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They had gone upstairs as soon as Yuri was fully awake. And since the boy was complaining about being hungry, Yuuri had forced Yura as well as Viktor to help him cook. Not that he needed the help, but he wasn’t ready to let Viktor go back to the office just yet, for Yuri’s sake.

Yuri seemed thrilled about it, too, when Viktor took his tiny hands in his own to guide him through cutting the meat into stripes. Viktor hadn’t even needed much prodding from Yuuri, which Yuuri was insanely happy about. He hadn’t thought it would be this easy to make the two of them connect. Though, in the back of his mind he feared that a repeat of today probably wouldn’t happen in a while.

After all, it was easy to get caught up in the moment when everything went well, but to keep it up and to form an actual relationship, all of them would have to work hard. And after that even harder to maintain it. Until it became natural. Which, Yuuri figured, would take years.

He was up for the task though. That is, if he could stay here. He needed to work on himself for that as well, he realized with a sigh.

Lunch went well, too. A lot better than the day before. At one point, Viktor had asked Yuri why he kept calling Yuuri katsudon. His face had looked rather funny after Yuri was done explaining. Yuuri had to try really hard to not laugh at him.

After lunch Yuuri was starting to grasp at straws to keep Viktor with them. He wanted to show Viktor that he didn’t need his legs in order to entertain Yuri though, so he proposed to play board games. Yuri was all for it and, after his initial surprise, Viktor agreed to play with them.

They decided on monopoly.

Yura and Yuuri had teamed up to play against Viktor.

And lost pathetically fast.

In hindsight it had probably been a bad idea to try and play a game like that against the boss of a multimillion-or-so company.

Yuuri couldn’t bring himself to be salty about losing as soon as he realized that, but Yura looked rather put out.

“Katsudon, you suck.”

“Wait, how is this my fault?”

They bickered playfully for a while, with Viktor laughing at the both of them, extremely satisfied with his victory.

Even though he’d lost, his insides felt very warm in that moment.

At least until Viktor grabbed his cane.

“I’ll be going back to my office then.”

“Why?”, Yuri asked, slightly panicky.

“Because I have an appointment in 30 minutes and I still need to prepare for it. Yuuri. I know your stubbornness rivals mine, but please don’t ask me to have dinner with you, today. It’s an important meeting with important associates and it will be quite lengthy. I can’t have you barging in during that.”

“Yes, sir.”

Yuuri was disappointed.

But he really shouldn’t have expected anything else. Just because Viktor realized that he couldn’t neglect Yuri didn’t mean he wasn’t suddenly busy anymore. And if he was honest, he hadn’t expected Viktor to stick around for this long anyway.

Baby steps, he reminded himself

Yuri only talked gain after Viktor was out of sight.

“Do you think he’ll come to say good night?”

“I- I think it depends on how long his meeting is…” Yuuri said, almost bursting into tears. He couldn’t bear to get Yuri’s hopes up for nothing though, which is why he decided to be honest.


“I’m sure he’ll spend more time with us tomorrow.”


Yuuri had been right about that. Viktor did indeed come down for lunch without a fuss the next day, and he even stayed to play several rounds of UNO together with them.

He went back to his office rather late in the afternoon, though not before telling Yuuri to see him after bringing Yuri to bed.

They spent the rest of the day as usual. Making a little progress with the katakana alphabet, spending time in the playroom and watching TV for a little bit after dinner.

It was during his bath time when Yura decided to ask the difficult questions.

“Why does daddy come to play with us?”

“Maybe he wants to spend time with you…”

“It’s scary.”

That threw Yuuri off.

“Why is it scary?”, he asked carefully, while rinsing Yuri’s hair.

“Because he’s always angry at me.”

Yuuri vividly remembered what happened when he met Yura for the first time.


“But he wasn’t angry the last two days”, Yuuri reminded him gently.

“That’s ‘cause I was trying reeeaaaal hard to be good. He’d be angry if I would say something wrong.”

“Oh Yura…” Yuuri really felt for the little boy.

“I don’t think he would be angry at you just for saying something wrong.”

Yuri chewed on his lip.

“But he got really angry last time…”

“What did you say to him last time?” Yuuri was trying very hard to sound gentle, not scared.

“You will be angry, too if I tell you.”

Now he really was scared. It sounded as if Yuri was aware that whatever he’d said had been out of line.

“I won’t be angry. Promise.”

There was a pause before Yura apparently decided to trust him.

“I said that he can’t be my daddy because daddies are supposed to be cool and strong and that he sucks because he can’t even walk without help.”

Yuuri made the very conscious attempt to suppress his gasp.

“But I promise I didn’t mean it! I just wanted him to become strong, too, so he could carry me! Because all the other daddies carry my friends, too! But he got really angry and didn’t want to see me anymore”, Yuri wailed.

“Oh… Yura…”

That was probably the same incident Viktor had talked about.

He heaved the boy out of the tub and wrapped him up in a towel before he hugged him, trying to think of something to say, while Yura cried against his shoulder.

“You shouldn’t have said that…”

“I know”, Yuri sniffed.

“And do you know why?”

Yura looked at him confused. “Because it made him angry.”

“Well, yes. But do you know why it made him angry?”

The boy paused. “Because I said he sucks?”

“No- I mean yes, that, too. Bu you see, Yura, what you said hurt your daddy very much.” Yuuri wanted to say more, but he didn’t know if he was allowed to. Though, looking at Yura’s heartbroken face, he decided to hell with it, he’d deal with the punishment.

“Your daddy had an accident that made him like this, did you know that?”

Yura shook his head, wide-eyed.

“Before the accident he was very, very strong and super cool! And now he’s very sad that he can’t do the things anymore that used to be easy for him. I’m sure he really wants to carry you, too. And that’s why it probably hurt him a lot when you told him that.

“Oh…”, Yura said quietly, staring at the floor. It looked like new tears were about to flow over.

“Do you think he’ll stop being angry at me if I tell him I’m sorry?”

“I don’t think he’s still angry at you, Yura. But I’m sure he would be happy about an apology anyway.”

Yura nodded, determined.

Yuuri couldn’t help but smile at him. It took guts to apologize.

In fact, he was so proud of little Yura, that he couldn’t help but press kiss to his forehead softly, before he helped the boy to dry himself off.

He only realized what he’d done a few moments later, but Yura didn’t look put out by the gesture so Yuuri figured it had been fine.


He was a bit nervous when he stood in front of Viktor’s door.

He didn’t know why Viktor had summoned him here. He didn’t think he had done anything wrong the last two days, well, apart from the yelling at his owner thing, but Viktor had thanked him for that, so it wouldn’t make any sense for him to punish him now, right?

He knocked.

“Come in.”

“Sir, you wanted to see me…?”

“Yes, for two reasons. Sit down.”

Yuuri obeyed.

“First of all, I forgot about it yesterday with everything that happened, but this finally arrived”, Viktor said, holding up a small package.

Yuuri looked at it confused.

“It’s from the facility”, Viktor added helpfully, “Of course it was supposed to arrive here days ago but apparently the staff are either slackers or very disorganized for it to have taken so long. Go ahead, open it.”

Yuuri took it from Viktor’s outstretched hand, and ripped it open rather impatiently. He desperately wanted his phone back, but he also couldn’t quite believe that it had been this easy.

When he looked inside the package, he found that there was indeed his phone, as well as his wallet in there. He immediately tried to switch it on, but he only got the empty battery symbol. When he checked the package again, he realized that there was no charger.

He felt like crying.

“What is it? Is something missing?”

“The battery is dead and they didn’t send my charger…”

“Oh. Well, you can use mine for now and buy a new own tomorrow”, Viktor offered, pointing at some round, flat thingy that was sitting on the desk.

It took Yuuri a moment to realize that it was a wireless charger. Right. Those were a thing now.

“Erm… thank you for the offer, sir, but my phone is too old for that…”

“In that case I’m afraid you will have to wait until tomorrow.”

Yuuri nodded absentmindedly and went to check his wallet, almost expecting it to be cleaned out.

He was pleasantly surprised, though, when he saw that all of his point cards and even his money – !!!!! – was still in there. Sure, it wasn’t a large sum, but he actually wouldn’t have to rely on Viktor to get a new charger!


Was he… was he allowed to have his own money? He vaguely remembered a lesson from the facility, that taught him that, since he was basically nothing more than any other object people owned, he wasn’t supposed to own anything himself. Sure, he had clothes to wear, but those belonged to Viktor, and his phone, well that officially belonged to Viktor too now, even if he let Yuuri use it.

So did that mean he was supposed to give Viktor his money as well? It made sense. Though, Yuuri figured the man wouldn’t have any use for a point card from his favorite ice cream shop.

Biting his lip, he took the bills out and reluctantly held them up for Viktor to take them.

Viktor looked at him bewildered, and didn’t make a move towards the money.


“I- uhh I’m not supposed to have my own money, right?”

Viktor frowned, thinking.

“I guess that’s true. But I don’t have any need for it. Keep it.”

Was that even legal?

Yuuri figured that, since Viktor had told him to keep it, it was like Viktor had given it to him in the first place.

All this technicality bullshit was so stupid.

“Thank you, sir.” He put it back in his wallet.

They sat a moment in awkward silence before Viktor cleared his throat.

“Right. The other reason why I wanted you to come here was because of your reaction in the pool yesterday.”

Yuuri didn’t need to ask for clarification. He knew exactly that Viktor was talking about his little moment of panic he had when they were kissing.

“I’m sorry about that, sir. I-“

“There’s no need to apologize. I’ve been thinking of… several things in order to make you more comfortable with situations like that. However, before I tell you any more than that I need to know something, Yuuri.”

“What is it?”

“Are you up for a challenge?”

That question confused Yuuri. Though he had an inkling that whatever it was that Viktor was about to say, it would be something similar to their kissing deal.

He swallowed, trying to mentally prepare himself for whatever Viktor had in mind.

However, he was always up for a challenge.

“Yes, sir.”

Viktor stood up and took his cane.

“Come with me.”

Befuddled, Yuuri stood up, waiting for Viktor to lead the way.

He led them to the curtain further down the hallway.

Yuuri had figured that behind the curtain were Viktor’s own private quarters. He hadn’t thought he’d ever be allowed to go in there, but now that he apparently was, he felt… queasy. He couldn’t really tell why though.

He knew that Viktor wasn’t suddenly going to rape him.

He was surprised though, when Viktor pulled the curtain aside. The hallway to his office was bright and friendly, but behind the curtain the colors were suddenly darker, with red walls and a black marble floor.

Yuuri wasn’t even surprised to see yet another hallway at this point.

Though this one was wider.

Viktor led him down the hallway, past a wooden door and a turn to the left, until the end of the hallway, where, Yuuri noticed now, was another turn, though to the right this time. Behind the corner was a door his left, further down the hall was another door on the right and… if Yuuri saw it correctly, there was another curtain even further down, at end of the hallway.

He wondered if there was another hallway behind that. Viktor certainly seemed to have a fetish for it.

He shook himself out of it and focused on Viktor, who was opening the door closest to Yuuri.

He really didn’t want to think about fetishes right now.

Viktor motioned for him to enter first, so Yuuri did.

He had almost expected to walk into Viktor’s bedroom, but now he was pretty sure that wasn’t the case after all.

He was standing in front of a white grand piano, though unlike the one downstairs it lacked the golden carvings. The outer wall consisted only of windows, though there was space for a fireplace, too. And he saw 3 steps leading up to- Yuuri had to walk further into the room. Whatever the steps led up to was around a corner.


They led up to a… bed? Really fancy, oversized couch? Yuuri wasn’t sure what exactly it was, but it filled out the whole corner of that room. If he had to guess the width of it he’d say 7 to 8 people could probably lay there comfortably next to each other without touching. And still have at least a meter of space behind their feet before the… thing ended. There were a lot of pillows propped against the walls, too.

Yuuri could only stare at it. The room itself felt very warm and comfy, even without a fire burning in the fireplace.

But right now Yuuri felt very cold inside.

He was up for a challenge, yes, but he was not up for sex.

Not yet at least.

Looking over at Viktor in a slight panic, he realized that his reaction was already being observed by the alpha.

“This is my piano room”, he said by way of explanation.

“I didn’t know you play.” Yuuri’s voice sounded higher than he would’ve liked.

“It became a little bit of a hobby when I was in University. Are you sure you’re up for the challenge?”

No, not really.

“What exactly does that challenge involve?”

“Nothing that would require you to undress if that’s what you’re worried about.”

That was exactly what Yuuri was worried about. So hearing that actually calmed him down a lot.

“In that case I’m sure.”

“Good. Go sit down.”

Yuuri walked up the steps and sat down on the mattress? - Padding? - gingerly.

Viktor followed his example, though he was obviously careful to not sit too close to him. It made Yuuri feel stupid for doubting him for even a second. Viktor was safe. At least when it came to things that didn’t involve punishments.

“What I want to try might make you uncomfortable, but if we’re ever going to have sex, I need you to get used to it.”

Yuuri swallowed. It wasn’t like he hadn’t expected some difficulty along the way, but he hadn’t thought it would happen so soon.


“But before we do that, tell me what exactly made you panic in the pool.”

Surprised at the sudden change in topic, Yuuri took a second before he answered.

“I… I think it was when I realized that we uhh… well. Before that when we… kissed, we were never touching anywhere from the face downwards and uh… and in the pool we, well we did. And it didn’t exactly help that we weren’t… wearing… much.”

“It’s interesting, honestly. You’re fine with kissing, and you’re fine with hugging, but when we do both of that at the same time it becomes too much.” It wasn’t a question.

“We weren’t really hugging though”, Yuuri pointed out unnecessarily,” we were just standing really close…” Shut up, Yuuri.

“And that makes it different for you?”

“I- I guess?” He was aware how silly that sounded, okay? He couldn’t help it though; he was a mess.

“In that case what I have in mind might be difficult for you to get through. I want you to try it anyway. But keep in mind that you can always tell me ‘stop’ and I will move away from you immediately, okay?”

Yuuri swallowed, slightly afraid of what was to come, but too stubborn to back down without at least trying.

“Yes, sir.”

“You trust me, yes?”

Yuuri really didn’t think it was a secret at this point.

“I think so.”

Viktor huffed amused.

“Well then move over there and lay down on your back”, Viktor ordered, pointing towards the middle of this… thing.

Yuuri obeyed hesitantly, shuffling to what he figured was the middle of this enormous matrass-thingy.

He kept an eye on Viktor though, who was putting his cane away and took his suit jacked off. He was still wearing the rest of his three piece suit though, so Yuuri decided to just not worry about that for now.

He felt his whole body stiffen up though, when Viktor started crawling towards him.

Crawling wasn’t supposed to look this… this… sexy, was it!? Oh god.

Viktor stopped moving when he was a short distance away from Yuuri’s feet.

“Spread your legs.”

Yuuri sat up hastily, leaning on his elbows, legs pressed together and eyes wide.


“Spread your legs, Yuuri. Trust me. I’ll keep my hands off you but I do need to get close to you. And I don’t want you to kick me in the balls if you panic.”

Well. That sounded surprisingly reasonable.

Yuuri slowly laid back down, and forced himself to spread his legs.

This felt so… wrong.

“Wider, Yuuri.”

Face burning, Yuuri obeyed.

He felt extremely uncomfortable.

I’ll just pretend this is a stretching exercise or something, he thought desperately.

“Very good, Yuuri. You’re doing well.”

Yuuri tried very hard to not feel delighted at hearing that.

What was wrong with him?!

Before Yuuri had a chance to ponder over what he felt, he saw that Viktor was starting to crawl closer again, though this time he even came crawling over Yuuri’s body from his feet upwards, until he stopped, when they were face to face, to hover over Yuuri.

Yuuri felt that any chance he had of relaxing flew out the window.

“Hi”, Viktor said playfully, probably to distract him.

It worked a little bit. He was still trembling though, every instinct telling him to run away.


“Why do you think you’re scared right now?”

Yuuri paused for a second.

Why was he scared?

Viktor had promised to keep his hands off him, and he was indeed not touching him. He’d also said he wouldn’t have to undress, so that couldn’t be the reason either. With those two promises there was literally nothing Viktor could do that would actually harm Yuuri in any way, right? So why was he scared? He was close to Viktor, yes, but he’d gotten hugs from the man before, and he’d been closer then.

“I- I’m not sure…” God, he was so pathetic.

“I’ll tell you why, okay?”

Yuuri nodded, curious to know what Viktor was thinking.

“It’s because this position makes you unable to run away. Right now I’m caging you in and you’re feeling vulnerable because it takes away the option of escaping. Because of that and because you know that I’m physically stronger than you, you feel helpless and that makes you panic.”

Yuuri could only stare at Viktor wide-eyed. How- was it possible that an alpha of all things could be this insightful? Viktor seemed to actually get what he was feeling. Better than Yuuri himself, which-  Yuuri really didn’t want to think about.

“Do you know why I’m making you go through this, even though I know it makes you uncomfortable?”

Yuuri shook his head, even though he had a pretty good guess. He didn’t think his voice was going to work right now, though.

“Because, Yuuri, if we’re going to have sex, a position similar to this will be almost unavoidable. Especially during my rut. And we can’t have sex without getting close to each other anyway, yes?”

Yuuri couldn’t argue against that.

He knew what the ultimate goal was, after all. And he knew that if he wanted to stay here, he’d have to spend Viktor’s rut with him. He knew just as well that, if he panicked and tried to run away during Viktor’s rut, things would get… really ugly. Especially if it was important to Viktor that his partner was willing.

Knowing that Viktor took the time to try and ease him into it like this actually made Yuuri relax quite a bit. Because it almost seemed like he cared.

Or maybe it was because he was slowly getting used to having the man so close to him.

Or maybe it was because having a kind of normal conversation like that while being this close took the edge off or something.

Either way, he was thankful for Viktor’s patience.

“So… you want me to get used to this so I won’t try to run away during your rut”, he surmised, surprised at how blunt he was being.

“Hm”, was the rather distracted sounding response.

“Look at you, Yuuri”, Viktor murmured instead, “you’re already starting to calm down.”

“I… I think it’s mostly because of your smell.”

It was true. He didn’t always notice it when he was too deep inside his own head, but the effect Viktor’s smell had on him hadn’t changed.

“Ah”, Viktor smiled in acknowledgement.

When he realized that the conversation had apparently stopped, Yuuri started to feel really awkward with Viktor just… there. Above him.

He grasped at straws to get him to talk again.

“Ahm… your library is really huge…” Well, that was lame.

“It is indeed. I’m rather proud of it.”

“Did you buy all of the books?”

“No, Yuuri. That would be impossible. My ancestors started building it way back in the Middle Ages, shortly after we became a family of Marquesses. Every generation added new books to it as well. The library is actually the only room that still looks close to how it was when this house was first built in the 1800s.”

That little piece of information surprised Yuuri.

“I- I thought the house looks pretty modern.”

“It does, now. I had it renovated before I moved in 3 years ago. My parents would’ve killed me for that but I’ve always preferred the modern architecture over the old one.”

Yuuri was horrified at hearing that.

“You – you what!? But! You can’t just…. I mean… I’m sure it looked beautiful before you… changed it.” Wasn’t there some law protecting old buildings from exactly what Viktor had done?

“Oh, it did. It was also very stuffy to live in.”

Yuuri was speechless. He wasn’t all that much into old architecture himself, but if he was honest, he was slightly scandalized. Okay scratch the slightly. He was scandalized.

“If you want to see old houses that are still unchanged, rest assured that I own 2 other ones, which incidentally, both have libraries as well, though not nearly as big as this one, since those are practically only an extension of it.”

“You own 3 houses!?”


“Where are the other two?”

“I’ll tell if you’re still here in a few seconds.”

Before Yuuri could ask what the hell he meant by that, Viktor had started to slowly lower himself until he was lying on top of Yuuri.

He supported his own weight for a few moments, but when he realized that Yuuri wasn’t exactly panicking, he relaxed his arms, putting his full weight on the omega.

Inside, Yuuri was panicking, but not because of the reasons Viktor had pointed out earlier.

For some reason his brain had chosen this moment to have a fanboy-breakdown. Because dammit all, even if the man was an alpha who was out to have sex with him, this was still Viktor Nikiforov!! His idol!!

Viktor chose that moment to bury his head into Yuuri’s chest.

“Your heart is racing”, Viktor mumbled, “are you scared?”

“N-no.” Not really. Just unable to cope with reality.

“T-tell me about the houses.” He desperately needed a distraction.

“I have a town house in London. It’s significantly smaller than this one, but still not too shabby. I haven’t renovated it yet.”


Viktor moved his head to smile at Yuuri impishly.


Oh god. Yuuri was still trying to calm down. That smile hadn’t helped with that. At all.

“And the other one?!”, Yuuri squeaked.

“The other one is in St. Petersburg. My father’s parents gave it to my parents as a wedding gift. It’s really beautiful but I haven’t been there for years.”

“W-why did you move to England anyway?”

“Hmm…. As a sign of good will I suppose? I have some very important business partners in the States, and just as important ones in Russia. Between the two countries, I figured it would be best to have headquarters on neutral ground. But moving back to England was a lot less time consuming than trying to move to Switzerland would have been.”

Yuuri actually snorted at that.

“Your heart is still racing but you don’t smell scared anymore”, Viktor observed. “I wonder why that is.” He sounded flirty now.

It made Yuuri’s face burn.

“Could it be, Yuuri, that, now that you relaxed, you actually enjoy having me lay on top of you?”

Yuuri blushed even harder, and tried to hide his face behind his hands, feeling too called out to respond to that.

But even though he wasn’t looking, he could feel Viktor shifting around a bit. It made him blush even harder. He hadn’t thought that was possible.

“Yuuri look at me.”

Yuuri opted for peeping through his fingers. It made Viktor huff, but he looked at him patiently.

“Do you?”

Yuuri nodded.

“Words, Yuuri”, Viktor requested with a smirk.

“I- I don’t know why but somehow it’s… weirdly comforting?”

Oh god. Please, can he die now? Or at least vanish into thin air?

“I’m glad you feel like that. It’s comforting for me, too, you know?”

“Really!?” Yuuri was surprised enough to let his hands fall away from his face.

“Of course. It’s very calming to be so close.”


Viktor had always been known for being a tactile person, especially with his rink mates. Or in general, really.

He’d forgotten about that.

Probably because he seemed so different now.

Viktor sighed.

“Let’s do this again tomorrow, okay?”, Viktor asked, already moving off him.