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Yuuri was sitting in a car.

Now that fact alone might not be conspicuous. The fact that he was blindfolded and handcuffed however, was very conspicuous. And he wasn’t even being kidnapped. This was legal. And there was nothing Yuuri could do about it.

He had been at the Omega Training Facility for only two months, after they had finally captured him, while he was out grocery shopping.

He knew that, technically, Yuuri was in the wrong for not handing himself over to them the day he turned 17. Because that’s what the law said. But he also knew that he hated this system with a passion. It wasn’t his fault that he turned out to be an omega.

Just because we’re so fertile doesn’t make us soulless breeding machines, you bastards, Yuuri thought enraged. Rage was good. Thinking himself into a rage lowered the possibility of having a panic attack. He knew he probably wouldn’t be able to keep that up for long though. He just wasn’t the angry type of person. More like silently suffering. That didn’t mean he couldn’t try though.

He sighed soundlessly. They had put his name up on that online auction site the same day he was taken to the facility. It wasn’t even really an auction. God knows why they called it that. They just put his name and measurements, as well as a picture up there, asking people to make an offer. He was pretty damn sure that whoever had just bought him was the only one stupid enough to actually spend money on him. He had been there for only two months after all, his buyer couldn’t possibly expect him to be well trained in any of those oh so important skills any omega needed to excel in. While there was no rule for having to reach certain standards after a predetermined training period or something similar that would actually make sense, buyers would usually wait for at least half a year or so before buying an omega.

But then again, if a buyer had their eyes set on a certain omega, there was always a possibility that someone else would buy the same omega if that buyer waited too long. It was a tricky system and pretty damn faulty if one were to ask Yuuri about his opinion, which no one did, obviously. Omegas were the lesser humans after all.

He had never really come to terms with what he was. Growing up, he always thought he’d be an alpha, or a beta at the very least. His sister was an alpha, as was his dad. His mom was a beta, so him becoming an omega almost seemed ridiculous to him, but here he was. And he hated it. He hated that now, after being bought, he had to devote his life to baby-making. Which he didn’t want to do.

He wanted to go back on the ice. He hadn’t been able to skate since he got captured and he had been itching to go to the rink for weeks. It was driving him crazy. Before he presented, he was aspiring to become a professional figure skater. To someday skate on the same ice as Viktor Nikiforov.

He was seven years old, when he saw Viktor skate on TV for the first time. At that time Viktor was already 17, skating in Seniors and getting his very first GPF Gold Medal. The routine Viktor had skated then, was what had inspired him to start skating in the first place, it had been so beautiful.

Yuuri even won his very own gold medal at the Japanese junior nationals when he was 12. He had been so happy about being one step closer to competing with Viktor.

And then everything went downhill. A few months after Yuuri’s victory at the nationals, Viktor got involved in a car accident. He had been jogging to his home rink as a warm up for training, when a car lost control because of an icy patch on the road. It had hit Viktor. And to make matters even worse, there had been a beer bottle next to the trash can Viktor had been passing when he got hit. And the shards had cut into his Achilles tendon.

It hadn’t severed it completely, but enough that Viktor would never be able to jump again. That information alone had crushed Yuuri, ripped his heart out and into shreds. But the look on Viktor’s face, when he had been forced to announce it during his press conference several weeks after the accident…. That look haunted him in his worst nightmares.

And then there were his own crushed dreams. Though he felt selfish for even thinking it, he had been destroyed by the fact that he’d never be able to compete against Viktor, no matter how hard he would train.

After Viktor had won that first gold medal, he was on a streak. He won gold at every single event, even at two Olympics, until his accident. He was an actual living legend, in a league of his own that no one could compare to.

There had been accusations of doping and all kinds of things but Viktor’s results had been clean after every single surprise visit the ISU gave him. To Yuuri that was just silly, though. On top of being insanely talented, Viktor had worked very hard to become as good as he was. It was just a shame his career had been taken from him so early. Who knew how many times more he could’ve broken his own records with those unbearably beautiful choreographies of his. He still held all the world records to this day, and it’s been nine years. If that wasn’t impressive, Yuuri didn’t know what was.

Another few months after Viktor’s accident, Yuuri had presented as an omega.

He had thought he’d hated the universe before that. And afterwards, well, afterwards he ran headfirst into depression. These terrible things had happened within half a year and something in him must have just snapped. His life’s dream had been taken away from him, and now his dignity as well.

He had been free to do whatever he wanted until he was 17. Then he should’ve gone and turned himself into one of those stupid Omega Facilities.

At first, he had tried to keep skating competitively, but after he presented no one took him seriously anymore. Not even his coach. Instead of getting compliments and praise for his hard-earned skills, he got asked to get on his knees and… do things. It had traumatized him a bit, if he was honest. He never complied, obviously. Just because he was an omega didn’t mean he wasn’t headstrong anymore and anyone who looked down on him could just go to hell.

Is what he told himself until he started looking down on himself, too.

Yuuri sighed again. Viktor had not let himself be consumed by his sadness and found a new path in life, being quite successful at it, too. Yuuri should have followed that example. But it turned out that he just wasn’t as strong as Viktor was. Yuuri couldn’t just stand up again. Maybe that’s why, Yuuri thought, that’s the difference between an alpha and an omega. Alphas can stand up after being struck down, and omegas just keep lying on the floor, like the weaklings they are. He shook his head after that thought. Just because he was weak didn’t mean other omegas were weak as well.

He felt the car coming to a stop, heard some words being exchanged, and felt the car starting to move again. The whole ride he had been trying to think of something, anything really, to keep himself from thinking about what would soon happen to him. But now it seemed as if they had arrived at… wherever.

He heard the car door open and close, before the driver opened Yuuri’s door. Yuuri didn’t move. “Well, they said to keep you blindfolded until you arrive in your new home, so I guess I can take them off now”, the voice of his driver said and promptly did so.

That was one of the things Yuuri really didn’t understand. Omegas were thought of as being submissive, weak, and compliant. But the Facility insisted on blindfolding and handcuffing them when they were taken to their buyers anyway. They said the blindfold was so that omegas wouldn’t attempt to escape, because escaping into unknown surroundings would be scarier than to just comply with their master’s wishes. And apparently the handcuffs were for keeping omegas from leashing out in a panic. If they knew about that and were so concerned about it, then maybe these idiots should just revise this system completely, Yuuri thought. He just didn’t get why life had to be so unfair. Who did they think they were, deciding over human’s lives worth like that.

Unsurprisingly, the face of his driver hadn’t changed from the last time he saw him, just before the blindfold was put on him. Yuuri still thought that the pointy hairstyle looked ridiculous though.

While climbing out of the car, Yuuri made sure to take notice of his surroundings. He was in an oversized garage which housed no less than six cars. Six. Cars. Four of which were sports cars. Well. If whoever bought him had such... ah... compensation issues, then maybe his future would be a little less painful than he had originally thought, he thought sardonically.

The driver, whose name Yuuri had chosen to forget, led him to a door, which led to a tiny corridor, which led to another door. Behind that door was some sort of entrance hall, at least that’s what Yuuri guessed what it was supposed to be. It was rather small. After seeing those cars, he had expected something more… flashy inside the house.

Across from him was a double-winged door, which his driver didn’t go to. Instead he turned right. When Yuuri followed he saw a tiny waiting-room-like hallway and stairs, that his driver was already climbing. Yuuri tried to follow as best as he could, but he still had his hands behind his back and because of that he now realized for the first time how scary stairs could actually be.

At the top of the stairs was his driver, waiting for him patiently.

Behind the driver, Yuuri could see another hallway. This one was longer and narrower, but the outside wall was lined with windows. There was a door in the wall on the left side, Yuuri noticed, barely. Right now, he was busy staring outside in horror.

He was surrounded by a forest and land. He could even see some small mountains that didn’t look too far away. He wasn’t even close to a city. At least not that he could see. Maybe there were better chances of seeing something else but land on the opposite side of the house?

Yuuri hadn’t really thought about escaping, because it was pointless, really, but he thought he would at least be in some kind of civilization. But here was nothing. Absolutely nothing but nature. Distantly, Yuuri thought it might have been a beautiful scenery, but right now he couldn’t really see it. Somehow being taken out of the city made him feel isolated in his situation, which in turn made him feel scared. He hated feeling scared but right know he couldn’t even summon thoughts of Viktor to help him through this. He was starting to feel reality crashing down on him in this very moment.

Yuuri tried to shake himself out of it, but didn’t really succeed. Though he did get back into the present enough to hear the driver open the door at the end of the hallway. He gestured for Yuuri to walk through it. Which he did. Only to stand in yet another hallway. What the hell. This one only had one door to his right and…. A curtain further down the hall. He wondered what was behind the curtain for a second, and then decided that he didn’t really want to find out. However, he was sure now that whoever lived here must’ve had some kind of weird hallway fetish. Or enjoy living in a labyrinth.

The driver closed the door behind himself, and then proceeded to lock it. Yuuri didn’t like it. At all. He felt trapped. He tried to calm himself down anyway.

“I’m going to take off the cuffs now”. Yuuri was secretly thankful for that, but made sure to seem like he didn’t care. Don’t show any weakness, he told himself repeatedly until the driver knocked on the door. If there’s another hallway behind that I’m going to scream, he thought sourly, the suspense almost killing him.

“Come in.” The voice sounded clipped. Yuuri felt strangely intimidated by the voice alone. He really hoped that compensation issues were the only issues his buyer had.

The driver opened the door for Yuuri. He swallowed and stepped into the room. Which was an office. Like one would expect the boss’ room inside a company on the top floor to be, not in a home. He looked around the room for a short moment, before his eyes fell on the person behind the massive desk.

Yuuri froze.


 “Sit down on the couch for a moment, I need to finish this”, was the only thing Yuuri’s nightmare said.

Yuuri obeyed. He felt like fainting. And also like ripping his hair out. He was still scared, too, if he was honest. But now he was utterly confused as well.

He tried not to think and just clear his mind while staring at the door. Maybe next time I look at him, Yuuri thought desperately, someone else will sit in that chair.

“Come over here.” Yuuri looked up, saw his nightmare staring him straight in the face, and obeyed wordlessly. “Sit down.” Yuuri sat down on the chair opposite of… him.

A few seconds later Yuuri realized that he was being analyzed. He swallowed.

Finally, his nightmare spoke again. “Well. Yakov could’ve done worse. What’s your name?”

“Yuuri Katsuki.” “I’m Viktor Nikiforov.” Yuuri saw that Viktor was about to say more than just that. He saw it, but he just couldn’t help himself when he muttered a barely audible “I know”. Viktor heard him anyway.

“Oh? You know me?” No point in lying there, Yuuri thought to himself before answering. “I… yes.”

“I wasn’t aware they taught about me in Omega Facilities”, Viktor said humorously. “They don’t”, Yuuri answered promptly, the humour flying right over his head.

“Shame.” Yuuri couldn’t decide whether Viktor was in a good mood or not. He never imagined it would be so difficult to talk to Viktor, who had always seemed so approachable, friendly and just so… warm in his interviews. This Viktor right in front of him was decidedly not warm, Yuuri could see as much in his eyes, but he also felt that describing him as cold wouldn’t really be fitting, either. It was weird. And so very confusing.

“Well then, Yuuri, tell me what you already know about me”, Viktor said curiously, leaning back in his chair.

Yuuri swallowed again, not knowing into how much detail he was supposed to go. Better not too deep, he decided.

“You were an amaz… a figure skating until the… uhm.. accident”, Yuuri started hesitantly, trying to gauge Viktor’s reaction and failing. Viktor’s face was blank. Yuuri couldn’t read him at all. It made him even more nervous and he rushed the rest of his answer. “You had to stop your career and finished your business… uhm… administration… I think… degree at Oxford University, worked at your parents’ company until you took over at age 28.” Yuuri shut himself up after that. He hadn’t heard any news about Viktor for the last three years.

“Wow. You know quite a lot. I didn’t think young people like you would still know about my figure skating career.” Yuuri felt that there were several things wrong in that statement, but he tried very hard and succeeded in staying quiet about it. “I am curious Yuuri. Yakov told me you are 21, yes?” Yuuri nodded. “And you said they don’t talk about me in the Facility. Which means you should have no way of knowing that I took over the company three years ago. So tell me, Yuuri, why do you know that?”

Viktor was right. Omegas didn’t have any business knowing about, well, business stuff. In the mind of the facility workers, that kind of knowledge would be wasted on omegas. Of course, it would be easy to just look up that information by googling Viktor’s name, which is how he knew about it in the first place, but phones as well as any kind of computers weren’t allowed at the facilities and confiscated as soon as an omega stepped foot in there.

He should congratulate himself on not even lasting 10 minutes before selling himself out as a criminal. He could feel himself squirm and stutter some useless words.

“Tell me honestly, Yuuri. I promise I won’t punish you.”

It was so very hard to believe that. But Yuuri answered anyway.

“They only found me two months ago”, he mumbled at last. Viktor’s eyebrows rose up until they almost met his hairline. Which was quite a feat, actually. He looked very surprised to say the least. Yuuri couldn’t tell if that was good or not. Viktor had always been known for liking surprises but he didn’t know if that applied to this situation as well.

“They found you? You didn’t go to them?”

Yuuri had kind of foolishly been hoping Viktor would just drop that topic. He didn’t know why, but confessing his shortcomings as an omega to Viktor felt strangely humiliating. Which kind of scared him.

He forced himself to answer anyway. “I was hiding from them.”

“But why would you do that?” Viktor seemed honestly confused. But confusion was better than anger in Yuuri’s book.

He opened his mouth to answer, but snapped it shut almost as soon as he had opened it. Viktor looked honestly confused about it. Didn’t he know how omegas were treated? No, he had to know, he just bought him after all. Yuuri didn’t want to believe that Viktor actually thought society was right about the way omegas were treated. Was Viktor so stupid that he couldn't see it? No, his intelligence wasn’t the problem, his upbringing was, Yuuri was sure about that. Which meant that Viktor was either raised to be ignorant or coldhearted. But he was definitely thinking this was normal. Viktor surely knew that he was talking to a lesser human right now. And he also probably knew that Yuuri didn’t like to be seen as a lesser human. Right?

Staring at Viktor, who stared back rather obliviously, Yuuri wasn’t so sure anymore. He also couldn’t keep the eye contact anymore. Maybe there was something wrong with Yuuri’s way of thinking after all. In that case Viktor was sure to punish him for being so self-important. But Viktor wanted to know. Yuuri could feel his mouth opening and closing a few times, while he stared at his knees and thought of a way to get out of this situation.

There wasn’t one. He started to tremble. What was Viktor going to do as a punishment? He hoped it wouldn’t be too painful.

Viktor heaved a long sigh. “Well, I’m sure you have your reasons. You’re here now, so let’s start talking about the reason why I need you.”

Yuuri’s surprise at actually being left off the hook, as well as his confusion about what Viktor had just said caused him to blurt out “Because of sex”, which ended up sounding more like a question than an answer. As soon as Yuuri realized what he’d said, his face and ears turned bright red.

“It’s a bit more complicated than that, Yuuri”, Viktor laughed quietly. Yuuri could do nothing but stare at Viktor in confusion. Viktor paused.

“I think I’m starting to understand something here”, Viktor muttered to himself, index finger touching his lips. He seemed to be contemplating something while he was staring at Yuuri. It made Yuuri squirm in his seat again. He couldn’t read Viktor at all and he hated not knowing what he was thinking right in this moment.

Finally, Viktor sighed. Again.

“I can tell you’re scared, Yuuri. So let me be clear about this right now. I’m not an animal. I’m not going to rape you. I do hope however, that with time you will come to want to have sex with me willingly. I will not push you. I will wait for you to come to me when you’re ready. But Yuuri, keep in mind that if I don’t see any progress in your… acceptance of me, I will have to send you back to a training facility. I am a patient man, but I will not go through another rut by myself. I will give you a few months to get used to me and the idea of having sex with me. I’ll be able to tell whether you can actually grow comfortable around me or not. So don’t worry about this for now."

"Now, let’s talk about the main job I’ll have you do in the meantime, yes?” Yuuri was dumbfounded, relieved and confused, all at once. Which is why he could only somehow manage to say “okay”.

“Good. Let me start by explaining the situation then. As you already know, I’m the CEO of Blizko and as you can see, I’m working from home. I also have all of my business meetings and parties here. Basically, the whole west wing is business related. Anyway, while I do employ some maids and gardeners, it’s too much for them to keep an eye on my son on top of their own work and I’m growing sick and tired of having to deal with him barging in and disrupting my work all the time.” Yuuri was dumbfounded.

Son? Viktor Nikiforov had a son?! How did the world not know about that?! Last time he checked Viktor was still one of the top bachelors in the whole world! And if Viktor already had a mate, then why was he talking about not wanting to go through a rut alone again? But he didn’t give him any time to process that bombshell he just dropped on him properly and just continued talking.

“My son likes to make a nuisance of himself in the most inconvenient of times and therefore I need someone to keep an eye on him at all times. Unfortunately, it has become quite an annoying habit of his to burst into my meetings. Which is why your job will be to keep him entertained, make sure he does his homework, feed him, just do whatever you have to in order to keep him off my back. I assume you can cook?”

Viktor’s voice had become incredibly stern during his little speech, and it had caused Yuuri to actually remember his lessons from the facility and to sit straight in his chair. The authority in his voice had also reminded him to actually address Viktor like he was taught to.

“Yes, sir.”

The corners of Viktor’s mouth twitched.

“In that case it will also be your job to make sure there’ll be breakfast, lunch and dinner at appropriate times. Yuri, my son I mean, is allowed to sleep in on weekends until 9 am. Make sure he gets up at 7 am at the latest on weekdays. Bedtime is at 8 pm, every day, no exceptions. Obviously, you won’t be paid. I do own you, after all. However, I will give you your own private quarters, including a bedroom, bathroom and closet. You’re allowed to eat together with Yuri. It would be rather counterproductive to keep you from doing your job by keeping you away from him several times a day just to make you remember your place”, Viktor said, rolling his eyes. “Just don’t make me regret being generous. And don’t mistake it for pity either. If you make mistakes, if you talk back to me or if I find that you’re not doing your job properly, I will not hesitate punish you.”

Yuuri swore then and there that he would do his very best to never slack off. He had no idea Viktor could be so intimidating.

“Now, do you have any questions?”

“You have a son?!”, Yuuri blurted out as soon as he had opened his mouth.

He could’ve kicked himself right afterwards, too. That was probably the stupidest question he could’ve asked after all the information that had just been dumped on him. And Viktor did indeed look slightly irritated, but only sighed before he actually answered.

“Yes. It’s not common knowledge and I intend to keep it that way.”

“Why?” Apparently, Yuuri had lost all of his filters in his bafflement. Viktor looked at him wryly.

“I shouldn’t have asked for questions.”

“I’m sorry!”, Yuuri exclaimed, realizing how he must’ve just overstepped about a dozen boundaries. Viktor sighed once again.

“No, it’s fine. Yuri is the result of a drunken mistake that was dumped on me after his mother died of an overdose, when Yuri was three. I didn’t even know about him until then, but I’ve been told that she toned down her drinking and smoking habits while she was pregnant, but apparently, she didn’t stop it completely. Which is why Yuri is so small. It’s best not to comment on his height though. He tends to get angry easily whenever it’s mentioned.” The only thing Yuuri could do after hearing that was to swallow. Hard.

And it was not completely because of what he had said. Talking about Yuri had Viktor’s voice go cold as ice. He wasn’t sure he wanted to think of the implications behind that.

“No more questions then?”, Viktor asked. Yuuri shook his head.

“Good. If you do, you can come to me any time, as long as I’m not in the west wing.”

“Okay”, Yuuri somehow managed to say. He was thoroughly intimidated now.

Viktor sighed once again. “Georgi should be on his way from picking up Yuri as we speak. Sign this and go sit on the couch. I’ll introduce you when he gets here.”

“…Yes, sir.”

Right, his driver’s name had been Georgi.

Yuuri signed the Confidentiality Agreement and sat back down on the couch, trying not to think too hard while Viktor went back to work.

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Yuuri ended up thinking too much anyway. He had a ton of questions and he had to keep himself several times from actually asking some of them out loud. Sure, Viktor had said to ask him anytime, but he was also very clear about not wanting his time to be wasted. So Yuuri would sort his thoughts out first, and talk to Viktor second. It was probably better to get a feel on the whole situation before he made a fool of himself anymore than he already had anyway.

But it was just so shocking to hear Viktor talk about his own son in such a cold and uncaring way! He guessed he could kind of understand getting fed up with interruptions but… Viktor had called him a nuisance and asked Yuuri to keep him off his back in such a cold voice… didn’t he love Yuri at all?

And how ironic was it that he basically shared a name with Viktor’s son.

Anyway, he was going to get to the bottom of this, already too invested, simply because it involved Viktor Nikiforov. And no matter how intimidating he might have been, he was still Yuuri’s childhood hero, and apparently, he wasn’t a complete monster either. Yuuri would already be naked by this point if he was. So that’s a plus.

He just had to remind himself to actually apply what little he had learned at the facility. Like calling Viktor “sir” to show respect, until he was told to call him whatever Viktor wanted to be called. He hadn’t been called out for all of his blunders yet, so he wanted to fix that before Viktor actually got annoyed with him. Because no matter how much he hated being treated like a slave, there were definitely worse owners to end up with. Yuuri was pretty damn sure that not getting raped wasn’t the norm for omegas in this society, so he had really lucked out in getting an owner who was actually above that.

Now he just had to make an effort to show that he wanted to stay here. And also draw out the having to have sex part as long as he could. Viktor hadn’t been very specific about how much time Yuuri had exactly, but a few months would hopefully be enough to… relax.

As if, Yuuri sighed quietly, I’ll never be able to relax as long as I have to live as a slave. But it was not like Yuuri could change what he was, nor how the world worked, so he’d focus on the little world inside this house. And he had time to figure this out, at least.

Which is why right now, he should focus on what would happen today. He felt like a lot of information had been dumped on him in a short period of time and he felt compelled to put some reminders in his phone for Yuri’s bed times. Shame that the facility forgot to give him his phone back, Yuuri thought sarcastically.

He gnawed on his lip and risked looking over to Viktor, who was immersed in his work. But Viktor had said that it was okay to ask him stuff, right? Right. He couldn’t really fault Yuuri for trying to remember stuff. Man up, Yuuri.

He took a deep breath. “Ah… Sir?” Viktor looked at him questioningly. “Could I… Could I maybe have a pen and paper? Please?”

Viktor looked a little confused. “Sure.” Yuuri breathed a sigh of relief, while Viktor put the items on his desk, ready for Yuuri to grab them. So Yuuri stood up and walked over to the table, only to sit down across from Viktor again. Unasked. Viktor raised his eyebrows at him, looking somewhere between amused and confused. Still, this wasn’t good. He needed to get himself under control.

Slightly panicking, Yuuri said “I’m sorry! I’ll go back to the couch as soon as I’m done writing! I’ll be quick, promise!” God, he sounded like a 6-year-old. “Yuuri, I honestly don’t care where you sit. I offered the couch because I thought it would be more comfortable for you.” Well, you didn’t really offer now, did you, Yuuri didn’t say. He wasn’t suicidal yet, thank you very much.

“Oh…”, was his answer instead. The corners of Viktor’s mouth twitched again. Huh. Yuuri was pretty sure it was a sign of amusement. Did- Did Viktor like it when Yuuri made a fool of himself? Now that was something to think about.

However, he forced himself not to and went to the task at hand. Shortly after he started writing, Viktor started speaking. “Oh, I see. Well, since you’re already at it… Georgi will come to pick up Yuri for school at 7:30, so make sure he’s dressed and fed by then.” Yuuri nodded and put that detail down, too.

Viktor made a thoughtful noise, finger on his lip again. “He’s not allowed to enter the west wing anymore, no matter what he’ll tell you. He’s not allowed. Not under any circumstances. He’s allowed to go to the basement though, as long as you keep a really close eye on him there. There should be plenty of entertainment for him. But only after he’s done with all of his school work. I’ll give you the key later. Actually, Yuuri, you look Asian. Which languages do you speak?”

Yuuri looked up, a little startled at the sudden change of topic. “Uh… English and Japanese, Sir.” Viktor hummed, finger still on his lip. “I want you to teach him Japanese, then. Yuri already speaks English and Russian fluently, well as fluently as any kid can talk, but it’s always good to know as many languages as possible, yes?”

“Yes, Sir.” Yuuri couldn’t really disagree with that. However… “But Sir”, Viktor’s right eyebrow shot up, giving him a warning look. Shit, Yuuri thought, starting to panic again, is it back-talking if I want to share my concerns about something!? “I have never really taught anyone. I- I don’t know if I’ll be able to do a- a satisfying job with that.” Yuuri swallowed hard. That eyebrow was still up there.

“You’ll just have to try then. I’ll make sure you have materials to teach with.” Yuuri forced himself to calm down. Why was talking to Viktor so stressful? “Thank you, sir.” The eyebrow went down. Finally. Thank god. Yuuri hastily wrote his last notes down and went back to the couch.

Just after he finished folding the sheet and putting it in the back pocket of his jeans, someone knocked on the door. Viktor sighed. “Come in.” The door opened and Georgi walked in, followed by a little blonde boy, who seemed to be in a very bad mood.

“Yuri got the result of the test from last week” Georgi said, without any form of preamble. “And?”, Viktor asked. Georgi nudged Yuri forward. Yuri gave him a sour look, but went to Viktor’s desk. He pulled the paper out of his backpack and put it onthe table. Which looked kind of cute. Yuuri thought that might have been, because the desk was taller than Yuri and the boy couldn’t even see where he put it.

Viktor stared at the paper for a moment, face blank. But Yuuri could see that he pressed his lips together a bit. Which probably meant that Viktor was not happy. “Yuri. Why is this sheet blank?” His voice sounded carefully controlled. Yuri looked down on the floor, already looking chastised. “Because I didn’t write anything.” He didn’t sound chastised though. Yuuri was pretty sure Viktor couldn’t even see Yuri behind that desk, though, so if the atmosphere in the room wouldn’t have been so tense, Yuuri might have found they way they talked to each other amusing.

“And why, pray tell, didn’t you write anything down on a test of all things?” Viktor leaned back in his huge leather chair, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Because I didn’t feel like it.” Viktor let his hand fall down from his nose onto the table, making quite the noise. It made all of the other three occupants of the room jump. Not only because of the noise though.

Alphas and omegas had certain scents, differing from person to person. It was kind of like wearing your own personalized perfume all day, every day, without having to pay for it. Which also meant that it wasn’t very noticeable most of the time, unless you came close to someone, in which case one might get a little sniff. It wasn’t very polite to sniff someone though, so people usually didn’t do that. Unless they were in a club or something.

One couldn’t control those scents though, which Yuuri thought was kind of faulty. Because, while it was nice to get a warning before an alpha went on a rampage, no one could hide their emotions either. And Yuuri preferred hiding his emotions.

So, if an alpha got angry, that “perfume” got a little bit stronger and turned a little bit sour and it wasn’t pleasant for anyone in a close vicinity to that alpha. The same applied to omegas as well, though the scent wasn’t even nearly as intimidating as that of an alpha. If an omega’s smell turned strong and sour it was mostly to keep people at a distance, in a I’m in a really bad mood, I will scratch your eyes out if you try to talk to me kind of way. It’s probably comparable to a cat with its fur standing on end. You knew you shouldn’t really get too close, but it also wasn’t really scary.

Viktor’s scent however, was very scary. He didn’t even need to say anything to have Yuuri and Yuri quivering, though the latter one looked slightly braver than the former one. Probably because he was kind of used to it already, Yuuri thought. He was pretty sure this wasn’t the first time that happened.

“This is pointless”, Viktor muttered, instead of exploding. “You know your punishment, go get it.” Yuuri swallowed. Just how was Viktor, the Viktor he had looked up to since childhood, so scary? Yuri must’ve thought something similar, because he looked over to Georgi in horror, who only looked back at Yuri with pity in his eyes.

When Viktor realized that Yuri wasn’t moving, he talked again. “You know it gets worse the longer you make me wait.” Yuri ran out of the room, cursing variations of “dammit” and “stupid”.

Yuuri was frozen to the spot though. He really, really hoped he wasn’t about to witness actual child abuse. He never would’ve thought Viktor to be like this. He’d always seemed so gentle in his interviews. What was going on?!

Before Yuuri could think himself into a panic over what was about to happen, Yuri came running back in, carrying a stuffed animal.

Huh. That wasn’t quite what Yuuri had expected, even though he hadn’t really expected anything. By the looks of it, it was a pink bunny with a white face and short arms reaching upwards as if wanting to be hugged. It was so cute, Yuuri almost wanted to rush over and hug the bunny himself.

Yuri threw the bunny well aimed at Viktor’s face, screaming “I hate you!”

Viktor caught the bunny before it hit him and sat it down on his desk, propping it against a desk lamp. “I’ll keep it until Monday”, Viktor said nonchalantly, not even faced by what Yuri had said.

Yuri had tears streaming down his face, Yuuri noticed, and realized what was going on.

Viktor was taking away Yuri’s favorite plushie. That… that was just cruel. Sure, from an adult’s point of view it might have been a bit of a silly punishment, but Yuuri vividly remembered the times when he was little himself, and accidentally left his own favorite plushie sitting somewhere, only to be unable to find it later and having a huge crying fit until his parents had found it for him.

He couldn’t even imagine himself in Yuri’s shoes, being forced to actually give it away like that. He could feel his heart go out for little Yuri then and there. How old was he anyway? He looked like four, but that probably wasn’t the case, given what Viktor had said earlier. It didn’t matter anyway, he shouldn’t have his comfort object taken away like that! What was Viktor thinking!?

Today was Friday, so Yuri wouldn’t have it for three whole nights! Who knew what kind of monsters the bunny kept from Yuri in his mind. This was horrible!

“Listen, Yuri”, Viktor started with a sigh, “if you behave well for your new nanny”, Yuuri tried very hard not to flinch at that term, “I will give it back to you on Sunday. But for that to happen I don’t want to hear a single complaint about you. Understood?” “Yeah…”, Yuri mumbled, looking at Yuuri for the first time, with a very distrusting look.

“What was that”, Viktor said more than asked. “Yes”, Yuri answered, clearer this time. “Good. Now Yuuri, come over here.” Yuuri obeyed, not missing the dirty look Yuri threw him as soon as he realized he had the same name as him. He kept his mouth shut though.

“I want you to have Yuri retake that test before he does his homework. Go through it with him afterwards if he has trouble answering the questions.” “Yes, sir.” Viktor nodded curtly. “You may leave. All of you.” And so they did.

Yuri stomped down the stairs in a quiet rage, still crying. Georgi and Yuuri followed. Downstairs, Yuri burst through the double winged door and even though Yuuri felt highly compelled to race after him he stopped for a second and turned to Georgi.

He didn’t really know how to “properly” address him, since he was a beta and he hadn’t been taught how to deal with betas in the facility during the short time he was there, but right now, he couldn’t care less. “Ah, excuse me, Georgi…” He turned to look back at Yuuri curiously, already halfway through the door that led to the garage.

“Yes?” “Could you tell me how old Yuri is? He… well he looks pretty young.” “He’s five.” Five. His guess hadn’t been far off then. After the warning Viktor had given him about Yuri’s height, he would’ve thought his actual age would be a lot older than he looked. Apparently, that wasn’t the case.

“Okay, thank you.” He intended to turn around and hurry to Yuri, but he saw Georgi starting to speak, before he cut himself off. Yuuri looked at him questioningly. “I can imagine what you must be thinking of Yuri right now. But I promise he’s a really good kid, deep down. It’s just… difficult, you know?” Yuuri didn’t know. He had absolutely no idea what was going on and what he was going to do, but he would figure it out. So Yuuri just nodded and went to hunt down Yuri.

He hurried through the door and found himself in a spacious kitchen, which looked… incredibly luxurious. It would actually be a more of a dream than a task to cook here, Yuuri thought.

The kitchen merged into a dining room, Yuuri noticed, after he turned around the corner. And thankfully at the table in that dining room sat Yuri, still in the process of putting his homework on the table. It was a huge table, too, with two chairs at each end, and six on each of the long sides. Yuri had sat himself down at the head of the table, so Yuuri sat down at the long side, kind of next to Yuri.

On the way to the table he had passed by a clock, which made him realize that it was 2 pm already. “Have you eaten lunch yet?” Yuri looked up, surprised. And then distrustful. “No…” “Then I will make something really delicious while you’re doing this, okay?”, Yuuri said while sliding the sheet he had gotten from Viktor over to Yuri. Yuri scrunched up his nose while he kept looking at him in this judging way before he answered. “I guess.” Yuuri beamed. “Great!”

After Yuri started writing, Yuuri got up and searched the kitchen for food he could use to make katsudon. If he was being completely honest, he wanted to cook it as much for himself as he did for Yuri. It was his go-to comfort food after all, and he was in desperate need of comfort. As was Yuri. So he saw no fault in indulging himself. Even if it was mostly because he had no idea how to comfort Yuri otherwise. He was pretty sure the boy wouldn’t let a stranger hug him. And stuff. God, Yuuri sucked at this.

He found some rice, a rice cooker and eggs. And then… no meat, no nothing.

That couldn’t be right. He searched the fridge again. It was full, after all. He must’ve gone blind. But no, there were only things you would use for breakfast and stuff, nothing one would need to actually cook things.

“You should look inside the pantry if you can’t find something”, came Yuri’s voice from the dining table. Yuuri looked at him in surprise. “Oh. Right. Thank you, Yuri. Uh… can you tell me where the pantry is, too?” That earned him an unimpressed look. Then Yuri pointed vaguely to around the corner. So Yuuri went back to the door he came in through, and found a rather small door to his left. Oh. He must’ve overlooked that earlier.

And wow. By pantry Yuuri hadn’t actually expected a whole storage room though. Especially not a storage room that was as big as, if not bigger than his room back at the onsen. Damn.

He walked in and looked through various shelves and fridges and freezers until he had everything he needed. He was pretty surprised that he’d found even stuff like mirin.

Shortly after he walked back into the kitchen, he heard Yuri call “I’m done!”, so Yuuri stopped cutting the onions and went to Yuri to look at the sheet. What he saw let him pause for a moment or five.

He couldn’t find a single mistake.

“Yuri”, Yuuri said, starting to kneel beside Yuri’s chair, in order to get a better look at his face, “if you know all the answers, why didn’t you fill it out when you were supposed to?”, he asked, trying his very best to sound curious and not demanding. He thought that, if he wanted to get as close to an honest answer as he could, he’d have to act as a friend, and not as another enemy.

Yuri answered by looking the other way. Yuuri sighed. “Okay. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. Can you do your homework while I cook?”

“Sure”, Yuri muttered, looking at him a little bewildered. He was probably wondering why Yuuri hadn’t pushed for answers.

It didn’t take long to finish cooking, maybe about half an hour. After he put the food in three bowls, he walked over to check on Yuri’s progress. “Wow, you work really fast, don’t you?”, Yuuri tried to praise, which earned him a Look. “Err… I’ll be back in a minute, okay?”

“Hm.” Was the only answer he got. He didn’t sigh, even though he wanted to. He really wished he knew how he could cheer Yuuri up. But he couldn’t come up with an answer right now, so instead, he went upstairs, to tell Viktor that lunch was ready.

When he knocked on the door, he heard a muttered “for god’s sake”, before a clearer “come in” reached his ears.

Viktor seemed a little surprised when he saw him. “What is it, Yuuri? Is there a problem?”

“Ah… no, sir. I just wanted to ask if…ah… Do you want to come downstairs for lunch…?” This earned him an incredulous look. Had he said something weird?

“No”, was the only answer he got. Which actually kind of baffled him. “Do you want me to bring your lunch here then?”, Yuuri asked, growing more insecure by the second.

“No, Yuuri.”

Viktor must’ve noticed Yuuri’s look of utter confusion then, because some of his annoyance seemed to leave him. “It’s not your job to worry about when or what I eat.” Yuuri was sure it was meant to be some kind of explanation, but for some reason, all it did was confuse him even more. Didn’t he eat together with Yuri?

After he got back in the kitchen, he put saran wrap on one of the bowls and put it in the fridge, before he grabbed the other two bowls and headed to Yuri.

“You’re slow.” How nice. “Oh, you’re done already? Sorry you had to wait.”

When Yuuri put the bowl in front of Yuri, he was rewarded with a scrunched-up face, that looked rather adorable. “What’s that?” “It’s katsudon.” “Cats-done?” Yuuri nodded, figuring the pronunciation would be as close as it’d get for now.

Yuri took a moment before he gasped, completely horrified. “You cooked cats!?” It took Yuuri a short beat to process that question. “What!? No!”, he exclaimed then, shocked, “no, of course not! I would never cook cats! It’s katsudon. Katsu-don”, he said slowly, putting more emphasis on the u.

Yuri still looked at him suspiciously. “Katsu-don. What’s in there?!” “Well, there’s rice, eggs, pork, peas, onions…” “You promise that it’s pork?” “Yes, I promise. I’d even pinky swear it.” “Really?” “Really.”

After that Yuri took a hesitant bite. And brightened up immediately. “Do you like it?”, Yuuri asked. Which was unnecessary, really, because it was obvious, but he wanted to at least attempt to have a conversation with Yuri. Yuri only answered by nodding vigorously though.

A few minutes later Yuuri tried again. “So how was school today?” “Why do you want to know?” “Well. Because I’m interested in what you did today. If you had fun…” His parents had always asked him how school had been when they were eating together, so he thought this was a normal topic to have over lunch. So why did Yuri look at him like Yuuri was planning to murder him right now? Yuuri didn’t understand. He knew from the very beginning that he wasn’t qualified to work with children. But it’s not like he had a choice. Was it really his fault if he sucked at something when he was forced to do it?

“Really?”, Yuri asked finally, still suspicious. “Of course.” Apparently, that was enough to appease Yuri, because he started talking then. A little hesitant at first, maybe because he wasn’t sure what to talk about, but Yuuri could actually feel Yuri getting into it after a few moments. He started to talk more animatedly, every time Yuuri encouraged him with his comments. He had even used his arms to make sure Yuuri fully understood just how big the dog was that had accompanied his friend’s parents when they had picked the boy up. It was really nice to see Yuri lighten up a bit.

After lunch, Yuuri looked over Yuri’s homework, only to realize once again that he was pretty good at school. “This is amazing, Yuri! You’ve done a great job!” Yuri almost started to glow under the praise.

Now, how to tell him that he had to study even more, without dimming that? Yuuri had no idea. “Your dad wants me to teach you Japanese, did you know about that?”

As soon as Viktor was mentioned, Yuri caved in on himself again. “No.” He didn’t seem happy to have to learn yet another language. Which Yuuri didn’t blame him for, obviously, but he couldn’t go against Viktor’s orders. It would be discovered sooner or later and he didn’t want to think about the massive punishment he would get then.

“You already spoke Japanese today; did you know that?” Yuri looked at him with big eyes. “I did?” “Of course! Katsudon is Japanese.” “Really?!” “Yes!”, Yuuri tried to put as much enthusiasm as he could into his voice, hoping it would somehow transfer to Yuri. “Then teach me! What are you waiting for!?” Score.

After telling Yuri a summarized version of how the language worked, he organized an empty piece of paper.

Yuuri started to teach him the a and ka rows of the hiragana alphabet, figuring it would be best to take it easy. Yuri had been in school and done all of his homework already and he didn’t want to overwork a five-year-old.

Yuuri sighed, staring at the curtain that he was sure was hiding a window, while Yuri repeated writing each character ten times. He didn’t really get it. Yuri seemed like a pretty sweet child. Why would Viktor be so cold towards the boy? Of course, he wasn’t stupid, he knew there was more to this situation than he knew of right now. But he couldn’t imagine anything bad enough for Yuri to do that would warrant such a treatment. He was almost willing to bet that it wasn’t even Yuri’s fault to begin with. Which would mean Viktor was actually a douchebag. However, Yuuri had met douchebags in his life before and he really didn’t want to put Viktor onto that same level. It was stupid and naïve, he knew that, but he just didn’t want his idol to be like… that.

Viktor had basically said that he didn’t eat together with Yuri. But he didn’t say why and he didn’t say that it was never going to happen. Which is why Yuuri decided to go ask Viktor to come down to eat every day, for lunch and dinner. Starting tomorrow. He wanted at least one day without punishment. He knew that he was allowed to ask Viktor stuff, but he was sure that what he was planning to do, was more on the wasting time side, than the asking questions one. But he couldn’t bear the thought of Viktor neglecting Yuri like this. Which is why he made up his mind to fix this mess of a father-son relationship, whether Viktor wanted or not. He could deal with getting punished if it meant that Yuri could get something out of it. There was no way he actually liked not having Viktor around. Right? He made sure to steal his resolve until tomorrow.

Anyway, Yuuri would have to go to him later again today, no matter what. He had no idea which room he was supposed to stay in, how to get there and what on earth he was supposed to wear tomorrow. Surely, Viktor didn’t expect him to wear the same set of clothes every day without any means to wash them, did he? Yuuri really hoped he didn’t.

“Hey katsudon, I’m done.”

Chapter Text

While Yuuri pointed out some inaccuracies in the characters Yuri had drawn, he heard the door to the kitchen open. He looked up, expecting to see Viktor walking around the corner. It wasn’t Viktor who walked in though.

“Christophe Giacometti!?”, Yuuri exclaimed, unable to hide his surprise.

“Oh? I don’t think we met before. I’m sure I would remember a pretty face such as yours. Call me Chris”, he said, winking.

“Ah, no we haven’t. I’m sorry, I just recognized you because I used to follow figure skating... I’m Yuuri.”

“Well if that isn’t a coincidence. I assume you’re the new omega here? Actually, never mind, I’m sure I’ll find out as soon as I go upstairs. I just came in here to steal some food before that. Ah! Now there is a banana yogurt I like! Well then Yuuri, it was a pleasure to meet you. I’m sure we’ll meet again plenty of times.”

And before Yuuri could say anything at all, Chris was gone again. Well that was weird, Yuuri thought.

Shrugging the encounter off, Yuuri shifted his attention back to Yuri. Who stared at the table with a sad look on his face.

“Yuri? What’s wrong?”, Yuuri inquired, concerned at the sudden shift in Yuri’s mood. “Nothing.” He threw a short look at Yuuri before he explained “I don’t like him.”

“Right...” Yuuri thought it was better to leave it alone. He had been doing an abysmal job at trying to cheer Yuri up until now, and he wanted to do something fun with him. “Look Yuri, I’ll go get the key to the basement and we can play a bit, okay?”

When Yuuri said that, Yuri’s eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. He gasped, delighted. “You can really get the key?”

“I think so, yeah. You be a good boy and pack your things while I’m gone, okay?”, Yuuri said when he stood up.


Yuuri knew it was probably not the best idea he ever had to go and disturb Viktor while he had a visitor, but he hoped that Chris hadn’t been there long enough to get into some important discussion yet. However, when he was about to knock, he caught a snippet of the conversation that was going on and hesitated, too curious for his own good.

“… quite a cute omega you’re keeping, these days. I always knew you had great taste.”

“Yakov chose him for me.”

“You can’t be serious.”


“Don’t look at me like that, honey. You of all people should know how important it is to have an omega to your liking. What if you didn’t like his looks or scent?”

“I like his looks well enough.”

“You know that’s not the point.”

“And you know that I don’t care.”

“But you should!”

“And why should I? You know as well as I do that the alpha in us doesn’t care as long as there’s a hole to knot during a rut, so why should I care? It’s not like I have to deal with him outside of that.

“You know that’s not true, don’t try to convince yourself of such a stupid lie. Everyone has things they’re more attracted to than others, including our alpha sides, and you are no exception. In fact, I remember very well that one time, 6 years ago when-“

“Chris. Stop that. The past is the past and people change. I don’t care anymore so leave it be, will you.”

“But you always used to care, too much, I daresay. Honey, you don’t honestly expect me to believe that you suddenly turned into some kind of coldhearted bastard, do you? Spare me. You can lie to yourself and everyone around you all you want but I know-“

Yuuri knocked, afraid he’d already heard too much.

“Come in.”

As soon as Viktor saw Yuuri, he heaved a heavy sigh. “What is it, Yuuri?”

“I’m very sorry to disturb, sir. Yuri is done with learning for today, so I was hoping you could give me the key to the basement now…?”

“Right. I forgot about that”, admitted Viktor, moving to open a drawer under his desk. A second later he put the key on his desk. “You can keep it for now. I trust that you’ll keep an eye on him.”

“Of course. Thank you, sir.” Yuuri went to pick up the key, only to let it fall down again in surprise when Chris had suddenly squeezed his butt.

“Chris”, Viktor started exasperated, but cut himself off with a shake of his head. “Yuuri”, he said instead, a threatening tone in his voice, that was most likely aimed at Chris, “if you happen to come across an alpha, or anyone for that matter, who has problems keeping his hands to himself, even if he’s a friend of mine, you have my explicit permission to teach him in whatever way necessary that I don’t share what’s mine.”

“Aww Viktor, why do you have to be such a party pooper?! I was just examining whether that ass feels as good as it looks. And I must say Yuuri, you have a wonderfully firm behind. Would you mind terribly, if I-“

“Yuuri!”, Viktor’s sharp voice made him jump, but also thankfully interrupted Chris. His face had turned red enough already. “Take that key and leave us.”

“Yes, sir”, Yuuri answered relieved, grabbed the key, and basically ran out of the room. He didn’t dare eavesdropping again; he had enough to think about with what he had heard already. But he would sort his thoughts out tonight, when Yuri was in bed and he could think in peace.

When he arrived back in the dining room, Yuri had his head on the table, tracing patterns with his finger on the surface.

“Yuri!”, Yuuri called, holding up the key as if it was some kind of trophy. Yuri’s whole demeanor lightened up when he saw it, and he came barreling over to Yuuri. “Awesome! Can we go right now!?”, Yuri asked rather impatiently, making Yuuri wonder once again just what was down there. He had never been eager to go into basements when he had been a child.

“Sure”, he answered, “as soon as you show me where the door is.”

Yuri did show him where the door was. It was in that so-called pantry. Yuuri thought that was slightly weird, but he had a suspicious inkling that this whole house was kind of weird, so he didn’t think anything of it. He unlocked the door and let Yuri lead the way.

The first thing Yuuri noticed after descending the stairs was that he was standing in a hallway. There should be a limit as to how many hallways are allowed in one single house, he thought exasperatedly.

Yuri didn’t pause for Yuuri to complain though, and dashed forward. “Slow down, Yuri!” He followed Yuri, still going faster than he’d prefer, but he had enough time to take notice of the rooms he passed.

There was a laundry room to his left, a closed door to his right, then the hallway took a turn to the right as well. After that were some meters with no doors at all, then on the right side he could see a gym, followed by an indoor swimming pool he could see through a glass door on his left, and again a closed door to his right. After that the hallway turned left, leading him past a storage room. And at the very end of the hallway Yuuri saw how Yuri was about to open the last door of the basement. He hurried to catch up.

Behind the door was basically a children’s paradise. There was table soccer, toy cars, Legos, a big ball pool with a slide, a small trampoline, even a small climbing wall and some other knick-knacks that Yuuri was too overwhelmed to take proper notice of at that moment.

Yuri ran straight to the trampoline. If the ceiling hadn’t been about 3 meters high, Yuuri might have worried about such a thing being indoors, but since it was also pretty small, he didn’t worry too much about Yuri hurting himself in his enthusiasm. It was good to see him so happy after all, no need to dampen the mood there.

Yuuri let himself fall on his butt, crossing his legs and leaning against the wall. The floor was padded in a multicolored brightness that almost hurt his eyes. The walls were a bright yellow and the ceiling a light blue. As unexpected as it was, he liked the room, Yuuri decided. So maybe Chris was right and Viktor did care after all. At least in some way.

After Yuri had powered himself out, he went to play with his cars. Yuuri kept sitting where he was though. He was a little indecisive. Should he let Yuri be and just literally keep an eye on him, or would Yuri appreciate it more if Yuuri offered to play with him? He was a perfect stranger to the little guy and he didn’t want to impose on him. Yuuri was actually pretty sure that the only reason why Yuri was so easy to handle right now, was because of the promise of getting his bunny back early.

Yuuri was still pondering when Yuri suddenly looked over to him.

“Katsudon?”, he called, “can you race me?”

Well, Yuuri thought, that made things easy.

They spent time playing until six pm. Because that was when Yuuri realized he should probably get dinner started.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m starving. How about we have dinner now?”

Yuri’s stomach chose that moment to rumble audibly.

“Can’t we play just a little more? Please?” Yuri said, ignoring his stomach completely. Yuuri bit his lip but came to a decision rather quickly.

“How about I promise you that we’ll spend a lot more time here tomorrow than we did today. But in exchange we’ll stop now.” Yuri scrunched his nose up in this adorable way of his.

“How long can we play tomorrow?” It almost hurt Yuuri’s heart to find that the distrust was coming back full force. But he’d only been here for a few hours, so he couldn’t really expect anything else, he guessed.

“Well, tomorrow is Saturday, so we’ll sleep in until 9 and have breakfast. Then I’ll teach you some more hiragana for about, let’s say an hour. And then we spend the whole day down here, how does that sound?”

“You have to pinky swear!”, Yuri exclaimed, pointing his pinky at him. Yuuri hooked his own pinky around Yuri’s, which made the latter actually squeal in excitement. Afterwards Yuri followed Yuuri upstairs obediently.

“Say Yuri?”


“Do you like to draw?”

“I guess…”

“Then how about you sit down at the counter and draw for a little bit while I cook?”

Yuri didn’t say anything, but he went to fetch his backpack. After Yuuri had made sure Yuri had everything he needed, he lifted him onto a bar stool, and finally started preparing dinner.

While cooking, Yuuri was thinking about the sheer size of the house. He hadn’t realized it when he was chasing Yuri on the way to the playroom, but on the way back he noticed that it had taken him quite a while to get to the stairs and just how long that hallway had been in general. It made him quite curious to see the rest of the house if he was honest.


“What is it?

“What’re you cooking?”

“Cream of broccoli soup.” Yuuri looked over his shoulder, just in time to see Yuri’s face distorted in disgust.

“I don’t like broccoli.”

“But you’ll like this soup, I’m sure.”

Yuri didn’t complain any further, which Yuuri chalked up to the risk of having the bunny not returned to him on Sunday.

Yuri ended up liking the soup. While they were eating, Chris came in once again.

“You’re still here?” Yuuri said, then clamped his hands over his mouth. He didn’t mean for it to sound so rude. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Yuri smirking.

“I’m hurt, Yuuri, to think that you would want me gone so fast”, Chris replied, apparently not really minding how Yuuri had expressed himself. “Sometimes that owner of yours needs a very stern talking to and it can take quite a while to drive a point home.  Do you have any idea how exhausting it is to talk to someone who has a skull as thick as a brick wall?” While he was talking, Chris had invited himself to sit down at the table across from Yuuri.

Yuuri’s face turned slightly red. He was pretty stubborn himself and felt a bit called out with that comment. “Well, I’m sure you managed just fine”, he mumbled.

“I don’t think I did”, Chris sighed, exasperated. “But no matter. Viktor told me to show you your room. Though I didn’t expect to walk in on you two having dinner. I don’t suppose there’s something left for me?”

“There’s a little bit”, Yuuri said, not quite comprehending the situation. He thought he was doing well in taking all the surprises of today in stride, but he was definitely not prepared to have dinner with Christophe Giacometti sitting in front of him. The guy was a notorious flirt after all, and Yuuri was pretty sure he couldn’t deal with him on top of everything else.

 “Well, aren’t you going to go get it for me?”, Chris asked. He must’ve spaced out a little too long. He was about to apologize for the delay. Chris was after all his owner’s friend, everyone who knew about figure skaters knew that, so there was absolutely no excuse for not offering his best hospitality. Before he could do that however, Yuri spoke up.

“Go do it yourself! Katsudon doesn’t have to listen to you!”

Yuuri could only look at Yuri horrified, because he did, in fact, have to listen to Chris. To a certain degree that is, apparently, if Viktor’s words from earlier were to be trusted.

Chris looked at Yuri, as if only now noticing that he was there. He paused. Had Yuuri been any less terrified, he might’ve jumped up, apologized repeatedly, and sprinted to the kitchen to get the alpha his food as fast as possible. He was frozen on his chair though, so he didn’t do any of what he should have done.

“Right. I suppose Viktor has been pretty clear about not sharing”, Chris sighed and actually stood up himself. Yuuri swallowed hard, but Chris really only went to the kitchen to get his own food. He didn’t even frown when he came back. That was… unexpected, to say the least. Yuuri was pretty sure that Viktor had meant what he said, yes, but only when it came to more.. physical matters. He wasn’t going to complain though. As long as he got away without being punished, he was fine with not listening to Chris’ requests.

“So, what have you two been up to while I was trying to knock some sense into Viktor?”

Still a bit weary of not receiving any repercussion for what had happened, Yuuri answered cautiously. “We started practicing Japanese and then played together downstairs. Right, Yuri?” Yuri nodded.

“Say Chris”, he then asked, hesitantly, “do you work here, too?”

“Oh, yes I do. I stopped skating 3 years after Viktor stopped, so I was in need of a job back then. I’m one of the gardeners, now. The estate is huge, as you know, so there’s always a lot to do. I don’t live here, though, unlike you. None of the normal staff do, so I hope you don’t get lost in the house when nobody else is around”, Chris joked.

“But Viktor lives here…?” Chris’ mien turned dark. “Yes, of course, but he doesn’t leave his quarters, unless it’s for business, so it makes running into him a little bit difficult”, Chris explained with an eyeroll.

Yuuri was itching to ask more, but he held himself back. If Chris worked here as well, then he was sure he’d get opportunities to poke around on another day. Right now it was getting rather late and Yuuri wanted to get Yuri in bed on time.

After dinner Chris explained that Yuuri’s room would be right across from Yuri. Which, Yuuri thought, made a lot of sense.

Chris led Yuuri, who was in turn followed by Yuri, to the door at the far end of the dining room. Behind the door was a… Yuuri wasn’t actually sure what that room was. It was very big. Across from him were floor to ceiling windows as well as a french patio door, letting him take a look into the garden. It was dark outside though, so he couldn’t make out any details. Standing between him and the windows was a white grand piano with gold carvings, right in the middle of the room.

Apart from that the room was rather empty. There were some chaise lounges lining the walls, a weirdly curved to the inside wall, replacing a corner of the room to his far right, and some Roman looking columns to his left, that seemed to act as some kind of passage to another part of the room, but Yuuri couldn’t see around the corner, so he couldn’t really tell. Yuuri would just call it the piano room, he decided.

There was a little bit of wall next to each side of the columns, and Chris was leading him to the one on the left, where he could see another french door. Walking through it, Yuuri had to pause for a second. He had never seen such a garish room in his life.

This was obviously the entrance hall guests were supposed to use. To his left were heavy, red curtains, effectively hiding wardrobes and shoe racks. On his left was the huge entrance door, double winged, of course, why was Yuuri even surprised, and 3 floor to ceiling windows on each side of the door.

Through those windows he could see that there was some sort of rectangular platform outside right in front of the door that had some steps leading up to it in a half circle on each shorter side. There were some low light poles, enabling Yuuri to see some bushes lining the pathway to the front door, but he couldn’t make out much else.

What he could make out very well however, was the humongous staircase in the center of the entrance hall. It was made out of marble, if Yuuri’s eyes didn’t deceive him. The lower part of the stairs faced the front door, but the upper part was spit into two, one part leading to the left, the other leading to the right side of the house. Looking up, Yuuri noticed that the ceiling to the second floor was missing, and that he could look up all the way up to the roof, if there wasn't a third floor. It made the hall look even grander than it already was.

The wallpaper was a deep red color with golden decorations, giving off a somewhat royal vibe. There were huge gold crystal chandeliers, the floor was made out of the same marble as the stairs and there was so much splendor in this hall, it made Yuuri fell dizzy.

Under normal circumstances Yuuri would’ve called a room such as this tacky and way too over the top. But it was Viktor’s home so, while Yuuri would still call it over the top, he forced himself to call it… magnificent. Because Viktor Nikiforov had taste. Good taste. All of his costumes had always been beautiful, after all. They had been over the top, too, sure, but it was figure skating so that wasn't so strange. Viktor Nikiforov had good taste. That was a fact. So, Yuuri thought, cringing, though he’d never admit it, this was fine. Yuuri could get used to this. In time.

He could tell himself whatever he wanted, but inside, his Japanese heart cried at the waste of space.

“Yuuri, are you coming?”, Chris asked from halfway up the stairs.

Shaking himself out of it, Yuuri hurried to catch up.

They walked up the left side of the stairs. If Yuuri were to turn left again after he arrived upstairs, he could’ve walked along the railing all the way to the front of the house, all the while being able to look down to the ground floor.

Chris led them to the right side however, and after Yuuri followed, he stopped short, again. There were only two doors on opposite sides of the very short hallway. It was somewhat underwhelming. Chris gestured to the left one.

“This is Yuri’s room, and this one”, he gestured to the door to Yuuri’s right side, “will be yours. Up until now it was used as a guest room, but there are enough of those in the west wing, so Viktor thought it would be best to just give you this one, in order to keep you close to Yuri.”


“Right, as for Yuri’s bath time, Viktor said to let Yuri bath in your tub, and to not let him bath alone of course. He has his own bathroom, but Viktor thought it was too dangerous to let him have his own tub at such a young age so yeah. Here’s your key.”

“I get a key!?” The rest of Chris’ little speech hadn’t really surprised him, but he couldn’t quite believe that he was granted this much privacy.

“Sure. Victor said that sometimes during parties it happens that a business partner or whoever gets drunk and start sniffing around in parts of the house he has no business being in. Imagine what would happen if some drunk were to come across a fine omega such as yourself. Viktor has been very clear about not sharing you several times after you left, you know. And alphas in search of… someone to the spend the night with aren’t a rarity at parties. This is for your safety, so use it.”

Overwhelmed, Yuuri took the key and nodded. He’d have to thank Viktor for so much foresight.

“Can you leave already?”

Again, Yuri’s brashness horrified Yuuri, but Chris just laughed it off.

“Yes, yes, I’ll leave, I don’t want to keep my own omega waiting any longer, either. Maybe I should bring him over one of these days. I’m sure you’d get along fabulously with Phichit.”

“Uh… sure”, Yuuri answered, somewhat surprised that Chris had an omega of his own.

After he left, Yuuri entered his room, closely followed by Yuri. It was pretty big, but also very plain. He had some floor to ceiling windows though, so that was a nice touch. Apart from that there was a twin-sized bed, a bedside table and a chest of drawers. Neither TV nor computer though, Yuuri noted, slightly disappointed.

Then there were two more doors. Viktor had said that he’d have his own bathroom and closet, so he supposed that’s what that was. In fact, one of the doors was open and he could see that it led to a bathroom. So that was where he took Yuri without any more delay.

“How do you usually have your water temperature?”, Yuuri asked, not really knowing what he was doing. He was in especially uncharted territory right now.


Well. Yuri wasn’t going to be a big help then. While figuring out the temperature he thought would be best for Yuri, he made another attempt at conversation. After all, it would be good for him as well if he knew Yuri better.

“So Yuri… what are your hobbies?”

“Nothing”, Yuri mumbled.

“Nothing at all? I’m sure there are some things you like to do.”

“Sometimes Mila shows me how to play guitar. But I can’t remember it good.”

Yuuri bit his lip. “I don’t know how to play guitar, either. But isn’t there anything else you like to do? Like playing soccer?”

“There is. But I’m not allowed to do it”, Yuri explained, dejectedly.

The tub had gotten plenty full during their little conversation, and after Yuri had stripped himself, Yuuri helped him climb into the tub. He was very relieved when Yuri didn’t make a fuss about the temperature.

“Do you know why you’re not allowed to do it?”

“Daddy says it’s dangerous”, Yuri mumbled. It gave Yuuri a bit of a pause.

“And what is it?”

“Ice skating.”

Yuuri paused. Oh boy. He had thought that, if he did a good job with Yuri, he could’ve prepared some good arguments to present to Viktor to get him to allow Yuri to do whatever it was that he wanted to do. But he could see that plan plunging headfirst into failure now. Of all the things Yuri could’ve chosen it had to be ice skating. He wasn't surprised to find out that it was a sore spot for Viktor, though.

“Well. I’m sure he has a good reason”, Yuuri said instead.

Yuri obviously didn’t like that answer and started struggling.

“Why are you on his side now!?”

“Yuri hold still! I don’t want to get shampoo in your eyes! I’m not on his side, okay? I just... I understand why he says that. Maybe you can ask him again, when you’re older?”

“He’ll never say yes.”

“And why do you think that?”

“Because he hates ice skating.”

Yuuri stilled. “Did he say that?”

Noticing the change in Yuuri’s tone, Yuri looked back at him over his shoulder.

“No… But he doesn’t even let me watch it. So I know he’s lying, because watching it can’t hurt me.”

“That… is true. Maybe it’s because he had a bad experience with it when he was younger”, Yuri suggested, trying to figure out how much Yuri knew about his dad’s past.

“No way, he can’t even walk right. He’d never be that awesome”, Yuri said decisively. Ouch.

A bit later, when Yuuri was done blow-drying Yuri’s hair, he realized he forgot to get clothes for Yuri to change into.

“Are your pajamas in your room?”

Yuri nodded, so Yuuri wrapped the towel around Yuri and lifted him up into his arms. He didn’t want him running over cold marble barefoot just after a hot bath. Yuri didn’t protest either, so Yuuri figured it was fine.

Entering Yuri’s room, Yuuri was amazed by the utter chaos. The rest of the house had been so extraordinarily tidy, it hadn’t even occurred to Yuuri that Yuri’s room could possibly look like this. He made a mental note to plan in some time tomorrow to get this mess under control, together with Yuri.

He located the pajamas on the floor in front of the door to Yuri’s closet, looking like they had been kicked there.

He somehow managed to get Yuri into bed easily enough, but he was a bit uncertain when Yuri was under the blanket. Should he read him something? Should he just leave? Talk a bit? Sing a lullaby? He had no idea. He was about to ask Yuri what he preferred, when he realized that the boy already had some difficulty keeping his eyes open.

So he just patted the blanket and simply said “Good night, Yuri. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“’night”, Yuri mumbled, halfway sleeping already. It made Yuuri smile, though he wasn’t really sure why.

Back in his own room, Yuuri went to his closet, to see if Viktor had some sort of pajamas or anything at all, really, for him to wear.

He was stunned when he opened the door. It was full. At first Yuuri thought that maybe Viktor had forgotten to clear everything out before Yuuri moved in, but he checked the sizes of various articles and all of them would fit him perfectly. Which meant that this wasn’t an accident. Viktor had actually given him this much.

It made him feel a bit bad when he thought about how a lot of omegas were forced to run around naked, and he wished he could share some of the things he had received because really, he didn’t need that much, but he also knew that it was impossible.

He looked around again, still unbelieving but also searching for something he could wear to bed. But he only found jeans and slacks. No actual sleepwear.

Well, he could make do with boxers and a shirt, he supposed. It was more than he had originally anticipated anyway, if he was honest.

In hindsight he probably should’ve tested the mattress, before letting himself fall head first into the bed. He realized it right on impact, when the mattress started rippling and making him move around in ways he shouldn’t on any normal bed.

Oh my god, he realized with dawning horror, I didn’t know waterbeds still exist

Chapter Text

Yuuri was surprised. It was 8:30 am, he had been lying in a waterbed the whole night and he still didn’t feel seasick. Granted, he had been awake for only a few minutes, but still. Maybe it wouldn’t be so difficult to adjust to this after all. In fact, last night’s sleep was the best he’d gotten since he’d been admitted to the facility.

He had actually managed to clear his mind last night. Of course, it had taken him quite a while to get there with everything that had happened yesterday, but he had something like a game plan now.

Obviously, he couldn’t change the fact that he was an omega, nor the fact that he was a slave, but overall, he had been dealt some good cards yesterday.

Out of all the alphas in the world he’d ended up in the hands of Viktor Nikiforov. And Viktor was familiar.

While he couldn’t say he knew the man personally, he had spent an awful lot of time watching him and reading his interviews, getting some insight on how his mind worked. Of course, not everything written about him was true, but Yuuri supposed it was enough for him to get an idea.

It was definitely better than going in completely blind.

However, Yuuri would have to reevaluate his idea of how Viktor was. As Viktor himself had said yesterday, people do change and the past is the past. It was obvious that Viktor had changed a lot from what Yuuri remembered. He definitely wasn’t like the elfin prince he had been as a skater.

As a CEO, Viktor was intimidating, stern and, if Yuuri was being really honest, slightly terrifying. He had never seemed like that as a skater, so it had thrown Yuuri off at first. But now he was prepared.

He knew that Viktor wasn’t really interested in owning an omega. At least not in the common way. Viktor had bought him, yes, but he hadn’t even been the one who chose him. He wasn’t interested in raping him several times a day and he wasn’t interested in showing him off as an accessory. Viktor only really needed him for two things; for taking care of Yuri, and as a… companion during his rut. To tell the truth it had hurt to hear Viktor talk about him like that, but he was going to think about this situation with a rational mind.

All of this made things easy and difficult for Yuuri at the same time.

It was easy, because Yuuri wouldn’t have to live in constant fear and pain; only sometimes.

It was difficult, because it meant there was no opportunity to get Viktor to spend time with his son. Which was what Yuuri had sworn to himself he’d do no matter what. This world was cruel for everyone, yes, but Yuri did not deserve to be deserted like this by his own father. No one did.

Then Yuuri had thought about how he would go about luring Viktor out of his office, but as an omega he couldn’t really do much. The obvious thing to do in his position would be to play the domesticity card, but Yuuri thought it was clear that that wasn’t going to work on Viktor.

Yesterday his first instinct had been to just annoy Viktor by asking the same question over and over again until he cracked, but last night Yuuri had reconsidered. It would probably have more of an effect if he just talked about it with Viktor. They were adults, after all.

So that’s what he would do.

As for the things he’d heard Chris say to Viktor, well. It gave him some hope. He’d have to see how his first tries in improving Yuri’s and Viktor’s relationship went, but he really hoped that some of the warmth he was used to seeing in Viktor’s eyes would return after he got to spend some time with his son. There was no way Viktor was busy all day, every day, so at least that much should be possible. And then he’d see where he’d go from there.

He just really hoped, that-

Knock knock


The door opened and in walked Yuri, teary-eyed and with a snotty nose. It sent Yuuri into a state of alarm instantly.

“Yuri! What’s wrong?!” Yuuri sat up, intending to run right over to the boy. But Yuri was already at his bedside, when Yuuri had put his feet on the floor, so Yuuri only knelt down and immediately had his arms full of tiny human.


“I- I want my koshka!”, Yuri sobbed. Yuuri figured that was the name of the bunny.

“Oh Yuri…” He hugged him a little tighter, not really knowing what to say. He couldn’t go to Viktor and demand to get the plushie back, no matter how much he wanted to do that.

So he did the next best thing and just took some time to calm Yuri down. It had probably been a bit of a shock to him when he woke up and didn’t have his bunny with him.

They made it down to breakfast almost an hour later. And in order to cheer Yuri up, even if it was just a little bit, he made pancakes.

It worked a bit.

As Yuuri had announced the day before, he taught Yuri the better part of the hiragana alphabet for an hour, before they went downstairs to the playroom. This time Yuri wanted to have a go at the climbing wall. And of course Yuuri helped him with that. And even raced him a bit later, to see who’d reach the top first.

Yuri won, obviously.

If Yuuri was honest, he probably enjoyed that room a little too much for an adult, but it was just so fun.

In fact, they had so much fun down there, that Yuuri completely forgot to look at the clock, and only realized he’d completely forgotten about lunch when Yuri complained about getting hungry. It had been after 5 pm by then. Shit.

Shit. This wasn’t good at all, Yuuri was supposed to be responsible about this.

“Oh gosh, Yuri, I’m so sorry, I forgot lunch!”

“It’s fine. Playing is a lot more fun”, Yuri replied by way of explanation.

“Well then, how about we go upstairs and have a little snack? After that we could watch TV for half an hour or so and then I’ll get started on dinner. Does that sound alright?”

While he was talking, he realized he hadn’t seen even one TV standing around in this house yet. But surely there was a TV in here somewhere, right? Thinking about this, what did kids even watch these days? Probably not Doraemon. Was Pokemon still a thing? God, Yuuri really had to brush up his kid skills.

Yuri didn’t look at him weirdly, so he assumed that there was, in fact, a TV around here somewhere.

While they ate a yogurt at the kitchen bar, Yuuri found out that the TV was in whatever room was behind those Roman columns. Which is where they went after eating without any further delay.

The columns did indeed form some kind of passageway. It was relatively short though and led to something that could only be described as a moderately sized, normal living room. Yuuri was actually quite surprised about that.

After walking through that passage, he found that to his left were some shelves and show cases. The shelves were mostly empty, which was weird, and the show cases housed some pictures of Viktor graduating and some business-related things and people Yuuri didn’t have the slightest interest in.

Shouldn’t that have been where all his gold medals were supposed to find a place?

Yuuri frowned but decided not to think about it. It was obvious that Viktor didn’t want to be reminded of figure skating.

To his right there were a couch, a coffee table and, to Yuuri’s relief, an actual TV. He probably should’ve gone and ask Viktor beforehand if it was okay for Yuuri to actually switch it on, but if Chris was to be trusted, then Viktor would never come here, and therefore never find out about it.

“Is there anything you’d like to watch?”, he asked Yuri, when they got settled on the couch.

“Not really…”

After zapping through the channels for a few minutes, Yuuri found out that Pokemon was, indeed, still a thing. He didn’t know how he felt about that.

Yuri seemed to enjoy it though.

After the episode finished, Yuuri ushered Yuri back to the kitchen.

Today Yuri didn’t draw anything though. Instead he talked animatedly about Pikachu. Yuuri couldn’t quite share that enthusiasm, but he was just so happy that Yuri was happy, that Yuri probably didn’t even pick up on it.

And now that he was done preparing the food, it was time to face the music. Yuuri had dreaded confronting Viktor all day in the back of his head, but he thought he was prepared well enough.

“Yuri, can you promise me something?”


“I need to go do something for a few minutes. Can you promise me to go sit at the table and wait there for me? I promise I’ll be back really soon.”

Yuri looked at him, pouting a little.

“Only because I like you.”

“Aww, Yuri, you’re so sweet”, Yuuri gushed, ruffling the boy’s hair.

Yuri went red, screamed an “I’m not sweet!”, complete with stomping hit foot, and went to sit down at the table. Yuuri couldn’t help but smile.

He didn’t really know where to look for Viktor on a Saturday evening, because Yuuri was certain that no one in their right mind would be in an office at such a time.

He went to that hallway anyway, figuring that taking a look behind that curtain wouldn’t hurt anyone if it was in search of Viktor.

He didn’t even get that far however, because when he passed the door to the office, he heard a voice talking on the other side.

No way.

Yuuri stood still and listened closer.

“… I just wish I knew what to do… can’t you help me, little buddy?”

Little buddy?


That had definitely been Viktor’s voice, too. Which meant… Viktor wasn’t actually in his right mind. Oh man. He hadn’t expected the man to go crazy. Who spend their time in an office on a Saturday evening!?

Yuuri knocked.


Yuuri opened the door.

Yuuri saw Viktor, torso draped over his desk, holding Yuri’s bunny in his hands so it was facing him.

“What is it?”

If it hadn’t been for the look on Viktor’s face, Yuuri would’ve almost thought he looked cute. He didn’t seem to be in a good mood though, so Yuuri supposed it was better to get this conversation over with quickly.

“Will you come down for dinner, sir?” Yuuri thought that was as good a start as any.

Viktor seemed to think otherwise though, because his expression soured even more.

“Didn’t I tell you yesterday that you’re not in charge of what I eat?”

“Yes, but I really think it would be better if you would eat with Yuri. I can tell after only one day that Yuri would really like to spend more time with you. He just seems so lonely, and I’m sure that if you would at least have a meal or two together with him and just pay a little bit of attention to what he has to say, you’d-“

“Yuuri.” Viktor’s voice had been neither loud, nor extraordinarily angry.

However, now that Yuuri stopped talking he noticed the unpleasant scent of angry alpha. Viktor’s face was rather blank though, so maybe he just needed a little more-

“Not only are you wasting my time, you’re arguing against me. What have I told you yesterday, Yuuri? Surely your memory isn’t that bad.”

“It’s not. I remember, but I really think-“

“I didn’t buy you so you could think for me. You’re just supposed to listen to me and do whatever I say.”


“And you are doing the exact opposite of those things right now.”

“But sir, please, just listen to me for a-

“Yuuri. No. You’ve said quite enough already. And I swear to god, if you say one more word I will punish you.” He didn’t look like it, but he definitely sounded angry.

“But you-“

Yuuri cut himself off this time, realizing his mistake. He’d always known that being stubborn would come back to bite him in the ass at some point but this was not how he’d expected it.

If Yuuri hadn’t cut himself off, he was sure the look Viktor was giving him in this moment would’ve been just as effective.

“I don’t like handing out punishments, but you’re not leaving me any choice here, Yuuri. Don’t forget your place, just because I’m generous. I told you as much yesterday.”

While he was talking, Viktor put the bunny down on the table and slowly stood up from his chair.

Yuuri swallowed.

He hadn’t gotten to see Viktor’s whole figure before, but now that he did, he really didn’t understand how he could still have a body like that if all he did was sit behind that desk.

Not the time to get thirsty, Yuuri, his brain reminded him, throwing him into a slight panic, when he fully realized his current situation.

Viktor made his way over to the couch in slow but sure strides and for some reason Yuuri couldn’t take his eyes off of him. It was probably because of this particular kind of terror a prey felt when facing its predator.

Viktor started talking again, as soon as he sat down.

“Get over my knee, Yuuri.”


“What?!” Did he hear that right?

“I will add 5 blows for every second you make me wait.”


Yuuri had never moved this fast in his life. He didn’t even know how to bend over someone’s knee, but he figured that would only matter after he got there.


He managed to be sprawled over Viktor's lap and the couch before he’d reached 3.

It turned out, that he didn’t have to worry about the exact position he was supposed to get in, because Viktor had obviously no problem in adjusting Yuuri to his liking.

Yuuri swallowed hard when he felt Viktor pull his pants down over his ass. This was so humiliating.

Sure, Yuuri had always wanted to get the chance to get close to Viktor, but this was definitely not what he’d had in mind. He pressed his face into the leather of the couch, hoping this would be over soon.

He almost jumped out of his skin when Viktor started caressing his butt. A second later he felt another arm on his back, probably to hold him down.

It made him very uncomfortable.

“I was going to hit you only 10 times and let you off easy as a warning. You seem to be quite thickheaded though, so you forced me to add another 10 blows to that. If you had done as I said without talking back to me, you would’ve gotten out of this easier. Remember this when you’re counting.”

Could he feel any more humiliated than this?

“Yes, sir”, Yuuri mumbled against the couch, trying very hard not to cry. It hadn’t even started yet and he was already close to tears, out of sheer embarrassment.

“I can’t hear you, Yuuri. Turn your head to the side.”

Yuuri obeyed and repeated himself.


If Yuuri had thought Viktor would start hitting him right away, he was sadly mistaken. He felt like an eternity passed, and could feel himself relax, which was solely the fault of Viktor’s – for now – gentle hand.

Then the first blow came.

Yuuri cried out, even though it wasn’t as hard of a strike as he’d feared it would be. But it definitely wasn’t on the nice side, either.


“One”, Yuuri squawked, not wanting to test Viktor’s patience any further.

Viktor dealt his blows in a steady rhythm, not varying in force, which Yuuri was almost thankful for. Though he felt that it got more painful the higher he counted. He wasn’t sure if it was his imagination, his butt telling him it had enough, or Viktor actually increasing the strength of the strikes.

It started getting difficult to count when Yuuri had reached 13. Because it was impossible to keep his sobs in while talking.

He was trying very hard not to let his tears spill over, but he felt even more humiliated when he felt himself starting to get hard. Which confused so much. He didn’t take any pleasure out of this whatsoever, he hated it with all his being, so why would his body betray him like that?!

Granted there was a little bit of friction every time Viktor’s hand hit his butt, but that shouldn’t cause such a reaction! Especially not when his mind was so far away from those kinds of thoughts. It confused him, and he felt so ashamed that he desperately wished he could just get swallowed by the ground already.

“20”, Yuuri gasped through his tears. He hadn’t managed to hold them in after all and he hated himself for that. He didn’t want to show any weakness, but he was scared and mortified and humiliated and confused and he just couldn’t help.

It took a second for Yuuri to realize that he was done. And he only realized it after he felt Viktor’s hand on his butt again, but in a way that was… a lot gentler.

It took him another second to realize that Viktor was actually stroking his butt with a feathery light touch.

It made him cry even more.

After what felt like an eternity Viktor let go of him, pulling Yuuri’s pants up over his ass again.

“Get off, Yuuri.” Viktor’s voice was quiet, and through his muddled thoughts Yuuri couldn’t decipher the tone. He obeyed instantly though, sliding off of Viktor’s lap with some of his help.

He landed on the floor, with the side of his butt and held himself up with shaking arms, sobs wrecking his whole body. To be fair, it wasn’t the physical pain that caused his somewhat intense reaction, he was aware of at least that much. What had taken more of a beating than his ass, was what had been left of his dignity.

His self-esteem had always been a fragile thing and after going through such a humiliating process it was lying on the floor now, thoroughly destroyed. He was a little disappointed in himself, too. He didn’t think it would take so little to utterly destroy his self-worth, but he figured that, because it had been Viktor who had put him in such a position, it had made everything about ten times worse.


Yuuri didn’t trust himself to talk, so he lifted his head in Viktor’s general direction. He avoided making any eye contact though.

It must’ve been enough for Viktor.


Yuuri obeyed. Sitting on his heels felt slightly uncomfortable but didn’t hurt nearly as bad as he would’ve expected. He stared at the floor.

“Look at me.”

Yuuri tried very hard to obey, but he found that he really could not look Viktor in the eyes. He was just too ashamed.

Viktor must’ve felt lenient, because he let it slide.

“Did you enjoy getting spanked, Yuuri?”

“No”, Yuuri answered decidedly, not quite understanding how on earth Viktor could even think that. The question had even caused Yuuri to actually look at Viktor’s face, out of sheer surprise. Which was the only reason why he noticed how Viktor’s eyes fixated on… oh.

Of course.

Of course Viktor had felt it when Yuuri’s dick had started to press up against his leg.

He could feel his face bursting into flames, as new tears started streaming down his face; his humiliation reaching a new peak.

“I don’t know why that happened!”, he cried out desperately, and still utterly confused. Only afterwards did he realize that he probably shouldn’t scream at Viktor like that.

“I’m sorry, sir”, he whispered, hoping he would be forgiven that slip up if he apologized fast enough.

He could almost feel Viktor staring at his face.

Viktor must’ve seen something in his eyes, because he only sighed, not even reprimanding him verbally.

Instead, he reached to the breast pocket of his suit, taking the handkerchief out.

Yuuri clenched his eyes shut as soon as he saw Viktor’s hand coming in his direction. Only to open them again when he felt Viktor starting to brush away his tears. Though he stopped it again just a moment later.

Viktor must’ve realized that those wouldn’t stop anytime soon.

Instead, Viktor sat further back on the couch, spread his legs and patted the front of the couch.

“Come here.”

Yuuri crawled the little distance, until he sat in between Viktor’s legs, praying that there wouldn’t be a follow-up punishment for his stupid crying.

What Viktor did though, had his thoughts go even more muddled than they already were. He had leant forward and just… hugged Yuuri.

Granted, the position was slightly awkward, but Yuuri…

Yuuri was stupid. Any self-respecting person would’ve pushed Viktor away, scream ‘what the hell’ and run away as fast and as far as possible.

In fact, Yuuri should have done that. He even could have done that. Viktor’s hug wasn’t restricting him, it was too loose for that, so it would have been possible.

What Yuuri did do however, was to lean into Viktor, snake his arms around the man’s waist and to literally start bawling his eyes out.

He didn’t understand why he was trying to seek comfort from the person who put him in this state to begin with, but at this point he had stopped caring.

Viktor had tightened his embrace as soon as Yuuri had started to lean into him, and after a moment or two, he also started to stroke Yuuri’s hair so gently, it was almost painful; in a completely different kind of way than what he’d just been through.

It didn’t help Yuuri to figure out his thoughts and feelings, but after a while, it did help him to calm down. Yuuri didn’t want to think about how that was even possible.

When Viktor pushed him away, it was to get a better look at Yuuri’s face, he assumed. He took his handkerchief and started drying Yuuri’s face again, this time succeeding. After he was done he gave it to Yuuri.

“Brush your nose.”

Yuuri obeyed gladly, for once.

As soon as he was done, Viktor leaned forward, taking Yuuri’s face in his hands and making it impossible for the latter to look away from him.

The look in Viktor’s eyes was weird. Yuuri could see some regret, some kind of understanding – of what, Yuuri had no idea – and a ton of tenderness.

“Yuuri, sometimes our bodies react to situations in a different way than we expect, and it’s very scary, yes?”

Yuuri gave a tiny nod.

“And it is embarrassing if someone is with you, when you don’t even understand it yourself, am I right?”

“Yes, sir”, Yuuri whispered.

“You have to understand, Yuuri, that this is something that happens to all of us.”

Yuuri didn’t have the self-discipline to not look unbelieving at that.

“Granted, it usually happens when people’s minds are in a completely different headspace. And that makes it a bit easier for most of them”, he said with a smile that implied Yuuri was supposed to understand what the hell Viktor was talking about.

But he could only stare at Viktor, not comprehending what the guy was saying. His confusion must’ve shown on his face, because Viktor frowned, causing Yuuri to panic inwardly.

“Yuuri… are you a virgin?”

If his blush from earlier had died down, then it was back full force now.


“Yes, sir.” Yuuri swallowed. He wasn’t supposed to be a virgin. He was an adult omega , purchased from a normal facility after all.

After presenting, which happened at different ages, depending on the person, omegas didn’t stay virgins for very long. It was usually because going through a heat alone was insanely painful for mind and body, but of course there were also many cases of omegas getting raped, before they could get admitted to a training facility.

Omegas weren’t expected to stay virgins until someone bought them, but sometimes, when the facility found out about such a rare case, they would sell that omega to a specialized facility for an insanely high amount of money, only for those omegas to later be sold to some fetishist or whatever, Yuuri had stopped caring after he’d successfully fooled everyone at that facility about his own status. He hadn’t wanted to fill their pockets any more than he had to.

Viktor looked surprised, probably calculating just how much money he’d saved.

“I see. Well then Yuuri, just know that it’s normal for your body to react in a way that is.. outside of your comfort zone. Everyone has those experiences at some point, I promise. No one else will know about this and I will not think of you as weird either, okay? You will be surprised to hear that many people actually like getting spanked.”

Viktor paused, probably waiting for Yuuri to process that little bit of information.

“How could someone like that?”, Yuuri whispered, slightly disturbed.

“Well. That’s because you have nerves in that area that connect to muscles in your… groin area. It’s really just your body reacting to stimulation. You don’t have to like it for it to affect your body as it did.”

Hearing what happened explained to him in such… non-sexual terms actually made it a lot easier to accept.

Viktor looked like he wanted to say more, but he looked unsure of whether he should proceed or not.

He must’ve noticed Yuuri’s curious expression though, because after a sigh he continued.

“I’ll admit that a punishment is not a good situation to experiment around with that, and I do completely believe you when you say you didn’t like it, trust me. I’m pleased that you didn’t like it, because you are not supposed to like punishment. However, I presume that if the situation had been different, you might have found some pleasure in it.”

Seeing the look on Yuuri’s face, he hastily added “Don’t worry. I promised I wouldn’t touch you in a sexual way until you asked for it and I will not break that promise. Not even for punishment, trust me on this, okay? If I had wanted this to be sexual, you would’ve been moaning, not crying.”

Yuuri nodded hesitantly. He didn’t think Viktor was going to go back on his word, but he also didn’t really understand why he had promised something like that in the first place.

“Now Yuuri, have you learned you lesson?” Viktor’s voice was getting stony with that question.

“Yes, sir.”

“And what have you learned?”

“I learned that I can’t talk back.”

“Very good”, Viktor said, his voice turning gentle again while his hand started stroking Yuuri’s hair.

“I do hate punishing you, so don’t give me another reason for having to do it, okay, Yuuri?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. You may go.”

Standing up, Yuuri was a bit wobbly on his feet, but Viktor quickly grabbed his hands, so Yuuri could lean on him for a moment.

Walking down the stairs, Yuuri realized he’d left Yuri alone for what must’ve been more than an hour and he started to feel like a real scumbag. He had wanted to do something good for the little guy and only ended up making him wait for dinner for absolutely nothing. He was the worst.

Walking into the dining room Yuuri stopped short when he risked a look at the clock.

It hadn’t even been 20 minutes!?

Chapter Text

There’s no way he’d been with Viktor for only 20 minutes. His mind couldn’t have been that muddled, right!? It had felt so long!

But no matter now, he needed to hurry to Yuri. Which he did.

The boy was sitting at the table; however, he had fallen asleep in the meantime. Yuuri squatted down next to his chair and put his hand gently on Yuri’s back.

“Yuri, wake up.”


“Yuuuuuri, you need to eat something.”

He really did. He hadn’t had lunch and there was no way Yuuri was sending him to bed without putting some food in him first. He was skinny enough as it was. Luckily, the mention of food had caused Yuri to open his eyes.

“Oh. You’re back.”

Yuuri smiled. “Of course I am.”

“Your face looks weird.”


Oh yeah, he had been a crying mess not 5 minutes ago. He’d forgotten it would actually be visible.

“Is it… is it daddy’s fault?”, Yuri asked, whispering.

“No! No, it’s not your daddy’s fault. It’s my fault. I just… I ran against that wall next to the stairs. That’s all.”

“Oh. Did you put ice on it? I ran against that wall, too and when I did it Mila put some ice on it”, Yuri explained.

How was he so mature?

Also, this was probably a pretty good idea.

“That’s very good advice, Yuri. I’ll do that right after we’re done eating.” Yuri nodded, satisfied with that answer.

After dinner, and when he was done getting Yuri ready for bed, Yuuri sat at the edge of Yuri’s bed. Unlike yesterday he was still very much awake, and Yuuri still didn’t know what to do to make him sleep.

“I’m not tired, katsudon! Can’t we go back to the playroom for just a little bit?”

“No, Yuri, we can’t. Not today. It’s getting late, and both of us need to sleep.”

“But I’m not sleepy”, Yuri grumbled, as if Yuuri couldn’t see that.

He’d forgotten to make Yuri clean his room today, he realized, when he looked around in search of something to help him out.

He located a small bookshelf on the far side of the room.

“Then how about we read something together?”

“I don’t want to read.”

“Then I will read, and you can just listen and relax”, Yuuri said, already standing up. Yuri didn’t protest any further either, so Yuuri figured he was fine with it.

Standing in front of the shelf, Yuuri picked out the most colorful book he could find. It was something about a cat going camping.



“How long will you stay?”

“Until you sleep”, Yuuri smiled.

“No. I mean when will you go to another house?”

Yuuri frowned, kneeling down beside the head of the bed.

“Why would I go to another house?”

“Because daddy never lets my nannies stay here long.”

Well. That was worrisome.

“Do you know why?”

Yuri shook his head.

“And do you want me to stay here?”

“Yes!”, Yuri nodded vigorously, “you’re fun!” That was not something he had ever been told before in his life, Yuuri thought wryly.

“In that case I don’t plan on going anywhere any time soon. So don’t worry, okay?”


“Now, how about we read this?”

Yuri actually liked the story, thank god, and, just before Yuuri reached the end of the book, Yuri had fallen asleep.

Back in his own room, Yuuri fell victim to his thoughts.

Now, that some time had passed, he could look back on his punishment with a much clearer perspective. He really had hated it, but at least Viktor had been nice about it in some twisted kind of way. And while it had certainly driven the point home that Yuuri was not to talk back to Viktor, it had apparently failed to knock some sense into Yuuri as well.

Because Yuuri still didn’t want to give up. Especially not after the talk he just had with Yuri. If there had been several nannies before Yuuri, then that meant that Yuri had people he’d been attached to taken away from him who knows how many times. Which is why Yuri desperately needed someone in his life who was guaranteed to be a constant. Like Viktor.

Yuuri was convinced that he wouldn’t be allowed to stay here for very long if he were to go through with what he was thinking about but damn it if he wasn’t going to force Viktor to connect with Yuri at least on some level before he got kicked out. Yuuri just would not allow anything else.

The problem was that Viktor hadn’t left any room for doubt that he would go through with a punishment if he saw fit and Yuuri was not masochistic enough to take punishments if he could avoid it.

So, he thought, maybe his first instinct had been the better idea after all. And while it was true that Viktor had instilled a bit of a fear in Yuuri concerning back-talking, it wasn’t really that, if Yuuri just asked Viktor a question. Granted, it was a question Yuuri already knew the answer to, but in asking it he would defy Viktor in a way that didn’t technically include backtalking.

That didn’t mean that Viktor wouldn’t punish him for wasting his time though.

So the question was if Yuuri was willing to risk that.

Somehow that was very easy to answer.


The next morning Yuuri was adamant about Yuri cleaning up the mess in his room.

“But the maids will come tomorrow!”, had been the indignant reply he had been faced with.

“And I’m sure they would be very thankful if they don’t have to spend so much time cleaning up your room.”

“But it’s their job!”

“Their job is to clean the whole house, right?”


“Yuri”, Yuuri sighed, “do you realize how big this house is?”

“It’s very big.”

“Yes. Now think about it, you don’t even like to tidy up one room, imagine how they feel about having to clean every single room here.”

Yuri scrunched up his face in disgust.

“But it’s their job.”

“That doesn’t mean they like doing it. Now be nice and clean up okay? I’ll even help you a bit.”

Yuri tried to stare Yuuri down for a moment, but Yuuri stared right back, not budging even a millimeter. In the end Yuri sighed and got to work.

It took them until noon for Yuuri to be satisfied with the way the room looked.

“Let’s have lunch, shall we?”


When Yuuri was preparing lunch, Yuri had started another conversation. He was really happy that he seemed to grow more comfortable with sharing his thoughts.

“Katsudon?” Yuri’s tone had changed into something somber now.

“What is it?”

“Have I been good?”

Yuuri paused, looking at Yuri over his shoulder.

“Of course! You’ve been perfect!”

“Do you think I’ll get koshka back today?”, Yuri asked, tearing up a bit.

Right. Viktor’s promise about the bunny. He’d have to face his owner sooner than he would’ve liked. This is stupid, you decided you weren’t gonna give up so don’t you dare procrastinate, Yuuri scolded himself.

“I think so. I can go ask him before we eat, if you want.”

“Please”, Yuri whispered.

This was how Yuuri found himself standing in front of Viktor’s office once again. He couldn’t hear any voices, so he didn’t know if Viktor was actually in there, but when he’d raised his hand to knock, Yuuri froze.

No matter how much he tried to put yesterday out of his mind, he was still scared. Though he’d probably be less scared if he didn’t know exactly what his own plans were, and that he’d probably get another punishment coming in less than 5 minutes. Still. Backing out was just not an option for him. So he steeled his resolve and knocked.

“Come in.” There was no doubt now. Viktor was crazy. It was Sunday for god’s sake so why was he in that office?!

Yuuri walked into the room.

“Hello, sir…”, Yuuri greeted quietly. That wasn’t what he had planned to say though and he could kick himself for feeling intimidated again. Man up, Yuuri, you can do this, Viktor isn’t a monster.

“Hello, Yuuri”, Viktor greeted back, also in a quiet voice.

There were things Yuuri had prepared to say. He knew that. He just couldn’t get his mouth to work properly. Was he panicking?

No, Yuuri decided, he didn’t feel panicked. Just… really, really awkward.

“Is your butt alright?”

At Viktor’s question Yuuri could feel himself blush.

“Yes, sir.” The blows hadn’t been that hard. Surely Viktor knew that.

After another moment of silence Viktor sighed.

“Why are you here, Yuuri?”

Steeling his resolve once again, Yuuri finally made himself talk.

“I- I wanted to tell you that Yuri has been amazingly well behaved the last 2 days and… well...”, Yuuri hesitated, the words he had prepared not coming to him.

“And now he wants his bunny back, I presume.” Yuuri nodded.

“Here you go”, Viktor said, while grabbing the bunny and putting it on the desk so that Yuuri could grab it. Which he did.

“Thank you, sir.”

Yuuri was still standing in front of the desk after a few moments, trying to say something else, but not managing to actually talk. Dammit, why was this so difficult?!

“Was there something else?”

Yuuri took a deep breath.

“Sir, may I ask you 2 more questions?” Viktor’s eyebrows shot up.

“You may”, he allowed, sounding slightly cautious.

“I was wondering if maybe, I could be allowed to accompany Georgi to pick up Yuri from tomorrow onwards…?”

Yuuri had thought about this before, after Yuri had told him about how everyone had their parents pick them up, and Yuri had to walk to Georgi’s car by himself. Granted, Yuuri wasn’t Yuri’s parent, but he also knew that Yuri liked him well enough, so he figured he’d have to do until he could make Viktor do it.

Viktor looked at him with a considering look on his face for a long moment, making Yuuri insanely nervous and fidgety.

“No”, he finally spoke, crushing all of Yuuri’s hopes in an instant. If Viktor didn’t even allow that much, then maybe he was playing himself and this was all destined to fail from the very beginning, no matter how hard Yuuri tried.

“Not tomorrow”, Viktor continued, “You are aware you need to wear a collar if you want to go outside, yes?”

“Yes, sir.” It was how he had managed to fool everyone for all these years after all, because no one bothered to check the name tag. He’d put his own name on there, but apparently it had been enough for people to just see something written on it. Until he was caught that is.

“I don’t have one.”

Yuuri gaped.

“I was planning to decide on whether I should give you one or not after I figured out if you could stay here permanently.” Yuuri swallowed. He probably wasn’t going to stay here long enough for that to happen with what he had planned.

“It seems like you honestly care about Yuri, though. Do you?”

“Of course I do!” How could anyone not?! “-Sir”, Yuuri added quickly when he realized he’d forgotten it, making the corners of Viktor’s mouth quirk. Huh. That seemed familiar.

“I feel like being generous with you.”

Yuuri just stared at Viktor, not comprehending what he was saying.

“I will have a collar made for you by tomorrow evening. However”, Viktor added quickly, before Yuuri could become ecstatic, “what I told you on Friday still stands. If you’re unable to be with me during my rut, you’ll have to leave.”

“I’ll be able to!” To be honest, Yuuri didn’t quite know why he said that. He knew he didn’t feel at all comfortable even just thinking about having sex with Viktor.

Apparently, Viktor knew it as much as Yuuri did.

“I don’t want you to lie about this Yuuri”, Viktor said seriously, “I can smell your fear of me from here.”

Was Viktor serious about that? There was no way he could smell that from such a distance, unless… no. There was absolutely no way Viktor was that kind of alpha.

Was there?


Yuuri swallowed.

“I- I’m sorry”, he whispered. Viktor sighed.

“Yuuri, I’m happy you want to please me, but put yourself in my position for a second. Would you like it if someone lied about wanting to have sex with you?”

Yes, Yuuri thought, because in that case I'd be more likely to get out of it. But he understood the point Viktor was trying to make.

“No, sir.”

“So don’t do it. Now what was your other question?”

Yuuri swallowed, forced himself to stand up straight, and speak with a loud and clear voice.

“Will you come down for lunch?”


There was a pause.


Then there was a flabbergasted look on Viktor’s face.


Then Yuuri sprinted to the door, and slammed it shut behind him.

He heard Viktor bellow an enraged “YUURI COME BACK HERE!!!!” when he was already halfway down the stairs.

Yuuri didn’t obey.

Viktor didn’t come after him, either.

When Yuuri turned around the corner, Yuri jumped at him immediately. So Yuuri crouched down and handed the bunny over. Yuri literally vibrated with happiness.

“Thank you thank you thank you thank you”, he yelled, throwing his arms around Yuuri’s neck. Seeing Yuri so happy, Yuuri couldn’t help but laugh.

He picked him up and balanced him on his hip, walking to the dining room.

“You’re welcome”, Yuuri smiled.

“But why was he screaming at you?” Yuuri glanced at Yuri.

“Because I said something I shouldn’t have.” Yuri looked at him with big eyes.

“Did he punish you, too?”

“I ran away before he could”, Yuuri said, trying very hard not to think about yesterday.

His answer had caused Yuri to look at him with something like hero-worship in his eyes. It made Yuuri a bit nervous.

When they ate, when Yuuri taught Yuri the rest of the hiragana alphabet, even when they were back in the playroom, putting the table soccer to good use, Viktor never appeared.

It made Yuuri antsy, and he was seriously considering to just not ask him to come down for dinner, but in the end his stubbornness won over his cowardice, and he found himself knocking on the office door again.

“Come in.” The voice sounded neutral, making Yuuri somehow really scared. He stepped into room.


“Sir. Will you come down for dinner?”

Viktor sighed tiredly.

“You’re wasting my time, Yuuri.”

Yuuri didn’t answer. He was well aware of that, and any answer he had to give would probably only worsen his punishment. Viktor frowned.

“You’re not sorry.”

“No, sir.” Yes, Yuuri, Yuuri thought to himself, keep it up like that. Stay strong.

“Have you forgotten your punishment already?”

“Absolutely not, sir.” How could he ever?

“Have you not learned from it?”

“I learned that I cannot talk back to you.”

“Nothing else?” Yuuri hesitated, but figured it was best to be honest.

“I know that you want me to treat it as a warning, so I wouldn’t disobey any of your other rules, sir, because you don’t like handing out punishment.”

Viktor looked at him, slightly baffled.

“If you know that, then why do you keep asking that question?”, he sounded incredulous.

“I can’t answer this question without repeating what I said yesterday, sir.”

Viktor looked at him almost sadly.

“So you’re fully aware that you’re wasting my time, but you’re doing it anyway.” It was a statement, not a question. Yuuri answered anyway.

“Yes, sir.”

Viktor pinched the bridge of his nose.

“I want you to come back here after you put Yuri to bed.”

“Yes, sir.”


Yuuri left.

After he closed the door, he just stood in the hallway for a moment, trying to get his shaking under control. “Fuck.” He’d done it now. There was no backing out anymore and he was scared shitless.

It took all his willpower to pretend that everything was fine in front of Yuri. For a moment, while he was bathing Yuri, he thought the boy was onto him, but he soon realized that Yuri was just tired and spacing out himself. That wouldn’t do either.

“Say Yuri…”


“Why do you keep calling me katsudon?”

“Because I like katsudon. And I like you. And you can’t have my name.” Yuuri smiled.

“Oh? And why can’t I have it?”

“Because it’s mine, duh.” Yuuri laughed.

“But Yuri, don’t you know…”, he whispered.

“What?”, Yuri whispered back.

“That I’m waaaay older than you?”

“So what?”, Yuri had his face scrunched up in confusion again.

“So, I had the name first, and therefore it’s mine.”

Yuuri laughed again at the indignant look Yuri shot him.

He was done rinsing Yuri’s hair out then, and was relieved to be able to get him out of the tub, the risk of him drowning now exterminated.

When Yuuri tucked Yuri in, with the bunny firmly tucked against Yuri’s little chest, he picked up the conversation again.

“You can call me Yura”, he allowed.

“Yura? How come?”

“Because you’re right. It’s unfair if I get to keep my name and you don’t. So you can call me Yura if I can keep calling you katsudon.”

He said it like it was already a decided fact, but Yuri had actually looked at Yuuri questioningly while he’d said it. Yuuri could just smile at him fondly.

“Okay, then. It’s a deal, Yura.”

They even shook on it.

A few minutes later he was on the way to Viktor’s office. He didn’t want to go, because it kind of felt like going to his execution, but he was even more scared to find out what would happen if he ignored that order.

He arrived at the door a lot sooner than he would have liked.

He knocked.

“Come in.”

He walked in, but kept standing close to the door, not brave enough to properly face Viktor.

“Yuuri. Do you know how annoying it is to have you time wasted?”

“No, sir.”

“I figured. Go sit over there”, Viktor said, pointing at the empty spot under the window across from Viktor’s desk.

He hadn’t specified how Yuuri was supposed to sit there, so he made himself comfortable, sitting cross-legged and leaning against the wall.

“Stay there until I tell you otherwise.”

“Yes, sir.”

Yuuri was confused. Was Viktor going to punish him after he was done working? Why was he working at such a time anyway? That alone was insanity. Ah, Yuuri thought, maybe he wants to drive me insane too by making me wait for it.

An hour later nothing had changed.


“Be quiet.”

So Yuuri shut his mouth again.


Thirty minutes later Yuuri tried again.

“Sir, I-“

“I said, be quiet.”

Yuuri really only wanted to tell him that it would be better to get his punishment over with if he wanted Yuuri to be in any state to get Yuri ready for school in the morning. Why wouldn’t Viktor let him say that?

He lasted another 15 minutes, before he tried again.

“Sir, ple-“

“Yuuri”, Viktor sighed, actually looking away from his laptop and facing him. Yuuri opened his mouth again, only to see Viktor’s mien darken.

He shut himself up pretty quickly.

“It seems like keeping quiet is rather difficult for you, yes?”

“K- kind of. Sir.” Only when he was nervous, if he was honest, but Viktor didn’t need to know that.

“In that case I’ll help you. It will do you good to not annoy me any further today.” While Viktor was talking he got something out from one of the desk’s drawers.

“Come over here.”

At first Yuuri went to stand in front of Viktor’s desk, like always, but he’d motioned for Yuuri to come stand beside him, so that’s what Yuuri did, quivering all the way.

“Get on your knees.” Yuuri obeyed.

When he looked up at Viktor, he started panicking a bit. The man had some weird contraption in his hands. Not knowing what it was, he looked at Viktor’s face, hoping he’d notice his confusion and explain himself.

“Do you know what this is, Yuuri?”

“No, sir.”

“It’s called a gag. I will put this ball in your mouth and close this behind your head. Because I swear to god, if you interrupt me one more time I will bend you over my knee again.” What he said didn’t match how he said it. He sounded gentle, and he didn’t even smell angry. Yet.

Still, Yuuri wished he’d kept his mouth shut. What Viktor had said sounded harmless enough, but he didn’t trust that… thing.

“Open your mouth, Yuuri.”

Again, Yuuri obeyed, albeit hesitantly.

Viktor pushed the ball into Yuuri’s mouth carefully, but firmly. And as soon as he’d done it, Yuuri realized he didn’t like it. It made swallowing difficult and he just felt… weird.

When Viktor leant over Yuuri, to fasten the thing behind his head, he got a whiff of Viktor’s scent. Yesterday he’d been too distraught and his nose had been too stuffed because of his crying, but Viktor smelled heavenly when he wasn’t angry.

Shit. Since when did alphas smell like sunshine? And how the hell did he suddenly know what that smelled like? Well. It was a warm smell, so it made sense, Yuuri figured, only to realize a second later that warmth didn’t have a smell either. Then maybe… uh… maybe he just smelled like… tenderness. Yes that was good. Wait no, tenderness didn’t have smell either..uhm..maybe…ahh… god where did his brain go? The only thing Yuuri could think about in that moment was how he wanted to curl up on Viktor’s lap and smell all the sunshine he had to offer.

When Viktor moved away again, Yuuri could only look at his owner dazed.

“Are you okay?”, Viktor asked, confused.

Yuuri shook himself out of it before he nodded.

“Then go and sit back down in front of the window.” Yuuri obeyed, still thinking about what in the world had just happened to him. Viktor had been unaware of it, so it had probably been Yuuri’s fault. But he hadn’t really done anything either. Well, at least it gave him something to think about now.

He never came to a conclusion though.

The next time he looked at the clock, it was almost midnight. And Yuuri was getting rather impatient. Just how long was he supposed to wait for his punishment? And why would Viktor just want Yuuri to sit in his office doing nothing, when he could’ve made Yuuri just do something in the meantime. This was just such a waste of time, Yuuri was-



Okay. Yuuri got it now. He was already being punished. In a way that made him understand why Viktor hated having his time wasted. That was… actually clever, Yuuri had to admit. So he would just have to sit his punishment out then. Okay. Yuuri could do that. Even though he was itching to just do something.

He wondered if Viktor realized that his punishment was rather ineffective, no matter how well thought-out it might have been. Because really, unlike Viktor Yuuri didn’t have anything important to do after he put Yuri to bed. So just sitting around, doing nothing is what Yuuri would’ve done anyway until he fell asleep. So it really became more of a you’re-not-allowed-to-go-to-bed-yet-kind of punishment, rather than the feel-how-annoying-it-is-to-have-your-time-wasted-kind of punishment he’d been going for. Yuuri supposed Viktor hadn’t realized that. And he wasn't able to tell him either.

This sucks.

When he chanced a look at the clock again, it was 2 am. Waking up at 6:30 was going to be a pain, he realized. But it was no wonder Yuuri was getting tired then.

Viktor was still at his desk. Maybe the guy was a robot. There’s no way normal people worked that much. And it was getting harder to keep his eyes open by the second.



Yuuri jumped, not realizing he’d fallen asleep. He was about to apologize when he remembered he still had that gag in his mouth. A second later he also realized that he had drool all over his chin. Well, that was disgusting. And embarrassing.

“You have quite the nerve, falling asleep during your punishment.” Viktor sounded more amused than angry, Yuuri noted with relief. He still couldn’t apologize though, so he bowed his head, hoping it would convey the message well enough.

Viktor huffed, still amused. “Apology accepted. Listen Yuuri, I will go take a shower and get ready for bed. You will stay here until I come back and you will stay awake.”

Yuuri wasn’t sure if he could actually follow that command. He was just so tired.

He hoped he could somehow convey his doubts with the look he gave Viktor.

“I see.”

Instead of doing anything about this, Viktor just picked up his phone, and probably answered some messages. When he was done, he finally came over to Yuuri.

On the way over to him, Viktor had started to loosen his tie, which he took off completely now that he had reached Yuuri. He weaved one end behind the foot of the couch Yuuri was sitting next to, and then tied the ends of it around each of Yuuri’s wrists.

“This is not to restrain you, Yuuri, just to make sure that you stay put, okay?”

Yuuri nodded.

Viktor patted his head and left.

It didn’t take long for Yuuri to fall asleep again.

However, he was startled awake again after what felt like only a few minutes, by an alarm coming from Viktor’s phone. It took Yuuri a moment to gather himself. But then he realized that this is what Viktor must’ve done to his phone earlier. It made sense, Yuuri figured, since he hadn’t been able to tell Viktor which part of his order he’d been unsure about. Viktor had just made sure that Yuuri followed both commands.

He could’ve told me to take this damn thing off and just tell him, Yuuri thought sourly. He kept an eye on the clock and sure enough, Viktor’s phone went off every 10 minutes.

Yuuri sighed. He was starting to get really annoyed by all of this now. And how long did Viktor need to get himself ready for bed anyway? Yuuri just wanted to sleep, dammit.


It turned out that Viktor needed an hour to get himself ready for bed.

When he came back, his hair was still wet, and he wore a simple, but very fluffy looking, white bathrobe. It was rather loosely tied though, allowing Yuuri quite the look at his chest, which was… unfair. He couldn’t decide if he wanted to have a chest like that himself, or if he just wanted to cuddle up against it.

When he realized what he was thinking he blushed. Deeply. He looked at the floor, embarrassed of his thoughts. What was wrong with him?

Suddenly there were feet in his vision, followed by Viktor crouching down in front of him. In a slightly weird way. He had one leg in a kneeling position, but the other leg was drawn close to his torso, foot still fully on the ground. Oh, Yuuri realized the reason as soon as he saw part of the scar. And then…

Oh god.

He was looking at the bare legs of the living legend of figure skating.

Oh god.

He panicked, not being able to fight his thoughts in his desire to touch them, examine how each and every muscle in those legs worked, so that he could find out just what Viktor’s technique had been. He must’ve done something differently than anyone else after all.

In order to attempt to get his thoughts under control he forced himself to look away from that leg with a heavy effort.

Only to get an eye-full of alpha-dick.

Oh god.

Oh god oh god oh god oh god.

He quickly shut his eyes. Yuuri did absolutely not have to see that.

A second later he felt his hands being released from the tie, and he also felt his face burning.


He didn’t think he could've talked even without the gag and he would definitely not open his eyes.

After a short pause he felt Viktor coming closer, and his hands on his head, to open the gag. Which had the side effect of Yuuri smelling sunshine again.

Oh god. Please no. He didn’t want to feel that comfy feeling that smell brought when he still had the image of Viktor’s dick burned into his eyelids.

Thankfully Viktor leaned back away from him pretty quickly. Small miracles did exist, he figured.

Viktor gently coaxed the ball out of Yuuri’s mouth, and the next thing Yuuri felt was something soft on his chin, cleaning up is drool. Yuuri’s blush deepened even more.

“Is your jaw okay?”

It was a bit sore, but not really painful, so Yuuri nodded.

“Yuuri, why are you squeezing your eyes like that?” Viktor actually had the gall to sound amused.

Yuuri should probably lie. He just didn’t know what he should say. Maybe that the light was starting to hurt his tired eyes. Yeah, that was good.


“I saw your dick!” Oh god.

There was a pause.

“Yuuuuri~ such a pervert.”

Did…. Did Viktor just sound flirty? No way.

“No! I just. I didn’t want to stare at your legs anymore and it was an accident and I- I just- I…” He had no idea what he was saying. This sounded even worse than before. He didn’t want to dig himself in any deeper.

“So you accidentally saw my dick and decided to never open your eyes again. I’m hurt, Yuuri.”

Yuuri didn’t know why. He really didn’t. But for some reason he burst into tears.

Maybe it was because he was tired, maybe it was because Viktor was making fun of him, maybe it was because of his punishment, or maybe it was because of all of the above, but Yuuri just couldn’t help it when suddenly big, fat, ugly sobs were breaking out of him.

“Yuuri!” Viktor sounded shocked. And honestly, Yuuri was shocked at himself, too.

Because there was absolutely no reason for him to cry. Compared to yesterday the punishment had been easy enough to handle, he’d dealt with being tired before, and he’d grown up with an older sister, which meant he was used to being made fun of. There was absolutely nothing there that he wasn’t able to handle. Well, there had been Viktor’s leg and dick, but Yuuri refused to accept even the slightest possibility that he could be crying over a dick of all things.

“Yuuri, tell me what’s wrong”, Viktor demanded, voice stern.

“I- I don’t know”, Yuuri sobbed.

“What do you mean you don’t know?” Viktor sounded utterly confused. Yuuri understood that feeling very well.

Viktor sighed. “Come here.”

Yuuri still had his eyes closed, so he only noticed it when it was too late to fight it - not that he would've - , but Viktor had hugged him, pressing Yuuri’s head against his chest.

It took a moment to sink in that he could smell the sunshine again. It made him cry even more, for a moment or two, before it actually started calming him.

Another moment later and Yuuri could breathe normally again.

“How do you do that?”, Yuuri asked after a short while, bewildered.

“Do what, Yuuri?”

“The calming thing.”

Viktor pushed him away a bit, only to stare at Yuuri, still very confused.

“You mean the hugging?”

Yuuri shook his head.

“No, it’s weird. Like, like you’re wearing drugs as cologne or something.”

Why was he spilling his secret thoughts again?

“Ah, I see”, Viktor said, his confusion actually clearing up. He looked rather pleased.

“I don’t.”

“It’s because you trust me. However, why you would do that after not even 3 whole days is beyond me.” It was beyond Yuuri, too.

Though, actually thinking about it, it wasn’t all that surprising. This was Viktor, after all. Why wouldn’t he trust his childhood hero? But he couldn’t tell Viktor that. It sounded naïve, even in his own head, even though it was true.

But this was actually a problem, Yuuri thought. And not just because he’d told himself he’d never trust an alpha in his life. Because if an omega actually trusted an alpha, it made the omega compliant, which obviously gave the alpha power over the omega. Yuuri was too stubborn to be fine with becoming compliant though, and he didn’t want anyone to have any more power over him than his status in society already dictated.

Though it explained why it was so easy for him to follow Viktor’s orders, Yuuri pondered. He’d thought it was a bit out of character for him.

However, he’d never expected to end up being owned by Viktor of all alphas, which is why he hadn’t even calculated for that possibility.

So yeah, this was actually pretty bad.

“You’re not denying it”, Viktor noticed.

That’s because Yuuri thought lying wouldn’t do him any good.

There was a moment of silence, before he talked again.

“Go to bed. I don’t want Yuri to be late for school because you overslept.”

Yuuri hated that Viktor was so hard to read. He stil had no idea what he was thinking, while he felt completely exposed.

Yuuri got up and left. He felt weird after the realization he just had. And utterly exhausted.

He paused at the door though.

“Good night, sir”, his voice was so quiet, he hadn’t thought Viktor would be able to hear it.

“Good night, Yuuri.”

Chapter Text

Before you read this chapter there are 3 things I need you to be aware of.

  • Warning that there is non-descriptive mention of what looked like rape to Yuuri
  • Warning there is a scene of Yuuri having a panic attack
  • Mind the medical inaccuracies tag because I’ve never had to deal with a panic attack in my life and research can only do so much

If you have trouble dealing with any of that, just skip to the second half of the chapter.




The next morning was stressful. Yuuri had pushed the snooze button one to many times and only barely managed to get Yuri dressed and fed in time for Georgi.

Once he was out the door, Yuuri let himself slump onto a chair at the dining table, head resting on the surface. If he fell asleep in this position he’d probably wake up when Yuri came back. Which was good, but not very comfortable. He was too tired to care about being comfortable though, so he closed his eyes, hoping he could catch up on some sleep.

A second the later the door to the kitchen was thrown open with a bang, having Yuuri sit up straight in his chair instantly.

He stared at Chris, eyes wide.

“Yuuri! Good morning!

“Morning, Chris…”

“Oho someone is moody. What did Viktor do?” Why was that guy so energetic this early in the morning?!

“He punished me”, Yuuri mumbled.

“Be a bit more specific than that, honey. Was it in the nice and sexy way or have you actually been naughty?” Yuuri threw Chris a shrewd look.

“I’m pretty sure punishment isn’t supposed to be sexy.”

“Ah, so you have been naughty then, I see. What did you do to get into trouble?”

Yuuri wondered if it was normal for Chris to plunder the fridge whenever he was around the house. And then he wondered if Viktor knew about that habit.

“I don’t wanna talk about it”, Yuuri replied moodily.

“That bad, huh?”

Yuuri decided to ignore him.

“I brought my omega today. He’s very excited to meet you but if you’re not in the mood I can put him to some other use”, Chris said when he realized he wouldn’t get Yuuri to talk about his punishment.

But what Chris had said caught Yuuri’s whole attention.

“I want to meet him!”

“Great! I’ll send him in, in a few minutes. I’ll pick him up again when I’m done working. Which should be around…. Maybe 5 pm.”


And then Chris was gone again. And Yuuri got nervous.

He hadn’t thought that Chris had actually been serious about this. He wasn’t mentally prepared to meet people other than Yuri and Viktor today. But, Yuuri thought, this is a once in a lifetime chance to get information on how to deal with his owner. Maybe Chris’ omega knew some stuff about Viktor, or how to deal with one’s owner in general, that Yuuri could use to his advantage.

He didn’t have to wait long for his fellow omega to arrive.

He heard the door being thrown open, and some rushed footsteps, until he could see the figure that came running around the corner.

He had dark skin, black hair, was thankfully fully clothed and had a smartphone in his hand. Wait – did Yuuri see that right!? Looking closer now, Yuuri noticed the red collar around his neck. So he really was an omega. Why did he have a phone!?

“Hi~! You must be Yuuri, right?”

“Yeah…”, Yuuri answered, still not comprehending how such a thing was possible.

“I’m Phichit! Nice to meet you!”

“Err… nice to meet you, too.” He should’ve sounded more enthusiastic, he realized.

“Are you okay?”, Phichit promptly asked.

“Yeah I’m fine. Just really tired. Sorry.”

“Ohhh~ did Viktor put you to good use last night?”, Phichit asked, waggling his eyebrows.

“Oh my god”, Yuuri gasped, horrified at that thought, “no!”

Phichit looked at him confused.

“Well anyway, I wanted to take a selfie with you but you look like death so it’ll have to wait until next time.“

“Why do you even have a phone?” The question slipped out before Yuuri could help himself.

Phichit blinked at him. “Why wouldn’t I have a phone?”

“Because the facility takes them away…”

“Right! Gosh I was so angry when they did that, they had to sedate me”, Phichit laughed. Yuuri didn’t see anything funny about that.

“I think they were really happy to get rid of me when Chris bought me; I was annoying them as much as I could every single day… good old times”, Phichit sighed. “So when I arrived at Chris’ house the first thing I told him was that I’d be the biggest pain in the ass if I wouldn’t get my phone back. He wanted to know if I meant that literally and so that first night I bit him in the ass so hard that even he didn’t like it anymore and I got my phone back the next day. Turns out they actually keep it for 3 weeks after the omega was bought in case the owner has some kind of use for it”, Phichit grinned.

Yuuri could only stare at him like he was a ghost. Not only did he have the guts to literally bite Chris in the ass, which – in Yuuri’s opinion sounded disgusting – but he let himself be raped on his first night? That couldn’t be right?

“Didn’t you try to fight it?”, Yuuri exclaimed after a short pause.

“Fight what?” Phichit looked very confused.

“Getting raped!” Now Phichit looked bewildered.

“Chris didn’t rape me.”

“But you just said-“

“Yuuri calm down. Jeez, do your eyes work right? Chris is hot, why wouldn’t I want him to fuck me?”

Yuuri could only gape.

“So you were fine with it!?”

“Of course I was! Sex with Chris is fun! His worst punishment is when he denies me for a week.”

Yuuri couldn’t do anything but stare. Maybe there was something wrong with his omega genes after all. How in the world could Phichit actually like being forced to have sex with his owner?! Shouldn’t you be able to decide for yourself who you wanted do it with?!

“Yuuri…. Have you had… a bad experience with an owner before?”, Phichit then asked, carefully after seeing the look on Yuuri’s face.

This conversation was way too heavy for not even 8 in the morning.

“Do you want some coffee?”

Phichit shook his head.

“I’m not asking you to spill all your secrets but… if something’s happened to you, you need to tell Viktor.”

“Nothing happened to me.”

“But you experienced something anyway.”.

Yuuri sighed. He had planned to squeeze some information out of Phichit, so how come he was the one being squeezed now? He stared at the table in front of him.

“When I was 13 I did figure skating. One evening I was walking home from the rink and there’s this bridge. Not just for cars, there’re also sidewalks. And when I walked over it I saw my friend, Yuuko, on the other side. She was surrounded by 4 guys and well. She’d presented as an omega 2 years before that so she knew how to defend herself but… but she couldn’t defeat four alphas at the same time. So I wanted to help her. But when I got closer there was that one alpha- he was really tall and big and just… scary looking and he had this weird glint in his eyes when he fixated on me and I just… panicked and… ran. I know he followed me, and I managed to shake him off at one point but I still left Yuuko alone with the other 3 alphas and- and she-“ Yuuri sobbed, all the guilt coming back at him full force.

He’d had a mental breakdown that evening, the monstrosity of what he’d done only setting in after he himself had been safe again. His memories were muddled because of that, but he did remember telling his parents about what he’d seen, and that his explanation had been a mess. He’d also been about to go back after all, but his sister had effectively stopped him by locking him and herself into his room. It was then that his guilt had started to tear him apart from the inside.

And it hadn’t stopped ripping at him ever since.

He’d been told that when his father and some family friends had arrived at the bridge, nothing and no one had been there. So Yuuri had tried very hard to tell himself that at least physically it must’ve been over rather quickly for her. He’d even tried to tell himself that the alphas had become distracted or disinterested after one of them had left, but even he himself couldn’t believe that.

Yuuri had never been able to face Yuuko again after that.

He was the absolute worst.

“Oh Yuuri… you were only 13 though. Even adults would’ve been scared by stumbling over a situation like that…”

Apparently, he had his monologue out loud. And he could hear what Phichit was saying. He just couldn’t control his breathing enough to actually form a reply.

Shit, Yuuri realized, I’m starting to have a panic attack.



He could feel how his chest started hurting, how his heart was racing and the sweat that was starting to drip from his brow. He was dizzy, too, even though he was pretty sure he was sitting down. He also knew how to stop this. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew he needed to breathe properly and calmly, but he couldn’t access that particular part of his brain right now. The only things that were dominating his thoughts were the intense guilt he was still feeling, even after all those years, the fear of having an alpha physically hunt him, and how he’d lost a dear friend because of how weak he was.

“Shit Yuuri! Come on, breathe! You’re chocking! Shit what can I do!?”

“Phichit! What’s going on?!”

“I don’t know! He was telling me about something… traumatizing I think and he just started hyperventilating. I don’t know how to snap him out of it!”

“Hey Yuuri! Honey, can you slow your breathing? Here just do it like I d-“

His vision was blurry and he didn’t really have a grasp on what was going on, but he knew there was an alpha close to him, which was scary, but when he felt that alpha touch him Yuuri just flinched away and started cowering, hoping against hope the alpha would take pity on him and just leave.

“Fuck this is bad. Let’s take him to Viktor.”

The alpha didn’t take pity on him. Instead he grabbed him and started to carry him somewhere. He knew he was whimpering pathetically, and he knew there were voices talking. He just couldn’t make the words out, too stuck in his nightmarish memories.


“What the- What happened?!”

“Apparently some conversation about something traumatizing. I don’t know and I don’t care but do something Viktor!”

Yuuri was still unable to get a good grasp on reality, but he felt the presence of another alpha. Which was what finally made him snap. He started trashing around, growing more violent the closer the new alpha came. He felt their hands on him, trying to make him bend to their will and he doubled his efforts, trying to get away, run away again, just like last time.


“Yuuri calm down.”

At the command Yuuri went limp. His whole body was collapsing at the same time his mind was greeted by a welcoming darkness.



When Yuuri came to, he felt disoriented. He took a moment to take notice of his surroundings as best as he could with his eyes still closed.

The first thing he noticed was that he felt comfortably warm, he was surrounded by the somehow familiar smell of sunshine and he was lying on something that was moving in an even rhythm, while being just the right mixture of hard and soft. There was also something gentle stroking his hair. All in all, he felt safe. That was good, but weird.


He also felt sick, he realized. And then he remembered what happened. He’d been talking to Chris’ omega. And for some reason that incident had come up, which had caused him to panic. And make a fool of himself. And he’d most likely disgraced Viktor, too.

Oh god, he hoped Viktor wouldn’t kick him out now. He couldn’t leave Yuri like that- Yuri! Was he back yet?! What time was it?!

He startled violently, eyelids flying open.

He was also restricted instantly; what had been stroking his hair was now trapping his arms against his torso.

Before he could voice his confusion, he heard Viktor’s voice close to his ear.


“Huh? Wha- What?”

He’d just realized that he was actually lying on a couch, or to be more precise, on top of Viktor, who was lying on a couch. At least his upper body was. Yuuri’s lower body was caged in between Viktor’s legs, making him blush violently.

“Ahh… sir?”

“Are you calm?”

“Yes. Sir.”

“I’ll let you go now. You can move away as long as you stay on the couch. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.”

Viktor let go, relaxing his legs and letting go of his torso completely. It took Yuuri a minute to actually start moving to sit on the couch properly.

“Where is Yuri? Is it very late? I’m so sorry, please don’t kick me out yet, I didn’t mean to-“


Yuuri shut his mouth.

“You’ve been out for only 10 minutes.”


“I’m so sorry”, he said again, not daring to look at Viktor.

“What are you sorry for?” Once again, Yuuri couldn’t read Viktor’s mood.

“For- for embarrassing you with my behavior in front of your friends.”

There was a long moment of silence.

“In that case you don’t have to apologize. Yuuri look at me.”

Yuuri hesitantly glanced at Viktor, not wanting to see the disappointment, the realization that Yuuri was broken, that Viktor would give him back to the facility in exchange for an undamaged omega, like Phichit, who would actually look forward to pleasing Viktor in the bedroom.

The look Viktor gave him was patient.

“You haven’t embarrassed me so put that thought out of your head. It’s wrong. You should be sorry, however, for scaring Phichit. He was completely unable to cope with you panicking.”

“I’m so-“

“Yuuri, let me finish.”

Yuuri clamped his mouth shut.

“Phichit is waiting for you downstairs. He was too worried about you to leave, so I allowed him to stay for the time being. If you want to apologize, then apologize to him. For making him worry. If you don’t want to talk to him right now that’s fine, too. I can make him leave if you want me, too.”

“No, I want to talk to him.”

Viktor smiled. “Good. While you’re at it you can apologize to Chris, too, because he’s sure to run around with a nasty bruise on his face for the next few days.”

“What!? Oh my god! I’m so sorry!”

“It’s fine Yuuri, he wasn’t angry.”

Yuuri could only look at Viktor doubtfully.

However, Viktor only smiled back at him reassuringly.

“I uh… I’ll go then?”

Viktor inclined his head. “Sure.”

When Yuuri turned around the corner on the kitchen, he saw Phichit sitting in Chris’ lap, talking quietly. A soon as Phichit spotted him though, he jumped up and came storming over to him.

“Yuuri! Are you okay? I’m so sorry, I should’ve realized something wasn’t right when you started rambling…”

“No, no it’s nothing you could’ve helped. I’m sorry for making you worry. And Chris, I’m sorry for hitting you.  I didn’t- I-“

“It’s already forgiven, Yuuri. Phichit told me about what you were talking about and I can understand why you started trashing around, so don’t worry. Well then, I do need to get to work. Do you want some time for yourself or would you prefer Phichit to stay?”

“I’ll stay!”

“I didn’t ask you, my dear.”

“Oh... uhm. He can stay, sure.” Yuuri was thrown off by the extra gentle tone Chris suddenly had in his voice when he addressed Phichit.

But no matter, he still had questions and he was sure that Phichit had at least some answers.

After Chris was gone, Phichit wanted to hang out at the bar.


“The bar! You know, the big one in the west wing.”

“I’m not allowed to go to the west wing.” Was Phichit trying to get the both of them into trouble!?

“Oh please. Viktor doesn’t have any party going on today so if we find people there at all it’ll be maids.”

Phichit led him through the entrance hall, but instead of turning to go upstairs, he just went straight ahead to yet another double winged door. He pushed it open with no hesitation.

Yuuri followed slowly, still feeling off about disobeying Viktor’s orders.

The room, or rather, the hall was huge. There was a massive bar, what Yuuri presumed to be a stage – though he couldn’t decide if it was supposed to be used for speeches or for dancing; both probably, actually, was that a pole in the center of it?! – and what looked to be several booth-like rooms next to each other, separated from the main hall by heavy curtains. The curtains were open though, so Yuuri could see that inside each of those rooms were two couches and a coffee table. Probably for private impromptu business meetings or something, Yuuri figured.

Phichit took the time to walk behind the bar and rummage through what Yuuri supposed were fridges hidden out of sight underneath the bar.

“What do you wanna drink?”

“Erm…Just water… do you really think it’s okay for us to drink that, though?”

“Why wouldn’t it be?”

Yuuri gave up.

When Phichit poured himself some soda, Yuuri resolved to get some answers.

“Phichit? Can I ask you some… weird questions?”


“How do you deal with… this?”

“With what?” He looked at Yuuri confused.

“Well, this. Being enslaved and just… forced to do stuff you might not be comfortable with.”

“Oh. Well, you see at first I hated this situation, but I was really lucky that Chris was the one who bought me. I was determined to make the life of whoever bought me a living hell but Chris was being really nice and lenient all the time. Of course it helps that he’s hot, too, but I never actually minded being owned by him. He made things really easy. And nowadays- “Phichit stopped, chewing on his lip, but he decided to keep talking.

“Well, a few weeks ago he finally put a bond-mark on me, so we’re actually mated now, so things are different anyway. Just, don’t tell that to anyone yet, okay? I’m not supposed to talk about it yet.”

Yuuri could only gape like a fish out of water.

“You actually mated!?”


That was… really unexpected. Usually owners didn’t bond with their slaves. There have been some cases like that in the news from time to time over the years, but it was usually frowned upon by society. Alphas were supposed to get respectable mates after all. And slaves weren’t respectable. This was why mates were usually a pair of alpha and beta, or in rare cases, two alphas. Omegas were always the sidekick to such an already established relationship, treated as a plaything for the couple, or as a last resort if the breeding between mates wasn’t successful.


“Well”, Phichit grinned, “he loves me. And I love him. Easy.”

“Just like that?”

“Just like that. Well”, Phichit hesitated, “to be honest, sometimes I think Chris and Viktor are banging each other but I don’t have any proof of that yet. I know that Chris likes getting his ass dicked and you know how us omegas are just… not very well… equipped for that. So I can see why he’d go to Viktor for that. But he doesn’t like it when I mention it so I’m still trying to catch him red-handed.”

“Aren’t you upset about that?”

“Of course I am. But I might just be overly jealous for no reason. At least that’s what he says. I’ve known from the very beginning that Chris is a huge flirt so I knew what I was getting into. Do you have any other questions?”

“Uh… yeah. If it’s alright?”

“Sure.” Maybe it was just Yuuri’s imagination, but Phichit’s smile looked a little strained.

“How do you get into a state of mind that makes you want to… you know….”

“You mean, how do you get aroused?”, Phichit laughed.

Yuuri could feel his face start to burn.

“Oh. You were serious. Well… I think it’s different for everyone? What comes to your mind when you think about Viktor?”


Phichit gave him a blank stare.

“Okaaaaaay. And what comes to your mind when you put Viktor and sex in the same thought?”


Phichit frowned.

“I can’t fault you for that after what you told me earlier. But why do you want to talk about this anyway? It looks like Viktor is completely fine with not fucking you.”

“He said he’ll send be back to the facility if I’m unable to spend his rut with him.”

“And you don’t want to take a chance on another owner?”

Yuuri shook his head decidedly. He wouldn’t do that to Yuri if he could help it.

“I see. That’s a problem. Did he say anything else though? Like, how will he know you’ll be able to or not?”

“He told me to go to him and tell him whenever I’m ready to have sex.”

“That’s gonna fail.”

It wasn’t like Yuuri had expected anything else, but it made him slump in on himself anyway.

“Well, I mean!”, Phichit added hastily, “you could always start by trying to trust him a little bit.”

“I already do.”

Now it was Phichit’s turn to gape at him.


“Errm… Yesterday I realized that his smell helps in calming me down and he said that’s because I trust him, so….”

“So. You trust him but… you’re scared of having him fuck you anyway?”

“Pretty much. But-” This was going to sound really stupid.

“But what?”

“But the thing is, I don’t even want to trust him. I do anyway, because he’s always been my childhood hero, which I know is stupid, but yesterday it was just… so easy for him to manipulate me to calm down, and I hate that he can do that. Who knows what he’s going to make me do with that ability…”

Phichit laughed.

“Yuuri, you talk like trusting Viktor is some kind of magic spell that enables the man to do whatever he wants to you.”

“Well, isn’t it?”

“Of course not! Ooohh wait, is this about what the facility tells omegas? The becoming compliant thing?”


“Pff that’s such a stupid lie, I can’t believe you believe that, Yuuri. When you trust someone you become compliant with their wishes because you want to, not because they force you to. Sure, he’s your owner and you have to listen to him, but there’s a difference, you realize that, right?”

“Not really, no…”

“Well, let me put it that way… You trusting him basically means that you know he won’t do anything to harm you; that you feel safe with him, right?”

“I- I guess. Yeah.”

“See. Now, if you didn’t trust him, let’s say… for example obeying his orders would be more difficult, because you wouldn’t know if it was to set you up for something, just so he could find something to punish you for, so you would be a lot more hesitant in how you obeyed them, right?”

“I- yeah. That actually makes sense. But, what if he asked me to do something I wouldn’t really want to do? I’d still comply with it. Even if I hated it. Isn’t that what the facility meant?”

“This is bullshit, because, well yeah, you’d comply, but you’d do it because you wouldn’t want to disappoint him.”

Somehow, Yuuri could feel that ringing true.

“But that doesn’t change the end result.”

“The end result isn’t really the issue though, is it? If it was something you in all honesty would not want to do, you could still say ‘hell no’ and just deal with the punishment instead. It doesn’t take away your free will, Yuuri, it only puts things in a different perspective.”

Well. Yuuri couldn’t really find a fault in that logic. He’d definitely have something to chew on tonight.

“I think you might actually be right”, he admitted after a few moments of pondering silence.

 “Wait-! Hold on, rewind”, Phichit suddenly exclaimed, smacking his palm on his forehead, “So the problem isn’t even that you’re scared of Viktor, it’s the sex itself, isn’t it?”

Yuuri thought that sounded about right.

“I think so? I just”, he sighed, “I don’t think I’ll ever be really comfortable with… physical stuff. I think there’s something wrong with my omega-genes.”

“Wait, stop, just- halt. Yuuri. How the hell have you spent your heats up until now!?”


“Are you insane?!”

“We’re getting off topic”, Yuuri mumbled, preferring to not recall his last heat, which had been just before he was admitted to the facility. Which meant that he’d had another 4 months to figure out how to survive his next one. He sighed heavily.

“Right. Ignoring the fact that you’re an utter lunatic, why don’t you talk to Viktor about it? I’m sure he’d appreciate that little piece of info. He’ll probably know how to deal with it, too.”

“He’ll think something’s wrong with me and probably send me back right away.”

“Something is wrong with you. Otherwise you wouldn’t be masochistic enough to spend your heats alone. And he won’t send you back that easily. I haven’t known him for as long as Chris does, but even I know that Viktor is as stubborn as they get. So he won’t give up on you after only a few days, just because you’re a little whacky. No but really, you should just tell him that you don’t know how to get comfortable with the idea of having sex. Does he know about what you told me earlier?”

Yuuri shook his head.

“It would probably help him to understand you better if he did, you know. I get that it’s hard to talk about, but communication and honesty is key, Yuuri. Believe me when I say that having an owner who trusts you is a lot easier to deal with than an owner who doesn’t”, Phichit lectured him gently.

Yuuri could understand that logic. He just needed some time to get the nerve to actually do it, he figured. But time was the one thing he had right now.

“Okay. I think I’ll talk to him. Soon.”

Phichit smiled.

“Now that’s the spirit!”

After that their conversation had changed to lighter topics, and Yuuri found that he came to like the other omega really fast. He just seemed so confident and full of energy, despite the hand he’d been dealt. He found he actually admired Phichit for that, wishing he could have some of that easy confidence.

When it got around to the time for Yuri to come home, Yuuri got started on lunch, with the help of Phichit. Cooking together was actually a lot of fun, Yuuri thought, hoping against his better knowledge that they’d have the chance to do that again sometime.

Just before lunch was ready, Yuri came running through the door, closely followed by Georgi. However, the boy stopped halfway to the kitchen.

“Who’re you?” The question was meant for Phichit, and it hadn’t sounded very nice.

“Yura!”, Yuuri called, trying to take his attention off Phichit and successfully making Yuri look at him.


And before Yuuri could say anything else, Yuri had jumped at him, so Yuuri caught him and let him settle against his hip, succeeding in making Yuuri smile genuinely for the first time since the incident that had happened in the morning.

Yuuri was about to say something when he heard the sound of a shutter. It caused Yuuri’s head, as well as Yuri’s, to snap to Phichit’s direction, who just took another photo of them unabashedly.

“Oh my gosh you two are so cute together”, he gushed, taking a few more photos.

“He’s not my new nanny, is he?”, Yuri asked, after Phichit had calmed down somewhat.

“Oh no, not at all. Chris just brought him along for a visit. He’s very nice Yura, so I want you to be nice to him too, okay?”

“I guess.”

“Come on, behave”, Yuuri nudged him repeatedly for a bit, until the boy caved in, laughing.

“Okay!!! I’ll be nice, promise.”

“Great! Because I need you to do a really important job!”

“What is it?”

“Can you help Phichit to set the table? He doesn’t know where things are around here.”


“You’re the best, Yura!”

“I know”, Yuri grinned up at him, before Yuuri put him back down on the floor.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes.”


When he knocked on Viktor’s door, his nerves came back full force. He really, really hoped that Viktor’s punishment today would be as easy to take as the last one.

“Come in.”


“Yuuri. Are you feeling better?”

“Yes, sir. Talking with Phichit helped me a lot.”

“Would you like him to come over more often, then?”

Yuuri looked at Viktor, taken aback by that offer. If he had known that was an actual option, he wouldn’t have tackled that awkward conversation with Phichit so soon.

“If- I mean. Definitely. Sir.”

“I’ll let Chris know, then. Now, why are you here?”

“Sir, will you come down and eat with us?”

Viktor sighed very heavily.

“No, Yuuri. I will not. If that’s all, then leave.”

So Yuuri left, wondering when he was going to get punished. This had gone over far too well to not have any consequences.

During lunch Yuri was telling Yuuri and Phichit all about his day at school, especially about how annoyed he got with one of the teachers, which was, if Yuuri was really honest, quite adorable.

Afterwards, they went through the same routine they did on Friday, though Yuri was a lot more impatient to get ready with studying this time around. Which led to Yuuri actually having to blackmail the boy with a cookie, just so he’d finish his homework. Yuuri figured Japanese could take a break for today.

Yuuri also decided against taking Phichit with them into the playroom, convinced that it would only lead to mayhem. So instead they settled on playing board games that Yuri brought from his room in the living room. It was a lot of fun, and time until dinner just flew for Yuuri.

Until he found himself standing in front of Viktor’s door once again. Time slowed down a lot at that point. Yuuri swallowed and knocked.

“Come in.”


“No, Yuuri, I don’t. Come back here after you put Yuri to bed”, Viktor said, all the while leaning back in his chair, talking to the ceiling.

So Yuuri left. He really hoped it was going to be the same punishment as yesterday. It had been so beautifully harmless.

During dinner Chris had come in and joined them for a few minutes, before he declared that it was time to go home.

Seeing Phichit off made Yuuri a little said, if he had to be completely honest, but he hoped that Viktor would actually do what he’d promised earlier.

Putting Yuri to bed had been rather easy today, which Yuuri was eternally grateful for. He felt like he was dead on his feet, with barely any sleep the night before, and the panic attack in the morning to boost. Thinking about it now, he really hoped Viktor would give him a punishment that would be over quickly. He just wanted to sleep.

When Yuuri walked into Viktor’s office this time, Viktor gestured for him to sit in one of the chairs in front of his desk.

So Yuuri sat down carefully, afraid of what was to come.

Viktor took a deep breath.

“I will refrain from punishing you for wasting my time again today, because you had a tough night and a pretty rough time this morning, and I want you to sleep sufficiently tonight. But Yuuri I warn you, if you dare to waste my time again tomorrow, I will put you over my knee again. As much as I hate doing it, but you need to get it into your head. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.” Yuuri couldn’t believe he’d been left off the hook for today. He felt like celebrating.

“Good. Now, your collars have arrived”, Viktor continued, gesturing to the two boxes that were sitting on the desk, right in front of Yuuri. Yuuri did absolutely not understand why there were two.

Viktor huffed, amused. “You should see the look on your face”, he commented.

“Anyway, I couldn’t decide which design I preferred, so I had both made. You may take a look at them and tell me which one you like better.”

Yuuri stared a moment at Viktor before he complied. The man didn’t make any sense. He didn’t even know if he could keep Yuuri, so why was he making such a big deal out of this? He should’ve just gotten him a cheap piece of plastic leather, not two boxes that had Cartier written on the top of each of them.

He shook that thought off and went to hesitantly open the first box. The collar inside had a simple design, but it was elegant and looked kind of too luxurious for Yuuri’s taste. It was white leather, which looked, and smelled, really expensive, and the clasp was golden, as was the name tag. It was beautiful. He didn’t feel adequate enough to wear it though, if he was honest.

So he went to open the other box a little less hesitantly. This collar was blue. A very specific blue, that was the same as Viktor’s eye color. Yuuri wondered if that was an accident, or if Viktor somehow knew just how beautiful Yuuri thought Viktor’s eyes were. The name tag was gold as well though, so both collars were pretty extravagant for his taste.

Yuuri didn’t know why he’d expected anything else. This was still THE Viktor Nikiforov, after all.

“I- I think I’d prefer the blue one, sir.”

“And why is that?” Viktor looked seriously curious.

“Because I’d be scared to dirty the white one.”

“Ah, I see. You have a practical way of thinking, I like that.”

Yuuri didn’t really know what to say to that.

“I’m allowing you to go pick Yuri up alongside with Georgi in the afternoon. That’s for every day, you don’t have to ask about it again. However, before you leave, you will come here and I will put the collar on you. And you will also come to me as soon as you arrive back here, so I can take the collar off again. I will be the only person who will put that thing on and off you. You’re not allowed to touch it, and neither is Georgi. If you fail to come to me before lunch time for Yuri is over, I will assume that you tried to run away from me and there will be severe consequences, Yuuri. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.” Running away was not on Yuuri’s mind, so he had no problem agreeing to this.

“Good. Apart from that, if you want to go somewhere, you will ask me beforehand. You’re not imprisoned here, I will allow you to go wherever you want, as long as it’s together with Yuri and a reasonable distance, and if the timing of your little trip is convenient for me. And of course, only with a collar, for which you will come to me in any case. Is that clear?”

That was actually a lot more freedom than Yuuri thought he’d ever have again. It was quite overwhelming.

“Thank you, sir”, he said, voice thick with gratitude. He couldn’t really comprehend it. He’d be able to see the ocean again, probably, if it wasn’t too far away, and he could go and play with Yuri outside, in the forest. Maybe even take the boy to a carnival.

“That’s all then. I will see you tomorrow, Yuuri. Good night.” Viktor said, sounding nonchalant.

Didn’t he realize how much he’d just offered Yuuri?

Chapter Text


It was only his second time, but Yuuri thought he was getting the hang of mornings. He’d gone to sleep rather early the previous night and set his alarm clock for 6:45 am. That way he had enough time to kind of wake up and brush his teeth, as well as change his clothes, before he went to wake up Yuri.

Yuri was, disgustingly, a morning person, which Yuuri tried very hard to see as something positive, because he figured it made his job easier. It was very hard to not let Yuri notice that Yuuri himself was absolutely not a morning person, and he had to try his very best to not be grumpy.

It was tough, and Yuuri was probably more relieved than he had any right to be after Yuri had been out of the door. It had been extra challenging not to let it slip that he was planning to pick him up from school. Because that was supposed to be a surprise and he was so glad he had managed to control himself.

So now it was 9 am, Yuri was long gone, Chris had come to plunder the fridge again - actually sporting a rather nasty bruise on his face, which Yuuri felt very bad about – and informed Yuuri that he hadn’t brought Phichit along, and Yuuri had absolutely no idea what to do with himself.

Yesterday the time he’d spend with Phichit until Yuri had come home had seemed so short, Yuuri had been sure he wouldn’t have any trouble finding ways to spend it, but now he was sitting in the dining room, staring at his empty mug and having absolutely no idea what to do with himself.

Well. That wasn’t completely right. He had taken Phichit’s advise to heart and had pondered over it for longer than he’d like to admit last night. He’d even come to the conclusion that Phichit was probably right. And that he’d have to talk to Viktor. Which Yuuri wasn’t scared of per se. He just really didn’t want to re-live that memory again, and of course he didn’t want Viktor to know about how he was a broken omega, either.

But then again, if he didn’t tell Viktor, and he somehow found out that Yuuri was pretending to be fine with having sex then it’d mean he’d be send back to the facility, and thereby break his promise to Yuri. Which was the last thing he wanted to do.

Which meant he’d have to talk to Viktor.

He’d thought he could put it off a week or two, but the more he thought about it, he figured it would be better to just get it over with.

Which is why Yuuri started wondering if Viktor would be very annoyed with him if he were to try and talk to him right now. He was sure Viktor would be at work, like always, but then again he’d worked the whole weekend as well, so there wasn’t really ever a time when the man wasn’t working, was there? In which case it didn’t matter when he’d go to him. So he might as well try to get it over with right now.

He ran upstairs before he could start to convince himself otherwise.

“Come in.”

“Sir, may I talk to you?” Viktor looked at him suspiciously.

“Is this about your eating obsession?” Yuuri flushed at the way Viktor had put that.

“No, sir. It- it might take a while though.”

Now that got Viktor’s whole attention in him.

“Is there something you’re worried about, Yuuri?”

“Ah… I- uhm, well. I guess you could say that. Sir.”

Viktor motioned for him to sit down on the chair across from him and actually closed the laptop. Yuuri almost felt special.

“Well then, Yuuri. How can I help you?”

“Uhm… yesterday I talked to Phichit about some things that were… well, worrying me, and he said some enlightening things and ah… uhh… are you and Chris banging each other?”

What. Had he just said that? Had he really just said that?! Oh god.

He stared at Viktor, shocked.

Viktor smirked.

“I don’t kiss and tell, Yuuri. However, you can tell your friend that I'm not in the habit of sleeping around while I’m having an omega at home. I’m well aware that omegas are jealous creatures by nature, and I’m also aware that Chris and Phichit are freshly mated, which is a particularly stressful time for omegas, yes? Phichit will come around and see things with a clearer perspective by next month. With the state he’s in right now, he’d be jealous of a flower pot if Chris were to stand close to it regularly. Was that the only thing you wanted to talk about?”

“Err, no. Not at all. I mean! I didn’t mean to talk about that at all. I- I don’t know why that slipped out. I’m sorry. Sir.”

“Well then why did you come here?” He was starting to sound a little impatient.

Yuuri took a deep breath.

“Did Chris tell you what caused my panic attack yesterday?”

“No not really”, Viktor frowned, “he said you talked to Phichit about something traumatizing, but nothing more.”

“Phichit said it’s something that you should probably know. I- At first I thought he was blowing this out of proportion, but then I thought about it and, well…”

Yuuri paused.

“I’ll be glad to listen, Yuuri”, Viktor said, leaning back in his chair, looking intrigued

So Yuuri told Viktor everything he’d told Phichit the day before. He left out the part where he was walking home from the ice rink though. There was absolutely no need for Viktor to know that little detail.

He was shaking by the time he was done, but he could at least tell that he wasn’t panicking this time.

So he threw all caution to the wind and told Viktor even more. Of all the humiliating things he’d been asked to do, and all the times he’d had to escape from alphas. How he’d been only 12 when he presented and how everyone had instantly started to treat him differently and how scary it was for him to be treated like a sex toy with no soul and feelings, and how he started to get scared of people touching him at random, especially in private areas, which had only ever happened against his will, and how he got more and more disturbed by the thought of having sex because of that.

He was crying silent tears by the end of his confessions, because of all the painful memories, but he was proud to say that his voice had stayed rather strong for the most part.

He’d avoided looking at Viktor while he was talking, but now that he looked up to see his expression, he wasn’t surprised to realize that he couldn’t read him at all. So he figured he could get the last part over with now, too.

“What I want to say with this is, I don’t… I don’t know how to get comfortable with… sex. I didn’t want to tell you because I was scared you’d send me back to the facility as soon as you realize my omega isn’t working right, and I don’t want to leave, but Phichit said it would be better to tell you and I just… I thought maybe he was right.”

Yuuri didn’t have anything left to say.

And Viktor took a very long moment until he replied.

The silence scared him.

“I’m disappointed, Yuuri.”

Yuuri stared at the desk, feeling like he’d made a terrible mistake.

Viktor sighed.

“Do you know why I’m disappointed?”

Yuuri assumed that he was disappointed in all of Yuuri. But he didn’t have the guts to say it.

“No, sir”, he whispered.

“I’m disappointed that you’d think so little of me to assume I’d send you back just because you’re a little rough around the edges. I do realize that you have no way of knowing me well enough to judge me properly though, so I’ll let that slide.”

“I’m so-“

Viktor held his hand up in the universal sign for shut up, which Yuuri did.

"I did say that I would send you back if you can’t spend my rut with me, and I did say I would wait to have sex with you, until you came to me for it. However Yuuri, I never said I would mind helping you to get to that point, did I? Moving on, I have to say I find it rather concerning that you had to deal with all of those ugly things from such a young age. But it does explain a lot. Though there is something I don’t quite understand.”

Yuuri looked at him confused.

“What do you mean by your omega isn’t working right?”

He’d thought that was obvious.

“Omegas are supposed to jump at any chance we have to get fucked, aren’t we? I mean, Phichit doesn’t have an issue with that and he seems to have had some tough times, too, so…”

“But you’re not Phichit, Yuuri. Everyone deals with their problems in a different way, so it doesn’t make sense to compare yourself to him. Your way of thinking makes me a little concerned, to be completely honest. You do realize that you’re not a machine, yes? Saying you don’t work right makes it sound like your fears can be dealt with by just using a screwdriver on you and you’ll be working fine again in an instant or something. Healing takes a lot of time, and even then you’re not guaranteed to be back to how you were before.”

Yuuri saw something in Viktor’s eyes. He wasn’t quite sure what it was, but it made him think that he wasn’t only talking about Yuuri, but about himself as well. It made Yuuri reconsider how he viewed the man sitting in front of him.

“Why do you trust me, Yuuri? It doesn’t make much sense to me, after everything you’ve been through.”

Yuuri didn’t want to answer that. At all. He barely understood it himself. But there was just something about having your idol being so nice to you - well, as nice as the circumstances allowed. Viktor had even said that he didn’t mind Yuuri’s looks, which Yuuri took as a huge compliment. Especially after he’d gained so much weight after he’d had to drop out of competitive sports. So that had probably helped a bit, as well.

“Is it because I’m a somewhat familiar face you’ve seen in magazines before?”, Viktor guessed.

“I- maybe that helped, yes. But I just- it made me trust you a lot when you said and proved that you’re not going to rape me, and that you haven’t touched me in that way yet.” That much was true at least. He’d throw himself off a roof before he ever told Viktor about his hero-worship for him though.

“I see. I hadn’t thought much about it, but given your past it makes sense why it affected you as it did.

“Well then, as for your fear of sex… I don’t have any intention of making it any worse. After all, it’s supposed to be fun, not scary. Which is why I’ll need some time to think on how to handle this properly. Is there any kind of intimacy you feel like you could be comfortable with? I know that you don’t mind it when I hug you, but is there anything else?”

Yuuri looked at Viktor slightly abashed.

Only now that Viktor had pointed it out did he realize that, while he’d never been a very huggy kind of person, hugging someone had never send him into a panic. Huh, he thought, that’s actually kind of weird.

“I- I’m not sure, sir.”

“You’re not making this very easy, Yuuri”, Viktor sighed.

“I’m sorry. I just… I’m not exactly an expert on… intimate stuff.” He could feel himself blushing.

“Well then, how would you feel about kissing me?”

Yuuri startled heavily, feeling called out on the thoughts he’d had when the hormones in his body had run amok during his teenage years.

“Oh? That doesn’t look like panic to me”, Viktor smiled like a cat that just got the cream.

Yuuri could only stare at him with wide eyes, still trying to tell himself that there was no way Viktor knew about his little fantasies. Granted, they were probably really innocent compared to other’s, consisting more of cuddling than anything else, but still. It made Yuuri uncomfortable now.

“Now, if I were to tell you to kiss me. What would you- ah. There it is. But not as intense. That’s not so bad.”

Damn. Why was it so easy for Viktor to read him, when he had such difficulties?!

“Yuuri, tell me what you were thinking when you started to become nervous.”

Honesty is key Honesty is key Honesty is key Honesty is key Honesty is key Honesty is key Honesty is key Honesty is key Honesty is key Honesty is key Honesty is key Honesty is key Honesty is key

“I thought that I’d have no idea what I would be doing and that I didn’t want to embarrass myself.”

Viktor thought this over.

It took quite a while for him to start talking again, making Yuuri fidgety in the meantime.

“I think this situation requires baby steps, so I will offer you something like a deal, Yuuri. Though, know that you are allowed to decline it, okay?”

“Okay…sir.” Oh god, what was he going to say!?

“If you agree, it will go like this: You will come over here and I will give you a kiss. Nothing spectacular, just a little peck on the lips. Then you will go sit back down again. And then you will tell me how that made you feel. If you feel uncomfortable and absolutely don’t want to repeat it, I will have to think some more about this. If you find that you actually don’t mind it so much, well. I’ll tell you the details after you decide, but know that it will involve a lot of kissing. Only kissing. I’ll give you a few minutes to think about it.”

Well. That- that didn’t really sound so bad. Sure, he was intimidated as hell by the thought of having Viktor fricking Nikiforov kiss him, but if he really wanted to stay here, he didn’t really have a choice. Of course, he could say no, and Viktor could probably come up with something else, until it got close to his rut, and then Yuuri would have to either rush in, or abort, and he’d be send back to the facility either way. This way he could try to ease himself into it and actually stand at least a small chance that this was going to work somehow.

Viktor was being a lot more generous with his deal than he had any need to be. If he wanted to, he could just replace Yuuri, because he was being difficult. So if Viktor went out of his way like that to try and make Yuuri feel comfortable in a situation when he really didn’t have to, then the least Yuuri could do was to put in some effort on his side as well. He owed Viktor that much, for being so patient when he really didn’t have to be.

“I want to try it”, Yuuri finally said, surprised at how firm his voice had sounded.

“Okay then, come over here.”

Yuuri stood up and walked to Viktor behind the desk. While he had been on his way, Viktor had spun his chair, so that he faced him when he arrived.

“On your knees, Yuuri.”

Viktor’s voice was gentle, but Yuuri was shaking anyway.

“Are you sure about this Yuuri? You’re trembling.”

“I’m nervous.”

“And that’s all?”

“Yes. Sir.”

Viktor looked at him for a moment, and then probably came to the decision that Yuuri was, in fact, not lying.

Still sitting on his chair, Viktor rolled closer to him, until Yuuri was kneeling between Viktor legs.

Viktor lifted Yuuri’s head up by the chin, so that he could look him in the face. It made him swallow when Viktor put his thumb on Yuuri’s lower lip. He’d been doing pretty well with looking Viktor in the eyes, but that gesture caused him to stare at his lips instead. He’d looked at posters of Viktor’s pretty face for over a decade, but he’d never fully realized how beautiful his lips were. They were a rosy shade of pink and looked very soft and shiny, making Yuuri wonder absentmindedly if Viktor used some sort of lip balm. His lips were a bit on the thin side, but Yuuri thought they were just perfect.

However, he did start to panic a little bit, when he saw those lips getting closer to him. He didn’t know what to do at all, and he knew he just told Viktor how inexperienced he was but he still didn’t want to disappoint him and- oh. He could smell the sunshine again. It made his mind relax, and his body stop shaking.

And then he felt Viktor’s lips on his. It was only for a short moment, as he’d promised, but it felt… weirdly amazing. His lips were as soft as they looked, and as gentle as his smell. The pressure had been firm, but not pushy. I had been… nice.

“Go sit back on the chair, Yuuri.”

Yuuri obeyed, with his head still trying to grasp what he’d just felt.

“You don’t look like you’re about to panic, but you’re frowning. Don’t decide rash-“

“I want to try it!”

Viktor gaped at him. It would’ve made Yuuri laugh, if he hadn’t realized what he’d done at the same time.

He’d been preoccupied with his thoughts and hadn’t realized that Viktor had been talking, until he’d already talked over him.

Viktor had started to look annoyed, as soon as the shock of being faced with such blatant disrespect had worn off.

“Oh my god. I- I’m so sorry! I- I didn’t realize-“


Yuuri shut up, tears starting to form in his eyes. 

Viktor closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. Obviously trying to keep calm.

“Are you sure you felt comfortable enough?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Okay then. What I want you to do from now on, is to kiss me, like I just showed you, whenever you feel like it.”

Now it was Yuuri’s turn to gape at Viktor.


Viktor smirked.

“You can take as much time as you want to gather your courage or whatever it is that you’re lacking right now. Once you do however, I will expect you to kiss me several times a day, until you find that you actually like doing it. I will know it if you’re not being honest about it though, so don’t you dare try and lie to me. Once you’re comfortable enough to do it without having to even think about it, I will show you another way to kiss and you will repeatedly try it out again, until the whole process starts over again. With each new kiss I’ll show you, I will also touch you in one way or another, and I will increase the intimacy of that touch in accordance to the… intensity of the kiss I will show you. It will depend on you how fast of a process that will be though, so don’t worry about that. Do you think this is something you want to try?”

Yuuri stared at Viktor while he was trying to process what he’d just been told. He hadn’t been kidding when he’d talked about taking baby steps. It made him feel weird, almost as if he wasn’t a lesser human, almost as if Viktor respected him. He somehow managed not to cry when he nodded.

“Yes, sir.”

Viktor looked rather pleased.

“Good. Now, Yuuri, I do have to get back to my work, if there isn’t nothing else you wanted to talk about.”

“I-“ Yuuri had almost complained about not knowing what to do with himself when Yuri wasn’t there.

Viktor quirked an eyebrow at him.

“Is there anything you want me to do while Yura is at school, sir?”

“Yura?” Viktor looked at him intensely astonished.

“Why do you call him that?!”

“Because he asked me to, sir…” Yuuri replied, not quite sure how to take Viktor’s reaction. Wasn’t he supposed to call Yuri by a nickname or something?

But Viktor only looked at him with a something in his eyes that Yuuri couldn’t interpret very well. At first he thought it looked like disappointment, then he figured sadness would be a closer guess, but then the word longing had come to him from nowhere and he didn’t quite know what to make of that.

So he only stared back, hoping for an explanation.

“No. You can go spend your free time in the library if you want to.”

“Library!? I mean-! Where is the library? Sir.” Yuuri’s mind was a mess.

Putting Viktor’s look out of his mind, he still had trouble understanding what Viktor had just said. There was an actual library in this house?! And he was really allowed to use it!? What!?

“It’s behind the door in that hallway”, Viktor said, gesturing in the general direction of where the stairs were.

“However I don’t think you will have enough time to explore it today. We have been talking for quite a while and Georgi will be going to pick up Yuri in about 15 minutes. Unless you changed your mind about wanting to accompany him?”


Viktor nodded curtly, taking his collar out of a drawer. Viktor stood up and slowly made his way over to where Yuuri was sitting. He could only stare up at him, stunned that Viktor was actually coming to him this time.

He didn’t ask Yuuri to stand up, either. Instead, he just stood behind Yuuri’s chair, tenderly putting it around his neck.

Yuuri didn’t know how to deal with this. He’d expected to come to hate collars, because it would mark him as a slave, and it still made sense to him that he should hate it. But ironically, a collar was also what had kept him free for four years, so he must’ve developed some kind of weird attachment to those things. And now that Viktor put his collar on him, well, it made Yuuri feel strange.

Yes, he was being marked as a slave, but his owner was the most generous alpha he’d ever come across, so Yuuri really didn’t feel restricted by having to wear it. Because wearing it meant that he was allowed to go outside in the first place, and that it would keep alphas off his back when he did.

The fact that Viktor was careful to put it on snugly, but not actually tight, made the whole thing even better.

“Is it comfortable like this?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Okay then. You may go Yuuri.”

“Thank you, sir.” He really meant that. For everything Viktor had already done for him.



Yuuri didn’t have to wait for Georgi for long. He was nervous though, if he was honest. Sure, he had Viktor’s permission to go with him but it still felt weird somehow, like he was in a dream. He knew that, while it wasn’t exactly rare to see an omega on the streets, many owners didn’t allow them to leave the houses, especially not without them accompanying their slaves to keep an eye on them.

When they left the garage, Yuuri realized just how huge the grounds were that he lived on now. He couldn’t even concentrate on how the front of the house looked; he was too shocked to notice that. When he saw the… driveway, for lack of a better word, he realized that there was quite a distance to drive, before they reached an ornate metal gate.

He’d figured that there’d be fences, but what he hadn’t expected was the stone wall that surrounded the house, though it seemed to be quite a distance away from the house on all sides, given that he hadn’t realized it was there all the times he’d looked out of the window. Though, thinking about it now, all the windows he’d ever been able to look out of were facing toward the forest, which was most likely hiding the wall. It wasn’t exactly a low wall either, so if Yuuri had been planning to escape he’d have his hopes for that crushed at this point.

Behind the gates, which had opened automatically for the car, was a small hut-like house, with a big window facing the street. Behind that window Yuuri saw two people, who greeted Georgi, and who looked quite surprised when they saw Yuuri. He could only stare back at them, not quite understanding what was going on.

“Uh… Georgi?”, he asked after they had passed these people.


“What was that house?”

“Oh that’s security. Viktor had to deal with break ins before, so he decided that cameras just weren’t enough and had the security upgraded. So now there’s the wall and the 24/7 guards. They only let in people who are on Viktor’s list of appointments and people they already know by face.”

“But if the gates open automatically, couldn’t people just drive through anyway?”

“They only open like that when you’re leaving”, Georgi sounded amused. “If you want to get in, the guards, and Viktor of course, are the only ones who know the code to open the gates. He didn’t take any chances after so much was damaged last time…”

Yuuri figured that made sense. He had more questions, but Georgi had started to look uncomfortable when he talked about last time so Yuuri held himself back for now.

It didn’t take all that long until the nature gave way to what seemed to be a rather small town, which Georgi just sped through. It was quite a picturesque area though, Yuuri had to admit that much and it only took a short while after that to arrive at a bigger city, which Yuuri had never seen before.

He figured he was still in England, though, since they were driving on the left side. Before he knew it, Georgi had stopped in front of the school.

“Erm… I’ll be back soon…?”

Georgi nodded at him, so Yuuri left the car.

He felt weird, goddammit. He couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact that he was actually allowed to walk around outside, just like that. He felt like he was breaking a rule or something, even though he knew he wasn’t. Not anymore. It was just so strange.

He figured he’d just need some time to adjust to this.

“Good afternoon, sir. Are you Mr. Yuuri Katsuki, by any chance?”, asked a rather stern looking woman, as soon as he’d walked through the front door.

“Ah- I- yes. I am”, Yuuri answered confused.

“It’s nice to meet you. Lord Nikiforov has contacted us beforehand and told us you would be picking up Yuri from now on.”

Lord Nikiforov? What? Had he heard that right? Surely not. What? Had Yuuri somehow missed that tiny little fact in all his years of stalking Viktor’s career? Surely not. Right? But what?! Maybe it was just some weird quirk the staff of this school had when talking about the parents of their students? Yeah… Yeah that sounded logical enough. Because there was no way she actually meant it like that. Ha! Of course not, what was he thinking, silly him.

“Nice to meet you, too…” Yuuri remembered part of his manners after what must’ve been a second too long.

“Follow me.”

She showed him the way to Yuri’s classroom, where parents were already picking up their kids. His eyes found Yuri rather quickly, and now, that he saw him together with a bunch of other kid’s his age, he realized that the boy was indeed a bit on the small side. He didn’t have any time to make any more observations though, because Yuri had spotted him at that moment.

He stared at him, as if he’d seen a ghost, rubbed his eyes, stared at him again, and when Yuuri waved at him, Yuri came barreling towards him, giving Yuuri just enough time to crouch, and use Yuri’s momentum to pick him up and sit him against his hip, having his daylights hugged out of him the whole while.

“Katsudon! Why are you here!?”, Yuri almost squealed.

“Because I wanted to pick you up.”

Yuri hugged him even tighter.

Figuring that the little guy wouldn’t let go of him anytime soon, Yuuri went over to pick up the backpack, and made his way back to the car.

With the help of Georgi he even managed to pry Yuri off of him in order to buckle him up properly. It had been quite the process.

“Will you come tomorrow, too!?” He asked still excited, as soon as Yuuri had buckled up as well, and Georgi had started driving.

“If you want me to”, Yuuri grinned.


“Then I’ll pick you up tomorrow, too. And the day after that, and the one after that, too. Until you tell me you don’t want me to do it anymore.”

Yuri beamed at him, happiness radiating off of him.

Chapter Text

Yuri chatted about school excitedly the whole way back to the house, and since Yuuri had given him all of his attention, he’d forgotten to check out the front of the house again, he realized once they arrived in the garage. While it wasn’t important to know what the house you lived in looked like from the outside, it kind of irked Yuuri anyway. But he just told himself he’d get another chance tomorrow.

“Georgi, can you keep an eye on Yuri? I need to go to Viktor for a moment.”

Yuri jumped into the conversation before Georgi had any chance to answer.

“Why do have to go to him?”

Yuuri looked at Yuri for a moment, not knowing if the boy knew about collars already. He knew he’d learned about it in school himself, but that had been… maybe in 4th or 5th grade. However, he decided that giving half true answers would be the best option.

“I have to go so your father can take this collar off me.”

“Can’t you do it yourself?” Yuri asked with that painfully adorable scrunched up face.

“No, I can’t…”

“Then I can help you!”

It was at this moment that Georgi stepped in. “Yuri, let him go to Viktor. He’s the only one who has the key to open it.”


Yuuri tried very hard not to laugh at that metaphor, but it did kind of make sense to call Viktor’s authority a key.

“Yes, key.”

“Why do you wear something that needs a key? That’s so weird.”

“Because it’s the rules.”

“What rules?”

Yuuri sighed. If he waited much longer, Viktor would probably assume he’d tried to run on the first chance he got, and he couldn’t have him thinking that.

“We can talk more about this when I cook lunch, okay?”

Yuri pouted. “Hurry up then.”

“Yeah, of course”, Yuuri sighed, wondering if bossiness ran in the blood.

Talking about bloodlines, Yuuri pondered over the whole Lord Nikiforov thing while he walked to his office. There was just no possible way that had been meant in a literal way, was there? He was 99.9% sure that Viktor was Russian. Heck, his name was Russian and he’s skated for the Russian team, training in Russia. He’d been born in St. Petersburg, Russia, as well. Yuuri knew these things.

Sure, he’d studied at Oxford, which was in England, but tons of people did study abroad courses if they could afford it, right? He knew that Viktor’s family came from “old money”, though he thought that had just been that, and didn’t think to connect it to the British ways. He was pretty sure there were families in Russia that had been wealthy for many generations. Thinking about it now, he realized he actually knew absolutely nothing about Russia’s upper class.

Well, that still didn’t explain how being a wealthy Russian made you a Lord in England. Yuuri had moved here, together with his family, when he had been 15, because Japan’s views on omega’s were one of the more traditional ones. He himself didn’t agree with those, obviously, but even his parent’s hadn’t wanted to put their son through that stuff. So they had moved here, to England, where the views were a little more modern, and his parent’s had opened a Japanese restaurant, while Yuuko had taken over the onsen.

Yuuri missed the onsen.

He sighed, realizing he’d been standing in front of Viktor’s door for way too long already.

He knocked.

“Come in.”

After Yuuri had closed the door behind himself, he realized that Viktor looked at him weirdly.

“Why did it take you so long to knock?”

Yuuri startled.

“You knew I was there!? Sir?”

“I heard you coming up the stairs.”

Well that was just impossible. Between the stairs and here were two doors that had been closed, and Yuuri knew for a fact that he wasn’t that loud.

Seeing the look on Yuuri’s face, Viktor’s own faced morphed into a look that almost screamed I shouldn’t have said that.

“You didn’t answer my question, Yuuri.”


“I- I was just thinking. About stuff. Sir.”

“And what kind of stuff were you thinking about, that apparently made you hesitant to face me?”

Yuuri bit his lower lip. This was his chance to find out that the school’s staff had weird quirks. And also, Yuuri figured, to see if Viktor would be as honest with Yuuri as Yuuri had been with him early today.

“Well, I was just wondering about something the person who met me at the school had called you…”

Yuuri interrupted himself. Viktor looked like he knew where this was going to go.


Apparently he’d make Yuuri say it anyway. Asshole, Yuuri thought, without any feeling behind it.

“So… I was wondering if… well. If that’s what the staff there called all parents-“ ,the corners of Viktor’s lips quirked at that, so Yuuri stopped himself again.

“I don’t think they do that, Yuuri.”

It took Yuuri half a minute to process that.

“So then… you’re really a lord?”

At this point, Viktor didn’t even try to hide his amusement.

“Yuuri, lord is only how you address some people of certain ranks.”

“What are you, then?”

Viktor stared at him, eyebrows raised.

“I’m sorry, Sir! I mean- ah…”

Viktor’s sigh interrupted him this time.

“I’m a marquess, Yuuri.”

Yuuri had never been interested in nobility, but he thought he’d known at least the names of the ranks. But this one sounded foreign to him.

“Err…”, was therefore all he could say.

It made Viktor make some weird sound, which Yuuri thought must’ve been a suppressed laugh at his expense.

He almost pouted at that.

“Would you like me to enlighten you, Yuuri?”

Yuuri was about to decline, it wasn’t that important to him anyway, and he didn’t like being made fun of, but before he could, he saw a twinkle in Viktor’s eyes that hadn’t been there before. It wasn’t the same one he’d had before his accident, but if being an idiot brought Viktor’s eyes to live again, even if it was just a little bit, then Yuuri would gladly be an idiot for the rest of his life.

“Yes, please.”

At his answer Viktor looked surprised, but not displeased.

“You might want to sit down for this, Yuuri.”

Yuuri agreed in his head, and sat down.

“Come to think of it, it’s only fair if I tell you a bit about me as well, after everything you told me about yourself this morning. Are you familiar with the ranks of English nobility, Yuuri?”

“I- I thought so, but apparently not.”

Viktor huffed, still amused.

“Do you know what a duke is?”

Well, it at least sounded a lot more familiar, Yuuri thought.

“Err… it’s a pretty high rank, isn’t it?”

Yuuri could see how hard Viktor tried not to smile.

“Yes, Yuuri, it’s a pretty high rank. The highest in fact.”


“Have you heard of earls before?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Well, the rank of a marquess is between that of duke and earl. Though it doesn’t surprise me that you’re not as familiar with my rank. There are only 2 left after all. Of course, there are a few others who hold the title right now, but those are the heirs to dukes, so they don’t really count, at least not in my book.”

“Why? I mean, why are there only 2 left?” Yuuri was too intrigued to notice he was being rude again. He’d thought he knew all there was to know about Viktor, and now that he had the opportunity to learn even more, well, he just couldn’t help himself.

“I don’t know. For some reason the title of marquess got left out whenever a new hereditary title was created. I think the last marquess was created in 1936, if memory serves me right. But that bloodline has become extinct in the meantime. Now there’s only me, and the Marquess of Winchester, though I’m the one who also holds the title of Premier Marquess of England. It’s inconsequential all things considered, though I daresay it does make me rather proud”, Viktor said, actually grinning now.

Oh god, Yuuri thought, oh god, don’t do this to me.

This was the first time he’d seen THE Viktor Nikiforov grin in real life, and it was aimed straight at him, and thereby utterly destroying his heart. How could a grin be so perfect?

It was then that what Viktor had talked about actually made its way to Yuuri’s brain.

And it intimidated him in a way he hadn’t been intimidated before.


When Yuuri came back to reality, he saw the twinkle in Viktor’s eyes dimming.

Hell no. Yuuri wasn’t having that.

“Uhm!” Good, Yuuri, very effective, he thought to himself cynically.

“I…. I don’t think I really understand what that means?”

Aaaaand the twinkle was gone. Damn. Yuuri thought it had been there because Viktor liked talking about his status. Apparently, that wasn’t the case, or it would’ve come back now.

“It means my family is the older one. I can trace my family tree all the way back to 1385, when my ancestor was made a marquess. He was actually the first one, too. It’s a rather interesting story. You can read up on it. There’s a book in the library about it.”

Yuuri didn’t actually care about that.

“Why are you biting your lip, Yuuri?”

“I want to ask you something, sir, but I’m afraid it’ll be too… well, too rude.”

“Ask away. I promise there won’t be any consequences.”

“You’re Russian. I know you were born in St. Petersburg and I know you grew up there so how are you connected to British nobility??”

The twinkle was coming back. Huh. Maybe Viktor liked it when Yuuri showed interest in his- no. No Yuuri, don’t even think it, there’s another reason, he chastised himself. Still.

“Oh? You really do know quite a lot about me, don’t you?”

Yuuri blushed.

“My mother was the daughter of the Marquess of Devonshire, she was an omega. Anyway, she met my father during a vacation in Moscow, where my father was originally from. She didn’t speak Russian when they met, and his English had been pretty bad, but somehow they had hit it off anyway. My grandfather allowed them to marry, mostly because my father’s mother was a part of the Golitsyn family. So after they’d been dating for 4 years, with the condition that my father would educate himself more in matters concerning England, and of course the English language. Which he did, because he loved my mother.

“12 years after they got married, and when I was 10 years old, my mother’s older brother, who was supposed to be the successor of my grandfather died in a car crash and so, my grandfather made my father the heir. Because omegas can’t inherit a title. But this way it at least stayed in the family.

“My grandfather died when I was 15, which is when my father became the Marquess of Devonshire, and I inherited the title when I was 28.”

Yuuri just realized what that actually meant. It hadn’t been in the news for some reason, he knew that, because every article he’d read only ever mentioned Viktor taking over the company and how he was changing it and stuff, but Yuuri had always assumed his parents just didn’t want to work anymore or something. He hadn’t realized that Viktor’s parents had died.

Yuuri didn’t know what to say. He could only stare at Viktor with wide eyes.

Viktor stared right back, the twinkle long gone again.

“I- I never realized-“ No that wouldn’t do.

“I’m so sor-“ That wouldn’t do either. What did people say to someone who just told you his parents had died?!

Honestly, he wanted to go over and just hug Viktor, but he couldn’t really bring himself to move, his mind still chewing on all the information Viktor had loaded on him.

“I- you…” He bit his lip, giving up.

“Is this reaction because of my parents?”

“Yes, sir”, Yuuri whispered.

“It’s been years Yuuri, I don’t need your condolences anymore.

“Of course. I’m sorry, sir.” For assuming he had the right to talk about it.

“I- I’ll go back to Yura, I’ve been leaving him with Georgi for way too long already”, Yuuri said.

He stood up and made his way over to the door.


Yuuri stopped.

“Yes, sir?”

“Didn’t you forget something?”

Yuuri looked at Viktor confused. He hadn’t had anything he could just leave lying around.

Viktor sighed.

“Get over here, Yuuri.”

Because Viktor spun his chair, Yuuri went behind the desk.


Yuuri did, now realizing what he had forgotten.

Of course. His collar. He was really out of it after hearing Viktor’s story, Yuuri figured.

Instead of taking his collar off immediately, Yuuri could practically feel Viktor scrutinizing him instead.

“You seem a little out of it, Yuuri. What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong!? You just told me your parents died kind of recently! A lot is wrong with that!”

Viktor narrowed his eyes at him.

“So? It doesn’t concern you.”

Well. Yuuri supposed that was right. But he had cared about Viktor in some weird stalkerish kind of way since his childhood, so Yuuri thought he was allowed to be upset.

“I know it doesn’t, sir, but that doesn’t mean I can’t feel compassion for an owner who has been nicer to me than-“, Yuuri pressed his lips together, realizing he was overstepping his boundaries yet again.

Viktor frowned at him.

Dammit, Yuuri was becoming genuinely upset. But he didn’t dare to say anything else.

“If you really feel compassion, as you put it, why don’t you show it?”

“I- what? I mean- I- I don’t really know how to? O-outside of hugs, I mean!”

Why was Yuuri’s tongue always such a mess at critical times?

“Why don’t you hug me then?”

“I- I’m allowed to?”

“In case it wasn’t clear, Yuuri, I’m trying to get you to have sex with me. Why would you think I’m opposed to a hug?”

Because hugs aren’t a part of the sex deal.

“Because… I- I didn’t expect…” He couldn’t come up with an alternative truth.

So he did the next best thing.

He sat up on his knees and leaned forward, until he could hug Viktor’s middle. Hard. Really hard. So hard that the cheek he was pressing against Viktor’s abs almost hurt.

“Ugh. Jesus, Yuuri. I asked to be hugged, not squeezed to death.”

To show that Yuuri wasn’t sorry, he hugged him just a little bit tighter.

It was just so heartbreaking to Yuuri, knowing that Viktor was alone now. He didn’t have any siblings after all. And in his mind he could only see the picture from a news article of a younger Viktor, freshly out of the hospital, with his parents guiding him, all three of them looking utterly crushed.

Having his parents, who had cared about him so much, and who Viktor had cared about a lot, too, taken away from him, as well as the burden of taking over a big company while grieving, at the age of only 28 was something Yuuri couldn’t even start to comprehend.

Yuuri tried very hard to not cry. Viktor hadn’t deserved any of that.

“Yuuri?”, Viktor asked after a moment or two.

Yuuri still didn’t know what to say though, after all, what could he say to someone who simultaneously had so much and so little.

When he didn’t answer, he felt Viktor’s hand on his head, thinking he’d be pushed away now, but Viktor only stroked through his hair, just a little bit, before he started unfastening the collar.

After he’d put it on the desk, he went back to stroking Yuuri’s hair, sighing.

“Yuuri, I appreciate what you’re trying to do there, but I do need to get back to work, and you really need to go to Yuri”, he said, pushing Yuuri away.

Yuuri let go reluctantly. True, he had wanted to console Viktor, but the reason he didn’t want to let go of him now, had more to do with his smell than anything else, if he was honest.

“I’m sorry, sir.”

Yuuri stood up and walked towards the door, though he hesitated when he was about to open it.


“What is it?”

“Will you come down for lunch?” He knew it wasn’t the best idea he’d ever had to test Viktor’s patience in that moment, but he did it anyway. It wouldn’t do for Viktor to think he’d give up, no matter the circumstances.   

Viktor let out a heavy sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“15 blows, Yuuri. I warned you yesterday.”

“Yes, sir.”

Yuuri left before Viktor could throw him out.



When he walked into the dining room, Georgi sported the face of someone who had been suffering for a very long time, and Yuri looked like an enraged cat.

Yuuri’s eyebrows shot up.

“What’s going on here?”

“Katsudon! Georgi said you’re only here because daddy forces you!”

“What!?” He stared at Georgi, not believing he’d actually say that to a child.

But he only shrugged his shoulders.

“Yuri kept asking why Viktor of all people had the key to your collar and I told him it’s to make sure you don’t run away.”

“Are you serious!?” Yuuri was angry.

He knelt down in front of Yuri, to be able to look him in the eye properly.

“Listen Yura, that’s not the reason, okay?”

“Then what is it?!”

Yuuri had planned to just refute Georgi’s statement and talk his way around giving an actual explanation but that question had made this strategy slightly impossible.

“It’s very complicated to explain”, he tried anyway.

“I don’t care! Explain!” Yuri looked close to tears, looking betrayed. And that was the one thing to make Yuuri give in.

“Okay. But let’s sit down first, okay?”

Yuri flopped down on the floor, right where he was standing.

Yuuri followed his example.

Here goes nothing, Yuuri thought and decided to get in head first.

“Do you know that your dad owns me?”

Yuri looked confused.

“You can’t own people”, he argued decidedly.

“Oh you can. It’s not- I mean. It’s allowed.” Probably not the best idea to tell him it wasn’t a nice thing to do. The last thing Yuuri wanted to do was to make Viktor look bad in front of his child.

“Anyway, your dad bought me last week, because he needed someone to spend time with you. I-“

“So he pays you to be nice to me?”

“No. No, Yuri he doesn’t pay me to be nice to you. He doesn’t pay me at all. It’s more like… he bought me for you, kind of like a present?” He hated objectifying himself like that but if that’s what it took to calm Yuri down, he’d do it without complaining.

“But- but what if you want to be somewhere else?”

“I don’t want to be anywhere else, Yuri, believe me. What Georgi said was stupid. I like playing with you and I like living here. And most important I like you Yuri, I don’t want to go anywhere else.”

“Then why do you need the collar if you don’t want to leave?”

“Because it keeps me safe.”

Yuri looked utterly confused at that.

“Safe from what?”

“Safe from- well… safe from people like your dad.” That didn’t sound so good, Yuuri realized as soon as he said it. “I mean! Hmm… How do I explain that… Your dad belongs to the strong people, yes?” Yuuri didn’t wait for a reply. “So because these people are strong we call them alpha.”

He could see some understanding in Yuri’s eyes.

“I heard that word before! Chris says it often!”

“I’m sure he does”, Yuuri rolled his eyes.

“Anyway, because alphas are strong, they can own other people who are not so strong.”

Yuri nodded, as if that had actually made sense.

“Wait! But you are strong, too?” He couldn’t help himself when he smiled at Yuri sadly.

“I’m not strong, Yura.”

“But you can lift me up!”

“That’s because you’re not very heavy”, Yuuri grinned, tapping Yuri’s nose, and delighting in how disgruntled it made the boy look.

“So you came here because daddy bought you as a present for me, and you’re staying here because you like me?”


“Daddy is weird… We have to tell him that you can’t give people away as presents, even if you’re strong!”

Yuuri was so proud of Yuri, for thinking like that, he almost teared up.

“We can tell him that. But not now. It’s getting late for lunch and I’m starving!”, Yuuri exclaimed theatrically, letting himself fall on his back, putting the back of his hand to his forehead.

“Nooooo, you can’t be that hungry, you ate breakfast!” He didn’t have to look to know that Yuri was climbing all over him, in order to come closer to his face.

“But my stomach is so- ugh!” Now he knew what Viktor must’ve felt like earlier.

Yuri had plopped down on his chest, effectively cutting him off.

They had wrestled a bit after that, deciding that the winner could choose what they’d have for lunch. Though after hearing that Yuri had come up with an utterly ridiculous dish, Yuuri had decided he’d win this round, and had Yuri tickled into submission after only a few minutes.

Which is why they only had Spaghetti Bolognese, and Yuri was sulking. At least until he found out how delicious Yuuri’s lunch choice actually was.

Today Yuri didn’t make a fuss about the homework, which was why Yuuri decided to teach him some Japanese phrases, and simple sentence. Of course he made Yuri write them as well, correcting the mistakes.

After that they played around with the cars again, though Yuuri had to admit he was a bit distracted by his own thoughts. He knew he was going to get spanked tonight and he was terrified already. Which is why he was trying to decide whether it was worth the risk of asking Viktor down for dinner or not.

He didn’t know if Viktor would add more blows to his punishment, or if he would decide on a harsher punishment altogether.

Both of those options didn’t appeal to Yuuri.

Right now, he’d only get 15 blows, less than he’d gotten last time, but he didn’t know how many more there’d be if he were to ask again. And he remembered vividly the last time he got spanked. It had been very effective, too, given that Yuuri hadn’t talked back to Viktor since then.

If he was honest, he was scared that this time Viktor would drive the point home, too, and that he’d stop asking. But he didn’t know what else he could do to make Viktor spend time with Yuri. Talking hadn’t done anything, and Yuuri didn’t really want to find out what happened if he defied Viktor only a day after receiving punishment.

But then again, he knew Viktor knew why Yuuri was doing this, so maybe if Yuuri didn’t give up, even after being punished, it would get his point across.

Yuuri didn’t know, but in the end, he decided to go all out. He just had to remind himself that this was for Yuuri.



“Come in.”

Yuuri stepped into the office.

“Yuuri, don’t. Please. I don’t want to punish you any more than I already have to.”

Yuuri swallowed. But he wouldn’t waver in his conviction.”

“Please come down for dinner, sir.”

Viktor sighed.

“20 extra blows, Yuuri. Why are you doing this to both of us?”

“I already told you, sir.”

“I don’t recall.” Apparently he didn’t know it after all.

Then Yuuri wondered if that was some method to get Yuuri punished even more, before dismissing that thought. He should know by now that Viktor wasn’t that kind of person.

“Because Yuri needs to have you around him.”

“And why do you think you’re qualified to make such an assessment?”

“Because I spend time with him every day, sir, and it is obvious that he is lonely. And because every child needs their parents, especially when only one parent is left. Excuse me for being blunt, sir, but have you ever considered the psychological damage you’re inflicting on Yuri by abandoning him? It’s not his fault that you got drunk that night! I think it’s very unfair of you to make him suffer for your mistakes. He’s just an innocent little boy!”

For the second time that day Yuuri was angry. And he knew that he’d overstepped himself again. But Viktor couldn’t punish him for back talking this time; he’d asked after all.

But he could give him an extra punishment for being disrespectful, Yuuri realized.

“I will be here for my punishment after I brought Yuri to bed”, he said and quickly left the office, before Viktor could find his footing again.

Yuri must’ve sensed that something was off, because dinner was a rather quiet affair. As was getting Yuri ready for bed.

Yuuri felt slightly bad about that, but he couldn’t really help himself. He was scared and he was angry.

“Katsudon?”, Yuri yawned, already lying in bed.


“I don’t want you to leave.”

Oh, Yuri… his heart went out to little boy.

“I promise I will stay here.”

“But I don’t want you to stay if you’re only here because daddy forces you.”

Yuuri felt like crying. Yura was such a good kid.

“If I didn’t want to be here, I would’ve left already. Please don’t worry about this, Yura.”

“You can leave? But Georgi said-“

“I told you, what Georgi said was stupid. So forget that he said anything at all, okay?”

“’kay”, Yuri yawned again.

Yuuri didn’t read anything to him this time, opting to just stroke over his hair until he was asleep.


He stayed in Yuri’s room for longer than necessary, not wanting to get punished yet. But he knew that he couldn’t procrastinate for too long, before Viktor assumed he’d chickened out, and who knew what would happen then.

After a few more minutes he reluctantly made his way back to the office.

Viktor was already sitting on the couch when he entered, looking at him in a way that made Yuuri swallow hard. Somehow he could just tell that this punishment wasn’t going to be easy to take.

“Get over my knee, Yuuri.”

At least this time he knew in which position Viktor wanted him to get. Which is why he didn’t hesitate, when he walked over. He’d come to terms with getting punished, but that didn’t exactly mean he was fine with it, which is why he was shaking anyway.

After Yuuri got into position, Viktor pulled his pants down. He was prepared for that, too, but flinched anyway.

“If you would just mind your own business, this wouldn’t have to happen.”

“I’m aware, sir.”

“I see. Maybe you will be aware of some other things by the time this is over as well. 35 blows. You will count. This isn’t a warning anymore.”

His voice was stern, almost upset, a stark contrast to his hand stroking his ass in an almost tender way.

Yuuri realized after the first blow, that Viktor had been right. This definitely wasn’t a warning anymore. He was hitting with much more force now. The sting of it making his eyes tear up at only the 7th blow.

He messed up the counting at the 24th blow, saying 23 for the second time. Viktor ordered him to try again, but Yuuri couldn’t think straight. He’d gotten hard again, and that just messed with his mind more than anything else, even after the explanation Viktor had given him.

He was thankful though, that Viktor was patient enough to wait with dealing any more blows, until Yuuri had figured out that they were at 24 already. But as soon as he’d said it, the next one followed, making him cry out again, before he could continue counting.

By blow 33 his mind was a mess, as was his face, which was all wet with tears and snot. It was disgusting, but Yuuri was too far gone to care. He didn’t know how he managed to get to 35, but when he did, it was with a gross sob, rocking his whole body.

In this moment he wanted to hate Viktor, he really did, but deep down he knew that he only had himself to blame for this. Viktor had given him more than one warning, but Yuuri had ignored all of them. So Viktor was right, Yuuri hadn’t given him any other option.

That didn’t make it hurt any less.

He had been so busy crying his eyes out, he hadn’t even realized that Viktor had somehow managed to make him kneel on the floor, pants already pulled up again.

He did realize however, how Viktor was going in for a hug.

Yuuri couldn’t deal with that.

He didn’t want Viktor being nice to him after what he’d just done. It messed with his mind.

So he struggled against Viktor’s embrace, scurrying to get away from him and hide. Which he did under the desk. In hindsight that had been a pretty stupid idea.

Yuuri thought the only reason why he’d actually managed to get away from Viktor, was because the alpha hadn’t expected him to run, he hadn’t done it last time, so why would he do it this time, right?

Under the desk he pulled his legs close to his body, hugging them and crying into his knees. His butt was numb, so he couldn’t really feel pain in this position, though it wasn’t quite as comfortable as he’d like it to be. He was still hard, too, and he absolutely detested his body for that. It really was the only thing he could cope even less with then the humiliation the punishment brought with it.

He didn’t really have a grasp on time, but he thought it was way too soon, when the office chair was moved away. He didn’t look up to see it, but he heard it through his sobs.

He pressed himself as far away from Viktor as the desk would allow. Which, sadly, wasn’t very far at all, and Viktor could still easily reach him.

Yuuri flinched when Viktor touched his wrist.


He’d barely heard it, but he noticed the regret in the voice anyway.

It was what made him look up.

Viktor was not just crouching, but sitting with his butt on the floor in front of the desk, one hand stretched out to Yuuri, but not quite touching him anymore.

He looked tormented.

Not nearly as bad as he’d looked like at that press conference, but close enough that Yuuri could see a resemblance. It made him come back to his senses a little bit.

Right. Viktor didn’t like punishing him. He wasn’t the evil guy here. He’d tried to warn Yuuri. But Yuuri had been stubborn. Right.

Before he gave his body a conscious command, he was already crawling over to Viktor. As soon as he had been within his reach, Viktor had hugged him fiercely, and Yuuri freely sobbed into his chest not even a second later.

He didn’t know how long it took him to calm down enough for Viktor to dry his face and blow his nose, but after he was done with all of that, he could smell Viktor’s sunshine again. He leaned against him, welcoming the calming scent. He was exhausted, and having Viktor brush his fingers through his hair almost lulled him to sleep.

“Please don’t make me do this again”, Viktor whispered after some time.

At this point, Yuuri had calmed down enough that he couldn’t promise that. So he only pressed his face a little more against Viktor’s chest.

He hoped that Viktor wouldn’t do it again either, but Yuuri knew he wouldn’t stop until he got Viktor to spend time with Yuri.

The punishment hurt and messed his mind up as hell, but Yuuri realized that he could and would take it over and over again until Viktor either kicked him out, or gave in. 

The punishment hadn’t done anything to make him waver.

Chapter Text

When Yuuri woke up the next morning, he felt a lot better than he expected to. Last night Viktor had stayed with him until he was sure that Yuuri was going to be okay. Which Yuuri hadn’t liked at first, because he hated to be seen as weak, but after his punishment he had already been exposed and he had to admit to himself that he’d needed whatever calming drugs were mixed into Viktor’s scent.

As for the punishment itself, well. He couldn’t really fault Viktor for doing it to him. He had purposely annoyed Viktor, knowing full well what his actions would lead to. Viktor had given him several warnings after all, and Yuuri had chosen to ignore those. Honestly, he would’ve thought it to be very strange if Viktor hadn’t punished him. He was his owner, after all, and with Yuuri defying his authority, he really hadn’t left him with any other option.

However, this wouldn’t stop Yuuri. He was sure of that. He hated being punished, but he would stand his ground anyway. Yuuri probably wouldn’t ever be able to stand up for himself like that, but this wasn’t about Yuuri. This was about a small child, who was being abandoned by his father and Yuuri wouldn’t be able to handle seeing Yuri break because of that.

So maybe it was a tiny little bit about Yuuri as well.

Anyway, he’d set his mind that he would keep asking the question.

During breakfast Yuuri talked to Yuri about some inconsequential things, trying to keep the mood light and the boy from noticing that Yuuri couldn’t sit very well. Which had been successful.

What surprised him though, was when he saw Yuri off in the entrance hall that led to the garage, and Yuri had given his leg a quick but strong hug, before he ran out the door, giving Yuuri no option to react at all.

He was very happy about it though.

Realizing now that he didn’t have anything to do for the rest of the morning, he made himself some tea, and decided to check out the library after he was done drinking it.

When he was standing in the hallway, in front of the door that supposedly led to the library, Yuuri got a bit nervous. Viktor had punished him yesterday, and he had seemed rather annoyed, but he hadn’t said anything about Yuuri not being allowed to check this room out anymore, right?


Yuuri was totally allowed to go in there.

He swallowed and finally pushed the door open.

It was dark.

Yuuri felt around the wall for the switch. It took him a moment to find it, but after he turned the lights on, his jaw fell to the floor.

Viktor hadn’t exaggerated when he called this a library.

There were shelves upon shelved in rows and lining the walls. Sometimes there were pictures instead of books in a shelf, but most of this were, in fact, books. Hundreds of books, if not more than that.

Yuuri walked around the room, just taking in the sheer size of it, instead of looking at the books.

He’d found another door and, not being able to help his curiosity, opened it, only to realize that he was in the gallery above the main entrance hall, to the right side of the stairs.

He closed the door again quickly, after realizing that some maids were shuffling around downstairs.

Yuuri hadn’t interacted with any of them yet, a little too scared of… well, Yuuri didn’t know what exactly about them scared him, so he figured it was his anxiety speaking.

Still, he wasn’t in the mood to tackle that problem at this moment.

So he walked through the library again, this time taking another route along different shelves, until he saw what seemed to be some kind of space at the other side of the library. That space was still dark though, so he couldn’t tell what it was.

He figured there’d be a separate switch to turn on the lights, but after minutes of searching the walls he couldn’t find any. However, his eyes had gotten used to the darkness in the meantime, and he could make out something across from him that seemed to be curtains.

So he walked over, hoping he could open them.

He was successful.

Behind the curtains were floor to ceiling windows, enabling him to look out over the grounds Viktor owned. At first he thought it was weird that there was another set of windows to look through behind that, but he realized he could see the staircase he’d walked up only a few minutes earlier when he looked down. He figured that maybe the curtains were there to cover up the mistake that happened with building it this way or something.

He found that he didn’t mind though. Yuuri could still see the forest and the hills, or mountains, he wasn’t sure which category they fell into, and he noticed that Viktor had his house sitting on a really beautiful piece of land, now that he was looking at it properly.

Forcing himself away from the view, he went back to searching for a light switch but came to the realization that there wasn’t even a lamp at the ceiling.

Instead he noticed that there were several chaise lounges, and each of them had their own small lamp right next to where the head would be if one were to sit down on it. And each of those lamps had their own little switch.


Now that he looked around, he also noticed two minibars as well as a cupboard.

So, this was apparently a reading room.

He found it pretty comfy-looking.

Which is why he decided to go search for a book, lie down on one of the chaise lounges and just read and relax after what felt like ages.

After doing exactly as he’d planned, he opened the book after settling in.

And stared at the first page.


This wasn’t a children’s book.

The print was small.

Too small for him to read without his glasses.

The glasses the facility had robbed him of.

Because omegas didn’t need glasses in order to let themselves get fucked.

Because they didn’t need to see to be able to seduce.

Because they didn’t need to see who they seduced.

Suddenly Yuuri felt sick.

He closed the book and put it on the coffee table, that was conveniently standing beside the chaise lounge.

He didn’t care about the sting in his butt when he sat up and pulled his legs close to his body, sitting in the same position he sat in a few hours ago, under Viktor’s desk.

He couldn’t help himself when frustrated tears started rolling down his face.

He’d gotten so used to seeing things blurred, he’d actually forgotten about his glasses.

Yuuri couldn’t believe himself. He knew his eyesight wasn’t bad enough to be a bother in every-day life, and if the print was big enough, he could read that, too, but reading actual books was impossible. How had he forgotten about that!?

He was pulled out of his self-pity when he heard a knock against the window.

Looking up, he saw Chris standing on the stairs, waving at him.

Yuuri waved back halfheartedly, before resuming his former position.

He didn’t know how much later it was, it only felt like a few minutes to him, but it was probably longer than that, when he heard Chris’ voice from the opening that led to the library.

“Yuuri? Viktor wants to speak with you.”

Yuuri stood up, brushed past Chris and went to the office, rubbing his face in a futile attempt to make himself look like he hadn’t just been crying his eyes out.

He knocked.

“Come in.”

He opened the door hesitantly.

When he stood in front of the desk, he felt very unsure. He didn’t really want to face Viktor, but he also knew that he couldn’t run away.

He didn’t even know why he had to be here.

Hadn’t he been allowed to go into the library after all? Shit.

“Yuuri… are you… okay?”

His eyes snapped up to Viktor.

“Yes, of course, sir.”

Viktor looked unimpressed.

“I got worried when Chris told me you were crying in the library, but I didn’t expect you to look this bad. Is this because of your punishment yesterday?”

The way Viktor looked at him reminded him of how people looked at cornered wild animals they didn’t want to intimidate.

“No! I mean- No, sir.”

“Then why were you crying?”, Viktor asked confused.

Yuuri struggled to find a satisfying answer, but came up emptyhanded.

“I… I just realized something that frustrated me.”

“Enough to make you cry?” Viktor seemed taken aback.

“Yes, sir”, Yuuri answered, now ashamed of his childish behavior. “I’m sorry.”

“What was it that frustrated you so much?”

Yuuri bit his lip. “I just- I was looking forward to reading after such a long time and when I wanted to start the book I realized that I don’t have my glasses anymore and I… I just got frustrated.”

“Why don’t you have your glasses?”

“Because the facility took them.”


“Because omegas don’t need them, apparently.”

Viktor frowned deeply.

“Is there anything else the facility took away from you?”

“My phone and my wallet.”

“Well, I knew about the phones, but I wasn’t aware they took away more than that. Would you like me to try and get these things back for you, Yuuri?”

Yuuri tried very hard to not look hopeful, but judging by the smile Viktor was giving him now, he’d utterly failed at that.

“Yes, please”, Yuuri whispered.

Viktor nodded curtly.

“I will see what I can do then. You can go.”

Chris was gone when Yuuri got back to the reading space, which Yuuri was thankful for.

Since reading was going to be impossible, he put everything back to how it was before he used the room, and decided that he would go explore the basement instead. He had the key to it, so he figured he was allowed to. He was curious about the other rooms down there and he felt he needed to distract his mind from his negative thoughts. He knew himself well enough to know that he wouldn’t be able to pretend that everything was fine in front of Yuri if he didn’t snap himself out of it soon.

He didn’t want to get his hopes up to be reunited with his glasses either, because he knew with how the staff of the facility had treated them, they’d be completely destroyed by now. He couldn’t help but hold on to a tiny shred of hope though, which is why he hadn’t told Viktor about his suspicion.

He sighed. Just why did he have to be an omega? It just wasn’t fair.

Arriving in the basement, he chanced a glance into the laundry room he’d noticed on his first visit down here. It was a lot bigger than he had expected. There were 5 washing machines and 5 dryers, as well as a ton of laundry racks and 3 ironing boards.

Yuuri thought that was quite the overkill for the clothes of one kid. He was sure that Viktor’s suits had to be sent to dry cleaning anyway. He didn’t get it, but he also didn’t really care.

He turned and went to check out the door across the hallway. It had always been closed, so Yuuri was curious to see what was behind it. He almost expected it to be locked, but it opened easily.

It was a music room. There was a drum set, several guitars, electric and acoustic, probably a bass or two mixed in, a keyboard and cases which probably housed violins or something similar. There were also couches and a coffee table.

Yuuri didn’t know what to think of that. Viktor had never said anything about being a music fanatic in his interviews, so he figured this might be things his parents had left behind.

He closed the door and walked around the corner, poking his head into the room that housed a gym.

There were all kinds of things. Most of which were in pairs; like the treadmills, cross trainers, bikes… there were even two punching bags and some other, bigger appliances Yuuri couldn’t quite remember the names for, but he knew it was for training the muscles in your arms. There was a lot more equipment, actually rivaling a real gym, but Yuuri had lost interest after spotting the treadmill.

He really wanted to use it. It wasn’t exactly like going outside for a run, but he figured Viktor was more likely to allow him to use that than letting him run around outside.

This room had done nothing to cure his depressed state, so he left it again quickly, deciding to check out the indoor swimming pool across the hall.

It was pretty big. There were actually 2 pools, he realized. One of them was ideal in size and length for swimming laps, he figured, and the other one looked like it was for playing around, since it had a much rounder form. Yuuri wondered how often those pools were used, and decided he’d take Yuri swimming one of these days. He knew he loved it as a child and thought it could actually be a lot of fun.

He left the indoor swimming pool, feeling a bit better now.

So he went to the last unknown room, curious what was in there.

He opened the door and saw a bar and 2 couches with tables. The room was all dark red and there were curtains in the same color, hiding another part of the room, which Yuuri didn’t hesitate to check out. He found himself standing in between rows of spacious arm chairs, each of them having their own foot rest. In front of him was a big screen.

Oh, he realized, a home cinema.

Well. So much for the TV missing in his room. He wondered if it was possible to play video games here, but dismissed the thought as soon as it came. As if he’d be allowed to own any, even if it was technologically possible.

He left the room, starting to feel depressed again. He knew the storage room wouldn’t be interesting to look at, and he knew the last room of the basement well enough already.

Usually when he felt like this he’d just go outside and run it out of his system, but he didn’t want to go back and annoy Viktor to ask for permission to use the treadmill after he’d left his office only a few minutes ago, but… well.

It wasn’t like Viktor would leave his office. And it was unlikely he’d be found out if he just used it, right? He had been entrusted with the key and the instructions to keep Yuri entertained, but he hadn’t been explicitly told that he wasn’t allowed to make use of whatever was down here.

So he figured that, while he wasn’t necessarily allowed to use it, he also wasn’t not allowed to use it.

Making up his mind, he ran back to his room, thankfully the maids had moved into the westwing now, with only a few of them left behind in the entrance hall, who looked at Yuuri curiously. But he didn’t care.

He ran into his closet, changed into some sports clothing he’d found lying around for whatever reason, and ran back to the gym, grabbing a sports drink out of the pantry on the way.

It took him a moment to figure out how the machine worked, and was almost elated when he finally hopped onto it and just ran.

He wasn’t in the condition he’d like to be in, but he didn’t care. Running had always been an effective way for him to clear his mind – though not quite as effective as figure skating had been - and he knew he could push his body, even when he got exhausted. Even if it hadn’t been for very long, he had been in competitive sports after all.

He kept an eye on the clock though. It wouldn’t do for him to mess up by losing track of time. Not, if he wanted to keep using this treadmill in secret.

When he only had an hour left until he had to leave with Georgi, he switched the treadmill off and went back to his room to take a shower.

Yuuri felt a lot better when he stood in front of Viktor’s office with 15 minutes to spare.

He knocked.

“Come in.”

Viktor looked at him surprised. “Yuuri! You look a lot better than earlier.”

“I uh… I found a way to clear my mind for a while, I guess.”

Viktor raised an eyebrow but didn’t ask any further.

“I contacted the facility.”

Now it was Yuuri’s turn to be surprised. Already!?

“They said they still have your phone and wallet, but apparently they threw away the glasses.”

Yuuri was not surprised to hear that however.

“Your things will probably arrive here tomorrow, or the day after. As for your glasses, I already told Georgi to make a detour on his way back after school. There’s a shop with very good reviews he’ll take you to, so you can get new ones there.”

Was- was Viktor being serious right now?

Yuuri could only stare at him wide-eyed.

“I was hoping it would cheer you up a bit, though I’m not sure you need that anymore, so-“

“I do! I still need a lot of cheering up!”

Yuuri wanted slap himself.

Viktor smirked.


“I- I mean!” Yeah, what did you mean you idiot!?

Viktor honest to god chuckled.

It flustered Yuuri more than he already was.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get your glasses anyway. It’s only right, after all, you need to be able to see properly. Now get over here so I can put the collar on you.”

Yuuri was kneeling beside Viktor’s chair, before Viktor had been even able to tell him to get on his knees.

He just couldn’t wait to pick up Yuri now.

After Viktor put the collar on him, he told Yuuri to stay there.

He grabbed his wallet and shuffled around a bit, before he pressed a card into Yuuri’s hands.

Yuuri stared at it confused. He knew what a credit card looked like, obviously, but he’d never seen a credit card like this. It was black and had a purple spot in the middle that almost seemed to glow. He could tell that Coutts World was written on it, but he couldn’t make out the details behind it. It looked pretty though, he figured.

Now, why was he holding a credit card in the first place?!

He looked up to Viktor for answers.

“It’s to pay for your glasses Yuuri. Pick whichever ones you like, and pay with this. I already called ahead, so you won’t have any problem using it.”

Yuuri wondered how the hell that worked but didn’t question it. People around here probably knew Viktor by voice or something.

“Apart from that Yuuri, I know your thoughts must be occupied by a lot of things, but don’t forget about our deal, yes?”



There had been that.

The comment made Yuuri look at Viktor’s lips.

Yuuri wasn’t scared to kiss Viktor. He was just… very hesitant, he decided. Because even after Viktor had kissed him, it didn’t mean that he suddenly knew how to kiss Viktor in the same way. He had no idea how kissing worked and he didn’t want to make a fool of himself.

But then again, Viktor knew that. He probably didn’t expect Yuuri to be good at it. Which would make sense, since he’d practically offered himself as something like a test object for Yuuri. If Yuuri left out Viktor’s motivation behind it, it did seem stupid to be not scared but hesitant about it. Basically he could try out kissing on Viktor as much as he wanted until he got good at it. It’s why whole deal existed in the first place. He had the permission. Even better, it was more of an order, really. Which meant that, if Yuuri wasn’t scared, which he wasn’t, he didn’t really have any excuse to not kiss Viktor right then and there.

So he lunged forward, pressed his lips against Viktor’s for a second or two and then ran out of the office and straight into the garage, where Georgi was already waiting in a car, so Yuuri ran straight up to it and jumped in, as if a pack of wolves had been chasing him.

He put his head in his hands.

“Oh god. Oh god, oh god.”


“OH GOD. Oh godohgodohgod.”

After a moment more of chanting he felt the car start to move.

Which didn’t stop him from freaking out.

He’d actually done it.

He’d kissed Viktor FUCKING Nikiforov. Oh god.

He felt like he needed a drink. Vodka preferably. Actually, no, something that wasn’t Russian was probably better. Oh god.

He didn’t know if the kiss had been good or not, but his lips had touched Viktor’s lips and he had been the one to do it. And it had at least felt good. Oh god.

He- he needed to breathe. Yeah, breathing was a good start. Yuuri could do breathing.

So he made sure to breathe. Slowly.



“Are you going to meet Yuri inside the school, or will you stay in the car?”

Confused by the question, Yuuri looked around.

Oh. They were already there.

“I’ll go!”

“Are you sure? You seem a bit…-“

“I’m sure!”

So Yuuri jumped out of the car and hurried to Yuri’s classroom. He was relieved to find that there were still a lot of other children.


Almost like the day before, Yuri came running to him, before he’d even spotted him.


Yuuri crouched down and greeted Yuuri with the hug he hadn’t been able to give him in the morning.

On the way to the car Yuuri explained the situation.

“We’ll have to stop by a shop on the way home, okay?”

“Where are we going?”

“I need to get some glasses.”

“Glasses? Why?”

“Because they help me see better.”

“But if you can’t see good, then why don’t you already have them?”

“Because I lost them.”


“Good afternoon. How may I help you?” They were greeted as soon as they stepped into the shop.

“Ah...-“, Yuuri was about to answer, before Georgi took over.

“Lord Nikiforov contacted you earlier about our visit.” Georgi had looked like he wanted to say more, but must’ve deemed it unnecessary. Yuuri could understand why. As soon as Georgi had said Viktor’s name the staff person’s demeanor had changed.

She hadn’t seemed impolite or anything, but she had looked rather bored.

Now she stood at full attention.

“Of course! We have already made preparations for you to get your eyes tested, sir. If you would follow me to the back, Mr. Katsuki.”

Startled, Yuuri took a moment before he followed.

“He will be back in a few minutes”, he heard Georgi say, to Yuri most likely.


Yuuri turned around and waved at the boy, before he turned around the corner and out of sight.

He had looked a bit confused, but he was sure Georgi could clear that up. Hopefully with better results than yesterday, Yuuri thought with a hint of panic.

The test results indicated that he did indeed need glasses.

He had already known that, but he figured Viktor had just wanted to be sure about it or something. Which Yuuri could understand, since it was his money after all.

Yuuri still couldn’t quite get over the fact that Viktor was going to such length to give him glasses. He really hadn’t expected him to replace his old ones.

Looking at the design of some glasses, he found one that was very similar to the ones he used to have and asked if they had that model in blue, which of course they did.

Today seemed to be his lucky day. He didn’t quite know how to deal with that.

This morning he hadn’t expected the day to turn out like this. At all.

He wasn’t complaining though.

He had only waited for a bit when the staff came back, carrying his new glasses. He tried them on and oh. Wow. He only realized now just how bad his eyesight had been the whole time. He suddenly saw a lot more details. Damn.

After confirming that the glasses were perfect, the staff put a case as well as some contacts and everything you needed for those in a bag, succeeding in making Yuuri utterly confused.

Noticing his look, she explained “Lord Nikiforov ordered to add these to whatever else you picked.”

Well. That explained absolutely nothing. Why would Yuuri wea- oh. Maybe those were actually for Viktor himself, he realized.

He payed with the credit card that Viktor had given him. For some reason it made the eyes of the staff almost fall out of her face when she saw it, making Yuuri feel slightly bad for having stuffed it in his back pocket. Maybe it was some premium card or something?

Back in the car Yuri stared at him weirdly.

“What is it, Yura?”

“You look weird.”

“Gee, thanks. You’ll get used to it.”

“What if I don’t want to?”

“I’m not giving you a choice”, Yuuri said, sticking his tongue out at Yuri, who looked at him majorly insulted. At least for a second or two, before he started laughing.

After being silly for a few minutes, Yuuri remembered that he wanted to talk to Yuri about something.

“Say, Yura…”


“Do you know how to swim?”

He paused for a moment before he answered.


That was slightly disappointing, but not really surprising.

“How about I teach you?”

“Why?” Yuri didn’t look too thrilled at the prospect.

Which confused Yuuri. A lot.

“Because it’s fun…”

“Really?” He didn’t seem to buy it.

“Yeah. I used to love it when I was younger. I always played around with my sister in the water and we’d splash each other and stuff. It was tons of fun!”, he’d try to sell it as best as he could anyway.

“I can splash you even if I can’t swim.”

“Oh? But it would make it difficult for you to escape from my revenge.”

Yuri answered after he thought it over for a moment.

“I’ll learn it then. But you have to teach me everything you can do, too!”

“I promise”, Yuuri smiled.

He was really looking forward to the rest of the day now.

Chapter Text

After they passed security, Yuuri finally got to see what the house looked like from the outside. He couldn’t really describe it though. It looked a lot friendlier and brighter than he’d thought. There were lots of hedges, the road leading up to it was pretty wide, and there was some weird… arch thingy. Yuuri didn’t quite get it, but it reminded him a bit of a fairy tale. He decided that he liked it.

After Georgi had parked in the garage, Yuuri went upstairs to have Viktor take his collar off.

“Come in.”

Yuuri went straight behind the desk to kneel before Viktor. He noticed that Viktor was staring at him the whole time, his expression surprised.

After turning towards him, Viktor lifted Yuuri’s chin with his pointer finger. He put pressure on his chin, until Yuuri turned his head, and did the same again after a few moments, in order to get a look at the other side of Yuuri’s face.

Yuuri felt like he was under heavy scrutiny. And it made him nervous that Viktor hadn’t said anything yet.


Viktor still had his head pressed to the left, so Yuuri had to strain his eyeballs to get a look at the man. He really just wanted to know if he had messed up with the glasses he bought.


“Hmm. It’s not what I expected. You chose a rather boyish style, so now you look quite a bit younger. I feel a little weird about that, to be honest. They suit you though, you look cute.”

“I- you’re not that old.”

Viktor huffed.

That’s what you choose to focus on?”

Yuuri blushed. He had never been good at accepting compliments, not that he had much practice.

“Erm.. thanks. I guess. Sir.”

Viktor sighed and moved to get the collar off.

Which made Yuuri smell that stupid sunshine again.


Huh? Yuuri blinked himself back into reality, realizing he had zoned out.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I- I just… zoned out. I think. Are- are you sure you don’t use some weird drugs for cologne or something?”

Viktor raised his eyebrow at him.

“Yes, Yuuri, I’m very sure that there are no drugs on me.”

Yuuri turned another shade of red. He hadn’t meant to say that out loud.

“If there isn’t anything else- and don’t you dare ask me to go down for lunch- you may go.”

While Viktor had talked, Yuuri had already opened his mouth to ask the question.

He snapped it shut. And swallowed.

He stood up and left, hating himself only a few minutes later, when he had lunch with Yuri.

He hadn’t actually thought about what he would do, if Viktor gave him a direct order like that. There was no way he could go against that. But then again, he hadn’t said ever anywhere in that sentence, so he figured he was good to ask again tonight.

He did the homework together with Yuri, as always, but Yuuri could tell that Yuri was about to vibrate out of his seat. For playing it so cool earlier, he was definitely getting hyped for swimming now, Yuuri thought, not quite being able to hide a smile. He wouldn’t make the boy sit through Japanese today, he decided.

When they were done, Yuuri ordered Yuri to go change into his swimming trunks, hoping to god that he’d fine some for himself, too.

He was lucky. Apparently, Viktor had stocked his closet with everything he could ever possibly need. He should let Viktor know how much he appreciated that, he thought. He’d just have to think of how to do it. But this wasn’t the time for that now.

After he changed into his swimming trunks, he threw the bathrobe on, too, remembering that there were still maids in the house and he wasn’t about to run around almost naked in front of them.

Of course, Yuri hadn’t put his own bathrobe on, though in the boy’s case Yuuri was more concerned about him getting cold after they were done with swimming.

“Can you go back and put on a bathrobe, Yura?”

“No! Let’s go already!”

“We’re not going before you put one on.”


“Because I don’t want you to get sick.”

He didn’t actually know if it would be that much of a problem, but better safe than sorry, he figured.

Yuri still looked at him defiantly.

Yuuri raised an eyebrow at him, knowing full well that Yuri wouldn’t bother discussing any more if it made him get to the pool faster.

“Ugh!”, was the only comment Yuuri got, before Yuri went to grab it.

Yuuri felt pretty triumphant at being right.

After he closed the door to the swimming pool behind him, Yuuri realized that Yura had already gotten rid of his bathrobe. He sighed, but couldn’t help smiling.

It had been quite a few years since he smelled a pool. It made him strangely giddy.

“Okay, Yura, let’s start with warming up!”


“Yes, we’ll get in the pool afterwards.”

Yuri pouted.

“It’s important, so you have to do it properly, okay? I can’t let you try to swim if you don’t take this seriously.”

Yuri pouted even more, but nodded obediently.

After warming up, Yuuri crushed down his urges to jump into the water, and used the ladder, noticing that the water temperature was pretty much perfect.

For all his bravado earlier, Yuri did seem a little scared when he was supposed to actually climb down the ladder, which, honestly, relieved Yuuri.

Yuuri was holding onto the ladder though, just in case Yuri slipped or something, so he encouraged him to get one step down. And then another one. Until Yuri had the water up to his chest.

“How about we just float around a bit first?”, Yuuri asked, realizing that the boy would have to get used to being in the water first.

Yuri nodded, and went to hug Yuuri. He could feel himself melt at that.

He hugged him for a moment before letting himself drift away from the ladder. He could tell that it made Yuri nervous, but Yuuri figured that was just part of the deal.

After a while he stood himself up on the floor of the pool, grabbing Yuri under the arms and just walked around backwards for a while, hoping it would make Yuri get used to the sensation of floating around like that on his own, well, mostly.

It didn’t take Yuri long, so he made him grab the edge of the pool to practice kicking, secretly hoping it would tire the boy out, so he wouldn’t have a fuss tonight at bedtime. He cringed as soon as he realized what he was thinking. Yuri was relatively easy to handle, but Yuuri was tired today. He didn’t feel like reading stories or anything really. Still, he immediately felt bad about it right after he thought it.

He was lucky though, because Yuri had powered himself out quite fabulously. In fact, Yuuri was a bit worried, when he stood in front of Viktor’s door, hoping that Yuri wouldn’t fall off his chair while he was gone.

He knocked.


Yuuri was about to open the door when he registered what Viktor had said.

… No?


Well. That- that put a buffer to his plans. He couldn’t exactly scream his question through the door, so uhm… Well. Yuuri didn’t quite know what to do now. Maybe Viktor was just really busy.

So he turned around and walked back to the dining area. Maybe it was a good thing this was over so fast today, Yuuri thought, when he saw Yura slumping on his chair dangerously.

After dinner, Yuuri hurried to get the dishes clean, but when he got back to Yuri, slightly worried, because he hadn’t heard anything from him for a few minutes now, he saw that the boy was already asleep, still sitting on the chair.

Chuckling, Yuuri picked him up and carried him to his bathroom. They had taken a shower after they were done swimming, so not taking a bath today wasn’t a problem. However, Yuri still needed to brush his teeth.

He managed to get him halfway conscious for it, but gave up way sooner than he probably should’ve.

Well. He’d tried. He’d just have to make sure to have Yuri brush his teeth with extra care in the morning. He tucked the boy in after wrestling him into his pajamas. Before today he hadn’t known how difficult it was to get a body into clothing if the body was completely lax. He really didn’t want to have to do that again.

He was in his own bed just a few minutes later, almost as beat as Yuri was, albeit because of different reasons. Today had been emotionally exhausting. He couldn’t even really think straight anymore.

He was asleep before he knew it.

The next day was good.

Yuuri had gone back to the library after Yuri had left, though this time he had been prepared for the quick hug and returned it tenfold. He’d found the book from yesterday again, and this time he could actually read it. Which he did. At least, for a few chapters until he realized he should probably go and kiss Viktor.

So, Yuuri put the book aside, and went to the office. He knocked, before the fear of yet another rejection could set in.

He waited for Viktor’s response with bated breath.

“Come in.”

Yuuri let out a sigh of relief, before he entered the room.

“What is it, Yuuri?”

Yuuri turned bright red at the question.

Viktor looked at him puzzled.

Okay, Yuuri, don’t- don’t panic. This is what Viktor wants, you have all of the excuses.

“I- uh… I just- I came here because I wanted to kiss you?”

He could feel his face burning, but Viktor’s eyes lighted up a bit, so Yuuri figured he’d said something right.

“And? What are you waiting for?” Why did he have to sound so flirty!? It made Yuuri’s head go at least 7 shades darker.

He kicked himself in the ass and went over to kneel beside Viktor.

Viktor looked at him surprised.

So Yuuri gathered all of his courage and kissed him. On the mouth. For probably not even a second. And then pulled away, willing himself to stay put and not run away this time.

He felt… dissatisfied with the kiss though. While he still couldn’t get over the fact that this was THE Viktor Nikiforov, he found that the kiss just didn’t… really feel right?

He frowned.

And tried again.

Yeah, no he did something wrong, definitely.

So he tried again.

And again.

But he couldn’t figure it out.

He went in to try it again, but this time Viktor stopped him.

It made him realize what he’d just done.

Oh god.

Was Viktor mad?

Focusing on the man’s eyes, he realized that no, he wasn’t mad at him. Instead, Viktor looked like he was trying very hard not to laugh.

“Yuuri”, he said after a moment, “what are you trying to do there?”

“I- it just. It doesn’t feel right. I think I’m doing something wrong, and I’m trying to figure out what it is.”

“It didn’t feel like you were doing anything wrong to me though.”

Yuuri bit his lip. Maybe his omega was damaged after all.

“Do you know why it feels wrong?”

Yuuri contemplated this for a moment.

“I think… I think it’s dissatisfying because it’s so short? I don’t know, it’s weird but I feel like I can’t really practice if I-“, Yuuri cut himself off, realizing just what he was babbling about.

“Oh god.”

“Dissatisfying, huh? Yuuri, would you like me to teach you another kiss already?”

“Yes”, he said, before he could even think about it. Which, to be honest, was probably better.

“Okay, then”, Viktor smiled, leaning forward.

Viktor moved his hands to hold Yuuri’s head in them. Which felt a bit… weird. It made him realize that the man’s hands were rather big. Or maybe his head was just smaller than he’d thought. Ugh, not the time Yuuri, pay attention.

When Viktor pressed his lips gently against Yuuri’s he lingered. It felt… strangely intimate, but better than Yuuri felt comfortable admitting. When Viktor moved away again, Yuuri felt like he was being robbed.


“Yuuri?” Viktor sounded a little worried.


Viktor smiled benignly.

“Do you want to try it?”

Yuuri nodded.

Viktor looked at him.

Right. He’d have to move.

Just before he reached Viktor’s lips, he felt a finger on his own, stopping his advances.

He froze. Had he done something wrong already?

“Your hands, Yuuri”, Viktor whispered helpfully.

Right. His hands. Viktor had included those in the deal.

He swallowed, forcing himself to relax enough to let go of Viktor’s chair.

Was it weird that he was a lot more hesitant to touch Viktor with his hands than with his lips?

Taking a deep breath, Yuuri made his thumbs touch Viktor’s cheeks.

Okay, Yuuri, calm down, you’re only touching perfection. No need to be nervous.

When he realized that he wasn’t actually breaking Viktor into a thousand shards, and felt the warmth of his skin instead, it finally made him realize that Viktor was, unbelievably, a human.

He let out a breath.

Right. He was human. He was intimidating as hell but even Viktor probably needed to go to the toilet and stuff. Probably. Funny how he never realized that before.

Yuuri took a moment to actually look at Viktor, now that he had his glasses and could see things. He noticed that his skin was 100% unblemished. It felt smooth, too. He had a bit of a high forehead, his nose was straight and perfect, and his lips were shiny and perfect, too. His eyes were, luckily for him, closed, but his lashes were really pretty, too. All in all, he was just like he remembered him from his posters.

What… what the hell was he thinking. His lashes were pretty!?

Yuuri took another deep breath, refocusing on those lips. Which were waiting to be kissed. Literally.

Yuuri tried to be as relaxed as Viktor looked when he went in for the kiss.

He could tell right away what he was doing wrong this time. Viktor’s kiss had been gentle, yes, but also firm and not leaving a doubt the he had wanted to kiss Yuuri.

Yuuri’s kiss was too hesitant, he realized. He had touched Viktor’s lips, yes, but only just barely. He pressed his lips against Viktor’s a bit harder. Which was not right either, because it was too hard. Realizing how bad he was at kissing, he let go of Viktor quickly.

“It’ll take some practice”, Viktor said, right away.

“Do you want me to show you again?”

Yuuri nodded.

So Viktor kissed him again.

After he’d moved away, Yuuri looked at him, feeling determined.

“Can I try again?”

“You don’t have to ask.”

So Yuuri tried again, and this time, he realized, he was doing a lot better.

“See? Just a matter of practice.”

This time, Yuuri agreed.

He kissed Viktor a few more times, slowly getting the hang of it, before Viktor pulled away completely, to put the collar on him, reminding Yuuri that he had to be somewhere.

The rest of the day went pretty much like the day before, minus the swimming, plus Japanese lessons, plus playing in the playroom, including the “no” Yuuri got, when he wanted to ask Viktor to come down.

When Yuuri lay in bed that night, frustrated tears threatening to spill over. How was he supposed to make Viktor connect with Yuri? He needed to think of something, he needed to- he needed to talk to Viktor.

He hadn’t forgotten what happened last time he tried to talk to Viktor about this, but dammit if he wasn’t stubborn and stupid.

Yuuri stood up, not bothering to dress up properly and walked through the library to Viktor’s office.

He knocked.

There was silence.

For a second Yuuri thought that Viktor had gone to bed already, but he heard a tired sounding “come in” just a moment later.

“Yuuri”, Viktor greeted, as soon as he’d shut the door softly.

“Sir”, Yuuri greeted back, while he went to kneel beside Viktor.

Viktor sighed.

“Why are you here?”

“May I ask you something, sir?”

“I feel like I will regret saying yes”, Viktor replied, but looked at Yuuri almost expectantly.

“Why did you not allow me to enter today and yesterday?” He could guess the answer, but he wanted to hear it from Viktor.

“Because I don’t want to have to punish you and you seem to be incapable of protecting you from yourself.”

Well. Viktor wasn’t exactly wrong about that.

Still, it wasn’t fair.

“Why don’t you just give up? It would make things a lot easier for both of us”, Viktor continued.

Yuuri stared at the floor defiantly, tears coming to his eyes again.

“Because it’s important to me!”, he exploded.

Yuuri probably shouldn’t have shouted it like that.

There was silence for what felt like hours.

“Go to bed, Yuuri.”

Yuuri pressed his lips together, unbearably frustrated. But he knew pushing wouldn’t do anything good now, so he stood up and left without saying another word, tears spilling over.

He hated that he couldn’t do anything. He couldn’t even talk back. And he hated himself so much for it. It was bad enough that Yuuri had to suffer for being an omega, but now little Yuri had to suffer alongside him? It just wasn’t fair, goddammit.

He just wished he could do something about it.

He cried himself to sleep that night.

During the morning, when he was running his frustration off on the treadmill, he came to the conclusion that knocking could be just annoying as asking the question, which is why he decided to not listen to Viktor, and keep trying anyway. He knew it was hopeless though. He’d only do it until he could figure out another strategy.

When he picked up Yuri, the boy was in a very good mood, which was great, but Yuuri had a difficult time to pick up his own mood, which he felt extremely sorry for, especially because Yura seemed to notice it.

He’d just have to try harder.

Back at home, Yuuri almost skipped it, just out of spite, but he knew Viktor would get really mad if he didn’t go to get his collar taken off.

Viktor took it off in silence, not talking to Yuuri at all. At first, Yuuri was a bit thrown off about it, because yesterday the “don’t you dare” had left Viktor’s mouth before Yuuri had been able to close the door.

Quickly realizing that this was his chance, he asked “Will you have lunch with us?”, just as Viktor took the collar away from Yuuri’s neck.

Viktor paused in his movement and sighed heavily.

Yuuri looked at him cautiously, but only saw how he pinched the bridge of his nose, before Viktor turned to look at Yuuri.

Yuuri swallowed but kept looking Viktor in the eye, even though he was really intimidated in this moment. He could almost hear the dreaded words, before Viktor even said them.

“It’s amazing how can look defiant and scared at the same time.”

And then

“I’ll be down in a few minutes.”

Yuuri looked at Viktor, not comprehending what he’d just said. He opened and closed his mouth a few times, feeling like he gave the perfect imitation of a fish.

He- he hadn’t expected that. He didn’t know what to say, but he was certain he’d heard it right.


He wasn’t dreaming, was he?

No, he wasn’t.

Viktor had actually said that.

He could help but beam at Viktor.

“Thank you!”, he screeched, jumping up, hugging Viktor, and running downstairs.

He took a few deep breaths to calm himself down before he walked into the dining area, grabbing a third plate along the way.

“Who’s that for?”, Yuri promptly asked.

“Your father”, Yuuri tried to reply nonchalantly.

He failed spectacularly.

“He doesn’t eat with us”, was the only thing Yuri had to say to that.

“Well, he does today.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“How about we bet on it?”

“Okay, I’ll win!”

Yuuri laughed.

“If you say so. The loser has to tidy up the playroom.”

Yuri scrunched up his face.

“It’s good that you’re the one who loses.”

Now Yuuri just hoped that Viktor would actually come downstairs. What if he’d only said it to get him off his back?

No, Yuuri told himself. Viktor wouldn’t play around like that.

Though after a few minutes, he got a bit nervous, especially when Yuuri started to look more and more triumphant.

He was about to admit defeat dejectedly, when he heard the kitchen door open.

Yuri’s eyes widened, and he turned to stare at Yuuri, mouth wide open in wonder, not unlike Yuuri had stared at Viktor a few minutes ago.

Yuuri grinned back at the boy.

He turned to look at Viktor, only to lose his grin again in an instant.

Viktor had come down, yes, but he was leaning heavily on a cane.

Chapter Text

Yuuri couldn’t help but stare at the cane, even after Viktor had set it aside. It was a beautiful thing, if he was honest, all shiny black with an artfully crafted golden handle. But no matter how much Yuuri tried to concentrate on the aesthetic, he couldn’t have possibly overlooked how Viktor had needed this thing.

It made the cane a lot less beautiful in his mind.

How… how hadn’t he known about that? Was it because of the car accident? But that couldn’t be. He had been walking fine at that press conference. And Yuuri had seen him walk before, and he hadn’t needed it then. Granted, it had only ever been a few steps, but… but maybe he needed if it walked more than just a few steps.

And Yuuri had made him walk down the stairs.

He felt awful.

Lunch started off in the most awkward way possible, with Yuuri being preoccupied thinking about the cane and its implications, and Yuri and Viktor not communicating.

As soon as he realized it, he kicked himself and tried to focus on the current situation.

He was a little too late.

“Why did you have to come down?”, Yuri demanded moodily. Looking at the boy closer, he could tell that there was something akin to desperation in his eyes.

Yuuri felt his heart break.

“It’s my house. I can do whatever I want.”

Really, Viktor?

“But now I have to clean up the playroom!”

Yuuri decided to intervene.

“That is because you bet against me. You could’ve just believed me, you know?”

Yuri pouted when Viktor asked “Bet?”

Yuuri flushed. He probably wasn’t supposed to use gambling like this.

“Yeah. I was sure I’d win, too, because you never eat with us. It’s not fair.”

“C’mon Yura, don’t make your dad responsible for losing. Why don’t you tell him about katsudon instead? I’m thinking of making it tomorrow.”

Yuri gasped. “Really!?”, he shouted.

Yuuri laughed. “Yes, really.”

“What’s Cats-done?” Viktor looked adorably confused when he’d tried to pronounce it.

“It’s Katsu-don”, Yuri explained, “and it’s the bestest food ever! You have to try it tomorrow!”

Yuuri smiled at how Yuri almost vibrated out of his seat in his excitement.

“Oh, uhm… sure.”

It was obvious that Viktor had absolutely no idea how to handle his own child, Yuuri noted sadly. This would really have to change. But making them all play tag or something was obviously out of the question.

Though, looking at how Yura beamed at Viktor’s compliance, he figured the problem was lying less with Yuri, and more with Viktor. Yuri was so painfully obviously hungry for his father’s attention that just looking at his little, hopeful face tore at Yuuri’s heartstrings. He wondered if Viktor noticed it, too.

Anyway, he’d have to figure out just what Viktor’s problem with Yuri was and then just make him act like the father he was towards the boy. He knew Viktor had it in him. He just knew it.

After lunch Viktor went straight back to his office, saying he needed to get back to work.

Yuuri had narrowed his eyes at his retreating back. True, he’d only asked for Viktor to eat with them, but helping to wash the dishes was kind of included in that, wasn’t it?

A second later, Yuuri reminded himself of his place in this household and shook himself out of it.

As soon as the door closed behind Viktor, Yuri started talking again.

“Why did he come down anyway?”

“Because I asked him to.”

“Why?”, the boy asked, incredulous. It looked a bit funny on his young face.

“Because he needs to stop running away.”

“But he can’t even run?”

Yuuri smiled down at Yuri sadly. “It’s a figure of speech. Come on, let’s get to work.”

With a melodramatic sigh, Yuri followed Yuuri into the kitchen.


When they were about to make their way into the basement, after Yuri was done with studying for the day, Chris walked in, and greeted them on his way to the fridge.

If anyone knew anything about the cane, Yuuri realized, Chris would be it. It was just too bad that he didn’t have the time to ask him about it now. He desperately hoped he’d get an opportunity to question the alpha after the weekend.

Yuuri was lucky though, because Chris walked into the playroom only about an hour later.

They sat down next to each other on the floor, after Yuuri had sent Yuri off to the trampoline.

“Viktor told me you actually made him come down to have lunch with you. I’m shocked”, Chris started with a grin.

“Yeah. I was shocked, too, when he had that cane”, Yuuri relied, hoping Chris would tell him something; anything really.

“Yes. He said he hated how you stared at him when you saw it.”

Yuuri blushed. “I- I was just really surprised! He’s just- I mean! He’s Viktor Nikiforov. It… it kind of hurt to see him like that”, Yuuri admitted, biting his lip. “Is it because of that accident?”

Chris sighed. “Yes and no.”


Chris looked at him with a calculating gaze. It made Yuuri feel tiny.

After a moment that had felt like forever, he sighed.

“You seem to actually care, so I’ll tell you. I presume you remember that you signed the Confidentiality Agreement?”

“Yes, of course. I wouldn’t tell anyone, even without it.”

Chris made a satisfied sound.

“Viktor’s legs are fine.”

Yuuri started at Chris as if he’d suddenly spoken in an alien language.

“No way. He was totally leaning on it! He-“

“I know. But it’s not his legs, Yuuri, it’s his head.”

“You’re not making any sense.”

“Well then, let me try again. The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with his legs at all. They took a ton of different scans and examined him hundreds of times, and they never found anything physically wrong with him. That is, apart from his initial injuries. Have you heard of the so-called Pain Disorder, Yuuri?”

Yuuri shook his head, trying to wrap his head around everything.

“In Viktor’s case the doctors assume it’s caused by the trauma he undoubtedly had. They don’t really know how to heal that yet, especially because Viktor refuses to believe that the pain isn’t ‘real’, so he won’t take any medication for his… mental state. I mean, I can understand it, kind of. How can you just hallucinate being in pain all the time? It does sound unbelievable. And Viktor is running a huge company so I get why he doesn’t want to take any chances with medication.”

Yuuri took a moment to let that think in.

“But- but at the press conference! He didn’t have a cane then!”

“Yeah, because the trauma happened after that.”


Chris sighed again. “After the doctors said that the wound was healed, Viktor wanted to prove everyone wrong, you know. It was never publicized, but he went back to training. I was visiting him at that time and went to the rink together with him.

“It wasn’t pretty, Yuuri.”

“What happened?”, Yuuri whispered, not knowing if he really wanted to know, but needing to know at the same time.

“Viktor’s not an idiot. He was careful. And everything went well at first, when he did laps around the rink. When he realized he could do that much without being in pain, he attempted to jump, even though the doctors had told him he wouldn’t be able to. But he was stubborn and thought his body would make it anyway. He only attempted a single flip, and he crashed.
But Viktor is Viktor, so he got up, and tried it again. And again, and again and again. But he crashed every single time. He tried other single jumps, but I’m sure you can imagine the results.

“It was so hard to watch. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was crying back then. His rink mates were, too, you know. It was like… like someone had cut off his wings, figuratively speaking. I remember how all of us just pleaded with him to just stop, but he’s always been so stubborn.

“So he tried again the next day. With the same results. And the day after that. I think it went like that for about 2 weeks… He was covered in bruises by that time. It looked horrible.
I think he was in denial. Whenever I tried to talk to him about it he’d change the subject and pretend that everything was fine, that he just needed more time. Though I think that deep down he knew that he was fighting a battle that couldn’t possibly be won, and he just didn’t know how to accept it.

“The last straw was when he slipped doing laps. He laughed it off the first few time, saying how clumsy he was- can you imagine that?! Viktor Nikiforov being clumsy on the ice!? HA!”

Chris took a moment to calm himself down.

“He kept falling more and more often. I think it was because he was being too impatient, wanting too much too soon, after having had to lie down for so long. I think it was just a way for his body to tell him to slow down, but… there was this particular bad day when he slipped more often than usual and when he slipped again, only a few strides after his last fall, well, he… he didn’t stand up again. And he’s been using a cane since then, saying it doesn’t stop hurting and that he doesn’t trust his legs anymore.

“Usually he’s fine with short distances, but if there are stairs or anything he apparently needs his cane. He leans on it more heavily the day after he’s been to the gym though, so I think that’s what you saw earlier. Personally I think it’s a little weird that he still uses the gym if he’s in pain, but he says he wants to at least keep his muscles. So I’m guessing he does muscle training and stuff, but no cardio. It’d make sense. Anyway, no need to worry.”

Halfway through the story, Yuuri hadn’t been able to keep himself from tearing up. The mental image of a younger Viktor, failing single jumps and slipping on the ice, destroyed him. He couldn’t even begin to imagine how painful it must’ve been for Chris to watch that. Let alone for Viktor. Who somehow had had the strength to keep fighting for weeks, who stood back up time and time again, before he couldn’t anymore. It broke his heart into even more tiny pieces.

“How can you tell me to not worry!?”

Chris looked a bit surprised at the outburst.

“Because what you saw earlier looked worse than it was, most likely.”

“That’s beside the point! He- he-“

“Yuuri, calm down”, Chris spoke gently.

“I know it seems harsh but it’s been almost 10 years. I don’t know why he still thinks he’s in pain, no one does, but it probably won’t change until he takes the medication, which, knowing Viktor, will never happen.”

“But- but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel the pain, does it? And- and what about his- there’s no way he’d get over something like that! You know how much he loved figure skating!”

“Almost as well as you do, it seems. Of course he’s not over it. I imagine that if he was, the pain would be gone, too. But he doesn’t want anything to do with it anymore, and we both know that simply just avoiding it won’t ever do him any good. But of course, he’s too stubborn to listen.”

Yuuri needed time to process all of this.

He couldn’t deal with his emotions right now.

And he couldn’t deal with how nonchalant Chris was being about it.

Thankfully, Yuri was a perfect distraction.

He stood up, and went to play without saying another word to Chris. He’d apologize later, but right now he was too upset.


His hand trembled when he was about to knock at Viktor’s door.

“Come in.”

He hadn’t even knocked yet.


He’d planned to ask Viktor to come down for dinner as well. But when he saw him sitting there, he was ready to burst into tears.

So he did the only sensible thing and went to stand beside Viktor, took his head in his head and tried to kiss Viktor, and himself as well, senseless. Because then he wouldn’t have to think about what Chris had told him.

Viktor let himself be kissed a few times, before he started making protesting sounds.

When Yuuri didn’t stop, he grabbed his shoulders and pushed him away a bit.

“Yuuri, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong.”

“Yes, it is. You’re clearly upset.”

“How would you know?” He really didn’t want to talk about it again so soon.

“Your kisses told me. And you’re tearing up. Did something happen?”

Yuuri couldn’t help but sniff. “No. I mean- yes, but. But.

He didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t even look Viktor in the eye.


Yuuri turned his head away.

There was a pause, before Viktor laughed in a slightly deranged way.

“It’s because of the cane, isn’t it? Because you realized what a cripple your owner is?”


The shout was a lot louder than Yuuri had intended.

“No? You can’t even look at me.”

“No. I… I talked to Chris and he told me… what happened. And it hurts.”

Viktor frowned.

“What hurts?”

Yuuri didn’t answer. He hadn’t meant to say that in the first place.

“So, what? Chris told you the story, and you came up here and wanted to kiss me out of pity? I don’t need that Yuuri. Leave.”

“I didn’t come here because of pity. I’m upset!”, Yuuri shouted.

“You’re out of line.”

Yuuri would have very much liked to smack Viktor in that moment.

He tried to calm himself down. It wouldn’t do to piss off Viktor any further.

“Will you come down for dinner, sir?”


Yuuri felt like bursting into frustrated tears. To think that he thought he’d actually made some progress earlier today.

Viktor sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Let’s just keep it to lunch for now, yes?”, he said in a carefully controlled voice.

Yuuri could smell the anger radiating off of him, though.

“Yes, sir”, Yuuri answered, a little scared, but also relieved that he hadn’t messed up everything after all.



It was 11 pm, and Yuuri was still lying awake in his bed. He had finally managed to calm down. And he’d thought about ways to help Viktor, even if it was against the man’s will. Viktor could be stubborn, yes, but damn it all to hell if Yuuri couldn’t be just as stubborn. Especially when it came to Viktor Nikiforov.

He figured that, first, he’d get Viktor to spend more time with Yuri. That was still the most important thing. He had a plan for tomorrow already. And he would figure something out for Sunday, too. But first he needed Viktor to somehow realize that he needed to spend more time with Yura, and… wait.

Yuuri sat up straight. He had an idea.

He got out of bed and hurried to the office, hoping that Viktor was still there.

“Come in.”

“Sir, I need to talk to you.” He was a bit out of breath, but he hoped Viktor wouldn’t notice.

Viktor sighed.

“And it’s so urgent that it has to be right now?”

Well. “Err…no, sir.”

“Then why did you come running here like a madman?”

Yuuri tried very hard not to think about how Viktor could possibly know that.

“I just… realized something, sir.”

Viktor sighed again.

“Sit down, Yuuri.”

After he sat down, Viktor asked again why he was there.

“I just… I mean… on my first day here you told me, that… well, that you wanted me to get used to… you. And being around you I guess.”

“I did.”

“But sir, the only times I’m ever around you is when you put a collar on me, when I practice kissing, when I annoy you or when you punish me. And all of that only ever takes a few minutes at a time. So I don’t know how to get used to you outside of that. I mean- those- those aren’t really ideal circumstances to ah… to- to become a-a-attracted to you.”

Yuuri had turned bright red during his little speech.

He turned even redder when Viktor did nothing but stare at him for a good 5 minutes.

“You’re right.”


“I will think of something.”

Hell, no.

“Sir, may- may I suggest something?”

“You may.”

Yuuri bit his lip, doubts starting to form in his mind.

He pushed through after a moment anyway.

“Tomorrow afternoon, I- well, Yuri as well, we’ll be using the swimming pool, so I thought, maybe, just maybe! That you’d like to join us as well? That way you wouldn’t… erm… I mean-“

“That way I wouldn’t need the cane, hm?”

Yuuri looked at the floor, ashamed of having been caught. Not that it was surprising; he was a talking mess right now.

“I like that idea.”

Yuuri could only look at him wide-eyed. He hadn’t expected for it to go over so well.

“You look at me as if I’m some kind of demon.”

Yuuri quickly averted his eyes.

“Did I scare you earlier?”

“N-no, sir. You just… startled me.”

“In that case we’re even.”


“I wasn’t prepared for so much despair in your kiss. Your… motivation caught me off guard as well. I’m afraid I might have reacted a little badly. Come over here, Yuuri.”

Yuuri went to kneel down beside Viktor, his mind not able to keep up.

Viktor clasped his hands arounds Yuuri’s head gently.

“I don’t care what you and Chris talk about. But promise, that you won’t mention it in my presence ever again.”

Yuuri swallowed. He probably wouldn’t be able to keep that promise.

“I’ll try.”

The hand’s gripped him just a little harder.


“I’ll try very hard.”

Viktor huffed, almost fondly, if Yuuri didn’t know better.

And then he leaned in and gave Yuuri a single, but painfully sweet kiss.


When Yuuri lay down in his bed this time, he was asleep within minutes.

Chapter Text

Yuuri thought that, all things considered, he was doing pretty well. Sure, he couldn’t really keep his shit together whenever he was faced with Viktor, and he didn’t think that that would change anytime soon, but he thought he was doing rather well with Yura.

He always managed to get up on time, he always somehow managed to get Yura out on time and he hadn’t had to deal with a major temper tantrum yet. And he didn’t have a massive mental breakdown every day.

So, he was doing pretty well.

Which was why he didn’t understand why God was punishing him like this.

It was Saturday.

It was 7 am.

He had no business being awake.

So why was there a little monster trying to wake him up!?

“Katsudooooon! C’mon Katsudon wake uuup! Katsudon!”

Yuuri pulled the blanket over his head.



“Wake up!”

“Go to sleep.”

“It’s morning!!”

“It’s too early!”

“It’s not!”

“Is too!”

Yuuri was aware that he was probably not behaving like a proper adult was supposed to. But Viktor had said that he could sleep in until 9 on weekends, dammit!

“If you don’t get up I’ll- I’ll go and watch TV! By myself!”

“Go ahead.”

He didn’t hear any movement.


Yuuri heaved a long suffering sigh.

“How about a deal?”

“What deal?”

“We can cuddle until my alarm goes off and then we can go and watch TV. But you have to be quiet when we cuddle.”


He lifted the blanket.

The monster got under it and slammed himself against Yuuri’s chest, so Yuuri put the blanket down again, and almost instantly went back to sleep.


He groaned when his alarm went off.

When he realized that Yura was sleeping next to him he was confused for a moment, before he recalled a vague memory of some kind of deal.

Oh yeah.

Look at you, Yuuri thought a little venomously, first you wake me up at an ungodly hour and now you’re even sleeping through my alarm.

Yuuri got himself ready for the day.

When he was done, Yura was still asleep. Which, honestly, was just as well.

Because he’d realized he had forgotten to ask Viktor a question yesterday, one that he should probably know the answer to, if Viktor was going to spend more time with them.

He wrote a quick note of “Katsudon is in daddy’s office”, which he propped up against the alarm clock, and left to go exactly there.


“Come in.”

“Good morning, sir”, Yuuri greeted as he entered.

“Good morning.”

Yuuri could absolutely not read Viktor’s mood in that moment.

“I- I have a question that will probably… well. It’ll probably be a bit uhh intrusive to ask but… but I think I ah.. I kind of need to know because, well-“


Yuuri shut up. God, he hadn’t thought it’d be that difficult to ask this. Viktor had never punished him for asking questions, so he was fairly certain that he wasn’t going to start now.

“Sit down.”

Yuuri sat down.

“Now, calm down and start by asking the actual question and spare me the excuses.”

Well, that made it easy, at least.

“What has Yuri ever done to make you hate him so much?”

“I don’t hate him.”

“You don’t?!”

Viktor looked at him almost insulted.

“No, Yuuri, I do not hate my son. I got annoyed with him over the course of the last few months but that doesn’t mean I hate him.”

“Then- then why don’t you ever spend time with him!?”

Viktor didn’t answer at first. It made Yuuri think he’d gone too far yet again.

Which is why he was a little surprised when Viktor actually did answer, though his voice threw Yuuri off.

It sounded unsure.

“I don’t know how to deal with him”, Viktor sighed tiredly, “I told you he was dumped on me when he was 3, yes? I wasn’t prepared for that, and I’m still trying to come to terms with it now. I just… I’m not good with kids. I mean, I am, but it’s easier when they’re not my own kids, you know?”

Yuuri didn’t know.

Wasn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

“Sir, with all due respect, how do you expect to come to terms with it by not acknowledging that he’s here anymore than you have to?”

Viktor pressed his lips together.

“I am trying to give him space. It’s obvious that he neither wants nor needs a father like me.”

Yuuri felt like he was missing some kind of crucial information, because what he’d just heard didn’t make any sense.

“Why would you think that?”, he asked, utterly confused.

“You saw me yesterday. Kids want to run around, play soccer or whatever. Yuri has too much energy to be happy with a father that can’t even walk properly. He told me as much. So I’m not going to bother him with my presence if I can help it.”

Yuuri looked at Viktor, stunned.

“You can’t possibly believe that.”

“Excuse me?”

“Viktor, he’s a child, for god’s sake! I’m sure he was disappointed, when he saw that you couldn’t play tag with him or whatever and said it because of that, sure, and I’m sure that hurt, but what he ultimately wants is to spend time with you in whatever way possible!!!”

Viktor looked at him wide-eyed. It was then that Yuuri realized he’d addressed him as Viktor, and not as sir.

This… was bad.

“And why do you think would he want that?”

“Because you’re his only close family! I’m sure your intentions were good, but a child needs parents, or, at least one parent. Didn’t you see how he looked at you yesterday?!”

“I was trying not to. He didn’t seem to happy to have me there.”

Yuuri had enough.

“Ugh, I can’t believe this. You only listen to what he says! You need to look at him! What he says barely ever matches what he means! Yesterday he just wanted you to give him at least a little bit of attention! You’ll never hear him say it, but it’s so easy to see it in his eyes! You just need to look at him for a goddammed second!

Viktor stared at his desk for a moment before he looked up at Yuuri.

“You seem to know him quite well already.”

“It’s not hard to! Sir.”

He needed to calm down, fast, or there be a punishment coming faster than-

“Are you quite done yet?”

Well. So much for that.

Yuuri swallowed, but nodded. He didn’t want to dig himself in any deeper and he got what he came here for.

“Then leave.”


He looked at Viktor, stunned for a moment. Was he- was he actually getting out of this so easily? No, he thought, realizing the turmoil that was raging behind Viktor’s eyes. He didn’t smell angry, though. So maybe, Yuuri thought, while making his way out of the office, maybe he’d actually think about what Yuuri had said. At least he hoped so. If he decided to punish him later for his behavior then Yuuri could take it easier, knowing he’d at least achieved something.


He ran into Yuri in the library.

“Oh. I was just going to come and wake you. Good morning, Yura.”

“Mornin’… Why were you in daddy’s office?”

“Because I needed to talk to him. Come on, let’s get down for breakfast.”

Yuri agreed enthusiastically.

After breakfast Yuuri taught Yuri some more Japanese, this time starting with the katakana alphabet, which Yuri had a bit more trouble with than with the hiragana one.

Realizing that the boy grew frustrated with himself after a while, Yuuri decided to cut the lesson short, and try again after lunch.

“How about we go swimming?”




Yuuri was sure that anything that wasn’t Japanese would’ve been welcome at that point, but he was happy about the enthusiasm anyway.

He sent the boy ahead and braced himself to face Viktor again. Which he didn’t want to do so shortly after the disaster that had happened, but if he wanted to go through with his plan, he didn’t have a choice.

“Sir”, Yuuri started, after he’d been allowed to enter, “we’re about to head to the pool now…”

“I’ll join you in a bit.”

That…somehow didn’t sound very promising.

Yuuri sighed and left the office, hurrying to get himself changed into his swimwear.


Yuuri did the same warm-up routine he’d done last time and he was really happy to see that Yuri remembered the exercises pretty well.

When they entered the pool, Viktor was still not there.

Yuuri had given up hope at this point that he’d join them at all. He was probably too engrossed with his work, or worse, pissed at how Yuuri had behaved earlier. He probably didn’t want to see him right now. Damn, he thought, I fucked up.

This time he had Yura doing some kicks first. Because he was already familiar with that, and then he’d teach him the arm movement for breast strokes. Yuuri figured it’d be as good a start as any. He  also decided that he wanted to try and play around about afterwards, preferably in a way that got Yura used to not having his head above water all the time.

For now, Yuuri just stood close to him and observed with the occasional correction; he didn’t want to risk anything. Come to think of it, this wasn’t such a bad way to get legs muscles starting to form. If Yura stil wanted to do ice skating in a few years, he’d need those.

Now that he thought about it, dancing would do a lot to prepare his balance for ice skating as well. And Viktor couldn’t really have a problem with dancing, right? So maybe he could ask Yura if he was interested in that.

When he noticed that Yuri was starting to look a bit tired, he called him to stop.

“You’ve done amazing, Yura! How about we do the arm movements now?”


So Yuuri lifted the boy out of the water to sit next to him and turned to face him.

He demonstrated the movement and asked Yuri to just copy it, which happened with very little difficulty. He was really surprised how easy it was to teach Yuri this, he had expected more of a mess concerning the arm coordination.

But then he berated himself almost immediately. This was Viktor Nikiforov’s kid, there’s no way that would have been a problem. It would be such a waste of talent to not let him skate, he realized. But he also couldn’t try too much too soon with Viktor, he knew that.

For now he should be happy that he’d have lunch with them. And then he’d take baby steps to make the man loosen up.


“Can you stand on one leg, Yura?”, Yuuri asked, when it looked like he had gotten the hang of the arm movement.

“Of course I can!”, Yuri said indignant. “Look!”

Well, that sure looked like it, Yuuri smiled.

“Great! Then… can you also do this?”, Yuuri asked, doing the leg motion for the breast strokes.

Yuri had a little more trouble with that, mostly because of balance issues, but he did really well. Yuuri was proud of him.

He was about to ask Yuri to do both things simultaneously, when he heard that the door opened.

He turned around to see Viktor walking in, still with a cane, but this time he wasn’t leaning on it as heavily as he did before.

He was so happy that he actually came downstairs, he almost felt like crying.

That was before he realized that Viktor was wearing a bathrobe, and most likely, only swimming trunks underneath that.

On second thought, he hadn’t thought this idea through very much.

He was not prepared to have Viktor almost naked in his vicinity.

Oh god.

I’m an idiot.

 “D- daddy?”

“Do you mind if I join you?”

Yuri took half a step in Viktor’s direction, eyes lighting up like a Christmas tree, before he stopped himself, turned his head towards the pool and muttered an “do what you want”.

It broke Yuuri’s heart. He turned to Viktor to translate what Yuri had actually meant, but it turned out that he didn’t need to.

Viktor was already looking at the boy, his own eyes wide in surprise.

Did he- did he actually listen to what Yuuri had said earlier?!

It… it certainly looked like it.

Yuuri felt like he needed to sit down.

Instead of sitting down though, he just kept staring at Viktor, who was in the process of taking his robe off.

Oh god.

He needed to look away.

He really did.

He should probably look away right now.

As in, this insta- too late.

Yuuri swallowed.

Viktor definitely didn’t slack off with his muscle training.

He was ripped and- and maybe a tiny little bit buffer than he was when he did ice skating, which, duh, but Yuuri could still see the muscles he undeniably got from skating. Those legs looked really, really- stop. Yuuri, what the hell are you thinking.

He raised his eyes in order to look at Viktor’s face, but they got stuck on his chest instead.

Why did his mouth suddenly feel so dry? And why was Viktor so perfect?

Why was life so unfair?

Viktor was doing nothing but sit behind a desk all day every day, and apparently working out- how many times a week? Anyway, Yuuri was running around and playing with Yuri and keeping up with a kid was exhausting, so why was Viktor so much more in competition shape than Yuuri was!?

It just wasn’t fair! Maybe Yuuri should start lifting, too. But then he’d probably look weird if he got too muscly. Omegas weren’t exactly made to build muscle like that. So maybe that’s why Viktor had it so much easier, Yuuri realized with a not insignificant amount of jealousy.

But those abs! And pecks! Yuuri wanted to- wanted to- he didn’t really know what he wanted but he had the weird desire to go over there and lick him.

Oh god, what the hell was he thinking!? He berated himself, face bursting into what felt like flames.

When he forced himself, successfully this time, to look Viktor in the face, he noticed that the man was staring at him with a smirk on his face.

How long… Yuuri didn’t want to know.

He swallowed.

“Like what you see?”, Viktor asked in that infuriating flirty way.

Yuuri opened his mouth to deny it, but his voice betrayed him, and the only thing that came out was a high-pitched “hiiii~”.

It was humiliating, but it made Viktor’s face turn a little bit softer.


Yura looked at him slightly weirded out.

Which was probably the reason why he found his voice again.

“Ah, it’s nothing, I just had something stuck in my throat. Now. Let’s do the arm and leg movements together, okay?”

Viktor watched them for a bit. He even nodded approvingly, before he sat himself down on the edge of the pool, legs dangling in the water.

The sitting-down-motion made Yuuri stare at Viktor’s ass.

In his defense, Viktor’s ass was legendary in the skating community and getting such a close look at it was a privilege a lot of people would pay money for.

He wasn’t prepared when Viktor turned around to catch his eye, a sly look in his own.

That bastard had done it on purpose!

Yuuri wanted to die.

“You’re doing it wrong, Katsudon!”

“Sorry, sorry, I got distracted.”

He realized that it was a stupid thing to say when he heard Viktor huff in amusement.

Well, Yuuri was certainly going to get his revenge for that.

“Now, how about we have your daddy show us what it’s supposed to look like in the water, and then you can try it to?”

“Yes!!!”, came Yuri’s eager reply, at the same moment Viktor yelped out a “what!?”

Yuuri grinned at him evilly.

But it seemed like Viktor didn’t actually mind, because he just raised an eyebrow in amusement, before he slid into the water.

Yuuri had almost hoped that Viktor couldn’t swim, but of course he could. He showed Yuri a perfect breast stroke, pretty much in slow motion, which had Yuri clapping, and Yuuri gaping, because he could see the muscles move, goddammit.

“Now you try it, Yura.”

Yuri went to the ladder, which Viktor was right next to in an instant.

When Yuuri noticed it, he had a sudden flash of genius.

He started to slowly back away while talking.

“Actually, Yura.”

“Hm?”, the boy asked, already halfway in the water.

“I forgot something in my room. How about you let daddy help you and you can show me what you did when I get back?”


“Wha- Wait, Yuuri-!” Viktor sounded a bit panicked, but Yuuri was already out the door, before Viktor could give him some kind of order.

He was so pleased with himself, he only realized he forgot to take his bathrobe with him when he was already in the pantry. He wasn’t worried about anyone seeing him like this though, it was Saturday after all, and no one was working here. But it was chilly!

He didn’t really know what to do with himself now, and he didn’t want to drip through the whole house. So he sat down at the top of the stairs, waiting.

Even after quite a while Yura had not come running up the stairs, and neither had Viktor, which Yuuri figured was a good sign.

He waited a few more moments before he started to head back.

Yuuri poked his head around the corner in order to get a better understanding of what he was about to walk into.

However, he hadn’t expected his heart to melt.

Viktor was standing in the pool, one hand under Yuri’s belly for support while the boy did his best to imitate the strokes Yuuri had taught him. He couldn’t hear what Viktor was saying, but he saw that he was saying something and that was as better progress than Yuuri had thought possible.

And Yura looked utterly delighted.

Yuuri walked a few steps back and grabbed his hand to his chest, trying to calm down. This scene had almost sent him into cardiac arrest.

It was just too good to be true.

Maybe he had been hallucinating?

He chanced another glance through the glass door, and nope.

Still the same scene he was seeing.

It was then that Viktor caught him, and a second later Yura was looking at him, too.

So he walked back in.

“Did you find it?”, Yura asked.

“Find what?”

“The thing you forgot!”

“Oh! Ah.. no, you see when I arrived at the room I forgot what I forgot.”

That was probably the worst excuse in the history of excuses.

“Oh my, Yuuri, you’re even more forgetful than I am. Maybe we should send you to the doctor”, Viktor added with a knowing smirk.

It made Yuuri blush. He was totally being caught in his bullshit. But Viktor didn’t seem to be angry, so he hoped he was going to get out of this without a punishment.

“Katsudon, look what I can do!”

Yura had clung to Viktor’s shoulder during their little conversation, and Viktor had supported him accordingly. It made Yuuri think that he wasn’t going to survive this day. There was too much unexpected sweetness going on.

“I’m looking!”

“Good! Daddy?”

Viktor helped him to get into a proper swimming position again, before Yuri started showing off what he’d been training the last few minutes.

“Wow! This looks fantastic, Yura!”

Yuri grinned up at him, visibly happy and proud of himself.

“Why don’t you come in as well?”, Viktor asked.

“Yeah!”, Yuri agreed immediately.

Not having a choice, Yuuri jumped in, effectively splashing Yura as well as Viktor. Both of them looked at him in an eerily similar disgruntled way afterwards.

“Ah… sorry?”

“Are we going to accept his apology, Yuri?”

“Pfff no way!”, Yura yelled and splashed at Yuuri with his tiny hand, which didn’t really have much of an effect.

Yuri frowned.

Viktor whispered something in Yuri’s ear.

They splashed him together.

And then it was war.

Yuuri didn’t really stand a chance against the two of them, but he tried to take advantage of Viktor only being able to use one arm, since he still had to hold Yura up, but sadly the boy got the hang of splashing around rather quickly, so that it made up for Viktor’s handicap.

This really wasn’t fair, Yuuri decided, after getting another noseful of water.

“I surrender!”

He even held his hands up for good measure.

Viktor and Yuri looked very self-satisfied.  

Yuuri sighed, but before he could bury himself in self-pity, Yura started talking again.

“Can I try to swim again?”

“Aren’t you tired?”, Yuuri asked.


Yuuri didn’t quite believe that. They had been down here for hours at this point and he could literally see that Yuri was exhausted.

“Okay, how about you try to swim over here, and when you arrive, we go an take a break on the lounger for a bit?”

“Do we have to?”

“Yes. It’s not good to overexert yourself.”

Yuri scrunched his face up.

“Overerex- what?”

“Uh…” Right. Yuri was only 5. What was an easier wor-

“What Yuuri wants to say is that it’s important to take breaks.”

Yeah, that. Thanks, Viktor.

Yuri pouted but agreed, which Yuuri took as prove that he was, in fact, exhausted.


“You can do it by yourself.”

Yuri actually looked slightly scared at that. Which Yuuri could understand, but they weren’t standing far apart, and it was important for Yuri to get over the fear of being in the water without support if he ever wanted to swim by himself.

“I’ll be right behind you, all the way”, Viktor continued.



Yuri took a deep breath and looked over at Yuuri.

Yuuri smiled at him and opened his arms, hoping that the promise of a hug when he arrived would motivate Yuri a bit more.

Viktor kept his promise, and followed Yuri closely. He had to push the boy’s legs closer to the surface at one point, but other than that Yuri had done exceptionally well.

As soon as he was within his reach, he grabbed at Yuuri’s arms and Yuuri pulled him closer towards himself, giving him a big hug and praising the living daylights out of him.

But when he saw Viktor standing awkwardly next to him he pushed Yuri a bit away from him, thinking of what he could say to the man.

It wasn’t really necessary.

As soon as Yuuri let go of the hug, Yura had thrown his arm into Viktor’s direction, screaming “I DID IT!!! DADDY, I DID IT!!!!”

So Viktor took Yuri out of Yuuri’s hands, and gave him a hug as well. It seemed rather unpracticed, but Yuri didn’t seem to care about that, and Yuuri was just happy to have this kind of breakthrough after such a short time. He hadn’t expected that. At all.

As promised, Yuuri had bundled Yuri up in a towel or two afterwards and sat him down on one of the loungers that were standing around. Viktor had stayed in the water, probably to come to terms with everything he’d just experienced.

Yuuri couldn’t really blame him for that.

What he hadn’t expected though, was for Yura to fall asleep as soon as he leaned back on the lounger.


Now what?

He wasn’t mentally prepared to be practically alone with Viktor in a situation like this.

“Join me, Yuuri.” Yuuri almost jumped out of his skin when Viktor’s voice was a lot closer than he’d expected. He looked over and saw him hanging off the edge of the pool, closest to where the loungers were.

“Uh… sure.”

This time he was careful to not splash Viktor.

“I don’t know what to do with you, Yuuri.”

Yuuri swallowed. That didn’t sound very positive. Had he read the whole situation wrong?

“First you come into my office, only to scream some sense into me and then you magically make my son hang off of me.”

“I… ah… sorry? Sir?”

Viktor shook his head.

“No need. I admit I was shocked about your audacity, but no one has screamed at me like that since… well, since Yakov stopped coaching me. I think I needed that. Thank you, Yuuri.”

Yuuri did absolutely not know how to deal with this.

The last thing he’d expected when he’d stormed out of Viktor’s office was to be thanked.

 “Does- does that mean I’m not going to be punished?”

Viktor didn’t dignify that with an answer, and only rolled his eyes instead.

“You will be if I don’t hear a ‘you’re welcome’ within the next ten seconds.”

Yuuri could only stare at Viktor for a moment.

“You’re welcome!”, he rushed out, realizing he was probably over the time limit already.

Viktor just huffed out a little laugh.

God, Viktor was so pretty when he huffed out a laugh.

He shook that thought off just in time to see Viktor starting to smirk again.

“Yuu~ri, you really do like what you’re seeing~”

Yuuri was not prepared for that kind of voice.

“I! I uh- I…. I have eyes!”

Well, that came out wrong.

“I mean! I can see- I- just ah… I mean you- you’re… damn”, he whimpered, face burning.

Damn indeed. He was digging himself deeper and deeper and his brain didn’t cooperate at all.

He thought he’d done it now, when he saw Viktor shaking.

He was surprised though, when Viktor broke out laughing after a moment.

Viktor had a beautiful laugh.

At that moment he didn’t even care that Viktor was laughing at him. He really, really needed to make him laugh more often, he decided then and there.

“Oh god, Yuuri-!”, Viktor started when he calmed down, “I haven’t laughed like that in years!”

That was actually pretty sad, Yuuri had the presence of mind to think.

“Well, Yuuri, if I’m so ‘damn’, as you put it, then why don’t you come over here and kiss me?”

Yuuri hadn’t actually meant it like that. But kissing Viktor sounded like a very good idea. He kept forgetting that he was actually supposed to get used to getting physically closer to him.

Which was both, a curse and a blessing, Yuuri realized.

He swam closer to Viktor, which- awkward much? He blushed even more when he came face to chest with him. Literally.

He was a bit to slow to put a stop to his motions, too, so he crashed against him head first.

Could this get any worse?

It took a moment for both of them to find their footing again.

“I didn’t realize you had a thing for pecks, Yuuri.”

“Me neither.”

Oh god.

“I mean, I don’t! I think?”

At this point he was ready to burst into tears.

Viktor must’ve realized that he wouldn’t be able to take much more teasing as well, because his face suddenly turned a lot gentler.

Yuuri didn’t dare to feel relieved just yet.

“Does seeing me like this fluster you that much?”, Viktor asked seriously.

“I- uh.. I guess….?”


Because you’re Viktor Nikiforov. Because you’ve been hanging on my wall for over a decade. Because I never thought I’d ever see you again, much less in real life. Because I still can’t get over the fact that I can actually touch you, instead of paper. Because you’re actually real.


“I’m not used to being around ah… almost naked alphas.”

Which was bullshit. He’d grown up in an onsen.

That didn’t mean he was comfortable with it, though.

“We’ll need to change that”, Viktor murmured.

Yuuri supposed that was right, if he ever wanted to have sex with the man.

Oh god.

No, Yuuri, don’t even think about that right now. What’s wrong with you today!?!?

Viktor grabbed his arm and pulled Yuuri closer towards himself, until Yuuri’s front touched Viktor’s. Since Yuuri did in fact have his belly fat sticking out a little bit, nothing that was lower than the waist touched. But Yuuri was preoccupied with having Viktor’s lips pressed against his to care about that anyway.

It was a very nice kiss.

Which is why he tried kissing back.

He hadn’t actually done that before, but he wanted to show Viktor that he was trying.

He felt Viktor’s hands in his hair a moment later, and made a conscious effort to put his own hands on Viktor as well, knowing that’s what the man wanted.

He put them on his shoulders. Though for some reason moving his arms while kissing was rather difficult.

“Relax, Yuuri”, Viktor whispered in-between kisses.

Yuuri tried to. He tried to just… feel. Feel the gentle pressure of Viktor’s lips, his hands stroking through his hair, his nose bumping against his own once in a while, his muscly hard, naked chest pressing against his own-

He panicked.


“I’m sorry! C-can we do this later?! When we’re dressed!?”

Viktor looked at him confused, before realization settled in a second later.

“Too much?”

Yuuri nodded.

“Of course, we can.”

“Thank you”, Yuuri whispered, frustrated with himself.

Viktor opened his mouth to say something else, when they heard Yuri yawn.

They took a moment to just look at each other before both of them got out of the pool.

Chapter Text

They had gone upstairs as soon as Yuri was fully awake. And since the boy was complaining about being hungry, Yuuri had forced Yura as well as Viktor to help him cook. Not that he needed the help, but he wasn’t ready to let Viktor go back to the office just yet, for Yuri’s sake.

Yuri seemed thrilled about it, too, when Viktor took his tiny hands in his own to guide him through cutting the meat into stripes. Viktor hadn’t even needed much prodding from Yuuri, which Yuuri was insanely happy about. He hadn’t thought it would be this easy to make the two of them connect. Though, in the back of his mind he feared that a repeat of today probably wouldn’t happen in a while.

After all, it was easy to get caught up in the moment when everything went well, but to keep it up and to form an actual relationship, all of them would have to work hard. And after that even harder to maintain it. Until it became natural. Which, Yuuri figured, would take years.

He was up for the task though. That is, if he could stay here. He needed to work on himself for that as well, he realized with a sigh.

Lunch went well, too. A lot better than the day before. At one point, Viktor had asked Yuri why he kept calling Yuuri katsudon. His face had looked rather funny after Yuri was done explaining. Yuuri had to try really hard to not laugh at him.

After lunch Yuuri was starting to grasp at straws to keep Viktor with them. He wanted to show Viktor that he didn’t need his legs in order to entertain Yuri though, so he proposed to play board games. Yuri was all for it and, after his initial surprise, Viktor agreed to play with them.

They decided on monopoly.

Yura and Yuuri had teamed up to play against Viktor.

And lost pathetically fast.

In hindsight it had probably been a bad idea to try and play a game like that against the boss of a multimillion-or-so company.

Yuuri couldn’t bring himself to be salty about losing as soon as he realized that, but Yura looked rather put out.

“Katsudon, you suck.”

“Wait, how is this my fault?”

They bickered playfully for a while, with Viktor laughing at the both of them, extremely satisfied with his victory.

Even though he’d lost, his insides felt very warm in that moment.

At least until Viktor grabbed his cane.

“I’ll be going back to my office then.”

“Why?”, Yuri asked, slightly panicky.

“Because I have an appointment in 30 minutes and I still need to prepare for it. Yuuri. I know your stubbornness rivals mine, but please don’t ask me to have dinner with you, today. It’s an important meeting with important associates and it will be quite lengthy. I can’t have you barging in during that.”

“Yes, sir.”

Yuuri was disappointed.

But he really shouldn’t have expected anything else. Just because Viktor realized that he couldn’t neglect Yuri didn’t mean he wasn’t suddenly busy anymore. And if he was honest, he hadn’t expected Viktor to stick around for this long anyway.

Baby steps, he reminded himself

Yuri only talked gain after Viktor was out of sight.

“Do you think he’ll come to say good night?”

“I- I think it depends on how long his meeting is…” Yuuri said, almost bursting into tears. He couldn’t bear to get Yuri’s hopes up for nothing though, which is why he decided to be honest.


“I’m sure he’ll spend more time with us tomorrow.”


Yuuri had been right about that. Viktor did indeed come down for lunch without a fuss the next day, and he even stayed to play several rounds of UNO together with them.

He went back to his office rather late in the afternoon, though not before telling Yuuri to see him after bringing Yuri to bed.

They spent the rest of the day as usual. Making a little progress with the katakana alphabet, spending time in the playroom and watching TV for a little bit after dinner.

It was during his bath time when Yura decided to ask the difficult questions.

“Why does daddy come to play with us?”

“Maybe he wants to spend time with you…”

“It’s scary.”

That threw Yuuri off.

“Why is it scary?”, he asked carefully, while rinsing Yuri’s hair.

“Because he’s always angry at me.”

Yuuri vividly remembered what happened when he met Yura for the first time.


“But he wasn’t angry the last two days”, Yuuri reminded him gently.

“That’s ‘cause I was trying reeeaaaal hard to be good. He’d be angry if I would say something wrong.”

“Oh Yura…” Yuuri really felt for the little boy.

“I don’t think he would be angry at you just for saying something wrong.”

Yuri chewed on his lip.

“But he got really angry last time…”

“What did you say to him last time?” Yuuri was trying very hard to sound gentle, not scared.

“You will be angry, too if I tell you.”

Now he really was scared. It sounded as if Yuri was aware that whatever he’d said had been out of line.

“I won’t be angry. Promise.”

There was a pause before Yura apparently decided to trust him.

“I said that he can’t be my daddy because daddies are supposed to be cool and strong and that he sucks because he can’t even walk without help.”

Yuuri made the very conscious attempt to suppress his gasp.

“But I promise I didn’t mean it! I just wanted him to become strong, too, so he could carry me! Because all the other daddies carry my friends, too! But he got really angry and didn’t want to see me anymore”, Yuri wailed.

“Oh… Yura…”

That was probably the same incident Viktor had talked about.

He heaved the boy out of the tub and wrapped him up in a towel before he hugged him, trying to think of something to say, while Yura cried against his shoulder.

“You shouldn’t have said that…”

“I know”, Yuri sniffed.

“And do you know why?”

Yura looked at him confused. “Because it made him angry.”

“Well, yes. But do you know why it made him angry?”

The boy paused. “Because I said he sucks?”

“No- I mean yes, that, too. Bu you see, Yura, what you said hurt your daddy very much.” Yuuri wanted to say more, but he didn’t know if he was allowed to. Though, looking at Yura’s heartbroken face, he decided to hell with it, he’d deal with the punishment.

“Your daddy had an accident that made him like this, did you know that?”

Yura shook his head, wide-eyed.

“Before the accident he was very, very strong and super cool! And now he’s very sad that he can’t do the things anymore that used to be easy for him. I’m sure he really wants to carry you, too. And that’s why it probably hurt him a lot when you told him that.

“Oh…”, Yura said quietly, staring at the floor. It looked like new tears were about to flow over.

“Do you think he’ll stop being angry at me if I tell him I’m sorry?”

“I don’t think he’s still angry at you, Yura. But I’m sure he would be happy about an apology anyway.”

Yura nodded, determined.

Yuuri couldn’t help but smile at him. It took guts to apologize.

In fact, he was so proud of little Yura, that he couldn’t help but press kiss to his forehead softly, before he helped the boy to dry himself off.

He only realized what he’d done a few moments later, but Yura didn’t look put out by the gesture so Yuuri figured it had been fine.


He was a bit nervous when he stood in front of Viktor’s door.

He didn’t know why Viktor had summoned him here. He didn’t think he had done anything wrong the last two days, well, apart from the yelling at his owner thing, but Viktor had thanked him for that, so it wouldn’t make any sense for him to punish him now, right?

He knocked.

“Come in.”

“Sir, you wanted to see me…?”

“Yes, for two reasons. Sit down.”

Yuuri obeyed.

“First of all, I forgot about it yesterday with everything that happened, but this finally arrived”, Viktor said, holding up a small package.

Yuuri looked at it confused.

“It’s from the facility”, Viktor added helpfully, “Of course it was supposed to arrive here days ago but apparently the staff are either slackers or very disorganized for it to have taken so long. Go ahead, open it.”

Yuuri took it from Viktor’s outstretched hand, and ripped it open rather impatiently. He desperately wanted his phone back, but he also couldn’t quite believe that it had been this easy.

When he looked inside the package, he found that there was indeed his phone, as well as his wallet in there. He immediately tried to switch it on, but he only got the empty battery symbol. When he checked the package again, he realized that there was no charger.

He felt like crying.

“What is it? Is something missing?”

“The battery is dead and they didn’t send my charger…”

“Oh. Well, you can use mine for now and buy a new own tomorrow”, Viktor offered, pointing at some round, flat thingy that was sitting on the desk.

It took Yuuri a moment to realize that it was a wireless charger. Right. Those were a thing now.

“Erm… thank you for the offer, sir, but my phone is too old for that…”

“In that case I’m afraid you will have to wait until tomorrow.”

Yuuri nodded absentmindedly and went to check his wallet, almost expecting it to be cleaned out.

He was pleasantly surprised, though, when he saw that all of his point cards and even his money – !!!!! – was still in there. Sure, it wasn’t a large sum, but he actually wouldn’t have to rely on Viktor to get a new charger!


Was he… was he allowed to have his own money? He vaguely remembered a lesson from the facility, that taught him that, since he was basically nothing more than any other object people owned, he wasn’t supposed to own anything himself. Sure, he had clothes to wear, but those belonged to Viktor, and his phone, well that officially belonged to Viktor too now, even if he let Yuuri use it.

So did that mean he was supposed to give Viktor his money as well? It made sense. Though, Yuuri figured the man wouldn’t have any use for a point card from his favorite ice cream shop.

Biting his lip, he took the bills out and reluctantly held them up for Viktor to take them.

Viktor looked at him bewildered, and didn’t make a move towards the money.


“I- uhh I’m not supposed to have my own money, right?”

Viktor frowned, thinking.

“I guess that’s true. But I don’t have any need for it. Keep it.”

Was that even legal?

Yuuri figured that, since Viktor had told him to keep it, it was like Viktor had given it to him in the first place.

All this technicality bullshit was so stupid.

“Thank you, sir.” He put it back in his wallet.

They sat a moment in awkward silence before Viktor cleared his throat.

“Right. The other reason why I wanted you to come here was because of your reaction in the pool yesterday.”

Yuuri didn’t need to ask for clarification. He knew exactly that Viktor was talking about his little moment of panic he had when they were kissing.

“I’m sorry about that, sir. I-“

“There’s no need to apologize. I’ve been thinking of… several things in order to make you more comfortable with situations like that. However, before I tell you any more than that I need to know something, Yuuri.”

“What is it?”

“Are you up for a challenge?”

That question confused Yuuri. Though he had an inkling that whatever it was that Viktor was about to say, it would be something similar to their kissing deal.

He swallowed, trying to mentally prepare himself for whatever Viktor had in mind.

However, he was always up for a challenge.

“Yes, sir.”

Viktor stood up and took his cane.

“Come with me.”

Befuddled, Yuuri stood up, waiting for Viktor to lead the way.

He led them to the curtain further down the hallway.

Yuuri had figured that behind the curtain were Viktor’s own private quarters. He hadn’t thought he’d ever be allowed to go in there, but now that he apparently was, he felt… queasy. He couldn’t really tell why though.

He knew that Viktor wasn’t suddenly going to rape him.

He was surprised though, when Viktor pulled the curtain aside. The hallway to his office was bright and friendly, but behind the curtain the colors were suddenly darker, with red walls and a black marble floor.

Yuuri wasn’t even surprised to see yet another hallway at this point.

Though this one was wider.

Viktor led him down the hallway, past a wooden door and a turn to the left, until the end of the hallway, where, Yuuri noticed now, was another turn, though to the right this time. Behind the corner was a door his left, further down the hall was another door on the right and… if Yuuri saw it correctly, there was another curtain even further down, at end of the hallway.

He wondered if there was another hallway behind that. Viktor certainly seemed to have a fetish for it.

He shook himself out of it and focused on Viktor, who was opening the door closest to Yuuri.

He really didn’t want to think about fetishes right now.

Viktor motioned for him to enter first, so Yuuri did.

He had almost expected to walk into Viktor’s bedroom, but now he was pretty sure that wasn’t the case after all.

He was standing in front of a white grand piano, though unlike the one downstairs it lacked the golden carvings. The outer wall consisted only of windows, though there was space for a fireplace, too. And he saw 3 steps leading up to- Yuuri had to walk further into the room. Whatever the steps led up to was around a corner.


They led up to a… bed? Really fancy, oversized couch? Yuuri wasn’t sure what exactly it was, but it filled out the whole corner of that room. If he had to guess the width of it he’d say 7 to 8 people could probably lay there comfortably next to each other without touching. And still have at least a meter of space behind their feet before the… thing ended. There were a lot of pillows propped against the walls, too.

Yuuri could only stare at it. The room itself felt very warm and comfy, even without a fire burning in the fireplace.

But right now Yuuri felt very cold inside.

He was up for a challenge, yes, but he was not up for sex.

Not yet at least.

Looking over at Viktor in a slight panic, he realized that his reaction was already being observed by the alpha.

“This is my piano room”, he said by way of explanation.

“I didn’t know you play.” Yuuri’s voice sounded higher than he would’ve liked.

“It became a little bit of a hobby when I was in University. Are you sure you’re up for the challenge?”

No, not really.

“What exactly does that challenge involve?”

“Nothing that would require you to undress if that’s what you’re worried about.”

That was exactly what Yuuri was worried about. So hearing that actually calmed him down a lot.

“In that case I’m sure.”

“Good. Go sit down.”

Yuuri walked up the steps and sat down on the mattress? - Padding? - gingerly.

Viktor followed his example, though he was obviously careful to not sit too close to him. It made Yuuri feel stupid for doubting him for even a second. Viktor was safe. At least when it came to things that didn’t involve punishments.

“What I want to try might make you uncomfortable, but if we’re ever going to have sex, I need you to get used to it.”

Yuuri swallowed. It wasn’t like he hadn’t expected some difficulty along the way, but he hadn’t thought it would happen so soon.


“But before we do that, tell me what exactly made you panic in the pool.”

Surprised at the sudden change in topic, Yuuri took a second before he answered.

“I… I think it was when I realized that we uhh… well. Before that when we… kissed, we were never touching anywhere from the face downwards and uh… and in the pool we, well we did. And it didn’t exactly help that we weren’t… wearing… much.”

“It’s interesting, honestly. You’re fine with kissing, and you’re fine with hugging, but when we do both of that at the same time it becomes too much.” It wasn’t a question.

“We weren’t really hugging though”, Yuuri pointed out unnecessarily,” we were just standing really close…” Shut up, Yuuri.

“And that makes it different for you?”

“I- I guess?” He was aware how silly that sounded, okay? He couldn’t help it though; he was a mess.

“In that case what I have in mind might be difficult for you to get through. I want you to try it anyway. But keep in mind that you can always tell me ‘stop’ and I will move away from you immediately, okay?”

Yuuri swallowed, slightly afraid of what was to come, but too stubborn to back down without at least trying.

“Yes, sir.”

“You trust me, yes?”

Yuuri really didn’t think it was a secret at this point.

“I think so.”

Viktor huffed amused.

“Well then move over there and lay down on your back”, Viktor ordered, pointing towards the middle of this… thing.

Yuuri obeyed hesitantly, shuffling to what he figured was the middle of this enormous matrass-thingy.

He kept an eye on Viktor though, who was putting his cane away and took his suit jacked off. He was still wearing the rest of his three piece suit though, so Yuuri decided to just not worry about that for now.

He felt his whole body stiffen up though, when Viktor started crawling towards him.

Crawling wasn’t supposed to look this… this… sexy, was it!? Oh god.

Viktor stopped moving when he was a short distance away from Yuuri’s feet.

“Spread your legs.”

Yuuri sat up hastily, leaning on his elbows, legs pressed together and eyes wide.


“Spread your legs, Yuuri. Trust me. I’ll keep my hands off you but I do need to get close to you. And I don’t want you to kick me in the balls if you panic.”

Well. That sounded surprisingly reasonable.

Yuuri slowly laid back down, and forced himself to spread his legs.

This felt so… wrong.

“Wider, Yuuri.”

Face burning, Yuuri obeyed.

He felt extremely uncomfortable.

I’ll just pretend this is a stretching exercise or something, he thought desperately.

“Very good, Yuuri. You’re doing well.”

Yuuri tried very hard to not feel delighted at hearing that.

What was wrong with him?!

Before Yuuri had a chance to ponder over what he felt, he saw that Viktor was starting to crawl closer again, though this time he even came crawling over Yuuri’s body from his feet upwards, until he stopped, when they were face to face, to hover over Yuuri.

Yuuri felt that any chance he had of relaxing flew out the window.

“Hi”, Viktor said playfully, probably to distract him.

It worked a little bit. He was still trembling though, every instinct telling him to run away.


“Why do you think you’re scared right now?”

Yuuri paused for a second.

Why was he scared?

Viktor had promised to keep his hands off him, and he was indeed not touching him. He’d also said he wouldn’t have to undress, so that couldn’t be the reason either. With those two promises there was literally nothing Viktor could do that would actually harm Yuuri in any way, right? So why was he scared? He was close to Viktor, yes, but he’d gotten hugs from the man before, and he’d been closer then.

“I- I’m not sure…” God, he was so pathetic.

“I’ll tell you why, okay?”

Yuuri nodded, curious to know what Viktor was thinking.

“It’s because this position makes you unable to run away. Right now I’m caging you in and you’re feeling vulnerable because it takes away the option of escaping. Because of that and because you know that I’m physically stronger than you, you feel helpless and that makes you panic.”

Yuuri could only stare at Viktor wide-eyed. How- was it possible that an alpha of all things could be this insightful? Viktor seemed to actually get what he was feeling. Better than Yuuri himself, which-  Yuuri really didn’t want to think about.

“Do you know why I’m making you go through this, even though I know it makes you uncomfortable?”

Yuuri shook his head, even though he had a pretty good guess. He didn’t think his voice was going to work right now, though.

“Because, Yuuri, if we’re going to have sex, a position similar to this will be almost unavoidable. Especially during my rut. And we can’t have sex without getting close to each other anyway, yes?”

Yuuri couldn’t argue against that.

He knew what the ultimate goal was, after all. And he knew that if he wanted to stay here, he’d have to spend Viktor’s rut with him. He knew just as well that, if he panicked and tried to run away during Viktor’s rut, things would get… really ugly. Especially if it was important to Viktor that his partner was willing.

Knowing that Viktor took the time to try and ease him into it like this actually made Yuuri relax quite a bit. Because it almost seemed like he cared.

Or maybe it was because he was slowly getting used to having the man so close to him.

Or maybe it was because having a kind of normal conversation like that while being this close took the edge off or something.

Either way, he was thankful for Viktor’s patience.

“So… you want me to get used to this so I won’t try to run away during your rut”, he surmised, surprised at how blunt he was being.

“Hm”, was the rather distracted sounding response.

“Look at you, Yuuri”, Viktor murmured instead, “you’re already starting to calm down.”

“I… I think it’s mostly because of your smell.”

It was true. He didn’t always notice it when he was too deep inside his own head, but the effect Viktor’s smell had on him hadn’t changed.

“Ah”, Viktor smiled in acknowledgement.

When he realized that the conversation had apparently stopped, Yuuri started to feel really awkward with Viktor just… there. Above him.

He grasped at straws to get him to talk again.

“Ahm… your library is really huge…” Well, that was lame.

“It is indeed. I’m rather proud of it.”

“Did you buy all of the books?”

“No, Yuuri. That would be impossible. My ancestors started building it way back in the Middle Ages, shortly after we became a family of Marquesses. Every generation added new books to it as well. The library is actually the only room that still looks close to how it was when this house was first built in the 1800s.”

That little piece of information surprised Yuuri.

“I- I thought the house looks pretty modern.”

“It does, now. I had it renovated before I moved in 3 years ago. My parents would’ve killed me for that but I’ve always preferred the modern architecture over the old one.”

Yuuri was horrified at hearing that.

“You – you what!? But! You can’t just…. I mean… I’m sure it looked beautiful before you… changed it.” Wasn’t there some law protecting old buildings from exactly what Viktor had done?

“Oh, it did. It was also very stuffy to live in.”

Yuuri was speechless. He wasn’t all that much into old architecture himself, but if he was honest, he was slightly scandalized. Okay scratch the slightly. He was scandalized.

“If you want to see old houses that are still unchanged, rest assured that I own 2 other ones, which incidentally, both have libraries as well, though not nearly as big as this one, since those are practically only an extension of it.”

“You own 3 houses!?”


“Where are the other two?”

“I’ll tell if you’re still here in a few seconds.”

Before Yuuri could ask what the hell he meant by that, Viktor had started to slowly lower himself until he was lying on top of Yuuri.

He supported his own weight for a few moments, but when he realized that Yuuri wasn’t exactly panicking, he relaxed his arms, putting his full weight on the omega.

Inside, Yuuri was panicking, but not because of the reasons Viktor had pointed out earlier.

For some reason his brain had chosen this moment to have a fanboy-breakdown. Because dammit all, even if the man was an alpha who was out to have sex with him, this was still Viktor Nikiforov!! His idol!!

Viktor chose that moment to bury his head into Yuuri’s chest.

“Your heart is racing”, Viktor mumbled, “are you scared?”

“N-no.” Not really. Just unable to cope with reality.

“T-tell me about the houses.” He desperately needed a distraction.

“I have a town house in London. It’s significantly smaller than this one, but still not too shabby. I haven’t renovated it yet.”


Viktor moved his head to smile at Yuuri impishly.


Oh god. Yuuri was still trying to calm down. That smile hadn’t helped with that. At all.

“And the other one?!”, Yuuri squeaked.

“The other one is in St. Petersburg. My father’s parents gave it to my parents as a wedding gift. It’s really beautiful but I haven’t been there for years.”

“W-why did you move to England anyway?”

“Hmm…. As a sign of good will I suppose? I have some very important business partners in the States, and just as important ones in Russia. Between the two countries, I figured it would be best to have headquarters on neutral ground. But moving back to England was a lot less time consuming than trying to move to Switzerland would have been.”

Yuuri actually snorted at that.

“Your heart is still racing but you don’t smell scared anymore”, Viktor observed. “I wonder why that is.” He sounded flirty now.

It made Yuuri’s face burn.

“Could it be, Yuuri, that, now that you relaxed, you actually enjoy having me lay on top of you?”

Yuuri blushed even harder, and tried to hide his face behind his hands, feeling too called out to respond to that.

But even though he wasn’t looking, he could feel Viktor shifting around a bit. It made him blush even harder. He hadn’t thought that was possible.

“Yuuri look at me.”

Yuuri opted for peeping through his fingers. It made Viktor huff, but he looked at him patiently.

“Do you?”

Yuuri nodded.

“Words, Yuuri”, Viktor requested with a smirk.

“I- I don’t know why but somehow it’s… weirdly comforting?”

Oh god. Please, can he die now? Or at least vanish into thin air?

“I’m glad you feel like that. It’s comforting for me, too, you know?”

“Really!?” Yuuri was surprised enough to let his hands fall away from his face.

“Of course. It’s very calming to be so close.”


Viktor had always been known for being a tactile person, especially with his rink mates. Or in general, really.

He’d forgotten about that.

Probably because he seemed so different now.

Viktor sighed.

“Let’s do this again tomorrow, okay?”, Viktor asked, already moving off him.


Chapter Text

Yuuri had sent Yura off to school not five minutes ago and was in the process of making himself some tea. He was pleasantly surprised when Phichit came bursting into the kitchen.


“Phichit! I didn’t know you were visiting today!”, Yuuri exclaimed, ecstatic.

“Me neither! Chris apparently decided last night to bring me along today. Oh no. Wait. Don’t tell me you were punished and need help to get over it?!”

Phichit grabbed is shoulders and started to look Yuuri over.

“No! No, Phichit, I didn’t get punished!”

“You sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure.” Yuuri rolled his eyes at him but was happy that Phichit actually cared.

“We need to catch up on what happened during last week!”, Phichit decided then.

So Yuuri poured his fellow omega a cup of tea ad they did just that.

It was nice to hear Phichit talk about the most ridiculous things; for example, it made him laugh quite a bit when he told him about the antics of his hamsters. (He was allowed to keep pets?!)

It was nice to have a lighthearted conversation like that, Yuuri realized. It almost made him forget how shitty his life actually was.

“Anyway, how’s it going with you and Viktor?”

Yuuri jerked at the question, a blush spreading all over his face.


“Oh~ I like that reaction! Tell me everything!”

“The- there’s nothing to tell! At all!”

“Oh Yuuri! you’re such a bad liar. Now spill.”

Yuuri sighed.

“He… well he’s trying to get me used to… I don’t know. Get used to being close to him, I guess? It’s kind of weird though.”

“I think that sounds nice, though. Why is it weird?”

Yuuri felt the blush on his face intensify.

“I-I- I mean… his methods are weird. It is nice that he’s trying to be patient.”

“You’re making me very curious here. What did he do? C’mon don’t torment me like that!”

“He uh… he was just… lying… ontopofme… for a while…”

Phichit’s grin almost scared him.


“And what?”

“Well what happened then?”

“Nothing? I mean… we talked like that for a while and then he sent me to bed. To sleep!”

“Daaaamn the man is really trying”, he laughed. “I mean, I always knew he was a nice guy but I didn’t expect him to have that much control of himself. Did he have a boner?”

“Oh my god, Phichit, stop! No! He didn’t! I think.”

“I will never stop! And why don’t you know for sure?”

“Be-because I didn’t pay attention to- to that!”

“Naww… that’s too bad.”

Yuuri was very desperate to change the topic at that point.

“S-say Phichit…”


“Last time you said that an alpha’s smell doesn’t really influence you right? That you do stuff because you want to?”


“But I swear that whenever I smell Viktor I just… become relaxed and dazed and stuff and I- I don’t get it.”

“You get dazed?”

“Yeah, kind of? Sometimes I just… zone out completely…”

“That’s… actually weird. The calming down part is normal, though. Because smelling an alpha you trust means that he’s close, and if he’s close you’re safe – usually – so it send these weird signals to your omega brain that you can relax. But I don’t know about the getting dazed thing.”


“Well anyway, have yo-“


Both Yuuri and Phichit turned to look at Chris, who had come barging in.

“We’re going to have to leave.”

“What?? Already? But we just arrived!”

“I know, sorry about that. But Viktor forgot some things and asked me to take care of the mess. So we’ll have an impromptu trip to London.”



“Why the fudge would he send you all the way to London?”

Chris sighed and glanced at Yuuri for a second before he answered.

“Apparently Yakov just told Viktor that he was about to board a flight to Heathrow and Viktor… well. You know how he is. He wants me to send him away before he can get here, preferably at the airport. Which is why we have to hurry. Sorry Yuuri, I promise I’ll bring him along again, next time.”

They bade farewell and were gone before Yuuri could even wrap his head around the fact that Yakov was on his way here.

How did someone like that even have time for that? Last time he checked the man was still a highly sought-after couch in Russia.

Frankly, Yuuri was a bit put out by Viktor’s behavior. If his former coach came all the way to England it must’ve been because of some important reason, right? How could Viktor just send him away without even meeting him?!

Yuuri chewed on his lip, but decided to try and knock some more sense into Viktor. Maybe he’d get out of it without a punishment again?


“Come in.”

“Good morning, sir.”

Viktor looked at him, quite surprised.

“Good morning, Yuuri.”

There was silence.

Yuuri should have thought about how to approach the topic before he came here.

He decided to stall for some extra time.

“I- uh… are you… very busy right now?”

“That depends on what you need me for.”

Well. That actually explained a lot.

Yuuri almost rolled his eyes.

“I… I was wondering if you would … maybe… go on a walk with me?”

Viktor looked at him incredulously. “A walk?”

“Yes, sir. I- uh… I’ve been wanting to take a walk outside, on the grounds of course, and uh… I thought it would be nice if you could show me around?”

“I’m not particularly fond of dirtying my cane if I can help it, Yuuri. You’re aware that it was raining last night?”

Yuuri hadn’t actually noticed that.

“Oh… well… you could just… lean on me instead?”

Viktor almost seemed startled at the idea.

“I don’t think that’s a very good idea…”

“Oh…” Yuuri stared at the floor, thinking of his options, when Viktor started to talk again.

“Would it… make you happy if I were to agree?”

“Yes, sir.”

It wasn’t a lie per se. Yuuri just figured that in order to have a conversation with Viktor about his coach, it would be best to be in a situation where Viktor couldn’t just say ‘leave’ and be done with it.

Viktor sighed heavily, running a hand through his hair.

He looked conflicted, but when he took another look at Yuuri’s unsure face, he caved.

“Come here, Yuuri.”

When Yuuri went to kneel, Viktor stopped him.

“No, just give me your hands.”

So Yuuri did.

Viktor pulled at them until Yuuri was face to face with him.

“Don’t you dare leave my side for even a second, you hear me? I will punish the hell out of you if you do.”

Yuuri swallowed, but nodded firmly.

“I would never do that, sir.”

Especially not after detecting the insecurity in Viktor’s eyes.

Yuuri realized in that moment that Viktor put a lot of trust in Yuuri. It was true that he could just leave Viktor somewhere in the forest and try to run away, or just leave him there to catch pneumonia or something until he managed to crawl back to the house by himself.

Yuuri would never do something so cruel though, but, Yuuri realized, Viktor had no way of knowing that. They hadn’t spent that much time together.

Viktor closed his laptop and ordered Yuuri to go and get his own jacket, saying that they would meet at the top of the stairs.

Viktor was already waiting there for him when he arrived, and, if Yuuri didn’t know better, he’d say that Viktor seemed to actually be nervous.

He helped him down the stairs and they took a shortcut into the garden, using the door that led outside from the hallway to the garage.

It was foggy and rather chilly and eerily silent. Pretty fitting for the middle of October, Yuuri thought.

Viktor wormed his arm around Yuuri’s.

“You picked some interesting weather to take a tour of the garden”, he commented.

Well. Yuuri hadn’t exactly planned for this, but he indeed should have paid attention to the weather before running his mouth.

So instead of commenting he just started walking, slowly of course.

Viktor huffed at being ignored.

“Chris told me that you built a wall around your whole house?”, Yuuri tried to start a conversation.

“Not just the house. It was a difficult decision, because in theory I own all of Devonshire. When I decided to cut my estate off, I had to chose where exactly I wanted to put the line. I didn’t want to take away the favorite places of the public, but I also didn’t want to limit my… private land to just the house. I do live on a very beautiful piece of land and I am selfish. Which is why, in the end, I decided to keep 4000 acres to myself. There are some things I want to enjoy privately, and I figured it to be a decent size.”

Decent size, my ass.

But, wait-

“Wait. Does that mean I’m allowed to walk around on the grounds without a collar, even if you aren’t with me?!”

Viktor looked at him as if he’d suddenly grown a second head.

“Of course you are. Have you really stayed inside the house the whole week?!”

“I- erm… yes?”

Viktor sighed.

“You’re right, I should’ve been clearer with my explanation on what you’re allowed to do”, Viktor started when they reached the edge of a forest.

Yuuri felt a little creeped out, walking through a foggy forest, but Viktor didn’t seem to care it at all.

“Well then. You are allowed to leave the house, Yuuri. As long as you stay on my private side of the wall. You don’t need a collar for it either. Just… send me a short text when you go out, so I won’t have to worry about you, okay?”

“Okay… sir.”

They were a good distance into the forest by now, so Yuuri gathered his courage to ask the question he’d been wanting to ask in the first place after a few moments of silence.

“Sir… Chris told me, that… well. That you send him to meet…”

“Chris tells you a lot of things, doesn’t he?”

Yuuri flushed.

“Not- not really? I just- I mean-“

Viktor’s smell had turned sour at his last sentence, but he didn’t quite know how to backpedal now.

So he decided to just roll with it, consequences be damned.

“Why don’t you want to meet him?”

“I didn’t think you were this sly, Yuuri. You put me in a situation like this deliberately, didn’t you?”

Yuuri didn’t acknowledge the distraction and just looked up at Viktor, waiting.

Now his expression turned sour as well.

To be honest, it scared him a bit.

“It doesn’t concern you.”

“But it still worries me. What if he has something important to tell you?”

“Then he could just write me a mail.”



Yuuri pressed his lips together, frustrated.

“You’re a coward.”

Did- did he just? Oh god.

Oh god, he was so going to get punished for this.

“I’m aware.”



“Are you done with disrespecting me?”

Yuuri swallowed.



“No.” Yuuri took a deep breath.

When he started to talk, he was still scared shitless.

“Yakov wouldn’t just take time off coaching mid-season, even if it’s only for 2 or 3 days, so whatever he has to tell you has to be very important. I get that it must be hard to confront what you lost but you can’t keep running away from that. You’ll have to deal with it sooner or later, and you will regret not dealing with it sooner, when you’re at Yakov’s funeral some time in the future. He’s not exactly young anymore and if you keep being stubborn you might not get the chance to-“

Yuuri stopped himself when he noticed the startled look on Viktor’s face.

“Vi- Sir?”

“Yakov is too stubborn to die.”

“Yakov won’t be able to out-stubborn nature.”

The wide-eyed look Viktor gave him made him look so many years younger; it was almost like looking at skater Viktor again.

Yuuri didn’t wish death upon the old coach of course, and he was sure the man still had quite a while to go, but he figured that using such a harsh example was what was needed in order to get Viktor to see some sense.

Viktor had a complicated look on his face so Yuuri decided to not say anything more for now.

After walking in silence for a while, Viktor pulled out his phone.

“Chris. I want you to pick up Yakov instead of sending him away. Bring him to my house, he can have one of the guest rooms.”

“I changed my mind.”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

Yuuri was trying very hard to not let his joy show, but it was hard. He hadn’t expected for this to actually work! No matter what happened the rest of the day, Yuuri was so going to treat himself with a little bit of chocolate for a job well done tonight.

He’d eat Viktor’s share as well.

After Viktor hung up, he looked at Yuuri with a stern face, eyes narrowed.

“I know what you did here, Yuuri and I’m not happy with it. By all means I should punish you just for the way you were speaking to me.”

Yuuri swallowed, but he wasn’t surprised. He was aware of what he’d done and he had expected the repercussions.

That didn’t mean he wasn’t scared of them, though.

Viktor sighed.

“I’m not going to, however. Do you know why?”

“B-because you secretly want to meet Yakov?”

Viktor glared at him.

“No, I most definitely do not want to meet Yakov. However, I’m not stupid enough to ignore sensible advice. Still, that’s not the reason. If I were to punish you now, what do you think will happen?”

Yuuri cringed.

“I… I would probably end up crying and I’d probably not want to see you for a while.”

“Exactly. And that’s not the mindset I can have you in when I’m trying to get you to be comfortable with me. I could smell your fear when you were reprimanding me, and I can smell it now, so I will assume that you know very well that you were out of line.”

Yuuri could only stare a Viktor. The alpha was letting him off easy? Again!?

“But don’t be mistaken, Yuuri. I can’t have you disrespecting me, especially not in front of Yakov, or anyone really, so do not act like that again. Understood?”

“Yes, sir!”

“Good. Now, if I remember correctly there should be something really nice behind that corner”, Viktor said, gesturing to the winding path that disappeared behind some bushes and trees.

“Something really nice?”, Yuuri asked, curiosity picked.

Viktor smiled at him secretively.

“You’ll see.”

They covered the distance rather quickly, and since they had been walking slightly uphill for a while, the fog had cleared a bit.

Yuuri could make out a grassy area.

So they had arrived at the other side of the forest.

He looked at Viktor questioningly.

“I’ll admit that this isn’t the best weather to come here. Listen closely, Yuuri.”

So Yuuri did.

At first he didn’t hear anything but after a moment he could hear… something.

Something that sounded suspiciously like-

“Are those waves?!”


Yuuri could only gape at Viktor.

“We’re at the top of a cliff called Little Hangman. There’s another one close by called Great Hangman but I left that one open to the public. On clear days you can actually see the wall and security house from here.”

Yuuri was speechless. He had been this close to the ocean all this time?

He started to run ahead, just to get a look at the water, but Viktor held him back very firmly.

“Are you trying to kill yourself?!”


“You don’t know this area and it’s foggy. You could easily run too far and fall off the cliff! Use your brain for Christ’s sake!”

Viktor looked at Yuuri as startled as Yuuri felt at the revelation.

Viktor was right. He was an idiot.

“Ca- can we go closer?”

“A bit, yes. Let me lead.”

They walked a much shorter distance than Yuuri would have figured was safe.

Shoot, he realized, I probably would have fallen off.

The cliff wasn’t actually all that steep, but Yuuri really did not want to risk falling more than 200 meters if he could help it.

He clutched Viktor’s arm a bit tighter, but stared at the ocean beneath them in amazement. He could barely even make it out, if he was honest, but still. Knowing it was there was enough for him.

He had grown up in a seaside town, so the ocean was a very welcome familiarity to him. It was comforting to have it close by once again.

“Do you like the ocean, Yuuri?”

“I love it.”

He hesitated a bit, but decided to tell Viktor about Hasetsu, and some memories he had of playing at the beach.

They didn’t stay at the cliff for very long.

One reason being Viktor’s legs, and the other being the time.

Yuuri would have to pick up Yura in a bit.

However, on the walk back to the house Viktor shared some stories of his own from when he was living in St. Petersburg.

Yuuri had never been so intrigued in his life.


After picking up Yura, Georgi drove them to a mall. Viktor had given him his credit card again, even after Yuuri had said that he could buy the charger with his own money. But the alpha hadn’t wanted to hear it and just told him to use his money for things he would enjoy, not for things he needed.

Yuuri hadn’t wanted to argue with that.

Back at the house Yuuri very much wanted to run upstairs to plug his phone in but he controlled himself. He would plug it in before he went to Viktor tonight.

Viktor had told him earlier that he wouldn’t be having lunch with them because he apparently needed to prepare himself for Yakov’s arrival tonight. Though Yuuri really wanted Yura to have some time with his dad so he could get the apology out of the way and the burden off his little heart, he knew that he couldn’t do anything. He’d pressed his luck already, and twice a day was too ambiguous, even for him.

He’d just have to make sure that Yura and Viktor got some time together tomorrow.

The day passed by normally, though unsurprisingly Yura was very distraught by not getting to see his dad.

Yuuri tried very hard to distract him from it, but the closer it got to dinner time, the more he failed.

He had one last resort though.

“Hey Yura…”


“You said you wanted to figure skate, right?”

At least he had his undivided attention now.


“Do you know what all figure skaters need?”



Yura scrunched his nose up in an adorably confused way.


“So… if you want to figure skate we need to work on your balance.”

“But daddy says no…”, Yura reminded him sadly.

What he was doing here was probably some kind of treason, Yuuri realized.

He didn’t care.

“He says no to figure skating. He doesn’t say no to balance training. Or dancing. Do you want to try dancing, too?”

“No. I want to figure skate.”

“It could make figure skating easier.”

Yura paused.

“Is it difficult?”

Yuuri somehow managed not to facepalm, reminding himself that he was dealing with a child.

“It’s very difficult.”


“If you can dance you can do cool things on the ice faster than others…”



“But daddy says…”

“Maybe, if you show him how good you are at dancing, he will think about it again.”

He didn’t want to get Yura’s hopes up for nothing, but he also couldn’t bear the thought of Viktor keeping the boy – or anyone really, he was Viktor Nikifirov!!! – off the ice.

“So, should we do some dancing?”

Yura thought it over for a moment.


Yuuri grinned.

“Great! Let’s start with warming up!”

“Warming up?”

“Yes. It’s very important.”

“Like for swimming?”

“Exactly! Hmm… let’s start by running 20 laps around the piano.”

Yura looked at him as if he had spoken Chinese.

“Come on, I’ll run with you!”


It turned out that Yura was not very fit.

Yuuri didn’t even know why he was surprised. If no one had spent enough time, and play with the boy to build up some stamina, then how could he be? It really hurt his heart whenever he realized just how neglected Yura had been, but he tried his very best to not show it.

After the 20 laps Yura was sweating quite a bit, so Yuuri gave him a sports drink and let the boy’s breathing return to normal before he continued.

He made him do all the standard exercises, like stretching his arms and legs, before he went into the more dance-y ones.

It was a disaster, but Yura did his best to pull through and Yuuri kept on endlessly encouraging him.

“Can you even do anything cool?” Yura complained at one point, rather crabby.

Yuuri had almost waited for that question.

“Of course I can.”

“Show me!”

Yuuri showed him.

Some ballet, some breakdance, and a double axel. He wasn’t confident enough in his jumping to try anything more complex on normal ground.

When he turned back to look at Yura, he could practically see the stars in the boys’ eyes. He took a playful bow and Yura started clapping wildly.

“You’re so cool!!!”

Yuuri laughed. “If you keep up with my training you’ll be a lot cooler than I am when you’re older.”

“I will!”

Yuuri grinned at him, delighted by the prospect of teaching Yura how to dance.

“So you want to do it again tomorrow?”

“I want to do it again now!”

“Ah. But overdoing it isn’t good either.”

Yura pouted.

“We can do a few cool down exercises, but then we’ll have dinner, okay?”, Yuuri compromised.



After putting Yuri to bed, Yuuri went to Viktor’s office. He’d told him they’d practice cuddling today after all.

However when he came closer to the office he heard shouting.

He stopped.

He didn’t mean to listen in, but…



Yuuri thought he must be suicidal, because he actually knocked on the door.

The screaming stopped and there was a pause before-

“Come in, Yuuri.”

When Yuuri opened the door he felt like he’d run head first into a wall of angry alphas. Even though the only two occupants of the room were quite a bit away from him.

It was very intimidating.


“I haven’t forgotten about it. Go on ahead and make yourself comfortable. I won’t take long.”

Yuuri was thankful that Viktor tried to speak to him normally, but the anger in his voice was barely suppressed. It almost made Yuuri wish he hadn’t talked Viktor into this.

“Yes, sir.”

He almost fled the room when he realized that Yakov was scrutinizing him, but he somehow managed to leave at a normal pace.

Yuuri didn’t really know how he was supposed to make himself comfortable, but he figured lying down was a good start.

He tried to prepare himself for what he knew was about to happen. He knew it wouldn’t hurt, he knew Viktor would respect his boundaries and he knew he hadn’t actually minded the close contact after he’d gotten kind of used to it yesterday. So that meant Viktor would probably try to make some sort of progress today, right?

The door opened before Yuuri could mull over it any longer.

Viktor looked utterly stressed out.

He didn’t even say anything when he took his suit jacket off.

He still didn’t say anything when he came crawling over to Yuuri.

And he was still not saying anything when he let himself flop down on him in a way that could only be described as ungraceful.


“Why did I let you talk me into that?”, Viktor mumbled, making Yuuri swallow guiltily.

“I- I’m sorry. I didn’t think it’d be… like this.”

Viktor sighed.

“He wants me to sell the company and focus on coaching skaters. Don’t you think that’s unreasonable, Yuuri? Just because I was good at skating doesn’t mean I’d be good at coaching. And I definitely don’t want to sell the company.”

Yuuri didn’t know what to say to that. He understood why Yakov wanted him back in the rink, but he also knew that Viktor wasn’t a coach, and that the company probably held some sentimental value to him as well.

They just lay there in silence for a while, though this time it was a lot easier for Yuuri to deal with the closeness.


“Mm?” Viktor sounded almost sleepy.

“I was wondering… what- what comes next?”


“I mean… today is a lot easier than yesterday, so…”

“Ah. I see. Do you have a suggestion, Yuuri?”

For some reason Viktor sounded like he was smiling. It was such a stark contrast to how his mood had been when he walked in, it almost gave Yuuri whiplash.

“N- not really…”

“Hmm…. How about this?”

Viktor snaked his arms around Yuuri and flipped them over faster than Yuuri could comprehend.

It took him a moment to realize that he was the one lying on top of Viktor now.

Oh god.

His first instinct was to push himself up, but being the uncoordinated mess that he was, he used Viktor’s chest instead of the padding for that, which- oh god.

Yuuri made the mistake of not focusing on how Viktor’s chest felt like.

Which is why he noticed that his groin was pressing against Viktor’s just a second too late.

Which had his face go up in literal flames- almost.

Which is why he let himself fall back down on Viktor, making a sound like a dying whale.

Which is what he actually felt like.

Like dying.

And like whale.

Because he was too heavy to just lay on people.

But moving would mean even more embarrassment.

So he decided to suffocate Viktor.


He made another dying whale sound.

“Are you okay?”


“Why not?”

“Because I’m dying.”

Viktor paused for a moment, before he huffed out a little laugh.

“And why are you dying, Yuuri?”

“Because- because I- and your chest! A-a-a-and there-!”

Viktor was shaking.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to be a bit more precise than that, darling.”

Yuuri went back to imitating dying whales.

Viktor was laughing at him.

And he’d called him darling.

No one had ever called him that.

He didn’t know how to deal with this.

It took quite a while for Viktor to stop shaking/laughing. And after the alpha had calmed down, they just lay there in silence again for a while.

Until Yuuri couldn’t take it anymore.

“Am I not too heavy?”


Yuuri did the unthinkable.

He buried his head into Viktor’s chest in an attempt to hide from the man.

Which, in hindsight, really didn’t make any sense at all.

“Yuuri, you’re not heavy?”

Yuuri didn’t reply.

“Do you honestly think I would be crushed by a little omega like you?” Viktor sounded amused at the thought.

It offended Yuuri, if he was completely honest.

But before he could think of a proper comeback, Viktor grabbed him, and lifted him a significant amount into the air.

Yuuri would never admit it, but it had made him screech.

His feet were still kind of touching the padding, he realized, but that was probably because Viktor’s arms weren’t that long. They were quite a bit longer than Yuuri’s though, so the omega couldn’t even reach the man’s chest right now.

Not that he particularly wanted to touch it again.

He just wanted to hold onto something until the madman let go of him.

It was strangely terrifying to be lifted up that way, even if it was only an armlength high.

“Do you think I’m weak, Yuuri?”, Viktor grinned up at him.


“Yuuuri~ You don’t sound like you trust my strength~”

“I DON’T!”

Viktor gasped.

“Oh you wound me! Deeply! You’ll have to kiss it better.”


Not a second later he was feeling hard muscle pressed against his front again.

He sighed, relieved that he’d survived that.

Now to pay the price for his safety.

He leaned up to press his lips against Viktor’s before he could even really think about it.

He had intended for it to be more of a short peck kind of thing than anything else, but when pulled back, Viktor had chased after his lips, and when Yuuri made the mistake of hesitating, he was pulled into another, longer kiss.

He didn’t mind.

Kissing Viktor was nice; he had to admit that much.

And this time it was rather playful, really. Whenever one of them started to pull away, the other would follow, and they would be kissing again.

And again.

And again.

Until Viktor flipped them over again.

Yuuri startled for a moment, before he returned to kissing Viktor.

When Yuuri chased after his lips the next time, Viktor pulled away, putting a finger on Yuuri’s lips to stop him, and confusing Yuuri to no end.

“I think you’re ready to learn a new kind of kiss” Viktor said, a little breathless.

Yuuri nodded, thinking that Viktor was right about that.

So Viktor leaned back down and started kissing him again, but slower this time.

At first Yuuri didn’t quite understand what the difference was supposed to be, until he felt something – a tongue – press against his lips. When it clicked in his head, he opened his mouth, allowing Viktor’s tongue to poke at his in a rather playful manner.

Yuuri couldn’t help himself.

It just felt so weird.

He started laughing.

Thankfully Viktor retracted his tongue, before Yuuri could accidentally bite it off.

“Yuuri?” Viktor looked at him as if he was concerned for Yuuri’s sanity.

“I- I’m sorry”, Yuuri gasped, trying desperately to calm down, “It just- I didn’t expect it to feel so weird!”

It took him another moment before he was done.

He took a deep breath.

“I’m really sorry. Can we try again?”

Yes, it had been weird, but it hadn’t really been bad.

He felt bad for his reaction though. He’d probably be in tears by now if their roles were reversed.

“Are you sure?”


This time, things went a bit smoother. When Viktor’s tongue poked at his own, he poked back, instead of laughing his ass off.

It still felt strange, but he was slowly getting used to it.

It was pretty messy, though, and he actually had to wipe his mouth when Viktor pulled back.

How did people make this look sexy in romance movies!? Yuuri just felt… awkward doing it.

“I- that wasn’t very good, was it?”, he asked.

“No, not really. But it’ll get better. And practice is what we’re here for anyway, yes?”

Yuuri had blushed at having his inexperience confirmed, but he figured that Viktor was right.

He still had time to learn and to get used to… things.

“Let’s go to sleep”, Viktor said then, out of nowhere.

“Are you… mad?”

He looked at him confused.

“Why would I be mad?”

“Because I laughed… and sucked…”

“I’m not mad, Yuuri. I rather have you laughing than crying or… well anyway. I already told you it takes some practice. But it’s getting late and both of us have to get up early, yes?”


“Then off to bed with you”, Viktor said gently, already climbing off him.

Yuuri obeyed.

Chapter Text

Yuuri was running back to his room. He’d just sent off Yura to school and he new that it wasn’t a very nice thing to do, figuring that Phichit was probably about to come over any minute now – probably, he didn’t know for sure - , but he just couldn’t wait any longer.

He locked the door to his room, grabbed his fully charged phone and locked himself inside the closet.

He took a deep breath.

And dialed.



Yuuri felt like bursting into tears.


There was a gasp on the other side.

“Yu- Yuuri?! Is that you?!”

“Yes, it’s me. I’m so sorry I couldn’t contact you any earlier-“

“It’s really you… Oh Yuuri!”

Hearing his mother burst into tear, Yuuri couldn’t help himself either.

He heard that his father had taken over the phone, however he couldn’t bring himself to say anything but a small “dad”.

It was just too good to be true to be able to talk to them again. He had thought that, after getting captured he’d never have the opportunity to hear the voices of his family members ever again.

“How- how are you calling us!?” His dad sounded confused, but he could hear happiness and relief in his voice as well.

“From my phone”, Yuuri sniffed.

“Your iPhone? The one we got you for your birthday?”


“How?!” It was pretty much unheard of, so Yuuri couldn’t exactly fault his dad for that reaction.

“Vi- Viktor got it back for me.” He needed to get a grip on himself.

“Viktor? Is that the name of your owner?”

“Yes. He- He’s actually really nice.”

Yuuri heard some shuffling before he heard his mother’s voice again.

“Are you safe Yuuri? He hasn’t done anything bad to you, has he?”

Yuuri knew very well what his mum meant with that.

“No, he hasn’t. He only punished me when I didn’t follow the rules, but that only happened like… three times. And it wasn’t even that bad. He didn’t make me… do... anything.”

“Oh Yuuri! Don’t put yourself in unnecessary danger, please!”

“Yuuri!?”, he heard the voice of his sister from further away, “Is that Yuuri on the phone!?”


“Put him on speaker for god’s sake!”

 Yuuri couldn’t help but chuckle. It was good to know that his sister was still the same.


“Hi Mari. How are you?”

He had finally managed to calm down a bit, so he actually had to fight a smile off his face.

“How am I!? How are you is the more important question here, isn’t it?!”

“I’m fine”, Yuuri grinned.

“The hell you are. Did they put you on drugs or something?”

Yuuri laughed.

“No, no, Viktor wouldn’t do that.”

“Viktor? Your owner has the same name like the guy you’ve adored for years? Man that’s messed up.”

Yuuri wasn’t quite sure how to break it to Mari in a way that didn’t make him seem like he had lost his grasp on reality.



“Don’t fucking tell me-“

Yuuri started laughing. Just imagining Mari’s face was enough to set him off. He knew that tone all too well.

“He’s gone crazy”, she stated.

“Oh, so his owner is the boy from his posters?”, his mum asked, slightly clueless.

“Well, that’s what he’s saying I think. But I’ll only believe it when I see it.”

Yuuri swore to himself that he’d take a selfie with Viktor today.

“Anyway, Yuuri”, his father interrupted, “are you allowed to call us? Please don’t get into any more trouble than you have to.”

“He didn’t say I wasn’t. And I don’t think I’ll get int trouble for this. I made sure to lock my door and everything so no one will interrupt either.”

“You locked your door?! Are you insane?!”, Mari yelled.

“He was the one who gave me a key in the first place! So I’m sure he doesn’t mind me locking the door…”

“What if it was a set-up?”

“Viktor wouldn’t do that. He’s way too busy to play stupid games like that.”

“Are you sure?”


“It’s so good to hear from you, Yuuri. I’m so happy to know you’re as safe as can be.” His mother sounded like she was still tearing up.

“I promise I’ll call more often from now on. I’m pretty busy with keeping an ey-“ Fuck. He almost forgot about the Confidentiality Agreement. “-an eye on the house, but… I’ll make time for it.”

The conversation wrapped up soon after that.

His family had a restaurant to run after all.

Yuuri kept sitting in closet for a while longer, trying to realize that he had in fact just spoken to his family. After more than 2 months of not being able to, of probably having them worried sick over him. But they hadn’t blamed him at all. Not that it was his fault to begin with but still.

His chest suddenly felt a lot lighter.

And knowing that he could talk to his parents and sister basically whenever he wanted made him almost giddy with happiness.

He- he had to thank Viktor.

Right now.

He jumped up and took a mad dash to Viktor’s office, almost forgetting to knock. Almost.

“Come in”.

Viktor sounded irritated.

When Yuuri opened the door he saw the reason for it.

Viktor was staring down Yakov with a stony face.

And Yakov was staring down Viktor with an enraged face.

Needless to say the atmosphere was very tense.

It didn’t deter him.

“S-sir. May I talk to you for a moment?”

Honestly, it was probably best to have them take a break from their staring contest.

“You may. Yakov, there’s a bench in front of the library.”

“I’m not done, yet.”

“I know you aren’t. But we’ll continue later.”

Yakov narrowed his eyes at Viktor for a moment longer before he got up and left, slamming the door behind him.

As soon as the man was gone, Yuuri rushed behind the desk and threw himself on top of Viktor, trying to show him just how thankful he was for having his phone back by suffocating the alpha with kisses.

Viktor had been utterly unprepared for the attack.

Which is why the massive leather chair rolled back until it crashed into a shelf none to gently.

It took Viktor a few moments to pry Yuuri off of him.

After he managed to do that he look at him as if he had gone insane.


Yuuri burst into tears.

He had never claimed to be emotionally stable, okay?”

“Thank you!”, he wailed.

Viktor looked at him in a way that conveyed he had absolutely no idea what was going on.

“You’re… welcome.”

Viktor blinked at him.

“What’s going on? You’re crying your eyes out but you smell happy. You’re not making any sense right now.”

“I-I-I just called my parents”, Yuuri sniffed, trying to get a grip on himself, “after a long time. And they aren’t angry!”

“Why would they be angry?” Viktor still sounded confused.

“Because! When they sent me to go grocery shopping I never managed to bring them what they needed!”

“I’m still lost, Yuuri. Why didn’t you?”

“Because facility workers found me!”

Understanding slowly crept into Viktor’s features. He hugged Yuuri to himself a little tighter.

“I see. But in that case it’s not your fault. Anyway, I’m sure they were very happy to hear from you, yes?”

“They were!”, Yuuri sobbed.

“Have you invited them over?”

Yuuri startled so heavily, he’d almost fallen off the chair, if it hadn’t been for Viktor.


Yuuri could only stare at Viktor though, his mind refusing to understand what Viktor was saying.

“I… what?”

“Did you invite them? For dinner or something.”

“I-I-I…. huh!? I mean- invite? My family? Here?”


“I- I can do that!?”

Viktor blinked at him.

“Is there any reason why you couldn’t?”

Had… had Viktor read the how to own an omega handbook or was he actually nice enough to ignore it? Yuuri was sure there were some guidelines that told alphas to be as cruel to omegas as possible.

Viktor didn’t seem to know about those.

“B-because… I don’t know. Is that even legal?”

Viktor finally seemed to understand where he was coming from.

“Ah. That’s what held you back. To be honest, I don’t know, Yuuri. But I also don’t particularly care. If you want to see your parents, or whoever else your family consists of, then you are free to invite them. I’ll be the last person to keep your family away from you.”

“But… but they live in London.”

It was probably only a 3 to 4 hour drive from there but still. It wasn’t exactly a distance you’d drive to just have dinner at someone’s place.

“Well then just invite them to stay for the weekend or something. I’m sure there are more than enough guest rooms.”

“Are you serious?” Yuuri was tearing up again.

He just couldn’t believe he was lucky enough to have an owner like Viktor.

“Of course I am.”

Viktor frowned at him.

“Yuuri, are you okay?”

He nodded vigorously, and went in for a big fat hug.

“Thank you so much”, he sniffed.

Viktor sighed, probably annoyed with Yuuri’s antics at that point, but he hugged him back anyway, and even pressed a kiss to his temple.

They sat there like this for quite  a while before Viktor pushed him off gently, until Yuuri was kneeling in front of him.

“I’ll put the collar on you now, so you don’t have to interrupt again later. Yakov should be gone by the time you come back though, so I think I’ll be able to have lunch with the both of you” Viktor told him, already in the process of putting the collar on Yuuri.

When Viktor pulled away from him, Yuuri just couldn’t help himself.

He gave the man a big smooch on the lips, before he hurried out of the office not wanting to take up any more time than he already had.

When he passed Yakov in the hallway he noticed that he gave him a sceptic look, almost as if he was doubting whether Yuuri had been the right choice for Viktor.

Yuuri bit his lip, but decided to test his luck.

He walked into the library and waited until he heard the door to the office close.

Then he walked back to the hallway that led to Viktor’s office.

“He’s fine”, he heard Viktor say.

“I can pick out another one. This one seems to be-“

“I said he’s fine.”

“It doesn’t mean you’ll have to give him away. You know you’re allowed to have up to 5 at the same time.”

“And you know that I don’t care for such a barbaric practice.”

“Vitya. I know what kind of people you used to go out with and he’s obviously not up to their standards. I’m sorry I couldn’t judge it any better from the picture they had uploaded. I thought he looked a lot more suitable. I would’ve chosen someone more satisfying if I had known..”

Yuuri wasn’t even in the room, but he could still smell just how angry Viktor was getting.

But well, at least that answered Yuuri’s question why he had been chosen in the first place.

Of course it was because of a mistake.

“I just told you, he’s fine. He can satisfy me well enough. I don’t need any additional omegas, nor do I want any. I’m certainly not giving him back. Now stop stalling.”

Yuuri went downstairs then, figuring the part he was interested in hearing was over.

What Yakov had said about him sure put a damper on his good mood.

Viktor’s answer though.

That had really surprised him.

If he was honest, he’d probably choose Yakov’s side when it came to judging his looks. He could understand why the old coach wasn’t pleased with Yuuri. He got it, because he thought the same.

What he didn’t get was why Viktor had been genuinely angry at Yakov for saying the truth. Surely Viktor wasn’t blind, and saw all of Yuuri’s shortcomings?

He just… didn’t get it.


When Yuuri came back from picking up Yura, Viktor was sitting at the kitchen counter, drinking a coffee, judging by the smell.

As soon as Yura spotted his dad, he stopped in his tracks and grabbed Yuuri’s hand, looking at him almost scared.


There was the apology to get over with.

He squeezed the boy’s hand reassuringly, before he addressed Viktor.


“Oh! You’re back.”

“Sir, there’s something Yura wants to tell you.”

Viktor looked at the boy curiously.

Yura swallowed loudly and, if Yuuri saw it right, prepared to escape.

So Yuuri grabbed his little shoulders and pushed him forward.

This needed to be dealt with.

And Yura knew it, too, because he barely struggled until he was standing right in front of Viktor’s legs, staring at the floor.

Yuuri crouched down behind him.

“You can do it!”, he whispered into the boy’s ear.

Yura looked up at Viktor.

Yuuri did, too, and realized that the alpha looked a lot more intimidating from this angle. He really felt for the little guy and hoped he would be brave enough to see this through.

Viktor seemed to realize that such a severe difference in height was not ideal for a serious conversation as well, and actually came to kneel down with them.

“What is it?”, he asked.

Yura sniffed.

Uh oh. Not good. Yuuri had hoped for this to happen later in the conversation.

“I… I didn’t mean it…”, Yura sniffed.

Yuuri was pretty sure the boy had tears in his eyes.

“What is this about?”, Viktor asked, now looking at Yuuri, probably for help.

Yuuri ignored him.

“I didn’t mean it!”

“You didn’t mean what? Yuri?”

Yura was full on crying now.

“I- I just said it because I wanted you to get strong and carry me like all the others! I-I didn’t mean it! I’m sorry! Please don’t hate me anymore!” Yura was flat out wailing at this point.“Please! Can you- can you please be my daddy again? I’m really sorry! I didn’t mean it! Promise!”, Yura sobbed, sounding utterly heartbroken.

“Oh…”, Viktor breathed when he realized what the whole thing was about.

He seemed… out of his depth.

“Oh… I don’t hate you, Yura”, Viktor said, sounding close to tears himself.

He took Yura’s tiny hands in his own, by comparison, huge ones.

“Are you sure you want a useless and uncool daddy like me, though?”

Yura nodded insistently.

“Yes! Please!”, Yura howled.

Viktor swallowed audibly, before he finally pulled the boy against his chest to give him a big hug.

It made Yura cry even more, and Yuuri could see his little fingers clutching at Viktor’s suit desperately.

Yuuri backed away slowly, wiping away his own tears that had formed just by witnessing Yura’s pain, and figuring that he’d done his job and that it was probably for the best if he left the two of them alone for a while.

´He went to the library and continued reading his book.


It took quite a while until Yura came running around the corner.

The tear stains on his face were still clearly visible but his face was dry and he was beaming up at Yuuri.

“Daddy says he’s hungry and you should come downstairs!”

“Alright”, Yuuri said, putting his book away.

“Did everything go well?”, he asked, tousling Yura’s hair.

“Yes! Daddy even said sorry, too! And that the doesn’t hate me!”

“That’s great!”, Yuuri said, trying to sound enthusiastic, even though his heart was breaking all over again for the little guy.

“Let’s go down then. How about Katsudon?”



Lunch was a rather quiet affair, but there was no tension in the air anymore.

Viktor seemed… different.

He couldn’t really tell how exactly, but he figured it was his attitude. He just seemed a lot… softer somehow. Like some tough exterior had been broken down.

Yuuri felt he should be more surprised at that than he actually was.

“Will- will you eat dinner with us?”, Yura asked bravely, when they were playing UNO again for a bit after lunch.

“What time is dinner?”, Viktor asked Yuuri.

“At 7.”

“Hmm… I think that should work. I have an appointment at 6 but I’ll try to make it.”

After hearing that, Yura was beaming so hard that Yuuri was actually getting worried of his face to get stuck like that.

Viktor noticed it, too.


Viktor actually managed to come down for dinner on time.

He looked at Yura as if he’d seen a ghost though.

“Why are you sweating like that?”

“Katsudon is teaching me how to dance!”


Viktor looked at Yuuri quite surprised.

“Ah… is that… okay? Oh god, I should have asked that before I started teaching him. I’m-“

“Calm down, Yuuri, it’s fine.”


“Since when are you dancing, Yura?”

The boy looked at his father in fascination.

“You don’t think it’s too girly?”

Viktor barked out a laugh at that, and even Yuuri couldn’t help but giggle.

Asking Viktor if something was too girly was… well. The man had had waist long hair until he was 20 and worn glittery costumes for even longer.

“What!? Why are you laughing!? Katsudon??? Daddy??”

“I’m sorry, sweetie”, Viktor chuckled, “it’s not too girly at all.”

Yuuri almost died when Viktor called Yura sweetie. Not just because he called him that, but because of the way Yura had lightened up. It was just so… satisfying on a whole different level.

“So what kind of dance are you learning?”

“Uuhhh…” Yura looked at Yuuri for help.

“Nothing specific yet. I wanted to hammer in the basics like balance and stuff first.”

Viktor hummed.

“It’s kinda boring”, Yura complained.

“But it’s important.”

Thank you, Viktor.

Yura pouted.


After dinner Yuuri made Yura clear the table and ceased the opportunity to quickly ask Viktor something.

“Do you think you could help bring Yura to bed tonight? Not-! Not that I need help, I can do it alone, but he’s been asking for you when he’s about to drift off so…”

“Oh… sure...”

What even was this day? Yuuri had this bad feeling that for everything good that had happened today, things would take a turn for the worse really soon.


Viktor showed up in Yura’s room when Yuuri was reading to the boy.

“Daddy?”, he’d asked sleepily, as soon as he realized the alpha was there.

Yuuri stood up from the edge of the bed, so Viktor could take over. He hadn’t planned to leave the room, but as soon as Yura saw Yuuri backing away, he grabbed the omega’s pants.

“You need to stay, too.”

So Yuuri sat down on the floor, stroking through Yura’s hair while Viktor finished reading the story.

By the time Viktor was done, Yura was already asleep.

Viktor stared at his son in what could only be described as wonder for a few moments, before they left the room.

Outside of Yura’s room, Yuuri was starting to feel a little lost.

Should he walk to Viktor’s piano room together with him? Should he follow in 10 minutes?

“Uhh… sir?”


“About the  uhh… the cuddling…”

“Ah yes… We’ll take a break from that today.”


“Frankly, I’m exhausted. I also don’t want to… Yuuri?”


“You look disappointed. Do you want to cuddle today?”

“I uhh… I guess I was just expecting it? I mean…”

“That doesn’t answer my question.”

“I- I think I was looking forward to it”, Yuuri admitted, blushing all the way down to his chest.

Viktor sighed.

“Well then, come on.”


“I’m not going to reject you if you want to cuddle.”

“B-but you said you’re exhausted?”, Yuuri argued, even though he was already following him.

“I’ll manage. Don’t question me, Yuuri”, Viktor ordered, though Yuuri wasn’t sure how serious he was being at that moment.


They had been cuddling for quite a while, with Viktor laying on top of Yuuri, before the alpha decided to start talking again.

“Do you want to switch?”, he asked.

Yuuri thought about it for a moment.

“No”, he decided, figuring he could do without worrying about his weight today. Sure, Viktor had made his point yesterday, but that didn’t magically stop Yuuri from worrying.

After a few more moments of silence, Viktor leaned up and starting kissing Yuuri again. At first without using his tongue, though when Yuuri got into it, he started French kissing him again.

Yuuri hated it.

Not the kissing, but the fact that he was so bad at it.

Viktor must’ve noticed his frustration, too.

“You’re trying too hard Yuuri. Just… don’t think about it too much.”

That was easier said than done.

Viktor tried kissing him like that a few more times before he apparently gave up for the day.

“How are you feeling?”, he asked Yuuri after he leaned back a bit.

“Huh?” Yuuri himself was still a little dazed from the kissing and Viktor’s smell though.

“You smell like you’re rather happy, but…”

“Oh! Yeah. I mean- I’m comfortable.” Funny, how fast one could get used to certain things. He certainly hadn’t expected for it to happen so fast.

“Hmm… do you want to try and go further then?”

“I- I guess?”

Viktor raised an eyebrow at him, making Yuuri swallow nervously.

“I mean… yes? Wait. What does that even entail?”

Viktor shook his head at him, definitely amused.

“Well… we’ve been kissing a lot and we’re as close to each other as physically possible with how we are now. So the next logical step would be to undress.”

At hearing that, Yuuri panicked.

He didn’t even know why, if he was honest. He knew Viktor wouldn’t just suddenly do stuff to him. His panic was silly, he knew that, but he couldn’t help it.

“U- undress?! As in- get- getting n-n-naked!?”

“At least from the waist up? We’ve been in the pool together before, so that shouldn’t be too bad, yes?”

If only Viktor knew.


Viktor narrowed his eyes at him.

“Are you sure?”


“I will include a lot of touching”, Viktor warned him.

Yuuri swallowed.


He’d have to get used to it at some point anyway.

Viktor just looked at him for another moment before he sat up. He slid his fingers underneath Yuuri’s shirt slowly, but not hesitantly. He ran his fingers up Yuuri’s sides, taking the shirt with him, But Yuuri…

Yuuri couldn’t help himself.

He tried not to let it show, he really did.

But he was ticklish as hell and Viktor was hitting all the wrong spots.

He burst out laughing.


“Yuuri?” Viktor looked mildly put out.

“I’m sorry! I’m just ticklish, I can’t help it!”

Viktor heaved a heavy, long-suffering sigh.

“Sit up, you.” Viktor sounded almost miffed.

So, after somehow managing to get himself into a sitting position, Yuuri pressed a quick kiss on the alpa’s lips in order to smooth things over. He hadn’t meant for this to happen, after all.

Viktor exhaled loudly and took Yuuri’s shirt off the same way one would rip a plaster off.

Quick and efficient.

“Your turn.”


“It’s your turn to take my clothes off.”

Okay this time he’d asked for it but why did Viktor always have to be so blunt!?

He blushed all the way down to his feet, probably. He definitely felt hot all over.


The vest was probably a good point to start.

But that’d mean he’d probably touch Viktor’s stomach - his abs! – in the process.

Oh god.

His fingers were trembling when he was fighting to open the first button.

They hadn’t stopped trembling when he was working on the last one.

He looked up at Viktor’s face when he was done, though he didn’t really know why.

“Take it off, Yuuri”, Viktor said patiently.

Yuuri did.

Though he was very careful not to touch Viktor in the process.

When the vest was lying next to them, Viktor stared at him extremely amused.

“Yuuuuri. Are you afraid to touch me?”

“Hiiii”, Yuuri made a weird squealing noise at being called out.

“Why is that? Are you scared?”

Yuuri shook his head.

He didn’t think he was privileged enough to have the right to touch Viktor, but he felt that Viktor would be weirded out if he told him that.

“Well in that case…”

Viktor grasped Yuuri’s wrists in each of his hands and pressed one of Yuuri’s against his chest, and the other one against his stomach.

It set Yuuri back to imitating dying whales.

How could Viktor possibly find this satisfying? Maybe he’d lied to Yakov? Yeah, that sounded more realistic.

But damn it, he could feel Viktor’s muscles moving under his hands, and sure, it was because the alpha was laughing at him but still, it was- it was- brain-damaging. That’s what it was.

“See? No big deal.”

Maybe not to you, Yuuri didn’t say.

“Come on, keep going.”

Yuuri swallowed but obeyed.

He almost breathed a sigh of relief when he was done with unbuttoning Viktor’s dress shirt, before he realized he’d have to get it off the man, too.

He did the perfect impression of a dying baby whale.

“It’s not scary, Yuuri. You should know by now that I don’t bite.”

Yuuri kind of knew that, he guessed.

He carefully slid the shirt down Viktor’s arms.

“See? You’re doing great.”

Yuuri did very much not believe that.

Because honestly, right now, he couldn’t even look at Viktor without blushing 50 shades darker than was healthy.

“Let’s lay back down, okay?”

Yuuri nodded and laid back down on his back.

He thought he was fine, he really, really did, but the closer Viktor’s naked torso cam to him, the more he realized that he wasn’t.

Luckily, Viktor noticed it, too.

“Okay, then. Let’s try something else.”

“Wh- what?”

“Turn around, lay on your stomach.”

Yuuri obeyed, not knowing what was going to happen, but trusting Viktor to not do anything drastic.


Viktor sat down on Yuuri’s ass.

Yuuri yelped.

He was incredibly uncomfortable.

“Shh calm down, Yuuri.”

Yuuri tried.

But Viktor didn’t exactly help matters when he started rubbing his hands over Yuuri’s back like-

Like he was giving him a massage.



Okay, that… that actually did help.

Quite a lot.

It only took a few seconds for Yuuri to start melting under Viktor’s hands.

“You’re incredibly tense. I should send you to a professional masseuse”, Viktor commented.

Yuuri hummed in protest, too relaxed to start arguing.

“Hey don’t fall asleep on me!” Honestly, Yuuri was about to.

Viktor stopped, causing Yuuri to make several slightly weird sounds of protest.

“Turn around, Yuuri.”

Yuuri was disgruntled at the order but obeyed anyway. Or at least he tried to. Viktor hadn’t actually moved much from where he had been sitting on Yuuri, so he didn’t have much space to work with. He’d probably never looked this ungraceful in his life, but thankfully Viktor didn’t comment on it.

When Yuuri managed to lay on his back properly, Viktor stared at him for a moment, before-

“Maybe I should give your front a massage as well…”

“No”, Yuuri said, very decidedly.

“Why not?”, Viktor asked, actually poking his belly.

Yuuri wanted to die.

“I already told you, I’m tickLISH OH GOD NO PLEASE DON’T”

But of course, Viktor was merciless and kept on tickling him.

At one point Yuuri had the chance to get away, which he used, obviously, but he hadn’t managed to crawl far before Viktor grabbed his hips and pulled him back towards him; Yuuri screeching all the way.

“You don’t get to run away”, Viktor chided him and tickled him some more to drive the point home.

After a while he stopped though, and collapsed on top of Yuuri, both of them breathing heavily.

At this point, Yuuri even forgot to be uncomfortable, which, in hindsight, had probably been the point of Viktor’s tickle attack.

Yuuri noticed though, that Viktor’s skin was very warm. He didn’t know why it stood out to him so much, but he figured that it was because to him, Viktor had always kind of looked like some porcelain doll: Hard, cold, too beautiful for words, and very fragile.

It was weird to realize that the opposite was true for everything but the beautiful part.

“Say Yuuri?”


“I have you to thank for how things turned out with Yura today, yes?”

“Oh. You don’t need to thank me.”

“But I want to. Let me buy you something.”


“I don’t know. What do you want?”

“No- I mean… huh!?”

“Oh”, Viktor chuckled. “Well, I want to thank you somehow. Do you have a favorite brand? Something you’ve always wanted?”

Yuuri bit his lip.

He really was going to die of embarrassment today, wasn’t he?


“Th- there’s one thing.”

“Do tell.”

Yuuri closed his eyes in agony.

“C-c-c-can I have an autograph?”

“From who?”




He chanced a look at Viktor, only to see how the man looked at him in bewilderment.

“W- when my family comes over they- they could bring one of my posters, and… well… I’d be very happy if you could sign that?”

Yuuri hid behind his hands.

“You have posters of me?” Viktor sounded delighted.

“Yuuri!” He ripped Yuuri’s hands away from his face.

“Of course!”, Viktor agreed enthusiastically.

“Cool”, Yuuri squeaked.

Yep. He was definitely going to die half naked underneath an alpha, simply because he didn’t know how to deal with an honest to god happy Viktor.

Chapter Text

„Come in.“

Yuuri walked into the office with a spring in his step.

“Good morning, Sir!”

“Good morning, Yuuri.” Viktor looked at him amused. “You seem to be in a good mood.”

“I am”, Yuuri grinned, walking around the desk to give Viktor some good smooching.

He still didn’t feel like he’d gotten the hang of French kissing quite yet, but it definitely wasn’t as disastrous anymore as it had been one week ago.

“I’m gonna go out for a run”, he told Viktor, after pulling back.

“You could’ve just let me known via text”, Viktor smirked at him and let his hands wander over Yuuri’s chest while he was leaning back in his chair.

It made Yuuri swallow.

Sure, they had cuddled almost every night since Yuuri died after asking Viktor for his autograph, but … well.

The next time they had cuddled after that, Viktor had tried to go further, as he always did, and tried to take off Yuuri’s pants after promising that it would be only the pants, and not his underwear. But even after that promise Yuuri had panicked as soon as Viktor had started to pull them down. Yuuri had screamed at Viktor to stop and backed away as far as he could, leaving Viktor utterly confused.

It had taken the alpha almost an hour to calm him down again.

They hadn’t cuddled the night after that.

And since then Viktor hadn’t tried to push further again. However, they had gone topless in their cuddling session every single time. And Viktor had gotten a little more handsy, too. Though he always kept his hands above the waistline, and, after realizing that Yuuri did, in fact, feel uncomfortable about his pudgy belly, his main focus had been to make the omega more accepting of himself. It had mainly consisted of stroking random patterns all over Yuuri’s torso and constant touching.

Yuuri had gotten used to that at least. So much in fact, that he had started looking forward to cuddling with Viktor. A lot.

It made him more relaxed around the alpha in general, he’d realized at one point.

The fact that there hadn’t been any more punishments had probably helped, too.

He definitely wasn’t scared of Viktor anymore.

But he had yet to figure out whether that was actually a good thing or not.

“I could’ve. But then you wouldn’t have gotten your morning kiss.”

“That’s a very good argument you’re making there. So? Maybe you should hurry up and give me one then.”

“I just did.”

“I didn’t notice.”

Yuuri snorted.

Yeah right, that’s why your tongue was in my mouth.

Viktor was lucky that Yuuri didn’t mind kissing Viktor a few more times before he was finally allowed to leave the office again.

He ran around the house once, only to realize just how big it actually was, before he headed into the forest.

He followed the same path he’d walked with Viktor, but this time he noticed that there were several paths that diverted from the one he was using. He was amazed at how much the fog had hidden from sight last time.

The forest looked a lot friendly now than it did before, too, so he made a promise to himself to try out the other paths the next time he went for a run.

Yuuri ran all the way up to the edge of the cliffs before he stopped to get his breathing under control again, enjoying the scenery.

He’d been standing there for a few minutes, before he noticed some commotion further down.

Putting his glasses on, which he’d kept in his pocket, just in case, he saw what must’ve been the security house Viktor had been talking about.

He could make out some figures – 3? – that seemed to be rather agitated, but he couldn’t hear what they were saying.

So he cautiously jogged closer.

When he could hear the conversation, he finally started to get the gist of what was going on.

It was a rather harsh reality check.


“No. This property is private, so the answer would be no either way. We don’t want to have anything to do with your crimes so get out of here.”

“I know it’s private but I really just need to get to the other side of it! Please! They’ll catch up soon, I-!”

“What’s going on?”, Yuuri butted in, as soon as he was close enough.

The two security guards looked at him confused for a second, before they seemed to realize that Yuuri was Viktor’s omega.

“M- Mr. Katsuki. There’s nothing to worry about, we have the situation under control.”

“That’s not what I asked.”

Yuuri was still a little confused. The third person, a boy with some pretty wild hair, was obviously injured.

“Is this your land? Please, can I cross it?! I promise I don’t want to do anything weird, I just need to get to the other side as fast as possible, it would give me a huge lead and-“

“He is an omega that ran away from his master and now he’s asking us to become his accomplice”, interrupted the other security guard.

“Please! It’s only a matter of time until they catch up!”

Yuuri chewed his lip.

He didn’t really know what to do. Obviously he wanted to help the young omega, but he could get into serious trouble if he did that. He didn’t know exactly what would happen, but he figured that Viktor would be less than happy with him.

But he saw the desperation in those big innocent, and way too young eyes.

He didn’t have the heart to send him away.

Yuuri took a deep breath before he started talking.

“Let him in.”

“But- Mr. Katsuki! Lord Nikiforov wouldn’t approve-“

“I’ll talk to Viktor about it.I- I’ll take him back to the house right away. Also, if… if someone asks… you haven’t seen him. I- I’ll take the blame for it.”

The guards looked at each other questioningly, before both of them shrugged.

“As you wish, Mr. Katsuki”, one of them said, while the other one went to open the gate.

The young omega had burst out crying in relief while Yuuri had still been talking.

“Tha- thank you so much! I don’t eve- I- I don-“

“Shh. It’s fine don’t worry about it. Let’s just get into the forest first, okay?” It’d be bad if whoever was after the boy caught them before they could hide.

The omega was a lot slower than Yuuri, which Yuuri thought must’ve been because he’d been on the run for who knows how long by that point. So Yuuri decided to carry him piggyback-style.

“What’s your name?”

“M-minami Kenjirou. I- I mean Kenjirou Minami”, the boy sniffed.

So Yuuri hadn’t imagined the Japanese accent.

“How come you’re in England?”

Minami sobbed. “I was in Japan until my owner bought me.”

“When was that?”

“2 weeks ago.”

“How old are you, Minami?”, Yuuri asked.


That almost made Yuuri trip over himself.

“16? Isn’t the age for-“

“They lowered it last year. At least back home.”

Well damn.

“Try to stay awake, okay? We’ll be safe soon.” Probably. Maybe.

Minami’s voice had started to sound fainter by the minute, so Yuuri got worried that he might have some internal injuries or something that might actually be severe. However, he hoped that the boy was just tired.


No answer.

Well so much for that. Getting scared now, Yuuri started running again, even though he knew that jostling Minami around when he was injured wasn’t a great idea. He just wanted to get back to Viktor as fast as possible.


He almost barged in without knocking.

“Come in”, came Viktor’s confused voice through the door.

So Yuuri barged in.

“What the- Yuuri?”

“I- can explain everything after you called an ambulance?”

“No. You explain first, and then I’ll see what I’ll do”, Viktor said seriously.

This had actually been Yuuri’s worst case scenario.


“So,” Viktor summarized, looking increasingly unhappy, “you let in a strange omega, who was on the run from his owner, and told my security to lie to said owner and told them that you would take the blame for all of it.

Have you gone crazy?”

“I’m sorry! But he was in pain and so scared, you should have seen his eyes and he’s only 16 and-“

“Shut up.”

Yuuri did shut up. Not because Viktor told him to, but because of the way Viktor had said it, and how he’d said it. He’d never used that kind of language before.

Yuuri swallowed, realizing at that moment that he must have fucked up more than he’d originally anticipated.

Viktor didn’t smell angry though, which confused him a lot.

The alpha had his head in both of his hands and rubbed his temples.

“Put him the couch.”

Yuuri somehow managed to not sigh in relief.

“Do you even know the law, Yuuri? Calling an ambulance would be the stupidest thing to do right now”, Viktor reprimanded him.

“I- I know what’s important for omegas to know.”

Viktor gave him the stink eye.

Yuuri felt very small when the alpha took his phone.

“Dr. Cialdini, good morning. I’m terribly sorry to intrude on what I’m sure is a busy day for you, but I have an emergency at home.”

“How long will it take?”

“Thank you very much, I’ll see you then.”

Viktor hung up and dialed again.

“Dr. Cialdini will arrive here in about 30 minutes.”

That was probably security on the other end now. Yuuri wondered if the ones at the front gate already knew what had happened at the cliffs.

After Viktor hung up again, he stared at Yuuri in a way that he couldn’t identify, but it was definitely not good. He hadn’t felt this intimidated in a while.

“What do you plan to do after his injuries are taken care of?”

The question threw Yuuri off.

“U-uhm… well. I was- I think- I was going to ask you i-if maybe you c-c-could just, keep him?”

“Well, are you asking that still?”

“Y-yes, sir.”

“The answer is no. Absolutely not.”


Viktor narrowed his eyes at him.

“For one, Yuuri, I’m not planning to go to jail-“

Yuuri gasped. He hadn’t even thought about that!

“- and two, I will not have two omegas running around in my house. Absolutely not. Do you realize what you’re saying there, Yuuri?”


Yuuri suddenly felt like he was in over his head.

Viktor must’ve noticed that Yuuri was close to a panic attack, because he sighed heavily and rolled his chair back.

“Come here, Yuuri.”

Yuuri obeyed.

“I-I’m really sorry. I just wanted to help him. A-a-and he looked so-“


Yuuri shut up.

“Straddle me.”

Yuuri blushed deeply, but obeyed, making himself comfortable on Viktor’s lap. At least the chair was big enough for that.

Viktor put his hands on Yuuri’s hips and stared into his eyes for longer than was comfortable before he started talking again.

“You do know the main reason why alphas decide to keep omegas, yes?”


“Do you want to get out of having to have sex with me by trying to dump another omega on me?”, Viktor asked earnestly.

If Viktor hadn’t been holding on to Yuuri, he probably would have jumped 10 meters in the air at that.

“NO!!!!!!”, he yelled.

At hearing that, some of the tension seemed to leave Viktor.

“C-c-can’t you just- I mean- h-h-he’s way too young for this kind of thing. C-couldn’t you just- not do that!? Even if you kept him!?”

“No, Yuuri, I really can’t ‘just keep him’. Not if you want to stay here.”

Why did Viktor have to be so stubborn!?

Yuuri was getting close to tears.

“You don’t want him to stay here either, if you’re honest with yourself.”

“Huh?” Why would Viktor think that??

He narrowed his eyes at Yuuri.

“Yuuri. I know you said you never had sex, but did you ever have any kind of close relationship with an alpha, outside of your family?”

“N-no..” Yuuri didn’t quite know what Viktor was going on about.

“In that case you might not even be aware of it yet”, Viktor sighed. “Listen, Yuuri. Omegas are naturally very jealous creatures. Your individual personality can’t even compare to that instinct. You’re a good person, Yuuri. That’s why you wanted to help a fellow omega, but you do not want him in your territory for a prolonged period of time. And as soon as you realize that he’s going to intrude on it – even if it’s because of your own actions – you’ll grow very irritated and irrationally angry with him, whenever you run into him.”

“B-but this isn’t even my territory?” Yuuri was confused. How could Viktor even think that Yuuri would have the gall to think that?

“Isn’t it? You’re settled in here, we kiss and cuddle quite often and you love my son. Tell me how this isn’t your territory. We don’t have to be mated for tis to be your territory, Yuuri.”

Yuuri paused.

He’d never stopped to think about it, but now that Viktor was laying out those facts before him, well, he couldn’t really disagree.

Though he blushed scarlet at the realization.

“I didn’t mean to…”

“I know. But it’s unavoidable. Now, Yuuri think. How would you react if we cuddled and the other omega barged in and interrupted?”

Yuuri could feel annoyance bubble up inside him at the mere thought.

He tried to suppress it immediately, but judging by the knowing look Viktor gave him, he’d already noticed it.

Yuuri swallowed.

“Now, Yuuri, I’ll tell you what will be unavoidable if another omega were to stay here. Close your eyes and imagine this: While you’re gone to pick up Yura from school, the other omega goes into heat. As an alpha, I would obviously do my duty and fuck the heat out of him, knot him and pu-“


Yuuri was shaking.

And crying.

He also had Viktor’s shoulders in an iron grip.

“Do-don’t. Please…”, he whimpered.

He wasn’t even sure what he was feeling.

There was white hot rage, and an unhealthy amount of jealousy.

And so much anguish.

Just at the mere thought of Viktor sharing another omega’s heat.

It hurt- it hurt so much.

In fact, it messed with him so much that he could taste vomit at the back of his throat.

Viktor pulled Yuuri flush to his chest, and started to rub his back.

“See what I mean? You’d most likely try to kill him, that’s how much you would be beside yourself.”

Yuuri sobbed, unable to get over what Viktor had just made him think.

Viktor sighed.

“I’m sorry I had to put that picture in your head, darling. But I don’t think you would’ve grasped the situation otherwise.”

Viktor kissed his temple and stroked through Yuuri’s hair.

He was right, too, Yuuri thought after he had managed to calm down a bit. He wouldn’t even have considered the fact that another omega would also have to go through heats. And that he was probably the only omega crazy enough to want to go through a heat alone. And if Viktor owned another omega, he was obliged to help the omega through it.

Yuuri wanted to get that thought out of his mind. Desperately.

“But… but what about alphas who own more than one omega? How do they…?” Yuuri attempted to ask, when he felt like he could talk again.

“Those alphas don’t care about what the omegas feel. I assume they keep their omegas in cages as well to prevent that. Either way, I doubt that the omegas owned by those kinds of alphas grow attached enough for this to happen anyway.”


Yuuri swallowed.

That was how omegas were usually treated.

He’d almost forgotten.

Also, apparently Viktor knew now that Yuuri had, in fact, become quite fond of the man.

His life was shit.

Actually, no. Not for an omega.

But apparently his life was too good for him to handle actual reality.

He had no idea what he should do now.

He hugged Viktor tighter.

“Yuuri, I know you probably don’t want to hear this right now, but you’ve created this mess yourself, so you don’t get a choice. What I just told you is only one side of it. Sooner or later the boy’s owner will come to the conclusion that he’s on my property and he will accuse me of stealing his omega. You’re aware that’s a felony?”

Yuuri swallowed.

“N-no. I didn’t know that”, he whispered guiltily.

“Well, now you do. You told the guards that you would take the blame for it, which makes this even worse. The boy’s owner, I assume it’s a man, will get the right to decide your punishment, and since he isn’t allowed to execute it, I’m the one who will have to do it. In front of witnesses, too. And that is if things go well. Because you took his omega away from him, he can choose to keep you as his own omega for compensation.”

Yuuri was horrified.

He hadn’t known about that.

“I am rather confident that I’ll be able to dissuade him from doing that if I offer him enough money, however there’s no way he won’t have you punished and there is nothing I’ll be able to do about that.

“As for the boy… he’ll have to go back anyway. I will not have more than one omega running around in this house.”

Yuuri was stupid.

He was so very, very stupid.

All he’d wanted to do was to help a fellow omega, but instead of helping him, he’d only gotten all of them into serious trouble.

That’s- that’s not how he had imagined this to go at all.

He was such a failure.

He didn’t have the right to cry. Because it was his fault to begin with.

But he couldn’t help himself.

He sobbed loudly, tears seeping into Viktor’s pristine suit.

Viktor just sighed heavily.


Yuuri was still crying and straddling Viktor when the doctor arrived.

He wanted to slide off of Viktor in embarrassment, but the alpha didn’t let go of him.

“Dr. Cialdini. Thank you for coming here. My omega here found a stray one on our property and it seems like that one injured.”

The doctor didn’t even blink an eye at the situation and started to look Minami over.

While the examination was going on Viktor kept stroking Yuuri’s back, kissing him on his head from time to time.

Yuuri didn’t know why Viktor hadn’t kicked him out, or at least punished him yet.

He’d punish himself if he could.


“His wounds aren’t very serious. There are some shallow scratched here and there, and I’d say he’s in desperate need of a bath, but otherwise he should be fine. He’s slightly malnourished, but it should be easy to fix with some vitamins and good food. I assume the reason why he collapsed was exhaustion.”

Dr. Cialdini left shortly afterwards.

Minami woke up about half an hour later.

He panicked as soon as he noticed that there was an alpha in the room.

“I’m sorry!”, was the first thing he said.

Viktor sighed.

And let his grip on Yuuri go slack.

Yuuri clung onto him anyway.

Which was apparently the wrong things to do, because Viktor… Viktor pretty much glared at him.

Had- had he decided to exchange him for Minami after all?

Yuuri whined.

“On your knees, Yuuri.”

Yuuri obeyed, and tried to keep himself from whimpering unsuccessfully when he was kneeling on the floor. He just wanted to stay close to Viktor.

“What’s your name?”, Viktor asked Minami gently, probably in order to not scare him any further.

But still.

That tone made Yuuri’s whole body go stiff.

Because it wasn’t directed at him.

“M- K-Kenjirou Minami.”

“Why were you running away from your owner?”

Since Yuuri was kneeling he couldn’t see Minamis reaction to the question.

Though if Yuuri was honest he was busy trying to keep his mind off the fact that Viktor was paying all of his attention to another younger and fitter omega, and none at all to him.

It was hard.

“B-because he di-didn’t give me b-b-break, even though I- I told him it h-hurt.”

“Would you like me to be your owner instead, Minami?”

“I-I don’t know, sir. Y-you definitely smell a lot nicer than him.”

Yuuri clenched his fists so hard he made himself bleed from the indents his fingernail left, in an effort to not bawl his eyes out. He couldn’t help the quiet sob that escaped him anyway.

He shouldn’t be reacting like this.

Heck, he hadn’t expected to react like this.

This is what he’d wanted.

He had somehow managed to make Viktor listen to him yet again.

He had absolutely no right crying about it.

“Hmm. When is your next heat?”

“I- in about 3 months, sir.”

Yuuri was shaking.

He couldn’t take this conversation.

It hurt too much.

“I can’t promise that I will be able to buy you from your current owner, because that will ultimately be his decision. However, if he should agree, I will only become your new owner under one condition.

“Which condition, sir?”

“I need you to find a beta boyfriend or girlfriend before your next heat. As you know, I already have an omega and we’re too emotionally attached for me to take care of you in the… ah… traditional way. Obviously, I can’t let you be with another alpha as long as I own you, but expecting you to go through your heat by yourself would be barbaric. Do you think you can find yourself a beta partner before your next heat?”

“Definitely, sir.”

“Good. I will have you sign an agreement that frees me of the duty of having to take care of you during your heat. Please take a seat in the hallway outside while I write it.”

Yuuri had trouble breathing and hearing, but the thud of a closing door got through to him.


Yuuri flinched.

Viktor sighed.

So Yuuri looked up at the alpha, just in time to see him wrinkle his nose.

The action got another silent sob out of Yuuri. He knew he couldn’t even come close to Minami in terms of attractiveness. But Viktor didn’t have to show his distaste so obviously.

“Are- are you bleeding?”, Viktor asked unbelievingly.


Yuuri flinched again, though he could guess that Viktor’s eyes were zeroing in on his hands.

But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t bring himself to unclench his fists.

“Yuuri what the hell are you doing!?”, Viktor exclaimed, shocked.

He grasped Yuuri’s hands and opened them forcefully.

“Oh for fuck’s sake”, Viktor sighed.

“This is exactly why I don’t want to deal with more than one omega at a time”, he grumbled while he got his medical kit from one of the shelves.

The pain of the disinfectant got him out of his head enough for him to hiss and try to pull his hands away.

With no luck.

“After everything I just explained to you, don’t tell me you thought I would do that to you.“

Yuuri stared at the floor, ashamed of his reaction.

He didn’t know why he reacted like that.

He still wanted to help Minami, too.

“Yuuri, look at me.”

When Yuuri didn’t react, Viktor grasped him under the chin and pushed his head up until he looked him in the eyes.

“Did you?”

Yuuri swallowed.

“Yes, sir.”

Viktor narrowed his eyes at him.

You, Mister, are silly. You should know by now that I would never do something like that.”

Yuuri sobbed, though this time it was probably out of relief.

He honestly wasn’t even sure what he was feeling anymore.

After Viktor was done bandaging Yuuri’s hands, he got on the floor as well and hugged him tightly.

Yuuri hugged him back, clutching at Viktor as if he was his lifeline.

He was still scared.

Not of Viktor sending him to another alpha, no. He trusted his owner’s words. Now.

He was more scared of himself. He hadn’t known what kind of intense emotions he was capable of. And the intensity of it was what had scared him the most, almost. It was only second to not being enough for Viktor. And he didn’t know how to deal with that feeling, either.

He really was in way over his head, in more ways than one, he realized.

And he had created such a mess.

“I’m so sorry”, Yuuri whispered, still in Viktor’s arms.

Chapter Text

„Go sit on the couch, Yuuri”, Viktor said after he pulled away from the hug.

Yuuri didn’t move.

“Please, sir… c-can I stay here?”

Viktor looked at him in a rather befuddled way.

“On the floor?”

Yuuri nodded. He didn’t care that he was kneeling on the floor, he just wanted to stay close to Viktor right now.

Viktor sighed.

“Do as you wish.”

And with that Viktor went to sit at his desk properly, getting on the phone as soon as he sat down.

“Chris, hi. I need your help.”

“No, don’t bring Phichit, that’s the last thing I need right now. No, I need you to get two of the cages from the basement and put them on the stage- yes, the ground floor, don’t interrupt me. Move the couches from the corner onto the stage as well. You can ask Georgi to help you.”

“No, I don’t want to punish Yuuri.”

“Look Chris, just do what I say and I’ll explain the circumstances later.”

Viktor sighed after hanging up.

“C-cages? Sir?”

Viktor sighed once more.

“Yes, cages. If I want this to play out with the least amount of damage as possible I need to manipulate him into assuming things. Yuuri, you realize that he will be enraged, yes? He will most likely want me to punish you in a way that will really you. And that doesn’t have to be physically. If I were to present you to him like you normally are, that is, wearing clothes and running around freely, he will assume that you feel quite settled in here. If an omega feels like that it becomes territorial, as you should know now. Now, if he knows I’m allowing you to be territorial in my house he will correctly assume that having you watch me fuck Minami will be the worst punishment for you.

“And I will do everything I can to lead him away from that conclusion. Which means, I will keep you as omegas are usually kept, so he won’t care about emotional attachments. If he doesn’t care about that then the chances of him trying to mentally abuse you like that will get close to zero, are you still following me?”

“Yes, sir.” In a fucked up way, this actually made perfect sense.

“D-does that mean, I’ll have to be n-n-naked in that… that cage?”


Yuuri clenched his eyes shut.


“Lilia, good morning”, Viktor was on the phone again, “I’m sorry this is very last minute, but could Yura stay at your house until the day after tomorrow?”

“Yes, I realize that I’m asking a lot of you, but I have reason to believe that I’ll get visited by an extremely aggravated alpha, a stranger, today, and I need time to deal with him and the fallout.”

“Of course. I’ll invite you to watch the premiere performance of Don Quixote at the Royal Opera in February.”

“Yes, the Orchestra Stalls.”

“Thank you, Lilia.”

Yuuri was so glad that Yura wouldn’t have to witness what was undoubtedly about to happen, but at the same time he felt intensely guilty about just how much money he was costing Viktor right now, just because of his misjudgment.

He really did deserve to get punish for this. But he was also so happy that Viktor didn’t seem to be very angry with him. Even though he didn’t deserve such kindness right now.

God, his mind was a mess.

He leaned forward until his forehead pressed against Viktor’s knee.

“Yuuri”, Viktor sighed, after a while.

Yuuri turned his head to look at him.

“Go get Minami. You can keep kneeling here while I talk to him.”

So Yuuri stood up and walked into the hallway hesitantly. He didn’t quite know how to face Minami after everything that just happened.

The boy sat on the bench, shoulders hunched and obviously scared.

Yuuri immediately felt like an ass for reacting the way he had.

“Minami?” The boy’s head shot up to look at him. “Viktor wants to talk to you.”

After kneeling back down he couldn’t help himself. He knew it was silly, and he knew that Minami wouldn’t even see it, so he wouldn’t be able to take the hint either, but Yuuri pressed himself against the outside of Viktor’s leg, with his head lying on the alpha’s sigh in a show of what was supposed to convey “that’s mine”.

He celebrated a quiet victory inside his head when Viktor started stroking through Yuuri’s hair, before he even started talking to Minami again.

Yuuri told his brain to shut up and listen.

“I have a plan to try and just buy you from your current owner, as I’ve already told you. And I promise you that much. However, you need to understand that I cannot promise you that it will work.”

“I understand, sir.”

Yuuri didn’t like it when Minami called Viktor ‘sir’.

“Good. Now, are those your clothes?”

“No, sir. I… I stole them from my master before I ran away…”

“I figured as much. How has your current owner kept you and how did you escape in the first place?”

“I- I was in cage, Sir, unless… well. Unless he uh… needed me.”


“Yes, sir”, Minami whispered.

Yuuri felt sick at that thought.

“And how did you escape?”

“He fell asleep last night, before he could… put me back so…”

“Ah, that’s important information, Minami. Thank you.”


“Yes. After all, if he hadn’t neglected to look after you properly, you wouldn’t have been outside of the cage without supervision.”

Yuuri could literally hear the eyeroll in Viktor’s voice when he said that.

“Now, as you can see on Yuuri, I’m not in the habit of keeping omegas in cages, nor naked, however for the sake of pretending to be a normal household, I’m having cages set up downstairs as we speak. I will get notified if your owner wants to enter my property, so as soon as that happens, I need you to undress and get in that cage without making a fuss. Can you do that?”

“Certainly, sir.”

Well. That was more than Yuuri could do. He pressed his face against Viktor’s legs harder, ashamed that he couldn’t even get naked without panicking.

Viktor scratched his scalp soothingly.

“Very good. We’ll see how everything turns out. If I can buy you, I’ll tell you more about how we will deal with the situation then. For now, I will have one of my staff bring you to a guest room where you will stay until further notice.”

“Yes, sir.”

Viktor called Georgi, who appeared at the office door after only a few minutes.

“Georgi. Are you and Chris done with setting everything up?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Thank you. Bring Minami to one of the guest rooms in the west wing. Stay with him until I call you.”

“But, sir”, Georgi stated confused, “what about Yuri?”

“He will stay with Lilia for now.”

After Georgi and Minami left, Viktor let out a heavy sigh.

“Come up here, Yuuri.”

He crawled into Viktor’s lap.

“You know I hate forcing you to do things, but I really can’t have you wearing anything when that alpha comes here. How do I get you naked without having you panic?”

“I-I don’t know, sir. I’m so sorry”, Yuuri whispered. He really was a failure.

“Hm… there must be something though… Do you want to try taking a bath together?”

“Yes, sir.”

He didn’t know whether that would work, if he was honest. In fact, he was rather pessimistic, but he didn’t have time to get comfortable with the thought anymore. Which is why he should just be grateful that Viktor was still willing to go along with whatever made him comfortable.

“Well then get up, Yuuri. I don’t think we have more than a few hours at the most.”


Viktor’s private bathroom was… strange. He couldn’t see a toilet but the outside wall was made up completely of windows. And there was a huge balcony. Who the hell had a balcony connected to the bathroom? Or, bath-oasis, was probably a more fitting term. There was tiny waterfall for christ’s sake. And at the center of the room were steps that led up to the fricking bathtub.

He didn’t know why he’d expected a normal bath.

But it was a welcome distraction from reality right now.

“Y- you have a waterfall… in the bathroom”, Yuuri stated the obvious.

“I thought it was aesthetically pleasing.”

“And a balcony.”

“Where else would be a better place for a jacuzzi?”

“Aren’t you concerned that someone can look in through the windows?”

“No. The only people close enough to be able to do that and actually see something would be the gardeners. And they are usually busy working.”

“Don’t you have a toilet?”

Viktor looked at him amused and pointed to a rounded wall.

“Behind that?”

“Yes. Are you done stalling?”

Yuuri flushed.


“No need. You took a run earlier, so I assume you’re sweaty, yes?”

“Yes, sir…”

“In that case, I’d like you to take a quick shower before we get into the tub, okay?”


They stood in silence for a few moments.

“Well, aren’t you going to undress yourself?”

“Aren’t you?”, Yuuri asked, almost used to getting at least his shirts taken off by Viktor.

“Yuuuuri~ so bold!”

Aaaaaaaand Yuuri was making dying whale noises again.

“I-I-I didn’t mean it like that!”

Viktor smirked. “I’m sure you didn’t. Well then come here Yuuri.”

Viktor took his jersey jacket and shirt off without a problem.

“You can take your socks off yourself, yes?”

Nodding, Yuuri did exactly that.

When he was done, Viktor stared at him seriously.

“I know you are aware of the situation, Yuuri, but just… try to relax somehow, okay?”

That was such an absurd request, Yuuri almost laughed.

But he knew what Viktor meant, so he didn’t and just nodded. Though he got incredibly nervous when Viktor crouched down in front of him.

“I’ll just… get this over with quickly, okay?”

Yuuri nodded, eyes squeezed shut already.

Viktor did indeed pull Yuuri’s pants down quickly, together with his boxers. It had Yuuri’s whole body stiffen up in an instant. He started trembling, too.

He felt Viktor grab his calf and lift his foot off the floor.

Right. He needed to get out of them completely.

Deep breaths Yuuri.

Viktor is the last person on earth who wants to rape you.

Deep breath.

Viktor is trustworthy.

You got yourself into this situation.

Viktor had been fine with not rushing things.

You can only blame yourself for this.

Deep breath.

“Yuuri, hold this.”

Something soft was pressed into Yuuri’s arms. Something that smelled strongly like Viktor.

He opened his eyes, to see that Viktor was stripping in front of him, and that he was holding Viktor’s dress shirt.

“Can you go put this on the chair?”

Yuuri turned to walk to something that was probably some kind of beauty-make-up-table-desk thingy, whatever you called it. He wasn’t even surprised to know that Viktor had one of those.

When Yuuri turned back around, Viktor was standing there, wearing only … was that a thong?

Oh boy.

How did that even- Yuuri shook his head, not wanting to actually know.

“How are you holding up, Yuuri?”

“B-b-b-better than I thought”, Yuuri admitted.

Maybe growing up in an onsen had desensitized him to bathing surroundings or something.

Or maybe it was because he wasn’t the only one naked in this room.

“Do you want to take this off, Yuuuri?”, Viktor asked, lightly snapping at the band of his tiny piece of underwear.

It made Yuuri swallow.


“Are you sure?”, Viktor asked, smirking.


Viktor huffed amused.

“Yuuri I can smell what you’re feeling. If you’re comfortable enough with me to feel aroused you shouldn’t fight it.”

“I’m not-“ Yuuri shut himself up, horrified when he realized that he was, in fact, turned on at the sight of Viktor in a thong.

 “I- I-…”

“Sit down, Yuuri”, Viktor said, slowly walking towards him.

Yuuri let himself fall down on the chair.

When Viktor arrived, he put his hands on each of the armrests, leaning forwards until his nose touched Yuuri’s.

“Be honest with yourself, Yuuri”, Viktor said in a voice that could melt ice.

“Do you want to take it off?”, he murmured.

“Ah..h…I-I-I… uh…uh….”

Viktor ran his nose up Yuuri’s jaw, lips barely touching his skin.

“Yuuri?”, he asked again, with that same tone.

“Yes”, Yuuri whimpered.

“Such a good boy”, Viktor whispered straight into Yuuri’s ear, making the omega shiver all over, before he leaned back a little, to press a gentle kiss on his lips.

“Well then go ahead”, Viktor said, standing up straight.

Wha- what the hell had just happened?!

He blinked up at Viktor, who just stood there, waiting.

Trying to calm his racing, he had a horrible realization.

He was hard.

Viktor’s voice and scent alone had managed to get him hard.

He looked up at Viktor, wondering just how in the hell he was supposed to hide it when he was fucking naked, but once again the alpha seemed to be able to read his mind.

“It doesn’t matter, Yuuri. We won’t start to worry about that until you want us to, yes?”

Yuuri nodded.

If he ignored the fact that he was naked, vulnerable, and embarrassed beyond belief, he found that he was in fact curious to just… get a glimpse… again.

Last time had been really quick, because he was startled beyond belief and hadn’t been prepared in the slightest, but this time… this time he was. Kind of.

He reached his hands out on the direction of… Viktor’s dick.

Oh god.

Actually, no.

He… he couldn’t.

Actually, yes.

He could.

He had permission.

Oh god, he actually wanted to see Viktor’s dick, didn’t he?

He was such a pervert.

What was wrong with him??

He had somehow managed to grasp the band of the thong, and just… having his hands so close was almost causing him to have an aneurysm.

He was really going to do this, wasn’t he?

He glanced up at Viktor again, who just smiled at him gently.

Yes, he was.

He took a deep breath and pulled it down slowly.


Yuuri was familiar with how dicks looked. He had his own one, after all. And he grew up in an onsen. He has seen all kinds of dicks in his life. Granted, he’d never felt comfortable seeing them, but he had seen them. But he’d never seen a dick he’d describe as beautiful. Until today. It… it was just so… perfectly shaped and… pale. Was that even healthy?

Yuuri tried to shake himself out of it.

He knew that an omega’s dick was naturally small, averaging at around 5 cm in an erect state, which, Yuuri was kind of content with, because he fell exactly into that average. It was a small comfort, but it was one nevertheless.

He also knew that a beta’s dick was 10 cm on average, and that an alpha’s was about 15 cm on average.

And now he knew that Viktor’s dick was way beyond average. And he wasn’t only talking about the length. He wasn’t sure what the average measurements were when it came to girth but… but Yuuri was fairly certain that what was hanging in front of his face was the equivalent to 3-4 of his fingers in width.

What he didn’t know was how the heck the alpha had managed to cram himself into such a tiny piece of clothing.



It… it wasn’t exactly flaccid, was it?


Oh god.

Oh god.

Oh boy.

“Yuuri, shh. Relax”, Viktor tried to calm him, “he’s just saying hi, no need to worry okay? Go take a shower, you’ve done amazing.”

……. He?

Well, Yuuri thought, the dick was attached to a he, so it kinda made sense to call it a he, too, right?

Maybe Yuuri had been wrong in calling a dick an it all along?

Or maybe Viktor was the weird one.

Either way, Yuuri jumped at the chance to escape.


There was a seat fastened to the wall of the shower.

Yuuri was confused for a moment before realization came over him.

It hurt his heart.

Were Viktor’s legs really that bad that he couldn’t manage to stand through a whole shower?

Maybe… maybe it was only for the days after he trained?

Yuuri hoped to god that’s what it was.


While he was showering, Viktor had started to let water as well as something bubbly into the tub, Yuuri saw when he got closer to the tub.

The water was pink, too.


Yuuri looked at Viktor questioningly.

“Omegas first”, was what he said instead of explaining just what the heck he’d done to that poor blue water.

“Ah… I- I’ll let you go first”, Yuuri said, not trusting the water to be anything but acidic.

Viktor shrugged and let himself get soaked without hesitation.

And apparently without pain.


He held his hand out to Yuuri.

It wasn’t exactly elegant, but Yuuri managed to climb into the tub in a way that didn’t have him touch Viktor’s dick. It helped that the tub was rather big.

After he settled in, Viktor encircled him in his arm and pulled him close to his chest.

So much for not touching.

“How are you feeling?”, he murmured against Yuuri’s ear. It made him shiver again.

And blush scarlet. There was no way Viktor hadn’t noticed that reaction.

“A-a-a lot better than I expected.”

“Good. To be honest I was expecting this to be a lot more difficult as well. What do you think changed?”

“I-I’m not sure. Probably all the cuddling we’ve done? And maybe that I don’t exactly have a choice anymore.”

Honestly, if he fucked up Viktor’s plans just because he couldn’t keep his shit together about being naked, he’d rather shoot himself in the face than watch Viktor’s worst case prediction come to life, knowing he was the one to blame.

“That’s true”, Viktor sighed, when all of this is over we’ll cuddle naked every day to get you properly used to that as well. And then…”

“And then?”

“And then we’ll see what we feel like doing next. Sound good?”

Yuuri nodded, letting himself lean against Viktor’s warm chest.

Laying there propped up against Viktor and having the alpha’s thumbs stroking over his belly in small, soothing circles, Yuuri was somehow able to let himself relax.

Yuuri was sure that he’d never find a better owner than Viktor and he’d so definitely send himself to hell if he screwed this up. Literally.



“I think we should… finish with the preparations.”

Yuuri swallowed.



After they dried themselves off, Viktor put on his suit again and gave Yuuri a fluffy bathrobe.

Nothing else.

“The less clothing we have to get rid off later, the better”, Viktor explained, which… actually made sense.


Viktor led him into the party room where Yuuri had stolen some drinks with Phichit before.

Though the room looked a little different this time, obviously.

Just as Viktor had ordered, there were two black cages towards the back of the stage, standing about 2 meters apart. And there were two half circle sofas standing in front of a cage each.

“W-why do you even have cages, if you don’t use them? Sir?”

“There are several of my business associates who detest leaving their omegas at home, alone. So when they asked me whether it would be possible for them to store them in the basement during parties and meetings, I ordered several of those.”

“But… I never saw them in the basement?”

“I have them in the basement that connects to the west wing, Yuuri. I would never put something like that in a place where Yura could find it.”


At that moment, Viktor’s phone rang.

Viktor looked at the screen, pulling a face.


“Mr. Richard Paine, huh? No, I don’t know him. Whatever does he want?”

“Oh, I see. It’s the negligent alpha. Take all of his data before you let him through.”

After hanging up, Viktor looked Yuuri seriously.

“Get naked, come with me.”

Yuuri fumbled with the robe while trying to keep up with Viktor. How was it that a guy using a cane was walking faster than him???

Yuuri had managed to untie the knot at the same time they arrived at the stairs that led up to the stage.

Viktor took the bathrobe off Yuuri’s shoulders, and threw it behind the bar before he led him towards the cage on the right.

It wasn’t high enough to let Yuuri stand in it, he realized.

“Get in there, Yuuri.” Viktor almost sounded like he was close to begging.

Yuuri swallowed but didn’t make a fuss when he crawled inside. The ground was padded, so that was at least something.

“You can do this, Yuuri”, Viktor whispered, before he pressed a soft kiss onto his forehead.

When the lock to the cage clicked, Yuuri had a funny feeling in his stomach, but he forced himself to ignore it.

Viktor put his arm through the bars and grasped Yuuri’s hand in his, stroking over his knuckled while making another call.

“Georgi, tell him to undress and get down here as fast as possible.”

A few minutes later, Minami was in the room, as well as Georgi, though Yuuri had no idea where they had come from. Minami walked towards the unoccupied cage without having to be prompted and just sat down, as if all the fight had left him.

It tore at Yuuri’s heartstrings. Minami was way too young for this kind of shit.

A second after Viktor had locked Minami’s cage, the doorbell rang.

“Go and get the door Georgi. You can take the rest of the day off, after you led my guest here.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Viktor was on the phone an instant later.

“Mila, I need you in the party room right now, bring drinks, two glasses.”

Viktor gave the orders while he was on his way to the door.

The doors opened just as Viktor came to stand next to the reception part of the bar.

“Lord Nikiforov will be glad to see you now”, Georgi’s voice could be heard in an overly formal tone.

“Thank you.” The new voice sounded… intimidated? That couldn’t be right.

But judging by the way Minami had flinched at hearing that voice it must’ve indeed belonged to his owner.

“Mr. Richard Paine, I presume”, Viktor started, all business.

“Yes. And I presume you are Lord Nikiforov.” That voice just didn’t carry the same authority as Viktor’s did, even though it was obvious he’d tried. Yuuri was almost relieved, but chided himself to be more careful than that.

“Indeed I am. Would you care to sit down? Drinks will be served in a moment.”

“Sure…” Mr. Paine walked towards the stairs, turning his back towards Viktor.

Usually that wouldn’t have caught Yuuri’s attention, but he caught the way Viktor looked at the man.

Viktor smirked at the man’s back, like a predator who knew he already got his pray and only needed to sink his teeth in for the kill. His eyes, too, were cold as ice. It was dangerous and unexpected, and if Viktor hadn’t been on his side he’d be legitimately scared of the man.

Heck, he felt uncomfortable even though he knew Viktor was doing this for him.

“I apologize for showing up rather late. I had to read up on the law.”

“What a coincidence”, Viktor answered, “I did as well.”

“You see, Mr. Paine, it was quite a surprise when a strange omega suddenly appeared in my forest. Some gardeners found him, and apparently the stray hadn’t worn a collar. How can I be sure that he is indeed your’s?”

They were sitting down now, on the couch that was in front of Minami’s cage. Still, Yuuri was able to get a better look at the man, and realized he had the same pudgy figure as Yuuri himself did. He seemed to be a bit younger than Viktor as well, though going by appearances only, he somehow looked older than Yuuri’s owner.


“Ah yes. I brought his collar with me. And I’m sure Ken won’t lie about my status as his owner.”

“He probably won’t. But the word of an omega is useless, you should know that. However, I’ll decide to believe you. Now, the law states that-“

“That I can have your omega as compensation.”

Viktor narrowed his eyes at Mr. Paine dangerously.

“I would appreciate it if you didn’t interrupt me when I’m speaking. Has no one taught you basic manners?”

Yuuri had no idea how Viktor had managed to make a sentence like that sound legitimately threatening. The other man stared at him wide eyed as well.

“I-I apologize.”

Viktor sighed, seemingly fed up with the conversation.

“Well, you can have him if you want to. I’d advise you to take a look at him before you decide though. He isn’t attractive.”

That… hurt.

“You’re saying that just so I won’t take it.”

Viktor waved his hand in Yuuri’s general direction.

“Go ahead.”

Mr. Pain came to Yuuri’s cage, causing the omega to back up as far as possible.

“He’s wearing glasses?”

Viktor snorted.

“Yes. He’s even more useless without them than he is with them.”

“How useless exactly?”

“He can’t even see my dick when it’s right in front of his face. I got him the glasses when I got sick of him trying to suck my leg.”

That had never happened and sounded stupid as hell but the man seemed to actually believe it.

That was so… absurd.

But now he at least knew that Viktor was lying through his teeth.

“You’re right, he is rather unattractive. I do prefer my omegas fit and muscly. You can keep him.”

“Well thank you.” Viktor sounded sarcastic.

“So can I have my omega back now?”

“About that…”

The person who was most likely Mila chose that moment to come in, drinks and all.

They paused the conversation until she put everything on the small table between the sofas.

“Thank you, Mila.”

She smiled at him and went to stand close to the wall, apparently on stand by for more instructions.

“Y- you have quite a lot of err… servants”, Mr. Paine observed.

“Oh please, you only met two. An estate like this can’t be run by only me, obviously, and I’m certainly not going to get my hands dirty.”

“O-of course not.”

“Well, as I was saying. I have taken quite the fancy to your omega, you see. He certainly is a lot more pleasing to look at than my own, and I simply lack the time to search for a new one online. Which is why I would like to keep him. Of course, I would compensate you. The fact that he was able to run away from you in the first place shows that he might not be a good fit for you, don’t you agree? After all, rebellious omegas are such a pain to deal with on good days, but if you’re so tired that you forget to look after them properly it becomes a whole new level of problematic. Don’t you think so as well?

“I- I agree. But I refuse.”

Viktor’s mien turned severely displeased.

“And why is that?”

“I was waiting to buy that one for 4 months and had to bid out 6 other suitors. It was a fucking pain to have him imported, too!”

“So you’re saying the issue is money?”

“I- no. I mean, yes. Kind of.”

“How much did you pay for him?”

“Erm… about 3000 pounds.”

“I will buy him from you for 10,000 pounds.”

Mr. Paine’s jaw was somewhere on the floor, along with Yuuri’s and Minami’s.

Viktor smirked, swirling the drink he had in his hand. “Deal?”

The other alpha looked at Minami, a little lost.

In that moment it became painfully obvious to Yuuri, that Mr. Paine and Viktor were on completely different levels. He wasn’t talking about the financial backgrounds either. It was their whole attitude that was different. Viktor would never dream of looking at Yuuri like that just because he was indecisive.

“Where do you live, Mr. Paine?”, Viktor randomly asked out of nowhere, confusing Yuuri, and the man in question, to no end.

“Eh? Uh… close to Exeter.”

“Where exactly?”

“… in Bolham.”

Viktor smirked like a shark.

“In that case it would do you good to remember that I own the land you live on. I wouldn’t want people I find displeasing living on my grounds, you see.”

The alpha honest to god whined.

Yuuri hadn’t known that was physically possible and could only stare in amazement.

Mr. Paine himself seemed to be utterly embarrassed about it and, even Viktor stared at him in amusement.

“Okay. You can keep him. But I want the 10.000. And I want him to be punished.”

Viktor sighed tragically.

“It seems we’re running into problem yet again. You need to understand that my omega has taken some sort of questionable, paternal liking to Minami and begged me to transfer the blame for all of his missteps to him. I agreed under certain conditions, which he was willing to take. I would abhor to get back on my word, even if he’s just an omega.”

“Then punish him instead! I don’t care, I just want someone punished!”

“Yes, yes, I will punish him instead. But first I want to finalize the transaction”, Viktor said, standing up.

“If you would follow me to my office, Mr. Paine.” Viktor was already walking when he said that.

“Clean this up, Mila, and give the omegas some water.”

“Yes, sir.”

To Yuuri, the thud of the door signalized the start of his countdown to getting punished.

True, Viktor had lied like a pro and actually managed to somehow intimidate the man into complying with whatever Viktor wanted, which, to be honest, was quite a feat.

The worst case scenario had definitely not happened either, and rubbing his money and status in the other alphas face, as well as Viktor’s whole demeanor, had obviously been more than enough to make the man obey him.

Even though he was dealing with another alpha.

Yuuri had thought that an alpha would put up more of a fight.

But maybe they were lucky, and Mr. Paine was just a coward.

He just really wished he wouldn’t have to get punished, but he guessed he deserved that much for making Viktor lose 10,000 pounds. It was a shit ton of money after all. And he had indeed said he’d take the blame, so there was really no one but himself he could fault for it.

He just hoped Mr. Richard Paine wasn’t a sick dick.

He somehow doubted it though.

Chapter Text

Yuuri was trembling when the door opened to let Viktor and Mr. Paine back into the room.

Minami had tried his best to distract him, and he’d apologized over and over as well. But Yuuri didn’t want apologies. It was his own fault that he was in this situation after all. What he wanted, was to get this over with. Waiting for the punishment to happen was probably worse than just getting it.

When the two alphas reached the cages, Viktor completely ignored Yuuri. Instead, he turned all his attention to Minami.

“Mr. Paine has signed the transaction, which means you belong to me now. Come over here.”

Minami obeyed, and crawled to Viktor without hesitation.

Viktor opened the door to the cage.

And put Minami’s collar on him, which was connected to a leash.

“Mila, take him upstairs. Keep an eye on him until I get there.”

“Yes, sir.”

Viktor handed the leash over to Mila, who left immediately.

Now Yuuri was alone with the two alphas.

“So, Mr. Paine”, Viktor started pleasantly, “what would you like the punishment to be?”

Mr. Paine looked Yuuri over for what felt like several minutes before he answered.

“How about we just fuck him silly until he can’t walk for a few days?”

“No”, Viktor said decidedly, before Yuuri even had the time to panic.

“Why not?”

“Because I’m not allowing you to touch him.”

“But-! It’s my punishment.”

“It may be your punishment, but it’s my omega. Which means I will execute your punishment. Did you not say that you were aware of your rights?”

“I am. I just didn’t expect you to say no to something like that. What the hell, dude?”

“Well I am saying no. Choose another punishment.”

The alpha glared at Yuuri as if it was somehow his fault.

“Whip him.”

Viktor sighed.

“No, I will not.”

“The fuck, man? Why not?”

“Because he is unsightly enough as it is. I don’t want to make it any worse by scarring him.”

Yuuri tried very to not let that phase him.

It was becoming increasingly difficult though. He didn’t know how many more insults he could take from Viktor.

“Then just… I don’t know man. Just tie him up and… and edge him for the rest of the day.”

When Viktor didn’t immediately came up with a counter argument, Yuuri looked back at his owner, only to notice his frown.

“I don’t have time to play around for a whole day.”



Viktor- what was Viktor saying?!

Yuuri forced himself to calm down.

There had to be a logical explanation why Viktor wasn’t saying anything against that form of punishment.

“I- I guess that’s fair. It’s… 3 pm now, and I should be home by 6, so… edge him for 2 hours. I need an hour to get home and you can… work or whatever after 5 pm. It’s not that late.”

“How do you want me to edge him?”

At that moment Yuuri had the horrifying realization that Viktor didn’t say anything against this form of punishment, because he simply couldn’t.

Sexual punishments were normal, and as far as Yuuri knew, edging didn’t cause any bodily harm and left no marks.

Objectively, Yuuri was getting off easy with a punishment like that.

Though obviously in Yuuri’s special case, it was one of the worse things that could’ve happened.

“Uhh… do you have a vibrator you can like, control from a distance?”

“I do.”

“Then use that. And we can just sit down here and enjoy the show.”

Yuuri tried to mentally prepare himself for what was to come. He knew Viktor didn’t have a choice there, and he knew that if he made a fuss because of a simple punishment like that, the other alpha could realize what’s going on and still change his punishment. And involve Minami or something equally as cruel.

So he would take it. He could deal with a little piece of plastic, right?

Probably not.

But he would definitely try.

Come to think of it, he totally wasn’t ready for something to just… be pushed inside him.

The thought alone made his skin crawl.

But at least it was Viktor who was doing the pushing, not the scumbag alpha.

So that should make it easier to deal with.


Viktor pulled out his phone.

“Chris? Yes, I need to ask one more favor of you. Please go into the heat-room and bring a nebolshoy Bluetooth Love Egg to the party room.”

“Nebol… What did you say?”

“Oh I apologize, I must’ve slipped into my native tongue for a second there. It means strong, it’s usually used to describe the power of motors or similar devices.”

Yuuri knew for a fact that this explanation was bullshit.

He had been a Nikiforov fan for over a decade, okay? Obviously he had tried to learn Russian at one point and it just so happened that he knew for a fact that the word Viktor had used simply meant ‘small’.

It made Yuuri panic a little less.

“I think I like you”, Mr. Paine said in a sick way.


It didn’t take long for Chris to arrive.

Yuuri hid himself in the far corner of the cage as well as he possibly could, but he could still see that Chris had absolutely now idea what was going on.

He didn’t question Viktor though, and just handed him a black box.

He was gone again as fast as he’d appeared.

“There’s no need for you to stand up, I’ll tie him to the front of the cage”, Viktor said to the other man, who had moved like he wanted to follow Viktor to the cage.

He leaned back into the couch a little disgruntled.

What surprised Yuuri though, was that Viktor didn’t ask him to get to the front of the cage right away. Instead he came walking towards the corner Yuuri had huddled himself into.

He kneeled down behind him and opened the box.

The egg, which wasn’t egg-shaped at all, was small indeed. It was about the size of his thumb. It was sleek and seemed to be made out of some metallic material.

“I’m so sorry I have to do this, darling, do you think you can handle it?”, Viktor whispered, barely audible even for Yuuri.

The endearment was so unexpected in this situation, it almost made Yuuri tear up.

He inclined his head very slightly, not wanting to give the other alpha reason to believe they were talking.

Viktor pressed his lips together, probably not buying Yuuri’s lie, but unable to do anything about it.

“Turn around”, he commanded in a loud and clear voice after a moment.

Yuuri swallowed, but obeyed instantly.

“Oh? I thought he wasn’t well trained?”

“He isn’t. But he’s not stupid enough to embarrass me in front of others. Elbows on the ground.”

Yuuri’s shaking was getting worse, but he still obeyed.

Just get this over with, he repeated to himself.

He felt Viktor’s hand caress his butt for a moment, which reminded him of the punishments he’d gotten before.

Well, at least that much was familiar.

“Spread your knees further apart, Yuuri.”

He concentrated on his breathing when he complied. It would do him absolutely no good to panic right now. Not at all.

When he felt a cool, hard object at his entrance a moment later he grit his teeth and ground his nails into the padding.

It- it wasn’t painful, but very, very uncomfortable and strange.

Viktor pushed it in as slowly and carefully as he possibly could, but both of them knew that he couldn’t draw it out too much.

“You’re doing so well, Yuuri, I’m so proud of you already”, Viktor whispered again, in that barely there voice.

It gave Yuuri the strength he needed in that moment.

He was not going to disappoint Viktor.

He would not screw up their scheme.

He could do this.

Yuuri took a deep breath and tried to relax.

While he had been caught up inside his own head, Viktor had moved to the front of the cage again.

“Come here”, he said in a stern voice.

Yuuri crawled over to Viktor. It wasn’t a long way but he definitely felt that something was… intruding. It didn’t exactly get in the way of his movements but it just felt so… weird.

Though to be honest, Yuuri had expected it to be worse.

Viktor opened a compartment in the ceiling of the cage, which caused padded handcuffs to fall out of it, in a way that reminded Yuuri of the oxygen masks he got to see in that video on the plane where they lectured everyone about safety.

“Put your hands up.”

Yuuri obeyed, and Viktor didn’t hesitate to cuff him to the ceiling, before he turned to the other man.

“Is that enough for you?”

“No. I want him to be unable to move. And blindfolded.”

Had… had Yuuri imagined that growling just now?

It had sounded really close.

It had been very faint though. Maybe it was thundering outside? Mr. Paine didn’t seem to have noticed it.

Viktor lifted a part of the padded for that was apparently another compartment. This one housed ropes.

Yuuri swallowed.

He knew that the only reason why he wasn’t panicking yet, was because Viktor’s scent was close.

His owner took three relatively short ropes. He snaked one around his thigh and fasted his leg to a bar of the cage, before he did the same with his other thigh.

The last, slightly longer rope went around Yuuri’s waist. When Viktor was in the process of tying that one to the bars his front was pressing up against as well, Yuuri cracked.

Yuuri had been fine with being naked until now because he had been able to hide at the back of the cage and cower in positions that protected him from too much scrutiny. As soon as Viktor would move away from him, he’d be completely exposed, not only to Viktor, but another alpha as well.

He couldn’t deal with that.

Viktor seemed to notice his turmoil, because he gently put his hands on Yuuri’s hips, after he was done tying him up, and leaned forward to press an even gentler and very sweet kiss to his lips.

Yuuri could practically taste the apology.

That didn’t change what was inevitably about to happen though.

“Hey, I didn’t say you could kiss the omega.”

Viktor stood up and glared at the man.

“I don’t need your permission to kiss my omega.”


“The only thing you were allowed to tell me was how to punish him. You have absolutely no say in anything else I do with him additionally. So if I want to kiss him, I will. Don’t assume you have any kind of power over what I do.”

Viktor smelled angry now.

Mr. Paine must’ve realized that he’d overstepped a line as well, because he only stared at Viktor with wide eyes, not saying anything.

“Before I start, I want to make one more thing crystal clear.”


“If you, at any point during the punishment, take your dick out or touch yourself in any way, I will shatter this glass into pieces and I will use them to cut your dick off in the most painful way I can imagine.”

Yuuri almost wanted to laugh at how scared the man looked.

After making sure that the man was thoroughly intimidated by his glare as well as his smell, Viktor took his necktie off, and used it to blindfold Yuuri, after taking his glasses off of course.

He only knew that Viktor had moved away when the comfort of his smell was gone.

He started shaking badly.

He was completely exposed, he had some weird metallic thing inside him and he couldn’t see anything.

He was-

Yuuri yelped when the vibrator started to vibrate.

He- he didn’t like that. At all.

“N-no…. please”, Yuuri whimpered, unable to keep the act up any longer.

“If he’s this vocal already you should gag him.”

“I will not gag him.”

“But if I say it’s part of the punishment-“

“The punishment has already started. I will not interrupt it just because you forgot to tell me one of your requirements. Are you a complete amateur?”

Hearing Viktor’s voice somehow calmed him down a bit. Even though he’d sounded angry. But Yuuri knew that he wasn’t angry at him, but for him, which made him feel a little better. At the very least it was nice to know that Viktor didn’t take any bullshit from that man.

Yuuri whimpered when the vibrations turned stronger.

He really did not like this, at all.

But he was getting hard anyway.

He hated his body.

He reminded himself that Viktor had told him that his body was just reacting to being stimulated. So at least he wouldn’t have to worry about why his body was betraying him. He just had to keep reminding himself of that fact.

But still.

He whimpered when the vibrations were getting stronger yet again. “No…”

His body was still shaking. Though he had a feeling that it wasn’t entirely because of his fear. It felt different somehow, but before he could even try to put his finger on it, the vibrations lessened and so did that weird feeling he just had.

“Ugh…?” Yuuri was confused.

His body was acting strange, and this stupid thing just wouldn’t stop vibrating and it made Yuuri feel weird and he really didn’t want this anymore. He wanted to take it out and curl up on Viktor’s lap and forget everything that had happened on this terrible day.

The vibrations were getting stronger again, making Yuuri whine.

“He looks like he’s ready to cum already.”

“He won’t”, Viktor’s voice said with certainty.


Oh yeah.

Of course, that’s what was happening. His body was designed to orgasm when it was stimulated like this. That must’ve been what that weird feeling had been.

He could start to feel it build up again, too.

Oh god, please no, he thought, getting close to tears already, even though the punishment had barely even started.


Yuuri didn’t know how much time had passed. He only knew that he couldn’t think anymore; that his mind was messed up.

He was sweaty, shaking, sobbing and his throat felt raw from screaming for it to stop.

He was sure his legs would have given out if he hadn’t been kneeling to begin with.

By now his vagina was dripping, his dick was leaking and he could feel his the muscles in his whole body contracting.

Added to that, his insides felt numb, and his arms had fallen asleep ages ago.

He couldn’t even really feel the vibrator the same way he had in the beginning. Which he couldn’t decide was a good or bad thing. Probably because he couldn’t think straight for longer than half a second.

In short, he was a mess in agony.

He felt like he was about to literally break when the vibrations suddenly stopped.

“It’s 5 pm. I will see you to the door.”

Whoever had talked sounded very far away. But Yuuri didn’t care. He just tried to get some sort of rhythm back into his breathing.


Yuuri just kept trying to breathe.

He felt the ropes loosen but he didn’t dare to move. He probably couldn’t move anyway, even if he tried.

“I’m coming in Yuuri.”

Yuuri didn’t care.

He felt the blindfold moving before it fell from his face.

He opened his eyes, but couldn’t see anything.

His shaking got even worse.

“Yuuri… shhh… it’s over, okay? It’s over.”

The voice sounded gentle.

But he didn’t care.

The only thing he cared about was that thing inside him. Even if it didn’t vibrate anymore, he wanted it out.

He felt hands on his arm, and a moment later his wrists were free.

His arms hurt a lot though. But the hands were guiding them down slowly anyway.

He didn’t have the strength to fight.

But it hurt like hell when his arms were being massaged.

He couldn’t deal with pain right now.

His body started shaking violently.

Suddenly there was something warm pressing against his back, and he had arms around him.

He faintly wondered why he didn’t feel even more scared at that.

“Yuuri… shh. I got you, okay?”

He… he knew that smell, he realized after a few moments.

That smell meant safety.

He let himself sag against the warmth that had come together with the smell.

The arms around him tightened when he couldn’t help but sob uncontrollably, each of them racking through his whole body.

Something pressed against his temple.

“T-Ta-Ta… Take… out. P-p-p-please. O-out”

He didn’t know if he made sense.

“Of course. I’ll take it out. Just… spread your legs a little…”

Yuuri whined through his sobs but obeyed. He’d do anything to just get it out.

A jolt ran through him as soon as something warm came in contact with his entrance.

“NO!”, he cried, weakly trying to squirm away.

“Yuuri. Yuuri I’m just trying to get it out. You want it out, yes?”

“Yes”, he sobbed.

“It’ll be out very fast if you stop moving, okay darling? Can you do that? Don’t move.”

Yuuri tried to obey. The voice meant safety, he knew at least that much, so he wanted to obey it, because if he didn’t obey, he could lose the voice. And the safety. So he tried his best to obey. Even though it was very difficult. And he couldn’t stop his violent shaking when he felt that warm thing from earlier enter him.

“No”, he sobbed. But he didn’t move.

He felt how the thing that had hurt him was pulled out of him.

He sobbed in relief, unspeakably glad that it was finally gone.

That it couldn’t hurt him anymore.

“Yuuri, you’re doing so great sweetheart”, the voice said soothingly.

The voice was happy with him.

So it probably wouldn’t leave him.

That was good.

“Tell me what you want, Yuuri.”

Yuuri didn’t know what he wanted.

He- he wanted to stop feeling strange.


The warmth was gone in an instant.

It sent Yuuri straight into hysterics.

It came back a second later.

“Yuuri? I know it’s hard for you, dear but… please try to tell me what you want to stop.”

Yuuri didn’t comprehend the question.

“Stop what, Yuuri?”

“S-s-stop… stra-strange”, he sobbed.

“What’s strange, darling?”

“F-f-feeling”, he gasped through his tears.

“You’re feeling strange?”

Yuuri sobbed in confirmation. The voice understood him so well!

“In your belly?”

Yuuri jerked his head in what was supposed to be a confirmation.

The voice didn’t say anything, which made Yuuri’s trembling get worse again.

“Shh, it’s okay, Yuuri.”


“I need to touch you if you want me to make it stop.”


“Alright, darling, here, I’ll stop it with this, okay?” When the voice said that something warm tapped against his chest.

Yuuri jerked his head again.

He felt that warm spot travel down from his chest over his belly, until it touched his dick.

Yuuri hissed, but didn’t struggle. After all, the voice had promised to make it stop.

The voice knew what it was doing.

He trusted the voice.

The warmth started to move along his dick, encircling it completely.

It made the feeling stronger.


“It’ll stop soon, sweetheart.”

Yuuri started convulsing heavily for a few moments before-




Yuuri woke up slowly. He blinked his eyes several times before he could see as clearly as possible without his glasses.

“Yuuri?”, Viktor whispered from somewhere above him.

It took Yuuri a moment to realize that he was lying on a couch, his head in Viktor’s lap, and Viktor’s hand stroking through his hair with the gentlest of touches.

“S-sir?”, he croaked. His voice sounded awful, even to his own ears.

“Yes. Are you feeling coherent?”

“I… I think so?”

Viktor breathed a sigh of relief.

“Good. That’s- that’s good. Do your arms hurt?”

Yuuri frowned, trying to move his arms around.

“I think they’re a little sore?”

“Okay. If they start feeling weird, I need you to tell me immediately, okay?”


“How… are you feeling, Yuuri?”


Suddenly everything that had happened came crashing down on him.

Yuuri couldn’t stop the tears that came to his eyes.


“Tell me why.”

“B-b-because my body… my body… did things.”

“Things you didn’t want it to do”, Viktor stated.

Yuuri nodded in agreement.

“Do you want to tell me why it makes you feel disgusting?”

“I- I don’t know. I just… it felt weird. I didn’t know what was going on and I didn’t think it would be so… intense. It- it was scary. It was really scary.”

The tears spilled over, streaming down his cheeks.

“I couldn’t move and I couldn’t see anything. And I couldn’t even smell you. I- I think it wouldn’t have been so- so scary if I could’ve smelled you.”

“I didn’t realize my smell affects you so strongly. If I had known, I would’ve stayed closer. I’m sorry, Yuuri.”

Yuuri shook his head.

“It was a punishment, so I wasn’t supposed to get comfort during it.”

Viktor sighed.

“While that is true, the punishment went beyond what I would consider safe for you.”

Yuuri bit his lip.

“I’m not sorry that I helped Minami. Is that bad? Will you punish me for that, too?”

“No, Yuuri. It’s neither bad, nor will I punish you anytime soon. It just shows how strongly you feel about his situation. And it proves your will power. I’m so proud of you, Yuuri, you endured it very well.”

“I didn’t feel like I was doing well, though.”

“Well, I expected you to do much worse.”

“Gee, thanks.”

Viktor smirked at him.

“If you’re getting sassy already then that means you’ll be fine”, Viktor said, gently stroking two of his fingers over his cheeks, wiping away the tears.

“Did I embarrass you?”, Yuuri asked after a moment of silence.

“No, not at all. You were perfect. In fact, you deserve a treat. Tell me what you want.”

Yuuri mulled this over for a second.

“I- I want… I want baggy sweatpants, an oversized hoody and 3 blankets.”

Viktor laughed lightly.

“How about you get all of that, plus a whole box of Ben&Jerry’s while we watch your favorite Disney movie?”

Yuuri looked at Viktor warily. “How do you know I have a favorite Disney movie?”

“Oh darling, everyone has a favorite Disney movie.”

When Yuuri tried to sit up, he realized just how weak he actually felt.

“Do you need help?”

“N-no… I just… I need to get up slowly, I think.”

“Take all the time you need.”

“How- how did I even get here?”

Viktor sighed.

“You passed out during your orgasm, so I carried you here.”

“Oh.” That made sense.


No, it didn’t!

“What!? How?!”

“Sheer force of will.”

Viktor looked uncomfortable, so Yuuri let the topic drop. It had probably come with a great deal of pain for him.

“Will you able to walk, Yuuri?”

“I- I think so, yes.”

He was a little wobbly on his legs, but he didn’t feel like he was going to fall over.

So that was good.

Viktor put his suit jacked, that had covered his front until now, over his shoulders.

“I told all of the staff to go home for the day, so how about you go on ahead to the living room and I’ll bring you everything you wanted there?”

Yuuri nodded distractedly.


“I… I just thought I’d be a lot more… dirty”, he admitted, his cheeks coloring.

“Ah… well. I cleaned you up while you were unconscious…”

“Oh… uhm. Thanks.”

To be honest, Yuuri was very glad about that. He figured he’d feel even more awful if he’d have to deal with… that.


When Viktor walked around the corner into the so-called living room, he was wearing sweatpants and an oversized hoody himself. He’d also definitely taken a shower.

“Oh… that’s why you took so long… er.. sir.”

Viktor ran a hand through his hair.

“Yes and no. I had a short talk with Minami, so I took the shower just in case his scent would upset you right now.”

That had probably been the right thing to do.

“Why did you talk to him?”

“Yuuri. He just got handed over to me by his previous owner. He has no idea how things work around here, so I told him some rules and asked him to stay in his room for the rest of the day. Mila is still with him and will take care of his dinner and other things he might need.”

Viktor narrowed his eyes at him.

“I know you’ve just been through a lot, Yuuri, but I want you to clear your head right now. Do you honestly think so little of me to assume that I would have sex with a minor?”

Yuuri felt like he had been slapped right in the face.

Viktor… Viktor was completely right. Minami was only 16. Yuuri knew that. Viktor had been concerned that Yuuri was too young to have any kind of sexual relationship with Yuuri himself, even though he was definitely not a minor anymore.

Yuuri felt terrible for ever assuming Viktor had any kind of sexual desire for Minami.

“I-I-I-I’m so… so sorry! I- I didn’t even… think! At all! Oh god, I-“

“Yuuri, calm down. It’s fine. I just wanted to make my point clear. Now get into your clothes”, Viktor said while handing Yuuri said clothes.

However, he hesitated before he stood to get into them.

“Do you want me leave while you get dressed?”

“It- it’s not like it really matters anymore, is it?”

“It matters to me. I want you to feel secure.”

Yuuri almost teared up at that.

“… you can stay.”

He already made Viktor carry him today. And he saw how the alpha was leaning on his cane more heavily than usual. He didn’t want to put him through even more pain, just because he was unnecessarily embarrassed. Viktor had already seen him naked anyway, so it wasn’t like he had anything left to hide.

He put the pants on first.

When he pulled the hoody over his head he paused.

“That’s…. yours?”, he asked, as soon as he pulled it down.

“Yes. You said my scent calms you down quite significantly, and I want you to feel as comfortable as you possibly can right now, so…”

Yuuri leaped straight into Viktor’s free arm. He hadn’t expected such a nice gesture.

It was more than welcome though. Yuuri needed to make sure Viktor knew that.

“Thank you so much”, he whispered.

“You’re welcome. Now, have you decided on a movie?”

“I want to watch Lady and the tramp.”

Viktor laughed softly. “Okay then. I hope you like cookie dough?”, he asked, holding up the ice cream.

Yuuri nodded.

“I love that one.”

They snuggled up underneath exactly three blankets, before the movie started.

Yuuri was cuddled up against Viktor’s side, feeling safe underneath the alpha’s arm, and being surrounded by his scent.

Maybe he wouldn’t have nightmares tonight.

Chapter Text

Yuuri woke up screaming, drenched in sweat.

He had dreamt of the punishment, just worse. The punishment had been the same, basically, but there had been more people. A lot more people. Some of them looked at him as if he was an especially disgusting piece of shit, and some others were jerking off while watching him.

He couldn’t decide which reaction was more disturbing to him.

What had made the whole thing unbearable though, was the complete absence of Viktor.

Yuuri had been alone in that cage. Alone and naked with strange alphas all around him.

He shivered just remembering it.

‘Maybe he wouldn’t have nightmares’ – Ha! Ridiculous.

He tried to calm his breathing, and to get a whiff of Viktor’s scent from the shirt he was still wearing. With no luck. His own sweat had erased and replaced it completely.


Yuuri started to feel frantic.

He needed- he needed something to ground him in reality.

He needed Viktor.

He jumped out of his bed and ran to Viktor’s quarters, almost as if he was being chased by hellhounds, losing his now disgusting smelling hoody along the way.

Only when he stood in front of the curtain in the office hallway did he think about the possibility that he might not be welcome right now.

He took a deep breath. He could totally deal with the rejection and Viktor had said he wouldn’t punish him anytime soon. So there.

He slipped through the curtain, figuring that Viktor’s bedroom was the one at the very end of the hallway, across from the bathroom. It made the most sense to him.

He pushed the curtain aside and there was, in fact, Viktor, sleeping in his bed, under the moonlight.

Yuuri felt like his heart was almost beating out of his chest when he stepped foot into the room.

He managed to tiptoe towards the bed, only realizing that it was on some sort of slightly raised platform or something when he almost broke his pinky toe when he stepped against it, instead of on it.

Suppressing a curse, he crawled into bed, found his way under the blanket, and even had the guts to slide underneath Viktor’s arm.

Somehow he’d accomplished all of that without waking the man.

He took a deep breath, resting his face against the alphas neck.

He calmed down instantly.

And was asleep again in less than a minute.


When he woke the next time, it was because something had tickled his side.

He tried to squirm away from it, thereby pressing himself against something hard and warm and soft.

Which… was weird.

Things weren’t hard and soft at the same time, were they?

He poked the warm thing and felt around a bit before he came to the realization that it felt a lot like skin. Warm skin. And muscles. So many muscles.

Yuuri sighed and cuddled closer.

It made his pillow shake, which, in turn, made him grumble. Pillows were supposed to be still and let you sleep in piece.

He swatted at the pillow, hoping it’d make it stop.

It had the opposite effect. And a second later it started making noises, too.

The pillow was laughing at him.

What the…

Pillows didn’t laugh, he realized.


He shot up when he realized that he had crawled into Viktor’s bed last night.

Oh boy.

He was in trouble, wasn’t he?

“No!”, Viktor yelped, clutching Yuuri around the waist.


“Don’t leave. I didn’t mean to wake you”, Viktor explained.



“You’re not mad?” He didn’t have the guts to look at the alpha.

“Why would I be mad?”

“B-because I just… climbed into your bed without asking. That’s- that’s.. I mean… I would’ve panicked if I were you and- and I’m so sorry I did it but-but-but-“

“Yuuri, calm down. I’m not mad. And I think I have a good idea as to why you did it. Look at me?”

Viktor had sat up against the headrest in the meantime, so Yuuri just had to turn around, without breaking his neck while trying to follow that order.

So he obeyed, hesitantly.

He blushed down to his toes as soon as he did.

“W-w-why are you naked!?” he screamed in a whisper.

“Because that’s how I prefer to sleep. It’s not very nice to criticize people’s sleeping habits after barging in without a warning, you know”, Viktor pouted.


As in, he looked adorable!

Oh god.

That… that wasn’t fair.

Viktor dropped the act when he realized that Yuuri would do nothing else but gape at him like the stupid fish he felt like.

“Come here”, he said- ordered?- patting the space beside him.

Yuuri was hesitant to obey, because, well, the man was naked. But… he had slept the whole night – kind of – cuddled against him apparently, so… Yuuri swallowed, hating his messy thoughts before deciding to just ignore them and snuggle up against Viktor’s side with the alpha’s arm around him.

“Why did you hesitate?”, Viktor asked softly, and not reprimanding. Thank god.

“B-because you’re n-naked.” Duh.

“Hmm… I was naked when we cuddled on the couch yesterday, too.”

Yuuri frowned. “No, you weren’t.”

“Yes, I was, under my clothes. I just didn’t tell you.”

Was this man for real?

“That’s- that’s not how this works…”

“Doesn’t it?”

Yuuri didn’t have the brain capacity for this kind of argument for this early in the morning.

Viktor didn’t need to know that though.

“If I let you win this argument, will you scratch my back?”

Viktor chuckled.

“Sounds like a fair deal. Where do you want it? Here? Or here? Or more to the side?”

“THERE! That’s the spot, yes”, Yuuri moaned.

The itch had bugged him since he’d been sitting up.



Actually yes, but he didn’t want Viktor to stop just yet.

Viktor hummed.

“Really now? I think you’re lying.”

“’m not lying”, Yuuri said, voice muffled against Viktor’s stomach.

“I really think you are. How about I do this instead, hm?”, the alpha asked, turning the scratching into stroking.

Yuuri purred.

And then froze, along with Viktor.


“I-I-I’m so sorry. I-I didn’t mean to. I don’t even know h-how I did that it- it just… happened.”

Was Yuuri guilty of sexual harassment now?

“It’s fine, it just… really surprised me.

“It’s not fine! I- I just! I purred! That’s… that’s…”

“Yes, it is. You sounded just like a tiny kitty, too. It’s quite delightful.”



“Yes, Yuuri. Now relax, so I can try to make you purr again.” Viktor sounded like a child that was just sent into candy paradise.

“Uhh…” Yuuri tried to wrap his around the fact that Viktor really didn’t seem to mind that he’d been exposed to such an… intimate gesture.

“There you go…”, Viktor mumbled after Yuuri had let himself relax again.

Yuuri didn’t purr again, unable to let himself go like that after becoming aware that he could even make such sounds. It hadn’t deterred Viktor at all from stroking his back though.

“Tell me Yuuri”, Viktor started, still stroking him, “what do you want to do today?”

“Huh? I… I don’t know…I kind of just… want to stay close to you. If I’m allowed to.”

“Of course you’re allowed to, darling. In fact, I was hoping you would. But how do you usually calm down after… unpleasant events?”

Yuuri hesitated. “I don’t want to tell you.”

Viktor paused his motions then. “Why not?”

“Because I think… I think it would upset you.”

“Tell me anyway.”

Yuuri swallowed hard. “I… I usually just go… skating.”

“Ice skating?”


Viktor didn’t resume his motions.

There were a few moments of silence, before Viktor started talking again.

“You’re certain that would help you?”


Viktor exhaled loudly.

“You’re going to be the death of me.”

“I’m sorry”, Yuuri whispered.

Viktor sighed.

“Here’s how this day will go, Yuuri. We will have breakfast, together with Minami, then the both of us will… go to the ice rink… and when we get back home, I will have Minami and you come to my office to discuss how this whole thing will work. Then the both of us will cuddle before we go to bed. Sound good?”

Yuuri needed to go see an ear doctor or something.

He was lying very still, scared to burst whatever bubble he’d fallen into.

“A-a-are you… are you saying- you’ll come with me? To the ice rink?”

“Yes, Yuuri, that’s what I’m saying. I can’t say I like doi- oof!”

Yuuri had jumped up, actually straddling the man now and was in the process of hugging Viktor to death.

“Thank you!!!”, he sobbed out of happiness.

He knew that it didn’t mean that Viktor was going to get on the ice himself, but just being able to see his idol close to the ice again just did things to Yuuri.

Yuuri leaned back, wanting to tell Viktor just exactly how happy he was, when, instead of getting to sit on the alpha’s lap, Viktor’s hands were grasping his ass before he could sit down. Yuuri froze, midair.

“You do not want to sit on my lap right now, Yuuri. Up.”

Viktor suddenly sounded very serious.

And that had definitely been a command.

Confused, Yuuri slowly sat up again, and the hands fell away from his butt.

“I- I’m sorry…?”

Viktor sighed heavily.

“Don’t be. I just didn’t want to risk you panicking. I haven’t touched you too roughly, have I?”

“N- no… But why would I panic?”

Viktor pressed is lips together.

He sighed again a moment later, resigned.

“I know omegas don’t have to deal with morning wood, but your ignorance to certain things baffles me, Yuuri.

Yuuri froze yet again.


His face burst into flames.

He hadn’t paid attention to Viktor’s lower half at all.

“I-I-I… I-“

“Go get yourself ready for the day, will you?”

“Yes…”, Yuuri said and bit his lip. He didn’t want to leave on such a weird note.

So before he got up, he gave Viktor a peck on the mouth, scrambling to get out of the room as fast as possible afterwards. He really needed to get over his stupid embarrassment.


When he walked into the kitchen, Minami and Viktor were already there, talking, while Minami cooked and Viktor sat at the counter.

“Uhh… good morning, Minami”, Yuuri said, trying to ignore the funny feeling in his stomach that told him to get Viktor further away from the boy. It was a little bit easier, knowing that Viktor had no interest in the other omega.

Minami looked panicked.

“Y-Yuuri… you can’t just ignore our master!”, he whisper-screamed, as if Viktor wouldn’t be able to hear him.

“Don’t worry, I already talked to him earlier”, Viktor explained and succeeded in calming Minami down with that.

“Can I help you with anything?”, Yuuri asked then, feeling useless without having anything to do.

“No”, answered Viktor, “you are only allowed to sit down and relax.”

Minami smiled, apparently satisfied with that.

Yuuri didn’t like it.


“Yuuri. Remember what I told you about talking back to me?”

“Yes, sir”, Yuuri whispered, defeated.

“Good. You deserve to be spoiled today, so I will not have you working.”


“Oh my gosh I didn’t even thank you for what you’ve done for me yet! I’m so rude! Yuuri! You were absolutely amazing yesterday, I’ve never seen an omega so brave! Like, Master could have punished you so bad for helping me, but you helped me anyway, and you even took the punishment from my old master for me, I don’t even know how I’ll ever be able to make that up to you! You have no idea how much that means to me! You saved me from hell! For real!”, Minami talked a mile a minute before he started to tear up.

“Uhh… It’s nothing, don’t worry about it…”

“It wasn’t nothing though! Everyone could smell how scared you were yesterday but you stayed strong anyway and-“

“Minami. That’s enough”, Viktor interfered. He must’ve noticed that Yuuri had started to tremble again at the mention of yesterday’s events. “Focus on making breakfast, it smells burnt.”

Minami gasped. “I’m so sorry, sir!”, he exclaimed before following the order.

“You’ll bring the food to the dining table before you join us there, yes?”

“Yes, sir!”

“Come on, Yuuri. Help me get there, I forgot my cane upstairs.”

“Why do I not believe that”, Yuuri muttered on his way to Viktor.

He heard Minami gasped and saw the fear written all over his face when he’d turned towards them again.

Viktor just smirked.

“Probably because you’re starting to see through my lies.”

Yuuri shook his head, almost exasperated.

Viktor owned Yuuri, he didn’t need to make up lies in order to get touchy-feely. The alpha could be so silly sometimes.

When Yuuri glanced back at Minami, he noticed the blank look on the boy’s face. He’d probably expected Viktor to throw some kind of tantrum about being talked to like that. Yuuri wouldn’t be surprised to know the boy couldn’t comprehend the situation.


When Minami brought the food, he looked timidly at Viktor, though not into Viktor’s eyes, Yuuri noticed.

“Sir, a-are you allowing omegas to eat at the table?”

“I’m indeed allowing that, Minami. You may sit down next to Yuuri.”

Yuuri tried to not let any indication show how pleased he was by this. Viktor was sitting at the head of the table, and Yuuri at the long side, so if Minami sat next to Yuuri, he’d be further away from Viktor than he was himself, which, in Yuuri’s book, was very, very satisfying.


After breakfast Viktor told Minami to clean up and to just enjoy the rest of the day and ordered Yuuri to get the cane and collar from his office, which Yuuri did immediately.

When he came back down, they went to the garage without any delay.

Georgi was already waiting for them. He held the door open for Viktor, and then for Yuuri. Though, he kept shooting glances at Viktor as if he was wondering whether the alpha was either very drunk or very crazy.

Yuuri was kind of sharing that sentiment.

The ride was relatively short.

When the rink came into view, Viktor’s demeanor changed.

He sat rigidly in his seat, an unreadable expression on his face.

After they arrived, Viktor got him rental skates and led him to one of the benches.

It wasn’t very busy, but there were still a few other skaters. Or better, people who were skating. With their faces. That one fall just now had looked particularly nasty.

“Will you be fine by yourself? Do you assistance on the ice?”, Viktor asked, when Yuuri was done tying is skates. They were a little uncomfortable, and didn’t feel exactly right, but he would definitely not complain about not having his own skates right now.

“I’ll be fine. Watch me”, he grinned at Viktor.

“I will.”

As soon as Yuuri stepped on the ice, he felt at home, his body and mind relaxing in a way he hadn’t been able to since the last time he skated. He did a few laps around the rink to get warmed up properly, before he turned to practice some step sequences he’d thought of himself during the last few years. Just because he didn’t have a coach didn’t mean he couldn’t try to improve himself.

Focusing on working out details he didn’t really like or finding a way to improve step sequences professional skaters did during competitions always made him forget his problems.

He only realized he was going through one of Viktor’s older routines when it was too late, and it must’ve already become obvious for Viktor, too. He quickly changed into one of his own, hoping against all odds that he somehow hadn’t seen that.

He didn’t dare to look at him though.

Instead he felt confident in trying out some jumps. Sure, it had been almost 3 months since the last time he did those, but if more than 10 years of practicing hadn’t done anything for his muscle memory, then he would ask Viktor to take him to a doctor as soon as he got off the ice.

He started with a triple axel, after making sure that everything was clear for him of course. He landed it without a problem. Grinning, he decided to go for a triple toe loop next, which he landed perfectly as well. He cheered inwardly, incredibly pleased with himself. Since things were going really well, he decided to go through all the triples.

 He’d been too young to learn quads when his coach had left and, while he’d tried to teach himself, he’d never gotten the hang of it, and as much as he wanted to try it now, he did not want to make a fool of himself in front of Viktor.


He’d almost forgotten that the alpha was watching!

He came to an abrupt stop as soon as he remembered that tiny detail.

Viktor was only sitting a few meters away from where he’d stopped and, now that he looked at the man, he noticed that the alpha was watching him with narrowed eyes, finger pressed against his lips.

Yuuri swallowed, petrified.

When he noticed that Yuuri wasn’t moving anymore, he motioned for the omega to join him.

Yuuri took a deep, shaky breath before he obeyed.

“You’ve been on the ice for 4 hours Yuuri. Let’s have lunch.”

That… was not what Yuuri had been expecting to hear. He also hadn’t thought that so much time had passed already.

“Yes, sir.”

He was a little sad that he’d have to leave already, but he was grateful that Viktor had allowed him to stay for so long. Maybe, if he behaved really well, he would be allowed to come here again? He really hoped so.

Viktor had Georgi drive them to some fancy restaurant, which Yuuri felt too sweaty for to even stand in front of.

“Welcome, sir. Would you like your omega to be stored in the back?”

“No, it’s fine. He’ll eat with me.”

“Certainly. Please follow me, I will guide you to your table.”

Yuuri managed to not sigh at the reminder that he was less than human.  

After they settled into their chairs, Viktor looked at Yuuri with a piercing stare that had the omega squirming in his seat.


Viktor hadn’t said anything since that one sentence at the rink, and Yuuri had been too scared to start a conversation until now.

But he just couldn’t take the silence anymore.

Viktor leaned back in his chair with crossed arms, pointer finger tapping against his arm rapidly.

It made Yuuri even more nervous.

“I didn’t realize that by skating you meant actual figure skating”, Viktor said eventually.

Yuuri didn’t know what to say to that.

“Tell me what just happened there, Yuuri.”

“I… skated?”

Viktor did not look impressed.

So Yuuri told him everything about his almost nonexistent skating career.

Viktor frowned, when he was done.

“Why did you keep skating even though you knew it would never lead anywhere?”

“Because I love it too much to stop.”

Viktor looked at him as if he’d just shot him in the heart or something, before he caught himself.

“I see.”

He didn’t say anything else until the food he’d ordered arrived.

“Why didn’t you do any quads?”


“You obviously have the triples down to perfection, so why didn’t you do any quads?”

“I… They always feel off when I try them and I never got the hang of them. I guess I’m doing something wrong. But I can’t figure out what it is”, Yuuri admitted, embarrassed.

“It’s probably better not to do them then. It can be dangerous if you learn them incorrectly.”

The conversation came to a halt after that.

It hadn’t started up again by the time they got home, either.

Yuuri had wanted to say something, anything, but Viktor looked like he was deep in thought, and he didn’t want to disturb his owner in his thinking. Especially not if he was thinking about skating.

“Go get Minami, I need both of you in my office.”

“Yes, sir”, Yuuri said immediately, trying to put on his best behavior.

He found Minami at the dinner table.

The boy jumped up as soon as Yuuri walked around the corner.

“Are you okay!?”

“Yes? Don’t tell me you’ve been sitting at the table the whole time?”

Minami blushed. “I won’t”

He didn’t say anything else, so Yuuri assumed that he had in fact been sitting there while they had been gone.

“You… you know could’ve done just… whatever, right? Anyway, Viktor wants us in his office.”


They sat down on the two chairs, across from Viktor.

Yuuri felt weird sitting there again, like he had done on his first day here. He had no idea what Viktor was about to say either.

It made him feel uneasy.

Viktor started with a sigh.


“Yes, sir.” The boy sat up straighter in his chair.

“You remember when I told you about the agreement I wanted you to sign?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I’ve forgotten about it with everything that was going on, however, I have it now, so please sign it.”

“Yes sir.”

And so Minami did.

“I also told you that Yuuri and I are rather attached to each other, yes?”

“Yes, sir.” Minami somehow managed to sound curious.

“Do you realize the possible complications that may arise from that circumstance?

“I- I think I do, sir.”

“Good. Well, in that case you might agree that I can’t have you living with us. Of course, I will still be owning you, but I want you to live in another house of mine, which is located in London. Obviously, I can’t control what you’re doing there from such a distance, which is why I will have a special collar made for you. There are collars that can only be opened by scanning a fingerprint, similar to the home button on a smartphone. Which is what I will put on you. I’m sorry you will have to wear it 24/7 but there’s nothing I can do about it if you want to go outside. And you will want to go outside, because you can’t find a beta if you don’t. Understood?”

Minami looked at Viktor with big, watery eyes.

“YES, SIR!”, he basically screamed, obviously very happy.

“Very good. Now, Yuuri. I need to get Minami settled in in the townhouse, so I will leave with him tomorrow. I think I will be gone for 2 to 3 days. Anyway, I want you to take charge of the house while I’m gone.”

“S-sir?” Yuuri wasn’t comprehending this. Viktor was going to leave? Together with Minami? And Yuuri was going to stay here? Alone?



“W-why can’t I come with you?” Had he upset Viktor that much with his skating that the alpha wanted to get away from him!?

“Because you need to take care of Yura.”

Yuuri felt like he had been slapped.

Yura!!! He would be coming back tomorrow! How could he have forgotten about that!? He was the absolute worst!!

Yuuri took a moment to get a grip on his emotions.

“R-right. W-what do you mean by taking charge of the house?”

Viktor sighed.

“Minami, you may leave.”

“Yes, sir. What- what do you want me to do?”

Viktor looked at him, baffled.

“I don’t know. Just… watch TV or bake or… whatever. I’m sure you can find something to do.”

Minami left the room in a rather confused state.

“Come here, Yuuri.”

Yuuri managed to not jump over the desk in order to get into Viktor’s lap as quickly as possible.

Viktor huffed in amusement while Yuuri was making himself comfortable on top of the alpha.

“Are you quite comfy yet?”


“Well then pay attention. People like Chris and Mila, who are working here, will basically clock in when they pass security. And security will send a mail at 10 am that contains information on who was supposed to come in and who actually got here and what you’ll have to do is check if everyone is actually here by that point. Sometimes it happens that someone will be late or ill or oversleep. If that happens and you haven’t gotten a call or mail by then, I want you to check up on them. The phone numbers are saved here. It’s rather rare that happens though, so you should be fine. But I still need you to do it. Anyway,…”

Viktor spent almost an hour explaining what Yuuri had to do while he was gone.

He felt like his head was going to explode with all the information, but he tried to memorize everything Viktor said. The man was putting a lot of trust in him with all those responsibilities, and he’d be damned if he disappointed his alpha.

“Do you have any questions?”, Viktor eventually asked.

“Not right now. But…”


“Can- can I call you if I run into a problem?”

Viktor’s mien softened.

“Of course you can. I’ll make sure to call and check up on you no matter what.”

Yuuri was so happy that Viktor didn’t plan on just disappearing completely for a few days, he couldn’t help but kiss him.

The alpha made an approving sound as well, which made Yuuri even happier.

At least for the moment.

He just had to keep his mind off the fact that his alpha was going to be alone with another omega for a few days.

Chapter Text

After dinner, Yuuri didn’t quite know what to do.

Viktor had said they’d cuddle today, but he also said that he needed to catch up on some work he’d been neglecting all day. So without Yura around, he had absolutely nothing to do. Sure, Minami was here, but the boy had somehow developed some kind of hero-worship for Yuuri, which made him pretty uncomfortable, if he was honest. Of course, he was relieved that he’d done the right thing in rescuing Minami, but he didn’t need that much gratitude.

Right now Yuuri was in his room. He’d taken a nice, long, hot shower to relax and got himself into some comfy clothes but… but he didn’t want to be alone.

However, barely an hour had passed since Viktor had started to work and, knowing the man’s schedule, he probably didn’t want to be interrupted for a few more hours at least.

Yuuri sighed and looked out of the window.

It was dark by now, but there were several lanterns lighting up the garden space all the way back to the forest line. The outside pool looked really beautiful at night, Yuuri realized. He really hoped he’d still be here in summer, to get a chance to try it out without freezing to death.

Yuuri wasn’t very optimistic about it.

After all, Viktor had witnessed just how bad Yuuri was with anything sexual. There was no way he’d be able to get to a point where he could fully satisfy Viktor during a rut. He’d always be skittish and panicky. He couldn’t imagine himself ever being comfortable with sexual things. He really was a broken omega.

Yuuri sighed once more, deciding that he’d risk asking to stay with Viktor in the office.

He just didn’t like being alone right now, especially not with the knowledge that Viktor would leave with Mina- no.


He was not going to think about that.


He stood in front of Viktor’s doors for a few moments, unsure about actually disturbing the alpha.

He’d been fine until now, but wasn’t the whole reason Viktor wanted him here so that Yura would disturb him less? He didn’t have any way of knowing for certain, but he was pretty sure Yuuri had been a lot more of a disturbance to Viktor than Yura could have ever been. Come to think of it, he wondered why he hadn’t been punished more.

Yuuri jerked when the door in front of him suddenly opened.

“Yuuri, you’ve been standing here for almost half an hour. What’s wrong?”

He hadn’t realized he’d been standing there for that long. And how the hell could Viktor tell that anyway? He’d made sure to be extra quiet, too!

“Uhh… I… I didn’t want to disturb you, but…” but Yuuri was a weak, weak person who couldn’t handle being alone for more than an hour apparently.


Instead of answering, Yuuri took a hesitant step forward. He wanted to hug Viktor, but while he had been showering, he couldn’t help but think that he’d upset Viktor with his skating and while Viktor hadn’t been exactly angry at him, the air around him had been weird ever since they’d been in that restaurant. He’d tried to ignore it during the afternoon, but he’d realized that that probably hadn’t been the best thing to do.


Yuuri decided he wouldn’t go in for a full hug.

He stepped as close to Viktor as possible and leaned against the alpha’s chest, hands loosely clutching at Viktor’s shirt. This way he could easily step away from Yuuri, right? Which meant he wouldn’t be too much of a bother, probably.

Or he could put his arms around Yuuri.

Which Viktor did.

Without hesitation, but with a heavy sigh.

“Talk to me, dear.” Yuuri squirmed at the endearment.

“I don’t want to be alone.” It was a little embarrassing to admit; he was a grown man after all.

But he also wasn’t over the punishment he’d received yesterday.

“Then why didn’t you come in? You should know that I wouldn’t have minded”, Viktor reproached him gently.

“I didn’t want to risk making you even angrier with me.”

“But I’m not angry with you? Why do you think that?”

“You… you’re acting weird since I was skating.”

“That doesn’t have anything to with you, though. I’m not at all angry with you, Yuuri.”


Viktor huffed in amusement.

“Well? Are you comfy here or do you want to relocate to the piano room?”


When Yuuri woke up the next morning it was with a slight feeling of dread.

A quick look at the clock confirmed that it was way past 5 am, which meant that Viktor and Minami would be long gone by now.

Don’t think about it.

Anyway, he had work to do until Yura finally came back home. He couldn’t spend all his time moping around.

So he got dressed, made himself some breakfast and went to Viktor’s office. He could do this.

It had been a while since he had been allowed to be responsible for anything and, ignoring the circumstances, he was delighted that he’d have the chance to prove that he was worth more than just his body and organs. He had a brain and he knew how to use it and he would show Viktor!

Since Yuuri had slept in quite late – they had cuddled until way after midnight after all – he didn’t have to wait for the email from security for long. He checked everything over and came to the conclusion that everyone got to work on time. Which was good. Because now he could focus on the more complicated things Viktor had instructed him to do.

He was ready to prove his worth now.


Yuuri was done with his tasks about half an hour before Yura was supposed to come home, so he went ahead and made lunch.


Yura deserved that much after having been sent away without warning for a few days.

When the boy came barging in, he was in a much better mood that Yuuri had expected.

He lifted they boy against his hip after hugging the living daylights out of him.

“I missed you Yura”, Yuuri said, pressing a soft kiss to Yura’s forehead.

“Me, too! Aunty Lilia said there was some stupid angry weirdo here. Are you okay?”

Yuuri was surprised that Yura actually kind of knew what had been going on.

“I’m okay, you don’t have to worry about me”, he half-lied. He wasn’t okay yet, but he was going to be. Probably.

“Where’s daddy?”

“Oh… he had to go to London for something really important last night. He said he will be back in 3 days at the latest.”

Yura visibly deflated at that, making Yuuri feel incredibly guilty.

It wasn’t even his fault god dammit.

“But! I’m sure he’ll bring you a little gift.”

“You really think so!?”


Actually… probably not.

Yuuri would just have to call him and beg his ear off until he gave in.

“Sure”, he forced himself to smile.

“Now let’s have lunch before it gets cold, okay?”



They spent the rest of the day as usual, with Yuuri helping Yura with his homework, teaching him some basic Japanese and swimming, before snuggling up in front of the TV after dinner.


When Yuuri was lying in his bed that evening, he felt depressed.

Which was weird, because Yura always managed to lighten up his mood and lift his spirits.

He had tried not to let it show during the whole day, but not having Viktor here somehow got to him.

He didn’t really understand why either.

Usually, omegas would celebrate whenever their masters left them alone.

Usually, omegas used that opportunity to try and run away.

Yuuri was definitely not celebrating and he was definitely not trying to run away either.

Maybe his omega was broken in more ways than one.

But that’s not even what he really cared about right now.

What he really cared about, and what brought tears to his eyes was the fact that Viktor hadn’t called today.

Yuuri had checked his phone too many times throughout the day but there had never been a call that he could’ve missed.

Even though he’d promised he’d call.

Stupid alpha.

He fell asleep with a single tear running down his cheek.


Yuuri was in a dark room. He could hear voices from somewhere though, so he assumed he wasn’t alone. Which… he didn’t think he liked. At all.

Then the lights turned on.

Or, spotlights, to be more accurate.

All of them were focused on him.

He realized at this point that he was naked and hard.

What!? How!?

It was then that he noticed the vibrations inside him.

Oh no. Not again. What had he done this time!?

He tried to get a better look at his surroundings, now that there was at least some light.

He could make out some grotesque faces, in the crowd that was apparently watching him.

He wasn’t in a cage, but he was surrounded by people forming a circle around him. All of them were naked as well and he couldn’t find an exit.

He panicked.

“Viktor?”, he whimpered.

The alpha wasn’t there.

“Viktor… please… help me…”

The crowd was starting to close in on him.

He couldn’t take this.

“Viktor! Please! Viktor! Viktor!” He was full on sobbing now.


Relieved at hearing the familiar voice, Yuuri turned around.

And regretted it immediately.

Viktor’s face was distorted in an unfamiliar way that did nothing to comfort Yuuri. He was dressed in a three piece suit, as always, but he had a leash in his hand, and Minami was crawling next to him, the smug look on his face was the only thing he was wearing.

“V-Viktor… what…?”

“Yuuuri you couldn’t have honestly thought that you would ever be able to satisfy me, or did you?”

“Wh- what?”

“You’re pudgy, you need glasses and you don’t even like sex. You are a joke of an omega. Did you think I would choose to stay with you when you brought Minami to me? Not even you could’ve been that stupid.”


“I’ll never come back to you, Yuuri.”

“Stop it!”

“You were a burden from the very beginning.”


“I wish you were dea-“


Yuuri woke up screaming, his whole body shivering in cold sweat.

It… it had been a nightmare.

Yuuri tried to calm his breathing, but found that he couldn’t.

The dream had been too real, too intense.

His vision was going blurry and he was starting to feel dizzy, when he somehow noticed his phone ringing.

He didn’t think about what state he was in when he tapped the accept button.

“Yuuri! Are you okay?”

Yuuri tried to talk, but nothing but panicked gasps made it through his throat.

“Shit. Yuuri please calm down! Are you alone?”

“Ha- hi-y- ye… ye-s”

There was what sounded like a relieved sigh on the other end.

“Thank god I thought someone had managed to break in undetected or something.”

Yuuri didn’t need these additional terrifying thoughts.

“Yuuri, darling, did you have a nightmare?”

“Y-yes-s “

“I was scared that would happen… Was it about the punishment?”

“Y-y-yes.” Kind of.

There was a pause.

“Was there more to it?”

Yuuri didn’t even try to answer past his sobs.

“Okay. Are you sleeping in your room tonight?”

Yuuri nodded before realizing that Viktor wouldn’t be able to see it.


“Do want to sleep in my bed for the rest of the night?”

“C-c-can I?!”

“Of course, sweetheart. I want you to go there right now. Can you do that? Can you walk?”


“Good. I can tell you’re starting to calm down. You’re doing so well Yuuri.”

While he was walking to Viktor’s bedroom, Viktor told him about what he’d done that day, not leaving out a detail and actually apologizing for not calling earlier.

Honestly though, what he was saying was incredibly boring; Yuuri didn’t care about how dusty some of the rooms in the townhouse were, nor how Viktor had to have an impromptu visit to his company’s headquarters, neither about the problems that had arisen that day at the company.

But he didn’t care that it was boring, because it meant that he hadn’t spent all of his time with Minami, and that he hadn’t called because he’d been busy. And because just hearing Viktor’s voice somehow managed to calm him down enough to make his way through the house without having another breakdown.

“Are you there yet?”

“I- I just arrived.”

“Okay. Make yourself comfortable. You can rearrange the pillows, too, I don’t mind.”

Yuuri climbed under the blanket, pressing it against his nose and inhaling Viktor’s scent deeply as soon as he’d settled in.

“That’s it darling, you’ve calmed down so fast, I’m so proud of you.”

He wasn’t quite calm yet, if he was honest.

“Ho- how did you know?”

Yuuri didn’t need to specify for Viktor to know what he was talking about.

“I didn’t know, Yuuri. I just suddenly had a gut feeling that told me something was very, very wrong at home. I called you right away and well… hearing you go into hysterics was enough of a hint, really.”

“You had a gut feeling?”



“Yuuri, can you tell me what you dreamt?”

Yuuri swallowed hard.


“Is it because it’s too scary?”


“I will be home the day after tomorrow. Can you spend the rest of this one, and tomorrow night alone? You’re allowed to sleep in my bed, of course. And wear my clothes if you want to.”

“I-I think I can. Your smell helps a lot.”

“Good. Now, tell me what you’ve done today.”

Yuuri did.

“Right, I- I also said something to Yura I shouldn’t have said. I’m sorry”, Yuuri whispered.

“What did you say to him?”

“He… well he was upset that you were gone so I tried to cheer him up and said that… well. I-I told him you’d bring him a souvenir.”

Viktor laughed softly. “Okay. I guess I’ll have to do that now. After all, I can’t have a liar running around in my house.”

It took Yuuri a moment to realize that Viktor didn’t seem to be angry.

“Y-you’re not mad?”

“Of course not. I should have thought of that myself, really.”


“You sound a lot better, Yuuri. Are you calm?”

“I- I think so.” At least he wasn’t in hysterics anymore.

“Do you want to try and go back to sleep?”


Viktor hummed.

“Can you try anyway? For me? It’s unlikely you will have another nightmare tonight and you need your sleep.”

“C-c-can you stay on the phone anyway?”

“Of course, sweetheart.”

Sleep didn’t come easy to Yuuri, but with Viktor murmuring inconsequential things in a low voice somehow lulled him to sleep after a while anyway.


The next day was hard.

Yuuri had almost overslept, and Yura noticed that he wasn’t completely himself as well. Someone had forgotten to call in sick, but Yuuri had somehow managed to not mess the situation up.

He was starting to feel uncomfortable in his skin though, even more than usual, and changed into Viktor’s clothes at one point during the early afternoon. It helped a little bit.

But he couldn’t quite convince himself to eat more than a few bites per meal.

He figured it was because of the things dream Viktor had said.

It might have been true that the real Viktor didn’t think like that, but it was most likely only a matter of time before he realized how worthless Yuuri really was.

He needed to lose weight.

And somehow get his mind under enough control to be able to make some kind of move on Viktor.

He needed to show him that he was able to perform sexual acts, that he wasn’t a useless omega.

Maybe he could give the alpha a handjob as soon as he got back.

No, no that was stupid, there’s no way he’d be happy about just that.

A blowjob then.


He could totally do that.

Okay, not really but he could bullshit his way through it.


After Yura came home, the day went pretty much like the day before had, only that instead of swimming, they did dancing. Yura was starting to make a little progress already, which made more sense to Yuuri after the boy had told him that his aunt had kept practicing with him when he stayed with her.

After he brought Yura to bed he thought about trying to sleep in his own bed tonight, but in the end decided against it. He didn’t want to risk having another nightmare if he could help it.


Yuuri jerked awake when he felt someone touch him.

It took him a moment to realize it was Viktor, though in his muddled mind he didn’t know if he was dealing with dream Viktor or real Viktor right now.

Either way, the man stroking his hair and sitting at the edge of the bed, still wearing his suit.

“Ah. I didn’t mean to- mph”

It didn’t matter which Viktor he was dealing with; he needed to prove his worth as an omega. So he’d kissed the alpha. Maybe a little too forcefully but he couldn’t concentrate on that right now. He had decided to give the man a blowjob and he would do it.

He put his trembling hands on Viktor’s chest while he was still trying to shove his tongue down the man’s throat. He slid them down over Viktor’s torso, trying to get the trembling under control, but it only got worse the closer he got to the belt.

He could do this.

He could totally do this and not panic.

It’s what Viktor wants.

He was supposed to do whatever Viktor wants.

He wanted to do whatever Viktor wants.

He could totally-

Viktor stopped his wandering hands with his own when Yuuri was about to unfasten the belt.

He pulled away from the kiss as well.

Yuuri was such a failure.

He felt tears coming to his eyes.

“Yuuri, what in the world are you doing?”

Desperate to be a proper omega for his owner, Yuuri struggled his hands free to go back to where he left off, only for Viktor to re-catch his hands, though this time he pinned them next to Yuuri’s head on the mattress, leaning over him in the process.

“Yuuri! What’s gotten into you?!”

“I-I’m- I just- I want to- I want to be a proper omega”, Yuuri gasped.

Viktor narrowed his eyes at him.

“What caused this?”

“P-please. Do-don’t send m-m-me a-a-“

“Is this about that dream you had?”, Viktor interrupted his stammering, voice stern.

Yuuri shut up.

“So you want to be a proper omega, yes?”, Viktor said, a weird glint in his eyes.

“Y-yes”, Yuuri gasped, not quite managing to keep calm in the face of what was most likely about to happen now.

“Well then you know that proper omegas listen to their owners, yes?”

“Yes, s-sir.”

Viktor let go of him, but before Yuuri could be confused by his actions, he started talking again.

“Get out of my bed”, Viktor ordered, voice full of authority.

Yuuri flinched but scrambled to obey as fast as possible.

“Stand in front of the fireplace.”

Again, Yuuri obeyed.

“Take your clothes off.”

Yuuri obeyed once more, albeit a little hesitantly.

Viktor took his watch off and held it out towards Yuuri.

“Take this.”

Confused, Yuuri did.

“Go into my bathroom and take a shower for 15 minutes. The watch is waterproof. Wash your hair as well. Then you come back here and go stand where you are right now.”

When Yuuri just kept looking at the man, helplessly confused, Viktor narrowed his eyes at him even more.


Yuuri flinched a little at the tone – and word – but hurried to comply with the weird order.

In the shower, which, by the way, looked way too expensive for Yuuri to even touch, Yuuri felt himself getting more agitated.

What was Viktor planning? Why did Yuuri have to go out of his way to take a shower in the middle of the night? And why was he even here already?

Thoughts like that occupied his mind for a while, before he started to actually feel the soothing spray of the hot water.

This… this felt pretty good.


When Yuuri got out of the shower, he was relaxed. Well, at least his body was. The hot water had done wonders to make his muscles relax and stop his quivering.

Viktor was still sitting on the edge of the bed when Yuuri entered the room.

The alpha kept his eyes on him, closely watching him until he was standing in front of the fireplace again.

“Give me back my watch.”

Yuuri did, and, after receiving it, Viktor carelessly tossed it away, making Yuuri wince. That had been a Rolex, and Yuuri was very sure that that wasn’t how one was supposed to treat a watch like that.

But the movement had made Yuuri notice a mountain of… clothes…? sitting next to Viktor. He couldn’t tell very well what exactly it was in the dark.

Viktor took what Yuuri realized were his own boxers from the mountain, holding them in a way that made Yuuri think he was supposed to step into them.

“Don’t make me wait.”

Taking a wild guess, he did step into the briefs.

Apparently it was the right thing to do.

When Viktor pulled them up, Yuuri realized just exactly how close the alpha was to his… private parts. It made him swallow nervously.

The next thing Viktor took from the clothes-mountain were sweatpants, which he held open in the same way he’d done with the briefs.

Yuuri cautiously stepped into them as well.

“Get on your knees.” Viktor still had this no-nonsense tone in his voice, making Yuuri obey immediately.

The next thing Viktor took away from the mountain was a sweater.

“Hands up.”

Hesitantly, Yuuri put his hands up.

What was going on? Why was he being dressed? Why wasn’t Viktor making good use of him?

Did he not want him after all?

The thought brought tears to Yuuri’s eyes again.

When Viktor was apparently done dressing him, he stood up, making Yuuri come face to face with his crotch, before he walked away, and leaned himself against the fireplace.

“Change the sheets.”


Confused out of his mind, Yuuri obeyed.

Only to come to the realization that the task was a lot more challenging than he’d first thought.

Viktor’s bed was round, and Yuuri had never put bedsheets on a round bed before – heck, he’d never even seen a round bed before – and fulfilling his task without having any wrinkles, which would be uncomfortable to sleep on, in the sheets, forced him to take a lot more time and running around than he’d thought he’d have to do.

It also forced him to actually focus his mind on the task at hand.

When he was done he looked at Viktor for some sort of acknowledgement and further instructions.

Viktor didn’t look impressed.

“Undress me.”

Here it came. Yuuri didn’t quite understand why he had to change the sheets before they did anything, but he wouldn’t dare ask Viktor.

When Yuuri got to unbuttoning Viktor’s dress shirt, his hands started trembling again. Though this time, Viktor didn’t stop him.

By the time he pulled down the alpha’s pants, his whole body was back to shaking.

When Yuuri reached for Viktor’s thong, the alpha stopped him.

“That’s enough. Stand up.”

Yuuri obeyed, keeping his eyes firmly on the floor.

Viktor moved away from him, but judging by the rustling of the sheets, he was getting into bed.

“Join me.”

Yuuri turned around to see Viktor holding up the blanket.

He crawled into bed, unsure how exactly Viktor wanted him, but his owner simply guided his hips to sit next to him.

An instant later his arm was around him, though instead hugging him, Viktor grasped his wrist, two fingers pressing against his pulse.

He hummed.

“Better than earlier, but still bad”, he apparently muttered to himself.

“Can you tell be about that nightmare of yours, Yuuri?”

Yuuri didn’t have to ask which one he was referring to.

“I-is that an order, sir?”

There was a pause.

“Yes. Yes, Yuuri, I think it is.”

Yuuri swallowed, realizing he didn’t have a choice now.


When he was done recounting every single detail, he was close to hysterics again, crying and gasping for air.

He noticed though, that Viktor had somehow hauled him onto his lap, and was pressing Yuuri’s face against his neck. It was only then that Yuuri was able to get whiff of Viktor’s calming scent. He pressed himself closer, inhaling it as much as he could.

He flinched when he felt a hand on his back, though he somehow managed to relax again when he realized Viktor was giving him back-scratches, the same way he’d done the morning after Yuuri had crawled into his bed.

In that moment he realized something.

He realized that, when Viktor had spent that morning with him, he’d been careful to make Yuuri feel comfortable, even protecting him from his own morning wood.

He’d even taken Yuuri to the ice rink. Despite the fact that it must’ve been painful for him to be confronted with skating again. He’d done it, simply because Yuuri had asked.

Because he wanted Yuuri to feel comfortable.

Probably even at home.

“W-why are you so nice?”, Yuuri asked, forcing himself to talk through his sobbing.

“Because I want you to feel safe here.”


“Because I want you to stay here.”

“Why?”, Yuuri whispered.

“Because I really like you, Yuuri. Just the way you are. Don’t try to be someone you’re not, ever again. That’s an order.”


Yuuri broke.

Chapter Text

When Yuuri woke up, he felt like a train had run him over. His head hurt, all of his limbs were stiff and his eyes felt crusty.

Oh, he realized, I must’ve cried myself to sleep last night.

He turned to look at Viktor, who was spooning him from behind.


How was he even real?

Viktor had ordered him to just… be the fucked up, broken version of himself that he undeniably was. Obviously, following that order wouldn’t be difficult but… did that mean he couldn’t even try to become an… enjoyable omega for Viktor?

Because the alpha had treated him so exceptionally well and done so much for him in the short period of time he’d been living there, Yuuri wanted to give him something back. That much hadn’t changed. But as an omega he didn’t have anything he could give, apart from his body.

Sure, he still had the money Viktor had allowed him to keep, but trying to buy Viktor a present from such a small amount would look ridiculous compared to even the cheapest things Viktor owned.

He just didn’t know how he could make the alpha happy.

It made Yuuri frown.

“That’s not a nice face to wake up to”, Viktor commented drily.

“S-sorry. I didn’t know you were awake…”

“Don’t apologize. What were you thinking about?”

Yuuri blushed.

“Oh? Now you’re making me curious.” Yuuri could hear the smile in Viktor’s voice.

“I… do I have to tell you?”

“I won’t force you. But I’d be very happy if you did.”

Yuuri sighed. Of all the ways Viktor could’ve worded that…

“I- I just. You’ve been so much kinder to me than you have to be and I just want to do something in return. But I don’t have anything. Literally the only thing I can give you is my body… but you said you don’t want me to try and- and give it to you, and I know I need to diet first anyway, but I just don’t know how I can do something nice for you and I just… I don’t like it.”

Viktor blinked at him confused. “What does dieting have to do with anything you just said?”

“I- because that’d be more pleasant for you?”

“Why would you think – oh. Is it because of what that Mr. Paine said?”

“N-not really. I’ve known for a while now that my weight is less than ideal, but…”

“Yuuri”, Viktor sighed, “I couldn’t care less about your weight.”

“But-! Everyone cares about that.”

“Well, I don’t. I can see some positive things about you being chubby as well, you know. Honestly, I don’t mind if you want to diet. You’re free to do it. But do it because of the right motivations. My opinion of you won’t change, you know. You don’t have to be the hottest man alive or whatever for me to be attracted to you.”

“B-But yesterday… if that’s not what you mind, then why-“

“Yuuri. You weren’t in any mental condition to initiate new things between us. You were literally shaking with fear. That’s not how I want our sexual relationship to be. I know that some alphas that are sick in the head get off on stuff like that, but I don’t, and the whole reason I’m going so slow with you is because I want you to enjoy and be comfortable with everything we do. Have you forgotten that?”

“I-...I… yes”, Yuuri whispered.

He should’ve known that Viktor wouldn’t be happy with him if he tried to do things he wasn’t comfortable with. He’d said that much in the very beginning. Why had he thought that had changed?

“I’m so sorry.”

“Apology accepted. Well, Yuuri, can you see things a bit clearer today?”

Yuuri nodded. He’d had some enlightenments within the last 8 hours.

“Good, now I’m not going to pretend that I wouldn’t be happy about advances on your part, but you’ll have to be comfortable with doing it. I won’t be happy otherwise, okay?”, Viktor said earnestly while gently stroking his fingers over Yuuri’s cheek.

“Okay.” He got that now.

“Well then. Do you want to try something now?”

“Will that make up for my failure last night?”

Viktor frowned at him.

“You were too out of it last night for it to count, so you don’t have to make up for it. Just answer my question without any made up conditions.”

“I- I think I want to try something new.”

It didn’t even make sense, but after the mess of last night he was feeling a lot more comfortable now, than he ever had before. Even after everything that had happened. Or maybe it was because it had happened. Which, honestly, sounded more likely kind of. He couldn’t really wrap his head around it though.

Anyway, he was feeling good today. Very good.

Well, at least his mind did.

His body still felt like hell.

Anyway, he swore then and there that he’d never doubt Viktor again.

“Something new, hm?”, Viktor asked with sly smile.


Yuuri didn’t know where his sense for adventure was suddenly coming from, but he figured Viktor was to blame for that. He made Yuuri feel weird in more ways than one and having the alpha’s conformation that he didn’t mind Yuuri’s looks, as well as having the knowledge that his mental wellbeing was actually important to the man, was just somehow… liberating. As if a weight had suddenly been lifted off his shoulders.

“What do you have in mind?”, the alpha asked almost excitedly.

“I- I don’t really know”, Yuuri replied, “I just… want to go along with what you want to do.”

Viktor hummed.

He took a moment to look at Yuuri consideringly, before he seemed to come to a decision.

“You realize that everything after getting naked requires touching, yes?”

“Yes.” He might be inexperienced, but he wasn’t an idiot.

“Well, we’ve done a lot of touching already, to a certain point. Do you want to get past that point, Yuuri?”

Yuuri took a moment to actually think about that.

He didn’t feel panicky at the thought, at least not yet. Which was probably a good sign.

So he’d roll with it until he started to panic, which would inevitably happen at one point, but Viktor had told him before that he could say stop whenever, right? So he would do exactly that when it got to that point.

Yuuri looked Viktor determinedly in the eye.


Viktor smiled at him.

“I really do prefer that look on you.”

Yuuri could only stare at Viktor, confused. What look?

“I think I can guess the answer, but Yuuri, have you masturbated before?”

Yuuri blushed a deep red at the bluntness.


Viktor looked at him a little sadly, which Yuuri didn’t exactly understand.

“I can’t say I’m surprised. Well then, that will be the next step.”

“M-masturbating?! B-but I thought we were-…” going to touch.

“Right now we are still getting comfortable with each other. When you get to a point where you can be naked in front of me, and masturbate without feeling embarrassed, we’ll tackle the next step, okay? Rushing in now won’t do either of us any good. You need to get acquainted with your own body before you let someone else handle it.”

Yuuri looked down in shame. The way Viktor had said ‘you’ implied that it wasn’t exactly a rule for everyone. He hated being a special case like that.

“None of that, Yuuri”, Viktor said, giving him a soft kiss to his temple. “Do you want to try it?”

Yuuri took a deep breath, steeling himself.

“I want to, yes.”

“It’s okay to be nervous, darling. Let’s take our clothes of first, yes?”

So they did.

Though, Yuuri didn’t really understand why Viktor was going to be naked as well. But as always, the man could sense his confusion.

“It’s only fair. Also, Yuuri”, he said, serious now, “teaching you how to masturbate will most likely arouse me, which means I will get hard. It’s simply another aspect you need to get used to. To be perfectly honest, when I’m through with your lesson, I’ll probably masturbate myself. I’ll let you decide if you want to watch that or not, depending on how you’ll feel by then, and how this is going to go in general. You still remember that you can stop any time you want, yes?”


He wasn’t going to think about what Viktor had just said until after he… was done with his lesson, as Viktor put it. Otherwise he probably would panic.

“W-well. What exactly am I supposed to do?”, he asked, feeling incredibly awkward.

“Hmm… right, you wouldn’t really know how to please yourself… Oh I know.”

Viktor propped himself up against the headboard, spread his legs and patted the space between his thighs.

“Come here. I’ll help you with finding some of your erogenous zones, so you can concentrate on… let’s only go for your dick this time, yes?”

Yuuri swallowed, and couldn’t help but hesitate when he looked at that piece of flesh that was harmlessly resting in-between Viktor’s legs. He reminded himself that the position Viktor wanted them to get into was basically the same they sat in when they’d bathed together.

He settled himself against Viktor’s stomach, feeling distantly miffed about the fact that Viktor’s legs were still a little bit longer than his, even in this position. At least it was only about maybe one or two centimeters. He’d find a way to somehow live with that.



“Are you still with me?” Yuuri could hear amusement in Viktor’s voice.

“Ah. Yes. Of course.”

“Good. Are you comfortable?”

“Yes.” There was no way he couldn’t be comfortable if Viktor’s scent was this close.

“Let’s start then.”

As soon as Yuuri nodded, Viktor wrapped his arms around him.

“Try not to think and just feel, okay? Don’t fight what you’re feeling either”, Viktor murmured into his ear in a low and husky voice.

That voice alone made Yuuri shiver.

He apparently had no idea what he was in for, he realized.

He clutched at Viktor’s hands for mental support.

Viktor softly pressed his nose against Yuuri’s neck, inhaling deeply, before tracing it along the line of his neck, until he reached his ear. Viktor kissed his earlobe and nibbled on it gently, before he turned to kissing down his neck again.

Yuuri was already a shuddering mess.

He hadn’t known his ears of all things would be this sensitive.

Without interrupting the actions on his neck, Viktor snaked his hands out of Yuuri’s grip, instead brushing over the back of his hands with his thumbs.

“Relax, Yuuri”, Viktor mumble against his skin, sending a shiver down his spine yet again.

Viktor let go of Yuuri’s hands now, slowly running his own along Yuuri’s torso.



“I feel weird…”

“Weird good? Or weird bad?”, he whispered into his ear, lips actually touching the shell of it.

Yuuri’s skin broke out into goosebumps.

“I-I’m not sure…”

“Hmm… do you want me to stop?”, Viktor asked while letting a thumb grace his nipple.

“Ah- I-I- no!”, Yuuri gasped.

“Did you like that?” Viktor’s mouth still hadn’t moved away from his ear, making it incredibly hard for Yuuri to think clearly.

Which… was probably the reason why he was doing it, Yuuri realized. He wasn’t supposed to think. Right.

“C-can you do that again?”

“Of course.”

He didn’t do it again immediately, but when he let his hands wander back to Yuuri’s chest, he slid over them with his palms and just the right pressure. For a moment that felt too short, he let his hands rest over what was left of his pecks, palms pressing against his nipples, before he moved them to stroke other parts of his torso again.

Yuuri didn’t have to look down in order to know that they had gotten hard. Just as he didn’t have to look down in order to know that his dick had started to get hard.

He did it anyway, amazed at how Viktor had managed to do that with such a simple action.



Viktor huffed in amusement but complied. This time he let his thumbs flick against the hard nubs simultaneously.

“Oh! A-again…”

“Why don’t you do it yourself, Yuuri?”

That… that was actually a good idea.

At first he imitated what Viktor had already done to him, but after a short few moments, he started to experiment a bit more, even going so far as to letting his nails grace against his nipples.

He moaned.

“That’s it Yuuri, you’re doing so well”, Viktor said in that husky tone again that went straight to Yuuri’s dick.

It made Yuuri whimper.

“There we go”, Viktor continued in that same voice, “try touching it, darling.”


“However you want, love.”

But he didn’t want to make a fool of himself.

“Help me… please…”, he gasped.

Viktor hummed a low tone into his ear.


He laid his right hand over Yuuri’s, guiding it downwards along his body, making sure to touch every inch they passed, until Yuuri felt the pad of his thumb lightly pressing against the base of his dick.

Somehow it startled Yuuri.

“Shhh, you’re doing so well, honey. It’s just your dick, just another part of yourself.”

“B-but it’s… hard.”

“Yes, it is. Which means that your body is enjoying what we’re doing so far, yes?”

“I- I guess.”

“See. And he just wants to be let in on the fun. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there?”


“Exactly. Then why don’t you greet him?”

Yuuri swore that Viktor’s voice put him under some kind of spell.

“Do it at your own pace, Yuuri.”

Yuuri did.

At first he let his thumb put a little more pressure on it, in a way to figure out what felt best for him. And then he just… let his thumb run all the way up to the tip.

He exhaled loudly after he’d done it.

“Perfect, darling. How does it feel?”

“I- I’m not sure.”

“Do it again”, Viktor whispered helpfully.

Yuuri listened, and repeated the motion, though this time he even stroked all the way down to the base, too, after he’d reached the tip.

“Well? Do you think you want to become friends with him?”

Yuuri couldn’t help himself.

He snorted.

“How do you even become friends with your own body parts?”

Viktor leaned a little away from him.

“I’ll have you know that I’m very good friends with my own dick. Let me tell you, it’s very rewarding to be on good terms.”

Yuuri couldn’t help but laugh.

“You’re silly.”

“Possibly. I might become even sillier if it helps you relax. C’mere.”

Viktor turned Yuuri’s head towards himself, and, as soon as he was able to, he kissed Yuuri on the lips, immediately making Yuuri forget what he’d just been laughing about.

He pulled away again slightly, after four to six moments, only to say “you should keep acquainting yourself with your dick”, before he went back to biting Yuuri’s lower lip sensually.

Yuuri listened without thinking, this time actually wrapping his whole hand around himself.

He breathed shakily into Viktor’s mouth at the sensations.

Yuuri started mimicking the same motion he’d done with his thumb earlier, already shuddering before he’d completed the first stroke.

“You’re so sensitive, darling, it’s amazing. Keep going. You’re doing great.”

Yuuri whimpered.

“I- I feel strange. Like- like when… in the cage-“

“Forget the cage. You’re in charge here, Yuuri. It’s your own hand. You have control over your hand, yes?”

Yuuri took a deep shuddering breath. “Yes.”

That realization had hit him like a brick to the face.

“Do you want me to play with your nipples again?”, Viktor breathed against the nape of his neck.

Yuuri shivered violently.

“P-please”, he whimpered. And gasped right afterwards, when he felt Viktor making good on his words.

The whole motioned had caused his thumb to slip right over the head of his dick, which… he liked. He repeated the motion again, in combination with his strokes, and- oh!

Even his hips had made an involuntary motion at that.

“You’re getting the hang of it so fast darling. Do you want to try to make yourself come like that?”

Yuuri wasn’t coherent enough to talk at that moment, too caught up in all the things he was feeling and how good they actually felt, but he jerked his head in a clumsy nod.

He- he was really starting to enjoy this.

Touching his dick when it was hard still felt a bit weird, but definitely not bad. Though if he was honest, he preferred feeling Viktor’s hand his chest. Or maybe just Viktor’s hands in general. Because they knew what they were doing. Or because they belonged to Viktor.

He didn’t care.

It felt good.


He- he felt weird, but good weird. He didn’t even care that his body had seemed to develop a mind of its own. Viktor had said it was his own hand doing this, and he was right of course, but he didn’t feel like he could stop what he was doing right now; as if it was physically impossible.

He pressed himself into Viktor’s chest heavily, panting, and could feel his toes curling; his hips kept thrusting into his hand uncontrollably, before-

He felt like he was flying for a moment or two.

He was probably making some weird noise as well.

Yuuri’s body was tingling all over when he managed to open his eyes again.

He realized that Viktor was hugging him now, pressing endless kisses on his cheek as well.

Yuuri felt… weird. Empty, in a good kind of way, maybe. He wasn’t exactly sure. But he knew that he suddenly felt very exposed. For some reason having Viktor with him now felt so… intimate. Even though they had been naked together before. He hadn’t felt this way before.

He also felt something poking against his back.

It took him a moment to realize what it was.

When he did, he blushed scarlet.

“How are you feeling, Yuuri?”, Viktor distracted him.

It was a very good question, too.

Overwhelmed, probably.

“Uh… not panicky?”

He craned his neck around to get a look at Viktor.

Only to get blinded by how the alpha beamed at him.

“You’ve done such a wonderful job, sweetheart, I am so, so proud of you!” Viktor exclaimed, before nuzzling his neck.

Seeing the man so happy did weird things to Yuuri’s heart.

He let himself be cuddled by Viktor, who kept showering him with praises.

It made him feel like he’d done something to be proud of.

And maybe he had.

It was the first time he’d done something sexual and actually kind of enjoyed it.

It was definitely a huge step in the right direction.

Yuuri took new confidence out of this. He knew now that he could overcome even himself, with Viktor’s help. And if he could overcome the rest of his fears as well, then maybe it was even possible for him to get comfortable enough with sex to be able to spend Viktor’s rut with him.

And if he could do that, he’d be allowed to stay here, with Viktor.

He almost felt like he could tear up at the realization that his goal wasn’t just a fantasy anymore, but actually something he had the chance to reach.

He turned around in Viktor’s arms just enough so that he could give Viktor the biggest hug he was capable of.

Viktor immediately pressed a loving kiss to his forehead.

“Thank you, Viktor.”

“Don’t thank me, Yuuri, you’re the one who’s fighting all of your demons. I’m only assisting you. You should be so proud of yourself right now.”

“I am”, Yuuri whispered, realizing it was true the same moment he’d said it.

“Good”, Viktor smiled, “Now, Yuuri… I could give you a little show as a reward, if you want to? Or would you prefer to take a bath or something?”

“A show?”

Viktor looked at him, patiently smiling.

“Well, after the show you just gave me, my own dick has been wanting to get some attention as well.”

Yuuri blushed.

“I-I-I didn’t give you a show!”, Yuuri almost screeched, embarrassed beyond belief.

“You didn’t, but I enjoyed watching you anyway. Now tell me, Yuuri, do you want to watch me?”

Yuuri was fairly certain he’d reached a brand new shade of red when he replied.

“I-I-I-I do.” His voice wasn’t supposed to be so high, was it?

Viktor smirked slyly.

“Well then sit back and try not to blink.”

Yuuri swallowed.

He’d just been given the Nikiforov™ look.

Oh god.

He scooted away from Viktor, towards the end of the bed, and pulled the blanket around his shoulders in an attempt to hide himself from the look Viktor gave him.

It didn’t work, obviously, but dammit if it didn’t make him feel a little protected.

Viktor leaned himself back against the headboard again, giving Yuuri what could only be described as bedroom eyes.

Yuuri swallowed dryly.

He had not been prepared for the intensity of Viktor’s eyes.

So he dropped his gaze, only to be confronted with Viktor’s dick, but he figured that was a safer thing to look at right now.

Yuuri stood by his opinion that Viktor’s dick was beautiful. He had a premium view, too, with the position the alpha had put himself into, and with his legs spread wide open.

It didn’t look like it was completely hard yet, though. But it also looked… bigger than he remembered, like, significantly bigger. Huh?

It didn’t take Viktor long to get himself to have a full erection. Though, Yuuri realized now that there was no way he was imagining the size difference of Viktor’s dick in a flaccid state compared to his erect one. Which was weird. Kind of. Not that he was an expert, but he was pretty damn sure that the difference wasn’t supposed to be that big. He kind of wanted to ask Viktor about it, but he had no idea how to even start on a topic like that.

It didn’t matter.

Viktor obviously knew what he was doing very well. He played with his own body like it was an instrument or something, arching in – admittedly – beautiful ways, showing off his toned muscles and making the most sensual of sounds.

Yuuri felt like he was watching a porno.

The only difference probably was that Viktor was watching him watch him.

Oh god.

Wait- no. Yuuri didn’t have a reason to be flustered about this! It wasn’t like he was watching secretly or anything! He hadn’t been caught. He had been asked to watch. He was- he was totally allowed to.

It still made him feel like he was doing something... perverted.

Oh god.

Yuuri was totally a pervert now, wasn’t he?!

The was a growl.

Yuuri snapped his eyes back to Viktor.

“Watch or leave”, Viktor growled at him. Growled! At him!

Right, of course he was angry.

He said he’d put on a show for Yuuri, and Yuuri wasn’t even paying attention to his alpha! He was the worst omega ever!

He whined apologetically, hoping that Viktor would stop being angry with him if showed him how sorry he was.

As soon as the sound left his throat, Viktor’s growling stopped.

Yuuri made sure to keep his eyes on him then, completely forgetting what he’d been worried about, because Viktor was just so beautiful when he was writhing like that.

He pressed his legs together, squirming because apparently just watching his alpha like this did things to his omega. He knew he wasn’t ready for that part for him to come out yet though, so he suppressed his omega’s desires, as always.

When Viktor came, he did so with a guttural moan.

Yuuri leaned forward in anticipation now. He’d heard of knots before - because who hadn’t!? – and now that he wasn’t terrified, he was curious to know just how the heck those were supposed to actually look like.

“Yuuri?”, Viktor panted.


“The show is over”, he laughed.

Even more so when Yuuri looked at him disappointedly.

“W-what about your… uh… your… knot?”

Viktor seemed to be a bit bemused at that.

“Yuuri, I can’t knot simply by masturbating”, he explained while cleaning himself up.

“You can’t?”

“Come here”, Viktor said, opening his arms towards Yuuri.

Yuuri crawled into the embrace, taking the blanket with him and making himself comfortable underneath it, while snuggling up to Viktor at the same time.

“Comfy?” Yuuri could hear the soft smile in Viktor’s voice.


“There are… certain requirements for an alpha to be able to knot, Yuuri.”

“Oh. Really?” Yuuri had never bothered to learn about alpha biology, simply because he didn’t want to be confronted with it if he could help it.

But things were different now.

“Yes. For one, there has to be something I can… lock inside, let’s put it like that. Masturbating is still a lot different from actual sex, Yuuri, and knotting is connected to how much you immerse yourself into your partner and their smell. There’s a lot more psychological stuff going on with that than you’re probably thinking, and you can’t replicate that by only masturbating”, Viktor explained patiently.


“Anyway, did you enjoy the show? You seemed to be quite content there for most of the time.”

Yuuri hid his face against Viktor’s chest, mumbling some kind of conformation, despite his embarrassment.

Viktor cooed at his antics.

Which, to be honest, embarrassed Yuuri even more.

And led to him making dying whale noises, which in turn made Viktor chuckle.

“As much as I love cuddling with you, it’s time to get up, darling.”

“Hm.” Yuuri really didn’t feel like moving. Or letting go of Viktor for that matter.

“Can I wear your clothes, today?”

“Of course. How about you go take a quick shower and I’ll bring them to you?”

“Okay…”, he said, snuggling more against his alpha.

“You’ll have to get up for that”, Viktor chuckled.


When Yuuri toweled himself off, Viktor took a quick jump into the shower as well.

He’d told him that he would have breakfast together with him and Yura, too, so after Yuuri got dressed he went ahead to the kitchen to prepare it.

Yuuri was about to set the table, when he heard fast, light footsteps approaching, before Yura turned around the corner and rammed into him at full speed.


“Good morning, Yura”, he smiled at the energetic boy.

“Is breakfast already ready?”

“Yes, it is! Do you want to help me set the table?”


They were done just when Viktor came walking into the kitchen.

“Daddy!! You’re back!”, Yura squealed and abandoned Yuuri at the dining table in order to run Viktor over as well.

However, Viktor had the cane in one hand, and two paper bags in the other one. Yuuri was about to shout for Yura to slow down, but before he could, the cane had fallen to the ground, and Viktor had scooped up his son with one arm and sat him against his hip.

Yura in turn hugged his father around the neck, probably a bit too tightly, judging by the slightly suffering expression that clouded his otherwise happy face.

Yuuri could only watched that scene, stunned into silence.

That- that just now was literally little Yura’s dream come true.

Yuuri could feel himself tear up at witnessing the sheer elation that was rolling off of Yura.

“Daddy, Katsudon said you’d bring me a gift!”

“Did he now?”

“Yes! He promised!”

“Well then in that case it must be true.”

“You did!?”

“I did.”

Yura squealed, hugging Viktor even tighter.

Yuuri went to join them a little hesitantly, not wanting to intrude on such a moment, but he wanted to help out, so… he picked up the cane and took the surprisingly heavy bags from Viktor, so he could shift Yura onto his other arm.

Which he did.

And then he reached for the cane, giving Yuuri a quick peck on the lips as thanks.


Yuuri blushed deeply at having Yura witness something like that.

“Eww?”, Viktor asked, a dangerously humorous glint in his eyes.

“Yes! Eww! Don’t do that! Don’t you know it’s disgusting?”, Yura asked indignantly.

“No, I don’t think I heard that before…. Do you really think so?”


Viktor pressed a big, fat, wet, smooch to Yura’s cheek.

It made the boy squeal again, though for completely different reasons.

“Ewwwww! Stop it! Stop! No! Katsudon! Help me!”

Viktor was positively smothering his son with his kisses now, but Yura tried to squirm away from him desperately, laughing and complaining all the way.

“Ah… sorry, Yura, I don’t think I can.”

“But you’re strong!”

“Even I don’t stand a chance against a kissing monster like your daddy.”

“Then you suck! Daddy, stooooooooop!”

Viktor did stop, when Yura put his little hands on the alpha’s face and pushed him away.

He tried to rub his face dry as soon as Viktor had complied.

“Yuck! Daddy, you slobbered all over my face!”

“Yes, I did”, he said, not sounding remorseful at all.

“Katsudon’s kisses are way better!”

“Oh? Is that true?”


“I don’t think I believe that.”

“It’s true!”

“Hmm… I think I need to test that for myself before I believe it”, Viktor smirked.

Before either of them could react, Viktor had pressed another, softer kiss to Yuuri’s lips. It was still a short one though, luckily. However, that didn’t keep him from blushing all over again.

“You’re gross”, Yura decided.

It made Yuuri feel warm inside.


After they finished breakfast, Viktor started talking about a new topic.

“Well, I did say I brought presents for you, didn’t I?”, he said, already lifting the bags onto the table.


“Let’s see… the big one is for Yura… and this one is for Yuuri.”




Viktor had-


Yuuri did not comprehend the situation.

“A teddy!!!”

“Yes. I thought koshka could use a new friend, yes?”


“This one is really strong, too.”

“Really?” Yura sounded utterly amazed by that.

“Yes! Do you see what he’s wearing?”

“Yeah so?”

“It’s the uniform the guards who protect the Queen wear. They are the strongest. So that means he can protect you from everything.”


Yuuri heard what the both of them were saying, but he couldn’t quite manage to look away from the bag that was sitting in front him. He just couldn’t believe that Viktor had brought him a present as well. He hadn’t somehow implied that he’d wanted one, had he?!

“Katsudon, why don’t you open yours?”

Startled out of his thoughts, Yuuri finally looked up.

Only to come face to face with two eerily similar expressions of impatience.

“Oh.. uhh… I thought I’d do it la-“

“No way! You have to do it now! I wanna know what’s in it, too!”, Yura protested immediately.

Not having a chance now, Yuuri pulled out the contents of the bag, only to realize it was… a pen and a notebook? Granted, both of them were covered with images of the Union Jack, the Palace of Westminster, and a ton of other mostly London things, but… he didn’t know what kind of use he’d have for it.

He looked at Viktor questioningly.

“I know it’s rather earlier, but I’ve been thinking about what I want for Christmas this year”, Viktor said slyly.

That… only caused more questions to pop up in Yuuri’s mind.

“Well, I know you’re teaching Yura how to dance, and I know that you can choreograph. So what I want for Christmas is for you to put together a choreography for Yura and yourself, and present it to me.”

Yuuri did not know how to deal with that.

“Are you up for that?”, Viktor asked, a little worried now.

“S-s-s-sure. Yeah. Of course”, Yuuri replied, a little hysterical.

There was no way whatever he’d come up with would come even close to the amazing choreographies Viktor was able to put together himself.

But then again, Yuuri realized, this couldn’t be about wanting to see perfection. Not with Yura’s barely even there training.

He wouldn’t even be able to go all out with a beginner. He also couldn’t put too much pressure on Yura to make him dance perfectly within only about 2 months. Viktor should know that. So why…



Viktor knew that Yura liked dancing.

He was giving them a goal to work towards to.

It didn’t have to be high level, or perfectly executed for him to enjoy it.


That at least took some pressure off him.

“I’ll do my best. Thank you, Viktor”, Yuuri finally said, smiling at his alpha.

Viktor smiled back softly.


Chapter Text

They had put Yura to bed together, after Viktor had spent the whole day with them.

They had played around a lot in the pool again, and Viktor had even attempted to learn some Japanese alongside his son in the afternoon. Granted, it was Saturday, so it might have been normal for most people to not work, but for Viktor it was rather strange.

Even stranger was the fact that the man seemed to be an utter goofball when he actually managed to relax properly.

The strangest thing of all though, was when Yuuri and Yura had talked about the dance lessons. Viktor had overheard the little conversation of course, and asked where they were even practicing.

After Yuuri had told him that the ground floor piano room seemed to be good enough, Viktor had frowned and taken him, as well as Yura, to his own quarters, though instead of heading all the way to the back, he’d turned to follow the hallway that was branching off to the left.

Yuuri had almost died of curiosity when Viktor was about to open the doors at the end of that hallway.

And he definitely died as soon as he saw the room that was behind those doors.

There was parquet, 2 of the walls were floor to ceiling mirrors, which was probably why the room seemed so much more massive than it actually was, and the other 2 walls were covered in heavy, dark red curtains. And of course there were several chandeliers hanging from the in painting covered ceiling.

This- this was a full-blown ballroom, Yuuri had realized, stunned beyond words.

“You can practice here. I promise I won’t take any sneak peeks”, Viktor said, while Yura was running around excitedly inside the room.

“Uh… okay. Th-thank you”, Yuuri had stuttered.

And of course Viktor had picked up on it, and asked him what was wrong.

So Yuuri had to explain to his alpha why it was surprising to normal people to find an actual fucking ballroom inside a house.

“Oh. Well, my parents were the ones who came up with it. They never danced competitively or anything, but they loved dancing with each other. I joined them, too sometimes, when I visited, so this room is nostalgic, even to me. And I thought the whole notion of it was quite romantic, so I couldn’t bring myself to renew it with the rest of the house. I actually forgot it was still here. I haven’t been in this room since my parents died. Anyway, you’re free to use it whenever you want to.”

Yuuri had been pretty sure he was dreaming.

Though he had pinched himself rather hard several times during the day, so maybe it was actually real.

Which, Yuuri couldn’t wrap his mind around.


Right now, they were standing in the little hallway that separated his and Yura’s rooms.

“Would you mind if I join you in your room for a moment?”, Viktor asked.

Surprised the he even asked, - because really Viktor? you own me – Yuuri opened the door, and gestured for his alpha to enter.

He started talking again as soon as Yuuri had closed the door.

“I have an order I want you to follow at least once per day, Yuuri.”

“Huh?” Where was this coming from? Had he done something wrong today?

He tried very hard to think about what he might have fucked up, but couldn’t come up with anything.

“I don’t care when you do it, you can do it after you wake up, under the shower, or before you go to sleep, but I want you to masturbate every day.”

“W-w-w-what?! E-every day!?”

“Yes, every day. Until you feel like it’s a normal thing to do.”

Yuuri could only stare at Viktor. Had the man lost his mind?

“What is it, Yuuri?”

“Wh-what if I don’t feel like-… what if I… panic?” Asking about not obeying an order simply because he didn’t feel like it was probably not a good thing to do.

“If you panic, you will text me, and I will come to you as soon as I receive it and calm you down.”

“But when I panic I can’t really… hit the buttons very well…”

“In that case receiving an unintelligible message from you will alert me to your state. Do you think I’m an idiot, Yuuri?” Viktor wasn’t speaking with any malice in his voice, but he was frowning.

Yuuri didn’t like it when Viktor was frowning because of him.

“Ho- how will you… check if I follow that order?”

Viktor looked at him for a long moment.

“I won’t. I will trust that you obey it. If you don’t then I’ll know that you don’t have any desire to overcome your fears and thereby don’t want to stay here. I’ll notice it if you don’t become more comfortable with those things, Yuuri. Don’t take me for a fool.”

“I-I would never!” Of course he wouldn’t! Viktor was a genius, he’s known that for years!

“Good. It’s fine if you don’t want to do it again today, you’ve already met your quota this morning, after all. But I do expect that you’ll start challenging yourself tomorrow.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Do you have any questions?”

He did, actually.

“W-will you… uh… join me… when I… follow that order?”

“No, Yuuri. Not if you’re doing fine without me. You need to get comfortable with yourself, and I can’t help you with that.”

“Oh…” Yuuri stared at the floor.

It made sense, he guessed. But he didn’t really like it.

Viktor lifted his chin with one of his fingers.

“Would it help you if I rewarded you whenever you’ve accomplished it?”, he murmured, way too close to his face for normal conversation. Did Yuuri’s breath smell!? He hadn’t brushed his teeth after dinner yet!

“I-I-I don’t… know. Maybe?”

“Hmm. Then how about this: Since you seem to be more comfortable cuddling with me, than you are with touching yourself, we will downgrade our cuddling time to 4 times a week – Monday to Thursday. If you let me know every time after you’re done masturbating, I’ll increase our cuddling time again.

“First of all, you’ll get instant cuddles every time you tell me, though those won’t be very long. Then, if you can masturbate once every day, we’ll cuddle every weekday. And if you manage to do it twice every day, we’ll cuddle on weekends, too. Though if you do it twice every other day, then we’ll just add cuddle time on Saturday. What do you think?”, Viktor asked with a smile, as if he already knew Yuuri’s answer.

And it was very tempting, indeed.

“You know, I could just lie to you about doing it if I wanted more cuddles.” Yuuri didn’t know why he pointed that out. Probably because he was very stupid.

“No, you couldn’t”, Viktor smirked. “The smell of an omega changes for a while after they had an orgasm. I would be able to tell by your smell alone whether you were telling the truth or not. Are you thinking about lying to me, Yuuri?”

“N-no.” Maybe he had for a second, but he didn’t think he’d ever be able to go through with it.

Cuddles were very tempting though.

Very, very, tempting.

So it seemed like he didn’t have a choice if he wanted the cuddles.

He could masturbate twice a day if it meant he’d get them every day.

“I think you’re lying to me right now. I didn’t realize you could be so naughty, my dear”, Viktor smirked slyly.

The way he’d said it also sounded way too lascivious for some reason.

Yuuri imitated a dying whale.

Because that was apparently his go-to reaction whenever Viktor did something sexy.

Yuuri hated his body for reacting in a way that was the exact opposite of sexy.

Weren’t omegas supposed to be sexy!? Dying whales were so far away from being sexy it almost hurt-



“You seem to keep zoning out today”, Viktor observed.

“I- I’m sorry.” It wasn’t like he could deny that.

Viktor sighed.

“Well, I’ll go to sleep now. See you tomorrow”, Viktor said, kissed his lips softly, and left the room faster than Yuuri could comprehend.

…… Had he said something wrong?

Viktor hadn’t seemed angry, but… somehow disappointed?



Sunday went by in a surprisingly similar way as Saturday did, and even the next few weeks passed by in a very similar fashion.

Yuuri did, in fact, manage to masturbate at least once a day, and while he didn’t manage to do it twice every day, he apparently did it enough to deserve cuddle time on weekends as well.

It had taken him quite a while, but by now, a day before his birthday, he had come so far that he didn’t dread the thought of touching himself anymore.

In fact, he was on relatively good terms with his dick now.

He didn’t freak out anymore when he got hard while cuddling with Viktor either, though it probably helped that Viktor had ignored it in the beginning, and taken it with good humor once he noticed that Yuuri got more comfortable with it.

Yuuri had also started dancing again.

When Yura was in school, Yuuri went through old ballet routines.

Obviously, the ballroom didn’t have any bars, but the mirrors still helped him in terms of correcting himself.

And of course it made training with Yura a whole lot easier as well.

For Victor’s birthday, or Christmas, or whatever Viktor wanted to call it, Yuuri had decided to have Yura dance to YMCA.

The song started with a bang, which allowed for a good pose to start off on. And it had a rather prominent beat, which made it easy for a beginner to not stray off rhythm too fast, or far. It was also pretty energetic, which, Yuuri thought, fit Yura perfectly.

He could even incorporate playful moves, like forming the letters with his arms during the refrain, and then put some actual dance moves to match the other parts.

He figured that Viktor would be able to see the humor in that.

At least he hoped so.

Anyway, he wouldn’t make Yura dance to the whole song. Dancing and jumping around for 4 minutes straight required more stamina than the boy had right now, which is why Yuuri cut it down to about 2 minutes.

He still couldn’t get over the fact that Viktor had allowed him to kick the man out of his own office for Yuuri to do so either.

So, all in all, things were going really well.

If it weren’t for one single thought that kept reoccurring to Yuuri almost daily.

He knew Viktor praised him for his progress a lot.

He was fairly certain that Viktor meant it, too.

But he couldn’t help but feel like he was somehow disappointing him anyway.

At first he hadn’t known what it was. But after a while he figured that it must’ve been because he was progressing so slowly after all.

Yes, Viktor was patient with him.

No, he didn’t make any advances on him that Yuuri couldn’t deal with, but still.

A normal omega would have been able to just… satisfy Viktor on a whole different level.

He knew for a fact that Viktor had had other omegas before him, and he also knew that for some reason they weren’t with him anymore.

At first Yuuri hadn’t thought about it too hard, but the thought that Viktor was incredibly picky about his omegas kept creeping up on him and he couldn’t for the life of him figure out why he was still allowed to be here.

If omegas who were able to function normally were sent away, then why would Viktor be willing to keep a broken one like him?

That couldn’t be very convenient after all.

He’d tried to keep those thoughts away from his mind, but at times like these, when he was lying in his bed and waiting for sleep, he just couldn’t help but let them consume him.

He must’ve done something right to be able to stick around for so long, but he didn’t know what it was. And if he was honest, he was scared shitless that he’d one day unknowingly stop doing whatever it was, and he’d have to leave, even if he’d somehow manage to spend Viktor’s rut with him.

He didn’t want to leave.

But he also didn’t know how to prevent it if he didn’t know what was keeping him here.

Sex was out of the question, obviously, but what else did omegas have to offer!?

After agonizing over the thought for a while longer, he realized that this was useless.

He’d never figure it out.

But now that he’d allowed the thought to fester in his mind like that, he wouldn’t get any piece of mind until he had answers to his questions.

Sighing, he got out of bed, intending to pay a visit to Viktor for a late-night talk.

He just hoped he wouldn’t be too much of a bother.


How was Yuuri supposed to knock on curtains?

He’d never realized that particular problem before, because he usually came here together with Viktor, but-

“You can enter, Yuuri”, came Viktor’s voice from behind the curtain.

Right. Viktor knew anyway.

Yuuri entered.

Viktor was lying in bed, which in itself wasn’t surprising, however the fireplace was lit and his alpha seemed to have done… absolutely nothing. He was leaning against the headboard though, so he obviously hadn’t tried to sleep, either.

That… was weird.

“What brings you here at such an hour, Yuuri?”

Well. At least he didn’t seem to be annoyed.

“I...I- I was thinking. About something. And it kept me awake and I… well, I thought that maybe… I could ask you a question? Or two?”

Viktor looked at him, slightly taken aback.

“Of course you can. Come here”, he said, patting the space beside him.

Yuuri immediately climbed under the blanket and snuggled up to his alpha’s side. He knew that Viktor was most likely naked right now, but he just… didn’t care. After all, Viktor always slept naked. It was normal.

“Well, out with it, Yuuri. What’s keeping you awake?”, Viktor asked, after Yuuri hadn’t said anything for quite a few moments.

“I…. can you tell me about… uhh… I mean… you had other omegas before, right?”

“I did”, Viktor confirmed, looking at Yuuri surprised.

“C-can you tell me… how that was?”

Viktor seemed cautious when he answered this time.

“Are you sure you want to talk about this Yuuri? I don’t want to upset you with my past…err… investments.”

“I want to know.” So I know how I can avoid being thrown out, he added in his mind.

Viktor scrutinized him for another moment, before he relented.

“Well, if you’re sure… let’s see. I bought the first one when I was 25. I was still living in Oxford at that time… Anyway, he was very… enthusiastic about everything. He really liked having sex and even when I gave him clothes, he’d refuse wearing them, saying it would be unnecessary and only a bother when we’d fuck again, which did happen quite frequently. It was a… pretty wild time where I discovered a lot of things. To be honest I really liked him. However, he tried to run away after he realized I couldn’t do the more ah… acrobatic sex positions with how my legs are. He didn’t succeed, but I didn’t want him to be unhappy with me, so I sent him away.

“The second one was already with me for quite a while when Yura came here. She knew she didn’t have any right to complain about him being here, but her behavior towards him turned more aggressive the longer he stayed. I think she felt like her territory was being invaded. Anyway, I couldn’t have that so I had to send her away as well.

The third one basically left on his own accord after not even a week. He told me he couldn’t deal with Yura, and begged me to send him back to a facility. Obviously, I granted him that wish.

The last one had some tasks, not unlike you do, but I’m pretty sure she was obsessed with sex. Which would have been fine, if it hadn’t inconvenienced me as much as it did. I caught her masturbating when she was supposed to do some actual work more times than I can count. And she tried to distract me from my work too many times. I’m not opposed to fucking around every day, but she literally couldn’t think of anything else, and, when I realized that, I sent her back.

That was last June, and too close to my rut to get a new omega before that. I thought that I’d be able to deal with it on my own but that was a severe miscalculation. Though when I was able to think clearly again, I was still fed up with omegas creating more problems than I wanted to deal with, which is why I didn’t get a new one immediately afterwards. Yakov decided to get you when he was getting too worried about me”, Viktor finished with an eyeroll.

“If… if omegas are such a bother to you, then why didn’t you try to date a beta?”

At that question Viktor froze.

“Vi- ah… sir?”

Viktor exhaled loudly. “It’s nothing I like to think about so let’s not talk about it, yes? You came here because you wanted to know of my past omegas, not my past love life.”

Now it was Yuuri’s turn to freeze.

He’d almost forgotten.

Omegas weren’t actual relationship material. So of course those were different things to Viktor as well.

He really needed to get a grip on reality.

“R-right. I’m sorry sir, I- I didn’t mean to imply-“


Yuuri shut his mouth.

“What’s wrong? You wanted to know about this, didn’t you?”

“I-I…. yes, sir.”

Viktor narrowed his eyes at him, looking incredibly annoyed.

“But I made your thoughts worse?”

“No, sir”, Yuuri replied honestly.

It really didn’t seem like Viktor was judging his worth on sex. Which he should really know by now, but it was good to have it confirmed anyway. Instead it seemed that as long as he got along well with Yura, didn’t disturb Viktor during his work too much, and could spend his rut with him, Viktor would be happy enough with him.

Knowing that did calm his thoughts.

“But you’re retreating very far back into your shell right now. Tell me what just upset you so much.”

“N-n-nothing, sir.”

“Don’t you dare lie to my face, Yuuri.”

Yuuri’s eyes widened.

Viktor actually smelled angry right now.

“Well?”, Viktor prompted, voice stern.

It made Yuuri whine, but that didn’t seem to affect Viktor at all. He still gave him that same steely look.

Yuuri whined a little louder, hunching in on himself. There was no way he’d be able to tell Viktor what made him upset.

What if he got punished for being arrogant?

He didn’t want to get punished.

“Stop it, Yuuri. You’re being melodramatic. Tell me what you’re thinking. That’s an order. Don’t test my patience.”

“I was- I was just… I didn’t think you would have m-m-more than 1 relationship at a time”, Yuuri confessed, whimpering.

“I don’t. Why are you- oh. Yuuri. What I was talking about happened before I got my first omega. Are you honestly thinking that I’m secretly fucking some beta while I’m waiting for you to become comfortable around me?”, Viktor asked, sounding mortally offended.

It made Yuuri whine some more.

He hadn’t wanted to offend his alpha, and he was stupid to think Viktor would ever do something like that in the first place.

And he’d actually made him angry.

But at least the angry sting in the air faded now.

Viktor sighed heavily.

And Yuuri heard a soothing rumbling sound right next to his ear, coming from Viktor’s chest.

Still whining slightly, he dared to fully lay his head on said chest, to let the soft vibrations of Viktor’s rumbling calm him down. What was probably a cheek nestled against his hair, and rubbed over the top of his head, while his alpha’s arms finally found their way around his slightly shaking body.

He managed to calm down again rather quickly after Viktor had started to press soft kisses to his hair, and parts of his face as well.

They just kept lying there like that for the longest time.

Yuuri beat himself up over the fact that he’d actually thought Viktor would do something so horrible, though with the alpha’s calming scent surrounding him, he eventually got over it.

“Happy birthday, Yuuri”, Viktor whispered into his ear at one point.


“It’s after midnight.”

“Oh! I- I almost forgot. Thank you, Viktor.” Yuuri happily nuzzled against Viktor’s chest, more than pleased that his alpha had remembered his birthday. He hadn’t expected for it to have any significance to anyone anymore after he’d gotten caught by the facility.

Though, thinking about it, he really should have expected Viktor to pay attention to little details like that.

Because Viktor cared.

Deep down he knew that was the case, but he still had trouble fully realizing the fact. He just had to keep reminding himself.

“Do you have anything you want to do? After we wake up, I mean”, Viktor asked, voice soft.

“Hmmm… are there any limitations?”

Viktor chuckled.

“No, there aren’t.”

Yuuri bit on his lip a little nervously. He didn’t want to pressure Viktor too much, but if he said there weren’t any limits…

“I want to go skating”, he dared to request.

“I can’t say I’m surprised about that. What else do you want?”

“What else?”

“Yes. I’m willing to spend a certain amount of money on you today. I won’t tell you how much, obviously, but skating isn’t going to come close to it, so you’ll have to add more things.”

“Uhh…” Yuuri was stumped.

He had absolutely no idea what he was supposed to say now.

He’d never been a very materialistic person, so if he’d be able to just spend some quality time with Viktor and Yura that would honestly be enough for him.

“E-eat dinner at some restaurant?”

Viktor made a weird sound that was somewhere between amused and frustrated.

“If you keep saying stuff like that there won’t be enough hours in the day to do everything you’ll end up saying.”

That probably translated to something like ‘don’t underestimate how rich I am, I can afford to spend lots of money on my omega even if I don’t have to and I’m insulted by all the normal things you’re suggesting, those aren’t special at all, I can afford to do those on a daily basis, so no, go and choose something more extravagant, will ya?!’, which Yuuri didn’t really know how to deal with.

“Uhm… h-how much will it cost to have you do a lap with me on the ice? Is it within what you’re willing to spend?”

There was silence.

For a long moment.

“That’s not something money will be able to buy you.”

Well. Yuuri had known that much already, if he was honest. But having the confirmation that Viktor really wouldn’t get back on the ice again brought tears to his eyes.

“Why do want that anyway, Yuuri? What would you gain out of that?”

Yuuri sniffed before he answered.

“I- Since I was 7 it was my dream to skate on the same ice as you. It’s why I trained so hard in the first place. Because I wanted to skate in the same competition like you, and maybe even get on the same podium. I- I knew that was never going to happen when I presented as an omega, but-  I just- couldn’t help but keep imagining it whenever I watched your competitions, even after that. And well, I guess- I guess what I want to say is that- what I would gain out of it is having my childhood dream come true in… some way.”

It was hard to explain for Yuuri.

He had told Viktor about a month ago that he’d done figure skating competitively, but he hadn’t had the confidence to admit the tiny little fact that Viktor himself had been the driving power behind his motivation for it in the first place.

He really hoped Viktor wouldn’t think less of him now.

In fact, Viktor seemed to have gone completely silent.

He couldn’t even hear the man breathing.

He could he the heartbeat though, so he wasn’t too worried about his alpha having died a sudden death.

He was only worried about what would happen next.

“That’s been your dream for more than half of your life? To skate on the same ice as me? Not even with me directly?”

Viktor’s voice sounded… strange.

“I- I wanted to skate with you, too but I knew that it would be even more impossible than skating on the same ice as you… because why would you? And even if for some reason you’d agreed to… I don’t know… skate an exhibition together, I don’t think I’d have the nerve to go through with it, because I’d be too scared to embarrass you.”

Viktor made a choked noise, which, made Yuuri start to worry.

“V-Viktor? I-I-I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have said that much, I- I-“

Viktor clamped a hand over Yuuri’s mouth, effectively shutting him up.

“You know that my legs don’t work like they used to, Yuuri”, Viktor said in a quiet, defeated voice, that Yuuri had never heard before.

He deflated.

Of course, it had been unreasonable to ask something like this of Viktor to begin with.

He didn’t have the right to be disappointed.

“I know. Chris told me… that. I just- I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.”

Viktor sighed heavily.

“What else do you want, Yuuri?”

“I… I want to see my family.”

“Now that sounds like something I’ll be able to do.”

“Can they come visit next week? Weekends are always the busiest and they make the most of their money then… I know it’d be a late present, but…”

“Hmm… but your birthday is on Friday. Don’t worry about your parent’s business, Yuuri.”

Yuuri felt like he’d made a horrible mistake in disclosing that much information.

“Vi- Viktor! Don’t! Please don’t do anything any normal person wouldn’t do either!”

“Yuuuri~ so bold, telling your owner what he can and can’t do!”

“Oh my god. I-I-I-I didn’t mean it like that! I- I just-!”

He whined when Viktor started to laugh.

“No fair”, he complained and pulled the blanket over his head, in an attempt to get away from Viktor, without actually having to physically move away from him.

Because he very much wanted to keep cuddling.

Even though his alpha was mean.

He felt some pressure on his back and figured that it was probably Viktor’s arm or hand.

His thoughts were confirmed when the pressure started moving in soothing circles.

“Yuuri~, don’t hide”, Viktor said in that weird singsong voice of his.

Yuuri was almost about to resurface, when he was suddenly struck with a stroke of genius.

It was his birthday now, sure, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t make Viktor enjoy it either.

Yuuri smirked devilishly.

They hadn’t done anything like this before, but he was pretty damn sure Viktor would appreciate what he was about to do.

So, instead of replying or obeying, he let his hand slide over Viktor’s abs; a motion which immediately stopped his owner’s hand from stroking his back.

Yuuri drew his fingers along the lines of the muscles and around the belly button for some time, in which Viktor lay completely still.

Yuuri thought that was a good thing, because it probably meant that he was going to let Yuuri do whatever he wanted. He was pretty sure if that wasn’t the case, Viktor would’ve put some rules up, or even stopped him by now.

So he dared to let his hand wander further south.

Becoming more comfortable with his own dick and how it worked, had had the miraculous side effect that Yuuri had become more curious than intimidated by his alpha’s dick as well.

Though cuddling naked quite a few times had probably helped as well.

Viktor had said he was on good terms with his dick, so maybe Yuuri could become friends with him as well.

He suppressed a cringe as soon as he realized that he’d started to use the same stupid terminology Viktor had.

Anyway, he could totally touch Viktor’s dick, right?

Getting a little nervous about how close his hand had gotten to his target, Yuuri strayed off course at the last second, and stroked along Viktor’s leg instead.

The action had earned him a swat on the back, which in turn made Yuuri chuckle.

“I can’t believe my Yuuri turned into such a tease”, Viktor complained melodramatically, and Yuuri knew by only the sound of his voice that the man had put the back of his hand against his forehead, as if he was about to faint or something.

Viktor was silly like that.

It made Yuuri grin.

And also regain his confidence in what he was doing.

So he inched his hand closer to where Viktor obviously wanted to be touched.

When the tips of his fingers made their first contact with the base of Viktor’s dick, Yuuri was intensely surprised by the fact that it felt like his own did. Just bigger.


On second thought, it was probably stupid to be surprised. A dick was a dick after all. Of course it wouldn’t feel that different.

Yuuri felt stupid.

But also relieved.

Because it probably meant that giving Viktor a hand-job couldn’t be much more difficult than jerking himself off, right?

He blushed when he realized that Viktor wasn’t exactly flaccid right now.

Yuuri should’ve realized that his earlier actions would have some effect on the man. He really was stupid.

He was also stupid for thinking it would be the same as masturbating.

He didn’t know what kind of pressure Viktor preferred to have on his dick. Which was a bad start. Did he prefer a firm grip? Or a softer one? There was probably a way to figure this out, but… no buts. You can do this, Yuuri.

He stroked up the whole length of Viktor’s dick, with two of his finger, and then back down, before he tried to grasp his hand around it.

He stood a little more to attention now, but Yuuri had realized that there was no way he’d be able to close his fist around him. It.

Which in hindsight was obvious, really, because his hands were smaller than Viktor’s and even Viktor hadn’t managed to do that.

The thought didn’t occur to him in that moment though, so in his efforts to make his thumb touch one of his fingers, he only realized that he’d squeezed too hard, when Viktor made a pained sound.

Oh god.

He let go immediately, face burning with shame.

“I-I-I’m so sorry!”

Viktor threw the blanket away.

“It’s fine”, Viktor said with a smile that didn’t completely convince Yuuri.

“Let’s try this again, okay? I’ll show you.”

So Viktor did.

He put his hand over Yuuri’s and guided his movements so Yuuri could learn what Viktor liked.

After a while, when Viktor took his hand away from his own, Yuuri panicked a little bit.

He knew now, that Viktor liked to have a little more pressure on his dick than Yuuri himself did, and keeping that in mind, as well as executing it, was a little more challenging than Yuuri would have liked to admit, but he couldn’t have done too bad.

Because he’d somehow managed to make Viktor orgasm.

Like, for real.

With his own hand.

He looked at the cum that was covering his hand in fascination, unable to comprehend that he himself had somehow made this happen.

He’d felt Viktor’s muscles convulsing when it happened, of course, he was still lying on his torso after all, and even that had been such a… wondrous feeling.

He probably needed a day or two to get over the fact the he had actually managed to make Viktor feel good like that.

He sat up, cum-covered hand still in the air, to look at Viktor’s face.

His alpha’s cheeks were flushed and he looked incredibly… satisfied.

How or why Viktor managed to do that from only a hand-job, Yuuri didn’t know, but he wasn’t complaining either.

Because he had done that.

He had done that.

He had done that.

For real.

Viktor slowly opened his eyes to give Yuuri the most… lewd look he’d ever seen in his life.

It made him swallow hard.

Viktor didn’t say anything, and only grabbed his neck to pull him closer to his own face.

Yuuri closed his eyes, anticipating a kiss, but his lids flew open when, instead, he got a lick to his cheek. Only to have Viktor put a kiss on it right afterwards.

What the?!

“Why did you lick me?”, Yuuri asked confused.

“You had something on your cheek.”


“What are you planning to do with that?”, Viktor asked, pointing towards Yuuri’s raised hand.

That was a good question.

He stared at his own hand.

It was the first time he’d seen cum up close. He himself was an omega, so he didn’t have any more sperm than he had balls. The only fluids that dripped out of his own dick were the same ones that came out of his vagina when he was aroused.

Curious as he was, he brought the hand closer to his face in a way to examine it.

It was… actually a very pretty color, at least with the light of the fire illuminating it. It was shiny.

Yuuri bit his lip when a wild thought entered his mind.

What would it taste like?

He’d heard horror stories at the facility, but this didn’t look like it’d taste that bad.

Maybe he could just… poke his tongue out… and just… get a tiny lick.


It tasted… sweet.

That… wasn’t what Yuuri had expected.

At the facility the other omegas had always talked about how salty, bitter and disgusting it was, but… but maybe Viktor was just perfect in every way?

He took another lick.

No, this definitely wasn’t salty, nor bitter.

He took another one.

It also was definitely not disgusting. It was weird, yes, but not in a bad way.

He licked his finger again, only to hear the familiar sound of a dying whale.

He paused, and looked at Viktor.

Had his alpha just-

“You’re killing me, Yuuri!”, the alpha complained.

“I- I’m sorry?”

What had he done wrong?

“Don’t. Apologize. Are you planning to lick your whole hand clean?”

Yuuri blushed a dark crimson, lowering his hand.

He hadn’t thought about Viktor seeing what he’d just done.

Oh god.

He wanted to die.

This was too embarrassing.


“N-n-n-no. I-I’m so sorry.”

“I said, don’t apologize. Yuuri you have no idea how much of a turn-on you are right now.”

“I-I- what?!”

If Yuuri didn’t know better he’d almost think that Viktor had looked at him lovingly exasperated just then.

Viktor just shook his head.

“How about we spend some time in the Jacuzzi before we go to ho sleep, hm?”

Yuuri nodded, and got up.

While Viktor prepared things on the balcony, after cleaning himself up of course, Yuuri washed his hands, feeling almost regretful.

He’d definitely try to go for a blowjob next. That way he’d get a taste again without having to die of embarrassment. Probably.

When he went to join Viktor on the balcony he realized how cold it was outside.

Sure it was the end of November, so it really wasn’t a surprise, and he was naked now, but still. It was cold.

Which is why they jumped into the Jacuzzi without unnecessary delay.

It almost reminded him of the onsen back in Hasetsu.

Trying to get himself out of his nostalgia, he cuddled up next to Viktor.

Though apparently his alpha had a better idea, because he grabbed him at the waist and heaved him onto his lap, which Yuuri was very fine with.

After he nestled himself against Viktor’s chest, he even got back scratches again!

Now that definitely hit the spot.

He purred, though this time neither Yuuri nor Viktor froze at the sound.

Instead, Viktor made his chest do that soothing rumbling sound again.

Chapter Text

Yuuri got woken up by featherlight kisses to his naked back.

They hadn’t done anything but cuddle while they were in the Jacuzzi and after they got out of it, but Yuuri had come to like cuddling with Viktor, no matter what state of dress he was in, and somehow he hadn’t felt like getting dressed again after Viktor had dried him off.

Maybe it was because Viktor slept naked as well, and had offered to share his bed with Yuuri for the night.

Yuuri grumbled, not wanting to wake up just yet. He’d had a wonderful dream where he was-

Yuuri yelped when Viktor bit him.

Granted, it hadn’t been hard, nor painful, but it had been very unexpected. And startling.

He was definitely awake now.

“Why are you biting me?”, Yuuri asked, somewhere between indignant and pissed.

“Because I’ve been trying to wake you up for 10 minutes already and I figured just kissing you wouldn’t do it.”

“But you don’t have to bite me. You could’ve just… shook my shoulder or something”, Yuuri answered grumpily. It was too early to be awake.

“But I like biting”, Viktor said, winking.

Yuuri blushed scarlet and hid under the blanket. Why was his owner such a perv?!

“Are you sure you want to hide there? Don’t you have to go and wake Yura up?”

Shit! What time was it!?

Yuuri threw the blanket off him, and almost jumped out of the bed in his hurry to go and do just that.

“Yuuri! Yuuri, stop, wait!”, Viktor actually sounded… concerned, which is the only reason why Yuuri obeyed, even though he was still in a hurry. Viktor was the one to tell him that anyway so why was he stopping him now?!


“Get dressed first, will you.”

Yuuri blinked, looked down on his body, and- oh. He… he had actually forgotten about that for a second.

Oh god.

While dying of embarrassment, Yuuri hurriedly put his clothes on, and tried to ignore Viktor’s laughter.

Stupid alpha.


He’d somehow managed to get Yura out of the door in time.

He took a deep breath and made himself some tea to calm down.

This morning had been a lot more stressful than any morning had any right to be.

Yuuri decided to blame it all on Viktor. If his alpha hadn’t messed around with trying to wake him up for 10 minutes, everything would have gone a lot smoother.

When Viktor walked into the kitchen, Yuuri gave him the stink eye.

However, Viktor just chuckled.

“You’re wearing your shirt inside out”, the alpha pointed out.

Yuuri threw his hands in the air, blushing and giving up. This day couldn’t get any worse, could it?

“Who cares?”, he grumbled.

“Why are you in such a bad mood, Yuuri?”

“It’s early.”

“It’s almost 8.”


They stared at each other, neither comprehending what the other one’s point was.

“Oh god”, Yuuri realized finally.

“You- you really don’t mind getting up this early, do you?”, he asked, just to be sure.

“Of course not.”

“You’re an actual morning person”, Yuuri concluded, disgusted.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make you into one, too”, Viktor smirked at him, not fazed at all.

A soft noise of protest came out of Yuuri, though he knew he wouldn’t stand a chance if Viktor was serious about this.

When Yuuri was done drinking his tea, Viktor told him to get changed, because apparently they were going to the rink as soon as Georgi came back.


The rink was empty.

As in, Yuuri and Viktor were literally the only ones there.

“A-are you sure the rink’s opened already?”

“Yes, Yuuri. Why are you asking?” Viktor was way too amused.

“Because it’s… empty”, Yuuri stated the obvious.

“Yes, it is. Because I rented it for a few hours.”

Yuuri gaped at the alpha.

“W-why would you do that?”

“Because 1, it’s your birthday, and 2, when I watched you last time I got a little annoyed by having people get in the way of my view. Today I can finally watch you without any obstacles”, Viktor explained patiently.

Well. That made sense.

Yuuri got into his rental skates, and onto the ice shortly afterwards.

He did some laps to warm up again, and, he had to admit that not having to pay attention to other people on the ice was really nice. It reminded him of his time at the ice rink in Hasetsu.

He’d really missed having the ice for himself.

He decided to skate figures today.

Yuuri didn’t want to actually think of Hasetsu because that would inevitably lead to remembering Yuuko and, well. Skating figures gave his mind something else to focus on.

“Wow! I haven’t seen anyone skate figures for years!”, Viktor commented.

Yuuri was about to shout back when he stopped abruptly, looked up, and promptly fell over himself.

“Are you okay?”, Viktor asked, sounding worried now.

And no, Yuuri wasn’t okay.

Because Viktor was standing right next to where Yuuri had been skating eights.

Yuuri imitated a goldfish.


“Ah.. I-uh-… eh- I-I_I f-f-fi-ne.”

Yuuri rubbed his eyes. Because there was no way he wasn’t hallucinating.

He looked back up and- nope. There was still something wrong with his eyes.

Or maybe it was his head.

He stared at the ground, wondering if Viktor would send him to a mental hospital if he started hitting his head to get it to work properly again.

However, staring at the ground put Viktor’s skates into his field of vision.

Viktor’s actual skates.

Like, his personal ones.

The ones with the golden blades.

And the little Russia flags.

They- they looked used, from up close.

He’d never been able to pick up on that through the TV.

They- they even had a few scratches.

Yuuri burst into tears.

 “Yuuri! Did you hurt yourself? I’m sorry darling, I didn’t mean to startle you like that”, Viktor said, looking actually distraught.

Which was wrong.

Viktor should never look distraught, least of all when he was on the ice.

Yuuri flailed around, showing that none of his bones were broken and that he could move just fine.

“… okay then. Can you stand up? It’s not good to sit on the ice for so long, you should know that”, Viktor chided him gently.

Yuuri did indeed know that. He just…

He shook his head, still sobbing grossly.

“Y-y-your skates! Y-You! On- on ice! I-I-I- me, too!”

Yuuri should give up on speaking.

Though Viktor made a noise as if he somehow got what Yuuri was trying to say.

“Get up, Yuuri”, Viktor said gently once again.

So Yuuri got up, all the while bawling his eyes out.

As soon as he stood, he hugged Viktor.

They weren’t exactly skating, but honestly, this was all he could’ve ever wished for.

He was on the same ice as Viktor right now! The Viktor! Viktor Nikiforov! And he’s even seen his skates up close! And they were on the ice! The same ice! Together!

“Are you sure you’re not hurt?” Viktor almost sounded confused.

Yuuri nodded.

“And you’re crying because… I’m on the ice with you?”, he guessed.

Yuuri nodded once more.

“You wanted it that much, huh?”, his alpha murmured softly.

Yuuri nodded again, squeezing Viktor as tightly as he possibly could.

“Well, do you want to keep crying or do you want to skate a lap or two? I don’t think I’ll be able to stay here for very much longer.”

Jerking away from Viktor, Yuuri rubbed his eyes as dry as he could while he was still crying.

“C-c-can I hold your hand when we skate?”, Yuuri asked shyly.

He didn’t think he’d ever get this opportunity again, and, while they certainly couldn’t do any form of pair skating, this would be enough for him. In fact, he probably needed it simply to remind himself that he wasn’t dreaming.

“Of course.”

They skated the first lap like that.

The second one as well.

Viktor put his hand on Yuuri’s waist during the third lap.

And he kept it there for the fourth one as well, though halfway through Yuuri had put his arm around Viktor as well.

They were going at a rather slow speed, so it actually took them a while to complete these four laps.

Viktor went to sit back on a bench after the fourth one, though, not that Yuuri could blame him.

The man had ended up doing double the amount of laps he’d intended to do, and Yuuri was so very grateful for that, and very, very proud of his alpha as well.

He almost teared up again.


“C-can I take your skates off for you?” Yuuri didn’t know what he was saying, either.

“I’m not stopping you if you want to”, Viktor said, though he did seem rather bemused at the question.

Blushing faintly, Yuuri got on his knees in front of his alpha to do as he’d said.

Which meant he actually got to touch Viktor’s skates! The original ones!

He made sure to handle them with the utmost care.

“A-are your legs hurting a lot now?”, Yuuri asked hesitantly, when he fully realized what had just happened. Sure, it had been his dream come true, but he didn’t want Viktor to suffer because of something silly like that.

“Oh? Are you worried about me, Yuuri?”, Viktor asked jokingly.

“Yes”, Yuuri answered seriously, succeeding in baffling Viktor.

His alpha looked at him with a complicated look, before his mien softened.

“You don’t have to worry about me, Yuuri.”

“I’ll worry, even if you say that.”

It irked Yuuri to no end that Viktor couldn’t just give him a straight answer.

However, after Yuuri said that, Viktor eyes turned vulnerable, and somehow open. Which was unexpected to say the very least.

“It doesn’t hurt as much as I thought it would”, he admitted finally, voice smaller than Yuuri had ever heard before.

It was a harsh reminder that Viktor was only a human after all, and hurting; just like Yuuri was.

Yuuri lunged forward, hugging Viktor’s middle.

The position was slightly awkward, because Yuuri was kneeling in between Viktor’s legs now, but he didn’t care as long as he could somehow show Viktor that it was okay.

Viktor hugged him back immediately.


Yuuri hadn’t managed to get any more real skating done before they had to leave.

Right now they were on their way to pick up Yura, though before they had left the rink, Viktor had forced Yuuri to wear some nicer clothes. He even made him change his collar, which was why he was wearing the white one now. Yuuri would lie if he said it didn’t go well with his all black outfit.

The jeans were comfy enough, but he felt like the button up was a little bit on the tight side. But then again, Yuuri felt that everything that wasn’t at least one size too big was on the tight side.

They still had about 10 minutes left before school ended when they arrived.

“I want to try something, Yuuri”, Viktor said, pulling something out of the bag he had his skates in.


“Close your eyes.”

Yuuri complied.

He felt Viktor stroke through his hair a few times, before the touches became a bit more purposeful and he realized that his hair was actually staying back.

He opened his eyes again when he figured that Viktor was done.

His alpha whistled at him appreciatively.

It made Yuuri blush.

Viktor carefully took the glasses off his nose and handed him the contacts he’d gotten, back when he’d bought his glasses.

Swallowing, Yuuri put them in.

He felt weird like this. It reminded him of how the facility had prepped him for that picture.

He hadn’t really liked the look back then, thinking it made him look like some confident… normal omega, which he was most definitely not. But apparently Viktor had liked that look on him. Yuuri shouldn’t be surprised about that.

“Wow, Yuuri! Who would’ve thought you can actually look your age?!”, Viktor exclaimed, thrilled.

Which… didn’t make a lot of sense. Hadn’t he styled him that way because he’d seen him like this on that auction site?


“I- uh… I just don’t like being reminded of the facility”, Yuuri admitted, which seemed to confuse his owner a lot.

“How does this remind you of the facility?”, he asked incredulously.

Yuuri blinked at him. “Ha- haven’t you seen my picture there?”

“No. As I said, Yakov picked you for me. But I’m not surprised they styled you like this. You can say about the facilities whatever you want, but they do know how to make people look their best. Now chin up, Yuuri, you look amazing and Yura is waiting for us, yes? Let’s go.”

When Yura spotted both of them in the hallway, he stopped, looking positively stunned. Not that Yuuri could blame him; it was probably the first time ever that Viktor came to pick him up.

The little guy jumped at Viktor, though this time he didn’t try to lift him, probably because he didn’t trust his legs enough after the skating they had done, which Yuuri felt incredibly guilty for.

Instead, Viktor crouched down, to give Yura a proper hug at least.

Seeing the two of them interact like that really melted Yuuri’s heart.

He couldn’t help but smile at them.


They didn’t go home after that.

Georgi drove them to a hotel, which confused not only Yuuri, but Yura as well.

“Georgi took a wrong turn”, Yura concluded, looking a little put out.

Viktor chuckled. “Georgi did not take a wrong turn, sweetie. I told him to drive here.”


“Because we’re having lunch here.”

“Why? I like eating Katsudon’s food!”

“Well, I do, too. But Yuuri deserves a break today. It’s his birthday after all.”

Yura gasped.

“It’s your birthday!?”


Yuuri didn’t quite know how to deal with the angry look Yura was giving him.

“Why didn’t you tell me, stupid!?”

Did- did Yura just call him stupid?


“I- I didn’t…” He couldn’t exactly tell the boy that the birthday of an omega usually didn’t matter to their owners and that he hadn’t expected Viktor to do such nice things for him, or even tell his son. So what could he say!?

“I told him not to”, Viktor saved him, “because I wanted to surprise you, too.”

“But… but why!? It’s not fair! I want to give him a present!”

Viktor pulled the little boy onto his lap and whispered something in his ear, which Yuuri couldn’t hear, but it made Yura’s eyes spark with excitement; the anger flying completely out of the window.

“Okay?”, Viktor asked finally.


“Good. Now apologize to Yuuri for calling him stupid. That is not something you say to nice people, yes?”

Yura looked at him a little guiltily.

“’m sorry, Katsudon…”, he mumbled.

“It’s fine”, Yuuri smiled.

They got out of the car after that and crossed the parking lot rather quickly. Still, Yuuri noticed that they were right at the ocean, and that while the hotel didn’t look as extravagant as Viktor’s house, it definitely did not look cheap either.

They got a table at the window, which had the most amazing view over the ocean. Even though it was pretty much winter by now, the day was sunny and the light reflected off the water’s surface beautifully.

“I take it you like the restaurant already”, Viktor smiled at him.

Yuuri nodded vigorously.

“The view is just so beautiful, it- it’s just really nice. Thank you for taking me here, Viktor.”

“It’s your birthday, don’t thank me for celebrating it. It’s the normal thing to do, yes?”

“I- I guess it is”, Yuuri said, and realized that Viktor apparently didn’t differentiate between people as whole when it came to things like that.


Apparently the menu had already been decided by Viktor before they even arrived here, which Yuuri couldn’t complain about. Because honestly, it had been delicious!

He also felt like he wouldn’t be able to move for a day or two. Maybe he shouldn’t have eaten that Mango Mousse, but there was no way he could’ve resisted that.

He didn’t regret eating it either.

That’s how good it was.

They kept sitting there for quite a while, talking about inconsequential things and trying to keep Yura entertained.

It felt normal, in the most beautiful way.


It was 3 pm when Viktor decided it was time to leave.

Yuuri realized that Georgi still didn’t seem to be driving home, after they’d been in the car for a while.

“V-Viktor? Are we still not going home?”

“Nope”, he replied helpfully, eyes sparkling as soon as Yuuri had said the word ‘home’.


“Uh… where are we going then?”

“It’s a secret!”, Yura chimed in excitedly.

“You’ll see when we get there.”


Yuuri did, in fact, see things when they got there.

He could see a few fisher boats, some yachts, and a lot of seagulls.

He just didn’t know what exactly they were supposed to be doing at a port.

“Uuhhh… so where are we going?”, Yuuri asked again.

They were still driving, though it was at an incredibly slow speed which led Yuuri to believe that they’d stop any second now.

“So impatient, Yuuri. You can see it already.”

Well, that wasn’t helpful at all.

Yuuri still didn’t know where they were going when they got out of the car, nor when they walked along the several piers. They stopped from time to time to take a closer look at especially extravagant yachts, but they didn’t do anything else for quite a while.

At first Yuuri had thought they were heading to an Aquarium or something, but maybe they were going to a Museum Ship instead?

They stopped again on front of yet another yacht, though this one was by far the biggest of the ones that were docked here.

Yuuri wanted to comment on how some people were just really showy in their snobbishness, when he reminded himself that Viktor probably wasn’t the best person to say that to.

Someone who looked like an actual captain came hurrying towards them, and Yuuri was about to apologize for standing too close, when-

“Lord Nikiforov. It’s been a while”, greeted the captain his owner.

“It’s good to see you, Emil. Are you ready for us?”

“Of course, My Lord.”

“Wonderful. Well then, omegas and children first”, Viktor said to them playfully, even going so far as to give them a mocking bow.

Yura squealed and, with Emil’s assistance, boarded the yacht immediately.

Yuuri could only stare at Viktor, unable to move.

“Yuuri?”, Viktor frowned at him.

“Th- that’s yours?” His voice was unnaturally high.

“Yes? Is there a problem?”

Yuuri felt himself becoming slightly hysteric.

“You have a yacht?”

“Yes, Yuuri.” Viktor seemed to be actually puzzled at Yuuri’s reaction.

“Do you get seasick?”

“N-no… I don’t think so.”

The truth was, he was intensely intimidated by Viktor’s apparent wealth.

Granted, he’d always known the man was rich, there was no way he’d be living in a house like that and have several staff to maintain it among other things that should’ve driven the point home by now, but- but all of the other things weren’t that … in the face. Somehow.

“W-what if I accidentally break it?!” It was a stupid thought, but still.

Yuuri didn’t trust himself to not be a klutz around expensive things. Not that he was a klutz, usually, but he didn’t want to risk breaking some super expensive vase or something that he wouldn’t be able to replace.

Wait, did people have expensive vases on yachts? There were waves and stuff so maybe there wouldn’t-

“Yuuri. Calm down. You’re nor going to break anything. And if you do, I’ll just replace it. No problem, right?” Viktor had come closer to Yuuri, and hugged him to his side with one warm, which was great, because now Yuuri got to smell him without looking like a creep to anyone else.

Viktor pressed a kiss to his forehead.

Yuuri rested his head against Viktor’s chest and took a moment to come to terms with reality.

“Okay?”, Viktor asked as soon as Yuuri had relaxed a little bit.

He nodded, not wanting to keep Viktor waiting any longer with his stupid antics.

They boarded the yacht together, though Yuuri tried very hard to not notice the sheer luxury of this… thing, once they were inside.

They climbed to the top floor, which had some sort of glass dome spanning over the only room there, which was a bar, combined with a lounge. It was pretty big.

The yacht started moving soon after they’d arrived there and Yuuri was just… overwhelmed.

How was it possible that there were people like Viktor, who were drowning in their own money and luxury, when people like him weren’t even allowed to own their own clothes!? Why was the world so unfair?!

“You don’t seem to be happy about this”, Viktor observed.

“I- I just… I am, but…” He was an ungrateful bastard, wasn’t he?

“But?”, Viktor asked, raising his eyebrow.

Yuuri’s mind scrambled to find something, anything to say that wouldn’t upset Viktor and ruin-

“Don’t even try to lie to me, Yuuri.”

“I… I- I-I…” It was no use. He’d know it anyway.

Resigned, Yuuri told him what he’d been thinking, making Viktor frown.

“I don’t mean to be ungrateful though!”, he added hurriedly, “I just-  I am happy and thankful that I get to experience this, but… it just… makes it more…” Yuuri couldn’t find the words to describe his feelings. He was lucky he’d ended up with an amazing alpha like Viktor, who was rich, had good looks, and was his childhood hero to boot. But most omegas weren’t as lucky and he couldn’t help but feel bad about his own fortune in the luck department.

To keep it short, he felt guilty.

“Do you- do you think it’s weird that I want other omegas to be as lucky as I am?”, Yuuri asked eventually, though rather hesitantly.

Viktor seemed to be surprised at the question.

“I don’t think it’s weird. I think it’s very nice of you to feel that way. But I’m sure you’re not the only lucky omega out there, Yuuri. And not all of this is luck either, I hope you realize that.”

“Isn’t it?”, Yuuri asked surprised, “I’m pretty sure most alphas are lacking in… some ways. You’re… like… the jackpot.” Yuuri blushed, realizing how stupid he was sounding right now.

“I’m the jackpot, hm?”, Viktor asked amused. “You’re still ignoring some little facts here, Yuuri. I wouldn’t be nearly as nice to you, if I didn’t know you to be a genuinely nice person. My previous omegas… I’m not saying they were bad people, but they weren’t even close to being as precious as you are.”

“P-p-p-precious!? Me!?”

“Yes. You.”

Yuuri blushed. Last time he checked he wasn’t precious at all. Just what was Viktor seeing in him!?


“Oh look! The sunset is starting to become really beautiful! Let’s go outside!”, Viktor interrupted him.

Which was a good thing, because Yuuri didn’t know how to deal with this conversation.

Viktor grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the glass door.

Yuuri noticed that Viktor forgot to take the cane with him in his excitement, but he’d pulled him away from the bar too fast for Yuuri to grab it.

They stopped at the railing, and apart from the fact that Yuuri was already starting to freeze to death, he had to admit that Viktor had been right.

The sky had turned a soft shade of pink, with some orange shining through, and the whole thing got reflected by the water, enhancing the beauty of the scene even more.

“Wow”, Yuuri breathed. He knew that sunsets were always pretty to look at, but looking at them on the open ocean, where there was absolutely nothing to obscure the view, it was nothing less than magnificent.

“Are you cold, Yuuri?”, Viktor asked after only a few moments, definitely amused.

Stupid Russian. Yuuri was from an almost tropical place, okay? His body wasn’t made for this kind of weather.

Viktor didn’t wait for Yuuri’s answer before he wrapped his arms and trench coat around him from behind. The trench coat didn’t go all the way around Yuuri, obviously, but he appreciated the gesture anyway. As well as the arms.

He leaned back against Viktor’s chest, snuggling into the man’s warmth.

Yuuri never took his eyes off the sunset though, that just wasn’t possible.

They watched the sun descend until it seemed to touch the water at the horizon.

Because that was when Yura came running towards them.

“Daddy, daddy! I found a room downstairs, where-!”

“Yura, shh. Come here, look at this”, Viktor interrupted his son.

Curious, Yura jumped around to get a look at what was on the other side of the railing, making Yuuri incredibly nervous. So he just picked him up, and made sure to have a very secure grip on the boy.


The sky had turned into a flaming red and purple by now, though Yuuri figured it wouldn’t stay that way for very much longer. After all, the most beautiful things in life were always just fleeting moments.

They stayed there even after the sun had set, looking at the stars instead. Out here, away from all the light pollution Yuuri was used to, even the stars looked a lot more stunning.

However, when Yuuri realized that he wasn’t the only one shivering from the cold, and that Yura was freezing as well, they went back inside.

Only to be greeted by a bartender.

Yuuri gaped for a moment, in which Viktor already ordered a hot chocolate for Yura and champagne for the both of them to be brought downstairs. Whatever that meant.

“Say Yura, what room where you talking about earlier?”

“Oh! Right! It’s super cool!! It’s all blue and funny lights and you can see fishes!”

Yuuri blinked at that. Was there an aquarium in here after all?

He saw Viktor smiling at them. “Do you want to go there again?”

“Right now?”



“Well then lead the way.”

Yura did.

And once they arrived, Yuuri understood exactly what Yura had been talking about.

There was no aquarium. However the room was under water and the walls were probably not exactly glass but definitely something similar. It was like a reverse aquarium or something.

There were couches in the room, which were probably white, but with the lights and the water everything looked… aquatic.

Yuuri’s jaw met the floor. They could even see the propeller clearly!

“Wait, how can we even see this? Isn’t it supposed to be dark?”

Viktor smirked at him. “It wouldn’t be a lot of fun if you couldn’t see anything at night, so I made sure to have some lights outside on the yacht as well”, he explained.



Yuuri still hadn’t gotten over his fascination when they settled themselves onto one of the couches.

Yura ran towards the glass (?) to get a better look at the fish though, which was probably why Viktor took the opportunity to lay down on the couch, and nestle his head into Yuuri’s lap.

He sighed.

“This. Is nice.”

Yuuri couldn’t help but chuckle at the blissed out face. He also couldn’t help but stroke his fingers through Viktor’s hair.

It was so soft.

Viktor’s chest rumbled, making Yuuri feel very satisfied with himself.

Hearing the strange noise, Yura turned around to look at them, before he apparently decided to join them.

By jumping on Viktor’s stomach.

Yuuri was very glad that he hadn’t been the one to take the brunt of that.

Instead of getting angry tough, Viktor just tickled the boy for a bit, before tucking his son under his arm.

The moment got interrupted though, when the bartender from earlier brought Viktor’s order, causing everyone to sit up.

Viktor even clinked his glass against Yuuri’s, murmuring a quiet “to you”, and effectively leaving Yuuri’s insides in a mess.

How had this become his life?!


It was only 7 pm when they arrived back at home, though to Yuuri it felt like it was a lot later already.

Yuuri was really looking forward to getting into bed, and maybe cuddle up to Viktor as well, if he was allowed to do that again. He didn’t know why he was so tired, but somehow today had-

“Happy Birthday, Yuuri!!!!!!!!”

Yuuri blinked.

He rubbed his eyes.

Then he repeated the process about 3 times.

But the scene still hadn’t changed.

There were his mum. And his dad. And Mari. And Minako.

And a cake.

And he could smell his mum’s katsudon.


He turned to Viktor.

Who smiled at him softly.

“I told you not to”, he tried and failed to say in a stern voice. It came out watery instead.

“I don’t have a good track record of listening to people, darling. Why don’t you go greet them properly?”, Viktor suggested.

Instead of obeying directly, Yuuri hugged Viktor tightly. “Thank you so much”, he sniffed, before he listened to him and ran straight into the waiting arms of his family.

He hadn’t thought he’d be able to see them ever again. Which is why he had such a hard time realizing that this was actually real. But it felt so good to be able to talk to them again! He just couldn’t help the tears that were spilling over.

Yura had actually been a bit shy around Yuuri’s family at first, which had been insanely cute, but luckily he warmed up to them easily enough, and was soon telling them all about the ‘super cool boat’ they’d been on today.

Viktor was nice to them as well, which didn’t surprise Yuuri. What did surprise him however, was Minako’s hostility towards Viktor. Whereas his dad and Mari seemed to just be grateful to be able to see Yuuri again, Minako asked his owner some very intrusive questions about how Yuuri had been treated.

It was nothing suited for Yura’s ears though, which is probably the reason why Viktor shut her up with a warning growl rather quickly. And honestly, he had every right to. Yuuri deeply appreciated that Minako was willing to go this far to make sure he was fine, but Viktor didn’t have to answer to her at all. He’d bought Yuuri, so he had all the rights to do whatever he wanted with him.

That hadn’t changed, even though Yuuri sometimes forgot about that fact with how well he was being treated.

However, this had been the only incident that evening. Everything else had gone by smoothly, and since it was Friday and Yuuri’s birthday, even Yura was allowed to stay up longer than usual. The adult talk was probably a bit boring for the boy though, which is why Yuuri had excused himself for a moment, in order to get the little one some drawing utensils.

Yura seemed almost ecstatic when he received them, too.

When it turned 10 pm, Viktor excused himself in order to put Yura to bed.

Though, before he followed his father, Yura came running up towards Yuuri, and held out a drawing for him to take.

“It’s a present for you!”, Yura exclaimed, which made Yuuri tear up all over again.

He got on his knees to thank the boy with his very best cuddles, before he turned him around in his arms and held the drawing out in front of both of them, to properly look at it together with Yura.

It was a child’s drawing, so obviously it wasn’t technically good, but Yuuri could see that Yura had put a lot of effort into it. There was a building that somewhat resembled their home, and a blue sky, as well as a laughing sun. In front of the building were three stick figures; the middle one being the smallest, which was in a pose that seemed to be holding hands with the other two figures. It had blond hair and a big smile, which looked adorable. The tallest figure had gray hair, which came kind of close to Viktor’s hairstyle, and a small smile. The last figure had black hair all over the place and a smile just as big as the smallest stick figure.

It looked as if they were an actual family.

He could feel himself tearing up all over again.

“This is amazing, Yura!”

“Do you like it?”

“I love it! Thank you so much!”, Yuuri said, and pressed a big kiss on the boy’s check, making him giggle, before he ran to Viktor while screaming a “good night!” at him.


He was lying in bed, snuggled up against Viktor.

They had taken a bath together before they’d gone to bed, which is why they were naked right now.

Somehow this was becoming a regular thing, Yuuri realized. He had yet to decide whether it was good or bad, but for now he wasn’t complaining.

Not anymore at least. He’d never understood the appeal of just… being naked in general, and even less with someone else in the room, but… he’d come to the realization that it was nice to feel Viktor’s skin against his.

It felt intimate in a non-sexual kind of way and he liked it a lot. Because just having his alphas warm body this close to his own was just… relaxing. Viktor never touched him in his private areas either, so that was even more of a plus.

Is what Yuuri usually thought. Though right now he was feeling weird again.

Probably because his body had gotten used to him jerking of at least once a day, which he hadn’t done since yesterday. He was pretty sure his body was telling him to not break his routine.

It made him whine. He just wanted to be close to Viktor without wanting to jerk off.

“Yuuri?”, Viktor mumbled, probably halfway asleep by now.

“Sorry”, Yuuri whispered.

“’s fine. What’s wrong?”, he asked, but sniffed at Yuuri immediately afterwards.

“Oh… you’re aroused?”, he answered his own question, with yet another one.

Being so obvious made Yuuri whine once again.

“Words, Yuuri.”

“I just want to cuddle.”

“We’re doing that.”

“Well, I want to cuddle harder”, Yuuri said and pressed himself even closer to Viktor, which was apparently funny, because his alpha laughed at him when he did that.

“Are you neglecting your orders, Yuuri?”, Viktor admonished him playfully.

“Not on purpose…”

Viktor hummed.

“We still can’t have that.”

Yuuri wondered if Viktor was being serious.

“Do I have to?”, he asked, even though he was already kind of hard. Why was his body so stupid?

He just wanted to cuddle.

“Do you want me to help you?”, Viktor asked, sounding a lot more awake now.


“Well, I could return the favor from last night”, he suggested.

The thought of having Viktor jerk him off was… ensnaring.

“You- you’d do that?”

Oh god.

His dick was way too interested in that thought.

“Of course. If you want me to.”

“Please”, Yuuri whispered in a way that sounded needy even to his own ears.

“Turn around, love”, Viktor ordered gently, and pushed him a little, until Yuuri was lying on his side, with Viktor spooning him from behind.

“Would you look at that, you’re hard already”, Viktor cooed.

Yuuri made a noise at being called out like that.

His alpha peppered his neck with kisses and stroke his belly and chest for quite a while before his hand made its first contact with his dick.

Feeling Viktor’s skin against his own was one thing.

Feeling Viktor’s hand surrounding his dick was an entirely different thing.

It felt… electrifying somehow.

But in a very, very good way.

He came a lot earlier than he did when he masturbated.

Which was almost embarrassing.

But Viktor’s chest was rumbling again, so his alpha probably didn’t care about that.

“I love the way you orgasm”, Viktor told him in all seriousness.


“You always press against me when you do, as if you couldn’t bear being even a millimeter away from me. I like that.”

“Well, I do want to be as close to you as possible.” That wasn’t exactly a secret now, was it?

Viktor’s chest rumbled at the same time he made a cooing sound in his throat, which, honestly, sounded pretty weird.

Yuuri laughed at his now pouting owner.

Chapter Text

The weekend had been like dream.

Yuuri had gotten to spend a lot of time with his family on Saturday and most of Sunday. It had been almost 4 months since the last time he saw them, and just being able to give his mum a hug again was just too good to be true. He honestly hadn’t thought he’d ever see his family again, and had spent nights crying about it at the facility for the whole first month.

He’d never been so happy to be wrong about something.

And then there had been Minako. Yuuri loved her like the aunt she was to him, but he’d really wished she’d stop treating him and Viktor like his alpha had somehow brainwashed him into thinking he’d be fine with doing whatever Viktor said, simply because he was his childhood idol. While Yuuri couldn’t argue against the fact that this particular circumstance did indeed lessen the blow of what he’d eventually have to do, he was far away from being brainwashed.

Obviously, Minako knew that Yuuri didn’t really have a choice in… anything really, but it had taken a lot of effort on Yuuri’s part to make her understand that Viktor hadn’t been raping him constantly, nor made him think he’d liked it. He was very uncomfortable talking about the matter to Minako to begin with, however he really did not like having Viktor painted as the bad guy in her mind, which is why, in the end, he actually told her that the most they had done on the “raping” part, had been to give each other a handjob. He told her that Viktor would send him back to the facility as well if he didn’t feel like Yuuri was comfortable enough to have sex with him by the time his rut came.

His face had turned incredibly hot when he confessed all of that, which is probably the only reason why Minako did, in fact, believe him. Even though she looked incredibly stunned at that.

And then she almost went on a rampage because Viktor didn’t know how to appreciate him properly.

Yuuri never understood how Minako’s mind worked, though he figured it was supposed to be some kind of weird compliment. Especially because he could see the relief in her eyes at knowing that Viktor didn’t really force him to do anything.


Only after his family had left, and after they had put Yura to bed, did Viktor confess about having overheard that conversation. Yuuri was embarrassed by that of course, but the seriousness with which Viktor had addressed the topic had somehow stopped Yuuri from getting flustered.

They were lying in the Piano room right now, which was plunged into a soft glow by the crackling fire Viktor had made before he cuddled up to Yuuri, or to be more precise, before squashing Yuuri underneath him. Which Yuuri was very fine with. He liked feeling Viktor’s weight on top of him. It made him feel… safe, somehow. Protected.

“You know you don’t have to wait for me to send you back if you want to leave right? If you ever feel like I’m putting too much pressure on you with the rut, you can tell me, and I won’t stop you from leaving.”

It was a funny thing to be told while being literally unable to move from underneath his alpha.

Not that he wanted to.

“I know. But I want to stay.”

Viktor’s chest made a rumbling sound at that.


They had stayed there for a while, before they decided to move over to Viktor’s bed. Which had somehow become the normal thing to do at some point. Yuuri didn’t always sleep naked though, unlike Viktor.

While his alpha had been nice enough to wear his teeny tiny underwear at first, he didn’t do that anymore. Yuuri figured that it was because Viktor knew it didn’t bother him anymore. And it was true, really, but the reason why Yuuri didn’t do it as well was simply because he thought it was… weird.

Yuuri was used to sleeping with clothes, and it was comfortable and just… the normal thing to do, he figured. Pajamas were a thing after all.

Anyway, the reason why Yuuri was happy about Viktor sleeping naked, was because, right now, he had plans.

Viktor had done so incredibly much for him during the past three days that Yuuri just wanted to repay the favor in any way that was possible for him. Which was only in a small way but still, it was better than nothing.

He waited until Viktor sat down at the edge of the bed after undressing, before he started to put his plan into action.

Yuuri went to stand in front of his alpha, getting so close, that Viktor had to spread his legs for him, before he dropped on his knees, and landed right in between those legs.

“Yuuri? What’s with that pose? I didn’t ask you to subm- mpfh“

Yuuri decided to kiss Viktor, before he could assume any more silly things. Technicalities of their situation were the last thing he had in mind right now.

He didn’t kiss him for that long though, only to get his point across, before he hugged Viktor around the waist.

“Thank you so much, Viktor.”

His alpha didn’t hesitate to cradle Yuuri’s head in his hands and lift it, to get a better look into his eyes.

“Is this about your birthday presents?”

Yuuri nodded slightly. “I just… having you spend time on the ice with me was so much more than I’d ever hoped I’d get in this life and you… you did so much more than that. And you even brought my family over, who I never thought I’d be able to see again and I just… I want to thank you for that. Can- can I show you how happy you made me?”, Yuuri asked, face starting to flush, now that he thought about what he was going to do.

“How do you want to thank me, Yuuri?”

Well, there goes the surprise.

“I- I thought I could give you a blowjob.”

“You don’t have to feel like you have to do anything in order to thank me, darling. I’m happy about a simple thank you, and you have told me that plenty of times by now.”

“But I want to! Please. Can I?”

“Are you sure this isn’t something you’re doing out of a false feeling of obligation?”

Had Minako somehow managed to get to Viktor or what was going on with him? Yuuri had initiated things before, like that handjob, so why was Viktor going back to treating him like he had in the beginning?

“I’m sure.”

Viktor looked at him for a moment longer, before he let his head got.

“Well then, go ahead.”

“I- I just… I’ve never done this before, so… it’s probably going to be… bad”, Yuuri apologized in advance.

He didn’t exactly plan on embarrassing himself, but reading blowjob guides on the internet could only do so much to prepare him.

“Don’t worry, Yuuri, I think you’ll do just fine”, Viktor said, gently stroking through Yuuri’s hair, “And even if it’s going to be a disaster, it’s just a matter of practice, just like French kissing, remember?”

Yuuri cringed.

He remembered.

Of course he remembered.

In fact, he didn’t think he’d ever be able to forget just how much of a disaster that had been. He was so glad he’d gotten the hang of it by now.

Yuuri really, really hoped that blowjobs would be more his forte.

He waited for a moment for Viktor to take his hand back, which… didn’t happen.


It wasn’t like that was doing anything to prevent him from giving the man a blowjob, but… having Viktor’s fingers gently stroking through his hair like that while he was supposed to do that felt… strangely intimate.

Yuuri stared at Viktor’s dick, with which (or whom) he was already at eyelevel with.

It was still as beautiful as ever.

But it was also completely limp.

Which meant, Yuuri had to get it, or him, hard.

“H- how do I start?”, Yuuri asked, because he had absolutely no idea. Even though asking was embarrassing beyond belief.

Why had all the stuff he’d read on the internet decided to leave his brain right as he needed the information?!

Viktor chuckled softly.

“How about you start with your hands? You’re already good with that.”

“But… but that’s not…”

“But it’s part of it.”

Yuuri chewed on his lip, before admitting that Viktor had a point.

However, that didn’t mean he had to listen. After all, it had been a suggestion, not a command.

Yuuri put a small, hesitant peck to a random point on Viktor’s dick.

Which, honestly, wasn’t going to do wonders in order to get him hard, Yuuri realized.

But he was determined now.

Obviously, Viktor didn’t care if he sucked at it- erm… was bad at it, so why should Yuuri?

He put some more kisses along the whole length, which, surprisingly, took a lot longer that Yuuri had thought it would.

Yuuri knew that the underside was more sensitive than the area he was kissing right now, but… well. He’d get to that as soon as Viktor was hard enough for him to reach it. Using his hands would be a last resort or something, he decided.

When he reached the tip, he realized that he had actually managed to get a little bit of a reaction.

Sure, he wasn’t even half hard yet, but he’d totally get there, somehow.

Putting his hands on Viktor’s thighs, he decided to kiss along the sides next.

Which had apparently been the right choice, because he could feel him getting a little harder.

Yuuri was so happy about that achievement, he couldn’t help but nuzzle the dick softly.

He could even reach underneath it now, kind of, so he decided to kiss Viktor’s balls next.

He had no idea what it felt like being touched there, but he did read that alpha’s liked having them stimulated as well, so he’d try his best.

He succeeded in having Viktor make a funny noise, though Yuuri wasn’t sure if that was because of his surprise, or because it felt good.

Which is why he pulled away a little bit, to get a look on Viktor’s face, and to ask.

“W-was that not okay?”, he asked, Viktor’s dick pressing against his cheek. He hadn’t gone flaccid again, which, in Yuuri’s book, was a good sign. But he wanted to be sure anyway.

“You’re not planning to ask me that every time I make a noise, do you?”, Viktor replied with his own answer, probably seeing right through Yuuri.

“Err… I… yes?”

Viktor smiled at him benignly.

Yuuri really liked that particular smile a lot. It always did wonders to calm his nerves.

Viktor probably knew it, too.

“Don’t. I’ll tell you when you do something I don’t like. In a very clear way. So don’t worry about any other noises I make, okay?”

Yuuri nodded, and continued to give Viktor’s balls some kisses, before he decided that he wanted to get a better taste of the dick.

The cum had been kind of delicious, so Yuuri was hoping that the dick tasted good as well.

Which, well… it tasted kind of like human skin, which wasn’t very delicious, but it also tasted like human skin infused with Viktor’s own sunshine smell so that was not un-delicious either.

It was fine, Yuuri concluded, after taking a few hesitant kitty licks.

It also wasn’t as scary as he’d first thought.

Sure, Viktor’s dick was big, and only getting bigger, and he wasn’t sure he could take him in his mouth like he’d seen on the pictures on the websites he’d done research on, but he could at least try.

Viktor wouldn’t be angry with him if he couldn’t do it, he knew that.

Which is why, when he reached the tip, he licked over it a few times, before he got the courage to open his moth around it.

He had to open it a lot more than he’d anticipated, which threw him off for a second, but he tried to remember what he read, in order to distract himself from panicking.

He couldn’t do anything wrong with just… holding it there for a moment or four, right?

Still trying to get used to the big thing in his mouth, he explored the tip a bit better with his tongue, swirling it around and trying out different pressures.

He looked up at Viktor when he did that, trying to figure out what his alpha preferred. Viktor stared back at him for a moment, before he closed his eyes, moaning.

The sound made Yuuri’s chin drop, literally, which made him take in more of the dick than he was ready for accidentally, succeeding in making him choke.

He hadn’t planned to die choking on a dick though, so he hastily got it out of his mouth, coughing, before Viktor could even react.

“Yuuri!”, he exclaimed alarmed.

Yuuri retched a few more times, before he got his throat under control again.

That… was not something he wanted to repeat. Ever.

“Fine”, he wheezed.

“Do you want to stop? We can try another time”, Viktor offered worriedly.

Yuuri shook his head decidedly. He’d just succeeded in getting him almost completely hard, there was no way he was going to stop now. He could do this.

“I just need a few seconds.”

Viktor didn’t look convinced, but before he could argue any more, Yuuri went back to nuzzle and kiss and lick the dick. He didn’t have to take it in his mouth to stimulate it after all.

It didn’t take long until Viktor started moaning again, probably because Yuuri knew now how much pressure he had to apply.

Viktor’s dick was significantly bigger now than when he had started, and also, finally, fully hard, probably.

He chanced a quick glance at the clock, and realized that it had taken him a little more than 10 minutes to get to this point, which was… probably not good.

He was a bit nervous to take it in his mouth again, which Viktor must’ve sensed somehow, because as soon as he’d started to hesitate, Viktor began stroking through his hair again.


Viktor didn’t care whether this was the worst blowjob he’d ever gotten, he cared about the sentiment.

Yuuri wouldn’t disappoint him.

And this time it went a little bit better, too.

He’d decided to not lick, but do this sliding motion he’d read about. It was difficult to keep his teeth out of the whole thing, but otherwise Yuuri didn’t think he was doing too bad.

It just frustrated him that he couldn’t even take half it inside his mouth. In fact, he only reached about 3 or 4 centimeters or so behind the head.

Which is why Yuuri caved in, and wrapped his hand around the base.

A few moments after he started working on both ends, Viktor’s moans grew more frequent, and more throaty.

So Yuuri decided to involve his balls as well, and started to give them a gentle massage.

Coordinating both of his hands and his mouth, as well as trying to not accidentally bite Viktor, was not as easy as he’d hoped it would be, but it was definitely manageable. He just needed practice.

However, he was running out of ideas on how to use his tongue.

Which was not good. He didn’t want to give Viktor a boring blowjob.

He was about to pull off and just ask Viktor what he wanted him to do, when the man’s grip on his hair tightened, and Viktor started shaking a little.

So instead of pulling off, Yuuri went back to work with new vigor.

He still didn’t know all that much about sex, but he did know what an orgasm looked like, and Viktor was definitely about to have one.

And, sure, he’d gotten a little taste of the precum he’d been leaking, but Yuuri was greedy and he wanted more of that taste. He’d been looking forward to this since he’d given Viktor the handjob, after all.

When Viktor spilled in his mouth, Yuuri did his very best to swallow everything Viktor gave him, though sadly quite a few drops escaped. He had to practice how to swallow like this, he figured, and hoped that Viktor would be willing to let him practice a lot.

He let the dick slide out of his mouth slowly, and licked over the tip a few more times, just to make sure he got everything, before he licked at the corners of his mouth. A little bit had dropped to the floor as well, Yuuri noted sadly. He hated that he’d let that go to waste. But he’d do better next time.

Viktor was still panting a little when he pulled Yuuri close to him. Yuuri hugged him back immediately, greedy for some more contact with his alpha. Playing with the dick had been fun and all, but there was nothing better than cuddling.

“You’ve done so well, darling”, Viktor whispered.

“I’m pretty sure I could’ve done better”, Yuuri muttered in reply.

“Of course there’s always room to improve yourself, and I think I can give you a few pointers, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that, for a first blowjob, this was pretty decent. After all, you did make me orgasm. And I know that the size of my dick is challenging, but you did it anyway. And most importantly, you didn’t panic at all! I’m so proud you, my darling.”

Yuuri blushed bright red at all those compliments, but especially at that nickname.

‘My darling’?

Yuuri squeaked and hid his face in Viktor’s chest, effectively making his alpha chuckle at him.

“Would you like me to return the favor, Yuuri?”, Viktor then asked, voice low.

“I-I mean… this was supposed to be a thank you. Wouldn’t it… kind of lose that meaning if you… you know.”

“I don’t think so”, Yuuri could hear the smile in Viktor’s voice, “it just means that your thank you blew me away so much that I had to thank you for the thank you.”

Yuuri hated Viktor’s logic sometimes.

However, he had to admit that he was curious about how it was supposed to be done.

“W-w-would you?”

“Of course. Come up here”, Viktor said, heaving Yuuri on top of the bed, before he even had the chance to get up himself.

He couldn’t help the confused sound that left him when he was suddenly on his back and staring at the ceiling.

Yuuri looked over at Viktor, only to be confronted by a predatory smirk.

Yuuri swallowed.

His alpha crawled up along his body, like how he’d done many times before when they’d cuddled.

He French kissed him as soon as he was close enough, leaving Yuuri positively breathless.

Viktor took his time kissing him like this, before he moved to kiss his cheek, down his neck, over to his shoulder, along the collarbone, until he got to his chest, where he let his lips and tongue play with both of Yuuri’s nipples.

By this point, Yuuri was already a panting mess.

Though Viktor must’ve felt merciful, because he didn’t stay there too long, before he kissed his way further down, until he reached his navel, at which he nibbled a bit, before he dipped his tongue in.

It made Yuuri whine.

Viktor wasn’t playing fair at all. And since when was his fricking belly button this sensitive?!

Yuuri was ready to celebrate when Viktor made his way even further south, thinking that he’d finally get a proper demonstration of what a blowjob should be like-

Only to be disappointed when Viktor kissed down his thigh instead.

Not that it felt bad, it just wasn’t where Yuuri wanted to be touched right now.

“Viktor”, he whined.

“Hmm?”, his alpha hummed against his skin.

Yuuri shuddered.

“What is it, Yuuri?”, Viktor asked innocently.


Viktor chuckled.

“Did you know that your dick is incredibly cute?”, he breathed against Yuuri’s dick, causing goosebumps on his whole body.

Viktor dropped a surprise kiss on the tip of Yuuri’s dick then.

It was unexpected and quick and barely even there, but it made Yuuri shiver violently.

Needless to say, he was as hard as a rock as well.

Viktor ran his nose along the shaft, before he ran his tongue along it as well, which- “Oh!” A tongue did actually feel different than a hand!

He clutched the sheets in his hand tightly. This was going to be over fast, he realized.

Viktor drew away from his dick then, making Yuuri whine again.

However, his alpha made him let go of the sheets, and took his hands in his own.

“I don’t think I’m going to need my hands, so you can hold onto them. It’s better than the sheets, yes?”

To be honest, Yuuri didn’t know, but having any kind of skin contact with Viktor would always be better than anything else, so he was inclined to agree.

So he grunted in agreement.

Viktor went back to spoiling his dick then, for what felt like forever, before he actually put his lips around him.

Oh god.

This- this was… new.

Definitely new.

And wet.

And hot.

And- and soft.

And- oh god.

There was pressure, too.

Good pressure.

Too good pressure.

Surrounding his dick.


And- oh god, that motion.

That was good.

Very good.


He felt Viktor’s thumbs tenderly caressing his knuckles.

And for some reason, that was what made him cum, without warning, and rather intensely.

How embarrassing.

Apparently caring gestures turned him on more than an actual blowjob. He was going to take that realization to the grave with him.

He was panting heavily when Viktor let his dick go.

He looked very satisfied with himself, too.

Yuuri frowned.

He was also very far away.

Shacking Viktor’s hands off, he stretched his arms out towards his alpha, desperately wanting him close for a hug now.

Luckily, Viktor complied, and gathered the omega in his arms, his chest rumbling soothingly.

Yuuri nuzzled against his alpha’s neck.

He wasn’t scared of orgasms anymore, in fact, he enjoyed them, but they would never be able to even compete with getting cuddled by Viktor.

His chest-rumbling intensified when Yuuri stroked his neck, fondling at the ends of his strands there.


The next few days passed by in a blur.

Yuuri felt more relaxed than he ever had before, Phichit had come to visit, Viktor had spent a lot of time with him and Yura again, the boy’s dancing improved with every lesson, Yuuri got to sleep in Viktor’s bed every night, and he even improved a little on giving blowjobs, at least if he believed Viktor.

Life was actually pretty good right now.

Better than he’d ever imagine it could be.


That is, until things started to take a turn to the… weird. It wasn’t necessarily bad, but Yuuri also didn’t particularly like it.

Viktor had been very serious during dinner on the first advent.

Obviously, Yuuri had wanted to know what was going on, because Viktor loved to fool around and be silly with Yura, but he figured it would be better to ask him later, when they were cuddling in bed.

He was surprised though, when, instead of getting up to help Yuuri and Yura clear the table, Viktor ordered both of them to sit back down.

They looked at him, equally confused.

“I received a call earlier today”, Viktor started, “ and apparently I’m supposed to be the best man at the royal wedding, which will take place next month. I will have to go to London some time next week because of that, and I will stay there until the wedding is over. Obviously I won’t be needed every day, but I don’t have the time travel back and forth that often.”

Yuuri felt sick.

If Viktor was going to go to London, he was going to live in his townhouse, where Minami was living as well. Which meant, Viktor was going to live with Minami, instead of Yuuri, because Yura still had to go to school, and Yuuri had to look after Yura.

He couldn’t help the distressed whine that left his mouth.

Viktor grasped Yuuri’s clenched fist.

“I don’t feel comfortable being gone for a little over a month, so I’ve been thinking about taking the two of you with me. However, since we wouldn’t be able to live together with Minami and Hikaru, I was thinking I would have them just live here during that time. Would you be fine with that, Yuuri?”

“Who’s Hikaru?”, Yuuri asked confused.

“Right, he’s the beta Minami found for himself. Apparently he is a very nice and quiet guy, only a year older than Minami himself”, Viktor explained.

“Wh- why are you asking if I’m fine with it? It’s your house.”

“It may be my house, but it’s your territory as much as it’s mine.”

Oh. Right. There was still that issue.

“It- it won’t smell like… them, when we get back, will it?”

Usually personal scents weren’t strong enough to leave lasting traces, Yuuri knew that, but still…

“Of course not. I’ll make sure to have the staff throw open all of the windows before we come back”, Viktor smiled reassuringly.

“I- I guess it’s fine…” He didn’t think he could honestly go against it. And he really was fine with it.

“Great. As for Yura’s school… I’ll contact them tomorrow to request the materials they’ll work through until we get back, so you’ll have to teach him those when we are in London.”

“Of course.”

Viktor let go of his hand then, chewing on his lip.

Which was somehow worrying.

“Both of you should… pack as much as you can, and everything that’s important to Yura, like his plushies and everything.”

Yuuri didn’t quite understand why Viktor pointed that out. Did he honestly think it would be possible for Yura to go anywhere for a prolonged period of time without his little bunny at the very least?



Why wasn’t Viktor looking at him?

“I’ll be in my office if either of you need me”, Viktor said abruptly, and left.

It didn’t sit well with Yuuri for some reason.


After bringing Yura to bed, Yuuri went to find Viktor, who was strangely still in his office.

While that had been normal in the beginning, he hadn’t done that for about a month now, instead he’d adopted almost normal working hours.

But then again, a royal wedding was a pretty big deal in England, and as the best man, Viktor probably had a very important role he needed to prepare for properly.

“A-are you going to come to bed?”, Yuuri asked, after he’d been granted permission to enter.

“No, I still need to do a lot of things…”, Viktor started before he looked at Yuuri, with a look that was too complicated to even try and interpret, “I think… I think you should sleep in your own bed tonight, Yuuri.”

That… felt like a slap to the face.

But Yuuri obeyed, because he had to, and because Viktor did, in fact, seem busy.

It was enough of a setback as it was, he didn’t want to provoke a punishment if Viktor was going back to his… normal ways.

Yuuri was confused why that happened, though. A wedding, no matter how royal, shouldn’t have such an effect on Viktor, should it? So why was he really growing distant? Had Yuuri overstepped some boundaries somehow? Had Viktor gotten enough of Yuuri after all? Was he mad at Yuuri? Hadn’t Yuuri’s blowjobs been satisfying enough? Was he too ugly for him after all?

He had no idea what he’d done wrong.


Yuuri cried himself to sleep that night.

Chapter Text

Yuuri packed everything he could fit into the two suitcases he’d gotten from Viktor.

It hadn’t taken him very long either.

Helping Yura packing his own things took a little longer, because the boy actually owned stuff apart from just clothes, which is why Yuuri had to help keep in check what he was bringing to London.

Obviously, Yura didn’t quite understand what was going on, but he was ecstatic about not having to go to school, and going on vacation early.

Yuuri wasn’t quite as happy about it, but dampening the little guy’s mood was the last thing he wanted to do, which is why he went along with it as best as he could.

Viktor had isolated himself the last few days, and hadn’t even allowed Yuuri to just kneel next to his office chair when he was working.

Which was starting to get to Yuuri.

He was fine with Viktor being busy, but he was not fine with having to go without his alpha’s cuddles for no apparent reason.

He just hadn’t figured out what to do about it yet.


Yuuri faintly remembered Viktor saying that the townhouse wasn’t nearly as big as the one they’d lived in until now, but he should’ve known that Viktor had talked in terms of his own dimensions.

It was three stories high, and definitely not small.

Entering the house, Yuuri noticed that it did look kind of old fashioned, but also kind of not.

“I had it renovated shortly after it came up in our conversation”, Viktor admitted, smiling almost sheepishly, “but I did leave some things the way they were, and just modernized it a bit.”

“Ah…” Yuuri didn’t really know what to say to that.

Viktor frowned.

“I’ll show you two around. You can leave your luggage here, a staff will bring it to your rooms”, he said finally, and opened the door into a… a room that was probably a living room, though a slightly weird one. But it had a warm feeling to it, which is why Yuuri quite liked it. Viktor didn’t really stop there though, and just went to the door to their left, which led to a big kitchen and dining area, together with a bar.

However, Yuuri couldn’t bring himself to take too much notice of it; he was distracted by the garden.

The Japanese garden.

Or better, the kind of almost zen-garden.

What the…?

He turned to look at Viktor, too stumped for words.

“You did say you were Japanese”, he started to explain, “and I thought something like this might help to get you comfortable here.”

“It’s- it’s not because of Minami?”

Viktor actually managed to look confused.

“Minami? Why would this help him- oh. He’s Japanese as well?”

Yuuri somehow managed to refrain from facepalming.

“I- haven’t you noticed that we look… kind of similar?”

His alpha gave him a blank stare, before throwing his hands up in defeat.

“In my defense, I never took the time to look at him properly”, Viktor said, which was… actually mean. He suddenly felt sorry for Minami. He probably shouldn’t though. He didn’t know for certain, but he could very well imagine that after everything he’s been through, he’d prefer being ignored.

What he did know though, was that his reaction to Viktor’s well meaning and probably expensive surprise was less than great. He wasn’t happy with Viktor right now, but he could still show him that he appreciated it, right? Right.

He went to give Viktor a big hug.

“Thank you. I really like it”, he mumbled against his alpha’s chest.

Viktor returned the hug loosely, with only one arm.

So Yuuri let go again rather quickly; obviously his approaches weren’t wanted.

That… hurt.

Viktor proceeded to show them the rest of the rooms, though when Yuuri walked into what was supposed to be his own one, he nearly fell over himself in surprise. There was a bookshelf, a big bed, a couch, showcases, there was a weird padded thingy underneath the windows that kind of reminded him of the thing Viktor had in his piano room, and an actual, real TV. He had a TV in his room! And there were two doors, which most likely led to his bathroom and closet, just like back in Devonshire.

He heard Yura squealing from across the hall, and hurried to see what was going on.

When he arrived, Yura was already in Viktor’s arms, giving his daddy a big smooch on the cheek, happily talking about how much he liked his room here.

Yuuri somehow felt like he was intruding.

Sure, he’d been the one who broke the ice between them, but that didn’t really give him the right to be included in moments such as these.

He retreated quietly, and locked himself into his bathroom.

He needed a good cry right now.


Yuuri didn’t know how long he’d been sitting there when someone knocked on his door.

“Yuuri, come out please”, Viktor said, sounding worried.

Yuuri frowned.


There was a moment of silence.

“Why would you want to stay in there?”

Yuuri huffed at the not-answer.

“Because I like it here.”

“What about your duties?”

“Which ones? Yura has you around now, so he doesn’t need me anymore, and you can’t stand to touch me, or even look at me. I’m staying here. Go away.”

Shit. Yuuri had started to cry again during the latter half of his little speech, and it was audible in his voice.

He didn’t want to seem weak, goddammit.

Yuuri rubbed away his tears angrily.

There was another, longer moment of silence, before Viktor answered in a scarily stern voice.

“You don’t get to tell me what to do, Yuuri. Don’t forget your place. Now come out before I get angry.”

Yuuri swallowed. It had been a long time since Viktor had used that voice with him. But the alpha was right, Yuuri really was forgetting his place. Any other alpha wouldn’t even have put a lock in the door, to avoid this exact situation.

He whined pathetically, and stood up, only for his legs to give out again after being tucked close to his body for so long.

He wasn’t close to any kind of furniture in the room, so he couldn’t grasp onto anything to keep himself from crashing to the floor.


It hadn’t actually hurt all that much, but he couldn’t suppress a sob after he met the floor.

Neither could he suppress the next one.

Yuuri wasn’t sobbing because of the fall, no, he’d had worse on the ice, he was sobbing because of his whole situation. He’d let himself gotten swept away by the idyllic time he’d gotten to spend with Viktor, and completely ignored the fact that life for him was never meant to be good.

Sure Viktor had bought him, and he’d done a well enough job up until now, but now that he’d managed to get Viktor’s relationship with Yura on track, and was apparently willing enough to not refuse Viktor during his rut, he’d probably lost his value, or anything that kept him interesting enough for Viktor to want to be around him.

His sobs only intensified when he thought about how he would be treated like Minami in the not so distant future. Yuuri would probably get sent to the house in St. Petersburg or something, as long as it was as far away from Viktor as possible. And Viktor would find a beta, and a new omega who wouldn’t throw a hissy fit at having to share the alpha. Because obviously, someone like Viktor had a ton of people waiting in line for his attention, there was no way Viktor would ever be interested in Yuuri for real.

He was nice enough to lessen the blow at least, Yuuri thought, and to let him go gently, without actively trying to destroy Yuuri’s confidence.

Because Viktor wasn’t cruel.

He was just out of Yuuri’s league.

And Yuuri had been an idiot for getting wrapped up in all the nice things Viktor had said to him.

It probably hadn’t been a lie, but there was no way he’d been serious either.

Viktor was just throwing around endearments when he got caught up in the moment.

That’s all it was.

Hearing a loud crash, Yuuri got pulled out of his thoughts.

He looked up, only to see that the door was pretty much destroyed, and an intensely worried looking Viktor was on his way to crouch next to Yuuri.

Seeing Viktor’s perfect face though, only made him sob more.

He had never been good with rejection, no matter in what context and how gently it was executed.

Yuuri looked away, pressing his forehead to the tiled floor instead, his body whole body quivering with sobs.

“Yuuri… are you hurt?”, Viktor asked with his too perfect voice, and just the perfect amount of worry in it.


It aggravated Yuuri.

“Yes. Yes, I am”, he bit out, talking to the floor.

Viktor cursed.


Yuuri didn’t answer. He didn’t want Viktor to know how much he had let himself gotten immersed into their little charade; it’d be embarrassing to admit, but a part of him wanted Viktor to know.

He wanted Viktor to know that Yuuri was hurting because of him, and he wanted Viktor to feel bad about it. He knew it wouldn’t change anything, but he wanted at least a small revenge.

After all, Viktor was a good person, and he hadn’t meant to hurt Yuuri this badly; he would treat him a lot worse if that were the case, so he knew that if Viktor knew that, he’d hurt as well.

Right now, Yuuri wanted Viktor to hurt, he realized with another sob.

He really was a bad person, wasn’t he? He should just wish for Viktor to be happy, but…

He turned on his back and clutched his shirt over the place where his heart was.

“Here”, he cried.

Viktor’s eyes widened almost comically.

“You’re having a heart attack!?”, he exclaimed, shocked, while pulling out his phone already, no doubt in order to call an ambulance.


Viktor hesitated in his motions.

“You- you need to express yourself clearer Yuuri, do you need to go the hospital? Is it something you had before? Is it your ribs? For god’s sake, tell me, Yuuri!”

It was almost funny to see how Viktor was losing his shit.

“My heart hurts… really bad.”

“So you DO need an ambulance”, Viktor exclaimed erratic, lifting his phone again.



“Viktor. It’s not a pain any doctor will be able to work on.”

His alpha looked at him, utterly confused.

Yuuri was still crying, but at least the sobs had almost stopped.

He kind of hated that just having Viktor in the same room could calm him like this.

Yuuri sat up, still clutching his shirt, because honestly, if Viktor hadn’t gone distant all of a sudden, he’d be clutching at the alpha’s shirt right now. He just needed something to hold onto, and he didn’t have anything but himself right now, though basically hugging himself looked probably very stupid.

“You know”, Yuuri started, “when alphas come across crying omegas, they usually try to comfort them. But you don’t. You’re holding your phone instead. And you’re far enough away that I couldn’t touch you if I wanted to. Why do suddenly hate me so much? What have I done to you, Viktor?! I don’t understand it! The least you could do is tell me!”

Yuuri raised his voice towards the end. It probably would’ve gotten him a slap to the face as well as a punishment from any other alpha, but Viktor just looked at him as if he’d been the one who’d gotten his face slapped.

“What are you talking about, Yuuri? If you had been injured, I could’ve made it worse by moving you! Why would you even think that I hate you!?”

Viktor looked honestly flabbergasted.

Yuuri didn’t falter though.

“Well if you aren’t then why are you acting like touching me is a burden to you!?”

“I don’t act like that”, Viktor said indignantly.

“But you do! When I hugged you earlier you only hugged back with one arm, barely! You’ve gone out of your way to avoid me, I wasn’t even allowed to kneel next to when you were working, let alone sleep in your bed and you know how much I liked that!”

He was full on screaming now, but at least he was starting to feel a bit better now, that everything was out in the open.

The tears still hadn’t stopped though.

Viktor closed his eyes and took a calming breath before he opened his mouth to answer.

“Are you fighting?”

Their heads flew to look towards the door, where Yura’s small voice had come from.

He looked at Viktor, and then at Yuuri, with wide eyes, before he gasped made a mad dash towards the latter, jumping on his lap, and almost suffocating him with the hug around his neck. Yuuri hugged the little body against him fiercely.

“Don’t fight! Please!”, Yura cried, “And where were you anyway katsudon!? I had to eat daddy’s food for dinner and it was really bad!”

Well, at least he was still good for cooking.

“We’re not fighting, sweetie, just… exchanging opinions”, Viktor tried to save the situation.


“Yes, really, honey. I’m sorry we woke you.”


“Your daddy’s right”, Yuuri lied.

“But you’re crying!”

“Because I fell earlier.”

Yura gasped.

“Are you hurt!? Daddy, have you kissed it better yet!?”

Yura was looking at them in turns, obviously distraught.

“I was about to, Yura. Go back to bed okay? I’ll take care of Yuuri.”

Yura looked back and forth between them for a moment longer, before he apparently decided to listen to his father.

However before he left, he gave Yuuri a kiss on the cheek.

Yuuri was stunned at that, and could do nothing but stare.

“Was it necessary for you to scream so loud that you had Yura come and see you like this?”, Viktor asked, voice stern.

“I’m sorry”, Yuuri whispered, he really hadn’t wanted to involve Yura.

New tears welled up in his eyes. Couldn’t he do anything right at all!?

“Get up, Yuuri. We’re bringing this to my room”, Viktor said with finality.

This… probably meant he was going to get punished, right?

Yuuri got up on shaky legs.

Viktor frowned at him.

“Are you sure you haven’t hurt yourself?”

Yuuri nodded. He was shaking because he was scared, not because of an injury.

Viktor’s frown deepened, but he turned away and left, mostly likely expecting Yuuri to just follow him.

Which he did.


When the door to Viktor’s room fell closed behind Yuuri, he got on his knees, without waiting for Viktor to tell him. It wasn’t rocket science to know that the alpha wasn’t happy with him right now, and he figured it would be better to not press any more of his buttons.

He really did need to keep his place in society in mind.

Viktor was seated on his couch, at the other side of the room.

It was quite a distance away, and made the whole thing even worse somehow.

But Yuuri didn’t dare to look at his owner, staring at the floor instead.

“Come over here.”

Yuuri crawled towards the couch, until he was kneeling in front of Viktor.

“I don’t understand you, Yuuri. One moment you’re screaming in my face, and the next moment you’re playing at being a good little submissive omega.”

Yuuri didn’t answer; it hadn’t been a direct question after all.

The truth was, he hated being like this, like a dog groveling for forgiveness at his master’s feet, but truth be told, the fight had left him alongside Yura earlier. He wasn’t mentally prepared to handle emotional roller coasters like this. He’d always known that Yura was a good kid, but the kiss to his cheek had thrown him off his game completely.

Viktor sighed.

“Has it ever occurred to you that I’m not spending as much time with you, simply because I’m busy?”

“Yes, sir.”

He just didn’t understand why it affected sleeping in the same bed, or why he couldn’t kneel next to him when he worked. He wanted to be close to Viktor, not talk with him if that was too distracting.

“Then don’t you think your reaction was uncalled for, Yuuri?”

“Yes, sir.”

Something changed.

He only stared at Viktor’s feet, but he was pretty sure that Viktor wasn’t happy with his answers. He didn’t know what else to do, though. He wasn’t happy with his earlier behavior either, so this should be what he wanted, right?

“I will send you back to a facility tomorrow.”

“Yes, sir.”

Yuuri couldn’t hold his tears back anymore.

Especially not when Viktor’s scent turned incredibly sour, which meant the alpha was very, very angry with him now.



Yuuri flinched at the sheer volume of Viktor’s voice.

“What the hell has gotten into you!? I thought you didn’t want to go there!? How can you just agree to that!?”

“I don’t have a choice if that’s what you want, sir”, Yuuri whispered.

“Oh cut the sir bullshit already! You haven’t called me that for weeks, don’t start again now! Do you want to leave, Yuuri? Is that what you’re trying to tell me here?!”

Was Viktor really so stupid?

“No! No, I don’t want to leave! But I don’t have a place here anymore so I just might as well!”

Yuuri was staring Viktor in the face now, only to be met by an awful amount of fury, which made his omega cower in fear. Though he tried to ignore that part of him for now.

“Oh really? And why is that? Because I don’t have the time to pamper you like a baby every day?”

No! It’s because you are obviously sick of me!  And Yura has you now, so he doesn’t need me to be around either! I just told you that not 10 minutes ago!”

“Yura doesn’t need you anymore? Are you blind, Yuuri? If you remember what you told me downstairs, then why do you choose to forget how my son literally clung to you because he could tell you were upset?!”

“I-! He did that because he’s a good kid!”

He saw Viktor’s jaw working, obviously suppressing whatever he wanted to say, before he just sighed, running a hand through his hair.

“Tell me honestly Yuuri”, Viktor started in a calmer voice now, “would you be fine with leaving us?”

“Of course not”, Yuuri answered immediately, voice breaking once again.

Viktor let out a long breath, shoulders sagging.

“Tell me what the real issue is.”

That… that had sounded a lot more like the Viktor he was used to. Only in tired.

Yuuri bit his lip.

If he had to pin it down…

“I just wanted to be close to you... Why wasn’t I allowed to?”

“Yuuri”, Viktor sighed. “There wasn’t any time. I told you that they want me to be involved in planning the wedding, and I still have to run my company and the house.”

“I- I know that… but I would’ve been happy to just… cuddle while sleeping, or really only just kneeling next to your chair, when you’d work. Like I did when you had talks with Minami…”

“I was barely even sleeping, Yuuri. It wouldn’t have been more than 2 or 3 hours per night. And kneeling for a few hours a day wouldn’t be good for your knees either, you should know that.”

Well, Viktor had a point there, Yuuri had to admit that.

“It would’ve been better than nothing”, he said anyway.

“Why is that, Yuuri?”, Viktor asked, still sounding very tired.

“I just… I don’t know. I don’t like not being around you. It makes me feel weird. In a bad way.”

Something like realization hit Viktor’s face.

Which baffled Yuuri, because he himself still didn’t have an explanation for it.

Viktor sighed, and opened his arms and legs.


Yuuri did. And as soon as Viktor closed both of his arms around him, and hugged him to his chest as tightly as physically possible, Yuuri felt like he was finally coming home after a week of being homesick.

He let out an involuntary sob of relief, and hugged his alpha back as fiercely as he could.

“You should’ve told me you were feeling like this from the very beginning, darling. We could’ve avoided this”, Viktor murmured softly.

Hearing the endearment made Yuuri sag against Viktor even more.

“I’m sorry”, Yuuri whispered. “I didn’t think it would’ve made a difference.”

Viktor sighed exasperatedly.

“You should know by now that I always want you to be happy.”

Yuuri buried his head into Viktor’s chest.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. Just… next time when you start feeling… weird, as you put it, tell me immediately, okay?”


“Good. I’m sorry, too. I should’ve kept calmer. I just hate it when you go back to calling me sir.”

“Oh… I- I was just trying to… to not make you any angrier.”

Viktor sighed once again, while stroking Yuuri’s hair, before he pulled away a little bit a while later.

“Are we good?”, he asked with the softest look Yuuri had ever seen on his face.

“We’re good”, Yuuri sniffed.

Viktor smiled at him, before he kissed Yuuri on the nose.

“I assume you want to sleep here tonight?”

Yuuri nodded.

“Let’s take a bath first, okay?”



Yuuri woke up because his pillow, aka Viktor, had sat up in bed abruptly, and growled in a rather disoriented, but still somehow protective fashion. He had to blink a few times, before he saw the tiny figure standing in the open door. He could only see a vague silhouette, but it was enough to know that it was Yura.

Yuuri hit Viktor’s thigh, in order to get him to shut up.

“Yura?”, he asked with a sleepy voice. Viktor stopped his growling immediately. He was probably still half asleep. Not that Yuuri was faring a lot better.

“What’s wrong sweetie?”, Viktor asked worriedly.

“C-can I sleep with you tonight?”

Uh oh. That sounded like the boy had been crying.

“Of course”, Viktor and Yuuri said at the same time.

As soon as the words were out, Yura came dashing towards them, and climbed into bed with Viktor’s help. He then climbed over Viktor as well, in order to get to the best place in the bed, which was apparently in between them. He did cling to Viktor’s chest though, as soon as he’d gotten comfortable.

“Did you have a nightmare?”, Yuuri asked, rubbing Yura’s back.

Yura nodded.

“What was it about?”, Viktor inquired further.

“I- I dreamt that- that katsudon left like- like all my other nannies, and- and- you didn’t like him any- anymore”, Yura sobbed.

That… that was nightmare stuff for the boy? Yuuri’s heart almost broke at hearing that.

“It’s because of our argument earlier, isn’t it?”, he realized. “I’m so sorry, Yura, I was just a little upset.”

“Yuuri isn’t going to leave, sweetie, and I won’t stop liking him”, Viktor added.

“But- but you were screaming-“

“Yes, we were. But now we talked about everything that was upsetting us and we apologized. So we’re not upset anymore”, Yuuri tried to explain.

“Sometimes you just have to scream in order to let go of things, sweetheart. Look, Yuuri is here now, right?”

Yura nodded.

“And he was here already when you came here, yes?”

Yura nodded again.

“See? That means we were cuddling already. And we wouldn’t have been cuddling if he was still upset, right? So that means he’s not upset anymore, and he won’t leave.”

Yura nodded a final time, before he turned his head to look at Yuuri.


“Promise what, Yura?”

“Promise you will stay?”

“I promise I’ll stay”, Yuuri confirmed, and leaned over to hug the boy, and press a kiss to his cheek.

Viktor shifted onto his side, causing Yura to slide onto the mattress, and right into both of their arms, before he pulled the blankets over all of them. Yuuri couldn’t help but pull the boy close to his chest, in order to try and reassure him the he was here, and that he wasn’t going anywhere.

When Viktor was done sorting out the blankets, he put his arm around Yuuri, effectively caging Yura in between the two of them.

“Let’s go back to sleep”, he yawned.


The next time Yuuri woke up, he and Yura were the only ones lying in bed.

He frowned, and grabbed his phone. He wanted to ask Viktor where he was, but when he switched it on, he already had a message from him. And a picture. Viktor had taken a selfie of the three of them all cuddled together, right after he’d woken up, judging by his disheveled hair.

Yuuri made it his wallpaper.

Apparently Viktor had woken up at the crack of dawn, and was already out and working or planning or doing whatever he was busy with.

Yuuri sighed. He didn’t know why he’d expected anything else.


After breakfast Yura and Yuuri went to explore the house a little more, and found another small-ish ballroom. So, after having Yura work on his school assignments for the day, he taught him a little more of the choreography they’d been working on to show Viktor for his birthday.

Yura’s stamina was slowly improving, too, which was why Yuuri decided to push the boy a bit, and extend the lessons for a little while.

After that, they spent the rest of the day baking some Christmas cookies, drawing, and just being silly, until Viktor would come back.


Right now Yuuri was preparing dinner, and talking to Yura, who was sitting at the counter, drawing. He doubted that Viktor would be back in time to eat with the two of them, but he made enough for all of them anyway. If by any chance Viktor hadn’t eaten by the time he arrived here, Yuuri didn’t want him to go hungry.

Though he was still wondering if he’d be allowed to sleep in Viktor’s bed again. Well, he could always shoot him a text to ask, so-

Yuuri startled heavily when someone grabbed him around the waist.

He thought he’d be abducted for a second, before ne noticed Viktor’s smell, and the fact that the hold had turned into a hug from behind, with a nose nuzzling against his neck.

Yuuri melted against him when Viktor pressed a soft kiss to his temple.

“Hi”, Viktor murmured.

“Daddy, you’re being gross again.” Yura’s complaint lacked any heat whatsoever.

Viktor squeezed him before he let go and went over to Yura.

“Is that so? I think you need a lesson in English, Yura, it’s not called being gross, it’s called being cute. Or sweet. Or-“

“No! Daddy, you don’t get it!”

Yuuri couldn’t help but shaking his head, chuckling at their antics.


The three of them had cuddled up on the couch after dinner, and watched Aristocats, before Yura went to bed.

Being alone with Viktor now was… weird. Awkward, almost.

Yuuri had built up quite the confidence over the last few weeks, which had taken a rather severe hit over the course of last week, so while he wanted to just go to Viktor’s room, as if it was normal, he hesitated, unsure if Viktor still thought the same way he had yesterday.

Viktor invited him to his room though.

Which was a big relief to him.


The next few days were spent in a similar fashion.

After their fight it had taken a while for Yuuri to allow himself to completely relax around Viktor again. Viktor had noticed it, too, and while he had seemed to be actually distressed by it, he didn’t blame Yuuri for it, and didn’t put him under any pressure.

It made Yuuri realize once again that Viktor was, in fact, a good person, and was treating Yuuri exceptionally well. The fact that they had fought, like, actually fought, without Viktor punishing him, or hitting him or anything like that, was prove enough that his alpha was viewing Yuuri as less of a possession, and more as a human.

It had also taken a while for Yuuri to realize that omegas attempting to fight with their owners usually ended in a… really bad way.


It was the third Sunday of December, and they had just finished dinner, when Yuuri realized something horrible.

His heat was next month.

He… he needed to talk to Viktor about this.

Their relationship was almost back to normal by now, the only thing still different, was the fact that Viktor was still incredibly busy, and didn’t spend as much time with neither Yuuri, nor Yura, but now that he got to cuddle with him daily again, it was at least bearable.

He just hoped Viktor would be willing to stay up a little longer than usual tonight.

Viktor hadn’t said anything about how exactly Yuuri was supposed to spend his heats, but Yuuri knew it was one of his duties, and also one of Viktor’s duties, to spend his heat with him, just as much as he was supposed to spend Viktor’s rut with him.

Which is why Yuuri needed to tackle the biggest problem yet. As soon as possible.

He’d been fine with anything they’d done this far, but all of it had only consisted of letting Viktor touch his dick, basically. However, the thing Yuuri was most uncomfortable with, were his… omega parts.

When he was twelve, and the slit exposing his vagina had opened up, Yuuri had had an existential crises, which he still wasn’t over, if he was honest. After all, he was supposed to be a man, a male, with male body parts, so having his genitals be… like that, was not something he wanted anything to do with. Which was probably the only reason why he’d been able to go through his heats alone, without masturbating, or anything, because he was too repulsed by what he was.

But now he had an alpha, and that changed what he could and couldn’t do during his heats. He was sure that Viktor would never force him to do anything he wasn’t comfortable with, but that didn’t help, at least not this time.

When omegas went into heat, they exuded pheromones that basically screamed for alphas to mate with them, and, while Viktor would probably be able to somehow withstand that, Yuuri wouldn’t be, and he’d beg Viktor to fuck him, he just knew it, and he didn’t know how strong Viktor would be against Yuuri pleading with him.

It was a problem he needed to tackle before it came into existence, because Viktor would never forgive himself if he took advantage of Yuuri, he was sure of at least that much.

But it meant that he’d have to… accept the omega part of him.

And he needed Viktor’s help with that.


Which is why, when they were cuddling in bed that night, Yuuri decided to broach that topic.

He’d go through with this, no matter how uncomfortable it made him.


“Hm?”, he replied, fingertips still caressing Yuuri’s upper arm with soft, barely there touches.

“I… why… why haven’t you… uhh… I mean, is there a reason why you never… touched… ahm… beyondmydick?”

Viktor blinked at him, before he understood what Yuuri meant.

“Because you didn’t seem comfortable with it. I was hoping you’d get used to the idea after you got comfortable with everything else we’re doing.”

“I… I don’t think I’ll ever get comfortable with that by just waiting…”

Viktor frowned at him, his fingers stopping their motion.

“And why is that?”, he asked concerned.

Yuuri took a deep breath, already blushing scarlet. But he told him his issues anyway. All of them.

Viktor listened to him intently, some sort of understanding dawning on his face the more Yuuri was talking.

“I see…”, he said, once Yuuri was done.

He buried his face against Viktor’s chest, too embarrassed for words.

So much for not wanting to show his shortcomings as an omega.

“And you’re sure you want to… do something about it, even though it makes you uncomfortable?”

“Yeah…. I mean- nothing will ever change if I don’t try it, so…”

“Don’t you think waiting some more would help?”, Viktor asked hesitantly.

“No. It’s been like this for more than 10 years now. Please Viktor, can you help me?”

Viktor sighed.

“I don’t know. But I’ll try. Take your pants off.”

Yuuri did.

Viktor went to situate himself between Yuuri’s legs comfortably, giving his dick a little kiss, almost as if in greeting, before he moved it out of the way gently, but somehow in a very non-sexual way. Yuuri had no idea how the hell he’d managed to do that.

“Let’s see…”, Viktor said, spreading Yuuri’s legs a bit more.

“How are you feeling right now? Uncomfortable already?”

Yuuri was confused; Viktor hadn’t even done anything yet.


Viktor nodded.

“I’m going to touch you, okay?”

Yuuri swallowed, but nodded.

Viktor massaged Yuuri’s thighs for a bit, until Yuuri was completely relaxed again, before his hands moved closer to Yuuri’s groin.

Then he took his hands off him, and ran a single finger over the whole… omega part.

Yuuri felt the muscles in his legs work, ready to clench his legs shut, but he forced himself to work against it. Viktor wasn’t hurting him, it wasn’t painful, and Viktor meant him no harm. The only pain he was feeling was in his head. He needed to let go of that somehow. Which is why Viktor was doing what he was doing. Yuuri had asked him to do it.

His alpha didn’t do anything but repeat that same slow motion, many times. He didn’t put any pressure on it, and was only touching on the outside because of that, but it kind of helped that he wasn’t being intrusive.

“How are you feeling now?”, Viktor asked after what felt like at least half an hour.

“… fine”, Yuuri realized. Having Viktor repeat the same gentle motion over and over again without straying into more… sensitive territory for such a long time, and without adding any impatient pressure or anything, had, in fact, somehow managed to desensitize him to the weird new feeling.

“Do you want me to push further?”

Yuuri hesitated, but he didn’t feel like he was about to panic anymore.

“Yes”, he decided after a moment.

Viktor didn’t follow throw immediately.

It was only a while later that he slipped his finger into the more ah… moist area of his private parts.

Yuuri tensed up immediately.

He didn’t like that. At all.

“Ungh”, he protested, but somehow managed to not crush Viktor’s head between his thighs.

When Viktor didn’t stop, he looked down at his alpha, only to be met with a calculating stare, and the view of Viktor Nikiforov between his legs. Which, really shouldn’t be a surprise at this point. But the image burned itself into his brain, causing him to go limp, and fall on his back again.

He threw an arm over his closed eyes.

“Oh god.”

“What is it?”

Yuuri noticed that Viktor hadn’t stopped the same stroking motion he’d been doing up until now, because how could he not, but he was too distracted by that view that was fucking up his mind right now.

It was… hot.


“Yuuri?” Viktor sounded worried now, and Yuuri could feel his finger becoming hesitant in its motions.

His hips thrust forward on their own account.

Viktor stopped.

“Yuuri, talk to me.” That… was a command.

“I… I just… I looked.”

“Yes… so?” Viktor sounded utterly confused by Yuuri stating the obvious.

“I-I-I don’t know. It… it was weird.”

“Weird good or weird bad?”

Yuuri swallowed.

“Weird good, I think. But… really weird.”

“Hmm… do you want me to continue?”

Yuuri nodded.

It took Viktor a lot of time to get Yuuri used to the sensation, before he explored the area with more… precision. Yuuri only realized now, that his alpha had purposefully avoided stroking over any extra erogenous zones, like his clit, but he brushed them now, lightly of course, and without lingering too long. Which made it more bearable somehow.

Yuuri almost managed to relax completely under Viktor’s praise.

Until he tried to slip a finger deeper into him, into his actual vagina.

He froze at that.

Viktor pulled his finger out before Yuuri had the chance to properly panic, pulled his pants up, and laid down on top of Yuuri, pulling him into a big hug.

“We’ll stop for today, okay? You’ve done amazing, so much better than I expected you to, darling, I’m so proud of you, you’re so strong-“ Viktor kept murmuring things like that until Yuuri stopped shaking, and hugged him back.

“I’m sorry”, he whispered.

“What for?”

“For not working right.”

Viktor sighed.

“We’ve been over this, love. You’re not a machine, so you can’t not work right. You’re human, and every human comes with their own problems and quirks, yes? Yours might be a little unusual, but it’s nothing you need to apologize for. In fact, if you apologize for being yourself one more time, I’ll punish you by having you write down 5 pages of compliments towards yourself, you hear me?”, Viktor threatened in a gentle voice.

“I’d hate that punishment”, Yuuri smiled.

“I figured. Maybe I’ll have you do it just because…”

Yuuri grunted. “No fair.”

“Yes fair. It shouldn’t be a burden to be nice to yourself, Yuuri.”

Yuuri knew that.

He hugged Viktor a little tighter, making his alpha sigh, before he pulled away a little, and kissed Yuuri.

For a long time.

The kisses didn’t have any heat behind them, only consisting of soft and caring touches, as well as gentle pressure on all the right places. It was slow, very slow, but so very full of emotions Yuuri couldn’t name.

It made him feel warm.

Chapter Text

Yuuri was preparing breakfast when he got a text from Viktor, which said that he would meet Yuuri and Yura in front of the doctor’s office, to which he’d sent him a map’s link.

Yuuri paused.

Doctor? Was Viktor sick?

What about my collar? he texted back, instead of asking for specifics, which, in hindsight, was a big mistake.

I put it on the commode in the hallway closet was Viktor’s reply.

Was… was Yuuri supposed to put it on… himself?

Sure, he’d done that all the time when he was pretending to have an alpha, but… he was pretty sure that he still wasn’t legally allowed to put it on himself. But then again, it’s not like there were any witnesses here apart from Yura, and the boy could be distracted easily enough…


Going through with that was actually a lot more nerve-wracking than he remembered, probably because he hadn’t been doing it on a daily basis for quite a long time now.

The place where they were supposed to meet Viktor was about half an hour of walking distance, so Yuuri made sure to leave a little earlier than that, figuring that Yura would probably slow their pace down a little bit, and he did not want to be late to meet his owner, especially not in public.

Luckily, they arrived early, and had to wait for Viktor, though only for a little bit.

When he arrived, Yuuri didn’t see anything wrong with the man, which confused him. While he was happy to know Viktor was fine, visiting a doctor didn’t make a lot of sense. Or was it for Yura? Was the boy supposed to get some vaccines or something?

Viktor’s greeting was rather cold, which was to be expected, really, they were on a busy street after all, but it still left him with a bitter taste.

Apparently Yuuri and Viktor were the only ones to actually go inside, because Viktor basically handed Yura over to Georgi, telling him to go eat crepes, which Yura was obviously happy about, and even Georgi seemed pleased at that.

Yuuri wanted a crepe, too, he pouted inwardly.

As soon as the both of them had turned around a corner, Viktor put a leash on Yuuri.

Yuuri wasn’t surprised, however he didn’t like it either. But it was normal, so he’d just have to deal with it.

Yuuri only thought to look at the sign that specified what kind of doctor they were going to, when they moved to walk in.

He froze.

The doctor was specializing in omega specific treatments.

Why was Yuuri supposed to see a doctor? He was fine!

“Yuuri!”, Viktor called, tugging on the leash lightly. He looked a little annoyed.

Yuuri hated it. He knew that Viktor wasn’t usually like that, so he was pretty sure he was acting his part of almighty alpha, but dammit if he wasn’t convincing at it.

In the waiting room were armchairs for the alphas, and even some thin pillows on the floor for omegas. Which indicated that this was a doctor with wealthy patients, who kind of cared about appearances, at the very least. It wasn’t particularly full, but the few omegas who were there, were either wearing ratty clothing, or had only blankets thrown over. The fact that none of them were full on naked proved Yuuri’s theory to be right.

It was another cruel reality check.

Yuuri’s knees had barely touched the pillow when Viktor’s name was called out.

The doctor was an alpha woman. She didn’t seem to be… evil, but she was professional to a point where she seemed cold.

“Lord Nikiforov, it’s a pleasure to have you here. I’ve made preparations as soon as our call ended”, she said with no emotion in her voice. She didn’t smile either.

“Thank you”, Viktor replied, imitating her to a T.

“You said your preferred contraception method would be a Medroxyprogesterone acetate injection. I assume that hasn’t changed.”

Viktor inclined his head, as if to say ‘of course not’.

Yuuri was stumped. He was here for birth control stuff!? What!? Did Viktor actually think he’d be ready to have sex soon!? Was he insane!?

“I’ve already explained the pros and cons of this method to you, so in order to keep this short I won’t repeat myself and will go straight to the different versions we have. There are three types of the injection, concerning the duration of which they last. To keep it simple, the cheapest one will last 3 months, and the most expensive one will last for a whole year.”

“What about the third one?”

“That would last for 6 months.”

Viktor hummed, and threw a calculating look at Yuuri.

“I think I’ll go with that one.”

“The 6 months one?”


“Very well. I will be back in a few moments. Put your omega up there and make its butt free, please.”

“The butt?”, Viktor asked, sounding surprised.

“Yes. It’ll be injected in the fat there.”

The doctor left with that, however she also left the door open, so Yuuri couldn’t risk asking Viktor just what the hell he thought he was doing. He wanted to, though, badly.

She came back soon after Viktor had pulled Yuuri’s pants down over his butt, however he wasn’t exposing more than was absolutely necessary, which was probably the only thing that kept Yuuri from panicking. That, and the fact that Viktor had his hand on Yuuri’s back, which was probably looking like it was there to keep Yuuri down, however Yuuri knew that Viktor knew that physical contact helped to keep him calm. There wasn’t any actual pressure either, just a thumb that moved around inconspicuously.

The prick of the needle didn’t really hurt and the whole thing was over quickly. Viktor was told to call if he noticed some side effects that could happen, and then they were out of there.

As soon as they were a good distance away from the building, Yuuri turned to look at Viktor, who was still holding him on a leash.

“What the hell!?”, he inquired through his teeth. It wouldn’t do to talk to Viktor in such a disrespectful way in public, and usually Yuuri would’ve waited until they were home, but he was too irritated right now.

“Yuuri…”, Viktor said in a weird voice that was somewhere between apologetic and warning.

When Yuuri kept looking at him, Viktor sighed, and steered them over towards the wall of a random building, only to crow Yuuri against it. When he started talking, it was in a quiet murmur, with his lips touching Yuuri’s ear.

“I’m sorry I did this without warning you first, but it only occurred to me when I was already at work.”

“Why didn’t you tell me in a text?”

“I intended to. But I got caught up in business and forgot about it.”

“Why did I have to get a-a c-c-contraception anyway? We’re not even close to- to… you know…”

“To having sex?”

Yuuri nodded, blushing.

“Do you really think so? Your progress is incredible, and unpredictable and I want to be on the safe side.”

“But… but why did it have to be an injection? Couldn’t I just… take the pill or something?”

Viktor sighed into his ear.

“No, Yuuri. I do trust you, but there can always arise circumstances that can make you forget to take it, or cause you to take it irregularly, yes? Isn’t it better to just be done now and not having to think about it for another half year?”

“I- I guess…”, Yuuri admitted. “But why do I still have to be on a leash? We’ve been out of there for a while.”

“Because we’re in London, Yuuri. It’s a busy city and there are many people walking around, and these are great conditions for unleashed omegas to escape. I’m sure you wouldn’t try to run away, darling, obviously, but if I wouldn’t have you on a leash, and some paparazzi or just anyone really uploaded a picture of that to sns, it would cause a scandal, albeit not a very bad one as long as I don’t lose you, but I can’t risk having media shredding me so shortly before the wedding. Having you come here by yourself was risky enough, but it was possible, because we haven’t been seen together before, at least not in London, or the media.”

That… that made a lot of sense.

As usual.

Yuuri sighed defeated.

“I don’t like it.”

“We’ll get you and Yura home as soon as we catch up with him, okay?”

“You won’t come with us?”

“No. I wish I could, but I need to get back to headquarters for the rest of the day. I’ll make sure to be home in time for dinner, though, okay?”

“Okay…”, Yuuri pouted.

Viktor smiled at him, and give him a quick peck on the lips before he moved away, and started walking again, Yuuri in tow of course.

“Where did you get the leash from?”, Yuuri asked the ground, remembering that he wasn’t actually supposed to look at Viktor.

“I bought it on the way here.”

“Where are we going?”

“Hyde Park.”

Instead of entering the park though, Viktor walked to what seemed to be a restaurant right next to it. He saw Yura sitting there, behind the window, still nibbling on his crepe, and looking incredibly moody.

Yura looked out of the window, just in time to see him and Viktor arriving there, and the boy got up from his chair immediately, dashing outside towards them, and leaving Georgi scrambling to keep up with him, while also making sure to take all of their belongings with them; it was quite funny to look at.

“You took ages!”, came the instant complaint when Yura was within hearing distance.

“Sorry”, Viktor chuckled, while taking out a handkerchief. He crouched down, and tried to clean whatever had been in the crepe off Yura’s face.

“Why are you on a leash?”, Yura asked him, probably in order to distract Viktor when his escape had failed.


“People are always on a leash in London”, Viktor explained.

“But daddy, you aren’t on a leash?”

“That’s because I’m holding it.”

“And what about Georgi?”

“Georgi doesn’t have anyone to hold it for him”, Viktor said while smirking at the beta, who was spluttering.

“Why can’t you hold it?”

“I can only hold one, sweetie.”

“But what about me?”

“You’re too young to need one.”

“Oh… is it fun?”

“Not really, no.”

“Then why do you do it?”

“Because it’s the law. Now come on, I’m sure you want to go back home, yes?”



“I wanna go there!”, Yura said, pointing towards the park.

“I don’t have time to go there with you right now, honey, we can do that on another day, okay?”

“No! I can go there with Katsudon.”

Viktor sighed, obviously frustrated already.

“I can’t allow that.”

“Why not?”

Yuuri could smell how Viktor was quickly starting to lose his patience, which is why he decided to interfere, no matter how much fun it was to see Viktor sweat a bit, he didn’t want to risk him lashing out.

He crouched down as well.

“Because neither you nor I know our way around here and we could get lost. It’s a very big park so it would be too dangerous, Yura. I’m sure we can go there another time, when daddy can come with us.”

“But I want to go now!”

“Yura”, Yuuri and Viktor sighed simultaneously.

Yuuri looked at Viktor, wondering if he should just physically pick the boy up and carry him home if he wasn’t budging. Viktor looked at him as uncertain as Yuuri felt, shrugging as if to say ‘I don’t know how to deal with him’. So Yuuri took it as a ‘do whatever you want’ and picked Yura up, which resulted in the little boy screaming in his ear.


Yuuri didn’t quite know why Yura was behaving like that suddenly, but he’d figured that a child would only be able to stay cooped up inside for so long. It wasn’t surprising to know that he wanted to do stuff outside as well. However, he couldn’t have picked a worse moment to have that realization.

“Yura, be reasonable, screaming will get you nowhere”, Viktor chided.

“No! Shut up!!”, Yura replied screaming, while also hitting Yuuri’s chest with his tiny fist.

That… had actually hurt.

“Yuri!” Viktor was raising his voice now, which was exactly what Yuuri had not wanted to happen. However, he himself was completely in over himself. He had no idea how to deal with a temper tantrum like that, which was so out of character for the boy.

“Shut up!!!!”, Yura repeated, already swinging his little fist once more.

This time Viktor caught it before it could hit Yuuri again.

“Noo!!”, Yura wailed.

Yuuri heard Viktor’s cane dropping to the floor, just before Viktor caught Yura’s head under the chin, slightly squishing the boy’s cheeks with his fingers in order to get him to hold still and force him to look at Viktor.

“Yuri, stop your tantrum”, Viktor said in a no-nonsense voice. “You’re hurting Yuuri.”

“NO!”, he screeched, not making any sense at all.

Viktor’s frown deepened so much, he was starting to actually scare even Yuuri a little bit.

“Well, if you want to go to the park so much then go ahead”, he said, pulling him out of Yuuri’s arm and putting him on the ground.

Viktor picked his cane up, and took Yuuri’s leash.

“We’re leaving, go and do whatever you want”, he said and started to walk away, leaving Yura wailing behind them.

“V-Viktor!”, Yuuri whisper-screamed, “we can’t just leave him there!”

“Shh. Georgi is still with him, and we’ll only walk around that corner.”

Yuuri did very much not like walking away from a screaming and from the sounds of it by now crying Yura, but they were in public, which meant he couldn’t start fighting Viktor.

Viktor stopped walking as soon as they walked around the corner, as promised. He leaned against the wall, and pulled a mirror out of his coat, confusing Yuuri to no end, until he realized that Viktor was using It to basically spy on his son.

“Georgi looks hopelessly lost”, he chuckled.

They stood there in silence for no more than a few minutes, when-

“Ah, here they come”, Viktor said, putting his mirror away.

When Yura came around the corner, he was more crying than screaming, and went to hug a leg of Yuuri and Viktor each.

“What about the park?”, Viktor asked, voice going stony again.

“I- I don’ wanna anymore”, he cried, breaking Yuuri’s heart.

He moved to hug the little boy, but Viktor stopped him by grabbing his arm.


“Don’t leave me alone”, he wailed, breaking Yuuri’s heart some more. He had to bite his lip to keep himself from trying to soothe him.

“We won’t if you apologize to Yuuri for hitting him. That was very bad, Yuri.”

“I-I’m sorry for hitting you! I’m sorry!”, Yura hiccupped.

Viktor let go of Yuuri’s arm then, and he was on the floor in a second, hugging the boy fiercely.

“Promise to not do it again?”, he asked, murmuring into the child’s ear.

“Promise!”, he sobbed.

He hugged him back as tightly as he could, before he let go, and twisted his body in order to reach his little arms out to Viktor.

He kneeled down beside them, and when he realized that Yuuri couldn’t bring himself to le go of Yura just yet, he just put his arms around the both of them.

They stayed like that until Yura calmed down, Viktor and Yuuri both rubbing his tiny back occasionally.

Viktor grunted before he let go of them, to… take his leather glove off?


He put his hands to Yura’s forehead for a moment, before he stroked over the boy’s head.

“He’s a little warm, don’t you think?”, he asked Yuuri.

Yuuri checked his temperature as well, and found that he was indeed a bit warmer than Yuuri himself was.

“Yeah…”, Yuuri frowned, becoming increasingly worried now.

“You should probably take his temperature once you’re home and just… keep an eye on it, okay?”

“Of course… do you think I should put him into bed when we get home?”

Viktor hummed thoughtfully.

“No, just let him do… whatever, probably no dancing though. It might only be because of his crying, too.”


It turned out that nothing was wrong with Yura, which was a huge relief to Yuuri. His temperature had been normal when he took it, and when he checked again, he didn’t feel warm to the touch either. Still, Yuuri decided against having Yura dance today, and keep the games low-key.

As promised, Viktor was home earlier than usual.

They were playing with Legos when his alpha entered the living room on the second floor; looking rather exhausted.

Viktor let himself plop down on the couch in the most ungraceful way he was probably capable of.

Yura hesitated a little at first, but with a gentle push from Yuuri, he dashed towards his father, only to be lifted up into the man’s lap. Viktor put his hand on Yura’s forehead for a second, before he ruffled the boy’s hair gently.

Yuuri wondered briefly if he should leave, but decided against it, and crawled over to them instead, and leaned over Viktor’s knee to give Yura a kiss on the cheek, before he decided to blow a raspberry instead, succeeding in making the boy jerk away from him, screeching a giggle.

Satisfied with that reaction, Yuuri put his head on Viktor’s thigh.

While Yura was telling Viktor about all the fun things they had done that day, Viktor started stroking through Yuuri’s hair, though Yuuri wasn’t sure if the man even realized he was doing it; he seemed to be too concentrated on listening to Yura.

But Yuuri wasn’t going to complain, and leaned into the soft touches.


Dinner had been a peaceful affair, and they had managed to put Yura to bed without a fuss as well.

It was a bit later than usual when Yuuri sat down at the edge of Viktor’s bed. He’d apparently lost track of time when he was showering, because his alpha was already in bed and reading a book when Yuuri had arrived.

“…Viktor?”, Yuuri asked hesitantly.

“Hm?”, Viktor acknowledged the question, and started to put his book away.

“Is it… is it bad that I don’t… is it bad that I don’t feel like… you know… doing anything at all with… that?”

Viktor blinked at him for a moment before understanding dawned on his face.

“Why would that be bad?”, he asked, sounding confused.

“You won’t… be angry? If I’m just here to sleep with you? I MEAN-!”

Yuuri blushed bright red when Viktor started to chuckle.

“I know what you mean, darling. And of course I’m not angry. Why would you even think that? I’ve never been angry about your decisions in that regard, have I?”

He had started to frown when he said that last sentence.

“N-no… I-I guess not…”, Yuuri realized.


Viktor had always been going at Yuuri’s pace.

That hadn’t changed.

“Yuuri? What’s wrong?”


Viktor narrowed his eyes at him.

“I don’t believe you. You’re stuttering more than usual again, and you smell agitated. Is it because of the impromptu visit to the doctor? Or is because of the leash?”

As always, Viktor hit the nail right on the head with his assumption.

Yuuri went rigid.

“I’ll take that as a yes”, Viktor said, and sat up with a sigh. “Yuuri… I’m sorry I forgot to tell you in advance.”

“It’s- it’s not about that…”

“What is it then?” Viktor sounded so patient that Yuuri couldn’t even consider lying, even though he knew he probably should; he was an omega after all.

“I… why… why couldn’t I have a say in… in what… you chose…?”

Viktor blinked at him.

“Is there something wrong with the injection? Your file said you don’t have any allergies?” Viktor had sounded confused when he started to talk, and ended with sounding, and looking, increasingly worried.

“That’s- that’s not what I mean…”

“Then what do you mean?”

Viktor sounding honestly perplexed caused Yuuri to give up.

There was no point in trying to explain his legally non-existent free-will to an alpha after all, no matter how nice he was.

“Nothing. Forget it.”

“It’s not nothing, Yuuri”, Viktor insisted. “It’s obviously important to you, otherwise you wouldn’t have bothered to bring it up in the first place, yes? Tell me”, his owner demanded gently.

Yuuri sighed. He was so going to get punished now, wasn’t he?

“I- I know that you own me, and my body, I know that, but I just… it’s my body, too, you know? And I’m the one who has to deal with it the most, so I just wish I could’ve had a say in your decision on what to use for… contraception.”

Viktor frowned at him, so he hurried to add more.

“I-I-I mean! I just- I know you don’t have to, obviously, because you own me, but I- I just would’ve been really, very err… happy about… you know. I-I-I’ll just go to sleep. I’m sorry”, Yuuri whispered, and stood up, hoping against all odds that if he left the room fast enough, he’d somehow escape the punishment. Omegas weren’t supposed to have a say after all, legally speaking Viktor had done everything right.

Viktor managed to catch his wrist after Yuuri had only walked 2 steps. He swallowed nervously, before he turned around, eyes basically glued to the floor.

“Sit down.”

Yuuri obeyed, sitting back down on the edge of the bed.

There was silence for what felt like an eternity, before Viktor started talking again.

“You’re reeking of fear, Yuuri.” It was a statement more than anything else.

“I’m sorry”, Yuuri whispered once again. It wasn’t like he could help it.

“What are you scared of?”


“And what would I punish you for?”

“Being too arrogant for an omega.”

“Do you think you’re being arrogant?”

“No, sir.”

“Then why do you assume I would think that?”

Because you’re an alpha, Yuuri didn’t say.

He didn’t have a death-wish.


“Because you own me.”

“When was the last time I punished you for expressing your honest opinion?”

Yuuri opened his mouth to answer, but he didn’t say anything.

Viktor hadn’t punished him for… a long time.

The last time had been… before he’d found Minami.

Which had been in October.

Which was more than 2 months ago.

Which… was actually a really long time to go without punishment.

If he remembered correctly, the last time he was punished, it was… was it because he’d tested Viktor’s patience? Then there was the time when he’d wasted Viktor’s time and the first time he was punished was because… he’d been talking back to Viktor. Which was kind of ironic considering the fight they’d had yesterday.

“Never, sir.”

“What did I tell you about calling me sir?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Yuuri”, Viktor sighed. “Sometimes I’d just really like to shake you. Just so you’d snap out of whatever funk you’re in, but I’m afraid that would do more harm than good, so please just… don’t be scared of me.”

“I’m not scared of you…”

“Now you’re just flat out lying.”

“No, I’m not. I’m only scared of your punishments.”

“That’s basically the same. Because it means that you don’t trust me enough to be reasonable about them.”

Yuuri’s head snapped up, to look straight at Viktor.

“I trust you!”, he exclaimed, almost feeling indignant.

“But not completely”, Viktor observed calmly, and narrowed his eyes at him once again. “You want to trust me, but you’re scared to do so completely. Why is that?”

Apparently he did have a death-wish after all.

“Because you’re an alpha”, he whispered.

He was met with silence then.

When he chanced a glance at Viktor, it was only to see the man staring at the blanket covering his lap.

“That’s not something I can change”, he said quietly after a while.

“I know.” Had he… had he somehow hurt Viktor just now? There was no way, right?

“Well what do you want me to do then, Yuuri? I’m trying to act like a proper alpha is supposed to, and I’ve never gotten any complains before you came here. If you think I’m doing something wrong, then you need to tell me. I want to care for you as best as I can, but I can’t read mind your mind”, Viktor said, still in a quiet voice.

Well, here goes nothing, Yuuri thought and took a shuddering breath.

“It’s… it’s not that you’re not acting like a proper alpha, Viktor, you do, I think, but… but that’s exactly what scares me sometimes”, Yuuri finally admitted.

Only to have Viktor look at him, utterly confused.

“I’m… not sure I follow.”

“Really? Because for all that you’re trying to be a proper alpha, you’re still a lot more humane than alphas are really supposed to be.”

Viktor frowned at him.

“I think you’re confusing the definition of a proper alpha with assholery. Not that I can blame you, with how the norms have come to be nowadays”, he sighed. “Have you ever read up on what an alpha is supposed to act like?”

“N-no…”, Yuuri admitted. He knew that alphas had all the rights and omega none at all; he’d figured that he didn’t really have to know more than that.

“While it is correct that we do get to buy and own omegas like any other… object… the law does state that we’re supposed to act in the omega’s best interest, you know. Of course I can’t deny the fact that many alphas don’t follow that rule, because no one ever bothers to check on how it’s executed, but I really am trying my best to follow it, Yuuri…”

“That’s… I know that. But that’s not… what I mean is that I don’t like being treated as an object, as you said. I know I’m not supposed to, but I want to decide things for myself sometimes, especially when those things influence how… how my body… works… You wouldn’t like it either if someone decided to castrate you, just because they didn’t feel like having kids.”

Yuuri bit his lip right after he’d said that.

He was leaning himself waaaaaaay too far out of the window with everything he was saying. But then again, Viktor wanted him to be honest. He just really hoped Viktor wouldn’t think he actually wanted to have ki-

“I didn’t realize you wanted to hav-“

Yuuri pressed both of his hands over Viktor’s mouth before he could finish that sentence, face burning.

“I don’t! I- I mean-! Maybe! I- In the future! But- but- b-b-but-!”

Could he please die now?


Viktor took his wrists in a tender grip, and forced them away from his face, only to lay them on chest. In that moment Yuuri realized that, when he had jumped to shut Viktor up, he’d somehow managed to straddle his alpha.

He could feel his face heating up even more. This was not the time to be in a position like this.

“So… the problem isn’t that I did what I did, but that I did it without your… consent?”, Viktor frowned as if he’d just realized that it was exactly what had happened. “Oh…”

Yuuri bit his lip, and just kept looking at Viktor carefully.

“That’s the real issue, isn’t it? I thought you hated the leash more than anything else, so I was wondering… but… of course. Of course. It makes sense. Yuuri, I’m sorry, I didn’t think this through properly.” Viktor looked at him regretfully.

Yuuri wavered.

He still wasn’t happy with what Viktor had done, but he hadn’t done it out malice, Yuuri knew that, and he had apologized just now, and he’d even realized what exactly had gone wrong, so there really wasn’t any point in staying angry at him, was there?

He sighed.

Today had been tiring.

He let himself slump forward, until he was lying on Viktor comfortably.


“I’m still not happy about it”, he confessed.

“What can I-“

“But I’m not mad anymore. Give me some time. And promise to not let it slip your mind next time.”

“I promise”, Viktor whispered.

His alpha put his arms around him then, and nuzzled the side of Yuuri’s head.

Yuuri was asleep not even a minute later.


He woke up in the middle of the night, feeling weird. He felt like he needed… he needed something. He cuddled closer to Viktor.

Or tried to.

He sat up abruptly when he realized his alpha wasn’t there.

He felt around the entire bed frantically, only to come to the conclusion that he was the only one in there.

“V-Viktor?”, he asked timidly.

Maybe he was in the bathroom? But there was no light coming from that direction.

Yuuri did not like this.

He got out of bed frantically, running into the hallway, searching every room on the third floor unsuccessfully, before he went downstairs, to look into Yura’s room as quietly as he possibly could, only to realize that the boy was sleeping peacefully, no Viktor in sight.

He closed the door gently, before he rushed to his own room, and coming up empty handed once more, he made a mad dash to the living room, bursting through the door, only to find Viktor sitting there, right in front of him, leaning against the window and staring into the fire that was burning peacefully in the fireplace.

Viktor had looked up when Yuuri came barging in, but Yuuri couldn’t help himself and sank to his knees then and there.

“Yuuri? Are you okay?”, Viktor asked, but made no move towards him.

“I am now.”

Viktor replied with a confused sound.

“I woke feeling weird and- and you weren’t there and I just- I- I… I’m glad I found you”, Yuuri almost sobbed in pure relief. He didn’t know what he would’ve done if he hadn’t found Viktor.

His alpha opened his arms towards him, so Yuuri scrambled to get to him as fast as he possibly could, to let himself fall into them.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you woke up, sweetheart.”

Yuuri shook his head. He wasn’t a baby goddammit, he shouldn’t be affected like this.

“What were you doing?”

“Just… thinking.”

Yuuri frowned, realizing something.

“Why is the light in the ballroom switched on? I’m pretty sure we didn’t use it today…”

“Oh… I… I ah… went to the storage earlier.”

“To put the leash away?”

“…. Yes. To put the leash away. Anyway, Yuuri, what did you mean by you felt weird? What kind of weird?”

“Weird bad”, Yuuri answered immediately. “I just… I think… I kind of felt like I needed to be closer to you?”

Viktor hummed.

“You said your heat is next month, yes?”

“Yeah… so?”, Yuuri asked, confused where Viktor was going with this.

“When exactly?”

“Some time around the 5th, probably.”

“Hm. In that case your instincts are probably already telling you to keep the alpha you’re most comfortable with as close to you as possible.”

Yuuri frowned.



“This is your first time you’ve been around an alpha outside your family for a prolonged period of time, yes?”


“In that case your instincts are probably running a little haywire this time around. I don’t think it’s anything to be concerned about, darling.”


“Would you be a dear and put the fire out? I forgot my cane upstairs and my legs are worse than usual right now.”

“Of course.”

When he was done, he helped Viktor to climb the stairs, and supported him all the way to his bed.

Viktor breathed a sigh of relief when he was lying down again.

“I think I pushed myself a little too far today”, he said, sounding annoyed with himself.

“C-can I…” Yuuri stopped. This was utterly stupid. He hated seeing Viktor in pain, yes, but that didn’t mean-

“What is it?”

Yuuri sighed.

“Can I… massage your legs? I don’t know if it’d help but…”

Viktor stared at him wide-eyes for a moment, before he blushed - Viktor! blushed! – and agreed.

Since Yuuri had no idea what he was doing, he decided to work on one leg first, and then the other one, starting at the ankles.

It was the first time he came face to face with Viktor’s scar from that accident this close, and it looked… really bad.

He suppressed a shudder and concentrated on the movement of his hands.

“Tell me when I hurt you, okay?”

Viktor smiled at him. “It feels really good, don’t worry, Yuuri.”

Yuuri didn’t quite know why, but the way he’d said that made him blush full force. It just sounded so… so… trusting, maybe.

When Yuuri was done, he was sitting in between Viktor’s legs, which… felt weird. Because an alpha wasn’t supposed to spread the legs like… that.

Viktor realized it at the same time Yuuri did.

Though, instead of freaking out, he smirked at him almost seductively.

“Oh? Was that your plan all along? To make me spread my legs for you?”, he breathed playfully, spreading his legs even wider. The man had no shame at all!

“Wha- no! No! N-n-n- of course not!”, Yuuri stammered, flustered to no end.

Viktor grabbed his shirt and pulled Yuuri flush against him, just like that, still smirking.

“No? That’s too bad, it’s been quite a while since I’ve been in a position like this.”

“W-w-wha-? Y-you mean-?!”

Viktor winked at him, before he dropped the act, and just hugged Yuuri to his chest like he always did.

There was no way Viktor had- right? No way! He- he was an alpha after all! Alphas weren’t supposed to- that!

Viktor chuckled beneath him.

“You scent is an interesting mixture of arousal and anxiety. What are you thinking?”

Viktor had the gall to sound amused.

“Wh- what you just said! That’s- I- I mean, not that I- not that it concerns me! And! And obviously you don’t have to- to t-t-tell me, but- but-!

“Yuuuri~ out with it.”

“You’ve really done… that before? Like… that?”

“I’m not sure I know what you’re trying to say there”, he said, still smirking at him.

What an ass.

“You’ve done… the uh… the… omega part… of- of sex?”, Yuuri asked in a small voice, feeling ridiculous saying something so absurd out loud.

“I have.”



Yuuri’s mind stopped working; he could only stare at Viktor as if he’d transformed into an alien just now.


Viktor had done… that? Voluntarily?!

“Yuuri?”, Viktor asked, sounding worried now.

“Wh- why would you do something like that to yourself?”

His alpha blinked at him, obviously confused.

“Because it feels good.”

Yuuri did not know how to deal with this little bit of information.

Viktor thought something so… intrusive… felt good!? What the hell?

“I- I don’t… understand”, he admitted finally.

Viktor raised his eyebrows at him.

“Understand? There’s nothing to understand about that, Yuuri. It’s just how I feel about it.”

“But- but you’re an alpha! You don’t have to! So why would you- voluntarily!?”

Viktor was slowly starting to lose his good humor now.

“No, I don’t have to. I’m not even supposed to. But I like it. I’m sure I don’t need to remind you, but you do remember that you signed a Confidentiality Agreement, yes?”

“O-of course…”

Apparently it was just as much of a sore spot for Viktor, as it was for Yuuri, just in a completely different way.


“I- I’m sorry. I just can’t imagine…”, he bit his lip, realizing that everything he’d say right now would only dig him in deeper.

Viktor sighed.

“I’ll assume it’s because you’re not allowing yourself to just feel, what you’re feeling, without conjuring up unpleasant thoughts that distract you from the nice feeling of it. You’re still scared, which is understandable, given your past, but it’s also mentally blocking you from being able to enjoy what everyone else in the world can enjoy.”

“How… how do I… make it feel… good?”, Yuuri asked hesitantly, vividly remembering Viktor’s failed attempt from yesterday at… that.

“I don’t know Yuuri, that’s something you’ll have to figure out for yourself. The only advise I can give you is to just feel, to not let your mind wander, and to just focus on what you’re feeling.”

“C-can we try it… again? Right now?”

Viktor hesitated.

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea, Yuuri. You’re agitated right now, and you should be relaxed when we try it again.”

“I can relax!”

Viktor gave him A Look ™.

“Well, okay… but I know that you can make me relax.”

Viktor sighed.

“Are you sure?”

Yuuri nodded.

So Viktor rolled them around, until he was the one on top of Yuuri. He gave him a kiss, that started out soft and tender, and stayed that way for quite a while, until Yuuri was, indeed, relaxed, before it turned a little more passionate.

The kisses only got interrupted by Viktor taking off Yuuri’s shirt.

He kissed along his torso after another while, taking care to light every inch of the omega’s body on fire.

Yuuri was moaning by the time Viktor slid his pants off, his dick greeting the alpha by almost springing into his face when it was freed. Viktor gave him a few affectionate kisses, and made actual cooing noises at his dick, before he moved on to kiss his clit. And then lick it.

Oh god.

He- he hadn’t been this sensitive yesterday, had he!?

But then again, Viktor hadn’t used his tongue on him either.

Was that even sanita- “Ah-“ ry?!

Yuuri realized in this moment what Viktor had been talking about.

He’d just caught himself thinking about things that didn’t have any business being on his mind when Viktor was trying to pleasure him.

His mind had been fine, until his alpha had started caressing his omega parts, he realized, so he was probably right in assuming that the reason why he couldn’t enjoy… that… was because his mind was running amok.

If only Viktor had told him how to switch his mind off as well.

Yuuri was breathing heavily, almost panting, and he felt… good. What Viktor was doing to him felt good, he could acknowledge that much.

He just needed to focus on… on how his finger was starting to stroke over the entrance of his vagina, and how it felt. It felt… it still felt strange. But… also still not painful.

His mouth was still working absolute wonders on his clit and his nose was bumping against the underside of his dick. Those were… quite a lot of sensations.

He could feel the finger probing his hole there, before Viktor slid it in carefully.

Instead of freezing up as usual, Yuuri forced his body to go lax, and accept the digit. It belonged to Viktor, it wouldn’t harm him. Viktor would never do that.

It felt… it felt intrusive, yes, but Viktor hadn’t put it in very far, and he was stroking his inner walls right now, which felt- oh god- it- it felt… really good, actually. Really strange, but the feeling alone wasn’t bad at all.

Yuuri whined, and pushed his hips against Viktor’s hand, causing him to stop his workings on Yuuri’s clit.


Yuuri whined again. He couldn’t do anything else, apart from moaning apparently.

The finger felt good, but Yuuri… Yuuri wanted more.

Somehow Viktor must’ve understood that, because he slowly pushed his finger in deeper.


Yuuri’s mind was gone.

He kept thrusting his hips, trying to create some friction on instinct.

“Vi-“, he gasped, unable to say more, now that Viktor had gone back to licking the other areas of his omega parts.

Yuuri felt incredibly hot, a sheen of sweat covering his whole body.

“Mmm…more”, he moaned throatily.

Viktor complied immediately, and started to push in another finger slowly.

He didn’t move his hand after that, instead going back to letting Yuuri do whatever he wanted, and only reacted to the omega’s movements by adding some scissoring motions from time to time.

When Yuuri started to shiver violently, and his hips started bucking uncontrollably, he felt Viktor’s hot, wet mouth around his dick.

He came instantly and intensely.


It took him quite a while to get his panting to turn into normal breathing again.

Viktor hugged and praised him the whole time he was trying to calm down.

It was strange.

He knew what had just happened, obviously, but somehow he didn’t feel …violated.

He had expected to, if he was honest.

But instead he just felt… strangely satisfied.

He closed his eyes again.

And hugged Viktor as close to himself as he could, feeling like he would die if he let go of him anytime soon.

He was so very, very thankful for whatever circumstance had led him to Viktor.

Who knows what would have happened to him if someone else had bought him.

There wasn’t a better alpha for him out there.

Yuuri was sure of that.

Chapter Text

The rest of the week went by without any more issues.

Yuuri managed to get Yura to dance the whole choreography without any major blunders, they played in the garden sometimes, as well as they could manage, and Viktor was always careful to come home about an hour before dinner started, to spend some more quality time with Yura as well as Yuuri.

For some reason that helped to put Yuuri’s mind to rest as well. He’d allowed Viktor to test out more boundaries concerning his… omega parts as well.

Yuuri still didn’t like thinking or talking about it, but he managed just fine with enduring it. Well, maybe not enduring; he had to admit that it actually did feel quite nice, as long as he managed to keep his mind focused on just feeling it. Viktor seemed to be pleased with his progress as well, but then again, Viktor was pleased with the smallest of steps Yuuri took, so he didn’t know how much weight he should put on that.

He was confident however, that he had a Christmas/birthday present for Viktor now. While it was true that anything he could buy would be pretty much ridiculous as a gift, he could at least offer Viktor to have Yuuri’s virginity.

He knew that a lot of alphas were willing to pay a huge amount of money for that so-called privilege, and he knew that Viktor had bought him without knowing that tiny detail about him, so it should do well enough as a present, right?

He knew he wouldn’t freak out about doing it, at the very least. Viktor had gotten him used to having his omega parts touched, and even stuffed up to three fingers inside him at one point, and Yuuri had been fine with it; enjoyed it even, if he had to be completely honest.

And that’s what Viktor had wanted, right? For Yuuri to feel comfortable when they’d have sex.

True, a week ago he hadn’t thought he’d adjust this quickly, but apparently Viktor knew him better than Yuuri knew himself, but he was fine with being proven wrong sometimes.

He just didn’t know how to present himself to Viktor in a way that didn’t make him feel completely and utterly ridiculous.

He sighed.

He was done setting the table now, so there was nothing left to do until Viktor and Yura woke up.

During the time he’d been with them, he’d figured out what their favorite foods were, so he’d taken great care to put all of those on the table. Well, at least the ones they could have for breakfast. And it was Christmas, after all, so Yura should definitely get spoiled as well.

There was a big Christmas tree in front of the room divider now. They’d bought it 2 days ago, when Viktor had actually taken the time to go with them, and even allow Yuuri and Yura to choose it. They’d decorated it yesterday, which had been a huge mess, but also a lot of fun, Yuuri remembered fondly, and couldn’t help but smile softly at the tree.

He was Japanese, so even after coming to England, their family had never really celebrated Christmas in the way it was supposed to be celebrated. Back in Japan, it was more like a second, or rather third valentine’s day; it was more for couples than it was for families.

Yuuri had never really thought about Christmas much, because having a family of his own had always filled him with terror, because even if he did have his own children one day, they’d mostly be raised by his alpha and his alpha’s mate, not by Yuuri himself, so while he would technically be a part of that family, he’d be the outsider, and wouldn’t get to enjoy the perks of family life, which was a future he’d always dreaded to even think about.

He never would have expected for his life to turn out like this.

Not only was he allowed to spend time with Yura, it was basically his job to raise him, kind of, and even though Yura wasn’t his own child, Yuuri couldn’t help but feel a certain connection to the little boy. And Viktor didn’t have a mate, at least not yet, so Yuuri did get to enjoy a proper Christmas, at least this once, and he couldn’t be any more excited about it.

After they’d brought Yura to bed last night, Yuuri and Viktor had gone back to the first floor, and wrapped up all of the presents Yura would get today. It had been a lot of fun to play Santa like that, though he did have to admit that Viktor’s wrapping skills were abysmal. Which is why Yuuri had redone all of the ones Viktor had done before he’d had the chance to intervene.

The alpha had pouted at him quite heavily, but in the end even he had to admit that he kind of sucked at it. Before that though, Viktor had tried to wrap Yuuri up as well, saying it would be his favorite gift to open and could Yuuri just stay still until tomorrow please, which, obviously, Yuuri hadn’t done. He had gotten flustered at the thought though, and it had been what provoked the thought of giving Viktor his virginity. Yuuri knew though, that Viktor hadn’t been serious, nor talked about anything sexual in that situation.

Anyway, there were quite a lot of presents Viktor had managed to sneak in past Yura, and they looked like something out of a picture book under that tree.

Yuuri took a photo it.

And of the table as well.

He’d put a lot of effort into after all and he was quite proud of it.

As soon as he put the phone away again, the door opened, and Viktor walked in, wearing actual pajamas and still looking rather sleepy.

“My teddy ran away”, Yuuri heard him grumble, when Viktor was almost at his side.

He ignored the non-greeting, and went to hug him, resting his head against Viktor’s chest comfortably.

“Good morning.”

Viktor hugged him back, cuddling Yuuri a little closer towards him.

“Good morning, darling.”

He pressed a soft kiss to Yuuri’s head, before Yuuri leaned away from him a bit.

“Happy birthday”, he said, and kissed Viktor’s lips tenderly.

“Merry Christmas”, Viktor answered, as soon as Yuuri’s mouth left him.

“That, too”, Yuuri said with a slight eyeroll, only to stop when he saw just how bright Viktor’s eyes were twinkling right now.

It left him speechless for a moment.

Viktor looked… content.



Viktor looked happy to a point it could almost be described as blissful.


“Yuuri, the table looks magnificent! How long have you been working on it?”

“J- just… a while. It’s my first real Christmas so I wanted to give everything my best.”

“Your best is utterly stunning, my love. I’ll go find a lighter”, Viktor grinned, grinned!, and left Yuuri’s embrace to go and rummage through some kitchen drawers.

Yuuri was wrong.

He was not ready for… this.

For Viktor grinning, and being genuinely happy.

Nor for being called ‘my love’.

Especially not for that spark in his eyes.

Oh god.

“Found it!”, Viktor exclaimed, and went to light the candles on the table.

It was then that Yuuri realized something else.

“V-Viktor! Where’s your cane?!”

“I left it upstairs.”

“You didn’t forget it, again, did you? Should I go get it for you?”

Viktor looked over to Yuuri, only to smile at him patiently.

“No, Yuuri, I did not forget it. I just figured we’d be spending a lot of time on the floor anyway, so I don’t think I’ll need it today.”



“I mean! Great! I just… didn’t expect that. Do you want me to do anything?” Yuuri bit his lip nervously. He didn’t quite know why he was nervous, because it was still ‘only’ Viktor, but he just… wasn’t prepared for this kind of Viktor, apparently.

“Yes. I want you to come here and get back into my arms”, Viktor said, spreading those limbs he’d just mentioned.

That… wasn’t exactly what Yuuri had meant, but he was definitely not going to complain about that.


They were still hugging and occasionally kissing, when Yura came barreling into the room.

“Presents!”, he squealed, going straight for the tree.

Viktor laughed, before he decided to intervene.

“Let’s have breakfast first, Yura.”

“But! But daddy! There are so many presents!”

“I know sweetie, and they won’t run away. We’ll open them when we’re done eating. Look at how much trouble Yuuri went through to set the table like this.” While he had been talking, Viktor walked over to Yura, to lift him into his arms in order to show him the table.

“Woah!”, the boy exclaimed.


Breakfast was nice. Yura was incredibly excited and talked a mile a minute, though, which was why they didn’t draw it out for too long, even though Yuuri, and probably Viktor as well, wouldn’t have minded to just sit there and talk for a while after they were done eating.

As soon as Viktor gave the okay, Yura was up and dashing towards the Christmas tree.

“Are all of those for me?!”

Viktor laughed, standing up as well now.

“No, sweetie, not all of them. Some of them are for Yuuri.”

Yuuri was glad he was just done swallowing the last of his tea, otherwise he would’ve choked.

He- he got presents!?


By the time the omega had managed to move himself to the tree, Viktor and Yura were already sitting on the floor comfortably, with Viktor playing stand-in Santa.

“This one is for Yura, as well aaaand this one iiiis….for me?”, Viktor said, and blinked, and looking stumped.

“Oh! That’s mine! Open it, open it!”, Yura screamed excitedly.

When Yuuri had bathed Yura yesterday, the boy had asked him to tell Santa that he wanted to give his daddy a present, and almost pleaded Yuuri to have Santa put it under the tree.

Viktor opened it, only to reveal a rolled up piece of paper, and another piece of paper, that was obviously cut smaller in not so straight lines.

Viktor picked up the smaller piece of paper first.

“Gift coupon for an hour of cuddles”, he read, a warm smile spreading over his face. “I like that a lot, thank you, Yura.”

Yura grinned at him. “Look at the other one, too!”

So Viktor did.

Too curious for his own good, Yuuri leaned over to try and catch a glimpse of that one as well. It was a drawing of stick figure Yura holding hands with stick figures Viktor and Yuuri, standing next to stick figure Santa, and a big Christmas tree with a lot of stars in the background.

“Awww Yura! Come here!” Viktor exclaimed and grabbed the boy, hugging and cuddling him almost to death.

“You like it?”

“I love it! It’s amazing! Thank you, sweetie!”, Viktor gave Yura a big smooch on the cheek in order to drive his point home.

The little boy giggled, before he struggled to get free, demanding that Viktor continued with his ‘work’.

He got to open a few toys and articles of clothing, all of which he was quite pleased with.

“Oh! This one is for Yuuri!”, Viktor said suddenly, thrusting a small box into Yuuri’s hands.

The packaging was awful, and a lot of tape had gotten wasted on it, but Yuuri couldn’t care less about that.

“F-for me!?”

He’d gotten kind of a heads-up earlier, yes, but he still couldn’t wrap his mind around it.

“Of course!”, Viktor exclaimed at the same time Yura demanded for him to open it.

So Yuuri did.

Only to almost have it slip out of his hands when he saw the label on it.

He was an omega for Christ’s sake!

He shouldn’t be allowed to own anything Chanel!

“L-lip balm?!”, he asked, slightly hysterical. How much had that even cost!?

“Yeah! Don’t get me wrong, darling, I absolutely adore your kisses, but your lips are a little chapped. I have one of those, too and I can only say that it works really well for me.”

He- Viktor – an alpha! - had actually gone and gotten Yuuri the same stuff he was using himself?! That- that was so far removed from reality, Yuuri couldn’t even.

He looked up at Viktor with wide eyes, only to see how worry was starting to cloud Viktor’s own expression.

He couldn’t have that.

Yuuri fell his alpha around the neck, probably choking a little him with the force of his hug.

“I don’t even know how to thank you for that!”, Yuuri wailed.

Viktor’s arms instantly tightened around him.

“So you like it?”, he asked.


Yuuri could hear Yura laughing, probably at how silly he was being over a simple present.

He gave his alpha a big fat smooch on the lips before he went back to sitting next to him.

He just couldn’t believe it, though.

Yuuri wasn’t supposed to own anything, Viktor knew that, so how…?

He decided to not think about it and just enjoy it for now. Yuuri was not going to ruin Christmas because of technicalities.

“Oh would you look at that, the next one is for Yuuri as well.”


Yuuri was holding a very light package in his hands, before he could even comprehend that he was getting another present already.

“That’s mine! Open it, hurry up!”, Yura screamed at him delightedly, causing Yuuri to almost burst into tears right then and there.

Even Yura had thought of giving him a present!?

He bit his lip in order to stop himself from crying when he opened it.

Just as with the present Viktor had gotten, there was a bigger and a smaller piece of paper.

Yuuri decided to imitate Viktor and go for the smaller one first.

“Gift coupon for an hour of cuddles”, he read. And blinked.


Yuuri laughed.

“I love it!”, he said, shaking his head. He couldn’t help the big smile that was plastering itself on his face though.

He looked at the drawing Yura had done for him then, which was essentially the same as Viktor’s. The only difference was that, instead of Santa, there was an angel drawn for his version.

“Aww, Yura, you’re the best! Thank you so, so much!”, he said, cuddling the boy.

“Wait, wait, wait”, Viktor butted in then.

He had the drawings next to each other, obviously for comparison.

“Why did Yuuri get the angel picture? He’s chubbier than I am, so he should get the Santa picture!”

“But daddy!”, Yura started patiently, “you’re not as nice as Katsudon, and angels are always nice!”

Viktor gasped dramatically, hand clutching his chest.

“I’m not nice!?”

“You are nice! But not as nice as Katsudon!”, Yura explained, as if Viktor was the kid in their relationship.

“Oh, I don’t think I can survive this! My own son! Doesn’t think I’m nice!”, he gasped, and let himself fall into a graceful heap onto his back. On the floor. Viktor Nikiforov.

What a plonker, Yuuri thought, trying not to laugh.

Yuuri and Yura blinked at his dramatics, before Yura crawled over to Viktor and poked him in the ribs, as if he was some weird, dead looking animal.

Viktor didn’t even flinch.

“He’s not waking up”, Yura stated, looking mildly put out.

“Oh I’m sure he’s fine. Maybe you should try jumping on him.”

Viktor sat up instantly.

“I’m good! I just needed a second to get over it!”

Yuuri snorted, before he took pity on the man.

“At least you can take credit for giving Yura all those presents, if you’re Santa”, he pointed out.

“True! Awww Yura, why didn’t you say so~”, Viktor said, going back to cuddling the boy.

“Why are you so weird, daddy?”

Viktor paused.

“Well then, moving right along, we have another present for Yura, another one, and… another one for me?”

Uh oh.

Yuuri was already blushing scarlet, even though Viktor hadn’t even started to open it yet.

His alpha looked at him surprised, before he started to open it.

With the money Yuuri still had left from his own savings, he had bought a Christmas card, before they’d even come to London, with the help of Georgi of course, who had driven him to the mall, after they’d picked Yura up from school.

He knew that Viktor wouldn’t read it out loud, but he also knew what he had written there. He hadn’t planned on giving his virginity to Viktor as a Christmas present, heck, he hadn’t even planned to make any more of a big deal out of it than it already was, but he’d been agonizing over what to write in there for weeks, and after Viktor’s comment last night, he’d figured he just might as well.

“Yuuri…”, was the only thing Viktor said when he was done reading.

He sighed, before he opened his arms for Yuuri to snuggle into.

“You know you don’t have to do this, right?”, Viktor whispered into his ear.

Yuuri nodded against his alpha’s shoulder.

“I know. But I want to.”

Viktor pushed him away a little, giving him a scrutinizing look.

“Not even a week ago you said you didn’t think you were anywhere close to wanting… that”, Viktor said, thankfully remembering that Yura was there as well.

“I know. But… it’s a lot… easier to… accept than I thought.”

Viktor pressed a kissed to his forehead.

“We’ll talk about this later. However I do appreciate the gesture a lot. Thank you, Yuuri.”


At least Viktor wasn’t mad at him.

“Yura, do you think we’re done?”, Viktor asked quickly then, probably in order to keep the boy from asking just what the hell they were talking about.

Yura went through all the trash that had piled up over the course of their unpacking, and actually having a blast doing so.

“There’s one more!”, he yelled. “It’s for Katsudon.”


Viktor just smiled.

“Well then you should hand it over to him.”

It was… soft.


Ripping off the badly wrapped paper, Yuuri came face to face with a blue… beanie? And matching scarf?


“When I met you in front of the doctor’s last week your ears were a little red, so I thought maybe you get cold easily, and I realized I didn’t put a hat or anything in your wardrobe, so…”, Viktor explained, a little unsure.

Yuuri felt like tearing up at the fact that Viktor had even noticed such a little detail.

When he lunged into his alpha’s arms this time, Viktor hadn’t been prepared for it.

Which is how they ended up lying on the floor, with Yuuri squashing Viktor, Viktor chuckling underneath him.

“Me too!”, Yura yelled, and somehow squished himself in between them, causing not only Viktor, but Yuuri to laugh as well.

“I think there’s still one more left”, Yuuri said after all of them calmed down, only to get two identically confused looks.

“We still need to show your daddy that dance, don’t we?”

Yura gasped.



After all of them changed into actual clothes, instead of just pajamas, they met in the ballroom. They had Viktor sitting down on the floor in front the door. Though Yura had argued to have him sit in front of the mirror, so that he could see what Yuuri was dancing behind him. Yuuri wouldn’t have any of that though, after all, he’d made sure to have Yura know the choreography without his help.

He’d gotten Yura to agree to not face the mirrors, when he pointed out that the point of a performance was for it to be different than the practice at the very least.

Yuuri could tell that the boy was actually nervous though, so before he started he did a little pep talk, which helped Yura a little bit.

When the music started Yuuri could tell that Viktor recognized the song right away, and that he failed spectacularly at suppressing a big grin.

That grin got even wider when they danced to the refrain, and, when the whole thing was over and Viktor was clapping like crazy, there was a huge heart shaped smile on his face, that Yuuri had never seen before; not even in magazines.

“Wow, amazing!”, Viktor called, still clapping.

Yura ran towards him, almost jumping onto his dad’s lap.

“You liked it!?”

“Yes! You’re such a great dancer, Yura!”

Yura squealed, jumping around in excitement.

“You’re pretty good choreographer as well, Yuuri, just as I thought.”


Viktor smirked at him, but didn’t explain himself any further.


The rest of the day went by almost too fast for Yuuri’s liking.

It was nice to be able to spend time with Yura and Viktor at the same time, and it had bee quite a while since they had been able to do that.

The both of them even tried to help him cook lunch and dinner, and even though he was happy about the efforts, he’d been kind of forced to chase them out of the kitchen if he wanted to have some decent food for either meal. Sure, they were a great help with it on normal days, but Christmas food was on a different level, and he did not trust them to not mess it up.

After dinner they had decided that both Viktor and Yuuri wanted to make use of their gift coupons, and, after discussing about it for a while, they had come to the agreement that since Yura had to basically cuddle with both of them at the same time, they’d cuddle for 2 hours in total, so that each of them would still get their hour. They also decided to put on Lion King while they were at it.

It had probably been the best 2 hours of Yuuri’s life.

Yura had actually fallen asleep during the last few minutes of the movie though, which was almost a relief, because it meant they wouldn’t have any trouble putting him into bed.

After doing just that, Yuuri followed Viktor up the stairs to his bedroom, his nerves leaving him exponentially.

He was still hovering at the door when Viktor sat down on the edge of his bed.

“Yuuri”, He sighed.

Yuuri swallowed.

“You’re reeking of anxiety. I told you before that I don’t want to have sex with you if you’re not comforta-“

“I- I am!”, he interrupted Viktor. “I am. I just. I’m… really nervous.”

Yuuri could almost feel Viktor’s scrutinizing stare.

Only nervous? You’re not feeling panicky?”

Yuuri shook his head. No, he wasn’t panicking. Maybe a little bit, but that was because he was so far out of his depth, and not because he was actually scared.

Viktor sighed once again.

“Lock the door, Yuuri, I don’t want Yura barging in or something.”

Swallowing again, Yuuri complied before he walked over to Viktor, only to stand in front of him indecisively. He had no idea what he was supposed to do now. Undress?

“I was really surprised at your song choice earlier”, Viktor said, throwing Yuuri off even more than he already was.

“Eh? Uh… well, I mean. It’s a fun song.”

Viktor chuckled. “Yes, it is. The choreography you danced was fun as well. I was really happy you remembered my birthday wish.”

Yuuri could only blink at Viktor.

Of course I would remember something like that”, he said indignantly.  

“It’s not as much of a given as you’re making it out to be, darling”, Viktor replied, almost sadly.

Yuuri didn’t know what to say to that. Surely Viktor wasn’t speaking from experience, right? Because Yuuri was ready to hunt down whoever-

“Yuuuri~ don’t tell me you’re protective of me! Aww that’s so sweet!”


Yuuri blushed scarlet. He hated that he couldn’t control his scent.

Viktor cooed at him when he put his hands on Yuuri’s hips, making him feel even more embarrassed.

He hugged Yuuri around the middle, and nuzzled his belly.

“Don’t be embarrassed, sweetheart, I like that you care.”

Not really knowing what to do or say to that, because he couldn’t just switch off his embarrassment, Yuuri opted for putting his hands on Viktor’s shoulders, in an almost-hug kind of way.

“Are you really sure you want to try it tonight?”, he asked after they’d stayed like that for a while.

Yuuri nodded.

“Yes. I… I haven’t been doing that badly with the… uh… practice… until now, have I?”

“Not at all. But this is a big step for you, yes?”

“Of course, but… but there really isn’t anything else you could do to ah… mentally prepare me, is there?”

“Not really, no”, Viktor agreed.

“See. And you’ve been doing… that… for almost whole week now, too. And my heat is going to start some time next week, too and I… I really want to remember my first time clearly… especially- especially if it’s with you”, Yuuri confessed, blushing even deeper.

“Oh Yuuri. You know I won’t force you to spend it with me if you aren’t ready, yes?”

“Yeah, I figured. But… but I want you to.”

Viktor hummed.

“And you’re really sure about it?”

Yuuri was starting to get a little annoyed now.

“You know, if you don’t want to you can just say so.”

“Oh Yuuri, believe me, it I’d do what I wanted I’d be ravishing you already.”

“Well then why aren’t you?”

Viktor made a noise, and suddenly Yuuri was on his back, his alpha attached to his mouth.

When Yuuri opened his mouth to let out a confused sound, Viktor used that opportunity to plunge his tongue into it.

Yuuri felt rather overwhelmed for a moment, before he adjusted to his sudden new position, and kissed Viktor back fervently, arms snaking into a hug around his neck.

They kept kissing like that for quite a while before Viktor moved his kisses along his jaw, closer to his ear.

“Undress me, Yuuri”, Viktor whispered seductively.

Yuuri imitated a dying whale for a second, before he got a grip on himself, and slid his hands slowly down over Viktor’s back, until he could feel his skin, just above where his pants started. Viktor had gone back to nibbling on his earlobe, which made concentrating on his task a lot more difficult than it should be.

Yuuri pushed Viktor’s shirt up, making sure to scratch his nails over his spine and ribs gently. He reveled in the fact that it made Viktor shudder. He grinned, rather satisfied with himself, and kissed Viktor behind his ear, before he dragged his hands to Viktor’s front to push against his chest. After all, he couldn’t get the shirt off if Viktor didn’t let go of him.

Viktor didn’t back off immediately, but when he did Yuuri finally took the shirt off and threw it somewhere, only to put his hands back on Viktor’s abs right away, so he could start working on the pants.

It took him a moment to notice that taking those off while Viktor was still kneeling over him wouldn’t work very well.

He paused.


“My turn”, Viktor smirked, ignoring Yuuri’s fumbling completely, which was probably for the best.

Yuuri felt a little bit like a rag doll when Viktor pulled him into a sitting position as well. He made short work of taking Yuuri’s shirt off, before he pushed him back into the mattress, only to start kissing his chest extensively.

It didn’t take long for Yuuri to start moaning after Viktor had begun to play with his nipples. It just felt so… so good.

After what felt like a too short amount of time, Viktor kissed down Yuuri’s belly, until he reached the hem of his pants, though instead of fumbling around like Yuuri had, Viktor managed to just pull them down expertly. However, he did pause when Yuuri’s dick greeted him by excitedly jumping into his face.

“Aww I missed you, too you cutie”, Viktor cooed at it. And also stroked it with a single finger.

Yuuri threw his arms over his eyes exasperatedly. “Viktor…”

“What? It’s been almost 24 hours!”

Yuuri sighed, not knowing if he wanted to laugh or cry at his alpha’s antics.

“Get on with it!”, is what he decided on.

“Oh my, so demanding. I’ll take good care of you later then”, Viktor continued to talk to his dick, before giving it a swift kiss, which resulted in Yuuri squawking.

Viktor chuckled at him, but pulled his pants off completely.

And promptly made good on his promise to Yuuri’s dick. And played with his omega parts on top of it.

Only to stop, just before Yuuri felt like he was about to come.

He made an unsatisfied sound.

“Later, darling. Let’s not get impatient yes?”, his no-good alpha winked at him.

Yuuri glared at him but nodded.

Instead of continuing to work on Yuuri’s body, Viktor laid down beside him, smirking when Yuuri could only stare at him incomprehensively.

“I’m still wearing my pants, Yuuri, you’re so neglectful”, he pouted him.

Oh! Right! He knew that! Pants!

Yuuri almost jumped up at the reminder, and took Viktor’s pants off almost forcefully.


“Well, that wasn’t very sexy”, Viktor commented, chuckling a little bemused.


Yuuri could feel himself starting to become increasingly flustered, now that he wasn’t being a victim of Viktor’s expert hands anymore.

At least Viktor wasn’t completely flaccid…? That was… good, right?

Viktor sat up then, leaning against the headboard, and patting his lap.

A little hesitantly Yuuri went to straddle his alpha. He’d done that before, of course, many times in fact, however he’d never been naked while doing it. It was a weird feeling, because he felt Viktor’s dick there, even though it was in no state for action yet. He still felt it… there, without any barriers. It was weird.

Viktor put his hands on Yuuri’s hips, drawing small circles onto his skin with his thumbs.

“How do you like this position, Yuuri?”

Yuuri blinked. He liked straddling Viktor well enough; it was a good position to cuddle in.

“It’s good.”

Instead of answering, Viktor pulled Yuuri closer to him by the neck, until their lips touched.

“How about you try grinding your hips a little, then? Like this?”, Viktor breathed, and demonstrated exactly what he was talking about.

“Ah-“ That- that was something. Yuuri’s hips pressed down against Viktor’s almost automatically.

“Yes, just like that, you’re doing great, darling, keep going”, Viktor murmured supportively, before he finally kissed him properly.

Yuuri kept repeating that movement with his hips, though it was distracting him a little from the kiss. After all, he could feel there how Viktor’s dick kept getting harder and bigger. So much bigger. In fact, he felt it pressing against his lower back now.

Yuuri stopped dead in his movements.

“Wait. Will- will that even… fit?!”

He wanted to take the question back as soon as he’d asked it. Whole babies came out of there, so of course it would fit, no matter how big Viktor was compared to other dicks.

“It will fit darling, don’t worry. I made sure to prepare you very well.”

“Even… even the uh… length?”, Yuuri asked, gnawing on his bottom lip.

Viktor pulled the lip carefully out from between his lips before he answered.

“Even the length”, he said reassuringly. “You’re an omega, remember?”


Omegas’ bodies were built to… withstand… stuff…

“Yeah…”, he said uncertainly.

Viktor gently stroked his fingers over cheek, and brushed some of his bangs away from his forehead.

“What is it, darling?”

“Nothing. I’m just… I’m still nervous, I guess.”

“Is that really what you were thinking just now?”


Viktor just looked at him expectantly.

Yuuri sighed.

“I know that bodies of male omegas are… weird, but I never really bothered to… you know.”

“No, I don’t know, honey. Tell me”, Viktor coaxed him gently, still stroking his face.

“I- I never bothered to really… deal with it. Like, I never tried to really understand what was so different…”

“I see. But, Yuuri, understanding your own body is important. See, male omegas are special, because you basically have the combined anatomy of two genders. You see, first and foremost your genitals said you’re a male when you were born, yes?”

Yuuri nodded.

“That’s why this cute little guy here”, Viktor continued, touching Yuuri’s dick lightly, “has been with you from the very beginning, and is, well, not better developed, but had more time and space of your body to develop itself.”

Yuuri nodded again, figuring that made sense.

“Your omega parts have developed inwardly over a few years, when you were way older already, and had to work their way around your already established male parts. That’s why your uterus for example is located quite significantly higher than it would be in a female omega, or any female really. Look, your bladder should be around here somewhere, yes?”, Viktor said, poking a little above his pubic bone.

“Uh.. I- I guess?”

“So that means if you were female, your uterus would be around here.” This time Viktor poked him just a little bit higher than before.

“But because you’re a male, your bladder is bigger, which means your uterus didn’t have any space to develop here, so it went where it could find more space, which is around here.” This time Viktor poked him a little above his belly button.

That… was indeed quite a significant difference, Yuuri realized.

“I don’t think I have to tell you that your vagina is the thing that’s going all the way from here to here”, Viktor smiled at him.

“N-no… I know that much.” Yuuri blushed. He knew he’d been incredibly ignorant of all things omega since he presented as one, but he just hadn’t wanted to deal with it anymore than he absolutely had to.

“It’s also why male omegas are so receptive to getting pregnant from alphas, you know? Because everything is further in the back, alphas have the easiest access, let’s say and why the conceiving part works a lot more… readily in general, than it does in women” Viktor added. “Well then, do you believe me now, that it won’t be a problem?”

“I would’ve believed you even without the anatomy lesson.”

Viktor pinched his butt for the cheeky tone of his answer, succeeding in making Yuuri yelp.

“But you’re feeling more confident now.”

“I do. Thank you, Viktor”, Yuuri caved, and leaned forward to nuzzle against Viktor’s neck.

Viktor was right, he was feeling a lot better about it now; almost calm.

But he also felt like the mood had been completely ruined.

“Err… do- do we just… continue… or…” He shut up, blushing violet. This was way too awkward.

“God, Yuuri, such a romantic”, Viktor chuckled.

Yuuri buried his head deeper into Viktor’s neck, wailing “I’m sorry!”

Viktor laughed at him fondly.

“Don’t worry, I think I know a certain trick…”, he murmured into his ear, before he started sucking -sucking! – on his neck.

Yuuri went pliant and moaning in less than a second.


Viktor licked over that spot, sending violent shivers down Yuuri’s spine.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to damage it. It is a big pleasure spot though, you’ll have to admit.”

Yuuri wasn’t in any state to do anything, but he was willing to agree with whatever Viktor said in this moment.

A second later the realization hit him that Viktor had to be working on his mating gland.

That- that was a dirty, dirty trick indeed.

He couldn’t bring himself to be upset though, it just felt too good.

“Do you want to try pushing your hips down on it?”, Viktor asked after a while.

Being the utter mess that he was at that point, he pushed down, yes, however he was already sitting on Viktor’s lower stomach, so the only thing he was pushing down on was the shaft of Viktor’s dick.

It took a minute or two of rubbing himself against it that this probably wasn’t what Viktor had been talking about.

“S-sorry!”, exclaimed, startled at his own realization.

It was only then that he realized the rumbling in Viktor’s chest had stopped, after he’d stopped.

“Such a tease, Yuuri”, Viktor pouted. “What are you sorry for?”

“I- I don’t… know.”

Viktor huffed, clearly amused.

“I want to be inside you, Yuuri”, his alpha whispered then, making Yuuri go even more gaga in the head.

“Th-th-then why aren’t you!?”

“Because I’m waiting for you to take the lead.”

That was probably not the best idea Viktor ever had.

Still, Yuuri was sick of prolonging this, so he sat up on his knees, only  to come to the realization that his legs were too short, and he wouldn’t be able to get Viktor’s tip in like this.

“I’ll help you”, Viktor offered, before Yuuri could embarrass himself even more.

They shifted around a bit, until Viktor had his dick lined up with Yuuri’s entrance.

Yuuri took a moment, until he calmed down again.


He could do this.

He pushed himself against the tip of Viktor’s tip, only to struggle a little with balance. He gripped Viktor’s shoulders and pushed back a bit more. He could feel the head sliding against his omega parts, and while it didn’t feel bad, it felt… wrong.

“No”, he whined.

Viktor pulled Yuuri’s hips away from his dick instantly.

“No what, darling?”

“I… I don’t like this”, he admitted.

“What exactly do you not like?”

Viktor reeked of worry now, which was not what Yuuri had wanted.

“Can- can we uhh… switch?”


Yuuri nodded, burying his head in Viktor’s chest.

“I don’t know but I just- I don’t feel very comfortable on top… I prefer having you lay on me.”

Yuuri was almost shocked at his own bluntness.

“Of course, sweetheart. Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“I only just realized it”, Yuuri mumbled, letting Viktor readjust him, until he was lying on his back.  Feeling Viktor’s weight was comforting him instantly.

He sighed, and wrapped his arms around his alpha’s neck.

“Better?”, Viktor asked, nosing along his neck.

“Better”, Yuuri sighed.

“Well then, let’s try again, shall we?”

Yuuri nodded and spread his legs.

“A little more, darling, I need some space to work with.”

So Yuuri spread his legs a bit further, which was apparently still not far enough, because Viktor just pushed his thighs even further apart, until Yuuri felt utterly exposed.

“Okay?”, his alpha asked then.

“Okay”, Yuuri answered quietly.

He did feel exposed and vulnerable like this, yes, but he also trusted Viktor and he had been ready for this for what felt like an hour at this point.

Viktor was kneeling over him, still holding his thighs, however he was looking down at Yuuri with an almost uncertain look on his face.

Yuuri bit his lip, but bucked his hips a little, to show that he meant it.

Viktor didn’t take his eyes off Yuuri’s face when his dick lightly poked against his entrance. He must’ve started to believe Yuuri then, when he saw that the omega wasn’t panicking, and pushed his dick in a little further, still staring at Yuuri, as if looking for any sign that told him to stop.

Yuuri stared back defiantly.

He would not tell Viktor to stop yet another time.

Viktor went incredibly slow as well, so he didn’t have any trouble adjusting at all. Well, maybe a little bit, given the sheer size of the size Viktor was putting inside him right now, but he thought that was pretty much to be expected.

However, the intrusion did feel strange. Which also wasn’t surprising, really, because there was another human, a living and breathing being, with his own will and unpredictability, moving himself inside of Yuuri. Of course it was weird.

And, if Yuuri was really honest, still a little scary.

He did mean it when he said he trusted Viktor, but still. He hadn’t expected to feel so… so open; so unprotected.

He made small distressed sound, causing Viktor to stop.


He repeated the sound, and pawed at Viktor helplessly.

He- he needed reassurance, he needed to know that he was still being protected, which was weird, because Viktor was right here, closer than ever, which was kind of the problem, but he didn’t know how to verbalize those strange feelings.

So Yuuri only looked at Viktor, hoping he could convey the message with his eyes somehow.

It took Viktor a moment of frowning, before he too made a small, understanding sound in the back of his throat.

“Oh Yuuri…”

He took Yuuri’s hands away from his chest, and intertwined their fingers on both hands, before he rested them on the pillow, on each side of Yuuri’s head. He shifted a little, until his body was covering Yuuri’s again, putting his weight on his hands and elbows now, instead of on his knees.

Viktor kissed Yuuri’s temple, before he nuzzled it.

“Better?”, he asked after a while, going back to looking Yuuri in the eyes.

“A lot better”, Yuuri whispered.

It was true, too.

Holding hands with Viktor, and being nuzzled by him made him feel… safer again. Cared for even.

He hadn’t expected to feel such an onslaught of such unexpectedly strong emotions.

In fact, he found himself fighting tears.

“Really? Are you hurting anywhere right now?”

Viktor looked at him with such genuine worry, it made his eyes water even more.

He just shook his head and shimmied his hips a little.

Viktor made a soft noise, but took the hint, and pushed himself deeper into Yuuri.

Yuuri concentrated on just feeling, like he had practiced over the last week, but it was just… so deep, and so… much.

He couldn’t help the tiny sob that escaped him when he felt Viktor’s hips pushing against his own.

“Yuuri… talk to me”, Viktor ordered gently.

Yuuri looked Viktor in the eyes again, actually about to comply, however what he saw in them made him stop. There were… there were emotions in his alpha’s eyes that Yuuri didn’t dare to name.

It made his tears spill over.

“Yuuri, darling?”

Yuuri let go of Viktor’s hand then, to put them around his neck, and hug him as close as was physically possible.

Viktor didn’t hesitate to put his own arms around Yuuri as well, making another confused sound.

He knew it wasn’t realistic at all, but in this moment Yuuri felt like Viktor gathering him in his arms like that was the only thing that somehow kept him from falling apart.

Viktor let Yuuri cry without asking any more questions, just holding him, and kissing his head from time to time.

When he shifted a little, Yuuri clamped his legs behind Viktor’s butt, not wanting to be left bereft.

Viktor nuzzled his temple and made those rumbling sounds in his chest again, almost as if in apology for startling Yuuri.

It took him quite a while until he felt like he wasn’t breaking anymore, but when he was done crying, he felt almost liberated.

“I’m sorry”, he sniffed.

“Don’t be, sweetheart. Tell me what just happened?”

“I… I don’t really know. I’m just… really… overwhelmed I think. I didn’t expect to feel… to feel such… intense things…”

“But you’re good?”

Yuuri nodded.

“I’m good”, he smiled tearily at Viktor.

And kissed him.

He knew it was a futile attempt, but he wanted to show Viktor just how he was feeling with the emotions he tried to pack into that kiss.

However the kiss developed into something much more heated than he originally intended, and soon enough, Yuuri was moving his hips, in order to get some friction.

Viktor picked up on his movements quickly and started thrusting his hips then; rather shallow at first, but when he realized that Yuuri enjoyed the feeling of Viktor’s dick sliding around inside of him, he started to move a bit more, using more strength behind his thrusts as well.

Yuuri moaned deeply when they found their rhythm, and threw his head against the pillow, sweating all over already. He made sounds he hadn’t even known he was capable of making as well, just as he heard sounds from Viktor, that were a lot lower, and a lot more guttural than he’d ever heard before.

Noticing they had stopped kissing for some ridiculous reason, Yuuri grabbed Viktor’s head and rectified the situation immediately.

He hugged him when he was sure that Viktor wouldn’t stop kissing him anytime soon, nails digging into his alpha’s skin. He realized then that Yuuri wasn’t the only one shivering. Viktor was as well. Quite heavily in fact.

Yuuri forced himself to open his eyes, breaking the kiss.

Viktor whined at that, but he seemed content enough again when Yuuri started combing his fingers through the silver hair.

Viktor was sweating as well.


When he opened his eyes to stare back at Yuuri, the omega realized that Viktor was feeling just as vulnerable and wonderful as Yuuri himself was.

He involuntarily made a soft, soothing sound with a part of his throat he’d never used before.

He could feel the tremors it sent through Viktor’s whole body though, so Yuuri was satisfied with that.

He nuzzled against Viktor’s cheek and let himself go back to being consumed by the pleasure Viktor was giving him.

Yuuri was panting heavily at this point, just like Viktor was, but somehow his alpha managed to keep finding new angles that mad Yuuri see stars. Or maybe it was the same angle, he really didn’t know, nor did he care, but he didn’t want it to stop just yet. He felt connected to his alpha on a whole knew level and it was the best feeling in the world.

However when Viktor started to increase the power behind his thrusts yet again, Yuuri could tell that he wouldn’t be able to last for very much longer. His body had been twitching for a while now, but between the sheer size of Viktor’s dick, and the strength his alpha was starting to put into his movements, he couldn’t hold on any longer.

His muscles started convulsing, so he couldn’t help but dig his nails into Viktor’s shoulder blades, to try an hold on to something, anything, and thereby causing his alpha to growl at him appreciatively.

It made him cum faster than he thought he would.

He clung to Viktor for dear life for a few moments after his orgasm, only to then feel Viktor’s hips thrusting into him uncontrollably, before his whole body tensed and-

Oh god.

He could feel the cum Viktor was spurting into him, only a second before the knot popped as well.

With a surprised gasp, Yuuri orgasmed for a second time.

When he came to, Viktor was gently brushing the hair that was plastered to his forehead to the back, chest rumbling.

Both of them were still sweaty and breathing heavily.

“Viktor…”, Yuuri whispered.

Viktor kissed him on the lips softly.

“Yuuri… how are you feeling, darling? I let myself go a little there, I’m s-“

Yuuri clamped his hands over Viktor’s mouth.

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt something that came close to how I’m feeling right now, so don’t you dare apologize”, Yuuri panted, causing Viktor to smile, eyes turning relieved.

He kissed Yuuri’s hands, so Yuuri let go.

“I’m glad”, he simply said, and went back to cuddling Yuuri.

Having Viktor’s knot inside him felt… strange, but not in a bad way.

It stretched him a lot, sure, and he definitely felt the pressure from it, but it wasn’t exactly uncomfortable. After all, Viktor was right, and omegas’ bodies were made for this kind of stuff.

This was probably the first time in his life he was glad to be an omega.

He wanted to ask Viktor how long the knot would last, only to realize that his alpha had already fallen asleep on him.

Yuuri huffed, but couldn’t bring himself to be angry.

He also fell asleep before the knot dissolved, and never found out how long it actually lasted.


Yuuri woke up to something moving inside him.

He tried to move, panicking, and panicking even more when he realized he couldn’t really move, especially not without his whole body hurting.

Viktor cursed.

“Shit, I’m so sorry sweetheart, I didn’t mean to wake you. I just wanted to pull out.”

That- that… okay. That was fine. No need to panic if it was Viktor.

He spread his legs so Viktor could pull out more easily.

Which he did, leaving Yuuri to feel rather empty.

He couldn’t help but make a distressed sound.

“Shh, darling, I know”, Viktor tried to calm him.

Yuuri cuddled as close to Viktor as he possibly could, basking in the caresses Viktor was showering him in.

He was almost back to being asleep when Viktor kissed his temple, before he left the bed.

At that point though, Yuuri was already too close to sleep to say or do anything about it.


The next few days had gone by in a flurry; with Yuuri’s heat creeping closer, and New Year’s just around the corner there was suddenly a lot to do.

Yuuri had had some major muscle aches after their… bed sports. Honestly, he didn’t know what to call it. He didn’t feel right to just call it ‘fucking’, because it had definitely been more than that, even Yuuri knew that, but he also wasn’t comfortable calling it ‘love-making’, because, well, they didn’t really love each other, did they?

Yuuri blushed just thinking about the possibility.

Right now he was preparing dinner. It was December 31st, so they had it a bit later than usual. Viktor was out on the terrace upstairs, to make sure there were plenty of blankets and a functioning heater to keep them warm when they would watch the fireworks from there tonight. He’d taken the raclette grill with him as well when he went upstairs, so Yuuri only had to carry up the food he just got done preparing.

Thinking about Viktor made him sigh, though. He’d been acting a little weird after their little… sex session. Even weirder than usual. He’d gotten very protective of Yuuri for two days afterwards, even watching people like Georgi with a hawk’s eye whenever he came to pick Viktor up for work. Which didn’t even make sense. Sure, Georgi knocked, and sure, Yuuri was usually the one to open the door, but that was always just it.

And then there was the fact that he kept leaving the bed at night. Yuuri still didn’t know what he was doing when he wasn’t with him, but he always left the cane in the room with Yuuri, so he figured that Viktor didn’t actually leave the house. Still, it was strange, and it didn’t sit right with Yuuri. However, he didn’t have the courage to ask him about it yet.

Sighing again, Yuuri put the food on a tray he’d found in the kitchen a few days ago, and made his way up to the terrace.

Viktor was already there, obviously, but Yura was there as well, which actually surprised Yuuri a bit. He’d thought the boy would’ve still been in his room.

“Oohhh here comes the food!”, Viktor exclaimed excitedly.

Yuuri grinned at him.

Viktor had done an exceptionally good job at making the area around the table look cozy as hell. Yuuri couldn’t help but feel excited about tonight.

The food was delicious, though in Yura’s case, quite messy, and they had a lot of fun just being silly after they were done eating.

Despite everything, Yuuri hadn’t felt this relaxed in a very, very long time.

It was quite a novelty, really, if he thought about it carefully. He was pretty sure he could get used to this, though. He definitely wouldn’t mind it, that was for sure. Yuuri just wished that things could stay as they were in that moment forever, with him, Yura and Viktor playing at being a family. He knew they could never become a real family, not with how different their statuses in society were, but it sure felt wonderful to at least pretend for a while. Though he knew it wouldn’t last forever, no matter how much he wished for it. Good things never lasted, especially not for him.

“Yuuri?”, Viktor called his name, pulling him out from his depressing thoughts.


“Are you okay?” His alpha looked worried.

He cuddled against Viktor’s shoulder.

“Yeah. Just… thinking.”

“About what?”

Yuuri paused. It had been a question, not command, right?

“Do I have to tell you?”

Now it was Viktor’s turn to pause.

“No, you don’t. But please do if it’s something I can help you with.”

Yuuri just smiled at Viktor and leaned over to kiss him on the cheek, before resting his head under his collarbone.


By 23:55 Yura was having some serious trouble staying awake, not that Yuuri could blame him. They’d have to put him to bed right after the fireworks ended.

For now, they got up to stand closer to the fence. Though it probably wouldn’t help much in getting a better view.

Yura was being a little difficult though, so Yuuri just picked him up and held him close to his chest, making sure to have him in a position that would allow him to actually see the spectacle that was about to unfold.

Yuuri startled a little when there was a sudden weight on his shoulders, however he relaxed again, when he realized it was just Viktor putting a blanket around him. Or better, it was Viktor putting an arm around him that had a blanked draped over it. He made sure to have Yuuri put the blanket around Yura as well, and Viktor himself was pressing up to Yuuri side, so he himself would definitely not have to worry about getting cold, he realized, cuddling back against Viktor.

“Let’s count down, okay Yura?”, Yuuri asked when it got close to midnight.

“Yeah!”, Yura squealed, only to yawn right afterwards, making Yuuri and Viktor chuckle.

“Okay! 10… 9… 8…7…6…5…4…3…2…-“

When Yuuri was about to say ‘1’, Viktor had pulled him even closer, and started to kiss him tenderly on the lips.

Yuuri heard Yura scream zero, and the start of the fireworks, before Viktor decided he was done kissing him.

He blinked at his alpha confused.

But Viktor only smiled at him softly.

“It’s for good luck”, he said, squeezing Yuuri’s hip.

He could only smile at the man exasperatedly, and looked at the beautiful display of colors and shapes that were lighting up the night sky over London, but he eventually gave Viktor another kiss, to show that he wasn’t mad for being distracted at such a crucial moment, of course.

Viktor was all too happy to reciprocate.

Chapter Text

January 1st was a very, very slow day.

After Yuuri had carried Yura to his bed, since the boy had fallen asleep when they were still watching the fireworks, Viktor had gotten out some champagne, because apparently it had been absolutely necessary to clink glasses.

Between the two of them they had somehow managed to kill the whole bottle, which in hindsight, was a mistake.

Yuuri hadn’t allowed himself to ever get drunk before, because he felt like he needed to keep his wits if he wanted to stay free for as long as possible, and a drunk omega was an easy target. But he knew that he was safe with Viktor, so he hadn’t paid attention to how much he was drinking.

He’d only realized he was drunk when he laughed about the fact that even though Viktor had always won gold, his hair was silver! He told Viktor he needed to dye his hair because this just didn’t make sense.

Luckily, Viktor had been amused by Yuuri’s antics and drank the rest of the bottle himself, leaving Yuuri to pout, until the omega had the ingenious idea that they absolutely needed to dance right now, because that’s what people do at parties, yes?

He had taken Viktor’s hand and dragged him all the way over to the ballroom. He had been making a fool out of himself in trying to get Viktor to dance with him, until Viktor told him that he just couldn’t keep up with breakdancing, at which point Yuuri had remembered that his alphas legs were bad, which had caused him to burst into tears, because it was such a tragedy!

After that he had somehow gotten Viktor to dance a slow waltz with him, but it had been an utter mess, just because Yuuri had been freaking out about stepping on Viktor’s feet, because what if he made his legs even worse!?

Viktor had probably gotten a little fed up with him, because he remembered how the alpha had dragged him to bed and actually tucked him in, insisting that sleeping would be good for him. Which was silly because he couldn’t sleep without Viktor! So he had been waiting for Viktor to come back from the bathroom for about half an hour before he realized that Viktor had tucked him into Yuuri’s own bed, and left through the door to the hallway, not the bathroom.

Whining pathetically, Yuuri had gotten up, and somehow managed to climb the stairs and get into Viktor’s room. Viktor had been reading at that point, and looked at Yuuri fondly exasperated, until he’d somehow managed to crawl under his alpha’s blanket and into his arms. When he’d gotten comfortable enough, he’d started whining again, just to let his alpha know that he hadn’t appreciated being left alone.

He’d burst into tears when Viktor had laughed at him.

Though he distinctly remembered Viktor apologizing and saying something along the lines of Yuuri being too cute. Which was a lie, but Yuuri could live with that.

And to show that he’d forgiven Viktor, he’d started humping him.

Which had been a mess.

Until Viktor had decided to give him a handjob, during which Yuuri had fallen asleep.

And he’d woken up with a hangover, which is why today was a slow day.

Viktor didn’t look any worse for the wear, though Yuuri felt like a trashcan- a trashcan that was fighting against his trash escaping from time to time.

The fact that Viktor had this utterly amused glint in his eyes whenever he looked at Yuuri didn’t really help in making him feel better about last night.

He couldn’t be mad at Viktor though, because he kept bringing him water and medicine and easily digestible food and told him to stay in bed until he felt better and even allowed him to read his book.

Which was written in Cyrillic, but Yuuri appreciated the thought anyway.

He managed to fight his way out of bed in time for lunch, which Viktor had cooked.

It didn’t look bad, and it tasted okay, but one could easily tell that the alpha was lacking some practice. Which wasn’t surprising. He had staff to take care of that after all.

After lunch Viktor tested out some of the new toys with Yura that he’d gotten for Christmas. Yuuri wanted to play with them as well, though his head and stomach told him to not move too much, which is why he’d settled to sit in front of the fireplace, snuggled himself under a blanket and just watched father and son being utterly silly.

Yura even came to cuddle with him at one point when the boy realized that Yuuri was feeling a bit out of it, and it made his heart feel so… full. He couldn’t help but shower the boy with kisses and cuddles.

Only for Viktor to feel left out apparently, because he soon had a full grown alpha pouting at him.

For being ignored.

Needless to say they spent the rest of the day mostly cuddling, and watching yet another Disney movie.

The next day was when things started to go downhill.

Yuuri knew the signs of an incoming heat.

He knew them, but he’d tried to ignore them anyway.

Until Viktor accidentally brushed a hand against his naked arm. He should’ve worn long sleeves, he realized then, when it was too late.

“Yuuri! You’re burning up!”, Viktor exclaimed, shocked, until realization dawned on his face only a moment later.

“Why didn’t you say anything?”, he asked, frowning heavily.

However, before Yuuri could answer Viktor was already shaking his head, and got his phone out.

“Georgi. Has Mila arrived already? Good. I want you to pick her up from the hotel and bring her here right now.”

After hanging up, Viktor put his hand on Yuuri’s forehead again, still frowning.

“You really should’ve told me, Yuuri.”

“I- I just thought I’d have some more time… I don’t feel like it’s about to start or anything…”

“Well, if it were about to start then it would already be too late for me to get everything prepared.”

Viktor didn’t sound happy with Yuuri.

And Yuuri couldn’t handle that right now.

“I’m sorry”, he whispered, close to tears already. He didn’t want his alpha to be mad at him. Especially not before the first heat he’d ever share with anyone.

“Yuuri? What’s wrong?” Viktor asked confused.

“I don’t want you to… please don’t be mad at me. I- I just… I didn’t…”

Yuuri gave up stammering and just stared at the floor.

God he was pathetic.

Viktor didn’t even smell mad to begin with.

“Oh darling, I’m not mad at you. I just wish you’d tell me those things. I know you’ve always gone through heats by yourself so I don’t blame you for keeping everything to yourself this time, either. But I will be with you this time which means I need to organize someone to look after Yura and the house until we’re done, and I can’t do that when your heat is already there.”

While he was talking, Viktor had come closer to give Yuuri a big hug. It comforted him to no end to smell that his alpha wasn’t upset from up close. There wasn’t even a trace of it.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine, darling. Judging by your temperature we still have a few hours. It should be fine.”

“You’re not mad?”

“No, sweetheart, I’m not mad.”

Yuuri buried his head into Viktor’s chest, knowing he was being overly dramatic. But he just couldn’t help it. He’d mentally prepared himself to have Viktor there with him during his heat, so if Viktor were to abandon him now, because Yuuri was being stupid, he didn’t think he could take it.

It was scary.

Sure, he still felt extremely intimidated by the thought of spending his heat with someone else, and not just by himself, but he also couldn’t take any comfort in the thought that he was used to enduring it that way anymore. He didn’t know why that was exactly, but his emotions and thoughts were running haywire at this point, so trying to make heads and tails of his feelings was a lost cause.

“Listen, Yuuri, I want to take you to the heat room right now, so say good-bye to Yura for the next two days, okay?”

“2 days?”

“Yes. Believe me, we’ll need a day to recover.”

Yuuri swallowed nervously, but walked over to where Yura was playing with his new toys, closely followed by Viktor.

“Yura”, Viktor started, “Yuuri and I will be gone for a few days, so Mila will come and spend some time with you, okay sweetie?”

Yura did not look impressed.

“No! I don’t want you to go!”

Viktor sighed, but didn’t seem surprised at the outburst.

“Look, Yura, Yuuri is not feeling well right now. So he needs to go to a very quiet room where he can be away from everything for a bit, because that way he can get better faster. You want him to get better fast, right?”

Yura nodded, but his lip was quivering a little.

“But- but why do you have to go, too?”

“Because I know how to help Yuuri to feel better again.”

Yura looked at the floor for a minute or two, and Yuuri was getting increasingly worried by the not-response, actually starting to contemplate to spend his heat alone after all, when-

“Okay. But daddy, you have to promise to kiss Katsudon where he’s hurting for me! A lot! Because that makes it better fast, too!”

Viktor smiled at that.

“I promise. I’ll kiss and cuddle with him as much as I can.”

Yura, looking satisfied now, stretched his arms out to Yuuri, so he hugged the little boy tightly for a long moment.

It took another few long moments before Yuuri and Viktor walked into the adjacent ballroom, Yura staying behind with his toys in the living room. Before he walked out of sight, he couldn’t help but turn around to look at Yura one more time, only to see the boy staring back at him sadly. Yuuri waved at him but could feel himself tearing up, especially when Yura waved back.

This was stupid, he decided when he wiped a stray tear away. He’d be gone for only 2 days. No matter how attached he might have gotten to Yura, 2 days was not a long time, so he really shouldn’t be reacting like that!

Viktor opened a door that had been partially hidden by the heavy curtains lining the walls, and gestured for Yuuri to go through it first.

They were standing in a long, rather narrow hallway now, and Yuuri realized that, if they were on the ground floor, this would be the hallway that led to the garage.

When Viktor opened the next door for him, at the end of the hallway, Yuuri walked into a storage room, which was… not what he had expected.

“Viktor?”, he asked confused.

“Follow me”, was the only thing his alpha said, though judging by the smirk and the amused twinkle in his eyes, confusion was probably the reaction Viktor had hoped for.


Speaking of ass, the actual butt of the ass in front him was really, really nice to look at. The shape was just- perfect. And Yuuri just knew that it was firm and he wanted to grab it, to see just how much he could squish it and-

Viktor turned around just when Yuuri’s hand almost reached the butt.

Yuuri froze.

There was no way he could talk his way out of that one.

He was caught red-handed.

He whimpered.

“Yuuuri~ were you trying to grab my butt?”, Viktor asked, sounding delighted.


Viktor raised an eyebrow at him.

“Okay yes. But- but I- and- and-!” Yuuri gave up and stared at the floor in defeat.

He saw Viktor’s feet appear in his field of vision only a second before he felt the alpha’s fingers under his chin, pushing his head up until he met an utterly seductive look.

“Yuuri, you can touch me wherever you want whenever you want, so don’t hold yourself back. I’d love for you to do it.”

Yuuri whimpered again. Viktor using his low voice to murmur stuff like that was lethal.

Viktor let out an amused huff, before he took Yuuri’s hand and dragged him towards a…

“What’s that?”

“That’s a hobbit door.”

Yuuri blinked.

“Why is there a hobbit door?”

“I don’t know Yuuri, maybe in order for you to be able to enter the room behind it?”

Yuuri almost growled at Viktor’s sass.

“No, I mean, why is there a hobbit door?”

“Because why not.”

Apparently Viktor was done talking about the door, because he went to open it. Which seemed to be a bit of struggle for his alpha. It took Yuuri a second to realize that the door was actually made out of stone, so no matter how small it was, it was bound to be very heavy. Especially with how thick it was. How was Viktor even able to open it!?

It was the main reason why Yuuri hesitated to get into the room behind that door.

“If… if I go in there, I won’t be able to get out again, will I?”, he asked, knowing full well that Viktor was physically stronger than him, and if even he struggled…

“No, you won’t. But no one will be able to get in either, so you can rest easy.”

“But… you will also come in, right behind me, right?”

Viktor hesitated.

“No, darling. I need to go back and keep an eye on Yura until Mila arrives. I will come and join you as soon as I can though, promise.”

Yuuri bit his lip.

“What- what if I want to get out? What if I panic or- or-“

“Yuuri. You still have your phone with you. If anything is wrong, or you need me to come back you can always call me. We’re still in the same house, it won’t take long for me to get here.”

Yuuri suddenly felt very stupid. Of course Viktor would still be here, there was no reason for him to just… go back to Devonshire or something and forget that Yuuri was still in there, right?



“You won’t forget me in there, right?”

He just had to ask, he couldn’t help it. He knew how forgetful Viktor could be after all.

“Of course I won’t just leave you there! Yuuri! What happened to you trusting me?!”

Viktor looked actually hurt right now, which is not what Yuuri had wanted, at all.

“I’m sorry, I trust you, I just… it’s… it’s scary.”

“Because you don’t want to be alone? Or because you won’t be able to open the door?”

“Both”, Yuuri admitted.

“Should I leave it open then?”

Yuuri was about to say yes, when he stopped to actually think about it.

He could feel himself getting closer to his heat by the minute, so it would only be a matter of time until his skin would turn itchy and he’d get rid of his clothes. And he knew himself well enough that an open door would make him extremely paranoid if that happened before Viktor would come back to close it.

“No”, he decided determinedly. “No, just… don’t… don’t leave me alone for long, please…”

“I promise, I won’t”, Viktor said softly, and actually came to hug him again, and press a kiss to his temple.

“One more thing”, Viktor said, and pulled out a rather big collar that Yuuri had never seen before. “I’ll put this on you for the duration of your heat, okay? To be honest, I don’t trust myself to… well, to not accidentally mate with you, so this will prevent me from biting your neck.”

There was an actual little lock attached to the collar, too, probably to prevent Viktor from opening it in the heat of the moment or something, no pun intended.


“I’ll take the key with me and keep it in my room until afterwards, so we won’t get any funny ideas”, Viktor informed him, when he was done fastening it to Yuuri’s neck.

And as always, Yuuri was impressed with Viktor’s foresight.

A little more at ease now, Yuuri got on his knees, to crawl through the hobbit door, only to be met by… a sight.

“I’ll be back in a bit, Yuuri”, he heard Viktor say.

“Uh huh”, was the only reply he could manage to form though.

He was kneeling on simple, red tiles, but in front of him… well. There was a low, leather covered, deep step, with enough space to get comfortably undressed on, without having to fear falling over. And behind that one step was an enormous mattress, or padding, or whatever that covered the whole room from wall to wall.

To Yuuri’s left side were 4 small-ish fridges, probably to store drinks and a little bit of food.

Yuuri opened one, to see it fully stocked, proving his theory to be right.

He looked to his right then, only to look straight into a bathroom. He blinked, confused that Viktor would leave the door open, but noticed a second later that there wasn’t even a door. There was a piece of wall though, that didn’t quite reach the outer wall. There weren’t even curtains. Yuuri was a little perturbed at not having any privacy when he had to… do his business, but then again, he’d heard about heats being messy and dirty and disgusting, so not bothering with a door was probably the smart thing to do. There were even a big bathtub and shower, so maybe Viktor would make sure that the both of them wouldn’t get too dirty.

Yuuri crawled further towards the padding then, to look around the corner out of sheer curiosity. He hadn’t actually expected to find anything, however he did find a mountain of… blankets and pillows.

That was a very pleasant surprise, Yuuri thought stunned.

He crawled over there.

The pillows were soft and fluffy, and the blankets were especially soft and everything smelled just a tiny little bit of Viktor and Yuuri wanted to roll around in that mountain of blankets.

So he did.

And then he realized that he’d made an utter mess of what Viktor had prepared for him.

Which was bad.

But! But maybe if he arranged everything for them to cuddle on comfortably, then his alpha would be happy with him?

Yeah, that’s a good plan, Yuuri thought and started to rearrange the mess into a nice and cozy nest.

Halfway through his clothes started bothering him immensely, because they were just so scratchy, but he needed to focus on the nest! Because what if Viktor came back before he was done?! He couldn’t have that, so he pulled through until he’d used every single pillow and blanket for his nest, and, if Yuuri was honest, he was pretty damn proud of what he’d built there. Especially because it was the first time he’d ever built one, and it turned out this great. He just hoped Viktor would be proud of him as well.

But he really needed to get out of those bothersome clothes! Which he did. But they ruined the aesthetics of his nest, and he couldn’t have that. He was pretty sure he’d seen a hamper in the bathroom though, so he crawled all the way there to finally get his stupid clothes out of his sight.

As soon as he got back to his nest he made himself comfortable, which was easy, because everything was just so soft! And pretty, too. The colors and patterns were all very pretty, which was probably why his nest turned out so pretty as well.

He was getting hot though, so he left the nest again. He didn’t want to sweat on it before his alpha got to see it at its best.

Yuuri went to search for the remote control to turn the air conditioning down a bit.

But before he could find it, the door opened, and Viktor crawled in.

Yuuri couldn’t help himself when he basically jumped at his alpha, successfully knocking him to the side.

“Oof. Yuu- oh. I see.”

His alpha sounded like he was close to laughing at him, but Yuuri could live with that. He was just happy to have him close now.

“Let me close the door darling, okay? I’ll be all yours after that.”

Yuuri whined, but got off Viktor, deep down knowing that he was right. And because he didn’t like open doors either.

As soon as Viktor was done locking it, Yuuri grabbed his hand and pulled him further into the room, to where the padding was, so he could show him the nest.

“Excited, aren’t you?”, Viktor commented humorously.

The humor was lost on Yuuri though, he was just too focused on getting validation on the nest. He was anxious because it was his first one, and what if Viktor didn’t like it? That would be a disaster!

Finally pulling his alpha around the corner, Yuuri stopped, and panted a little. He was too excited, and his body was feeling extremely hot. He should probably drink something. But Viktor’s opinion was more important.

“Wow!”, his alpha exclaimed, as soon as he saw the nest. “Yuuri! That’s amazing! It looks so cozy and inviting! That’s the best nest I’ve ever seen, you’ve done such a great job, and in such a short amount of time, too!”

Yuuri jumped in Viktor’s arms then, relieved beyond belief that his alpha approved of his very first nest.

“Aww, Yuuri, were you scared I wouldn’t like it?”

Yuuri whined against his chest in confirmation.

“Oh, darling, I could never not like something you made.”

It took Yuuri a minute to process the meaning of the double negative.

Though to be fair, Viktor’s cool hands on his overheated, naked back were very distracting.

He shivered, and started to pull at Viktor’s shirt. Because if his alpha’s hands were cold, then that meant his alpha was cold, which was not good, but he could warm him up with his own body heat. But Viktor needed to get naked for that.

He managed to get the shirt off rather clumsily, and only with Viktor’s help. And he needed even more help to get the pants off Viktor, but at least he hadn’t bothered with any underwear.

As soon as his alpha was naked, Yuuri jumped at him again, wrapping his legs around Viktor’s middle, and his arms around Viktor’s neck. If he wanted to warm Viktor up with his own body heat, then having as much skin contact as possible was important.

Viktor must’ve thought so too, because he’d caught Yuuri readily.

Actually, now that Yuuri thought about it, wasn’t it better to have some friction to warm Viktor up? Friction made things even warmer, right? So he rubbed himself against his alpha as best as he could, which was more like humping him, but who cares, as long as his alpha stops being cold.

“Ungh. Okay, okay, I get it sweetheart, but let me carry you to the nest first, yes? It’d be such a waste not to use it.”

Well. His alpha was right about that. Yuuri stopped moving, to make it easier for Viktor to carry him there.

Once they arrived, Viktor let himself fall forward, crashing down on top of Yuuri, which… Yuuri was very fine with. He liked having his alpha as close to him as possible after all.

But now that they were in their nest, Yuuri started rubbing Viktor warm again. Which proved to be very difficult in this position.

Viktor didn’t seem to care though, because he started kissing Yuuri then, which Yuuri liked, a lot, but he wasn’t sure if kissing should really be a focus if Viktor was freezing.

Because, despite his best efforts just now, Viktor had only gotten colder.

Yuuri whined distressed. He didn’t want his alpha to be cold!

He loosened his legs around him and pushed against his chest, causing Viktor to sit up.

Yuuri sat up as well, but only to push Viktor onto his back.

It earned him a frown.

Yuuri whined.

Why did his alpha frown at him if he was just trying to make him warm and comfy?

Yuuri was appeased when Viktor’s chest rumbled though, so he stopped worrying, and got on top of his alpha.

He was happy his alpha let him do it, too, because alphas were usually the ones in control, but Yuuri figured that his alpha was just really nice.

His vision was turning a little hazy when he was rubbing himself all over Viktor as best as he could, and he’d started panting again, but he was finally getting some results and Viktor’s hands against his butt got a little warmer.

Satisfied, he cuddled himself against Viktor’s chest, letting out a long, deep purr.

It had the strangest affect on his alpha though, because he suddenly grabbed his butt tighter and growled at him.

Put out by that, Yuuri opened his eyes, blinking but unable to get the hazy fog out of his vision. He turned to look at Viktor anyway, only to come face to face with an utterly unsatisfied look on his face.

Had Yuuri done something wrong?

He whimpered, worrying that he’d somehow upset his alpha, though the only reaction he got, was Viktor snapping his jaw at him.

Yuuri had jerked away in time, so nothing had happened, but it was obvious to see that Viktor wasn’t happy with something.

Whining dejectedly, Yuuri slid off his alpha, and as soon as he’d put some distance between them, Viktor was sitting up, and snapped his jaw at him again.

Yuuri was still confused on what he’d done so utterly wrong to get such a reaction from his alpha, that he hadn’t payed enough attention, and was too slow to save himself this time.

Though instead of actually getting hurt by a dissatisfied alpha rejecting him, Viktor had gone for his nose, which was unpleasant, but not actually painful.

He pushed Viktor’s face away from his own, still utterly confused. If Viktor was unhappy with him, then he should be going in for the ‘kill’, and not for his nose, right?


Unless he was playing. Taking a closer look at his eyes, he indeed found a playful glint beneath the haziness that had began to cloud Viktor’s own eyes.

Was- was his alpha- but he hadn’t said anything about it?

But he’d heard stories about other alphas, so… was his alpha going into rut?

No, wait that actually made sense, Yuuri realized, mind going a mile minute.

Alpha’s were not necessarily as playful as Viktor was, but they did enjoy to hunt their omegas before they got down to business.

So… did Viktor want to hunt him? Yuuri narrowed his eyes at the alpha, just to provoke a reaction.

The reaction came immediately, with Viktor growling at him warningly.

Well then. If Viktor wanted to play, they’d play.

Yuuri was up on his feet and running to the other side of the room in an instant.

He heard Viktor following close behind, so he took a sharp turn and ran towards another corner. Viktor had good reflexes though, so Yuuri only got a little bit of a lead, before Viktor quickly managed to cage him into the corner.

With his back to the wall, Yuuri couldn’t do much but try to escape by breaking through, so he deked to the left, before running to the right. His alpha caught him around the waist anyway, so he struggled to get free, and, when he was, ran back towards the nest.

He was about to make another sharp turn, when Viktor toppled him over and they landed inside their nest again.

Yuuri weakly pawed against Viktor’s chest to get him off,  but he didn’t want him to get off so there wasn’t any real intent behind it. He whined a bit in surrender as well.

After all, he’d humored him now, and he wanted to be close to his alpha anyway, and not run away from him.

Luckily, Viktor preened in victory above him, so Yuuri figured he was satisfied, now that he successfully caught himself an omega.

Yuuri let his head loll to the side, and pressed himself against his alpha in order to get his attention.

It was very successful, too, because Viktor immediately started nuzzling his neck, which… should feel better than it felt. He frowned when he remembered the collar. And then he whined, because he wanted to feel Viktor.

Viktor’s chest started rumbling in an effort to calm Yuuri’s whining, and it was kind of successful. Yuuri still wanted to feel more of Viktor though, so he tried to get him to lay on his back again, but Viktor didn’t budge this time.

Instead, he let his entire weight drop on Yuuri, which, honestly, was just as well. As long as Yuuri got some skin-on-skin he was happy.

He wanted a kiss though, so he tugged at Viktor’s hair a little, and luckily his alpha complied. Rather thoroughly, too. Yuuri enjoyed having Viktor’s tongue to play with though, so he didn’t complain, and just wrapped his arms around his alpha’s shoulders.

However, the longer they kissed, the hazier his mind and vision got. He was starting to become increasingly horny, too, which was why he couldn’t resist thrusting his hips against Viktor’s.

And god- that felt so good. His alpha was hard already, so he only had to readjust his hips a little bit before he could rub himself against his alpha’s dick in the most satisfying way. He knew he should let Viktor handle the pace and everything, but he just couldn’t resist the feeling of his big, hard dick sliding over his omega parts.

It wasn’t enough though, so he whined in order to let Viktor know he should just get on with it. He didn’t understand why he wasn’t already inside him anyway.

As a reply, Viktor just grumbled something Yuuri couldn’t comprehend, before Viktor lifted his hips away from Yuuri.

Feeling bereft, Yuuri whined heartbreakingly, but Viktor didn’t budge, and instead of entering him, he just started to lick and nibble at Yuuri’s nipples. Which felt good as well, but it wasn’t what Yuuri wanted.

So he whined some more.

Until Viktor bit his nipple a little too hard, while making a displeased sound.

However, he moved his licking and kissing further down his belly right afterwards, so maybe his whining hadn’t been in vain.

When Viktor finally licked Yuuri’s dick, he almost started crying in relief. He’d gotten so very hard when Viktor had played with his body and he just wanted to have his alpha’s dick inside him already! Where was Viktor taking his restraint from!?

Yuuri couldn’t help himself when he bucked his hips further into Viktor’s mouth when he started sucking at his dick. It just felt so good. Viktor didn’t do anything to stop him either, so Yuuri thrust his dick into Viktor’s mouth over and over again, only to cum as soon as he felt a finger being pushed inside him.

He was still hard afterwards and he still didn’t feel satisfied. But the fingers scissoring his vagina helped a little. Especially when they brushed over that one spot that made him see stars.

When Viktor was finally done preparing him, he flipped Yuuri over onto his stomach, causing him to let out a grunt at the sudden, rough treatment. He could feel that Viktor was still behind him though, so Yuuri didn’t care too much. If only Viktor would put it in already!

Yuuri pushed his butt towards Viktor, and even wiggled it a bit, just so Viktor would finally hurry up. He didn’t think he could take any more of this anticipation.

He held still as soon as he felt Viktor’s dick sliding against his opening, though he did that a few times, before Yuuri had enough and pressed against it some more when he felt him at that spot, causing the tip to slip in. Viktor growled a little at that, but Yuuri didn’t care. He just wanted to be fucked already.

Viktor must’ve gotten the message when Yuuri attempted to growl as well, because as soon as he’d done that, his alpha pushed his cock inside in one swift motion. Still, Yuuri had felt every single inch and god, it was a delicious feeling to have Viktor so deep inside of him.

He purred in satisfaction.

Viktor shifted around a bit and grabbed Yuuri’s hips, before he finally, finally started fucking into him for real. It was neither gentle nor slow; instead the thrusts were hard, fast paced and oh so filling. He could still feel the stretch the size of Viktor’s dick put him through, but even that felt good right now. He didn’t even bother to try and control his moaning.

After a few moments Viktor grabbed his upper arms and pulled him up towards him, to kiss and suck on his neck as well as he could with that stupid collar, which- oh god. That was- that was actually a very good a idea.

The hard thrusts of his dick as well as the love bites were a fantastic combo as it was, but Yuuri’s nipples also ached for attention.

Viktor was holding him in place with one arm wrapped around his hips, and the other one grabbed his shoulder, so one of his nipples did get to brush against Viktor’s arm with his alpha’s movements but it just wasn’t enough. So Yuuri went to take Viktor’s arm away from his hips, so he could put it to some use on his chest, when he brushed over his own stomach, only to feel it moving with his alpha’s thrusts.

He blinked his eyes open, and even though his vision didn’t get very clear, he could definitely see Viktor’s dick when he rammed it in.

Because it caused an actual bulge in his stomach.

Oh god.

That- that was weirdly arousing.

His nipples now forgotten, Yuuri fixated on the bulge that Viktor kept making into his stomach.

He- that- that was… and he felt the deep spots Viktor was hitting while seeing it as well.

Oh god.

It was then that Viktor decided to pay some attention to Yuuri’s nipples by flicking against them.

Yuuri gasped.

And Viktor repeated the action.

Many times.

All the while hammering his dick into Yuuri at the same fast pace.

And Yuuri was still staring at the bulge that kept appearing and disappearing in his belly.

It was too much.

After only a few minutes his muscles started convulsing heavily, and he came shortly after.

Viktor didn’t break his pace though, and kept ramming into him, which was perfect. Because Yuuri was pretty sure he’d die if Viktor were to stop.

He needed more.

More of everything.

But this position was stupid.

He growled and pushed himself away from Viktor. Only to turn around, and let himself fall onto his back. He sprawled himself out as best as he could and spread his legs for Viktor as far as they would go.

His alpha was back on and in him in an instant, but this time Yuuri made sure to get kissed thoroughly as well.

Luckily, Viktor got the message quickly and after that it didn’t take long for Yuuri to get lost in the pleasure.

He knew they fucked long and hard.

He knew he’d scratched Viktor’s back almost open.

He knew Viktor had filled him with his cum several times, without knotting, and without taking a break afterwards.

Because both of their bodies had forgotten how to feel sexually satisfied.

What he didn’t know was how much more his body would be able to take.

His throat was sore from moaning and groaning and whining and screaming, he’d had more orgasms than he could count, his muscles were feeling tired, and his dick had gone flaccid a short while ago.

And he could actually think about things other than Viktor’s dick.

Which probably meant that his heat was about to be over.

Which meant they had fucked for 24 hours straight.

Which- was that even possible?!

Apparently, because Viktor was still not done.

Right, he’d gone into his rut, shortly after he’d arrived in the room, if Yuuri remembered correctly. So it probably wouldn’t last for very much longer either.

Yuuri’s body was hyper sensitive though, so even Viktor just breathing against his neck sent violent shivers through his whole body. And that was nothing compared to what his alpha’s dick made him feel.

To keep it short, he was a mess.

However, he was an extremely satisfied mess.

And a sensitive mess, he realized again, when Viktor released inside him once more, though this time he actually knotted him. The unexpected stretch of his well-used vagina sent Yuuri over the edge one more time, though apart from a sob at feeling so raw, he didn’t have much else to give at this point.

He didn’t even have the strength to wrap his arms around Viktor anymore, even though he desperately wanted to.

He was just so… exhausted.

And… and satisfied.

And… tired.

He… he should… sleep.


When Yuuri woke up, he was lying securely in Viktor’s arms, surrounded be softest of blankets and feeling toasty.

He was almost sad about it, but he did need to use the toilet.

However, when he made the slightest movement of trying to sit up, he realized just how stiff his whole body was, and that moving from this exact position was probably not a good idea.

And then there was the fact that Viktor was holding onto him rather tightly.

That… was a problem.

Well, not really, but he didn’t know how to get up now. He didn’t want to wake Viktor up either, because, if Yuuri felt this sore, then Viktor probably was as well, if not more, and he deserved to rest.

With a heavy sigh, he wiggled out of Viktor’s embrace somehow, trying to ignore the discomfort.


When he came back from the bathroom, he took a moment to just look at Viktor laying in the nest Yuuri had built.

It did weird things to his heart.

He hurried back to his alpha as fast as he could, which really wasn’t fast at all, because of the rather heavy limp he was sporting. However, he nestled himself against Viktor as soon as he could, feeling… well… he didn’t actually know what he was feeling. His body felt satisfied, but very sore, and his mind was a mess.

Obviously, he didn’t regret spending his heat with Viktor; if he did, he wouldn’t have cuddled up to him just now, but the fact that his heat had somehow triggered Viktor’s rut was… a little concerning. Well, not really concerning, because it wasn’t actually a bad thing, but it was unusual. Because they weren’t mates. But maybe their compatibility was just that good a something?


He’d have to ask Viktor.

Anyway, he could see now why omegas preferred to spend their heats with whomever. It wasn’t like Yuuri suddenly hadn’t cared about Viktor being the one who’d spent it with him, but he had somehow become more of… well, something that would satisfy his needs. He could see omegas like Phichit having absolutely no problem snatching alphas off the streets to spend the heat with them, for their own pleasure, if such a thing were possible.

He could see it, yes, and he was sure that omegas like Phichit honestly didn’t have a problem with it, but Yuuri still didn’t think he’d be able to just… have sex with anyone else but Viktor, and that included his heat. He knew he hadn’t been shy or anxious or embarrassed or anything really, but he was 200% sure that it only happened so smoothly because he’d had a lot of time to get used to his alpha beforehand, and even had sex with him before the heat happened. He honestly didn’t think he could’ve done it with anyone else.

Feeling a new appreciation for the time Viktor had taken to make Yuuri feel comfortable with him, Yuuri cuddled as close to his alpha as possible, and hugged him as best as he could.

Even after all the… dirty things they’d done, Yuuri felt no shame at all. Which, honestly, creeped him out a bit. Because, well… it had been so… dirty. And… and just… Yuuri suppressed a shiver. He’d let his omega instincts take complete control over his body and his omega instinct, or thoughts for that matter, were perverted. It made Yuuri almost glad that he could barely remember what exactly they had done.

However, he did remember one thing, that stood out with shocking clarity. It must’ve been in the very beginning, when Viktor was pounding into him from behind, and both of them had been kneeling. He remembered the bulge that had formed in his belly, every time Viktor sheathed himself inside him completely.

That bulge had been… weird.

Sure, he had some belly fat, so he was used to not having a flat belly but this… this had been different for some reason.

And for some reason it had triggered the thought of ‘what if there was a bulge in his stomach that was caused by Viktor, but not because his dick was in there?’, ‘what if… what if he got pregnant?’

Yuuri buried his scarlet face into Viktor’s chest.

He shouldn’t entertain thoughts like that as if they were pleasant!

He really shouldn’t!

And even if that were to happen, there was only the teeniest tiniest chance of them mating anyway.

Also, they already had Yura, and he absolutely adored Yura.

He didn’t need to get pregnant to have those kinds of parental feelings, which is why he should really not entertain those thoughts. In fact, he should be happy he-

“Ungh”, was the sound that interrupted his rapid thoughts.

Viktor was groaning deeply and tried to move, rather ineffectively, because Yuuri was still laying on top of him.

“Yuuri?”, Viktor asked groggily.

“Hm?” Yuuri lifted his head to get a better look at Viktor.

His alpha was still blinking rapidly, trying to wake up. Why was that so… cute?

“Oh… Yuuri. Are you okay?”



Viktor was still trying to wake up, but now he was also patting his way along Yuuri’s head, shoulders and back until he hugged him properly.

“Yeah? I uh… rut… ‘m sorry… control… gone…”

Yuuri couldn’t help but smile.

“Go back to sleep Viktor, you’re not making any sense.”


Not even 5 seconds later, Viktor was sleeping again.

Yuuri huffed out a smile, but nestled himself closer to Viktor, and went back to sleep himself.


Yuuri got woken up by soft touches stroking over his still naked back.

He purred.

Because why wouldn’t he?

He was warm, laying underneath something very soft and on top of a muscular chest, and he had his nose full of his alpha’s scent. Which meant he was safe, too. One couldn’t get any more comfy than that.

“Yuuri?”, his alpha whispered, and… was that worry he could hear in his voice?

He frowned.

Worry had no place in his happy bubble.


“Are you awake?”

“I guess”, Yuuri grumbled. He didn’t want to be awake.

“How are you feeling?”


There was a pause.

“No, I mean… does something hurt?”

Hurt? Yuuri? What was Viktor talking about?!

Almost indignantly, Yuuri attempted to sit up. Which was when he realized that Viktor had, indeed, kind of a point.

He was sore. All over.

He groaned and let himself fall on top of Viktor again.

“I’m sore”, Yuuri admitted.

“How bad?”

“Why are you so worried?”, Yuuri asked instead of answering. He’d been content until just now but Viktor questioning him like this was a little annoying.

“Because your heat triggered my rut, Yuuri. I have no idea what I did to you and I… I really hope I haven’t done anything to, well to hurt you too badly. The last thing I remember clearly is you rubbing yourself all over me and then… nothing.”


Yuuri couldn’t help the blush that spread over what felt like his whole body.

He remembered that part as well, though rather vaguely.

He even remembered what happened after that, up until he was getting fucked while laying on his back. That’s where he started blanking, too, but he really didn’t think that Viktor had done anything to him he needed to worry about.

“Well, you wanted to play a bit and then we uhh… you know. I don’t remember much either but what I do remember… was kind of… nice, actually… yeah…”, he finished awkwardly.

“I wanted to play?”, Viktor asked incredulously.

“Yes. Like- like you know… catch me and stuff.”

Viktor groaned.

“Yuuri, sweetheart, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t playing.”

“No, you were definitely playing. You didn’t take it seriously at all; you even let me run again after you caught me, I remember that.”

“I… I did?” He sounded utterly flabbergasted.


Was that weird?

Looking back at it now, Yuuri felt like it was a little peculiar, too, but not in a bad way.

“Well. Seems like I like you even more than I realized. Yuuri?”


“Why aren’t you looking at me?” Viktor sounded amused now.

“Because if I move from this exact position I will die.” Seriously.

“Oh? What if I wanted you to move so I could kiss you?” He was definitely being flirty now. Right?


Properly kiss you?”

Yuuri groaned, knowing he’d lost. He moved just enough to get into a position that enabled him to press his lips to Viktor’s in a soft and tender kiss. Viktor didn’t deepen it, either; both of them were too spent and exhausted to move much, but still needed some form of physical affection. Yuuri was glad that he wasn’t the only one in that weird state.

They cuddled and kissed for what felt like hours before Viktor suggested to take a much needed bath together.

Yuuri wholeheartedly agreed.

However it turned out that Yuuri wasn’t the only one who was sore; Viktor was pretty sore himself. Which is why it took them quite a while to get into the bathroom. They took turns showering to get the worst off their bodies while some steamy hot water slowly filled the tub.

When Yuuri lowered himself into the tub after Viktor, he moaned in pleasure.

The warmth of the water did wonders to soothe the ache in his muscles, and Viktor giving him a massage was very, very welcome as well.

After they dried themselves off, Yuuri felt a lot better already, and a lot less foggy in his brain. And by the looks of it, Viktor was also doing better now.

Still, Yuuri thought the alpha deserved a hug for giving him that massage at the very least, so he walked over to do just that.


Yuuri didn’t replay, instead he just nestles his head against Viktor’s chest some more and purred. He figured they were about to go back to the part of the house where Yura was as well, and, as much as he loved Yura, he wasn’t ready to let go of Viktor for longer than a few minutes yet.

Viktor chuckled and tightly wrapped his arms around the omega.

“Better?”, he asked, already knowing the answer anyway, so Yuuri just nodded a bit.


They stood there like that for a long time before Viktor decided to head back to the main part of the house, saying they could cuddle a lot more comfortably there. And Yuuri had to admit, that Viktor had a point, as always.

When they walked into the living room, it was only to realize that it was dark outside and suspiciously quiet inside.

Viktor checked the clock.

“Oh. It’s just past midnight”, he let Yuuri know.

Yuuri was more than fine with that. And judging by the look on Viktor’s face, his alpha was quite pleased as well.

They didn’t hesitate to get back to Viktor’s room, and cuddle some more, until they fell asleep.

Chapter Text

Yuuri shot up into a sitting position with a gasp.

He’d been on the verge of waking up for a while now, though he had resisted becoming completely conscious, because he had been so comfy being nestled close to his alpha and all. But then a thought had occurred to him out of nowhere and-



“Viktor!” Yuuri shook the man’s shoulder roughly.

“Wha-?” His alpha blinked blearily at him.

“Viktor! You said my heat triggered your rut! Does that count as having spent a rut with you, too?!”

“Sure?” Viktor still seemed to be more than half asleep.

In hindsight this might not have been the best way to have an important conversation such as this, but Yuuri couldn’t help but press further anyway.

“So that means I can stay here?”

This was almost too good to be true.

“Why wouldn’t you-?” Viktor cut himself off with a deep yawn.

Yuuri was tempted to throw some cold water all over Viktor in order to get him to wake up already.

But then he had a better idea.

After noticing Viktor’s morning wood that is.

Yuuri grinned devilishly.

And pulled the blanket away from Viktor quick enough for his alpha to be unable to react in time.

Viktor whined.

And then growled.

And when Yuuri licked the underside of Viktor’s dick, his alpha moaned.

“Yuuri… what… ah-“

Yuuri didn’t know where his self-confidence was coming from right now, but he hadn’t even stopped to think about what he was doing. He had the tip of Viktor’s dick in his mouth right now, and let his tongue play with it slowly, but with the pressure he knew Viktor liked best.

And man did his alpha like it, judging by the noises he made.

Yuuri had to suppress a grin.

Instead, he tried to take more of the dick into his mouth, which was a challenge, but he succeeded to take more than he’d ever managed to before. When he was sure that he probably wouldn’t start gagging again, he bobbed his head up and down for a while, all the while massaging that glorious piece of flesh with his tongue as well.

He was pretty damn proud of himself when Viktor started writhing and moaning in a more guttural way.

Until Viktor bucked his hips.

Because that’s when he gagged again, and pulled away from the dick hastily.

He heard Viktor make an almost cute sounding confused whining noise, before he realized his mistake.

“Shit, Yuuri I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to!”

“It’s fine”, Yuuri rasped when his throat was kind of behaving again.

“No, it’s not, I-“

“I say it is.”

Viktor blinked at him.

He seemed fully awake now though, so he’d at least achieved his goal.

“Does… does that really mean I can stay with you now? Does the rut count, even though I was in heat?”, Yuuri asked again, now that Viktor had his wits about him again.

His alpha blinked at him before realization dawned on his face.

“Oh, right. There was that”, he said softly. “Yes, Yuuri, of course you can stay. You know that the only reason why I put up that condition in the first place was because you were so scared of sex, yes? Obviously you aren’t afraid of it anymore, at least you don’t seem to be, so there’s no need for that condition anymore, yes?”

Having confirmed that he was indeed allowed to stay with Viktor and Yura made Yuuri’s heart soar.

He flung himself into Viktor’s arm, almost sobbing from the sheer relief he was feeling.

Viktor hugged him back, which didn’t come as a surprise, but Yuuri reveled in it anyway.

He way happy.

No, ecstatic.

After quite a while of cuddling, Yuuri felt Viktor’s still hard dick being pressed against his hip.

“So, Yuuri, are you going to finish what you started?”

“I didn’t start anything. You were already hard when I did that.”

“You, Mister, are cruel”, his alpha pouted.

But apparently not cruel enough for Viktor to let go of the hug. So Yuuri could live with being cruel.

“I’m not. I just don’t want to do anything that doesn’t benefit me right now.”

“Since when are you so sassy?!”, Viktor exclaimed, grinning widely.

“Since now.”

“Are you wet, Yuuri?”, Viktor then asked in a… kind of perverted way.

Yuuri startled a little at that.

“Ah… erm… a- a little? I think?” He liked playing with Viktor’s dick after all.

“Hmm… let me check.”

Before Yuuri could even comprehend what the hell Viktor had just said, he felt a finger slipping into him; making him yelp in surprise.

“Oh yes, yes you are. Let me make you a little wetter and then you can ride me!”, Viktor said excitedly.

“Wh-wh-wh-what?! WHAT?! VIKTOR!! You can’t just- you- argh… ah- ohh”

Viktor was an idiot, but he was an idiot with talented fingers that made Yuuri forget why he wanted to argue. Was there even a reason to argue? Probably not.

Well, apart from his aching muscles.

Right, that had been his reason.

But it wasn’t all that important anyway.

Yuuri’s body and mind went pliant within seconds.

Viktor’s fingers just felt so good. They were rubbing over all the right places and those scissoring motions were just so delicious!

Viktor pulled his fingers out of him way too soon, which earned him a rather pitiful whine.

But his mean, mean alpha ignored his whining and didn’t put them back in. Instead he positioned Yuuri into straddling him.

“If you’re frustrated with me then just go ahead and please yourself however you see fit”, Viktor told him.

He didn’t need to say that again.

It was little bit of a challenge to get Viktor’s dick to slip into him in this position, but they managed, and soon he felt the oh so wonderful feeling of being connected to Viktor like this, and having his alpha inside him.

Yuuri slid down on the cock slowly, because why should he hurry? He enjoyed the feeling of Viktor entering him, so he wanted to draw it out a bit. And if he was honest, the stretch stung a bit, the deeper he took him, and he wanted to be comfortable and let himself adjust to Viktor’s size.

Viktor however looked very unrelaxed, and Yuuri saw some sweat pearls forming on his forehead.

He stopped.

“Are you okay?”, he asked his alpha, actually worried. Was he doing such a bad job that he was hurting Viktor somehow!?

“No. Yes. God, please-“

Yuuri blinked in confusion, because that really had done nothing to answer his question.

“Do- do you want me to move?” He took a wild guess.




He hadn’t realized that Viktor was this far gone already.

Yuuri took a moment to consider his position; he had almost half of Viktor’s dick inside him right now, and he felt comfortable enough to... Yeah, he could do that, his body would be able to take it. He adjusted his position a little and grinned evilly at Viktor, whose eyes widened a bit.

And then Yuuri slammed his hips down to meet Viktor’s, causing both of them to groan deeply.

Yuuri realized once again that he absolutely loved having Viktor so deep inside of him. It just made him feel so… full. In more ways than one.

Yuuri blinked.

Speaking of full…

He looked down to his belly, and- sure enough, there was that bulge he remembered from his heat.

It… it really just... did things to his mind.

He hesitantly touched his belly where the bulge protruded.

Viktor made a weird noise before he blinked his eyes open to look at Yuuri.


“Nothing, just…”

Yuuri had no idea how to explain his fascination with that bulge without sounding like a complete idiot.

“Oh I see. It’s this, isn’t it?”, Viktor asked, running a finger gently along the bulge.

It made Yuuri shiver.

“Does it scare you?”, his alpha asked then.

“Scare?! Err.. no. Not at all. I- it just.., it reminds me of… you know… oh god, can we please stop talking!?”

Viktor laughed.

Viktor laughing while he had Viktor inside of him was a… strange feeling. Kind of stimulating but also not at all sexy.

Yuuri groaned and let his forehead fall into one of his hands.


Why was he even going along with this!?

He could totally take control of the situation right now, right!?


Yuuri rolled his hips, immediately succeeding in shutting Viktor up.

Heh, that was a nice trick, he realized.

And did again.

And again.

Until Viktor was a moaning mess.

He tried out a few different motions with his hips, but it seemed like Viktor thoroughly enjoyed all of them.

Yuuri was seriously sweating already when he had another realization.

Viktor was basically laid out in front of him.

Viktor was letting Yuuri take control.

Yuuri could do whatever he wanted to that perfectly sculptured body without any hindrances at all.

And Yuuri was doing absolutely nothing to make use of that probably very rare opportunity.

Right now he had the best chance of learning how to play Viktor’s body; just like Viktor could play his.

Yuuri was so stupid!

He immediately latched onto his alpha’s neck as soon as he realized that he could.

Viktor’s reaction came instantly: he arched his back a little and whined. Whined! His alpha!

It encouraged Yuuri to let his hands wander from Viktor’s stomach to his sides, and then slowly upwards over his ribs, until he brushed his thumbs over his alpha’s nipples.

Viktor gasped out a quick “Yuuri!” and winded himself.

That was so interesting!

And fun!

Yuuri grinned and licked over one of Viktor’s nipples, before he let his teeth graze over it.

Viktor shuddered heavily, and moaned deeply; his hands clutching Yuuri’s thighs in an almost painful grip.

Enjoying the reactions he got from playing with Viktor’s body like that, Yuuri got a lot more courageous. Until now he’d found out that Viktor was apparently very sensitive to any kind of touch, really, but his neck, ears, collarbone, sides and nipples seemed to be especially delicate.

So naturally Yuuri wondered what would happen if he turned his touches a little more… rough. He also wanted to know what reaction Viktor would give him if he pointedly combined his touches with the movement of his hips.

So Yuuri sucked on one nipple, and pinched the other while simultaneously slamming his hips down on his alpha’s hips. Hard. All of it.

Viktor came with an actual shout of Yuuri’s name.

And knotted him.

Yuuri had been too concentrated on trying out things on Viktor’s body to let pleasure overcome him as well, but it was fine. He was satisfied on a whole different level now.

Because he’d totally wrecked his alpha.



Yuuri had done that.

To Viktor.

Viktor Nikiforov of all people was looking utterly destroyed at his hands; he was panting, his muscles were still quivering a little and he was almost as sweaty as Yuuri felt.

It made Yuuri giddy.

“Wow”, Viktor breathed after a moment or two, sounding almost dazed.


It had taken almost an hour until the knot had deflated again.

They’d made good use of that time by cuddling extensively, and Viktor showering him with praises, before they were able to take an actual shower together.

They took care to wash each other thoroughly, and for once Yuuri didn’t feel any kind of anxiety at all when Viktor handled him. Yes, he had been fine with having sex with Viktor before his heat, but at that time he’d made a conscious effort to not let his panic bubble over and had concentrated on feeling the pleasure. But now, well, he just felt the pleasure at receiving Viktor’s gentle touches washing even his most private parts. He didn’t need to focus on not letting panic overcome or anything. He just felt… comfortable. Maybe it was because they’d spend the heat/rut together?

The washing each other thing was very much not sexual though, but for Yuuri that was just as well, if not even better.

He just felt genuinely good. About himself and about Viktor’s intimate touches.

After they’d dried themselves off, Yuuri sat Viktor down on the fancy stool thingy he didn’t really have a name for.

“Yuuri?”, Viktor asked confused, and naked.

Yuuri bit his lip for a moment, but then he decided that Viktor probably wouldn’t mind him being bold like this.

“I- uh… I saw your back when I washed you and the scratches looks… kind of bad. So I want to put some stuff on the wounds…”

Viktor’s eyes turned incredibly soft.

“You don’t have to worry about those, darling. I’m sure it’ll be fine in a few days.”

“I’ll worry until you let me put some disinfectant on it at the very least.”

Viktor chuckled but gave in and turned around to let Yuuri do whatever he wanted.

Yuuri cheered inwardly.

He went to fetch the disinfectant from the cabinet Viktor had directed him to, and then sprayed it over his alpha’s wounds. Viktor hissed, but didn’t say anything.

When Yuuri was done, he gnawed on his lower lip, even after Viktor had turned to face him again.

“What is it, Yuuri?”

“I know you said this is enough, but… can I put some cream on your back tonight, too? Please?”

Viktor rolled his eyes at him with a fond smile.

“If it’ll ease your mind that much then yes, you can.”

They got dressed then, only for Yuuri to realize that he didn’t have any of his own clothes with him. He could’ve just gone downstairs and into his own closet, but he really didn’t feel like leaving Viktor’s side. Luckily, Viktor felt the same and flung his clothes at him before Yuuri could even ask.

They had just walk out of Viktor’s room and into the hallway when Yuuri finally noticed what was happening outside the window.

He stopped in his tracks.


“Hm? Are you coming?”, his alpha asked, already halfway to the staircase.

“Viktor… it’s snowing!”

His alpha blinked, and turned to look out the window as well.

How had they not noticed that before!?

Yuuri ran up to it to get a better look at the streets. He knew it was kind of childish, but he’d always liked snow. As a kid he liked it because it was fun to play in, and as an adult he liked it because of the fond memories he had, as well as the calm and quiet a snowy day usually brought with it.

“Oh, you’re right!” Viktor came up behind him, wrapping Yuuri up in his arms. “It’s quite a few centimeters high as well”, his alpha observed.


“Viktor, where’s your cane?”

“Next to my bed.”

“Do you want me to go get it for you?”

“No, darling, I don’t think that’s necessary today. I’m taking the day off and we won’t do much, yes?”

“But… but didn’t the heat… or rut put a… uhh... a heavy strain your legs?”

At least it should have, Yuuri realized.

“We slept the whole day yesterday, Yuuri, so my legs had quite a while to rest. I’ll be fine without the cane today, don’t worry. And besides”, Viktor smirked now “even if I end up needing it, I’ll have you right beside me to lean on, right?”

Yuuri blushed, but smiled.


They marveled at the quietly descending snowflakes a little while longer, before a loud crash from downstairs pulled them out of their serene reverie the scene outside had put them in.

They sighed simultaneously at being broken out of it.


The crash had been nothing more than a mishap from Mila in the kitchen. However, it made the kitchen unusable for the rest of the day, so they had to use the bigger one on the ground floor.

Yuuri was glad that he finally got introduced to Mila. He’d heard the name many times before, and saw her once, when he’d been in that cage, but they’d never talked or interacted or anything. Though the fact that this girl had seen him naked left a bitter taste in his mouth and made him feel incredibly awkward at first, he was relieved to know that she seemed to be a genuinely nice person.

She didn’t mention that little… incident at all, and she seemed to be very upbeat and cheery. And she certainly knew how to handle Yura as well.

Speaking of Yura, the little guy had almost barreled them to the ground when he saw them entering the room. Of course, they’d knelt down on the floor immediately to be on eyelevel with the boy, but that had only enabled him to almost choke them to death with his fierce hugs.

Yuuri wasn’t complaining though.

In fact, he had to keep himself in check so he wouldn’t squeeze Yura too hard with his own hugs.

During breakfast Yura told them all about the mischief he and Mila had been up to, which was pretty entertaining, if Yuuri was honest, and he could see that even Viktor was struggling to keep a stern face in order to not blow his responsible-parent-act.

“Can we go outside today?”, Yura then suddenly asked.

“Why do you want to go outside? It’s cold!”, Viktor pretended to be an idiot.

“But daddy! It’s snowing!”

Viktor chuckled.

“But let’s stay in the garden, okay?”



So after breakfast Yuuri made sure to bundle up Yura in his warmest clothes. He might’ve overdone it a little as well, with two pairs of socks and everything, but he was rather safe than sorry.

When they stepped outside it was still snowing.

And with so much snow on the ground already, Yura was adamant about building a snowman.

Viktor joined them outside when they were still trying to form the first ball, and was very enthusiastic about helping them.

They worked on it for quite a while, but in the end it paid off and they managed to build an amazingly well-crafted snowman. Viktor gave it the last finish by picking up some of the stones that had become visible again and used them to give the snowman eyes and form a smiling mouth.

“Daddy, he doesn’t have a nose”, Yura pointed out.

“Hmm that’s true. What should we use as nose though…”

“A carrot!”, Yura yelled immediately.

“A carrot? Now why would we do that?”

“Daddy~ didn’t you watch Frozen?! If we give him a carrot, he’ll start moving!”

Yuuri couldn’t for the life of him remember if that’s how it was in the movie, but he was leaning towards ‘no’.

“Well, Viktor, it seems like we’ll have to find a carrot.”

“And twigs! For the arms!”

Yuuri did find a carrot in the kitchen, and Viktor sacrificed 2 small-ish sticks from the trees, and after putting everything into place, Yura was not only exceedingly proud of their creation, he also waited eagerly for the snowman to move.

Which didn’t happen, obviously.

“Maybe he’s shy?”, Yuuri suggested when Yura started to look more and more dejected.

“I think so, too. Let’s give him some space, I’m sure he’ll move in his own time”, Viktor played along.

Yura still hesitated.

“What is it, sweetie?”, Viktor asked gently when he noticed it as well.

“Won’t he get cold if he doesn’t move?”

Yuuri couldn’t take it. So much cuteness balled into one tiny human being was too much for him to handle.

“Yura- you’re such a sweetheart!” Yuuri almost teared up, but he managed to keep himself in check somehow. Instead he took his own scarf off and tied it around the snowman carefully. Inside out of course. Anything to make Yura happy.

“Yuuri! You’ll catch a cold if you don’t wear a scarf!”, Viktor chided indignantly.

Yuuri turned to face Viktor, ready to defend the snowman, only to see how Viktor took his own scarf off now. Before he could react in anyway, his face was already surrounded by his alpha’s sunshine smell and lingering warmth on the scarf.

He didn’t have it in him to argue then.

“But daddy! Now you’re the one who doesn’t have a scarf!”, Yura noticed and started fiddling with his own one.

“Oh no, Yura, you’re keeping that on. I’m Russian. I can take the cold.”

Yura stopped, only to look at Viktor confusedly.

“But I’m Russian, too?”

“Well, you’re half Russian. So you still need to be protected from the cold”, Viktor said amusedly.

The words had an instant effect on the little boy though, because he looked incredibly solemn now.

“Am I only half Russian because Katsudon isn’t Russian?”

Yuuri blinked.

What did he have to do with that?

It wasn’t like Yura was his- oh… oh fuck.


That was… awkward.

Judging by the stunned look on Viktor’s face, he had some trouble grasping Yura’s train of thoughts as well.

“Yura, sweetie…”, he started but broke off to chew on his lower lip, which was so very much unlike himself, before he continued “Yuuri doesn’t have anything to do with that. I meant that you’re half Russian because you’re half as tall as I am, actually you’re even smaller than that so I’m not sure if you’re even half Russian. Maybe if you stand on your tiptoes… Wait, I know! If I put you on my shoulders you’re even more Russian than I am! Do you want to try that?!”


Well, Yuuri didn’t know what body height had to do with being Russian, but Yura seemed to think it made perfect sense.

And Viktor had averted an actual crises by talking bullshit so Yuuri wasn’t going to risk getting busted by asking.

He’d definitely have stuff to think about now, though.

But Yuuri decided to forget that for now, and focused on Viktor walking around the garden with Yura perched on his shoulders.

If he was honest he was still a little anxious about Viktor not having his cane. He remembered very well how Chris had told him that the pain was an imagination and that Viktor’s legs were fine, but still. The pain was real to Viktor, and Yuuri didn’t know how it could go away by just ignoring it. He was pretty sure Viktor would’ve done that a lot sooner if it was possible.

Or maybe it was somehow connected to Viktor’s mental state? He seemed to be really happy these last few days so maybe that was why he wasn’t using his cane so much? But then that would mean Viktor had been utterly miserable since… since the events of Chris’ story took place.

Yuuri didn’t think that was the case though. There was no way Viktor had been miserable for so many years. Right? And even if that were the case, Yuuri wouldn’t know have anything to do with the reason for the change. Right?

He sighed.

He was growing way too arrogant for his own good. Just because Viktor was an amazi-

“Ouch!”, Yuuri yelled. And turned around to see who the hell had just thrown that snowball at the back of his head.

It hadn’t really hurt, though. But still.

Viktor smirked at him evilly, arm still in throwing position, and Yura laughing.

“Oh it’s on now”, Yuuri growled as threateningly as possible, which, being an omega, wasn’t very threatening, but he’d make Viktor be sorry about what he’d just done.

It turned into a full-blown war.

Yura, being a little traitor, took his dad’s side, so Yuuri had to fight off two people at once.

Which wasn’t fair, but he was not going to go down easily.

It was a fierce battle, but in the end, he lost.

Yura had jumped at him, which was why he fell. And that was enough opportunity for Viktor to go in for the kill and douse his face in what felt like a ton of snow.

Yuuri didn’t get up when Yura got off him, cheering in victory. Instead he stretched all of his limbs away from him and let his head fall to the side, eyes closed.

“Daddy, he’s not standing up…”

“Yes! That means we win!”

“So Katsudon lost?”


“But I wanted all of us to win!”

Viktor laughed.

“That’s not how battles work, sweetie.”

“Oh… but how do we wake him up now?”

“Hmm… that’s a good question. Maybe he needs a kiss!”

A moment later he felt the small face of Yura close to his own, and a kiss pressed to his cheek.

He didn’t move.

“It doesn’t work!”, Yura exclaimed worriedly.

“It doesn’t?! Let me see…”

Yuuri felt and heard Yura move away, but only a moment later he knew that Viktor was kneeling next to him.

“Ohh… I get it now.”

“What? What!?” Yura asked rather impatiently.

“He needs a lover’s kiss, like Sleeping Beauty- ha! See! The fact that his face just turned even redder says I’m right! I’ll kiss him!”

“Then stop talking and do it, daddy! He’s cold!”

“Yes, yes, don’t worry I’m already doing it.”

And a second later he was indeed kissing Yuuri’s lips softly.

Yuuri’s eyes fluttered open when he realized that the kiss was a lot shorter than he would’ve liked.

“Woah daddy, you were right!”

Yura looked stunned.


Shortly afterwards Viktor ushered all of them inside to warm up. It was late in the afternoon by now and they had skipped lunch with all their playing in the snow.

So, while Yuuri was busy getting Yura out of the damp clothes, and drying the boy off where he’d gotten a bit wet as well, he heard Viktor interrupting Mila’s attempts to get the kitchen working again, by giving her instructions to make a big dinner. Yuuri didn’t hear the details, but he looked forward to it anyway.

But first, Yura needed a hot chocolate, and Yuuri did, too. Viktor as well, probably, so after he took Yura downstairs with him, he got to work.

He was just done in time, because when Mila came downstairs, she kicked Yuuri out of the kitchen.

Which felt wrong.

Because Yuuri was supposed to work there. Kind of.

Shrugging, he carried the three cups into the adjacent living room, and put them down on the small table that was standing In between the two armchairs. He told Yura to go and get a book he liked from the library and then started a fire in the rather massive fireplace.

Yuuri was almost done when Yura came running back, excitedly holding up a book.

When he was done with the fire, Yuuri sat down in one of the armchairs cross-legged and pulled the boy onto his lap. Then he took the book Yura shoved at him.

“If you sit still I’ll give you your hot chocolate, okay?”

Yura stilled immediately, so, rather proud of his blackmailing abilities, Yuuri gave him the cup, after positioning the boy to lean against his chest. He just hoped to god that Yura wouldn’t spill anything. The armchairs were white after all.

Viktor entered the living room when they were just a few pages into the book. However this time he had his cane with him.

Though instead of taking a seat in the other armchair, he came to stand behind Yuuri’s, and leaned himself on the back of it.

Yuuri didn’t stop reading for Yura though, because he knew from experience that Yura absolutely hated interruptions when he was immersed into a story like this.

Viktor knew it as well, which is probably why he didn’t say anything, either.

Instead, Yuuri felt his hair being played with, and fingers running through his strands gently. It was a little distracting at first, but the longer Viktor did it, the easier it got to… not ignore, because he definitely enjoyed the tender caresses, but… adjust? Maybe.

Yuuri couldn’t explain how he was feeling then and there.

Happy and content, definitely. He knew that much.

Sadly, they got interrupted by Mila after a while anyway.

“Your first course is ready”, she said, sounding a little baffled.

“Thank you, Mila. We’ll be there shortly.”

Yuuri read until he reached the end of the paragraph, because that was when Viktor took the book out of Yuuri’s hands.

“Hey!”, Yura complained instantly.

“If Yuuri reads all of it to you now, he won’t have anything left tonight, when you go to sleep, yes?”

Yura pouted.

“I guess…”

“Don’t pout, Yura. Dinner is ready, so let’s go eat, okay?”

“What’s for dinner?”, Yura asked, a little moody.


Now he gasped, excited again. “Really!?”

“Yes! And that’s only the first course!”


“Later, sweetie, let’s go now, before it get’s cold.”

Yura jumped down from Yuuri’s lap, and dashed into the living room.

“Course?”, Yuuri repeated the question then.

Viktor smirked.

“I already told Mila that I wanted to treat you to a full blown Russian menu for dinner before your heat, so she did have things prepared beforehand.”

Viktor’s smirk softened into a smile then and he pressed a gentle kiss to Yuuri’s temple, before he walked around the armchair, took Yuuri’s hand, and pulled him off the thing and into the dining room. Yuuri only just barely managed to take the still not empty cups with him.

It turned out that Viktor had lied about Blini as their first course. Well, they did have Blini, but they were topped with caviar.

It was good, but Yuuri only ate two pieces, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to eat the rest of whatever Viktor had planned if he stuffed himself now.

When Mila cleared the rest of the Blini off the table, she informed them that the soup would still take a while, so Viktor decided to play Uno.

Which was a lot of fun. Yuuri wasn’t very lucky though, and only won twice.

The soup Mila brought them was nothing Yuuri had a name for.

“What’s this?”, he asked.

“It’s Shchi.”

Yuuri blinked. “Bless you.”

Viktor laughed. “No, no, Shchi is the name of the soup, Yuuri!”

“Oh…” Yuuri could feel himself blush. “What- what’s in it?”

“Aww don’t be embarrassed, darling. It’s cabbage soup. Very delicious.”

Yuuri found out that Viktor was right; it was very delicious indeed.

When Mila brought the main course shortly after they’d all finished their soup, Yuuri felt full only by looking at it.

“I haven’t had Beef Stroganoff in ages!” Viktor seemed pretty excited about it.

Yuuri had heard the name of that particular dish before, but he never actually ate it. Seeing Viktor’s reaction now though, made him excited to try it as well.

And he wasn’t disappointed.

This dish was heaven on earth.

Though no matter how heavenly it tasted, when Yuuri was done licking his plate clean (figuratively speaking) he felt stuffed.

Which is why he whined pathetically when Mila brought dessert.

Yuuri wasn’t ready for dessert.

He wouldn’t be ready for dessert for a long time.

Also, he’d totally have to find a way too train off all these calories. If people in Russia ate stuff like that all the time, how did they even manage to keep their weight down!? Ugh, he shouldn’t think about this right now, he was ruining his dinner.

He shook himself out of his thoughts by asking Viktor what dessert was, even though he could identify the pieces of chocolate as such for himself.

“It’s Zefir.”

“What?” So it wasn’t chocolate!?

“Chocolate covered marshmallows, basically. Yuuri, you really need to study up on Russian cuisine, darling. Maybe Mila could teach you some recipes. I’d love to try your take on them.”

“I’d love to!”, Mila called from the kitchen.

“Me, too”, Yuuri smiled. He didn’t consider himself to be a great cook, but if Viktor liked his cooking so much, then he would study up on every single Russian dish in existence.

In the end, he did try one piece for dessert, and regretted it immediately. It was tasty, yes, so tasty in fact, that he could literally taste the calories.

However, Yuuri soon noticed that he wasn’t the only one who had been defeated by the food.

Yura wasn’t complaining about being overly stuffed or anything, but all the warm things in his stomach made him visibly sleepy. Yuuri was afraid the little guy would fall asleep at the table, if he was honest, and fall off the chair.

Viktor noticed it as well.

“Mila, can you do me a last favor for today?”

“Sure thing, boss, I’ll put him to bed”, Mila said, without waiting for Viktor to actually explain what he wanted.

Viktor huffed amusedly. “You know me too well.”

Mila winked and plucked Yura off the chair, and went to carry him to bed.

When the door closed, Viktor took a long look at him, before he chuckled softly.

“You look like you could need some help digesting.”

Yuuri grunted.

“I’ll be back in a moment”, Viktor said then and went into the library, leaving his cane behind.

When he came back he carried something wooden that resembled an open fan, though Yuuri wouldn’t bet any money on the accuracy of that description. It looked a little weird.

He put the thing on the table, close enough for Yuuri to touch, though he didn’t dare to. It looked very expensive somehow.

Viktor went to retrieve two glasses then, before he sat down on the chair that had been occupied by Yura beforehand; next to Yuuri over the corner of the table.

“What’s that?”, Yuuri asked incredulously.

Instead of answering, Viktor placed his hands on the top of the wooden thing and pulled at the sides, which opened up the top. Viktor pulled each side down towards the base, just like an actual fan, kind of, if you ripped it up in the middle.

The action revealed a bottle of what Yuuri assumed to be alcohol.

“That’s a fancy way to hide this stuff”, he said almost accusingly. He never would’ve expected to find a bottle inside it.

“It wasn’t exactly cheap, so I think a little bit of fanciness is the least they can give me as a little extra, yes?”

“How much was it?”, Yuuri asked before thinking. It wasn’t any of his business how much Viktor spent on alcohol. He couldn’t deny being curious though.

“Well, it is an original Delamain Le Voyage, so spending 5 on it isn’t really anything to complain about. I haven’t opened it before though, so I’m curious how it tastes!”

Yuuri blinked.


5 Pounds?

Yuuri wasn’t an expert on alcohol stuff, but even he knew that it wasn’t actually that expensive.

Maybe Viktor had remembered incorrectly?

“5 Pounds?”


They stared at each other in shared confusion, before something akin to understanding dawned on Viktor’s features. And his face turned soft.

“No, darling, I’m talking about 5 Grand.”


Yuuri was done.

He would never again ask Viktor for any kind of financial information.

The man obviously lived in another reality than Yuuri did.

Who in their right mind would pay 5000 Pounds or Dollars or Euros or whatever on fricking alcohol!?

5000 was a lot of money. If Yuuri had that kind of money he’d- still be an omega.



Yuuri shook his head, to get these thoughts out of his mind.

“Nothing, it’s just… that’s a lot of money to spend on a drink.”

“Yes, it is. But I do prefer quality over quantity.”

That was sensible, Yuuri could admit that much. But still, 5000 for a bottle of alcohol was still way over the top in his book.

“What kind of alcohol is it anyway?”

“Cognac. Here, try it.”

Yuuri blinked at the glass Viktor was holding up in front of his face.

Was he actually about to drink a cognac worth 5000?

He sighed and took the glass.

“Do you not like cognac, Yuuri?”, Viktor asked, sounding a little worried.

“I’ve never tried it…”

Yuuri forced himself to not think about how expensive the drink he was about to consume was. It just seemed like such a waste of money…

“Oh! It’s good!”, he exclaimed, promptly forgetting its price.

“I agree”, Viktor smiled.

They spend the rest of the evening drinking small amounts of overpriced cognac and talking about anything and everything, sometimes throwing some simple but sweet caresses into the mix; like Viktor stroking over the knuckles of Yuuri’s hand, or Yuuri brushing Viktor’s bangs out of the way when they obscured his left eye a little too much.

All in all, it was the happiest day and night Yuuri had spent in… probably all his life.


Two days later Yuuri realized that his little bubble of happiness had burst again.

Viktor went back to work, which meant he was barely home anymore, and whenever Yuuri woke up at night, he was alone in Viktor’s bed.

It went on for several days, and this morning Yuuri felt like crying during breakfast, when Viktor had already gone, before Yuuri had even woken up. He wouldn’t let himself cry though, because Yura was there, and Yura didn’t need to see Yuuri cry again.

At least Mila was still there with them.

Yuuri got along with the female alpha surprisingly well. And after a week of having no one else to talk to, he knew quite a lot about her by now, too.

She was an alpha, she preferred female partners, and she had her sights set on a certain beta girl who was being thoroughly protected from Mila’s advances by her brother. But apparently Mila quite enjoyed riling that brother up, whenever she managed to slip past his barriers. It seemed like her beta partner quite enjoyed their games as well, so Yuuri was happy that things seemed to work out for them.

Which was kind of normal for an alpha – beta relationship.

Yuuri sighed. He really wished he could’ve been a beta as well.

When they were almost done with breakfast, Mila barged into the room, grinning from ear to ear. Yuuri knew that she had spent the night at her beta’s place, so he didn’t ask what made her so happy. It was obvious. After all, Yuuri would be ecstatic as well if he could spend a few hours with Viktor again.

“Yura~ Yuuri~ good morning! I got a message for you both from Viktor!”

Yuuri perked up at that.

“Well, what is it?”

“The wedding is today, did you even know that? Anyway, Viktor said to tell you that it’s being broadcasted on TV, just so you know that you can watch it if you want to. He said something like it’d be almost like you went there together or some bullshit, but honestly he should’ve just taken you there. I get that you’re an omega, and aren’t supposed to attend highly official things like that but still. Anyway, can we watch it together? I’m dying to see his miserable face on TV again! It’s been too long”, she sighed.

Well, Viktor being miserable wasn’t something Yuuri would be particularly happy to see, but he’d honestly be happy to see any version of Viktor at this point. So he agreed.

They switched on the TV soon after breakfast, perfectly timed to see Viktor walking down the aisle, together with some other guys Yuuri wasn’t interested in.


Viktor looked handsome. Well, he always did, but somehow seeing him all dolled up and in uniform was a different thing.

Some dramatic music started when the royal bride walked in and down the aisle, and Yuuri had to admit that the dress was beautiful and all, but he really just wanted the camera to show Viktor again.

His wish was granted soon enough, when the bride reached her groom.

The ceremony dragged on and on, but luckily, Viktor was standing right next to the groom the entire time, which meant that he was in frame almost as often as the bridal pair itself.

To be honest, it was pretty boring. But at least he could see Viktor like this, so he wasn’t going to complain.

Yuuri only perked up again, when it was time for Viktor’s best man speech.

It was a good speech, too. Which wasn’t surprising. Yuuri was sure that Viktor was used to speaking in front of a lot of important people, owning a big company and all.


When Viktor got home that night, it was 2 am.

Yuuri was tired as hell but he’d forced himself to stay awake.

Viktor looked surprised to see Yuuri still up, though he also looked… depressed?


“You look good in uniform”, Yuuri noticed again, this time from close up.

Viktor grunted.

“I hate this thing.”

Yuuri noticed that his alpha’s eyes were glassy.

“Are you drunk?”

“I wish. I tried.”


“Because fate hates me.”

“What do you mean?”

“What I mean is that I met a past mistake at the wedding.”

Yuuri froze.

Did… did Viktor have another child? He remembered vividly how Viktor had talked about Yura the first time he arrived at his estate.


At the tone of Yuuri’s voice Viktor stopped his attempts at undressing.

He was halfway done anyway.

“Yes. A mistake. A grave one. And I’ll probably need some time to sort this one out. Which is why…” Viktor broke off, and shook his head. “We’ll talk about this tomorrow.”

That didn’t calm down Yuuri’s nerves at all.

However, he was tired enough that his amok running thoughts didn’t manage to win against the fatigue of his body.

He was asleep as soon as he was securely wrapped up in Viktor’s arm.


Viktor dropped the bomb on him after breakfast, when Mila had taken Yura out to go to a playground.

“Darling, there are things I need to take care of back at the estate. It’s urgent that I sort the issue out as soon as possible, so I’ll leave for Devonshire in about an hour.”

Yuuri startled at that.

“In an hour!? I- I don’t think that’s enough time for me to pack Yura’s and my things! Oh god, I need to hurry!”

He moved to stand up, only for Viktor to push him back onto his seat again.

“Yuuri, I said I will go back to Devonshire.”


“You and Yura will stay here. In London. I’m not taking you with me.”



Chapter Text

“What?“, Yuuri asked unbelieving.

“I‘ll go back to Devonshire alone”, Viktor repeated himself.

“But- but why?! Isn’t Yura supposed to go back to school soon? And- and what about-“ me?, Yuuri didn’t dare to ask.

“I’ll talk to them and have them send you more assignments for Yura. Don’t worry about it.”

Yuuri was close to tears.

Why would Viktor suddenly leave them behind like that!?

“Yuuri”, Viktor sighed, and looked at him apologetically. “It’s not going to be for very long, okay? Maybe a few weeks. And when everything is over and done with, I’ll have Georgi come back here and get you.”

Yuuri stared at the floor.

He should be happy that it wasn’t going to be a permanent thing, but a few weeks sounded way too long for him to be apart from Viktor. Maybe they could facetime or something?

And Viktor still hadn’t told him why he had to go back without them.

Because he needed to sort out some mistake, yeah, he got that, but that told him absolutely nothing. What kind of mistake was it? Would it affect Yuuri and Yura if he didn’t get it sorted out? Was it dangerous?!

He had no idea.

The doorbell rang before he could ask any questions though.

“That’s Georgi. But before I leave, listen closely”, Viktor started seriously. “The wedding is over and done with and no one saw us outside the other day, so I can allow you to go out with Yura whenever you want to. You should be safe from cameras. Just don’t forget to put on your collar. And… I know this might be a little harsh, but it’s very important that you listen to me, darling. So this is an order: do not, under any circumstances whatsoever text or call me. If something happens that makes it necessary for you to contact help, call Chris. And delete all of our chat histories, just in case. Understood?”

That… that wasn’t a little harsh.

That was very harsh.

So harsh in fact, that Yuuri couldn’t help the tears forming in his eyes.

He didn’t want to show those to Viktor though, so he lowered his head, and just nodded slightly.

“Good. I trust you to obey that order, darling, it’s very important” Viktor said again, kissed his head and was gone in an instant.

When he heard the front door close again, he stopped trying to suppress the sobs.

It wasn’t fair. Why did he have to delete all the texts they had exchanged as well?! He treasured some of those immensely! And how was he supposed to remind himself of happier times with Viktor if he couldn’t reread some of them?! And did that mean he had to delete their photos, too?!


Most likely.

If Viktor was insistent about destroying any evidence that they ever knew each other, pictures would be-


That’s exactly what Viktor was doing, wasn’t it?

Making sure there wasn’t anything that could link him to Viktor?

No, no, no, that wasn’t it. Viktor told him to wear his collar when he got out, and he was allowed to go out, and Viktor’s name was written on it for everyone to see.

So what the hell was going on!?

Being unnecessarily cruel wasn’t Viktor’s style, and he didn’t think he suddenly hated Yuuri now. After all, he’d still called him ‘darling’ and kissed him. People didn’t do that to people they didn’t like anymore. So he probably hadn’t done anything wrong.

Which was good.

That particular realization also made him stop crying.

Viktor had found out something last night, at the wedding. Something he’d probably forgotten about, if Yuuri had to take a guess. Because Viktor was good at forgetting things, especially if it were things he didn’t particularly like to think about.

So, if Viktor had forgotten about a mistake he made, and it needed his immediate attention, then it probably was a mistake that could still be made right. Right? 

And if he could make it right, then that meant that, whatever that mistake had been, probably wasn’t as grave as Viktor had made it out to be. Because his alpha was a fancy drama queen if nothing else.

But if Yuuri had to delete all his conversations and photos with Viktor, then it might’ve actually been something bad after all. Especially if he wasn’t allowed to call him, either.

It was… strange.

Yuuri kept pondering over the mystery for a while longer, before he gave up.

There was no use trying to figure something out if he didn’t have more hints.


Trying to explain to Yura why his daddy would be gone for a while was hard.

Trying to explain that, no, they couldn’t call him tonight, or tomorrow night, or at all, was almost impossible, but he did, and then Yura cried. And threw a tantrum.

Which was almost expected by Yuuri.

He didn’t try to keep Yura in check when it happened though, because he thought it was better for the boy to let his emotions out, and honestly, Yuuri wanted to throw a tantrum himself, so it wasn’t like he didn’t get it.

Mila had left as well, as soon as she’d brought Yura home. Apparently she was needed back in Devonshire as well, though she seemed to be just as confused as Yuuri was about the whole thing.


The next day was miserable, and they didn’t do much, apart from watching TV and some movies. Yuuri was aware that he needed to get his shit together and engage Yura in some activities; that he needed to be responsible and not let himself go like this, but he just… couldn’t.

He’d gotten so used to having Viktor around, or at least being able to text or call him, that the sudden cut-off was… almost too much of a blow.

When had he grown so dependent on his alpha being with him!?

It wasn’t healthy.


The day after that, Yuuri still hadn’t deleted his pictures with Viktor. He’d deleted the conversations, which had been painful, and he couldn’t help himself but screenshot some parts of it.

They hadn’t even texted all that much, but still. He held the messages where Viktor called him all kinds of endearments, and said sweet things to him, very dear to his heart.

He decided then and there that he would delete the pictures and screenshots, yes, but not before he saved them elsewhere.

So he took Yura and dragged the unwilling boy to his parents’ restaurant.

They lived directly above the restaurant, too, which had never been more convenient to Yuuri than it was right now.

His parents were very surprised to see him just walking in like that, to say the very least, but they were also visibly happy about it, so Yuuri didn’t apologize about not telling them beforehand too much.

They almost forced Yuuri and Yura to have some katsudon, which, honestly, Yuuri was happy about. He knew his own version of the dish wasn’t that far off from how his mum’s version tasted, but there was nothing better than the original.

Eating his mum’s food again, after almost one and half months, in the same location he’d eaten it all his life, was just so… comforting. He hadn’t realized how much he needed that kind of comfort right now.

After they were done eating, Yuuri took Yura up to his apparently still existing room.

And sure enough, everything was just as he’d left it.

Yura had quite a field day in there as well, though Yuuri realized his mistake much, much too late.

“Katsudon, why do you have old pictures of daddy in your room?”, Yura asked curiously.



“Ah… I- I don’t know what you’re talking about?”

“Look!”, Yura said, pointing towards the last poster of Viktor that had ever been officially sold. Viktor had his hair short at that point already, and he was sitting on a throne-like chair, looking rather regal with his attire and posture. Just like the king of figure skating he’d been.

Yuuri realized that it looked too similar to how Viktor was nowadays to deny the fact that it was indeed Yura’s daddy hanging on Yuuri’s wall.

“Err… well. Yura, you see…”

What was he supposed to say!?

Viktor would kill him if he told Yura about his figure skating career.

And Yura would kill him if he didn’t tell him.

Yuuri sighed.

He’d rather be killed by Viktor than by Yura.

Because Viktor was more likely to survive in prison.

Yuuri sighed again.

“I uh… I was a pretty big fan of your daddy, so I had posters…. Like a lot of other people did… he’s very famous after all.”

Maybe he’d get through this without mentioning figure skating after all?

“Daddy’s famous?!”, Yura exclaimed, thoroughly surprised.



Well, so much for that.

“Because he used to be very good at sports.” Yuuri was still fighting, though. He would not say the word until he absolutely had to.



“What sports? And how?! His legs are bad!”

“Yes, well, that’s because of an accident he had.” Kind of.

“Because of the sports?”

“No, it was a car accident.”

“Oh…” Yura looked solemn for a moment. And then he started shaking at Yuuri’s leg.

“Which sports was it?”, he asked, probably excited to learn something new about his father.

“I don’t recall.”

“You’re lying!”

“Why do you think that?”

“Because if you like something you know what it is!”

Yuuri… didn’t have an argument against that logic.

“Okay, you caught me”, he gave in.

“Then tell me!”

“It was… it was...” Yuuri bit his lip. He really shouldn’t tell Yura.

But then he looked down into those big, expectant eyes, and he just could help but blurt out the truth.

“Your daddy was a very, very great figure skater.”

Instead of the tantrum Yuuri half expected Yura to throw at that, Yura surprised him by looking even more excited.

“He was!? Really!?”

“Yes, really.”

“Prove it!”

Yuuri sighed defeated. He’d done it now anyway, so he might as well.

He opened his laptop, pleased to find that it was still working properly. And then he opened youtube, deciding he’d show Yura the video of Viktor’s skating to The Lilac Fairy. Because it was the first time he’d seen Viktor skate, and it held a special place in his heart.

He pulled the boy onto his lap and pressed play.

Yura gasped. “That’s daddy!?”


Yura watched the performance with rapt attention, barely even blinking.

Yuuri didn’t fare much better.

However, when the video ended, Yura was still staring at the screen, almost entranced.

Yuuri couldn’t help but smile at that. It’s pretty much how his reaction had been when he’d first seen it as well.

“So?”, he asked gently, “daddy’s pretty amazing, wasn’t he?”

“Show me more!”, Yura squealed.

Yuuri did so gladly. After all, it had been quite a while since he had been able to watch Viktor’s skating on anything bigger than a phone screen.

He ended up showing Yura every single routine Viktor had ever done. And by the end of it, Yura was as much of a fan of his dad as Yuuri was himself.

“Daddy is so cool!”

“I know, right?”, Yuuri grinned.

“Do you think we can make him show us more of it when we go home!?”

That question pulled Yuuri back to reality rather rudely.

“No, Yura, he won’t be able to.”

“Why not?”, the boy pouted.

Yuuri frowned at him. “Have you forgotten that his legs got bad after his accident?”

“Oh… so he can’t do that anymore?”

“He can’t.”


Yuuri hated himself for being honest just now.

Because Yura had started to cry then.

He tried his very best to hug the boy, and stroke his back and kiss his head, but he was inconsolable for quite a while.

“It’s not fair!”, he wailed several times, and Yuuri told him that he was right, it wasn’t fair, but life rarely was, and they needed to accept that and move on. Like daddy had.

It wasn’t what Yura wanted to hear, obviously, but Yuuri just didn’t know what else to say. After all, it was a lesson everyone needed to learn at some point.


They stayed the night in his old room.

His parents were ecstatic about it, but they also noticed the gloomy mood both of them were in, so they didn’t linger around for very long. Yuuri felt bad about it, but then again, it wasn’t like he could just leave Yura to suffer alone. Luckily, his parents were very understanding people.

After Yura had fallen asleep, Yuuri had reopened his laptop, and put all of his photos with Viktor, as well as the screenshots on it, and then printed them, only to lock them away in a drawer of his desk. He put them on an usb stick as well, just in case.

He’d leave the prints here in his room, and take the stick with him to the townhouse, where he would hide it in the library, until Viktor was normal again. And then he’d put everything back on his phone.

He thought it was a pretty good plan.


Yuuri was stupid.

He was stupid, because he hadn’t had the heart to say no to Yura when he gave him his puppy dog eyes, which was how they ended up at an ice rink.

Viktor was so going to kill him if he ever found out about this.

After showing Yura the videos of his daddy’s skating the boy had asked him to take him to a rink for a week straight, before he’d caved in, but, well, he shouldn’t have caved in at all.

But it was just so hard to keep saying no.

Yuuri had helped Yura into his skates, and showed him how to keep his balance on the ice, and he’d gotten the hang of it quickly. A little too quickly for Yuuri’s taste, but apparently the talent for ice skating just ran through his blood. Literally, probably.

However, Yuuri liked to think that the dance training he’d put the boy through helped as well.

Anyway, they were skating laps right now, hand in hand. The rink was rather crowded, so Yuuri wasn’t about to let Yura run free, and risk losing him. Still, Yura seemed perfectly happy, even without that little bit of extra freedom, so he figured it was fine.

Until Viktor found out about this.

Uhhh he really didn’t want Viktor to find out about this.

He was so dead.


During the next 4 weeks, they went to the ice rink three more times, however they never got lucky, and always had to put up with quite a crowd. Obviously, he didn’t have the chance to teach Yura anything because of that, but at least the boy got rather secure on his skates.

In the meantime, he’d gotten used to the idea that, if Viktor wasn’t going to kill him, he’d at least punish him. He was pretty sure of it, too. After all, if he’d kept his figure skating past a secret from his son, and Yuuri had blown it, Yuuri would be surprised if he didn’t get some form of punishment. He was sorry about it, too, because he knew how much Viktor hated punishing him.

Anyway, he’d done some more thinking on their current situation as well.

Ignoring the fact that he was most likely going to get punished, he wanted to get back to Viktor. It had been more than 5 weeks since the last time he got any kind of contact with his alpha and it destroyed Yuuri. And Yura as well, even though he tried so hard not to show it, it didn’t take a genius to figure it out. Especially with the new found admiration he had for his dad now.

And honestly, Yuuri thought the whole situation was silly.

Even if Viktor tried to keep Yuuri and Yura out of whatever mistake he’d done, this wasn’t the solution. Everyone could ask the police to check databases to confirm that Viktor owned Yuuri; if someone wanted to find it out, they could, no matter how many pictures or texts Yuuri deleted.

Which is why Yuuri just really didn’t see the point of staying here any longer.

He still had some of his own money left, and after checking the prices for trains to Devonshire, he’d cringed, but it was just enough to get the tickets for the both of them.

So he’d packed up his and Yura’s things, and left for home.

Yura was ecstatic about it, obviously, which was good, but he was still talking about how awesome his daddy was, so Yuuri really didn’t think he’d be alive for very much longer.

The train ride was long and boring and after two hours he ran out of things to entertain Yura with, which made rest of the journey a little strenuous.

Not that he could blame Yura, but still, he was intensely relieved when they arrived in Devonshire.

He didn’t have any money for a bus or taxi to get them home, though, so he called Chris.

“Yuuri? Is something wrong?”, came the worried sounding voice out of his speaker.

“Kind of. We just arrived at the station, so do you think you could come and pick us up?”

“You what!? Here?! Are you crazy!?”

He should’ve expected that kind of reaction, but somehow it still surprised him.

“Please, Chris? We’re tired and hungry and cold.”

Chris exhaled loudly.

“Of all the times to disobey Viktor, you had to choose now. Yeah I’ll pick you up. But prepare yourself. Viktor is not in a good situation, and your home is far from being a safe haven right now”, Chris said ominously and hung up.

Yuuri swallowed, a little anxiously.

Just what was going on?!


When Chris came to pick them up, he just shook his head at Yuuri, before he greeted Yura properly.

Maybe… maybe Yuuri had made a mistake.

But it was way too late to turn back now. He didn’t have any money to get back to London, and he didn’t have another place to stay at in Devonshire. So he didn’t really have a choice anymore.


It was comforting to be back here though, so when they entered the entrance hall Yuuri actually did feel like he was coming home.

It was nice.

“I’ll bring Yura to his room through the library. Viktor and… well, his guest, are having dinner right now, so… good luck”, Chris sighed, took Yura’s hand out of his, and led the boy away.

Viktor had a guest?


He hesitantly opened the door to the kitchen, and walked around the corner to the dining area even more hesitantly.

He stopped.

Viktor was sitting at the table, and across from him sat a woman. She was probably older than Yuuri, but seemed to be younger than Viktor. She was pretty, Yuuri figured, in a model kind of way. She was very thin, almost unhealthily so, had blonde hair and seemed to be rather tall, though that was kind of hard to guess, since she was sitting.

So all in all, there was nothing wrong with her appearance, however Yuuri did not like the look in her eyes at all. They were almost cat-like, as if she would scratch anyone who looked at her in a wrong way, and they had an unpleasant gleam in them. Apart from that, she held her chin up in a rather haughty manner.

Yuuri disliked her immediately.

Why was she Viktor’s guest?

He didn’t have time to ponder on that question, because both Viktor and the woman noticed him then.

He saw Viktor’s eyes widen for a split second, before he set his face into a heavy, very stern looking frown. He put his fork down.

That is your omega?”, the woman asked in a way that made Yuuri feel ridiculed immediately.

“Unfortunately. He was a well meant present from an old friend, so I couldn’t turn him away”, Viktor said to her, before he stood up abruptly and glowered at Yuuri. He opened his mouth to say something, but the woman spoke first.

“He’s very badly trained. Or do you actually allow him to wear clothes?”

Viktor turned his glare to her now.

“I was just about to tell him off for that. Don’t interfere.”

She inclined her head, pl