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((Yo im so sorry, I got side tracked with school and shit))

After a few months, Shizuo started to get over the intense fear that came with loving Izaya. He came to terms with it. Even if he got severely jealous about Izaya. Seeing the flea bastard with other men.

Other men.

That.... put a slight damper on his mood.

Other men.

He didn't have a chance, and that....was fine. It was more then fine actually.

Izaya skipped in front of Shizuo, on his phone so he didn't notice that he had skipped, and stopped. In front of Shizuo.

Shizuo was in his own little world, so he didnt notice until he wad on top of Izaya, their lips crushed together.

Izaya's mouth dropped open in surprise, as he stared into Shizuo' eyes. For once he didnt know exactly what to do, so he just laid there. Unmoving. Until Shizuo started moving. And he stared up at him.

Izaya never really realised how....beautiful Shizuo was, it as if Shizuo was god, with Shizuo's nicely tanned skin, honey amber eyes, a straight nose, admittedly nice lips, and were actually pretty soft, and a nice chiseled face.