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Love Live! Hero Idol Project!

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Honoka met up with Tsubasa at the beach. It was spotless. There was almost no sign of litter anywhere in the area

"Honestly, someone cleaned up this beach a year ago," Tsubasa said. "But we're meeting here to train,"

Tsubasa stepped aside and behind her was a box.

"What's inside?" Honoka asked. Tsubasa opened it and there was a huge paper and some weights.

"Let's see, this list is your diet. Cut down on rice balls, sushi, yellow rice, rice in general, and anything related to rice."

"Isn't that a bit too much?"

"We need to make you strong so that you can stay in one piece when I pass down One for All to you!" Tsubasa bellowed.

"Your first task is to drag this from one end of the beach to the other," Tsubasa threw the paper back into the box and shut it. After that she took out a rope and tossed it to Honoka. "Strap that to the box and drag it with you!"

Honoka followed. She tried pulling the box. It did not budge.

"Come on, Honoka!" Tsubasa encouraged. "You can move it by a bit!"

"It's freaking heavy!" Honoka pulled herself again. She was already beginning to sweat.

"Listen," Tsubasa walked up to Honoka. "I want to train you to be my successor, give it your all!"

Honoka took a deep breath. She moved her legs in the general direction, placed her hands of the rope and began to pull. The box was not moving, but in her mind she could vision it. She could vision it being pulled across the beach more than one time. Honoka made one more mighty movement.

She felt something shift.

"Tsubasa-chan! I did it!" Honoka wiped her sweat off her forehead and looked at the markings on the sand. One thick and straight line.

"Well what are you waiting for? Keep moving!"

Honoka nodded. This was her first step into becoming a hero.


Five months has passed so far. It was evening now. Honoka had gotten slightly stronger, but nothing really changed much. She's still working to get her Quirk.

"Onee-chan!" Her younger sister called and rushed into her room carrying a cup of water. "Look!" She took a deep breath blew into the water, immediately forming ice. "I'm mastering the Quirk!"

"Oh that's great, Yukiho!" Honoka replied. She caught a glimpse of the original power she was supposed to manifest. "Well, I'm off to training, take care of the house for me!"


More days passed. Honoka had been getting sleepier and sleepier as the term continued. She sometimes passed out in class. It was not until the end of the last period where she was woken up for the day.

"Hey Honoka, get up," Umi tapped Honoka's head, and she immediately jerked her head up. "What's your deal?"

"I'm just... sleepy," Honoka replied. She stretched a bit. Umi knew this wasn't the normal Honoka. She seemed, different. She looked skinnier, and also seemed to have a face of determination everytime she looked at her.

Once Umi left, Honoka immediately took her bag and rushed out of the class. She definitely became faster. There is still one more month before the Entrance Exam, and Honoka had to prepare herself to receive One for All.


"Ah, you're here!" Tsubasa was at the park, wearing a cap and winter coat. "In public places, I usually try to be inconspicuous so no one will fanboy or fangirl at me. But it's night, and the place is relatively empty."

"I'm ready for One for All!" Honoka squealed. She had been training for more than nine months now. The Entrance Exam is tomorrow, and she had to get used to One for All before the exam begins.

"This is normal tradition," Tsubasa pulled out a strand of her hair. "One for All is given by ingesting DNA samples if the original user permits it,"

"That... wasn't what I was expecting," Honoka sighed.

"You want One for All, don't you? Now eat! Eat!"


It's been an hour since Honoka ingested Tsubasa's hair, but she couldn't feel anything. Yukiho had been spending the entire day making ice cubes. She was really having fun with her Quirk.

Honoka lay on her bed and took her phone out. She went onto a video site and watched videos of Tsubasa and her Quirk. She stared at it in awe. She was going to be the next One for All user!

Honoka smiled and went to sleep.


Although it was late at night, the staff were working hard to prepare the next Entrance Exam. Despite the new campus, they were still going to use the same way of testing from last year.

"Are the robots ready?" Principal Nezu asked one of the engineers, and he nodded.

"This year's batch looks really promising, lots of interesting Quirks," One of the teachers, Midnight, commented.

"I'll be happy to see how this batch deals with the training bots," Nezu said.

Soon, Nezu dismissed everyone, and they left the holding room to prepare for the next day.

All, except one.

Toshinori Yagi, formerly known as the Symbol of Peace, All Might.

It's been about a year since he lost his power. Scrolling through the list of the new first years, he noticed something strange.

'Honoka Kousaka. Quirk: Super Power'

That was the same thing he his successor to register with when he inherited One for All.

"Tsubasa, so you already found your successor?" Toshinori whispered to himself. "Very well then, let's see if she fairs with mine."


Honoka rushed towards the front gate of U.A Girls' High. She was excited, but nervous at the same time. She did not feel much overnight, and was worried about herself adapting with the new power.

"Honoka?" A familiar voice called out. She turned around. Umi. "How the hell did you register?"

"Well, it doesn't hurt to try, right?" Honoka replied.

"Again, you say you're trying?" Umi snickered a bit. "Good luck then, let's see how your Quirk works now,"

Inside the exam room, someone stepped up on the podium. One of the staff, Present Mic.

"Helloooo! How's everybodyyyy doingggg!" His enthusiastic voice boomed across the room. "Welcome to the U.A Girls' High ENTRANCE EXAMMMM!" Cheers erupted from the crowd.

"Now, let me explain the rules for the practical session! There are three types of robots in the arena, each one gives one, two, and three points depending on the robot type. There is one gigantic robot that gives zero points, so don't bother even looking at it! However, more robots will be produced behind it, so go after those instead!"

That sent a shiver down Honoka's spine. She wasn't even ready, and she couldn't feel the Quirk manifesting just yet.

"If there are no questions, let's start the exammmm!" Present Mic announced.


Honoka stepped in front of one of the testing areas. Umi was in a different one. She was standing there, watching the gates open. She felt someone bump into her.

"Ah, sorry!" Honoka cried. The person turned to face Honoka.

"You doubt your ability to handle your Quirk," The person said. She was a short girl with purple hair tied up in two ponytails stood there. She smirked. "It's fine, I don't expect myself to pass the practical either."

After that conversation, the girl disappeared out of Honoka's sight. Another one came up to her.

"You seem anxious," She said. She was quite tall, and had blue hair tied in one ponytail. "I wish you good luck,"

Honoka felt uneasy. Two people were already questioning her abilities. Can she really do this?

The gates opened.

"Get ready, GOOOO!" Present Mic's voice boomed. Everyone was off, running into the arena. Honoka was already far behind. She watched as the blue haired girl she talked to earlier overtook the crowd by producing ice under her feet and sliding on it. Honoka ran in, hoping to catch up.

She was in the center. It was like a small city setting here. She turned to her right. The first few one-point robots were deployed there. Honoka raised her fist.

And punched.

Nothing happened. A short pain shot through her arm and she stepped back. The robot didn't even flinch.

It was about to attack, when a big piece of stone hit it. Honoka turned to her left and saw a short, golden haired girl standing there.

"Oh, that was yours, sorry!" With that she scurried off. Honoka continued to dash down the street. One by one more and more robots were getting destroyed quickly.

She needed some points quickly. Honoka continued to attempt to activate her Quirk, but it wasn't happening. She couldn't feel a thing. One for All was refusing to activate.

Honoka heard loud stomping. She turned behind.

The giant, zero-point robot was deployed.

Honoka stared at it in shock. All the other candidates were running away from it, but Honoka stood rooted to the ground.

"One minute left!" Present Mic screamed.

It was a big tower of destruction. Honoka raised her arm.

But she felt something different. Her legs suddenly had a massive surge of power.

She jumped and raised her arm.

Honoka's arm glowed orange, and she launched one big, mighty punch at the beast. The metal crashed against each other, bolts and nuts flew around the impact location.

Honoka's legs and right arm refused to obey. She felt them shatter and break. Honoka dropped down to the ground.

Something caught her.

"You have to be more careful," She could hardly make out the words. Her eyes could register the person that caught her. The blue-haired girl from just now, an ice trail formed behind her. "Do you have any idea what you just did?"

Honoka's eyes closed, and she passed out as she heard Present Mic say "Time's up!".


Toshinori stood at the entrance of the original U.A High, leaning against the gate pillar.

"So, Toshinori, can't wait to know the results eh?" Tsubasa flew in from nowhere.

"Your successor is inside, isn't she?" Toshinori asked. "You do know my successor comes from the original school, right?"

Tsubasa nodded.

"Either way, we can't let them know what happened after my fight with All for One five years ago."