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Optimus Prime goes crazy and vores his family because Elsa vaccinated his kids.

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Optimus Prime walked into the Krusty Krab, "Honey, I'm home" he yelled . "Welcome home sweety" Elsa cheerfully replied. "How are the kids?" Optimus inquired. "Vaccinated." Elsa said cheerfully.
"YOU WHAT?!!!" Optimus exclaimed. Optimus was angry. He ripped his faceplate off of his face revealing his serrated duck bill.
"Vore time you smelly republican!!!" Optimus screamed as he started inhaling deeply. His mouth was like a black hole that almost sucked Elsa in. Elsa used the plunger she had in her pocket to stick to the wall, but the plunger's grip began to fail. Elsa was sucked into Optimus Prime's beak of doom. Suddenly Batman and Sonic showed up. "Hey dad." Said Sonic unsuspectingly. "Where's mom?". Optimus Prime's eyes started to glow pink with hatred and infection. "You aren't my boys!!!" Optimus Screamed and he began to vore his children. "Father why!!!" Sonic exclaimed before he was vored. Batman managed to escape his father's wrath, but it was too late for him.

Optimus sat and cried. "My family has betrayed me. I have no one." Sobbed Optimus. "Hey there" a voice called. Suddenly Optimus was greeted by two strangers. A short skeleton named Sans Undertale and a tall, muscular physically imposing man named Jake from Statefarm.

"Heard you liked Vore." Sans spoke. "We happen to be experts at it." added Jake from Statefarm. Optimus Prime sheds a single tear and accept his fate.

Sans and Jake stood at opposite sides of Optimus. they started inhaling and sucking. The force of the voretex was so powerful that it tore Optimus Prime in half vertically. This ended up releasing Elsa, Batman and Sonic. "Our work here is done" Sans Undertale spoke. Sans and Jake then flew up into their home in the sun.

Elsa eventually got married Frieza from Dragon ball Z. they lived happily ever after. Until they all died.