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Sweet Like Honey

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One Year Later

“Wannie! Come on, we’re going to be late!” Joohyun called up the stairs of her and Seungwan’s apartment.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” Seungwan said back as she made her way down the steps, fastening her left earring in as she walked. She and Joohyun both wore long, crimson colored dresses; the chosen color for Sooyoung and Seulgi’s bridesmaids to wear. “It takes a long time to look this pretty, okay?” Seungwan joked.

Joohyun pulled her close, kissing her ear and whispering, “You do look beautiful. But you always do.” Seungwan smiled widely, leaning in to kiss Joohyun firmly on the lips.

“What time do we have to be there?” Seungwan asked, which brought an exasperated sigh from Joohyun.

“In half an hour, to run through everything quickly and then be ready for the guests to arrive.” Joohyun told her, as she had told her the whole week before.

In August of the previous year, Sooyoung had finally proposed to Seulgi, making everyone in the office and both of their families cry. Yeri had been the most overjoyed, she wouldn’t stop talking about it for weeks. Ever since that proposal, they had been planning their wedding carefully and meticulously. Joohyun, Seungwan, Yeri, and Sooyoung’s sisters made up the bridal party, that was something they had decided right away. Every other detail came over time, and it seemed as though everything was set up to go smoothly.

“It doesn’t take half an hour to get to the venue.” Seungwan whined. “Why did you rush me?”

“Because we should be early to support Seul and Soo.” Joohyun laughed a little at Seungwan, tilting her head to the side as a cheeky grin settled on her face. “Now stop pouting and let’s get going.”

Seungwan obliged easily, taking Joohyun’s hand and following her out the door to the car. As they drove, she thought about the past year and how much she had grown, how much they had all grown. Seulgi and Sooyoung were finally getting married after nearly five years of being together, the firm was growing and they were looking to hire more lawyers to work there, Yeri’s bakery had been extremely successful. And Joohyun and Seungwan had only fallen more in love as time went on, Seungwan swearing she fell again and again every single day. Seulgi and Sooyoung had begun joking they would be next to get married, and though it was only a joke Seungwan knew she wanted to marry Joohyun one day.

“What are you thinking so hard about, sunshine?” Joohyun asked her as they pulled into the parking lot.

“You.” Seungwan answered honestly, not embarrassed. “As always.” The comment make Joohyun’s cheeks turn rosy, as those comments always did. Seungwan loved to make her blush.

“I love you, Wan.” Joohyun sighed, her voice sweet as she spoke. Sweet like honey.

“I love you too, Hyun. Forever and always.” Seungwan said back, meaning it with every fiber of her being. She knew life would not always be this serene, that there would be hardships and challenges down the road. But she had always loved a challenge.


The End.