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Who Wants to Live Forever

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How do I begin. Do I start with the day I was born? Or maybe the day I died and then reborn. We should probably skip that. It is not a particular memory I want to relive.


As much as I would like to forget the past, it is a part of who I am.  The being I became.  My past will always be two steps behind me, just outside of my peripheral. It is a ghost I simply cannot outrun. I once embraced it, holding it dear. Until it began to choke me, weigh me down with its heaviness, burying what was left of my soul in darkness.  


All I can do is try to right the wrongs I have committed.


This had never been my path, it’s funny how fate has different plans. I will forever be the ripe old age of twenty-seven.  I have seen so much pain and suffering, been the cause of said suffering.  I was once called the angel of death. Laughable. Even when it was my calling…there is nothing angelic of what I have become.


I do not deserve the gift that has been bestowed upon me.  And yet I watch over him as he sleeps.  He is the true angel. An angel who would spurn this devil should he ever know the truth. It will be the death of me the day he discovers the monster I’ve tried so desperately to keep hidden from him.


I caress his cheek as melancholy threatens to consume me.  His blood runs hot through his veins.  His heart beats strong, soul still beautiful and pure.  Not tainted with darkness and decay…death.  I pull in a useless breath. My heart barely beats anymore.  Only to keep the sludge leaching through my body from turning to tar.


I pull the chain from around my neck and kiss the archaic cross.  Praying for strength and grace I know is immediately negated as soon as it hits the emblem next to it.


Oh well.  All good things come to an end…


My name is Sousuke Yamazaki and this is the story of how I lost the best thing in my undead life.