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Adrenalize Me

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I crave excess

Turning wine into sweat dripping down my neck

I can't deny, I'd die without this

Make me feel like a god

Adrenaline and sex

-In This Moment-

"Swan," Ursula barks out. "You've got a new client." The drag queen sashays towards where Emma is stationed at her vanity, attempting to fix up her makeup. She's just finished a session with one of her subs, a one handed man by the name of Killian whose recently gotten too attached to her. It's not something unusual. It happens when the sub mistakenly thinks that the connection between them during play exists out of it. She may have to either cut him off or have a talk with him because she doesn't want him to get any wrong ideas- it puts her in a rough position.

"Who is it?" she asks, unfazed. She's often being asked to take up new clients. She's one of Ursula's best workers, raking in at least thirty customers per week not to mention a constant stream of regulars that have been funding her deep pockets for months by this point. There's something about her that makes her dominating more realistic, more painfully authentic, and Emma has her rough childhood to thank for that. She'd grown up an orphan and being tough was the only way to survive the streets. She's used to muscling her way into what she wants and in not taking shit from anyone. And it shows in the quality of her work.

"Some politician type." Her boss tosses the file onto her desk, sucking in a long drag of his cig as he leans against her mirror. Today he's wearing a dark purple dress that shimmers in the dark, his wig a gray updo.

"Always the politicians," Emma sighs out in mere commentary. There's just something that turns them on about having so much power only to be stripped of it. She flips through the files and scans over basic information such as height, weight, and background checks for criminal records or mental instability that is standard for each new client that knocks at their door. When her eyes fall on the head shot, her jaw slightly falls. "This-this is-"

"Yea, I know," Ursula chuckles in that throaty way of his that sounds like there's a frog in his voice box. "The mayor of our own very little town. Regina Mills."

"So, she finally caved?" Emma grins over at Ursula.

The drag queen shrugs. "She withstood this long. Longer than any man in power before. Can you take her on?"

Emma peruses the details of what kind of play Regina likes. "Kinky," is all she comments, working at her bottom lip as she decides. "I don't normally do women." Emma has an easier time with men. It's easier to separate work and pleasure with them. With women...well, let's say that Emma is all about pleasure with women.

"I know that."

"Why can't Ruby do it? Or Tamara?"

"Because Regina asked for the best in the business and you're the best I got, Swan," Ursula takes another drag on his cig.

Emma contemplates this a moment. The woman is hot, no doubt about it. Dark hair, slightly tan skin, and intense eyes that could bring Emma down to her knees if the mayor wanted. She's exactly Emma's type and the blonde has a previous small crush on the woman who doesn't take shit from no one. Emma's familiar with the woman's work. She's all about child and healthcare reform and on giving more power to minority groups, all things Emma ardently supports especially because of her horrid time in the foster system. And in person, Regina's tough, no nonsense, and power hungry, not caring about what others say, only doing things her way. It's earned her the nickname Evil Queen in some circles.

"I guess I can take her. She seems like the kind who might back out from this anyways." Because Emma wonders why a woman like her, that brings grown man down to her knees in public, would want the same done to her behind closed doors. Perhaps she's curious? Perhaps she was tricked or blackmailed into doing this? But Emma's not here to understand the finer workings of the inner mind, but to serve pain and pleasure in equal measure. "When is she coming in?"

"She's not coming here. You're to go to her place."

"In-house call?" Emma shouldn't be shocked. Her analysis seems to be proving true. Regina has never done this before. "She's really going to be secretive about this, isn't she?"

"She needs to be. Especially since she's a woman and they would look for any excuse to fire her from office."

"Then she must be in real need if she's doing this anyways." Emma nods her head. "Okay. Tell her I'm in."

"Good," Ursula drawls, snatching up the files. He's going to have to draw up a contract and iron out the finer details. "You just worry your pretty head about looking good and doing your best."

"I always do my best," Emma shot back, capping her lipstick because the final touches were done. She had another client to attend to right now. An older gentleman that needed to be spanked. She strode away in her heels, tossing her hair over her shoulder, and putting the thought of Regina Mills out of her mind.

"I heard you caught a big fish this time," Ruby starts as she pulls off her wig and fluffs out the hair trapped underneath, glad to be rid of the itchy device. Sometimes clients have specific needs for different hair colors. That's something easily arranged and taken care of and it carves out bigger tips for the girls.

"A real big fish," Emma adds. They may not speak about their clients past these doors but that doesn't mean they can't gossip about them now. "Guess who?"

"I don't know, some international guy?" Ruby shrugs, starting the process of taking off her makeup. Ursula's sex business is pretty well known for it's stellar quality and the wide fetishes it caters too. It's main focus was the dom/sub kink but there were a couple of girls who took care of real specific ones such as age play, balloon popping, or choking, and some more even niche than that. Often people from other states were attracted here, and on occasion, some international business men too.

"No, closer to home."

Ruby paused here, stumped. "Gold?"

He was a wealthy land owner and business man here. He practically owned all of Maine.

"No." Emma couldn't imagine him yielding to anyone. He was the type of man who didn't relent power, no matter the situation.

"I don't know," Ruby sighed out.

"You really suck at guessing games," Emma shook her head as she began to unlock the clasps of her dominatrix outfit.

"I don't get paid to guess," Ruby said and without warning she grabbed Emma by the shoulder and spun her down into an armchair in their changing room. She pressed one heel in between Emma's legs, spreading them, and grabbed a fistful of her hair, long blonde tresses in her tight grasp. "I get paid to be a bitch." She jerked Emma's face up to hers and Emma laughed.

"Is that supposed to be intimidating?"

Ruby sighed and let go of Emma's hair, dropping the sudden act. "You know I'm still learning. I've only been here half a year."

Ruby was one of the newer arrivals. A girl fresh from high school who wanted to avoid scrubbing counters at her Granny's dinner and making minimum wage. Working here she made more money, enough to even fund a community college education when she decided to eventually go. "You need to teach me that thing you do with your eyes." Ruby strode back to her mirror to continue removing her make up while Emma got up, shedding her tight outfit now and placing her regular street clothes on. She liked to dress comfortably. Flannels and jeans.

"I don't know if it can be taught. It's just how I look when I get into the zone. You have to look for the one thing that you do that's specific to you and capitalize on it. Make it something you're known for exclusively."

It's good advice that Ruby compartmentalizes with a nod of her head.

"Hey, you still haven't told me who the person is," she remembers.

Emma stalls for effect, slamming her locker shut. "Regina Mills."

Ruby's jaw drops open. "No way. Her? I didn't know she was into women."

"She's been very good at hiding it."

"Ya no shit, given she's engaged to a man!"

Emma picked up her bag. "See ya."

"You better dish what happens in your sesh!" Ruby calls after her.

"Can't. She made me sign a nondisclosure agreement!" Emma calls back and heads out into the rainy weather outside.

It takes a while to organize everything and they finally meet for the first time a week after Emma initially found out who her new client is. She packs all her gear up in her duffel bag and gets into the town car that is sent to fetch her. There is a divider so she can't talk to the chauffeur, not that she would want to. She knows better than to open her mouth. Ursula's business is known for it's tight lips and Emma had to be foolish to breach that now, especially with such a sensitive privacy minded customer.

There's a ball of nerves in her stomach. She can't believe she's going to the mayor's house. Can't believe she's going to do this on her. She wants it to be perfect. Wants to be on her best game, but she has a tiny crush on the woman and it makes her over think everything. Will Regina be acerbic in person when they meet? Or will she be nice? Will she treat Emma like she doesn't exist? Like she's just a napkin to clean up a mess and that is useless once dirty and used?

Only one way to figure that out. The town car pulls up to the mayor's mansion and sucking in a deep breath, Emma gets out of the car, luggage in hand. She has no more time for overthinking things through. She's here and she's going to see this to the end. Tentatively she knocks on the door and it swings open a moment later, a harsh voice urging her in. "Get in."

She does quickly, the door slamming shut behind her. Emma's in splendor, white marbles halls and high end furniture and lighting. But she's not here for this, but for the hostess behind her. Regina Mills is pressed up against the door as if she's afraid news reporters might barge in unless she holds it closed. She's still in her work clothes; a blue top, unbuttoned to the third button, and slacks that hug her curves in an illegal manner. Emma's never been this close to the mayor before and it's exhilarating and intimidating at the same time.

"Were you followed here?" she asks and god, her voice is rich and husky. Emma can't wait to hear it in the throes of ecstasy.

"No, I don't think I was," Emma says, mouth dry, and she remembers to swallow. Damn, she hates being this nervous, but this is the reason why she doesn't dominate women. They make it hard for her to keep her feelings behind the lines.

Regina contemplates the validity of this before she nods her head briskly. "Okay." The word hangs between them, air awkward, and Emma realizes that Regina is nervous too, more so than Emma is.

"Have you ever done this before?" Emma asks.

"No, I haven't. I don't know how to...uh, progress," and now Emma has heard the mayor stammer for the first time ever. It's cute. Suddenly Emma feels more at ease.

"There's no need to worry. We can take it easy today. Figure out where exactly your boundaries lie."

"That sounds good."

"Where's your bathroom? I need to change," Emma hefts up her bag.

"Upstairs, down the hall."

"And your bedroom?"

"Two doors down from the bathroom."

"Good," Emma smiles and walks in the direction of the bathroom. Inside she takes her time but not too long. It's important to let the client relax, to settle their nerves, but not to drag the time out for too long or else they might get bored, or start rethinking things and stressing more. Emma pulls on her get up, a tight leather number that is a corset on top and has straps of leather running up and down her legs, barely covering her privates with the small slivers of material. Black pumps slip onto her feet and long gloves cover up to her arms.

Her make up is dark, foundation pale, and lips and eyes dark as temptation. She shakes out her curls a bit more so they have more volume and then she steps out of the bathroom, taking her tools with her. She brought a couple for Regina to try out to gauge her reactions to it.

In the bedroom, sparsely decorated and with hints of purple and black in the decor, sat Regina in a chaise, sipping on something amber in her glass. She held herself regally, legs crossed, back straight and neck up high. Emma wonders how such a stiff position can be comfortable.

When she sees Emma walk in, a little exhale leaves her lips as her eyes hungrily lap up all that skin and leather. "You like?" Emma asks, pushing her breasts out more, pleased that Regina finds her attractive.

"Yes," Regina croaks out and clears her throat. "Drink?" she offers, gesturing to an opened decanter and empty glass on her vanity.

"No thank you. I prefer to work sober." Not the case always because there are some clients who are just unbearable without some alcohol but Emma wants to have her wits about her when she works with Regina. She doesn't want to slip up.

"I brought some things for you to try out." Ursula already noted the things that Regina liked, but it was different when the actual time came to use them and Emma wanted to make sure that she double checked. Emma snapped open her case and let Regina have a good look at the items there. She raises them one by one. "Nipple clamps? And you can say yay, nay, or maybe, and I'll work from there."

Regina takes another drink to steady her nerves and thinks about her options. "Maybe."

Emma pulls out the next object. "Butt plug?"

"No." Regina's brow furrows in disgust at the idea.

"Riding crop?"





"Isn't that a bit vanilla?" Regina comments, using humor to make herself more at ease.

"Hey, some like vanilla in their spice," Emma said playfully. "But is that a yes? Or no?"

"It's a yes."

"If you want something more hard core, there's rope. It's used in a play called Shibari which is all about trust and it can feel really good. But I wouldn't recommend it for you just yet. It can be emotionally sapping. I know Ursula told you, but I must remind you that these plays can sometimes be emotionally and mentally draining not just physically. You need to be honest with me along the way."

"I know," Regina snapped out. "I know what I'm getting into."

"Do you?" Emma arched a brow at the sudden defensive tone. Wearing her get up made her feel more confident in herself- like she was on more equal grounds with Regina- and so she felt at ease testing the woman when she never would have dreamed of publicly.

Regina let out an irritated little huff that stirred a strand of hair over her eyes. "Yes."

"Very well. I only have two more items for you to look over." Emma pulled out a paddle.

"Yes," Regina said hurriedly, no doubt itching to get started. Good, that meant she was more comfortable now, and would have a better time than if she entered this uptight.

"And this?"

This was a collar and chain set.

Regina hesitated on this, the yes barely making it past her lips but Emma knew what this was. Apparently Regina thought this might be too kinky but it was clear with the way her eyes darkened that she really liked that.

"Hmmm, I think we have a winner," Emma hummed playfully. "I think I know what we're going to use today."

"But I never said-"

"You didn't have to. I can see it in your face. Don't worry about your wants. I've seen every kink under the sun," that was a gross overstatement but she needed to reassure Regina it was okay. She was here to help people who might feel like their wants weren't normal, weren't catered to by the public. She was here to satisfy them for her. "There's nothing you want that I can't do."

Regina didn't say anything to that, just swallowed the last of her drink. She set the glass down, wiping her palms on her thighs as she took a steadying breath. "Okay. I'm ready."

"Green is good, yellow is slow down or take a break, and red is stop. Clear?"

Regina nodded her head.

"And do you have a safe word?"


"And will you remember to use it when you feel uncomfortable?"

"Yes," was the slightly breathless promise. Emma could feel herself growing breathless too. This was finally happening. Countless men had no doubt dreamed of getting Regina to bend to them, and here Emma was, about to have that privilege and that fantasy become so very true.

It was like a switch was flipped over Emma. She entered her work mind set. Her features grew colder, her back straighter, and she more confident. Her warm tones from before were gone. "Sit on the bed," she instructed as she unbuckled the collar. Regina did as asked and began to unbutton her shirt.

"Did I tell you to strip?" she barked harshly and Regina jumped at the loud tone.

"No, you didn't-"

"Did I say you can talk back to me?"

Regina opened her mouth to answer before she realized better and closed it.

"Smart girl," Emma purred in praise. "You don't do anything unless I tell you to. And you do not talk unless I instruct you to. I'm going to be lenient with your mistakes today because it's your first time, but I won't be so forgiving next time. Slip up and I will punish you harshly. Is that clear?"


"Yes, mistress," Emma stressed.

"Yes mistress," Regina corrected.

"Good girl. Now come here."

Regina obediently rose, excitement in her eyes. With steady hands Emma clipped the collar on. It was a thick black cord that rested snugly on the column of Regina's neck. It looked good there. And given the way that Regina's chest was rising up and down more rapidly she felt good about it too.

"Kneel," Emma commanded and Regina did, awaiting her next order. It's always a good feeling to have those more powerful kneeling at Emma's command. It's part of the reason why Emma joined this job in the first place. She's never had much power in the world, so being able to rob those that had it, of it, and make them do her bidding is a high that she will never lose.

And there is something especially intoxicating in having such a stunning and powerful woman at her feet.

"What, you like this?" Emma tugs the chain closer, jerking Regina's head up roughly, the collar tightening on her neck. "Want to be my bitch?"

Regina lets out a little breathy "uh huh" that does things to Emma's stomach. She ignores it as best she can. "I didn't hear an answer."

"Yes," Regina breathes out.

"Yes what?" Emma jerks on Regina's collar in recrimination.

"Yes mistress," she amends.

"I think you forget who I am. How important I am. You are nobody. Nobody, you hear me?" she hisses and Regina nods her head raptly. She's getting more into the play. Gone is the proud slant of her shoulders and the straight back. Gone is the harsh expression on her face and the haughty look in her gaze. Now all she has is compliance and wanting to please her mistress. "I think you should kiss my feet."

Regina bends her head, gets as low as she can, lips pressing light kisses to the start of Emma's ankle, before moving up and up more, mouth leaving behind red color from her lips stick. Her hands trail up with her, reverent, and her breath is hot on pale skin. She only gets up to Emma's knee before the blonde tugs the chain to pull her away. She's starting to feel too much from those kisses and she needs to regroup. It's not unusual to get aroused for her. These things happen. It's a natural reaction. But she doesn't want to scare Regina away with that. Doesn't want to break the facade of a completely unaffected mistress. She's not paid to get herself off but to get her clients off.

"Stop that. Stop it," Emma growls when Regina doesn't pull away quickly enough. "I don't need any more of your pathetic slobber on me. Get on the bed." Regina scrambles to her legs, sits down on the covers. "Turn around. Get on your hands and knees." She does as asked and Emma takes the chance to snatch up some handcuffs and to take in the shape of the woman's ass. Damn does she have a great one even with all the sitting behind her desks that she does.

Crawling up behind her, she slots her hips against Regina's ass and hears the slight intake of breath. She smiles despite herself. "Give me your hands." Regina offers them up and Emma expertly clicks the handcuffs around them before attaching that to the headboard. Now Regina's in place, her hands and head immobile but not too tightly so that it'll chafe her. Due to her new position she has to balance on her elbows and her head kisses the top of her sheets. It sticks her rump out nicely into the air.

"You like being like this. On your hands and knees, like the little slut you are," Emma whispers into Regina's ear, breath ghosting and sending goosebumps down the mayor's neck. Tied up, Regina has no where to go. "What color are we at?" Emma asks in a softer tone of voice.


"Good," Emma hums, running her hands up and down Regina's sides, bunching up the blue material and letting it drop back, never taking it off. She's teasing, letting the slightest glimmer of her tips touch Regina's warmed flesh as her hips slowly rock into her. It's not enough to do anything and Emma knows Regina's frustrated. When the woman tries to rock back harder, Emma merely moves away. "That's not what we do. Naughty pets don't get to demand from their mistress anything."

"I'm sorry mistress," she whispers.

"I suppose I could forgive you this time," Emma says. She resumes their gentle rocking, this time letting her fingers push the buttons of her shirt through their holes, slowly one by one. Fingers of one hand skate up and down warm flesh, defined flesh. The mayor has time for a toned stomach, hot damn. Emma is tempted to flip her around just to see it but she resists. She will not break character. Her hand goes searching up higher, while her other hand teases at the button on Regina's slacks. She finds the pads of a soft bra, fingers sneaking under to twist a turgid nipple. Regina lets out a huge shaking breath and her hips twitch against Emma's losing their rhythm.

"Do you like that? Do you want more?"

"Yes, mistress. I do."

"Then beg me for it."

"Please, mistress. Touch me more."

"Touch you where?"

"Everywhere. My breasts, my thighs, my pussy. I need you." Pure desire in those words.

Emma swallows harshly, lungs deflating as her breath was stolen. God damn, did the mayor just say that? It should be illegal to hear such words fall from her mouth in that husky tone of hers.

"Since you asked so nicely," Emma says once she recovers her breath. The bra has a clasp in the front and Emma undo's it with one hand, twisting Regina's nipple harshly while her other hands fingers slide into slick heat and even through her gloves she can feel how hot and wet she is.

"You like being fucked like this? From behind? Like some animal?"

"Yes. I do," Regina moans, stomach jumping in shock at the touch. She sucks in a deep breath and Emma has to remind herself to breath easily.

"Tell me how much you like it," Emma urges as her fingers languidly play with Regina's clit, spreading moisture around.

"I like being fucked like this. Like I'm some animal. Like I am not deserving to be treated like a human."

"I bet you spread your legs for anyone, don't you?" Emma urged, dipping her fingers in more and moving them in and out as she rocked her hips harder into Regina. The brunette's hands jerked on her handcuffs but she couldn't reach over and touch Emma like she wanted to. A low moan exited her throat.

"Harder," Regina begged, prompting Emma to pull out. The brunette let out a little disappointed whimper.

"You don't tell me what to do. If I decide you deserve me going harder than I will. Right now you don't deserve it."

"I'm sorry, mistress," Regina apologized, hips bucked up to chase after Emma's heat but Emma was already retreating.

"No, not this time," Emma said, moving away in disinterest, taking a seat in the chaise by the bed and helping herself to the alcohol that was there. She took a sip, surprised by the taste of it. "This is delicious. What is it?"

Regina was stuck unsatisfied, shirt undone, hair tousled and slacks pushed down to her knees revealing her leaking desire. She let out a long desperate groan. "Mistress, I need-"

"Do I hear you ordering me around again?" Emma snapped out harshly. "What did I tell you about ordering me around?"

"You said not to do it-"

"And you won't. You will wait patiently for me to to finish my drink as you reflect on what you did wrong."

Regina let out another groan, wiggling her hips in the air as if she could get some friction.

"Do I hear more complaining? I guess I might enjoy two drinks instead of just one." This shut Regina up. Emma truly wouldn't draw this out this long. After a while it wasn't fun anymore for the client. Orgasm denial was an art and one had to time it correctly. So Emma didn't finish her drink, merely sucked some excess up into her mouth and went back to the bed, her heels clicking loudly and drawing Regina's attention. Jerking Regina's head up roughly by the back of her hair, she pressed her lips against Regina's pushing the alcohol in. A drop slipped free, racing down Regina's mouth corner.

"And now you waste a single drop of what I give you? Everything I give you is to be treasured," Emma growled as she pulled free of Regina's lips.

"Mistress I-" Regina swallowed down the cider, an excuse ready on her tongue.

"Making excuses?" Emma slapped Regina's cunt painfully from behind.

Regina jerked forwards at the unexpected action, a low moan escaping her.

"I didn't hear an answer." Emma slapped her again. Her glove came back even wetter this time.

"Y-yes. I am. Mistress." Her eyes fluttered shut and she bit her bottom lip as Emma slid her fingers back into increasing wetness. Walls tightened greedily on her digits. as if holding them tightly would prevent Emma from leaving again.

"What way should I punish you for it? For messing up my gift to you? For trying to excuse your sloppy and ungrateful behavior."

When Regina didn't say anything, lost to the feel of Emma's fingers thrusting in and out of her, Emma began to prompt her. "Should I stop fucking you?" She paused her fingers here. "Should I just leave?" She pulled her hand out again causing Regina to sob.

"No, mistress don't."

"I won't, but only if you make it up to me."

"I'll do anything. Anything."

"Good. What I want you to do is not cum. No matter what, you cannot cum," Emma emphasized.

Regina nodded her head obediently. Emma began to thrust in and out again, this time with all the strength in her arm, other hand circling around Regina's clit. Regina buried her head into the covers in a vain attempt to stifle her moans. She was climbing quickly if the shaking of her thighs were any indication. "Don't come Regina. Don't come," Emma warned.

"I-I can't. I-god-I-"

"You said you would do anything for me. Don't go back on your word right now."

Regina bit into her upper arm, to stave off her orgasm with pain. Emma had to admire her dedication. So she devilishly decided to make it even harder, curling her finger and brushing against the rough patch of Regina's walls, a move that she knew drove any woman crazy.

Sudden warmth and wetness dripped all over Emma's hand. Regina had come without her permission. Her shoulders shook and a moan exited her throat though it was muffled by cloth. She looked shocked by her own orgasm and the intensity of it. Watching her come made Emma's insides turn to liquid and she shut her eyes and tried to calm down her own body's reaction. But it was hard to do when she could still feel Regina clenching around her fingers, so intimately.

Emma would let her have this. It was time to end anyways. This was enough for a first session. She pulled free with a slick noise and Regina finally collapsed onto her stomach. Emma ran soothing circles over her back, until her breathing returned to normal.

"So, how are you feeling?" Emma asked, now out of her dominatrix mode. Aftercare was an important part of her job too. She had to make sure her clients didn't relapse.

"Better," Regina said after a while when she could speak once more. Emma's brows went up when she saw drops of red staining the blue shirt's sleeve. "Are you bleeding?" she asked softly, moving to uncuff Regina. The woman sat up, rubbing her wrists and looking at her sleeve in question.

"Can I look?" Emma prompted softly and Regina shook her head, still too lethargic to do much. Emma rolled down her shirt and saw teeth marks in her upper arm where she had bit down, having drawn blood.

Jesus, how hard had she bitten down to avoid her orgasm? "Does this hurt?"

"I'll be fine," Regina answered gruffly. She was avoiding Emma's eyes now. Emma knew what this. Guilt and shame for getting off to such acts. Some clients experienced this after their first couple of times especially if they thought what they were doing was unnatural. Emma couldn't do much for that. It was something the client had to work out on their own. Sometimes they never did work it out and never came back.

Emma wanted Regina to come back. There was just something so intoxicating about the way the woman was submissive, about how she came. Emma wanted to top her for many more sessions and the realization frightened her. She knew she shouldn't have done this with a woman, especially one she had a small crush on. But she had to for work obligations and now she was worried about what it could mean for her.

"I'm going to stay here for a little while to-"

"It's okay," Regina stood up from the bed, pulling her shirt back on, fixing her bra. "I can take care of myself."

"I can't leave you. I need to make sure you don't crash."

"I wont, Miss. Swan." And here it was, that cold dismissive behavior that Emma expected of Regina, had worried she would see it, and now she was. She felt crushed for some reason. She hated being used and then tossed aside, it was all something too reminiscent of her foster days. She got up, clearing her throat, schooling her features. Regina now had her back to her, not even deigning to look at her. That hurt worst of all.

"Very well. I'll be on my way as soon as I change."

"The town car will be waiting for you outside." And then Regina was striding out of her room, leaving Emma in the empty cold bedroom herself. Sighing, she got to work cleaning up her stuff and within twenty minutes she was out the door, not bumping into Regina even once. The woman couldn't even be bothered to walk her out.

The car took her back to Ursula's place where she dropped off her stuff and came across Tink, another one of their girls. She did roleplay a lot, having the actress background for it. "What's wrong? You look drained?"

"I did a house call. And let's say, they were an asshole," Emma grumbled out. Her body was torn in a weird state of arousal and anger at her latest session.

"Sorry to hear that. No one wants to deal with an asshole," Tink said.

And when Emma went to her apartment that night, she lifted her hand up to her lips. Even though she had been wearing gloves she could still feel the way Regina had clenched down on her fingers, on how hot and thick her cum had been. Letting her eyes slip closed, Emma buried her hand into the apex of her thighs and rubbed one out to her client.

It was something she had never done before and she knew she was fucked even before everything else happened.