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Who Wants to Live Forever

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“You want me to what?” Rin didn’t stop playing as he made eye contact with Sousuke.


He found Makoto sitting on the stairs listening as the duo below created beautiful music, Rin playing the violin and Haru on the piano.  Makoto was ensnared, but he didn’t want to disturb them.  Sousuke sat down next to him as they played.


“I said, I want you do the allure evocation on Makoto. It won’t work with me, he’s too willing.”  Makoto buried his face in his hands and groaned. Sousuke smiled at his embarrassment and whispered, “Sorry babe,” before addressing Rin again.  “You’re more influential and he wants to know what it would feel like incase it ever happens.”


“If you turned him, you wouldn’t have to worry.”  Haru spoke up.


“That’s not necessarily true.  New vampires are still susceptible to mind control depending on how much power the other holds.”  Rin countered.


“I’m not turning him until he’s ready, end of story.”  And that was final.


“Makoto,” Rin’s voice was smooth as silk.  “Why don’t you come downstairs, it will be easier that way.”


Sousuke’s human stood, not even realizing Rin had already begun. It was a simple suggestion which brought Makoto closer to Rin, but not too close. He still had his reservations.


“Do you like my music?” The musician hadn’t looked up at him yet, using only his voice for now.


“Yes, you and Haru play beautifully together.” 


“I always thought so.  He indulges me. Even learned to play the piano at my request.” They played on as Rin swayed with the melody.  “I wrote this piece for him.”


“You’ve written many pieces for me.” Haru commented, there was a warm lilt to his voice.


Rin smiled fondly, “That I have.”  The tempo changed and Haru stopped playing. The focus now solely on Rin. The melody became more sensual as he took a few steps closer.  Makoto watched him with rapt attention.  “Music evokes so many emotions.”  Green eyes followed his movement as he slowly moved around him. “Can you feel how it wraps around you, caresses you like the hands of your lover?”


“It takes ahold of your soul.”  Rin was now standing directly in front of him.  “It speaks to you.”  Makoto gasped when their eyes met.  Rubies danced and sparkled like flames in a fire. “Even when the oeuvre is no longer playing, you can still hear its tune.”  He hadn’t even realized that Rin had stopped and was no longer holding his instrument.


“Tell me, what do you see when you look at me?”  Rin’s voice dropped an octave when he reached out to brush his fingers against Makoto’s wrist.


“Fire.” Makoto spoke honestly, he couldn’t control the words coming from his mouth. “You are wild and untamed, powerful.” He shivered as Rin’s fingertips skimmed up his arm. “Dangerous.”


“I am. But you don’t want to run from me, do you, Makoto?”  The perfume of burnt cherry blossoms filled his senses.


“No.” He responded softly, his eyes becoming hooded.


“You want me to touch you more.” They were almost pressed against each other.  Rin’s hand rested on the side of his neck.


“Yes.”  Makoto knew this wasn’t right. In the back of his mind he knew Rin should not be this close. That Sousuke and Haru sat merely a few feet away from them.  But his senses were consumed by Rin and the vampire hadn’t even done anything.  An involuntary whimper left his throat as he stepped away.  “Come back.”  He heard himself whisper.


“Mm, that’s so sweet of you.”  Rin came back and pressed his hand over the flat of his stomach. Nosing along his jawline. “I wonder, Makoto, would you let me do unspeakable things to you while your lover watched.”  He took in a shuddered breath.  A strangled noise escaped his lips. Rin grinned against his throat as Makoto bared it to him. “Would you let me drink from you?”


“No.”  It was quick and hushed but the resistance was there.


“Good.”  Rin took several steps back allowing the fog to clear from Makoto’s mind.  “I didn’t want to die today.”


Makoto blinked several times and shook his head. Sousuke was now standing at the bottom of the stairs with Haru blocking him.  His eyes followed Rin murderously.


“Could you feel it?”


“Not really at first, but I knew you shouldn’t be touching me.”  Makoto rubbed his arm trying to shake the feeling.


“That was the gentle approach.”  He looked at Sousuke for his approval.  He received a curt nod, still on guard.  “This one is more invasive.  I want you to walk away from me.”


Makoto glanced over at Sousuke and Haru.  The taller man’s jaw clenched, Haru still remained in front of him holding his hand tightly.  Haru nodded.  Makoto turned and walked towards the door.  He could feel it this time, even before Rin spoke his name. It was a tingle at the back of his neck that spread throughout his body. 




He stopped dead in his tracks.  His heart began hammering in his chest. The fear that took ahold of him was deafening. Everything but the sound of Rin’s voice was blocked out.  “Turn around.”  He had no option but to do as he was commanded.  “Come here.”  His body moved on its own accord.  He couldn’t break eye contact with Rin as his feet carried him over to the vampire. He knew there was a struggle going on right outside his peripheral.  Makoto’s eyes spoke every bit of the terror he was feeling.


“On your knees.”  Rin looked down at him as he complied.  There was no malice, if anything his face was devoid of emotion.  “This is what you need to be afraid of.  Vampires that will take without consent. Those that do not see you as a human being, only as cattle to be slaughtered.  They do not care about your pain.  They thrive off the fear they inflict. Look at him.”  Makoto obeyed. Haru had Sousuke pinned to the ground, struggling to keep him there. His eyes held a menacing glow, fangs bared. “He will no doubt try to kill me if Haru loses control of him. He can feel your fear, the danger you are in. Look back at me.” 


Rin squatted down so he was eye level.  Sousuke had almost managed to throw Haru off.  Though Rin spoke calmly, the dread that shook him remained. “He is mine.  You put him in danger everyday you stay human. If he dies because of you, I will end you.” 


“Rin!!”  Haru was losing his grip.


“I will protect you with my life, our friends will do the same.  If anything happens to him all bets are off.”  Rin released his hold and Makoto swayed.  The vampire gripped his shoulder. “You ok?”  Makoto nodded and Rin helped him to his feet. “Well let him know that so he doesn’t try to kill me.  I have no intention of dying a second time.”


“I’m alright.” Makoto was a little shaky, but he was fine.  He never wanted to feel that again. “Haru you can let him go.”


“Sousuke, peace.”  Haru whispered into his ear. “Look at him, He is unharmed.”


Rin observed the scene as Haru slowly backed off and Sousuke sat up.  Shaking his head, he walked away, picking up his violin as he left.  “This is bad.”  The sounds of the strings echoing through the house were up tempo and chaotic.


Haru left them alone as Sousuke clamored all over Makoto. He checked him over touching his hair, lifting his chin, cupping his cheeks and searching his eyes. “I’m sorry.”


“No, it’s okay I wanted to know.” Makoto stilled his hands they held his face. “That was frightening.”


“He shouldn’t have said those things to you.”


“He’s just as protective as you are. I get it.”




“If anything were to happen to you because of me, I wouldn’t want to be here anyway.”


“Don’t say that.”


“But it’s true.” 


Sousuke kissed him fiercely drowning Makoto in his scent.  He giggled a little as he pulled away.  “Sousuke, I’m fine.  He didn’t hurt me.  This is exactly what you asked him to do and what I wanted to know.”


Sousuke gripped his waist and touched their foreheads together. “I know, doesn’t mean I have to like it.”


“I saw that. I thought you might actually hurt Haru.  He seems to know how to handle you though.”


Sousuke sighed. As he grabbed his hands and brought them to his lips.  “Haru has gotten good at restraining us over the years.”  Makoto raised a brow. “Not like that you perv. Well, yeah, like that too, but I digress.”


Makoto smirked.  “Do you miss them like that?”


“I missed them period.  It’s hard to live with someone for centuries and then cut all ties. But it was a necessity at the time.”  Sousuke lead Makoto to the kitchen to make him breakfast.  “Do I miss them like that?  Sometimes. Before I met you. They are very opposite lovers.”’


“I can tell just by their personalities. I think Haru still wants to have sex with you.”


“Haruka wants to have sex with everyone. I’m sure you are on his list too. So does Rin, he’s just a little more subtle about it.”


Makoto leaned against the counter. “And you?”


Sousuke caged him in and kissed him sweetly. “Just you, love. You are all I need.”


“Tch, gross.”  Haru spoke behind them as he grabbed two bags of blood from the fridge.


“Don’t be sour, Haruka. I still love you.”  Sousuke blew him a kiss.


Haru sighed taking two wine glasses from the cabinet.  “Keep your kisses, Sousuke. They belong to Makoto now.”


“Ouch,” Makoto winced. “That’s harsh, Haru.”


“Just remember I had him first.” His deliberate leered at Sousuke turning his cheeks a pale pink.


“Here we go.” Makoto rolled his eyes and glanced at Sousuke. “Are you really blushing?”


“Oh, this is grand. You’re jealous.” Haru smiled cheekily.


Makoto whipped his head back towards Haru. “I am not.”


“You are.”  Blue eyes danced with mirth.  “You reek of jealousy. Well isn’t that attractive.”






"S'il vous plaît arrêtez, Haruka."  (“Please stop, Haruka.”)


“Je le taquine juste, Sousuke. C’est mignon de le voir s'énerver à l’idée que vous soyez avec quelqu'un d’autre.” (“I’m just teasing him, Sousuke.  It’s cute to see him get riled up over the thought of you being with someone else.”)


“Oui, mais ce n'est pas juste de faire remonter le passé comme ça.” (“Yes, but it is not fair to bring up the past like that.”)


"Es-tu embarassé?" (“Are you embarrassed?”) Haru watched Sousuke’s ears turn red. "Pourquoi? Avez-vous honte d'avoir couché avec nous ou parce que vous craignez que cela ne vous souille à ses yeux?  (“Why?  Are you ashamed that you slept with us or because you fear that it will taint you in his eyes?”)


“What are you guys saying?” Makoto watched the exchange, his question going ignored.


«Je ne suis pas gêné ni honteux d'avoir couché avec l'un de vous. Tu es son meilleur ami maintenant. Je ne veux pas que cela change votre amitié et je ne pense pas que nous devrions parler de la façon dont nous avons l'habitude de baiser. " (“I am not embarrassed or ashamed that I slept with either of you. You are his best friend now. I do not want it to change your friendship and I don’t think we should talk about how we use to fuck.”)


"Encore une jeune fille rougissante." (“Still a blushing maiden.”) Haru tormented.


"Haruka, s'il vous plaît." (“Haruka, please.”)


"De quoi parle-t-on?" (“What are we talking about?”)  Rin came in search of Haru when he had taken too long.


"Makoto est jaloux que nous ayons couché avec Sousuke." (“Makoto is jealous that we slept with Sousuke.”)


Rin turned to Makoto. “We’ve all fucked each other. It was great. He’s a very talented lover.  You’re a very luck man.”  They all stared at Rin.  Haru miffed because Rin ruined his fun, Sousuke and Makoto stared in absolute mortified. “There.  Now can we move on?  We still have important business to discuss and we leave in four hours.”  He pointed at the food on the counter then over to Makoto. “Are you going to feed him or not?”