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“What is taking you so long Yoongs? We’re going to be late” yelled Namjoon from outside of the bathroom as he knocked on the door multiple times.
“I’m nearly done, shut up!” responded Yoongi from the other side. “fuck I forgot my clothes”

Suddenly, the door opened in Namjoon’s face and a very wet Yoongi stepped out.

Namjoon knew how attractive his best friend. He was a model and actor for fuck's sake.
Yet, Yoongi always took Namjoon’s breath away.
Whether it was his parted blonde hair, his sleepy face or his slightly defined abs and tiny waist; to say that Namjoon was infuriated by how pretty he was would be an understatement.
He wasn’t really jealous. He had plenty of fans himself that commented on his physique. No, he simply hated how easily he would blush when the other was posing for different photos.
Right now Yoongi was running comically towards his dresser in a towel only, making Namjoon giggle.

It was their 8th year of living together, and their 10th year of knowing each other. They had debuted as actors together, getting to know each other on the field. They both grew pretty successful and Yoongi was scouted to become a model as well. He accepted and Namjoon couldn’t have been more proud.

In this world werewolves and other were-animals -especially male Omega ones- were considered as a lower-class since they still revolved around natural instincts a lot. But Yoongi persevered and pulled Namjoon up with him. Both werewolves became best friends almost immediately.
However, their careers were always prompt to dating scandals: everyone wanted to see them together as Namjoon was the perfect leader Alpha and Yoongi the pretty yet bratty Omega. And, to be honest, to say that Namjoon wasn’t affected by the light vanilla scent coming from Yoongi would be a lie. To him, this scent felt like comfort: it was the scent that he noticed when he came back home from a long day at work. Yoongi told Namjoon a few times when they were cuddling after a movie -and after too many drinks- that he loved his coffee scent especially when it mixed with his.
Namjoon had been pretty flustered that day, and it wasn’t from the alcohol.

On some days, Namjoon hated himself.
He hated how jealous he got when Yoongi would bring someone home during his heat.
He knew that he would never ask him for help because well, one, he didn’t fuck alpha werewolves on his heats as he didn’t want to be knotted, and two because Namjoon was like family to him, so he wouldn’t fuck him.

To say that he was surprised when Yoongi accepted to play in a gay movie with him as the romantic interest would be an understatement. “It will make our ratings go flying if we did it” had reasoned Yoongi. That didn’t convince Namjoon at all.

When their trusty assistant Taehyung had run over to them with the script, Namjoon had noticed that they didn’t even have a kiss scene before the one in the fucking scene. Great. He didn’t have anything to prepare himself. The nature spirit had a glint in his eyes when he watched Namjoon reading the script, earning a glare from the latter.

Taehyung was one of his closest friends and he knew about the small, tiny, Iddy-Biddy crush he had on Yoongi and he wouldn’t stop pestering him about it. As good as Namjoon was at acting, he was shit with real emotions and he had no intention to actually work them out.

As he sat back down on Yoongi’s bed while he waited for him to get dressed, he took the script from his bedside table. The more he read through it, the more flustered he felt.

It was a story of two university students RM and Suga, struggling to do what they wanted to do -which was to become music producers-. They ended up working together and fell in love with each other. The sex scene showed them barging in the room, removing each other’s tops and one pushing the other on the bed before attacking his lips and neck. The rest consisted of a lot of biting and nibbling here and there. This was the characters first time so a cheesy music played over them, making it okay for the actors to actually talk slightly during the scene.


Namjoon decided to take a picture to upload to his twitter with the caption “Shooting time #RM!”, knowing fully well that Yoongi had planned on imitating him and taking a picture of his own.
A few minutes later, Namjoon received a notification that Yoongi had posted something on his twitter. He had been right. He sighed at how effortlessly flawless his friend was, but he couldn’t help the smile that plastered on his face when he read the caption: “Off to work I guess #SUGA”.
He smirked. The fans were going to go crazy as the summary of the movie had been released a day prior. They were quickly going to catch up that the two actors were going to be the main part of the film.

“Come on, let’s go” whispered Yoongi, pulling at Namjoon’s jacket lightly to get him up.


Arriving on set was like usual: having to wait a few minutes before the makeup Noonas arrived to take care of them, then getting dressed in what they wanted the character to wear before finally getting to the scene.

The movie was pretty short compared to what he had to do before.
Namjoon remembered how embarrassed he had been when he had to flirt with Yoongi for the first time in a scene, earning a chuckle from Taehyung and from one of the people in charge of their makeup and outfits, Jimin, which he had gotten to know on a bunch of different sets lately.

Jimin and Taehyung were the cutest couple Namjoon had ever known. When Taehyung was telling Namjoon his schedule, Jimin would drop by once in a while to fix Namjoon’s makeup or clothes and he would leave a small kiss on his boyfriend’s lips every time. Namjoon envied them.

Finally thinking he had gotten over how flustered he would get in front of Yoongi, Namjoon really wasn’t ready when Taehyung told him that they had to do the sex scene that day.

Whether he liked admitting it or not, Namjoon had fantasized about his friend more times than he could count. But knowing that he would be able to actually see what it would be like to be in a situation like that with him was making Namjoon’s blood pump and made him feel dizzy.

It really didn’t help when the director told Yoongi to act pretty sensitive yet still reluctant to show emotions at first, and for Namjoon to act caring and gentle: it was exactly how he would have pictured actual sex with Yoongi to be like for the first time.

When it was finally time, Namjoon reread the script one last time. He could not fuck up. He wouldn’t be able to redo that scene if it was needed.

Yoongi noticed his fidgeting right away. The blonde put a calming hand on Namjoon’s shoulder, squeezing it lightly with an apologetic smile.

“Hey” he murmured so that only Namjoon would hear “It’s just me”

“That’s the problem though” wanted to respond the other.

Yoongi knew that it was his first sex scene -and to be honest, he was pretty sure it was Yoongi’s too- and he knew him enough to know that doing that sort of thing in front of the camera scared him a bit.
What he didn’t know, however, was how much worse it was for it to be Yoongi with him.

The blonde let his hand fall from Namjoon’s shoulder and smiled once more, his gums appearing. God was he pretty.

“It’s going to be fun you’ll see”

Namjoon took a deep calming breath and replayed the scene that was going to happen in his head once more. He couldn’t help but blush at the thought: how was Yoongi so calm when he knew what was about to happen?

“Are we ready?” the director asked when Namjoon and Yoongi placed themselves behind the fake door.

Yoongi gave the director a thumbs up and looked back at Namjoon, exhaled once and smiled.
Namjoon let his eyes trail down to his friend’s lips before wetting his own with his spit nervously.
He saw how Yoongi’s Adam's apple bobbed at that. Namjoon didn’t have the time to think that Yoongi was probably as nervous as him, as the director yelled “action” from his chair.

“There goes nothing,” Namjoon thought as he dove for Yoongi’s lips and gently grabbed his face.


Namjoon hadn’t been prepared for the little sigh coming out of Yoongi’s mouth as soon as their lips collided. They both closed their eyes and Namjoon heard Yoongi open the fake door behind him before he felt him pulling him in by his collar.
Their eyes remained closed as they hurriedly made their way closer to the bed. Namjoon couldn’t help but bite at his lips, drinking in the little gasp Yoongi let out before sliding his tongue in his mouth.

The taste of mandarin coming from Yoongi’s mouth mixing with the strong scent of vanilla was making Namjoon go crazy. His mind blanked. He couldn’t concentrate on anything other than the boy in front of him.

Rapidly, however, he remembered what he was supposed to be doing.
When he felt Yoongi’s hands leave his collar and suddenly tug at his jacket, he took that as a clue to start unbuttoning his white button-up shirt in a hurry and slide it off his shoulders as the other did the same with his jacket. When that was done, he couldn’t help but glide his hand over everything he could find, earning a small groan from Yoongi when his warm hands accidentally grazed his nipples on their way down the patch of skin.

When he heard the thud from Yoongi’s calves hitting the bed, Namjoon opened his eyes and pushed a dazed-looking Yoongi on top of the bed.

As he took the sight in front of him, Namjoon froze.
Min fucking Yoongi was now on a bed, half-naked in front of him. His lips were puffy from all the kissing, his pupils were blown wide and his body was flushed a light red all over. He looked gorgeous.
Namjoon started breathing heavily, feeling overwhelmed.
He couldn’t do this. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck-

His thoughts were soon halted when Yoongi looked at him in the eyes, raised his hand to his cheek, caressing it lightly and smiling softly.
Namjoon calmed down immediately. It was Yoongi that he was kissing, his best friend of many years and he wouldn’t judge him. The actor breathed in and out before diving in again and kissing Yoongi on the lips once, then twice. He started kissing his cheeks, his nose, and his face in general, earning a giggle from the boy under him that soon turned breathy and shaky when Namjoon started going lower. He kissed under his jaw, then a bit lower on his neck until he found the scent gland and breathed in deeply.

Fuck. Shit. That wasn’t good.

Namjoon’s breathing hitched, overwhelmed by the strong vanilla scent mixing with the mandarin smell of arousal coming from Yoongi.
He couldn’t help himself. He was a weak man.
He slowly started sucking on the skin near the scent gland, causing Yoongi’s face to twist in pleasure and for him to tilt his head to the side to give him more access. He licked, bit, sucked all he could until Yoongi’s breathing turned irregular and small groans slipped from his mouth.

“Fuck” Yoongi swore, his head thrown back and eyes closed when Namjoon lightly bit at the scent gland.

When Namjoon noticed Yoongi starting to shake slightly, he breathed in once more.

“Hey, it’s just me” he whispered against his neck, making the other calm down a bit.

He slowly got back on his journey down, leaving small kisses and hickeys on Yoongi’s neck and shoulder. As he got lower, he couldn’t help but stop at Yoongi’s nipples, pinching one with his finger and putting the other in his mouth as he swirled it, causing Yoongi’s hands to shoot up in his hair, his back to arch and a low and whinny “shit” to be heard in the otherwise quiet room.

Namjoon then kissed his abs, his eyes looking up to find Yoongi’s dazed ones before he got lower and lower and licked right under his navel. He slowly got a hold of his friend’s black skinny jeans, opened them and slid them down as Yoongi helped him by raising his hips. When they were removed, he threw them on the bed somewhere before looking at the sight before him. Yoongi was now only in his black boxer-briefs, legs spread around Namjoon; his neck was peppered with hickeys and his nipples were erect from the attention they got. Namjoon didn’t know how he’d be able to stop soon.
He took a deep breath before starting to slowly kiss Yoongi’s leg, slowly hitching towards his inner thighs. He couldn’t help but suck and bite at the parcel of skin there, making Yoongi moan lowly before he put a hand on his mouth and shut his eyes tightly.

Suddenly, Yoongi’s eyes flew open, looking panicked.
Namjoon was about to ask what was wrong when he smelled it.
A strong scent of vanilla mixed with mandarin filled his nostrils, coming right from between Yoongi’s legs.

He didn’t hear the director yell “cut” or Taehyung’s little giggle of “that was hot”.
His pupils dilated and blood rushed to his groin.
He stared at Yoongi until the later quickly got up, put his pants on and left the room in a hurry.

Namjoon wasn’t going to let that slide, however.
He hurriedly got to his feet and ran after the other only to find him try and close the door of a changing room.

“Yoongi!” he yelled before managing to push the door open, grab Yoongi’s arm and pull him towards him before he pushed him against the door lightly.
They were now alone in the room, Yoongi looking like a deer caught in headlights.
Namjoon looked Yoongi up and down before stopping to his lips.
Fuck did he want to kiss him.
Instead, he sighed and put his head on the other’s shoulder, inhaling the mix of smells.

“I’m sorry” Namjoon murmured against Yoongi’s neck, feeling the other tense up when he let a small kiss there. “Fuck, you’re too...”

Namjoon couldn’t stop himself anymore; he started leaving kissed on Yoongi’s neck, licking and biting at the skin there, earning a gasp of his name from the Yoongi as he let his hands trail up Namjoon’s shirt. Namjoon heard the click of the door being locked before he felt hands cup his face and lips on his own.

It had only been a minute, but god had he missed those lips.
Yoongi angled his head and deepened the kiss when he felt Namjoon’s warm hands glide down his back to cup his ass.
They stayed like this for a while, just enjoying each other’s scent and touches.

But soon, it wasn’t enough: lips were bitten, Namjoon’s shirt was discarded and he gripped Yoongi’s butt tighter to make him understand that they should move away from the door.
They ended up on one of the sofas in the room.

Yoongi was now sat on Namjoon’s laps, softly grinding against him as they kissed again, slowly. Namjoon let his hands travel Yoongi’s chest, stopping to pinch at his nipples and rub them between his fingers, causing Yoongi to throw his head back with a breathy moan and close his eyes.
He looked ethereal.

“You’re so pretty Hyung” Namjoon murmured against his neck as he grinded harder, feeling his friend’s hard cock rub against his through the materials “Back there, you were leaking right? Fuck, you smelled so good I thought I was going to go insane”

Namjoon inhaled loudly once more, just enjoying the other’s scent. He grabbed Yoongi’s ass again and rubbed near his hole, making Yoongi shudder.

“Off, I need these off” Yoongi demanded, earning a chuckle and a “yes hyung” from Namjoon.

When Yoongi got up and let Namjoon undress him, he spoke once more.

“Yours too”

Namjoon nearly didn’t hear it, as he was too busy just staring at Yoongi’s body.

The friction was much better when only one barrier of clothing was stopping them.

“You don’t know how fucking long I’ve waited for this” breathed Yoongi against his lips as he grinded hard in his laps.
“You don’t know how long I’ve waited either” retorted Namjoon as he led his hands back to Yoongi’s ass. He pressed a finger in between his cheeks, rubbing his hole through his underwear, earning a breathy call of his name. “You’re so fucking wet... God, am I the one that made you like that?”
“Yeah” the other breathed out, grinding against the finger on his hole.
“Okay get up” ordered Namjoon. When Yoongi complied, he continued “Get undressed and then get on your forearms and knees on the sofa, ass up”

Yoongi blushed prettily at that but followed his instructions nonetheless.
Namjoon had to stop for a few seconds to compose himself.
Yoongi was fully naked in front of him and he looked gorgeous.
When he got on the sofa, Namjoon could see everything: from his leaking pink cock, the nicely shaven balls or his light hole dripping with slick, Namjoon thought that he was going to faint.

Namjoon got behind Yoongi and kissed his spine before getting lower and lower, causing Yoongi’s legs to shake in anticipation.
Slowly, he licked a stripe up Yoongi’s hole, making the latter moan in pleasure and back up slightly against the tongue.

“J-Joon” he whined when he felt the tongue lap hungrily at his hole.
“You taste so fucking good” Namjoon answered with a groan as he palmed himself through his underwear. “You should see yourself, all spread out for me”

Namjoon then continued on, licking, sucking and biting at the sensitive hole before diving his tongue in with ease as the other relaxed.

“F-fuck” Yoongi choked out when he felt it go deeper and deeper.

Soon, Namjoon added a finger in with his tongue, slowly fingering Yoongi.

“Harder” he heard Yoongi demand.

Namjoon decided to suck and lick harder yet slower, driving the other crazy with his tongue.
Soon enough, Yoongi was a moaning mess. He then asked for a second finger, which Namjoon granted without further teasing.

Namjoon then stopped licking at the hole and just watched his fingers disappear inside Yoongi’s ass as he backed up slightly each time. Yoongi let out a low throaty groan when Namjoon’s fingers found his prostate, which only made Namjoon palm himself harder.
After a few minutes, it was starting not to be enough.

“J-Joon, I’m good. For fuck's sake just fuck me already” Yoongi said, his legs slowly giving out.
“Fuck, okay, turn around, I want to see you,” Namjoon asked, removing his fingers from Yoongi’s hole.

Namjoon wasn’t prepared to see Yoongi’s fucked out face. Yet when Yoongi turned around, he remained as calm as possible as he kissed him, taking his time.

“Are you ready?” he whispered against his lips
“Fucking bet I am” the other bit back, too turned on to think properly “I’m dripping like a chick, Jesus”
“Do you have condoms?” Namjoon asked, eyes going wide.
“Fuck, I think there’s some in one of those cabinets over there” Yoongi gestured the other side of the room “go fucking get them”

They couldn’t help but giggle as Namjoon walked around the room naked, trying to find condoms. He let out a small victory cry when he found some in one of the drawers.

“Knew someone would keep some here” Yoongi smirked. “Now come back, I’m getting cold”

Namjoon laughed breathily as he put the condom on his length and pushed his hair back with his other hand. He settled back on the couch between Yoongi’s legs, noticing how Yoongi was eyeing up his member.

“Did I ever tell you that you have a nice dick?” Yoongi licked his lips.
“Did you ever see my dick before?” Namjoon raised an eyebrow at that.
“Course I did, we’ve been living together for 8 fucking years”

The room fell silent as soon as Namjoon positioned himself on top of Yoongi.

“Tell me if it’s too much okay” whispered Namjoon as he pecked Yoongi’s lips tenderly.
“It’ll never be too much, I like my fair bit of pain” Yoongi winked.

Namjoon giggled at the comment before shutting up completely when he lead his cock to the other’s hole.

Delicately, Namjoon pushed in, taking his time, looking at Yoongi’s face for any sort of discomfort or pain. It felt fucking amazing to be this close to Yoongi.
As gently as he could, Namjoon grabbed the back of Yoongi’s thighs and pushed in deeper, earning a groan from the blonde man.

“I knew your dick would feel amazing” commented Yoongi, a smile on his face as he grabbed Namjoon’s arms “Now fuck me like you mean it”

Namjoon slowly pulled nearly all the way out before ramming back inside, causing Yoongi’s smile to falter and a breathy moan to fall from his lips. Namjoon then fell into a slow and hard rhythm which would make Yoongi whimper each time he would brush just close enough to his prostate.

Namjoon wanted to make Yoongi scream, to make him never forget the feel of his cock buried deep inside his hole. So he picked up the pace and angled up, hitting Yoongi’s prostate right on.

Yoongi threw his head back and his grip tightened around Namjoon’s arms.

“Namjoon! Oh fuck!” he swore before he started thrashing around from the pleasure. “Oh my god”
“Yeah? Am I fucking you good hyung?” Namjoon breathed out as he fucked him quicker.
“So good” Yoongi responded, voice hoarse and expression dazed from the pleasure.

Suddenly, Namjoon leaned in and kissed Yoongi passionately, causing the other to whimper and kiss back just as feverishly as he wrapped his arms around Namjoon’s neck.
They kissed like that for a while, their scents mixing together in the room before Namjoon broke the kiss and started biting at Yoongi’s neck, so close to his scent gland.

Yoongi whimpered so brokenly that Namjoon felt the heat crawl down his spine a lot quicker than anticipated.

“You take my cock so well, I’m sure you’d take my knot just as nicely” Namjoon groaned “I’d make you all mine” he whispered the last part, noticing that Yoongi was far too gone to even answer him.

He continued pounding into Yoongi before bringing back their lips together when he felt the oldest clench around him.

“So close, so close, so close” Yoongi whined in his mouth.
“Yeah? You’re going to come for your alpha?” Namjoon said, breathless.
“Yes! Oh fuck-”

Namjoon attacked his neck when he felt the other clench around him harder and come between their bodies with a silent scream of his name.

Namjoon was soon to follow, not noticing the strings of “I love you” s coming out of his mouth as he bottomed out.

When they were both breathing heavily and smiling, Namjoon pulled out, removed the condom and fell on top of Yoongi, making him giggle and brush his hair affectionately.

“So that happened,” Yoongi said, smirking.
“Yeah. Yeah, it did” Namjoon mumbled, breathing in the vanilla and mandarin smell from Yoongi’s neck.

They stayed like this for a while, not talking, just content staying close together.
After a while though, Yoongi spoke up:

“Hey, Namjoon?”
“I love you too”

Namjoon had never been happier in his life than at this moment.