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Your mother always told you to never judge a book by its cover and as far as advice went – you never actually listed to her. Like any typical teenager. Years later you would come to the realization, that she had been right.


To say you and Kim Namjoon were two very different people would have been an understatement. He was everything you were not – nerdy, awkward and also a touch of weird. He took classes like philosophy and world literature just for fun, seeing that none of these two had anything to do with his double Major he did in Quantum physics and Mathematics. And alone the fact that he did two of the hardest courses to begin with and still he had time, energy or motivation to add even more was astonishing you.


But you were told that Kim Namjoon was a genius with an IQ way, way above average. Which might explain why he seemed to have no problems with either his double Major or his additional courses.


Your circles never crossed but that didn’t mean you didn’t know who he was. You had seen him around campus, had heard a thing or two of friends of yours who shared a class with him and knew that he was just the epitome of a stereotypical nerd – glasses with thick frames and a certain quirky dress style included. He seemed awkward with girls – or people in general. You knew he had friends – not the typical nerd ones either – and you had seen him around parties here and there but you had never talked to him. Why should you? Or rather, what would you discuss to begin with? With his IQ and your barely existing general knowledge it would probably have been hard to find common ground for conversations.


In Hollywood-teen-movie terms, you’d be the typical popular, cheerleader type of person and he’d be cast as the ‘nerd’ who at worst would have been made fun of as well and never was invited to the ‘cool parties’. Whatever they were.


Speaking of parties… they would be the cause for you rather new outlook on him eventually.



As far as parties went you weren’t the typical college girl that seemed to be doing all the partying she could and then skipped courses the next day for sleeping in. But you had a fair share of parties you went to. You knew a lot of people and somehow that was always a reason for a good night out. Reasons varied and sometimes were more like an excuse than actual reason.

Today the reason was as simple as a guy you had your eyes set on. Brad was in the football team, on a stipendium as well and was actually ticking all the boxes that screamed jock! And that wasn’t all he ticked. He was popular with the girls on campus and stories left and right all suggested his qualities in a different kind of sportive activity. Hollywood-Teen-movie term wise, he was the jock that always got the most popular girl – and probably also was an ass. But that’s a different story.

A friend of yours – who was fittingly enough on the cheerleader squad – had mentioned that Brad would be at this party tonight. Someone had said it was a birthday party but you weren’t really sure and quite honestly it also didn’t matter.  There always was a reason for a party on campus, even if the reason was the birthday of someone’s pet or because the moon was extra bright tonight.


Arriving at the party shortly after 9 it didn’t take you long to find Brad. He was surrounded by pretty much every pretty girl college had to offer and seemed to enjoy the attention very much. But then again you didn’t know an athlete or a man for that matter who didn’t like the attention of plenty of young and pretty girls.

“[Y/N]”, Brad greeted you almost excited, which surprised you, seeing how he was surrounded by all these girls and pretty much in the middle of a conversation.


You just smiled at him, nodded and a second later someone pressed a cup in your hand. It took only another minute for you to be included in a conversation you honestly actually didn’t really care about  with people on your left and right laughing about one thing or another that you found neither amusing nor really entertaining. But that was the thing at these parties. Half the time you spent with conversations you had no clue about, no interest in or no understanding for. That was what alcohol was for usually. But the one in your cup was anything but passable. You didn’t even know what you were drinking and usually were smarter than drinking something someone you didn’t know passed you.

Making your way to the kitchen you dumped the contents of your drink in the sink and refilled it with something that hopefully would taste better just to be stopped before any liquid hit the cup.


“Not a good choice,” the guy next to you said and when you turned you recognized him as Hoseok, Dance Major, everyone’s best friend and the college’s general sunshine on two legs. He was one of the most easy-going people you ever met. Often enough you found yourself wondering if anything ever could upset him.

“It’s pretty much the only choice,” you replied, looking at the wide array of bottles on the table in front of you and finding fairly little choices that seemed good.

You saw him look through several bottles, holding up one or two, pouring a bit of this in your cup and a bit of that as well, before finishing which what you assumed would be the worst combination. Then he handed the cup to you.


“Try it,” he more or less demanded with a wide smile.

You took a sip, expecting the worst and were pleasantly surprised when the taste was amazing.

“How did you do that?” you asked surprised, trying to recall what of all the bottles he had used.


Hoseok shrugged at you, before replying. “When you’ve been to plenty of these parties to know that the drinks suck you start mixing around. It basically is trial-and error most times, but on a few occasions you find mixes like that one. And then you stick to it. ” He smiled at you widely again and then left you to your own devises once more, his own drink in hands with what you assumed was the same concoction he had pressed in your hand just a few moments ago.

The evening dragged on and for once you actually wondered why you had come. The party was mediocre at best, you hardly knew anyone since most of your friends had either not wanted to come or had already left quite early. The only thing that was going ok were your advances with Brad. Or rather his with yours if you were honest. You were no fool and realized pretty quickly that the only reason he became rather handsy and forward with you was a trusted friend named alcohol. It was plain obvious and also could be smelled from a mile away. But… it wouldn’t have been the first time that liquid encouragement lead to something great.


You weren’t naive enough to imagine a bright pink future for the two of you ahead, but just because you let things take their course and you could end up in bed with him tonight, didn’t mean you’d just be friends-with-benefits in the future. And no, you weren’t a slut that slept around all the time, but you took a more liberal approach to sex and promiscuity. Like probably a lot of people at college these days.


Of course people could now argue, that Brad was drunk and you shouldn’t take advantage of someone who might have made a different decision of sober. But… Brad was someone who enjoyed life to the fullest as well and had different companions in bed every week it seemed. Also… he wasn’t really drunk from what you could tell. You’d figured he was somewhere between tipsy and drunk, still mostly able to form clear thoughts.



As the evening progressed it became obvious where this would end for the two of you eventually. And he just confirmed it a while later.

“Let’s go somewhere more private,” you heard Brad mumble in your ear before he grabbed your hand, not waiting for an answer and just pulling you with him upstairs. The first unoccupied room was yours and it didn’t take long for him to find you one and to things to get heated. Well, for a short while anyway.


As it turned out, all the stories about Brad and his abilities? They didn’t hold up. At al. And it surely was not because you had too high expectations. You have had sort of bad-ish sex before. Everyone had. No big deal. It was something that happened or was bound to happen when you mingled more often. But this? This was a whole new experience on the wrong end of the ‘must-experience’ scale.

The sex was not unpleasant per se, but it wasn’t worth talking about either. Or justified any of the stories. And it was over quicker than you expected, mainly because you didn’t get into it really. It wasn’t as if your companion tried very hard to get you into it. As a matter fact, it seemed more like he didn’t care at all what was going on with you. Thinking about it this was what Cosmo was always on about really. Maybe this was the reason the articles actually existed in the first place.


After several moments of him thrusting, grunting and asking if it is good you honestly considered pushing him simply of you and leaving. He more or less ignored prompts for you to get this somehow on the road for the two of you and just kept doing his things – which wasn’t doing a thing for you.


“Oh baby, this is so good,” you heard Brad moan above you and you weren’t entirely sure what he was referring to. It wasn’t as if you actually did a lot since everything you did in order to give him hints in regards of how you wanted him to move were blandly ignored. So you decided on… getting this over with – as bad as it sounded. You let him do his thing, threw in a few grunts and moans here and there and tightened around him occasionally just for effect. And an effect it did have on him.


“So good,” he lout a breathy groan, pushing into you.


Keen in getting this over with you increased your times when you tightened around him and tried finding something else occupying you in the meantime. Your head turned to the right and you noticed that the door to this room hadn’t been fully closed once you stumbled in. But, what you saw in the crack that the door was left open surprised and more or less enraged you.


At first you thought you imagined things but then almost laughed about yourself. Why of all people would you imagine seeing Kim Namjoon watching you? You hardly knew the guy, so him crossing your mind right now of all moments was very unlikely. When you turned your head to the right once more, your saw him again through the slightly ajar door. You wondered what the hell he was looking at before realizing this was probably the closest he ever had gotten to sex - if you wouldn't count porn.


For a moment your eyes meet and you expected him to turn around, avoid your gaze within seconds and look flustered and embarrassed – but nothing. He held your gaze, quirking an eyebrow the slightest, before leaning against the frame of the door. What the hell? This wasn’t a show. And why all of a sudden did he seem…confident? He was the nerd, who was clueless and awkward when it came to girls – according to stories you heard anyway. And… well, what you had seen on campus occasionally.

Moments ticked by, more and more and instead of realizing you were seeing him and making a quick exit – maybe embarrassed – he kept watching you, locking his eyes with you. What the hell?


If he was so pathetic that he couldn’t get some by himself, you sure as hell weren’t here to fill that void by performing for an audience!


“Just like that, baby, just like that,” you heard above you, interrupting your thoughts momentarily. The moan that escaped you couldn’t be helped. It was not out of pleasure, but more frustration. You were literally doing nothing. So… what was he referring to with ‘just like that’?


And then… a minute later and before you could really do anything else other than ponder over Kim Namjoon’s paltriness – it was over. You heard Brad above you grunt some more and then felt a certain heat when the condom he used was filled with his cum. He collapsed onto you and for a second you were trapped between him and the bed before you decided on finally getting on with pushing him off you, something you should have done quite a while ago.


Talking about a waste of time.


You got up, looked for the few pieces of clothing Brad had actually bothered removing from you and turned towards the bed to discover your companion didn’t seem to move anytime soon. And that’s when you heard the snoring. Sexy – not.


You got redressed and decided with how this night had gone – a waste of your time in pretty much every compartment – you might as well get rid of some of your frustration and look for Kim Namjoon, giving him a piece of your mind in regards of his perverted ways! And then make your way home. Somewhere, where you should have maybe stayed tonight.




“What the fuck is wrong with you?” you more or less shouted annoyed once spotting him in the kitchen all by himself.

He had been standing with the back towards you when you entered and turned around slowly as if to wonder what the ruckus was all about.


You weren’t sure what you had expected, but him looking at you almost as if bored was certainly not making the Top 10 of that list.


“I’m not entirely sure what…,” he started his, which set you off even more. The nerve this guy had.


“Don’t you fucking dare!” you almost threatened, waving your index finger into his face. “I’ve seen you watching us. Is that a perverted kink of yours? To watch people have sex?”


Namjoon didn’t say anything for a while, just looking at you long and hard – which was quite unnerving if you were honest. He seemed almost like he was analyzing you.


“First of all,” he said, holding up one finger as if counting for you, in case you couldn’t keep up. “If you don’t want people watching you, close the door.”


Despite how angry you were, you had to admit he was sort of right. But still… that didn’t give him automatically the right to get off watching you.


“Second of all… you weren’t very vocal about your displeasure in regards of audiences,” he went on, holing up two fingers now. “But,” he continued only seconds later, “Pleasure seemed to have been missing from the entire set up one way or another anyway.”


You were about to give him the pleasure of your opinion – unfiltered – when he went on before you had a chance.


“Last but not least,” he finally said, holding up three fingers. “All I actually saw was a dickhead, who thinks he’s good in bed, when all he did was proof that he has no clue what he is doing.”


Waving three fingers in front of you, you let out a frustrated grunt at him, pushing his three fingers out of your sight.


“And I suppose you do?” you asked angry. It seemed like liquid encouragement was not just working its wonders on Brad, but morphed Kim Namjoon from the awkward nerd to some annoyingly know-it-all nerd. You weren’t quite sure which version of him was less annoying you right now.


“Well,” he started, shrugging slightly. “I’ve had no complaints so far,” he smiled at you. And that was the most surprising thing. He did just smile. No leering, nothing insinuating, nothing suggestive in that matter, like most guys would have done with a statement like that. In fact, he didn’t do anything. He just stated his opinion. Or a fact.


“I’m sure you haven’t,” you said angrily. “Seeing as probably the only one who has experienced that is your right hand. And that has as far as I know no voice.”


The moment you had said it, you regretted it. This wasn’t you. You weren’t mean or demeaning. Just because Namjoon was an awkward nerd didn’t give you a right to judge him or make deprecatory comments about his sex life. This wasn’t you. This wasn’t even your business and the fact that you were right now sexually frustrated wasn’t a valid reason for pushing that frustration onto Namjoon and making him your outlet.


You were about to apologize when you realized that instead of looking hurt or angry, Namjoon just smiled at you somewhat amused.


“You know, I’m certain I should be offended, seeing that this was meant as an insult. But I just find it entertaining in some way.”


“I’m… look,” you started your apology, before seeing him holing up his hand, making you stop effectively.


“While most guys probably seek public confirmation of their great performance, I don’t. I find my confirmation in my partner’s pleasure. Which is what I am focused on, rather than chasing after my own release.”


“Um….ok….,” was all you could say almost dumbly. It wasn’t like you hadn’t some smartass, sassy, angry comeback. Or… maybe you didn’t. But… the way he stood in front of you right now, not arrogant, not obnoxiously convinced about his own abilities or super-confident like probably most guys would have been when delivering this line, you wondered whether it would seem problematic keeping Kim Namjoon slightly tipsy as daily requirement. Cause you really had to admit to liking him less awkward and more… normal.


Instead of saying anything else for the moment, Namjoon just made a step towards you until he was really in your personal space and only mere inches separated you from him. It was only now that you realized how he was quite a bit taller than you. Well, taller on most days. Today you were wearing heels, which brought you almost to the same level as him.


“Tell me…. how does it feel,” he asked, moving closer, which forced you to make a step backwards. He followed suit and you made a few more steps backwards until your back hit the wall and you couldn’t walk any further.


“How does what feel?” you asked confused, wondering how much alcohol Kim Namjoon had drunk? You certainly didn’t smell anything, so he couldn’t have been drunk. But this was not the nerdy Namjoon you had seen occasionally all over campus.


“The frustration? The knowledge that you technically got what you probably came for just to realize he was only a disappointment.”


He rested one of his arms next to your head, leaned slightly towards you and gave you the weird feeling of towering over you. And was this kitchen always this hot?


“Well, disappointment kind of depends on the perspective,” you lied for lack of a better reply, seemingly getting hotter and hotter. What was wrong with the AC in this kitchen?


Instead of answering right away, he just smirked at you.  “Does it now?” he asked, a smile playing at his lips.


You just nodded, wondering how to best get out of this. Technically you just had to duck down under his arm and escape into freedom – so to speak. But did you really want to escape? This was a side about Namjoon that not only surprised you but you also on a strange level enjoyed. It was hard to explain, especially seeing that Namjoon hadn’t really been on your radar at all before – well, unless it was for his rather awkward interactions with others or his all around nerdiness.


And then something…unexpected happened and he sort of took the decision from you. As quickly as he had come on to you, as quickly did he stop. Pushing himself of the wall, he smiled at you, turned around and made a few steps towards the table that hosted all the bottles of alcohol.


The fog that had seemed to have covered your brain before all of a sudden slowly lifted and you were left with confusion at the very least. Great, seemed like the negative emotions kept coming tonight. Disappointment and desperation were now paired with confusion. Not a great mix to be honest.


“Wha-…,” you mumbled in your stupor, shacking your head a moment later to clear the last bit of fog from your brain. What just happened? And more importantly why?


Namjoon must have felt your confusion and also seemed to find it amusing, since he turned around from filling whatever bottle his hand was holding right now and looked at you questioningly. Before hitting him you decided on closing your eyes and take a deep breath. Then a second and then a third.


“Problems?” you heard him ask and could hear the smirk in his voice. 

“I was about to ask you the same,” you said, quite satisfied that it sounded less like you were speaking through gritted teeth then you actually felt it sounded.


“I figured since your disappointment depended on the point of view and you seemed to disagree in regards of being disappointed you were all okay.”


From the way he said it you knew that he knew that you were not okay. And he knew that you knew that he knew.


“Though, I have to admit you seem not okay in that regards, but I figure you know yourself better than I do,” he shrugged and you were back to your desire of hitting him. That were now two desires unfulfilled. 

You let your head hit the wall behind you, actually welcoming the slight pain you felt as it was distracting you from the need and frustration.


“I guess men are all the same,” you declared, banging your head against the wall behind you. You knew it was a mean hit, comparing Namjoon with Brad, seeing how Namjoon managed to do more for you with just coming closer then what Brad managed to do with the whole kit and caboodle. But you were frustrated, so they all could kiss your ass if they wanted to complain.


You pushed yourself finally of the wall you had been resting against for the past few moments, made a turn for the door and probably the exit. Time to call it a night. Something you should have done hours ago.


“I guess I need to take care of things myself since no guy here seems to be able to actually do anything,” you threw over your shoulder half serious, half an attempt to rile Namjoon up. Since you didn’t know him at all you of course didn’t know if this would have any sort of effect on him.


It didn’t take long for him to move into action and show you that he indeed was affected by your action and/or statement since you hadn’t even made it to the exit of the kitchen when you felt your wrist being grabbed and you were pulled around and right against his – very solid – chest.


His lips were incredibly soft. That was the first thing you noticed, right before he upped the ante and increased intensity. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you shortly realized that you and Brad hadn’t even shared a kiss as such or at all really. Unless you counted the frantic lip-locking right before the sex as kissing. It had felt more …obligatory in a way.


One of Namjoon’s hands combed somewhat harshly through your hair, holding your head in place a moment later and you had to admit this was incredibly hot and nice. And nothing really happened yet. You already had tingles up and down your spine from just this and the goosebumps hadn’t even been referenced yet.


His lips opened and yours followed suit, feeling his tongue pass your lips, slightly licking the lower one of yours before going further. He took complete control of everything and you just let him do his things, holding on for dear life. And you were still only talking about a kiss. A kiss that you decided would from now on become your new standard expectation. Because holy hell!


His other hand that wasn’t weaved in your hair was finding a new home on the back of your lower back. His arm snacked around your waist, he rested his hand on your lower back and pulled your body towards his a moment later until you were fully against him and not even a sheet of paper would have found space.


While his lips slowly left yours after moments of pure pleasure and travelled down your neck, nipping, biting and sucking, one of his legs wedged itself between yours. Instead of riding his thigh, you decided on slinging on of your legs around him which he only took as encouragement to move his hands to your ass and lift you up, prompting you to wrap both your legs around his waist. For which you didn’t need much prompting. 


Somewhere in the living room you heard a female voice shouting Brad’s name while probably searching for him and you all of a sudden remembered what had happened earlier and whether you going for a second guy was making you a slut?



There was a part of you that somehow worried or at least wondered. You weren’t easy as such. Sure, you had a fair share of one-night-stands and partners over the years and you surely had no issues or problems. But usually there was a certain time between sexual escapades. You didn’t have more than one encounter per night or even week. But Kim Namjoon did… wonders to your libido and your common sense. He hadn’t really done anything yet and you already felt yourself being soaked. So you’d be foolish to stop him now, especially seeing how desperate you became.


Your thoughts were brought back to the present when his hands grabbed your butt firmly, making you moan a moment later when he also pulled you closer to his body once more. And holy shit – what you felt there had shivers running down your spine. You liked this, you liked this a lot.


Actually you liked everything about this, but especially how Namjoon kept sort of surprising you by changing the pace of his kisses between strong, hard and deep to slow, soft and gentle. It was a pace and mix that quite frankly made you go insane in a very good way.


When his lips weren’t on your lips, they travelled up and down your neck. You were certain he managed to leave the occasional mark by the intensity he was sucking on your sensitive skin, but you really didn’t mind. You were way past minding.


You wrapped your arms tightly around his neck, effectively pulling him closer into you – though that hardly was possible, seeing how close he was already pressed against you.


When his lips left yours once more you were surprised when he didn’t attach them to your neck but you instead felt his hot breath against your ear.


“Unless you want to explore that exhibitionism-streak of yours – that I’m almost certain you have - some more I suggest to take this someplace else, or we’ll draw a crowd.”


He laughed and after a few moments of silence from your part, he looked at you questioningly. In all fairness, answering and thinking therefore had been rather hard on your part, since Namjoon was doing a very good job at distracting your mind from literally everything other than him.


“Would you mind?” you eventually asked absentmindedly, more concerned with getting back to where you had been a moment ago. You sure as hell didn’t mean the question as it sounded and certainly weren’t expecting a real or honest answer. All you wanted were his lips back against yours, against your neck, against anything attached to yourself really. But it seemed like your question just did the exact opposite.


Instead of getting back to kissing and nibbling and sucking and biting, he pulled back and looked at you for a moment with raised eyebrows and surprise written all over his face. A smirk started showing a moment later and finally he answered, which was actually a relief if you were honest. His answer was pretty much non-verbal and instead he put his hand behind your head and pulled you forward, liking his lips with yours again – finally! When he pulled back, he grabbed your hand and pulled you after him, out of the kitchen and … somewhere.


You noticed the party had significantly died down and there were only a few people left, all of them somehow engaged with each other in various states of indecency.


You only had a moment to notice this to be honest, since Namjoon kept pulling you after him, up the stairs and to what you figured the first empty room. But he walked past all of them. You were certain they all were empty, but Namjoon didn’t care or was looking for something very peculiar. The last possible room would in the end be yours and he had your back pressed against the closing door almost the second he had you inside. The doorknob pushing into your back was anything but comfortable, but yet, you didn’t mind, care or really notice if you were being honest. And it turned out, it wouldn’t be for long, since seemingly only seconds after you had found yourself pressed against the door, you were already pulled forward again, spun around and … all of a sudden in a horizontal position, with Namjoon on top of you.


His hands roamed your body in no particularly theme or direction, occasionally finding skin and pushing fabric out of his way. His lips seemed …everywhere. Your lips, neck, and any piece of skin they could reach really. Whenever they found a sweet spot for you, you almost involuntarily needed to arch into him, moaning in the process. Your hands followed his path, roaming over his body, pushing fabric out of your way and making contact with hot skin, like… burning hot. You couldn’t explain why, but it was a fact that had you excited. You knew the temperature of his skin had nothing to do with you or arousal, but you liked it. And it triggered pictures of him being draped around you, engulfing you in blissful heat and warmth.




You felt him slowly peeling you out of your clothes, taking his sweet time it seemed and not being in any sort of hurry. Which was the opposite of how you felt. You… wanted to get this on the road. Get to the really, really, really good stuff soon. Not that this wasn’t good, because it was, but you really started to become desperate. When he had you down to your underwear you came to realize that he hadn’t lost any piece of fabric yet. Which was unfair in your regards. Because… if you were naked, he should be as well. Fair was only fair. So… in a swift move you rolled the two of you to the side until he was on his back and you straddled him, unbuttoning his pants and dress shirt. You managed to exactly only unbutton his shirt before he rolled the two of you over again and was hovering above you.


“As much as I like a woman on top, I have slightly different plans for you,” he whispered hotly against your ear, his breath tickling your earlobe while his hands worked magic on the front clasp of your bra. “Maybe some other time we can have it your way,” he stated amused and you couldn’t help but wonder about ‘some other time’. This time wasn’t even been done, and yet you actually already looked forward to ‘some other’.


He decided on finishing what you had started and removed his unbuttoned shirt, making you speechless for a moment. Not that you had actually said a lot over the course of the last half hour or however long you had been doing this. Kim Namjoon apparently hid quite an impressive sight under his rather strange clothes, you came to realize. It wasn’t like he was packed or extremely well defined, but he was nicely toned, with arms that looked like they would feel amazing when wrapped around you.


And then his lips were on you again, latching onto newly exposed skin, your chest, breasts and anything they get a hold of. His hands travelled up and down your body, stroking you into a frenzy that was promising. His lips moved lower and lower and his hands eventually caught up with the direction. You felt him kiss your skin barely above the top of your panties, which were the last piece of fabric you wore right now. Until that was gone a moment later as well. The fact that he so far only had lost one piece of clothing registered with you only shortly, before all ability to think left you when you felt his lips on your pussy.


He wasn’t going to….was he? And then his previous statement came shortly back to you. That he was focused on his partner’s pleasure.


You arched your back, pressing your lower part further into his heavenly lips, seeking the friction, the pressure, the feel of his lips against you there. Your hands grabbed the sheets, or comforter or whatever it was you were laying on top of, but somehow it didn’t seem enough. You needed to hold onto something. Really, really badly. So they released the fabric they clung to and found their way into Namjoon’s hair, pulling on single strands and scratching your nails softly against his skull, which only seemed to encourage him to increase his speed and pressure, adding also fingers to this heavenly mix that was his tongue and lips.


When his fingers entered you, you swear you saw stars from the intensity that all of a sudden was taking hold of you. He really knew what he was doing, lapping off you like a wild animal during a drought, having finally found a source of water. Your first orgasm hit you by surprise in regards of how quickly he got you there and how much more intense it had been then what you were used to. The stars returned and the wave that washed through you seemed like it went on forever and ever until it stopped, leaving you breathless and spent already.


You lay beneath him, catching your breath as if you’d just run the New York Marathon while he moved gradually up your body again, his lips leaving hot and wet trails until they reached your lips, locking with them and kissing you deep, hot and with such fever that you felt hotheaded. This was… incredible. And dirty when thinking about where this lips had been only seconds ago. It was… everything you had expected from Brad if you were honest. But you didn’t compare the two of them. It was just a thought that had crossed your mind for a second before it moved on to other things. Him actually.


“You taste so damn good, baby,” he breathed hotly against your ear all of a sudden, before bringing his lips back to yours.



You felt Namjoon’s hands leaving your body and witnessed a moment later how his pants finally seemed to have disappeared. About time! The boxer briefs he wore left little to your imagination and were tented in a way that had you maybe slightly worried if you were honest. Because… fitting that into you? Challenging. Who knew Kim Namjoon was so full of surprises? But then again, you had never really spent much time with him to start with. So... maybe not so surprising if you’d have known him a little better?


Before you could ponder about that for much longer, he leaned down again, attaching his lips to your neck and sucking at such a force that you for sure that would leave a mark – again. His hands were nowhere to be felt and when he pressed himself against you a moment later, you knew why. They had been busy removing his last piece of clothing. You were all of a sudden engulfed in heat and warmth that was unmatched with previous encounters.


It seemed like he spent hours making out with you, pressing you closer against him every once in a while and letting his hands roam over your back that ever so often arched into him. He moved himself between straddling only your thigh, to your whole body and just laying between your legs. Nothing happened that moved things forward – so to speak. And… it wasn’t really necessary for now if you were honest. This was nice. This was hot actually. And you could spent hours under his lips’ mercy if you were honest. This wasn’t rushed and frantic, despite the fact that it started like that. But it also didn’t miss heat. At times it seemed like Namjoon knew which buttons to press and how to play you. He seemed almost like an expert in…everything. And maybe his genius couldn’t just be applied to his academic achievements.


You sighed and moaned into his kisses, letting him play you however he seemed fit, letting him give the pace and direction. It was nice having someone who was so invested into you or the situation in general rather than his need to close the deal for his own sake.


Something close to panic arose in you when all of a sudden he was gone. His lips were no longer on yours and the heat from his body and skin was no longer surrounding you. Slightly dazed and almost stunned did you see him beside the bed, going through his pants. What the…?


You were about to ask, slowly coming to your senses and finding your ability to speak or form a thought that was coherent, when you saw him produce a foil packed from one of the pockets of his pants. Oh right….There was that. Good that at least one of you had the presence of mind. And brain.


This wasn’t really like you if you were honest. You might be sleeping around a bit, but you never went unprotected. And actually made a huge deal about it. So… you not even for a second thinking about the most basic issue in this spoke tons about the state Kim Namjoon apparently managed to get you in. It also spoke tone about him in all fairness. You could say you had encountered plenty of guys throughout the months and years that took a more liberal approach to protection and safe sex and often enough had you found yourself in almost a discussion about it, almost feeling like you needed to convince your partner. There even had been one or two times when things actually didn’t get anywhere, due to the guy’s idea of being able to convince you otherwise and you standing your ground.


Namjoon joined you back on bed a moment later, tossing the wrapper somewhere next to you and getting back to where he had left of only seconds ago. You had figured with him having produced a condom this would take a very direct course, but were surprised to find it didn’t. He went back to what he was doing before, taking all the time in the world and not seeming like he was in any kind of rush at all. And you didn’t even mind. He could spent the whole night doing his thing, driving you crazy in the most unexpected ways.


You were surprised how much he could achieve with so little. With his touches, kisses and an occasional nib. He bit down on your erect nipple, making you moan due to the unexpected pain that somehow felt heavenly. His hands pinned down your wrists above your head while he was working you into a sweat, making you eventually beg – which was something you never did before. Never.


“I could do this all night, baby girl. Kiss you, drive you wild, built you up and give you pleasure you probably have only heard off until now. I could spent hours feasting on you, quenching my thirst with you, feeling you pressed against me, hearing your exquisite sounds in forms of moans. Making you beg for everything I am willing to give you, driving you crazy with frustration before making you pass out from sheer overstimulation and then repeating it all over again.”


‘Oh god,’ you thought to yourself. And maybe you also moaned it for him to hear. Who knew? And more importantly, who cared?


Eventually you heard the tearing. You felt him move. And you felt something poking against your entrance a moment later. He didn’t give a warning, didn’t prepare you, didn’t even go easy on you. And it was perfect.


By how he had taken his time before, you had figured he’d also spent his time entering you, giving you time to adjust. But he didn’t. One strong, swift push and he was buried to the hilt. The invasion burnt, no kidding, but it also felt good. Especially when he stated moving in and out of you at a pace that was perfect and also excruciatingly slow. It was as if Kim Namjoon was set on driving you crazy. And wild. And out of your mind.


“Oh god,” you moaned, aching into him when he managed to find an almost perfect angle.

You heard him chuckle above you, repeating what he had just done several more times, hitting all the right corners and buttons.


You wrapped your legs around his waist, pulling him further into you. “Don’t stop what you are doing,” you moaned and breathed equally into the otherwise quiet room and heard him chuckle some more.


“I wasn’t planning on it,” he replied. And as if to prove a point drove into you with such force that it knocked the breath out of you. His fingers found the perfect spots on your body and slowly but steadily your felt that familiar pull in your belly. It started slow, but with every push of him into you, grew bigger and bigger until it finally washed over your body, making you tremor and twitch unceasingly.


Namjoon kept driving into you at an unstoppable pace and just when you started to come down from your high and the twitching subsided, you felt another pull slowly starting in your belly. This time it didn’t take long for it to take over your body, sending you into another wave of pleasure within seconds after the first one.


“Oh god,” you more or less cried out, letting the pleasure take over your body and riding that wave for as long as it lasted. There wasn’t much you could do anyway other than feeling and enjoying.


You came down from your orgasm the second time tonight when you felt him collapse against you, moments after he had moaned and groaned into your ear. He engulfed you in warmth once more, wrapping his arms tightly around your torso and remaining in that position and inside you for several long minutes.


“That’s how it should have been,” he whispered into your ear after a while, making you laugh for a second. If you didn’t know better, you’d think this was all just to prove a point and prove a theory.


“Show and tell?” you asked amused, hearing him laugh in return.


“Something like that,” he replied and you saw him smile at you, noticing his incredibly enticing dimples for the first time. Did he always have dimples?


That question was the last one on your mind, before exhaustion and sleep took over your brain and you drifted off, not caring that this wasn’t your room, or place and you should really move and leave.





The sunlight in your face was annoying. You only wanted to sleep some more, but the rays of sunshine hitting you right in the face stopped that from happening anytime soon. Opening your eyes groggily the first thing you realized was that this was not your room. Or your apartment. And this definitely wasn’t your bed.


It took you a moment to collect your thoughts and remember last night. Everything about last night. The sucky party. The even suckier sex with Brad and … Namjoon and how a guy you hardly had ever thought about and expected from even less has rocked your world. Several times. You remembered the amazing sex. And how you felt asleep. Just to be woken up again several hours into the night – or morning – for a repeat performance. How he literally fucked the living daylights out of you.


Turning to your left and right, you realized he was nowhere to be seen. His clothes were nowhere either. Had he actually abandoned you? But then again… it was a one-night-stand as far as you were concerned. Wasn’t this the etiquette of such things? And hadn’t you yourself done the same thing countless of other times as well? Why was that annoying you all of a sudden so much?


Maybe because the nerd had managed to get the upper hand. And proved a point. And turned out to be everything you hadn’t expected but definitely needed.


As per Hollywood-Teen-Movie standards the unfavorable nerd got the girl. And they lived happily ever after. But right now… you weren’t happy, ever after was definitely not around any corner anytime soon and you wouldn’t really qualify this as ‘got the girl’.


What the hell happened?