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Bakugou felt stupid for letting some villains capture him. He felt useless, just like then... He shook his head, he won't think about that damned nerd... Maybe he deserved villains trying to recruit him. He knew his personality wasn't the most heroic out there. He knew there were people better suited for the job than him. It was a while since he realised that, and it still hurt. Whenever Shitty-Hair spoke... They all annoyed him by reminding him of the shitty nerd who... he ran away from... He needed his damn help after all, back then and now... Yet it was a little too late...

"Losing your nerve Kat~su~ki~?" The voice was familiar, too familiar. "If not that them what do I owe to whom for seeing you like this, Kacchan?" His crisp clean, white button-up shirt made him stand out in dirty storage room League shoved Katsuki in for the night.

"Deku," Bakugou grumbled barely looking up just enough to see his smirk. Same as then. Was he planning on becoming a villain when he jumped? "What do you want?"

Deku just laughed and looked around the cell. "You tell me, I didn't do anything to get here, it's all you," he said walking to some table. His hand phased through when he tried to touch it. "I never heard of quirk like this" he smiled turning to face Katsuki again.

"Then how the hell are you here!" Bakugou roared testing the durability of rope used to tie him to the chair and the chair itself as small explosions erupted from his hands.

"I wouldn't shout if I were you, from the fact that no one came to stop me from saving you I assume only you can see me..." Deku left the remainder of the sentence unsaid. "The way I see it, we are bound together. Why else would it be me here and not your dear Kirishima Ejirou-kun."

Bakugou shuddered at the way Deku said that name. Like it was something nasty.

"Between the two of us you thought about me, how charming," he hummed as his shoes clicked on the floor as he walked closer with a look of wonder, so familiar, on his face. It then turned into a lazy cat-like grin as he poked Bakugou's cheek with his metal hand. It was cold and undeniably there, touching Bakugou's skin. "Fascinating," he hummed leaning closer "it would seem that the only thing I can touch here is Y-O-U." Now he was smiling even wider if it was even possible.

"Why were you at the USJ?" Bakugou asked, trying to change the topic and will Deku away.

"Don't try to change the subject on me, Kacchan~ that's rude," he said leaning forward, "but worry not, I wasn't there for you, I just heard some loser wanted to take All Might down and tagged along to see him get pummeled."

Bakugou was shocked. This idiot tagged along... just to watch his allies get beat up. "You're an id..." Katsuki's eyes went wide as Izuku kissed him stopping him mid-sentence.

"No, I'm not, and you know it," he smiled taking a step back. "And I lied, it is a quirk but it still wouldn't work if you didn't want to see me," he added and just vanished.


After being saved Bakugou still felt Deku's eyes on him and he didn't want to think about the tingle on his lips.

"You okay dude?" Kirishima asked as Bakugou nearly ripped his own hand out of Kirishima's hold.

"As okay as I can be right now," he grumbled scanning the crowd. He could swear he saw Deku there in an oversized hoodie he wore at USJ hiding his face and white button up. Katsuki just bit his lips harder and after grumbling something, he wasn't sure what, at Kirishima marched off to the police car where Eraserhead was talking with some other hero Bakugou had no interest in remembering now.