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Rings and Revelations

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It’s common knowledge in Seoul PD that Jeon Jungkook is the most talented and most handsome officer they have.

He’s only twenty-three when he’s promoted to Senior Officer. He leads one of the best emergency response teams in the entirety of Korea and had unearthed a large conspiracy about a large gang and a large company when he was just a rookie. Jungkook is the Golden Boy of the police department and no one can say otherwise.

It’s also common knowledge that he’s married. Happily, at that.

It only took one of the officers to ask him out on a date, and to their utter astonishment, was met with a noncommittal reply of:

“Oh. I’m sorry, but I’m married.” He even said in a small shy tone, a dusting of pink resting on his cute cheekbones.

“B-but you don’t have a ring?” The female officer queried, baffled.

“It might get caught in something, so I wear it as a necklace.” Jungkook said as he fished out a chain from his neck as he said it.

(Twenty-one specific hearts were broken that day.)

“What did the ring look like?” One of the curious accountants in the department asked curiously.

“A thick engraved gold, with no jewels and it’s absolutely tasteful.” The female officer said dreamily. “I bet you a month’s worth of my salary that it’s real gold.”

Which was quite unlike the Senior Officer as anyone who knows him also knows that he’s a practical person when it came to fashion, and rarely wears anything other than his uniform and an assortment of black and white shirts. He does have some piercings but that was the extent of his accessorizing as much as they knew.

Some of the female officers wonder what kind of wife he has waiting for him at home because absolutely no one has seen said wife, not even a single picture. (Jungkook notoriously having no known presence on social media except for the occasional work groupchats.) Except that his wife has a habit of sending bouquets to the station at the most random dates. Sometimes to Jungkook himself, sometimes to people who helps Jungkook with something.  

It happened to Yugyeom once, when he manages to take a bullet to the shoulder for Jungkook. The moment he gets back to the police department, his cubicle has a bouquet with at least a hundred flowers on it, and a small note with only a “Thank you for saving his life. - Tae

(“Tae? Maybe Taeyeon? Or Taehee?”

“You think his wife’s the prim and proper type?”

“What if she’s sexy and daring?”

“Tae, huh.” Another one hummed dreamily.

“If I hear you girls sighing about that Kim Taehyung again, I’m going to assign you to the new batch of recruits.” Their supervisor threatened as he passed by.

“We aren’t talking about him for once!”

“Whatever. But I won’t let it slide next time, capiche?”

“Kim Taehyung? Well, Speaking of Taetae, have you pre-ordered his new album Singularity? I hear there’s going to be surprise track on the album!”

“Utopia or something, right?”

“It’s Euphoria, idiot.”)

They don’t snoop though. That would break Jungkook’s trust, and they could just ask, really. The prime opportunity came in the form of the police department’s Christmas party.

Jungkook just blinked at them. “Uhm. Okay. I’ll ask Tae.”

They expected him to put up some kind of fight, but eh, what works, works.







Jungkook is cooking their dinner when he asks Taehyung.

Taehyung laughed as he rested his chin on Jungkook’s head, arms snaking around a thin waist. “You’re inviting me to your Christmas party? Really?”

Jungkook huffs. “I don’t get why it’s so funny.”

Taehyung just grins. “You do realize that my single is going to go out in November? And your Christmas party is in December?”

Jungkook pales. “Tae, you wouldn’t.

Taehyung sighs dramatically. “Ah, my fans are going to be so disappointed, Kook-ah.”

Jungkook sighs and starts seriously. “You do realize that I’ll never have a peaceful day if we do tell everyone? I’ll be a public figure, and I can’t do my job if the world knows I’m married to Kim Taehyung.”

Taehyung just hums. “It’s your decision, Kook-ah.”

Jungkook just continues cooking as Taehyung nips at his neck, hands going dangerously low.







November comes and Euphoria is released with Singularity.

It becomes an instant hit and people from everywhere begins to wonder who sang that song, the artist only stated as JK.





Jungkook just lets the general manhunt become a background event that has absolutely nothing to do with him. Nothing. He’s not a singer, he’s a police officer and he only caved in because of…


(A desk over, Yugyeom could see Jungkook reddening out of the blue then slammed his head on his desk. Then just continuing back to work as usual.)

(Handcuffs… Ugh, get a grip Jeon, you're at work for goodness' sake)

Nobody will ever connect the dots anyway since he hasn’t sang in public since high school, and hasn’t danced in almost as long.

Until someone does.





It’s Jimin, of course it’s Jimin.

Jimin who’s both his and Tae’s schoolmates from when he still did dance and sing a little bit. He went off to become a well renowned dancer that has quite the fan following, since a lot of Taehyung’s fans also follow Jimin since they usually post pictures and some videos together. Jimin, who’s also both their best friend, who’s a devious shitstain that Jungkook will punch one of these days.

It’s one of Jimin’s lunchtime vlives and it just so happened to be watched live by one of his officemates.

“Tae’s your bestfriend right? Do you know who JK is?” Jimin reads from the comments. “Ah, of course I know who it is. It’s my dance buddy from highschool you know. Oh, oops. Sorry, Jungkookie. I didn’t mean to let your name sleep teehee.”


Jungkook!?” Sohee, an intern, babbled hysterically, high pitched and piercing the cafeteria’s dull chatter. “You sang Euphoria? In KIM TAEHYUNG’s ALBUM?!”

Jungkook just nodded absently as he flipped through casefiles, munching through his third burrito and hummed Euphoria absently.

“You know Kim Taehyung!?”

Jungkook blinked, and ever so smoothly, only said. “Um… No?”

It just snowballed from there.












“Won’t your fans feel betrayed though? That you didn’t tell them you were married.” Jungkook worries when he gets back to their shared house.

Taehyung just hums. “It doesn’t really matter to me, honestly. I mean, It’s not like I’m an idol, and I have been careful with fanservice. I don’t owe them anything. We got married before I even started my career and that isn’t something they can hold against me, you know?”

“I’m still worried.”

“I have the best plan though.”

“Now I’m even more worried.”







“So, hi guys, It’s been a while since my last live.” Taehyung started. “And, I’m going to answer some questions.”

Who’s JK?

“JK is my husband. Next question. Hmm…”



“Oh, yup. I got married just after high school graduation. I just didn’t know you had to announce something like this? I mean, both my partner and I are really busy people, so we haven’t really had time to go on dates, so we aren’t really dating. I understand if you feel like I’ve lied to you, but I’ve never said anything to anyone that I would date them. Or even consider dating.”


Euphoria is a really nice song.

“Jungkook has a really nice voice, doesn’t he?” Taehyung grins. “It’s really refreshing and it took ages of bribery and, ah… creative convincing before he let me put him in my album.”



“There are a bit of explicit questions, but I’m not going to answer those because there might be some kiddies watching, and we wouldn’t want to be tainted so early.” Taehyung winks. “But if you understand, we switch.”

Wtf you can’t just drop that kind of info on us



“A picture of Jungkook? Wait a second, I’ll ask him if I can.” Taehyung fished out his phone and sent a quick text. “I’ll answer some more questions while we wait for his answer.”

How long have you been married.?

“We’ve been married for seven? Seven years now. Oh, and Kookie replied. He said no. Booo.”

You call him Kookie??? THAT’S SO CUTE. ADORABLE. I SHIP IT.

Taehyung just chuckled.








“You are dead to me, Kim Taehyung.” Jungkook says flatly.

Taehyung just pouts. “Is that what you say to me? Even after I wore that red plug you keep behind your dumbbells?”

Jungkook’s eyes dilated and he could feel his cheeks flaring. “Fuck.”

“That’s the idea, bun.” Taehyung smirked and bit and licked at his lips. “Shall we dance, Kookie?”