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wake me up

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So wake me up when it's all over
When I'm wiser and I'm older
All this time I was finding myself
And I didn't know I was lost

The lift door closes for the second time and Schmitt’s glasses steam up. He’s feeling hot. Is it hot? Or is it just the closeness of Nico?

Schmitt starts rambling. He doesn’t even know what he’s saying, but he at least knows what he wants. The kiss was… everything. Perfection. He wants more of that.

He hates how calm and collected Nico is. The kiss rocked his entire world, he’s feeling all the things he’s been hiding, even from himself, yet the man across him, standing only a foot away looks at him like it’s just an ordinary Thursday night.

He wants to kiss Nico again, but he doesn’t know if he should. If he can. He can’t help but focus on the lips that were kissing him a minute ago.

“I liked that,” he tells Nico. In response, he softly smiles and looks away but doesn’t say anything. “Ortho,” he adds. He’s panicking. He hates that, he hates the need to overexplain it. “And you’re a really great teacher.”

“Wait.” Nico furrows his brows. Schmitt always says or does the wrong thing, and he can’t believe he fucked it up again. “You want me to… teach you?”

“You said you would teach me and I want to learn.”

The truth is, Schmitt would be to do whatever, to be whatever to Nico. The tension has been there for weeks now and he can’t shake the feeling. He needs, wants, desires more. The stolen kiss they shared in the lift was perfect, but there has to be more.

But he doesn’t know how to do that. He’s a loser by default, he doesn’t know how to date, how to flirt. With men or women. He’s not just asking Nico to be his teacher because he doesn’t know how to date men, but because he doesn’t know how to date. It’s highly appropriate, he knows that.

“I don’t understand,” Nico says as he presses the emergency stop. The lift stills with an alarm going off. “Why?”

It’s risky, but Schmitt inches closer. Nico doesn’t move and he’s grateful for that. The electricity is clear to see between them, he’s feeling it in his bones and heart. Schmitt stares at Nico’s broad chest for a few long seconds before looking up, into his dark brown eyes. “I like you, I think. I know this is weird, but ever since you came into this hospital, I haven’t been feeling the same. I knew something was off and as much as I wanted to deny that, I… my attraction towards you was undeniable.”

Schmitt worries for a second he weirded Nico out, scaring him off. Nico is everything Schmitt only dreams to be: confident, sexy, good-looking and knows what he’s doing. He doesn’t get why he’d want to be with a loser like him.

But then… But then Nico closes the distance between them, pushing against him and backwards until Schmitt is pressed against the wall. Schmitt’s hands find their way to the back of Nico’s neck, pulling him even closer. Nico grazes his teeth against his lower lip, Schmitt feeling the vibrations in every inch of his body. Nico adds his tongue to the mixture, licking and sucking like he wants to make Schmitt lose his mind.

“I always call you Schmitt,” Nico says, slightly pulling back, before pressing a quick peck on Schmitt's lips. “I think it’s time I got your first name.”

“Levi,” he whispers, going in for another kiss.

Nico doesn’t mind and Levi definitely doesn’t mind. He runs his fingers through Nico’s soft, black hair, tugging at the locks slightly. Nico deepens the kiss, immediately taking his breath away.

“What time are you off, Levi?”


Nico pulls away, this time properly to look into his eyes. “Can I take you home?”


He doesn’t even bother asking whose home he’s referring to. His mind was blown and continues to be.

“Cool,” Nico kisses him again, for the last time it seems. They stand in different corners of the lift, both of them breathing heavily. Nico presses a button then the lift starts moving again and they arrive on his floor. He turns and winks at Levi. “See you tonight, Dr Schmitt.”