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Dark corners of Remnant

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As Coco arrived at the location she noticed there wasn't a single Grimm in sight. Why? She didn't get a chance to ponder on this thought for very long though as she discovered a sign saying ‘Welcome to Innsmouth’.

“Innsmouth? Never heard of it. It’s not on the map either. Weird.”

As Coco continued down the dirt road she was shocked to see in the distance was a city.

Entering the city Coco was immediately hit in the face with the smell of fish. She WAS near the coast so it DID make sense that this place would be a fishing town but still, the smell was pretty strong.

Coco walked down the sidewalk of the city and noticed that the sun wa setting so she decided to find a hotel to sleep in soon. Coco couldn't shake the feeling that people were looking at her, looking around, she noticed that everyone who was outside was looking at her like how a racist would look at a Faunes. Coco did her best to ignore it and not let it get to her. If these people want a fight then they’ll get more then they bargained for.

Coco decided to text Velvet that she was sorry for being rude back in Ozpin's office but found that there was no signal. Strange. Coco just shrugged it off.

Coco walked down the sidewalk wondering how the hell that this GIGANTIC city could not be marked on the map. It just didn't make sense. This IS the cursed woods of legend. During the great war, an entire military platoon from Vale of 15,000 soldiers tried to pass through here to attack an Atles military camp but simply vanished without a trace. However, this was not some cursed wilderness with an ancient evil living in it, no. this was a populated city with people in it. Why are the Grimm so afraid of this place? It didn't make sense.

Coco’s thought process was interrupted when she reminded herself why she was here, to find her sister. She should start by asking around with some of the locals when she can. For now she was going to find a place where she could crash and take a load off.

Soon enough, she found a building that looked like an inn. Outside were three men smoking, Coco decided to ask them for any useful information before heading inside. She approached one. “Excuse me, sir?” The man turned to look at her. “What?” He asked. Coco pulled out her scroll and opened up a picture of herself and her sister. “Have you seen this girl before? She’s my sister and I’m looking for her.” the man looked at the picture for a few moments and shook his head no and Coco sighed. “Thanks anyway sir.” Coco said. “Yeah, whatever.”

‘Well that was rude.’ Coco thought to herself.

Coco looked at the other two and approached one of them. “Excuse me sir.” The man threw down his cigarette and looked at Coco. Coco showed him the picture. “Have you seen this girl before? She’s my sister.” The man looked at it and then back to Coco. “Can’t help you”. The man said. “Okey thank you.” Coco said as the man pulled out another cigarette and started smoking again. Coco approached that last man and showed him the picture. “Excuse me sir, have you seen this girl? She’s my sister.” The man didn't even look at the picture. “Please, stop bothering me, stranger.” The man said. “Alright jezz, sorry.” Coco said as she walked away.

‘Asshole’ she thought to herself as she went inside the building. Heading inside she walked up to the innkeeper.

“Evening.” She said. The man looked up at her.

“Aye” he said.

“Name’s Coco Adel, I’m looking for my sister.” Coco pulls out the picture. “Have you seen her?”

The man looks at the photo and shakes head no. “Can’t say I have, sorry.”

“It’s alright.”

“Gilmen. Charlie Gilmen. I run this here hotel of the evening.”

“You got any rooms?”

“I’d not rightly know that for sure… old habits cleaning rooms at the present. Them’s from outta town can leave a horrid mess.”


‘Talking to this guy is getting me nowhere, and he’s more then a touch creepy. If I need a room, and I’m desperate… then I’ll come back.’ Coco thought to herself. As she left.