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Scattered Desires

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Davina and Kato had delivered the submissive girl Zelena to Madam Siska in Amsterdam that week, the introduction had gone better than Davina had hoped for. Madame Siska and Zelena were instantly enamored with each other, Zelena quivering in anticipation of serving her new Dominant, Davina had no qualms in leaving the girl with Madame Siska. The two women signed their contracts, the Dominant then presented Zelena with her collar, and with a quick goodbye, Davina and Kato were on their way to Maastricht.

                The Dominant and her pet had decided to take the train from Amsterdam to Maastricht, in part to ease Kato’s fear of flying, also as a way for the young man to view the landscape of the Netherlands. Securing two seats in a first-class car, the couple settled in for the two-hour trip to the southern province of Limburg.

                The morning had dawned in typical Netherlands weather; cold with a light mist covering the dark green pastures of the countryside, with horses and cattle shrouded in a pale light. Davina had laid her head on Kato’s shoulders as they watched the landscape pass by their window, Kato randomly bestowing soft kisses to his Mistress’s forehead, her hand warmly held in his.

                Davina’s properties manager Boh, had separated from them at Schiphol International Airport, taking the Dominant’s private jet and going on to Maastricht in order to have her apartment ready when they arrived, notifying Marcel and his sons at In den Oude Vogelstruys pub of her imminent arrival.

                The rhythmic swaying of the train car had lulled Kato into a light sleep, Davina feeling his soft even breath as he had laid his head against hers. The last few months had been an emotional firestorm for the woman; coming home from the Netherlands with Uta and Sakurai, Uta still suffering from memory loss, which lead to the boy living with the man for a short time. Then there was the announcement by Kato that he was destined to be her new personal pet, sent to her by Teiji and Kato’s deceased Mistress, and Davina’s initial reluctance to accept him as such.

                The information Davina had received a few days before they left Japan, that Uta had reconciled with Sakurai, was met with mixed emotions. She worried of course, the boy had so many demons associated with the Dominant man, but she also knew that Sakurai loved the boy deeply. If they had indeed worked through all their issues, Davina could be happy for them.

                There was one issue that weighed on Davina as they flew from Japan to the Netherlands; Madame F had called her the day before their departure, informing her of a situation with Isshi and his boys, regarding Leda and Karyu. There was a jealous tension building in Leda over anyone that got close to Karyu, specifically an incident at Davina’s manor, during a luncheon, involving Kato.

                The jealous anger of Leda and the senpai infatuation of Karyu towards Kato, had not gone unnoticed by Ruimaru, who then informed Isshi. Davina thought nothing more of the situation, due to the timing of the couple leaving Japan. But Madame F’s phone called had brought the problem forward again, leaving Davina with thoughts on how to address the issue upon her return to Japan.


                “Mistress, I believe we’ve arrived.” Kato woke Davina with a kiss. The train had slowed and was pulling into Maastricht Centrale Station, Davina stretching her arms over her head. “Well that seemed to be a rather quick trip.” Davina lowered her arms, turning and sliding them around Kato’s neck, kissing her young lover softly.  “Shall we?” She whispered against Kato’s lips.

                Leaving the train, Davina and Kato walk through the large station, to the main street, where Boh was standing next to Davina’s Mercedes. “Mistress, Kato-san. Welcome home.” Within minutes, Boh was winding his way through the streets of the ancient city, towards the large central plaza. Kato gazed out the window, admiring the architecture, which was similar to Copenhagen, where he had trained and spent time with Mistress.   

                Stopping in front of In den Oude Vogelstruys, Boh opened the door for Davina, who walked right into Marcel’s arms. “Welkom thuis, Davina.” Kissing her long-time friend on the cheek, Davina hugged Marcel tightly, “Dankje, Marcel.”

                Davina held out her arm for Kato, “Marcel, this is Kato, he is my personal pet. Kato, Marcel owns the pub and is the caretaker for my flat…along with being one of my oldest and dearest friends.” Kato bowed to the pub owner, “Groten, Marcel.”

                Davina and Kato followed Marcel into the pub, where there was a light snack and coffee waiting for them. Marcel asked about Uta, Davina asked about Josez, both in the same breath. “Josez stops by often, she always asks about Uta and Atsushi, she still goes to the Basilica every morning.”

                “Uta is once again in a relationship with Atsushi, but this time I believe there will be no problems. It seems that our Acchan has grown up, and learned how to love again… properly.” Davina chuckled. With a quick kiss and an excuse, Davina and Kato went upstairs to the flat, to unpack and take a short nap.


                Davina tried to turn over, her hip hurt from sleeping in the same position for too long, but there was a problem, she was trapped. Kato had his arm slung tightly around her waist, leaving no wiggle room. Davina patted Kato on the arm, “My love, you need to release me.” Kato’s answer was to nuzzle her neck. “Yes, Mistress.” He sighed as he reluctantly rolled onto his back.

                “Would you like me to have Marcel make you an early dinner?” Kato pulled on a pair of jeans, understanding that formal submissive attire would be waved during their trip. “If you would please, I will be downstairs in a moment.” Kato bowed and left the flat.

                The remainder of their day was spent unpacking, making plans for day trips and having dinner with Marcel and his family. At the end of the evening, Davina and Kato bundled up against the cold winter weather of the Netherlands to sit out on the patio with a large cup of coffee, enjoying the vision of the Basilica that was lit up at night.

                “Shall we celebrate tomorrow night? Is there something special you would like to do to ring in the new year?” Davina was snuggled closely to Kato, the afterglow of sex still showing on their faces. “I don’t have any particular wishes; shall we spend it with Marcel and his family?” Kato’s only real wish was being fulfilled daily, in his servitude to Davina.

                “I will ask Marcel what they have planned, I believe they still have a decent firework’s show, and there are usually various musical groups in the plaza. Let us ask him first, then we shall plan, ne?” Kato’s answer was to nuzzle his Dominant’s neck, nipping at her collarbone, trailing his tongue up her neck. “I love you Mistress, you are everything to me, he whispered against her skin and with a contented sigh, they both fell into a sated slumber within minutes.


                Davina had woken before Kato, but in no hurry to get up, at least that was her original plan, but with the bells of Sint Servatius tolling for the faithful for the first mass of the day, she changed her mind, Davina quietly slipped out of bed, dressed quickly and left Kato a note.

                Marcel was already in the kitchen, Davina waved to the man as she trotted out to the plaza, walking quickly, shivering in the early morning cold. Reaching for the door to the chapel, she breathed deeply, she knew she would find peace.

                The stillness of the Basilica of Sint Servatius had a calming effect on Davina, more than any place in the world. There was something about the ancient church in Maastricht, that could chase away the ghosts and the haunting images of her past and replace those with serenity and optimism. 

                She could see in her mind, Uta and the elderly woman Josez, sitting quietly together in a pew towards the front of the chapel, Uta’s head laid gently on Oma’s shoulder, not having to say anything, both understanding each other without words, Davina smiled at the memories.

                “Hallo Mistress, hoe gaat het?” Josez slid into the pew quietly, sitting next to Davina. “Hallo Josez.” The older woman placed her hand in Davina’s, then turned her attention to the sermon, all the while patting Davina’s hand gently with hers.

                “Josez, will you walk with me to Marcel’s? I have someone I’d like you to meet, and then we can talk about Uta.” Davina’s voice gave nothing away to the older woman, but Josez had her suspicions, “Ja, Koffie klaar?”  The younger woman smiled, “You know the koffee is always klaar at Marcels.” Hand in hand the women walked across the plaza, the morning sun starting to warm the streets.

Davina and Josez were greeted by Marcel who had seen the two women crossing the plaza, “Koffie Klaar, marcel?” Davina asked, “Of course! Come in and get warm.” Marcel held the door open for the two women, “Pick a table or booth, I will bring the coffee.” Marcel shouted back to the kitchens for his sons to start the breakfast menu.

                Taking off their heavy coats and hanging them on the end of the booth, Marcel approached the two women with a large carafe of coffee and two small cups, “Alsjeblieft. Kato will be down in a moment, Mistress.”

                “Kato?” Josez asked, Davina shaking her head and smiling. “You’ll have to wait Josez, I don’t want to spoil the moment for you.” Before Davina could start talking about Uta, Kato came down the stairs, quickly walked to his Mistress, but bowing to Josez first. “Josez, this is Kato.” Josez first looked at Davina, then took her time appraising Kato, “He is handsome Davina, and young…such a beautiful man.”

                “Dankje Josez,” Kato thanked the woman in fairly decent Dutch. “Does he speak Nederland, Davina?” This surprised the older woman. “No, just a few phrases that I’ve taught him, but he does speak fluent English.”

                With coffee and a good Dutch breakfast in front of them, Josez needed to ask, “How is our Uta? Is he well, no more seizures?” Marcel, believing that this may be a lengthy discussion, brought a fresh carafe of coffee and sat down next to Josez.

                Davina nodded, “Uta is healthy, the seizures have not returned, and I believe it’s due to his happiness, he has reconciled with Sakurai Atsushi, and from what I understand, he is now living with Sakurai.” When Davina spoke of Uta, Kato’s expression changed slightly, something that Josez picked up on immediately, but chose not to comment…not yet.

                “And his lover? He has finally grown up and has started being a responsible adult?” The older woman had had her reservations about Sakurai, she knew the man loved Uta, but there had been conditions to that love.

                “Sakurai has changed, I will admit that I was surprised, and I still hold a little concern for Uta’s emotional stability, but I believe that Sakurai knows what the consequences will be if he harms Uta in any way. There are dozens of people that will be kicking his front door in to confront him.” Kato’s breath hitched, Davina heard it but ignored it.

                Now was the time, Josez looked at Kato, getting his attention, “The blonde woman who you love, she is happy for you now, she is no longer in pain and has no worries, you found another to serve and to love, that was her only wish.” Kato’s eyes grew wide, Davina reached over and picked up his hand. “How do you…?” 

                Josez slid out of the booth, taking her coat from the side of the booth. She stepped up to Kato, “Love Davina as you did your Mistress.” The older woman bent down and kissed Kato on the forehead. “Davina, you must return to Maastricht before you go home, I have a few small gifts for Uta.”

                After Josez had gone, Davina explained to Kato that the woman had the same talent and abilities as Ojisan, “She also knows things she shouldn’t, and as with Ojisan…pay attention to what she says.” Kato had a difficult time believing that the woman could speak for how Astrid would feel now, but he kept it to himself.  “Enough of that, what shall we do today?” Davina asked, she had nothing planned, but wanted to give Kato the opportunity to make a suggestion.

                “Shopping for you, Mistress.” Kato lowered his eyes, a bit of embarrassment showing. “Hmm, always a good choice. Then let us wander the streets of Maastricht and see what we can find! I’d like to pick up a few treats and some coffee for Uta, he would be angry with me if I didn’t.”

                As Kato was getting ready to leave, Davina glanced at her planner, she knew she’d have to contact Madame F at some point that day, the problems Isshi may be having with his boys, wasn’t something she wanted to put off for very long.

                Kato helped Davina on with her jacket and held the door, following her down the stairs and through the pub, “We will be back for dinner Marcel, make sure you have a good supply of champagne for us tonight!” Marcel laughed and waved the couple away.


                Taking their time walking through the city, stopping at the smaller independent shops and also visiting the large indoor mall, Davina and Kato drew some attention to themselves; a very attractive Japanese couple, arm in arm walking the streets of Maastricht was not completely foreign, but they were noticed.

                Pulling Kato into a shop on a corner, Davina gushed, “This is the exact store I was looking for!” The store dealt in the famous Dutch Delft china, something that was known around the world. “I wanted to get Acchan and Uta something for their home, help me choose!” Kato walked apart from Davina, looking at the various vases, tobacco canisters, and other knick-knacks in the store.  Looking over at Davina, who had engaged the owner of the store, asking about a specific piece, Kato joined her.

                “I think both of these are perfect, ne Kato?” Davina held up a beautiful vase and a very impressive clock. “These will look good in the house, I’m sure Uta will love them.” Paying for the items, Davina instructed the owner to wrap them for shipping and to send them to Marcel’s pub, thanked the man and left the store.

                They stopped for lunch at a small café on the river, watching the long barges wind their way under the Maas river bridge. “It’s colder here than I thought it would be, I’m not sure why.” Kato commented. “It’s not that it’s any colder, but the Netherlands lie in the North Sea, and most of the country is under sea level, but with their engineering concepts, the cities rarely flood.”

                Kato was going to word his next question carefully, “What made you fall in love with this city…the country?” Davina’s eyes grew distant, she sighed heavily. “My father was a wealthy international businessman who did a lot of traveling, he bought the flat over the pub before I was born. When I went to live with him, we would travel here every summer, we stayed in the flat and used it as our home base as we traveled throughout Europe. This was the first place I brought Teiji after I had contracted him.”

                Kato knew to back off, there would be no more questions that day as it was obvious that it was painful for Davina to revisit those memories.

                “Let’s go to the bookstore. It was Uta’s second favorite place to visit after the Basilica.” Davina paid the bill, and with Kato helping her on with her coat, the couple once again walked through the city.


                She was slow getting up that next morning, tired and sore from Kato’s New Years Eve worship of her body, each muscle ache made her smile. With a deep sigh, Davina got up and put on a dressing gown, sitting at the small table next to the window, that looked out on to the main plaza. The celebration the night before had been exciting; the fireworks, sitting with Kato’s strong arms wrapped around her protectively, Marcel and his family’s addition of good food, champagne and most of all, good friends.

                Balancing a tray, Kato came through the door to join Davina, “Coffee for my Mistress,” pouring a cup of coffee and placing it in front of her, along with the new planner Kato had given her for Christmas. The woman chuckled, “Your not so subtle hint is working, yes…I will make my calls right after I’m finished with my coffee.” She had ignored several phone calls during the previous night’s festivities.

                Madame F, Isshi and Uta had all phoned Davina, wishing them both a Happy New Year, though Isshi’s voice had a lack luster tone, which worried the woman.

                Uta’s message was more light hearted, “Hi! Happy New Year! I lov…Acchan stop! I’m on the…uhhmnngg I love you, bye!” Uta had quickly hung up, leaving Davina laughing at the vision of Sakurai molesting Uta while he was on the phone. “Oh Acchan.” She giggled.

                Madame F’s message had been more cryptic and after listening to Isshi’s voice, Davina had her suspicions; Leda and Karyu, there must be a problem with the two boys.

                “Mistress?” Kato had seen the change in Davina’s mood, her brow furrowing. “Hmm?”

                “Is there a problem Mistress?” Kato’s gut instinct said yes. “Possibly, but I won’t know until I call, I’m going to shower first. I’d like a light breakfast, please inform Marcel.” And with a last sip of her coffee, Davina stood…stopping to briefly kiss Kato, then walking into the bathroom.

                What to do about Isshi’s boys? She had a small reservation when she had initially written the contract for Karyu, but the boy seemed so lost, and Davina knew that Isshi would love and protect the him, but with Leda’s submissive switch tendencies, and his immediate attraction to the young man, this was proving to be a problem. The Dominant knew Isshi would not cancel any contract unless there would be no other option, and even then Isshi would be hard pressed to do that.  

                Finishing her shower and dressing quickly, Davina found Kato tending to domestic duties, leaving her planner and phone on the table, a notebook and pen. Checking the time, she knew that Madame F would still be awake. Davina picked up her phone and made the call.


                “Davina my dear! Happy New Year firstly.” Madame F sounded to be in good spirits.

                “Madame, thank you, I hope you and Ormond had a wonderful night? Kato and I certainly did. So, tell me, what is going on with our dear Isshi and his boys?”

                Madame F sighed. “I can tell you, you left at the wrong time, Isshi is in a panic, Karyu and Leda are missing, but not presumed to be together.” The news left Davina stunned. “Missing? Since when?”

                Madame F gathered her thoughts, “You’re already aware of the little issue with Leda’s jealousy and the obvious infatuation that Karyu has or had, with Kato, it seems the day of your little luncheon was the end for Leda. The boy verbally berated poor Karyu, leaving the boy in tears, and as Isshi was not home at the time, it seems that Karyu packed a bag and left the house without telling Ruimaru or Leda. Once Isshi came home, he wanted to speak to Karyu, but the boy had already gone. I’m assuming that Leda had also gone possibly to find Karyu. Now Isshi and Ruimaru are panicked and devastated.”

                This was more than a small matter, two collared submissives alone on the streets was a safety threat, these boys could be picked up by anyone and kept. “Would you like me to return, Madame? We could be on our way home tomorrow morning.”

                Madame F hesitated to ask Davina to return, she was having a sort of honeymoon with Kato. “I think not, at least not for the present. If the situation worsens, I’ll contact you. I will also be contacting Sakurai, since Karyu was originally under his care. Please, don’t worry too much, I will keep you posted.”

                “Mistress?” Kato was looking at his feet, this was partially his fault, if he had noticed something he could have spoken up. “Kato, look at me. No, this is not your fault, and I know that’s what you’re thinking.” Kato sighed, “It is partially my responsibility as their senpai, I should have been paying attention closer. I’m sorry Mistress.” Davina held out her arm to her pet, “Kato my love, this was going on well before you arrived. Isshi’s boy Leda, is a submissive switch and this is not the first time he has reacted, it just happens that this time he has over reacted and that led to Karyu’s disappearance. I’m going to call Isshi in a moment.”

                Kato nodded, “May I be excused Mistress? I’d like to go down stairs and give you some privacy.” Davina excused the young man, knowing that Kato would be doing some soul searching.

                Once again picking up her phone, Davina called Isshi.