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don’t open the news now


It should be obvious by now that if you want to convince a person not to do something, telling them not to do it is the least effective method. Waking up to a message like that from his bandmate only sends Taehyung’s mind into a whirlwind of possibilities, all of them involving at least five different news that could’ve broken out with his name involved.


It's fake news era, let’s not lie. Being accused of something you had no part on could only end as badly as though you’d gone there and done it yourself. Like wizard hunting, mostly. And Taehyung, sweet Kim Taehyung of BSBoys, could go kissing his career bye-bye if whatever-it-was turned out to be too scandalous.


Turns out it’s everything Taehyung couldn’t have imagined: a sex-scandal wrapped with leaked images and kilometers of hate tweets that already have his stomach turning. He can barely believe his eyes.


JEONGGUK’S phone HACKED: intimate photos and videos of KIM TAEHYUNG leaked

During the night the internet became infested with leaked material from young idol Jeon Jeongguk’s phone. It could’ve been a hacking scandal like no other if it weren’t for a small detail: among the rising popstar’s photos, other, let’s say, incriminating material were found. Those involve whom the netizens claim to be Kim Taehyung, member of the BSBoys boyband, who’s been six years in the market. Kim Taehyung is four years Jeongguk’s senior (!!!) and considered to be one of the cutest faces in the industry. Seems like his good boy days are gone... the leaked videos display the boyband member in sexy positions and engaging in sexual intercourse with whom we believe to be Jeongguk.

Neither Jeongguk nor Kim Taehyung have manifested themselves yet. Their agencies have contacted the police and stressed that all artists are allowed their own private lives though that hasn’t stopped fans from both idols getting into a virtual brawl.





eight months earlier

"He said he likes older boys,” Jimin whispers in his ear and Taehyung gives him a tiny side-glance that’s supposed to be reproachful.


“Jimin,” Taehyung says, trying not to move his lips too much in case there are any fancams aimed at them, “shut up.”


Jimin laughs. In front of them Jeongguk gives all he’s got on the stage. His has to be the most awaited for performance of the night, and the young idol, though barely 22, is making everyone understand why he was disputed by seven agencies.


Taehyung loves coming to awards shows. He gets to meet new groups, new artists and even his most beloved friends from trainee era that had traded agencies. Watching their live performances and performing himself makes Taehyung grateful for having chosen this life. There’s nothing he likes more than music, than singing and dancing and being able to reach so many people around the world.


“I’m just saying,” Jimin continues, “I’m not blind. He was eye-fucking you.”


Taehyung rolls his eyes though he can’t help the silly smile that breaks out. Taehyung knows he’s handsome but feeling desired by an all-achieving, good-looking guy like Jeongguk has him a bit flattered.


The flame-thrower goes off and the crowd startles collectively before Jeongguk goes into a dance break. He’d done a remix of all of his most popular songs, transitioning through beats and lyrics and never spending more than one minute in a single chorus before switching to the next one. It has the fans going crazy.


“Whoa,” Seokjin makes from Taehyung’s left, bopping his head to the rhythm, “kid’s great.”


"He is,” Taehyung agrees, gaze flickering to the wide screen that shows Jeongguk. The idol finishes, throwing his head back, squeezing his eyes shut and smiling to the crowd’s great boom.


Jimin has both eyebrows raised knowingly when Taehyung turns to him.





<seven months earlier>


It’s one am to a cold Saturday that has Taehyung draped over Jeongguk’s lap in the backseat of his brand new Range Rover. The interior smells like leather and the seats feels plush under Taehyung’s knees. There’s a slow hip-hop music booming from the speakers in a beat that has Taehyung gyrating his hips on top of the younger’s crotch.


Jeongguk bites down on his bottom lip to stop himself from moaning out loud while answering to a call from his manager. Taehyung honestly doesn’t know how the man hasn’t yet figured out Jeongguk is at the very least getting his dick sucked, his answers monosyllabic and kinda breathy – the way he gets when Taehyung is doing something particularly delicious to him.


The thing is: Taehyung had never entertained the thought of sleeping with a younger guy, but the experience brings new discoveries. Such as how he loves it how Jeongguk is so responsive and thinks the sun shines out of Taehyung’s ass whenever the older guy has him coming in record time.


The music dissolves into a trap one that really has Taehyung going. He blames it all on how tipsy and infatuated he is as he nuzzles into Jeongguk’s neck, sucking the dark mole he has on the side of his neck into his mouth.


Jeongguk said not to leave any marks but Taehyung is feeling particularly salvage today, the added pressure of the bulge Jeongguk is sporting just for him making him lightheaded.


“I’ll call you later,” Jeongguk finally says, throwing his phone down beside them on the seat as he breathes out and fists the back of Taehyung’s head.


Taehyung can’t help arching his back and cramming his hips up at the feeling of his hair being pulled until Jeongguk has enough access to his mouth to kiss him stupid. He kicks his hips up to bring them closer together, Jeongguk muffling all of his sounds as he severely bites Taehyung’s lips.


"Want you,” Jeongguk is sighing, hands on Taehyung’s asscheeks as the other nips at his jaw, “want you so fucking bad, baby boy.”


“Yeah?” Taehyung grins, moving his hips to the music.


“Yeah,” Jeongguk breathes, chuckling into the skin of Taehyung’s neck, an action that has Taehyung shivering with a light gasp, “want you all to myself.”


He slides his hands down to Taehyung’s thighs to anchor him further into his lap but the older idol has other ideas as he slithers down the other’s chest, keeping their eyelock intact until he sits back on the other’s knees, pulling at his zipper.


With his shirt hanging half-open, naked from the waist down and skin glistening under the humid air inside the car, Taehyung can only imagine how sinful he looks as he bites down on his lip, dragging Jeongguk’s zipper down.


"Show me,” he says, “show me how much you want me.”





<six months earlier>


It’s Taehyung’s suggestion that they start filming themselves. Jeongguk grows increasingly busy and so does Taehyung, and the time they spend apart begins taking a tool on them.


They’d already made it into a habit of sending each other as many nudes and dirty videos as possible, Jeongguk a die-hard fan of the ones Taehyung sent half-naked, dick wet and red between his thighs, legs spread impossibly wide as Taehyung fingers himself open. Taehyung loves the ones of Jeongguk’s fist wrapped around his length as he pumps himself, his sounds turning breathier and heavier as he increases his pace.


Jeongguk’s manager knows about them, Taehyung learns it from the younger idol one day when videocalling. Jeongguk only tells him that he’d advised them into being careful, which Taehyung supposes extends to not sending each other nudes – not too many, that is.


But it is whatever, because when they’re back to the same city by a force of destiny, they make it worth their while.


Taehyung has taught him it all, which to him is a source of immense pride. In so little time he’s made Jeongguk into a prime cocksucker and a beast in the sheets. The boy is a fast learner and Taehyung thinks nothing beats the enthusiasm with which he eats Taehyung out, nails digging into his hips as Taehyung comes close to asphyxiating him with his thighs.


He lets Jeongguk fuck him whenever he wants. He likes it. Even when he’s kind of tired and not really in the mood, he still presents himself on all fours just for him, face dragging over whatever surface he is on as Jeongguk rams into him.


They become addicted to each other. Jeongguk talks about his dreams and insecurities post-coitus, how frightened he is of crowds but still has to act like he isn’t shitting himself every time he steps on the stage; how he misses his family, his older brother and his dog, his mom and his dad and the things he’s learned to love. Taehyung listens to him and thinks about how young he is, how he’s living the same thing Taehyung had lived and survived through years ago. He wished he had other, better advices to give other than: it’s going to get better. But for Jeongguk, for some reason, that seems to be enough.





<four months earlier>


They never label it but in their heart of hearts they know they aren’t seeing anyone else and they’d started liking their time together more than just for the sex. And, Taehyung thinks, in any other universe they’d would be perfect for each other. If only it weren’t for their careers.


Jeongguk spends so much time away that even his short videos playing guitar and serenading him are not enough for Taehyung any longer. He wonders how people do it, long-distance relationships or whatever. Maybe they’re in too deep.


They both notice the signs, and yet neither want to let it go. Taehyung grows anxious whenever he reads Jeongguk’s name, heart beating faster if any sound similar to his voice is carried out. Jeongguk grows almost unreachable, between flying off to several places Taehyung’s never been to, meeting fabulous foreign artists, recording new songs and appearing everywhere.


“I’m so happy for you,” Taehyung never tires of telling him. Even if Jeongguk is barely listening to him, just like now, face propped on his elbow as he fights to keep his eyes open through the videocall.


“Thanks, babe,” he says, the sound muffled somehow.


Taehyung gulps, trying to put on a smile. “I miss you,” he says, following the lines of Jeongguk’s face, committing it to memory. He knows memory is all he’ll have in the future. “When will I see you again?”


"I don’t know," Jeongguk mumbles, “I really gotta go now. Okay?”


Taehyung nods. “Okay.”


And then two days later Taehyung is crying into Jimin’s shoulder after Jeongguk had just broken up with him over the phone.


“I mean,” Taehyung says, cleaning the snot running down his nose with his sleeve, “who does he even think he is? I-I gave him everything. Everything, Jimin. There was nothing wrong, nothing for him to complain about.”


Jimin eyes him pitifully, running his hand down the back of Taehyung’s head like he’d been doing for the last two hours. “He’s busy. We are busy. He’s young, he doesn’t know how to handle his feelings,” and neither do you, Taehyung knows Jimin wants to say. But he doesn’t.


"He’s young and stupid. He thinks he’s so big now,” Taehyung rages on, even though it’s pathetic to do so. Jeongguk had been nothing but kind to him – except for the phone call, Taehyung wanted to rip him to shreds for that. “He wants a new person to fuck, right? He can have anyone now and not just some old guy from a forgotten boyband.”


Jimin grimaces, looking like he’s about to say something else when Taehyung breaks out crying again. He then just runs his hand down Taehyung’s hair and lifts the collar of his shirt that had slipped off his shoulder. “I don’t think that’s it, Tae.”





< now >


Taehyung lets his phone fall to the mattress, hand still poised over his mouth in shock. Their relationship as such a well-kept secret that it feels brutal that they would be outed now, months later, when the wounds had just begun to close.


The funny part is that Taehyung had been advised - by Jeongguk’s manager, no less – to delete all the data they had on each other. That included the nudes and videos, of course. Seems like Jeongguk didn’t carry out his part of the deal though. He must’ve kept his favorites. Idiot.


Taehyung startles when the door to his bedroom is opened. Jimin and Seokjin stand there, Hoseok trying to peer over their shoulders.


"I told you not to open it."

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“Which one was it?” Taehyung asks. With his head on the pillow and the boys around him he’s gotten a bit better.


Jimin licks his lips, exchanging a look with the boys before looking down at his phone. “They don’t say it, and anyway, it isn’t important-“


“Jimin,” Taehyung cuts in. In any other situation he would appreciate the way Jimin tries to protect him, but right now? Right now he just wants to know.


Jimin sighs, exchanging a pleading look with the others as though begging for their intervention. It doesn’t come and the tiny blond boy quirks his lips and looks down at the screen of his phone.


“Fine. There are two videos and at least fifteen pictures,” Jimin says, gulping as he analyzes them. “Uh, the pictures are just, like, nudes? But you aren’t completely naked in them, just, you know? Posing? There’s one of you showing your ass though.”


Taehyung squeezes his eyes shut. Shit. He knows which one Jimin is talking about. His pictures were never really out there, he mostly just sent them to tease Jeongguk, but he’d been a bit drunk once and thought it would be nice to just spread his legs and... yeah.


“Okay. And the videos?” Taehyung asks.


Jimin looks down at his phone screen and tilts his head in consideration.


“No!” Seokjin intervenes, reaching a hand out to take the phone from Jimin’s hand. “Taehyung, stop it. It’s not healthy and I’ll not stand and watch you do this to yourself.”


“I have a right to know!” Taehyung insists.


“At what price? Nothing good is gonna come out of this. Let it go, for god’s sake.”


“You just say that because it wasn’t you. If it were, you’d be-”


“You’re right, it wasn’t me!” Seokjin stresses.


Taehyung pauses, eyes wide as he takes in his elder bandmate: nostrils flaring and an irritated look that promptly dissolves. “Hey, listen, Tae,” Seokjin tries.


“Yeah, I know, I’m the slut here. I got it. We all got it actually, because I’m the one who is out there with my ass spread for everyone to see in the internet and-”


“Jesus, Tae,” Jimin intervenes, “shut up, none of us think that.”


“Oh, don’t you, really?” Taehyung crosses his arms.


“No, we don’t,” Seokjin says, dropping next to Taehyung on the bed. He spreads his arms to envelop Taehyung in a hug. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean anything by that. I don’t think you’re a slut, you’re wonderful, Tae. I just don’t want to see you hurt and it breaks my heart that they did this to you, of all people.”


Taehyung would like to make a scene and push his bandmate away. He’s hurt, after all, and none of them understand how much. But it’s so much easier to just hide his face on Seokjin’s neck and let his tears pour.


He feels the way Jimin pats his head, taking the vacant space on the bed to comfort him. After a while, Taehyung feels a bit better, his bandmates murmuring soft words to him.


His phone starts ringing on his bedside table though, but Jimin takes it in hand before Taehyung can check the caller id. His friend draws a face, licking his lips and looking uncertainly up at Taehyung.


“It’s an unknown number,” he announces. Taehyung sighs heavily. He hopes to god he won’t be getting death threats now. “Do you want me to answer it?”


Taehyung nods, but Seokjin intervenes.


“I think it’s best if none of us take it, Jimin. We don’t know who it could be, and if they have Tae’s number...”


Jimin gulps, setting the phone upside down on the bed. The device stops ringing and they take a collective breath of relief before a second call comes through.


Taehyung reaches out and accepts the call before any of them can stop him. The thought that he would let fear overtake him like that doesn’t sit right with him.




There’s a choked sound from the other side of the line, followed by a hesitant, “T-Taehyung?”


It’s Jeongguk, Taehyung would recognize that voice anywhere. He’d erased his contact number when they broke up.


“Jeongguk?” he says, almost as uncertainly. Jimin and Seokjin exchange wide-eyed looks.


“Hey, I- I think you already know about all this mess I got you in and- I don’t know, I just wanted to tell you my agency is pressing charges. Including for leaking your photos,” he groans, probably massaging his forehead the way he used to do when he was tired, “Sorry, I’ve been stuck in meetings before the day started, they told me so many stuff. I just wanted to tell you that I’m so sorry about everything and that I’m willing to cover any of your expenses with this shit. Do you want to press charges too? You could get a sizable compensation. I know some very good lawyers.”


It’s too much for Taehyung to think about right now. Honestly he was just so shocked that taking any immediate action other than being sorry for himself and crying didn’t even cross his mind. Now, most of all, hearing Jeongguk’s voice just makes him want to cry all the harder. Because he missed him, terribly. They hadn’t spoken in months. And it seemed cruel that the first chance they got, they would be talking about this.


“I-I don’t know. I should talk to my agent first, I just woke up, I have no idea what to do,” he blurts.


“Oh, I see. I’ll get in contact with your agent, I just wanted to talk to you first-hand about this... Taehyung, I feel so bad. I wished they were my photos instead of yours. This is so unfair to you, I shouldn’t even have them any longer, fuck, we agreed-”


“Jeongguk, it’s fine. It already happened, we can’t change it.”


“No, but I owe you so much, Taehyung. I fucked up and I’m willing to do anything to make things right again.”


Taehyung sniffs. He doesn’t know what to say. He wants to scream at Jeongguk because of course it’s his fucking fault. He should’ve deleted Taehyung’s photos. But he can’t bring himself to do it. Not because Jeongguk’s words had mollified his heart, but because he couldn’t pretty much do anything.


“Okay, I- just talk to my agent, please. We’ll solve this.”


“You’re so brave. Always so brave, Tae,” Jeongguk sighs, continuing when it becomes obvious Taehyung won’t say anything else, “I will release a statement in a few hours. I want you to read it, okay?”


“Okay,” Taehyung mumbles, “I’ll try to.”


“Bye, Tae. Take care,” Jeongguk hangs up.


Jimin and Seokjin are staring at him apprehensively, gazes going from the cell phone on his hand to Taehyung’s bloated face.


Taehyung shrugs. “He just wanted to say he’s sorry.”






Hello, everyone. I don’t know how to start saying all the things I want to say, so I’ll just go straight to the point: almost one year ago I met a person backstage at Inkigayo. This person, this artist, was someone I’d always looked up to, so I was very excited to finally meet him. We spoke to each other a bit, he was kind and funny so by the time the show was over we’d already exchanged numbers,” Jeongguk pauses, licking his lips and dropping his gaze from the camera.


I believe most of you must’ve already figured out this person is Kim Taehyung, from BSBoys. Well, I decided to make this video so I would make some things clear about the nature of our relationship. After talking and going on a couple, secret dates, Taehyung and I grew very close,” Jeongguk scratches the back of his head, hair ruffling with the movement. “We started seeing each other and although we never spoke about it, to me, and I hope for Taehyung as well, we were exclusive to the point you could call us boyfriends. Managing both our careers and our budding relationship wasn’t easy so when we were apart, we’d send each other videos, as you may know now.”


Jeongguk sighs.


I can’t begin to explain to you how stressful it is to be in this industry and today, seeing everything that was leaked from my phone and exposed so cruelly without any regard to me and mainly for Taehyung’s integrity, is one of the days that I truly regret having become an idol.”


Jeongguk frowns, hiding his face from sight with a hand.


Jimin squeezes Taehyung’s shoulder, making the other look up from his phone. Jimin shoots him a tight smile and Taehyung knows how both of them can understand Jeongguk’s pain; any idol can, at that.


I was the one who decided we should break up but I kept the photos and videos even though we’d agreed on deleting them. And it hurts to see that my ingenuity led Taehyung to feel so much pain and... and despair. I was selfish and stupid and I’ve learned the hardest way ever. It would be better if this attack only harmed my image, but it’s attacked Taehyung too, the person I never wanted to see hurt.


I know I can’t go back in time and stop any of this from happening even though that seems like the only option right now. But if you’re truly my fans and if anything I’ve ever done has actually wrought any good out of anyone, please, send Taehyung support and help him through this. That’s the only thing I can ask for. And Taehyung, if you’re seeing this, I’m so sorry. Please, take care.


The video stills, coming to an end. Taehyung turns the phone back to an upright stance, noticing both Seokjin and Hoseok are standing behind him, having also watched the video over his shoulder.


“Well,” Jimin says, breaking the silence, “that was... nice, I think.”


“He didn’t say anything about their relationship though,” Seokjin comments.


Jimin shoots him a look. “Of course not, hyung. That would probably just amass more hate Taehyung’s way.”


“But it doesn’t...” Seokjin extends a cautious look Taehyung’s way, “I don’t know, he could’ve been more open about it.”


Jimin purses his lips. They all look at Taehyung, who’s staring at the screen of his phone and at the slowly rising number of likes and comments Jeongguk’s video is getting.


“Hey, Tae,” Jimin touches his shoulder. He knows what’s made his friend like this. In a way, they’d never labelled their relationship and Jeongguk has just announced to the world at large that to him, Taehyung had been his boyfriend. It was not the best video in the world, but it’s something. “Wanna get some tea and cuddle?”






@jk323241: omg I feel so bad for them

@tae-hyun95: idc that he posted this video! How irresponsible of him, he made tae into a slut, he shouldn’t have kept the videos and photos. It’s like he wanted this to happen

@jeon_ggukiie: he apologized and it’s like he said, he can’t go back in time. It's alrdy done

@tae-hyun95: yeah but he should know not to do those stuff. Idols r alwys at risk of this happening, they know their phones can be hacked. If he’s truly sorry he should post his own nudes so they could be quits

@j-jk222: I don’t know what 2 think abt any of this... jk disappointed me tho

@jkdancemachine: the fact that he’s invited his fans to send tae support shows he’s a good man. Despite all the precautions he could’ve taken, I can’t bring myself to hate him, it was an accident

@totoro-monster: wow u mean they were dating? Shit they were so discreet

@kim_2seoktaemin: ikr?? Funny how the media wanted to prove jk was dating that pale singer from that girl group and all the time he was fucking tae senseless

@jeonnie97: did u see the third video? :OOOOO

@jeongukorea: no and guys please don’t watch any of the videos or share the photos. Let’s not spread them anymore, we have to take them down for tae’s sake. If u can’t do it for him at least do it for jk #doit4jk

@jeonnie97: lol its not explicit. It's jk serenading tae omg he sounds so amazing and the lyrics made me cry!!!!!

@jeonnie97: [video_jjk03]

@emma_jeon: !!!! What song is that??? It's so beautiful

@singformeguuk: he never released it, I think it was only meant for tae






JEONGGUK releases video after hacking scandal and asks fans to send support to his ex!

KIM TAEHYUNG’s social profiles infested with supporting messages in less than 10 hours!

Revenge porn? What caused the unveiling of Jeongguk’s and Taehyung’s past relationship?

New hashtag reaches second place in Korea’s trending topics. Meet #doit4jk, the movement that promises to bury hate messages with support ones for Jeongguk’s ex

How to keep your phone and personal pics safe from hacking in 5 easy steps!

Jeongguk thanks his fans’ support! #doit4jk

[ANALYSIS] How did Jeongguk and Taehyung manage to hide their relationship?

Silver lining? Video of JEONGGUK’s self-composed song for ex TAEHYUNG reaches 7 million views and fans are asking for an official release






“Oh my god,” Jimin squeals, squishing a grey koala furry animal in his hands, “Tae, look at this one!”


Taehyung looks up from the mountain of gifts on his lap. Ever since the release of Jeongguk’s video, their agency has been receiving a rapidly rising number of fan material. Even their sales have increased, one of their most recent MVs reaching 20 million views in less than a week, a true feat for a boyband that was set to disband in give or take one year. In light of the recent events, there was even talk about a contract renewal for them and less subtle staff members whispered about the possibility of the CEO launching Taehyung as a solo artist in the future.


“Let me see,” Taehyung extends his hands, Jimin coming forward to hand him the plushie. It comes with a paper message that Taehyung detaches from its paw. He knows it’s safe to read, knows their staff filter through the gifts and send them only the positive ones, though more than once a hate message manages to reach them.


“For the most incredible artist! Thank you for being in JK’s life, Kim Taehyung! <3

From Jeongguk Korea



“Honestly, I had my doubts, but this is actually a nice initiative,” Seokjin says from his place, kneeling on their living room and checking all the letters and gifts. “This one was handmade!” he announces, showing them a drawing, every light and shadow drawn to perfection. It’s Jeongguk and Taehyung, looking at each other and underneath, quoted lyrics to that one song Jeongguk sang for him and that was gaining quite the attention. “All this time I’ve wondered, where love could hide...”.


“Yeah, and look at this,” Hoseok tilts his phone screen in their direction but the font is so small neither of them can read it from their positions, “lots of people are using the hashtag to support other idols who were shunned too. Remember that girl who got hate for gaining weight? They are sending her messages and upping her fancams.”


“That’s so nice. I’m glad something good came out of it, hn, Tae?” Jimin says, turning to his friend.


Taehyung nods. It’s not as though he’s forgotten what’s happened, the result is still there, from the way staff members have started treating him differently, to the way some tabloids are still riding the waves of his exposure. But it’s gotten slightly better. The pictures and videos were mostly taken down from the internet. His parents had called yesterday and said how sorry they were about the way things happened but that they were still proud of him.


“Did Jeongguk...” Seokjin starts carefully, “say anything else to you?”


Taehyung shakes his head. “No, no, the last time we spoke was when he called to apologize.”




Taehyung knows they’re all exchanging looks over his head but pretends to be engrossed in his messages. “I was thinking,” he starts, “maybe I should post something.”


“What kind of something?” Hoseok asks, frowning.


Taehyung shrugs. “A message, maybe a video, I don’t know. Just so they know I’m grateful.”


“We should talk to the manager first but I think it’s a good idea,” Jimin says.






@BSBoys: Thank you everyone for taking your time to send me kind messages! They truly mean a lot. Fighting! <3<3 #taetae



@taetaeyyy: We love you baby!

@kim_taetae00: tae, you’re doing so good! Love you and the boys!

@jeoneejk: rest well, drink lots of liquid and stay healthy, tae! Also, go back to JK u guys are the perfect couple!

@matchatae: omg the nerve of some people, girl u can’t say that, they have their reasons 4 breaking up

@jeoneejk: I’m just saying, jk’s song was a true love confession

@taetaeyyy: it doesn’t matter, he didn’t delete tae’s pics and look where it’s lead us to

@jeonjay: [gif of Jeongguk staring at Taehyung during a performance]

@parkkkchim: where is that from?

@jeonjay: from a jk fancam video he was giving tae heart eyes all the time

@hoseokkie: remember when jk was singing that slow song in seoul music award?? There was a verse abt breaking up and there’s a tae fancam where he cries during that part, I think they’d already split then

@hitaekim: omg where is it?? I want to see!






JEONGGUK’S and TAEHYUNG’s fans compile theories about idols’ past relationship

@jkingjeon: they are not theories lol they are real! Tae really did cry when seeing jk sing so shortly after they broke up

@injkspants: when did they break up?

@tayheun9ie: we think some 5 months ago

@jkmylove: didn’t they split already??? Omg people are insane, go find smth better to do

@crazy4tae: so rude!! They were both pretty hurt abt it, not to mention everything tae had to go through after the leak

@vkook: stan jk and tae!!!

@fyikingtae: I mean in the video jk never opened up abt why he decided to break up (and yes he did say he was the one who broke up with tae) so there must b a reason

@attentionplz: maybe they weren’t so into each other, if they sent so much explicit content their ‘'relationship’’ was probs just sexual and jk only said they dated to validate the video

@cookietea: we will never know, let’s just respect their past and hope the future will be better

@liltaehyungie: jk be like yeah send me nudes before I break up with you *naughty boy

@sunflowertae: I think we all need to accept they’re over, I mean after all this I don’t think they would b ready to b together again, they would b scared to even talk or send each other messages

@jkloveee: I've stanned jk all my life and I thought I knew him but actually I don’t??? In the serenade video and fancams he seemed really into tae but then not deleting tae’s nudes seemed so rude. and then the video of him apologizing, the way he said he was the one who broke up? If they got together again it would be so dangerous and the attention they would get from fans would make it toxic

@twttaee: I agree, theres a reason idols don’t disclaim their relationship like that, its because they know they will get hate. Whos to say ppl would support them if they got back together?

@butterfly12: the entire internet, honey

@taehyungsmole: I think the intent here is to point out that yes, tae and jk seemed to love each other and maybe even had a beautiful relationship. We are just hoping for them to forgive each other and move on

@twttaee: I get that, but I've seen people bombarding their profiles and saying they should get back together, like, suddenly they’re entertainment? What abt the other idol relationships who got hate and had to split up?

@mmyeonnie: I don’t think we can compare them to other idol relationships. I mean, I don’t remember *** getting her nudes leaked from ***’s phone? In my opinion #doit4jk is a beautiful movement abt empowerment and forgiveness. We're all just here to say to tae that we don’t care abt the pictures

@justkiddingjk: some people just like to exploit their relationship coz now we know they were real, but if they got caught on a date back then, I would like to see which ones of you fake fans would support them






Taehyung walks away from the platform and lets some staff members guide him to get his makeup wiped off. They were shooting for their new album and their agenda was driving him crazy.


Sitting down, he watches his reflection in the mirror as Yeun, a kind woman, wipes his face.


“You did good,” she smiles at him.




Taehyung pulls his phone out of his pocket, reading over an email from their manager and their band’s message group. Jimin had shared a selca with the new concept make-up, all angelic.



so cutee!!


He goes back to filter through the rest of his conversations. One of his siblings had sent him a picture of Daegu and Mina, a friend of his from a girl group, sent him pictures of Gucci’s new handbag.



I need that! <3


He returns to his conversations and taps on the last one that still shows an unread message. Only when he reads it does he realize who it is from.



Hey, I saw you posted a message. Just wanted to know how you’re doing...


Taehyung pauses, breath short. His heart kickstarts and deep down he starts to panic when he takes it in, the black and white profile picture that details who is unmistakeably Jeongguk. Taehyung frowns down at the screen, finger midway into tapping the keyboard.


“All done,” Yeun says, stepping back.


Taehyung startles. “Thanks, noona.”


Taehyung licks his lips, going back to staring at the message until his phone’s screen dims.


Put yourself back together, Taehyung, he thinks to himself. All the messages he’d gotten, and even just all he’s learned with the scandal, has made Taehyung a little bit tougher. He still gets tremendously sad when he sees a hate message but the moments he took to think it through brought him an inner peace that he didn’t think he would ever possess. It’s not as though he rejoices on having suffered, he would rather none of it had ever happened, but Taehyung has fed on the support he got from his true friends and even from strangers, and with time, the world gained back its colors.


So it’s with all the calm and maturity that he types back.



hey. I am doing fine, maybe not 100% but I’ll get there


Great. Not entirely rude but pretty optimist.


Jeongguk, unfortunately, responds right away and Taehyung doesn’t get the chance to exit the chat before his message blinks as read.



I'm glad. The hashtag and everything, it was the least I could do


Taehyung feels like responding with: yeah, you’re right, but thinks better. He’s still on the edge of his seat though, wondering if anyone is ever going to read those messages, if Jeongguk’s phone is still safe for them.



don’t worry about it. It was unfortunate but I think we’ve both learned from it



yes, well, I changed phones for one and samsung’s ceo promised this one is unhackable


Taehyung doesn’t know what else to say and the fact that Jeongguk keeps making small talk forces him to respond with anything. He doesn’t want to talk about the scandal anymore and there’s no other topic they both can escape to. Taehyung fears that his memories with Jeongguk will only ever come down as bitter, for knowing they led to such a great amount of pain afterwards.


He’s discussed with himself and with Jimin before, about it. At some point he’d wished he’d never met Jeongguk, that they hadn’t exchanged numbers. But then he remembers the entire feeling, the rush of being in love, Jeongguk’s face, smell, his clothes, the way he walks and talks, his insecurities and everything that made him him and Taehyung couldn’t bring himself to resent that. He loves the time they spent together, down to every fucking minute. It’s the truth, what can he do?



that wasn’t a come on btw


Taehyung frowns.



I mean, I just want to assure you that we’re safe

but that doesn’t mean I want things to go back


Ouch. Taehyung raises one single eyebrow.



okay wait!! That’s not what i meant

I’m terrible at this

would u like to maybe grab a coffee sometime?

I just need to speak to you face to face

coz I think I’m not coming across the way I want to here

and I don’t think u deserve it either


Funny, he had no qualms about breaking up through the phone and now he wants to meet?



I don’t think that’s a good idea

honestly, let’s just forget this, okay?


Taehyung locks his phone before Jeongguk can answer. When he looks up at his own reflection, his face looks hard-set. He forces himself not to think about it anymore. So what if Jeongguk was reaching out and wanted to talk to him? Chances of them being caught together were huge and Taehyung knew what people were going to say. He doesn’t want that kind of attention, not so soon after everything. Jeongguk should know that. Insensitive brat.






“Jeongguk messaged.”


He doesn’t know why he blurts it out. The boys were returning from one of their shows, in the van. There had been some soju involved, so that was probably what made Taehyung spill it out. He’s tired, drowsy, tipsy and the headlights of the cars around them, Seoul’s traffic at night, makes him introspective and loose-mouthed.


Hoseok lowers his phone from his face, Jimin freezes beside him and Seokjin turns around on his seat to watch him.


“What do you mean? Today?” Jimin is the first to ask.


“No. Last week, after the photoshoot.”




Seokjin props his chin on his elbow, arm dangling on the seat’s backrest. “What did he say?”


“He said he wanted to talk, invited me for coffee.”


“No way,” Hoseok’s eyes bulge out, “the fucking nerve of that kid.”


“Taehyung, what did you say?” Seokjin asks urgently.


“I said I didn’t think it was a good idea.”


Seokjin takes that in, nodding with a final formality, like Taehyung had done the right thing.


“Did he say anything else?” Jimin asks.


“I think he did but I didn’t read the message. Would you like to?”


Jimin nods and Taehyung unlocks his phone, passing it over to him. He earnestly watches the way Jimin taps on the screen, eyes sliding down the text. The whole van, hell probably even the driver, is tense, waiting for Jimin to speak up.


“Well?” it’s Hoseok who breaks the silence.


Jimin shakes his hed minutely. “Just a sad emoji and said he’s sorry again.”


“Let me see,” Taehyung reaches out, not containing his curiosity now. Seokjin stretches his neck as far as possible to try and peek.



: (

I understand, of course...

sorry, I won’t bother you any longer


I won’t bother you any longer,” Seokjin mimics in an annoying tone. “You can feel his mood all the way here. Bet he probably sulked for an hour after that message, ha.”


Taehyung chews his bottom lip, tapping to open his keyboard.


“You gonna answer?” Seokjin gasps, throwing himself towards him to read. Even Jimin crowds over him, Hoseok bolting out of his seat to see.




I need some space


“Oh,” Jimin makes after he’s sent it.


“Is he online?” Hoseok.


“I don’t think so,” Seokjin leans further to see Jeongguk’s status. “Not right now, but he’ll still see it. Wonder what he’s gonna answer,” he huffs.


“If he has any self-respect he will say nothing,” Hoseok continues, “I don’t think-”


Taehyung sniffles and fast as lightning, all of them turn to him. Taehyung lowers his phone and squeezes his eyes shut against the embarrassment of them seeing him cry. It’s far from the first time but he thought he’d grown past it.


“Like, what did he even think?” Taehyung says, “that I would jump at the opportunity to talk to him. Saying that his phone is unhackable now, does he want me to send him more pictures so he can store in his phone forever and laugh at my expense for being so stupid? I wonder how many of those he’s kept, I wonder-” Taehyung gulps. He knows he’s losing his train of thought here.


“No, sweetie,” Jimin advances to hug him. Taehyung hides his face on his shoulder, bearing his friend’s sorrowful eyes on him. The van becomes uncomfortable, only the sound of his sniffling. He hates how he becomes almost untouchable when he cries, Seokjin and Hoseok staring at him as though they want to console him without knowing how.


“He’s an idiot, okay? He’s just an idiot,” Jimin tells him.


“I mean, just because he told people to support me and- and apologized? It was the least he could do. He broke up with me over the phone, Jimin. Over the phone.”


He knows Hoseok and Seokjin are cringing.


“I know that, love. You don’t owe him anything. You don’t have to talk to him any longer, just forget about it. He’s not worth it.”


“And then he got his fans to watch our videos and thinks he saved the country? That I should give him my ass on a silver platter. Look at the amount of publicity he got out of all this, maybe he will even release his serenade song with some stupid name like “I love you” and break selling records. Then people are going to say I’m a senseless bitch for not going back to him.”


“It’s alright, it’s alright,” Jimin tells him. But it’s not, at least not right now.


That night, Jimin leads him to bed as soon as they reach the apartment. Seokjin and Hoseok keep to themselves, visibly shaken by his state. Taehyung naps some in his and Jimin’s shared bed, waking up not ten minutes later to find Jimin is not there.


He gets up drowsily, heading to the bathroom. On his way back, he finds the door to Seokjin’s and Hoseok’s bedroom slightly ajar, and hears Jimin’s voice.


“...I know that, I know we all want what’s best for him, but please don’t mention Jeongguk any longer.


What do you even mean?” it’s Seokjin, “he was the one who mentioned his ex first.


Yes, I know and I know I fucked up too, but please, let’s all agree that next time he does that, we will change topics or whatever.


Ok,” it’s Hoseok. “But Tae shouldn’t have answered, he needs to put a stop to this.


It’s complicated,” Jimin sighs, “Tae still loves him.”


Taehyung goes back to bed before Jimin can see him.






It’s not even two months after the entire scandal broke out that they have to attend another awards show. The entire week leading up to it, when they would rehearse their performance, the air was stilted. They knew they would meet Jeongguk, and though it wasn’t said out loud all the boys were anxious to know how Taehyung would react.


“Hey, Taehyung,” Junmyeon, their manager, pulls him aside the day before the show. “Could I borrow five minutes of your time? Promise it’ll be pretty short,” he says. Jimin and Seokjin, who’d been walking down the agency’s corridor alongside Taehyung, send him supportive smiles and something about the entire situation makes Taehyung understand that whatever it was, Junmyeon must’ve spoken to the rest of the band before.


“Uh, sure.”


Junmyeon leads him to a tiny room that serves as a dressing sometimes. A staff member was occupied ironing their outfits for tomorrow but she greets them and bows before going.


“Have a seat,” Junmyeon extends a hand to offer the seat on the couch. Taehyung sits down obediently. “So, I imagine that you’re anxious for tomorrow.”


Taehyung nods.


Junmyeon nods tightly, dropping his eyes and sucking his lips in. “Well, you’re a great artist and I know that you’re aware of that, so what I’m about to propose to you has nothing to do with-”


“Myeon,” Taeehyung interrupts, “what is it?”


“You know Jeongguk is going to be there, right?”


Taehyung sucks his bottom lip in. “I do. But don’t worry, I won’t approach him.”


“That’s not what we’re worried about,” Junmyeon grimaces, “you see, there’s talk going on that his agency will drop a single of his pretty soon. And we’re worried that he might release it tomorrow, during the show.”


Taehyung frowns. He’d never seen any artist do that.


Junmyeon looks like he really doesn’t want to say what he says next. “We think he might release the song he wrote for you. And so we thought it would be best if we spoke to you and... told you we’ll understand if you don’t want to go.”


Taehyung gulps, staring at his own lap. “I don’t,” he sighs, “I’m so sorry, I just don’t understand why would I not want to be there.”


Junmyeon licks his lips. “If he does release the song, you realize it’ll be... painful for you, right? They’ll probably put all the cameras on you to get your reaction, not to mention the attention it would get again.” He grimaces, “basically the agency doesn’t a want a reprise of what happened.”


Taehyung nods. He understands it and he’s glad Junmyeon is offering this escape, even though it hits him the wrong way. He doesn’t want to seem like a coward by not attending, he had nothing to hide. And if Jeongguk were to release the song or whatever, yeah, it would be painful but Taehyung could handle it.


“Thanks, Myeon, but I think I would rather go.”


Junmyeon nods. He’s visibly not happy but he doesn’t push. “Okay, I get that. Thanks for your time, Tae. Rest well and see you tomorrow.”


Taehyung finds Jimin in front of a vending machine on his way out, hands pocketed in his jacket. He looks antsy, jumping a bit on his heels when he catches sight of Taehyung. “Hey,” he greets.


“Hey,” Taehyung comes to a stop right next to him, “did you know about this?”


Jimin looks caught off guard, but he nods tightly. “You’re going, aren’t you? I told them it would be a waste of time to ask. Whether it looks like it or not though, they’re really thinking about your wellbeing.”


“Indirectly. First, the agency, next, Taehyung.”


Jimin shoots him a tiny smile before cupping his shoulder. “Hey, I'm here for you, ok? It’s gonna be tough tomorrow but I’ll be there.”


“I know. Thanks, Minnie.”






“Tae, sit here,” Hoseok offers his seat. Their table is already set with four chairs but the boys had noticed something that they weren’t telling him. Their faces were hard.


“What happened?” Taehyung asks, taking the seat Hoseok offered him.


Jimin takes the seat beside his and in front of them, lots of other idols are starting to fill up the room. The fans scream from the stands, starting a fan chant for one of the arriving artists who’d appeared on screen. The stage is lighted up with several strobing lights.


“They put Jeongguk right next to us,” Jimin tells him.


Taehyung feels his eyebrows raising. He steals a furtive look at their right, where certainly, one of the chairs had JEONGGUK on it.


“Oh. Honestly, I’m not surprised,” Taehyung says.


“Well, I thought they would try and avoid reminding the public of the scandal but it just seems like they’re trying their hardest to get some publicity out of it.”


In fact, not one minute after Jimin’s comment, the main camera panels out to them and Taehyung’s face hits the screens. He’s caught off guard but manages to shoot them a smile and a finger-heart, to the crowd’s great pleasure. The image quickly veers to one of Jeongguk, having just recently arrived. He’s standing right next to their table and the camera caught him looking at the screen, where Taehyung’s face only had only just been. The idol blinks and quickly stares at the camera, smiling, waving and ripping the loudest yells out of the crowd.


Seokjin makes a point out of hiding Jeongguk from Taehyung’s peripheral vision, slotting his chair right in front of him.


The event proceeds pretty much in the same way. The cameras focus on Taehyung and Jeongguk more than they do anyone else and by the time they are performing, it practically stays on Jeongguk the entire time, to the point even the idol grows impatient, only raising his eyebrows and shooting it a small grin meanwhile watching their performance.


“God,” Jimin sighs, propping his hand in front of his face after the camera has unfocused from Taehyung to show other idols’ reaction to Jeongguk’s performance.


“These people are assholes,” Seokjin hisses.


“I think I’ll go to the bathroom,” Taehyung says. “Jimin, want to come with me?”


Jimin nods. Jeongguk still has to perform another song right next to this one and whichever it may be Taehyung thinks it’s better if they’re not there.


“Are you alright?” Jimin asks him as soon as they enter the bathroom. Jeongguk’s was as always one of the most awaited performances of the night so the stalls were empty.


“Yes,” Taehyung nods. “I mean, it’s uncomfortable but I’m not surprised.”


“They just want to get people upping the event in the internet by commenting on your reactions.”


“Yes, it’s visible,” Taehyung sighs. “How’s my makeup?”


Jimin pouts, analysing him. “Perfect, as always.”


By the time they go back, they’re all clapping and the fans are screaming after Jeongguk’s performance.


“How was it?” Taehyung asks.


“Good. He sang Euphoria, nothing new,” Seokjin tells them.


“Oh.” Taehyung nods. He’s relieved, he really is.


A hostess in a red dress shows up to initiate the awards’ announcements and Taehyung props his chin on his hand. His stomach rumbles while the ceremony goes on and Taehyung can’t stop himself from remembering Jeongguk talking about how much he hated these events because they never had snacks.


He snorts to himself and stiffly extends his eyes over Seokjin’s shoulder. Jeongguk is sat right behind him, a black leather jacket on from his performance. He’s tapping his finger on his knee while watching the event’s progress. He must feel someone watching him though because he quickly looks back at him and they both startle when making eye contact.


Jeongguk seems eager to hold it but Taehyung looks away as fast as possible. He hopes no one had caught that on camera.


The event is almost coming to an end and Taehyung just wants to go home when they announce the Best Idol of the Year. It’s Mina, Taehyung’s friend from a girl group, and an actor that walk on stage to present it.


The fans scream even before they have even opened their mouths.


“Good evening,” Mina announces, smiling. The actor does the same, both bowing. “Every year, artists all around the country work their hardest to make the best music for us. They sing, dance, write lyrics and produce songs and it’s certainly not an easy feat. Every year, one of them stands out,” she says, opening the envelope holding the winner.


“For that, we’d like to show you all the nominees for the Best Idol of the Year.”


The screens show short clips of every idols concurring for the award, including Jeongguk. The fans scream the loudest at his appearance.


Taehyung breathes in, remembering himself in this same place last year. They were never nominated for this award but Taehyung held no resentments. What made him sad, however, was the realization that his image was impacted but Jeongguk’s... Jeongguk’s remained the same, still the most famous idol among them, babied by the press for taking kpop worldwide.


“We’re happy to announce that this year, the winner of the Best Idol of the Year award goes to...” Mina says, and the screens all focus on each nominee. “Jeon Jeongguk!”


The entire room dissolves into screams and the distant sound of Jeongguk’s Euphoria playing on the speakers. Jeongguk smiles and gets up from his seat, the camera accompanying his way towards the stage.


Taehyung and the other idols clap all along and Jeongguk is receiving the award from the actor’s hand, greeting both him and Mina. His fans won’t stop screaming and Jeongguk smiles bashfully, blushing as he appraises the trophy.


“Uh, hello, everybody,” he says into the mic, ripping screams out of his fans, “thank you so much for this, I- I don’t know what to say. You know, when I was a twelve-year-old trainee, having just left my family to try and become an idol, this was my dream. And now that this is happening I still can’t believe it’s real.”


Lots of idols are shown smiling to his words and Taehyung wonders when they’ll film him.


“Thank you so much for all my fans who have shown me huge support these past months,” he says and yep, there it is, the camera on Taehyung’s face now that Jeongguk’s alluded to their scandal. “I’m so grateful to everyone in my agency, my staff members, my manager and the team of producers who help me out and teach me so much every day. All the effort they put in for my tours is something I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank them enough for. For my parents, my brother and my family, who are probably crying now while watching me, thank you, I love you so much.”


Everyone is whooping and clapping now. Taehyung keeps his face expressionless and claps along.


Jeongguk smiles at the crowd and licks his lips, setting the trophy on the tribune. He should’ve left by now and Taehyung can see the way Mina and the actor exchange uncertain looks in the background.


The sound of claps diminishes slowly because Jeongguk hasn’t left the stage yet.


“I think he’s gonna say something,” Seokjin tells them, some alarm in his voice.


“Shit,” Jimin gulps, extending a look at Taehyung. “Tae...”


“Uh,” Jeongguk continues, cutting their attention back to him, “there’s something else I would like to say if you would allow me,” he glances at Mina, who nods and shoots him a smile. “Other than for everything I’ve battled for in the past, this trophy means so much to me because I’ve gone through a difficult moment recently and almost broke my contract.”


There’s a collective gasp in the crowd.


“I hurt people, so badly, people that are very dear to me.” Taehyung lowers his head at the words and even though he knows they’re filming him. “The entire effort I put in to be here today made no sense whatsoever if it meant I was making my friends and my loved ones a target; so yes, I almost gave up being an idol.


“In spite of all that, I’m still here, mostly because of my fans, my friends and my family. And even though it took a lot from me, and sorry, I know I’m making this very long,” he chuckles, “but I still don’t feel like I deserve this award.”


There’s a painful silence right after his words, not even the fans are screaming.


“I don’t want to sound ungrateful but I don’t think I’m the best idol of the year. I know someone who’s suffered so much more at the hands of this industry, unimaginably so, to the point I still don’t know where they get their strength from. Any lesser person would’ve disappeared from this vile environment and he- they are still here.”


Taehyung sucks his bottom lip in, feeling Jimin’s hand squeezing his shoulder.


“That makes me so proud of them,” Jeongguk continues, gulping and clearing his throat. “And I don’t think any of us take the time to appreciate them, so,” Jeongguk grabs his award and gives a tiny step back, “here’s to all of you, for being here tonight no matter how difficult it was to make that choice.”

And in that moment, there was nothing but defeaning applause.




Chapter Text



Fans criticize Seoul Music Awards for profiting over sex scandal involving idols Jeon Jeongguk and Kim Taehyung
SMA claims to respect the idols’ privacy and denies rumours

@jeonnie15: they are not rumours! Everyone who watched the show knew what was going on
@kimmiechan: sma has always been a garbage event
@jkookeraf: jk was so pissed off he even talked abt it in his speech
@taetae_doll: he was clearly talking abt tae in his speech but it didn’t have anything to do wth the event itself, I think he was just stating that tae is a great idol bc he took the brunt of their scandal and didn’t hide or give up
@yunachan: I was so fcking pissed when I was watchin the stream, tae doesn’t deserve that, guk doesn’t deserve that either. I love the both of them and I rlly wish they were 2gether but why can’t ppl leave them alone???
@parrkchiminie: ok but jk’s speech really moved me, he evolved so much. This scandal was awful but u can clearly see how much they respect each other and i hope theyll be good friends from now on
@mfjeon7: nah I don’t think that will happen, hon. You can see how they don’t even glance at each other anymore. I think Tae is pissed, rightfully so, and Jk must be feeling like shit for all the drama he caused. Coupled in with the fact that his fans supported him so much and he gained such a huge award when tae had nothing, he must be feeling like an asshole
@kingtae4: Idk it feels like jk is reaping the benefits of all this. I mean, why mention the scandal, even if he did it subtly, in his speech? he was only bringing shit back up to make it look like he’s a good guy. Lets not forget he broke up with tae and didn’t delete his nudes, the entire scandal is on him
@parrkchiminie: bc he wanted to give it visibility and he was right bc now we’re talking abt it. I think it was brave of him to stand up for tae, he literally said tae is the best idol in the industry for all the things he puts up with. He was like ‘hey why are you giving me an award? My ex had his nudes leaked and he’s sitting right there w/o anyone appreciating his effort’
@2tired2function: guys it’s nice to remember that this is only the tip of the iceberg and that we don’t know what is going on in their lives or what they’ve suffered. I like to forget shit happens but if anything, Jk’s speech had me scared. I feel like he knows more than he lets on and the way he kept mentioning how tae pushed through so much shit? Gave me chills...




“Do you think I should say anything?” Taehyung asks after staring intently at his lockscreen. Jeongguk hadn’t reached out to him even though it’s been three days since the event. Taehyung hates this feeling, getting his hopes up after hearing Jeongguk speak and then have them dying when he kept this radio silence. Taehyung had asked for space, yes, but now he feels forgotten.

“I don’t know, Tae,” Jimin says, clearly trying not to meddle. “If you’d like to, I mean, if you appreciated the speech maybe he would like to know. But,” he pauses, not meeting Taehyung’s eyes across the couch, “if you want to forget about him... doing this might make it worse.”

He knows what Jimin means. If he reaches out and Jeongguk takes too long to respond, or even depending on what he’s going to respond with, Taehyung’s heart will be crushed. He’ll wait for more, he knows it, he wants more even if it goes completely against reason.

Taehyung sighs, putting his phone away. Jimin sends him an encouraging smile from the other side of the couch.

“I just,” Taehyung starts, “I feel like I should do something about it, you know? Normally I’d write a song but now I don’t think I can even escape to that. Whatever it is I write people are going to think I’m talking about him - even though I actually am.”

Jimin is dutifully listening to him and after Taehyung’s done, he puts the sketch he’d been making aside. “When did what other people think ever stop you from doing anything, Tae?”

Taehyung shrugs, folding his hands between his legs.

“Hey,” Jimin crosses the distance between them, setting a supporting hand on his shoulder, “if you want to write then write. They didn’t take everything away from you.”

Jimin takes his notebook back and turns the pages until finding a blank one. He sets it on Taehyung’s lap, soothing a hand over his head.

“I’ll be in the kitchen making dinner, okay? Call me if you need me.”

Taehyung nods, hearing Jimin distancing himself. He takes the pencil he’d been using and stares at the page until his vision becomes foggy. His mind isn’t spilling anything forward but Taehyung channels his feelings back and lets himself drown in it for a moment. When he feels ready, he starts.




New single by BSBoys reignites discussion about sex scandal lived by one of the members
The lyrics of Lonely Heart will shock you! Read here

@ggukggirl: hey the new chapter of jeongguk and taehyung’s telenovela is out, guys
@taemuchsoju: istg this has to stop! Why is the media bringing that up again? The lyrics are very generic it doesn’t hint at what happened btw them at all
@kimtaehug: Tae isnt okay someone plz do smth abt it T.T the lyrics made me cry!!
@dead4jeonggk: honestly the lyrics are sad and unusually deep for their arsenal of cherry pop songs but I think it’s part of their growth as artists. We don’t even know if tae wrote it btw
@fckyoujjk: why do they have to drag jeongguk’s name into everything??? It’s just a song for god’s sake, it was pbbly written by the producers anyway
@ooohlong: yep, tae wrote it [link]BSBoys – Lonely Heart written by Kim Taehyung
@gay4tae: holy shit! He was the sole writer! Guys, this is big af
@khoseok: his heartache, the way he describes it, sounds so painful. I agree with jeongguk, taehyung is one of the best idols out there, his entire evolution inside the industry is huge and look at this. If any other artist had written this ppl would be bombarding them with awards, this is a masterpiece
@justjeongguking: the lyrics are very powerful whoa
@teafortae: if the lyrics are really intended for all the pain he felt after the breakup: !!!!
@wondertae: I hope jeongguk listens to this and regrets so so so much having let this boy go
@ripmyovaries: he’s basically criticizing his heart for not letting jeonguk go even tho he knows he should, I feel like I've stepped into a private moment
@ashlazy: you know whats the worst??? That tae is right, he shouldn’t go back to jk. even though jk made that speech something doesn’t sit right with me when it comes to these 2. I only ever get this feeling when I see an abusive relationship and maybe that’s what this is. Seems like tae was way more invested than jk . I knw jk made that serenade and blahblah but then he exploited the situaiton to get more money and honestly, tae is suffering for an asshole




“Well,” Junmyeon starts, face pulled into an easy smile, “the good news is: the single is a success and we’ve ended the week in the Korean Billboard’s top five.”

The boys cheer, looking at each other with wide eyes. Taehyung can feel Jimin tapping his back and he whoops along with them, an inner wave of pride filling his chest. It’s not the first time they’ve broken this record but it’s certainly not an everyday feat, even more so considering a song written by one of the members alone.

“So, I feel congratulations are in order,” Junmyeon winks. “And Taehyung,” he calls and the idol looks up at him, “the guys up there are really happy with you,” he says, meaning the CEO and the rest of the higher-ups of their agency.

Taehyung smiles, nodding at Junmyeon in thanks and receiving his bandmates’ kind words in praise.

“I know the song is very intimate to you,” Junmyeon continues in a lower voice, “but I hope you got it out of your chest, that is, I hope you realize something good came out of it,” he says a bit uncertainly.

Taehyung nods, understanding what their agent means. “Thanks, Myeon. Yes, writing this really helped me and I have to thank you guys too for depositing so much trust in me.”

Jimin and Seokjin coo and hug Taehyung, who laughs and falls back on the couch.

“Our brave Taetae,” Jimin claims, ruffling his hair.

Taehyung smiles, dodging their playful bantering when he feels his phone vibrating in his pocket. It’s rare for anyone to call him these days but when Jimin steps back and begins talking to Hoseok, Taehyung slides his phone out and takes a look.

It’s an unknown number that Taehyung has come to memorize. He hopes none of the boys is paying attention to him because he knows his face must’ve changed.

He gets up subtly and when Jimin calls him back Taehyung just nods in the direction of the bathroom. They’re too busy talking about the amount of soju they’re going to drink tonight to mind him when he slips inside the tiny bathroom and answers the call.


“Taehyung?” Jeongguk’s voice greets him, sounding breathy, “hey.”

“Jeongguk, hey,” he says, licking his lips and sitting himself on the toilet seat.

“How are you doing?” he asks, and for the amount of time they’ve spent without talking, he sounds almost nonchalant. Taehyung tries not to feel hurt when he’s waited for this moment – for any kind of connection – for so long and then gets this.

“I’m okay,” he answers with, not inflicting any emotion in his voice. It’s a bait: he wants to know why Jeongguk called and if he’s going to be stating the reason any moment now, so he doesn’t make small talk.

“Good, that’s very good, uh- I just wanted to tell you that I heard you guys’ latest song and, well, they say you were the one who wrote it. It’s- it’s brilliant, Tae, truly.”

“Thanks,” Taehyung mumbles, pulling at a random strand on his pants. It feels like his heart is going to jump out of his chest but he tries to ignore it.

“I- uh, I don’t know how to say this and maybe I’m wrong but, I suppose it was, uh-” Jeongguk pauses and breathes for a moment. Taehyung knows what he wants to ask. He wants to ask if Taehyung’d written the lyrics for him. And maybe when he did write it Jeongguk was in his thoughts, but most of all, Taehyung wrote the song for himself. He owed it to his own peace of mind in some way. “Let me rephrase that,” Jeongguk continues, “I just wanted to tell you that the lyrics, they- they made sense to me because I feel the same way as you. That is, if I got them right.”

Taehyung gulps. “Oh.”

“Yeah, uh.”

Neither of them say anything for a moment and it becomes clear that one) they don’t know what to say next; two) what they want to say might not be what the other is thinking and three) neither of them wants to be the one to suggest it first.

“I,” Jeongguk takes initiative, “I’m gonna be totally honest with you now. I feel like a complete asshole ever since the hacking thing, you must know that. The day when I messaged you, I was thinking we could meet and I would get to apologize but I understand that you want your space and I respect that, I really do. And then the speech at the SMA, I- I wanted a chance to tell you how grateful I am for having met you,” he says and Taehyung has to hold back the urge to cry at the way those words ring, “but now I think maybe I didn’t get the message across and- and it was public and people say so much shit. I was scared you would believe them, I still am,” he pauses, “scared. For the both of us.”

“I get it,” Taehyung says even though he doesn’t.

“And,” Jeongguk sighs, “when I heard your song it crushed me. Because I feel like you, I want you, desperately, Taehyung. But we were already fucked up then and now we’re even worse. I broke up with you in a way you didn’t ever deserve, your pictures were exposed and when I look back, I see that I caused you so much pain when all you’ve ever given me was love. And people give me awards and call you names and I don’t understand how they can’t see you. I’ve been trying to make up for it but I feel like it’s too late. I lost you and I am so sorry.”

Taehyung can’t say anything. There’s a lump in his throat that prevents him from breathing without difficulty.

“I love you, Taehyung,” Jeongguk croaks and Taehyung realizes with some absurdity that he is crying, “but you deserve so much better. There isn’t anyone in this world I would rather be with but we’re ruined now. I wasted my chance. I want to see you but I don’t know if you want to see me and if we get caught, I’m afraid people will lash out at you. I want to protect you, okay?”

“I-I understand,” Taehyung sniffs. He can hear the distant sound of his friends laughing through the wall and he feels so detached from their glee. “I wrote the song because I wanted to get it out. You know?”

“I do.”

“I don’t regret any of the things we’ve been through. I mean, the photos sucked,” Jeongguk chuckles wetly at that, “but I love you too. I- I know what you mean and it was this feeling that drove me into writing. I feel so confused.”

“Don’t be,” Jeongguk interjects, “don’t be. We- You can meet new people. Promise me you will, okay?”

For some reason, something inside Taehyung shatters when he hears those words. It’s probably because deep down he still had hopes they would fix this, that Jeongguk wanted to reach out and tell him they should try again against all odds. But no, it becomes so clear to him that this won’t be happening and it’s like he’s lost his footing.

“I learned so much with you, Tae,” Jeongguk continues, not commenting on the sniffs coming from Taehyung’s end of the line, “I wish you so much success. You’re a great artist, you’re a great person, you have a light of your own and when you walk in you make the room brighter. I’m so grateful I had you in my life.”

“I- Thank you and- I'm so sorry,” are the only things Taehyung can say.

“Hey, don’t cry, okay?” Jeongguk laughs even though it’s obvious the both of them are crying. “I don’t want you to feel like that anymore. I want you to smile without a fucking care in the world, without worrying about nothing. I’ll try to as well, right?”


“There are some things I need to make right this time, things I need to figure out, things I need to fix,” Jeongguk continues. “I want to be better.”

“Don’t- don’t put yourself down. You’ve come so far and it wasn’t by chance. You’re an honest guy, you’re humble,” Taehyung enumerates, hugging his own knees to his chest, “you’re a truly good person, Jeongguk. And I wish you all the best as well. You’ll go places.”

Jeongguk chuckles. “Thanks. I loved the song, by the way. Very good production,” he comments, probably wanting to switch topics, “was it you as well?”

“A bit. The boys helped me. The producers too.”

“Ah, you have some of the best producers there. So- sorry if I ruined your day with this,” he admits sheepishly, “but you’ll have better ones in the future. I truly believe that.”

“You too,” Taehyung mumbles.

“Yeah, uh,” Jeongguk pauses, “I’ll see you around, I suppose. Maybe in the next award show. Hopefully they won’t do that again.”

Taehyung laughs. “Yeah, hopefully. I’m too old for you anyways,” he means it as a joke, but it’s kind of dry. It doesn’t matter because Jeongguk laughs either way and something about it makes Taehyung feel the slightest bit happy, like an unexpected light right at the end of a very, very long tunnel. The promise of light-heartedness there, the simple sound of Jeongguk laughing without a care in the world lends him some strength.

He doesn’t know which one of them says goodbye first. One moment Taehyung is there and the next he’s staring at the screen of his phone that details the ended call.

Taehyung for a moment feels nothing. Then all of a sudden, the finality of what’s just happened gets bigger and bigger, the memories start resurfacing and the feeling of loss is there, lodged right in his chest.

He’s totally unprepared for the knocks on the door, or Jimin’s curious voice coming through the wood. “Tae? You there?”

Taehyung gasps and the tears start pouring.



“Are you okay?” Jimin sounds alarmed now, certainly having heard the waver in his voice.

“No,” Taehyung moans, getting up to open the door.

Jimin walks in and Taehyung is suddenly being pampered by all of the members. He feels ridiculous for crying, again over Jeongguk but he can’t help it. Even though they ask him what’s happened, Taehyung can’t find words. You know the feeling when the worst thing that could happen... happens?



BREAKING NEWS: JEONGGUK breaks contract and leaves agency
Idol Jeon Jeongguk surprised fans all around the world today when releasing a joint declaration with NNN, the star’s agency, that he’ll be leaving its team of big-shot idols. Jeongguk claimed to have found divergences inside the agency that led him into making the decision. Seung Woojin, NNN’s CEO, declared he’s sad to see Jeongguk go but respects the idol and his career.
NNN is had as one of the main agencies inside the music industry, having divulged boybands such as SQUAD, Seven, girl groups MiM and Shooting Stars, and solo artists Jason Wu, CiCi and Shatter. Jeongguk was the agency’s best-selling idol, breaking records in billboards across the globe and selling out stadium tours. The idol also possesses seventeen nominations to six different categories in national and international awards, of which he won ten major awards in total, including Best Idol of the Year, Best Album of the Year and Top Social Media Award.
Despite the idol’s declaration, fans state that NNN’s investment in its new boyband set to debut in September led it to overlook Jeongguk’s career. The idol has made no other statements regarding the future of his career. See an assemble of Jeon Jeongguk’s best moments below.
How a break of contract works and why Jeongguk might come out losing millions
Fans are left shocked as Jeongguk declares he’ll be leaving NNN
CEO of NNN claims rupture with JEONGGUK was ‘planned’ and ‘pacific’
Entertainment agency loses its main idol Jeon Jeongguk, artist claims ‘creativity divergences’
Jeongguk sends an enigmatic message to fans: not done yet
NNN might lose up to 43% of its profits with idol Jeongguk’s departure
BREAKING NEWS: Jeongguk to join JKY, new agency formed by ex-idols that plans to upturn the market
Two days after announcing his break of contract and leaving former agency, Jeon Jeongguk has finally opened up about his plans for the future. Despite the theories behind his sudden exit and the rising suspicions of a career shutdown, Jeongguk claims he still has ‘a long way to go’ and announced that he’ll join JKY, an agency recently created by Min Yoongi and Kim Namjoon, former SQUAD and Karma members, respectively.
The idol shared the news with his fans in his social media profiles (along with a selca with the founders) and has promised to continue onwards with his career in a ‘new environment’. The revelation brought a wave of relief to the millions of fans responsible for trending #stayjk worldwide ever since the rupture between Jeongguk and NNN, which despite its initial peaceful tone now promises to be one of the biggest legal battles over copyrights ever seen.
JKY enters heavyweight battle with major agencies after Jeongguk’s joining
Mastermind? Despite multi-millionaire battle with former agency, Jeongguk’s sales break new records and might surpass legal expenses with copyrights and breach of contract
Jeongguk teaches the music industry a lesson on marketing and financial planning

@jeonnie14: I was so shocked when jk left nnn I swear I cried for days , but now he’s joining yoongi and namjoon which r my favorite ppl in the world!! This is like christmas <3<3
@tyonjk: oh god im so happy with this news! Go jk! You still have a long way to go, my love!
@ggukmee: I was holding my breath with all of what was going on with jk, poor boy must have gone through a difficult time. I have no idea why he broke away from nnn but knowin how these things usually work out he had good reasons. Both yoongi and namjoon also suffered at the hands of their agencies – yoongi with nnn too lol – so I think it’s safe to say jk must’ve been mistreated as well
@jegguonk33: HAHAHA NNN is so fucked!!! JK I worship you!!! Not only did he break the contract but he has made so that he will pbbly gain his copyrights back and make enough money to cover breaking the contract in the first place. Nnn lost their golden eggs chicken
@myalter-ego: how can an agency let an idol of jk’s calibre go like that?? and istg his power! he literally reduced one of the biggest agencies in the country to half its size in less than 24 hours
@for-everjk: JK I LOVE YOU MARRY ME
@kingjgukkie: nnn must’ve rlly fucked him over, look at him, he’s coming at them with a vengeance. I love it *eating popcorn while reading the news*
@notyourfriend: when jk decided to leave nnn I was shook but now I see he had it all planned out. I know ppl discussed why he did it exhaustively but nothing can make me change my mind: theres dirty in there, I would guess prostitution and smth to do with his sex scandal. I remember nnn handled that so badly
@mygukkke: omg : O im new in the fandom. Jeongguk had a sex scandal??? With who??
@heygukatme: kim taehyung sweetie




“He was looking at you.”

“Shut up,” Taehyung says through clenched teeth, not wanting to move his face too much and disturb the girl currently wiping his make-up off.

“I’m just saying,” Jimin states smartly. “Actually,” he continues a few minutes later, when his own hairdresser was done, “he didn’t take his eyes away from you all night long.”

Taehyung rolls his eyes even though he feels the beginning of a smile trying to spread on his face. Seokjin winks at him from the other end of the dressing room, engrossed on his phone but still listening in.

“Maybe he was wondering what I was doing next to you bunch of idiots,” Taehyung smirks, eyeing the television still airing the show they’d just performed in, where Park Bogum, owner of the attentive eyes, was still MCing.

“Hey,” Seokjin interjects at the off-handed offense.

“Maybe he was wondering if you’d give him your number,” Jimin teases, the face of pure naughtiness, “which makes me wonder: would you?”

Taehyung smiles at the girl when she’s done, taking his phone from the charger and waiting until the last moment to answer. “Maybe.”




Love is in the air? ° ͜ʖ ͡° Actor and heartthrob Park Bogum spotted on a possible date with idol Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung dismisses dating rumours and opens up about friendship, family and puppies in STAR’s latest issue!
Red carpet: Park Bogum takes Kim Taehyung as his date to movie premiere night and the pictures will kill you of cuteness overload
A walk in the park... Park Bogum is once again seen in the company of Kim Taehyung during romantic night out
SPOTTED: BSBoy’s Kim Taehyung and actor Park Bogum caught making out!
After denying, ignoring and then denying dating rumours again, Park Bogum and Kim Taehyung finally announce their relationship
Tinder no more! Kim Taehyung of BSBoys is officially dating Park Bogum, main star of KBS new series
Matching outfits, instagram posts and love declarations: Taehyung and Bogum are elected as the country’s cutest celebrity couple
Park Bogum talks new roles, directing and new beau Kim Taehyung

@jungiehoseokie: damn boy moves fast
@bitsweetboyz: what are you talking about? Respect tae!
@pkbogummi: NO bogum is mine!! How dare you kim taehyung always stealing my men
@oooomg: wow first jeongguk and now bogum, taehyung’s taste in men is on point
@faerietaerie: That's so weird tho, jeongguk and bogum strike me as v different in terms of looks and personalities
@vegetaerian: That's good, wouldn’t want anyone else treating tae like scum jeongguk did, he deserves better. Tae, wish you and bogum all the best! <3
@jkworld: Stop dragging jk’s name into this, you evil minions! Jk got rid of tae and you all know why, it’s because he’s a slut and now he’s going to do it to bogum 2. bogum escape while you can
@luvbsboy: the nerve of some people!!! Im reporting this piece of shit
@kimmiechan: she got removed lol
@taesorcery: don’t mind me, I'm just sitting here and wondering how a *certain someone* is taking this news [gif of kermit the frog sipping tea]
@taesderriere: don’t be so immature guys! Im so happy for taehyung for finding love again, wish him all the best in this new relationship, they look so good together, ultimate visual couple! Xo
@tae_gum4evr: they’re so in love and it’s so beautiful! Bogum’s ig is the ultimate couples goals, he’s so head over heels for tae. I’m so happy this is happening and despite all the shit he got past taehyung is still out there getting himself some quality dick
@ultimataefan: WOW when I saw the pictures of them together for bogum’s premiere I thought they were only very good friends but now I see they’re the real deal! I’m so happy for Tae, no one deserves a nice, healthy relationship more than he does.
@namjoniehyun: I know that as a fandom we’d agreed on not mentioning j******k again but has he said anythign abt this so far?
@selcataemin: nope
@hyungay: I read somewhere jk was asked abt it and burst into tears kdjshskjdhskjdhskd
@taeluving: that was fake news pbbly, but no, jk wasn’t asked abt it and I don’t think he will be. They're past that alrdy, guys.




“Hey,” Taehyung says as soon as the door opens.

A tired looking Bogum blinks at him, scratching at a bleary eye before widening the door to let him through. “Hey, baby,” he says, still squinting when Taehyung inches forward for a peck, “what happened? It's almost 1 am. Not that I’m not happy to see you but you said you’d have a busy day.”

Taehyung gulps, walking past the threshold and taking a seat on Bogum’s familiar couch. They’d been dating for a year now and Taehyung loves how effortless their relationship is.

He waits until Bogum has sleepily moved towards him, filling the space beside his on the couch. He almost feels bad for having woken him up but Taehyung needs to share.

“I,” he starts, “needed to talk to you.”

Bogum frowns slightly, eyes widening a bit after that. Taehyung can feel his apprehension but instead of acting on it, Bogum still has the manners to ask if he’d like anything to drink before they start talking.

Taehyung shakes his head, crossing his legs and reaching out to take Bogum’s hands in his to offer a preliminary comfort.

“Remember when I said how Junmyeon had sent me a private message these days?”

Bogum nods.

“So,” Taehyung licks his lips, “he scheduled a meeting. It was today.”

Bogum nods.

“I got there and- when I didn’t see the boys I should’ve known,” Taehyung sighs. He can feel Bogum squeezing his fingers and looks up at him. “Junmyeon and a couple other representatives from the agency were there. Bogumie,” Taehyung gulps, “they want me to go solo.”

He feels when Bogum takes it in, his entire body gaining a stiffer quality to it. His boyfriend blinks to finally wipe the fogginess out of his vision. “What- But-”

Taehyung nods. He can still feel his heart beating wildly inside his chest ever since he got the news. They weren’t news per se, Junmyeon and the rest explicitly asked him if he wanted to go through with it, but in the end Taehyung knows what his answer is going to be and he couldn’t sleep without worrying about how the boys were going to take it.

“But weren’t you,” Bogum sighs, “aren’t you set to disband... next month?”


“Does Jimin, Seokjin...” Bogum starts but with the weight of Taehyung’s gaze he must understand, “they don’t know about it, do they?”

Taehyung shakes his head. “I don’t think so. I mean, Junmyeon didn’t say anything and I didn’t ask but- I think they don’t.”

“Oh, Tae,” Bogum bemoans, letting Taehyung squeeze his fingers and fret inside his apartment.

“I know, right? I mean, I love Jimin, I love Seokjin and Hoseok too but I feel like they would take it as cheating, as a betrayal.”

Bogum shakes his head quietly. “I don’t know about that, baby. Listen, they love you, just like you love them. I think that if you called them right now they would tell you to go for it.”

Taehyung nods, licking his lips pensively. “I agree with you. But,” he bites his bottom lip, “it’s not good news, right? I don’t know how I would feel if the roles were reversed. It’s basically as though I’m better than them.”

Bogum tilts his head to the side. “Not really. Maybe they’re just better suited for other things. You said Jimin is a great dancer, for example, but that doesn’t mean he has all it takes to be an idol.”

Taehyung pauses, blinking in confusion. “What?”

Bogum chuckles. “Okay, that came out wrong. What I’m trying to say is: Tae, you’re great at you do. Give yourself a chance. Don’t let others hinder you.”

Taehyung nods. He knows this a changing moment for him. He could admit that he was baffled by the agency’s proposition. He’d never thought they would actually single him out for a solo career. But on the other hand, he’d always had company. He’d always had Jimin, Seokjin and Hoseok to help him. Now he would only have himself.

“Hey,” Bogum hooks a thumb under his chin to lift his gaze, “I don’t want to see you sad about that any longer, okay? You should be happy,” he says, moving to kiss him, “let’s celebrate, hn? I’m taking you out to dinner tomorrow, what do you say? Get you that nice champagne you like...”

Taehyung smiles, letting Bogum press him closer.




BSBoys makes their last performance as a band and members break into tears during encore
After eight years, BSBoys officially says goodbye to fans
What now? The future that awaits former members of BSBoys
Kim Taehyung announces solo career and gives fans of past boyband new hopes

@taeforgum: I was so sad to see them go but now I'm so happy for taehyung! :D
@2sseok: kim taehyung was far from being my favorite member of bsb, honestly don’t know what their agency was thinking
@tae-angel: GO TAE!!! He deserves it somuch! Not that the other members might not but tae is fucking beautiful, has a great voice and is super talented, I wish him all the best in his new career
@bsb4ever: whoa I never saw that coming!!
@appletae: this also comes as a surprise to me and I hope tae does well. As a solo artist he’ll have much to prove, imagine entering a market dominated by your ex!!! : O




Jeongguk vs NNN: idol wins legal battle for copyrights and makes JKY end the year as the biggest entertainment agency
After keeping his silence, idol Jeon Jeongguk speaks up about copyrights fight
Single? Jeongguk spotted clubbing with friends and new affair
Japanese model claims to have slept with Jeongguk: ‘fabulous’
NNN gets closer and closer to bankruptcy
The falling of the great: author of book detailing NNN’s history and scandals found a confidential process of idol Jeongguk still running against former agency
It’s Kim Taehyung’s birthday and boyfriend Park Bogum’s gift will melt your heart
Fancam registers shy interaction between Jeongguk and Taehyung backstage at SMA

@jklover: aww that’s so cute! <3 It's so good to see that they let the past go and still talk to each other
@riptide3: I’m still a firm taegguk believer
@chimpark: their little handshake though! So cuteee! And jeongguk smiling while tae talks non-stop <3
@kim-cchi: WTH respect taegum! Tae's in a committed relationship ever since forever, it’s nice that jk and him talk but that doesn’t mean anything, stop vilifying their interaction.
@lmaotaehy: nah I think they had their chance, they’re not going back. Tae is wth bogum and istg they look so happy together. Jk and that cute producer from his agency seem to be getting serious too. Tbh I don’t think we can even compare taegguk and taegum, to me tae and gguk were there more for the sex
@bsbanana: I knew ppl were going to bring tht up again! Tae and bogum are practically married alrdy, why the hell would jk and him go back?
@higguk: did yall see jeongguk’s little look over his shoulder when taehyung goes? Damn I felt that pain all the way here in mexico city
@zeldamaster: what about it?
@richtae: jk looked sad, that’s what they mean
@sleepytaae: ha boy must be v sad indeed, he treated tae like shit and now tae is there giving him a run for his money. Fate has its own way of paying back I guess




Taehyung is slumped against the seat, watching the landscape passing him by through the window. He’d just gotten back to Seoul after promotional flights and the low crooning of the radio has him almost sleepy. The rush of a solo career has to be ten times that of a boyband one and everything gets even harder because Taehyung is there by himself. He has a great staff and Junmyeon had agreed to manage him and for that Taehyung is thankful, but he’s still dead on his feet.

Without wanting to give in to sleep, Taehyung takes his cell phone out of his pocket, ignoring the 20% battery alert. He answers a couple messages from Bogum asking when his flight would land and tells him family he’s safely in Seoul.

He enters his instagram and likes a couple posts from his friends, including one from Jimin of an empty studio. He has over thirty direct messages but chooses to filter through them later, preferring to go through his own notifications.

Taehyung’d posted a picture yesterday of a photoshoot he did in Tokyo. The theme was spring and his ashy blond hair contrasted with the cherry blossoms nicely. The make-up artist had applied a dusky rose to his cheeks and made Taehyung’s lips deep pink, along with some freckles that sat on the tops of his cheeks and nose. His fans seemed to like it but when Taehyung checks the post his eyes stay there for another reason.

‘liked by jjeongguk, parkbogum and 7,345 others

Taehyung licks his lips, staring at it until the screen dims. It’s not unusual for other idols to like each other’s posts, on the contrary; but it’s the simplicity of it that caught Taehyung’s attention. He doesn’t know if Jeongguk left it there only for him to know that he saw it, saw the post, saw his picture. Taehyung can’t help but wonder what Jeongguk thought of it but still... it’s not the same as it was before. Jeongguk is his friend and that had never been clearer to Taehyung before. Maybe it’s because of Bogum, that now holds the place Jeongguk once had, or the simple fact that time had gone by and Taehyung’s feelings – his life – had changed with it.

Shrugging, Taehyung exits the app and opens Candy Crush.




Jimin gives the best hugs, Taehyung’s always known it. Feeling his friend squishing him to his chest, Taehyung drops a kiss on his cheek and waits until Jimin’s pulled back.

“It was great seeing you and the boys,” Taehyung says, spotting Seokjin and Hoseok still at it behind Jimin’s shoulder, cackling and knocking another bottle of soju down. “Sorry for,” Taehyung shrugs, all too aware of Bogum’s figure standing behind him, already out in the sidewalk, “leaving like this.”

“Relax,” Jimin winks, “we had a great time. Let’s schedule another one of these.”

“Sure,” Taehyung smiles, “I’ll try not to bring boring boyfriends next time,” he says in a lower voice while rolling his eyes.

Jimin laughs. “I told you, don’t worry about it. He must be tired, he had a shooting all day long.”

Taehyung nods, accepting the easier excuse and taking a step back. He blows Jimin a kiss and they say goodbye before he goes to Bogum.

His boyfriend gives him a smile and winds an arm over Taehyung’s shoulder as they walk down the streets.

“I’ll call an uber,” Bogum states, pulling his phone out of his pocket.

“We could walk, we’re not far.”

“Don’t wanna get caught by paparazzi here,” Bogum admits.

Taehyung bites his bottom lip and doesn’t say anything. “Why did you say that to Jimin?” he finally asks.

Bogum looks up from his phone, an expression of confusion on his face. “What?”

“You know what,” Teahyung counters with a pout. He’d once thought it was just a wrong impression but now he finds he doesn’t like the way Bogum treats his friends. He finds he doesn’t like the way Bogum treats lots of people.

“Come on, Tae,” Bogum chuckles, “it was just a joke.”

“It wasn’t funny. Jimin is my best friend.”

“I know that, sweetheart,” Bogum coos, bending to kiss his cheek.

Taehyung opens his mouth to retort but there are suddenly headlights on their faces and Bogum is pulling the door to their uber open. Trying to not too sound like an asshole, Taehyung gets in the car and lets it go.




It’s only three days later when Taehyung is checking his instagram in bed that he chooses to open his dms. He excludes some of them, sends Junmyeon’s number to the promotional ones and answers a couple from old friends liking his stories or just saying hey.

One of the oldest ones sits at the bottom and Taehyung is surprised to see it’s from Jeongguk, dating back to December.

jjeongguk: Hey, Taehyung, happy birthday and happy new year!

Shit. The message dated back to last year. Feeling a boult of embarrassment, Taehyung opens the keyboard.

kimtaehyung: Omg thank you! Sorry for only answering you now. I had several messages and didn’t see yours : /

jjeongguk: that’s okay : )

Taehyung blinks, staring at the message. He sees Jeongguk is online but the other idol doesn’t say anything else.

kimtaehyung: How have you been?

jjeongguk: good, could b better, I feel like I've been run over by a garbage truck

Taehyung chuckles.

kimtaehyung: I know the feeling exactly

jjeongguk: and you? How have you been?

kimtaehyung: I'm okay. Could be better too...

jjeongguk: career?

Taehyung licks his lips.

kimtaehyung: Yeah, career and bf

Jeongguk takes a while longer to answer.

jjeongguk: I know the feeling exactly

Taehyung chuckles. He didn’t know Jeongguk was in a serious relationship but then again the other idol likes his relationships discreet. Taehyung should’ve followed his example, sometimes he gets headaches with the amount of publicity that surrounds him and Bogum.

kimtaehyung: I didn’t know you were dating. How long?

jjeongguk: six months now. She's nice, you’d like her, an old friend from Busan

kimtaehyung: That sounds nice

jjeongguk: yeah it is but we barely see each other, she still lives there. I wanted to offer to bring her to seoul but it’s soon for us to move in together

Taehyung reads the message three times.

kimtaehyung: I see : (

jjeongguk: and you and bogum? Have the wedding date set yet?

Taehyung doesn’t really like messaging because he never sees the person in the eyes and knows if they mean it playfully or seriously. He thinks Jeongguk asks it in a friendly way though because their relationship has become so strained that there’s no more room for anything other than light-hearted politeness.

kimtaehyung: haha god no

jjeongguk: you’ve been together for 2 years now right?

kimtaehyung: Yes... he’s nice, I love him but sometimes he pisses me off

Taehyung bites his bottom lip. He’s been slowly losing his patience with Bogum lately. Now it’s not only the way he treats his friends, but the way he publishes every breathing moment of theirs in the social media because he wants to win stupid tournaments like ’cutest internet couple'.

jjeongguk: that happens... but if you love him I'm sure the both of you will figure it out

Taehyung hums. He knows Jeongguk means well and maybe he really is being pessimistic, but he doesn’t feel like figuring things out.

kimtaehyung: yeah I hope so




Park Bogum and Kim Taehyung SPLIT
The internet is in tears after actor Park Bogum and idol Kim Taehyung announced to have broken up after two-year relationship
Cheating rumours arise after Bogum’s and Taehyung’s break up, co-star Park Jungyoon sets instagram account to private

@taegummie: oh nooooo! I can’t believe they split up
@werkimtae: love is dead! And now they say there was cheating, that can’t be true! Bogum would never cheat on tae, they love each other
@kimmietae: honestly I don’t know what to say. I don’t believe any of them cheated, bogum and tae were really in love
@therealtae: idk bogum’s relationship with jungyoon was really weird, they were really close. Maybe tae just got jealous of him




“I wasn’t even-” Taehyung sniffs, “I hadn’t the faintest idea.”

“There was no way you would know, Tae,” Jimin says from the other end of the line.

“Like,” Taehyung throws a sweater inside the bag, not caring if he misses it, “I thought it was weird because he would call all the time but Bogum said it was nothing, ‘just a friend’, he said. And the worst is that, when I found out, he said it meant nothing. That it was just one but that the guy kept calling back. What- Did he want me to just say, ‘oh that’s okay if it’s just sex’?”

“Tae,” Jimin tries.

“I hated how he treated you. Seokjin and Hoseok too. Like you were below him. He hates idols, you know? He was interested in me at first because of that episode on that stupid series that I did. He thought I was different.”

“Taehyung, he’s a fucking idiot,” Jimin says, “you were right to leave him.”

“I know, it’s-” Taehyung sighs, “we were together for two years. It’s not easy to forget him.”

“You still in Ulsan?” Jimin asks.


“Well, you should go out. Try to forget him.”

“I’m not sure, I- you're right, I’ll try. Thanks, Jimin.”

“You’re welcome, love.”

Taehyung hangs up, seeing his reflection on the hotel’s mirror and sighs. He gets the sweater he’d just thrown and wears it.

Taehyung has no clear destination in mind, he just calls an uber to a nearby park, sees the street lights and walks a bit. He sits down with some street food and takes a picture that goes straight to his instagram.

He eats half of his sandwich before his phone vibrates with new messages. He opens it, checks them and is surprised to see Jeongguk’s answered to his photo privately.

jjeongguk: you in ulsan?

kimtaehyung: yes

jjeongguk: me too

He sends a picture of a nearby location.

jjeongguk: want to meet?

kimtaehyung: where are you?

It’s a quaint coffee shop. Jeongguk is sat at the farthest table with his facemask pulled on. Taehyung inches up his and walks there.

He looks the same, Jeongguk. A bit more mature, that’s for sure. Broader shoulders, sharper jawline and longer hair. The corners of his eyes lift when Taehyung takes the seat across from his.

“Hey,” he says.


“Been a while, hn?” Jeongguk asks.

“Three years?” Taehyung guesses.

Jeongguk nods, “something like that, yes.”

A waiter shows up for their orders and Jeongguk makes a comically deep voice to speak. Taehyung is glad for the facemask because that means he can laugh without him seeing. Jeongguk must still be suspicious though, because when the waiter goes he extends a look at Taehyung.

“What’s so funny?” Jeongguk asks.

“Do you still do that?”


“Do you still make that voice so people won’t recognize you?”

Jeongguk shrugs, a bit bashful. They exchange a look and stay silent for a moment.

“I saw that...” Jeongguk begins, lowering his eyes and folding a napkin, “about you and your boyfriend. I’m sorry.”

Taehyung nods. “Ex-boyfriend. He’s my ex-boyfriend now.”

Jeongguk tilts his head in consideration. “Yeah, I think he is.”

“What about... sorry, you never told me her name.”

“Jina?” Jeongguk says, “yeah, things didn’t work out for us.”

Taehyung raises his eyebrows. “Ah. I’m sorry.”

“It was kind of a lost fight,” Jeongguk says, “she is in college and I’m always traveling. We live in completely different realities. And I,” he pauses, nodding at the waiter who deposits their coffee, “I liked her but,” Jeongguk shakes his head, “I never thought we would last enough for me to grow to love her.”

Taehyung is a bit taken aback with the sincerity in Jeongguk’s words. “I see.”

They pause to sip at their coffees.

“I saw some things about you too,” Taehyung starts. Jeongguk hums in question. “About your fight with your last agency.”

“Yeah, about that,” Jeongguk looks at the tabletop.

“You don’t need to tell me why you did it,” Taehyung ascertains, “you must have your reasons but I thought it was brave of you nonetheless.”

Jeongguk smiles. “Thanks. It was something I needed to do. I don’t think I could’ve stayed there for longer. I’m much better where I am, after all,” he states, sounding proud.

“Right, you work with Yoongi and Namjoon now, whoa,” Taehyung remembers and Jeongguk nods amusedly. “God, I’m their fan, they’re brilliant.”

“They really are. I’ve been learning so much with them too, getting more involved in the music I make. In fact,” he sighs curtly, wrapping his hand around his cup. His hands look big and there are several veins jumping with the movement. “I don’t know for how much longer I’m gonna continue,” Jeongguk says after taking a quick look around.

The information is so surprising to Taehyung that he has to stop for a moment and wonder if he’d heard right. “What do you mean? Like, quitting?”

Jeongguk nods, scratching the back of his head.

“Quit being an idol?”

Another nod. “I want to produce,” he says simply, “and other stuff too. I love being an idol, don’t get me wrong, but I hate the exposure and I’ve been through some things that,” it’s Taehyung’s turn to drop his eyes, “that weren’t easy.”

Jeongguk makes a motion with his head in Taehyung’s direction. He supposes it is to indicate that they both know what they’re talking about and yes, Taehyung does know.

“That’s- surprising, I guess,” Taehyung finally says, “I’m honestly speechless.”

Jeongguk laughs, and then: “would you like to meet them?”

Taehyung frowns midway into drinking his coffee, “sorry?”

“Yoongi and Namjoon,” Jeongguk says, “would you like to meet them some time?”




Namjoon and Yoongi look like completely normal people, still, when Taehyung shakes their hands he can’t help but be in wonder. They’re nice to him too, showing him the agency and their equipment, asking about how his creative process is like and Yoongi even asks him about the lyrics of Lonely Heart and claims he loved it.

Taehyung doesn’t know what to say. He sits down on the couch belonging to their studio and for a simple moment they just talk and talk. Jeongguk is there as well, with his arms crossed and his witty comments, blushing every time either Yoongi or Namjoon mention him.

Something else happens when the conversation suddenly veers to Jeongguk’s agency though. Yoongi mentioned NNN and then stole a look at Taehyung’s ex, inching his eyebrows up as though inviting him to say anything. Taehyung notices it but thinks it’s unpolite to point it out, even more so when he sees how anxious Jeongguk gets. Namjoon continues speaking like nothing had happened, but when Yoongi sets his beer bottle with some finality on the wooden able, Taehyung can’t help but find his eyes.

“Jeongguk mustn’t have told you about NNN,” he says.

Taehyung’s smile dims a little, feeling under the spotlight. He shakes his head, “he didn’t but that’s okay.”

Yoongi cocks his head and Jeongguk grows somber, suddenly avoiding their eyes. “I can tell you about my experience though, right?” Yoongi continues and Taehyung nods.

The next ten minutes are spent with Yoongi telling him about the way the agency treated him and the members of his former boyband. When he gets to the rookies’ part of the story Taehyung feels his eyes widening in a way that must be comic.

Yoongi nods. “Tough. A boy from Busan quit when he was just about to debut at sixteen. Rumours talked about paedophility and knowing them, they were probably right.”

Taehyung gulps with some difficulty, feeling that the light-hearted atmosphere that enveloped the room had suddenly dropped into something way darker. He feels almost cold under his cardigan. For some reason he can’t help but look in Jeongguk’s direction and the other idol must know what he’s getting at because he shakes his head slowly.

With a sigh, Jeongguk comes to sit beside him on the couch and both Yoongi and Namjoon turn to each other, whispering in a way that is meant to give Jeongguk and Taehyung privacy for their own talk, which Jeongguk begins when he reaches out to rub Taehyung’s shoulder.

“Taehyung,” Jeongguk speaks out, “I need to tell you something.”

The cold that Taehyung had been feeling intensifies, seeping into his chest. He nods tightly, knowing that with the way Jeongguk is keeping to himself, this can’t be good.

“There’s another reason why I left NNN, another reason why I did it precisely to fuck them up. You must remember about your photos, right?”

Taehyung nods. He revisits the pain, the shame and the self-hatred in the blink of an eye. It’s always there anyway, waiting for him to remember.

“I never told you this, but,” he glances at Yoongi and Namjoon as though waiting for confirmation, “I knew it wasn’t real.”

Taehyung pulls his arms closer to himself, feeling unprotected all of a sudden. He has no idea what Jeongguk means by that. “What?”

“The hacker, Taehyung,” Jeongguk licks his lips, “it wasn’t real.”

Taehyung blinks, a wave of fury coming over him when he sees Jeongguk’s face there, blank, almost scared of what he’s going to say. “Is this some kind of sick joke?” Taehyung asks with perhaps more passion than he intended. He makes to stand up, but Jeongguk eyes him imploringly.

“Please, let me tell you the story. Please.”

Taehyung can feel his nostrils flaring, can feel his face burning up but lets himself fall back on the couch.

“When I saw the pictures that were leaked, I knew something wasn’t right,” Jeongguk begins, “you see, there was one picture of you that wasn’t supposed to be there. I had deleted it months before the night of the hacking. But it was there.”

“They accessed his photos before,” Yoongi buts in. Namjoon knocks his shoulders with his as though to criticize him from speaking out but the other doesn’t look repetant, staring into Taehyung’s eyes as though to make sure he heard him.

“I noticed it and asked my manager,” Jeongguk says, gaining Taehyung’s attention back, “he said it was probably my imagination but how could it be when the photo really wasn’t there? I got in contact with one of the higher-ups and started investigating. That’s how I met Yoongi. When I was certain I wasn’t mad and that there was indeed something wrong with the version they released to the press, they spoke to me.

“They said,” Jeongguk sighs, in a way that makes it clear that he isn’t sure it’s real or not, “that the hacker got in touch with them during spring. That was four months before the leak. The hacker said they had incriminating material on me and they agreed on a price. NNN paid them to not publish the material. According to them, the hacker started wanting more money, so one day they asked them what the ‘incriminating material’ would be. They should NNN everything, including your pictures. But the thing is, there wasn’t anything on me that NNN thought was indeed incriminating other than the fact that we’d had a relationship. So instead of paying another month, they said the hacker could release it.”

Taehyung breathes, absorbing Jeongguk’s words slowly.

“So, basically,” Taehyung starts, “I was fucked over by your agency?”

Jeongguk nods. “I’m sorry. After they told me that, I waited as long as I could to break the contract so the penalty wouldn’t be too high, that way I could recuperate and sue them.”

“Sue them?”

Jeongguk nods once more. “The investigation is running in confidentiality. I think they bribed the judge but they’ve lost a lot of money, I’m not sure for how much longer they’ll keep it up.”

“That’s just their version though, Taehyung,” Yoongi intervenes, “we don’t know if it’s real.”

Taehyung gulps. “Is there any other version worse than that?”

“Yoongi thinks there wasn’t a hacker,” Namjoon, of all people, speaks out, “he thinks NNN broke into Jeongguk’s phone, found the photos and chose to publish them in a moment that would be opportune for them under the guise of a hacker. Jeongguk’s name was trending non-stop and they would release his next single soon. He was also their bestselling idol, so,” he shrugs, “they would get a lot of money.”

“Maybe even an award,” Jeongguk scoffs.

“I-I can’t,” Taehyung hides behind his hands, “I’m sorry, I just don’t feel well.”

Jeongguk throws an arm around his shoulders. “I’m sorry, I know it’s a lot to take in that’s why I waited so long to tell you.”

Taehyung nods. He feels a punching emptiness in his chest and hot tears, tears that almost burn his tear ducts on their way up. Jeongguk keeps him firm, his familiar smell invading Taehyung’s nostrils. He feels despair but also safety, knows Jeongguk will steady him.

Namjoon and Yoongi murmur to each other and get up from the couch. They must take their own coats from the hanger before going because Taehyung spies shadows over Jeongguk’s shoulder, lingering by the doorstep before the door closes.

“You did all that- for me?” Taehyung asks. His voice is shaky and wet and he hates it. He remembers the complete chaos of Jeongguk’s contract break, remembers the endless headlines and everyone wondering why an idol would do something like that. Something crazy, something mad. Jeongguk would possibly lose his entire career if it weren’t for Yoongi and Namjoon.

“It wasn’t right,” Jeongguk tells him, maybe just as shaky, “not to you, not to anyone else but specially not to you.”

Taehyung sniffs, nodding slowly. He feels Jeongguk’s hair on his cheek, the once cold metal of his hoop earring that’s turned warm next to Taehyung’s own skin. He doesn’t to leave the space between his arms, everything else around him seems hostile.

“Hey,” Jeongguk says after a long moment, “let me drive you home.”

Taehyung nods but still makes no move to get up.

“Taehyung,” Jeongguk calls lowly, “let’s go.”

Taehyung chuckles, finally pulling back. He doesn’t meet Jeongguk’s eye, embarrassed at their embrace.

“Come on,” Jeongguk pats his shoulder, helping him even though it’s unnecessary.

“I’m okay,” Taehyung nods, fixing his hair and wiping his tears. “It’s a lot to take in but knowing the truth makes me feel a bit better.”

Jeongguk manages a small smile. “Does it? I’m glad.”

“Yeah,” Taehyung grins, “fuck NNN.”

Jeongguk laughs. “I think I fucked them up pretty good.”

Taehyung chuckles wetly. “You did.”

Taehyung stands there while Jeongguk turns off the computers and puts the bottles away. He sees as he grabs his car keys from his pocket, as he walks towards him, standing next to the door.

“You cold?” Jeongguk asks with a frown.

“My coat,” Taehyung makes to grab the one on the hanger.

“Here,” Jeongguk takes it and walks around to throw the coat over Taehyung’s shoulders.

Taehyung feels the breeze of his warm breath on his nape and shivers.

Jeongguk turns the lights off and they exit the studio. Taehyung waits, leaning on the wall next to the door, as Jeongguk locks the door. The hallway still has the lights on aTaehyung stares at its narrow blankness, feeling safe. This is Jeongguk’s, Yoongi’s and Namjoon’s place, and they all mean well to him.

“Ready?” Jeongguk prompts, a hand lingering over his waist without ever touching.

Taehyung looks down at it and then raises his eyes to Jeongguk’s face. “You said something earlier,” he says.

Jeongguk looks caught off guard, eyes a bit wider as he stares at Taehyung and waits.

“When you mentioned your ex,” Taehyung continues, “you said you knew you wouldn’t grow to love her. Why was that?”

Jeongguk shrugs. “She wasn’t- the right one for me.”

“And who is the right one for you?”

Jeongguk shakes his head, avoiding his eyes.

“Did you know it,” Taehyung restarts, “when we were together, that you wouldn’t-”

Jeongguk is shaking his head before Taehyung finishes. “Tae, I love you,” he says. It’s so simple, so matter-of-fact. Like Jeongguk is stating the obvious. He even smiles a little smile after, a bit bashful, a bit unsure, every bit him. “But I know that-”

Taehyung fits a hand on the back of his neck, entire body moving forward to kiss him. His lips are a bit chapped, tasting a little like beer. He’s delicious. Taehyung fears he’ll reject him but that doesn’t happen. Jeongguk winds both his arms around his waist and pulls him closer hard. He opens his mouth to Taehyung’s tongue, lets him explore the way their tongues twine, the way he tastes, even the roof of his mouth.

Taehyung cards his fingers through his black hair and his heart bursts, absolutely bursts with happiness. He feels like he’s floating, knees almost buckling.

They pull back for air, Jeongguk’s lips red and shiny, hanging there open while waiting for Taehyung to go back.

“God,” Taehyung pants, “we’re fucking crazy.”

Jeongguk laughs, tilting his head and fitting their lips back together.




BREAKING NEWS: Jeongguk announces end of career
Save the date: Jeongguk’s last album to be released next week
’Jeongguk chose to focus on producing and managing the agency’, says JKY on official notice over idol’s retirement
Jeongguk promises a last surprise to fans on the release of his last album




@taefaerie: send me flowers cause I’M DEAD
@thgukkie: I held my breath for years and years and I can finally say WELCOME BACK, TAEGGUK!!!
@jeonnie15: AHHHHH they’re together they’re together taehyung and jeongguk this is not test I repeat this is not a test
@taeggukr: WTH I was so unprepared for that! They dropped a bomb on us!
@fykth: what happened?
@jhighuk: taehyung and jeongguk are dating again!!!!
@kittenchan: they made no announcements yet but the last song of Jeongguk’s album features Taehyung and the MV is beautiful!!1<3
@yuggortie: the MV was breaking my heart because we just had Tae walking around in an empty house for 3 minutes and JK singing in the background about missing someone. And then BAM ten seconds before the MV ends JK walks in and they fucking kiss like starved men AHHHH
@queenoftwt: Jeongguk just announced that they’re indeed back together and said the entire album is dedicated to taehyung, guys I’m gonna cry. The link to the news is here
@vgukkie: those were all the songs jk wrote when he and tae were apart, all fucking fifteen of them!!!! In case you were wondering!!!
@taegguk: glad I kept this username after all lol