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Who Wants to Live Forever

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Green eyes filled his vision, catching the slightest hint of gold flecks and dark emeralds as he lost himself in them.  “What is your most cherished possession?”  Makoto’s breath fanned across his face as he closed the distance between them on their shared pillow.


“You.” Sousuke kissed the tip of his nose causing him to giggled.


“No silly.  That’s not what I meant.”


Sousuke wrapped his arm around Makoto’s waist dragging him even closer.  “I don’t have you?”


He tittered again, “Well, of course you do. In every sense of the word.”  Makoto’s hand cupped his cheek and ran through short cropped hair made unruly by recent activities.  “I mean, what is the one thing you treasure the most and absolutely cant live without?”


“Again. You.”






There was a twinkle in his eyes as he pursed his lips together trying to hide his smile. Sousuke rolled them, settling his weight on Makoto.  Something he really liked but too shy to explain why but Sousuke got the idea.  It wasn’t easy to find partners as big as they were.  He interlaced their fingers and pushed Makoto’s arms up over his head. Makoto practically melted into the sheets beneath him.


“Well now you really have me.”


“Would you like me to have you again?”


A rousing smile met that of his own. “And again, and again, and again.”


“You think you can go again and again and again?”  God above, he loved this man.


“Yes!”  Makoto eagerly wrapped his legs around Sousuke’s waist, nipping at his bottom lip.  Sousuke rolled his hips earning him a pleased moan.  He chased Makoto’s happy sighs with his lips.  Sweet little kisses turned filthy as things began heating up again.


A shrill insistent beep from the other room interrupted them, begging for Sousuke’s attention, drawing a low guttural, almost inhuman growl from his throat. Makoto gasped, his eyes widened, pupils dilated. Sousuke’s severe annoyance was replaced with rapt curiosity.  He felt Makoto’s length jump against his stomach.  “You like that?”


“I’ve never heard that sound come from you before.”  Makoto wanted to finish what they started.  “I liked it a lot.”  He leaned up crashing their lips together again.  The sound getting louder the longer it was ignored pulling another angry growl from his throat. He broke their embrace and rested his forehead against Makoto’s, sighing deeply in disappointment. 


“I just wanted to fuck you into tomorrow.  Is that really too much to ask?”


Makoto chuckled at his disgruntled lover.  “No, I don’t think it is, but unfortunately it seems you are needed elsewhere.  You know they wouldn’t page you unless it was important.”


Sousuke showered him with kisses before he untangled them and moved to get dressed.  “I want you exactly like this when I get back.  Just like that.”


“I’ll be just like this when you get back.”  Sousuke kissed him four more times before Makoto pushed him away, his trade mark sunshine grin spread across his face. “Go, get out of here, but hurry back.”




It was well after midnight when Sousuke returned home.  Tossing the keys in the bowl by the door, his eyes caught the note on the stand.  ‘There’s dinner in the fridge if you are hungry. It you are still hungry after you eat, I’ll be right where you left me ;)’  


Hanging up his coat, he skipped the kitchen and headed for the bedroom. True to his word, Makoto was where he left him, however, rolled on his stomach.  He would love nothing more than to dive right between those cheeks. He needed to get the smell of antiseptics off him first.  He settled for a quick shower.  Makoto calling to him even as he slept peacefully.


Skin still damp, he toweled his hair off quickly.  Dropping the towel, he quietly made his way to the bed.  Tugging the sheets down past his waist, Sousuke could have wept.  Makoto never slept in the nude.  He traced his fingertips over the back of Makoto’s thigh, over his firm backside, up his spine, between his shoulder blades.  It was probably a good thing he fed before leaving the hospital. He doubted he would be able to resist sinking his teeth into Makoto, drinking as he took him from behind. It was almost a shame to disturb him. Almost.


He peppered light kisses over his broad back and nipped at his shoulders. Makoto was a hard sleeper, it would take more than this to wake him.


Sousuke pushed his knee up settling between firm thighs. His mouth watered at the sight of Makoto splayed out before him.  He skimmed his hands over him reverently before spreading him open and running his tongue between the cleft of his alluring backside.  Makoto inhaled deeply causing Sousuke to do it again. He tried to shift his legs but couldn’t move.  Sousuke flattened his tongue and buried his face between those succulent cheeks. Makoto moaned and reached back to brush his fingers through Sousuke wet hair.  His name breathy on Makoto’s lips as he pushed back into his mouth.  He was always able to pull the sweetest sounds from those perfect lips.


“Want you.”  Sousuke muttered as he bit his cheek, causing Makoto to tense and whine.


“Have me.”


“Dangerous words, my love.”  He muttered against the dip of his back. Sousuke pressed in one slick finger with ease.  Makoto still pliant from their earlier tryst. 


“Don’t tease.  Give me more.”   The sleep now gone from his voice, replaced by the clear ring of desire.  Sousuke pressed in a second finger. An impatient sigh left Makoto he reached back to stop Sousuke’s fingers. “No. You. Give me you.”


“So demanding.”


“You’ve kept me waiting all day.”  There was no heat in his words, only desire.


“You are too good for me.”  Sousuke muttered as he slicked himself and sank into Makoto’s constricting warmth. A satisfied purr emanated from his lover. His smile too pure for this activity.


Sousuke was in no hurry and Makoto wasn’t complaining.  He pushed back meeting the slow roll of Sousuke’s hips.  Those hypnotic green eyes peeked over his well sculpted shoulder urged him on.  Makoto had most people fooled with his innocent smile and sincerity. His eyes spoke the words he couldn’t get past his lips.  That same inhuman growl left Sousuke’s throat again and Makoto whimpered.

The blood he had earlier took the edge off, however, he wanted nothing more than to sink his teeth into his lovers’ neck.  This wouldn’t be the first time the sounds Makoto made begged him to be marked.  He could do it. Make Makoto bare his neck to him.  He wouldn’t even have to charm him to do it.


Sousuke bit down on his own lip instead.  He firmly ran his hands over Makoto’s heated skin.  The muscles of his back flexed under his touch.  His fangs pierced his bottom lip, flooding his own blood into his mouth.  Thankfully, Makoto couldn’t see the trail dripping off his chin and onto his back.  Sousuke would play it off as sweat as he cleaned them afterward.


Makoto sobbed as Sousuke hit that sweet spot dead on.  Never increasing the speed of his thrust, Sousuke always waited patiently for Makoto to finish first, finding ways to prolong the orgasm.  Slowly fucking him through it once, maybe twice before seeking his own.  He had centuries of experience.  Haru and Rin had taught him well. It didn’t hurt that it came as second nature to enrapture and give pleasure.


“Sou, please.”  Makoto panted, reaching back for him, trying to drag him closer.  Sousuke licked the droplets from between Makoto’s shoulder blades.  The tang of his own blood mixed with the sweet taste of his lover’s skin. He could hear the rush of blood as Makoto’s heart beat rapidly. “Tell me what you need.”


“D-deeper Sou, please.”  The tips of his ears flushed as he spoke his desire.


Sousuke swiped his tongue up his spine.  Just a taste. It would be so easy, so quick.  He had to fight those thoughts. The vampire in him craved the satisfaction his humanity refused to give him.  He allowed Makoto to pull him down, so he was flush against his back.  He concentrated on giving him what he asked for. Makoto whimpered and moaned for him, pealing away at his self-control.


“Mako—” his lips were next to his ear.  He didn’t dare go any lower.  Not in this state. “Come for me, love.”  Four more deep rolls of his hips and Makoto gave into him. His name on his lips as he stained the sheets.  Their fingers holding onto each other like a lifeline. Oddly enough it was that firm grip on him, the sweat between their palms, how Makoto refused to let him go even after he was sated, that pushed him over.




“I have a silly question for you.”  Makoto said somewhat embarrassed as he played with Sousuke’s fingers.  Cleaned up and in a comfortable haze, they lounged on Sousuke’s over-sized sofa, fire lulling them further into their sated state.


“And what silly question would that be?” 


Makoto looked up from his spot on Sousuke’s chest. “Why don’t you ever leave marks on me? I mean, you leave finger prints, but, um, like with your mouth. I’m just saying, I wouldn’t mind.”


Sousuke looked down, a smirk tugged at his lips.  “Makoto, are you telling me you want me to give you hickies?”


Makoto buried his head in his hands. “Oh my God, it sounds so stupid.”


Chuckling, “No, it’s not.  Hey, don’t be embarrassed.”  Sousuke removed Makoto’s hands from his face and smiled fondly down at him.  “If that is what you want, then that is what you shall have.  I will warn you, I may not stop with just one.”


“I’d be okay with that.”  Makoto smiled shyly up at him.  always so pensive when it came to voicing what he wanted in the bedroom.  Outspoken any other time.  Sousuke’s heart thudded in his chest.


Situating them so he could kiss and nuzzle the side of his neck, this was easier when they weren’t caught up in the heat of the moment.  He could control the urge to give in and take.  It was a testament to his will power.  He kissed at Makoto’s pulse point licking the strip of flesh.  “You make it all too easy for me to want to sink my teeth into you and drain you dry.” He muttered against his throat.  It was probably the closest he would admit to being a vampire. 


Makoto bared his neck for him. “I would let you.”  Sousuke latched onto him sucking up the pretty purple mark he requested.  One he wouldn’t be able to hide with a collared shirt. Makoto gasped, tightening his hold on Sousuke’s t-shirt.


Kissing the mark tenderly, he pulled away.  “I know.”


Makoto leaned his head in the other direction.  “Do it again?”


“Gladly.  By the way, when is your mother coming to visit?”  He leaned in as Makoto jumped out of his lap and ran down the hall.


“Shit!”  He could hear Makoto’s panicked cursing down the hall.  “Sooouussuukkeee! She’s going to kill me!”  He burst into a fit of laughter.  “Shut up! Oh my God, you are such a jerk.  I can’t wear a turtle neck in this heat!”


Makoto stomped back into the living room like a petulant child. Picking up a throw pillow he smacked Sousuke with it as he continued to laugh.  “It’s not that funny, Sou.”  Makoto put his hands on his hips.  “Fine, you can explain it then.”


“Oh, no.  I am not doing that.  I actually have a shift at the hospital that day.”  He tried to pull Makoto back onto the couch and got his hand batted way for his trouble.


“You are such a dick.  You did that on purpose.”  Makoto pouted.


He reached for him again. Teal eyes smiling up at him. “Here, let me leave some she won’t find.” This time, Makoto didn’t resist.