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“Thank you so much for coming to watch us last week,” Shou says, smiling at Sakura as they sit together on her couch; glancing at the walking stick that rests on the floor, his smile fades and he adds, “After everything that, you know, happened, I’m still sort of surprised you want—”

“Shou, enough!” Sakura says, grasping his hand and squeezing tightly; she looks into his eyes, her voice firm as she says, “Enough of this guilt you keep heaping on yourself – I’m not angry with you, I’m getting more mobile with every physiotherapy session, and everything is okay now – just, please, stop beating yourself up because of the accident.”

Shou sighs and squeezes her hand back, before leaning over, kissing her forehead and whispering, “Sorry… but, thank you.”