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Just like Milk and Cookies

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He blows at the black hairs that hang just in front of his eyes in annoyance, hoping to flick it from his eye. The couch cushions mold to his back as the comforter cocoons him into the corner of the couch. His deep brown eyes glare at the screen of his phone, eyebrows furrowing as he lazily types into the Google doc he had started. Aimlessly typing lyrics for his favorite underground scene he feels the lull of the silent apartment seducing him with the promise of sleep.


His deep seated eyes relax, and he feels himself sinking further into the soft couch purchased from IKEA. The bright screen begins to sting when the front door suddenly opens. Suddenly slightly more awake his gaze turns to the door to see his purple haired roommate shutting the front door behind him. One of his sleek black eyebrows raises as he gazes up at the male who looms in the doorway, a silent question a on his face as the younger male softly pants.


Sitting up, his blanket falls into his lap as he taps the couch next to him. The purple haired male doesn’t hesitate to take the place beside him, one of his hands rousing his hair as he plops beside him.


“What's got you riled up, Namjoon-ah?” His gaze turns to the male who looks as if he wishes his oversized varsity jacket would swallow him up in this moment. Namjoon merely groans, throwing himself back against the couch, slumping so he can glare up at the ceiling as if it had insulted his grandma.


“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, Yoongi hyung.” Namjoon groaned out, squeezing his eyes shut in annoyance.


“Aish, come on,” his gravelly voice was laced with annoyance, “You kept me from falling asleep, the least you could do is tell me what’s wrong.” Yoongi rests his elbow on the top of the couch, turning towards the other to display his full attention.


“I heard word that we’re getting new neighbors,” Namjoon grimaces at the thought, arms crossed tightly across his chest. Their neighbors prior had just moved a few weeks ago. The building they lived in was mostly full of humans- save for Jennie, who was a friendly ghost who haunted the tenant Lisa on the first floor.


“And?” Yoongi drawls, pulling his blankets up around himself once more, draping his legs across Namjoon’s lap as he decides to get comfortable once more. Knowing that the male probably wouldn’t move for a while regardless, seemingly lost in deep thought. He nestles his head into the crook of his elbow, allowing his eyes to rest as he awaits the others reply. Under his legs, Namjoon adjust his Yoongi’s legs in his lap, tapping his fingers upon the grey comforter that overtakes his legs.


“Hyung, they’re supposedly a coven of vampires.” Namjoon relays, shifting uncomfortably as Yoongi’s eyes meet his suddenly, flashing red when he feels himself becoming territorial. The elder slides from the couch, suddenly not very tired as he tosses the blanket onto the couch and retreats to the kitchen. He pours himself a cup of spiked punch they had mixed the day before, downing it in one go before pouring another. Yoongi pulls out a styrofoam cup ramen and pops it in the microwave as he taps his fingers along the counter. Yoongi didn’t hate vampires. But, he did have a history with them and it wasn’t a good one. A frown tugs at the corner of his lips as his mind lingers on his older brother- the next alpha of the pack he had left.


He was being a brat, as he usually was. His mother had forbidden him from going outside, after he begged to play all day. When dusk settled into night, Yoongi found himself pulling his bag strap over his shoulder and disappearing into the rain. He was sixteen, and rebellious, refusing to follow the demand of his parents- feeling he was too old to be bossed around anymore. Just because he was a beta in the pack didn’t mean anything- his father had told his as much once, telling him he had the blood of an alpha and would always be destined to lead even if he didn't want to. It was the reason he was able to ignore her that night, her rank no longer above him as his age increased.


Climbing into his black Toyota he peeled away from the curb and hurried off into the night, heading to the party his best friend Namjoon had invited him to the day before. Namjoon was an alpha, too. Though, Namjoon was an only child so he was already the heir to his pack. Having so much weight on his shoulders to network, and meet the other supernaturals of the town, he constantly organized parties to seek out the others. As he slid into the party in tight black ripped jeans, a white hoodie, and a red baggy jacket, Yoongi’s eyes filtered around to find his friend when his gaze landed upon a lone male hiding in the corner.


The boy in the corner was silent, shaggy silver locks filtering over his eyes. The dim lighting did little to help Yoongi make out the figure, but with the risk of being sighted by a human he refrained from using his wolf eyes to survey the other male. Hesitantly pulling the gaze from the male he returned to searching for Namjoon when his phone began to buzz in his back pocket. His keys jingle as he reaches into his pocket, scrambling to pull it from his pants and quickly send whomever it was looking for him in the wrong direction. His dark gaze trains on the display of his older brother’s name as he groans his annoyance with a furrow of his eyebrows. Annoyed, he clicks his tongue and swipes to answer pulling it to ear.


“Hello?” His irritation doesn’t go unfiltered.


“Where the hell are you? Mom called me freaking out because you’re not home. Did you go to Namjoon’s party?” His brother speaks hurriedly, his own annoyance bleeding through the mic. “If you did, I’m going to drag your ass home right now.”


“Yah! I’m sixteen Jun Ki. If I want to go to a party, then I can,” Yoongi growls angrily into the phone, “Why do you care anyways? You’re not even around anymore… I’m going, don’t show up.”


With that, he promptly hung up and shut off his phone. Retreating from the doorway he disappears into the party, sliding between the guests to approach his brown haired friend who was mingling with some girl who had sauntered up to him. His dimpled smile was on full display as he provided her with his undivided attention- until Yoongi tapped on his shoulder.


“Ah Suga hyung, I thought you couldn’t make it?” Namjoon turns to his shorter elder with a raised brow as he groans.


“I thought I told you not to call me that.”


“I think it suits you, hyung.” Namjoon laughs, the girl he had been listening to scoffs as she leaves the conversation noticing the attention had completely left her. “But seriously, why are you here? You know your brother is just gonna show up and drag you back home like he always does.


“Let him, it’s not like he’ll actually do anything anyways. You know he always just sticks around until I want to leave- I don’t need him to babysit me.” Yoongi scoffs, crossing his arms as his brows furrowed together, his lips puckering as if he had just sucked a lemon.


“Hyung- he’s your older brother. He just wants to make sure you’re safe, I would do the same for my sister.” Namjoon smiles fondly at Suga, sliding his hands into the pockets of his light blue distressed jeans.


“I bet she would hate you for it too then.”


Namjoon laughs heartily at his hyungs comment as Suga reaches up to shove his shoulder in disdain. The two settle into a different conversation, moving from the center of the room to the table littered with snacks and drinks. They stand there chatting for a bit when the door swings open with a bang, Suga’s brother bursting through the door. Yoongi lets out a loud groan, running a hand through his hair as his brother begins stomping towards him.


Jun Ki stops suddenly when a hand lands on his shoulder, his dark gaze slides over his shoulder to see the male Yoongi had been observing earlier. The two glare each other down in the center of the room in disdain, glaring each other down. Suddenly, the silver haired male is hissing at Jun Ki as the male’s eyes flash a deep red. A scream sounds from one of the girls on the dance floor as the silver haired male lunges towards Suga’s older brother. His eyes widen as the vampire lunges towards his brothers-


“Hyung, you ramen has been done for three minutes now, are you gonna eat it or should I?” Yoongi jumps as Namjoon’s deep voice sounds behind him, the taller man’s hand landing on his shoulder. He glances back at the male before quickly pulling the ramen from the microwave and pouring the seasoning inside. Slamming the silverware drawer shut he marches over to the dining table and drops into the tall chair.


Namjoon sifts through the cabinet, pulling out a packet of chips before joining his hyung at the table. His dark eyes study Yoongi who slowly uses his chopsticks to shovel the noodles into his mouth, not really focused on anything.


“I know you don’t trust them- or their kind because of what happened,” Namjoon breaks the silence causing Yoongi to freeze with his chopsticks halfway to his mouth. The black haired male lowers his food as he focuses on Namjoon, “But they could be different, hyung. We can’t be prejudice against them- plus you know they’re like that with us too. We need to at least give them a chance.”


Taking in his words, Yoongi stares at him in silence. Namjoon silently prays for his hyungs agreement, silently staring back at the elder. Suga sighs audibly, returning to shoveling his food into his mouth as he nods.


“Alright, fine. I’ll give them a chance, Joonie.”


“Please don’t call me that .”

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It was later that night their neighbors arrived, Yoongi could smell them the second they stepped into the elevator. He was on his way back to the apartment after retrieving some Panda Express Namjoon had ordered for their dinner about four hours after their conversation. He had just settled into the corner of the elevator corner, popping his earbuds in when three others rushed to join him. Upon scenting them, his nostrils flared as his eyes flashed as he gazed upon the two. The tallest of the three also appeared to be the eldest, shaggy brown hair resting just above his eyebrows as he held his suitcase against him. The male next to him had silver hair, Yoongi couldn’t help but glare at him as his memories with his brother resurfaced but he was quick to calm himself- knowing this wasn’t the same male as the one from the party years ago. The only similarity this man had with that vampire was the hair color.


The shortest of the three was only about an inch shorter than him, his hair a pretty pastel pink color. Gazing at him, Yoongi felt something stir that instantly killed his former hostility. His face dropped into that of surprise as he stared at the shorter male in pure curiosity. The pink haired man is oblivious to it, speaking heartily with the silver haired male. Neither of the two spare him a glance, enthralled by the conversation he was oblivious to- the beat of one of the diss tracks he had hastily thrown together with Namjoon blasting in his ears.


None of the three spare him a glance- until the elevator stops, and they realize they’re all getting off on the same level. Subconsciously, Yoongi pulls the bag closer to himself as the males exit the elevator ahead of him. Quickly, he hurries around the trio to his door, only glancing back as he opens the door ready to burst through the threshold. Glancing over to the door next door he notices the three boys outside the neighboring door, his eyes meeting with the pink haired man. His jaw drops as something stirs within the pit of his stomach, a pulling sensation urging him to approach the male.


Yoongi is sure the other feels the same, as his gaze seems completely focused on him. It’s when he remembers where he is Yoongi suddenly jumps and rushes into the apartment, slamming the door behind him as he hurriedly locks it. Pulling the deadbolt into place as he begins panting and drops the bag on the couch. As he begins hyperventilating on the couch, Namjoon appears in the arch of the hallway with a towel around his neck. The purple haired male rubs at his hair, only stopping when he notices his hyung losing it on the couch.


Hurriedly he runs to the male, grabbing his face between his hands to maintain eyes contact.


“You’re alright hyung, breath with me.” Namjoon urges as he meets Yoongi’s eyes, “That’s right hyung, in and out. In and out.”

As Yoongi calms he sends him a grateful smile, slinking back into the couch. Namjoon joins him on the couch, hesitant to begin his questioning in fear of triggering his hyung again. Instead, he opts to pull the containers of food from the paper bags, handing Yoongi a box and pair of chopsticks before grabbing his own.


“Do you want to talk, Suga?” He inquiries, popping some of his rice into his mouth.


“I met the neighbors- sort of,” his gravelly voice relays slowly pulling the container lid open as he goes. “Before I came in, I met eyes with one of them and it happened.”


“Sesange! Are you for real?” Namjoon is met with Yoongi’s glare, “No I don’t mean it like that! Just- are you sure you felt the mating pull with one of them?”


“I’m pretty sure I was staring at him for about a whole minute before I snapped out of it.” Yoongi replied, stuffing his face as he tries not to focus on it. Slowly realizing that food had become his biggest coping mechanism today he sighs, wishing for a nap. Instead he decides he’ll sleep immediately after they’re done. A knock sounds on the front door, stopping the male mid bite. He looks to Namjoon with a raised brown. The younger man shrugs, placing his food down to answer the door. The eldest vampire from the elevator stands in the doorway with the younger men behind him, a dish held tightly in his hands as he smiles up at Namjoon.


“Hello-” The man in the doorway freezes as his eyes meet Namjoon’s, his grip on the container loosening. It’s the eldest vampire from the elevator and he’s holding a container that appears to hold foor. Behind him is the silver haired vampire, who smiles down at his phone, and the pink haired vampire who seems to be staring around the eldest to stare at Yoongi who shifts uncomfortably on the couch. The feeling in Yoongi’s stomach surfaces again.


“Why don’t you come in?” Namjoon speaks, his voice dazed as he steps from the doorway and ushers the three in. The eldest is the first to step in, holding the container close to himself as he breaks eye contact with Namjoon, a blush on his face as he focuses on glancing around the apartment. He doesn’t find much to focus on with the monochromatic color scheme, glancing at the black couch where Yoongi has once again begun eating.


The silver haired vampire follows behind him, gaze focused on his phone. Smiling at whatever text conversation he had been so enthralled in since arriving.


The pink haired male steps around the eldest, a light blush creeping up his neck as he gazes down at the black haired man on the couch. Yoongi glances up at him as he meanders towards the couch, fighting off his own blush as he noms on his shrimp fried rice. The short vampire awkwardly plops beside him as his elder, and Namjoon, engage in a deep conversation by the door. They meet each other’s gaze as Yoongi lets out his 50th audible sigh of the day, placing his rice down.


“Annyeong,” the male greets, “I’m Jimin.”




“Ah, Yoongi hyung,” he assumes the other is older than him- only having been a vampire for the past three years, “Can I talk to you about earlier maybe?”


“What about it?” Yoongi turns to the male, pulling his legs onto the couch. Jimin glances over his shoulder to see the others all engrossed in their own conversations. Still, he turns back to the other with a small smile, embarrassment bubbling under his skin. Awkwardly scratching at the back of his neck, Jimin glances down before meeting Yoongi’s gaze.


“Ah- is it okay if we go to another room to talk maybe?” Yoongi stares at Jimin silently as the younger voices his question before clasping the other’s hand tightly within his own and dragging him from his room. He leads the younger male down the hallway, hand tightly gripping Jimin’s as he tugs the male into his bedroom. As he tugs Jimin into the room he slams the door behind them and locks it before leafing him over to his bed. Sitting down he releases Jimin’s hand and turns to him.


“Talk.” Yoongi demands.


“Hyung it’s just that- well I know you felt a mating pull too and…” Jimin fiddles with his fingers, glaring down at him as he tries to edge himself on. His eyes dodge around the room, glancing to Yoongi’s grey walls with the occasional picture, “When vampires find their mates- they can’t feed from anyone else. I just wanted to be sure you accept me, I won’t be able to drink from anyone but you- ah aish that’s really pressuring isn’t it? I’m sorry hyung I don’t mean to seem like a creep and-”


Yoongi’s finger covers Jimin’s lips. The vampire gazes to the wolf questioningly to see the males’ eyes flash a deep red. An intrigued gasp escapes Jimin’s lips as he stares at the elder in awe. Yoongi’s eyes read hunger, and longing. The wolf within urging him towards the male- even though the human resits. They had barely had a full conversation yet, but their instincts urged them toward one another. Jimin feels his fangs slide out as Yoongi moves towards him, a pleased gasp bleeding from his throat as the elder tugs him forward by the collar of his button up. The slightly chapped, but warm lips of Yoongi ease a mewl from Jimin who melts into him. Jimin crawls forward, straddling Yoongi as his lips mold against him. A groan rips from Yoongi’s throat as Jimin basically grinds against him.


Yoongi pulls his lips away, glancing up at Jimin with hooded eyes, being met with the dark lust filled eyes of the boy on top of him.


“When wolves mate, we leave a mark. It’s our way of scenting you so everyone else knows you’re off limits. The mark gets pretty big, but I hear it feels like getting a hickey.” Yoongi grins up that male who looks like he would like nothing more than to jump the others bones right then and there. “You really want to mate me before you get to know me?” He chuckles gravelly as Jimin smiles down at him in awe.


“I think I trust the universe to get it right. I don’t mind getting to know you along the way,” Jimin doesn’t wait for the other to reply as he dips back down to capture Yoongi’s lips once more. Grinding down on the other as he nips at Yoongi’s lip, urging the other to lay down as he pushes at his shoulders. Yoongi obliges as Jimin pulls back slightly, his eyes meeting Yoongi’s dark lust filled ones once more. “Is it okay if I feed from you? I actually haven’t fed in a long time.” His hyung slowly nods in agreement, earning a smile from the smaller man.


Jimin leans down, this time opting to kiss down Yoongi’s neck. His fangs lightly graze over his skin, careful not to penetrate the skin until he meets the crook of his neck. Nestling his fangs into Yoongi’s neck, Jimin earns a pleased moan from Yoongi as he takes a long draw of blood from the others neck. Jimin grins against his skin, groaning his own delight as the sweet taste rolls down his throat. A taste he had never had before- something much sweeter, and tastier than ever before. He feels himself feeling full by the end of his third pull of blood. Lifting from Yoongi’s neck he licks the wound to see his hyungs tired gaze meeting his.


“Ah- I took too much, I’m sorry hyung.” Jimin apologizes hastily, pouting as he begs his forgiveness. Perhaps he had drunk more than he had thought?


“Aish- quit apologizing, just lay down with me and make it up to me later.” Yoongi grumbles, pulling Jimin down and into his side, sliding his covers over him as he cuddles into the younger's side tiredly. Jimin blushes with a small smile, licking the remainder of Yoondi’s blood from his now fully human teeth before nuzzling up to the other and letting his eyes slide clothes. Completely forgetting about his Hyung’s who had been talking in the living room. Perfectly content in the arms of the soulmate he had just met.

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Jeon Jungkook was a dumbass. He new it to be truth as he sat in a circle of candles, old worn leather book clutched tightly in his hands. The Latin stared up at him as he struggled to read a mere sentence of the book, eyebrows knit together tightly as he peered down at the script in wonder. If he had found English hard, than dead Latin was impossible in this moment as his dark eyes struggled to transfer the words to his brain. While his brain had him lightly mumbling the words in a feeble attempt to pronounce them.


He wasn’t even certain what the book was for, in all honesty. The meaning went over his head, and yet when he had seen it resting nestled into the back corner of the bookshelf he couldn’t help the curiosity that called to him to grab it. So he had checked it out with some hesitation as he read the Latin cover. Some words he hadn’t been able to decipher, and judging by the librarian’s disinterested expression as she handed over the book, she clearly hadn’t known either. Jungkook had shrugged as he tossed the book in his bag before heading home, but now his curiosity kept screaming at him.


As his eyes raked the pages, he did his best to pronounce what he was reading, hoping that saying- whatever he was even saying- aloud would allow him to understand it better. Again, Jeon Jungkook was a dumbass. Perhaps it wasn’t his best decision, but it was the conclusion he had easily jumped to as he had plopped on the floor with the book laid in front of him. Oblivious to the flicker of the candles behind him as he scanned further down the page, not taking his gaze from the page until he feels a shadow loom over his shoulder.


Jumping in surprise, the male slams the book closed, whipping around to look above him. His eyebrows raised in surprise as her meets eyes with a pair of pure black orbs that stare down at him with amusement. Jungkook’s eyes scan over the male who moves to crouch before him, watching the tail that lightly swings behind him and curiously peering at the horns that poke out of the sides of his head just above his ears. The orange haired male smiles down at Jungkook as he offers the younger man a hand, pulling the brunette to his feet as he hesitantly accepts.


“Jeon Jungkook, is there a reason you summoned me here today?” The demon grins fully up at the male who pales as he takes notice of the others sharp pearly teeth.


“I- summon? I didn’t mean to summon you- I was just trying to read what this book said. I don’t know Latin…” Jungkook blinks dumbly down at the man. A chuckle escapes the slightly shorter male,, who slaps at his knee in pure amusement, eyes screwing shut into crescents.


“You summoned me on accident,” he laughs heartily, opening his eyes to reveal deep brown ones of his own, “Well then- I’m Jung Hoseok. Maybe I’m your only hope to get out of this house and go do something. Surely you weren’t going to attempt to read that all night?” Jungkook awkwardly scratches at the back of his neck with a laugh of his own, only confirming Hoseok’s  suspicions. “I guess you could call me your Hope then, I’m taking you out tonight- you have no choice. Get dressed to go.”


Hoseok disappears in a flash of smoke, seemingly giving Jungkook the chance to change out of his pyjama pants and throw on a shirt. The younger male glances down at his attire before moving to his dresser, ruffling through it until he pulls out a pair of distressed black jeans. Slipping into them, he settles on a black and white striped t-shirt, a leather jacket he had gotten at the thrift store and a pair of white vans. Jungkook didn’t dress up to go out as often as he used to back when Namjoon had been around constantly (Namjoon was known around their high school for throwing giant parties- he had been Jungkook’s tutor back in those days.)


About 15 minutes pass when Hoseok appears in a flash of smoke once more, looking much less demon like than before, his horns and tail gone, his eyes seemingly normal. Jungkook offers the male a hesitant smile as the other silently nods his approval for the males attire. Hoseok was decked in his own loose fitting black and red varsity jacket, hanging loosely against his solid black t-shirt and ripped dark blue jeans with a pair of maroon high rise checkered vans on his feet.


“Well, ready to go then?” Hoseok holds his hand out to Jungkook who looks to it hesitantly. The elder nods to his hand expectantly as Jungkook slowly slides his hand into the others. Hoseok grins up to the boy as he lurches forward in surprise, the smoke wrapping around the two as Jungkook’s room fades from sight.


Jungkook blinks in surprise as he glances around them, eyes widening when he takes in the dimly lit alleyway. His mouth falling open as his dark brown eyes filter over the brick walls, dark brown eyes looking up to the metal fire escapes that tower above them. Wonder fills him as he glances towards the street to see many neon lights filtering through.


“Where are we?” Jungkook turns to Hoseok as a newspaper slaps the side of his leg.


“Los Angeles! I love LA, and I thought you might like to experience a nightclub outside of Korea.” He winks, cheeky grin overtaking his lips.


“JHope-hyung, how am I supposed to get in? My English isn’t good, and I’m 19 in Kore, so I’m only 18 here! I’m not even old enough to go to an American club!” Jungkook protests, earning a grin from JHope once more, only proving how cocky the elder was feeling at the moment.


“Don’t worry, we won’t be going to a human club… But to be safe, tell everyone who approaches you that you’re mine.” Hoseok leads the boy from the alley out onto the sparsely populated street.




“I don’t want to hear whatever you’re about to say, I was about to get changed into my pj’s when you rudely summoned me. So, you’re gonna go out with me. You can complain later.” JHope chides, turning around to boop Jungkook’s nose throwing him a half assed glare as he leads him just down the street. “And save a dance for me Kookie!”


JHope stops them before a brick wall just next to the door. Jungkook stares with his eyebrows furrowed as the older male taps against the bricks, staring with wide eyes as a brick moves out of place to show a pair of glowing yellow eyes. After a moment, where JHope flashes his black eyes back to the man, the door pulls open to reveal a bouncing nightclub. Blue and purple strobe lights grace the huddle of dancing bodies the riddle the dance floor, the bar just to the left of the door. The lighting is dim, just enough for Jungkook’s eyes to not be able to pick up intimate details. His hyung tugs him into the building, slowly threading his fingers through the others to assure none of the other supes make off with the boy.


Hoseok’s eyes linger on the dance floor, where a male in a dark blue blazer jacket leads the floor. His stomach lurches as his eyes watch the man, flashing black as he gazes with intense interest. He quickly pulls his eyes away, glancing to Jungkook who stares curiously at the male beside him, a Gucci headband pushing silver locks from his face. Raising a brow, JHope nudges Jungkook’s shoulder, gaining the younger males attention as he gestures to the man. With a blush, Jungkook breaks his focus, tugging his hyung to a small booth a few feet from the dancefloor.


“Ah so you know, Kookie, the one you were staring at was a vampire.” JHope grins to the boy who scoffs.


“What seriously? Was the one you were staring at a vampire too?” Jungkook groans, Hoseok blushes but makes no move to confirm or deny, “Am I the only human here?” The demon hesitantly nods. Groaning, Jungkook feels himself facepalm before he even does.


“I see you brought a human, hyung. That’s very like you.”

Jungkook jumps at the new voice, glancing up to see the silver haired vampire he had watched on the floor. The male looms above the table, a smirk pulling at his plump lips as his dark gaze scrutinizing him. Hesitantly, Jungkook’s eyes raise to meet the others, causing the taller male to gasp. Quickly, without regarding his company, the vampire pushes Hoseok to the side and slides into the seat he had been occupying.


“Yah- Taehyung, what the fuck?” JHope complains, picking himself up from the seat he had fallen into. The vampire ignores him, brown eyes flashing a haunting purple as he stares down at Jungkook who has leaned back into his seat in confusion.


“‘The human’ has a name,” Jungkook states in distaste, “I’m here with hyung- so you can leave us alone.” Hoseok looks to Jungkook with surprise, while Taehyung merely pouts.


Aish , you’re no fun !” he pouts, crossing his arms over his dark grey shirt, “Then what’s your name, cutie ?” Taehyung winks, earning a groan from Hoseok. The demon had only came out to have a good time, not have drama. The youngest raises a brow, tilting his head to the side as he surveys the odd vampire.

Chapter Text

Jungkook gave the silver haired male a once over, raising a fine dark brow. After the elder had rudely inserted himself into the conversation, he didn’t feel really indulgent toward the older male. Awkwardly, he drums his fingers along his wrist, pushing back into his seat to put distance between himself and his elder. The vampire pouts over at him, lower lip hanging out as his dark eyes stare Jungkook down.


“Awe c’mon, won’t you just tell me your name? I’m not going to hurt you, I’m Hoseok’s friend!” Taehyung crosses his arms, leaning his head down to glance up at him through his bangs.


“Aish, you just butt into our conversation then expect me to spill everything to you?” Jungkook’s eyebrows furrowing as he glares at the other, ignoring the elder’s aegyo. Tae’s pout increases, but he does see Jungkook’s point.


“I’m sorry,” Tae sighs, “Could you please tell me your name? I could make it up to you.” Their eyes meet, and Jungkook can’t help but stare up into the eyes of his elder, a frown tugging at the corners of his lips.


“Jungkook.” The younger replies, tearing his eyes away to look back to Hoseok who had pulled out a phone and begun scrolling through it. “Hyung, did you want to go dance? I thought that’s why you brought me here.” Tae deflates when the other tears his gaze away, but JHope immediately brightens, his gaze immediately moving from his phone to the younger boy. Grinning, JHope pushes Taehyung out of his ways a clambers out of the booth. Grabbing Jungkook’s hand he begins tugging the younger towards the dance floor.


Hoseok releases Jungkook as they step onto the wooden dance floor, sliding his phone back into his pocket. As the base feeds through the club, Hoseok’s head begins bobbing to the beat- gesturing to Jungkook to join hims as he harmonizes with the rhythm. His hips swing as his eyes close, submitting himself to the song the pulsates through the speakers that face the floor directly. As he sinks further into it, he feels someone slide into place next to him, syncing their movements with his own. One of his eyes peaks open to see the male in blue he had been watching before Tae had approached their booth.


“Looks like you lost your date,” the voice behind Jungkook causes him to jump. After Hoseok had sunk into dancing he had hurried over the bar to grab something to occupy himself. As much as he would love to dance, he truly wasn’t in the mood at the moment. “Can I sit with you?” Taehyung doesn’t wait for a reply as he slides into a bar stool beside the boy.

“I didn’t lose him. He’s right over there,” He throws his thumb over his shoulder, gesturing towards the dancefloor. He takes a sip of the drink he had grabbed, “What do you want?”


“I want to know if you feel it too, Kookie,” Taehyung grins when Jungkook raises a questioning brow. When the hell had he decided to start calling him Kookie? “Y’know Jungkook,” the elder’s dark brown eyes meet his and again he feels the pull towards the male, “The pull.” Taehyung’s eyes flicker down to Jungkook’s lips before meeting his eyes again. Jungkook’s eyebrows furrow, frown on his lips as he stares at the other with wide eyes. Tae smirks, eyes darkening as he glances away from the boy.


“What is it supposed to mean?” Jungkook finally asks, looking away to down more of his drink. The burn of liquid courage sashaying down his throat.


“Well, in a way,” Tae is silent as he turns to Jungkook, staring silently at him with a long pause. He makes no move to continue as Kook turns his confused eyes back to him. “It’s like soulmates.”


“Soulmates?!” Jungkook chokes out, blinking owlishly at his hyung. “What do you mean soulmates?”


“Our souls are calling to each other Jungkook, can’t you feel it?” Tae’s dark eyebrow rises as Jungkook stares at him, shooketh. Uncomfortable, the 18 year old adjusts in his chair, fixing his jacket and brushing at his hair that threatens to fall into his eyes. Tae grins over at him, reaching over to push Jungkook’s hair from his eyes himself. Jumping, Jungkook’s eyes immediately flash back to the others to see the gold that had flashed at him before glowing up at him once again. Tae tugs him from his chair as he slides from his own, pulling him towards the door to the private bathroom at the back of the club.


As he throws the door open and pulls Jungkook inside, he quickly moves to slam the door before pushing Jungkook up into it. The boy, who now notices they’re both at the same height, stares into his eyes curiously once more. Tae’s smirk pulling at his lips once more as he stares him down with his golden eyes before slowly leaning down to capture Jungkook’s lips, unable to resist the pull he had been feeling from the male the whole night.


A groan escapes the younger males lips as Tae lightly tugs his bottom lip with his teeth. He lightly sucks on the males lip before running his tongue across it with a quick swipe. As Jungkook groans up into him he pushes the male against the door a bit harder, feeling the boy’s pulse speed up as he presses against him. Letting out a small enthusiastic moan of his own, Tae kisses down the side of Jungkook’s neck, littering kisses down it as he nips and sucks at the delicate flesh. He’s mindful of his fangs that threaten to retract, careful not to graze of break Jungkook’s skin despite the temptation to feed from the male then and there. As Jungkook moans beneath him loudly, Tae pulls away with a smirk while winking up at the boy. Chuckling, he reaches down to squeeze the bulge forming in Jungkook’s pants, leaning forward to whisper in the males ear.


“As long as I would love to bite and fuck you right here and now,” he laughs pulling away as the other shoves at him, shuddering as Tae’s breath ghosts along his skin, “I would much rather it be more enjoyable than a quick fuck in the bathroom of a nightclub. I want to make it worth your while.” Tae laughs as Jungkook wrinkles he nose and slaps his shoulder.


“Yah, you sure are something. Aren’t you hyung?” Jungkook complains.


“Yeah I am, I’m gorgeous.” Tae jokes, cackling when he notices the glare from the younger, “Why don’t you give me your number so I can meet you sometime after tonight?”


“Aren’t we in LA right now, hyung? Not to burst your bubble or anything, but I live in Seoul so I can’t exactly come visit.” Jungkook informs, earning a grin from his elder.


“Actually, that’s perfect news Kookie. My coven is actually moving to Seoul within the next few weeks.” Tae grins, fishing out his phone and shoving it into Jungkook’s hands. Jungkook groans, but types his number in regardless.

Chapter Text

When Yoongi finally woke, he felt warmth surrounding him. Content, he took in a deep inhale scenting the male he had pulled into his bed before falling asleep and found himself nuzzling into the side of the other. His curtains had since been drawn closed- not that he often opened them but it was clear someone else had shut them as they had been open the day prior. The body heat of the younger male made his usual laziness increase tenfold, especially when Jimin let out a soft sigh in his sleep and turned over in Yoongi’s arms to cuddle under his elder’s chin. Yoongi’s eyes slowly open to peer down at the soundly sleeping boy, a smile tugging the corners of his lips up as he threads lithe fingers through Jimin’s hair. Jimin lets out a small hum in his sleep, one of his arms wrapping over Yoongi’s torso to pull himself closer to the werewolf- not that they could be any closer physically than they already were.


Chuckling, Yoongi pulls his hand from the others head earning a small whine of protest as Jimin pulls back to blink wearily up at his hyung. As his dark eyes adjust he takes in the gummy smile that graces the elders features before rubbing at his eyes tiredly, trying to blink away the sleep. Yawning tiredly, Jimin’s hands come up to rub the sleep away. As his fisted hands drop he glances back at his hyung to see him still staring down in amusement.


“Hyung, why did you stop? That felt nice.” Jimin pouts his lips dropping into a frown.


“Jimin-a, as much as I love sleep,” Yoongi’s stomach rumbles as he speaks, “I’m hungry.”


Yah, hyung why didn’t you say anything before we slept? I forgot you hadn’t finished eating last night.” Jimin begins fiddling with his fingers in embarrassment. Yoongi chuckles, shaking his head lightly as he flicks Jimin’s forehead in feigned annoyance.


“You were pretty thirsty last night, Jimin-a. When you were begging like that I wasn’t going to deny you, you were too hot for that,” Yoongi rolls his eyes as Jimin glances to him surprised. That is, until a smirk breaks out on his face, a laugh bubbling in his throat. Yoongi glares at the male, quick to break away from the male and duck out of his room for the bathroom. When he exits to fall back to the kitchen after relieving himself, he passes Jimin who had moved to the couch and was chatting idly with Namjoon who didn’t seem the least bit surprised to see him.


“Ah, good afternoon Yoongi-ssi,” Yoongi jumps as his eyes land on the vampire who had knocked on their door the night before, “I’m Seokjin, but you may call me Jin. I came over to make you an Namjoon some lunch. After Namjoon told me you both survive off of instant ramen and takeout I had to make sure you two get a balanced diet.” Blinking up at the taller, older, vampire Yoongi raises a curious brow. His eyes survey the man who stands above a pan, blinking in muted surprise when the land upon the mark on his neck. A mating mark used by wolves. Yoongi glances over his shoulder back to Namjoon who is still being chatted up by Jimin to see the fading puncture marks of fangs. Smirking, he turns back to his blushing elder who had caught on to what was going on in the youngers mind.


“Right well, gomabseubnida Jin-hyung.” Yoongi nods to the male, turning to retreat back into the living room.




Sinking onto the couch beside Jimin, Yoongi wraps an arm around his waist to draw him closer. Jimin spares him a glance, offering a small smile as he adjusts to sit in Yoongi’s lap before he returns to his conversation with Namjoon who smiles at the two in understanding.


“Afternoon Yoongi-hyung. I’m surprised to see you up by 3. This is a new record,” Namjoon greets chuckling as Yoongi glares at him darkly.


“Shut up Joonie.”


“YAH, don’t call me that Suga .”


Jimin chuckles in Yoongi’s lap as the two wolves playfully banter, glaring each other down. The smell of food lingers in the air, and Jimin can’t help but feel comforted by the change of pace abruptly thrust into his life. It was so odd to spend time inside, cuddle up to someone- of course vampires only had one mate for their entire existence so this was something he wasn’t used to. But, he was excited now that he could fall into the routine.


He had noticed the mark on Jin’s neck when he was walking down the hall to enter the living room, accidentally bumping into his hyung who was headed to the kitchen. And, he had noticed the puncture marks on Namjoon’s neck when he had sat on the couch with them. He was happy to have found both of his soulmates, and see the rest of his coven find theirs, in the span of a few weeks.


Jimin had thought his life was over when he was first turned, but now he was excited for the rest of eternity.

Chapter Text

Namjoon was instantly enamored when he met eyes with the man standing in his apartment doorway. A container in the other's hand, the members of his coven behind him. As they met eyes, he could feel the red flash in his own eyes as the other's met his with a pink hue. Before he even knew what he was doing he had invited the group of vampires in without a second thought- even though in most circumstances he wouldn't have even considered it. In fact, he normally would've slammed the door in the vampires face.


But, he felt it. For the first time in his life he understood what the others meant when they talked about the mating pull. Mating was like finding your soulmate, it was unlikely you would find your soulmate before facing your untimely death. And if you were mortal, (werewolves were considered mortal since they would eventually die), it was almost unheard of to be mated to a vampire. But- although uncommon, it did happen. When it did, the internal time clock of the wolf would stop upon mating officially.

It was a bit weird, they still had the same functions. Needed sleep, food, water- the normal things a living breathing person would need- but they never aged. They became even stronger from their vampire counterpart, and, it was only possible for them to die if killed. In this instance, Namjoon was lucky. He would have the rest of his life with the gorgeous black haired male before him, and his life would now last for entertinty… or at least until the sun blew up destroying the universe- but that was still a long time away.


“I'm Jin,” the vampire speaks as he lifts his free hand to shake the others. Namjoon looks to the elder with a hesitant smile, watching as the silver haired vampire slips from his apartment behind Jin. He lifts his large hand to meet the smaller man's with a small grin on his face.


“I'm Namjoon,” he reaches up to push some of his purple locks from his dark eyes. “I could put away the dish you brought for us, if you don't mind?”


Jin smiles up at him, holding out the dish and following behind Namjoon as he enters the kitchen to slide the container into the fridge. The taller male glances back to see Yoongi and Jimin had disappeared, and from the faint sound of moaning he had an idea of where they had disappeared to.


“Aish, hyung really couldn't wait could he?” Namjoon's face scrunched up in displeasure as he imagined his elder going down on the new neighbor. Not that he couldn't say he had similar ideas about the vampire who chuckled across from him.


“They may be like that all night. If you want you could stay next door with me?” Namjoon didn't miss the flicker of Jin's eyes as the elder suggested it.


“Hm, only if you think we'll be that loud.” Namjoon chuckles.


“I think I'm louder,” Jin chuckles as he gazes back into Namjoon's glowing red eyes with his own pink ones. Before he can even blink, Namjoon is grabbing Jin by the wrist and leading him out of their apartment and next door to the apartment belonging to the coven. Giggling as the younger excitedly drags him to the door, Jin fishes out his key and unlocks the front door. “I didn’t take you as the type to be into skinship so soon, Namjoon-a.”


“Do you not like it?” Namjoon’s lips curl up into a smirk as he runs his finger along Jin’s wrist, pulling the elder closer to him. Jin’s smiles up at the male slowly as laughter bubbles in his chest.


“I love it.” Jin grins, flipping his wrist around to free it as he reaches up to pull Namjoon’s lips down to his. Namjoon groans into the kiss as Jin fists his shirt in his hands, as Namjoon pulls Jin’s legs around him. Namjoon’s larger hands urge Jin to jump up, pulling the elder’s legs around his waist as he complies. Pulling away, his eyes a glowing pink as they meet Namjoon’s glowing red ones, he smirks, “Hm- you want to do this right here, or in my room?” His tone is light, showing it truly doesn’t matter to him either way. Namjoon smirks up at Jin, licking at his lips before biting down on his bottom on.


“Wherever you want me, baby.” Jin shudders against Namjoon as the words slip from the youngers lips.


“And as many times as I want, daddy?” Jin laughs at his own joke. Though a look of surprise flashes across his face as Namjoon lets out a satisfied growl. Leaning forward so his lips ghost across Jin’s neck as he talks, urging the elder to tilt his head back.


“As many times as you want, baby boy.” Namjoon confirms, eyes staring up into Jin’s. Groaning, Jin leans down to meet Namjoon’s lips as he pushes them roughly against the youngers. Pushing himself against the other as he threads his fingers through Namjoon’s purple hair. Namjoon moans into Jin’s lips, pulling Jin’s bottom lip into his mouth as he spins the man around to prop him up against the wall. Letting his legs drop from Namjoon’s waist, Jin leans himself against the wall to tilt his chin up more to meet the other’s lips fully as his position changes.


Namjoon’s hand rests against Jin’s jaw, his free hand sliding down Jin’s chest as he reaches down to squeeze his thigh. With a grunt, Jin pulls backward to look up at Namjoon with lidded eyes, “Can I bite you, daddy?” His pink eyes plead with the alpha who growls in response. Leaning down to Jin’s height he grins.


“Of course baby.” Namjoon agrees, letting his neck meet Jin’s. Jin lets out a content hum as he allows his lips to moves against Namjoon’s neck, slowly kissing along the other’s pulse line. His tongue dips out to glide along the skin as Namjoon lets out a slow wanton moan. Jin's fangs slide out at the sound of the other’s pleasure as he sinks them into the crook of the others neck, slowly pulling Namjoon’s blood into his mouth. His hands slide around the Namjoon, one slipping into the other’s pants as he lightly grips against Namjoon’s length (holding back the gasp of surprise as he feels the others size- trying not to loose any of the blood in his mouth). Swallowing, Jin licks the puncture wounds and places a chaste kiss to the skin as he slowly pumps Namjoon in his hand. “ Fuck -, do you want daddy that bad?” Namjoon’s hand reaches down to Jin’s dick to find it pressing against his tight pants.


“That’s why I brought you here, daddy.” Jin says, raising an eyebrow at the other man with a light chuckle, “And you seem excited yourself.”


Namjoon lets out a hum in affirmation, urging Jin to take a few of his fingers into his mouth. Popping them inside, Jin eagerly sucks on the digits while lathering them with his tongue. Taking his time as he slowly pulls back from Namjoon’s fingers, releasing them with a pop that earns a loud groan from Namjoon as he helps Jin shimmy from his pants. Namjoon fingers Jin’s butthole after pulling his boxers down, while the elder pushes Namjoon’s pants from his hips. Jin begins leading Namjoon back towards the couch in the middle of the living room as he leans up to capture his lips. Groaning loudly into Namjoon’s mouth as the others fingers slide in, Jin urges Namjoon onto the couch and the taller male obliges, pulling him into his lap. Sliding his fingers from inside of Jin, Namjoon pulls back to glance up at him with half lidded eyes.


“Are you ready, baby?” Namjoon’s breathy voice sounds from beneath Jin.


“God yes,” Jin admits, biting down on his lip, revealing the fangs that had popped out in his pleasure. Laughing loudly, Namjoon leans up to kiss one of his fangs before pulling and pushing Jin up slightly. “I want to ride you.” Namjoon grins up at the elder, stretching his cheeks as Jin sinks down onto him. Releasing a satisfied groan, Namjoon’s head falls back onto the couch with the stimulation as Jin adjusts around releasing a groan. Rocking himself on Namjoon, and slowly bouncing to adjust to him, Jin’s mouth falls open in satisfaction.


“Fuck,” Namjoon grunts, thrusting up into Jin and earning a shout from the other. His hips pick up speed as Jin’s mewls sound louder and louder, feeling pressure building in his lower abdomen and running up his spine in waves. Jin’s head falls forwards as the speed increases, pushing his neck towards Namjoon.


“I know you want to give me your mark, do it,” He pushes out with difficulty, urging the other to bite down on his neck and place the mark of the alpha on him. Namjoon doesn’t hesitate to oblige when the elder urges him, the feeling of the high of his incoming orgasam edging him on. Sucking on his neck, Namjoon slowly sinks his canines into Jin’s neck. “ Shit - daddy, oh god .” Jin’s eyes roll back slightly with the sensation, feeling himself roll over the edge with the added stimulation. Namjoon follows short slowly after, pulling away from Jin’s neck with a low satisfied moan. Jin rests his head in the crook of Namjoon’s neck as he pulls off of him, panting.


“God- you’re perfect,” Namjoon mumbles as Jin falls against him. Jin laughs as he pushes the other male over so he can cuddle up to him, pulling the throw blanket that sits above them over them both.


“I’m worldwide handsome.” Jin jokes as he closes his eyes and nuzzles his head under Namjoon’s chin. Namjoon chuckles loudly, pulling the other flush against him.



Taehyung bounced eagerly down the road as he smiled down at his phone, following the address on his phone to Jungkook’s address. He hadn’t been able to see Jungkook or the demon that tailed him since they had met at the club. His heart longed to see his soulmate, who he had text almost every free second of the day until they had moved over. Even staying up through parts of the day to text Jungkook- waking up before the sun set, and sleeping at sunrise when they were still back in the US. Now that they were in the same time zone, he would have to do his best to wake up at the same time as the younger boy, even though it would be quite difficult for him to stay up since his nocturnal instincts begged sleep.


He couldn’t wait until he eventually changed Jungkook, so they could sleep together, so they would no longer be separated by mortality. And, so he could feed off of Jungkook with less of a chance of harming him- or worse, accidentally killing him. If Jungkook died, he would too- almost immediately.


As his directions lead him past the few drunken foreigners who lingered the streets of Seoul, his smile grew wide. The distance between them shrinking the further he moves towards the outskirts of the city before he finally stands before a towering apartment complex. Sliding the map app off, he unlocks his phone to quickly type in Jungkook’s number. As he hits dial, he pulls it up to his ear- fidgeting with his dust mask as he waits for an answer. Calming down, as the dial tone ends, the door buzzes to let him in. Stepping inside the building he begins speaking into his phone as he pulls his mask down to rest under his chin.


“Ah! Kookie what floor are you on?” Tae whines, peering around the small lobby that bustles with a bit of the night life. The elevator dings beside him, and he spins to look, walking over.


“Yah- hyung,” Jungkook shouts in surprise as the elevator dings, Tae quickly rushing in to throw his arms around the younger male. “I told you earlier I would meet you in the lobby.” Awkwardly looking at the two, Hoseok shifts in the corner in discomfort, crossing his arms.


“But you weren’t there! I missed youuuuu!” Tae pouts, tightening his grip on Jungkook. Sighing, Jungkook drops his head onto the males shoulder.


“I missed you too.” He admits, sighing.


“Ah, jagi~!” Tae chuckles, trying to pull back to look at Jungkook’s blush- but the younger tightens his grip around him and pulls him closer. “I’m here now~ you don’t need to miss me anymore.”


“YAh!” Jungkook pushes the smug man away, “You ruined the moment.” Taehyung pouts at Jungkook as he pulls away. His brown eyes shift to Hoseok who appears relieved to see the PDA is over with.


“Ah, c’mon- I want you to show me around the city!” Tae pulls him from the elevator after pushing the button to open the doors, doors that had shut after they idled too long.


“No- hyung you said we would go to your apartment so I know where to find you later!” Jungkook protests, but does nothing to fight his hand from the others as they leave the elevator. Instead, he links his fingers with the others. Tae looks back, eyes wide as he realizes he had been caught. A shy laugh bubbling in his throat, he uses his free hand to scratch at the back of his neck awkwardly. Eyes wide as he blinks away his surprise he grins over at his boyfriend.


“Ah, you caught me jagi~. I was going to take you- but I think Jin hyung has someone over, if you know what I mean.” Taehyung winks as Jungkook’s eyes widen, shook.


“YAH- I did not need the imagery.” Hoseok complains, reminding the two he was still there. “Where is Jiminie then?”


“Ah! The neighbor’s apartment- hm, maybe we could head over before the sun sets tomorrow! You’re not busy, are you cookie?” Jungkook sighs, rolling his eyes as he leans over to peck Tae’s lips.


“No, but lets go watch some movies- I’m not in the mood to go out tonight.” Jungkook compromises, leading the elder back to the elevator. Tae wiggles his eyebrows suggestively, but quickly stops when JHope elbows him in the side.


“Aish- don’t forget I’m here you two, I’m not in the mood for a free show.”



“Where’s TaeTae?” Jimin asks Jin as the elder places a bowl of food on the dining table before Yoongi.


“Hm, I think he will probably be back soon, he went out to visit Jungkook and Hoseok.” Jin answers, walking to his seat across from Namjoon as he pulls a bit of food onto his plate. Slowly, Jimin nods and grabs some food for himself. The wolves look to them in curiosity waiting to hear more about Taehyung who had disappeared into the night after they had all gotten- a bit frisky, some more than others.


“Are they his mates then?” Namjoon speaks, clearing his throat after he downs some water.


“Hm, no.” Jin answers, “Jungkook is, but he is still human. Hoseok is a demon who is following Jungkook around because the boy accidentally summoned him. We think that the demon is bound to him until he dies.”


“Ah- his mate is a human then? So Hoseok is stuck with Jungkook until he’s changed?” Namjoon asks curiously. Jimin sighs, eyes dropping to the table as Jin purses his lips.


“Exactly, until Taehyung changes Jungkook, Hoseok is stuck following Jungkook around- he can leave him alone for about an hour before he has to come back.” Jin affirms to Namjoon. An uncomfortable silence falls around the table, everyone turning to their food. As Jimin finishes his food he sighs, placing his bowl in the sink- and when Yoongi soon follows after the other male grabs his arm and leads him from the dining table back to his room. Jimin gestures for Yoongi to sit on the bed while he runs his hands through his hair with a loud sigh.


“Yoongi-hyung, I need to tell you something about Hoseok.” Jimin speaks finally, stopping his pacing to look at the elder expectantly.


“Hm, what is it? A history with him? Because I don’t really mind.” Yoongi raises a questioning brow.


“No it isn’t that,” Jimin sighs again, slowly walking to stand before the elder. Meeting his eyes before they fall to the floor and he plops down beside him. “Hoseok- I reacted to him too.”


“Okay.” Yoongi replies, laying back on his bed. He closes his eyes tiredly, relaxing into his mattress. Jimin looks down at him in shock, eyes wide.


“That’s it, okay? You’re not freaking out?” His mouth falls wide in his shock. Yoongi chuckles, opening his dark brown eyes to meet Jimin’s. Reaching up to pull Jimin down, and cuddling into the younger male he lets out a content sigh. His eyes fall closed as Jimin slowly settles against his chest.


“Why? If you reacted to him, then it’s likely I will too. My parents had a relationship like that, I had two dads and a mom. They were all mates.” Yoongi yawns, eyes falling shut. Slowly smiling, Jimin laughs and nuzzles his head under Yoonig’s chin.


“I’m glad then,” Jimin laughs, “I text him before we ate and he sounded excited to meet you.”


A knock sounds on the bedroom door just as Yoongi begins to doze off with Jimin held tightly in his arms. Jimin had moved so the elder’s head was pressed against his chest, running his fingers through his hair. With a small ‘come in’ from Jimin, the door opened to reveal Hoseok. He smiled to Jimin, stepping through the threshold of Yoongi’s room as his eyes landed on the man that had been pulled into their blooming relationship. Scenting the new, intoxicating smell, Yoongi’s eyes slowly opened to see Hoseok closing the door to his room. The male’s tail slowly wagged behind him before he turned around to reveal his rounded smiling face. Jimin looked to Yoongi to see the male hesitantly pat the bed beside himself as he pushes to sit up.


The youngest male in the room took note of the eldests glowing red eyes, turning to see Hoseok’s were a full blown black, and practically feeling his own glow a pale purple. Hoseok walks over, moving to the spot Yoongi had invited him to with a nervous smile. Yoongi sent him a small gummy smile as he took in a deep breath, sensing the anxiety that lingered from the demon.


“I’m Yoongi,” he introduced, holding his hand to Hoseok.

“I’m Hoseok, but everyone always calls me Hobi or JHope.” Hoseok’s nervous smile turns into a giant grin. Chuckling, the male grabs Yoongi’s hand, but instead he pulls the man into a hug. Jimin smiles beside the two, happily watching the interaction as Yoongi pulls away laughing heartily.


“Alright JHooope… I may have to start calling you sunshine if you go around smiling like that.” Yoongi teases earning a blush from JHope who awkwardly scratches the back of his neck.


“You two are so cute,” Jimin giggles beside Yoongi, and they both turn to him.


“No! We’re all cute!” Hoseok argues grinning at the two, “But, you’re two are the cutest.”


Yah ,” Jimin blushes, “Why don’t you just shut up and join the cuddle pile?”


Hoseok looks to Yoongi who merely smiles lightly and nods in agreement.



Content, Tae pulls Jungkook flush against him and nuzzles his face into the crook of Jungkook’s neck. Grinning down at him, the younger male lets out a yan as he runs his fingers through Taehyung’s hair. Their legs twist together as they lull each other into a content silence, basking in the warmth of one another. Tae clutches onto Jungkook’s shoulders as he places a single light kiss to Jungkook’s neck before pulling away to look up at him with a small smile.


“Kookie, I need to tell you something,” He meets the youngers eyes as he pulls his head up. Curiosity swimming in his eyes, Jungkook raises a questioning brow. Searching Jungkook’s eyes, Tae lets out a small sigh.


“What’s wrong, babe?” Kookie’s worry floods into his voice.


“Well- I just,” Sighing, Tae’s eyes drop from Jungkook’s causing the younger boy to sit up and stare down at him, “Kookie…” Taehyung sits up as he slowly meets Jungkook’s eyes, his eyes glowing yellow, “If I don’t- If I don’t change you soon, we’ll both die.”

“I- what?”

Chapter Text

Jungkook feels some sort of panic brew in his chest as he stares back at Tae’s worried face. The elders eyes seem to be silently pleading with him to not freak out. Taking a deep breath, Jungkook closes his eyes and moves his forehead forward to rest against the others. His hands wrap tightly around the others being as he pulls himself flush against the other. Moving his to drop his head into the crook of Taehyung’s neck, deeply inhaling the intoxicating scent of the vampire. The scent that called to him now that he was in his arms again- and this time not in a compromising position like last time. Instead, comforted by the others embrace even as he mulls over his words.


If he wasn’t changed, not only would he die- Taehyung would as well. Guilt pools in the pit of his stomach, and he knows Tae can smell it as he silently coos into his ear and strokes at his hair. Still, he can’t stop the tears that build in his closed eyes, his body shaking as small sobs bubble in his throat. Tae’s hand rubs against Jungkook’s neck as the nineteen year old sniffles in his arms.


When he pulls back to look into the others eyes with puffy red eyes, Jungkook frowns up at him. His breathing calms, and Tae offers him a sad smile before letting out a sigh.


“Kookie, it’s okay,” Tae runs his fingers through Kookie’s hair, “I understand you wouldn’t want to change, I know I’m a monster.” Jungkook lets out another sob as Tae jumps, whipping away the tears to fall from his eyes.


“You’re not a monster,” Jungkook speaks as he lets the sadness bleed into his voice, unable to understand the others sudden self hatred, “I just- I thought about what you said. I don’t want you to die,” Tae looks at him expectantly as he speaks, “I’m just scared- I… What do you have to do to make me like you?”


Tae looks oddly touched when Jungkook’s finished speaking. Almost, weirdly, proud of the younger man for thinking about Tae’s life alongside his own.


“I love you,” he breathes out, smiling brightly as he leans forward to place a chaste kiss to Jungkook’s forehead. Jungkook blushes, swatting at him as he tries to escape his gasp. Tae chuckles, brushing some of Jungkook’s bangs from his face, “I just have to take, well, a lot of your blood… Then give you mine.”


“Does it… Take long? Will it hurt you?” Jungkook worries, searching Tae’s dark eyes with his own.


“I’m talking about basically drinking all of your blood, and you’re asking if it will hurt me?” Taehyung chuckles, eyes swimming with amusement as Jungkook’s blush rises once more. Jungkook moves his hands to cover his blush earning a whine of protest from Tae. “It only takes about a night for the transformation to finish, and it won’t hurt me- but it may at least scare you. You’re going to feel like you’re dying, Kookie, because technically… You will .”


Jungkook drops his hand, studying Tae silently as he ponders his words. The vampire’s eyebrows furrow as they fall into silence- but he can’t seem to sense Jungkook’s emotions in this moment. He assumes that Jungkook must not know how he feels either then. Slowly blinking, Jungkook leans forward to peck Tae’s lip. Pulling back, he hesitantly smiles up at him.


The scent of acceptance bleeds into the air, and Tae stares at the other with wide eyes. Slowly beginning to realize that the other wouldn’t protest like he had accepted.


“Okay, hyung,” Jungkook’s smile tugs at his lips, “I love you, and I trust you. So… Okay.”


“Okay?” Tae tilts his head to the side, unsure exactly what the younger male is agreeing to. Well, mostly just wanting the confirmation to fall from his lips instead of his scent.


“I want to spend the rest of, well, eternity with you. So… If that means you have to change me now, then please do it.” Jungkook finishes, baring his neck to the vampire. Tae’s eyes flicker to the bared neck, licking his lips before lifting to meet the other’s eyes once more. Receiving an affirmative nod from the other, he grins and propels himself forward to sink his fangs into Jungkook’s neck.


Jungkook lets out a small satisfied moan, threading his fingers through Tae’s hair as he finds his lids falling halfway over his eyes. A satisfied groan sounds from Taehyung’s throat as the blood of his mate slides down his throat with the deep pulls. The longer he stays pulling blood from Jungkook, the weaker his pulse sounds- up until the point when the younger lets out a slightly sleeps, slightly pained sound as his hand falls limp from Tae’s hair.


Pulling away, Tae uses the back of his hand to wipe the blood from his lips, biting into his own wrist and forcing Jungkook’s mouth open to put his wrist against the boys lips. Worrying his lip, he waits for some sort of response from Jungkook, hoping he hadn’t gone too far when he was feeding.


When he still doesn’t respond after about a minute, Jungkook’s heart rate slows even more- and Tae feels the panic seep in. He lifts his wrist, ripping it open more, so it’s actively bleeding harder. He shoves it back to Jungkook’s lips, staring at his paling skin in concern.


“Kookie, drink!” He demands, golden eyes flaring as he tries demanding the other.


Almost immediately, Jungkook’s eyes snap open as he reaches to wrap a hand around Tae’s wrist and begins drinking from Tae’s wrist. Tae pulls him so he is sitting up to stop Jungkook from choking on his blood.


Tae feels his own strength fading as the younger desperately pulls the blood from his elders wrist. A smile slides on his face as he feels his eyelids getting heavy, slowly listening to the others heartbeat fade as he continues drinking more and more blood from his wrist. Eventually, the sucking sensation stops, Jungkook’s eyes having fallen closed. His vice grip remains, but Tae slowly removes it and slides them both down so they are cuddled up under the blankets. Safe in his room, Tae pushes his mates bangs from his face and places a chaste kiss to his forehead.


“I’m glad you accepted this, Kookie,” Tae slides forward so Jungkook’s head rests below his chin, and he can feel the unconscious fledgling nuzzle closer to him in his sleep, “I love you.”

Chapter Text

Hoseok wakes with a start, eyes flashing open as he stares ahead of him with furrowed brows. He can tell, something is off with Jungkook- the constant reminder of being tied to him dulled as he can practically feel Jungkook’s life force fading. Sighing in relief when he realizes it must have to do with Tae, and he was probably just being changed, he relaxes back into the warm chest behind him. A content smile on his face when the vampire sleeping against his own chest nuzzles closer, enjoying the warm sandwich. He can feel his tail has wrapped around Yoongi, who rests behind him, and his legs are pretzeled with Jimin’s. The combined soft breathing of his mates calms him, lulling him into a sense of security as he falls back asleep.


He wakes again when he feels Jimin pressing against his chest, his eyes falling open to see the vampire boy trying to squirm away from his sleeping form. Yoongi’s arms still cling to him, assuring the oldest was still in a deep slumber. Giggling as Jimin continues his struggle, Hoseok lifts his arm to free the vampire who slides from his arms with a grateful smile. Hoseok smiles back as the younger assures he was just going to obtain food for the two since Yoongi would wake soon. Still trapped in his hyungs arms, he squirms until he is facing Yoongi and moves closer until he is flush against him. Nuzzling his head under Yoongi’s chin, Hoseok is careful to not scrape the elder with his horns. Pressing a soft kiss to the side of his neck, he lets out a small sound of content as he relaxes into the elders warmth.


Hoseok’s free hands move up into Yoongi’s hair, fingers threading through the soft black locks. His elder lets out a small sigh, head pressing up into Hoseok’s hand as he pulls it away before the elders eyes slowly slide open. The demon smiles at his hyung brightly as he pulls away from the male to meet his gaze.


“Good morning hyung!” Hobi greets, leaning forward to press a kiss to the elders cheek. Yoongi sighs in content again, leaning forward to press his forehead against the others as his eyelids fall shut.


“Normally I don’t like being woken up,” Yoongi starts, morning voice low and gravelly, “But I don’t mind being woken up by you, Sunshine.” A blush creeps across Hoseok’s cheeks. “Good morning, where’s Jiminie?”


“He went to get food.” Hoseok answers, slowly releasing his grip on Yoongi, and pushing on his chest to get away. The elder quickly lets go as the admits he had yet to use the restroom.


What? Demons pee too.


Tiredly, Yoongi slowly slides from his bed and runs a hand through his shaggy black hair with a sigh. Smiling as he watches Hoseok’s retreating form he exits into the hallway to enter the kitchen. When he approaches he nods to Namjoon who sits at the kitchen bar while watching Jin cook. With a yawn, he moves to grab a glass of ice water before going to sit on the couch in the living room. Just as he begins to drift off, a weight dips in the couch next to him before a head drops on his shoulder. Looking to his left, he smiles when his gaze lands on Jimin who sighs against him. Hoseok is quick to join the two when he enters, plopping down beside Jimin.


“You two are gonna put me back to sleep.” Yoongi sighs, eyes falling closed as his head rests against Jimin's.


“Yah! Don't sleep, it's time for breakfast!” Jin's voice rings out. Jumping, Yoongi looks back with an annoyed glance. He meets Jimin's sympathetic glance as they stand to move to the dining table. The trio joining Jin and Namjoon. Picking up his chopsticks, Yoongi thanks the elder along with the others as he pops some food into his mouth. Namjoon clears his throat, staring silently at Yoongi who raises a brow at him.




“Jin and I were talking about merging our pack and their coven.” Namjoon speaks when he has Yoongi's full attention.


“Okay. And?” The elder pops another bit of rice in his mouth.


“It would be easier if you guys all mated.”


“Well, I won't be fucking anyone until they get to know what they're going into, not all of us hit it before we know who we're tapping.” Yoongi speaks nonchalantly as he continues eating.


“Hyung!” Jimin protests, frowning at the elder. Yoongi looks to Jimin, shrugging before he turns back to Namjoon. Frustrated, Namjoon's face turns a bright crimson as he glares his elder down, the gears in his head slowly turning.


“Excuse me?” Namjoon grits out, “You and I both know that you're the man whore of the pack. And, Jin and I are together because we're mates. Even if we didnt fuck, we'd be bound to one another, I'm stuck with him like you're stuck with them!” He seethes.


“Fuck you!” Yoongi slams his hands on the table, standing as his eyes flash red. “I'm leaving.”


“And where would you go?”


“Away from you, so fuck off.” Yoongi stomps down the hall to his room, an awkward Hoseok and Jimin trailing behind the man to see him throwing things in his bag.


“Hyung, maybe you should think about this? We don't have to leave.” Jimin speaks, raising a hand to rest it on Yoongi's arm. The alpha flares back at him with bright red eyes, yanking his arm away.


“I'll be back eventually,I just need away from him. Now.” Yoongi throws his bag over his shoulder and looks to Hoseok. “Mind teleporting me out of here?”


“We'll go with you.”



Jungkook woke with a gasp, hand raising to his chest as he sits up straight, head whipping from side to side. Panting as he calms, he takes in his surroundings looking around the unfamiliar room in panic until his gaze finally lands on the man sleeping beside him. Calming as he looks down at V he lets out a relieved sigh and raises his hand to push some stray silver strands from the man's face. Smiling bright, he leans forward to press his forehead against the others. His thumb ghosts over Tae's cheek, and the sleeping man lets out a content sigh nuzzling against his hand and inadvertently eskimo kissing Jungkook.


“Hyung,” Jungkook calls, running his thumb along his cheek again. A hum sounds from the other, his dark brown eyes slowly sliding open to see the younger staring at him in adoration, “Good morning, TaeTae.”


“Good morning, Kookie,” Taehyung smiles as he leans forward to press a chaste kiss to the boy's lips. Gasping, Jungkook links his fingers through Tae's hair as he slides his body closer to the elder. The elder moans against the others lips before slowly pulling away. “Do you feel okay?”


“Ah- I'm really thirsty…”Jungkook bites his bottom lip, eyes taking in the Tae's body before lifting to meet the dark brown ones again, “And kind of horny.” Tae's eyes are half kidded when they meet Jungkook's again, and he can feel himself bite his lip as he feels the others hunger.


“It’s probably from my blood,” Tae answers as Jungkook grunts. The man surges back forward, pulling Jungkook's bottom lip between his own with his teeth. Another groan sounds from Jungkook as he feels the other palm his growing erection through his sweatpants. As his hand slides into the youngers pants (and boxers), Jungkook pulls away with a wanton moan.


“Hyung can I-”


“Bite me, Kookie.” Tae demands, leaning forward so his neck is closer to the younger’s mouth. Jungkook groans, leaning forward towards Tae’s neck as he takes in the scent of the elders neck. The intoxicating smell of his maker brings another sound of pleasure from his throat as he leans down to pierce it with his teeth. The sweet tang of Tae’s blood sliding down his throat as Tae continues stroking his length. “Kookie, slow down, you don’t want me to pass out before we get anywhere do you?” Tae’s deep chuckle rumbles through his throat, Jungkook pulls away from his neck licking the wounds.


“Tae-,” Jungkook whines, “Please just do something.” Tae hums above him, clouded eyes boring down into Jungkook’s. The elder leans over to his side table, reaching into the drawer to pull out lub and lather some on his fingers.


“Are you sure you want this, Jungkook?”


“Tae,” he whines again leaning forward to capture his lips as he leads his hyungs hand to his ass. “I’m sure.” He finishes as he pulls back, meeting Tae’s eyes with his own. Smirking at the boy, Tae leans forward to capture his lips as he slides his finger into A low whimper sounds in Jungkook’s throat as the other moves around inside him. As the elder scissors him, Jungkook lets his head fall back onto the bed as Tae pushes his chest back and moves down to take his length in his mouth as he stretches the male out. Jungkook’s head falls back as he lets out a low moan, back arching off the bed. As Tae’s head bobs, Jungkook’s fingers lace through his hair and his jaw drops.


“Fuck, Tae-” Jungkook cries, earning a hum from the elder who looks up at him through lidded eyes. “Would you just get inside me already?”


“But Kookie,” Tae pouts pulling away, “I don’t have condoms.”


“Then do it raw!” He demands, tugging at Taehyung’s shirt. Chuckling, Tae lifts his shirt and then tugs at his pants.


“You’re so demanding.” V jokes as Jungkook hastily helps the other out of his pants. Jungkook pulls the other down when his naked dick meets the air, hastily kissing the other who smooths some of the lube on his hand onto his length before pressing it against Jungkook’s rim.

Grunting, Tae’s head falls onto Jungkook’s shoulder as he slides into the boy who fists the blankets with a hitched gasp. Staying still, he presses a light kiss to Jungkook’s neck, his fangs brushing over Jungkook’s jugular as he leans over him. When the younger vampire lets out a low moan, he slowly begins moving in and out. Jungkook’s eyes slide closed in bliss when he feels Tae sucking blood from his neck, his fists in the sheets clenching tighter as he arches up into the older. Nearly screaming when the man rams harder into him.


“Fuck, Tae oh god,” Jungkook’s leg lifts, foot digging into Tae’s backside pushing the man in further. His head falling back when he feels the elder press deeper into himself. “I’m-” A loud cry escapes him as he jerks forward, eyes rolling back when he cums all over the elders bare stomach- and his own clothed one. His first orgasm being his hardest.


“Shit, Kookie.” Tae grunts out, biting his lips as he cums inside the boy.


“Hyung can we take a nap now.” Tae chuckles as he pulls out, moving to grab a towel and clean himself and the boy off before lifting Jungkook's shirt and sliding under the blankets. Pressing a chaste kiss to his lips, he pulls the naked boy against himself with a smile to him.


“Of course baby, lets rest.”


“Okay… And can I be on top next time?” He mumbles before eliciting a yawn.


“Hm, I’d like that.”

Chapter Text

Yoongi's stomach lurches when he opens his eyes again, skin sickeningly pale underneath the moonlight. He stumbles slightly forward, soon caught in Jimin's arms as he tries to orient himself. He had heard teleporting could be disorienting before, but had never expected it to hit him so hard. Quickly he pulls back from Jimin, and turns to the side to expel all of the breakfast Jin had supplied before his hasty retreat. Hoseok moves to steady his elder once more, as Yoongi sways while emptying his stomach's contents, and Jimin takes to rubbing soothing circles into his back. The vampire and demon exchange worried glances as they care for their mortal counterpart. As the heaving stops, Yoongi wipes his mouth with the back of his hand, sending a grateful glance back to the boys behind him.


He takes a few deep breaths as his body stops shaking, nodding to Hoseok to get the demon to let him go. Reluctantly, the younger male pulls away as the color returns to Yoongi's face. His past anger is forgotten as he glances up to the moon above them before glancing down at the roof below them. Slowly, he sits, opting not to push his body after getting sick. Then, as he settles and Jimin and Hoseok sit at his sides, he sends a questioning look to the demon.


“Where did you send us?” He speaks, relaxing his arm on his other side as Jimin pulls it over his shoulders. Beaming at him Hoseok is quick to answer.


“We’re on the roof of Jungkook's apartment building. If you don't want to go back we can stay there, he wouldn't mind.” Hoseok’s smile widens as the elder nods and moves against his side, leaning into him. The three gaze up silently into the sky, stars shining down upon their peaceful bonding moment. As they sit, their positioning changes so Yoongi's head rests in Hoseok's lap, and 90% of Jimin's body covers Yoongi's as he uses the elders chest as a pillow. One of Hoseok's hands props him up while the other runs through the strands of Jimin's hair.


“Hyung,” Jimin speaks after what feels like years of silence, “What did you mean earlier about knowing what we're getting into before we mate?” The male turns over in his elders lap, now facing Yoongi's body with his own so he can look down at him. A half grown, half scowl, overtakes Yoongi's features as he looks up at the curious male.


Yoongi is silent as he looks between the two curious males before he sighs, relenting.


“My brother was killed by a vampire,” Yoongi starts, ignoring Jimin's gasp and Hoseok's saddened gaze, “So when we met eyes the first time, I hated you and I hated myself. It pissed me off to have basically imprinted on a vampire when one killed my only family… But then as you were talking to me I realized you weren't all bad… So now I just feel guilty.” Jimin looks hurt for a moment before he quickly recovers.


“Don't worry hyung! I'm nothing like that,” Jimin assures, sending the elder a closed eyed smile, “Tae and I are baby vampires- we've only been this way about 3 years. And Jin hyung found us after our maker abandoned us. He actually didn't even wait for us to wake up, just randomly turned us and left… But I think hyung is raising us well.”


Hoseok deflates, looking between the two, “I've got a bounty on my head in hell… They trying to kill me because I didn't ruin Jungkook's life when he accidentally bound me to himself. They think I'm too nice to be demon material, and that I'm too young to have such a high rank.” The two below him look up to him in shock. Suddenly, anger begins to radiate off of Yoongi as he shoots up, earning a yelp from Jimin as his head falls into his lap.


“They won't fucking touch you, I'll kill them before they have the chance.” Yoongi states, staring intensely into Hoseok's eyes. The demon shutters as the other's eyes flash red.


“If you don't want to fuck me, please don't be such a turn on.” Hoseok comments, eyes flicking to Yoongi's lips. “Public sex is my biggest kink, any planes or drones could catch us up here.”


“Hyung!!” Jimin screeches, slapping Hoseok’s arm, “That's so inappropriate.”


Hoseok glances between the flushed male and their seemingly indifferent hyung as a smirk slides across his lips. “So? You both seem to be into it.” He gestures towards their crotches, and a bright blush dust across Jimin's cheeks as he takes his jacket off to hide it.


“Hyung, seriously cut it out.” Jimin scolds, glaring at the demon who laughs lightly and raises his hands in mock surrender. Yoongi chuckles lightly at Jimin's flustered face and places a kiss on the younger males cheek, quickly pulling away as the younger male swats at him. Hoseok laughs along, placing a hand to his stomach as he bursts out laughing.


“Hoseok, you should know better than to talk like that with small children present,” Yoongi jests, laughing heartily. Jimin pouts as his hyungs join in loud boisterous laughter.


“Sorry hyung.” Hoseok laughs, raising his hand to hide his smile. “Sorry Jiminie,” he adds as he glances to see the younger pouting.


“I don’t think Jungkook would want us to soil his apartment, anyway.” Jimin finishes, earning another round of laughter from Hoseok. “YAH! I'M NOT A SMALL CHILD, I'M 23.” Jimin glares at Yoongi, smacking the elders arm.


“Who cares about what Jungkook would want? He'll be moving in with your coven soon anyways.” Hobi points out. Jimin sticks his tongue out at the other and shifts into Yoongi’s side. USing the elder as cover from Hoseok, he whines.


“Hyung, Hoseokie is bullying me.” Jimin earns a deadpan from Yoongi.


“Can you two please stop? I’m your mate, not your babysitter.” Though he does nothing to push Jimin away or scold the two further. The two boys laugh, Jimin’s giggles vibrating against his side.


“Wow hyung, you’re whipped.” Hoseok speaks between laughs.


“Whatever, can we go sleep in Jungkook’s apartment now? I’m exhausted.”


“Hyung- we just woke up not that long ago?” Jimin looks at him curiously with wide brown eyes.


“Who says I meant that kind of sleep?” A smirk makes it’s way onto Yoongi’s lips and causes Jimin to blush brightly.



Chapter Text

After cleaning the kitchen up, Jin goes searching for Namjoon- who had run away almost immediately after Yoongi had. The scent of the wolf leads down the hall, and before he knows it, Jin is entering the alpha’s room. On the bed rests a lump of blankets which shifts the moment he steps into the room, Namjoon’s tear stained face emerging from under the comforter. When his eyes land on the elder, he immediately sits up, whipping his face as the comforter falls behind him. He works up a small smile that doesn’t reach his eyes as Jin walks over to the bed and sits down, reaching up to push his hair from his face. The alpha sniffles as the elder frowns at him, Jin leaning forward to kiss Namjoon’s cheek.


“Joonie, what’s wrong,” Jin worries, searching Namjoon’s eyes with his own.


“Nothing hyung.” Namjoon forces yet another smile, one that doesn’t reach his eyes.


“Obviously there’s something bothering you,” Jin frowns as Namjoon averts his eyes with a wobbling lower lip, “Please tell me, I want to help you.” He lifts Namjoon’s face back up, hand lightly caressing the bottom of his chin.


“Hyung, why wouldn’t I be okay?” This question earns a sigh from Jin.


“Baby, are you blaming yourself?” Jin’s frown deepens, eyes trained on the other even as Namjoon’s feelings flood through their bond. The self-deprecation floats off of Namjoon in waves, and the elder can’t help but pull the alpha into his arms. Namjoon stiffens in his arms before melting into him, hiding his face in Jin’s neck and scenting the vampire. Namjoon finds himself frowning deeply as Jin runs his fingers through his hair as his lips wobble against Jin’s neck. He sniffles as Jin rubs his back, “You don’t have to be strong all the time.”


“But I do hyung,” Namjoon cries, burying his face in the elders skin as the weight of the world looms behind him. The elder lays them both down, shushing the younger male as he pulls the blankets over them both. He tugs Namjoon back into his arms after pulling the comforter over them both. The alpha nuzzles under his chin, allowing his elder to hide him away from the world if only for another moment. Reassurances reach his ears as his body shakes wildly, sobs shaking the bed they lay on, “I’m sorry.”


“Shh, it’s okay,” Jin soothes, rubbing his back, “I’m here now, you don’t have to be alone. I’ll be here for you always.” He comforts, whispering into Namjoon’s ear as the boy hugs him tightly.

Eventually, the sobs calm and Namjoon pulls away. He smiles gratefully up at Jin who offers a small reassuring smile back.


“You don’t think Yoongi hyung hates me, do you?” Namjoon ponders, asking Jin for his honest opinion- even though he doesn’t want to know the answer.


“I know he doesn’t, your hyung loves you,” Jin affirms quickly, “I’m sure he’ll come back before you know it- he was probably just overwhelmed.”

“Thank you hyung,” Namjoon sighs, letting himself relax against the other as he closes his eyes and nuzzles into his chest, “I know that a lot has happened in the past few days- I’m just glad you’re not going anywhere.”


“And leave you? Then how would I go around saying ‘we’re handsome squared’?” Jin laughs earning a blank stare from Namjoon.


“Nevermind, you can go.” He states in deadpan, only causing Jin to laugh louder- to the point where he can’t help but laugh along.