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Over the next two weeks, life is hectic. Levi and Nico both work a lot: either doing similar shifts or completely opposite ones. They are at the hospital a lot, doing long hours, saving lives. In the process, their personal lives are on hold. 

It means that in the two weeks all they can do are stolen kisses in the middle of the night until a trauma comes in, holding hands while waiting for lab results and flirting while filling out paperwork. One night, on a particularly quiet Wednesday evening, they’re both in. Levi is currently on pediatrics, but they had a case together earlier that day: a kid with two broken wrists, following a skating accident.

So that evening, after they scrub out, Levi and Nico sit in one of the offices for some peace and quiet. 

Levi’s doing the admin while Nico’s just sitting in the other chair, slightly behind him. Once in awhile, Nico kicks his feet, nudging him as if he’s trying to tell him to hurry up. 

“Can I help you?” Levi turns to look at him, once the kicking made him irritated.

“I’m bored.”

“‘Course you are, you’re doing absolutely nothing.”

Nico puts his hands on the arms of the chair, pulling Levi closer. The wheels of it drag on the carpet, but Nico’s strong enough and Levi’s light enough for him to achieve that.

Once Levi’s close, Nico puts one hand on his thigh, the other on his neck, fingers tangled in his hair. This is the most intimate thing they’ve done in the past couple of days. 

Levi sighs, melting into Nico’s familiar touch. He’s hungry for those moments, even stolen ones. They just don’t seem to have the time now. Levi’s always busy, running around, trying to make sure that his intern year is as good as it can be, so they don’t have the time to fool around, really.

“I miss you,” Nico says quietly.

Levi forgot how nice it is to see this version of Nico: vulnerable and soft, seemingly just reserved for him. 

“I miss you, too.” Levi scoots closer, putting both his hands on Nico’s knees. “How long until we’re both free?”

Nico checks his watch, frowning. “12 hours. Theoretically.”

Even hearing that almost makes Levi cry. “And technically?”

“Well, if we make a run for it, we can be at the airport in less than an hour. In about 6 hours we can be in Honolulu.”

“And then? We open a small clinic in a bodega where I work my ass off while you’re off surfing and fucking surfers?”

Nico laughs. “That’s where you’re wrong.” He kisses Levi’s forehead. “Surfing yes, but I’d only be fucking you.”

“Wow, letting me do all the work? What else is new?”

“You’re so dramatic. Tell you what. I’ll go get us some coffee and then we’ll do the paperwork. Together.”


Half an hour and a dislocated thumb later (not Levi’s, a patient’s), they go on separate ways for a bit. Levi checks on some kids who are all sleeping, thankfully, updates the case files with lab results, eats an apple.

When he meets Nico again, it’s 2 in the morning. He’s looking wiped and sleepy and without even asking, Levi takes his hand, pulling him to an on-call room on the floor.

Within minutes, they’re in bed, Levi curled up next to Nico who sighs and tightens his arm around Levi’s body They both definitely need sleep, but this is something they need right now. Just some peace and quiet, cuddling on the old mattress. They need all the rest they can get before things go south.

“Changed my mind,” Nico mumbles. “We’re going to Iceland, we’ll have a cabin and we’ll spend 85% of our time cuddling.”

“Is that so?” Levi chuckles. “What about the 15%?”

“Hmm,” Nico says, but doesn’t say anything afterwards, making Levi think that he’s fallen asleep. “10% of our time will go towards making food and eating, 5% to having sex.”

“Am I only getting 5%?”

Nico’s eyes fly open and he stares at Levi with a smug smile. “If you’re good, you can have 6%.”

“Gee, thanks.” Levi laughs. They should be sleeping but he’s missed this stupid banter too much. “Can we do that date night again? I loved that a lot. I mean I don’t know how it fits in with the ‘kind of no feelings’ rule but I was just thinking…”

Nico kisses him to shut him up and then looks at him. “Of course. I enjoyed it, too.”

“Good, that’s good.”

Levi doesn’t know why he’s feeling anxious all of a sudden. Or maybe anxious is not the right word. He’s not nervous or worried, he’s just… wary. Wary of what this might be. He hasn’t once thought about this thing with Nico since their falling out. He hasn’t been doubting himself, his feelings nor does he think he should. It’s not a relationship, he knows that, but he likes Nico. He likes his stupid smile, his stupid laugh, his stupid hair, his stupid personality.

God, he likes Nico. He really likes him, actually. 

“What?” Nico asks, on the verge of falling asleep. “You’re staring.”

“Sorry, you’re just…”

“Am I just…?”

“Pretty. You’re so pretty.”

Nico smiles and runs his fingers through Levi’s hair. “You’re pretty, too.”

Levi’s certain that he falls asleep with a smile on his face.


They wake up at 5 am to Levi’s alarm. No disasters happened, thankfully, so they managed to get some sleep. There are some errands to run, though, before they can get away.

While they’re walking down to the cafeteria for some coffee, Levi checks his phone and sees a text from his mom. She only sent it two minutes ago, meaning she’s awake. So being the dutiful son like he is, he rings her.

“Oh, Levi!” she says with a smile he can most certainly hear.

“Mom? Is everything okay?”

“Yes, yes, don’t worry about me, it’s you who’s doing nights. Anyway, is this a bad time?”

“No, uh… We’re just going to get coffee.”

“Oh? Is a certain gentleman next to you?”

Levi rolls his eyes but looks at Nico who’s ordering the brew for him. Somehow, the fact that Nico knows his order is the most domestic and intimate thing ever.

“Yeah.” Levi’s told his mom about Nico and the fact they were sort of seeing each other again. Nothing in detail, she doesn’t need to know that.

“Great, then I caught you at the right time. Ask him to come over for dinner.”

Levi blinks so rapidly that he’s sure his contacts will fly out. Dinner? Nico and his mom? 

“Uh… I need to find out but I’ll let you know.”

“Levi, you’re not dodging me.”

He sighs. He can’t do that to her. He’s panicking and it’s definitely not the best place to have that happen. Not when it’s early in the morning after a long shift, not when Nico’s stood next to him.

“I’m not, I promise, I just… need to find out. I’d say yes, but I need to figure out how he’s feeling about the possibility of it.”

“Alright, baby. Just… Tell him that he either comes over or I’ll have him arrested for kidnapping.”


“What? I’m just saying I ought to know the person you spend more time with me nowadays.”

“Okay, uh… we’ll see. I’ll text you later.”

“We can do it tonight if he wants. Or whenever he’s free.”

Levi sighs. He’s panicking, his mother is a menace and Nico’s handing him his coffee. It’s way more than he can handle.

“Alright, fine, I love you.”

“Love you too, baby.

Levi pockets his phone and quietly follows Nico to a table. They sit and Levi takes a sip from his coffee, not even tasting the bitter acidity of it.

“Everything okay?”

Levi nods. Technically, everything is okay. His mom inviting Nico over for dinner just seems… like a relationship. Something they’re definitely not doing so he doesn’t even know if he should be saying anything.

But Nico’s giving him a look so Levi can’t hold it back.

“Are we like… doing the meeting the parents thing?”

Nico blinks, he’s just as surprised as Levi was. “I… don’t know.”

“I mean we don’t have to, it feels too forward even for me, but mom asked you to come over for dinner.”

“Oh,” is all Nico says, completely maintaining his poker face.

Levi fidgets with his hands. Seemingly, every couple of days, something happens that destroys the carefully built balance between them. Most of the time, they just enjoy each other’s company, be it making out or sex or something as simple as sleeping in an on-call room. But then Levi overthinks, or his mom asks Nico over for dinner and that status quo is gone. They’re not dating, Levi has to remind himself. This is just sex, not a relationship.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have…”

Nico gives him a small smile. “It’s fine, it’s not you and it’s not her. Emmett… Emmett never talked about his parents and never wanted to meet mine. I know that’s not the best standard to follow so this just surprised me.”

“I know, sorry, it’s too early to be dropping a big bomb like this. We can talk about this later or like, not at all.”

“No, Levi, I promise, it’s fine. She raised a pretty great son.”

“Well, she said you’ll either come over for dinner or she’s going to the police saying you kidnapped me. She’s not all sugar and spice.”

Nico looks at Levi with a puzzled expression, but the playful smile on his lips reassures Levi that this is not a bad pause.

After a couple of seconds, Nico says, “So what kind of flowers should I get for her?”