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Recently, it had gotten more obvious to Jimin that something odd was going on with his little brother. They’d always been close despite their small age gap, Jihyun always looking up to his big brother and Jimin being quite protective over him. They stuck close since childhood, being each other’s first person to talk to when they needed someone but the last few weeks, months even, Jimin noticed Jihyun distancing himself, becoming more awkward in his presence.


It had been steadily progressing from barely noticeable behavior that Jimin simply brushed under the rug to things that made him raise his eyebrows in the more recent times.


He first noticed that his brother was weirdly dodgy while they were having a movie night together just like every other Friday for the past 17 years. Jimin was just strolling back into the living room with a freshly filled bowl of caramel popcorn that he already was stuffing into his mouth again, as he saw Jihyun paying more attention to his phone than to the movie that was still running.


Nothing out of the ordinary, Jimin assumed that his brother had gotten a Twitter notification that he urgently needed to check but when he moved to sit next to him again, he noticed his brother’s fast paced typing. So probably not Twitter but the group chat he had with his friends.
“What you got there that’s more important than Finding Dory?”, Jimin playfully asked while leaning closer to sneak a glance of the phone screen.


To his surprise, his brother leaned away a little too abruptly, turning the phone screen the other way while typing something else, pressing send and shutting the device, finally dropping it next to him onto the cushions.
“Nothing important, hyung. Pay attention to the movie!”

Jimin frowned at his panicked tone, giving him a weird look before shaking his head slightly, offering him popcorn. He probably only wanted to avoid his older brother seeing all the nude anime girls his friends sent into the chat.


The next time Jimin’s instincts told him that something was really fishy here was when he had to drop Jihyun off for an evening hang out with his friends. When he had asked if Jimin could drive him, he already kept stuttering weirdly but Jimin brushed it off and happily agreed. The kid was 17, Jimin would never be the one to refuse him to have fun.

Fifteen minutes before they had to leave, Jimin was sitting on one of the kitchen stools, scrolling through his phone while sipping on his soda. He had decided to drop his brother off and drive to Taehyung’s place, he wasn’t going to spend a perfectly good Saturday alone at home and Taehyung had been begging to hang out for a few weeks now, suddenly in favor of Jimin’s company again since his boyfriend Min Yoongi grew busier with college work.

He heard Jihyun’s footsteps trampling down the stairs hurriedly and watched him get to a halt in front of the full body mirror in the hallway. A smile crept onto his face as he watched the boy pose awkwardly, assessing his outfit from all angles possible before adjusting the collar of his jacket again.
“I didn’t know you’re dressing to impress your friends today or is there someone else coming that you need to woo?”, Jimin, the smug little shit that he was, knew exactly that this question would make his poor pubescent brother squirm and he enjoyed every second of it.

He watched as Jihyun gawked, scrambling to explain himself.
“N-No hyung, what? I’m only going to hang out with Jaehwan and the others. You know this!”
Jimin started laughing, incredibly amused at his brother’s outraged face. “I was only fucking with you, calm down.”

Later, as they already sat in the car, driving to Jihyun’s destination, Jimin once again noticed his brother’s nervous fiddling and it started to get on his nerves.
“Stop tapping your foot or I’ll lose my mind. What the hell is wrong today?”
Jihyun swallowed hard and stilled the movement of his leg. “Sorry, I had lots of coffee today and it made me energized, I guess…”, he trailed off and Jimin could tell he was making something up right away. His little brother had never touched a cup of coffee in his life.
“Sure. Didn’t know you suddenly grew to be a coffee fanatic.”
Jihyun side eyed him nervously and straightened again. “Yeah, well, that’s what school does to you.”

After that, they sat in silence, atmosphere more awkward than it’s ever been, both of them aware that Jihyun was acting strange and Jimin felt somewhat hurt that his most trusted family member was trying to lie to his face so blatantly.

A couple of streets away from Jihyun’s usual hangout spot that Jimin had dropped him off at countless of times, the younger finally spoke up again.
“Hyung, you can let me out here, we’re meeting somewhere else today and it’s not far from here so I can just walk there.”
Now, Jimin’s mind was really baffled and he looked at his brother with the most incredulous face.
“I can just drive there if it’s not far anyway, what are you saying. It’s not a big deal Hyunie, just give me directions.”


He saw Jihyun run a frustrated hand through his hair, seemingly scrambling for what to say next.
“No hyung, that would just be a hassle, I can find the way on my own too.”, and with that he already started opening his seatbelt.
“So you’re trying to hide something from me. Jihyunie, you know you can trust me!”, Jimin was flailing his hands around in a desperate manner.
“I swear I’m just trying to save your time, Jimin hyung!”
“Are you drinking underage? Is that it? You know that I won’t be mad, I also did that!”
“What?! Hyung, no! But you what?”
They stared at each other for a second, mouths hanging open until Jimin swallowed and looked away.
“I know you wouldn’t do something like this, Hyung is proud of you.”
Jihyun only sighed and shook his head.
“Hyung, you… whatever.”, and with that he got out of the car, slammed the door shut and all Jimin could do was watch him speed-walk down the street.

Jihyun had never behaved that way before and Jimin didn’t like it one bit. What if his friends were up to sketchy stuff and dragged him into it? He’d always had the impression that Jaehwan was a well-behaved reliable friend but people could always change, especially when they were 17 and impressionable. Something didn’t sit right with him and he was going to figure out what exactly was going on. Just not today because Taehyung was waiting.


The final straw came when their mother told Jimin to coax Jihyun out of his room for dinner. His brother had spent the last weeks mostly in there and when he went out he didn’t ask Jimin for a ride anymore. Jimin didn’t know how to approach the situation, obviously it wasn’t something that his brother wanted to share with him. That was exactly what he didn’t like about it all, all of their life they’d shared all relevant information with each other and judging by how Jihyun’s whole behavior changed, this information was definitely of relevance.

What Jimin didn’t expect when he approached his brother’s door was his hushed voice that barely sounded into the hallway. Jimin knew that he shouldn’t be listening in on the phone call his brother was having but the temptation of finding out information regarding his behavior was too strong.

“Yeah, it’s becoming super hard to avoid Jimin hyung, I know he will pester me about it all again. I don’t know for how much longer I can hide this all. I just… I don’t know if I’m ready to tell him.”
For a second, Jimin had to suppress a giggle that was rising up in his throat, it kind of sounded like his brother was pregnant. But then the seriousness of the situation sank in, Jihyun really was hiding something from him and it sounded like a big deal. He was sure now, something was going on and he needed to find out what, urgently.

Abruptly, he knocked on the door, wanting to interrupt his brother’s conversation with his potential drug dealer friend and yelled “Jihyun, dinner is ready!”
Measures had to be taken as soon as possible.


“And so now you’re convinced that Jihyun is part of some kind of drug dealing gang of delinquents?”, Taehyungs voice sounded strained with the need to hold back his laughter. Jimin gave him a strict look, obviously this wasn’t a laughing matter right now but Taehyung’s goofy self never took anything seriously.
“Can you just properly listen to me for one second? You know exactly that he’s been acting strange and this is a plausible reason, I’m just worried for him, it’s my job.”


Jimin looked exasperated from where he sat next to Taehyung on a bench on campus and his best friend almost felt bad for him. But only almost.
“Jimin-ah, he is deep into puberty, do you really think your first assumption should be that he’s joining the mafia?”
The smaller just exhaled through his nose loudly like he was about to attack Taehyung’s neck and mumbled something along the lines of ‘that’s not even what I said’.
“Toxic friend groups aren’t uncommon and you know it, the youth is getting more reckless!”

This time Taehyung burst out into chuckles, he couldn’t believe just how dramatic Jimin could be.
“Are you seventy years old? Jiminie, from the way that you described it, it sounds like he might be dating someone. Give him a rest.”
Immediately, Jimin shook his head. “Impossible, if he was seeing someone then he’d tell me. He has always told me about his crushes so I would be the first person who’d know if a girl looked back at him.”
“Are you sure about that?”
The small man looked like he wanted to hit Taehyung over the head for doubting the closeness with his brother. “Tae, you’ve known us for over a decade! How can you even be doubtful right now?”


Taehyung raised his eyebrows while looking the other way, he looked like he wanted to say something that he knew would be critical.
“Jimin… you’re acting like you haven’t done the exact same thing.”
He only hears the older squawk, slamming his hand down on the table. He knew that Jimin was furious now, the topic being very touchy and Taehyung just went there.

“Taehyung! You promised to never once in your life bring this up again! And also you know exactly that the situation was different.”
“Doesn’t change the fact that you also hid your first proper relationship so what makes you think that he won’t do it?”
Jimin was fuming, the topic of his ex-boyfriend being more than highly unwelcome.
“Maybe because his significant other doesn’t force him to hide? Maybe that’s where the difference lies?”
He got up from his seat, scowling at Taehyung.
“See you later, Tae.”
With that he stomped in direction of his literature class.


Thanks to the conversation he and his best friend had previously had, Jimin’s brain wasn’t able to focus on what his literature professor was saying about Hemmingway’s greatest works, thoughts constantly swirling all around one topic. His one and only ex-boyfriend.

The whole story was rather complicated and on one hand he could understand why Taehyung brought it up but on the other hand Jimin couldn’t help but feel butthurt about how bluntly his friend had disregarded their “we don’t speak about it” rule.
The wound just still was way too fresh to be opened up again.


The guy that Jimin had been dating for a solid two and a half years had also been his first proper relationship, the first thing that the small male had invested everything in. They had only broken up about three months ago and Jimin was barely over it despite it being his decision.


Jimin had always felt happy and loved in his boyfriend’s arms but the major issue that caused him to move on from him had been the fact that they constantly had to hide the fact that they were together. For years on end. And Jimin grew tired of it.
He had always respected his lover’s wish to keep it under wraps since he knew the other was simply scared of his parents’ reactions if he came out to them with a whole boyfriend in tow on top of that. Jimin had been patient and understanding for so long and he had even felt guilty about wanting to go public, about wanting to force something on the person he loved that they obviously weren’t comfortable with.


But Jimin was only human and he grew tired of sneaking around, of only being able to see his love when his parents were out of the picture and of not being acknowledged as more than a friend in public. He felt like a dirty secret so he had to go his own way, had to allow himself to find someone who would be appreciating the way he deserved. It had hurt so badly to break it off with his first love, it was painful to see his boyfriend trying to make him stay. It still hurt to think about and Jimin couldn’t say he was over it.

Shortly after they had broken things off, Jimin was ready to go back to him, to give him another chance at being brave and making it right, but his mind changed once he found himself being treated like complete air by his ex, any trace of their previous public friendship gone, not even a single glance in his direction. It had torn him down more than actually breaking up with the boy.

Jimin felt like the comparison Taehyung made had been unfair, it wasn’t like Jimin had ever been willingly hiding his relationship from his little brother so to put them both on the same level stung a bit. He was convinced that what Jihyun was hiding was way more deep than romantic involvement with another individual. Jimin felt it in his gut and his gut had never been wrong.


The upcoming weekend, Jimin had developed a solid plan on how he was going to get behind what his brother was really doing.
It was Friday after classes, Taehyung sat on a barstool in Jimin’s kitchen while the other went on about how the mission had to be carried out.


“Jihyun goes out every Friday night and usually I always drove him to wherever he needed to go but as you know, he doesn’t want me to do that anymore.”
Taehyung couldn’t help but think that Jimin, leaning against the kitchen counter with a fierce look in his eyes, looked like he was conjuring up an evil masterplan. Actually, he might be doing just that.


“So what I was thinking is… When Jihyun gets home from school soon, we’re gonna act completely normal, and then, later when he’s leaving to god-knows-where, we will silently follow him to see what the fuck he’s doing. Without being discovered of course. And bam. Problem solved.”

The look on Taehyung’s face didn’t really scream excitement or enthusiasm.
“First of all, why am I being dragged into this?”
Jimin let out a humorless laugh and looked at him as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
“Well, you’re here, so? If you don’t want to be part of this then you’re free to leave, traitor.”
Taehyung rolled his eyes and huffed.
“I just think that you’re being a little extreme. You don’t have to stalk your brother, I bet he’d appreciate it if you trusted him enough to wait for him to tell you about it on his own. When he feels like he’s ready to.”


Jimin ran a hand through his hair, looking utterly exasperated.
“My god, Taehyung. You don’t get it! It’s not like I don’t trust him. I’m just looking out for him like an older brother should!”
“Oh, so you’d like it if your brother secretly followed you around. Give him some privacy, Jimin.”
“It’s not like he’d ever know I followed him.”
“Then how would you explain to him how you got to know about whatever it is.”
Silence followed.
“See? Scratch that plan.”


All of a sudden, they heard the front door open.
“It’s him! Act normal!”, Jimin whisper-yelled and quickly took a seat next to Taehyung on the stools.

Oddly enough, it sounded like there were more than one person’s footsteps in the hallway. Jihyun rarely brought his friends home for a hangout.
His brother’s voice sounded nearer and promptly his head came into view in the doorway, looking at Jimin with a weirdly unsettled stare.
“Oh, hi Tae-hyung…”
It seemed like that was all that Jihyun was going to say.

Jimin looked at him suspiciously and tilted his head to the side.
“Is something up?”
“U-Uhm… I… well, uhm. I brought someone along to meet you.”

The older two watched with wide eyes as a petite girl with long brown hair and round eyes stepped around the corner. You could tell she was nervous, yet she still gave the boys a gentle smile.
Taehyung couldn’t suppress a grin as it clicked in his brain. Jimin might just be able to cancel his plan all along.

“This is Heejin, my girlfriend.”
Turns out Jimin’s gut had been terribly wrong.


For a few moments, Jimin just stood there in silence, feeling absolutely ridiculous and Taehyung obviously suppressing his laugh didn’t make it any better. So much to his brother being involved in drug deals.
“O-of course, oh my god! Heejin! It’s so great to meet you!”
Finally, he had snapped out of his trance and gave the girl a wide smile, he really wanted her to feel welcomed, for Jihyun’s sake mostly.

“It’s nice to finally meet you as well, Jimin-oppa. I’m really sorry for any worry that I’ve caused involuntarily. I know Jihyun has been keeping our relationship from you.”
Jimin almost cooed at how polite and adorable the girl seemed to be. He knew Jihyun had a good taste.

As soon as those words left her mouth, Jihyun’s whole face flushed and guilt was written all over his features.
“Hyung, I’m sorry for sneaking around. I know you probably suspected the worst but I just felt like I needed to keep this for myself until I was sure that things with Heejin are serious. This is the first ever serious romantic… thing I’ve had. I’m still sorry for not sharing it with you earlier though.”

Jimin almost felt bad that his brother thought he was responsible to always share everything with him immediately, despite being upset about exactly that just an hour ago. He needed to take it easy, some things are allowed to remain private and he got that now.
“Jihyunie, don’t worry about it. I’m not upset with you. I was just thinking of worst-case scenarios on why you were being all dodgy. That was stupid on my part, I know you wouldn’t get involved in the things I suspected. I’m glad that its working so well between you two!”
The relieved smile that graced his younger brother’s features made up for all the worrying that Jimin had gone through.


What it didn’t make up for was the countless hours of teasing he had to endure from Taehyung. So much about being best friends, Jimin was truly growing tired of being ridiculed.

Even now, two days later at lunch, Taehyung couldn’t hold back from exploiting Jimin’s tendencies to overanalyze to his boyfriend Yoongi who sadly also looked very much amused by it.
“You should’ve seen his face when the girl, what was her name? Heejin? Right. When Heejin came through the door. He gaped at her like a fish out of the water.”
Taehyung interrupted his animated speech to imitate Jimin’s facial expression and laugh loudly afterwards.
“Jiminie, I told you. What did I tell you? Exactly what ended up happening.”

Jimin was getting fed up at this point and only sent his best friend a glare.
“You can have this one, Tae. But next time it’s my turn to be right again.”
Taehyung made a face.
“No need to be angry, you’re just a sore loser. Do I see steam coming out of your nostrils right there?”
And with that he honestly had it, good thing his next class was about to begin so he’d just go there a little early. Better than having to listen to Taehyung.

“Whatever, I gotta head to my dance class. See you later, one more word then and you can search for a new person to bring you coffee in the morning, Kim Taehyung.”
He aggressively slid back his chair to get up but completely overlooked the person walking past behind him, making his chair collide harshly with a body.

“Oh my god, I’m so sor-“
“Watch where you’re fucking going next time.”
Jimin recognized the voice immediately and he felt like throwing up, preferably in the other male’s face.
“Oh, look. It’s you. I take it back, I’d actually really like to hit you with my chair again, Jeon.”

Jeon Jeongguk. Jimin’s most hated person on earth. But not really.
Jeongguk with his stupidly big eyes and his dumb-looking grin and his horribly soft light brown hair and those disgustingly strong thighs that Jimin just really hated.
Jeongguk who had always known how to get under Jimin’s skin because Jimin just gets so riled up and easy around him.
Jeongguk, Jimin’s one and only ex-boyfriend.


Perhaps things had gotten a little rough between them since breaking up. At first Jimin had thought that Jeongguk ignoring him would be how things stayed from now on but he soon discovered that he was very wrong.
The younger had started to use every smallest opportunity to be an asshole towards Jimin and it was not only upsetting but also confusing. Jimin understood that Jeongguk must’ve been hurt by Jimin dumping him but he didn’t for a second understand how someone could turn so hateful. A defense mechanism? Perhaps. That’s what it was for Jimin at least who had started to be mean as well but only because he wasn’t going to let himself be walked all over.


The first time Jeongguk had been rude to him in public was a mere week after the night they had broken up. Jimin was just finishing up his homework in a small café that he always visited in between classes, this time without any of his friends since they’d all been busy. He decided to get himself another fresh coffee before heading back, his headache had been exceptionally terrible these past days, feelings still weighing heavy on him.

Just as he got done paying, he could hear the small bell above the entrance, indicating that someone else had entered. He didn’t pay much mind to it, he wasn’t interested in who else was walking around since it was all other students anyway. That was until he heard his voice. Jeongguk’s voice.
Exhaling heavily, he prepared himself to just awkwardly push past his ex-boyfriend without making any eye contact at all. Unfortunately, that plan didn’t quite work out.
Jimin kept his eyes on the ground, shuffling towards the door as quickly as possible until he got shoved. And quite harshly at that. Hard enough to send his steaming hot coffee flying out of his hand and spilling all over him.

For a second, Jimin had just stood there, open-mouthed and dripping, skin hurting from the hot liquid.
“Oops, sorry Jimin.”, Jeongguk’s tone was not genuine at all, the words had bite to them.
“Go be a bother somewhere else, you’re in my way.”
With that Jeongguk gave him a condescending look and walked up to the counter after his friend. It stung, the words in his heart, the hot liquid on his skin and the unshed tears in his eyes. He hadn’t expected it and now he didn’t know what to do.

He looked over at one of the baristas who eyed him sympathetically and then went and got a mop to clean up the coffee on the floor. Jimin stood and watched, hands being clutched tightly together to keep his composure. Jeongguk didn’t spare him another glance while walking out again and once he was gone, Jimin finally swallowed down his tears and apologized for spilling his drink one last time before making his way out of the café.

The rest of his school day was spent wandering around feeling sticky and uncomfortable and deeply humiliated.


Incidents like that just started getting more frequent and Jimin had reached a point where all he wanted to do was scream into Jeongguk’s face until he left him alone for good. But he couldn’t do that or at least he wouldn’t want to seem like a complete maniac.

Taehyung had always told him to just ignore Jeongguk’s pestering because if he couldn’t get a rise out of him anymore, he’d stop eventually, just like they told elementary school kids to do if they were being bullied.


Right now, Jimin and Jeongguk had a stare-off in the crowded cafeteria, Taehyung almost felt anxious they would end up jumping each other, just like Cady had imagined in Mean Girls. He could tell Jimin wasn’t actually up for a fight, shoulders sagging and face more exhausted than actually angry, Jeongguk on the other hand seemed as cocky as always, determination shining in his eyes, determination to make Jimin’s life even more of a burden.

Taehyung had always liked Jeongguk, he had always been supportive of Jimin and him as a couple, being the only other person to know about their relationship. He had always thought Jeongguk was good for Jimin, he had been rooting for him to be brave and make it official with his best friend. Even after the break up, Taehyung was sympathetic and thought of how Jeongguk must be feeling. When he started being an asshole though, that’s when his opinion about the younger changed drastically.

“Move along, Jeon. I doubt your leg is hurting as much as your ego is. Leave Jimin alone.”
Taehyung has certainly had it with him as well.

Jeongguk’s eyes never left Jimin’s face though, not even as Taehyung addressed him.
“Need your friend to defend you now? Can’t you fight your own fights anymore?”, he chuckled.
Jimin only sighed and started shoving his way past the taller, he wasn’t going to miss dance practice because of this dickhead. He knew exactly Jeongguk would try to trip him with his foot so instead of face planting, he stepped on the younger’s toes so that he could hear him hiss out in pain and walked off towards the dance studio.


After that encounter Jimin’s mood had been sour all day, not even dancing could cheer him up again. He kept messing up the steps because his frustration just wouldn’t die down.
When he finally opened the front door to his home and took off his shoes, he truly felt like a huge weight was lifted off him. His plans for the rest of the day involved laying around and napping and he couldn’t wait to start working on that.

“Hey, hyung! Is it possible for you to pick me up from Heejin’s tonight? I’m going to her house right after basketball practice and it would be so convenient if you could give me a ride home after I hung out with her.”
And with that, Jimin’s lazy evening plans were crushed. Well, not completely, going to get his brother would take only thirty minutes so he could deal with that.
“Sure Jihyunie, don’t worry about it.”


It was quarter past eleven and Jimin could feel the tiredness burning in his eyes. He wanted to just go to sleep so badly but Jihyun had not yet texted him to come to Heejin’s house to get him. Actually, Jimin didn’t even know her address to just show up on his own accord, he had to wait until Jihyun would finally message him.

Another twenty minutes and lots of yawning later, Jimin’s phone finally dinged.
Here’s the address! Come pick me up, Hyung :)

He didn’t deem it necessary to change out of his baggy clothes that he wore around home, he wanted to just be home again as soon as possible and finally catch some sleep.

In the car, he turned on google maps and hoped that the app didn’t mess up the route this time. Jimin still felt like in a trance, tiredness weighing him down but he had to be attentive while driving.
The whole car-ride felt like a drag despite the location not being far. Gradually, Jimin noticed that he was quite familiar with the area, unfortunately. He really didn’t want to think about exactly why he knew these streets so well.

His phone dinged, indicating that he had reached his destination. He came to a halt with a yawn and squinted his eyes to look out of the window, trying to decipher the numbers on the houses in the darkness. Finally, his eyes caught onto the right number and her got out of the car, ready to just quickly get his brother out of there and return to his bed.

Shock settled in his gut when he looked at the house again. He knew that house more than well. It couldn’t be. Had he driven here like a habit? Had he accidentally typed in the wrong address in his tired state. He shakily pulled his phone out of his pocket again and checked his brother’s text as well as what he had typed into google maps. He was at the right house, but that couldn’t be.

This was Jeon Jeongguk’s house.


Jimin stood there in the cold, staring ahead. Jihyun had to have sent the wrong address, Jimin was sure of it. So there was absolutely no way that he was going to ring the bell and embarrass himself in front of Jeongguk.

Quickly, Jimin sent Jihyun a text asking if he was sure that this was the right house but Jihyun didn’t reply. For ten whole minutes and Jimin was starting to get cold and annoyed. He was strongly debating just going home again but he felt bad, what if Jihyun really was in Jeon Jeongguk’s house, for whatever reason. Jimin faced the fact that he just had to swallow down his pride. Perhaps Jeongguk wasn’t even home.

He stood there, bracing himself for two minutes straight, shifting his weight from one leg to the other. Then finally he exhaled and mumbled ‘Fuck it’. You gotta do what you gotta do.
Slowly he walked up the porch and pressed the doorbell with a shaky finger.
For a minute nothing seemed to be moving in the house and Jimin felt like he was going to pass out. He was begging to every entity above that anyone but his ex-boyfriend was going to open that door. Then finally, a light went on in the hallway and before Jimin could even feel any more scared than he already was, the door cracked open and he made eye contact with very familiar brown eyes.

What did he do to deserve this?

“What the hell are you doing here?”
Just as Jimin expected, Jeongguk sounded very kind and welcoming. Not at all.
“I just-“
“You missed me? Is that it? Because if you came here to try for my dick again you can turn around and leave in your shabby car.”
Jimin looked flabbergasted. This big-toothed moron really thought he came here because of him. How laughable was that.


“You fucking wish, Jeon. Reduce your ego by 80%, I don’t know a single person who would run after your ass. I mean, I certainly didn’t, did I?”
“Jimin, if you’re just here to waste my time, then-“
“I’m not here because of you at all. I’m here because my brother is in your house, for whatever reason. I’m here to get him.”
“Well, he’s not here. As if I’d let your brother into my home.”
“You don’t even fucking know my brother, asshole.”
Jimin was fed up, infuriated even. What in the world did he do to get this instead of a calm evening?

“Get off my porch.”
“What the fuck? No! Hand me my brother and I’m gone.”
“Didn’t you hear me? Your dumb brother isn’t fucking-“
Suddenly there was a shuffle behind Jeongguk in the hallway.
“Jimin-hyung? I thought you’d never come. I was getting ready to just sleep here.”

Jimin could see shock taking over Jeongguk’s features.
“Jihyun is your brother?”
Before Jimin could answer, Jihyun arrived at the door with Heejin in tow.
“Oh, Jimin-oppa! I see you’ve met my older brother already!”
“Heejin is your sister?!”


Jimin felt like he’d been hit over the head. It makes sense now. He had always known that Jeongguk had a younger sister but during their relationship they both never had the pleasure to meet each other’s families for the secrecy’s sake. How was a sweet girl like Heejin even related to someone like Jeon Jeongguk?

Fair enough, Jeongguk looked just as stunned as Jimin himself but the older regained his composure faster, grabbing his brother by the arm and beginning to tug him towards his car.
“Jihyunie, you’re not going to their house again. You know, I like Heejin but I don’t want you to be around someone like Jeon Jeongguk. Heejin can come to our house instead.”
Looking back over his shoulder, he first saw his brother’s confused face and then Jeongguk, who looked about to explode.

“Who says Heejin can enter your ratchet house?”, Jeongguk yelled and Jimin halted in his tracks.
“Well, you can be sure Jihyunie will not breathe the same air as you again! And Heejin shouldn’t either, we wouldn’t want her to turn out like you!”
“Then you should step back from Jihyun so he doesn’t become an attention seeking whore like you.”

That was harsh. And judging by the regretful look that came over Jeongguk’s eyes, he knew that as well.
Jimin swallowed hard and exhaled.
“Go eat my ass, Jeongguk.”
That sounded weaker than he had planned, a little choked even.

Turning around once again, heading for the car with Jihyun in tow, he almost expected Jeongguk to say sorry. But of course no such thing ever happened.


While driving, Jimin held onto the steering wheel with all his might, knuckles turning white. Not necessarily because of anger but more because he didn’t want to start sobbing in front of his little brother, he wasn’t going to look pathetic.
Jimin felt ridiculous once again. He knew exactly why Jeongguk’s words hurt like they did. He was a fool for still letting Jeongguk get to him, he felt dumb for thinking perhaps they still had a chance together some day. He didn’t know why he kept up hope even after they turned into enemies.
It hurt more than anything to be called such crude things by the same person who had once called him nothing but loving pet names that made his heart flutter in his chest. Now his heart was clenching.


Jimin could tell Jihyun wanted to speak up and ask him about what had happened but he also knew that he wouldn’t actually say anything, being way too respectful of his brother’s feelings. Talking about what happened seemed so dreadful to Jimin at this moment but he also knew that his brother deserved to know, the whole thing was somehow involving him too.
They stayed quiet until they arrived home, Jimin gathering his feelings, getting himself ready to be honest with Jihyun.
Once they entered their home, they both walked right past their parents, up the stairs towards their rooms.

“Jihyunie, let’s hang out in my room, I think we should talk, about, you know… about what happened just now.”
The younger just nodded and followed his brother, who took a seat at his desk, so Jihyun opted for the bed.
“Hyung, not to be rude or anything but what the hell was that back there?”
“Well, it’s kind of a long story.”
“I didn’t even know you are acquainted with Heejin’s brother let alone that you guys obviously have some kind of problem with each other. How can I even be normal with my girlfriend after you screamed at her brother and told me I can’t come to their house anymore. You can’t just make decisions for me and Jeongguk-hyung usually is really nice, so could you please explain to me why you had to humiliate me?”
Jihyun looked truly worked up and Jimin understood where he was coming from, he should’ve acted differently but he was impulsive and hurt his brother in the process.

He let out a heavy sigh.
“How do I even begin?”, a choked laugh forced itself out of Jimin’s throat and it sounded so pathetic that he almost pitied himself.
“Jeongguk and I used to be together.”
He stopped at that to watch his brother’s reaction to the biggest piece of news.

Jihyun’s eyes became wide and his brain seemed to try and piece things together.
“Really? Hyung, why didn’t you ever tell me? Was it just a casual thing? And did you separate on bad terms?”
“It’s a lot to explain. We were dating for two and a half years. And… the reason that I never told you, or anyone for that matter, was because Jeongguk asked me to keep it a secret. He might seem cocky now but back then he was really shy and insecure and he hadn’t told anyone that he was gay yet. He was scared of reactions and I respected that. But it’s hard to always be with someone in secret, to not be able to openly display your love and it ate away on me. I felt like a dirty little secret so I broke up with him. That was not long ago actually. I guess I hurt him a lot because he took to openly hating me and I talked back to him and now… it’s just like that.”


That was a lot of information and his younger brother looked a little overwhelmed.
“That… explains a lot. Hyung, I’m sorry about all of that, it sounds a lot to handle. I know you probably don’t care but I knew Jeongguk-hyung is gay, like… he’s out now. I’m pretty sure of that.”
Jimin’s smile looked a little pained.
“It’s nice to know that he found the bravery to be himself, I might even be a little sad that I wasn’t there to see it.”
“You don’t hate him, do you?”
Jimin’s eyes widened at the question. Not even Taehyung had ever dared to ask him if he was over Jeongguk, it just wasn’t a topic up for discussion. Mostly because Jimin didn’t want to admit it.
“I…. No. I really don’t. It hurts to see him face me with so much resentment.”

They stayed in silence for a while, mind’s wandering, processing the topic.
Finally, Jimin spoke up again.
“I’m sorry about putting you in this situation, Jihyunie. I should’ve thought before acting.”
The younger nodded.
“Don’t worry about it, Hyung. Heejin for sure isn’t mad and she’ll understand the whole situation. But I really can’t not go to her house anymore. The only thing I’m worried about right now is how you will manage if I’m dating your ex-boyfriend’s sister, you can’t always avoid Jeongguk, under these circumstances it’s kinda inevitable that you guys will meet more often than less.”

Jimin’s felt kind of sick at the thought but he knew he had to do it for his brother, he couldn’t keep making things awkward for his relationship and he couldn’t expect Jihyun to adjust things with Heejin to Jimin’s liking.
“Jeongguk and I can be casual with each other, don’t even worry! Seriously, Hyunie! I’ll manage.”


“Jeongguk! Stop right there!”
Jimin could hear Taehyung making outraged sounds from where he was walking behind him.
“Jimin what the hell are you doing? Don’t go talking to Jeon.”

Jimin sped up as he watched Jeongguk come to a halt down the hallway with a more than displeased facial expression.
“Is there a reason for you to breathe in my direction?”, Jeongguk said as soon as Jimin had caught up to him.
“Us two, outside, now.”
Jimin only grabbed his elbow and dragged him towards the exit.
Taehyung couldn’t believe his eyes, what had gotten into his best friend?

Once they had reached the outside region of the campus, Jeongguk stopped walking and refused to move any further with Jimin tugging on his arm.
“I’m not gonna make out with you behind one of those trees if that was your plan.”
Jimin couldn’t help but groan in annoyance, of course Jeongguk had his ever cocky attitude up full front.
“Shut up, Jeongguk. You know that would never be what I’m here for. I just wanted to talk to you about our siblings, in a civilized manner. So if you could refrain from calling me a whore again, that would be great.”
“Jimin, listen-“
“I think we should try and get along better. Only for our siblings I mean, I just don’t want to give them a hard time. Let’s not fight when they’re around.”
Jimin was pretty sure Jeongguk could barely refuse his proposal if he cared about Heejin at all.

“What makes you think we’ll even come in contact at all. Just because our siblings are seeing each other doesn’t mean we will hang out every weekend or some shit. You can text me every time you come and pick up your brother from my house so I won’t be the one opening up the door.”
“God, you’re childish as ever. What’s so hard about just agreeing to be civil. You know we can’t always dodge each other. I’m not asking you to crawl up my ass or something, I just don’t wanna give my brother and his girlfriend a hard time.”
Jimin couldn’t believe that Jeongguk was child enough to refuse his offer of peace.

“You know what? Fine. Just don’t expect me to be nice to you. No fighting and that’s it. And don’t fucking come up to me in public again.”
Yeah, Jimin already regretted it.


As soon as Jimin went back inside, Taehyung came speed walking up to him.
“Please tell me you didn’t-“
“I only made him a peace offering. Chill, you know I wouldn’t hook up with him anymore.”
“What was I supposed to think if you just go outside to talk in private. I mean, why would you and him talk alone?”
Jimin sighed a little and began to recount the events of the previous evening. Taehyung looked genuinely shocked once he found out that Jimin’s and Jeongguk’s siblings were dating.
“And now you and him have to be normal around each other. That’s never gonna work Jimin. There’s too much history, you know this better than me.”
“Being normal with him isn’t a problem for me. I didn’t start the whole fighting and I never wanted it to continue. He’s the only one with a problem.”
“and you’re the only one who’s still in love.”
Taehyung had rally went there. He knew that was something that Jimin didn’t talk about, ever.
“That’s not true, I’m not into him anymore.”
Taehyung shot him an amused look.
“I’d bet my ass that you two will be fucking again by the end of this.”


Friday arrived and Jimin couldn’t be more stoked for the weekend. Midterms were near so he had been studying a lot lately but he promised himself that this weekend he was going to give himself a break. He had been lazing around ever since his classes finished earlier that day.

Jihyun came trotting down into the living room around 4pm and Jimin had expected him to go out with Heejin but what he came to hear was something completely different.
“Hyung, I invited Heejin and Jeongguk-hyung for our movie night today.”
The older momentarily choked on the soda he was drinking. Hs brother had done what now?
“Why did you invite both of them?”
“Well, I thought it would give you and him time to get accustomed to each other.”
“Jihyunie, Jeongguk and I aren’t friends and we don’t want to be. We don’t hang out together and we don’t have to get along great. Our agreement was that him and I won’t fight in front of you and Heejin and that was all.”
Jimin felt irritated, his original plan was to see Jeongguk as little as possible and he didn’t understand why Jihyun deemed it a requirement for the older siblings to be friends.
“Jimin-hyung, I’m sorry if this makes you uncomfortable, I just thought maybe it would be good for us all if you and Jeongguk actually get used to seeing each other again. Maybe I’m selfish because I don’t wanna have the awkwardness around but… Just this one time, please?”

Looking at Jimin, it was easy to tell he was somewhat torn inside. On one hand, he really wanted to avoid Jeongguk to his best ability but on the other hand there were hopes to make his brother happy and to maybe fix it with his ex.
“This once, okay. To be honest I doubt Jeongguk will even show up today so we’re probably safe anyway.”


Turns out he wasn’t safe at all. Their doorbell rang at 7pm sharp and Jihyun opened the door to not only a smiling Heejin but also to a scowling Jeongguk.
Standing in the hallway, Jimin gave Jeongguk an amused look.
“Didn’t think you were gonna show, I’m impressed, I must say.”
“I only came along because I knew it was gonna bother you.”
Jeongguk was already sounding too full of himself.
“I’m not bothered at all!”, Jimin tried to sound truthful, adding a whispered ‘remember our agreement!’.
Fortunately, Jihyun didn’t seem to have caught their remarks.

Once they all entered the living room it was easy to tell that Jimin and Jihyun have done this movie night thing more than just a few times. The whole room was dimmed, blankets and popcorn ready for everyone to grab. Jeongguk had to admit it looked cozy and amazing.

“What’s on for today?”, Heejin asked looking excited, a faint blush tinting her cheeks because of Jihyun’s proximity.
“I thought we could all pick together.”
Jihyun enthusiastically looked back and Jimin and Jeongguk just stood there, awkwardness practically visible between them.
Jimin quickly shook his head in panic.
“Jeongguk will pick a horror movie, he always does this!”
It was well known that Jimin was a scaredy cat and couldn’t handle the horror genre whatsoever.
“Not gonna lie, I was gonna suggest something along those lines.”
Jeongguk looked down at Jimin with a faint smile, seemingly touched by how well the other knew him.
The room was quiet for a second and when Jeongguk raised his eyes again he could see the awkward looks him and Jimin received from their siblings.
Jimin’s frame beside him seemed to be completely frozen, it was almost painful to wait until the moment was over.

Finally, Heejin walked towards the shelf with movies stacked all the way from bottom to top. Apparently the Park’s had never heard of Netflix.
She hesitantly pulled a DVD out and handed it to Jihyun.
“I’ve wanted to watch this one for some time now.”
Jimin’s gaze fell onto the cover. It was ‘Call Me by Your Name’.
“Oh, this is one of my favorites. It’s really excellent.”
Judging by Jimin’s enthusiasm, the movie had to be good so they all agreed on watching it.


As soon as the TV and DVD player were turned on, Jihyun and Heejin took to settling down on the smaller of the two couches, leaving Jimin and Jeongguk obligated to sit next to each other on the second couch. Jimin, huddled in a blanket, tired scooting as far from the younger as possible while Jeongguk stiffly sat so far on the other side that he was almost sitting on the armrest.

When the movie finally started playing, the atmosphere relaxed a bit thanks to the attention being averted from the awkwardness towards what was happening on the screen. Resulting from that, Jimin could see Jeongguk get more comfortable on the other side of the sofa, scooting back from sitting on the edge.


Jimin remembered all the times they had watched movies together in Jeongguk’s house whenever his family was out somewhere, huddled up close together in their little hideaway, the cozily decorated attic right under the roof. He thought back to all the times they had sat so close together that no hand fit in between their bodies anymore, sharing one of the big patchwork blankets that Jeongguk’s family owned. He tried to remember every single movie that they had ever watched but it was impossible especially because most of the times they weren’t paying much attention to the screen but rather basked in each other’s presence. With the nature of their relationship they had to use every single moment they got together to the fullest.


Jimin could feel his throat closing up, situation so familiar yet so painfully different. As his eyes flitted over to Jeongguk’s form, he only saw the younger focused on the movie, gaze attentive.
Thinking about it now, perhaps the movie wasn’t the smartest choice. A dramatic romance playing out the secret gay relationship of the two main characters, with no happy ending of course.
Jimin had to swallow hard, somehow the plot felt reminiscent of his own life despite having barely any similarities. Every time the main characters, Oliver and Elio, snuck around together, whether it was into each other’s rooms at night or to a field during the day time, Jimin was struck with a hurtful flash of memories. Memories of himself driving through the streets at night to go and see Jeongguk, conversations only flowing in whispers so that no one would hear them together. Memories of all the times he had to wait for Jeongguk at the most deserted places in town so he could pick him up with his car. Every time they drove to another town just to go and eat out together, ensuring that no one would recognize them.

A shuffle beside him snapped Jimin out of his own thoughts. When he looked to his right, he surprisingly caught the eyes of Jeongguk. They gazed at each other for a moment, Jimin thought he could almost see a bit of regret swimming in the deep brown of Jeongguk’s irises. His mind was probably playing games with him, there was no way his ex-boyfriend even felt affected by that movie. Only when they broke eye contact did Jimin notice that he was holding his breath.


The movie progressed and Jimin felt like he could endure it, all he needed to do was turn off his chaotic mind. Once the scenes of Oliver and Elio on their trip to Bergamo started playing out, Jimin couldn’t help but think back again.

He remembers his and Jeongguk’s two-year anniversary pretty much perfectly. It had been November and the air outside was getting considerably colder, causing Jimin to wear his big, warm sweaters that he knew Jeongguk adored on him. Their celebration had always been rather quiet, up in the younger’s attic, their usual place. Jimin recalls that they hadn’t done much that day but it was fine with him, only being with Jeongguk made it feel special.
When it had been getting dark outside, they had laid pressed together after a few rounds of celebratory sex, trying to keep warm despite all the heaters that Jeongguk had distributed across the space. Jimin felt like the calm atmosphere was lulling him to sleep, his boyfriend’s hands caressing his sides only added to his comfort.

Jeongguk’s voice was quiet next to his ear, breath hitting the naked expanse of Jimin’s neck where marks started to bloom already.
The shorter didn’t open his eyes, only acknowledging that his boyfriend had addressed him by humming expectantly.
“I’m gonna make a promise to you, you can trust me that I’ll keep it.”
Jimin shifted around a bit so he was able to look up into Jeongguk’s eyes.
“Jeonggukie, I trust you anyways.”
The corners of the younger’s mouth quirked up a little and he nodded his head before dipping down to leave a soft kiss on Jimin’s lips. He moved on the tracing the contours of Jimin’s face with a feather-light touch that almost made Jimin break out into giggles.
A small hand came up to cup Jeongguk’s cheek, turning his face away from his lover’s jawline to look into his eyes again.
“What did you want to tell me?”

Jimin could still recall how much anticipation he had felt, how his cheeks felt hot while he gazed back at Jeongguk who seemed to take all the time in the world to say what he needed to.
“I promise you to take you to all the places you ever want to visit. I promise that I’ll go there with you, I wouldn’t wanna miss the glitter in your eyes for the world.”

The smaller couldn’t help breaking out into a wide smile, tugging Jeongguk down into a tight hug.
“Jeonggukie… You know I’d go to the moon with you. Anywhere, as long as you’re with me.”


The movie playing on the screen was long forgotten, now Jimin had to concentrate on not letting his tears flow openly. It was hard to think back and recall all the times he had been so happy despite the circumstances being difficult. Oftentimes he asked himself if he had made the right decision to break up with Jeongguk. He had thought that it would feel freeing to finally let their relationship go but instead he felt like his happiness had been stripped away even more. Jimin couldn’t help but think about what Jihyun had told him the other day. Jeongguk was out now, so if Jimin had been a little more patient, could they have been together openly right now? Did he act too soon? Had he made the worst decision of his life? He really felt like he had.

Jimin couldn’t bear sitting there anymore, feeling like suffocation was creeping up on him, so he decided to excuse himself and leave for a short while.
“I’ll go and make more popcorn.”, he croaked and took the pretty much empty bowl from Jihyun’s hands.
He felt Jeongguk’s eyes on him while hurrying out of the room.

When he reached the kitchen, he set down the bowl on the counter and leaned against it, hands shaky. He cursed himself for being so emotional, he couldn’t even watch a simple movie without feeling like the past was eating him up.
Why couldn’t he be like Jeongguk, always seemingly unaffected? Jimin was sick of being the vulnerable one but he knew there was nothing he could change about it.

Once he felt a bit more calm, he shuffled over to the cabinets where they kept the popcorn to pour into the machine. He filled the machine up to the top, more is always more. The movie could still be heard in the kitchen, though it sounded muffled. But Jimin was fine with it since he didn’t have the desire to watch it right now anyway.

Just as the machine indicated that the popcorn was done now, he heard footsteps coming down the hallway.
Jimin didn’t turn to see who it was, the rhythm of the person’s steps more than familiar to him. He poured the popcorn into the bowl, internally hoping that he seemed nonchalant.
Taking a freshly made piece of popcorn, Jimin dropped it right back to where it came from, hissing out in pain from how hot it still was.
“Why do you always do this? You know you need to let it cool down.”, Jeongguk’s voice sounded from behind him.
Jimin’s heart leaped at the caring and playful tone that the younger spoke in. He really couldn’t do this right now. So he only pressed his lips together, picked up the bowl and began to make his way out of the kitchen. That was until Jeongguk stepped into his way.

“Hold on, Jimin. Let’s talk.”
He couldn’t believe it. Jeongguk wanted to have a proper conversation now of all times and it sounded serious on top of that.
So Jimin shook his head.
“I’m not feeling like it right now.”
Before he could even try to start walking again, Jeongguk’s strong hand came to hold his wrist in a gentle but firm grip.
“Don’t avoid me. Please.”
Jeongguk was basically pleading him and Jimin felt lost. They had been bickering only hours ago, what had gotten into the other?
“What could you even have to say to me?”
Jimin knew it sounded like an accusation, like all his hurt and frustration was slowly flowing out of him.

Just looking at Jeongguk once made it clear that he was unsure, almost battling with himself on the inside. He reminded Jimin of a small boy right in this moment.
“I wanted to say that I’m sorry.”
Jimin looked at him expectantly, thinking the younger would elaborate further. There was more than one thing he could be sorry for.
Perhaps Jimin was pressing it but he knew the other well enough to know he had to be insistent if he wanted to get him to properly talk.
“For acting in a way that made you think I hate you. I’m sorry for being immature and hurting you.”

Jimin felt like he was going to drop the bowl of popcorn in his hands. Never had he expected to hear this from Jeongguk, especially not now. He didn’t want to hear it. Not now. He couldn’t handle it at this moment.
“You don’t owe me anything, Jeongguk. I don’t need your explanation or your apology.”
Jimin could feel the tears springing into his eyes. He felt defenseless in front of Jeongguk, he didn’t know how to deal with the situation. He wanted to listen to what he had to say but it felt like it would lead nowhere. All topics that had to do with Jeongguk had been fogging up his mind for months now and he just wanted to never think about it again. Pushing it away seemed like the best choice to him even though he knew it’s not what he should be doing.

As soon as the first tear made its way down Jimin’s cheek Jeongguk’s thumb came up to wipe it away. The gesture was soft despite the harsh words Jimin had just thrown at him. All the older wanted to do was to press his body closer to Jeongguk’s broader form, to cry into his chest and yell at him for how much pain and distress he had put him through. But he knew he couldn’t do that, he had to get out of this confusing situation.

He turned his face away and ripped his wrist out of the younger’s grip. He was being so unfair and he knew it, he knew that Jeongguk was trying his sincere best but Jimin was all over the place, he had to be selfish. He needed to calm down in order to even think about talking about things with Jeongguk.

He stumbled back into the living room, face looking red and distressed. Jihyun and Heejin looked confused, not knowing what to do. All Jimin did was to sit down and stare at the movie still playing. He didn’t want to be talked to, he didn’t know how he was even going to hold up until Jeongguk finally left his house.

Dazed is how he felt, he barely even registered Heejin getting up and leaving the room, possibly to go and look for Jeongguk. All he could register was how confused he was about Jeongguk trying to get close to him again.
He didn’t look up when Heejin came back, quietly telling Jihyun that her and her brother would leave now.
He didn’t react when Jihyun came to sit down next to him once they had left.
“Hyung, please tell me what happened. Jeongguk-hyung didn’t look too good either.”

That’s when he broke down sobbing. He felt so disgusting about himself, about not giving Jeongguk the fair chance to speak that he deserved. He felt helpless at the same time because he didn’t know what he wanted. His heart yearned for Jeongguk, demanding Jimin to just forgive and forget. The other side of him wanted nothing more than just push Jeongguk away, to forget about his existence, about the hurt, about the past. He wanted to know nothing about any apologies but he knew his restless mind needed this last consolation from his first love.

It felt like the only thing he had left from what Jeongguk and him had been was the hurt and he didn’t want to let it go. If he listened to Jeongguk’s apology it would mean that they finally closed this chapter, their chapter. And Jimin couldn’t let go.

He didn’t speak for the rest of the night.


At this point it’s been roughly two weeks since that evening and Jimin had been doing better. The first few days, Jimin felt caught up in his thoughts and miserable but after Jihyun had finally convinced him to talk with him about what had happened, Jimin came out of it with a made up mind.
He acted inconsiderate of Jeongguk’s feeling that day and he wanted to go back and change that but he couldn’t, so he decided to make it up to Jeongguk and signal him that he is ready to talk now.

Jihyun had told him that on Friday, Jeongguk had cried as well, after Jimin left and that’s when his own actions really sunk in. He had never been able to watch Jeongguk be sad and he knew that he could’ve avoided it easily. It also showed him that his ex-boyfriend had been sincere about his apology. Jimin shouldn’t have rejected it so coldly. Jimin had accepted that he was ready for the future, whatever a talk with Jeongguk might bring with it.

The few times he had seen the younger around campus during this time, he had tried to catch his eye and smile at him as a signal of reassurance. Jeongguk had long stopped being an asshole to Jimin in public so that just added to Jimin’s enthusiasm.
One time Jimin even was ballsy enough to give Jeongguk a small wave after which he could’ve sworn he saw the younger blush.

The problem was, he had no idea how to actually approach Jeongguk. He didn’t want to do it around campus because the public is never a good place for private talks but he also hadn’t seen outside of Uni recently, almost as if he was avoiding Jimin. If he was, Jimin could honestly understand.
He had been worrying if Jeongguk was mad at him after the stunt he pulled and Jimin came to the conclusion that he probably was. For sure he was majorly disappointed at least.


“You haven’t been outside in your free time for so long now so we are going to a party this weekend!”
Taehyung looked very proud of himself for the idea of getting Jimin out of the house. To be frank, Jimin didn’t really welcome the idea but it was probably good to do something with his friends for a change. Maybe it would allow him to let loose for the first time in weeks, months even.
“You’ll agree to go anyway once I tell you that Jeon will be there. Use the party to your advantage.”

Well, that was convenient for sure.
“I’m not going to talk to him while he’s drunk at a party, Tae. That’s the worst plan I’ve ever heard.”
“Worse than stalking your brother to see if he’s involved in illegal activities? I don’t think so.”
Taehyung laughed at his own joke while Jimin only grumbled.
“I’m coming with you but not because of Jeongguk, just so that’s clear.”


As Saturday came around Jimin found himself in a great struggle trying to figure out what to wear. Obviously he wanted to look good just in case Jeongguk really happened to be there but he also didn’t want to overdo it.
He ended up clad in a pair of his best fitting jeans, he had to show off the thighs that he danced really hard for. A big baggy bomber jacket gave a casual vibe but the sheer shirt underneath told another story. A slight touch of makeup and he was good to go.

Taehyung for sure looked a little stunned as soon as Jimin walked out of his front door.
“Okay, we get it, you’re trying to get that Jeon dick back.”, he said as soon as he stuck his head out of the car window. Yoongi next to him only chuckled a little, indicating that he must be thinking the same thing.
Jimin chose to gracefully ignore that comment, wordlessly slipping into the backseat.
Taehyung looked back with an excited glint in his eyes.
“Mission for tonight is clear!”
Jimin only rolled his eyes. Maybe he also blushed a tad bit.
“There is no mission, Tae.”
Even Jimin himself knew that was a lie.


They pulled up to the location, some other guy’s house that Jimin had no clue of if he was being honest. They weren’t that early so it seemed to be decently crowded already.

The air inside was stuffy as expected and Jimin could swear he could already see people to his left playing some random drinking game.
He didn’t want to admit it, but his eyes were unconsciously wandering across the faces in the room, trying to spot Jeongguk amongst them.

“Look who it is! Park Jimin!”
Jimin whipped around to see the widely smiling face of his friend Jung Hoseok, another dance major.
“I didn’t expect to see you here.”, Hoseok hollered and raised his cup, as if he wanted to toast Jimin for showing up. A wide smile made its way onto Jimin’s face, he had truly missed seeing his friends. It was his own fault for staying in his own world after the break up with Jeongguk.

“Where’s the kitchen? I wanna get a drink!”, Jimin screamed over the deafening music.
Hoseok only nodded and tugged him along. In the kitchen Hoseok didn’t even let Jimin pick his own drink but told him to trust him on his signature creation.
The first sip of it didn’t taste all too bad so Jimin just accepted what he was handed.

Slowly, Jimin made his way out of the kitchen, hoping he’d find Taehyung and Yoongi again, possibly not yet sucking each other’s faces. He almost bumped into a few random people on the way, some people definitely have had a little too much to drink already.

Jimin’s gaze flitted around once again, trying to find at least one familiar face in the crowd. Suddenly his eyes caught onto exactly who he wanted to find. Jeon Jeongguk, leaning against the wall further in the back, looking so good that Jimin was sure that it was illegal in some way. He still hated those thighs, especially in those light wash ripped jeans that had holes just in the right places. Jeongguk’s hair had always been one of his best features, styled impeccably and Jimin knew from first- hand experience how long it took for it to come out like that. Jimin had always appreciated hard work.
Jeongguk was positively glowing under the dim lights and Jimin really felt like he might pass out in the hot air of the room.

He felt a little bit creepy just staring at Jeongguk from across the room so he shortly took back on trying to find Taehyung somewhere but he couldn’t help but have his eyes skit over to Jeongguk again once in a while.
Finally, Taehyung came into view sitting on one of the couches next to Yoongi and some other people that Jimin recognized from seeing them around. Speed walking over there deemed itself harder than expected because the living space was just way to crowded which made Jimin almost spill his drink five times.

When Taehyung saw him approaching he scooted over to make room for Jimin to sit down.
“Have you seen him yet?”
His best friend really sounded like a high school girl, Jimin thought.
“I have, he’s leaning on the wall over there.”
And Jimin was encouraging Taehyung in his antics.
“Target spotted. I’d say go over to him.”
Jimin spluttered. He wasn’t that bold, he wouldn’t do that, at least not as long as Jeongguk was surrounded by his friends who Jimin identified as Kim Namjoon and Kim Seokjin. Yeah, that was not happening.
“I’m not gonna go up to him in front of all of his friends.”
“Well, good news for you then because it seems that they’re just leaving and you wouldn’t want him to keep standing there on his own.”
And really, Taehyung was right, when Jimin looked back towards Jeongguk he saw Namjoon giving him a last pat on the shoulder before leaving with Seokjin.

What Jimin didn’t expect though was for Jeongguk’s dark and determined gaze to settle right on him. He gulped hard and sat there frozen, hearing Taehyung squeak “never mind, I think he’s coming over here.”.
Somehow, Jimin managed to keep up eye contact all the way until Jeongguk came to a halt in front of him, holding out an expectant hand.
“Could I borrow you for a minute, Jimin?”
Suddenly Jimin felt quite bold, placing his own hand in Jeongguk’s, letting himself be pulled up.
Without another word Jeongguk turned around, hand still holding Jimin’s, leading him towards the exit.
The last thing Jimin heard before he stepped into the fresh air outside was Taehyung addressing Jeongguk.
“It’s fine if you borrow him for longer! You don’t have to bring him back!”


Jimin barely even registered where they were going, attention focused on his hand holding Jeongguk’s larger one.
“Where are we going?”, Jimin finally asked, voice sounding high pitched due to his nervousness, bold feeling gone with the wind.
“Home.”, was all the younger said but his voice sounded soft, hand squeezing Jimin’s reassuringly.
Jimin wanted nothing more than that, to go home into the other’s arms.

When Jimin sat in Jeongguk’s car, hands still intertwined, he felt like back when they had been together. He didn’t know if it was appropriate to hold hands when they hadn’t even talked about anything yet but it made Jimin feel hopeful and tingly and he wanted to hold onto that in case things wouldn’t be as good anymore later on.

Watching the lights pass by his window, Jimin couldn’t determine if the silence between them was awkward or calming. It felt like neither. Perhaps it was reminiscent, melancholic even.
His mind was swarmed again, with things he wanted to say to Jeongguk but now felt like not the time for it. He looked over at the younger, listening to Purple Rain playing on the radio and Jimin was sure it couldn’t get better than this. Jeongguk was truly angelic. Jimin’s emotions were running wild and he dared to clutch Jeongguk’s hand in both of his. It was all worth it when he saw the younger break into a smile. The song was still playing softly and the atmosphere made Jimin feel so wholesome, something he hadn’t felt in months.

Jimin almost felt a little sad when they pulled up in front of Jeongguk’s house, anxious feeling overtaking him again. He just was so scared of messing it up again. He let go of Jeongguk’s hand so he could exit the car and they didn’t rejoin them again, walking up the porch separately yet close together.

As Jimin stepped inside, the familiarity of the house washed over him and he realized he really missed this, sneaking around or not.
“Let’s go upstairs.”, Jeongguk mumbled and Jimin knew exactly what he meant. Their place, the attic.
They went up in silence but somehow Jimin’s hand found its way into Jeongguk’s again.


The nostalgia properly hit once Jimin stepped foot into the attic. It pretty much looked the same, smelled the same and it even felt like there was still pieces of Jimin’s own character scattered across the room, they had decorated it together after all.

Jimin slowly let go of Jeongguk’s hand and walked over to the small door leading outside to a tiny, unsturdy balcony. He opened it, wood croaking but he felt a little bit more free and calm outside, able to see the stars above them.
Jeongguk came up behind him, standing close, also gazing up at the dark sky, littered with twinkling flex of faraway stars.
It took them a while to break the silence, it was necessary after all.


“I’m so sorry, Jeonggukie.”
That was all Jimin could choke out. He felt shameful, regretful and small. He felt like all of the mistakes he made were so fatal, so stupid and so unfair on the person he loved most.
“I’m so sorry.”, he said again, voice straining with the need to let go and cry.
When he felt strong arms wrapping around him, pulling him in protectively, holding him close, he just couldn’t hold it anymore. Loud sobs sounded in the quiet of the night, muffled by Jeongguk’s jacket.
“I-I’m so sorry…”
Jimin repeated it like a mantra, not being able to get out more words in between new waves of tears.
He felt like he didn’t deserve Jeongguk holding him, comforting him about things he had done to hurt Jeongguk himself. The younger was murmuring reassurances into his ear, telling him that he was fine, that he had nothing to be sorry for.

Slowly, Jimin raised his tearful face from Jeongguk’s chest, looking up at him with so much hurt pooling in his eyes that Jeongguk’s heart lurched like never before.
“J-Jeonggukie, I’m so sorry for hurting you, I’m sorry for breaking up with you. I always promised to support you and stand by your side and I-I swore to you that I was going to be patient with you in this but I w-wasn’t, I betrayed you. I should’ve been understanding but I was so selfish. I just kept being selfish. I was so unfair towards you and love should never be like that. I’m so fucking sorry.”

Jimin was breathing irregularly, vision blurry with tears but he still kept his gaze steadily focused on Jeongguk’s face. He expected Jeongguk to look bitter, to agree that Jimin acted horribly but instead his tears were being wiped before he was being pulled against Jeongguk’s frame again, hand coming to settle in his hair, caressing it while waiting for Jimin to calm down.

“I should’ve been better to you, Jiminie. I don’t blame you for leaving and I have never done so, not for a single second. It’s my fault for being a coward, it’s my fault that you felt like I’m hiding you, like I don’t want to show the whole world that I’m so damn deeply in love with you. Two and a half years is such a long time; I shouldn’t have taken you staying for so long for granted.”


Jeongguk’s voice sounded so pained, so full of self-loath and Jimin couldn’t take it. He vigorously shook his head against the younger’s chest, looking up once again.
“I always wanted to stay with you, even after I left I wanted to stay with you. You haven’t ever been bad to me, Jeonggukie, nobody ever made me feel happier and safer and more loved than you.”
“I shouldn’t have loved you only in private. You deserve someone who always holds your hand, every second of the day. I want to be that for you.”

Jimin’s hand slipped from around his waist in order to tangle their fingers together. Whatever Jeongguk wanted, he would get.


“I came out right after we broke up because I was planning on changing for you. I was planning on getting you back right away and being with you openly this time, to show off that I’m proud to be with you. I had it all planned out, I didn’t even want us to be apart for more than a week but one day Namjoon-hyung came up to me and told me he saw you with that Jung Hoseok guy. And I assumed…”
Jeongguk’s voice trailed off, clearly ashamed of himself.

“God, Jiminie, I was so jealous, I assumed you moved on with him already and I got so mad. I was so angry at myself mostly because I knew it was my fault that you’re gone from my side in the first place. I ended up just cancelling my plan impulsively and I started being…”, he swallowed hard and for the first time in months, Jimin could see tears welling up in the taller boy’s eyes.
“I was so horrible to you and it pained me but I thought it would help me cope with how hurt I felt, hurting you back.”, a tear slipped out the corner of his eye and ran down his cheek, Jimin quickly caught it with his fingertips.

“I forgive you, Jeonggukie. It’s not relevant anymore, I understand why you did it, let’s move past that. I was never mad at you for that, I was just confused.”
Jeongguk nodded, vigorously wiping at his eyes, other hand clutching Jimin’s waist tightly.
Jimin’s arms came up to rest around the younger’s neck, tears stopped flowing out of his eyes by now, face overtaken by a soft smile.
“Just so you know, I never was with Hoseok, he’s just a friend from dance class. In fact, I never was with anyone besides you, Jeonggukie. You wanna know why?”, the glitter in Jimin’s pupils looked almost mischievous.
He leaned up, bringing his mouth close to Jeongguk’s ear.
“Because you’re the only one my heart belongs to.”

When Jimin put distance between their faces again, his heart fluttered upon seeing Jeongguk’s wide eye-crinkling smile.
“I love you.”

It had been months since Jimin had last heard these words leaving Jeongguk’s lips but it almost felt like he had never heard them before. The euphoric feeling bubbling in his gut made him want to break out into delighted giggles. It seemed like their declaration of love had gotten redefined, now Jimin knew that Jeongguk said it for the whole world to hear. Their love was no longer a secret.
“I love you even more.”


Their first kiss after reuniting felt unlike every other kiss they had ever shared. They were standing outside on the balcony under the stars where everyone could see them but they didn’t care, for the first time it didn’t matter to them. Jeongguk’s soft lips slotted perfectly over Jimin’s plump ones and for the first time in so long, Jimin felt like he could truly breathe again. Like all the weight was lifted from his chest.


It started out slow and passionate, gentle press of lips as if they had to get to know each other first. Jeongguk’s hands came to rest against the sides of Jimin’s face, thumbs tracing over his sharp cheekbones as if to remember every curve.
Jimin’s hands got tangled in the taller’s shirt, clutching it just in case he planned to slip away from him again. Jimin knew he wasn’t going to let that happen a second time.


Tentatively, Jimin opened his mouth, letting his tongue touch Jeongguk’s lips, desire building.
The taller immediately responded, parting his lips, letting their tongues together. Jimin couldn’t help the low hum that left his throat when realizing how much he had missed being with the other like this.
Their kiss grew more feverish, full of want and Jimin felt like he couldn’t get enough of Jeongguk, like he had to make up for all this time he had been deprived of the younger’s touch.


Soon, Jeongguk’s thigh slid between Jimin’s legs, the younger’s body pressing him up against the railing of the balcony while one of his hands wandered from his face down to settle on Jimin’s ass.
The firm grip that Jeongguk had on him and the pressure from his thigh on his crotch made Jimin moan against the other’s mouth. Jeongguk seemed to like it, squeezing Jimin’s ass firmly while suppressing a moan of his own.


Suddenly, Jeongguk began to walk backwards, lips not separating from Jimin’s but rather beckoning to follow him towards the balcony door, relocating their make out session inside.
As soon as the door was closed behind them, Jimin’s hands came up to push Jeongguk’s jacket off his shoulders, after which he immediately took off his own and threw it somewhere in the room, completely uncaring.


They stopped kissing for a second, catching their breaths and looking at each other fondly. They had both missed this more than anything.
Then, Jeongguk dipped down and started leaving wet kisses along Jimin’s jawline, the smaller’s eyes falling shut at the feeling. Jeongguk knew him better than the palm of his hand, knew exactly where Jimin’s weakest spots were located.
Jimin had begun to softly rut against Jeongguk’s strong thigh, hands tracing his lover’s collarbones while breathy moans started flowing from his lips.
Jeongguk moved on to suck on his neck, he had always loved leaving marks there, knowing how hard they would be for Jimin to cover up in the morning. His pants felt tighter at the thought of Jimin now being able to flaunt the love bites openly wherever they went, signaling everyone that he was Jeongguk’s.


Jimin then moved away from him and over towards the mattress laying on the floor that they had placed there years ago. He laid down on it, blonde hair sprawled around his head like a halo and Jeongguk almost described him as absolutely heavenly if it wasn’t for that sinful look on his face. Eyes dark with lust, eyeliner around them a tad bit smudged and lips already cherry red from kissing. The younger couldn’t believe his luck.

Jeongguk came to straddle Jimin and the shorter couldn’t help but note how good Jeongguk’s legs looked on every side of him, framing his body in, keeping him on the mattress.
Soon, Jimin’s shirt had been pulled off and discarded, Jeongguk back to littering his collarbones with kisses. Despite having his eyes closed, Jimin’s hands searched for the hem of Jeongguk’s button down and as soon as he found it, they wandered upwards to his middle where he grabbed onto it and pulled, successfully ripping the shirt open.


It was a sight to see, the younger’s abs still as firm as they had been months ago. Jimin savored the feeling of running his hands over them.
Once they were both shirtless, Jeongguk dove back down for a proper kiss, starting to grind his hips on Jimin’s simultaneously. They both groaned at the delicious friction.
“F-Fuck, pants off. Now.”, Jeongguk growled against Jimin’s lips.

Jimin only smirked up at his boyfriend, licking his lips and undoing his belt slowly, making a show of it. He knew that Jeongguk wasn’t having it, he had always been impatient especially while he was horny. The younger let out a displeased sound, eyebrows furrowed, looking at Jimin as if to intimidate him but he had long lost that effect on the other. Finally, Jeongguk’s hands shot to the waistline of Jimin’s pants, opening the belt himself, then unbuttoning the jeans and sliding them off along with Jimin’s underwear. After that he made quick work of his own pants, leaving him only in his boxers.


Jimin sat up, hands pushing Jeongguk back, making his torso fall onto the mattress behind him. He then crawled on top of him, bringing his face down towards Jeongguk’s neck, kissing there. The trail of kisses moved up towards the younger’s ear where he sucked his earring into his mouth, Jimin had always adored them on his lover.

“Wanna suck you off.”
Jimin’s warm breath hitting Jeongguk’s ear made goosebumps appear all over his body.
“Please… You’re free to. I’m all yours baby.”
Jeongguk’s words sounded more like groans strung together.
Jimin only smiled deviously, sliding back down towards his boyfriend’s lower region.
“I’m gonna blow you so good, you wouldn’t be able to let me go again after this.”
He glanced up into Jeongguk’s eyes as he lowered his mouth onto his clothed erection, lips closing around the tip, suckling there and then moving down the shaft, tongue coming out to lap at the fabric occasionally.

Jeongguk felt like he was in heaven already, despite only being teased through his boxers. Once Jimin’s hand came to caress his balls, he didn’t think he could stand the teasing for much longer.
Finally, Jimin hooked his fingers into the waistband of the boxers and slid them off painfully slow, leaving kisses on every inch of newly exposed skin, purposely avoiding to put his lips directly onto Jeongguk’s cock.


The first lap of Jimin’s tongue felt like a shockwave of pleasure flowing through Jeongguk’s body and by the time the smaller sunk his mouth down on his dick, so far that it touched the back of his throat, the taller wasn’t able to form thoughts anymore, he was too far gone.
Jimin took the full length down his throat skillfully, they had done this many times before and Jimin proved himself to have no gag reflex whatsoever.
One hand was playing with Jeongguk’s balls while the other reached down to jerk himself off while sucking. Jimin had always gotten horny from giving Jeongguk a blowjob.

Jimin could see Jeongguk squeezing his eyes shut when he hummed appreciatively around his length, vibrations increasing the pleasure that the younger was feeling.
The hand resting in Jimin’s hair came to pull his mouth off Jeongguk’s dick.
“Don’t wanna cum yet, I only wanna come inside you.”, Jeongguk mumbled, looking at Jimin with his eyes barely even open. Jimin licked his lips and wiped a bit of spit from his mouth as he looked back at Jeongguk and agreed.


“On all fours.”, Jeongguk demanded after he had gotten up again, delivering a slap to Jimin’s ass.
The shorter complied, getting down and turning his backside towards his boyfriend, ass perfectly on display.
Jeongguk quickly reached for the cabinet beside them, pulling open the top drawer and fishing out a packet of lube. Once he ripped it open with his teeth, he spread a generous amount across his fingers.

He slowly slipped a finger into Jimin, that alone getting Jimin to moan loudly.
“You’re so tight only around my fingers already, fuck, I can’t wait to fuck you baby.”
He pumped hi digit in and out a few times, Jimin making the most angelic sounds for Jeongguk only, before slipping in the second finger.
Slowly but surely he could feel the slide become easier, he was determined to work Jimin open gently because it had most likely been months since he had last had sex. The las time with him, specifically.
Once he had three fingers in Jimin’s hole, he started aiming for his prostate, hitting it spot on, after all he knew Jimin’s body better than his own.


His pace quickened, fucking Jimin only with his fingers, the smaller moaning loudly, head thrown back. Jeongguk loved how affected Jimin was from only being fingered, his sensitivity had always turned the younger on beyond belief.
Jimin was biting his lip, ineffectively trying to hold back his moans. His small hand came down to reach for Jeongguk, fingers immediately interlocking with the other’s free hand.

Without warning, Jeongguk pulled out his fingers completely, leaving Jimin on the verge of tears.
“N-no Jeonggukie! I was so close, please!”
Jimin’s cock looked red and throbbing, twitching pathetically against his abdomen.
“I can’t have you cum before me, angel.”, Jeongguk mumbled as they shared another heated kiss.
He could feel Jimin wiggling, arching up to rub himself against Jeongguk in desperation.
“Patience, baby.”, was the only thing he said as he pinned Jimin’s hips back down into the mattress.


Jeongguk quickly put on a condom and positioned himself at Jimin’s entrance, not pushing in yet. He was teasing him, tip entering ever so slightly before being pulled out again, Jimin’s frustrated whines was the only triumph he needed.
“Jeongguk, just fuck me already. Fuck me like you mean it. Show me how much you missed me.”
Jimin made it sound like a challenge, like Jeongguk couldn’t do just that so he pushed in with one swift movement, Jimin arching off the mattress in a silent scream.

Jeongguk had been right, Jimin was unbelievably tight, despite thorough prepping and it felt like heaven. He had to stay still for a second to let Jimin adjust but also to ensure he wouldn’t cum on the spot, he was just as desperate and deprived as his boyfriend.
A few seconds passed until Jimin told him it was fine to move and promptly, Jeongguk started out with full tempo again.
Jimin’s eyes were rolled back, every snap of Jeongguk’s hips accentuated by a high pitched moan and the younger was sure it was the best sound his ears could ever hear.

The only thing sounding through the room was the slapping of skin, pants and moans. Jeongguk praised the lord that every other family member was out today.

Jeongguk ducked down to kiss Jimin while thrusting, Jimin’s arm possessively snaking across his back, the other on Jeongguk’s ass, holding him down tightly, flush against his body.
The tempo changed from vigorous to more passionate, languid strokes. They weren’t fucking any longer, they were making love.
When they broke the kiss, they kept their faces close, pants mingling in the tiny space between their lips.
Jeongguk could tell that Jimin was getting close again, finger digging into the skin on his back and ass.
“You’re doing so well for me, Jiminie. You’re so gorgeous, the best.”
Jeongguk also knew of Jimin’ praise kink.


His hip movements grew faster again, bodies staying close and now Jeongguk could also feel release approaching. Jimin was arching up into Jeongguk’s chest again, so close to his orgasm he could basically taste it.
“Hold on, baby. You can do it, just a little more.”
Jeongguk’s words were breathy and uttered in between groans.
There were stray tears running down Jimin’s face, pleasure overwhelming but he wanted to be good for Jeongguk, wanted to hold on so they could come together.


A few more thrusts and the younger panted out ‘now baby’, from this pint on Jimin saw stars. The orgasm hit him hard after being sexually deprived for so long and all he could do was scream out Jeongguk’s name. The taller came with a loud groan, face buried in Jimin’s shoulder, their bodies pressing together.

It took a while for them to regain normal breathing, they stayed cuddled up together on that old mattress after Jeongguk threw a blanket over them so they wouldn’t be cold.
It all felt like things had fallen into the right place again, like life was back to being good and Jimin fell asleep with a big smile on his face.


The next morning, Jimin woke up before Jeongguk. The dull lighting suggested that it was still early in the day and for a short while he contemplated just closing his eyes again but he wanted to stay awake and snuggle up to Jeongguk even closer, savoring their proximity in the quiet of the morning.
The blanket wasn’t thick so Jimin felt a little cold but as soon as he scooted closer to his boyfriend and tangled his legs with the other’s, he felt surrounded by nothing but warmth, not only around his body but also in his heart.

He laid there for around an hour, he didn’t quite know for sure since he didn’t care to look at the time. Not when he was comfortable and happy like this, head tucked under Jeongguk’s chin, the younger’s regulated breathing lulling him in.

Jimin got snapped out of his comfortable state when Jeongguk moved beneath his head, tired groan leaving his throat. The smaller knew how much of a hard time his boyfriend had with waking up, it took him at least 30 minutes to be fully awake each time so he wasn’t surprised when he got pulled into Jeongguk’s chest by strong arms while his boyfriend yawned into Jimin’s blonde hair.
Then, Jimin scooted away a bit so he could look up at Jeongguk’s face, the latter looking back at him with half-lidded eyes, dark hair a mess on top of his head. Jimin found it absolutely endearing.
“Good morning.”, he whispered up at Jeongguk, shuffling closer again to connect their lips in a sweet kiss. Jimin had truly missed this more than anything.

Jeongguk rubbed his eyes in an attempt to make the sleepiness go away, he didn’t want to risk falling asleep again when instead he could be spending time with his angelic boyfriend.
“The best morning.”, Jeongguk mumbled with a lazy smile on his face. Jimin giggled, head coming to rest in the crook of Jeongguk’s neck. He had to agree, this was the best morning.

They stayed like this for a while, wrapped up in each other, hands running over expanses of naked skin, sweet nothings whispered in between their lips and Jeongguk was sure he could stay like this for ever. Soon though, Jimin started complaining about how they hadn’t cleaned themselves up the night before and how he desperately needed a shower.


The warm water felt amazing on Jimin’s skin, the last remains of being cold upstairs washing away.
His hands were spreading shower gel all over Jeongguk’s shoulders, pecs and abdomen, tickling his sides a little which made the younger scrunch up his nose in feigned annoyance.
After that, Jeongguk shampooed Jimin’s hair, regularly pulling him in for a peck on the lips, causing Jimin to smile widely. It felt so playful and domestic, Jimin wanted this moment to last.


Once they got out of the shower and dried themselves off, they got ready entirely but Jimin opted to wear Jeongguk’s oversized clothes and not his own tight ones from the party.
“Wanna make breakfast together?”
Jimin looked up at Jeongguk expectantly as they walked down the stairs hand in hand.
The younger only nodded contently, leading his boyfriend over to the kitchen.

They both weren’t experts at cooking so they opted for something seemingly easy like scrambled eggs. Jeongguk kept ushering Jimin to be careful with the hot pan, Jimin giggling at his concerned face, continuing to scrape the eggs around.
The end result was a little wonky but tasted well nonetheless, all that mattered was that Jimin got to enjoy his boyfriend back-hugging him the whole time.


After they had eaten while holding hands on the table and talking about everything and nothing, Jimin went over to the sink and demanded Jeongguk to help him wash off the dishes.
They were so caught up in each other, goofing around, stealing kisses and splashing water on the other that they didn’t register the front door opening.


Jihyun and Heejin walked in, back from staying over at the Park brothers’ house, exchanging a look upon hearing their siblings’ voices coming from the kitchen.
Heejin signaled her boyfriend to stay quiet, tiptoeing over towards the kitchen door with Jihyun in tow.
She tried to suppress a gasp when she saw the scene in there.

Jimin and Jeongguk leaning against the counter, lips locked, dishes in the sink and Jimin wearing her brother’s clothes.
“Oh wow, looks like they made it back together in less than a month.”, Heejin whispered to her boyfriend once they snuck away.
Jihyun only gave her a cocky look.
“That means I win our bet.”