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Who Wants to Live Forever

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He was brooding. 




Was this something he really wanted to get back into?


Sousuke stood on the roof of the hospital glowering over the city scape.  He volunteered without thinking. Rin probably knew he would. It would do him no good to sit here wallowing in his own misery.  Might as well do something useful.


He had come back to visit the hospital chapel. Priests always seemed to know what he was.  None seemed surprised or upset by it.  He was doing the Lord’s work after all. He had come for some holy water and anointing oil. The priest this evening knew something was off.  He did not ask questions.  “Come, pray with me.”  Was all he had said.  Though he prayed, he did not feel at peace.  His heart was in turmoil and his soul uneasy.


Sousuke was not afraid of going with Rin.  Not afraid of death.  He was afraid he and Makoto would never be the same again.



Closing his eyes, he let the sounds of the city below be silenced as the breeze picked up.  The scent of evergreen and spring days, that normally filled him with peace and love, reached him laced with an undercurrent of fear. Looking over his shoulder, he turned as Makoto came into view.  He stopped a short distance away, breathing heavy. “You should have taken the elevator.”


“Probably.”  The wind whipped his hair around his face, eyes rimmed red. “Tell me everything. I want to know all of it.”


“Haru didn’t tell you?”


“Just the basics. I want to know about you.”


“You are asking for a lot, Makoto.”


“You owe me that much.”


Sousuke steeled himself and took a deep breath. He did owe him. “I was born in a small town outside of Rome on September 14, 1708. I was the second of seven children. I had a twin sister, an older sister by three years, two younger brothers and two little sisters. Ages nineteen, seventeen, eight and six.”  Sousuke stopped. He could still hear their screams.  He had to keep going.  “I knew I wanted to devote my life to God at a young age.  My older sister teased me relentlessly for it, saying the family name ended with me until my brothers were born. My twin though, was my biggest supporter. Despite our age difference we were all very close.”  He looked out towards the city, heart shattering in a million pieces all over again.


“You know, this is the first time I’ve ever spoken about this. Please bear with me.” He swallowed hard, willing the words to come.


 “My family was preparing for my sister’s wedding in little over a week.  Everyone was there, it was a time of celebration. Weddings are a joyous occasion, right?  I was supposed to marry them, she insisted that it be me.”  He paused again, holding the cross he always wore, the one Haruka carved for him. Rubbing his thumb over its engravings, he continued. “I was on my way home from church when I felt my twin die. Although, at the time I didn’t know it.  I just knew something was horribly wrong. Looking up the road towards our family home I saw smoke.”


The house was on fire. Sousuke bolted up the road as panic set in. The screams of his siblings reached his ears as he neared the family property. He was not prepared for what he was about to witness.  His brothers and younger sisters were running towards the barn in the back.  They were being chased…no corralled.  The place was swarming with—he stopped dead in his tracks as one boy was snatched back. His brother screamed, struggling to get away. The beast bit into his neck tearing the flesh away.  Four others descended on the lifeless body, feeding from him voraciously.


Sousuke sprinting towards the barn, grabbing the pitch fork from the pile of hay nearing the entrance.  None of the demons had noticed him yet. Making the sign of the cross, he approached the barn doors. He could see his sisters leg twitching as they drained her.  Sousuke acted on instinct.


Plunging the spikes through the back of the first monster, he pierced its heart, the other hissed and lunged at him.  He began mumbling a prayer as he stabbed the other through the chest stopping it dead. Breathing heavy, he continued to pray as he stared down at his sister.  Lifeless aqua eyes stared up at him.  “I’m sorry sissy.”  He crouched down and closed her eyes.  


Standing with determination, he grabbed the sickle from the wall.   His brother didn’t go down without a fight. He still held the bloody knife in his limp hand. The sickle sliced neatly through vampiric flesh.  He kicked the nearest demon, forking it through the chest as it tried to get up, pinning it to the ground.  He was grateful his father always insisted on keeping their tools sharpened as the head of another vampire was cleaved clean from its shoulders. 


His baby sister’s screams were his undoing.  She cried for them to leave her alone as they taunted her.  Nipping at her like dogs, pulling at her hair and dress, backing her into a corner. Sousuke snapped cutting down the two flanking him.  So focused on the monsters in front of him, his sister screamed his name, he never heard the ones coming from behind. 


He couldn’t count the bites, had no idea how many had attacked him. It didn’t matter.  He had failed her, failed them all.  They weakened him enough so he couldn’t fight back, hauling him over to bear witness to his sister’s demise. She whimpered for him, begged him to help her.  All he could do was weep with her and plead for her forgiveness. The monstrosities mocked him, telling him to pray to his God for deliverance.  For him to come down and save her. Where was his God now?  


After torturing the child for endless hours, the vile creatures finally grew bored enough to put her out of her misery. He could vaguely hear muffled screeching coming from outside as smoke began to billow through the barn door. They left him to bleed out what little remained in his body. The vampires scattered, alerted by something far more threatening that a dying priest.  The commotion was fantastic.  Labored breath wheezed in his throat, bubbling through the puncture wounds in his neck. His lips moved in a silent prayer. His sister’s limp body lay five feet away. Sousuke tried to move, to reach out for her.


A curtain of dark blue filled his vision. He smelt smoke and midnight jasmine. Following the heavy lines of the cloak up to vibrant azure eyes.  Pitying gaze met his own even as the man’s face remained devoid of emotion.


“Rin.  This one is still alive.”  There was a heavy French accent to his monotone drawl.


He stepped aside, Sousuke’s vision now filled with fire. The man knelt to him. He tried to swallow as violent rubies danced with untamed power. His fangs sharp in a mouth full of daggers. 


“Kill me.”  The wetness in Sousuke’s throat muted the whisper.


The vampire looked up at his counterpart.  The other nodded.  They had seen the damage he inflicted before being subdued.


“Kill me,” he wheezed. “Please.”


“Listen to me priest.”  The man in red commanded. He felt like he had no other choice but to hear the vampire’s words. “I offer you a choice.  You can stay here and perish, or you can join me and fight.  If you come with me, I vow you will have your revenge on these monsters that took your family. We will hunt them down and slaughtering them all.” The one in blue gazing around them, weapons drawn in preparation for an attack. The one in red spoke softly.  “Your family did not deserve this. No one does.”


Sousuke’s eyes tried to focus on the vampire above him.  His eyes promised death to those who mercilessly massacred his family.  Rage and hate filled his heart as he struggled to breath. “If you are going to make a decision, do it quickly, priest. You do not have much time.” ‘Father forgive me.’  Sousuke nodded sealing his fate to eternal damnation.  Rin bit his wrist and held it over his lips. “Drink.”


Sousuke drank until his heart stopped and started again. He blacked out, the movement of a galloping horse woke him. He was cradled against the man in blue.  What was left of his family’s land was engulfed in flames, fire burning bright in the night sky.  “Don’t look back.” Came the rumble from the vampire embracing him, tightening his hold.  Sousuke tucked his head and wept openly as the hatred for the creatures he had become solidified in his cold dead heart.


“There’s more.”  He croaked.


Makoto released him to cup his cheeks, rubbing the tears from under his eyes. “This is enough for now.”


“I don’t deserve you.”


“Yes, you do.”


Sousuke searched his face, “You don’t hate me?”


Meadow green eyes filled with kindness and compassion.  “Of course not.”


“Well, now I really don’t deserve you.”


Makoto gave a light chuckle, “Oh, you’re not out of the woods yet. I’m still mad that you planned on leaving me without saying goodbye or even giving me the opportunity to convince you to stay.  Were you even going to give me the option to come with you?”


Sousuke was dumbfounded. “I, I didn’t think you would want to leave everything behind.  Especially, your family. I know they are important to you. They are important to me too.”


“Then how could you leave them behind, Sousuke?”  Makoto took both his hands in his own, lacing their fingers.  “My family is extremely important to me and so are you. But you took that choice away from me and I’m not okay with that.”


Sousuke holds onto Makoto’s fingers like they are his last life line in this universe. “What do we do now?”


“We talk it out. You don’t get to make my decision for me.  If you ever try to do it again, I will leave. This is a partnership, Sousuke. I love you so much, but I will not allow you to dictate how I spent the rest of my life. When it is time for you to move on, we will talk some more. No more secrets.”  He squeezed Sousuke’s hands and let go, smacking him hard in the chest.  “That hurt, you asshole.”


“I’m sorry.”


“You should be.”


It will never happen again.”


“It better not.”


Good grief, Makoto thought he had perfected the kicked puppy look.  It was all wrong on Sousuke’s face, but he was going to say what he had to say.  “And why the fuck didn’t you tell me you were a priest? Why did I have to hear that from Haru?”  Makoto took a step back and then leaned into poke him in the chest.  “And I don’t think I appreciate you fucking my best friend.”


Sousuke had to smile at that one.  “Ok, to be fair, that happened a long time ago.”


“I still don’t have to like it.  He’s going to hold that over my head forever.”


“Probably, that’s a very Haruka think to do.  But you can’t be mad at me about it either.  Not that one.”


“Fine.  You get a pass for that.”  Makoto smiled.  “We still have a lot to talk about.”


“I will tell you everything you want to know. I swear.”



Makoto took him over to a secluded corner of the roof.  He knew there had to be cameras up there because of the helipad. “Let me see your teeth.”


“Mako—” at Makoto’s stern gaze, Sousuke relented.


He had seen Haru’s and he and see Rin’s.  Rin’s mouth was frightening enough without the elongated incisors.  Sousuke’s were different. He didn’t know how. Maybe because they were in his lover’s mouth.  He stupidly touched one of them with the tip of his finger, running it down the length, puncturing the skin as he touched the point. 


“Oh, sharp.”  He spoke in awe.  Lips sealed around his finger before he was able to pull away. Glancing up, he was ensnared. Teal eyes sparkled like the sunlit waters of the tropics.  Makoto was finding it hard to breath as Sousuke suckled at his finger, coaxing out a few more drops of that precious elixir before running his tongue over the tip, releasing the digit from his mouth.


The vampire licked his lips, Makoto’s eyes following the movement.  He could faintly smell teakwood in the air as the wind carried it away. “You taste as sweet as I had always imagined.”


“Oh.”  Makoto breathed.  He looked at his finger tip, there was no mark. Moving his hands up over Sousuke’s broad chest, “What do I taste like?”  He focused in on Sousuke’s lips. The points of his teeth showing when he spoke.


“You taste like the most decadent desert.” Sousuke took a deep breath to control himself. “Must be all the sweets you eat.”  He settled his hands at Makoto’s waist.


In truth, Makoto craved Sousuke’s touch.  It had been days since they had been together.  They had never fought like this before.  He really just wanted it to be done with so they could go back to the way they were before, even if he knew that would be impossible.  He desperately wanted his lover to kiss him. Makoto was met with Sousuke’s intense stare when he glanced back up.  “Are you doing your vampire seduction thing right now?”


Sousuke pulled him closer, a devious smirk played across his lips.  “I’ve never had to use it on you.”  His voice low as he leaned in.  “You’ve always given into me willingly.”


“Oh, God.”  Makoto whimpered as they closed the distance.


“Break it up you two.  We have a chopper inbound.”  A medical team exited the elevator with two stretchers.  Sousuke quickly turned away, while Makoto muttered an apology.  “Yamazaki, aren’t you supposed to be on vacation?”


“Yeah, something like that.  Do you need some assistance?” When the other doctor waved him away, they made a hasty exit to the elevator.


“That was close.”  Makoto slumped against the wall.


“You are dangerous.”  Sousuke side-eyed him.


“Me?”  Makoto squeaked incredulously.  “You are the one with a mouthful of dangerous teeth.”


“It’s only two. You make me want to act recklessly.” Sousuke pointed the finger right back at him, but he sobered instead and twisted his fingers with Makoto’s.  “Are we going to be alright?”


“As long as we keep communicating,” Makoto moved into give him a lingering chaste kiss, “We are going to be just fine.”