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"They are the cutest sight ever," Lucius exclaims as he settles back into his spot in a plush armchair in the lavish sitting room. The blonde aristocrat stares down adoringly at the photo he took of the three boys snuggled in Draco's bed, all fast asleep.

"And people think that it's Narcissa that's overbearing and emotional," Severus snorts at his friend.

"I am neither of those things," he huffs. "I'll have you know that it was, in fact, Narcissa that practically had a camera glued to her hands during Draco's baby days."

"Dear, you are the one who took most of those pictures. I was merely trying to go one good photo of the two of you but you always were photographing him or the both of us," Narcissa clarifies.

"You guys are all bullies," Lucius pouts as the room laughs.

"In other news, are the Wards set back up so we know if there's a disturbance?"

"Yes, I reinstated them right before I took the picture. If Harry so much as sneezes we will be notified."

"I can't believe how long it's been since we've had those wards taken down," Narcissa states wistfully. "It feels like just yesterday Draco was running around in only training pants and a shirt. I'm so happy Harry is here. I need someone to baby that'll actually accept it."

"I know how you feel, Cissa." Bellatrix places a hand on her sister's arm in sympathy. "While I was holding Harry the first time my mothering instincts just flared up. Now I fear we've both been one-uped by a certain potion master," both of the women's eyes drift to said man.

"Me? You both are sorely mistaken," Severus shakes his head in disbelief. "Potter would never choose his evil Potions Professor over two caring mother figures."

"You are ever so right, Severus," Narcissa starts, her voice dripping in sarcasm.

"It's not like he specifically went to you to get his bottles at both meals today," Bella continues.

"Or allow you to comfort him when he was feeling like a burden."

"Harry Potter certainly hates Professor Snaps so much," the Lestrange matriarch finishes up.

"That is only a few instances that just so happened today."

"A day is all it takes to establish a bond," Lucius adds his input.

Before Severus can come up with a witty remark the wards that alert the adults of any distress coming from Draco's room sounds off.

"I'll go," both women say at the same time before scurrying up the stairs and down the hall.

Upon entering they realize that while Harry is shifting a bit in his sleep, it's, in fact, Neville that set off the wards. The poor boy had managed to move himself to the very edge of the bed, in danger of falling off. His face is scrunched in a mix of terror and discomfort. Bellatrix quickly moves to the child and sweeps him into her arms, quickly finding the source of his discomfort. After spelling the Gryffindor's pants and the bed clean she goes about bouncing around the room in order to stop the stream of whimpers coming from him.

While Bella takes care of Neville, Narcissa handles the calming down of Harry. Both women don't realize the noise they're making until Draco slowly sits up, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"What 'appening?" he questions blearily. His mother is quick to settle on the edge of the bed with Harry in her lap before rubbing a soothing hand down her child's back.

"Nothing, Draco. Neville just had a bit of a bad dream that started to impact Harry. I'm sorry we woke you."

"S'alright," the eldest child gently pushes his mother's hand off while sitting up properly. "Are they ok?"

"They'll both be perfectly fine. You're such a wonderful big brother," Bella comments much to the embarrassment of her nephew.

"They aren't really my brothers," he points out. "and they probably don't want me to be. I've been a bully to them since our first meeting." Draco looks away in shame. He's never felt like this. Everyone has always put the two children on such a high pedestal, although Harry more than Neville. Draco saw nothing wrong with taking them each down a peg. Now that he sees the truth he feels such remorse and protective over both the boys.

"They're your brothers in every way that matter. Family doesn't end with blood."