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Namjoon wipes the bangs away from his sweaty forehead. It has been long since he had breakfast, he asked Yoongi to bring some food to room. Namjoon had busied himself in the room since morning, putting together a surprise for his husband. He examines the white wooden frames he made - one slightly larger than the other. They were almost as large as their bed as he wanted more room inside the sheer curtain-fort when it is hung up from the ceiling, in the middle of their bed. He had brought Hoseok to help him screw a large ceiling hook so that he won't have to worry about it later.


What remains now is rolling the thin ropes of fairy lights on the wooden frame after he secures the curtain in between the frames. He is going to make sure the frames fit together and won't be loose enough that it will make the fabric fall. There are holes cut all over the upper length of the fabric. He can choose to bring the thin curtain to fold over from the inner frame so he can bind it secure with ribbon. So he thought it'll be best if he uses the holes lining in the third row with the first, to tie the curtain to the frame, because it'll be easier for him to pass the strings of light and over and under the frame. By doing this, only half of the lights will be directly inside the frame and the other half will be bokeh blotches of gold if they were being observed from inside.


He is so excited to hold Yoongi in his arms, maybe press a kiss or two on his soft cheeks and also tell him how pretty and angelic he looks with the soft golden light illuminated on his face, all over his flawless creamy skin, while he thrusts slow and deep into him— but mostly, talk about their dreams and kiss slowly on rain days when they don't feel like getting up.

There’s a knock on the door. “I have food.” It’s Yoongi’s voice.


“Wait a sec,” He calls out and pushed the materials in front him further back so Yoongi won’t be able to see them even if he opened the door just enough. “You cannot come, or peek even a little. Promise me that first?” He stops and call again, clearly picturing Yoongi’s pout in his mind.


“‘M okay. I just came to bring you food. How long is it going to take. I miss yo- Oh, there you are my hardworking noodle.” Yoongi takes a slice of an apple and presses the fruit gently between his mouth.


Namjoon rolls his eyes. He knows Yoongi is only teasing him. “If you call me that again today, we are not going to fuck. I am literally building a fort for you.”


“I never asked you . ” Yoongi tries leaning his head inside but Namjoon’s chest is blocking his way. Thank god for these tiddies.




“How is disgusting equivalent to me asking you to build a fort for me.” Yoongi chuckles.


“I think you are forgetting the part where you asked me when? Ring a bell, hm?” Namjoon takes another slice and makes a motion to put it in the older’s mouth, which he easily accepts.


“Listen- I could draw you a tree diagram and show how little that ‘when’ had any correlation to the fort that you obviously are working very very hard to build,” Yoongi mouths the words thank you and Namjoon can read the excitement, which is clearly visible from his pretty eyes and the way the ends of his husbands mouth is almost curling up, “But I really just wanted you to fuck me sometime. I’m needy like that.”


“Mmhmm, alright, alright, I love the needy you but also keep the linguist in you. When I show you the room later today, I hope you change your mind.” you’re welcome, he smiles, “because I also bought something that I think you’d very much like, so much so that you’ll suck my cock three times a day for it.”


“God, you are so disgusting, I love you so fucking much.” Yoongi scrunched his face and purrs and it looks so funny and adorable to Namjoon.

“Alright, kitten,” Namjoon takes the platter of fruits and the bottle of water that was resting in the crook of Yoongi’s arm. He lowers his head down to press a kiss to Yoongi’s cheek. “I will try to finish it as soon as possible and come help you mark the papers, yeah?”


Yoongi nods and kiss Namjoon’s nose. “ Boop . Take your time. I’m almost done and I can watch something while you finish up in here.”


Namjoon watches Yoongi descend the stairs. The stairs will end a few feet away from their little home-office they use in case they had papers to mark. Namjoon is Yoongi’s senior and they have been working together for the last eight years. Eventually, workplace flirting changed to something more serious over time, which only turned into something more (love)  and both of them decided to move in together. Ultimately, no one was surprised when they sent invitation cards to their wedding because ‘ namgi’ was and still is everyone’s otp in the office and among their little circle of friends. It may sound silly, but they have been together that long; they’ve seen everything and shared so much with one another.


The wedding was also simple; a quiet ceremony on the beach, with sand in their toes and crabs racing the rolls of the tides that leave the shore. They held a reception service for family, friends and colleagues and spent their honeymoon in the islets of Koufonisia, basking in the warm sun and quiet before heading to the greek islands of wine, Kefalonia and finally ending their journey on a cruise trip to stay in one of the best hotels in the high top hills of Santorini. Even if Yoongi is older than him, even if they got married in their mid-twenties, even if they were, at first, afraid of getting bored of another, it didn’t happen. They work equally hard to build their relationship, overcoming tiny indifferences and talking before making any decisions they made for themselves. Namjoon could say that he must have saved a burning nation in his past life to be this lucky in his current one.


Namjoon thinks that he is blessed to be surrounded by positive people and being married to Yoongi, a shy teachers’ assistant from eight years ago, who now runs the linguistic department of the University of Modern Arts in Ilsan, their home town.


Before he begins with assembling the frame and the fabric together, Namjoon connects his phone to the bluetooth speaker and listens to some Edith Piaf as he ate everything Yoongi brought up. He swallows the last of it with water and a mouthful from the can of iced coffee he had left to go room temperature.


After putting the tray aside on the floor, making a mental note to take it downstairs when he leaves the room again, he removes the neatly folded huge bundles of sheer white fabric from a large black bag which came in during the delivery. It isn't heavy like Namjoon presumed before, considering the amount of fabric that’s going to run for miles if he unfolds it to attach to the wooden frame.


He picks up another bag from the floor and double checks if he brought two strings of lights. He finds the lights and pulled them out to untangle them. They were long, so he put them across the bed, at least two thirds of it laying on the floor. Each string had a small plastic box attached at one end. Namjoon traces the switch to turn the lights on, they work and look like two strings of golden stars lined up together.


The frame stands against the wall so he lays down the larger one on the space area of their room. He hums to the tune of La Vie En Rose and sometimes singing in bad french. Namjoon then moves to unfurl the first bundle of the soft fabric under one of the short sides of the rectangle. He does the same for the other two heaps, putting them beneath the longer sides of the frame and leaves enough of the upper length for later use. He makes neat pleats on the three sides and since there is an abundant amount, the folds come out heavy and thick, and Namjoon supposes that it would look prettier and give off a more royal-like look.


He makes sure all the pleats are the same in width so it won't be difficult for him to push the smaller frame in. He collects the reminder of the fabric he left inside the rectangle and brings them outward. Namjoon uses some left over planks to hold the bunch steady. He repeats the same for the other two sides and takes the other frame and carefully puts it inside. With a little effort and small grunts he manages to put it together. Now it would appear like large frills when it's hung up because he is going keep them as it is, and when the lights are sewn through, it will flatten more to the outside.


The hook in the ceiling would need four pieces of rope to bind the frame. So he does that next; cut ropes that can endure the pull of fabric to the ground. He ties them together and hooked it on the steel crook. He climbs off the bed while gripping one of the light strings. Now that the curtain is secure between the two frames, he kneels in the middle and put four slabs of wood so it'll be easier for him to run the string light through the gaps. But before doing that he binds the frame fast with white ribbons. It is kind of hard now that there were pleats but he manages. After this, Namjoon works on putting the strings and he keeps the lights loose because he can put the next string tighter, just around the frame.


The frame is actually large, and he should have called for help— he could have asked Hoseok or Taehyung to come and assist him. But the pleasure of knowing that he is doing this for Yoongi is important to him. Maybe next time he would call for help. He drags the frame on to the bed and climbs on it again. Namjoon shifts it so that the curtain free side is aligned with the foot of the bed. First, he takes the short side of the rectangle and raises it towards the wall— it should be touching the wall, and he is going to cut the curtain from where it meets the headboard. He brings one of the four parts of rope he tied before and finds the little black dash on the wall he marked earlier in the morning; he assumed that 5 ft would be the right amount of height. So he presses the rope first, and lifts the frame higher. This is going to require only the corners of it. He wreathes the rope around the frame twice and makes binds the rope tightly. He repeats the same on the other corner.


The remaining corners weren't difficult because he only then had to pull it up to the right level. After he finished hanging it, he clambers off to see the finished product. It hangs beautifully, and the pleats are coordinating even at the bottom end of the fabric. It looks like ruffles of sheen white clouds with gold specks of rain prepared to fall. He stops the music and drinks whatever's left in the can. Namjoon gleefully smiles and sends a message to Yoongi that he's done and is going to clean the room for later. He picks up any remaining materials off the floor and sweeps the room thoroughly, incase there is splinter from the wood lying around. He also changes the sheets to fresh ones, knowing that they'll have to change it tomorrow anyway, and chiseled the curtain about the right length he needed from the side it lined with the wall.

Yoongi must be on his way from the guest room now; Namjoon asked the other to take a shower from there, because he wants Yoongi to see the fort only when it is time.  He even gave one of his office ties asking the other to blindfold himself before coming inside. Namjoon columns some candle holders on the bedside table and places new candles inside them. He also dims the actual lighting in the room as the candles and the lights overhead cast enough light inside the room.

“Can I come in?” Yoongi knocks. Namjoon picks up the secret gift and placed it in the middle of the bed, and smiling smugly because he knows how much the other would love it. He opens the door and Yoongi stands unabashedly naked- Namjoon sure does like this pretty sight- except for the thin tie over his eyes. He smells of lavenders, which is the smell of the body butter he uses and it doesn't take long for the flowers to waft through inside the air conditioned room.


Yoongi’s hands are warm and Namjoon takes him inside and leads him to stand in front of the foot of their bed. He wraps his arm around Yoongi  enveloping his smaller frame. Namjoon puts his chin on Yoongi’s shoulders. “Take them off, babe,” And Yoongi slowly slips them downward. Namjoon latches his lips on the shell of his husband's ear. “do you like it? do you like the gift ?”


“I love it, and you got that for me too oh my god. You worked so hard on the fort, it looks so pretty and so, so cozy to snuggle under. I'm so sad,”


“Why are you sad? You just said it's pretty,” Namjoon turns Yoongi around, and then he saw the grin on the other's face. “Oh, come on, hyung. Can we like— get in the mood.” Namjoon fake-frowns, pinching his brows together.


“It's something I learned on twitter today, after Jimin and Gguk announced their relationship. The happy stans are celebrating by saying they are sad— anyway,” Yoongi drapes his hand around Namjoon’s neck and caresses his jaw with his thumb. Jeongguk is Yoongi’s younger brother and his forever irish-bomb-buddy which Namjoon has no idea what it means till date. Yoongi had said it was this stupid brother pact they made long ago when they were his college to not date each other's crushes, on a night they went out to drink, which later turned into a greeting whenever they meet each other instead of hello .


“Thank you, for spending hours doing this just because I used an adjective in pop-culture style to describe how grossly you are in love with me. I love you so much, too.” Yoongi closes the gap between their lips and it's slow and sensual on Namjoon’s mouth. Yoongi’s pretty thin lips and his own plump lips meet and they always ignite a fire and it only gets hotter by the second. Yoongi takes his hand away from Namjoon’s neck to peel off the robe he is wearing from his shoulders.

“Oh, are we both naked now, hm?” Yoongi winks when he sees Namjoon's cock as the robe pooled around his ankles. They continue kissing and Namjoon takes Yoongi’s face in his hand as their tongues lick into each other's mouth. Their bodies are flushed, warm against each other. Namjoon sighs into their kiss and he prompts them to walk over by leaning forward and pressing his body further, which only makes their hips rub, stirring a hot arousal deep inside.


They take slow little steps till Yoongi hits the back of his thighs on the mattress. “Sit, baby,” And Yoongi does, the tip of his tongue running from Namjoon’s lip, under his chin, his chest, and Yoongi latches his mouth on it. Yoongi entraps Namjoon’s posture between his legs as he press kisses on Namjoon’s stomach, while cupping his balls in his hands.


A moan falls from Namjoon’s lips when Yoongi shifts to hold the base of his cock while bringing his face lower to catch his cock in between his lips. As soon as he feels the warmth of Yoongi’s mouth his dick starts getting harder and the other keeps pumping it as he takes in Namjoon’s length slowly. Namjoon wants to thrust and fuck into his mouth, he knows, knows , Yoongi would like that. But he waits, this night is all about pleasing Yoongi, and what he wants to do. So he tangles his fingers in Yoongi’s already tousled hair from the shower, running gently on the other's scalp. Namjoon also keeping a hand on the crook of  Yoongi’s neck, his thumb grazing the soft, smooth skin.


Yoongi’s cock starts to come to life and he squeezes his legs inward and rub them against the side of Namjoon’s thighs. The hand on his balls disappear and starts fondling the muscles inside his inner thigh, digging its fingers into Namjoon’s skin, and God it feels so fucking good— Yoongi knows how to make him feel good. Yoongi stops sucking his length in whole to trace kitten licks on the tip of his cock with his pretty tongue. Yoongi resembles a fairy bathed in golden sunsets in the midst of a forest where smokey fog rolls off the ground and disappear into the clouds. God, he is beautiful, a seductive angel with eyes sharper than knives if he wanted to. But for Namjoon, those eyes show nothing but oceans of love and affection that know no bounds.


Namjoon brings his hand on Yoongi’s chin and his gaze lifts up to meet his. When their eyes meet, Yoongi smiles as he flattens out his tongue on the underside of Namjoon’s cock. “Always so pretty and good with your mouth, I love you so much,” It comes out more as a breathy whisper. He taps on Yoongi’s shoulders to cue him to scoot himself further back on the bed.


“Wow, the bed is truly amazing, and how the hell are you this handsome, Joonie,” His voice a low growl as he spreads his legs apart and roam his hand over his crotch and thighs. He is leaning back on one arm and watching Namjoon with lustful eyes as he takes a bottle of lube from the bedside drawer. Namjoon walks over to their initial spot again to climb onto bed to settle in between his husband's spread legs. Without meaning to give Yoongi a response- mostly it's because it was a rhetorical question, yet he blushed at that- he asks about the large bolster pillow he bought.


“Aren't you going to use it?”


“The gift?” The sultry eyes are back again, and he has his mouth open— so inviting and hot, glossy from the spit and precum from suckling on and rubbing his lips on Namjoon’s cock.


“Yeah,” He kisses Yoongi's lips, and then languidly runs his tongue on his bottom lip. He can taste himself on it and he doesn't mind it at all. “You said you'd like to have the ‘riding experience’ on a pillow like that.” Namjoon air quotes the words.


“I did.” Yoongi’s hand goes to grip at his cock. He presses hard on his own slit and tilts his head back from the sheer pressure he is putting his dick on from his fingers. “I'll show you.” His voice comes strained. Namjoon squeezed a generous amount of  lube on his fingers, then holding the bottle above Yoongi’s dick, he squeezed it once more till cold lube drips from it. Yoongi hisses because Namjoon knows it’ll be cold at first, but a few strokes on his cock, will make it warm with the friction.


He angles his head down and sucks a few bruising marks on the other's thigh, licking fat stripes of skin, tasting a mixture of salt and sweat, and his skin smells of some kind of a flower, smell of lavenders , yes. He moves his head to the opposite thigh and does the same—  except he uses his tongue to pull in the soft skin between his teeth. Yoongi only keeps opening his legs wider, exposing himself for Namjoon. Yoongi’s dick is red and hard in his hands as he aggressively jerks it in an uneven rhythm.


“Fuck,” Namjoon says when Yoongi trembled, whole body trembled , as he started prodding his lube coated fingers on the other’s perineum. The sound that Yoongi made was so hot , Namjoon chokes on his own breath. He scours his fingers a bit further down till he felt the Yoongi’s tight little hole.


Yoongi relaxed his body and lay on his back, and Namjoon helps him by putting putting a pillow under his waist. “You good, baby? Am I making you feel okay?” He asks, heavy lidded eyes focusing on how the words yes and please fuck fall past Yoongi’s lips.


When Yoongi bends his knees and really open his legs apart, Namjoon almost comes because that is a fucking sight. He starts prodding, and squeezing an ampleamount of lube more unto the junction of where his legs meet his waist.  The liquid drips down in smooth lines collecting around the two fingers Namjoon has slowly pressing into his asshole. Yoongi whines when Namjoon pushed a few centimeters of his middle finger in first. It's tight and warm around his fingers.


The lube makes fingering easier and within a couple of minutes Namjoon is able to press just the tip of his index finger along with his middle one. He push both fingers together. It's always tight and so warm, Namjoon always loved fucking it with his tongue. When it is stretched enough, he curls his fingers and starts pushing it faster and oh , boy , that makes the other start to start push himself back, his hand is no longer on his cock; Yoongi is rolling his nipples, pulling them and squeezing them harm between his own fingers.


After fingering him, both of them are panting hard, Namjoon helps Yoongi to sit up and steals a long, messy kiss.


“Was it good?” Namjoon asks. He nods in reply and holds Namjoon’s hand on his cheek.


“I want to ride the pillow,” He cocks his head to show Namjoon, “and I want to ride it with you, with your cock inside me.” Namjoon’s eyes grow wide. Is that why Yoongi wanted a pillow together, so that they can ride together while fucking? His cock twitches at the thought and they shift on the bed; They mount the pillow, Yoongi first and Namjoon follows. Namjoon presses his body as close as he can get to the other because this feels kinda hot, no, fucking masses of hot— like molten-lava kinda hot.


The pillow has more volume than their actual bed pillows and when they wedged it between their thighs, the soft material of it brushes deliciously and teasingly at both of their balls. Yoongi bends over, his back arching. He starts grinding and hips make little sensual circles Namjoon could come watching how sinfully and delicately Yoongi rolls his hips into the pillow and he keens , and cries “please, fuck me, goddammit. Fuck me in the middle of this fort.”


Namjoon lines his cock with the other’s asshole, which flutters around nothing. He takes the lube again and put some on his dick, gives a few tugs before he starts pushing his cock inside. It’s stretched enough and Yoongi is moving, riding the pillow it only makes things easier for him. He watches how Yoongi fucks back on his cock in slow motion, taking inch after inch, till Namjoon's hips are touching the fat on Yoongi’s ass cheeks. His thighs sweaty and hot against the back of the other.  


“Now, fuck me like you mean it, c’mon,” Yoongi looks at him with fire in his eyes when he feels like he is adjusted to the stretch. He must be close, he was so hard and leaking even before they got on the pillow. Namjoon realises that they are going to have the pillow thrown away tomorrow unless a laundry machine that is big enough magically appears in front of them in the morning. But, even so, it'll still be worth the money he spent for that.

He starts moving his hips and he drags his hips so to feel the fabric of the pillow moving against his skin and as horny as it gets, he does feel like it is bit ticklish too. But he's still enjoying this as he rolls his and slaps a hand on Yoongi’s ass.


“Do that again,” Yoongi rasps, looking back at Namjoon, again. And Namjoon gives what he wants.  Namjoon hovers over Yoongi and supports his posture by  his hands. “Is this good? Do you like to be full with my cock, look at you, at us,  riding a fucking pillow just to get off,” Namjoon opens his mouth to bite on Yoongi’s shoulders, digging his teeth just enough that it leaves a shape of inverted double horseshoes.  waits, giving a few seconds to let Yoongi rut on the pillow and muffle his cries because he wants his release, and he knows he is waiting for his permission.


Namjoon is up on his knees again, hands splayed over the dip on Yoongi’s back. The light from above casts dim shadows there and the sweat glints on his skin appears as if his skin is made in pretty crystals. He cannot stop himself from moaning Yoongi’s name, as Yoongi keeps on grinding, rutting and pushing his own cock on the pillow as Namjoon fucks his ass, hitting the sweet spot he always get Yoongi riled up, because sometimes he would edge the other to the point that he likes Yoongi slapping his skin or bite marking his arms.


“I am going to come, Joon, Your cock feels so so good inside me- hard- I want it hard and fast,” Yoongi repeats in a tone, demanding, even through his series of choking sobs Namjoon doesn't want to disappoint him.


“Your ass is so pretty, Yoongi, could-” Namjoon slams the whole length in and at the same time slapping on the reddening flesh, earning another cry, ( fuck, yeah, like that, show me, that's so good) “fuck you for days, till your pretty hole gets swollen and red. And,” He pulls out again, to slam it back in, not caring that Yoongi is shaking, his own legs shaking and his head swimming in thoughts of fucking his lover till he can't walk straight, “and eat you out af- after you come because you'll be, so fu- fucking sensitive and I can fit my whole tongue, lap my own cum from inside and kiss your mouth.”


Namjoon rolls his hips in a brutal pace and Yoongi’s body go taught followed by his body collapsing and quivering on the pillow. “don't sto-” be can't bring words out of his mouth as his body is drained out of any energy it had and Namjoon doesn't stop. He is so close to release. He can't but whimper and cry, arms reaching backwards, looking to hold on to something as Namjoon keeps on slamming his cock hard and fast through the sensitivity of Yoongi’s post-orgasm high. His hips work relentlessly as they continue pulling and pushing back in, skin meeting to only make filthy and obscene squelching sounds.


Namjoon slows down again to heave Yoongi in his arms; one arm around his chest, the other down below, on his tummy. Yoongi tips back his head on Namjoon’s shoulder as his dick repeatedly drags along the walls of his ass and overstimulated prostate. “I'm going to come, baby- You are so good, your ass takes- knows how to take my cock, hm?” His breathes fan on the crook of Yoongi’s shoulder. Yoongi sobs a yes and that's all he can say. Namjoon sees strings of cum joined from the tip of Yoongi’s now flaccid cock and the pillow. “You are so so dirty, soiling expensive things. Do you like doing that?”


He is almost there— and all Yoongi does is sob, so plaint and beautiful in his fucked out state. He sucks a bruise into Yoongi’s skin, hard and use it to muffle his own cries when he spurts cum inside Yoongi. His knees hurt and he also think his legs have gone numb when he came.


“Thank you, for being good, and the best.” He says when he's able to catch a normal breath.


They are inside a little world of their own, their skins decorated in gold. Their palms rest and hold one another. He sits back on the soft pillow and his bent legs and brings Yoongi to rest against his chest. They wait till their hearts slow down and and their breathing turn normal. Yoongi turns his head to meet Namjoon’s lips and they share a slow, deep kiss.


“You are the best, Joon. Your dick game is always the best, darling.” With this praise, Namjoon’s cheek flairs up in pink. He’s not good at handling compliments.




When he comes back from shower, Yoongi had already changed the sheets and removed the pillow from the bed.


“Hey,” Yoongi says, “you good, baby?”


“Yes. You? does it hurt anywhere?” Namjoon turns away from looking at himself from the mirror on the vanity. He starts running the hairdryer.


“Doesn't,” the older smiles, “come here. I want to show you something.” He pats on the bed. Namjoon puts the dryer back on its stand. He checks his hair and runs his fingers through them, and tousles the bangs.


“What is it?” He asks after sitting against the headboard. Yoongi leans in and wraps his arm around him. Namjoon throws the blanket over their legs and rubs soothing circles on Yoongi’s arm.


“You know how we said we will get a kid and never did it? Because we are so busy with work?”




“I may have found a really nice animal shelter, an it's a friend, you know him too, Seokjin? from my previous job, it's his place, yeah…mentioned that already… I may have found a cute dog named Holly,” Yoongi pulls up a photo on his phone and Namjoon looks closer. It is a chocolate brown poodle. He internally coos.


“Hyung, do you think we are ready for this kind of commitment?” Namjoon turned his gaze to his husband.


“Joon, we are literally married…look, we can share the responsibilities, and it's really okay If you don't want to do it right now, I can wait.”


Yoongi draws lazy circles on Namjoon’s chest, playing with the flap of his shower robe.


“I want to, Yoongi. I can be a good dad, but I have never had a dog, so you'll have to teach me things, okay?”

“So…we really are getting a dog. Our kid.” Excitement course in Yoongi’s voice, and he sounds so happy right now. Namjoon wants nothing more than see Yoongi happy for all the rest of their lives together. He steals a kiss from his husband, his best friend’s forehead.

“As long as we are happy and I get to see your cute gummy smile, then yeah. But yeah, I am getting old, too. So we better find lots of kids before we grow too old and boring. Namjoon squeezes Yoongi’s nose. And Yoongi giggles, and all the stars in the galaxy combined couldn’t compare to how beautiful he looked.