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Dark corners of Remnant

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Glenda did as she was told and gathered the rest of team CFVY and told them to go to Ozpin’s office to speak with him and then, over the speakers, told everyone to gather in the center of the school. After they arrived and the rest of team CFVY was informed of the situation, Ozpin came down to address the situation to the rest of the school.


Everyone was talking about what this could be when suddenly Ozpin came up onto the stage.


“Attention, attention everyone.” Everyone stops talking and turns to look at Ozpin.

“I know you are all wondering why you are all here. Well, i’m sure you are all familiar with team CFVY, correct.” Everyone mumbled yes and nodded.

Ozpin looked at Sucre who was next to him on stage.

“This right here is Miss Coco Adel’s sister. And she has just informed me that Coco, leader of team CFVY, has been taken against her will by a group of cultists.”

Almost everyone gasped at the information and some whispered to each other.

Ozpin spoke again, regaining everyone’s attention.

“I am also sure you have all heard stories about the forest that is feared by even the Grimm, correct?”

Everyone mumbled yes and some nodded.

“It has also come to my attention that those very woods are the home to a whole city that has managed to stay hidden for years and is the home of said cultists.”

Again, some people gasped and whispered to each other.

“Miss, Sucre Adel has informed me that these people were capable of taking out her whole team as well as capturing her sister. An attempt to rescue our fellow hunteress in training will be made shortly and I am here to request the aid of anyone who will like to assist in the rescue of Coco Adel. You will not be forced to accompany us in said attempt but I strongly recommend that you ALL take part in this rescue mission.” Ozpin announced.

All the other students looked at each other and then back at Ozpin. The look of determination on their faces.


An hour later. 20 Bullheads arrived at Becan academy. Ozpin told Glenda that she will have to be at the front lines for the assault on Innsmouth. To which she agreed. She stood there by the Bullheads waiting for the rest of team CFVY to arrive. She was surprised to see however, them and what had to be at least 500 fellow students behind them, weapons in hand.


“Is this everyone?” Glenda asked.

“Yes, we’re ready.” Velvet answered.

Glenda nodded. “Okey.”

The students boarded the Bullheads.