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Yuuri was trembling when the door opened to let Viktor and Mr. Paine back into the room.

Minami had tried his best to distract him, and he’d apologized over and over as well. But Yuuri didn’t want apologies. It was his own fault that he was in this situation after all. What he wanted, was to get this over with. Waiting for the punishment to happen was probably worse than just getting it.

When the two alphas reached the cages, Viktor completely ignored Yuuri. Instead, he turned all his attention to Minami.

“Mr. Paine has signed the transaction, which means you belong to me now. Come over here.”

Minami obeyed, and crawled to Viktor without hesitation.

Viktor opened the door to the cage.

And put Minami’s collar on him, which was connected to a leash.

“Mila, take him upstairs. Keep an eye on him until I get there.”

“Yes, sir.”

Viktor handed the leash over to Mila, who left immediately.

Now Yuuri was alone with the two alphas.

“So, Mr. Paine”, Viktor started pleasantly, “what would you like the punishment to be?”

Mr. Paine looked Yuuri over for what felt like several minutes before he answered.

“How about we just fuck him silly until he can’t walk for a few days?”

“No”, Viktor said decidedly, before Yuuri even had the time to panic.

“Why not?”

“Because I’m not allowing you to touch him.”

“But-! It’s my punishment.”

“It may be your punishment, but it’s my omega. Which means I will execute your punishment. Did you not say that you were aware of your rights?”

“I am. I just didn’t expect you to say no to something like that. What the hell, dude?”

“Well I am saying no. Choose another punishment.”

The alpha glared at Yuuri as if it was somehow his fault.

“Whip him.”

Viktor sighed.

“No, I will not.”

“The fuck, man? Why not?”

“Because he is unsightly enough as it is. I don’t want to make it any worse by scarring him.”

Yuuri tried very to not let that phase him.

It was becoming increasingly difficult though. He didn’t know how many more insults he could take from Viktor.

“Then just… I don’t know man. Just tie him up and… and edge him for the rest of the day.”

When Viktor didn’t immediately came up with a counter argument, Yuuri looked back at his owner, only to notice his frown.

“I don’t have time to play around for a whole day.”



Viktor- what was Viktor saying?!

Yuuri forced himself to calm down.

There had to be a logical explanation why Viktor wasn’t saying anything against that form of punishment.

“I- I guess that’s fair. It’s… 3 pm now, and I should be home by 6, so… edge him for 2 hours. I need an hour to get home and you can… work or whatever after 5 pm. It’s not that late.”

“How do you want me to edge him?”

At that moment Yuuri had the horrifying realization that Viktor didn’t say anything against this form of punishment, because he simply couldn’t.

Sexual punishments were normal, and as far as Yuuri knew, edging didn’t cause any bodily harm and left no marks.

Objectively, Yuuri was getting off easy with a punishment like that.

Though obviously in Yuuri’s special case, it was one of the worse things that could’ve happened.

“Uhh… do you have a vibrator you can like, control from a distance?”

“I do.”

“Then use that. And we can just sit down here and enjoy the show.”

Yuuri tried to mentally prepare himself for what was to come. He knew Viktor didn’t have a choice there, and he knew that if he made a fuss because of a simple punishment like that, the other alpha could realize what’s going on and still change his punishment. And involve Minami or something equally as cruel.

So he would take it. He could deal with a little piece of plastic, right?

Probably not.

But he would definitely try.

Come to think of it, he totally wasn’t ready for something to just… be pushed inside him.

The thought alone made his skin crawl.

But at least it was Viktor who was doing the pushing, not the scumbag alpha.

So that should make it easier to deal with.


Viktor pulled out his phone.

“Chris? Yes, I need to ask one more favor of you. Please go into the heat-room and bring a nebolshoy Bluetooth Love Egg to the party room.”

“Nebol… What did you say?”

“Oh I apologize, I must’ve slipped into my native tongue for a second there. It means strong, it’s usually used to describe the power of motors or similar devices.”

Yuuri knew for a fact that this explanation was bullshit.

He had been a Nikiforov fan for over a decade, okay? Obviously he had tried to learn Russian at one point and it just so happened that he knew for a fact that the word Viktor had used simply meant ‘small’.

It made Yuuri panic a little less.

“I think I like you”, Mr. Paine said in a sick way.


It didn’t take long for Chris to arrive.

Yuuri hid himself in the far corner of the cage as well as he possibly could, but he could still see that Chris had absolutely now idea what was going on.

He didn’t question Viktor though, and just handed him a black box.

He was gone again as fast as he’d appeared.

“There’s no need for you to stand up, I’ll tie him to the front of the cage”, Viktor said to the other man, who had moved like he wanted to follow Viktor to the cage.

He leaned back into the couch a little disgruntled.

What surprised Yuuri though, was that Viktor didn’t ask him to get to the front of the cage right away. Instead he came walking towards the corner Yuuri had huddled himself into.

He kneeled down behind him and opened the box.

The egg, which wasn’t egg-shaped at all, was small indeed. It was about the size of his thumb. It was sleek and seemed to be made out of some metallic material.

“I’m so sorry I have to do this, darling, do you think you can handle it?”, Viktor whispered, barely audible even for Yuuri.

The endearment was so unexpected in this situation, it almost made Yuuri tear up.

He inclined his head very slightly, not wanting to give the other alpha reason to believe they were talking.

Viktor pressed his lips together, probably not buying Yuuri’s lie, but unable to do anything about it.

“Turn around”, he commanded in a loud and clear voice after a moment.

Yuuri swallowed, but obeyed instantly.

“Oh? I thought he wasn’t well trained?”

“He isn’t. But he’s not stupid enough to embarrass me in front of others. Elbows on the ground.”

Yuuri’s shaking was getting worse, but he still obeyed.

Just get this over with, he repeated to himself.

He felt Viktor’s hand caress his butt for a moment, which reminded him of the punishments he’d gotten before.

Well, at least that much was familiar.

“Spread your knees further apart, Yuuri.”

He concentrated on his breathing when he complied. It would do him absolutely no good to panic right now. Not at all.

When he felt a cool, hard object at his entrance a moment later he grit his teeth and ground his nails into the padding.

It- it wasn’t painful, but very, very uncomfortable and strange.

Viktor pushed it in as slowly and carefully as he possibly could, but both of them knew that he couldn’t draw it out too much.

“You’re doing so well, Yuuri, I’m so proud of you already”, Viktor whispered again, in that barely there voice.

It gave Yuuri the strength he needed in that moment.

He was not going to disappoint Viktor.

He would not screw up their scheme.

He could do this.

Yuuri took a deep breath and tried to relax.

While he had been caught up inside his own head, Viktor had moved to the front of the cage again.

“Come here”, he said in a stern voice.

Yuuri crawled over to Viktor. It wasn’t a long way but he definitely felt that something was… intruding. It didn’t exactly get in the way of his movements but it just felt so… weird.

Though to be honest, Yuuri had expected it to be worse.

Viktor opened a compartment in the ceiling of the cage, which caused padded handcuffs to fall out of it, in a way that reminded Yuuri of the oxygen masks he got to see in that video on the plane where they lectured everyone about safety.

“Put your hands up.”

Yuuri obeyed, and Viktor didn’t hesitate to cuff him to the ceiling, before he turned to the other man.

“Is that enough for you?”

“No. I want him to be unable to move. And blindfolded.”

Had… had Yuuri imagined that growling just now?

It had sounded really close.

It had been very faint though. Maybe it was thundering outside? Mr. Paine didn’t seem to have noticed it.

Viktor lifted a part of the padded for that was apparently another compartment. This one housed ropes.

Yuuri swallowed.

He knew that the only reason why he wasn’t panicking yet, was because Viktor’s scent was close.

His owner took three relatively short ropes. He snaked one around his thigh and fasted his leg to a bar of the cage, before he did the same with his other thigh.

The last, slightly longer rope went around Yuuri’s waist. When Viktor was in the process of tying that one to the bars his front was pressing up against as well, Yuuri cracked.

Yuuri had been fine with being naked until now because he had been able to hide at the back of the cage and cower in positions that protected him from too much scrutiny. As soon as Viktor would move away from him, he’d be completely exposed, not only to Viktor, but another alpha as well.

He couldn’t deal with that.

Viktor seemed to notice his turmoil, because he gently put his hands on Yuuri’s hips, after he was done tying him up, and leaned forward to press an even gentler and very sweet kiss to his lips.

Yuuri could practically taste the apology.

That didn’t change what was inevitably about to happen though.

“Hey, I didn’t say you could kiss the omega.”

Viktor stood up and glared at the man.

“I don’t need your permission to kiss my omega.”


“The only thing you were allowed to tell me was how to punish him. You have absolutely no say in anything else I do with him additionally. So if I want to kiss him, I will. Don’t assume you have any kind of power over what I do.”

Viktor smelled angry now.

Mr. Paine must’ve realized that he’d overstepped a line as well, because he only stared at Viktor with wide eyes, not saying anything.

“Before I start, I want to make one more thing crystal clear.”


“If you, at any point during the punishment, take your dick out or touch yourself in any way, I will shatter this glass into pieces and I will use them to cut your dick off in the most painful way I can imagine.”

Yuuri almost wanted to laugh at how scared the man looked.

After making sure that the man was thoroughly intimidated by his glare as well as his smell, Viktor took his necktie off, and used it to blindfold Yuuri, after taking his glasses off of course.

He only knew that Viktor had moved away when the comfort of his smell was gone.

He started shaking badly.

He was completely exposed, he had some weird metallic thing inside him and he couldn’t see anything.

He was-

Yuuri yelped when the vibrator started to vibrate.

He- he didn’t like that. At all.

“N-no…. please”, Yuuri whimpered, unable to keep the act up any longer.

“If he’s this vocal already you should gag him.”

“I will not gag him.”

“But if I say it’s part of the punishment-“

“The punishment has already started. I will not interrupt it just because you forgot to tell me one of your requirements. Are you a complete amateur?”

Hearing Viktor’s voice somehow calmed him down a bit. Even though he’d sounded angry. But Yuuri knew that he wasn’t angry at him, but for him, which made him feel a little better. At the very least it was nice to know that Viktor didn’t take any bullshit from that man.

Yuuri whimpered when the vibrations turned stronger.

He really did not like this, at all.

But he was getting hard anyway.

He hated his body.

He reminded himself that Viktor had told him that his body was just reacting to being stimulated. So at least he wouldn’t have to worry about why his body was betraying him. He just had to keep reminding himself of that fact.

But still.

He whimpered when the vibrations were getting stronger yet again. “No…”

His body was still shaking. Though he had a feeling that it wasn’t entirely because of his fear. It felt different somehow, but before he could even try to put his finger on it, the vibrations lessened and so did that weird feeling he just had.

“Ugh…?” Yuuri was confused.

His body was acting strange, and this stupid thing just wouldn’t stop vibrating and it made Yuuri feel weird and he really didn’t want this anymore. He wanted to take it out and curl up on Viktor’s lap and forget everything that had happened on this terrible day.

The vibrations were getting stronger again, making Yuuri whine.

“He looks like he’s ready to cum already.”

“He won’t”, Viktor’s voice said with certainty.


Oh yeah.

Of course, that’s what was happening. His body was designed to orgasm when it was stimulated like this. That must’ve been what that weird feeling had been.

He could start to feel it build up again, too.

Oh god, please no, he thought, getting close to tears already, even though the punishment had barely even started.


Yuuri didn’t know how much time had passed. He only knew that he couldn’t think anymore; that his mind was messed up.

He was sweaty, shaking, sobbing and his throat felt raw from screaming for it to stop.

He was sure his legs would have given out if he hadn’t been kneeling to begin with.

By now his vagina was dripping, his dick was leaking and he could feel his the muscles in his whole body contracting.

Added to that, his insides felt numb, and his arms had fallen asleep ages ago.

He couldn’t even really feel the vibrator the same way he had in the beginning. Which he couldn’t decide was a good or bad thing. Probably because he couldn’t think straight for longer than half a second.

In short, he was a mess in agony.

He felt like he was about to literally break when the vibrations suddenly stopped.

“It’s 5 pm. I will see you to the door.”

Whoever had talked sounded very far away. But Yuuri didn’t care. He just tried to get some sort of rhythm back into his breathing.


Yuuri just kept trying to breathe.

He felt the ropes loosen but he didn’t dare to move. He probably couldn’t move anyway, even if he tried.

“I’m coming in Yuuri.”

Yuuri didn’t care.

He felt the blindfold moving before it fell from his face.

He opened his eyes, but couldn’t see anything.

His shaking got even worse.

“Yuuri… shhh… it’s over, okay? It’s over.”

The voice sounded gentle.

But he didn’t care.

The only thing he cared about was that thing inside him. Even if it didn’t vibrate anymore, he wanted it out.

He felt hands on his arm, and a moment later his wrists were free.

His arms hurt a lot though. But the hands were guiding them down slowly anyway.

He didn’t have the strength to fight.

But it hurt like hell when his arms were being massaged.

He couldn’t deal with pain right now.

His body started shaking violently.

Suddenly there was something warm pressing against his back, and he had arms around him.

He faintly wondered why he didn’t feel even more scared at that.

“Yuuri… shh. I got you, okay?”

He… he knew that smell, he realized after a few moments.

That smell meant safety.

He let himself sag against the warmth that had come together with the smell.

The arms around him tightened when he couldn’t help but sob uncontrollably, each of them racking through his whole body.

Something pressed against his temple.

“T-Ta-Ta… Take… out. P-p-p-please. O-out”

He didn’t know if he made sense.

“Of course. I’ll take it out. Just… spread your legs a little…”

Yuuri whined through his sobs but obeyed. He’d do anything to just get it out.

A jolt ran through him as soon as something warm came in contact with his entrance.

“NO!”, he cried, weakly trying to squirm away.

“Yuuri. Yuuri I’m just trying to get it out. You want it out, yes?”

“Yes”, he sobbed.

“It’ll be out very fast if you stop moving, okay darling? Can you do that? Don’t move.”

Yuuri tried to obey. The voice meant safety, he knew at least that much, so he wanted to obey it, because if he didn’t obey, he could lose the voice. And the safety. So he tried his best to obey. Even though it was very difficult. And he couldn’t stop his violent shaking when he felt that warm thing from earlier enter him.

“No”, he sobbed. But he didn’t move.

He felt how the thing that had hurt him was pulled out of him.

He sobbed in relief, unspeakably glad that it was finally gone.

That it couldn’t hurt him anymore.

“Yuuri, you’re doing so great sweetheart”, the voice said soothingly.

The voice was happy with him.

So it probably wouldn’t leave him.

That was good.

“Tell me what you want, Yuuri.”

Yuuri didn’t know what he wanted.

He- he wanted to stop feeling strange.


The warmth was gone in an instant.

It sent Yuuri straight into hysterics.

It came back a second later.

“Yuuri? I know it’s hard for you, dear but… please try to tell me what you want to stop.”

Yuuri didn’t comprehend the question.

“Stop what, Yuuri?”

“S-s-stop… stra-strange”, he sobbed.

“What’s strange, darling?”

“F-f-feeling”, he gasped through his tears.

“You’re feeling strange?”

Yuuri sobbed in confirmation. The voice understood him so well!

“In your belly?”

Yuuri jerked his head in what was supposed to be a confirmation.

The voice didn’t say anything, which made Yuuri’s trembling get worse again.

“Shh, it’s okay, Yuuri.”


“I need to touch you if you want me to make it stop.”


“Alright, darling, here, I’ll stop it with this, okay?” When the voice said that something warm tapped against his chest.

Yuuri jerked his head again.

He felt that warm spot travel down from his chest over his belly, until it touched his dick.

Yuuri hissed, but didn’t struggle. After all, the voice had promised to make it stop.

The voice knew what it was doing.

He trusted the voice.

The warmth started to move along his dick, encircling it completely.

It made the feeling stronger.


“It’ll stop soon, sweetheart.”

Yuuri started convulsing heavily for a few moments before-




Yuuri woke up slowly. He blinked his eyes several times before he could see as clearly as possible without his glasses.

“Yuuri?”, Viktor whispered from somewhere above him.

It took Yuuri a moment to realize that he was lying on a couch, his head in Viktor’s lap, and Viktor’s hand stroking through his hair with the gentlest of touches.

“S-sir?”, he croaked. His voice sounded awful, even to his own ears.

“Yes. Are you feeling coherent?”

“I… I think so?”

Viktor breathed a sigh of relief.

“Good. That’s- that’s good. Do your arms hurt?”

Yuuri frowned, trying to move his arms around.

“I think they’re a little sore?”

“Okay. If they start feeling weird, I need you to tell me immediately, okay?”


“How… are you feeling, Yuuri?”


Suddenly everything that had happened came crashing down on him.

Yuuri couldn’t stop the tears that came to his eyes.


“Tell me why.”

“B-b-because my body… my body… did things.”

“Things you didn’t want it to do”, Viktor stated.

Yuuri nodded in agreement.

“Do you want to tell me why it makes you feel disgusting?”

“I- I don’t know. I just… it felt weird. I didn’t know what was going on and I didn’t think it would be so… intense. It- it was scary. It was really scary.”

The tears spilled over, streaming down his cheeks.

“I couldn’t move and I couldn’t see anything. And I couldn’t even smell you. I- I think it wouldn’t have been so- so scary if I could’ve smelled you.”

“I didn’t realize my smell affects you so strongly. If I had known, I would’ve stayed closer. I’m sorry, Yuuri.”

Yuuri shook his head.

“It was a punishment, so I wasn’t supposed to get comfort during it.”

Viktor sighed.

“While that is true, the punishment went beyond what I would consider safe for you.”

Yuuri bit his lip.

“I’m not sorry that I helped Minami. Is that bad? Will you punish me for that, too?”

“No, Yuuri. It’s neither bad, nor will I punish you anytime soon. It just shows how strongly you feel about his situation. And it proves your will power. I’m so proud of you, Yuuri, you endured it very well.”

“I didn’t feel like I was doing well, though.”

“Well, I expected you to do much worse.”

“Gee, thanks.”

Viktor smirked at him.

“If you’re getting sassy already then that means you’ll be fine”, Viktor said, gently stroking two of his fingers over his cheeks, wiping away the tears.

“Did I embarrass you?”, Yuuri asked after a moment of silence.

“No, not at all. You were perfect. In fact, you deserve a treat. Tell me what you want.”

Yuuri mulled this over for a second.

“I- I want… I want baggy sweatpants, an oversized hoody and 3 blankets.”

Viktor laughed lightly.

“How about you get all of that, plus a whole box of Ben&Jerry’s while we watch your favorite Disney movie?”

Yuuri looked at Viktor warily. “How do you know I have a favorite Disney movie?”

“Oh darling, everyone has a favorite Disney movie.”

When Yuuri tried to sit up, he realized just how weak he actually felt.

“Do you need help?”

“N-no… I just… I need to get up slowly, I think.”

“Take all the time you need.”

“How- how did I even get here?”

Viktor sighed.

“You passed out during your orgasm, so I carried you here.”

“Oh.” That made sense.


No, it didn’t!

“What!? How?!”

“Sheer force of will.”

Viktor looked uncomfortable, so Yuuri let the topic drop. It had probably come with a great deal of pain for him.

“Will you able to walk, Yuuri?”

“I- I think so, yes.”

He was a little wobbly on his legs, but he didn’t feel like he was going to fall over.

So that was good.

Viktor put his suit jacked, that had covered his front until now, over his shoulders.

“I told all of the staff to go home for the day, so how about you go on ahead to the living room and I’ll bring you everything you wanted there?”

Yuuri nodded distractedly.


“I… I just thought I’d be a lot more… dirty”, he admitted, his cheeks coloring.

“Ah… well. I cleaned you up while you were unconscious…”

“Oh… uhm. Thanks.”

To be honest, Yuuri was very glad about that. He figured he’d feel even more awful if he’d have to deal with… that.


When Viktor walked around the corner into the so-called living room, he was wearing sweatpants and an oversized hoody himself. He’d also definitely taken a shower.

“Oh… that’s why you took so long… er.. sir.”

Viktor ran a hand through his hair.

“Yes and no. I had a short talk with Minami, so I took the shower just in case his scent would upset you right now.”

That had probably been the right thing to do.

“Why did you talk to him?”

“Yuuri. He just got handed over to me by his previous owner. He has no idea how things work around here, so I told him some rules and asked him to stay in his room for the rest of the day. Mila is still with him and will take care of his dinner and other things he might need.”

Viktor narrowed his eyes at him.

“I know you’ve just been through a lot, Yuuri, but I want you to clear your head right now. Do you honestly think so little of me to assume that I would have sex with a minor?”

Yuuri felt like he had been slapped right in the face.

Viktor… Viktor was completely right. Minami was only 16. Yuuri knew that. Viktor had been concerned that Yuuri was too young to have any kind of sexual relationship with Yuuri himself, even though he was definitely not a minor anymore.

Yuuri felt terrible for ever assuming Viktor had any kind of sexual desire for Minami.

“I-I-I-I’m so… so sorry! I- I didn’t even… think! At all! Oh god, I-“

“Yuuri, calm down. It’s fine. I just wanted to make my point clear. Now get into your clothes”, Viktor said while handing Yuuri said clothes.

However, he hesitated before he stood to get into them.

“Do you want me leave while you get dressed?”

“It- it’s not like it really matters anymore, is it?”

“It matters to me. I want you to feel secure.”

Yuuri almost teared up at that.

“… you can stay.”

He already made Viktor carry him today. And he saw how the alpha was leaning on his cane more heavily than usual. He didn’t want to put him through even more pain, just because he was unnecessarily embarrassed. Viktor had already seen him naked anyway, so it wasn’t like he had anything left to hide.

He put the pants on first.

When he pulled the hoody over his head he paused.

“That’s…. yours?”, he asked, as soon as he pulled it down.

“Yes. You said my scent calms you down quite significantly, and I want you to feel as comfortable as you possibly can right now, so…”

Yuuri leaped straight into Viktor’s free arm. He hadn’t expected such a nice gesture.

It was more than welcome though. Yuuri needed to make sure Viktor knew that.

“Thank you so much”, he whispered.

“You’re welcome. Now, have you decided on a movie?”

“I want to watch Lady and the tramp.”

Viktor laughed softly. “Okay then. I hope you like cookie dough?”, he asked, holding up the ice cream.

Yuuri nodded.

“I love that one.”

They snuggled up underneath exactly three blankets, before the movie started.

Yuuri was cuddled up against Viktor’s side, feeling safe underneath the alpha’s arm, and being surrounded by his scent.

Maybe he wouldn’t have nightmares tonight.