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Beginning Again

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This wasn't supposed to happen. Never. Suppressing his emotions was what he was good at - never letting it out. But it was something about him that led Omar to agree to meet him again the next day to give him his 'special' delivery. When he thinks back now he almost laughed - he didn't have to go and meet him...but he wanted to. When Ander leant into him he couldn't resist, he could've left but he wanted to know how those lips tasted so bad. When he grabbed his shirt and kissed him it was the best experience he ever had.

Omar was brought back to earth when a customer handed him a bag of rice and some vegetables with the money for him to put in the till. He gave them a weak smile and put the coins in the till and took some others out, accompanied with the usual "Have a nice day" that his father insisted he say. He was dreading tonight, it was another dinner with a prospective wife where he would have to half smile through the whole thing - occasionally going to the bathroom to bang his head against the wall and feel anger coarse through his veins.

As his father walked out the door to the bank later that afternoon, Ander smoothly came through the door, pulling his sunglasses off his head with a small flourish. Omar loved it, the way he smiled, the way he would kiss him and Ander would put his hands through his hair. Omar grinned, pulling Ander to the back to his room with Nadia shouting in the background "come out when I text this time!"

Omar kissed him - passion running through his blood as he felt Ander's velvety smooth lips interlock with his. After a couple of minutes Omar pulled away - unexpectedly for Ander - who held his hand, stroking it with his thumb. Omar loved when he did that. Omar told him about tonight, about the next prospective wife that his dad was going to marry him off to so he wouldn't have to worry about Omar leaving and now so Omar couldn't possibly be gay. Ander kissed him and then faced him - looking into his chocolate brown eyes - saying that one day they will run away with the money that was in his savings account, they only have to wait a couple of months until he could access it. He leant into Omar giving him a quick kiss, as he came back to face him again to see Omar's eyes full of fear. "What is it" he asked, concerned, and looked back to see Omar's father there with a look full of pure horror - the anger literally shaking out of him. Ander leapt up and turned to face the man who was now spewing words of hatred towards his son with a face of disgust. Nadia was behind her father crying and shouting at him telling him to stop, but as usual her father wasn't listening and he was darting towards Omar pushing him repeatedly against the wall. He yelled "no son of mine is a homosexual, do you hear me? You told me you weren't and it will stay that way!" Omar had tears in his eyes as he shouted back: "well if you don't want me then maybe I should just leave!" His dad, with a look of hurt on his face, didn't want his son to leave like his eldest daughter, but he didn't know what to do. Nadia put her arm around her father - leading him out the room quickly.

Omar started bundling up clothes, trying to find any money from his drug dealing that he could find - mostly unsuccessful. Ander kept on telling his boyfriend "you can come to my house, I've texted my mum, she says you can" but Omar knew he couldn't. Nadia ran into the room and hugged her brother, holding him tight, not wanting him to leave. She then went through her desk trying to find money to give her brother but he wouldn't take it - only asking for one phone call.

Ander walked with Omar out of the shop, Omar's father looking away so he wouldn't have to see his son. The son that he could only look at and feel disappointed with. Omar trudged down the street, he knew that one day this would happen but he just didn't expect it to happen so soon. Ander kept on talking to Omar - trying to convince him to come back to his house, that his parents wouldn't mind him coming. Omar refused, secretly wanting to go but not wanting to meet Ander's parents like this - a mess. After he kissed Ander (it was dark so nobody could see them) they parted ways, Omar promising Ander he would come round to his house tomorrow. With a deep breath Omar walked through the night, going to see somebody he hadn't seen for a long time.

He knocked on the door and as it opened he was face to face with Samu and they hugged each other and he was beckoned in. "I know your family is going through a difficult time right now" he began but Samu silenced him: "you are welcome here" he said with a hint of weariness. But there was a question coming that Omar knew Samu was going to ask and although he wanted to hold it back he knew he'd have to come clean. "Why did you leave?" Samuel asked as he shot a worried look towards his best friend,

"I'm gay," Omar answered with his stomach full of butterflies. He had been best friends with Samuel for years and telling him was difficult, what if things changed between them? "I know, I saw you making out with Ander in the wine cellars at that fancy wine party." Omar looked at Samuel with a look of amazement that set Samuel off laughing as he put his arm around his friend and led him to the sofa that would now be Omar's bed. Omar looked at Samuel as they both fell silent, they both knew this was the bed that Nano slept on when he got out of prison. "Have you heard from Nano," Omar asked him, Samuel looked at him and sighed, "No, the police are just shutting down everything now, nobody apart from Christian and I are actually doing anything, it's a mess." And with that Samuel got up, took a couple of beers out of the fridge and the two best friends drunk until the sun set over the sandy coloured buildings.

"No son of mine is a homosexual!" is what echoed in Omar's head as he woke up at 3am with a fright. For a minute he had to adjust to the new surroundings that stared at him while he sat up and walked on tip toes over to the tap to get a glass of water. He was still breathing heavily as he walked back over to the couch to think. Think about what was next. Think about what he was going to do in two weeks when summer ended. Think about Ander, who had a whole successful life in front of him and who had his parents' support. Omar couldn't let Ander run away and although he sorely missed him after only a few hours, he knew what he had to do.

Samuel stumbled into the living room after what felt like the hundredth time Omar's phone had rang - how could Omar not hear it? But as Samuel looked around the tiny apartment all he could see was an empty sofa and the 8th missed call from Ander on Omar's phone.

He was desperate for Omar to pick up. At 3:24 Omar had texted goodbye and as he was getting changed Ander was ringing his phone over and over again. "Ander" Samuel answered and Ander was panicking down the phone: "Where's Omar where is he?"

"He's gone."