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Three Guys Go to a Bar(and then they Beat You With It)

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They had expected the final to be something like the years before; where they would be paired up and assigned a Pro-hero to face, and ultimately get beaten by. They always managed to pull through, either with pure will, grit, or quick thinking, but they always expected to be facing someone far out of their league with severe handicaps.

The end of the year was still far away, almost two months out. Some students hadn’t even thought of it yet (Kaminari and Ashido the prime examples), while other students were already piling together notecards and review guides, going over previous quizzes and tests for any small clue.

The written tests were hard, but the practical exams were even harder.

They had to be with how society was changing, with how villains and vigilantes roamed the streets and caused more chaos and disorder than normal. Everyone was under a close watch,waiting with held breaths for the moment someone would inevitably mess up.

Mineta was first, expelled the instant the next report was filed against him for sexual harassment. The purple boy was there one day, then gone the next. His things were covered with a tarp and hauled out by a moving company the very next day.

A week later, Shinsou moved in with spitting words and metaphorical hackles raised. The insomniac wasn’t exactly welcome, but everyone knew he was better than Mineta by leaps and bounds.

(Very few people bothered Shinsou anyways, except Midoriya but that didn’t mean much.)

Shinsou aggravatingly was intelligent, very intelligent. He was quickly combating the others for the top five ranking in the class, pulling out all the tricks to try and wrangle a few extra points. Iida was quickly stressed under the pressure, Bakugou settled for literally exploding on the boy.

(Shinsou retreated after a few sharp barbs and guarded glances. Shinsou didn’t study in the main room again after that.)

Oijiro didn’t take the new student adjustment well, which was surprising considering how calm the blonde normally was. Oijiro didn’t exactly say anything, but he did tense up and keep his conversations short whenever Shinsou slinked into the kitchen area to fish around for anything to eat. Shinsou could easily read the atmosphere, although he acted like he didn’t care. He also drank an obsessive amount of coffee which both felt simply wrong to Momo (and her ridiculous passion for tea).

When they were paired for sparring, that’s where things really shifted. Oijiro was a good hand to hand partner, his tail offered a strong blunt force that could both attack and defend. Generally he swapped between multiple partners, offering advice and assistance to anyone who needed it. He was paired with Shinsou by Aizawa (who had dozed off almost instantly). Oijiro ended up fighting, twisting and kicking with more aggression than normal. Shinsou held his own for a while, but without using any sort of equipment or quirk, he couldn't hold out. The punches could be deflected, the kicks could be dodged. The tail broke two of his ribs and hairline fractured his forearm.

The fight kept going until Shinsou was thrown violently across the ground, curling protectively over his side with his teeth bared and broken arm curled protectively near his chest. Shinsou looked ready to go again, face filled with an unsettling level of wrath that normally only graced Bakugou’s face.

Oijiro paused for a moment, before he guiltily woke Aizawa.

Aizawa made sure not to pair Shinsou with any of the heavy hitters from then on out.


“Shinsou, Tokoyami, see me after class.” Aizawa sighed from his desk, looking ready to lean too far forward and collapse onto its surface like it was a pillow.

Tokoyami instantly stiffened in alarm, Shinsou didn’t even turn his head to glance to where the teacher was sitting.

The atmosphere in the room steadily returned to normal, nobody paying any mind to the interruption until class ended and people started to gather their things. Kirishima was already excitedly chattering about something, Kaminari gleefully joined in.

“Oh, Bakugou, you too.” Aizawa called, opening one eye lazily. The blonde hair huffed and slammed himself back into his seat, Kirishima and Kaminari traded worried looks.

It wasn’t common that Bakugou got called to wait after class; he normally only had to if he had broken the rules but those incidents were loud, and well known before any teacher intervention.

“Yeah bro, ah, see you back at the dorms.” Kirishima awkwardly called with a small wave, slipping out the door and closing it behind him. The sounds of the hallway was muted noise, a low rumble in the unexpected quiet of the room. It was equally uncomfortable with how spread apart they were in their seats.

“Alright,” Aizawa sighed, leaning back on his chair to wriggle out of his sleeping bag. Tokoyami felt his heart drop; Aizawa only left the sleeping bag when someone had failed a test, disappointed him, or he was preparing himself to thoroughly beat one of his students with blunt force trauma.

“I’ve been... forced to talk with Principal Nedzu,” Aizawa continued bluntly, scratching one of his cheeks, “we’ve got a trial run, and by that I mean you can’t back out or I’m expelling you for making my life harder.” Oh no, they were going to be experiencing blunt force trauma. Bakugou clicked his tongue and slammed both of his thick boots on his desk. He leant so far back on his chair, it was a marvel he hadn't tipped over. He jerked his chin up, closed his eyes, and waited.

Tokoyami peered out of the corner of his eye to see Shinsou looking just as calm in the unsettling way he always did. One arm rested on his desk to prop his chin up, the other was lazily twirling his pen without any care. Neither of Tokoyami’s classmates looked concerned; Tokoyami himself could feel anxious sweat prickle at the nape of his neck.

“Alright, here’s the papers that I made someone else draft up,” Aizawa sighed, sliding a thick stack across his desk. Neither Shinsou, Bakugou, or Aizawa looked like they’d be getting up anytime soon. Tokoyami resisted the urge to gulp.

The clock ticked on, the silence stretched further. Aizawa looked content to go back to sleep, Bakugou already looked asleep, and Shinsou was now twirling his pen so quickly Tokoyami imagined the purple haired teen had experience with fidget spinners.

The pen was now a blur. If Shinsou could weaponize his boredom, Tokoyami feared for the world.

Tokoyami lunged to his feet, his chair scraping loudly across the floor. Nobody reacted to the loud noise except Tokoyami’s own frantic heartbeat. Dark Shadow perked up, nudging against his consciousness curiously. Anxiety thrummed and Dark Shadow coo’ed gently to settle it once more. Tokoyami grabbed the papers, separating them by the three staples, and passed them out efficiently.

Shinsou sighed and looked down at the packet that landed on his desk; the pen stopped instantly. Tokoyami feared for his life.

“Wait,” Shinsou blurted sharply, Bakugou’s eyes flashed open although they stared straight ahead only. “Wait, Sensi are you kidding me?”

Bakugou’s eyes flickered downwards, reading the bolded title from where it was splayed sideways near his boots.

“What.” Bakugou deadpanned flatly. It sounded like the two had changed personalities almost.

Tokoyami spared a hesitant glance at his own sheet, feeling his heart throb painfully in his throat.


UA OPPOSITIONAL FINAL: Mandate-Requirements-Villainous-Opposition

Tokoyami blinked in confusion, flipping the page slowly.

Shinsou by contrast was flipping through the entire (hefty) packet with a furious speed. Bakugou grabbed it all in one fist and waved it menacingly as he screeched at their teacher: “What is this bullshit! I don’t give a fuck about your goddamn teacher crap-!”

“If you be quiet,” Aizawa started with a frown, “I’ll explain.”

Bakugou slammed his feet on the ground and gritted his teeth together with enough force it sounded louder than Tokoyami’s beak clicking.

“Now,” Aizawa ran one hand through his hair tiredly, “In the past our final exams generally composed of staff or Pro-Heros testing your abilities in combat. Since this entire year we’ve been doing that, it seemed more appropriate to alter the exam into a more real world applicable scenario.”

Shinsou huffed loudly, “the exam that’s months away?”

Aizawa’s eyes flickered up with an expression able to make All Might cry. Shinsou didn’t blink. Tokoyami had never felt closer to death.

“This is bullshit.” Bakugou cursed under his breath, skimming through the pages before he pointed at one section dramatically. “Here! You want us to be your goddamn villains! Why don’t you hire that dolphin freak again!”

Aizawa’s face twitched slightly. “Gang Orca is busy. You brats aren’t. You do this or I’m kicking you out right now.”

Shinsou huffed again, squinting at the paper. “Sensei, page nine. You’re giving us Ground Gamma?”

Aizawa’s face didn’t shift. “Ground Gamma is officially closed for renovations to the public. You three are exempt from this, and are permitted access to all buildings and facilities inside. If you keep reading, you’ll see the contact information and proper request forms for equipment and device alterations within the grounds itself.”

Tokoyami searched, his beak dropped.

Bakugou exhaled in a quiet rush, startled and for one speechless over the permissions.

Obviously,” Aizawa started, pinching the bridge of his nose between two fingers, “you can’t do any changes that alter the blueprints of the ground itself. Anything within buildings, as well as the electronics are completely customizable given that your request is reasonable. You all are intelligent students, I’m trusting you to not fuck this up.”

Tokoyami summoned his courage to speak up, “Aizawa-Sensei, how are we to be scored than?”

Aizawa had the first spark of sadistic amusement in his eyes. Bakugou was starting to look interested.

“You’ll be graded according to how you factor in the flaws of your opponents, and how you operate to overcome advantages.” Aizawa pulled out a copy of his own packet, flipping through before settling on a page past theirs, “It’s stated that you will be submitting to me, your organized roster for exam teams. Once I agree that each team is weighted fairly, you have until the final exam to provide a countermeasure plan that addresses each member of your opponent, as well as a Individual Analysis Report.”

Shinsou gave a brisk nod like it wasn’t anything unusual. Bakugou didn’t seem phased, Tokoyami already felt overwhelmed.

“You can detail on the map on the back of each of your packets what you plan to do to Ground Gamma as well as how you plan for the arena to be divided per team. You only get the blueprint there, so make copies for each submission. Your plans are all due the week before finals so I can check to see if anything planned is illegal or too dangerous for bodily harm. Considering the fact you all beat each other up every day and Midoriya breaks his bones weekly, I really don’t care how chaotic you make this.”

Aizawa had the signature grin that spoke of danger. It was looking quite horrible. “You’ll be designating teams of three. There are seventeen students remaining, which means you are required to create five teams of three and one two pairing students. Since I value my life and I am tired of you all, I am mandating that in the group of two at least one of the partners must be either Todoroki or Midoriya.”

Shinsou flicked through the pages, his frown deepening. Bakugou had an expression that was impossible to read, blank yet still imposing. Tokoyami couldn’t’ think of how to react to such a massive assignment.

“Sir,” Shinsou spoke up in a lazy drawl, a quick glance at his face showed that the purple haired boy was anything but relaxed. “You said we’re the opposing group. It doesn’t say anywhere in this packet what in particular our assignment is. We’re...villains, but what crime are we committing. What is the scenario.”

Aizawa grinned sharply, looking very very cruel. “A different one per team.”


Shinsou was terrifying to approach. Bakugou was almost worse. Tokoyami felt very very out of place.

“You okay?” Shoji asked him, eyes tracing the disaster waiting to happen. Midoriya was trying to settle it, holding his hands up to try and prevent a brawl from breaking out between a fuming Bakugou and a cool as ever, Todoroki.

“Ah, yes.” Tokoyami assured him, wishing that his feathers would lie flat. “I was given an assignment by Aizawa-Sensei. I am afraid I cannot discuss it.”

Shoji shrugged, “that’s fine. You seem stressed.”

“I am.” Tokoyami confessed, beak clicking ever so slightly. “I am afraid that failure is not an option as well.”

Bakugou shrieked, launched himself across the table with an explosion primed. Todoroki responded with a sharp wall of ice. Midoriya responded by screaming.

Good god, why was he partnered with that volatile monster?


It took a day before Tokoyami was targeted. In truth, he had wandered downstairs for something to eat and caught the eye of a specific purple haired individual.

Shinsou sat on a throne of pillows, uncaring that he was being swallowed by blankets and pulse cushions. He looked like he had been lazily waiting.

Tokoyami paused, glanced at the clock, then peered back.

“I’ve been waiting.” Shinsou bluntly deadpanned, nodding to the chair across from him.

“It’s four in the morning.” Tokoyami almost stuttered, “we have classes in three hours.”

Shinsou blinked slowly. “I understand that may intimidate some people, but I fear nothing.”

Tokoyami felt a metaphorical head perk up in interest.

“All must fear something,” Tokoyami sagely confessed, walking closer to the throne room of threadbare blankets and decorative scratchy pillows. “The darkness reveals all.”

Shinsou almost smiled. “You fool. I can’t see in the dark.”

Tokoyami could almost hear the record scratch as his mind restarted.

“So, since Blasty is off contemplating manslaughter,” Shinsou started, pulling out a notebook that looked brand new. The cover had green swirls all over it. “I’ve been trying to figure out what Sen-shit is making us do.”

Tokoyami gaped, “you- you cannot just-.”

“That man threw a raw fish at my face and it hit me.” Shinsou stated in a pleasantly calm voice. He smiled thinly, eyes black and bottomless. “I fear no god.”

Tokoyami shivered.

“So, your quirk has something to do with light, yeah?” Shinsou yawned. His mouth opened obscenely far, jaw popping ever so quietly. “Midoriya ranted about it I think before I learned how to ignore everything he says. I’ve been trying to chop the class up but I don't exactly know everyones quirks. I figure you know everyone better than Mr. Short fuse.”

Tokoyami felt like he was the one who had been slapped by a fish instead.

Shinsou opened his notebook, reversing it. He had scribbled out in dark pen a list of everyone's names and rudimentary information about their quirks. Some of the information was a bit more extensive than others. Oijiro simply had ‘ fuck kangaroo’ written hastily next to it.

“Right.” Tokoyami nodded slowly, “Ashido I believe can adjust the pH of her acid to become alkaline also. It is not only acidic.”

Shinsou nodded slightly, ripping out a sheet of paper before he started to scrawl sloppily on his knee. Tokoyami tentatively picked up the notebook to squint at the other notes.

“Are you attempting to determine which quirks create fire?”

Shinsou hummed flatly before pointing at the notebook, “not really. If you know more write it down. I’m not failing after all my hard work because Blasty can’t stay up past his bedtime. Aoyama, frenchie. What do you know.”

Tokoyami’s feathers puffed in a fluster. “He...his naval laser is...powerful however not entirely-.”

“Does it make heat? Energy? Or just sparkly like a disco ball.”

Tokoyami’s beak clicked. “...Energy I believe. It is enough to repel Dark Shadow.”

Shinsou tilted his head slightly and scribbled something down with an inquisitive sound, “so we split up the fire, electricity and raw power. I’m sticking Todoroki with Hagakure, it’ll make him slow down a bit.”

Tokoyami felt frazzled, “you plan to have Midoriya in a group of three?”

“He has a hero complex,” Shinsou muttered defensively, “he’d spend the whole time chasing after his partners if we split him up instead of taking on the goal at hand.”

Tokoyami nodded in thought, “I see. Who do you intend to partner him with?”

Shinsou paused, then looked at Tokoyami. He wasn’t sure what the purple haired individual was looking for, but his eyes scanned all across his features. Across the curve of his beak, the comfortable flannel he was sleeping in, all the way down to the modest slippers over his feet.

Shinsou nodded very slowly, still looking guarded but ever so slightly less tense. “Alright. I’m thinking of sticking Ashido and Koda with him. Ashido doesn’t plan I don’t think, and Koda is timid. Ground Gamma has a warehouse sector that has an underground labyrinth, small hallways and lots of corners. It should be easy enough to split them up, and scare them into messing up.”

That...made an alarming amount of sense.

“Sato and Shoji,” Tokoyami muttered unsure, “they rely on heavy strength but have recognizable weaknesses.”

“They’re exposed.” Shinsou mused with a small frown, “...I don’t think any explosions would damage them, but they need something that works against them.”

“Kirishima too.” Tokoyami interrupted, scribbling down on paper, “against a sort of...threat which requires careful coordination and balance.”

Shinsou grinned, it was small and predatory. His eyes skimmed over his notebook again. He pulled out a folded piece of paper, uncurling it. Tokoyami recognized it as a full class roster.

“Kaminari and Jiro.” Shinsou circled pointedly, “the moron is obsessed over her. They rely too much on electronics. I would put Aoyama in there but we need to spread out the energy users.”

“If you put in Iida, that leaves Yaoyorozu with Asui and Aoyama.” Tokoyami warned him. Shinsou paused before he frowned heavily.

“Asui is the blunt one, right?” Shinsou muttered before he crossed out her name, swapping it with Iida. “That’ll maybe work?”

Tokoyami looked over the list again and nodded hesitantly. It seemed realistic, and it seemed like a decent plan of attack.

“Great,” Shinsou stretched, snapping his neck and hands obnoxiously loud, “I’m sending it to Blasty. He’ll likely scream at us later.”

Tokoyami watched as Shinsou took the list and copied it out efficiently, barely glancing at each name before spelling it properly. It was looking like a good plan overall.


Todoroki, Hagakure

Yaoyarozu, Iida, Aoyama

Sato, Shoji, Kirishima

Ashido, Koda, Midoriya

Kaminari, Jiro, Asui

Sero, Oijiro, Uraraka

Everything seemed pretty well balanced. Shinsou liked it, so he sprawled himself out even further on his mound of pillows and blankets. A stuffed animal cat rolled off the edge like a dramatic reenactment of the Lion King.

“I’m going to get a glass of water.” Tokoyami awkwardly broke the silence, “would you perhaps like one?”

Shinsou didn’t blink. If Tokoyami had a flashlight, he wouldn’t be surprised if Shinsou’s eyes glowed. “No thanks, I like being salty.”

Tokoyami didn’t know how to respond, so he grabbed his things and left.


Bakugou slammed into the kitchen and smashed his palms against the counter-top. The counter, made to withstand explosions of all sorts, didn’t even tremble. Unfortunately, Tokoyami trembled hard enough he fell off his chair.

“What the fuck is this, you Fuckmunches!” Bakugou hissed. Pinned under his left hand was the piece of paper with Shinsou’s handwriting.

“Fuckmunch.” Shinsou repeated dryly from where he was pawing through snacks that were clearly not his, “clever.”

Bakugou looked ready to pick up the chair Tokoyami fell from, and chuck it at the back of the purple haired head.

“We came up with a list of possible arrangements.” Tokoyami rushed to sooth, feeling Dark Shadow perk up in preparation of halting any situation that occurred. “We felt that it was best to divide groups in such way.”

Bakugou looked pissed, but there was something under it. “And you bitch trees did it without me?”

“Bitch trees,” Shinsou whispered to himself with almost a smirk, “calm your tits. You were sleeping.”

A vessel throbbed in Bakugou’s temple.

“It was late and we were tortured by the horizon of sleep.” Tokoyami soothed, “It ailed us and we found mutual comfort in misery.”

Shinsou used his hip to close a nearby cupboard, peeling open a wrapper on some sort of protein bar that looked like the type Midoriya ate. Bakugou recognized it, before he huffed approvingly.

“Translation,” Shinsou started casually, “quoth the raven, two insomniacs did your goddamn homework.”

Bakugou started bristling almost immediately. “Well it’s not my fault you lazy fucks were up all night.”

“Check the list.” Shinsou nodded, ignoring Bakugou’s barbs. “You got comments? Cool, let's move this somewhere private so Sensei doesn’t bring out the dead fish.”

Bakugou blinked in agitation, “ dead fish? What the fuck are you on-.”

“Aizawa-Sensei threw a dead fish at him.” Tokoyami tried to remedy. “He floundered at the action and-.”

“It was a mackerel you insensitive fuck.” Shinsou hissed.

Bakugou choked out a strangled noise that may have been a laugh if not for the way he punched Shinsou in the neck.

“I love the room,” Shinsou drawled bluntly, reclining back against the wall with his legs stretched out in front of him. “Very nice, really love the aesthetic. Reminds me of a catalogue.”

“If you don’t stop talking I am going to grab your shoe and choke you with it.” Bakugou rumbled low in his throat, sprawled across his bed with a mound of textbooks aside him. “Then push you out the window.”

“Oooh,” Shinsou muttered back absentmindedly, “defenestration. Original.”

Bakugou huffed a small snort from his nose, and pointedly ignored Shinsou.

Tokoyami wasn’t exactly sure why he was in the room. It felt like he was in the middle of two opposing forces, and at some point they would clash in the absolute worst way. Bakugou was chaos in a poorly restrained form, and Shinsou...was a dick.

“May I be of any assistance, Bakugou?” Tokoyami offered unsure. Bakugou didn’t even glance up.

“I dont write with quills, idiot.” Bakugou huffed out, scribbling furiously. Tokoyami felt at a loss. Shinsou looked ready to snicker, mouth quirking to the side in an expression that clearly was asking to be punched. The bags under his eyes colour coordinated with his hair.

“Seriously, I love constructive criticism but there couldn’t have been that many flaws with my work.” Shinsou pouted, eyes nearly glowing from across the room. “But I mean if you just don’t like my handwriting, well, that’s being mean.”

Bakugou looked at him in outright disgust. “Are you naturally this much of an asshole?”

“Nah, refined skill. I don't have your natural talent.” Shinsou instantly responded, yawning to slump against the wall bored, “if you’re just going to sit there, I’m taking a nap.”

Bakugou exhaled through his nose sharply. His palms snapped like carbonation in soft drinks except louder than bubble wrap.

“Perhaps we should discuss our plans.” Tokoyami tried to soothe, already feeling tired. “It will do us no favours to not share our knowledge.”

Bakugo twisted, forcing himself upright to slam a thick textbook closed. Shinsou opened one eye in dull interest, Tokoyami jumped at the sudding noise.

“Look then, you bitches.” Bakugou hissed out, practically bristling at the attention, “I fixed all your goddamn shit. You put that goddamn scooter in with the creating bitch. We don’t need two people with high scores in a group.”

Shinsou’s brows furrowed as he sat up to squint at the paper. “I swear I changed that.”

“Well obviously you dopey eyed freak, you didn’t.”

Shinsou recoiled with a small offended expression.

Bakugou’s writing was... neat. It looked nearly textbook if not for the small inflections on certain letters. It looked pristine and well written, even small scribbles in the margin were clearly legible.

“That two faced bastard and that eyesore work because he won’t be freezing the damn joint.” Bakugou grunted towards where he cleanly wrote out:   Group 1: Todoroki, Hagakure

“Then split up the smart ones you morons. Keep them apart.”

Beyond that and a few minor changes, they were...nearly the same. Small details on the side for various ideas or blaring weaknesses and...Tokoyami was impressed, it was similar to Shinsou’s own ideas.


Group 2: Yaoyarozu, Uraraka, Aoyama

Group 3: Sato, Shoji, Kirishima

Group 4: Ashido, Koda, Midoriya

Group 5: Kaminari, Jiro, Asui

Group 6: Sero, Oijiro, Iida

Shinsou’s face twitched slightly as he looked over the list, then his expression blanked. His eyes flickered at Tokoyami who nodded at the list as well.

Shinsou sat up, his lazy expression and demeanor shifted into something guarded and cautious. “So. You noticed it too?”

Bakugou tensed slightly, his jaw locked.

“...I do not understand.” Tokoyami mentioned  quietly, glancing quickly back and forth between the two.

Shinsou looked tense although his face shifted into something loose and carefree. It actually resembled Aizawa’s a fair amount.

“Well it seems a bit funny…” Shinsou’s drawling voice trailed off, becoming slightly sharper by the word, “...that the three students with the most villainous quirks were set up for this.”

Tokoyami jerked upright. “You do not mean that-.”

“Oh he means it,” Bakugou growled out with narrowed eyes, “ pencil-ass set us up to play his goddamn villains because we’re good at it.”

Tokoyami shook his head slowly, “no, I do not believe that our teacher would place us in such a predicament if he did not have our best interest in mind.”

Shinsou barked out a single unsettling laugh. “I texted him and he sent me back a picture of a cat, flipping me off. That man is a goddamn dick!”

Bakugou barked out a laugh in response. “Join the fucking club, you purple tumbleweed. You going to help me fuck his shit up or do I have to plan how to wreck every single person in our goddamn class, myself?”

Shinsou cracked his neck and knuckles. “Bitch, I was born to prove dickheads wrong. You in, quoth the raven?”

Tokoyami sighed, “we’re being graded on our performance….Nevermore.”


Bakugou took his position of training seriously. So seriously, that in the next forced training assignment the blonde hair teen stomped over, nearly decked Jiro in the face to drag off her partner to his section. Shinsou gurgled when his airways cut off momentarily, his nails instantly curled to dig into Bakugou’s hand.

“That’s weak as shit.” Bakugou sneered, “I have calluses, dumbshit.”

Shinsou glared, bared his teeth like an alleycat, then grabbed Bakugou’s wrist with both hands and twisted.

It maybe wouldn’t do anything in a fight, but the forced tearing of his skin made Bakugou let go with a hissed breath. Shinsou skittered away, staying low to the ground although he looked thoroughly frazzled. The purple haired teen was a menace in areas where he could hide and jump around, but in an open area he wasn’t harder to fight than Racoon Eyes on a good day.

“You fight like a back street hooker.” Bakugou spat out, keeping his arms lifted. They were fighting without equipment, although for some reason Shinsou had a decent mouthguard in place, wrapping around his teeth to keep them equal spaced. It made sense, Bakugou always wrapped his knuckles when sparring. If Shinsou’s quirk relied completely on his voice, than he’d have to protect his jaw to some level. It also explained the eyesore on his hero costume.

“Come on!” Bakugou shouted, sending low blasts to the side for emphasis. The shock up his forearms was a familiar burn, sending a grin on his face. Shinsou did not look excited. It took almost the entire time allotted before Shinsou got a single hit in- although it was weak and didn’t do much. In comparison, Shinsou’s hair wasn’t nearly as wild as before. His eyes were wide, the dark rims under them nearly bright red with how bloodshot his eyes were. Nostrils panting for breath, and bruises already forming.

“Alright, times up.” Aizawa announced from across the field with a tired wave. “Leave, get out of here. I am. If you get injured it’s not my problem. Bye.”

On cue, everyone started getting ready to leave, Shinsou straightened slowly and reached up to fish out the thick guard that had been clogging his mouth. Bakugou did a second take the moment he noticed how long it was- it must have gone nearly all the way to the back of his throat, no wonder he couldn’t fucking breathe.

“I can take a hit.” Shinsou croaked out, although his face didn’t waver. His eyes were dark. “Keep going.”

Bakugou grinned. Shinsou inhaled shakily through his nose.


Tokoyami opened his door and stepped inside his room, noticing instantly the sheafs of paper that had been thrown under. Some of them were carefully written on, the others were in bright bold shades of blue. It looked almost like marker.

Tokoyami picked up the papers, sorting through them the best he could. It was the blueprints of Ground Gamma, copied in blank forms as well as a few copies already drawn over. Sectors marked out in Bakugou’s handwriting for areas to consider or investigate, Shinsou’s obnoxious marker drew out clear ambush points as well as pathways Tokoyami wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

“Right.” Tokoyami sighed, running one hand through his preened feathers. They would have to start working on customizing areas if they wanted to have everything ready to go by the time finals came around. There was a lot of work ahead of them.