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A Long Days Night

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Frerard: Long Days Night


Frank loves touring. The energy of performing, the incredible fans and the ability to travel around with his three best friends; and unknown by most, boyfriend.  Frank and Gerard have always been close, but by the time they started getting touchy on stage, they had been together for months.

That’s the one thing he doesn’t like about touring, the lack of privacy. As much as he denies it when Gerard says it, he really is always turned on. But Frank tries to be a good band mate to Mikey, Ray and the other people on the bus so he restrains himself and (mostly) follows the “No sex on the bus rule”. If he is honest with himself, he almost appreciates the restriction, it makes the times they have together at quick stops and hotels even better.

            “Knock it off you two” Mikey growled from the sofa seat across from Frank and Gerard, peeking over his open book at the boys, who, as usual, are wrapped up and making out like there is no tomorrow.

            “What? You jealous Mikey, I can come give you a kiss too if you just asked nicely” Frank says with a cheeky smile as he lifts his face away from Gerard’s, sticking his tongue out at the younger Way brother.

            “Hey, no kissing my brother” Gerard joked as he pulled Frank back into the kiss by taking a fistful of his shirt. Frank smirked into the kiss while running his fingers through the singers messy red hair. There fun was quickly cut short as something hit Gerard in the head.

            “Owww” Gerard scowled as he rubbed his head, picking up the book that he presumed just hit him.

            “Sorry bro, I was aiming for your boy toy over there” Mikey smirked, as he gestures at Frank.

            “Come on guys, we still got half the tour left, let’s not kill each other yet alright. Gerard, Frank, can’t you guys just wait until we get to the hotel? We’re not even an hour away.” Ray sighed as he enters the room, handing a cup of hot liquid to Mikey as he sat down next to him.

            “Thanks man” Mikey mumbled through the cup as he quickly started sipping the drink. Frank begins to protest, but stops himself as a devilish idea pops into his head.

            “Well I think that’s a great idea Ray, just so I don’t tempt poor Gerard any more than I already have” Frank grinned sarcastically, brushing his hand lightly against Gerard’s thigh “I’m going to go get some work done in the back of the bus, I’ll need privacy so come get me when we get to the hotel.” Frank stood up and smirked as he hears a whine of protest from his boyfriend. He begins to wandered towards the bunk rows where the back of the bus was, turning only to see his boyfriend looking at him with an annoyed expression. After a quick glance to assure that Ray and Mikey were distracted by their own conversation, he shoots a look at his boyfriend.

            “Patience” He mouthed to Gerard as he bit his lip, that was slowly recovering from the intense make out session it just endured. Gerard shot Frank an exasperated look while sighing. Frank turned and walked into the small room filled with gear at the back of the bus with a smile on his face.

            “Tonight was going to be fun” Frank thought to himself as he smiled and slid some earbuds into his ears.

Frank was slowly roused from the sleep as he felt something wet on his neck. He slowly opened his eyes, blinking as they adjusted to the light, he was greeted with a blurry mess of red hair pushed up against his neck. Frank smiled to himself as he slowly played with the hair with his fingers for a moment, before remembering his little plan.

            “Damn someone’s desperate” His voice was slightly horse from the quick nap he just had. “The more you do stuff like this the longer I’ll make you wait baby”

            “No… You said at the hotel… we’re here” Gerard mumbled as he continues to assault Franks neck with his mouth. Frank let a quick smile cross his face, he really was making his poor boyfriend desperate, and he loved it.

            “Patience” Frank whispered into Gerard’s ear, before standing up and walking towards the open bus door.

He stepped down off the bus and was greeted by Mikey and Ray who were already grabbing their backpacks in the hotel parking lot.

            “How was your nap Sleeping Beauty?” Mikey jeered as he helped Ray remove his bag which was stuck under a guitar case. Frank smirked to shoot back a response along the lines of ‘It will be much better after I fuck your brother into the mattress tonight’ but held his tongue. Mikey was his friend after all and also Gerard’s brother, he didn’t want to make it weird. As soon as he picked up his bag from the under-bus cargo hold, Gerard was next to him, looking at Frank expectantly.

            “Bob went off with a few of the roadies to meet with some friends. We’re going out for a drink” Ray said as he shot a glance over at Frank and Gerard “You guy’s aren’t going to come I’m guessing”. Frank opened his mouth to reply but was cut off as his boyfriend practically dragged him towards the hotel entrance.

            “We’re probably just going to get some sleep. Thanks anyway Ray!” Gerard shouted over his shoulder towards his bandmates.

            “Sleep, sure” Mikey mumbled as him and Ray set off for a bar down the street.


Frank barley had a chance to get into the hotel room and drop his bag before Gerard pounced on him, covering his mouth and surrounding face with desperate kisses.

            “Okay, okay, look I just wanted to tease you on the bus, but I’m willing to take over because I can see how desperate you are.” Frank mumbled into Gerard’s lips. Gerard leaned back and smirked.

            “Yea I’m sure that’s the only reason you want to take over” Gerard smirked is he gestured to the growing tent in Franks jeans. Dammit, Frank thought he had the acting down up until now.

            “Is that a no?” Frank shot back “because there was this cool new book I wanted to start re-“

Frank was cut off my Gerard latching his lips to Franks, softly this time, more meaningful. Frank leaned into the kiss and slowly moved Gerard up against the wall. Slowly the kisses became more intense as tongues hesitantly entered each others mouths, until they were both making out like horny teenagers. Frank latched his fingers through the loops of Gerard’s jeans and yanked the boy towards him, slowly wrapping his arms around his hips and holding him there. He felt Gerard’s tent in his jeans grow harder against his leg. Frank leaned forward and slowly began to grind against Gerard, eliciting a low moan from his boyfriend. He slowly picked up the speed and intensity as the denim rubbed against each other, providing just enough friction to have them both moaning quietly, Gerard’s head buried in the nape of Franks neck, littering it with hickeys.

            “Fr… Frankie.. Please” Gerard mumbled as he desperately tried to get more friction. Frank loved the idea of teasing the hot and bothered boy in front of him but when he saw Gerard’s face, mouth slightly open and a little bit of sweat forming around his hairline, he new that they both wanted and needed what every other couple gets almost every night. A nice, passionate night together.

Frank toyed at the hem of Gerard’s shirt until pulling it over his head. He planted a wide, open mouthed kiss onto Gerard’s neck and slowly began to trail his lips down his chest and stomach until he reached the top of his jeans. He leaned back and slowly began to unbutton them.

            “Your fucking beautiful, do you know that” Frank said, smiling up at his gorgeous boyfriend with a smile. His cheeks went red as Frank dragged his jeans down to his ankles, allowing him to step out of them and kick them out of the way.

            “I don’t think I’m bea-“ Gerard began to deflect the compliment but was quickly cut of by Frank licking a wet streak along the outline of his bulge through his boxers. Frank smirked as he saw Gerard’s jaw fall open a little more.

            “Well, I think your gorgeous, I love everything about you, your face, your stomach, your arms, your eyes, your legs” Frank cooed as he slowly stroked Gerards bulge through his boxers.”

            “By the way you’re acting …I think you love something else” Gerard’s mumbled through his heavy breathing.

            “Naughty, Naughty” Sighed Frank jokingly as he slowly pulled down Gerard’s boxers and slowly ran his tongue up the length of Gerard’s hard on as the boxers fell to the floor. He slowly wrapped his lips around the head of Gerard’s cock. Frank hears Gerard’s breathing hitch as he slowly takes the whole length in to his mouth until its hitting the back of his throat, he hollows out his cheeks and starts to drag his lips up and down.

            “Fuck, Y..yea just like that” Gerard moaned as he tangled his fingers into Franks black hair, slowly pushing him faster onto him. Frank’s eyes watered as it continues to hit the back of his throat. He is about to pull himself away to catch a breath, but Gerard beats him too it.

            “Everything okay baby?” Frank croaks as he feels his lungs refill with air.

            “Yea, no I just want…” Gerard adverted his gaze from Frank “I just you to fuck me tonight, if that’s okay… If you don’t want to that’s ok but I think… I think I’m ready” Gerard mumbles as his cheeks begin to burn red. Of course, Frank thought, that’s probably why he was so desperate all day.

Gerard and Frank had been dating for around a month, and although they were no strangers to hand jobs and blow jobs, they hadn’t yet had the chance to go that far. Frank also though for a second.

            “Gerard are you sure you want me to be….well..your first?” Frank asked. His boyfriend’s face went even redder. He was always a little embarrassed about the fact that he was a virgin until him and Frank started dating. A famous Rockstar whose a virgin, what an oxymoron. Gerard wandered over to the bed and sat down.

            “Of course I want you to be my first Frankie, I love you and I trust you” Gerard mumbled, a smile spreading across his face as Frank walked over and planted a quick kiss on his lips.

            “I love you too, let me just go get some supplies.” Frank reached over into his bag and pulled out a small bottle, he also quickly tossed his shirt, pants and boxers off. He walked back over to the bed to see his naked boyfriend sitting there, obviously nervous.

            “Hey, I’m going to go really slow and we can stop anytime” Frank said with a reassuring smile. Gerard smiled slightly and nodded. They had both recently got tested so there was no need for a condom.

            “I’m going to stretch you so it will feel better when I use… well yea” Frank mumbled, trying to figure out how to make his boyfriends first time a little more romantic, but it’s not like there’s a romantic way to put. Gerard nodded and lay down on his back as Frank spread some lube on his finger and slowly moved it down to Gerard’s hole. His boyfriend closed his eyes as he pushed one finger in. He gave Gerard a quick second to get used to the feeling and start moving his finger in and out. After a little of this Gerard started to mumble.

            “Frankie, you can…” he trailed off.

            “Yea, ok, I’ll keep adding them okay? Tell me to stop if it gets to uncomfortable” He slowly pushed a second finger in along with the first. Gerard bit his bottom lip. Slowly Frank started to speed up as he felt Gerard begin to moan softly and buck his hips. Frank pushed his fingers in and started to bend them slightly until..

            “Fuck… Shit there, t-that feels really good” Gerard let out a loud moan and Frank begin to pick up the speed and repeatedly brush that spot of nerves. He slowly scissored his fingers, trying to make sure this was going to be as comfortable as possible for his boyfriend

            “Frankie please, I…I’m ready” Gerard moaned.

Frank pulled out his fingers, wiping the remaining lube onto his cock and adding some more from the bottle for good measure.

            “Okay, tell me if this hurts too much okay?” Frank groaned as he lined up with Gerard’s stretched hole and slowly pushed into him, simultaneously pushing Gerard’s knees up to his chest. He could see Gerard squeezing his eyes shut. He finally felt his balls press against Gerard. Gerard felt like all the air had been squeezed out of him, it burned slightly but could feel a little hint of pleasure. Gerard leaned forward and propped himself up on his elbows.

            “F-frankie, j…just gi-immie a sec” He choked out as he got used to the unfamiliar feeling.

            “Of course babe, take your time, just relax” Frank moaned slightly as he felt the tight walls contracting around his cock. After a few moments of silence and heavy breathing, Gerard nodded meekly. Frank slowly pulled himself back and pushed himself back in slowly, causing a loud moan to erupt from both of them. Frank took this as a sign to start fucking him a little faster. Bit by bit he picked up speed until he was almost fucking Gerard right into the mattress, his hands grabbing his hips for leverage hard enough to leave bruises. A string of profanities and stuttered moans poured out of both their mouths. Frank making sure to hit the point that made Gerard moan the loudest over and over again. He gasped as he felt Gerard’s ass begin to tighten around him

            “Fuck.. Fuck I-I’m Close” Gerard moaned, grabbing Franks arm.

            “I kno-ow Gee… Me.. Me too” Frank panted as he snapped his hips harder into Gerard until he heard Gerard moan and white ropes of cum spilled all over his chest. Frank wasn’t far behind, his hips losing rhythm and moving quickly until he felt himself come undone inside Gerard, collapsing next to him. After a minute of them each catching their breath, Gerard rolled over and nuzzled into Frank’s side.

            “I didn’t hurt you did I? I probably went a bit too hard for yo-“ Frank was cut of my Gerard dropping a lazy kiss onto his lips. He lifted up to look at Frank, smiling and eyelids slightly heavy, with sweat pooling around his chin.

            “It was perfect” He sighed as he laid back down on Gerard’s chest.

“So perfect in fact, I want to do it again soon”

Frank chuckled at him.

             “Are you proposing breaking the no sex in bunks rule? Because I don’t think Mikey and Ray would appreciate that.”

Gerard raised an eyebrow to Frank and giggled

             “Well if they got mad at us for breaking that rule, it be a bit hypocritical, not like they follow that rule at all, why should we”.

Frank looked wide-eyed at Gerard.

            “Wait what?” He asked Gerard, not sure he believed what Gerard was implying. Gerard smirked at him and nuzzled his face into Franks chest.

            “Now it’s my turn to be a tease, night babe, I love you”

Frank opened his mouth to protest the bombshell that was just dropped on him but he just sighed. He knew he wasn’t getting anything more out of Gerard until tomorrow.

            “Sleep well babe” Frank softly planted a kiss on Gerard’s head “I love you too”