but hey, if only he could. The pauses are little pockets of air for the art department to breathe as they source for additional props, if they lacked any and maybe organise their storage unit a little. Seokjin feels a headache coming as he thinks of the mess it had became after their last production.

Although revelations of the long shoot dates are hard to stomach but he is a little excited as this is the biggest project they have ever gotten.

“Alright, I’ve sent the scripts to everyone so do look through them. They aren’t locked yet as the clients have yet to approve them. But script breakdown should start regardless. So department heads, do update the excel sheets for Sooyoung and send them to her by the end of this week,” Kihyun instructs the room with a firm voice.

A smile slipping out on Seokjin’s lips as he watches Namjoon, although face stoic, tapping his fingers on his pointer excitedly. As the meeting progresses, Namjoon points out things that each specific department had to take note of, things that the client had requested for the series. For example—

“A pomeranian with pastel purple fur? How am I supposed to even

“Calm down, Seokjin. Yes, they suggested that but Kihyun is negotiating for a...modestly coloured puppy.”

“Is it even safe for the poor puppy? I don’t care if their dumb brand colour is purple, we only have a month to shoot and I am not wasting time to find that!”

“And you won’t.” Namjoon assures him coolly.

Clients will be the death of Seokjin. He had been breaking down the first three scripts the moment he had gotten them and frankly, the pastel purple pomeranian was not the worse of the lot.

Seokjin rubs his temples as he ponders on how he will get a rusty space suit. Ugh, Seokjin groans internally, Sci-fi will be the death of him.

“Another update, Jaehwan is busy with the birth of his son so he obviously won’t be working with us for this project but fret not! The client recommended a new production manager—”

“Min Yoongi is coming on board the project, can you believe it? The Min Yoongi?” Namjoon interrupts Kihyun which earns a frown from him.

Taehyung looks up from his notebook and nudges Seokjin. In return, Seokjin blinks at the rare moment of which his intern isn’t glued to his notebook.

“Min Yoongi is obviously not our new production manager, it’s this other guy but I’m sure you guys will love working with him!” Kihyun tries to talk over the buzz created by Namjoon’s outburst.

“Who’s Min Yoongi?” Taehyung whispers loudly, which garners a good amount of attention on them, partly because Taehyung is still loud even when he whispers, and also that was a very ignorant question because who on earth doesn’t know who Min Yoongi is?

“I can’t believe the only time you look up during a meeting is to ask that,” Seokjin replies coolly before he looks away, trying to hide away from the attention.

“Come on, tell me,” Taehyung probes, nudging harder.

“He’s this enigmatic dude who is good at his work, I guess.”

Seokjin hears someone clearing his throat.

“Excuse you, he’s gotten so many awards!” a very familiar voice chirps in. “He is legendary.

“Gee, thanks for the additional information, Junghwan.” Seokjin eyeing at the head that is resting on his shoulder.

Junghwan senses his faux hostility and chuckles as he lifts his chin off his shoulder. Seokjin sighs as he shakes his head, biting on his lips to hide his smile.

Junghwan is part of the production team, specifically the production assistant. Seokjin likes to call him the all-in-one because well, he is the literal jack-of-all-trades and a god-sent for their very small crew. Junghwan provides the extra helping hand for every department, from helping Wardrobe store their boxes of costumes in their measly production truck, to helping Art black out the location for lighting purposes and to be the one making sure that their snack stash is always filled and never depleted.

It had been months since he last saw his friend and he did miss him and his eagerness to share his extensive knowledge of the industry’s scandals.  

“But his work has gotten dull since he got involved with YHS,” Seokjin adds on casually and Junghwan scoffs loudly at his words.

“You’re always extra bitter when it comes to him,” Junghwan teases and Seokjin does not hesitate in whacking him on his arm extra hard.

“YHS? But i-isn’t that our client?” Taehyung questions as he points meekly to YHS’ obnoxious logo at the bottom of the slide. Before Seokjin can justify his bold statement, There is a loud tap from across the room.

“In this room, we do not partake in gossip!” Namjoon says loudly from across the room, obviously for Seokjin to hear. “And I disagree!”

Seokjin simply shrugs again.



After the grueling meeting, Seokjin drags his assistant into the only private room available in the office. Usually, this is where the wardrobe department hides to ‘gather’ inspiration from Netflix or just Namjoon sitting in the dark, staring at his empty Final Draft document.

In the good old Art Department, Seokjin is the almighty art director. Despite his glamorous title, he does most of the work due to the lack of budget for staff and also his intern and assistant, Taehyung, is a little inexperienced. But he does have an external team that helps him in set building and most of the construction aspects of art, so Seokjin can focus more on designing sets and sourcing for props to fill them up with. Overall, the art department is pretty tight and Seokjin wishes he had more assistants under him.

“Okay, you know the drill. We gather the props from the storage unit, get them off some legitimate forum, or we make them,” Seokjin reminds Taehyung, emphasising on that particular word because he will not have a repeat of rescuing Taehyung from some questionable meeting location at 3am.

Taehyung deflates a little before nodding reluctantly.

“I’ll email you what I have currently. Double check it with the scripts for me while I source for props.”

“But why am I sitting here with you? I can do that at my own table.”

Seokjin forces out a smile.

“When you are calling for a sponsorship of clown costumes, what you need is moral support. Can you do that for me?”

Taehyung gulps loudly.

“What exactly is the plot of this project?”

Seokjin chuckles coldly.



Min Yoongi.

Seokjin met the man once, a while back at some industry party where he was supposed to mingle for connections because Kihyun hates to let his handsome face and blond hair go to waste. Namjoon tends to become a rumbling wreck when he talks about his art, going off the rails with too much enthusiasm. It’s endearing when you are friends with him but business wise, his deeply philosophical concepts are overwhelming.

Kihyun does most of the business talk on Namjoon’s behalf, but sometimes it is a little overbearing to handle all that on your own, especially when the company is pretty small and ‘unattractive’. This is where Seokjin comes in with his charms and wit, helping to ease people into seeing their worth and to invest in their projects.

So with Namjoon’s intellect, Kihyun’s business sense and Seokjin’s people skills, they tried their hardest to get some attention on their growing production company at the party, which Seokjin secretly hated because it was obvious no one cared.

When Min Yoongi, the prodigy cinematographer, entered the party, the entire party stopped and all eyes were on him.

Seokjin was mildly intrigued by his presence because he heard that Yoongi rarely made appearances at any events. He also noticed how nice he looked, in his black leather jacket and tight jeans, not that it mattered much.

Namjoon got too excited because he was a huge fan and Kihyun saw this as a big opportunity because of “his lovely ties with YHS”, or so he told Seokjin, a little buzzed by the wine he had been drinking.

Kihyun dragged them to Yoongi’s side of the party with a slightly flushed face. Yoongi was already talking to one of his company, a man with a very pretty eye smile. However, the man stopped smiling when they approached them and he nudged Yoongi who frowned in response.

“Hello, we’re from BH films! Pleased to meet you!” Kihyun greeted cheerily as he pulled Seokjin and Namjoon closer to him. Seokjin gave Yoongi and his friend a little nod while Namjoon stared at Yoongi with a gaping mouth, starstrucked.

“I’m Kihyun, a producer from the company. This is Namjoon, our beloved Director and Seokjin, our art director,” Kihyun introduced them as he placed his hands on their shoulders.

“I’m Jimin, a representative from YHS and you probably know him,” Jimin joked as he waved his hand at Yoongi before he held out his hand to Namjoon. “I’ve seen some of your works and I really liked them!”

“You have?” Namjoon replied in disbelief as he shook Jimin’s hand. Jimin simply chuckled and nodded. Yoongi lets out a small grunt as he watched them with a stoic expression.   

Perhaps it was the alcohol or pure desperation, Kihyun started to approach Yoongi more aggressively, asking about his upcoming projects and schedule, obviously crossing the line. Seeing how visibly uncomfortable Yoongi was becoming, Seokjin had to do some damage control.

“Okay, I think that’s enough questions for him,” Seokjin interrupted Kihyun and dragged him away from Yoongi.

After chasing Kihyun away, he returned to Yoongi’s side, hoping to salvage the situation. He gave Yoongi an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry if he’s being too invasive. He’s a little tipsy. I’ll try to keep him away from you.”

Yoongi shook his head. “It’s fine.”

“Let me buy you a drink, as an apology.”   

Yoongi immediately rejected his offer with a stiff smile. He then grabbed a glass of champagne that was already at his table and took a sip from it. Seokjin lets out an awkward laugh before turning away to hide his embarrassment.

He did not attempt to talk to Yoongi again.

But Seokjin hadn’t been fazed by that rejection at all. It was not his first rejection and it wouldn’t be the last. It was normal and frankly, Seokjin had experienced much worse.

It was what followed that sparked the bitterness he had for the man.

Seokjin was hiding in a restroom stall to take a breather from the party because he would rather be anywhere else than there. It was nice, resting in the echoey silence of the not so hygienic restroom. But alas, the peace in his cubicle haven soon got interrupted by the sound of a door opening angrily and a very irritated sounding sigh.

“Yoongi, it’s not that bad.”

Yoongi? Seokjin’s ears perked up as he recognised Jimin’s voice.

“This is why I don’t do this. Parties like this are only filled with people trying to woo for us for money and connections. I only came because you asked me to and you were supposed to be at my side all night. Can’t believe you ran off with that lanky dude.” Yoongi, Seokjin presumed, said tiredly.

“People aren’t all that bad if you give them a chance. I saw that you talked to Namjoon’s friend. He seems nice,” Jimin’s gentle voice echoed through the restroom.

“Which? The drunk guy or the pretty face?” Yoongi retorted sarcastically. “The drunk one was a rude mess and the pretty face’s barely tolerable, even if he’s the sober one. I bet he’s just another gold digger who just wants numbers or money.”

“You don’t even know him, don’t judge him too early,” said Jimin and Seokjin hears Yoongi’s scoffing loudly.

“Look at how he charmed everyone around him, he’s probably sleeping his way up,” Yoongi replied. “I’m not gonna give any of my time to someone like him.”

How dare he? Seokjin silently clenched his fist, breathing in softly as he tried to ignore the growing irritation he was feeling. Being called a pretty face was the one thing Seokjin couldn’t stand for. He had many people reducing him to just his looks and he hated that because of the nasty opinions that were associated with his looks and he was so much more than that.

Judging from the crude comments spilling out of Yoongi’s uncouth mouth, Seokjin reckoned that the only reason why he was so elusive was because of how terrible he actually was and it would be bad for his reputation if that ever gets out.

Seokjin left the restroom when the coast was clear and headed straight back to where his friends were. He spots Namjoon being deeply engrossed in his conversation with Jimin while Kihyun’s busy mingling with the other guests.

He noticed Yoongi sulking from the corner of his eyes and scoffed to himself, not surprised by that sight. That man was probably grumpy 24/7 and all year round. Seokjin gave him a small smile before settling between him and Namjoon.

“You know, there was this dude that bugged Namjoon for a month on Tinder. It was hilarious because he kept sending these poems to him. Namjoon’s a sucker for poems, so it’s too bad that it didn’t work out,” Kihyun recounted with a slurred voice.

“Well, maybe if his poems weren’t so trashy and desperate, it might have worked out. I had a good laugh reading those bad poems,” Seokjin said before bursting into laughter.

As he laughed heartily, he recalled some of the terrible poems. He never knew that poems could become so lethal and so great at chasing someone away. Namjoon hadn’t touched a poetry book for a few months after that encounter and he had a shelf filled with them.

“Well, if poetry isn’t a way to get someone’s attention, what do you suggest?”

Everyone stopped talking and looked behind Seokjin. Seokjin stopped laughing as well as he turned around, eyes widening as he is taken aback by the sudden question from Min Yoongi, the man who found him barely tolerable. Why the heck would his opinion on that matter to him ?

“Uhm, I guess just allowing yourself to have a decent conversation with the person, even if the person is barely tolerable to you,’ Seokjin shrugged before getting up from his seat and grabbing a glass of wine as he walked off.



Namjoon looks exceptionally serious. Yes, he is always serious but right now, his seriousness had just reached its peak and Seokjin feels suffocated.

“Why are you like this?” Seokjin suddenly asks as he puts his spreadsheet down. “I can’t think when you are constantly breathing down my neck with unnecessary questions about every single prop and no, we do not know the exact circumference of the clown’s fucking nose.”

Kihyun coughs out a “clients are coming ” as he stretches in his chair. Seokjin hums as he crosses his arms, eyes narrowing slightly.

“Now it all makes sense,” Seokjin comments while rolling his eyes. “So your favourite client is coming, no big deal.”

"But I don’t have a favourite client! ” Namjoon splutters and denies strongly. Seokjin simply ignores him and carries on with his attempt to knock some sense into Namjoon.

“You need to relax a little and have more faith in us

At the exact moment, Taehyung barges into the room, yelling, “I need immediate backup, the crickets are loose!”

The room falls silent and the sound of crickets could be heard, although distant. Seokjin cackles nervously as he gets up from his seat.

“Be right back.”



“I told you to leave the bugs alone, don’t touch them and don’t lift the top because they jump?” Seokjin says exasperatedly as he hears crickets everywhere but not actually seeing their physical forms hopping anywhere. “Maybe I should have kept those bugs away from you?”

“I-I’m sorry, I just thought they would be happier if I let them have some fresh air.”

Seokjin runs a hand through his head as he squats down, looking at the ground with squinty eyes. When he turns back to face Taehyung, he sees his intern looking sullen as he hugs the empty tank.

“We’ve got twenty crickets, right?” he asks with a much softer tone.

Taehyung nods slowly as though his head is a dead weight. Seokjin knew how soft-hearted Taehyung was, he probably just wanted the best for the crickets and nothing would stop him from lifting that lid. That is why he had painstakingly taped the lid to the tank and gave Taehyung very specific instructions but alas, it was still futile.

Seokjin reminds himself that there is a bottle of aspirin in his drawer.

“Alright, let's catch them all before the clients come.”

Taehyun nods again, this time with more life.



Never in his whole life did he expect himself to be crouching on fours and eyeing the office’s luxurious carpeted floors like a maniac.

“It’s near,” Taehyung whispers too loudly, as usual, and the cricket flinches away.

Seokjin curses under his breath as he jumps up, attempting to grab the insect with his bare hands. The cricket lands on someone’s shoulder and Seokjin lets out a yelp as he finally surrounds it with his hands, trapping it successfully.

“Oh my god, this is the last one. I think,” Seokjin mutters delicately as he sweeps it off the shoulder gently and into his bag of crickets.

“What the fuck?” Seokjin hears and he stiffens. He would recognise that low and droney voice anywhere and no, not now.

This is not the time for a unplanned reunion.

Not when his wonderfully ironed dress shirt is drenched in sweat, blond hair terribly disheveled and hand currently holding onto a bag filled with twenty noisy crickets. Seokjin knew there was a chance that that man might be coming because today’s the first big official meeting for everyone but he reckoned he would hate this sort of formality and skip it.

Apparently not.

“Min Yoongi, you are here! Welcome to our humble office!” Kihyun exclaims as he makes his way towards them.

Seokjin lets out a nervous laugh as he turns around, trying to walk away from this situation. But Kihyun skillfully grabs him by the collar and turns his body to face Yoongi. Seokjin can only hide the crickets behind him as he forces out a smile. Kihyun’s smile falters a little when he notices the noise coming from behind him.  

“We’ve never really introduced our team to you yet and we can start with him. Remember Seokjin?”

Please say no, he screams internally as his smile twitches.

“Yeah, I know him,” Yoongi says coolly as he adjust the collar of his black turtleneck. Seokjin furrows his brows as he wonders if that slight quirk at the end of his lips is a smile?

“W-well, it was nice seeing you. I have some business with my department. I’ll see you around, bye,” he says curtly before he heads towards Taehyung who looks starstruck. He then drags him along with him as they exit with their unsightly bag of crickets.



“Okay, everyone’s here. Let’s start!” Kihyun annonces the moment he enter the cramped meeting room.

Seokjin somehow finds himself cramped next to Min Yoongi, no thanks to his disgusting habit of being extremely punctual. Min Yoongi was early too and he had the luxury of options in terms of seating but he brazenly chose to squeeze next to him. Seokjin squirms uncomfortably while gritting his teeth.

The meeting starts with the general introduction of the project and the clients from YHS. YHS is their investor in this series and they would also be distributing it when the series is complete. According to their contract, they would be sending down some representatives to supervise and make sure that it is up to YHS’ standard. They will be acting like a middleman, making sure the team knows what YHS wants and needs for the series and also be the ones connecting them to resources that they might need during production.

So far, they have been a great help to Kihyun. They have been providing recommendations of potential crew members to work with during shoot and help in getting access to better studios to shoot at. Seokjin had never seen Kihyun so happy during pre-production.

The representatives from YHS look exceptionally well-dressed. Jimin is very friendly, greeting him with a small smile when their eyes met but afterwards, his gaze never leaves Namjoon. Of all things, Seokjin had never expected Namjoon to charm someone from YHS and help land them their big break. But then again, it isn't really surprising because Namjoon truly is a very talented director which was why Seokjin had stuck around the small company for so long.

He believed in Namjoon.

Hyungwon, on the other hand, seems like he is suffering and only brightens up when he sees or talks to Min Yoongi. That baffles Seokjin because why would anyone be so whipped for such a brooding man.

As Seokjin listens to Hyungwon read out the requests and instructions for the project from his documents, he thinks the name of the project is just as ridiculous as Min Yoongi.

“The Misadventures of Penelope the Purple Puppy,” Hyungwon reads out the supposed name of the series lifelessly before he closes his file. Jimin is obviously trying to hold in his laughter as he straightens his back.

Seokjin clears his throat loudly. “I remember we agreed that the puppy is not going to be purple?”

“Well, that was when the puppy wasn’t the main character. He’s not your responsibility now,” Kihyun says sadly. “It’s going to be a talent in a puppy suit.”

“So wardrobe, the puppy suit is your responsibility and make sure it’s purple.”

Minhyuk is the head of the wardrobe and Seokjin likes to call him the professional slacker. His expertise includes the ability to slip out of crazy wardrobe situations, dumping most of the problems to his assistants. But unfortunately for him, he only has one currently, Changkyun, and frankly he is pretty useless.

But despite all that, Seokjin has to admit that Minhyuk does have an eye for clothing and knows exactly how to dress the talents for any scenes or settings. He also had an extensive knowledge in salvaging crappy costumes.

“Also, the clown mannequins? Scrap that, we want live clowns,” Hyungwon adds.

Seokjin can hear the wardrobe department physically writhing from his seat as their responsibilities progressively get bigger through the meeting.

“I can’t believe it? Remember I had to call some weird carnival for the clown costumes? Now we aren’t in charge of that and I don’t know if I should laugh or cry because it was truly a traumatising call?” he mutters to the person next to him, thinking it was Taehyung.

Min Yoongi raises a brow at him before snorting out a laugh. Seokjin covers his mouth when he realises that it was him. He quickly looks away, chiding himself in his head for this big blunder.

They don’t speak again for the rest of the meeting.

It’s unsettling, sitting next to him and he becomes extra conscious of his every movement. Seokjin notices their thighs touching and is irked that he does not find it unpleasant. He convinces himself that the room is too humid and tries to move away. Strangely, their thighs end up touching again. Seokjin gives up and decides to focus on the speck of dust on the carpet, trying to erase the man’s presence with sheer willpower.

“Any words for the team, Yoongi?” Namjoon asks abruptly after concluding the meeting and Seokjin flinches at Namjoon’s voice, his hand flipping his notes over.

As he curses under his breath, Seokjin picks up his scattered notes hurriedly as he feels the burn of the gazes on his back. He notices someone squatting next to him, helping him with the papers so he turns to thank the person.

Seokjin’s face falls when he sees Yoongi and his weird loopy grin. He squints, debating on whether that is a legitimate smile or the poor man is in pain. As they both stood up, Yoongi clears his throat and the room’s attention is on them again.

“it’s been awhile since I’ve worked with such a small team but I hope to learn something from this experience.”

Seokjin accidentally scoffs out loud.



Seokjin knew Kihyun was up to no good when he sent Namjoon to the YHS headquarters all alone. Something is fishy but he doesn’t really have time to speculate much since he is busy reshuffling the excel sheet based on the clients’ new and utterly absurd requests. And he hasn’t slept in forty-eight hours.

He feels and looks like death.

His phone has been vibrating non stop for the past thirty minutes and Seokjin can’t help but speculate and worry. He stares hard at the row of empty columns as he wills himself to ignore his phone. He has to finish this by today and he isn’t going to screw his department over just because

“Hyung, Namjoon’s spamming your phone with gibberish,” Taehyung announces as he rests his head Seokjin’s table lazily. “Hope you don’t mind me peeking but I can’t really ignore it?”

Seokjin stops typing.

“He says help with uh, the knife emoji? That’s the only coherent text.”

Seokjin lets out a long sigh as he stands up, dragging his chair out loudly.



Seokjin finds himself in a terribly uncomfortable situation, despite his gallant efforts to rescue his friend. While sitting on this luxurious sofa and sipping on some overpriced Fiji water, he collects himself and starts questioning why he would choose to barge into the enemy’s territory in his slacks and worn out sneakers, and when his friend is obviously doing fine since he went off to lunch with one of their precious clients. But Seokjin is sleep-deprived, so comfort over everything! Screw formalities, especially when it’s such an impromptu visit.

Hyungwon gives him a look of pity before he crosses his legs and the shine of his expensive oxfords pricks at Seokjin’s eyes. Seokjin grits his teeth as he smiles at Hyungwon, albeit forcefully.

“You don’t have to wait with me, I’m fine on my own.”

Hyungwon shakes his head. “I’m afraid not, as much as I would rather be somewhere else. We have rules on outsiders.”

As much as he’d want to throw his cup of water at the pompous douchebag, he can’t risk offending them. So Seokjin breathes in before he chuckles politely to hide his annoyance. Once Namjoon’s back, he’ll be able to leave. How bad can this get?


And it just got worse.

Seokjin stiffens at the voice, the voice he dreads so much. Frankly, Seokjin would rather be stuck making small talk with Hyungwon for an hour than facing that man. But Seokjin is civilised and decides to play nice. He flashes the brightest smile at his nemesis as he tries to lean back as coolly as he can, waving his glass of Fiji water at him.

“Oh, hi Yoongi, fancy seeing you here.”

“I guess, since I work here?” Yoongi replies while looking unsure.  

“Right, it’s your crib. Haha, so I guess you should go on...working? Don’t let me distract you from your big projects.”

Seokjin finds it baffling that Yoongi is even stopping to talk to him, because they aren’t really close enough as acquaintances to be having this sort of conversation, or you know, just acknowledging each other’s existences in general.

“I don’t really have much going on right now, so I don’t mind chilling with you guys.

Hyungwon looked like he has won the lottery when Yoongi chooses to sit next to him while Seokjin screams internally, both at his terrible luck and at this turn of events.

Screw Namjoon and his pretty little friend. He can’t believe that he has to make small talk with Min Yoongi.

But no one says anything, leaving the place to rot with stifling silence and the sound of occasional foot dragging.

Unable to bear it, Seokjin tries to cope with it by slurping loudly. He’s quite surprised that he doesn’t need the restroom, despite the amount of Fiji water he had drank. Hyungwon watches at him in disgust while Yoongi looks amused. Their eyes meet and Seokjin breaks the gaze almost immediately, opting to slurp his water more aggressively.

“I really don’t doubt BH but honestly, I can’t imagine how you guys are going to handle the project. Pretty huge for a small production company. Not gonna lie but I’d freak out if I were in your shoes,” Hyungwon suddenly says, interrupting Seokjin’s slurping.

Seokjin almost rolls his eyes because it was such a Hyungwon thing to say. Seokjin breathes in loudly and straightens his back, ready to debunk Hyungwon's unnecessary comment.

“But we do have experience in many projects prior to this, so we aren’t freaking out. Despite our size, I’d like to think that we are pretty professional,” Seokjin states calmly.

“Being professional is quite rare, especially in a small company," Yoongi joins in, sounding genuinely baffled by Seokjin’s statement. "I hardly know any since the professional ones would actually grow and develop into bigger and more accomplished production companies.”

“Guess you’re only hanging out with the cool kids. Bet they have plenty of opportunities that small companies don’t because of such misconceptions,” Seokjin deadpans.

Yoongi's lips jut out a little, forming a small frown. “Aren’t you being too harsh? I’m sure some small companies do get their big break, like the company that you’re in. I’m trying to say that only the fittest will survive and when they do they will prosper into bigger companies.”

“I don't—”

“Okay, this is getting too intense,” Hyungwon interrupts. “It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Yoongi so absorbed in a conversation.”

Seokjin shushes Hyungwon as he eagerly shifts closer to the direction of his nemesis. “So, what made you so interested in joining our project then? Since you are so averse towards small companies. I’m sure YHS can’t really force the great Min Yoongi in taking up projects he hates.”  

“Hey, you can’t say that about our com—” Hyungwon tries to argue but Yoongi holds a hand up at his face.

“You’re right. They can’t.”

“So what’s up? Why are you in this project?” Seokjin asks, trying to keep his voice as neutral as he can.

“I wanted a change of scenery and your company intrigued me, despite its size.”

Seokjin snorts loudly as he moves away. “That’s bullshit. I don’t buy it. I'm sure there's more to it.”

“Look, I’m trying to change my perception of small companies through this project, despite the many bad experiences that I’ve had before with other small companies.”

“Thought you said you didn’t know any, so I assumed that you never worked with any,” Seokjin hums.

Yoongi's face hardens. “I’m the sort to cut ties if they are bad. My good opinion, once lost, is lost forever.”

“Guess we can’t screw this up. Would suck to be on your bad list,” Seokjin shrugs casually.

At the exact moment, Namjoon and Jimin enter the waiting room. Jimin is chatting animatedly while Namjoon listens on quietly with a small smile. They all fall silent at their entrance. The pair notices the crowd and seem embarrassed.

“O-oh, Seokjin. I see you’ve come to get me,” Namjoon says sheepishly while scratching the back of his head.

Seokjin sips the last of his Fiji water.

“So, how was the date?”





The current core team for this production is pretty modest, partly because BH Films is a small company and also budget wise, they can’t really afford too many staff. However, with their new project and budget allowance, the tide might change.

Kihyun is the producer of this project, in charge of logistics, finance and all the yucky bits of production. He generally makes sure everything runs smoothly, and the clients are happy and satisfied. Namjoon is the director, the brain behind the project. He does the scripts, and basically conducts the crew with his directions, guiding them in making his visuals and scripts into reality.

They are basically the parents of the project.

And there is Sooyoung, who is the assistant producer. A pretty reliable teammate who understands and knows every aspect of the project. Usually she is the person drafting most of their schedules and call sheets, along with Yerim, and chasing their asses for documents and all that jazz. Despite her sharp tongue and appearance, her bark is worse than her bite. The team turns to her if they aren’t sure about anything because Kihyun and Namjoon are usually drowning in work

Yerim, who is the assistant director, works very closely with her. She’s probably one of the main yelling voices you hear on set, partly because it’s her job and also Namjoon is too nice to boss anyone around.

They are kind of like the pillars of the project, alongside with the production manager. But Seokjin does not know much about the new guy coming in to replace their previous production manager, but he did hear some not so pleasant stuff about him, from Junghwan of course.

Anyone from YHS can’t be good, Seokjin figures as he glares at Yoongi from afar. Yoongi’s speaking with Namjoon, with his default serious face. As much as Seokjin hates to watch him, he has to as Yoongi is the person who would cue him, other than Namjoon, to enter the frame to tidy things up or whenever something’s wrong with the shot, since he’s the one in control of the camera.

The set is all prepared for the first scene and the art team can’t really do much yet as the tech crew has to be done with their set up before they can start fine tuning the set and ensure continuity.

Yoongi’s the one to tell him if the tech crew’s having difficulty or problems with a prop or the set. But then again, Yoongi might be the sort of asshole who doesn’t really say anything and lets his crew to run wild with the set. But it’ll be fine because Seokjin’s not a quitter! He’ll show Yoongi how professional his team is so he can eat his words and choke on them.

“Hyung?” Taehyung calls out while shaking his shoulder. Seokjin frowns as he turns to his assistant.


“No, prep talk? Since it’s the first day of shoot? I miss the ‘don’t forget about your scissors because you’ll never know when you are gonna cut someone or the ‘bring the nasty cloth everywhere because your job is to wipe that scum off my table’.”

“Aren’t you glad that I’m trusting you more? Besides, it’s not your first shoot, you know what to do. I can’t really hold your hand forever.”

“But I might need someone to hold my hand in case I break down again? The tech crew looks intimidating,” Taehyung says while he eyes the moving tech crew with fear. Seokjin pats his back.

“I know they aren’t the usual crew, but I’m sure working with them will be an eye-opening experience. An actual professional crew? Wow. Amazing,” Seokjin finds himself almost yelling the last of his sentence out loud.

Taehyung looks at the ground, embarrassed and Seokjin feels a little ashamed since he let his frustrations slip out. Ugh , what is professionalism. Seokjin hates it when he’s nervous. The tech crew, who were shuffling around set with equipment, stop and stare at him. He smiles at them sheepishly. Yoongi looks very amused and gives him a polite nod when their eyes met.

Yerim’s voice echoes through the studio and the tech crew starts moving again, this time with more haste.

“And what was that?” Junghwan asks when he appears from behind.

“Geez, you scared me,” Seokjin yelps as he clutches his chest while frowning at his friend. Junghwan wiggles his eyebrows. Seokjin simply sighs and his shoulders drop. “It’s our first big project and I’m working with a lot of unfamiliar faces. Nerve-wracking, don’t you think?”

At his side, Seokjin notices how Taehyung looks apologetic, and genuinely seems like he is about to break. So Seokjin shakes his head.

But I’m generally fine. I was just being overdramatic,” Seokjin assures firmly, mostly to Taehyung.

He can’t act like this, not when Taehyung’s depending on him. Not when the damn set is involved. He has done crazier shit before, this project will not make him falter.

“Hm, true that. But hey, if it brightens your day up, our project manager is a huge joke,” Junghwan comments offhandedly.

“Yeah, he is!” Taehyung quips and Seokjin frowns even more.

“Isn’t that bad? Why would that bright— 

“Oh no, he does his work fine! It’s just... he’s weird,” Junghwan says as calmly as he can before he burst into laughter with Taehyung.

“Honestly, he’s more embarrassing than you, Hyung.”

Junghwan suddenly stops laughing before he nudges Taehyung to stop laughing. Taehyung immediately straightens his back as Seokjin watches him, confused.  

“Speaking of the devil, he’s headed towards us. Stay calm and try not to laugh.”

Before Seokjin can say anything, he hears someone clapping loudly from behind. He turns around and eyebrows raised.

“I really agreed with what you said earlier on. What an amazing crew, am I right?”

Seokjin cackles nervously before he turns to Junghwan, mouthing ‘the heck’. There are so many levels of wrong with this approach, because firstly, it’s obvious Seokjin was uncomfortable with what he had said earlier on and is very apologetic about it. It’s a miracle that this man hasn’t gotten that. And lastly, he missed the timing to agree by fifteen minutes.

Fifteen damn minutes.

But Seokjin is grateful for the man’s bad timing because wow, how awkward would it have been if he had clapped his hands dramatically immediately after Seokjin word vomited his sarcasm for Min Yoongi out loud, and dumped his reputation into the drain.

“I’m Seungri, by the way. The newly appointed project manager. I’ve heard many great things about you and your uh, team,” he says as he gives Taehyung a weird smile. “Can’t wait to work with you for this project!”

Seungri holds out his hand to him, expectantly.

“Likewise,” Seokjin mutters out shakily as he stares at his hand, confused. “Ah, I’m supposed to shake it. Right. Sorry. Yeah.”

He shakes his hand with Seungri but the man doesn’t release his hand. Instead, he squeezes Seokjin’s hand too tightly and carries on shaking it. Seokjin immediately turns to Junghwan again to mouth, ‘SOS’.

“Really, Can’t wait! We should have lunch together! I have some exciting stuff to discuss with you!”

“Sir, I don’t think we have the luxury to have discussions during lunch—”

“Art, where the hell are you?” Seokjin hears Yerim yelling so he takes the chance to quickly shrug Seungri’s hand away.

And I guess duty calls. Let’s go, Taehyung!”

Seokjin drags Taehyung away as they escape the clutches of the very weird production manager while Taehyung mocks Seokjin for using ‘sir’ on Seungri.

“This is the happiest I’ve seen you when I yell for you? Amazing,” Yerim says in bewilderment before adding, “Also, Yoongi’s calling for you.”

Seokjin loses his smile immediately.



Lunch truly is a luxury.

Despite the lack of manpower in the Art department, Kihyun had assured Seokjin that the first block of shoot will be manageable as the set up for the scenes will not be complex and not much props will be needed. There would also be more people joining the team in the next block too.


Seokjin feels like death already and they’ve barely made it through the first half of the day. As there are only the two of them in the art team, they can’t leave all at once for lunch. So Seokjin lets Taehyung off first for break while he waits on set, next to his good pal, the monitor.

And maybe with a couple of sweaty grown men who are currently staring at his back.

He hasn’t really spoken with the crew since the start of shoot, only exchanging grunts of acknowledgement if they ever cross paths with him. Usually, Seokjin would try to mingle and get to know the team, since they are going to be working together for quite a bit. But for now, he would rather put more of his energy into working, especially with the lack of manpower. Despite him keeping more to himself, he has noticed the crew watching him and frankly, it is pretty unnerving.   

Seokjin lets out a resigned sigh.

“Yes?” He speaks with slight annoyance as he turns around to face them but most of them divert their gazes away quickly. All except for this one grinning man. Seokjin narrows his eyes, skeptical of his friendliness.

“Seokjin, right?” The man’s chirpy voice greets him.

“The one and only,” Seokjin replies with a half-hearted smile. The man hums loudly in response before scooting closer to offer him a bottle of water. Seokjin shakes his head but thanks him nevertheless.

“I’m Hoseok, the camera assistant! I’ve heard stuff about you from Yoongi so I was actually looking forward to meeting you in person.”

“Nothing bad, I hope?”

Hoseok shrugs mockingly before he chuckles loudly. “Don’t worry, he only had good things to say.”

“Praises?” Seokjin questions in disbelief as he watches Hoseok open the bottle Seokjin had rejected from before and takes a sip from it.

Hoseok nods and opens his mouth but closes it quickly when he sees that Yoongi has returned from his toilet break.

“Uh, it was nice talking to you?” Hoseok quickly says before returning to his position.

Seokjin gapes, a little shaken by how quickly their conversation ended. But when he realises that Yoongi is glaring at him with squinted eyes, he turns back to the monitor to avoid his gaze.

That’s when Seokjin realises that Yoongi’s gaze unnerves him the most.



“Taehyung?” Seokjin calls out as he enters the green room, shirt drenched in sweat as he fiddles with his heavy tool belt. He tries to unbuckle it but it does still clings onto his waist tightly as it jingles noisily. “Taehyung, I need some help— 

“Hello,” a stranger greets him with a charming smile, too charming for Seokjin’s liking. His belt suddenly unbuckles.

Seokjin squints at the stranger as he places the belt onto the couch, hesitantly.

“You are not Taehyung?” he tries to say, as a statement, but it comes out as a question instead. The stranger chuckles softly as he shake his head.

“Definitely not.” The stranger then points to a packet of half eaten food. “He went to the restroom and apparently, I’m on food watch duty.”

Seokjin makes an ‘o’ with his mouth before smiling awkwardly at the stranger. “Have I been replaced as Taehyung’s official babysitter?”

“I doubt so. From what I’ve heard, you’re pretty irreplaceable,” he assures Seokjin, his smile unwavering.

Seokjin raises a brow. “That sounds very unbelievable, especially coming from a stranger.”

“Ah, right. I’ve not introduced myself properly yet.” The stranger holds out his hand and winks. “I’m Hyosang, master of all brushes. Hit me up if you wanna look like an eighty year-old man for twelve hours.”

“I’m Seokjin, an unfortunate immortal with no mastery,” he replies as he shakes Hyosang’s hand, his grin matching Hyosang’s. “I find it hard to imagine myself aging like you mortals.”

Taehyung enters the room abruptly, looking very shaken. Seokjin lets go of Hyosang’s hand immediately and clears his throat softly, hoping to catch Taehyung’s attention.

“Oh my god. Hyung. Why are you here? You need to leave right now!” Taehyung sputters out, eyes panicky. Seokjin looks at him, worried.

“Why not? I’m here to take a break and it’s your turn—”

Aha! I see we have all gathered here!” A booming voice interrupts them.

Seokjin freezes up while Taehyung lets out a pained groan. Hyosang simply blinks his eyes in confusion.

“H-hello, Seungri,” Seokjin says through gritted teeth.

Taehyung sighs as he picks up his half-eaten meal. He gives Seokjin a quick pat on his back and Seokjin looks at him, screaming internally for the younger to stay but he does not.

So he quickly turns to Hyosang, his new comrade, for help but the man only gives him a small smile before he returns to his make-up duties. Begrudgingly, Seokjin faces the front where a pair of overly-eager eyes awaits him.

He sighs.



Seokjin feels himself loosening up after his encounter with Hoseok and Hyosang. Jokes and puns slip out of his mouth more easily as he shares more laughter with the crew.

He shares easy conversations with Hyosang whenever they’re together. During rare breaks when both Taehyung and him are in the green room, he subtly flirts with Hyosang, enjoying it as Taehyung shrivels up in disgust.

He makes small talk with the crew during short pauses and he learns more about his nasty nemesis, much to his chagrin. Most of them are full of praises and frankly, Seokjin finds it hard to believe, especially since Yoongi tends to glare at him at every chance he gets.

But as much as they like him, Seokjin is pleased to know that they too think he is an asshole at times. However, Jungkook, the other camera assistant, still insists that his hyung is an angel and never fails to smack Hoseok on the back whenever he calls Yoongi an ass, no matter how endeared he sounds.

“I know continuity is important but your b-bum is blocking my view,” Yoongi interrupts Seokjin’s train of thoughts crudely.

“B-bum?” Seokjin scoffs out as he straightens up, sucking his butt in.

“Look at him, he can’t even say ‘ass’. How cute,” Hoseok comments loudly, causing the crew to burst into collective laughter.

Seokjin’s eyes meet with Yoongi’s glaring ones. Still an ass , he thinks to himself and he looks away.

“Shut up, I need to frame this shot up. Make more jokes and I’ll do it slower,” Yoongi threatens with a scowl.

The crew quietens down immediately while Seokjin seethes in silent annoyance. He takes a quick photo of the monitor before moving away, making his way to the corner where Jungkook is squatting. Jungkook is whispering to Taehyung excitedly and does not seem to notice his presence.

“I’ve sent the photos to the group chat for reference,” Seokjin speaks over Jungkook and Taehyung breaks his gaze with Jungkook, giving him a quick nod before returning to his exciting conversation with him.

Seokjin shakes his head at Taehyung’s lukewarm response, although secretly happy that Taehyung seems more settled and happier since the start of shoot.

When Namjoon wraps the day up, Seokjin and Taehyung cheer together loudly as Hell block officially ends. His body hurts from all the lifting and carrying but that doesn’t matter anymore since in the next block, he’ll be getting extra hands and he won’t be lifting as much as he has been in the current block. Besides, the extra workout helps cover for the hours he’s missing in the gym.

Near the exit of the studio, he eagerly discusses the potential additions to his team with Kihyun. From the corner of his eyes, Seokjin notices Namjoon fidgeting nervously near them. Seokjin stops Kihyun and directs his attention to Namjoon with a tilt of his head. Kihyun turns and faces Namjoon with a raised brow. Namjoon smiles sheepishly at them.

“What is it?” Kihyun asks begrudgingly and Namjoon cackles awkwardly.

“You know how I always share an uber with Seokjin whenever we overrun the shoots…”

“Uh-huh,” both Seokjin and Kihyun says as they coax Namjoon to carry on.

“Jimin offered to share an uber with me…”

Kihyun’s eyes widen and Seokjin can see him trying to hide his smile. Kihyun looks at him, as though to urge him to forfeit his ride with Namjoon. Seokjin lets out a soft sigh, although he’s smiling.

“It’s alright if you prefer to go with Jimin. I’ll just find someone else to share the fare with me,” Seokjin says as he rolls his eyes at Kihyun.

“I don’t mind sharing an uber with you.”

The three of them freeze at the sudden interruption. Seokjin winces under his breath, cursing silently at Yoongi’s horrible habit of appearing out of nowhere. Kihyun’s the first to turn around and Seokjin hears him chuckling politely. Slowly but with dread, he too turns around.

“That’s really nice of you!” Kihyun says as he pats Seokjin on the back, nudging him towards Yoongi.

Yoongi’s face is slightly flushed while his long and extremely soft-looking fringe covers his eyes partially, making him look sleepy. Seokjin finds himself staring at him a little longer than usual.

“Seokjin wouldn’t mind that, would he?”

“What?” Seokjin mutters out, a little dazed.

“Sharing an Uber? With Yoongi?” Kihyun reminds him with a very forced smile while Namjoon looks uneasy. He looks as though he’s about to say something but Kihyun’s sharp glare shuts him up.

“Right,” Seokjin chuckles out before he licks his lips out of nervousness. He wonders if anyone noticed him staring. “Yeah, I guess I don’t mind?”

“That’s settled then!” Kihyun beams as he grabs Namjoon’s arm, pulling him away from them. “It’s time for me to settle the rest of the crew. Don’t forget about tomorrow’s calltime!”

With that, Kihyun drags Namjoon away. Seokjin figures that he’s afraid that Namjoon might change his mind and reject Jimin’s invitation. As much as he dislike Min Yoongi, he doesn’t mind sacrificing a little for his friend.

“I’ll book it,” Yoongi grunts and takes out his phone out.

“Yeah, go ahead,” Seokjin replies curtly as he looks in the other direction.

A little round of awkwardness won’t hurt, Seokjin tells himself as he fiddles with the strap of his backpack. They haven’t really talked much on set, other than curt comments or instructions. Sometimes Seokjin would slam his shoulders against him if he ever walk past him, especially whenever he glares at Seokjin. It’s petty but Seokjin doesn’t really care. Nothing’s petty when it comes to Min Yoongi.

Besides, Yoongi’s always glaring at him.

Yes, Seokjin doesn’t like Yoongi but hey, at least he’s decent enough to hide his distaste for him, unlike him. Seokjin groans as he runs his hand through his hair, wondering why he even agreed to this. He should have taken an uber by himself. It might be more expensive but it’s better than being stuck in a car with him.

Yoongi’s on his phone, face serious and eyes squinting. Seokjin snorts softly at him while questioning how can one be so serious in booking an uber. The flush is still on his face.

“Are you cold?” Seokjin questions with a raised brow. Yoongi turns to him, eyes still squinting.

“What?” He mutters out. The weather has gotten colder and drier, Seokjin figures that might be the cause of the flush.

“Are you cold?” Seokjin asks again, louder this time. “Because if you are, we can wait inside? Your face is red.”

Yoongi blinks, his eyes widening.


Oh?” He repeats after Yoongi skeptically. “Oh what?”

“I-it’s nothing. I’m not cold,” Yoongi says quietly as he crosses his arms, leaning back against the wall. “The driver’s arriving too. Let’s just stay here.”

“Well, don’t blame me if you get sick.”

Yoongi lets out a small laugh and Seokjin finds himself feeling a little queasy from the sound of it. He’s just not used to Yoongi acting all friendly with him. When he realises that Yoongi is still staring at him, this time with a small smirk on his face. Seokjin looks away, annoyed.

“Worried for me?”

“I’m just being polite,” Seokjin gasps, offended.

“Well, that’s awfully nice of you.”

“Are you trying to imply that I’m not nice?” Seokjin asks, scandalised. Yoongi shrugs his shoulders.

“You know, if you’re pissed with something,” Yoongi starts saying, his voice tight and careful. “Wouldn’t it be better if you do what you always do? Confront the source head on.”

“Huh?” Seokjin looks at him, confused by his vague words.

“My shoulder hurts,” Yoongi complains while grabbing it. “I’d appreciate it if you tell me why you’re pissed at me.”

Realisation dawns on Seokjin as he realises that Min Yoongi is calling him out on his pettiness. Seokjin scoffs out loud. “I’m pissed? No, I’m not!”

“You glare at me all the time!” Yoongi accuses him and Seokjin gapes at him.

“Well, you started it!”

“Huh?” Yoongi blurts out, sounding genuinely confused which surprises Seokjin because does he really not know why or is he playing dumb? Seokjin breathes out sharply.

“You’re always glaring at me when I look at you!”

Yoongi blinks. “Oh.”

“Another oh?” Seokjin rolls his eyes.

However, seeing how apologetic Yoongi looks, Seokjin’s face softens. Yoongi scratches the back of his head, his mouth opening but no words come out. Seokjin narrows his eyes at him as he gestures at him with his hand, urging him to speak up.

“It’s just…” Yoongi starts, voice unsure. “I tend to squint a lot, especially when I’m wearing contacts. It’s easier to see if I squint.”

Oh,” Seokjin breathes out.

Yoongi doesn’t reply him, instead only clears his throat and turns away. The two of them wait quietly, staring ahead blankly. The silence isn’t as awkward as before, Seokjin wonders if it’s because for once, they have reached a mutual understanding.

When the uber arrives, Yoongi opens the door and lets Seokjin get into the car first. Seokjin narrows his eyes, still skeptical but he gets in anyway. When Yoongi squeezes next to him, he allows their thighs and arms to touch and he relaxes. He’s too tired to be petty.

The driver’s radio starts playing a familiar track, it’s a song he listened to when he was still in school. He smiles a little while reminiscing his past. Boa’s ad libs fill the car, accompanying them in their wordless trip back home.


Turn, turn merry-go-round.

By no means does it seem like it will stop.


He catches Yoongi glaring— no, staring at him, face still flushed. Seokjin gets a little breathless and can’t help staring back at him. The man’s rapping joins the moment, his rhythm synchronizing with Seokjin’s heart. The sound of the car’s engine gets softer as the melody surrounds around them like a warm blanket.


The sweet music fill the night.

Losing you when I'm this close, yeah It's unthinkable.


It’s the flush. It’s still bothering him.

Seokjin wonders why Yoongi’s still cold, even when he feels so warm against him.

He swallows hard and uses the last of his energy to tear his gaze away from him. He starts removing his jacket and tosses it on Yoongi’s lap.

“A token of truce,” he mumbles softly, his eyes avoiding him. He hears Yoongi grunts and shifts away from him.

“I told you, I’m not cold,” Yoongi replies but he still uses the jacket nonetheless.

They don’t speak again until they have reached Seokjin’s place. After breathing out a quick thanks, Seokjin leaves the car hastily, forgetting about his jacket.

He still doesn’t like Yoongi but he thinks maybe the crew is right.

Maybe Yoongi’s quite alright.



“I bring good news!” Taehyung exclaims loudly at Seokjin and Hyosang when they leave the green room after their lunch. ”I heard that we are going to have a halloween themed wrap party since shoot ends at the end of October.”

“But we just started on our second block, what the actual heck?” Seokjin furrows his brows together, confused by the news.

“It’s probably for the clients” Hyosang tries to explain but Taehyung talks over him.

and It’s going to be huge costume party! Or at least that’s what I heard Kihyun saying to Namjoon.”

“Wait, you were eavesdropping on them?” Seokjin questions loudly at his assistant.

Taehyung just shrugs. “People should stop talking in the restroom, the walls have ears...”

Hyosang suddenly stops walking, causing Seokjin and Taehyung to bump into his back. Seokjin and Taehyung both winces in pain. Seokjin looks up, slightly annoyed because a little warning would be nice.

“Why did you— 

When he notices Min Yoongi and Hoseok ahead of them, Seokjin swallows down his question. Seokjin is a little surprised by Yoongi’s new look.

He’s no longer wearing his contacts.

Seokjin is about to comment on that but he notices that Hoseok has an uneasy look on his face. Regardless, Hoseok still forces out a smile and waves at them before he walks off, leaving Yoongi behind. Yoongi shoots Hyosang a glare, an actual glare Seokjin realises because he’s wearing glasses now, before he catches up with Hoseok.

“Whoa, what was that?” Taehyung whispers loudly at Hyosang. Seokjin smacks Taehyung on his arm gently for being insensitive.  

“It’s alright, Seokjin. I don’t mind explaining that,” Hyosang tells Seokjin. “Because you, of all people would relate to it very well.”

“Why? Are you another unfortunate victim of Yoongi’s sharp tongue?” Taehyung questions with a raised brow.

“Hey!” Seokjin calls out and smacks Taehyung again.

“I guess it’s something like that but worse,” Hyosang muses.

Honestly, Seokjin is a little tired of holding a grudge against Yoongi. He just wants to focus on completing the shoot and hopefully enjoy the process of it without the hindrance of any bitterness. Taehyung, however, perks up and scoots closer to Hyosang eagerly.

“Yoongi, Hoseok and I go way back, we started out in the same production firm and we were all friends. It was a small company but we were happy working together.”

“You were friends with Min Yoongi?” Taehyung exclaims loudly but Seokjin quickly shushes him before gesturing for Hyosang to carry on with his story.

“But Yoongi got scouted to a bigger company and he tried to bring us along. Hoseok went with him but I didn’t really like how big companies work so I turned him down.”

Seokjin lets out a hum, nodding along as he listens while Taehyung gasps and gapes loudly at Hyosang.

“But we were still good friends. He had this mentee, Jungkook, when he joined the company and we became friends too.”

“Oh, Jungkook? He’s a pretty cool dude. I didn’t know you are friends with him! I’ve never seen you talk to him,” Taehyung wonders out loud and Hyosang just shrugs.

“We had some complications. Yoongi was pretty strict with Jungkook, especially on who he mingled with on set. He didn’t really like it when we hang out or talk.”

“But he’s a grown boy, he can make his own decisions,” Seokjin snorts out.

“I think he thought I was a bad influence on him, since I was still working at our old company,” Hyosang explains somberly, his smile getting smaller. “But Jungkook is a young kid, it’s suffocating to be controlled so much so I tried to help him out by talking to Yoongi about it.”

“Poor Jungkook…” Taehyung mumbles out softly, his lips frowning slightly.

“But he misunderstood and we fell out. After that, everyone I knew cut ties with me.”

“What?” Seokjin grunts with disapproval.

“The company I worked at had to close down, and it was hard finding another job because of Yoongi’s influence.”

Seokjin isn’t surprised by the story, seeing how often Yoongi’s opinions blind his judgement on things. He suddenly realises why Hyosang never goes out of the green room, unless Seokjin asks him to or when he needs the restroom. Seokjin has also never seen Hyosang talk to anyone from the crew, unless they are from BH.

Yoongi was a very stubborn man and Seokjin is mad, mad that he almost ruined a man’s career just because his prejudice was too strong to break, despite their friendship.  

“Oh no,” Taehyung mutters out. “I’m friends with Jungkook and I’m from a small company… Hyung, do you think Yoongi would ask Jungkook to stop hanging out with me?”  

Seokjin’s heart ache at his assistant’s question. “I will make sure that he will never break you two apart. I will fight him if I had to.”

“Just be careful, Yoongi has quite a bit of power,” Hyosang warns Seokjin, his face serious. “I’m actually surprised I’m still here, working.”

“What a menace,” Seokjin sneers. Hyosang smiles sadly as he shrugs his shoulders. Seokjin simply pats his back, hoping that his friend’s plight would get better.   



“Frame’s off, director. It’s on Art.”

Seokjin clenches his fist as he hears the same voice droning on for the nth time. Seokjin gives Taehyung a sad smile before he rushes onto set to adjust the photo frame that’s bugging the great Min Yoongi.

Ever since their little encounter, Seokjin realises that Yoongi has been calling his team more often than usual. Too often , he thinks with much annoyance as he silently glares at him from behind.

“Too much leaves, sweep them out of the shot.”

At the art station, Taehyung and his other new assistant gulp loudly when Seokjin stops them from running onto the set.

“I’ll sweep the leaves. You guys have been running around the whole day.”

The both of them shudder at shrillness of Seokjin’s voice. They gulp again when they notice how Seokjin’s clenched fist around the broom is shaking so hard . As he approaches the set, He notices Namjoon watching him nervously while Kihyun is frowning, his eyes tired. Seokjin reminds himself to stay civil, for the sake of his friends.

“Are you sure that the leaves are too much? It has been like this for the past few scenes. It might affect continuity,” Seokjin asks, a little too politely and forced. He is determined to put an end to his nitpicking. Yoongi looks up at him before shrugging.

“What do you know about continuity? Are you the continuity master?”

Seokjin breathes in, finding it absurd that he has to explain himself or even defend his team when Yoongi is being a prick. Everyone knows Seokjin is in charge of continuity since they didn’t have the budget to get a continuity master!

“I’ve been watching the set for the past few scenes. I have photos too — 

“Wow, you were on set?” Yoongi mutters out in fake surprise as he pushes his glasses up. “Never noticed you. I thought you were in the green room or something.”

“And why would I be in the green room?” Seokjin challenges through gritted teeth, his grip on the broom firm and tight. Seokjin senses the underlying sarcasm and spite in Yoongi’s loose accusation and is pissed at how personal this fiasco has become.

The set is silenced by the sound of the broom breaking and all eyes are on them. Yoongi’s gaze hardens as he stares back at Seokjin, as though he is taunting him.

We are taking a break,” Namjoon’s voice cuts through the tension between them and the room seems to let out a sigh of relief.

Yoongi’s no longer staring down at him and Seokjin finds himself holding a broken broom.

“I don’t know what’s going between you two but please remember that this is a set, we are shooting and I am the director,” Namjoon reminds them. “I hope you two don’t disregard that fact.”

Kihyun simply squeezes Seokjin’s shoulder before leaving the set with Namjoon. The both of them stay on, silent as the crew clears out the set. While recalling Hyosang’s warning, Seokjin wonders if his dislike for the man had implicated his team in a bad way. Nevertheless, he had enough confrontations for the day. He is too tired and ashamed to push Yoongi away or carry on calling him out for being an ass towards his team.

So he remains quiet as he stares ahead while standing next to him, refusing to acknowledge his presence.

“You’re bleeding,” Yoongi says softly as he stares at Seokjin’s hands, breaking the heavy silence between them. His voice is no longer laced with snide and his hard gaze is now soft with concern.

Seokjin raises his brow, baffled by Yoongi’s statement. While sighing, Yoongi gently grabs his hand and pulls it closer to him as he squints, examining it carefully. Seokjin shivers a little from the coldness of Yoongi’s hands. Seokjin gets a little surprised when he sees some blood on his palm.

“Don’t think it’s serious. Just some scratches from the wood splinters. Probably from the broken broom,” Yoongi explains to him as he lets go of Seokjin’s hand and takes the broken broom from his other hand. Yoongi pauses for a moment, hesitating with his words before he finally relaxes.

“I’ll throw the broom away.”

Yoongi calls for Taehyung and instructs him to make sure Seokjin cleans his wounds.

“I just want to say that I’m sorry. I wasn’t being professional,” Yoongi says to the both of them.

Taken aback by his unexpected apology, Seokjin can stare at Yoongi, eyes widening while Taehyung shakes his head, assuring him that ‘it’s cool’.

Seokjin still says nothing as he gets dragged away by Taehyung.

His stomach is still in knots when they leave the set.



Yoongi’s nitpicking ceases, much to the relief of his art team, but Yoongi becomes more distant, often opting to talk to him through someone. Their shift in their dynamics is so painfully obvious that most of the crew members find themselves tiptoeing around them so the set is less boisterous than before. Seokjin has moved the art station into the green room as the crew had set up an additional monitor in there so he can view the shots from the green room. He wonders if this new arrangement was to lessen his interactions with Yoongi, not that he minds.

However one big downside is that Seungri had found his way to the green room and often glues himself to Seokjin, regardless of how unreactive he is towards him. He often bores Seokjin with his very lengthy recounts of his past experience with crew and how great he is with managing the productions he had worked in with YHS. Seokjin does try to be nice, as he’s from the client's company and he doesn’t want to create more mess for Namjoon or Kihyun.

During one of their meal breaks, Junghwan tells him that Seungri has been trying to poach some of them to YHS and they were pretty uncomfortable with how pushy he is with his prepositions. Seokjin wonders if him constantly being around him is just part of his scheme of the poach.

Despite that, Seokjin appreciates the new setting. He gets to spend more time more time with Hyosang, and he gets to have more time to go through the logistics of the props and art.

Alas, the peace does not last. His session with the nasty excel sheets gets interrupted by Namjoon’s sulking face. Seokjin sighs loudly as he pushes his spectacles up and turns to his friend.

“And how may I help you?”

Namjoon breaks out of his reverie and blinks for a little while before he finally faces Seokjin.

“Oh, I didn’t realise that I walked into the green room.”

Seokjin hums. “Did something happen on set?”

“No! All’s good! We are on schedule and uh, Yoongi’s really good at his job. I’ve learnt a lot from him.”

Seokjin hums again. “So you came in to tell me that?”

Namjoon shakes his head, horrified. “Oh no. I didn’t mean to talk about him, especially to you! Oh, no. I meant— 

Relax, buddy. I’m good. Don’t worry about that,” Seokjin reassures him calmly but Namjoon still visibly deflates.

“What’s wrong?” Seokjin probes gently as he puts away his laptop and closes it. Namjoon bites on his lips nervously as he avoids Seokjin’s gaze.

“I know Jimin likes me but I don’t know how to reciprocate his feelings properly,” Namjoon admits sheepishly. “I just want to do it the best that I can but I get so afraid of screwing things up, so I end up doing nothing.”

“But you do like him, right?”

Namjoon smiles at him, unable to reply. But Seokjin can tell how enamoured he is with Jimin with just that smile.

“I think you shouldn’t worry so much about screwing up. Jimin seems nice and you should try to relax and let things go by the flow. You don’t need to do big gestures to express your feelings. Just do it in your own pace, little by little. Baby steps.”

Namjoon’s furrowed brows and unfocused gaze tells him that he is seriously considering his advice and not brushing it off. Seokjin simply smiles and leaves him be.

He carries on working on the nasty excel sheets.



Seokjin stares at the new call sheet.

Taehyung places his hand on his shoulder, probing him to say something because Seokjin has been standing in silence for the past minute, staring at the new name allocated in the make-up artist’s slot. Seokjin finally looks at Taehyung, trying to search for answers in his eyes but there is only uncertainty.

“I’m sure he’ll be back soon. Perhaps he had another project— 

“No,” Seokjin says as his grip on the paper tightens and the paper crumples. “I’m going to ask Kihyun about this.”

Seokjin should have known something was off when Hyosang stopped replying to his messages, or when Hyosang wasn’t in the green room when they were unpacking new props into the art station in the morning.

He rushes to the area where the clients would notoriously hang around, a small seating area at the back. Kihyun would always be there too, entertaining the clients and relaying comments from them to the crew.

“Not surprised that he’s gone.”

Seokjin stops when he hears a very familiar voice. He quietly slides behind the wall.

That voice

He slowly pops his head out, to get a confirmation on the identity of the voice. Seokjin almost snorts out loud when he sees Yoongi with Kihyun but he bites onto his lips, stopping any noise that threatens to escape his mouth. Of course it was him. Who else would say such a thing?

Hold on

Could he have a part in Hyosang’s departure from the team?

“He’s not a good person,” Seokjin hears Yoongi saying and he clenches his fist tightly, feeling bits of anger bubbling within his chest. “It’s better that he’s gone.”

Seokjin can’t bear to listen any longer and chooses to walk off before his temper gets the better of him.

Seokjin always tries to fight for what he thinks is right but sometimes, being too hard-headed and determined can be pointless when you lack power or placing. It’s pretty disheartening to witness that over and over again, especially to a friend whom he had grown so close to.

As he walks back to the art station, Seokjin begins to type out a long and encouraging message to Hyosang, despite the many unread messages he had sent previously, hoping that it helps to comfort him, even just a little.

“Oh, there you are!”

Seokjin looks up from his phone, confused when he sees Seungri before him. He notices that Seungri is holding onto a very thick envelope.

“You are a very hard man to find. Taehyung told me that you’d be here!” Seungri does look as though he really did had a hard time searching for him, his forehead filled with beads of sweat and his breathing is erratic as he pants softly. “I’ve wanting to speak with you.”


Seungri holds out the envelope for Seokjin to take, which he does so very hesitantly. He slowly opens it and looks in it. There’s a thick stack of paper with YHS’ big and bold logo on it. He looks up, brows furrowed

“We’ve been talking so much for the past week and I just feel that you’re a great guy. Good work ethic and very talented,” Seungri starts to explain himself. Seokjin feels his stomach getting queasier when he realises what Seungri is about to say, or ask of him. “Would you be interested in joining YHS? I feel that you’d suit the company much more than the current one that you’re in.”

Seokjin lets out a short scoff as he folds the thick envelope into half. He smacks it against Seungri’s chest.

“Are you for real?” Seokjin snaps.

Seungri’s face falls.

“Today hasn’t been a great day for me and I can’t believe I have to listen to you poach me from a company that I have spent my youth working in. A company that I have built together with my good friends.” Seokjin smacks the envelope against his chest again.

His loud voice had echoed through the set and some of the crew had already started watching him. Seokjin ignores the attention and goes on, listing down all the possible reasons of why he would never leave BH films. Seungri listen on, face pale and lips closed. It’s a very strange sight for the man since he never seems to shut up.

“I hope you know that your poaching has made quite a number of the crew members very uncomfortable. Please stop doing it or I won’t hesitate to report you if i have to!”

Seokjin finally shoves the envelope onto Seungri before he stomps off, leaving the very flabbergasted man behind.  



Junghwan applauds him the moment he enters the green room. Seokjin’s face remains stoic as he backs away from him as he hugs their lunch to his chest protectively.

“Please, save it. I’ve gotten so much shit from Kihyun because of it,” Seokjin says tiredly and Junghwan gives him a sympathetic smile.

It has been a few days since Seokjin had burst at Seungri and Kihyun has been on his back, demanding him to apologise to Seungri. Obviously, Seokjin will never do it.

But Seokjin doesn’t give a damn about Seungri.

Hyosang’s matter is still unresolved and Seokjin hasn’t been able to do anything about it. Kihyun’s too distracted by the possible repercussions from Seokjin’s outburst, while Namjoon is busy with the project.

“Yeah, I’ve heard about it,” Junghwan says as he sits down on one of the chairs from the dressing table. He pats on the chair next to him, gesturing for Seokjin to sit. Seokjin then passes Junghwan’s share of lunch to him wordlessly after he settles down next to his friend. “Alright, I won’t mention that again. It has been a while since I had lunch with you.”

“Yeah, it’s been awhile. You probably seen less of me since I shifted in here.” Seokjin grins while opening the lunch box. He shoves a scoop of rice into his mouth. “How’s life outside?”

“Man, life’s tough. Being at Hyungwon’s beck and call has been so tiring. Things were better when Jimin was still around. He was the nice one,”Junghwan says wistfully.

Seokjin raises a brow. “Jimin isn’t around? What do you mean?”

“Haven’t you heard? He got assigned to some other project and hasn’t been around since the last block.”

“Namjoon never said anything about it to me!” Seokjin exclaims, now feeling bad that he had failed to notice this recent development of his friend’s love life.

“Why would he— Oh.” Junghwan realises mid-way and gapes for a moment. “But I thought he wasn’t interested since he was so awkward around Jimin. There were even rumours floating around, saying that Jimin left because of Namjoon.”

“That’s absurd! I’m sure whatever the reason is, it’s purely because of work, nothing personal.”

Junghwan shrugs his shoulders before he starts eating.

“Whatever you say, Boss.”



Namjoon finally appears in the green room, much to Seokjin’s relief. He has been concerned for his friend, seeing how he had troubled them with the Seungri incident and also with the rumours about his relationship with Jimin floating around.

“I’ve come to speak with you,” Namjoon announces with a serious voice. Seokjin nods and halts his work, putting the laptop aside.

“What’s wrong?” Seokjin asks carefully.  

“Nothing’s wrong!” Namjoon replies quickly and settles next to him. “I heard that you wanted to talk to us about Hyosang.”

Seokjin blinks, a little surprised as he thought he’s going to talk to him about Jimin. Right, Hyosang, he’s still worried for him. Seokjin nods. “Yeah, I guess I do.”

“I also heard that you have some questions about his situation,” Namjoon explains. “So I’m here to clarify some stuff.”

“Okay.” Seokjin waves his hand, urging Namjoon to carry on.  

“Firstly, Hyosang wasn’t fired.”

“Hold on. He wasn’t fired?” he asks in disbelief and Namjoon nods with a troubled expression.

“Kihyun’s supposed to be the one explaining the situation to you but he’s a little tied up right now,” Namjoon says hesitantly.  

Namjoon exhales deeply, as though to prepare himself before he drops something terrible on Seokjin. He looks at Seokjin with a concerned look. Seokjin’s a little afraid of what he is about to hear.

He gives Seokjin an uneasy smile. “So...Hyosang suddenly called in and said he wanted to leave. But by leaving so abruptly, he had to forfeit his pay and he didn’t mind that.”

Seokjin does not say anything for a minute, his head still trying to register what Namjoon had just said. Instead of getting answers, he’s getting more questions but despite that, Seokjin still needs to know the one thing that bothers him the most.

“Did Yoongi have a part in that?” Seokjin asks calmly, face still stoic. “Did he pay him to leave?”

“Huh? Why would Yoongi even have part in that?” Namjoon furrows his brows together in confusion.

“I’ve heard stuff...about him. He had problems with Hyosang,” explains Seokjin and Namjoon stares, baffled by Seokjin’s words.


Seokjin nods firmly.

“Well, he did seem relieved when we told him Hyosang was leaving,” Namjoon says but pauses for a little while to think. “But he seemed surprised too. I don’t think he knew anything about his departure.”

Seokjin doesn’t know what to say, he’s a little shocked by this revelation. Despite it, he still thinks that Yoongi was acting off because why else would Hyosang pull something like this? Namjoon always has been gullible, maybe he’s wrong about him.

“We couldn’t contact Hyosang after that last call. God knows what happened…” Namjoon mumbles to himself before shrugging. He jerks up a little, gasping slightly as he wags his finger in the air. “Oh, there’s something else I wanted to speak about too.”

“What is it?”

“Kihyun wanted me to tell you to be more careful with your words, especially around people from YHS, but I don’t agree with him. I’m glad you stood up to Seungri. Thank you for that. No one had the guts to say anything because he was from YHS.”

Seokjin is pleasantly surprised. He thought he would be getting a long lecture from Namjoon since Namjoon’s always the sensible one. Seokjin smiles at him, patting his friend’s hand.

“Wow, that’s really nice to hear.”

Namjoon squeezes his shoulder before getting up. “Oh, before I forget, Kihyun also wanted me to tell you that he wants you to be on set. Mr Yang from YHS would be coming down today.”

“Mr in the big boss?” Seokjin’s eyes widen in shock.

Namjoon chuckles nervously.

“Yeah, that’s why Kihyun’s busy right now. It’s better for you to be there, rather than Taehyung.”

“Oh god.” Seokjin jerks up from his seat, gaping slightly. “I’ll go on set right now!”



Seokjin feels weird, now that he’s back on set after being in the green room for so long. He can sense the heavy tension in the air, especially with the stricken expressions on the crew’s faces and the lack of laughter on set.

“Okay, just do what you normally do. You guys have been doing so well up till now so don’t worry about this. I got your backs no matter what,” Seokjin promises firmly. His team look less afraid and more determined than before. “Alright, now get back to work.”

His team scatters and he returns to his position by the monitor. Hoseok gives him a big grin while Jungkook nods at him, a small smile on his lips.

“Man it’s been a while, we missed you!” Hoseok exclaims as he elbows Seokjin at his side. Seokjin chuckles loudly as he nudges back. Jungkook watches them silently, amused.

“I’ve only been gone for two blocks of shoot. Besides, we still see each other around the studio.”

“It’s still different! Right, Jungkook?” Hoseok asks the boy and he nods eagerly.

Seokjin hums happily. “Whatever you say—”

Yoongi chooses to return to his spot at this moment and Seokjin’s smile drops. Hoseok and Jungkook seem to notice the change and they become quiet. Yoongi gives Seokjin a quick glance before he looks away, settling down before the camera.

He takes out his light meter and aims it at the set.

Seokjin lets out a soft sigh before moving away, finding it hard to be next to Yoongi. He stands next to one of the grips instead, and his eyes never leave the monitor.

After a few takes of this particular scene, Mr Yang finally arrives on set. Namjoon halts the shoot and joins Kihyun in greeting him. Seokjin watches the scene from the side, noting how Mr Yang seems reluctant at being here. His nasal voice pierces his ears irritably and he cringes as he listens on. The man only talks about how charitable he is for investing in this ‘modest’ project or how great YHS is while dragging BH down.

He’s insufferable and Seokjin hates every second that he’s spending breathing the same air as that condescending man.

“Watch out!” Seokjin hears someone yelling and he feels his soul leaving his body when he watches in horror as Taehyung slams his body against Mr Yang.

Taehyung spills the crickets onto the ground as he falls forward. Jungkook manages to catch his assistant but the damage has already been done.

The sound of crickets evades the set as Seokjin rushes over to Taehyung. Kihyun lets out a choked cry while Namjoon stays frozen, too shocked to move. The crew members start running around, trying to gather the crickets as quickly as they can.

“Never in my life, have I experienced something like this! How imprudent!”

Mr Yang is seething in anger and Seokjin can’t deny the joy he had gotten from this sight but it disappears the moment he sees Kihyun apologising to him profusely.

“Which department does this boy belongs to?” He questions harshly. Taehyung quickly bows and apologises for his folly.

“He’s from my department.” Seokjin places a hand on Taehyung’s shoulder, hoping that would calm him a little.“I am truly and deeply sorry for what you have witness and I hope he hasn’t injured you too badly.”

“This is why I never liked working with small companies. They’re so unprofessional and messy. Look at this!” He wags his finger at the crew members on the ground who are busy capturing the crickets. “How unsightly!”

“Sir, with all due respect, all kinds of things happen on set and we can’t see the future. We just have to cope with the mistakes and move on,” Seokjin says with a forced smile.

“How dare you speak to me like this! Don’t you know who I am?”

Just as Seokjin is about to retort him, Yoongi steps in between them.

“Sir, this is my fault,” Yoongi starts explaining and he rests his hand on Taehyung’s shoulder. “Taehyung tripped over one of the camera wires and I should have noticed how badly tangled the wires were. It was a slip up on my team’s side.”

Mr Yang breathes in loudly before he exhales.

“I’ll drop this then,” he simply says before walking off. Kihyun whispers his thanks to Yoongi before leaving to catch up with Mr Yang. Taehyung look as though he is on the verge of tears.

“It’s alright now. I’ll speak to him again. Don’t worry about it,” Yoongi says gently to Taehyung. “Just focus on gathering those crickets.”

Taehyung gives him a firm nod before rushing off to help the rest in gathering them.

“I could have handled that myself. I didn’t need your help,” Seokjin says sharply.

He lets out a tired sigh as he rubs his temples. The obnoxious sound of the crickets echoing in his head and he is feeling extremely conflicted towards Yoongi.

“I wasn’t helping you. Taehyung did trip over my wires,” Yoongi simply says before walking off, not allowing Seokjin to say another word.

Seokjin scoffs loudly as he watches Yoongi walk away. He can’t figure which is the real him. Was it the one in Hyosang’s story or the one who protected Taehyung and shared the uber with him?

Feeling terribly overwhelmed, Seokjin chooses to push that question to the back of his head as he crouches on the ground, focusing on the hunt of crickets.

He has more important things to do.



It is finally the end of ‘The Misadventures of Penelope the Purple Puppy’.

The moment Namjoon yells out ‘and it’s a wrap’, the talent tosses her puppy hat into the air and the entire crew lets out cries of happiness as they all jump around. Seokjin sees Jungkook running towards Taehyung and they start dancing around. He laughs softly as he watches them, endeared by the sight. Namjoon stretches himself as he groans out loudly.

“I can’t believe it’s finally over,” Namjoon mumbles as he arches his back to the front. Seokjin lets out a snort.

“I’m glad it’s over,” he says, feeling extra serene, as though a weight has just lifted off his shoulders. Namjoon taps his arm and points ahead.

“What?” Seokjin’s squinting in the direction he’s pointing.

“Junghwan’s waving at you,” says Namjoon as he points even harder.

Seokjin finally spots Junghwan and sees him waving his arm exaggeratedly. Seokjin points at himself and Junghwan nods.

“Guess I’ll talk to you later,” Seokjin hums at Namjoon and he starts making his way towards his friend.

“What’s up?” he greets Junghwan and he smiles in return.

“I have news for you!” Junghwan exclaims enthusiastically as he waves an envelope before him. Seokjin’s eyes widen when he recognises the envelope.

“You...But Seungri…”

Seokjin’s face falls and he finds himself at a loss of words. Junghwan’s smile falters a little.

“Seokjin, I’m tired of waiting,” Junghwan says softly. Seokjin bites on his lips, finding it hard to meet Junghwan’s gaze. “I’ve been a PA for so long and he’s offering me a better opportunity. So, please feel for happy for me.”

“I’m…” Seokjin reaches out and pats both of his shoulders. “Happy for you.”

Junghwan’s smile gets wider.

“Thank you. Now lets celebrate!” Junghwan yells as he wraps his arm around Seokjin’s shoulder, shaking him hard. Seokjin chuckles and does the same to him.

It’s truly the end, Seokjin realises as he smiles sadly, watching everyone else cheer loudly. Namjoon is at the front, probably saying something inspirational with Kihyun at his side, looking extremely relieved. Seokjin feels someone’s staring at him from the back. He turns to look.

Seokjin realises Yoongi is the one looking at him.

So he frowns and looks back to the front, trying to focus on Namjoon’s voice instead but his body starts to feel hotter and his cheeks are warm. Seokjin thinks it’s getting too stuffy and figures that it must be the heat from the crowd, so he decides to leave and starts packing the art station. Maybe he’ll feel better with fresher air in the green room.

He doesn’t.



In the past, BH Films has never taken wrap parties seriously. Most of them were planned hastily and were low budget. They would dine at their usual restaurant and share a couple of dishes together. But now, with the complication of their great client and partner, YHS, they are holding a grand party at some hotel and it’s actually themed.

After the shoot, the crew gets two weeks worth of break.

So for two weeks, Seokjin spend the time to unload and reorganise their storage unit, trying to get a certain man off his mind. He feels that his distaste for the man had gotten too much and he decides that it’s better to be distracted with work. He can’t waste anymore of his thoughts on him since it’s kind of getting on his nerves.  

Seeing that Kihyun had put so much effort into planning it while juggling with shoot, Seokjin decides to go all out. So he dyes his blond hair black, even though he thinks he’s going to miss it so much, and added long hair extensions to it. He covered his eyelids with shades of black and silver while having a loud and blaring red on his lips.

It’s halloween and it’s the only time of the year when you get to release your inner demons and wear it as an actual skin. Everything’s going to be dark, dirty and gritty so it’s a no-brainer that the Addams family is the only way to go.

As he sashays down the red carpet, he flips his long hair to the back and places a hand on his hip. The black dress sticks to his body too tightly and Seokjin finds it a little hard to breathe but it’s worth it. After all, they say beauty is pain.

Okay, maybe Seokjin’s just eyeing on the ‘best dressed’ award because who wouldn’t want a trip to Jeju for three days?

“Seokjin, who are you posing for?” Taehyung pops his head out from the back and he looks around the empty aisle. Seokjin lets out a soft ‘hmph’ and whips his hair back again and this time it slaps Taehyung on the face.

“Hey!” Taehyung frowns while spitting some of the hair out. “Is this how you show your thanks to me for being your plus one?”

Seokjin snorts. “We’re just sitting at the same table. I thought it’ll be easier if we came together. Besides, you’ll probably run off with Jungkook.”

Taehyung makes a face before cutting Seokjin, walking ahead of him. Seokjin lets out a chuckle and carries on walking, attempting to catch up with Taehyung.

“And who are you supposed to be?” Sooyoung asks pointedly when Taehyung sits next to her. Taehyung gasps dramatically as he clutches his chest.

“You really can’t tell?” Seokjin says with genuine concern. Sooyoung shakes her head but stops suddenly.

“Oh wait, this mask is covering half of my vision. I’m only seeing his chest,” Sooyoung explains as she removes her Catwoman's mask. She cringes her face almost immediately when she finally sees Taehyung’s costume in full and quickly puts the mask back on.

“That was horrifying,” she shudders and Taehyung’s face falls at her words.

“Nah, I think it’s cool,” Yerim quips. “I love clowns.”

“But I’m Ronald McDonald?” Taehyung mutters out weakly.

“Technically, he’s a clown,” Yerim corrects him quickly.

“But you’re the clown?” Taehyung argues back and Yerim clucks her tongue.

“Technically, I’m Harley Quinn and excuse you, I’m wearing her original costume! I’m not a clown but a jester!”

Taehyung gives up and buries his face in his hands while Seokjin pats on Taehyung’s misshapen wig to console him. Yerim shrugs nonchalantly before taking a long look at Seokjin. She gives him a loud whistle.

“And damn, you’re hot,” she swoons and winks at Seokjin.

Sooyoung lets out a tired sigh. “I want to see Seokjin’s costume but I’ll have to remove the mask again.”

“I don’t think Seokjin needs another pair of eyes staring at him,” Yerim comments as she looks around the room. “Everyone else is already staring.”

Yerim is right, everyone is staring at him, not that he minds. He knows he’s good looking and the makeup emphasises that, and his dress reveals his hidden bodyline and flatters his long legs.

It’s all part of the game plan.

With this much attention, he’s sure that he’s going to get the vacation and finally get that well-deserved break.

“Oh god,” Seokjin hears someone crying out. Taehyung’s head perks up and he breaks into a smile.

“Hoseok!” Taehyung greets enthusiastically. “Hold on, you’re—”

“I think I’m going to die from laughing too much,” Hoseok chokes out as he clutches his stomach and leans forth, his pigtails swinging around wildly. Seokjin feels the colour from his face draining out, not that it had much to begin with.

“Hi, Seokjin, or should I say,” Hoseok winks greasily as he leans against Seokjin. “Mommy dearest ?”

Seokjin groans out loud. “Please don't. I think I’m going to barf and I haven’t eaten yet.”

“Wait till you see Yoongi when he’s back from the restroom,” he breathes out, “I’m going to lose it.”

Seokjin looks at him with a frown, not understanding the reasoning behind Hoseok’s behaviour or words. Sensing his confusion, Hoseok gives him the most wicked grin. Seokjin swallows hard.

“Jungkook!” Taehyung calls out as he waves at him to come join them. Seokjin blinks at Jungkook’s costume as he watches Jungkook towards them, all dressed in white.

“You’re—” Seokjin blurts out.

“—Colonel Sanders,” Jungkook says as he tugs at his white blazer. “It was Taehyung’s idea.”

“I’m a genius, aren’t I?” Taehyung says with a smirk and Seokjin rolls his eyes at him.

“Aren’t you supposed to match your costume with your plus one?” Seokjin questions with narrowed eyes.

“But I don’t want to be all dark and gloomy and I wouldn’t be a good Gomez.”

Hoseok breaks into another laughing fit and Jungkook hides his face, embarrassed by his behaviour.

“Where’s Yoongi?” Hoseok asks Jungkook while looking around the crowded hall, eyes crinkling up as he struggles to stop laughing. Jungkook shrugs at Hoseok.

Seokjin notices a lot of unfamiliar faces, probably people from YHS and some broadcasting stations. Although this party is to celebrate the end of the shoot, it is also an opportunity to spread their project out into the industry. At least that’s what YHS intended. Kihyun would have planned a more intimate party for the crew if it wasn’t for YHS.

“I left first. He said he’ll catch up later.” Jungkook’s staring at Seokjin and his eyes widen. “Hey, isn’t this Yoongi’s—”

“Look at them!” Yerim gasps loudly, cutting Jungkook off. “Our bosses are killing it.”

Namjoon strides into the hall confidently in his knee high boots and ripped leather pants while holding on the long black sash so he does not trip over them. Kihyun follows behind, wearing the white version of Namjoon’s outfit and mirroring the same confidence that Namjoon’s emitting. The crew cheers at them as they approaches the table.

“What are you? A goth witch?” Seokjin questions when Namjoon sits down at the table.

“We are Vampire lords,” Kihyun replies instead and Seokjin hums, nodding at them.

Taehyung stares at Namjoon’s loose sash in awe, fascinated with it. Namjoon notices and allows him to touch it, smiling a little as he watches Taehyung fiddle with it.

“Have you seen Yoongi?” Hoseok asks them and they both shake their head.

“We did see him at the entrance but he left us afterwards,” Kihyun says but he gets distracted by Seokjin’s costume, his voice trails off. “Oh my god, Morticia? Yoongi—”

“What the heck is Wardrobe wearing?” Sooyoung comments, interrupting Kihyun and Seokjin groans loudly, frustrated because everyone seem to always leave him hanging. “Does anyone know what they are?”

Everyone shrugs.

When Minhyuk and Changkyun joins their table, everyone frowns at them.

“What?” Minhyuk snaps at them while he pulls the green latex material and lets it slap against his skin. Yerim gags loudly and looks away. “We can be anything with this!”

“He’s right...You can be anything with that…” Namjoon mutters out in awe. “Walking green screens...It’s revolutionary.”

As the group starts to settle down at their table, Namjoon and Kihyun leave to make sure that the party is running smoothly. Flashing neon lights start to fill the stage, signalling the start of the performance. Seokjin watches the dancers enter and start performing their number.

“Jimin would have loved to be here,” Hoseok mumbles softly as he watches the dancers prancing around on the stage.

“Oh, you’re friends with Jimin?” Seokjin asks, surprised.

“I met him through Yoongi and we dance together, occasionally,” Hoseok shrugs it off like it isn’t a big deal.

“You dance?” Seokjin asks again, genuinely curious since he’s someone with two left feet, dancing is too foreign for him to comprehend.

Hoseok chuckles loudly. “I’m a man of many talents”

Seokjin makes a face at him and Hoseok chuckles even louder.

“I wonder why isn’t Jimin coming. He’s pretty well-liked by the crew,” Seokjin says as he squints at Hyungwon and his obnoxious looking fur coat from afar. Hoseok shakes his head sadly. “Even Hyungwon is here.”

“Well, Yoongi told him not to. I heard Jimin got involved with some guy from the crew, not really sure who. It’s not my business but Yoongi’s very protective of him. He thinks the guy isn’t good for Jimin so he made sure that Jimin broke things off with him.”

“Yoongi did what?” Seokjin fumes as he finds himself glaring at the empty seat.

He has to tell Namjoon about this. God, Namjoon has been working extra hard and is quieter these days because of Jimin. He hasn’t asked him about Jimin yet, out of fear that he might hurt his friend by reopening his wounds. Seokjin can’t believe that Yoongi’s pulling this nonsense again. Why does he always have to be the cause of his friends’ unhappiness? What is wrong with him?

“He’ll be here soon, don’t worry,” Hoseok assures him when he notices Seokjin staring at Yoongi’s empty seat. Seokjin immediately frowns.

“I’m not worried about that!” Seokjin says a little too loudly. He covers his mouth when he notices people looking at his direction. “I-I have to go.”

Seokjin stands up from his seat and rushes out of the hall. At the exit, he fiddles with his phone clumsily while looking around, trying to find Namjoon. He clicks on his contact and calls him.

The ringing tone plays as he presses the phone against his ear.

Seokjin stops as his eyes meet with a pair of very familiar ones.

“Hello? Seokjin?” Namjoon’s voice cracks out of the speaker but Seokjin doesn’t say anything.

He ends the call.

Yoongi’s standing in front of him, wearing a badly fitted striped suit with an ugly mustache on his face. But his hair is styled back and he’s not wearing his glasses. Of all costumes, Yoongi picked this.

Seokjin doesn’t know if he wants to laugh or yell at him.

He just had to be his Gomez.

“Seokjin?” Yoongi looks at him, squinting. Seokjin’s frown deepens as he steps back, feeling a little sick at the sight of him. He doesn’t want to be near him.

Why does he always have to bump into him at bad timings?

“I’m glad I found you. I didn’t see you when I went into the halI so I came out to find you," Yoongi rambles out in a scratchy voice. "I have something to tell you.” 

Seokjin furrows his brows at him because he doesn’t really want to listen to him. He desperately wants to walk away but he can’t bring himself to. Yoongi appears to be extra nervous, his hand fidgeting all over. He opens his mouth but closes it again and starts pacing around.

“What the heck are you doing?” Seokjin asks coldly. Yoongi stops moving and breathes out. He takes a few steps closer to Seokjin.

“I’ve been struggling with this and I realised that I can’t bear it any longer. The past few months have been been tough,” he leaves his sentence hanging as he is unable to speak. Seokjin stares at him, baffled by his vague words.

“Uh, and?” Seokjin is getting impatient and realises that Yoongi’s eyes are fixed on him and he finds that extremely unnerving. So he’s looking at everywhere but Yoongi. He just wants this to be over.

“Frankly, my impression of BH Films wasn’t the best but I still went for it, despite my company being unhappy with my decision to work with your company. One of the reasons why I agreed help was because of you.”

“Me?” Seokjin breathes out, voice a little shaky. Yoongi takes another step closer to him, his gaze gentle and he looks so vulnerable.

“I really like you.”

Yoongi’s voice doesn’t shake, despite his nervousness from before. Seokjin wishes that all of this was just a bad dream and it’ll be gone when he wakes up. But Yoongi is still there, standing with so much softness in his eyes and Seokjin could feel his genuinity of his confession.

“I mean, as in I'm attracted to you. I have feelings. For you,” Yoongi rambles on.

Seokjin feels sickened by it.

“No,” Seokjin simply says.

Yoongi stops and stares at him for a while.

“I’m sorry for the all struggles you’ve had and the trouble I’ve caused. But believe me, it was unconsciously done.”

Now it’s Yoongi’s turn to be confused as he stares at Seokjin with a frown.

“I don’t get it.”

Seokjin scoffs loudly. “Well, I don’t get it either. I think you should have listened to your company. You shouldn’t have worked with us. Why would you have feelings for someone with such an inferior background—”

“Hold on, I didn’t mean it that way—” Yoongi tries to explain but Seokjin cuts him off.

“Sorry to burst your bubble but I don’t feel the same way and it’s not because of your terrible confession.”

“Why?” Yoongi asks quietly, looking down.

“Do you think that I’ll accept the man who sabotaged my friends’ happiness?” Seokjin blurts out angrily.

Yoongi remains silent.

“I can’t believe you broke them apart! Namjoon, of all people?” Seokjin glares at him as he speaks harshly. He feels himself starting to break down so he pauses to breathe, letting himself calm down. “How could you?”

“I didn’t think your friend was interested in Jimin.”

Seokjin furrows his brows, unable to comprehend his words. “Namjoon? Not interested?”

“He was so indifferent to Jimin, no matter what Jimin did so I assumed his feelings were one-sided.”

“Namjoon was so afraid of screwing things up with Jimin, he got too careful! He wasn’t indifferent!” Seokjin exclaims exasperatedly.

Yoongi says nothing again. Seokjin sighs angrily at his lack of response.

“And what about Hyosang?” Seokjin asks, this time with anger more evident in his voice.

“Hyosang?” Yoongi mutters out stiffly.

“Well, did you do something to him too?”

Yoongi lets out a bitter chuckle. “Wow, you’re so concerned for that man!”

“’ve done so much wrong to him, you made him lose his job and friends! This is what you have to say about that?”

“Oh, Is that what he said about me?” Yoongi scoffs. “Well, thank you for letting me know. I guess I’m sorry for all the shit I did.”

“I don’t find your sarcasm funny at all,” Seokjin says with a cold voice. “You’re a conceited asshole who thinks the ground you walk on is fucking gold. I’ll never be with you even if you’re the last man on Earth!”

Yoongi recoils, as though Seokjin’s words have slapped him in the face. Seokjin finds his chest tightening when he sees the hurt on his face. He looks away, unable to stare at him.

“I’m sorry for troubling you with my crappy confession,” Yoongi says curtly before he walks away from him. Seokjin stands alone in silence for a while, feeling numb after the confrontation.

It’s too soon for him to return to the party. He’s still shaken and he’s afraid that he might do or say anything stupid in front of the others. So he decides to walk around the hotel, hoping that it will calm him down and his emotions would become more settled.

After a few rounds of walking and thinking, Seokjin realises that he has been gone for too long. At this point, he figures it might be better if he just left the party but his friends would be curious about his early departure and would probe him about it.

So with the last of his energy, he makes his way back to the hall.

When he reaches his table, he sees that Yoongi’s already at his seat, busy in a conversation with Hoseok. Seokjin sits down quietly and stares at the stage.

“Congrats to Minhyuk for his extremely creative costume!”

“Where have you been?” Taehyung leans closer to him, looking worried. “Are you okay?”

Seokjin nods gingerly.

“They just announced the winner for best dressed. I’m sorry you didn’t win,” Taehyung says, his voice sad. Seokjin lets out a weak laugh while shaking his head.

“Doesn’t matter anymore. I’m feeling tired, I think I might leave soon.”

“We have to take a group photo first before you leave!” Taehyung reminds him and Seokjin nods absently.


“—And the winners of the best couple award goes to…..Kim Seokjin and Min Yoongi!” The host’s voice booms loudly in the hall.

“What the actual fuck?” Seokjin swears loudly as everyone around them jumps out of their seats and cheers for them.

“I’m so proud of you, Daddy-o!” Hoseok exclaims loudly while clapping. Yoongi cringes, sinking deeper into his seat.

“Please don’t call me that,” Yoongi pleads with the smallest voice.

Despite the prompt from the host for the winners to get on stage, Seokjin and Yoongi chooses to stay in their seats. It’s only after Hoseok’s relentless name-calling (“Daddy, don’t do this to me.” “Daddy, make your little girl happy please?”) and him physically dragging Seokjin out of his seat, do they actually make their way to the stage.

Seokjin wordlessly poses for their photo together while holding onto an envelope that contains the prize.

At the end of the party, Seokjin tosses the envelope into the bin.



In the early hours, Seokjin is awaken from his sleep by the noisy buzzing of his phone. He rubs his eyes sleepily before reaching out to grab the phone.

He frowns when he sees the notifications.

Yoongi had sent him a chain of messages. His thumb hovers over the delete button but he stops himself. He clicks on the messages.


I’m aware that I’m not the most eloquent with words so i’m writing them down, hoping that maybe it’ll come out way better. I’m not here to push my feelings onto you again but I’m here to address the stuff you mentioned earlier.


Seokjin narrows his eyes at his phone, re-reading the message before scoffing out loud. He reads on out of curiosity.


Jimin’s a childhood friend and he’s very important to me. He doesn’t really have the best luck with men but he’s always trying. Seeing how Namjoon was indifferent to him made me worry so I did what I could as a friend, although I admit that I overstepped my boundaries and jumped to conclusions too quickly. For that, I’m sorry. I know Namjoon is a great man but do know that whatever I did, it was to protect a friend.


Seokjin ponders on his message. He thinks it’s still too early to conclude anything yet, so he reads on.


Now for the other issue. I don’t know what Hyosang told you but I’ll tell my side of the story.

Hyosang was a close friend of mine but that changed when I signed on with YHS. Seeing my affiliation with YHS, he started to ask me for favours which I obviously agreed to since we were friends. But they got too much for me to handle and I realised how toxic our friendship had became so I distanced myself from him.

Jungkook, who was training under me, didn’t know that part of him. Without my knowledge, Hyosang had became close with him. It was only when he had gotten Jungkook into legal troubles when I knew of their relationship. He used Jungkook to gain access to resources and unreleased materials from YHS and he sold them online to get money. I managed to stop Hyosang before it had gotten too serious. But that affected Jungkook so much, he left YHS and has been working as a freelancer ever since then.

If you don’t believe me, feel free to ask Hoseok about it. He knows about the incident. I hope this clears our misunderstandings. I trust you enough to not spread this around, especially since it concerns Jungkook.


Seokjin puts his phone down and stares ahead, lost in his thoughts. He is still in disbelief. Firstly, because of Yoongi’s feelings towards him and secondly, because of how wrong he actually is about Yoongi. Frankly, he doesn’t know how he should react to Yoongi’s version of the truth, especially since for the longest time, he disliked Yoongi. It’s tough for Seokjin to tear away from the terrible image he had made up for Yoongi and tough for him to let everything go.

But he has to.

He wants to.

For the rest of the day, Seokjin stays in bed, only thinking of Yoongi.





In the midst of transporting the last few piece of bigger props from the studio, Seokjin receives an urgent call from Kihyun.

“Head to YHS. It’s an emergency,” Kihyun says curtly. “Taehyung’s in trouble.”

Seokjin hangs up on him and steps on the lorry’s pedal, driving at the fastest he is allowed to go. Seokjin is afraid it might be a problem too big for him to solve since they aren’t discussing it at their own office. But nevertheless, he desperately hopes that Taehyung will be alright.

When he reaches YHS’ headquarters, the staff directs him to a big meeting room. His heart starts to pound loudly and he prays that Mr Yang wouldn’t be there because that man is a huge pain to deal with.

Taehyung’s seated at the end of the long meeting table, his face pale and his eyes are slightly red. Seokjin rushes to his side and squats next to him.

“What’s going on? Who did this to you?” Seokjin demands angrily. Taehyung breathes in shakily before he lets out a choked sob. Seokjin wraps his arm around him, trying to calm the boy down.

“I-It’s my fault,” Taehyung croaks out.

Seokjin,” he hears Kihyun calling and he turns around, his arm still wrapped around Taehyung’s shoulder.

“What’s going on?” Seokjin sees Namjoon and Kihyun with grave expressions. Hyungwon seems pissed as heck and for once, he looks terrible.

“Your good friend leaked an entire episode to an outsider,” Hyungwon snaps before he huffs out, leaning back into his chair angrily.

“He didn’t,” Namjoon scowls at him while defending Taehyung. “He’s just the scapegoat for this mess.”

“What do you mean?”

“Hyosang told Taehyung that he needed the first episode for his portfolio. But nothing should be shared, especially to someone whose affiliation with us has ended. He could have gotten the video when it airs but Taehyung didn’t know and passed him a copy,” Kihyun explains to Seokjin while rubbing his temples. Seokjin stares at Taehyung with wide eyes.

“You’ve been talking to Hyosang?”

“W-we never stopped talking, even after he left. I was trying to help him- I didn’t know I was breaching the contract!” Taehyung says with an agitated voice, clearly still very shaken up by his folly.

Seokjin’s face hardens when he realises that Yoongi was right all along.

“Don’t worry, we’ll help you. We’ll solve this,” Seokjin promises and he looks at the other three for extra reassurance. However Kihyun and Namjoon remain quiet while Hyungwon snorts out loud.

Seokjin wonders if this is how it feels when the world ends.



After that serious meeting with Hyungwon, Taehyung is sent home until further notice. It takes Seokjin an hour to calm the boy down and to assure him that BH has got his back so he shouldn’t worry much, which was an obvious white lie but Seokjin doesn’t have the heart to crush him any further. When they return to the office, Namjoon and Kihyun stay in their small meeting room, only leaving occasionally for toilet or meal breaks. Seokjin assumes that they are trying to trace Hyosang down while figuring out what he’s going to do with that leaked copy.

As much as he wants to help, Seokjin can’t really do much as he is just a mere art director and knows nothing about laws and contracts. He only can wait and that’s the worst. He had already unloaded and packed most of the props so he doesn’t have have much to do.

So when he realises that Yerim will be busy settling the pay of freelancers who worked for the project, he immediately offers his help.

A few familiar faces drop by the office, Seokjin dabbles in polite conversations with them while catching up with their lives. It’s a pleasant distraction from the problems he’s trying to forget about.

That is until Jungkook arrives.

Ever since Taehyung’s situation, Seokjin had forgotten about Yoongi and all the things that tie to that man. He gets a little whiplash when he sees Jungkook again. Jungkook smiles at him and greets him quietly. Seokjin tries to act as normal as he could and assumes he probably doesn’t know what went on between Yoongi and him.

“I’ve heard...about Taehyung and his situation,” Jungkook suddenly says and Seokjin’s smile falters. “We talk regularly and he told me about it.”

“Jungkook, this is something that we are currently trying to resolve so you don’t have to—”

“Don’t worry about me, hyung.” Jungkook looks at him knowingly. “I’ve already gotten over it.”

Seokjin frowns.

“Yoongi hyung did ask for my permission before he shared the story with you,” Jungkook explains with a small grin on his face. Seokjin becomes embarrassed so he opts to look away as he clears his throat nervously. “Other than collecting my pay, I’m actually here to pass a message from him. To you.”

“What?” Seokjin snorts. “He can just message me.”

“Oh please, he’s too romantic for that,” Jungkook chuckles and Seokjin cringes slightly at his words. “He told me that he’s already on it and he’ll make sure Taehyung will be fine.”

Seokjin could almost hear his voice saying all that and that makes his chest tighten and face heat up. He quickly lets out a soft grunt of acknowledgement and Jungkook chuckles again.

“Well, I believe in him so don’t worry about it,” Jungkook tells him before he gets up to leave.

After sending Jungkook off, Seokjin finds himself reeling from his emotions. He feels strangely comforted by Yoongi’s message but yet troubled at the same time because he doesn’t think he deserves it, not after what he has said to him.

No, not now, he thinks to himself.

He’ll figure this out when Taehyung’s issue is resolved.



Seokjin learns that Junghwan’s attachment to YHS will be at Taiwan so he’s flying off to settle his work visa with the Taiwan branch and also settle on lodging while he’s there. Although he’ll be back again to pack his stuff up, but he’s going to be gone and that thought saddens Seokjin.

Junghwan was a friend he had made long before Seokjin had joined BH Films, back when Seokjin was still an inexperienced art assistant, struggling to fit into the industry. They had formed a weird bond through sharing woes and grievances over late night suppers after shoots and also having each others backs if either of them screwed up on shoot.

He knows Junghwan’s move won’t be the end of their friendship, but he doesn’t like that he will be seeing him even less often, especially with their already hectic schedules.

Nevertheless, his friend’s happiness is the most important and he truly is glad that Junghwan finally gets a chance to prove himself.

At the airport while waiting with Junghwan before he checks in, Seokjin gets distracted while thinking of work and his inability to solve anything.

“You know, I was hoping that I can spend some quality time with my good old friend but I guess today’s not the day,” Junghwan quips. Seokjin breaks away from his thoughts and turns to Junghwan, giving him a gentle punch.

“Sorry,” Seokjin apologises with a small smile. “It’s just—so much has happened and I’m still trying to figure things out.”

Things ?” Junghwan wiggles his eyebrows. Seokjin scoffs as he tries to punch him again but Junghwan dodges it and cackles at him. “It’s not that tough. You’re just too stubborn. Your pride is getting in the way.”

Seokjin raises a brow. “And what are we talking about?”

“Do you want me to spell it out for you?” Junghwan teases with a smile that too wide for Seokjin’s liking. Seokjin relents and lets out a soft sigh. “You don’t have to think too hard. Just take a step back and you’ll see it.”

“See what?”

“What an idiot you’ve been!”


But maybe he’s right. Seokjin already knew the answer to his confusion. He’s just too stubborn to admit it. Too blinded by his pride.

They’re just too similar to each other.



After a week of damage control, Kihyun gets news that the episode was leaked. The office is shrouded in tension of fear and uncertainty because they are pretty small and YHS is too big for them to swallow. Any form of legal action taken against them would end them immediately. Not wanting the morale to be further aggravated, Kihyun and Namjoon lets the staff off for the day.

Seokjin obviously stays back, unwilling to leave his friends behind as they carry the weight of doom on their shoulders. As he pats Namjoon’s back, they both share a sad smile.

BH Films is their baby, a place they had built up from scratch, with nothing but their dreams and sweat. It was a dumb group they formed when they were all still in film school and Seokjin has watched how they all progressed, from shooting with measly school equipment to having their first grip truck. As BH Films got bigger, with more projects coming in, Namjoon and Kihyun wanted to make their project group into an actual production company. Seokjin did not hesitate when Namjoon reached out and he joined them instead of a more established company.

Seokjin is pissed at how their biggest chance became their possible end.

“You know, we had a good run,” Kihyun says as he walks into the office with some cheap wine. Seokjin grabs his mug and raises it to Kihyun who fills it up. “But I do hope they still air it because we sure did a damn good job with this. Might be our best.”

Namjoon lets out a chuckle as he fills his own ‘best director’ mug with wine.

“There’s really no way out of this?” Seokjin asks carefully as he takes a sip. Kihyun nods with disheartened smile.

“We did technically breached the contract, plus we leaked that out on the net. I don’t think we can go on with this stain on our reputation, especially when it’s tied to YHS,” Kihyun explains while Namjoon nods along with a small frown. Seokjin sighs loudly.

“If only I knew about that man earlier, this wouldn’t have happened.”

Namjoon shakes his head. “Seokjin, none of this is your fault, nor is it Taehyung’s. We didn’t check him out either and we were the ones who got him on the project. It’s our mistake.”

Seokjin chugs down the last of the wine.

“I’ll miss this place,” he mutters as he looks around wistfully, trying his hardest to remember every corner he sees.

They had fought hard but unfortunately things still didn’t work out. Seokjin starts to worry about how he is going to break the news to Taehyung.

“Are we having a party?”

A voice interrupts them and the three of them jerks their head towards the entrance. Namjoon gets up too hurriedly and his chair falls back while Seokjin and Kihyun stare in bewilderment.

“Jimin?” Namjoon questions hesitantly as though the man before him is a hallucination. Jimin smiles at them as though nothing had happened and enters the office like it’s like any other work day.

“You don’t really have to personally pass the letter from your lawyers, we aren’t in a rush to get that,” Namjoon says with a nervous voice. Jimin looks confused for a moment before realisation dawns on him.

“What? No!” Jimin exclaims and he pulls out a file. “I’m here to update you on changes for the series’ PR and marketing.”

“I don’t understand, why would there still be marketing for the series?” Kihyun says as he takes the file and quickly flips through it.

“You see, the leak is planned?” Jimin tries to explain but pauses before correcting himself. “No, it wasn’t planned... But we anticipated it because we had some sources on what Hyosang was going to do. So we are going make use of the attention that it’s going to get and ride on that momentum.”

“Does that mean Taehyung…” Seokjin mumbles out absently and Jimin nods cheerily.

“Yeah, he’s off the hook.”

Namjoon grabs Jimin’s hands and holds it, which surprises Jimin. Seokjin finds his body going limp and he heaves out a long sigh of relief.

“Thank you, you don’t know how much this means to us,” Namjoon says with a shaky voice.

Jimin shakes his head and squeezes Namjoon’s hands. He turns to Seokjin and gives him a knowing smile.

“He made sure that I came up with something that would save Taehyung and this project,” Jimin says. Seokjin furrows his brows, confused for a moment. “So I’m not the one that you should thank.”

Seokjin laughs awkwardly when Kikyun and Namjoon stares at him with confused eyes. But he gets what Jimin is trying to tell him.

“I’ll talk to him,” Seokjin quickly says as he breaks away from his friends’ questioning gazes.

“Good,” Jimin grins. He then turns and faces Namjoon. “And it’s good to see you again too.”

Namjoon stays frozen, sputtering out a soft ‘me too’ before looking away from Jimin.

“Just take a look through the file and we’ll talk when you’re done with it. We should have a meeting soon.” Jimin explains with a kind smile. “I guess I’ll leave and let you three do your work.”

The three of them nod dumbly at Jimin who laughs in return. When Jimin finally leaves, the three of them sit in silence, still stunned by the turn of events. Kihyun looks as though he has a million and one questions to ask Seokjin but he doesn’t probe. Namjoon just seems really dazed and distracted.

“Should we all leave the office too?” Kihyun asks softly. Seokjin grabs the half-finished bottle of wine.

“Yes, we should since you both have to look through that file,” Seokjin points out.

“That’s my wine,” Kihyun says pointedly but Seokjin just shrugs and makes sure that he leaves the office with it.

After a few rounds of it in the comforts of his own home, he makes use of the liquid courage that he had gotten from the cheap wine and sends a quick text to Yoongi.


thank you


Seokjin reminds himself that he still owes him an actual face-to-face thank you but he isn’t sure if he’s ready to talk to him yet. Seokjin receives a reply almost immediately after his text.


Told you he’d be fine. I’m glad it’s over.



After the scary episode with the leak, Kihyun has been busy trying to settle the legal side while making sure that there will be changes in their management to help prevent that from happening again. Namjoon’s meetings with YHS become more frequent, mostly to talk about the promotional events that he will be participating with the cast and also probably because Jimin is leading the meetings. According to Kihyun, Jimin got assigned back onto the project, much to Hyungwon’s relief.  

Seokjin is at their storage unit, busy going through their current props and costumes to collate them all into a list so they can decide which to keep or throw since BH Films financially stable enough to be able to get newer props or costumes for future projects.

But since it was a task he had created to get through post production, the wardrobe department wasn’t pleased about it so Seokjin agreed to take one for the entire team. It’s pretty nice, using work once more to divert his attention away from his issues. Also, the colour grading sessions for the episodes started a week ago which means that Yoongi will be in the office often, with Namjoon and their colourist, Seulgi.

In general, being productive in the storeroom seems much more appealing than rotting in the office while streaming b-grade films on Netflix or suffering the unbearable tension between Yoongi and him whenever Yoongi comes to the office.

So what if Seokjin is a coward? He isn’t ashamed of it. Besides, distance is good, especially when you blew your chance with someone you might or might not have feelings for.

Seokjin stops looking at his checklist as he presses the nib of his pen against the paper, albeit too hard, and the ink seeps through.

Seokjin shakes his head to get rid of that notion. He won’t dare to admit his feelings, not with how he is having difficulties facing Yoongi.

Seeing how much he has collated, Seokjin thinks it’s enough for the day. It’s pretty late, Yoongi has probably left the office already. So he gathers his papers and laptop before heading back.

Bad mistake.

Yoongi is seated on their very worn out leather couch, chatting with Kihyun and Namjoon. The office is mostly empty since office hours are over so it baffles Seokjin why he would still be here. It’s alright, he tells himself, it’s not the first time they had cross paths at BH Films.

He can handle this.

Seokjin breathes in sharply as he pushes the glass door and enters. Kihyun notices him and waves him over.

“You have been doing this for the past week, are you almost done?” Kihyun asks and Seokjin passes him some of this excel sheets.

“I guess so. I’m done with Wardrobe’s side but I still have to check the condition of some items from my side. I’ll give you the list of things we should stock up,” Seokjin says but his voice trails off when he notices Yoongi looking in his direction. He forces a smile out and nods at Yoongi. “Uh, hi.”

“Hi,” Yoongi replies softly, nodding back at him. Kihyun seems to notice the awkwardness between them so he clears his throat loudly.

“So, we were just telling Yoongi that Taehyung’s coming back tomorrow and how YHS managed to get hold of Hyosang’s IP address and they are currently gathering evidence to sue him,” Kihyun explains.

“Oh right, he’s coming back tomorrow. In fact, I’m supposed to meet him for dinner later. I guess I have to rush off now,” Seokjin lies quickly.

Yoongi gives him a stiff smile.

Seokjin feels bad for leaving him so quickly but he can’t cope with how his chest is always tightening whenever he sees or how he can’t look into his eyes without his ears getting red.

“It’s good seeing you again, Yoongi,” Seokjin says to him before leaving to put his stuff at his table. As he settles down at his seat, he realises how much he misses him and his voice.

Seokjin grunts out in frustration as he packs his bag in a rush, wanting to get out of there before he does anything stupid. Seokjin receives a text from Yoongi when he is out of the office.


Don’t overwork yourself.


Seokjin hates himself for being so difficult.



A bag of snacks is dropped onto Seokjin’s lap. Seokjin stops typing and looks at it with a frown, prodding at it with his finger skeptically. His frown changes into a grin as he clucks his tongue in disapproval.

“Where are my Mars bars? I told you I don’t really like Snickers,” Seokjin says as he looks behind.

Taehyung is standing behind him, staring at him with slightly glassy eyes. Seokjin notices that he has lost some weight and that made his chest ache a little.

“Hyung!” Taehyung exclaims and throws himself onto top of Seokjin, wrapping his arms around his shoulders.

“God, you’re heavy,” He mumbles but still smiles as he pats Taehyung’s head.

“I was sad when I didn’t see you in the office! I thought something happened but Kihyun said you were here, doing stocktaking,” Taehyung rambles on as he shifts away from Seokjin and sits down next to him. He then stops and crinkles his face in disgust. “You hate stocktaking!”

Seokjin laughs nervously. “Well, I kind of like it now.”

“Oh really?” Taehyung questions with a skeptical squint. “What’s going on?”

Seokjin stiffens a little but he keeps his face neutral. “Nothing really. I just figured that we should do this before we get busy.”

Taehyung doesn’t look convinced.

“Nevermind about me, it’s almost lunch! Let's go out of the building and eat something good to celebrate your return!”

“Oh sure! I’ll ask Jungkook and Yoongi Hyung to join us! They’re at the office right now!”

“Jungkook and Yoongi?” Seokjin sputters out and he grabs onto Taehyung’s arm. “Can’t we go out on our own?”

“I knew it…” Taehyung frowns a little. “You still hate Yoongi hyung, don’t you? Come on, he’s a decent guy and Jungkook really likes him! Jungkook told me all about Hyo—”

Taehyung’s voice trails off and his face darkens a little.

“Alright, let’s have a meal with them then! My treat!” Seokjin immediately exclaims when he senses Taehyung’s change in mood. “I’ll just have to pack all this up first.”

“I’ll help,” Taehyung mutters as he bends over and gathers the papers up.

They both walk back to the office in silence. Seokjin wishes that Taehyung hadn’t gone through this entire ordeal and that they could somehow get back at Hyosang for all the pain he had inflicted onto him.

Yerim rushes to him the moment they enter the office, her face is flushed and eyes panicky.

“You know how the clients are here for the client viewing of the first few episodes? Well, shit’s going down. Jimin just asked to speak with Namjoon privately,” She starts to explain as she grabs onto Seokjin’s shoulders, shaking him slightly. “What’s going on?”

“Uh, where’s Kihyun?” Seokjin asks instead, trying to stay calm.

Yerim points in the direction of the meeting room and Seokjin sees Kihyun pressing his ear against the door. He lets out a resigned sigh.

“Okay, let’s all go out for lunch to welcome Taehyung back into the team! Kihyun’s treating!”

Everyone starts cheering as Kihyun immediately breaks away from the door, gaping at Seokjin indignantly.

Hearing the loud cheers, Yoongi and Seulgi emerge from the editing suite. Seokjin notices that Yoongi’s wearing a very familiar oversized jacket.

It was the one he had lent him when they shared an Uber together. Instead of feeling annoyed that he hasn’t returned the jacket to him, he is getting overwhelmed with adoration for Yoongi and likes how it fits on him a little too much.

As Seulgi eyes the commotion with a questioning look, Yoongi simply smiles, amused by the chaos. Seokjin watches him from afar, finding it hard to peel his eyes away from him.

Oh god, I really do like him , Seokjin realises as his lips mirror the smile on Yoongi’s lips.

“What about the viewing?” Hyungwon asks, dampening the mood with a reminder of their actual task. Seokjin internally groans.

“I’m sure Jimin can handle it,” Yoongi assures him curtly.

When Hyungwon backs down almost immediately, Seokjin turns to Yoongi and gives him a thankful smile. Yoongi just shrugs and smiles back. As the staff all gather to leave for the impromptu lunch celebration, Seokjin decides to takes the chance and makes his way towards Yoongi.

“Will you be joining us?” He blurts out, taking the first step forward but Yoongi shakes his head.

“Go and have fun with the rest. I’ll be fine,” He says and Seokjin’s smile falls a little after hearing his words. Yoongi seems to notice that.

“I still have some cuts to view with Seulgi, so yeah,” Yoongi explains to Seokjin as he scratches his head with a sheepish look.

It’s not you, it’s really work, Yoongi seems to be saying. Seokjin chuckles out and nods at Yoongi while feeling relieved that that isn’t a flat rejection from him.

“It’s alright, I’ll just make sure Jungkook gets something for you and Seulgi to eat,” Seokjin promises.

Yoongi pats his arm as casually as he can before he walks away to work again. When Seokjin joins to the rest of the team, Taehyung looks at him strangely, as though he had found out about Seokjin’s secret. But they don’t talk about it.

When Seokjin returns to the storeroom after lunch, he receives a couple of incoherent texts from Namjoon and one from Yoongi.


Thanks for the food.


Seokjin smiles as he closes Yoongi’s message and starts reading through Namjoon’s emoji filled messages.



Seokjin started to fall into this comfortable routine of messaging Yoongi. Although, they only text a few times a day and the messages usually are short but they mean a lot to Seokjin.


Have you eaten?

My eyes are tired…


i ate with taehyung

take a break !


Seokjin thinks that the messages are enough and doesn’t really dare to want more since he’s still embarrassed about the things he had said and done to Yoongi. He realises that it’s hard to speak to Yoongi or even look at him when they meet face to face. He spent so long disliking Yoongi, he wonders if his body got too conditioned into acting that way toward him.  

He used to mock Yoongi for his awkwardness but now karma’s hitting him back and it sucks, especially when Seokjin had just figured his feelings towards Yoongi. Seokjin’s eternally grateful for technology for helping him deal with his mess.

Yoongi and Namjoon rarely comes out of Seulgi’s editing suite, but it’s not surprising since they are rushing to complete the episodes since the airing dates got shifted forward due to the leak. The public’s reaction towards the series was overwhelmingly positive and Kihyun is having a hard time juggling all the PR calls.

Since Kihyun has been so busy, Seokjin took over his role of entertaining the clients whenever they are at the office for the viewing sessions of the completed episodes. It’s usually manageable since Seokjin had gotten fairly close with Jimin and Hyungwon’s usual snide remarks died down and his criticism towards the show actually are constructive.

Seokjin’s life is finally starting to settle down and all is calm.

Or so he thinks.

During lunch, Seokjin receives an urgent call from Yerim.

“You got to come back to the office right now. It’s an emergency!” Yerim’s panic-stricken voice spills out of his phone. Seokjin frowns as he presses the phone harder against his ear.

“What? But I’m having lunch!”

“Kihyun’s not in the office and—” Yerim lets out a shaky sigh. “He’s here.”

“Who is?” Seokjin asks, voice careful as uneasiness fills his stomach.

Mr Yang.”

Seokjin quickly assures Yerim that he’ll be back soon before hanging up the call. He then gets up from his table to return his tray, feeling a little heartbroken for throwing away his half-eaten meal. He thinks about how freaked out Yerim is and is thankful for the crappy shared cafeteria in the building. It’ll only take him an elevator trip and a couple of minutes to get back to their office.

As he rushes into the office, Seokjin sees Yerim and Sooyoung pacing around nervously while Taehyung already looks shaken.

“Why is he here? I thought Jimin and Hyungwon were coming after lunch?” Seokjin asks Yerim and she shrugs tiredly.

“Kihyun’s unreachable and you’re the only one who can handle him. But please don’t… piss him off. Kihyun’s gonna kill you if you rile him up.”

Seokjin snorts. “I can’t help it if he’s going to be an asshole.”

“Well, damage is already done,” Yerim whispers as she gestures at Taehyung who’s sulking a little. “I managed to get Mr Yang away from Taehyung before it got worse. He’s in the meeting room.”

“Got it. We’re viewing episode six today?”

“Yeah, good luck,” Yerim gives him a curt salute before she opens the door. Seokjin takes a deep breath and enters.

“Hello, Mr Yang,” Seokjin greets with fake politeness and a very forced smile. Mr Yang swirls his chair around to face him.

“Oh, it’s you,” says Mr Yang and Seokjin wills himself to not show his annoyance at the sharpness of his nasal voice.

“Kihyun is occupied with some external errands and Namjoon is busy with the colour grading. I’ll be accompanying you for the episode viewing,” Seokjin explains as he makes his way towards him. He pulls the nearest chair and sits down, albeit stiffly since Mr Yang’s judging him very openly.

“I’m not here for any episode viewing. Why would I be doing such a silly task? I have far more important things to do then to waste my time and watch a low quality production.”

Seokjin clenches his teeth and smiles wider. “Oh, then why are you here? How can we help you?”

“Yoongi is very talented and a very important asset to YHS.”

Seokjin hums and nods. “And?”

“Whatever your pathetic company is trying to do, stop it or I’ll get serious,” Mr Yang warns as he leans back in his chair, tilting his head haughtily.

“We aren’t doing anything other than finishing up the series that your company invested in.”

“Don’t play dumb. Yoongi is refusing to re-sign with YHS and it’s probably your company’s doing. I should have known better than to allow this pointless collaboration to happen. Companies like yours would bound to close down in a couple of years if not for our support. This is not the way to show gratitude.”

“Are you implying that we are poaching Min Yoongi?” Seokjin scoffs.

“Your company will not help him in his career. In fact, how can BH Films be worthy of someone like Yoongi? Drop the act and let Yoongi go, or else I’ll take this as an offense and I’ll make sure this company closes down in a year’s time.”

Seokjin crosses his arms and chuckles, finding his predicament absurd.

“With all due respect, you think too highly of my company’s capability in poaching Min Yoongi. I don’t even think we can afford him.”

“Nonsense, it was Yoongi’s idea to collaborate with BH Films. He insisted that we should invest in this ridiculous project. There’s something going on between your company and Yoongi.”

Seokjin furrows his brows. “What do you mean Yoongi’s idea? Wasn’t Jimin the one who pitched us?”

“Jimin’s position in YHS isn’t that high enough to influence my management’s judgement.”

Seokjin runs a hand through his black hair as he tries to understand Mr Yang’s words. Yoongi did mention it was his own choice in choosing to work with them on the project but he didn’t know it was him who pushed the idea of a collaboration to the great YHS. He lets out a soft laugh.

In the end, it all leads back to Min Yoongi.

“I see that you’re obviously kept out of the loop. I can’t believe they sent me a useless staff to talk to. Just tell your boss not to play tricks with my company or this won’t end well.”

Seokjin gets up from his chair, his smile is long gone and his face blank. He throws open the door, revealing the crowd of staff that has gathered outside the meeting room.

“I’ll like to repeat myself and insist that you’re overestimating us. In fact, you have insulted me in every possible way and I have nothing else to say to you. I must ask you to leave immediately.”

Mr Yang gapes at Seokjin’s audacity to even mutter out such words.

“I have never been treated like this in my entire life,” Mr Yang mutters out incredulously. “The collaboration is off!”

Mr Yang storms past the staff and out of the office. Seokjin is still standing, shaking with the adrenaline of having stood so firmly up for the company and himself. Namjoon and Yoongi emerges from the editing suite.

“Seokjin, what on earth is going on?” Namjoon asks in horror as he realises the office’s state of unruliness.

“Just a small misunderstanding with Mr Yang. I—” Seokjin’s eyes meet with Yoongi’s concerned ones and he feels his heart dropping as guilt overcomes him. “I-I’m sorry. I have to leave.”

Seokjin quickly walks past the crowd, ignoring the calls of his name as he exits the office.

Everything is falling apart again and it’s all his fault.



Seokjin has been rotting in the confined space of his own bedroom for the past few days, snacking on whatever he had stashed in his room and occasionally going to the bathroom to wash up or drink the tap water.

He’s embarrassed and feeling extra guilty from the events of that day. Although he may have been proud of what he did, the consequences of his actions have him feeling bad. But honestly, him shutting himself at home and skipping out on work made him feel worse because it’s cowardly. After all, he’s running away from his emotional turmoil again. He hasn’t touched his phone since he ran out of the office. Not only did he mess up his own career, he ruined a perfectly fine collaboration that his friends’ company depends heavily on, and possibly the future of the guy he likes.

How much worse can this get?

Just as Seokjin is about to munch on the last of his almonds, his bedroom door slams open and Seokjin drops them in shock.

Obviously, Seokjin had forgotten that he had once given Taehyung the security pin to his home. A full blown confrontation from the people he had been avoiding for days is definitely the perfect way to go. He already feels worse than he already is.

“This is an intervention!” Taehyung yells aggressively as he steps in. Namjoon flinches at Taehyung’s voice and smacks him gently at the back of his head.

“We’ve talked about this! We are approaching him gently!” Namjoon whispers loudly. Kihyun just snorts and pushes past the both of them.

“You’re getting out of bed,” Kihyun simply says before smacking the rest of Seokjin’s almonds to the floor. “God, this entire room stinks of sadness.”

“Am I not fired?” Seokjin mutters out as he stares at his friends in bewilderment. Kihyun snorts again as he crouches next to Seokjin. He flicks Seokjin’s forehead.

“You think too little of us. You had our backs when the episode was leaked out, why wouldn’t we be here for you?”

“Yeah!” Taehyung echoes after Kihyun and Namjoon glares at him to be quiet which he does so sheepishly.

Kihyun lets out a soft sigh. “Besides, Yerim told us what happened and I’m glad you told him off. He’s a major douche. But I still wished you could have done it in a more subtle way that wouldn’t hurt—”

“Just ignore him, he’s bullshitting. Luckily, Kihyun had sense to add certain clauses into our contract with YHS when we were signing it because he’s shrewd like that. So technically, Mr Yang can’t break the contract up that easily,” Namjoon explains calmly.

Seokjin looks up at his friends. Namjoon is staring at him with a gentle smile while Taehyung looks like he had been crying or hadn’t had any proper sleep for days. Kihyun looks fine but his eyebags say otherwise.

Despite his many flaws as a human and how disgusting he probably looks right now, Seokjin thinks that he really lucked out in this life, seeing how he’s surrounded by supportive friends who choose to overlook all the bad bits of him.

“I’m embarrassed,” Seokjin mumbles as he covers his face with his hands. “Why didn’t you tell me about this?”

Kihyun shrugs.“Well, maybe if you didn’t let your phone die—”

“No! Not that! All the things I could have said to him! I can’t believe it! That was probably my only chance to do it!” Seokjin rambles out.

The three of them stare at him in shock before they all burst into laughter. Taehyung then rushes forward to hug him tightly.

“Don’t ever disappear on us again,” Taehyung mumbles against his shoulder and Seokjin finds himself tearing up a little but he quickly wipes the stray tear away and snorts gently at Taehyung.

“I won’t,” Seokjin promises as he pats Taehyung’s back. Kihyun lets out a grunt of disgust.

“He’s gross right now, let him bathe before you go all emotional on him or you’re going to stink too.”

“Hey!” Seokjin glares at Kihyun who just roll his eyes with a small smile on his face. Taehyung loosens his arms around Seokjin and lets him stand up.

“After your long shower, we’re going out for dinner,” Namjoon says. Seokjin hums as he slowly makes his way to the bathroom.

His doorbell rings.

“Did you leave someone behind before you all came here?” Seokjin grumbles to his friends as he changes direction and opens his front door instead.

Lo and behold, Min Yoongi is standing before him, snuggled cozily in his black sweater and beanie, his glasses resting on the bridge of his nose.

Seokjin gapes at him before slamming the door shut.

“What the actual hell,” he mutters as he turns around to face his friends. “Did you invite Yoongi here too?”

Namjoon and Kihyun shakes their heads profusely while Taehyung exclaims gleefully.

“He’s here? Wow, so that’s why he asked for your address,” Taehyung says. Seokjin gapes again at Taehyung.

“I’m going to move houses and when I do, I’ll never reveal anything to you!” Seokjin breathes out as he cards his hands into his hair and paces around his living room. “I can’t believe you! Why is he here?”

“I don’t get it. You hate him and he doesn’t really have any business with you. Why would he be here?” Kihyun questions out loud. Namjoon shifts uncomfortably while Taehyung gives Seokjin a smug smile.

“Well, it’s not my place to explain but Seokjin, you shouldn’t leave him hanging outside,” Taehyung says nonchalantly. Seokjin shoots Taehyung a sharp glare.

His heart is still beating erratically from the shock of seeing him and he’s mad at himself, for feeling that tinge of happiness just from that short glance of Yoongi. He realises how much he had missed him and it’s driving him nuts.

“I-I’ll be back,” Seokjin finally says before turning around to face the inevitable once again. He slowly opens the door, secretly hoping that maybe Yoongi left after he slammed that door in his face.

But no, he’s still there, hands tucked into the pockets of his pants and nose slightly flushed, probably from standing in the cold for too long, and his gaze still unwavering. Seokjin’s heart swells pathetically with his feelings of endearment for Yoongi. Seokjin brushes his fingers through his fringe, hoping to retain whatever dignity he has left, and to look decent enough for him.

He lets the door close behind him.

“Sorry for slamming the door, I wasn’t expecting you,” Seokjin starts nervously.

“It’s okay, since I’m intruding but I hope you don’t mind me being here,” Yoongi chuckles softly. “I just needed to talk to you and you weren’t exactly the easiest to reach out to these past few days.”

“I’m sorry about that,” Seokjin apologises again and Yoongi shakes his head.

Yoongi looks a little hesitant, or perhaps afraid, but Seokjin doesn’t blame him since the last time they’ve talked like this, he had rejected him blatantly. So Seokjin decides to speak first.

“Yoongi,” Seokjin breathes out, “I know I’ve not been the easiest person to approach. All the things that you have done for me, despite me being me, I don’t think my thank yous would ever make up for it.”

Yoongi blinks at Seokjin’s unexpected gratitude. “I-I never expected for you to find out what I did or what you think I did for you because I know you’ll hate it or find it unnecessary.”

Yoongi takes a step forward.

“When I heard what my boss said to you, I had to explain things to you.”

“It’s your decision, I don’t think I have any right to interfere,” Seokjin says. “But I hope what I said to him didn’t damage your career or reputation. That’s the last thing I would want to do to you.”

“I know. That’s why I’m here to tell you that you didn’t,” Yoongi’s lips curves into a small smile. “And that I’m not actually some selfless hero that you think I am.”


“Firstly, my decision to no re-sign with YHS isn’t influenced by me wanting to be with you, I’m very professional and I separate my personal life from work. I’ve also heard from Taehyung that you thought my work has gotten stale ever since I started working for YHS.”

Seokjin groans. “Please don’t hang out with Taehyung, he has no filter.”

“But you’re right,” Yoongi lets out a chuckle. “Creatively, I have been stagnant and too complacent, especially with all the big projects that I have gotten from YHS. I want to push myself more and I can see myself doing that with Namjoon’s scripts. We’ve been talking a lot since we’re always together in the same editing suite. That guy has a brilliant mind. I like it.”

Seokjin snorts. “Yeah, he’s brilliant. That’s why I’d rather stay at BH Films than to go anywhere else.”

The both of them stand in comfortable silence.

Yoongi then clears his throat. “I-I plan to go freelance. I’ll have more freedom to choose what I want to do and my rates would be more flexible. YHS overcharges but I don’t really give a fuck about money.”

Seokjin never would have expected to hear those words come out of Min Yoongi’s mouth months ago but here they are, standing in the cold and staring at each other with smiles on their faces.

“Also, I’d like to clarify with what Mr Yang said about me pushing to collaborate with BH Films. Initially, you were a huge reason why I wanted the collaboration to happen but then I saw Namjoon’s script and that sealed the deal for me. He made me feel things for a stupid purple puppy and that’s pretty amazing.”

Yoongi takes another step closer.

“But you do know that whatever I did, it’s because of my feelings for you. If you don’t wish to accept them, I won’t force it on you and I will keep our relationship strictly professional—”

“I hate it when you get all serious,” Seokjin mumbles out as he leans closer to Yoongi. Yoongi furrows his brows in confusion. Seokjin rolls his eyes and cups the side of Yoongi’s flushed face. “It makes me like you more.”

“What?” Yoongi splutters out shyly.

“Honestly, you’re probably the most confusing person I’ve ever met and I didn't like being confused so I hated you for that,” Seokjin starts explaining and he sees Yoongi deflating a little. “But then I realised that it wasn’t hate that I felt for you and that took me a while to come to terms with, since I’m a stubborn dumbass like you.”

Yoongi gives him the widest grin and Seokjin’s chest tightens at the sight of it.

“Would you still want to be with someone like me?” Seokjin asks with a nervous smile.

“I’m sure it’ll be more fun if we’re being dumbasses together.” Yoongi chuckles and leans closer to Seokjin. Seokjin reaches out to remove his glasses before leaning in to press their lips together.

He’s a mess, he hasn’t washed his hair in days and he probably reeks. Yoongi’s lips are chapped and too cold but he smells too good, compared to him. This isn’t perfect but yet it feels perfect.

Seokjin is happy.



“I thought Seokjin hated Yoongi!” Yerim exclaims as she watches the two of them squeeze next to each other in the corner of the extremely small meeting room. “I don’t believe my eyes.”

Taehyung shrugs. “You aren’t exactly seeing anything explicit though. They’re just sitting next to each other.”

“And you’re blind, as usual,” Yerim scoffs as she crosses her arms. “Look at how their hands are almost touching. Shouldn’t they be more focused on what Namjoon’s saying or presenting? Instead, they’re just eye-fucking each other every time their eyes meet, which by the way happens every five seconds. I’m sick of them already.”

“You’re strangely observant and that’s scary,” Taehyung shudders and moves away from Yerim.

“Well, you should be.” Yerim flips her hair. “That’s why I’m so good at my job.”

“Guys, I’d appreciate if your attention was on the screen and not elsewhere,” Kihyun says loudly as he watches the two youngsters from the corner of his eyes. Yerim and Taehyung straighten their back and shut their mouths promptly.

Seokjin smirks at Taehyung and Yerim before leaning against Yoongi’s side.

“Hey, you’re too distracting. Namjoon’s glaring at us,” Yoongi whispers softly as he tries to shift away from Seokjin. Seokjin frowns and moves closer to Yoongi.  

“He’s just jealous that we’re sitting together. Besides, I have the copy of the slides and I’ve already made notes on it. I can afford to be distracted by you,” Seokjin explains as he glares back at Namjoon who quickly looks away. “Besides, I’ve not seen you in days. I like sitting next to you.”

Yoongi smiles and reaches out to hold Seokjin’s hand.

“Wait, isn’t this too bold?” Seokjin whispers loudly as he tries to shake Yoongi’s hand away. Yoongi intertwines their fingers together instead of letting go.

“We’re in the corner, no one’s looking. Besides, I like to hold your hand.”

Seokjin chuckles softly as he squeezes Yoongi’s hand.

“Do you not see that?” Yerim whispers and nudges Taehyung urgently with wide eyes. Taehyung simply shrugs and chooses to bury his face into his notebook.

He doesn’t tell Yerim about the Jeju vacation that Yoongi and Seokjin went on a week ago.