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Dearly Departed

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Endeavour dies, and Rei is the one that kills him.


He never gets the chance to apologize to his children for everything he’s done, because his wife is bearing down on him with the fury of a storm, years of torment and anger behind her eyes. His gift of flowers lies strewn across the floor, forgotten. 


Ice creeps up the walls, and the number one hero has never been so terrified in his entire life, as no amount of fire will melt this hailing torrent.


Words fail him in the moment, because 





































He listens to her scream and rage as she cries, asking why she had to endure all this, why were her children taken from her, why did she ever listen to her mother when she said that the marriage would turn out just fine?


When she’s finished, neither of them have anything else to say. Enji is no longer trying to apologize, as it is a fruitless attempt after so long and how many blows have been dealt. 


She tells him she’s sorry she couldn’t forgive him. He willingly accepts. The door is iced over and a few nurses are trying to break it down.


“Goodbye Enji. I hope we fare better in the next life.”


A spear of ice pierces his heart, and it is done. 


The funeral is plain, Rei thinks bitterly. Too plain for a so-called hero, for the status he had. Neither she nor her children correct anyone that offers them condolences and praises the now dead hero (though they are wary of Rei, accompanied by an orderly). 


The three children don’t know how to react. They don’t blame their mother - how could they? - but they don’t cry for Enji. Fuyumi wishes she could. Natsuo snickers at her comment and rolls his eyes. Shouto does not say anything for the entire time they’re there. 


It’s chalked up to her illness, and technically she’s no longer allowed to have visitors (but the nurses sneak her children in for weekly visits, knowing Rei’s story well). 





Endeavour dies, and Shouto is the one that kills him.


It happened during a training session. Shouto is too wound up, too angry, too tired. He can’t think straight. All he wants to do is sleep and he wants the buzzing pain of his bruises to stop, for the scars on his torso to stop echoing wounds he wants to forget. 


The scars were never in places anyone can see. Endeavour made sure of that.


He’s tired. So tired of everything. Tired of school, tired of training, tired of hurting, tired of lying.


He just wants to rest. 


So when Enji raises a hand to him to physically show his distaste in his youngest’s work for the day, Shouto barely recognizes his own screams. 


In the end, Shouto doesn’t know if it’s the ice or fire that did him in, all that’s left a mutilated corpse with a face of complete and utter shock.


The coroner takes the body away and a shock blanket is placed around his shoulders as he hastily explains to an officer that it was self-defence.


(That’s also the official statement ruled by the court, in Shouto's case).


Fuyumi comes home to flashing police lights and Shouto stunned into silence.


The funeral is plain, Rei thinks bitterly. He could have been forgiven if he realized his mistakes sooner. No one wants to praise a false hero, and yet, they don’t come clean about Enji. The world is crumbling right now, and the story they tell the news is that he died protecting Shouto in a home invasion.


None of them are happy with it at all. 


Rei’s released from the hospital after several series of tests and takes over the Todoroki estate. 


Enji Todoroki no longer exists. When the dead hero recedes from the news, his family no longer mentions him, and slowly the house becomes a little brighter. 





Endeavour dies, and Natsuo is the one that kills him. 


Enji is in the hospital when it happens, asleep after a particularly harsh battle. His left eye is heavily bandaged, and Natsu notes that when it’ll heal it’ll probably look like Shouto’s.




Natsuo is brimming with anger. What right does this bastard have to claim that he’s sorry? That he’s going to fix things? He wasn’t even here of his own accord - Fuyumi told him that it would be better if he visited. 


He doesn’t feel any better.


In fact, he is getting angrier with each step he takes closer to the sleeping hero. He sneers at the man. How dare he think Natsuo would just forgive him? Touya’s gone, Mom’s gone, Shouto hates you - what makes you think you can try to shove your way back in?


He doesn’t really think before he presses a gloved finger to the gage that controls him morphine, increasing it heavily. He may not be a med student, but he knows that this much medicine will make sure Enji doesn’t wake.


He doesn’t regret it as he slips out of the room, making sure to spend an extended amount of time in the cafeteria (gloves off) ordering a coffee and making small talk with the nurse, making sure to drop the fact that after he finishes his coffee, he’s going to visit his injured father. 


He leaves the hospital a while later, thinking about Touya for some reason. 


Enji never opens his eyes, never breathes again. 


The funeral is plain, Rei thinks bitterly. 





Endeavour dies, and Fuyumi is the one that kills him. 


All she wanted was a normal family, a happy one. Fate had other ideas.


And although she was never the victim of her father’s anger, she heard every single one of her brothers’ screams. She bandaged their wounds. She knew how much they’ve been tormented.


And one day she couldn’t take hearing the screams anymore, knowing that she’d done nothing to prevent it.


And like her mother, she snapped.


Fuyumi had been making dinner when it happened. She just wanted silence after one of Shouto’s particularly rough training sessions, but she saw him limping, and her heart caved in.


And when Enji opened his mouth to speak, halfway through his ridicule on how Shouto carelessly abused his power, she shattered completely. 


Without warning, she grabbed the nearest kitchen knife, and with a furious yell, she plunged it deep into his throat. 


Blood all over her, Fuyumi watched as the light drained from his eyes, Shouto watching on with horror.


(Fuyumi would always remember the feeling of euphoria of taking his life. She figures being driven to insanity must run in the family.)


She tells the police it was self-defence and Shouto does the same, displaying his injured leg as proof. 


They’re told that the story will stay between the two of them. The news says Endeavour died protecting his only daughter in a break in. The two of them are too confused to do anything but nod their heads in agreement (though there is pain brimming in them both).


Fuyumi cries that night, muttering over and over and over again that she hadn’t meant to. Shouto assures her that he knows she would never have, under any other circumstances - that she has a good heart. 


Shouto does the honour of telling Natsuo over the phone. He lets his sister sleep.


The day after the story is released to the public, Shouto answers an interesting phone call.




“Is the old man really dead?” The gruff voice in his ear is one he’s never heard before.


“Yes.” Shouto answers hesitantly. “Endeavour passed away. Who is this? I don’t want to talk to a reporter.”


“I’m not a reporter, kid. Just hand the phone to Fuyumi.”


He passes the phone to his sister, stalking off as he feels this is a conversation he’s not meant to hear.


“Hey Mi.” The voice says gently. “How are you holding up?”




“No, it’s Father Christmas.” Her brother snorts. “I saw the news. Is he really gone?”


“Yes.” Her voice is a whimper.


“Holy fuck.” Her brother is also quiet, relishing in her confirmation. He’s silent for a while, the only sound being the two of them breathing.


Finally, her brother speaks again. “Who the hell had the balls to do him in?”


She murmurs unintelligibly.




“I did.”


“Oh Fuyumi.....”


“I was just so angry.” She bursts into tears once more, and Touya spends the next two hours trying to calm her down. Fuyumi had always been his favourite, always kind and gentle in contrast to their father's harshness and their brothers' silence.


“Come home Touya. He’s not here to hurt you anymore.”


She thinks she hears someone in the background, someone telling him to hurry the fuck up and we have to go now. She never knew what her brother was up to all these years, and now, talking to him, she doesn't bother to ask, because she knows that she's too unstable right now to handle the answer. (But it's an answer she knows deep in her heart)


“I can’t. I’ll....I’ll call though. I promise.”


She’s shaking by the time she hangs up.


The funeral is plain, Rei thinks bitterly.


And they’re still not free.





Endeavour dies, and Touya is the one that kills him.


No - that’s not his name anymore. He goes by Dabi now.


He is no longer the kind-hearted brother that tended to the whims of his younger siblings, no longer the sweet boy with his mother’s disposition. 


(He may look like Enji, and have his fire, but deep down, he was always Rei’s.)


He is the amalgamation of his father’s sins, carrying the pain of his family like a cross, bearing its weight on his scarred back. He is an abomination made out of hate and anger and suffering. He is the monster that Enji created while trying to form his masterpiece. 


He is a failed attempt. Useless. A spare. 


But he also his brother’s shield. His medic. His saving grace that vanished into thin air so long ago. 


Shouto can’t even remember his real name, or what he looks like, but he remembers a presence, like a ghost. 


If Touya Todoroki is truly dead, then Dabi is his reanimated corpse.


He will be responsible for making sure his family can sleep easy once again.


Flames of orange and blue clash. The streets are in ruin as civilians run for cover, the hero and villain too preoccupied to worry about that right now. 


Endeavour is weak, and yet he won’t stay down. Dabi won’t be able to keep this up much longer, his body becoming sore from exhaustion. 


Damn his weak muscles.


Even if he’s able to push himself through fatigue, his stupid quirk might force him to stop. He always cursed it, but it was better than nothing.


Enji is bleeding heavily from his eye. Dabi hopes he did enough damage for it to be completely blind. He can see Hawks by looking over the pro hero’s shoulder, nervously fluttering around as he looked for a way through the flames. His wings are too weak to help. 


Endeavour grips him by the shoulders in a last-ditch attempt to overtake him, but it’s useless. This fight has gone on for too long. He is helpless.


Dabi’s body ignites with a furry that only the flame hero himself could produce, but these are not his flames, and he cannot withstand them.


Despite this, Enji cannot let go of him as he himself is engulfed in flames, the pain cancelling out whatever thoughts he had.


From an outsider’s point of view, it looked as if the two of them were being burned at the stake.


When the flames die, as well as Endeavour’s screams, Enji’s skin is charred, and his body (what’s left of it) is convulsing as it collapses to the ground. 


Blood stains Dabi’s shirt. His staples had ripped open. No matter. It's not that much blood, not so serious. It would take him a while to bleed out anyway. 


He grins wickedly as he stands over what’s left of Enji Todoroki, the piece of charcoal in front of him wheezing inhumanly.


“You will die,” Dabi tells him. “You can’t recover from this one. Did you like that move? You should. It was a favourite of yours. You taught it to me.”


White eyes against blackened skin go wide with recognition.


“S-sor....” He can’t speak, but Dabi knows what he’s trying to say.


“You’re sorry?”


The corpse moves its head up and down slightly. Dabi spits on it.


“I wanted you to be sorry years ago,” Dabi sneers. “I wanted for you to stop hitting me, hurting Mom, hurting Shouto. I wanted for you to pay attention to Fuyumi and Natsuo. I wanted a normal life.”


Dabi sighs bitterly. “I’m in constant pain. Every waking moment. Because of you. You brought this upon yourself when you thought it was okay to torment us.”


Endeavour stops wheezing, and his head slowly lulls to the side. 


“I’ll see you in hell, Enji.”


He stops breathing.


Dabi stands up straight, a hand pressed to his side in a weak attempt to slow the blood flow. He turns to the nearest camera. No one can stop him, the flames around him still burning. 


“Enji Todoroki is dead!” He announces as loud as he can. “The flame hero Endeavour is no more! But he was no hero, but a villain. No one knew about his horrible deeds except for his family - my family. You people were so misguided that you let criminals like this run your society, all because they call themselves heroes. You let them believe they were invincible, because of the power they controlled. Well, look where power got you. My family is in ruin - my mother has been driven to the edge, my brothers are bruised and scarred and my sister is left wondering why her family couldn’t be normal. All because this man - my own father - was too power hungry to realize that his family weren’t tools for him to use. You praise these so-called heroes without realizing who they really are. The bastard deserves everything he got, and I hope he’s rotting in hell.”


Miles away in a darkened room, a blue-haired man spits out his drink, choking on his whiskey in disbelief.


At UA, Shouto gapes at the television, surrounded by his dumbfounded classmates. Midoriya clings to him in a desperate attempt to ground him but he’s shaking violently. Not in anger, but with panic and confusion. 


Rei cries tears mixed with happiness and sadness. Her eldest is alive, but for how much longer? How long would they wait before executing him?


Natsuo is hyperventilating, trying to control his breathing. His alive.....and he’s.....he’s.....Natsuo faints. His girlfriend calls an ambulance. 


Fuyumi watches with a hand over her mouth in horror, realizing that she not only just lost her father but her older brother as well. 


Back at the crime scene, Dabi takes a deep breath. “I’m sorry I couldn’t do something good, Mom.”


He collapses, bringing himself to his knees as the flames around him dwindled and both police and heroes alike swarmed him. His hands grasp the sides of his head as tears drip down his face. 


And he laughs.


“I’m free! I’m finally free!”


The funeral is plain, Rei thinks bitterly. Not many people showed up, not even the press. All four of her children are there - Touya is bound and muzzled, a police officer on either side of him. They’re not allowed to touch him, but Rei manages to sneak a hug to him when they're not looking.


(Surprisingly, he’s not going to be executed, instead being sent to a psych ward, a heavily guarded one. The judge recognized that they could’ve prevented their suffering if they’d been more diligent with handing out hero licenses - and they can’t cover up what Touya publicly decreed, announcing Enji a villain. People were rallying for fair treatment of the abused criminal and mercy and justice for his family.)


Enji’s burnt body is laid in a coffin and covered with a white shroud. None of them know what to feel (except for Touya, who is trying to contain his rabid happiness for such a sombre occasion). 


Midoriya came to comfort Shouto, not offering words but just a presence. All Might also offers condolences, as well as his apologies for not noticing Endeavour’s....tendencies earlier. Rei tells him that it’s not his fault, that it’s no one’s but Enji’s. She says this loud enough to make sure her eldest hears. 


Murderer or not, he is still her son, tormented like her.


Natsuo is silent the entire time. Fuyumi keeps opening her mouth to speak, but Touya seems to know what she wants to say anyways, so it doesn’t matter. Shouto mumbles a few halfhearted words to the man, but Touya is a stranger to him. 


The heterochromatic boy can’t really be angry at his brother. 


Being angry won’t make Enji any less dead.