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Midoriya: I’ll be at your house in five minutes

Kacchan ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ: I’m on the subway dumbass

Midoriya: WHAT???

Kacchan ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ: After the entrance exams I’m not waiting for your ass again

Midoriya: Snake

Kacchan ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ: When the fuck did you get a mouth on you

Midoriya: Two seconds ago when my best friend ABANDONED ME

(Read 7:45am) 

Midoriya huffed and put his phone back in his pocket, turning left towards the station instead of right towards the Bakugou residence. He was hoping to arrive at UA with Bakugou, but it seemed like he had other plans in mind, most likely because Midoriya beat him for first place by three points.

He arrived at the station just in time to catch his ride. He sat down in his seat and tapped his foot in anticipation. It was really happening. He was going to UA. He thought back to earlier in the morning when his mother gave him a tight hug and wished him good luck, and to when Yagi texted him words of encouragement for his first day.

He got off at his stop feeling a little less nervous, but he could feel his fingers unconsciously tapping against his leg as he walked to UA. “This is stupid.” he thought. “I have class with Kacchan. Everything will be fine.” He thought about what he said for a moment. “Okay, everything will be sort of fine.”

Turns out, his first issue wasn’t any class problems, but finding his class in the first place. Midoriya began to wonder if UA was safe from villain attacks not because of the security, but because of how easy it was to get lost. After ten minutes of mindless wandering, he finally found the giant door labelled 1-A. He took a deep breathe, realizing he was literally stepping into his future, and entered his class.

“Remove your foot from that desk this instant! It is an insult to those students who came before us as well as the craftsman of this desk!”

“You think I care? Where the hell are you coming from anyways, extra? 

Midoriya forgot about them.

“I’m Iida Tenya from Somei Private Academy!” the boy with the glasses said.

“Somei? So you’re just some stuck up elitist, huh?” Bakugou shot back. Midoriya sighed, realizing this may get ugly. “Kacchan, if you’re going to pick a fight, can it at least not be before class?”

The two boys looked up at Midoriya, who was awkwardly standing in the doorway. Bakugou scoffed and looked off to the side, not replying to Midoriya. As for Iida, he quickly rushed over to Midoriya, towering over him. “My name is Iida Tenya from Somei-”

“Ah yes, I heard. I’m Midoriya Izuku, it’s nice to meet you…” Midoriya said nervously. Was he about to get chewed out again? 

“Midoriya, I misjudged you.” Wait, what? “You saw the true meaning of the exam while I didn’t, and for that I apologize.”

Midoriya opened his mouth, unable to form a coherent sentence for Iida. Suddenly, a voice popped up from behind him. “Curly Hair!” Midoriya turned around to see the girl from the entrance exam behind him, “Uraraka.” his mind supplied. “You got in, just like Present Mic said!”

“Ah ha ha.” Midoriya began, not knowing what to do. “Well I mean… I have you to thank for, you know, speaking on my behalf and all…”

“If you’re here to socialize, then get out.” a voice from the doorway said. Midoriya and Uraraka turned to look at the door, seeing no one standing there. On the ground however, was a yellow lump that Midoriya realizes is a sleeping bag zipped all the way up, only showing the man’s face who seems to drinking a juice pouch. Midoriya and Uraraka quickly head to their seats, Iida following close behind.

The man entered the class and removed the sleeping bag, looking over the class with tired eyes. “It took you all eight seconds to quiet down. Time is a precious resource here and you all don’t seem quite rational. I’m your homeroom teacher, Aizawa Shouta.” He reached inside his sleeping bag and pulled out a blue tracksuit. “Put on your gm uniform and meet me outside on the grounds.” Aizawa turned and left, leaving a stunned class behind him.

As they all quickly headed to the changerooms, Midoriya walked over to Bakugou. “Do you recognize him?” he asked. “If he’s a staff member then he must be a pro, right?”

Bakugou shrugged. “Never seen him before. Didn’t think UA hired random hobos.” 

“Kacchan!” Midoriya scolded, although it didn’t really do anything.

1-A made their way onto the field, where Aizawa was standing and waiting for them. “Today you’ll be doing a quirk apprehension test.” he began.

“What about the entrance ceremony?” Uraraka asked.

“We don’t have time to waste on that if you really want to become heroes. UA’s ‘freestyle education’ applies to teachers as well.” He turned and scanned the crowd, his eyes landing on a figure right next to Midoriya. “Bakugou, how far could you throw in middle school?”

“67 metres.” he replied.

“Now try again but with your quirk.” Aizawa said, tossing the ball to Bakugou. Bakugou grinned as his grip tightened around the ball. He shifted his stance and let the ball fly with his explosion, throwing in a “DIE!” for good measure. The machine Aizawa was holding beeped, and he held it out, revealing a ‘705.2m’ written on it. “The first step in becoming heroes is to find our limits.”

The class all turned to each other excitedly, talking about how much fun it will be. Unfortunately, that caught Aizawa’s attention. “‘Fun’ you say? How about this then. The person with the lowest score will be judged hopeless and will be expelled from UA.”

He was immediately met with protests from the rest of the class, but they were all shut down. Midoriya wringed his hands nervously together. “I can’t fail!

The class walked over to the track was for the 50 metre dash. As everyone began stretching and warming up, Midoriya opened up both his lockets and soon enough, Doll Inko and Doll Bakugou were standing in front of him. 

“Have you still not fucking changed it?” Bakugou said angrily, looking at the middle school uniform Doll Bakugou was wearing.

“The doll’s bulked up a bit from when it was first made, so I’m surprised the uniform still fits. Besides, none of my clothes will fit it, you’re too big.” Midoriya replied. When the dolls are resummoned, they keep whatever they were wearing when they were summoned away, and Midoriya has never bothered to change them, so Doll Inko was in a t-shirt and jeans while Doll Bakugou was in the middle school uniform. 

“Woah woah woah, what is that?” a boy with blonde hair and a black streak said as he approached the two dolls.

“That’s my quirk. It’s called Dollmaker.” Midoriya began, not noticing the crowd that was forming. “As long as I know someone’s height, weight, and I have a piece of their DNA, I can make a doll version of them. The doll’s attributes include-”

“We’re not doing this.” Bakugou interrupted, covering Midoriya’s mouth and stopping the incoming rant. “You extras can interrogate him when I’m far away from his damn mumbling.”

Before anyone could argue back, Aizawa called the first pair over to run. Midoriya looked at his two dolls, thinking of how to do his best in the race with them. He looked at the blanks eyes of his mother’s doll and smiled, before whispering the command into its ear. The doll nodded at Izuku and waited for it to be their turn.

“Bakugou and Midoriya, you’re up.” Aizawa called out.

Midoriya turned to his two dolls. “Doll Kacchan, stay here until I’m done. Doll Inko, do the plan I just told you.”

“Yes, Izuku.” the dolls said in unison. As Doll Inko and Midoriya walked off, he heard the pink girl whisper, “Well that was creepy.” to her friend.

Midoriya and Bakugou stood side by side by side at the beginning of the track while Doll Inko stood at the end, its arm outstretched. When Aizawa’s countdown reached zero, Bakugou blasted off, but what was surprising was seeing Midoriya not too far behind, flying next to him with the front of shirt being pulled by something invisible. Bakugou crossed the finish line first, with Midoriya close behind.

“4.13 seconds. 5.25 seconds.” the machine beeped out.

“Your mom can only attracted small objects and the doll’s quirks are weaker. I know you’re short as shit but you don’t look like a small object.” Bakugou stated.

“My shirt counts as a small object though.” Midoriya explained. Bakugou looked down at Midoriya with an almost impressed look in his eyes before walking off. Midoriya’s dolls approached him and Midoriya turned to Doll Inko. “Did that take too much out of you?” he asked. He knew it didn’t, but the exam incident still worried him.

“Not at all, Izuku. I can use my quirk on things far larger than a shirt after all.” Doll Inko replied with a smile.

“She kind of looks like you.” Uraraka said, with other classmates close behind and watching.

“We'd look more alike if it had her eyes. This is a doll of my mom.” Midoriya explained.

“Does your mother know that you use her doll for training?” Iida asked. 

Midoriya quickly nodded. “I don’t make dolls unless I have permission or if it’s an emergency.” he said, looking to Uraraka at that last part. “I really only ever use these two dolls, and I’ve been training them since I was 12.”

“Training?” a red haired boy asked.

“When a doll is made, it is made with a weaker version of the original’s quirk. Kacchan’s doll, for example, could barely make a spark. I would always try and make the dolls stronger, but when they were summoned again, they would go back to being weak. When I was 12, I realized that as long as I use the same piece of DNA to make the dolls, the progress would stay, which is why I have a two year old strand of my mom’s and Kacchan’s hair in these lockets.” he said, pulling the lockets out from under his shirt.

“All done, let’s move on to the next one.” Aizawa announced, leading everyone to the next station.

Midoriya’s dolls followed and assisted when they could, although Midoriya had to do some things like the grip strength and the side to side stepping himself, which were detrimental to his score. By the time the softball pitch arrived, Midoriya knew he had to either push it or face expulsion.

Midoriya watched everyone go, being impressed by the display of quirks. One girl created a cannon to shoot the ball out of, while one guy shot the ball with a laser from his stomach, but by far the most impressive was Uraraka’s infinity score.

“Midoriya, you’re up.” Aizawa said, handing the ball to him. Midoriya turned to where the class was and pointed to Doll Bakugou. “Stand in the circle and throw the ball as hard as you can with your quirk. I need you to push it, got it?”

“Got it, Izuku. Do I say ‘die’ too?” the doll replied.

“Why not.” Midoriya answered. He took a few steps back and watched the doll wind up it’s pitch.

Right as the ball was thrown, Midoriya felt it.

It wasn’t like when he tried to summon three dolls, or summoned one away. Those were when his threads were pulled too hard and snapped. This feeling was different. It was like someone took his thread and cut it with scissors. He stumbled back in surprise, not expecting this new feeling, and watched Doll Bakugou disappear.

When his dolls disappeared, either by being summoned away or ‘dying’, it was like mist in the air, being blown away piece by piece. Right now however, Doll Bakugou seemed to almost glitch like a computer before disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Midoriya looked around in confusion and found his answers in red eyes, levitating hair, yellow goggles, and a floating scarf.

“You’re Eraserhead.” he said in awe.

“I am, and you were just about to overuse your quirk and incapacitate yourself again, just like at the entrance exams, weren’t you?” Aizawa said, walking towards him.

“N-no, I just-” Midoriya began.

“Whatever you were planning was just going to cause an inconvenience to everyone here.” Aizawa interrupted, wrapping Midoriya up in his capture weapon. “You’ve got a reckless streak like someone I know, but after one rescue, you’re done for.” Aizawa blinked, allowing for Midoriya’s dolls to reappear again. “You’ve got one more try.”

Midoriya looked at Doll Bakugou, who was holding the ball and stopped it. “Wait, follow me.”

The two walked over to where Uraraka, Bakugou, Iida, and Doll Inko were standing. Midoriya turned to Uraraka. “Does your quirk’s effect have to do with the item’s weight or the distance it travels?” he asked.

“The weight of it. That’s why the ball was no sweat.” she replied. 

“Can I make a doll of you?” Midoriya asked. Surprisingly, Uraraka let out a small giggle and nodded, plucking a hair from her head and handing it to Midoriya. Bakugou looked at the exchange and took a step towards Doll Bakugou, his hands crackling. “Two at a time, fucker.”

“Kacchan, it’s fine. You don’t have to destroy one. It’ll just disappear when I make the new doll, remember?” Midoriya said, slightly panicked.

“I do, but I don’t like how it looks at me.” Bakugou growled, looking at the doll.

“What look?” one of the students whispered in confusion.

Midoriya took the hair and recalled the information Uraraka told him the day of the entrance exams and soon enough, a replica of Uraraka in the UA gym uniform was right where Doll Bakugou used to stand. Midoriya handed the doll the ball. “Go stand in that circle, use your quirk on the ball, and throw it upwards.” he instructed.

“Sure thing, Izuku.” Doll Uraraka said, doing just that. The class looked to Aizawa, who turned the machine around to show to infinity on the screen.

“Now that that is over, here are the results.”

A projection appeared from Aizawa’s tablet, showing a list of the students with their rankings, and Midoriya breathed a sigh of relief to see himself in 7th place.

“Originally, the promise of expulsion was going to be a logical ruse to bring out the best in your abilities but the plan seems to have changed. Mineta, your behaviour is not fitting of a hero. Go pack your things.” Aizawa said, staring down one small, purple haired student.

Aizawa paid no mind to his protests, and Midoriya noticed how the girls did not look as sympathetic as he thought, and he can only imagine what the ‘behaviour’ was.

As the class walked to go change, Midoriya turned to his dolls. “You guys did great today! Shame I can’t tell Doll Kacchan, but anyways, your work here is done!” he smiled, watching them disappear.


“In the future, if you’re going to waste time watching, at least power down so you don’t waste your limit, All Might.” Aizawa said, approaching the hero’s hiding spot.

All Might simply smiled at the hero. “Last year you expelled an entire class of first years and yet today, you walk away with only one gone.”

“I expel those with zero potential. They all had more than zero.” Aizawa said, tiredly.

“That means you say potential in the boy, Midoriya, as well, yes?”

“‘As well?’ I won’t ask about those implications, but if he had no prospects, then I would have cut him loose. There’s nothing worse than letting someone chase a half baked dream. All I’ll say is that the kid doesn’t have no chance.” Aizawa said as he walked away.

All Might smiled before looking around. Seeing that there was no one nearby, he powered down and followed Aizawa into the school, pestering him with questions.


“Can you make more than two dolls at once?”

“Does it have to be hair?”

“Can you change its appearance?”

“No, because one always disappears if I try, no, it can be any DNA, and yes, but if its destroyed, its reset to what it looked like when it was first made.” Midoriya replied. The questions about his quirk seemed to annoy Bakugou, but Midoriya couldn’t be more happy that classmates were showing interest for once. The questions didn’t last long though as Bakugou eventually dragged him out of the class to go home.

“Why though? You came to school without me.” Midoriya said.

“You’re coming over to grab clothes for the doll. I refuse to let it walk around in that ugly ass uniform.” Bakugou said as they walked the halls.

Turning a corner, two people were walking ahead of them, and the hair and figure of one of them was far too recognizable to Midoriya.


The two people paused and turned around, revealing themselves to be Aizawa and Yagi, both of whom looked surprised.

“Hold on? This is your fucking mystery trainer? You told me he taught you how to fight but a slight breeze could knock him over.” Bakugou said in disbelief.

“Don’t be rude, Kacchan.” Midoriya whispered before turning to Yagi. “What are you doing here?”

“Oh, Midoriya! I was wondering when I would run into you. Uh, surprise?” Yagi said, nervously.

“Wait, you work here?” Midoriya asked. “I thought the only new staff member was All Might.”

“I’m not a teacher but I am working here. I work as All Might’s assistant.” Yagi explained, avoiding Aizawa’s glare.

Midoriya thought for a moment before smiling. “That explains how much you knew about heroics. I’m glad I get to see you around!”

“You too, my boy.” Yagi said, smiling back.

“As riveting as this reunion is, Yagi and I must head to the staff room.” Aizawa finally said. “Head home safe, you too.”

The two boys nodded and continued walking down the hall. Aizawa watched them get out of earshot before saying, “I’m guessing that explains the ‘as well?’”

All Might blushed as he turned to finally meet Aizawa’s eye. “He’s a lovely young boy.”

Of course my new problem student was trained by you. I didn’t think I was so spot on when I told him his recklessness reminded me of you.”

All Might ignored the biting comment in favour of blushing even more. “He reminds you of me?”

Aizawa walked off towards the staff room without him.