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Adrenalize Me

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How dare she be so perfect
What did I do to deserve this? 
I'll never let her go

How dare she be so perfect

-Perfect, Darkest Days-

"Emma, I'll be fine."

"Are you sure?" Emma questioned over the phone as she lay spread out on her couch, TV playing in the background. It was some action movie she couldn't bother to pay much attention to, not with her girlfriend on the line.

"Yes, I'm sure."

"Because I don't mind showing up to support you."

"You've been more than amazing. But I think I need to face my mother on my own. It's about time," Regina stated with finality.

It had been about three months since Regina and Emma officially started dating. With Regina's political term drawing to an end soon, Regina was finally putting into motion her finalized plans. Which meant it was time for Emma to do the same because as soon as Regina was done, they were moving out. They already had a town and new place figured out.

"I'm proud of you," Emma states, with a small smile curling up her lips. "You've come a long way."

"Ah, don't praise me too early. I haven't talked to her yet," Regina dismisses. "I may just psyche myself out again."

"Then take Zelena, if you don't want me coming."

"Mother isn't scared of Zelena. There is little that frightens her," Regina said and there was a banging noise in the background. Regina was cooking and Emma's stomach rumbled. She loved Regina's cooking and wished she could be there to eat it but they needed to continue having these boundaries if only just for a little while longer. Emma couldn't wait until she was waking up to Regina's kisses and getting to sit next to her as they wound down in the evenings. "Even Zelena will stay away from our mother."

"Well then, good luck," Emma concluded on seeing that there was no point in dragging this conversation. It might only instill more fear in Regina and then prevent her from going to talk with her mother.

"Thank you," Regina said and the call ended.

Emma turns back to the TV.

She gets a call later in the afternoon tomorrow, just as she's coming back from the grocery store. She picks it up immediately, thinking it's from Regina and that it's news about her mother.

"Hello?" she asks eagerly.

"I've never heard you so happy to see my call," Zelena chirps on the other end. "I'm flattered."

Emma's cheeriness drops. "You. What do you want?"

"Ah, there's that rudeness I'm so used to," Zelena chimes in. "Were you expecting Regina?"

"I was, in fact," Emma hums, going to set her coffee pot. "She was supposed to go tell her mother whose in the hospital, she was quitting the political field today."

"This is actually related to that. I'm calling to tell you that Cora has had a heart attack."

Emma's eyes widened. "So Regina didn't tell her-"

"On the contrary, she did," Zelena confirms with mild amusement. "When I heard Regina was going to confess to the old hag on how she was too gay to be mayor in this shitty town, I threw away my fear and came to see the drama unfold."

Emma's gripping the phone tightly now, interested in what happens next. "And then what?"

"Well, I don't want to spoil all the good details- it is Regina's story to tell after all- but Cora didn't take it well. Worked herself up so much that she gave herself cardiac arrest."

" Cora dead?" Emma asked.

"No, she's one tough bitch. Even death doesn't want her."

Emma didn't want to wish ill on others but Cora had caused Regina and Zelena so much suffering. It was alright to have satisfaction just a little bit, to see Cora suffer for once. "But anyways," Zelena sings. "I've got packing to do."

"Right, you and Mulan are leaving." Emma not too long ago had said goodbye to Ruby and Belle, meeting with them to see them off. And it had been a bittersweet end. Because she was happy Ruby was going to get an education, and she was happy Bella had finally met someone she loved. But she was sad they had left and that she wouldn't be in such close contact with them.

Same with Mulan and Zelena. Though, Emma was certain Zelena would find one way or another to keep in touch.

There was a beeping on Emma's line, indicating that another call was going through. "I gotta go. I think Regina's calling me."

"See ya, Swan. You better come see me and Mulan off when we leave. I'm throwing a bash. Invite all your worker friends."

"I will," because if it was one thing Zelena was known for, it was her craziness. Which meant good parties. Emma ended the call with Zelena and then picked up the call from Regina. "So, how did it go?" she asked.

"It went...well, all things considered," Regina said, sounding a bit out of sorts.

"Zelena called me and told me some spoilers. Your mother really did not like the news you gave her, did she?" Emma asked, turning off the coffee pot and pouring herself a brew. She made sure to dump lots of sugar and milk into it.

"Of course she called you. Had to ruin even my own personal success story," Regina said with a soft sigh and rolled her eyes so hard Emma could almost hear it through the phone.

"We should celebrate your victory. Dinner on me? And then you can tell me all the juicy details then?"

"Absolutely," Regina assures.

Zelena's going away party is sort of nothing less than ridiculous. She's rented out a whole bar and outfitted it with green and orange decorations with an ice sculpture of her and Mulan smack dab right in the middle of it. Emma sees it, rolls her eyes, and decides she's going to miss Zelena. Even her meddling ways.

"I hope you know what you signed up for," Emma warns Mulan as Zelena drunkenly starts making out with the ice version of Mulan while a slow song plays over the speakers. "How is she even drunk yet? The party just started."

Mulan watches the scene, shaking her head and laughing at it. "She's hiding her feelings behind alcohol. She might not show it, but she's going to miss you and Regina and even this town."

"Really?" Emma pulls a long face. "Because I'm not going to miss this town." And Emma won't. Even though she's lived here for so long it doesn't hold any special meaning to her. She's ready to move on.

"What about Regina?"

"She's moving with me, so I'll literally have no one left here that I know. Other than Neal and Ursula." Neal knows already, as for Emma's boss...

"Who you haven't told?"

Emma winces and Mulan knows she's guessed right. "You have to tell him."

"I know. But it's hard to do so. I've known him for so long. He did so much for me. It feels like a disservice to leave."

"But you have to move on. You can't stay here forever," Mulan points out and what else she is going to say is lost when Zelena's ardent make out session with the ice sculpture causes the ice version of Mulan's head to fall off and shatter. Zelena drops to her knees and tries to gather the pieces back together once more. "Noooo," she wails, heartbroken. "Mulan don't do this to me! Come back to me!"

"I should probably get that," Mulan says and heads over to Zelena.

Emma turns and mingles with the assorted groups here. A lot of them are from Unfortunate Souls and Emma chats with them about work and how customers are going. Regina is supposed to show up but it was clear when Emma offered the invitation that Regina felt conflicted about it. "Won't they be...upset if I show up?" she'd questioned.

"Why would they be?" Emma asked. "You're my girlfriend and I want you there." She rubbed a hand down Regina's back as the two of them lay in bed.

"They don't know that so it'll be weird if I just show up."

"You don't have to come out and say you're my girlfriend. I'm not pushing you to do that. But you are Zelena's half sister, so you have every right to be there to see her off."

Regina made a noise of contemplation before turning to face Emma. "I'll let you know what I decide," she settles on and kisses Emma good night.

Back at the party, Emma is just thinking this scene over with warm butterflies in her stomach before she notices almost everyone's attention is on the doorway. Standing there, is Regina, wearing a tight black dress that shimmers with every move. She's looking out over the ground uncertainly, probably trying to find Emma.

Some whispers were going around. "What is the mayor doing here?"

"Are we in trouble?"

Emma shouldered her way up to greet her. "Hey," she smiled, pinked cheeked because maybe she's just a bit drunk and wanting to kiss Regina especially when she looks beyond amazing in this dress.

Regina heard those whispers and with an arched brow, addressed them. "I'm not the mayor any longer. And I'm here, to see my girlfriend." At this, she grabbed Emma who was standing next to her and pressed a kiss to her cheek. Immediately the room went into an uproar.

Emma felt her whole body flush. Regina had just come out to several people! All for Emma!

"Regina..." she says softly as the crowd gossips. The mayor is stiff, probably not entirely comfortable with coming out but having done it regardless.

"It was time, Emma," Regina states. "If I can tell my mother, than I can damn well tell anyone else." She squeezed Emma's hand and Emma swore she couldn't stop smiling. "You just made me the happiest I have ever been in a long time," Emma admitted and this time Regina blushed. They said nothing for a moment, just looking each other over with admiration in their eyes.

"Come, let's get your sister. Currently she's a hot mess crying over an ice sculpture," Emma encouraged, tugging Regina along by the hand.

"Oh, I do not want to miss this," Regina smirked, pulling out her phone so she could record the whole thing.

"Did you all plan this out?" Ursula asks when a timid Emma comes up and finally tells him she's resigning. "First Ruby, then Mulan, and now you?" He looks hurt by this and Emma doesn't begrudge him. But she can't stay here forever and they both know that.

"I'm sorry," she murmurs, standing awkwardly in front of his desk, hands in pocket as he looks in disappointment at the slip she gave him. "You offered me a chance when I was down on my luck and I'm grateful for it. I'll never forget the good things you've done for me and I didn't want to leave; this place was like my second home and I would never have met my love if not for it. But I can't continue going on. The rest of the world is calling my name and I need to go out there and explore it."

He shakes his head. "I'm not mad at you Swan, just sad. I've lost a lot of amazing girls this past year and it's going to hit me and the business hard." He gets up from his desk. "But I'm not going to hold you back. I can see you're in a good place mentally now and I won't hold you back."

"And don't throw me a party. I've had enough of saying goodbyes." Emma smiles wanly, happy to hear Ursula is happy for her.

"Not even a small one?" he asks playfully though he can't hide the sadness in his eyes.

"No. I wouldn't be able to take it," Emma answers because she doesn't want to make this into a big deal and she doesn't want the girls at work to be upset again and missing yet another one of their girls.

"At least tell me who your love is. You owe me that little."

Emma hesitates. Should she tell Ursula? Regina might not want to come out yet to anyone else. Already when she'd come out to her mother that had been an ordeal and when they had had dinner to talk about it, Regina had broke down in tears as all the mixed emotions inside her came out. Emma had just held her and rubbed her back. Regina confessed that she knew her mother would retaliate against this and that since her term was ending in a month, they best get out of town on the same day it ended.

Emma didn't entirely believe Cora would stoop so low as to hurt her daughter for simply wanting to be able to love openly, but Regina had a haunted look in her eyes and Emma knew, just what type of scum bag Cora was.

"Uh, well, actually," Emma rubs the back of her head and decides, it's just Ursula, he won't tell because of the usual secretive nature of their work. "It's...the mayor," she says in a small voice.

Ursula merely smiles. "Ah, I had a feeling, Swan. You were taking those sessions way too hard."

Emma flushed. "Was I that obvious?"

"Even more obvious than you were with Lily."

"Well, shit," Emma says and the two of them laugh at this and at how hopelessly in love Emma is with Regina.

One year later

"Huh, Robin's mayor of Storybrooke now?" Emma said as she peered over the paper. She was sat at a quaint table, mug of coffee in her hand. Regina, who was at the toaster, getting the last two slices of toast, sat down down in front of Emma while responding, "I wouldn't be surprised if my mother got him the position. She always did love him more than she loved me."

"Good thing you don't have to worry about any of those politics anymore," Emma concluded, folding her paper and digging into the breakfast Regina had prepared them. It was still slightly dark outside because the two of them woke up early nowadays. It was something easy for Regina to do but Emma still had difficulty with because she had been used to working all night and then sleeping all day for so long. They finished breakfast and then headed out to the stables, the smell of fresh hay greeting them as they opened up the place.

Several neighs resounded, the horses greeting them. The usual smile over took Regina's face as she strode up to the first horse, patting it on the nose. "Good morning to you too," she exclaimed. Emma enjoyed watching Regina like this. She was a different person now that she was free. Now that she didn't have to wear the armor of a politician but could wear jeans and flannel shirts and whatever the hell she was in the mood for. Now that she didn't have to hide her sexuality and could love Emma openly.

Regina still had her sharp tongue and her temper but she was happier. It was evident in her body language. She didn't carry tension in her shoulders, like she was always on the ready to fight. And she smiled more. Emma loved seeing Regina happy like this. Regina for too long had been denied the things she loved. It was only with a push from Zelena and Emma that Regina had gathered the courage to be herself and to follow her true dreams.

It had been roughly a year since Regina quit her mayoral position and she and Emma moved out to the countryside in Connecticut. Here, they owned a lot of land, land they used for their horses. They ran stables that had horses that were certified for therapy or for horseback riding. Regina knew a lot about how this all worked so Emma let her lead the way and handle most things while Emma helped out on the side. Emma knew this work was less glamorous than either of their old positions but she didn't mind. Because she felt at ease. And she felt like she belonged. And this was Regina's passion project so it was Emma's, until Emma could figure out what it was she was going to do with her future job occupation. For now she was content to follow in Regina's footsteps.

The stables had surprisingly grown popular and fast. Regina was an excellent teacher and she was also hot, so Emma often caught snippets of the handful of young boys that came around here, talking about her beauty. Emma laughed to herself, thinking how lucky she was to have Regina all to herself.

Emma even learned how to horseback ride. It wasn't her favorite thing in the world since she was scared she'd fall but she could ride if she needed to. Regina loved riding the horses and she was such a pro at it. Such a natural that Emma would have thought she was born knowing how to ride. But, while Regina rode the horses during the day, Emma rode Regina at night. Hard.

Their sex life was as intense as it was before with the exception that most nights than some, they would skip the whips and the chains and just settle down for soft love making. In those moments they felt truly connected and truly in love. And especially lucky to have found each other despite all the odds in their way.

"I love you, Regina Mills," Emma murmured into Regina's now long brunette locks.

"And I love you, Emma Swan," Regina breathed out and they shared a kiss.