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Hurry Up and Save Me

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Enji couldn't believe it. He rubbed his eyes multiple times, wishing this was just a dream. But the water running down his body wasn't helping. At all.

His dick was just.....gone.

Today on his morning patrol a villain attacked a shopping mall in hopes of stealing some expensive jewelry. Endeavor was the only hero nearby, so of course he went straight into action.

The villain had an acid spitting Quirk, taking a little boy hostage. Endeavor got hit a few times but it was nothing compared to his other injuries. He managed to apprehend the villain and rescue the boy but in the state of shock, he sent a wave of something which made him cough momenteraly but overall nothing.

He returned the boy to his parents and he overheard the conversation that the parents had with the police that the kid's Quirk has to do something with hormones.

He didn't feel anything wrong for the rest of the day until he got into the shower and was scrubbing down his body. He simply didn't felt his dick. Instead a flat space was present.

"Don't tell me I...." He reached down and slid his fingers over it, choking on a gasp, he leaned against the shower wall. "Damn...." It was so freaking sensitive!

He got out of the shower and dried himself and wrapped his lower half in a towel and exited the shower. He passed past Fuyumi who waited patiently on her turn in the shower. He gave her a nod and she walked in and he quickly walked into his bedroom, being glad that he didn't meet Natsuo nor Shouto on the way.

He closed the door properly and sat on the bed, reluctant to take off the towel. He took a deep breath and- when did his fingers start shaking?- he took it off.

He stared at the flat space, pubic hair still connected to his belly. He slowly slid his hand down, finger still trembling and gently brushed his fingers over the folds, holding back a gasp.

He lays down, still stroking the folds, biting his hand to prevent any moans from escaping. He arches his back into the ministrations, his finger getting slick. "It"

He moaned even though he was still biting on his hand, pressing his thighs together. He wants to stop, needs to stop but he can't. He can't stop moving his finger trough the folds, it is too late to stop himself when he moved the finger in, making him moan and surprised at how he isn't met with any kind of resistance.

His higher temperature made it even more pleasurable as he moved his finger in and out, quickly followed by second. He bit harder onto his hand, nearly drawing blood. Tears of pleasure ran down his cheeks and he closed his eyes, his body temperature rising.

Those slick noises emiting from him made him embarased, slickness and juices dripping down onto the sheets, staining it. 

He quickened the pace, turning his head to the side, bucking his hips into his ministrations. "Mhhm....Huuh... Mhaah...." Some noises escaped from his mouth and he couldn't be bothered. His mind was getting clouded and hazy, warmth pooling in his lower belly.

He started to pant, more slickness dripping down and more coating his fingers and thighs. He squeezed around his fingers and arches his back as he pressed his clit with his thumb.

He choked on a moan and his eyes shot open as the warmth in his lower belly suddenly exploded, going trough his whole body and sending pleasure jolts into the tip of his toes. More juices dripped as he squirted, pulling his fingers out and moaning loudly.

He fell back onto the bed, sheets drenched in sweat and juices. Enji was surprised that it didn't catch fire. He was panting heavily, chest heaving.

He sat up and cringed, looking at the mess he had made. "Disgusting." He didn't know what he was disgusted with.

With the mess?

Or himself?

Either way, he has to change the sheets and take another shower. Preferably when all of his children are asleep.

He looked at his messy fingers and down on his new womanhood. "No wonder Rei liked it so much." 

He sighed and cleaned his hand into the already ruined sheets. "Great." 

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"Shouto came second on the obstacle course. And he was doing so well."

Endeavor grumbled to himself and growled, walking away from the stands to go to the restroom. He departed quickly, when the halls would be empty, to make sure that no one saw that something was missing down there.

"Endeavor-san!" "Shit. Not this guy." Endeavor growled and paused, looking over his shoulder. "I am here!" All Might was suddenly in front of him, yelling his ears out. "What. Do. You. Want." "Aww." All Might seemed to pout for a split second before that stupid smile was back in place.

"I just wanted to say 'Hi' to an old friend." All Might outstretched his arms. "An old friend. Yeah, sure." Endeavor supressed the urge to roll his eyes. "I don't have time for this, All Might." He resumed in walking down the stairs. "I'm going to the rest room. Begone!"

All Might started to laugh and jumped in front of Endeavor, still smiling that stupid, stupid smile and only now he noticed that All Might looks way too happy to see him. "Aww. Endeavor, old friend, don't be so cold!" Endeavor growled. "Can you stop yelling my damn ears out?!"

All Might laughed. "It never bothered you before." Endeavor growled. "Funny, All Might. How still think you know me." 

He moved past him and into the rest room for men. He went straight for the urinal but paused when he wanted to undo his pants, realizing that something was still missing.

He sighed and went into the stall and locked the door, sliding down his pants and sitting down onto the toilet, relieving himself. He sighed and pulled his pants back up and froze, hearing whistling. All Might.

He stayed in this awkward position, waiting for All Might to finish his business and go. He was getting anxious that All Might was there way too long. What suprised him were the coughs that emitted from All Might. "Shit." 

 Enji frowned and another coughs emitted. "Is it just me or is my limit getting shorter?" There was a panting and another coughs. "What?" Enji thought and now he knew he couldn't exit because All Night was here.

Little did he know.

Enji sighed a breath of relief when the ten minutes break passed and All Might finally went out of the restroom and he could exit too.

He looked down at his crotch area. "When it will finally disappear?" It has been two weeks since the incident with the kid and his change but it didn't show any signs of changing back.

He ran a hand over his face. God, he was tired. He made his way back onto the stands but this time, he wasn't so lucky.

The press was waiting.

Endeavor wanted to avoid them, taking a turn but one of the paparazzi notices him and he calls out, running towards him and the rest joins in, like a pack of hungry vultures.

"Hungry vultures." That's what his father used to say. And it stuck with him.

"And here we have Endeavor, the Number Two Hero of Japan, On The Sports Festival to support his son!" A male reporter exclaimed and literally all of them started showing their microphones into his face.

"What do you say about your son Shouto ending second in the obstacle course?" A female reported asked. 

"They're too close."  Enji started to feel nervous and uneasy. "I..." "Can you, please, tell us, how do you feel about Midoriya Izuku ending first, the protége of All Might, The Number One Hero?"

"Go away."  Enji's hands startek to shake even with the weights attached to them. "Sir, tell us something about your expectations!" "N-No..." His hand went to the back of his neck, in hopes of stopping the shaking.

More and more questions rained upon him, making him uncomfortable, his hands shaking even in clenched fists, his breathing laboured and his skin-tight hero costume way too tight.

"I AM HERE!" All Might suddenly popped up and the press was on him, swooning and gushing over him and Enji took the opportunity and ran into the bathroom.

Once there, he completely locked the men's bathroom and tearing his hero costume off of him, his flames dying out and falling down on all fours, struggling for air. He couldn't breathe, he couldn't breathe, he couldn't breathe!

"Endeavor-san?" There was a knock on the door and pulling at the door knob. "Open the door, please." Enji tried to breathe. "Go....away." He croaked.

"Enji-san, I am going to kick down the door if you don't open them." All Might sounded serious. Still, he couldn't breathe....move...anything. "He can't come here, can't, can't, can't......Don't come...."

He missed the door being kicked open and careful footsteps approaching him and water being turned on into the sink. "Enji-san....." All Might was kneeling in front of him, hands hovering near his face, not touching, far enough not to cause any flinching.

"Enji-san..." All Might tried again and waited for Enji's eyes to focus on him and only then touched his cheek with a wetted hand. "It's alright. I am here. You are safe." 

All Might helped Endeavor up and supported him, while he wetted his hand again and pressed it to Enji's cheek, who let out a quiet whimper. "Shh." "T-Toshi...." Enji croaked and All Might cooed again. He sat down and pulled Enji into his lap, rocking back and forth gently and holding Enji's head in place.

Enji's hands were still shaking as he held the special green tea from Recovery Girl and he sipped a little from it. 

 "The taste is still the same." 

 "How many times did it happen?" Recovery Girl brought a chair over to him and sat on it, folding her hands on her lap. Enji was quiet for some time, contemplating whether to tell her or not. "This is the second time." His gaze was downward, looking into the tea.

"Don't lie to me, Todoroki! When Toshi- All Might brought you here, your muscles were in a complete convulsion and you were shaking like mad!" Recovery Girl ranted, which resulted in Enji dropping the mug, shattering upon impact on the ground.

Recovery Girl sighed. "I'm sorry, Enji. I didn't mean to. It's just" "It got worse lately." He interrupted her, massaging his neck with his shaking hand and running the other trough his hair. "It became more frequent. I had two this morning and now."

She was studying for moment. "When did they first started?" She asked softly and he looked at him. "I don't know exactly. first I had them once a year. Then once every half a year. Then every month. Every week. And now every day and more frequent. I...." He trailed off.

"Did it happen during a battle too?" Recovery Girl cleaned the mess in the meantime. "Too many times. More than I like." Recovery Girl sat back on the chair. "Did you seek any help?" Enji shook his head. "No. My Hero would be over if it got out."

She sighed and ran her hands over her face. "Enji Todoroki. Ever the stubborn and prideful type. But I can understand him..." He took off the weight of his left wrist and the shaking intensified. "That's why I'm wearing these. It helps to lessen the shaking." 

She nodded and didn't bother to try them. "You need to get professional help with this. You are hurting yourself, Enji-san." He put the weight back on and she gently squeezed his hand. "Promise me, that you will visit the psychiatrist." Enji was looking at her for a while. "I will."

Nodding, she jumped down from the chair, took a pen and a piece of paper and wrote down a number and handed it to him.

He put it into his wallet, change into a new hero costume that his sidekicks brought him and walked out of the infirmary, back onto the stands.

Recovery Girl waited until the footsteps went away. "How much did you hear?" Toshinori walked through another door. "Way too much?" He asked nervously. "Ever heard of patient confidentiality?" She turned and looked at him, scolding him.

"Sorry. I couldn't help but..." "Listen. I get it. You two were close back in your school days. And no, I am not going to tell you." Yagi nodded. "I understand. I really do."

Enji had to take four pills that day. He hoped it would be without incidents for the rest of the day.

He didn't want All Might go catch him in such a vulnerable state ever again.


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”How did you get my number?" Enji was sure that he didn't give him number-the new one at least- to All Might.

"HAHA! I have my ways, Enji-san. So....How are you?" All Might tuned down his yelling around Enji after he found him in the public bathroom in the middle of a panic attack.

"Good. If that's what you want to know." Enji has been very careful around All Might or his family in general. His panic attacks were frequent and he didn't want anyone else to see him.

"Enji-san."  Disapproval was evident in All Might's voice. Enji sighed. "It's none of your concern." There was silence on the other side and Enji smirked a little. 

"Can I come over?" Now it was Enji's turn to be stunned into silence. 'What?' Enji shook his head. "What?" "Can I come over? When you have time?"  All Might asked again. 

Enji wanted to say "No" so badly but something glued his tongue to the roof of his mouth. 


Enji's hands started to shake again and he went to massage his neck. "Enji-san? You there?" "Y-Yes. Come...I want you to come." There was a breath of relief. "Thank you. How does tomorrow sounds?"  "S-Sounds good. Bye." He quickly hung up with shaking fingers.

He pocketed his phone and rubbed his hands together to stop the shaking and he decided to make himself some tea to occupy them.

 He started pacing-which was so unlike him- while he waited for the water to start boiling. He felt eyes on him, watching him and he turned towards the door and saw...


Enji sat in his home office, doing paperwork. His secretary wrote him three days off to quote on quote "Sort his life out."

He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. With that much of free time on his hands, he only could do paperwork or excersise.

He did another pile of papers and a ring made him look up. "Someone at the door?" He got up and went to open the door and froze when he saw All Might.

"Hello, Enji-san. I am here." All Might grinned and outstretched his arms. "May I come in?" Enji stepped aside and let All Might in. He looked around and put the bags down. "You have it nice in here." He turned and smiled at Enji who nodded. "What do you want?"

"I wanted to visit you. See how are you doing." He was speaking softly and took a few steps towards Enji. He looked away and crossed his arms, not trusting himself.

"!?" Enji found himself in a tight embrace, his face pressed into a muscular chest. "I missed you." All Might whispered. "I missed you so much." He nuzzled Enji's neck and hugged him more when he felt Enji shake. "You....big idiot..." All Might couldn't help but smile.

"You sure you're ok in here on your own?" All Might asked as he sipped on his tea. He couldn't stay here much longer when he had a limit.

"I managed it before. I can manage now." Enji looked at their joined hands, All Might's thumb gently stroking his knuckles. 

He finished his tea. "Alright. I need to go now. I still have classes." He moved to stand up but Enji stopped him by holding onto his hand. "What about....Shouto?" All Might smiled. "The boy is doing better than ever."

Enji nodded and All Might kissed his knuckles and smiled. "See you soon, Enji-san." All Might walked out and walked a few meters away, checked if no one was looking and changed into his sick looking form, immediately coughing. He wiped the blood away with a tissue and took a few deep breaths.


After retiring into his bedroom after dinner, he quickly showered and changed into his pajama-pants only because of his heightened body temperature.

He laid down on the bed and pulled the sheets over his lower body. He rolled onto his back and gazed at the ceiling.

With the visit of All Might, old and repressed memories surface back into his mind.

His and All Might's-no, Yagi's meeting.

Their begining of a friendship.

Their first laugh together.

The endless training they endured together.

Studying together.

The gentle and subtle touches. Unsure even.

Their first hug. And many followed after.

Their first kiss.

First date.

First shared night at the Yagi's place.

Their first time.

 Enji jerked and threw the sheet off of him and sat up, panting and sweat rolling down his temples. "Fuck." He cursed and rubbed the back of his neck.

He cringed when he felt wetness between his legs, staining his pajamas. He slowly pulled them down and looked. Yup, stained.

Another image of him and All Might flashed in his mind and he gasped when he felt himself clench at the mere idea of All Might filling him with his huge cock.

Another clench and he laid back down, his hand sneaked down to rub between the folds. He bit his lip and slid one finger in and hearing it up. He moved with it back and forth, his thumb teasing his clit.

His other hand caressed his body and tugged at his nipples, making him jump and gasp. He pressed his thighs together because of the pleasure and arched his back.


Enji's eyes snapped open- When did he closed them?- and looked towards the doorway and saw... All Might?!

"How did you get in here? Get out!" Enji pulled his fingers out and scrambled for the covers, only for him to realize it was on the ground. "Shit."

All Might walked in and closed the door behind himself and was undoing his tie as he walked towards Enji. "Why didn't you tell me? That you were so desperate? I could have helped." The tie was on the ground, quickly followed by a shirt. 

Unbuckling his pants, he climbed onto the bed and spread Enji's legs and went between them. Enji wanted to snap at him but gasped instead as All Might rubbed circles between the folds with his thumb.

"So beautiful." All Might breathed and and smiled at Enji. "You're beautiful." He slid the thumb in and Enji moaned but was silenced by a kiss. All Might's other hand went traveling over Enji's body. 

His thumb kept moving in and out, making wet noises and Enji kept clenching around it and soon, he replaced it with his index and middle finger. Enji's thighs started to quiver as he accommodated the two huge fingers that started to move at a slow pace.

"You took me in so well, Enji-san. That's great." All Might whispered and scissored his fingers, earning a whimper from Enji.

"Just-Ahhh!" Enji arched his back as All Might quickened the pace and pressed the thumb on his clit. He bit down on his hand and All Might peppered him with kisses.

He was so close. So close!

All Might pulled his fingers out and Enji groaned at the loss of stimulation. "All Might you-" "Please." All Might took off his pants and underwear, his hard and leaking cock bouncing with interest.

"Call me Toshi." He took his cock and gently slid into Enji.

Enji came with a muffled cry as he came and squirmed on the bed, pulled his fingers out and squirted. 

He fell down onto the bed and panted, looking up at the ceiling with a haze.

When he snapped out of it he felt disgusted once more. He masturbated to All Might fucking him. All Might.

He cleaned his hand and took new pajama pants. He needs to find a solution for this. And fast.

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It was his last day off.

He was supposed to be home, doing paperwork or excersising.

He was supposed to take the groceries home.

But no.

He was in Best Jeanist's office, sprawled on his desk, completely naked with his legs spread with Best Jeanist between them, eating him out hugrily.

Enji looked into the fridge and into the cupboards, noting that they were running low on some groceries. "I could head out. Get some fresh air, clean my head."

He got dressed, put on some glasses, wrote a note and put it on the table, wrote a list of necessary groceries, took his wallet and keys, put on his shoes and walked out.

This was supposed to be a calm day.

Of course, in the world of Quirks, there isn't any calm day.

As he was hearing the nearest grocery shop, an explosion shook with the area and debris and smoke flew way too close to Enji back and he covered his head.

He looked around and saw the villain running trough the alleyway, straight towards him. Enji frowned and prepared for any upcoming attack but then he realized that he doesn't have his hero costume.

And that moment was enough for the villain to attack. Using his Quirk, he tore Enji's clothes off of him. Enji's jacket and shirt, completely destroyed, leaving bare chested, jeans barely held by the belt, exposing his- thankfully- black underwear.

Enji growled, grabbed then villain by the collar of his shirt and threw him into the wall, making him shriek in pain and surprise. The villain got back up and Enji readied himself for an attack.

None came.

The villain fell to the ground, bound by strings of fiber. Enji blinked and lowered his stance, Best Jeanist stepped out of the shadows. "Thank you, for your help."

Enji was hidden in an alleyway with Best Jeanist, waiting for Best Jeanist's sidekics to come and pick them up. The villain was apprehended and taken away half an hour ago.

 "Did you go grocery shopping?" Tsunagu asked, looking at Enji. "Hmmh." Enji's arms were crossed on his chest, in one hand his wallet that escaped unscratched and in his other hand his keys. "Do you have the list?" Enji looked at Tsunagu. "What?" "Do you have the shopping list? My sidekics can buy the things you need."

Enji reached into his wallet for the list and paused. "Please, Todoroki-san. It's the least I can do for your help today. Even if it's your day off."   "Todoroki-san. Only two people- three...but the last one doesn't count-. Only two people were able to see trough the armor of hate, anger and shitty behavior. They were Tsunagu and Nemuri."

Enji looked at him and gave him the shopping list. "Thank you, Todoroki-san." He croseed his arms once more and was quiet. Tsunagu was looking on the street for his sidekicks.

Few minutes later they arrived in a black limousine. "This is ours. Let's go." Tsunagu was already walking towards it but Enji didn't want to go. He looked at himself and cringed. Sure he was good looking, but walking around in ripped jeans and underwear for all of them to see wasn't his kink. Not really.

"Here." Tsunagu walked back over to him and gave him a big jacket, but Enji knew it wouldn't fit him. "Sorry. This is the biggest they could find." Enjoy took it and threw it over his shoulder and quickly walked out of the alleyway and got into the limousine. 

Tsunagu got in too and as soon as the door closed, the driver started driving. "So..." Enji started, catching Tsunagu's attention. "What was the villain all about?" Tsunagu sighed and shook his head. "That guy was using his Quirk to undress ladies in the public to take a panties shot. Nothing serious but he was pain in the ass to catch when he kept undressing all the ladies, he encountered." Tsunagu looked him over. "And you. But you managed to do just fine."

Enji grumbled. He was half naked, for fuck sake!

Tsunagu didn't want to say anything or stare too long at the mean in fear of anger the man- everyone knew how Endeavor's temper can get.

But he noticed that his crotch area was awfully.... flat. Even someone slim like him has a member that gives him a bulge but not that big but it was still there but someone huge as Endeavor... and having nothing there?!

It was kinda suspicious. 

 They arrived at Best Jeanist's agency, got out of the limousine and went in. Enji tried to ignore the whispers and stares of other sidekicks and they took the elevator to get to Best Jeanist's main office.

"Quickly." They hurried in and Tsunagu closed the door. "The shower is over there. Toilet is right next to it."

Enji nodded, gave Tsunagu the jacket and went straight for the bathroom. He closed the door behind himself and started to undress himself. He pulled the belt out and took off his jeans and boxers. He noticed that his underwear was stained again and he rumbled. "Damn sensitivity."

He got into the shower and turned on the water and sighed as he felt himself relax. He took a soap and scrubbed himself. He didn't want to touch his private area because of the sensitivity but he had to. He reached down and cursed. "Oh, shit." He cursed as it clenched around his finger.

He took a deep breath and continued to wash himself. He didn't hear someone entering and that person made a sound. Enji jumped and whirled around, nearly slipping and falling. "Tsunagu?!" He covered himself.

"I....I'll go straight away." He gathered Enji's dirty clothes and left. "Tsunagu,  wait! Crap." Enji sighed and ran his hand trough his hair.

After finishing, he got out of the shower and dried himself and wrapped it around his waist because Tsunagu took his clothes, even underwear and didn't bring anything else. A towel has to do.

"Tsunagu?" Enji called when he looked into the office and saw no one there. "Where-?" "Todoroki-san." Slender arms wrapped around his waist, gently tugging at the towel but not taking it off. "How long?" He tensed up. "What do you mean by that?"

"Are you a trans man?" Tsunagu asked. "What? No!" Enji whirled around and his eyes widened as Tsunagu held the towel in his hands. "Are you?" Enji covered himself and looked around if it was only them.

"No, no. Don't cover yourself. Show me." Tsunagu threw the towel away and stepped closer to Enji. "Show me." He whispered and wrapped one arm around Enji's waist and the other gently nudged Enji's hands away. He was reluctant at first but he slowly dropped them to his sides.

Tsunagu looked down and he stopped breathing for a moment. "Beautiful." He finally breathed. "S-Shut up." Enji said trough gritted teeth. "I'm serious."

Tsunagu slid his finger trough the folds, making Enji shudder and gasp. "Feels good?" He whispered and kept sliding his fingers trough the folds, feeling the slicknes gather on them.

 "Oh...God...." Enji bit down on his hand and Tsunagu's cock gave a twitch in his pants. "Damn. When was the last time I got laid?" He dared to slid one finger in and was met with no resistance. "Ah!"

He moved his finger in and out, drawing pants from Enji and he squeezed his thighs together. Tsunagu groaned because he couldn't see it properly anymore.

He continued to stimulate Enji and slowly pushed him towards his desk- which was way more easier than he thought. "Hmm. Maybe it's because of the state he's in?"

He pushed him flat on his desk and pressed a button under it and the windows darkened so no one could see in. He got between Enji's legs and knelt down, spreading them. He watched the folds spread for him, glistening with slickness.

He palmed himself trough his pants and pulled down his mask, sliding his tongue out and dragging it trough Enji's folds. He smirked when Enji jolted and moaned. Thankfully, his office was soundproofed.

He continued to drag his tongue in slow motions but was soon lost in the taste and softness of those folds and was devouring them hungrily.

Enji was biting down on his hand, muffling any embarrassing sounds. He looked down and his thighs quivered as he saw Tsunagu eating him out. Feeling it and seeing it were two different things as Enji found out as his thighs started to quiver again and he moaned.

Tsunagu hummed at the taste and slides his tongue in, which made Enji arch his back and grab fist full of Tsunagu's hair to keep him closer.

He started to jerk his hips into Tsunagu's movements. He stopped, letting Enji fuck his face and tongue, his chin and mouth but he couldn't care less. He wanted more of that sweet taste, wanted more of the juices coating him, wanted more of everything.

Enji was moaning now, but it was still muffler and his movements got more desperate, more needy. Tsunagu knew that he was getting close and he could say that he was more than giddy about it. He started to moan too, his cock trapped in his pants, twitching and leaking pre-cum.

"OH, AH!" Enji pressed Tsunagu more into his pussy as he came, holding him there as he rode his orgasm out. Tsunagu laped at the squirting juices, moaning at the sweet taste.

Enji released him as he went limp on the desk and was panting heavily. Tsunagu pulled away, licked his lips and got up.

He undid his belt and and jeans, pulling his cock out and putting a condom on it. He pulled a bottle of lube out of a drawer in his desk and applied it on his cock with his hand.

Stepping closer, Tsunagu prodded the entrance with the tip of his cock, drawing a confused noise from Enji. "It will be good. I promise." He slowly pushed in.

Enji's mouth opened in a silent scream and he gripped the edges of the desk and looked down. Tsunagu was panting as he slid do the base and looked up at Enji. "You took me in so well."

He started out slow. "Am I really your first?" Enji was gasping and moaning, his pussy clenching down onto the cock penetrating him. The desk groaned under his grip and he threw his head back.

"Todoroki-san?" Tsunagu slammed his hips in roughly, making Enji cry out. "Am I your first?" He rolled his hips and started to thrust again. "Y-Yes!" Enji gasped and moaned loudly when Tsunagu quickened the pace.

"I am glad." He took a hold of Enji's waist and was pounding him fast and hard. "I am-unf-so glad." He started to grunt and moan, the heat and tightness enveloping his cock too good to be true.

"Todoroki-san! Todoroki-san!" Tsunagu kept chanting the name over and over, making Enji clench harder than before and making Tsunagu moan.

Enji wrapped his legs around the smaller man's waist, keeping him closer and the new angle making Enji shudder in pleasure, his thighs quaking.

He could feel his second orgasm nearing and he bit on his hand again to muffle his moans and cries and Tsunagu quickened his pace even more.

"I'm cuming. I'm cuming!" Tsunagu cried out and he slid to the hilt as he came into the condom and Enji came too, biting hard onto his hand into the point of drawing blood, milking Tsunagu of every drop.

"I wonder.... How it would feel if he pumped his load into me?..... What? No! Bad Enji!"

Tsunagu pulled out, panting and supported himself on the desk. Enji stopped biting his hand and propped himself up. "Sorry. We should....take a shower again."

Enji put the groceries down and unpacks them. He puts them on the right place and undresses himself.

He goes into the living room to watch some TV before Shouto gets home from school. He tugs at the hem of his shirt that Tsunagu gave him. He was surprised that they got his measurements right.

But what left him confused that after his little 'moment' with Tsunagu, it left him tingly all over his body.


Chapter Text

Enji went into his agency by car in a suit and under it his hero costume. It was a week since his three days of and his little 'moments' with Best Jeanist.


He had another one two days ago.

Shaking his head, he tried not to think about it as he parked in front of his agency and got out of the car and went in and straight into his office.

He nodded at his secret as he unlocked the door from his office. "You look much better, Boss." She said to him and he only grumbled as he got in and closed the door behind him and went straight for his desk.

He unbuttoned his shirt and decided to do the paperwork that piled there over the three days. Sighing and running his hand trough his hair and took the first file.

Enji paused when he noticed that it was from Best Jeanist's agency. His mind automatically went to the 'moment' they had two days ago, grunting when his pussy clenched on nothing.

Two days ago


"Funny how we always seem to run into each other on patrols." Best Jeanist walked beside Endeavor with his hands in his pockets. Enji only grunted.

"Today is a calm day, is it not?" Tsunagu asked and Enji grunted again. "What is Tsunagu trying to do?" 

Suddenly, Tsunagu dragged him into an alleyway, far away from the loud sonds of traffic. "Sorry, I needed to talk to you in person." Tsunagu said softly and pulled down his mask. 

Endeavor was staring down at him, crossing his arms over his chest and Tsunagu messaged the back of his nervously.

"About the....thing we did back at my agency...I-" "Don't." Endeavor cut him off, his mind going back to that 'moment' and into his school days and when he shared his bed with a certain blonde. His hands started to shake again.

Tsunagu sighed. "I'm sorry. I...." He sighed again. He knew that it was hard getting trough Endeavor's- Enji's- thick armor. He managed to do it at UA, he can manage again.

"Todoroki-san." Tsunagu made Endeavor uncross his arms and took one shaking hand into his own. He saw Enji having a panic attack all those years ago in the Boy's changing rooms. Enji was gasping for breath, his muscles in a spasm and his clothes torn apart. Back then, he didn't know what to do but now? He was trying his best.

"Todoroki-san. Can you come over tonight? I would like to discuss something with you at my place." Tsunagu spoke softly but the shaking didn't ease away. He cooed and kissed Endeavor's gloved knuckles, drawing a choked sound from the taller man.

Tsunagu looked up and saw Enji biting down on his hand. "What happened to this man?"

Tsunagu wasn't sure if Enji would show up or not but the knock on his apartment door swept all of his worries away.

He glanced trough the peep-hole and unlocked his door. "Hello, Todoroki-san. Come in, come in." Tsunagu let Enji in and closed the door behind him. Enji shrugged off his coat and slid out of his shoes. "What do you want to discuss with me?"

"Ah. Straight to the business, then." Tsunagu motioned for him to get into the living room. "Want some tea or coffee?" Tsunagu asked. "Do you have any alcohol?" Enjoy asked and Tsunagu paused in his steps and turned to look at Enji. Tsunagu would never guess that Enji was into alcohol or any hard liquor in general. "Sorry, but no. I don't drink."

Enji grumbled. "Coffee then." Tsunagu nodded and made two cups of coffee and brought it into the living room. "Sugar?" "No." Enji took a sip and Tsunagu put one cube of sugar into it and took a sip too. 

 He took a file and opened it, giving the first paper to Enji to read. "What is this?" "Some people saw us together when we caught the villain. They saw you half naked and some people recognized you and started some speculation." 

Enji read over the paper and had the resist the urge to crumple it in his grasp. "What a load of bullshit." Tsunagu cringed from the language and took the paper from Enji. "Didn't attack because he wanted to show off his body?! What kind of crap is that?"

Tsunagu had to agree. People immediately thought the worst about the heroes when just a small mistake happened.

"I have an idea." Tsunagu took a sip of his coffee and looked at Enji, who glared at him expectantly.

Enji-even now- had no idea how did they ended up in Tsunagu's bedroom, both of them completely naked and exposed and he slowly kissing his way down Tsunagu's body.

Tsunagu moaned as Enji took Tsunagu's already hard cock into his mouth and started to slowly bob his head. Tsunagu gripped Enji's hair and supported himself on his elbow, moaning and panting slightly.

Enji ran his tongue on the underside of the cock when sliding down, hollowing out his cheeks in suction when going down and stopping on the tip, giving it a special care, swirling his tongue around it and repeating the motions.

Tsunagu laid down on the bed and started to jerk his hips up into Enji's mouth, the sensation too good to be true. He felt himself getting closer and closer-too soon, way too soon- but Enji pulled away and squeezed his cock, Tsunagu groaning at the loss of stimulation. "Not yet."

Enji climbed atop him and teased the tip with his warm and slick lips, making Tsunagu gasp. "Wait, let get co-GAH!" Tsunagu gasped and moaned, grabbing Enji's hips as Enji sunk down onto the lenght, making himself shiver.

Tsunagu was panting heavily, trying not to cum right here and there. But Enji didn't let him and rolled his hips, making himself shudder again. He did this for a few moments and then started to move his hips up and down in a steady rhythm.

Enji was soon moaning and arching his back as his pussy clenched on the pentrating member, slightly oblivious to Tsunagu's roaming hands. Those hands came to a stop on his pecks and started to massage them and squeeze them and much bigger hands grabbed his wrists and arched into the touch.

Tsunagu was grunting and moaning from the intense pleasure and he looked at where their bodies were joined and the looked up at Enji. What he saw made his cock twitch. Enji was completely lost in pleasure, cheeks flushed red and his mouth opened in a moan.

"Ah...." Tsunagu thrusts his hips up and snakes one hand down between Enji's legs and rubbed his clit. Reaction was immediate. Enji jolted above him and moaned loudly as he came. More slickness coated his cock, making it more easier to slide in and out.

He grabbed Enji's butt cheeks and started to ram his cock in, chasing his own finish, groaning at the effort. Enji slumps down and supports himself on the pillows. "Too mu-uch...." 

Tsunagu didn't care, he wanted the pleasure,  more of it,  he was drunk by it and he wanted more and more with each thrust.

And suddenly he exploded.

He buried himself deep, spilling his load inside of Enji, who in turn came again and was moaning next to Tsunagu's ear.

Both of them went lip on the bed, Enji shifted a little to the side so he wasn't crushing him. Tsunagu slowly pulled out and pulled the sheet over them and making himself comfortable, not bothering to clean up.

Tsunagu started to whisper something but Enji was already falling asleep.

Enji got up very early, taking a quick shower and leaving just as quickly. He didn't left a note or anything, heading straight home to have breakfast and leave for work.

Enji shook his head. "Stop thinking about it..." He mumbled to himself as he tried to finish at least some paperwork. Thankfully, it wasn't that hard. 

By the end of the day, he was almost done. Just a few more papers and he could go home. A knock on his door made him loose concentration.


His secretary walked in, her walk fast and confident. "I came in to check on you. I hope you're not overworking yourself again, are you?" She came to a stop in front of his desk. Enji shrugged. "No. I'm almost done with the paperwork, then I can go home."

She frowned for a moment. "Boss...I know that you want to catch up on the days you missed, but you have to take your health into your primary concern. The day before I, may I say, 'forced' you to take the three days off, you had four panic attacks here on the floor. If it was on me, I would force you into a retirement."

That, she realized way too late, that it was the wrong thing to say. Enji rose from his seat, anger shadowing his features. "What did you say?!" She opened her mouth to speak but Enji was quick to walk around the desk, looming over her. "Retirement?! After all the hard work I put in it, I should retire and give All Might more reasons to think I'm weak!?" He swung his massive arm, his secretary barely dodging it.

"Who do you think you are?!" He roared and she covered in fear. "Leave! Leave, before I do some irreversible damage to your face!" And the secretary did just that.

He watched her leave and shutting the door behind her, he took a deep breath and ran his hand trough his hair, noticing the scorched sleeves of his clothing. "Shit."

He went to his personal bathroom and turned on the cold water and stick his hands under it, watching it steam. "Keep yourself calm, Enji." 

Then for some reason, everything became a big blurr and he regained his consciousness while kneeling on the floor and his clothes torn up. He looked around and his eyes widened, breath hitching, he read the words that were burned on the wall in big letters.

 You are not safe here.


Chapter Text

The first thing that he noticed in the morning that he was extremely sore. Like, really sore all over. He brought his hand to rub it over his face but winced while doing it. "Shit. What happened?"

He got up slowly and upon laying his feet on the ground, he winced and hissed in pain as pieces of glass from a bottle and a glass dug into the sensitive skin. "Fuck! What happened?" He looked at his foot and started to limp towards the bathroom.

He shut the door behind himself, sat on the edge of the tub and pulled a first aid kit, fishing for pincers. He had to bite on his tongue to stop the pained hisses from escaping as he pulled the shatters out.

"Dad?" There was a knock on the door and Enji froze. "What do you need Fuyumi?" "I saw blood on the floor leading from your room to here. Is everything OK?" Enji started to panic, accidentally knocking the first aid kit over. "Yes, everything's fine." "Dad," Fuyumi's voice was stern. "I'm going in."

"No, wait-!" The door opened and Fuyumi walked in, gasping at the sight of her father. "What happened?" She closed it and kept in front of him, taking the pincers and carefully pulling the shatters out. "I'd like to know too." Enjoy said trough gritted teeth as his daughter cleaned the wound and bandaged it.

"You should stay home with this." "No." The answer was immediately and Enji moved to stand up. "Dad-" "I said no!" Enji rises his voice, which silenced Fuyumi and she looked at him with a soft yet solemn expression. "Jesus, fuck, Fuyumi! You're always such fucking a saint!" 

Enji walked-more like limped- into the kitchen and made himself quick breakfast. "Wait. How come Fuyumi is awake at the same time as me? I'm always awake an hour before her." He glanced at the clock. "Shit, I overslept!" He quickly ate his breakfast, limped into his room, took his clothes and dressed up, completely missing Fuyumi and racing to his car and driving off into his agency.

Fuyumi was kneeling on the ground, looking at the pieces of glass, which looked like a whiskey bottle and a whiskey glass. "I know that dad is a drinker but that big of a drinker?" Fuyumi mumbled as Enji raced past her, without even noticing her.

Few of the shards were covered in blood, in Enji's blood. "What the?" She looked closer and saw some weird black substance on the floor. She went to the kitchen, grabbed a dinning knife and went back to scrub the substance of the floor.

It came off pretty easily and she held it against the light. "What is this?" She heard the boys waking up, so she hid the knife in a bag and cleaned the shards.

"Good morning." She greeted them with a smile. "Morning." Shouto greeted too but Natsuo didn't. "Where's the old man? Are we so bad for him that he even can't have a breakfast with us?" "Natsuo!" Fuyumi took a deep breath. "He overslept." 

Natsuo started to laugh but Shouto looked thoughtful. "Old man...oversleeping? Seems unlikely." 

After they had their breakfast, Fuyumi gave Shouto the bag with the knife and the weird substance. "Please, give this to some of the teachers, so they could examine it." Shouto took it and looked it over. "What is it?" "I don't know."

Shouto looked at it again and packed it with his lunch. Thankfully, Natsuo didn't see it. Shouto and Natsuo went to school, while Fuyumi went to work.

Shouto arrived at UA and was greeted by his friends. "Good morning, Todoroki-kun." Izuku greeted him and so did Tenya and Uraraka. "Morning." He replied and took his usual seat. The three friends exchanged a worried look. "Is everything alright, Todoroki-kun?" Izuku asked.

Shouto got from his thoughtful state and he looked at him. "Hmm? Yeah, yeah, I'm fine." He mumbled and prepared for a homeroom lesson.

 For Shouto, the first half of the day went by a blurr until the lunch break. He packed his things and went towards the infirmary. Izuku watched after Shouto with a curious look.

Shouto knocked on the door and when he heard the word "Enter!" He went in. "Ah, Hello, Todoroki-kun, what can I do for you?" Recovery Girl set down her and tea and looked up at him. "Good afternoon. I, uh..." He fished the bag with the knife out of his bag. "Can you take a look at this, please?"

Recovery Girl took the bag and looked inside. "What is it?" Recovery Girl put on rubber gloves and carefully pulled the knife out. "What is this, Todoroki-kun?" She asked as she put the substance into a tube, noting that it was sticky and slightly firm.

"I don't know. It was my older sister who found it but even she doesn't know what it is." Shouto answered zipped his bag closed. "I'll let you know when I'm finished with the tests, Todoroki-kun. Now have your lunch." "Thank you." Shouto bowed and walked out of the infirmary, Recovery Girl beginning to work.

After lunch, Shouto returned to class and noticed that Izuku was looking at him with a worried expression.

"So? What is it?" Shouto stopped by the infirmary when school ended. Recovery Girl looked worried. "It's a blood, Todoroki-kun. I don't know who it belongs to but I'm positive it's a blood." 

Dread rose inside of Shouto. "What else?" Recovery Girl took a scalpel and tapped the blood. "Before I could make more tests, it completely solidified. All I know it that it's a blood of unknown origin, black in color and hardening. It hardened two hours ago which means it had to be out of its owner's body for quite some time." She looked at him. "Say, where did you find it?"

"My Father's bedroom." Shouto answered and Recovery Girl hummed. "Did you see your Father today?" Shouto shook his head. "Talk to him. You have to talk to him. If this is blood and it's not his....There might be something going on."


Enji returned from patrol and went straight into his office to refresh himself and change clothing. He stepped out of the elevator, nodded at his secretaty, went into his office and locked it behind himself.

He went into the bathroom and undressed himself and stepped into the shower, turning it on. He sighed as the water helped him relax and ease his muscles.

He applied soap on his body and scrubbed his body thoroughly, getting sweat from his body. He sighed again as he massaged his sore neck and shoulders.

Hissing in pain, he looked down at his foot, the bandage soaked in water and bleeding again. "Now what? It wasn't bleeding when I went on patrol."

He turned off the water and dried himself, wrapping the towel around his waist and leaned against the bathroom wall, rising his foot and undoing the bandage to look at the damage. "Shit."

It was bleeding again and it felt like something was cutting him from the inside of his foot. He hissed and winced when he touched it and more blood came out. He carefully wiped the blood with a handkerchief and looked it over. 

Sudden wave of nausea made him stumble and nearly fall. "What is..." A pink and purple-ish mist swirled around his head and everything went black.


Something cold touched his forehead.

He tried to open his eyes but everything was blurry and hurt. Everything hurt. 

Enji felt that his leg was being maneuvered and something was touching it. He tried to flinch away but the person cooed. "Shh, Todoroki-kun. It is alright, no one is goint to hurt you. We are here to help in fact."

That voice was.....soothing, velvety and pleasantly deep. Enji found himself relaxing and letting the person touch him and sighed with something sharp into his wounded leg.

Pain shot trough Enji and he gritt his teeth and clenched his fists. After what felt like eternity, the pain stopped and he relaxed. "There. All better." That voice was back and that person bandaged his foot, gently setting it down. 

The cold thing was removed from his forehead and he released a sigh. "Do not fear. You will meet me soon enough." And then-


The mist lifted and Enji sat up, looking around the place but saw no one. He was still in the bathroom  but with a clothes on and his foot bandaged. "What in the world?" 

Walking out of the bathroom, he stopped dead in his tracks as he saw a note on his desk with a tiny piece of glass. He walked over and read the note.

A piece of glass was still in your feet, which resulted in more pain and continuous bleeding. Do not worry. No more pain for you, Todoroki-kun.

It was nearly written, almost with care. 

He threw both of it away.


Chapter Text

The villains could take a day off. At least for a Christmas Day.

But no.

They have to go and rampage trough the city when he's supposed to pick up gifts for his children and Rei.

So, here he is, fighting a villain on a Christmas day. Truth to be told, the villain turned out to be more of an annoyance than a threat.


 It was over in a matter of minutes. Precious minutes that he could spend buying gifts. The villain was unconscious and now Enji was waiting for the police to arrive.

He took notice of an article with a headline: 'Top 10 Best European students will be coming to Japan in two months!' Under it was a countdown, slowly counting down.

"Tch. They're making such a fuss over it." Endeavor tucked his phone back in as the police arrived. They thanked him and he said the details to Naomasa.

 They parted ways soon after that and Endeavor went into his agency to change and pick up the gifts.

He went to the nearest bookshop to pick up the three romance novels he ordered for Rei. Surprisingly, the bookstore was empty-save for the clerk and seller- and he went there saying his order and paying for it. The seller quickly went for it,  coming back with a bag,  he showed his the books and Enji nodded,  he took it and went out of the store.

"You were such a good seller." The seller tensed as two black hands reached from behind and grabbed his shoulders. "Such a good, good seller. Maybe you deserve that reward after all." A pack of money slid on the counter in front of the seller and the hands disappeared.

The seller looked back to see the person but there was no one. Like they just vanished. He looked at the clerk who was trembling in fear. "W-What did you see?" The clerk gulped. "A shadow."

Enji went into an expensive clothes store where he picked a dress for Fuyumi and a tuxedo for Nstsuo. He paid for it and when he exited the shop, he paused, feeling eyes on him.

He turned around but saw only people going on and about their business, not paying any attention to him. 

But there was something off about the shadows.

What he struggled with was the gift for Shouto. Yes, Enji was downright 'obsessed' with him for sixteen years but the boy closed off at an early age and always confined himself into the safety of his room and avoided Enji as much as he could.

 But Enji was determined to go and buy him something nice. Yet it was still a struggle.

 He walked trough two shops empty handed and when he was walking by a shop with hero merch, he sighed and went there. He matched past the All Might merchandise and was thinking about Best Jeanist's or Deadshot's merch but what caught his eye was the red, glaring 'NEW' sign on a bunch of shelves.

 Walking over,  he arched an eyebrow as he looked at the mangas and merch. It was about some heroes that he didn't hear about, some rings on all ten fingers(?), some toy goggles, toy ice dagger, some necklaces and different colored contact lenses.

"Ah, are you looking at the new merch that came from Europe?" The seller came from behind the counter and approached him with a bright smile. "From Europe?" "Yes. Since they are coming here for a while our and their government decided to ship some of their merchant of their 'Young heroes' to support them." The seller explained with a smile.

"Support them? Yeah, right." Enji had to refrain fimself from rolling his eyes and picked up one manga. The NO. 4 Young Hero: Thunder. The title said and on the cover was a yound male with shoulder long black hair with golden stripes, black eyes and sharp cheekbones. "Now that I look at him, he looks kinda sick." Thunder was dressed fully in dark blue and behind him was a horse, standing on hind legs, black in color, mane also black with golden stripes.

"Every manga here is about the Top 10 students and the man gas have no sequels. It's just a small introduction." Hearing that, Enji pulled out another one this time with The NO. 1 Young Hero: Archangel. Golden armor with black, protective clothing underneath, sword clutched in right hand, white wings spread out behind him. And those blue vibrant eyes. Enji can't help but see All Might.

Enji walked out of the store with a bag with ten mangas, each one about one the European heroes. "Now I've got everything. Wait...No, I don't."

Enji texted Fuyumi that he will come home later and won't be there for dinner. Enji was wrapping up the gifts in his office and putting them bag into the bags.

As he was wrapping up the last gift, he felt like someone was behind him, watching him. He looked over his shoulder and when he saw no one, he shrugged it off, telling himself that he was just paranoid.

He went back to wrapping up the gift and from the corner of the eye he saw black hands reaching for him he whirled around, heart pounding in his chest, blood rushing in his ears. "What the fuck?!" He loosened his tie, suddenly feeling like it was choking him and unbuttoned few buttons on his shirt.

"Fuck...." He reached for his throat, feeling it clamp shut, not allowing any air in. 

He noticed a purple-pink-ish mist sort of thing swirled around his head and new wave of panic overtook him before everything went black.

Someone was humming a song. That's the first thing he noticed when he came back to his senses. Well, almost.

Everything was blurry and his body felt numb. The weird thing was that he could feel everything around him.

"Ah, you are awake. You feeling any better?" That voice. It was back. It soothed Enji in some twisted way and doesn't like it. A strangled sound escaped his mouth.

"Do not worry. It will fade soon. After I leave, that is. This...panic attack of yours has been quite severe, hmm? You should see someone quickly or your hero career will be in danger." That person started to caress his forehead. "You better hurry." And then they were gone.

Enji was glad he's home. This day turned out to be very tiring and he just wanted to sleep. 

"Welcome home, dad." Fuyumi peeked out from the living room to greet him. "Hello, Fuyumi. Shouldn't you be sleeping?" Enji took off his shoes and coat. "I waited for you to come home and to give you this." Fuyumi disappeared for a moment before she came back with a wrapped up gift.

"Thank you. Here's yours." He pulled it out from the bag and handed it to her and she gave him his. "Thank you. I'll open it in my room." She yawned, said Enji goodnight and went into her room. 

Enji hummed and knocked on Natsuo's room door. "What?" Came the annoyed reply but no footsteps. "Guess I'm keeping the gift I bought you." There were footsteps and the door opened just a bit, small package flying out. Enji had to smirk as he gave Natsuo his gift trough the crack in the door, who in turn snatched it and then shut the door.

Enji picked the small package up and went over to Shouto's room. He knocked on the door and...nothing. He knocked again, nothing. He frowned and peeked in. It was completely dark and Enji stepped in, the light from the hall illuminating Shouto's sleeping form.

Walking over and kneeling down, he kissed Shouto's forehead and put the present next to his bed. "Merry Christmas, Shouto." And walked out.

Enji retreated into his room and changed into his pajama, deciding to unpack his gifts from his children tomorrow. He put one last gift behind his window and closed it. "Merry Christmas, Touya." And went to bed.

Shouto rolled over in his bed and listened for any signs of footsteps. Making sure that it was completely quiet, he used the light from his phone to open his gift. He paused and frowned, taking the first manga into his hand and looking it over. 

The NO. 1 Young Hero: Archangel.

Shouto made himself more comfortable and started to read.

A burned hand reached for the box behind Enji's window and opened it. That person pulled out a chained necklace with tags on it, each and every Todoroki family member has its name on one.

They put it on their neck and burned the box. "So..." They chuckled. "You remember me after all, old man." And they walked into the night.





Chapter Text

Shouto couldn't help but stare at his father. His father was....different but he couldn't place his finger on it. 

OK, maybe he could.

First of, he was more...'gentle'(?)-kinda- when he and Shouto would train and spare together. Shouto was first to notice that since he's been put trough a hard training since he was five years old, he noticed a difference in it.

Second off, his Father seemed to be a lot more calmer. So anger issues or anything. Fuyumi also noticed that.

Third of and last, he was....making dinner?


OK, that was weird. 

Shouto dropped his school-bag at the sight he was witnessing. Fuyumi was in the kitchen, talking softly to Father who was cooking something at the stove.

Fuyumi turned her head at the sound of Shouto's bag dropping. "Welcome home, Shouto." She greeted him with a smile and got up to hug him. Shouto akwardly hugged her back and looked at Enji who only nodded at him.

"What's this about?" Shouto asked in hushed tone. "Dad came early from work and decided to cook since he doesn't have anything else to do." Fuyumi answered softly. 

Shouto nodded and headed towards his room to change from his school uniform into more comfortable clothing and going back to look into the kitchen,  where Fuyumi was preparing dishes and sticks.

"What's for dinner?" "Curry rice." Enjoy answered and put a hummock of rice in the middle and pouring the curry sauce around it. He put the dishes on the table. "Enjoy your meal." After Fuyumi and Shouto were seated, Enji started to walk away. "Wait, are you not going to eat with us?" Fuyumi asked. "Later. Not hungry." And he was gone.

Fuyumi and Shouto shared a look and started eating. "Mmm! This is really good! Don't you think, Shouto?" Fuyumi tried to lighten up the mood. "Yeah." Shouto took another bite.

Enji made sure that if was quiet in the house before going into the kitchen to serve himself dinner. He prepared it the same as for his kids.

 He sat behind the table and started eating, nothing that it tasted good. And it was some time since he last cooked something.

As he was eating, he heard like someone was coming towards the kitchen. Shouto walked in, dressed in pajamas. "Shouto, what are you doing up?" "Thirsty." Shouto poured him a glass of water.

Enji didn't say anything and continued to eat. Halfway trough, Enji jolted when he felt small hands snake under his shirt and trousers. "Shouto, what are you-" Enji had to bite his tongue to prevent any sound escaping.

Shouto cupped him trough his boxers and started to feel him, making Enji wet. "" Enji was able to choke out but that didn't stop Shouto to snake his hand under his boxers and pinch his clit, making Enji jolt in his seat.

”What's the matter, father? Your own cooking doesn't taste good?" Shouto asked, circling the folds and covering his finger in slickness. "Nnghhn..."

Enji's eyes widened as Shouto pressed one finger in and started moving with him in and out. "Well, father?" "I....Hngh..." Enji started to shake as Shouto made his fingers more warm and made a circle with it.  "Hah!"

Enji tightenes his grip on the stick and breaking them as Shouto started to heat up his fingers and kept doing a circle. "You can't eat, Father? Well then..." Shouto whispered and pulled his finger out and pulled away. "I'll let you eat then."

Enji released a breath he didn't realize he was holding before composing himself and continued eating.  He knew that Shouto was there, watching him.

As soon as he finished and put the dish into the sink, Shouto was on him, pulling him down and kissing him deeply.

"I was afraid of him for so long...." Shouto thought as he kept kissing him and rolled up his shirt. "But not now."

Shouto had to be on a chair to reach his father but it was worth it. He was needing his father's pecs and flicking his thumbs over his nipples, which made Enji moan into the kiss. 

"Hmm... He tastes smokey and....whiskey. I can taste whiskey. God,  Father,  you have such a bad habit." Shouto thought as he slid his way down to suck after Enji's peck and nipple, while kneading the other.  Enji had to cover his mouth with his hand as Shouto continued.

One hand sneaking even lower to unbutton his pants and slide them down with his boxers enough to reveal Enji's pussy.

"Shouto-" Enji gasped as Shouto plunged two heated up fingers inside of him, capturing his lips in a deep kiss again. Shouto kept fingering him, stretching him out, scissoring his fingers, while his thumb pressed on the clit.

Shouto groaned as he pulled out his cock, he was achingly hard since he started playing with his Father. He pulled away from the kiss and looked at his Father. A total mess. Cheeks flushed and panting.

He wrapped his arms around Enji and prodded the entrance with the tip of his cock, making Enji's breath hitch. "We need to be quiet...Fuyumi is still awake."

Shouto slid his cock in and both of them stilled and trembled a little. "Jesus fucking Christ, it's so hot!" Shouto bit his lower lip as he started to roll jis hips in and out, creating a pleasurable friction for both of them.

Enji above him was panting, covering his mouth not to let any unwanted sound out. Reaching down, he cupped Shouto's bottom, making him sink in deeper. 

"Hah...." Shouto grit his teeth as he kept rolling his hips, the tight heat becoming even tighter here and there. "Shit...." Cursing under his breath, he quickened his pace and looked up at his Father and what he saw almost made him cum.

Enji was flushed red, drooling from all the panting, eyes closed and his tongue darting out to lick his lips. 

Shouto laid his head on his Father's chest again and closed his eyes when a big, warm hand came to caress him.

Both of them were a panting mess and Shouto was sure that Enji's boxers were wet from all the slickness he was producing at this point and they would be even more.

"Inside my feels so good, it's so warm so slick....he's clenching on me so much, trying to milk me of everything I've got...I-I can't..."

Shouto threw his head back and opened his mouth in a silent scream as he came, pumping his load into his Father, who in turn was milking him of every drop.

Both of them slumped against the counter, panting heavily. 

Shouto was the first to recover, pulling out and making himself presentable again. He put the chair back in his place and looked at his Father.

His cock twitched in his pants.

His cum was dripping out of his Father's pussy and into his boxers, staining them. Shouto took a quick picture and left the kitchen. He couldn't help the smug smirk growing on his face.

Enji took a deep breath and looked down at himself. "A mess...." He mumbled and moaned softly as Shouto's cum dribbled out of his pussy into his boxers.

"I need a shower." He mumbled, rolled his shirt down and pulled his boxers and trousers up, cringing at the feeling of come.

He quickly strode into the shower, thoroughly washed himself and burned his stained boxers.

Dressing into a clean pajamas, he tried to forget what he and his son did.


Chapter Text

A female doctor was walking through the medical wing towards a door number 204. Red hair, green eyes, soft features, white doctor's coat, green shirt, blue jeans and high heels, clipboard and pen in hand.

She arrived at the door, silently opened them and closed them, walking in. She walked towards the curtain and pulled it back, checking on her patient. Still unconscious.

Pulling the curtain forward, she placed her clipboard and pen on the table and took the chart her fellow nurses and doctor left.

First Name: Unknown

Last Name: Unknown

Age: Unknown 

Occupation: Pro-Hero 

Hero Name: Unknown

Quirk: Unknown 

State of Birth: Japan

Sex: Male/Female

"Not much is known about them, huh?" The doctor mumbled under her breath and picked up the Pro-Hero license that was placed next to the chart and looked it over. Every information on it, even the picture, was scorched except for state of birth.

"Hmm." She looked at a closed up box, hidden in a corner. Opening it, she pulled out their- presumably- hero costume. It was dark blue in color with an orange mesh going trough the middle, chest area, arms and back, creating a pattern. She tugged at it and hummed. "Nice flexibility. Shame it's torn beyond use."

She inspected the trousers and boots too. The trousers weren't doing much better but the shoes were salvagable.

There was smaller box too and the doctor opened it. Inside were their belongings. And expensive phone that was smashed. "Maybe I can give it into our Tech Department. See what they can do." There was a lether wallet, also expensive, she opened it. Inside were some Yens, cards that were broken maybe because of the impact or battle so any other information was destroyed.

But what survived were four pictures of people. Three boys and one girl. The girl had glasses and white hair with red streaks, one boy had red hair and blue eyes, other had white hair with green-greyish eyes and the last boy caught her attention, was the dual haired boy with heterochromia. "Their kids, maybe?"

A groan from behind the curtain made her attention shift, she stood up, put the things away and hid them and slowly pulled the curtain away. Ah, so her patient is awake.

She waited until he got a hang of his surroundings and focused on her. Red spiky hair, blue eyes, stuble, a natural pout and very, very muscular body and also big.

"Hello, how do you feel, Mister?" She asked and he furrowed his brows at her. "Who are you? Where Am I?" A japanese. Well then.

"My name is Doctor Agnes Santiago, I'm the head doctor of the Medical Department in Miriam's High School for Gifted Children, Contribution Organisation. You're currently in the school's medical wing." Agnes spoke in japanese, giving a soft smile to the man.

He rubbed at his eyes. "Can you give me your name, please?" Agnes asked and the man stilled.  "I don't...I don't know...." Agnes' expression changed. "Do you remember anything?" The man frowned. "No...No, matter how hard I try-" "It's alright, don't push yourself." Agnes cooed at him, scribbled something into her clipboard and walked out.

The man looked up at the ceiling, his whole body aching and his head felt like it was hit with a hammer. He groaned again as he tried to roll over, pain shooting trough his body, making him momenteraly numb.

Agnes returned with a tall man maybe in his early thirties, green skin, sharp features, black horns, longer black hair, yellow eyes,  pointy ears with piercings and was clad in black and purples, neck guarded, cloak, a shining yellow diamond above his pecks which were slightly revealed, obsene wrist bands, black trousers with a cloak too.

"Hello, Traveler. You traveled a long distance to get here. You must be tired." The man spoke in such a deep and melodic voice that the hospitalized man found himself relax. Agnes spoke in japanese, translating it.

"Traveler?" The man looked at Agnes. She spoke with him in another language and the man smiled. "Sorry, for nor introducing myself earlier. My name is Maleficent and I am one of the teachers here." Agnes translated it again.

"He'll just do some tests on you. Don't be scared. I'll be here with you." Agnes smiled at her patient as Maleficent rises his hand over the man's forehead and started to move his fingers, purple-ish mist collecting in the middle from his fingertips and going towards the man's forehead.

He jerked when there was slight proding in his mind but nothing too invasive. Gentle nudges and pulls but not enough to harm, Maleficent withdraw and shook his head. "Nothing. Whoever hit him into the head knew how hard and where." Maleficent looked at Agnes who was tapping her chin. "Looks like he'll be staying here for a while."

Maleficent wrapped his arm around Agnes' shoulders and led her slightly away. "My dear Agnes, you will be the one to take care of him. You will teach him english and bring him food. You will discharge him when he is better and introduce him to our psychologist. Build a trust in him when he is in this vulnerable state." He smiled at her.

"Will do." Agnes nodded and smiled, Maleficent let go of her and walked out of the room. Agnes walked back to her patient. "Looks like I will be the one mainly taking care of you." 

For the next week or so, Agnes was giving her patient pills for better healing, making him slip in and out of consciousness. Sometimes, he would wake up with her by his side, sometimes he would be alone.

 After he gained enough strength and was longer awake, Agnes would give him small portions of food and water with vitamins. 

As time went on, Agnes gave her patient bigger portions until the reached the norm for his height and weight but still kept the water with vitamins. Every time she would bring him different food, he would poke at it with his fork and study it.

Definitely a Japanese man, not used to European food.

Agnes started talking with them and told him she'll be teaching them english, since it's the easiest language to learn and everyone speaks it.

She was teaching them basics first, phrases like: Hello, Hi, Good morning, evening, afternoon, night, How are you? And so on. Thankfully, they were a fast learner and had the basics in no time.

Agnes got the feeling that they spoke english in the past.

"What is this?" They asked in a thick accent, poking into his lunch. "Roasted chicken breast with peach and melted cheese on top and fries." Agnes answered and watched as her patient made a face at the combination and took a small bite. 

"Yum." Agnes had to laugh. If course they would choose the easiest word. "Enjoy your meal." Her patient didn't react eating his food with a vigour.

She taught him basics, food and greetings. Agnes would discharge him soon and he would meet up with the school psychologist but she still needed to ask their gender and give them a name. 

"Sorry to interrupt you but can you tell me what gender you are?" She took her clipboard and pen. They looked at her puzzled. She spoke in Japanese and they looked at themselves. "Male." 

She nodded and crossed out the Female option. "Now, we need to give you a name." Agnes started to tap her pen against her chin. "How did.... Maleficent called me?" Agnes looked at him. "You mean Traveler?"

He nodded. "Traveler. My name is Traveler."