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Closer than Skin

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It's one of those evenings where the sun seems to melt as it sinks, flooding the sky with colours so bright they're barely real. People come to a halt on the sidewalk just to stare. They fish their phones from their pockets, hoping to catch all the different shades now spilled across the sky, keep them forever in a picture—but they don't come out right on a screen. These aren't the kind of colours that can be put away for later. The only option is to be present, look and breathe.

On the bike heading home, Eddie puts up his visor. He drives slow, taking his time to be careful, but it seems everyone else on the road is taking it easy, too. Nobody can bear to speed past this kind of sunset.

He finds his heart filling up with thoughts of summer.

He'd thought about taking off for a couple of weeks, but those colours have him thinking maybe longer—head to Idaho, drive Hells Canyon Road; Western Oregon; the Colorado Rockies maybe, drive off and keep going, see what they find.

Underneath his jacket, tucked safe beneath his t-shirt, quiet arms wrap gently around Eddie's chest. Though they don't feel like human arms, they hold him just as tight.

I'd like that, comes the murmur. He can feel V glowing with him, every bit as vivid and gorgeous as the sunset. I'd like to see the world.

Eddie smiles, feeling his pulse kick. "Yeah? I'd like to show you."

Take me there. To the wild. Venom's tendrils splay across Eddie's heart, listening to it beating through his skin. Eddie has the curious feeling he's listening to it from the inside, too—nestled safe somewhere close to it, where he's warmest. What about Savage?

"I bet Annie and Dan might look after her for a while. Couple of months, maybe. She could take a vacation while we go on ours."

She wouldn't like it on the bike...

"Nah, she wouldn't. She's used to a certain lifestyle now. I don't think she'd wanna rough it with us two."

Venom's laugh raises the hair on the back of Eddie's neck. He feels the black vines around him constrict, hugging him. I want to rough it, Eddie. I want to be everywhere with you.

God. "I'll take you, starshine. As much of it as I can. I promise."

As they pull up at the lights, Venom's tendrils slide out beneath Eddie's cuffs and ease between his fingers. They wrap around his hands, holding.

Throat tight, Eddie glances up at the colours cast across the sky—and realises in a rush that he won't be lonely again. This is it. Every breath he ever takes, Venom will be there breathing with him. Every plan he ever makes, he'll be making it for two. No matter what life throws up, no matter what appears on the road, he'll be a single quiet thought away from someone who loves him. He won't even have to reach. They're just together, always.

It's a hell of a realisation to have, just sitting at the traffic lights.

He feels Venom stir inside his chest. Gentle tendrils stroke up across his cheeks, brushing beneath his eyes.

Eddie grins, blinking it back with a laugh. "Thanks, V."

You're welcome, Venom murmurs.




As they head up the stairs, Eddie becomes aware of a playful, almost sly sort of quiet forming in the back of his heart. He wonders at once, fighting a smile. As he presses the sensation gently, it eases out of reach of his awareness.

Eddie's smile grows. He doesn't ask—and he can feel Venom watching him not ask, enjoying this temporary holding of a secret—and as they ascend the stairs together, both waiting for something to happen, Eddie isn't sure if the nervous excitement now bubbling through his chest is his own or not. It feels like some kind of offspring emotion—not entirely his, not entirely Venom's, grown between them instead and so real and so wonderful it feels stronger than his own feelings ever did. He doesn't have a clue what Venom is plotting. The door key in his hand seems to tingle, though—something there—to find out, he'll have to wait.

Feigning ignorance, well aware Venom knows that it's pantomimed, he approaches his door as if he hasn't a care in the world, and idly fits the key into the lock.

As the key pushes inward, a gentle and irresistible force pins him up against the door. Eddie shudders, his breath catching in his throat at once. Venom spreads across his back, along his arms and down his legs, flattening him up against the smooth expanse of wood and covering him in a molten blanket of black liquid. His tendrils coil into Eddie's hair; Eddie bites into his lip to suppress a groan.

Mmhm. Mine. Venom's voice rumbles down the back of his neck. It lifts his hair onto end. What was that word this morning?

"W-Which word?"

Like hungry... but for...

Eddie swallows, shivering as he feels Venom seep slowly across his back muscles. "'Horny'?" he says, and Venom ripples with a hum along his inner thighs, coaxing them to spread. "W-Whoa—hey—i-if someone comes up the stairs—"

Venom considers this, thoughtful.

You are right, he says, turning Eddie's hand around the key. The lock clicks. As the door swings open, Venom vanishes into Eddie's body with a feeling of a parachute being retracted.

Eddie nearly stumbles inside, his hands shaking.

He locks the door behind them, safe for the night, and turns around to find Venom forming in the darkness before him, smoke thickening into shape. There's barely time to inhale before his back hits the door with a thud. Venom's mouth finds his own at once. Eddie jerks, groaning, opens his mouth and lets Venom kiss him like he's the air Venom needs, eating at him. Shadow bulks into muscle beneath Eddie's grasping hands. Twin forces slide down the inside of his thighs, hook behind his knees and wrench a squeak from him as they lift him up to Venom's proper height, holding him there against the door with his knees pinned apart. Tendrils coil beneath him, taking his weight. They wind under his clothes, spreading across his skin, tickling and stroking and finally reaching where he wants them, tiny feathers of sensation across his nipples, around his cock, between his asscheeks, and the noises he's making into Venom's mouth will probably summon the neighbours any second to see if he's being murdered. He's never wanted to have the clothes physically ripped from his body before; he now needs it more than he needs to live.

The huff of amusement against his mouth makes his heart strain.

I like these clothes... Venom comments, and something twists open the button of Eddie's jeans. He starts to pant into the kiss, shaking as his zip comes down. A shame to rip them.

The web of little tendrils across Eddie's back thicken enough to support him. He wraps his arms tight around Venom's neck as his symbiote lifts him away from the door, moving through the flat with him as if he weighs nothing at all. They're still kissing, consuming each other. Venom's shoulder muscles feel one moment as solid as stone, the next like a warm and viscous liquid, coating Eddie's fingers and dripping from them as he claws to tighten his grip.

As he carries Eddie to the bedroom, Venom gets the jacket, shoes, socks and jeans off him without so much as a skip in their kiss. Eddie barely has to move; tendrils ease his arms back gently when required, tug the socks off his ankles, even stroke between his toes to cool them after a long day in his boots. The t-shirt comes up over his head as Venom lays him on the bed. His shorts, next, and Venom doesn't even get out from between his legs, just settles on top of him, kissing him, and the fabric vanishes from between them like they're a magician's knot. He's never been undressed so quickly and efficiently in his life. As their mouths grind, and Venom's form melts across his bare and eager skin, Eddie realises it still took too long. They should have been here all day like this, blurring into one. He suddenly feels whole again. The soft and heavy thumping of his heart provides the bass to a low, insistent rumble, almost like a growl—and he realises in a rush that it's Venom, wanting him—enjoying the taste of him, the warmth of him, the way he squirms with pleasure for more skin contact. Their thoughts are fuzzing at the edges, overlapping. They're sliding into each other. It's a single heady swirl of two shades, wrapping tighter around each other, I want you, I want you, and it feels like he can't quite reach enough of Venom with his two inadequate hands. It makes him ache with frustration. Venom's form has webbed across his body, feeling every inch of his skin as he writhes, at the same time that Venom's muscled weight pins him down against the bed.

For you, comes the whisper in his mind. Venom knows he likes the weight—he likes the mammalian heat and solidity of muscle. Eddie hadn't realised. Venom knows what he wants before he knows it. You like being pinned. Carried. It makes you feel safe.

Eddie's brain is already too fried to cope with subtlety right now. You're big. Big feels good.

Mmhm. You like knowing I could protect you. Venom's claws dig gently into Eddie's hips; the rush of longing it provokes seems to knock out his pulse for a second. I want you, Eddie. I want to claim you. I want to fuck you like you need.

H-Holy shit... Eddie's throat contracts, hard. His every nerve seems to ignite. Please. Please, I want that. I need that. I need it right now. I need you.

Venom blurs into him, moving through his body, sweeping into his muscles and getting them to move. Eddie's eyes loll shut. He can feel himself turning and being lifted, but the whole motion is no more than a flurry of Venom's cells travelling through his own, shifting them both across the bed. When they untangle again, separating back into two forms, Eddie finds himself sitting astride Venom, his symbiote huge and muscled beneath him and lying back against the headboard. There are vines of darkness stroking up his sides to hold him, support him; heavy claws curl slowly around his hips.

As Eddie plants his palms on Venom's broad chest, panting, he feels a feather-stroke between his legs.

He drops his head at once, trembling.

"Oh, shit," he whispers—then sinks his teeth into his lip as the gentle tickle comes again, lapping. It nuzzles against his asshole. "Oh, shit. Fuck. Please."

The first breach is hardly anything, tiny, slipping into him easily and without a flicker of pain. Venom feels oily and slick; his body clenches with enjoyment around the feeling. As Eddie digs his hands into Venom's chest and moans, the first exploratory vine inside him eases just deep enough to start him aching. He doesn't even need to voice the small flash of discomfort; Venom pauses at once, waiting, letting him pant.

Light tickles draw Eddie's focus up to his nipples, swirling around his rings.

The noise that leaves him is an inescapable whimper.

"Oh god," he whispers, and clenches again around Venom inside him, shuddering. "Oh god." He can feel Venom growing, stretching a little, testing if he's ready for thicker and firmer. The wetness inside him feels like cooling high-end lube, generously applied; a gentle tingling around his sphincter makes him quiver. "I-I'm okay—I'm okay, V—"

He feels Venom's voice as much as he hears it, vibrating through his palms and up his forearms. "Your body wants to resist me."

"It'll relax," Eddie whispers, shaking. "J-Just need—oh shit, you're inside me. Oh god. Oh, god."

Venom's claws idle gently up his sides, stroking him; careful thumbs graze his nipple rings. "You're safe, Eddie," he murmurs. "Safe with me. Let me inside you."

Oh shit. All Eddie can do is pant, arching his chest into the teasing of his nipples as his body starts to adjust. It happens far faster than he remembers this used to take; Venom's natural lubrication seems to help. Soon, with a shaky stir of his hips, he feels Venom move a little inside him and it's easy and slick.

He moans his readiness, soft.

Venom swells inside him. Eddie keeps moving a little, just to feel it, and at the point he starts to ache, he feels Venom stop.

"N-No," he gasps, gripping with his thighs. "No. Bigger. Please."


"Need it. I'll adjust." Eddie grinds down, panting open-mouthed for a few seconds. The animal need to fuck seems to be pulling him apart. "Please. Please, please."

He can feel the nervous hesitation from beneath him, Venom desperate not to cause him pain. As his symbiote thickens again, stretching him, Eddie shudders and concentrates on the satisfying edge of the ache, trying to share it with his symbiote. It's good. It's good, I promise. I'm okay. He keeps coaxing Venom, reassuring him, persuading him to grow until the stretch inside him feels like the largest he can take and not regret it in the morning.

"There," he gasps out, his cheeks hot. He shudders and tests it, gentle up and down; pleasure ripples through his abdomen. "Ohh—f-fuck—oh, V—"

Venom's eyes haven't left his face once. They watch him just as intently now, bewildered that he wants and needs the slight pain, but trusting him enough to let this happen.

"C-Can you go deeper?" he begs, breathless, and feels Venom nuzzle a little further inside him. The first brush across his prostate makes him jerk; he grinds down against it, panting. "Fuck. Fuck, there—"

Inside him, Venom nudges against the sensitive gland. "Here?"

Pleasure sparks across Eddie's lower back. It's enough to cry out, throwing back his head. "F-Fuck...!" His hips start to rock of their own accord, chasing that animal rush of enjoyment. "Fuck, fuck—" He feels Venom ripple all over beneath him, shivering, and the noise Venom lets out is unmistakably a moan. Eddie's heart erupts with it. He grapples for Venom's shoulders, stretching forwards to reach them, his back arching. He wants to be close. He wants to kiss.

Venom's claws rasp up his sides.

They pull him nearer, close enough to kiss.

As their mouths meet, Eddie ruts back against the cock Venom has formed for him. If they were human, this angle wouldn't work—they couldn't fuck like this, him lying on top of Venom, kissing and moaning softly together—but Venom stays in him no matter how he moves, how he shifts. Hands and tendrils stroke and glide over Eddie's skin, petting him as he rocks.

There, Eddie... Venom's voice is as close as his own inner voice; it wraps him up in its rumble, safe and warm. Enjoy me. Take everything you need.

Eddie can't breathe. He can't think, only feel. Some part of him knows Venom is gently massaging his prostate, rubbing him in time with the anxious rolling of his hips, filling him with a hot and gasping pleasure no human lover could ever cause—but it's almost too much to process. He's not in control of himself anymore. He's just a mess, an animal, whining softly as he's fucked. He's never felt this safe in his whole life.

And it feels like they fuck slowly for centuries, easing and cooling in cycles. Whenever the need to come grows too sharp, too tight, everything seems to soften on its own and there's panting and kissing for a while, calming—and Eddie realises V is reading him, gently adjusting his temperature to keep him like this for longer. They fuck until Eddie's sweating and every muscle in his legs and lower back has turned to rock. The pain and the exertion are nothing; he needs to keep going.

Venom stirs beneath him, stretching up, and seems to blur through Eddie's body. Their sex doesn't stop; they stay connected as Venom passes through him, melting into his front and forming instead from his back. Tight coils wrap around his chest, pulling him backwards. Eddie lolls like a ragdoll. He drops back against the broadness of Venom's chest, panting, and finds he's now in Venom's lap, back-to-chest, his thighs parted and held wide by black tendrils.

His steady fucking continues without a skip; he moans, stretching, wrapping his arms over the coils secured around his waist.

Venom's tongue flickers behind his ear. Mmhm?

Eddie's voice cracks in his throat. "Y-Yeah—f-fuck..."

The coil he's gripping twists, forming fingers between his own. It pulls his hand down to his own desperate cock.

Soon, Venom murmurs, as he guides Eddie to grasp himself and stroke. Here, mm? Here for relief?

Eddie lets out a frantic moan. He starts rubbing himself hard and fast, panting as his body twists in Venom's grasp. Every slick thrust into his body strikes his prostate now. It's relentless. It's not easing. He's going to come this time, come with all the force of an exploding star.

Venom's going to let him.

Too far gone, too desperate, Eddie can't even put the words together for what he wants—but Venom knows. He reads the almost panic-stricken surge of longing in Eddie's mind and supplies him with just what he needs.

A tendril tickles at the seam of Eddie's lips.

He lets it in at once, panting; he groans as it swells in his mouth.

Sucking brings him the comfort he needs. The rush of relief and closeness tightens his balls up into his body, and as his hands flies up and down his cock, Venom keeps on fucking him just as slow, just as deep. Coils play between his toes. They tickle patterns over his exposed inner thighs.

My Eddie, the voice inside him breathes. My beautiful Eddie. Come for me. Let me feel.

It starts to break; Eddie cries around Venom's thickness in his mouth. The feeling ruptures from his throat in near-panic. Venom holds him in place—and Eddie realises he's going to fuck him through it.

It feels like every cell in Eddie's body blows itself apart at once. The sheer shattering force of it rips its way up from his balls to his brain, heaving him open and burning all his senses into oblivion. He can feel himself moaning; he can feel the vibrations of his throat as he tries to shout. He can't hear himself, though. The only sound left in the world is Venom's voice murmuring to him, whispering to him, crooning in the back of his mind that he's beautiful.

Eddie sinks into it, whimpering; he lets the thunder break him into pieces.

As it starts to subside, and he returns to some kind of consciousness, he can feel his body still clenching and releasing around Venom inside him. There's come spattered across his belly; Venom's tendril is still filling up his mouth.

He inhales, shaking.

A gentle black blur floods through his body.

It engulfs him in an instant, cloaking his vision and surrounding every inch of his skin in perfect quiet and coolness. Drenched in comfort, he feels his pounding heart begins to slow; hormones bubble through his brain.

He drinks them in, melting.

It's several minutes before he realises Venom's breathing for him. He can feel Venom in his lungs, expanding and releasing them in rhythm, acquiring his body what it needs. The ensuing rush of trust and love is overwhelming. Eddie floats in the feeling as if it's water, letting it seep through his skin into his soul. He realises it's changing him, breath-by-breath.

Overcome, overwhelmed, he lets himself change.

His heart suddenly aches for all the people who'll never feel this—people who'll never rest inside someone who loves them, cherished, feeling their lover keep them breathing. You are my life, he thinks, reeling with it. You are literally my life. That's exactly what you are.

And I'm your life.

Just as I am.

The love he knew before—human love—was always built on expectations. There were always a thousand ways he could fuck it up. Even when he'd hoped he'd spend the rest of his life with Annie, he'd known he'd spend it letting her down. Their love had been founded on her patience and her willingness to forgive. When those were withdrawn, it was over. It was out of his hands. There was nothing he could do to make it okay, nothing he could do to fix it, nothing left but to let it break, and the sincerity of his love didn't matter at all.

Now there's this.

And it's just love.

They belong together. They're one body, one life, and there's nothing more that anyone needs to know. Venom doesn't want him to improve. He just wants to be near Eddie, just as he is, tater tots and deadlines and overflowing laundry basket. He wants to be close because they're in love. He wants Eddie to feel good.

And they're together now.

And nothing else will matter.

Venom? Eddie whispers, his voice soft in the perfect silence all around them.

He feels his symbiote hug around him, glowing. Yes?

The words are big—but they belong here.

I need you, Eddie breathes. You're the other half of me. I mean it. Voicing it feels like light breaking through his skin. I love you, V. I love you so much.

Venom's joy ruptures through his senses, flooding out everything else.

Eddie—I-I love you—

I fucking adore you. I mean it. Don't ever go. Don't ever leave.

Never, Eddie—never, never—

Let me be with you. Always. Please.


Anything you want, I'll find you. Anywhere you wanna go, I'll take you. Anything that'll make you happy, I'll do for you. I love you. I need to show you.


Yeah, starshine?

Venom's voice breaks. He starts to cry. C-Can we make pancakes, please?




As small bubbles start to appear on the surfaces, Eddie reaches out for a spatula. The black warmth wrapped around his torso tightens hopefully.

He tilts his head with a smile. "You wanna do it?"

Venom nuzzles at his cheek. Can I?

Eddie offers the spatula up to his shoulder. Venom takes it between his teeth, floats down to the pan and carefully flips each pancake in turn. They've turned out well—Eddie let the batter sit while they showered. There's a jug of maple syrup waiting by the cooker. V's even allowed him to add some blueberries this time.

All of Eddie's utensils have little teeth marks along the handles now.

He couldn't bear to see them without.

When the pancakes are turned, Venom settles back by his shoulder. He presses his small black cheek against Eddie's, makes a tiny humming sound and strokes Eddie's stomach through his t-shirt.

Eddie? he croons.

"Mm, gorgeous?"

Mmhm. Venom licks Eddie's cheek. Why something to suck on?

Eddie grins, sliding one thumb bashfully through the belt loop on his dressing gown. He reaches for his coffee.

"'Cause humans are filthy," he says, and takes a drink.

You... like to feel as if you're pleasuring me, too.

Eddie bites his lip. "Yep..." he says, placing down the coffee. "There it is."

I already feel pleasure when we mate, Eddie. I share yours. You don't need to do anything.

Something about the word 'mate' makes Eddie's stomach squirm. He's not sure why he likes it. He decides he's not going to feel too guilty about it, though. "You enjoy causing the pleasure, right?"

Yes, of course... very, very much.

He tilts his jaw, nudging against Venom. "S'why I like the idea of causing yours."

Venom nuzzles back.

I think I understand, he says. He reaches a slim black coil towards their waiting plate, and retrieves himself a small handful of blueberries. Intimacy is better with reciprocation.

"Mm hmm. It's nice to share." Eddie smiles as Venom feeds him a blueberry. "It's... maybe an 'inside me' thing as well," he admits, chewing. "Feels good having you that close. Taking you into me. It's... satisfying."

Venom squeezes him gently. I'm always inside you.

"Into my mouth, then. Into..."

Into intimate places, with purpose.


Being vulnerable with someone you love feels good, Venom concludes.

Eddie smiles, accepting another blueberry into his mouth. "Sure does." As he leans back, Venom's tendrils wrap him in a tighter cuddle; a tiny kiss presses against to his temple. "This day couldn't have gone any better... you know that? I feel like I'm shining."

Venom ripples, emitting a pleased rumbling noise. What are we doing tomorrow?

"Well... thought we'd chase up that lead we got on Friday for the Garcia case... the guy should be back from vacation now, so we can get some answers outta him. Better get that book back to the library or they'll hit me with a fine. Oh, and pick up some groceries... that okay? We'll get the bus out to the store and stock up. I haven't baked for you in ages."

Mmhm. I like the grocery store.

"And you remember from last time, right? You eat the things after we've paid for them. Not like a restaurant."

It's not my fault it's a confusing system, Eddie. They should put that somewhere.

"They should, baby. You're right. It's just kinda hard for me to explain to a cashier how I ate six boxes of pop tarts by accident."

Mmrmh. Venom feeds him another blueberry. Alright.

"We'll get some crab, mm? Some decent sourdough, do a proper cioppino one night." Eddie takes the pancakes off the heat, retrieves the spatula and flips it between his fingers. He's not surprised to find himself smiling again. Grocery trips, blueberry pancakes for dinner... this is all getting blissfully domestic. Before he knows, they'll have six kids and a mini van.

"I think it's gonna be a good week, starshine." As he reaches for their plate, Venom kisses him on the cheek. "Don't you?"




THREAD: Hello again internet. I have news.
POSTED BY: [Unregistered User]

Hello everyone.
A few days ago we talked about eddie. You were all very kind to listen to me. I wanted to come back to tell you whats happened since and to share my happy news, in case you are worrying.
Eddie found the conversation I had with you all. I left it open on his laptop by accident when we were asleep. I was terrified at first that he would be angry, that he might ask me to go. But we started talking.
Eddie worried I was just curious and wanted to experiment. He didnt realise I love him. He didnt realise I care for him so much. Since then I have learned that eddie needs to feel special and safe before he can feel close. Lots of people in the past have tried to change him. They wanted him to be different than he is.
But I think he is perfect.
Ive told him that now.
And we are close now.
Eddie has also told his boss at work that he has a boyfriend. She was very pleased for him and says we should take a picnic to ocean beach. Eddie has promised we will go there at the weekend and spend the day.
Eddie says he loves me.
He is asleep next to me while I type this. I have his laptop. Im going to go soon and help him sleep but I wanted to say thank you internet. I wanted you to know Im alright. Im more happy than I have ever been and so is Eddie.
And I think we will only get happier and happier.
Goodbye internet. Thank you for all your help. I hope you always have someone to feel close to. I hope you find your life becomes as happy and easy as mine is.
Yours sincerely and with best wishes from
V x


The End