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yoongi loves the way taehyung holds his hand.

taheyung’s entire hand is covering yoongi’s, warm, but never just resting there, playing with his fingers and caressing the back of his hand. it’s natural for them, routine, but it’s still so special to yoongi, how taehyung draws two fingers over his palm and links their pinkies.

“it’s unfair,” taehyung mutters, “we don’t even get a night.”

yoongi scoots a little closer on the bed, nose nuzzling into taehyung’s neck, and pushing his hair up to press kisses to his neck. taehyung smells good. a little stuffy from the plane, like too much cologne, like sweat, like hasn’t showered since turkey, but he smells like taehyung and home and warmth and love and yoongi presses his cheek into his back.

“just don’t think about it,” he mutters, “we’ll be back home together before you know it.”

taehyung shifts around to wrap his limbs around yoongi and tuck him under his chin, pressing his nose into his hair. yoongi suppresses a soft giggle. when they were younger, taehyung’s clinginess sometimes bothered him, he used to hate physical closeness and taehyung’s need for it frustrated him sometimes. sometimes he snapped at taehyung for not leaving him alone. now he can’t live without it. he doesn’t know how, but kim taehyung changed him. it started with holding his hand, with borrowing his shirts, with just sitting at the table with him, paying company at the kitchen table when he got home late. it continued with taehyung visiting him in his studio, bribing the code out of jungkook with instant noodles and candy and video game time until yoongi just gave him the code himself. taehyung always brought him food, soup, sometimes meat, sometimes rice cakes, sometimes he’d bring coke. sometimes he’d just sit there and watch yoongi work, sometimes he left immediately after, because he had vocal practice or dance practice or he met up with one of his dozens of friends. one day yoongi just asked for his opinion on songs he was writing. it took taehyung some time to start being honest with yoongi and not just praise everything he does because he admires him so, so much.

one day, without meaning to, taehyung kissed yoongi goodbye. it wasn’t a big deal, technically. taehyung kissed everyone goodbye. he kisses and he gets kissed, but he never reacted the way he did when he pulled away from yoongi’s hair.

yoongi laughs into taehyung’s chest at the memory.

“mhm?” taehyung makes.

“nothing,” yoongi replies but taehyung nudges him and if yoongi felt like moving and looked up right now he would probably see taehyung pouting.

“you were such a dork when you kissed me.”

taehyung was a blushing and stuttering mess, blurting out an “i like you,” before yoongi could even say anything. he just ran away and ignored yoongi’s phone call and made him confess over text.

that was years ago. now yoongi can’t imagine life without taehyung. he can’t imagine sleeping in hotels without knowing that taehyung has the key card to his room and is going to climb into his bed around 2am and cuddling him back to sleep like a koala baby. he can’t imagine how he survived in his studio without taehyung’s reminders to eat and drink water and get up and stretch every now and then.

he giggles and he looks up and sees taehyung is grinning too.

“come here,” taehyung whispers and yoongi leans up and lets taehyung kiss him.

taehyung kisses him softly, pushing his lips against yoongi’s. his mouth is warm and comforting and his hands are wandering over his body, caressing, not demanding. this isn’t going anywhere, this is just taehyung letting yoongi know how much he’s missed him. how much he loves him. yoongi opens his mouth and lets taehyung in, letting him pull his lower lip between his teeth. taehyung sighs into his mouth when yoongi’s hands find his cheek.

“i’ll miss you,” taehyung whispers and presses a few more kisses to yoongi’s lips. yoongi closes his eyes and just lets taehyung press more kisses to his face.

“promise me you’ll have fun, yeah?”

taehyung nods and leans into yoongi’s body again. it’s hot in malta, cuddling should be awful, but yoongi never felt more comfortable than when taehyung holds him like that.

“i love you, so much,” taehyung mutters.

and they say that a lot, to each other, to fans, to family. every other tweet or fancafe post starts or ends with ‘i love you’. but it doesn’t lose its meaning, not when taehyung says it like that. the last time he told taehyung was on jimin’s video message, on the boat. he made a show out of it, to make taehyung laugh. he hasn’t told taehyung he loves him in 24 hours.

“i love you, too,” yoongi replies, “i can’t even describe it.”

taehyung smiles but there’s a sadness in his eyes and yoongi pulls him closer. with everything that happened, he wishes he could be there for taehyung better, more, he wishes he could stay here and hold his hand and show him valetta. but he should go, they all said so.

“we’ll facetime every day, okay?”

taehyung nods.


taehyung nods again.

“don’t be sad.”

taehyung nods again, “i missed you,” he says again.

“we’re here now.”

taehyung nods and kisses him again, tender and lingering. yoongi smiles into the kiss and just continues to play with his hair.

he shouldn’t nap now, he won’t be able to sleep on the plane later, but he can’t keep his eyes open. yoongi never feels more peaceful, never more at ease than when he has taehyung in his arms. it used to be a real problem for him, years back, his insomnia. taehyung helped. he always helped.

seokjin wakes them because yoongi needs to leave in an hour. he gives them a warm smile and squeezes their legs. he knows how hard this is for them, he doesn’t coo and he doesn’t take photos like usual when they get caught cuddling like this.

“be downstairs in ten minutes, okay? hoseok and jungkook made food.”

taehyung nods sleepily and presses at least a million small kisses to yoongi’s face to wake him up. yoongi moans in the back of his throat. he really doesn’t feel like moving, when he could just stay right here with taehyung. maybe if he takes the batteries out of his watch time will stop passing and they won’t have to say goodbye in a few moments.

“come on, little stone, food,” taehyung mutters and yoongi snorts.

“what was that?”

“little stone?”

“what the hell, taehyung.”

taehyung presses kisses to yoongi’s face, “it’s cute, don’t be mean.”

yoongi pouts like he pouts when he wants to be kissed and taehyung complies with a smile.

taehyung pulls him into his lap, because he can manhandle yoongi if he wants to, and sometimes that is really hot instead of just inconvenient. like right now, when he really doesn’t want to wake up.

yoongi blinks his eyes open slowly. he feels so heavy all over, with sleep and his body just doesn’t want to go anywhere that isn’t within one meter of taehyung’s body heat. on the nightstand of his bed is his hat. the silly floppy one he bought with seokjin. he thought taehyung would really like it.

“did you bring a hat?” he asks into taehyung’s neck. they’re sitting up now, softly swaying from left to right. they still have seven minutes.

taehyung hums, “multiple.”

“wear mine,” yoongi says.

taehyung hums again, “only if you get up now, you need to eat before your flight.”

yoongi groans dramatically when he moves himself out of taehyung’s warm lap and into the cold, climatised of the rest of the bedroom.

“remember to turn the cameras on again later,” yoongi tells him when he washes his face and double checks if he has everything. but knowing taehyung he’s probably stolen at least three of his shirts already. he doesn’t mind.

“mhm,” taehyung mutters, “i’ll come with you to the airport,” and snakes his arms around yoongi’s waist.

“as much as i’d love that,” yoongi says and leans into the kisses taehyung peppers over his neck, trying to tattoo that feeling into his memory so he has something to live off of the next few days.

“you’re going to cry, and then i’m going to cry, and then that’s going to be aired.”

taehyung stops kissing him then.

“are they really sending a camera man with you?”

yoongi nods, taehyung sighs.

“okay,” he whispers.


goodbye, hyung,” taehyung mutters into his neck, presses another kiss into his hairline, his eyes are a little glossy in the mirror.

 yoongi wishes that he could be there for him right now, more than anything.

“love you.”

“love you, too, tae.”