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Forgiving But Not Forgetting

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“Kastuki, come look!”


My ears twitch happily, tails swishing back and forth from the sound of my father beckoning for me. I raise my head from the leaf pile, leaping out and towards my father direction. Father told me to wait with mom while he hunts for deer. Mom is doing laundry and cleaning our shrine, while I listen to her stories before she met dad. My mother was double checking to see if everything looked clean and pretty for Deku’s family. Deku and his family are coming over for dinner tonight and she wants everything to look good. Bored from watching and hearing my mother, I played in the leaf piles my mother made until now.


The leaves rustled, rocking in multiple directions. The branches creaked a faint ‘urk’ sound when moving its joints. The grass below me brushed against my arms and soil caked my palms. The wind tickled my cheeks, making me smile. Birds sang happily while the insects moved quickly around the trees.


Deep in the forest, I lose my fathers scent. I stop and climb on a medium-sized rock, getting some leverage. I close my eyes and sniff the air before a strong aroma filled my nose. I turn towards the direction the scent is and rushed towards the origin of the smell.


On all fours, I reach my father's destination, his hand out to stop me. He was in crouched position, looking forward from the hill he was on. I stand up and walked towards him quietly, wrapping my arms around his leg.


“What’s wrong pa?” My little voice asked him.


“Shhh, do you hear it?”


I close my eyes and focus on hearing. My ears twitch and move around to the sounds of the forest. Birds squawking, trees swaying, buzzing of the bees. Beautiful sounds from the forest.


My ears focused on a familiar sound. Sounded like my dad scratching his throat, but it was farther and coming closer to us.


“Is that-”


“Yes, it is.”


I let go of his leg and crawled a bit forward looking outward. Between a couple of trees was a deer. Brown coated with tiny horns signifying that it’s a child close to a teen. Its head was bowed, eating the green grass on the ground. It looked delicious; ready to be feasted on.


My father put his hand on my shoulder. “Not yet Katsuki. Patience.”


I didn’t realize it, but I was stalking towards the herbivore. I backed up a bit and looked away, embarrassed. My father tilted my head upwards eyes locked on the deer.


“Eyes on the prize Katsuki. Never let your stare wander. When it comes to hunting, your prey is always on your sights.”


I nodded and hummed, stretching my limbs. My bones popped, a relaxing feeling washed over me. I didn’t realize until my father chuckled that I was purring. My father ruffled my hair and turned towards the deer.


“Now I want you to watch me how you do it okay Katsuki? You’re gonna need to learn how to hunt in order to protect your shrine when you get older.” My father turned towards me with a kind smile.


“Yes, papa.”


My father crawled in all fours towards the prey, slowly. His steps were inaudible; slow and silent. Creeping up towards the deer, I watched amazed by my father's skills. He’s so cool! I want to be just as cool!  


A hushed whisper filled my right ear making me turn. Something was calling for my attention. I look back at my striding father, close to the prey. I shouldn’t follow the noise. Father always says-


A louder whisper filled my ears. Subconsciously, I want to go to the invitation. I want to see who is beckoning for me. It feels relaxing, familiar. It loosened my stance, but I knew it was something bad.  


What if whoever’s calling needs help? What kind of kitsune would I be to let someone die?


Soon as I knew it, my feet dragged me towards the whispers. My ears twitched to the whispers getting louder. On all fours, I weave through the trees following the voice. I didn’t realize, but the closer I got to the voices the more dark and dreary the forest turned. All the leaves hung loosely, threatening to fall. The grass was grey and the sun covered by the clouds. The leaves under me crunched when I stepped on them. Goosebumps ran up my naked arm. My eyes looked around frantically. It was silent. Dreary silent.


“H-Hello?” My tiny voice squeaked. “Is s-someone-”


The whisper got louder. I faced forward where the forest has gotten pitch black. The wind pushed my hair back; a leaf flying towards my face. I brush it away and squint, stepping forward hesitantly.


Light turquoise eyes stared back at me, making me jump back and squeak. The eyes got closer until I could see the whole body figure of a person. The man was tall with black hair blending into the dark forest. Stitches littered his face and collarbone in a purplish hue. His white baggy t-shirt, baggy pants, and jacket adorned his body.


The man stepped forward, “Hello there little one.”


I felt my words stutter, “D-Did you call out?”


He chuckled and came a little closer. “Yeah, I hoped it would be someone that could help me, but I guess you’ll make do.”


“What do you need help with sir.”


“There’s something wrong with my friend. He-I can’t really explain, I’d have to show you.”


I gulped stepping back a little. “My pa says not to follow strangers.”


“Strangers huh?” The man chuckled again. His hand extends out and points towards him. “My name is Dabi. And you are?”


I felt reluctant in telling him my name, but he isn’t acting suspiciously. Plus he told his name to me, so why not return the favor? “Katsuki.”


“Nice to meet you Katsuki. Now you’re a Kitsune, right? You have healing properties?”


I nodded in affirmation. “All Kitsune’s have healing properties. It just differs between how strong you are.”


“Would you say you’re strong?”


I grinned showing my fangs, “I’m the strongest.”


Dabi laughed silently closing his gleaming eyes. I noticed that his eyes were different than my mothers. She showed adoration, care, he showed lust, death. I shivered, I really want my dad. I turn around to see if he’s nearby. No one is. I sniff the air but all I get is a stiff and disgusting smell of burnt meat. I cringe my nose and try to rub the scent out of my nose. I felt surrounded by darkness that it was suffocating me. That’s when something clicked in my head. I’m in his territory. I slowly back away from Dabi, not making it look like I’m running away.


“Hey kid where are you going? I thought you’re gonna help me?” Dabi asked, sounded disappointed.


“Uh, I am going to get my dad. He could-”


“I thought you said you’re strong?” I froze. “You did say that. So what’s the matter?”


I stared at him, and his eyes glinted. My limbs shook, backing away partially faster than a few minutes ago.


“I guess this is it. Sorry for blowing my cover, boss.” Dabi sighed, “Time for plan B.”


Dabi strode towards me, palms facing me. My tails shook in fear, eyes widened to the dark haired man. As soon as he came out from the dark I could see ears and a long bushy tail. He’s a werewolf. He Cheshire grinned at me, his canines glaring towards me. I kept backing away, but my steps weren’t as big as his.


Run, I told myself but my feet kept moving slowly, eyes trained on the werewolf. It was like I knew I was gonna lose. I’m gonna be taken away from my shrine, dad, mom. My lips tremble, fear radiating off of Dabi. I tried to push my pheromones out in the open for a call of help.


“Tryin’ to call your dad?” Dabi snickered, “He won’t smell ya. You’re too far into the darkness for him to catch ya. You’re mine now.”


I heard a growl to my left. Tilting my head, my father leaps out of the bushes and hovers over me. My heart leaped in joy as my father was here. When I sniffed, sour honey and dead plants. I scrunched up my nose and looked upwards. His mouth was open, but his teeth were gritting against each other. His face frowned and eyes glaring holes into Dabi.


“Get away from him!”


I wince when I hear my father yell. He never gets mad or yells. When it came to fighting with mom, he was always calm and stern. Now it’s like his whole personality just faded and his wild side came to life.


Dabi backed away, putting his hands up in surrender. His eyes wandered towards mine, smirking. I backed away, hitting my father’s leg and whimpering in the process. My father growled at Dabi, tails extended with a red stripe close to the tip. His claws were digging in the soil, veins popping out.


“Not my fault your son’s in our territory. Plus-” Dabi kept his eyes trained to mine. “Sometimes our insanity makes us want to take a bite sometime, dont'cha think Masaru?”


My father scoffed, “You hounds and your excuses. Thinking when you do something that you’re justified because the other side was present.”


“It’s justified, isn’t it? Little Katsuki wandered in the woods-”


“Don’t you fucking start!” My father seethed. “You aren’t justified for what you were about to do to my son! Now I’m gonna say this once and if I have to see your face again it will be your last. Don’t get near or look in Katsuki’s direction or my shrine or else.”


“Or else what old man? You gonna kill me? You gonna try? You Kitsunes are too nice to kill anyone. All you do is sit and look pretty.” Dabi turned around and walked away. The crunching of the dead leaves seemed far but close at the same time. So does death when he came knocking at my door.


“Oh Katsuki,” His head turned and faced me. His eyes were filled with bloodshed and fear, but also joy and happiness. My body shook from staring. “See you later. Enjoy while you can.”


My breath hitched, digging my claws into my palm. Dabi chuckled and camouflaged with the dark forest. My lips trembled and tails dropped touching the dead leaves.


My father’s scent changed to a woodland and honeysuckle scent. I hummed, sniffing his neck for more. My father leaned down to rub his scent all over me, calming my nerves. It seemed like the world finally shifted from evil to prosperity, making my head swim. His’s teeth dug into the shoulder of my shirt, lifting me from the ground. I yelped at first, but relaxed when I saw familiar brown eyes behind me. He started running away from the dark forest. I curled into myself, looking around. The trees were shifting from black to bright brown and the leaves stood tall like statues. The grass was back to light green and the sun kissed my head, warmth spreading throughout my body.  


An orange butterfly flew near my nose and around me. My eyes trained on the creature palm out to catch it. It landed on his fingertips, fluttering its wings. I smiled and leaning it closer to my face. It walked onto my nose and moved its wings, colors glimmering from the sunlight. Even after what happened, everything seems peaceful, and to me I was content. It was like everything was fine, for the moment.



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Woosh! Rustle! Pat, pat, pat.


Chasing the deer seemed harder now than usual. It’s long strides made it reach farther distances while my leaps seem like centimeters. A tiny burn accompanied my lungs, large huffs escaping my mouth. I huff out and grit my teeth, pushing myself closer to the deer. The herbivore notice and pushed itself too, trying to get away from me. Damn, I need another tactic. At this rate, I’ll tire myself-


I look to my right and see a familiar tulip. It’s like I've- Fuck he’s running me in circles. I glare ahead, lips twitching. I’ll kill this son of a bitch just because he thinks he’s fucking clever. I gaze upwards at the tall trees.


I grin as an idea popped in my head. I stride farther up and decide to take a leap of faith. Literally. My hands grasp on a lower branch, pulling myself up. I crouch on the balls of my feet before leaping to a higher branch. I breathe out and in before repeating that process. I’m farther in range with the deer, just a little higher.


The doe takes a sharp right to another direction than it’s repetitive circle. I scowl at the animal before following its path. Tree hopping, I tail the deer carefully.


Last time I did this I fell on my arm making it useless for 5 days. Even with my fast healing, the bones in my arms shattered and made my days a whole lot worse. Especially with the pain, that hurt like a bitch. As same as always, Deku and his mother came and helped me recover. While Deku hunted, his mother would clean the shrine for me and make sure I was feeling better. It’s annoying at times when they’d come, but it was preferred; maybe.


I look ahead from the deer to see where it’s heading. My face fell realizing how close they are to the dark forest. Looking at the branches frantically, I make sure I don’t step on the frail and weak branches or I’m done for. I gaze down at the doe. It’s getting farther. I don’t want to do this, but at this rate, I won’t have dinner tonight.


Alright, I’ve done this before, should be simple. I stare at the sprinting doe, tails shaking slightly and ears twitching. I breathed in, and out, controlling the energy inside of me. My body radiate energy as my eyes glared into the deer. Focus.


Opening the Spirit of the Kitsune, I close my eyes and feel for the external energy coursing through the deer. It should be pure, innocent. A flicker of white passed through the aura field. I gripped it and connected both mine and the deer’s energy.


Opening my eyes, I pull my arms in closer to my body. As so, I teleported above the deer. I fall onto the deer making it fall in the process. The whine and sneeze of the doe filled my ears with my grunts and huffs. I was on top of the mammal, claws sinking into its neck, legs straddling its body that was tilted sideways on the dark green grass.


Its legs started flailing, with loud chirps escaping the mouth of the deer; calling for help. I gripped the neck with a sickening crack. The deer’s huffs were heavy and it’s flailing stopped.


“Glad you got the memo.” I grinned evilly as my face hovered over its neck. Then I bit.



Walking back through the forest, with the dead deer slung over my back, was peaceful. No unexpected attacks, just the sounds of the forest while my ears twitched in delight. The chirps of the Bluejays, the small tiny noises from the squirrels, the buzzing bees and high pitch sound produced from flies. The crunching on the leaves and the brushing of the blades of grass on my feet. The wind kissing the leaves, a crackling sound resonating from it. The trees stood tall, flowers accompany their trunks and branches. The sun flickering from the big leaves covering the orange ball in the sky. To my eyes, it looks like a color scheme. It’s entrancing.


In contentment, my tails flicker and I hum. I felt my lips quirk up. My eyes stare forward blissfully. I feel the ground shift from prickly blades to smooth ones. The familiar scent of home wafted towards me, my tails shifting its tense state to relaxing. Soon the tree count lessened, and a vast amount of land peeked from the hill I’m climbing.


A transparent barrier surrounded the land, keeping unwanted strangers from my shrine. With the magic of a Kitsune and a Witch, I could seal my home from people that weren’t given permission in my shrine. It took a lot of work, but I was able to seal my shrine and control who goes in or out of my shrine. So no one attacks, again. I shivered in the thought, pushing it back far from my mind.  


The land has bright green grass, a few trees, a garden, and a small wooden house to the side. There are two streams of water flowing out of the open land. One of them is to the village far from the shrine, while the other one was for my personal needs like bathing and drinking. The water is always clean because I take care of it every day. Kitsune’s are known for their spiritual magic and of course looks. My mother and father were always the ones to take care of the river. Cleaning the filth from the water, and making it pure for the humans in the village so they thrive.


I flinched at the thought of it; of them. I pursed my lips and glared forward. I shake my head, trying to get rid of the thoughts running through my head.


“Kacchan!” A sudden call filled my ears. I turn my head to see a familiar green and black hair.


I frowned, “What the fuck do you want Deku?”


Deku walked through the transparent barrier. He had on a plain, white long sleeve shirt with a green vest over it. His blue pants went down to his ankles where red shoes adorned his feet. A belt is wrapped around his waist, and accompanied by a sword. His eyes were staring gleefully at me, making me want to throw up. Freckles littered on his cheeks.


He lifted a basket filled with fruits and vegetables. “I brought some food, but I couldn’t catch any meat.” Deku’s eyes trailed to the deer limply laying on my shoulder. “Oh, looks like you got it covered!”


“I’m gonna ask again,” I breathe in. “What.The.Fuck.Are.You.Doing.Here?”


Deku chuckled, “I’m here for dinner of course. Remember, every year on the same day we have dinner together?”


Oh yeah, that old tradition my parents made. I huff in annoyance, “Yeah yeah, whatever. Just-” I waved my left hand towards his shoes. “-take those off.”


Deku nodded and slipped them off before joining me to my house. I open the creaking wooden door, warmth flowing out of the inside and to my skin. We were shown a fairly sized resting room with cushioned seats scattered around the place and a short, wide table in the middle. Different colored carpets laid on the light brown oak wood floors; some fluffy others woven from a thread. To my left was the kitchen where a large container that had the sigil for ‘cooler’ on it was placed in the corner. There were shelves upon shelves nailed to the thick wood; plates and silverware adorning the space. A long table stood in front of the shelves, cutters and little wooden boards littered the space. In front of me was a hallway with 3 doors. One was where I cut the meat, another a guest bedroom, and lastly my room. It’s been a while since I’ve slept in my room, but I still go in there to take care of it.


I plop the dead deer on the ground before heading to the chimney. I flick my wrist as fire was produced. Then I stand in the center and bring my hands closer to my chest. My attention focuses on the torches on the wall as I spread my arms apart. The fire glows on the torches bringing more light. The sun will be setting soon. I thought looking out the small windows near the door where Deku is standing. Should hurry up with dinner. I grab the neck of the deer and drag it to the next room.


“Do you want me to help?” Deku asked walking at the same pace as me.


“If you want. I know how squeamish you are with blood-”


“I’m not anymore!”


I nodded sarcastically, throwing the doe on the wooden table. “Close the door idiot,” I commanded him. Deku rolled his eyes and did what I asked.


I grabbed a knife and started cutting the stomach. Blood oozed from the cut, falling to the ground. In the corner of my eye, I see Deku pursing his lips while walking on the other side of the table. I nodded him to stick his hand in the deer. Taking off his glove, Deku’s face turned into a grimace expression staring at it. While I kept the deer open, Deku grabbed the organs and placed them aside. The more organs he took out, the more his face paled. When more blood came out, the more Deku’s face turned into horror and disgust. I growled at him, pointing at the door.  


“Not in here Deku!” I yelled at him as his face was turning pale. Deku rushed out quickly to upchuck whatever lunch he had left the door ajar. I sighed and went back to getting the organs out and cutting the meat from the doe.


When I was done, I placed the meat in a woven clothed sac and brought it out to the chimney. Deku was sitting there, shivering and smiling.


“I was gonna say ‘told you so’, but really I don’t give a fuck.” I dropped the sac in front of him. “Now let’s cook it before it goes bad. Oh wait-” I glanced at my hands. “I’ll be right the fuck back. Don’t touch any of my shit!” I shouted before exiting my house.


I briskly walk around my house to the connecting river-pond. I kneel down onto the soft blades of grass and tenderly sink my hands in the water. I rub my hands against each other, brushing the blood off my hands. I scrubbed under my nail and the sides of my fingers. Once the blood was gone, I flicked my wrist, water droplets spraying from my hands. I walk back to the house.


Suddenly, a snap of a branch altered my attention. My ears pointed to my right and so did my head. I glare ahead, eyes boring into the forest.


“Whoever the fuck is out there, leave before you regret it.” I yelled out in warning. Staring for minutes, I huff in annoyance before walking inside the house.


Deku turned around to face me. “Who-”


“Doesn’t matter,” I snapped. “Whoever it was, they were a pussy to run away.”


Deku laughed nervously, scratching his scalp. “You know that the barriers up right Kacchan?”


“I know, and?”


“Never mind, just checking.” Deku placed the meat on a metal rack above the fire, two giant slices of meat side by side.


I sat beside Deku staring at the meat being cooked. Silence wasn’t a place I would stay in. Never was, even as a kid. Of course, Deku knows this so he starts talking. At first, it’s about the village and how they’re thriving because of the river flowing from the shrine. He also talked about the agriculture as well as the people. When I asked about Todoroki, Deku’s face went scarlet.


Seems as though he’s been busy, I snickered. I interrupt the village talk to a long conversation on his mother and father, All Might, and how they’re doing. He also talks about his expeditions and new creatures that he’s found. Always their conversation dies down when the darkness of it prudes into their words.


“You can talk about them you know? I’m not a pussy.”


“Never said you were. It’s just, what happened-”


“Happened years ago Deku. The past is in the past.”


“You sure? ‘Cause I don’t want you-”


“To freak out? Panic? Please, Deku I’m not that weak.”


Deku stares into my eyes before sighing. “They’re more to the east. It looks like hell over there, and most of the creatures and plant life are gone. Only vultures.” Deku paused, “Are you sure-”


“Yes Deku I’m sure.”


“So you’re not paranoid of them coming back?”


“Why the fuck-”


“What about Dabi huh? Still thinking about what he-”


“No.” I sternly said. My lips twitched at the sound of his name. Memories threatened to come into view, but I pushed them back. “I don’t fucking care Deku. If they’re not here then I’m okay.” I look at Deku hesitant eyes. “I’m serious Deku, so stop beating around the fucking bush.”


“Alright, alright I’ll stop.”


“Good, now-”


“The darkness is close to the village.”


My eyes widened, “What-”


“It looks like they’re planning an attack on us. Asui still isn’t back from her scout mission to tell us their numbers so we can’t attack. Right now, we’re reinforcing the walls and planning an evacuation. I’m hoping to let them come-”


I interrupt his sentence, “Go ahead I don’t care.”


Deku frowned at me. “You sure? ‘Cause-”


“Deku just-” I sighed and rubbed my face. “You and your people have done so much for me. I should give something in return.”


“The river-”


“Is a ritual passed down from my family. It doesn’t fucking count.”


Deku stared down at the fire. “If the darkness takes over the village, you know they’re coming.”


My breath hitch, lips pursed. I nodded and looked away from Deku.


“And I know you don’t want to hear it from me, but I will protect you from them. I don’t care-”




“-about anything else. What they’ve done to you and-”




“-I just want you safe and away-”




He flinched and looked towards me. I glared right at him. “Don’t fucking protect me. I can-”


“-handle your own? I know, but what if they ambush you? What if they capture you again? How will I save you when they do? All Might doesn’t have his power to protect you from them . I don’t have enough power like All Might to get you, I’m still learning how to control the whiplash from the power, and it’s going really slow. At this rate, I’ll be old before I can master 100% of it. And what if they try-”


“Enough!” I bellowed slamming my fist on the ground. The ground shook a little and some glassware swayed. My nose crinkle and my teeth grinding on each other. I felt the hairs on my tail bristle on the thought of what Deku said. They’re not coming back, I’m safe.


But am I though? What if they do come back? What will they do-


I stop my thoughts with another pound on the ground. A yelp was heard from Deku. I look in his direction and all I saw from his eyes were fear, worrisome fear.


I sighed, “Stop that. Stop catastrophizing, it’s fucking annoying.”


Deku nodded staring at the fire. “Sorry-”


“The meat’s done.”


I stood up and grabbed a thick white cloth, littered with grease and black soot. Gripping the rack with my fingers, I pull it out and quickly place it on the heavily clothed table. I throw the hand cloth backwards. Deku still stares at me with a questionable look. Like he’s analyzing what I’m doing.


“You gonna sit or what?” I asked, motioning the open space across the table.


“Oh yeah, let me get the-”


“Did you dice the vegetables?”


Silence filled the air. “Figures as much. I can-”


Deku stood up immediately. “No, I will. You’ve already done more than me. I’ll cut them while you sit and rest up a bit. You look drained.”


Well, he’s not wrong. Hunting has always made me sore and weary. Using teleportation in the mix made my energy die down. I don’t know how I was able to stand and cut open a deer, but now I’m ready to close my eyes and sleep for eternity. Exhaustion seeped through my body as I sat down. I press my cheek against my left knuckles and breathe out.


“Did you form the alliance with the half and half bastards kingdom?” I mumble, gazing in Deku’s direction.


He nodded in affirmation, “Todoroki-kun had to convince his father about the alliance. It’s nice that we joined forces. At least we have them to help us with the uprising of villains.”


“Are you and him a thing ?”


Deku turned red again. “W-What makes you think that Kacchan?”


I turn my body to face him. “I’m not stupid, I see how you get when I mention him.”


Deku sighed looking away from me. “Yeah, I like him. I don’t know if he likes me though. It’s okay if he doesn’t in all honesty.” Deku chuckled, “he’s a prince, I’m a warrior from a small village. Why would I have any-”


“Because you fucking do have a chance,” I grumbled glaring at him. “So screw him if he doesn’t fucking like you. There are plenty of people out there, wanting a tree head guy like yours. And how do you fucking know if the shit head is into you? Their is this thing that you humans do called, ‘saying what you feel’. Try it sometime fucker.”


Deku looked astonished. He’s never heard me give advice before so of course, he would have that type of reaction.


The sound of the blade of the knife hitting the thick wooden long table echoed into my ears. The warmth of the fire kissed my backside and tails. I hum in comfort, body turning into slush. My eyes felt heavy as they drooped, world closing into darkness. Darkness.


I shot up from my seat, tails flared and claws digging into the table. My breaths were short and eyes frantically searching. A small voice called out to me making me jump away. I stand up, claws pulled back ready to swipe and teeth bared. I gaze into familiar concerned green eyes and annoying freckles. Deku’s hand was reaching out towards me and telling me reassuring words.


I lower my hands; limply laying next to my figure. I closed my mouth and glare at him. His look has a spark of pettiness which makes me growl in distaste. “What?”


“Are you okay Kacchan?” Deku asked, smiling bitterly.


“Peachy. Just peachy.”


Deku raised an eyebrow, but shrugged before walking back to the long table. He picked up the board where all the vegetables were and poured them in a wooden bowl. Deku placed the fruits in the bowl neatly.He carried the wooden bowl to the table and sat down criss cross. I sat down as well ready to eat.


We both ate in silence, thoughts ceased to exist. I grab the grapes with my fingers and plop it in my mouth. The juice bursted in my mouth, the sourness spreading on my tongue and down my throat. I eat more grapes before moving on to the meat.


Deku cleared his throat. I looked up at him, mouth open about to bite into the meat on my hand. He motioned the metal utensils next to me with the fork in his hand. I glower at him dropping the meat and slamming my hand on top of the utensils next to me. I grip the fork and stab it in the meat.


“You’re not benefiting yourself Kacchan by doing that.”


“Yeah? Well, it makes me feel better.”


Deku sighed before cutting another piece of meat and placing it in his mouth. He chews silently before swallowing.


Typically fucking human, fucking Deku. I grab the knife and line it up. With their mocking manners and their friendly behavior. I would beat the shit out of him if it weren’t for the fact that he’s in my house. I cut into the meat, holding the end of the fork. It slides through it with ease. I curse internally while cutting through the meat and shoving it in my mouth.


Soon we were done with our dinner. I flicked my wrist, plates floating and placed on the long table; side by side.


Deku groaned, stretching his back. He breathed out, body relaxing. His smiling eyes stared into my glaring red ones. He motioned his head towards the door.


“I bet the stars are out.”


“Nah, they’re fucking not.”


Of course, Deku was right. Tons of stars littered the sky, gleaming in happiness. Deku huffed out and fell backwards. I flinched when he hit the rough grass. I slowly sat down criss cross staring up. My neck strained a bit, but I didn’t mind the casual pain.


A hand splayed apart on my chest, then pushed down quickly. I yelped when my back hit the ground, eyes closed. A chuckle is heard from my left where Deku is laying.


“Stop bristling your tails Kacchan. Just relax.”


I huff in annoyance before gazing upwards. I noticed familiar shapes and patterns.


“Hey doesn’t that look like your house?” I asked pointing outward.


Deku gazed to where I was pointing at. “That looks like a pile of mud Kacchan.”


“Yeah, your house.”


“Hey!” Deku yelled, shoving me playfully. I snickered before gazing back up.


“Hey Kacchan,” I hum in acknowledgment. “Is that your hair?”


I look towards the constellation Deku was pointing at. Connected, the stars look like the lumps of a hill. I smacked Deku.


“At least my hair is fucking taken care of! Yours looks like a fucking tree!”


“I thought it was a broccoli. Make up your mind Kacchan.”


Both of us laughed our ass off, clutching our stomachs. Our laughter died off, staring at the sky intently.


“I’m glad your happy.”


I twist my head to face Deku. His eyes stared at mine, lips forming a smile.


“Who says I’m happy? Fucking nerd. Saying sappy shit at sappy hour-” My speech trailed into slurs as I felt exhaustion kick in. My eyelids closed and dreams accompanied my vision.

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My eyes slowly open to the sun glaring in my eyes. I close them quickly, head pounding against my skull. I groan and roll onto my stomach, the cooling blades of grass poking my cheek. Soon the feeling becomes unbearable, making me growl. Using my forearms, I lift my body and sit on the ground. I raise my arms and stretched, low noises coming from my throat. I feel the muscles in my body relax and my arms pop from the stiffness. Yawning, I open my eyes, staring at the land on my shrine. I pat beside me, supposedly feeling a body, but instead was more grass. I frown and stare beside me.


That’s when I saw a piece of parchment with ink written on it. I pick it up and begin to read it.


‘Went out to get some food. Be right back. Sincerely, Izuku (Deku) Midoriya.’


I hum standing up and stretching my legs. My tails stretch out before curling back close to my body. I scratch my head before walking towards the river. I kneel down, cupping my hands, and dunking them underwater. I pull my hands back up and rub my face on the cool water. Wiping the sleep from my eyes, I walk back into the open area of the shrine and sit down. I scratch my cheek before leaning against my knuckles; cheek pressing against the hard bone.


I wonder what he’s getting, my mind wanders on the berries north of the shrine. They have a tint of purple on them with their size as small as a blueberry. Suddenly, memories started to flood my vision, a nostalgic sense welcoming me.






“Deku, where are you?!” I called out, voice tiny but loud enough for the forest to hear. “Deku, where-”


“Kacchan over here!” A squeaky voice yelled.


I ran on all fours where Deku was, kneeling at a bush. My eyes stared confusingly at the bush with round purple tinted berries poking out.


“What’s that Deku?” I asked picking one up from the bush


“Recovery girl says these are Callicarpa Americana. They bloom at this time of year. Looks pretty don’t it?”


I nodded staring at it closely.


“I think Recovery Girl said they are edible.” Deku tries to put one in his mouth, but I slapped it out of his hand.


“Don’t eat something that might kill you!” I screeched flicking the one on my palm away.


“You don’t know that Kacchan! It could-”


“But you don’t know do you?!”


“I mean-it’s-uh-”


“Boys,” A familiar feminine voice called out. “What’s going on?”


Mine and Deku’s mother walk to where we are. They both had worried looks on their faces, and my mother had her hands on her hips. Her ears were twitching while her tail swished back and forth in a slow, calming pattern.


I pointed at Deku, “Deku was about to eat something unknown?!”


“It’s not unknown! It’s a Callicarpa Americana, Kacchan!”


“But do you know if it’s edible?”


Deku stared down at his shoes, “maybe.”


Inko-san walked towards the bush and pluck one. She first inspected it, then plopped it in her mouth.


My eyes widened, “Inko-san! You don’t-”


She put up one finger, chewing the berry slowly. I stopped talking and stared at her, heart racing. Deku was crying and wailing at his mother's feet, slurring prayers. My mother was staring at her in shock, arms out in precaution. Inko-san swallowed the berry and smacked her lips. She licked her lips before speaking.


“They’re edible.”


Deku stopped wailing and looked up with bloodshot eyes. “You’re not-”


“No sweetie, I’m not. Don’t worry, they’re edible, just don’t eat too many.” She ruffled Deku’s green mop before turning to my mother.


“You sure you’re okay Inko?” My mother asked worriedly.


“No worries Mitsuki, I knew it was edible.”


Mitsuki frowned before huffing. “Alright boys, behave and-” Her eyes stared ahead, pupils contracting. “Inko take Izuku with you to the shrine.”


“What’s going-”


“Now Inko!” Mom seldomly yells at Inko-san, but this time it wasn’t stern. It was panic.


Inko picked up Deku and started to run away.


“Mom what’s-”


“No time.”


She bit the side of my shirt and lifted me from the ground. I yelped and flailed my limbs. “Stop it Katsuki.” She demanded, muffled from biting my shirt. She started running on all fours in Inko-san’s direction. I curl into myself, making it easier for my mother to run.


I try to turn around to see what was behind us, but my mother was blocking the view. My mother’s scent had this urgent beckon, like a warning. I didn’t know what was happening all I know is that the goosebumps on my arm made me shiver, and made my lips quiver.






I blink my eyes, memory fading from my vision. Weird, what happened after? Who was mom-


I stop my thoughts before I ponder any longer. I don’t want to think about it in the morning. I just want Deku to hurry up so I can eat-




Just on time, I thought, turning to his voice. He's better-brought something delicious or I’ll-


I stare at Deku’s direction. He has something thrown over his shoulders and a basket filled with food. Something was weird though. There were two people beside him. One was a girl with a tall hat and a staff held out beside her. Another one was a tall man with a muscular build. A weapon sheathed on his belt. They were under the shadow of a tall tree, making their faces anonymous. I grinned walking towards their direction.


“Yo Deku, why the fuck did you bring people over? I thought I told you-” My voice faltered when I saw the guest he brought over.


Up close, the muscular man had red markings littered on his skin. His smile showed the shark teeth glaring at me from the distance, hands on his hips. With the man's height close to 6 and a half to 7 foot, it made my blood run cold.


He’s an Oni, my thoughts and body froze at the sight of the redhead. What is Deku-


“Hey Kacchan, you gonna let them in?” Midoriya asked. I looked in his direction, his eyes stared into mine in curiosity.


I started contemplating whether or not I should let strangers in my shrine or not. They're not poking at the barrier, especially the redhead. He would’ve charged at it by now, but he’s just staring at me placidly. I frown glaring at the guest. No don’t, my mind reacts, he’s playing you. The Oni is acting calm until I make a mistake like letting them in.


I huff out waving my hand up. The barrier opened enough for them to get it. Alarm bells rang in my head but brushed it off glaring at the group. The brown hair witch walked in looking around in awe. Deku steps in after, a dead animal flung over his shoulder. Lastly came the red hair Oni, staring like the brown hair girl. When our eyes met, I looked towards Deku.


“What did I say about-”


“I know, but they came from far away. Plus you need more guest than me hanging around.”


“Saying I’m lonely Deku, is that it?”


The green hair boy flinched before speaking. “No Kacchan, I’m not saying you're lonely. You just need to make more friends than the ones at the village-”


“Who says I’m friends with them huh? I could stab their fucking back without any shits-”


“Is he always like this Deku?” The brown haired girl asked. “He seems like an asshole-”


“Yeah and this ‘asshole’ allowed you to step in my shrine without blowing you fuckers to pieces.”


“Let’s calm down guys.” The redhead softly said. “We just wanted to visit since Midoriya talks highly of you.”


My eyes narrow towards the green hair idiot. “You’ve been talking about me to people I don’t fucking know?”


“They’re not bad people Kacchan.” Deku states. “Uraraka is the witch I was talking about. You know, she’s holding the barrier in our village all day without breaking a sweat while taking care of the injured.” I saw the brown hair girl blush and look away, embarrassed. “Kirishima is traveling from a far away land that we didn’t even know exist. Cool right?”


“Kicking your ass would be cool,” I muttered. “And just because I know where they come from doesn’t mean-” I looked at both of them, eyes falling as though they were ready to be disappointed. Deku gave him a ‘c’mon’ look which made the pit of my stomach swell. I dug my nails into my palm. They’re gonna play the innocent card on me.


Kirishima waved his hand in reassurance, “No worries Midoriya. I don’t mind if we’re not wanted. I’ll just find another place to hang out. I heard that trees are comfortable.”


The redhead turned around, ready to walk out. Something nagged in my mind, my face scrunched and lips twitch. I really don’t want to deal with these little shits, but the look on Deku’s face makes me cringe on the inside. Shitty hair’s eyes were glossy as though he was ready to cry while the brown hair witch’s face fell.   Why am I always in these types of decisions?


“Yeah, you’re right Kirishima,” Uraraka stated looking down as though she was sorry. “We can always find a bush to play in or a leaf pile. I guess we’re hated even though we didn’t do anything.” She turned around as well.


I growled at them all, “You know what? Fine stay. Not my problem if I decide to kill you.”


Uraraka’s face lit up like a thousand stars. “Really? Thanks Kacchan!”


I choke on air, coughing roughly. “Don’t call me that you bitch!”


“Yeah, but Midoriya calls you that so why can’t we?” The Oni questions, smiling with his teeth.


Something about his teeth made me curious; tails swaying. “Because I said so, and call me Bakugou. No nicknames.”


“Aww,” the witch complained. “Whynot? It’s cute!”


“That’s exactly the reason why dipshit.”


Kirishima muttered something, looking away. I felt my blood rise the minute he started talking lowly.


“What the fuck did you say shitty hair?!” I yelled out, glaring daggers into his soul.


A tint of pink colored his cheeks; probably embarrassed but I didn’t care. “Nothing don’t worry about it!” His voice raised a bit. I glared at him one more time before waving it off.


“I have rules so if you thought that you were gonna play around you thought wrong. Rule one,” The two newcomers were stepping towards my direction. With shoes on! I screeched; both jumping back. “Your shoes! Take them off or I’m putting them ablaze!”


While Uraraka was taking off her knee-high shoes, Kirishima was staring at the bottom of his feet. My eyes widened to the horrid sight of his black covered feet. “Oh no you fucking don’t.”


I stomped towards him. He had a spark of fear in his eyes. Like I could- I frowned before I could finish the thought. I can kick his ass. Soon I was in front of him; breaths intermingled and body heat shared. The Oni looked everywhere, but me which stirred something in my chest. Stupid fucking Onis. I placed the palm of my hand on his abdomen and channeled my spirit onto my palm. A warm feeling filled my palm and as I looked up I realized I’m way too close than I should be; especially with an Oni. But he’s different, my mind interjected staring at the red iris’. He’s way too nice and forgiving.


Kirishima’s body started to float as I felt a tug. Damn, he’s heavy, my eyebrows twitched. A heavy feeling weighed on my arms, shaking slightly. It seemed like the Oni noticed ‘cause he started waving his hands.


“You don’t have to-”


“Yes I do,” I interjected. “Your feet are filthy and I don’t want you touching my clean ground with dirt caked on your foot.”


“Yeah, but I’m heavy-”


“Doesn’t affect me.”


“You’re shaking.”


I blanked a few before speaking. “You’re seeing things Shitty Hair.”


I walk towards the river with the redhead floating behind me. Sweat drips down my forehead. Damn, I should’ve eaten fruit at least. I hear Deku and the brown hair witch following behind me talking with each other.


“Don’t take it personal Kirishima-kun. Kacchan’s a cleaning freak.”


“You’re in love with half and half, Deku. I don’t wanna hear it.”


I heard some snickers and choking. “No I’m not!”


“Callin’ me a liar Deku? ‘Cause last night you-”


“So what is it like out there Kirishima-kun?!” Deku yelled out. I smirked before listening to their conversation.


“Well, there are tons of grasslands and a bunch of clans. The clan I was in wanted me to see if there are any tribes that would help us.”


“What do you mean help? What’s wrong?” Uraraka asked.


“Well, there are a bunch of other clans that are trying to wipe us out. You see we are what you would call native people. We preserve our tribal traditions and ancestry.”


“That’s so-”


“What are your traditions?” I asked stopping at the edge of the river.


As I lowered the Oni down, his eyes were staring up like he was thinking. His feet submerged in the water, the excess dirt washing downstream. I snapped my fingers as a foot brush and liquid soap floated towards me. During that time, the redhead didn’t say a word which pissed me off even more.


“If you can’t think of one fucking tradition then-”


“W-Well-” Kirishima stuttered. “You’re gonna have to be specific ‘cause there are many.”


“What you mean be specific? Is there a fucking category where traditions are placed ‘cause last time I checked traditions are something yearly.”


“Traditions can be something you do on a daily. Like how you cook your food, or how you dress. Even how an Oni acts is tradition to the race.”


“That’s not tradition, that’s how you live your day to day life idiot! Traditions are like, what Deku and his people do every year near winter! They go near the campfire to feast, dance, and celebrate living after a year.”


“That’s traditions too!”


I growled at him, “Yes that’s tradition, but what you said before isn’t fucking tradition. That’s just how you live your daily fucking life.”


As the brush scrubs Kirishima's feet, I stare at his red eyes glancing the floating brush. When the brush moved to a specific spot a snort fell from his lips. The redhead soon was curling his toes and laughing his butt off. The oni pulled his leg towards him only for the brush to follow instinctually. Kirishima's laugh was loud and a mix of giggles and cries. I felt my lips twitch upwards only to sneer. Why am I smiling?  I'm not the one getting tickled.


In the back of my mind, I felt a tug when I saw Kirishima smile and laugh out. The oni was happy and content. It made me feel warmth that someone is feeling joy. I didn't notice my ears and tails twitch happily. I stopped twitching and glared at the laughing redhead. His laughing ceased as he stared at me. He mumbled a 'sorry' as the brush went to another side of the foot.


Silence greeted us, which I didn't like. Instead, I focus on the running water that's rushing underneath Kirishima's feet. I saw in the corner of my eyes Kirishima facing me.


The Oni grinned at me, “it honestly depends on perspective if you think about it.”


“Perspective my ass.”


Kirishima laughed and stared at the blue water. Soon you could see the white on his feet as I snapped my fingers. The cleaning tools flew away into the house. Kirishima stayed sat down and stared it his clean feet, wiggling his toes. He looks satisfied. Good, he better be. That took most of my energy.


“Thanks Bakugou!”


I stared at him, “yeah whatever shitty hair.”


I didn’t realize that Deku was fixing breakfast until I smelled the stench of meat.


“They’re gonna burn my fucking shrine down!”


I ran quickly inside the house only to find Deku and Round-face sitting around the fireplace like they’re in a cult or something.  


“What the fuck are you doing?!” I shrieked, both turning around immediately.


“We’re cooking food Kacchan!”


“You have a nice house Bakugou-kun! Did you make it yourself” Round-face asked smiling at me.


“Yeah, what’s it to you?” I retorted glaring at her.


“Nothing, it just looks so cool. I love how you decorated the place. It makes you feel welcomed.”


“Yeah and? What does this have to do with barging into my house?”


Round-face smiled at me, “nothing just trying to be nice unlike you.”


“Excuse me?”


Deku frantically waved his hands in front of her. “Don’t start anything Uraraka-kun! He always acts like that!”


“I gave him a compliment and he just brushed it off and complained!” Round-face said. “Usually hospitality works both ways-”


“Yeah, and you fucking barged into my house and used my fireplace without my fucking permission,” I stated. “You shits didn’t even tell me that you went into my fucking house, and yet you talk about hospitality!”


Uraraka stared at him with an unimpressed look. “You still could be nicer you know. You don’t have to yell at us or call Midoriya-kun that awful nickname.”


“If you don’t like how I am then you can leave. No one’s stopping you.” Uraraka is really pushing my buttons right now. I want to shove her down underwater and make her choke and die.


“It’s fine Uraraka-kun,” Midoriya stated. “That’s how Kacchan is. He’s always like this so don’t worry-”


“But he calls you Deku.” Uraraka interrupted. “Don’t you think that’s a bit rude?”


I bristled, “I’m going to fucking say it again. If you don’t like how I act then you should leave. Deku’s not having a fucking problem with it, so why are you getting so butt-hurt over a nickname?”


Round Face cheeks turned red, “excuse me? Did you-”


“Hey guys, sorry I took long!” Kirishima yelled from outside.


All the anger built up, crumbled down. I glared at Round Face one more time before turning towards the front door. I swung it open, the Oni yelping in surprise. His widened red eyes stared at my disinterest ones. I felt a pang of guilt from scaring Shitty Hair, but also didn’t care. I let my hostility collapse as I stepped to the side of the door.


“You wanna come in or not fuck-face?”