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sticky like glue

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jungkook’s fucking mortified. he sits frozen on the edge of his bed, staring at the bubbling, lime green potion in front of him. the potion that namjoon, the very hot and very smart upperclassman that he desperately wants to get into the good graces of, had asked him to keep an eye on for the weekend.


he had just accidentally, uh, nutted in it.


not on purpose , of course not, he’s not a freak or anything. he’d just been jerking off. on his bed. with the potion really close by.


and sure, it had been a while since he’d had time to just sit down and, well, enjoy himself, but he didn’t realize just how much, uh, release his body had needed.


long story short, his fucking cum had shot out a crazy distance and now namjoon’s potion is bubbling ominously.


he’s fucked everything up. how the hell is he gonna explain this?


first of all, he’s gotta stop the gurgling. is there a way to get jizz out of potions?


before he can do anything though, an explosive pop rings out, the potion suddenly coming to life and starting to escape the sides of the cauldron.


oh fuck. it seems to have a mind of its own, increasingly viscous, lowering itself consciously down the sides of the cauldron, then traversing the dirty floor of jungkook’s single until it’s all covered in neon green slime.


well, even better. not only does jungkook have to explain to namjoon why his potion’s completely left the cauldron, he’ll also have to clean up gallons of slime off his floor.


next time, he’s jerking off into a sock.


the slime starts bubbling even more, then coming — back together? jungkook watches on in awe as the liquid becomes increasingly solid and collects in the center of his room, consistency like a pile of tar. it conglomerates, getting taller and taller.


at this point, jungkook’s kind of terrified. he’d been so eager to help namjoon out with anything that he has no idea what the potion even was, what it would do. for all he knows, it’s radioactive slime about to explode and off his entire dorm building.


when all the slime’s compiled into a big kind-of cylindrical pile, it starts shifting again, little waves rippling along its surface molding it into the shape of — a man?


it’s undeniable. jungkook’s eyes widen, watching the slime-pile turn into a slime-boy, all the features coming in: waist cinching, legs stretching out, a face forming on the head. he even ends up with slime-hair, chunky little triangular strands sort of like a low-res anime character. finally all the details iron themselves out, cute little fingers and toes taking shape, the (very nicely sculpted, if jungkook has to admit) little button nose and full lips, and — oh, jungkook blushes — a medium-size cock and balls, protruding unabashedly.


what the hell.


“hello,” the slime boy says. jungkook jumps out of his fucking skin. holy shit. it’s gonna kill him, isn’t it? for fucking jizzing in it. he’s dead meat.


but when he looks closer, the boy doesn’t look angry or out for blood — in fact, he looks happy as can be, cute eyes scrunched up into crescents as he smiles. it’s sort of weird, his eyeballs and teeth are made of green slime too, and his whole body’s sort of see-through — but it’s still, well, it’s cute.


“um. hi?” jungkook replies tentatively.


slime boy trills happily at the acknowledgment.


“hi,” he echoes.


then, he suddenly looks sad.


“what — what am i supposed to do now?”


his shoulders hunch up, and he brings his hands up to his face like he’s going to cry.


“shit, no, don’t cry, please don’t cry!” jungkook quickly jumps to say.


dealing with a sentient slime is stressful enough. a sentient, crying slime? not in jungkook’s repository of situations he has the means to handle.


slime boy looks up from his hands, sniffles. he doesn’t look convinced.


“um, there are a lot of things to do,” jungkook says lamely.


the boy quirks his head to the side, considering.


“can we do them together?” he asks innocently, eyes wide.


for some reason, it makes jungkook blush. pull yourself together, goddammit . getting flustered over a see-through green blob.


“uh, sure. i’m jungkook, by the way.”


“jungkook! jungkook!” slime boy repeats happily.  


then, a troubled expression crosses his face. “wait, do i — do i have a name?”


“oh, um, hm.” jungkook taps his chin. “i can call you…”


slime boy’s brow is furrowed too, his eyes darting around, looking at the various odds and ends around jungkook’s room, up on the walls.


“jimin!” he bursts out, eyes glued wide to the big poster above jungkook’s bed. it’s one of jungkook’s favorite idols jimin, his bias in his favorite girl group. she’s wearing a bikini in the picture, hair blown out and shiny, eyes sultry, her name printed in big block letters behind her. slime boy looks ecstatic, literally glowing with it.


“o-okay,” jungkook replies. it’s kind of a girl’s name, but it’s the 21st century and he certainly doesn’t care. “um, jimin.”


slime boy — jimin — trills with happiness at the acknowledgment.


“what are we gonna do now?” he asks.


jungkook’s not sure if he can take a literal walking slime outside of his dorm room, but it doesn’t seem like he needs to. he opens his laptop, and with one glance at a pink-tinted pop music video, jimin’s enamoured.


“c-can i, too?” jimin asks, gesturing to jungkook’s bed, his position on it. oh, he wants to sit down. jungkook scoots over to make space — half afraid that jimin’s gonna leave a big green stain on his sheets, but he doesn’t have the heart to say no.


an hour later, jungkook’s still clicking next on autoplay, and jimin soaks up every video with curiosity, bombarding jungkook with questions.


“why does that go in her mouth?” “it’s food. we have to eat to stay alive.” “oh.”


“wow, can you walk in fire too?” “no, that’s edited. like greenscreen.” “oh. what’s greenscreen?”


turns out jimin doesn’t stain the sheets either — he stays wholly in one piece, squishy but solid.


the next video’s a raunchy one, the vocalist in a strappy black one-piece, straddling her dance partner and grinding her hips down. there’s a close-up shot of her lips pressing against her partner’s ear, whispering and smearing red lipstick all over the place. they’re both shiny, definitely oiled up for the shoot. it sort of looks like they hired a porn director to make the video.


jimin goes totally still as he watches.


“jungkook,” he whines after a minute. “this — this makes me feel funny.”


jungkook freezes.


“uh, funny how?” he asks, hoping that it’s definitely not what he thinks it is.


“like, like i wanna, um. want something.”


jungkook’s about to open his mouth to answer when jimin continues.


“want something inside.”




it’s silent for a whole minute, the music video running to its end and the autoplay timer starting. jungkook hits stop on it.


“s-sorry. was i being bad?” jimin says in a nervous voice, glancing sideways at jungkook.


jesus fucking christ. jungkook slams his laptop shut.


he really shouldn’t be this surprised. his literal cum was the critical ingredient in jimin’s creation.


“no,” he finally breathes out, but his voice is strained. “you’re not, uh, bad.”


“oh,” jimin replies. “okay.”


then — “can you make me feel better, then?”


jungkook’s eyes go wide, and he sits up taller, scooting a little further away from jimin and rotating his body so that they’re facing each other.


jimin’s looking kind of different. his form’s become a little more — liquid, his legs sort of melting on the bed. there’s an actual pink flush forming on his cheeks, on top of the green. jungkook can’t help but glance down, and jimin seems to be melting down — his waist smaller, thighs and ass thicker, looking like, well, like slime, soft and sticky.


now that jungkook thinks about it, jimin’s physical mold is pretty fucking perfect, to put it simply, like something that a really talented, and really horny, artist would sculpt. he sort of looks like jungkook’s absolute wetdream, which doesn’t seem all that surprising given the circumstances.


“um, what do you want me to do?” jungkook asks tentatively, as if he doesn’t already know.


jimin frowns, pouting and looking down at the bed.


“i dunno,” he whines. “i dunno how to do any of this stuff. can you just — inside, please? think it would feel good.”


“oh,” jungkook says dumbly.


he wishes they taught a class in college about the ethics surrounding fucking a sentient slime that you accidentally created. jimin’s — jimin’s asking him to fuck him, right? that’s what this is?


“unless you don’t wanna,” jimin says, quietly, curling in on himself, and — oh no, he looks like he’s gonna cry again. “you’re so pretty and i’m just a slime.”


“no, no, don’t say that,” jungkook immediately says, feeling enormously guilty. plus, he’s a total loser who barely leaves his room, crumbs and empty energy drinks all over his floor, wearing a dirty oversizied white t-shirt with gross stains all over it.


if jimin was a human, he’d be way out of jungkook’s league.


“you’re — you’re really, uh, fuck. you’re really hot,” he says awkwardly. “and cute. ‘m just, never had this happen before.”


jimin’s eyes widen as he registers what jungkook’s said.


before jungkook knows what’s happening, he suddenly has a lapful of slime boy, jimin’s arms wrapped around his neck, face smushed into his chest. oh .


it feels nice, jimin’s body a pleasantly cool temperature against his skin, moreso smooth than sticky, feeling wet but not leaving behind any residue. jimin’s body’s translucent, and it’s sort of trippy, how jungkook can still see his legs through where jimin’s sitting on him. and he’s light, too, probably only thirty pounds even though he’s the size of a human, albeit on the smaller side.


“you’re my favorite person in the world, jungkookie” jimin mumbles happily. “i love you.”


“o-oh,” jungkook replies like a deer stuck in headlights. jimin just nuzzles happily into his chest.


“you’re so warm… feels so good.” jimin’s voice comes out in a slightly lower register this time, making something stir in jungkook’s gut.


so yeah, maybe he’s not exactly thinking straight, and he wants to help himself out just as much as he wants to make jimin feel good too. sue him — it’s not like jimin isn’t literally begging for it.


“‘kay, can you, um, do you wanna lie down?” jungkook says softly. he gently lifts jimin off his lap, and the consistency’s interesting — jimin lifts up, but he’s so soft and wet to the touch, kind of like one of those slippery tube toys they always have at the dollar store.


jimin twists stubbornly out of jungkook’s arms, though, then stares at him petulantly.


“no. you lie down.”


jimin’s pouting and crossing his arms. who’s jungkook to say no?


so he lies back on his bed, looking up at jimin curiously. what does the slime boy have in mind?


it becomes clear instantly as jimin reaches out and pulls down jungkook’s basketball shorts in one go.


okay. that’s happening. okay.


jungkook feels a little bad that he hasn’t, uh, cleaned himself off since he got himself off earlier, but for some reason he doubts that jimin would mind. he’s got a solid semi going, just from the idea of jimin, watching the fluidity of his translucent body. thinking of how it would feel against his —


fuck . jimin wraps a tentative hand around jungkook’s dick, squeezing lightly. oh, that feels weird, the temperature cooler than that of a human hand, and feeling wet, like — like, well, slime.


jungkook jumps at the contact, hissing. jimin tears his hand off.


“oh, sorry! was that — was that okay?”


jungkook nods so hard he thinks he might get whiplash. “yes. fuck. do it again.”


so jimin does, and he watches with a wanton, hungry expression, cheeks pink, biting on his lower lip with his little slime teeth. it feels like a scene out of a crazy hentai. it kind of is .


it doesn’t take long for jungkook to get to full hardness, and jimin seems to get more and more eager the more it grows. jungkook knows he’s alright in the size department — he’s not insecure by any means, but also knows he’s not, like, crazy big or anything either.


jimin certainly doesn’t seem to have any qualms, from the way he’s staring at it, as if he’s starving to death and it’s a full fledged feast.


“can i put it in my mouth?”


“oh my god.” jungkook feels like he needs to slap himself awake or something. jimin’s looking up at him expectantly and a little nervously, as if he genuinely thinks jungkook might say no.


“yes, fuck. please, baby.”


jimin flushes darker at the pet name, then lowers himself down.


holy fuck. the inside of jimin’s mouth is hot , and wet, just like a human’s, but it’s tight, and consistently smooth, and oh, his teeth are soft too, so there’s no discomfort there as they graze his length. it feels so good that jungkook’s eyes slip shut, and he lets his head fall back against the headboard as he groans.


when he finally opens his eyes back up, he almost fucking comes on the spot — jimin’s see through . he can see his own dick on the inside of jimin’s mouth, going down his throat.


“fucking hell,” he breathes out, and can’t help himself from bringing a hand down to jimin’s head, stroking what serves, aesthetically at least, as his hair.


jimin straight up purrs around his dick at the contact, making his whole throat vibrate, tight around the head of jungkook’s cock.


for a second he wonders how it’s physically possible for jimin to make sounds, but he figures that it’s less complicated than the fact that he’s alive in the first place.


jimin pulls off after a minute, and his lips look a little swollen, his eyes watery, face flushed. he’s smiling wide as ever, looking like a child who’s just gotten to play with his favorite toy.


“taste so good, jungkookie,” he says sweetly. “i like that a lot.”


jimin looks so innocent, jungkook almost feels bad, like he’s taking advantage of the boy.


“are — are you sure?” he finds himself asking. “you don’t have to do this, y’know.”


jimin cocks his head to the side, confused. “do… do you not like it?”


“no, no! i love it. but i’m just, um, you don’t have to do it for me, is what i mean. we can do whatever you want to do.”


jimin smiles again, the big one with the crinkly eyes. it makes jungkook melt.


“well, i don’t wanna do anything else.”


with that, jimin descends back on his dick, taking it all the way down in one go. jungkook would be concerned about choking the boy on accident, but that doesn’t seem to be possible from what he’s picked up.


jimin does something that feels a lot like he’s swallowing around jungkook — even though jungkook’s not sure if he even has an oesophagus. it feels so good that jungkook can’t help but buck his hips up, fucking up further into jimin’s throat.


he’s almost about to apologize when jimin moans , loud and whiny, around him.


“do that again,” jimin gasps as he pulls off, voice sounding hoarse and wrecked.


so jungkook does, pushes jimin back down by the back of his slimy head and fucks up into his throat. it feels so, so satisfying, something about the guilt of being so rough with someone so sweet just adding an edge to the pleasure in his gut.


and all the while, jimin fucking loves it, getting off on it, letting out all sorts of hoarse little whines that vibrate around jungkook’s dick, his body getting melty as he squirms, rutting up against jungkook’s bed where his front’s pressed.


fuck . jungkook feels himself getting close, watching the shape of his dick going inside of jimin’s throat over and over again. but he’s not ready to come yet, wants to make it good for the other boy. with a great amount of willpower, he pulls jimin off his dick.


when he meets jimin’s eyes, the boy looks hurt.


oh, of course. he must think jungkook doesn’t want him.


“baby, you did so good, fuck. you’re so good, but i wanna do something for you now, is that okay?”


jimin purses his lips, like he’s processing what jungkook’s said.


“f-for me? like what?” he finally responds, head tilted to the side and a cute pout on his swollen lips.


jungkook hadn’t actually thought that far ahead, was more concerned about putting off his impending orgasm — but now that jimin asks, he knows exactly what he wants to do.


“can you get on your hands and knees for me?”


jimin’s eyes widen a little, then he nods eagerly, rolling over and then getting into position.


“l-like this?” he asks nervously, looking back at jungkook.


“yeah, like that. s’perfect, baby.”


jimin flushes, turning away. “like it when you call me that,” he mumbles.


jungkook chuckles a little, endeared. “i like calling you that. my baby.” jimin purrs.


jimin’s backside in this position is some shit out of a movie. “fuck,” jungkook says under his breath as he takes it in.


he’s got a slim waist, round cheeks, thick thighs, everything smooth and shiny. he looks — he looks wet , something liquid and very shiny between his cheeks. oh.


jungkook gently puts a hand on jimin’s lower back. he realizes it’s the first time he’s properly touched the other boy, intentionally like this. jimin jumps lightly at the contact.


“this okay?” jungkook asks, starting to move his hand down lower until it’s running over jimin’s ass, then down to the outside of his thigh, circling around to the inside.


“y-yes,” jimin gasps, pushing his ass back towards jungkook like he’s begging for more. “please. touch me.”


that’s all the invitation jungkook needs. he cups one cheek in each hand, liking the way his fingers almost sink into jimin’s body, the smooth wetness of it, sort of like a person who’s been lubed up a lot, but a lot squishier and cooler to the touch.


he pulls apart jimn’s cheeks, giving hm view of the fluttering hole between them — god, he was right about the wetness , there’s something that looks a whole lot like lube oozing out. it’s so pretty, too, sort of looks like one of those hyper-realistic 3d models he’s always seeing on his instagram explore page.


except it’s real, and it’s a leaking asshole begging jungkook to fuck it. not bad.


jungkook runs one of his thumbs lightly over jimin’s hole. and oh, it’s warm to the touch, just like his mouth had been, and so wet. jimin tenses, and he can see the muscle — or, metaphorical muscle, maybe — move.


ah! ” jimin exclaims. “that feels funny. do it again.”


so jungkook does, except this time he leans in and uses his tongue, licking a fat stripe up from the underside of jimin’s slime-balls up his crack.


it tastes like a green jolly rancher.


jungkook loves green jolly ranchers.


jimin cries out, loud, at the wet feeling of jungkook’s tongue.


“w-what was that?” he gasps. “feels so — so good.”


jungkook laughs, then dives back in, tongue circling jimin’s rim, lapping up all the sweet-and-sour lubricant still oozing out of jimin’s cute little hole. it’s a fucking dream come true, eating pretty ass that doesn’t taste like ass, that’s probably gonna feel better than any human would around his cock.


by the time jungkook pushes his tongue through jmin’s tight rim, the slime boy’s a slobbering mess , begging and cryinig, blabberinig nonsense as he pushes back against jungkook’s face. his arms have given out, so his face is is smushed against jungkook’s bedsheets, and he drools sloppily, getting them all wet.


jungkook couldn’t care less. jimin’s little cock is swelling too — jungkook’s not sure if it can actually get hard or not, but that’s how it looks, hanging heavy between his legs.


experimentally, jungkook brings a hand up to wrap around jimin’s dick, and finds that it is sort-of hard, probably as much as it can get. he starts pumping back and forth, and jimin’s straight up sobbing, not sure whether to chase the wet feeling of jungkook’s tongue or the tight grip of his hand, jerking in sensitivity, overwhelmed with pleasure.


“ah, jungkookie, what’s happening, feel like — ah, ah, s’too — fuck —- ah!


jimin comes with a loud moan, his lower body twitching in jungkook’s hold. he spurts come onto jungkook’s bedsheets — pearly white just like human come, but prettier — and absolutely gushes out of his hole, flooding jungkook’s mouth and face.


jungkook wipes his face with his hand, licking up the rest of the candy-flavor liquid.


jimin’s collapsed fully onto his front, body looking very liquidy, a blob on jungkook’s sheets. he’s breathing heavily, face flushed and content.


“wow,” jimin finally says. “i thought i died.”


jungkook laughs. “was good?”


jimin nods, face still pressed against the bed. “so, so good,” he mumbles.


jungkook hasn’t come yet, isn’t anywhere near satisfied, physically at least, but he feels content, watching jimin slowly pick himself up back into a regular human shape, then roll over, rubbing at his eyes and sitting up.


“can we play more?”


jungkook grins, endeared by jimin’s innocent language. god. he could ‘play’ with the boy for the rest of his life.


“‘f course,” he responds. “what do you wanna do?”


jimin pouts his lips like a little duck, and taps his chin with his finger. “think i wanna, wanna put you —,” he points to jungkook’s still-hard dick, “— in me.”


jungkook hisses, his dick twitching. he wants nothing more than to fuck jimin halfway into next week.


jimin frowns. “is that okay? do you think i’ll like it?”


jungkook smiles at the other boy, then sits back how he was earlier leaning against the pillows at his headboard. “yeah, i think so. d’you wanna get on top?”


jimin looks at jungkook, checking him out from head to toe — jungkook had peeled his shirt off earlier, too, so he’s totally naked. he knows he looks decent, works out enough, at least to have a six pack. jimin seems to think so too, from the way he crawls over hungrily, up jungkook’s body.


“y’look so — so — i dunno, jungkook. pretty , but makes me feel all hot. like looking at you a lot.”


jungkook cups jimin’s cheek surprisingly tenderly as jimin gets situated straddling him. it makes him twitch at first, the unfamiliar feeling of jimin’s body against the skin of his hipbones and upper thighs.


“i — i like you a lot,” jungkook says, taking himself by surprise. he’s a hopeless romantic, always has been, but usually does a pretty good job at keeping his sappy bullshit to himself.


it’s not like jimin minds though, from the way he preens, smiling big and wide.


“i told you already, i love you!” jimin exclaims happily. “i love you so much.”


jungkook giggles, makes a note to himself to explain to jimin that you can’t just throw around phrases like that, especially not when you’re about to sit on someone’s dick.


but then jimin does just that, gets himself into position, and lines jungkook’s rock hard cock up against his sweet little hole.


“wait!” jungkook cries out, even though all he wants is to absolutely impale the slime boy on his cock in one go. “d’you need to prep yourself first?”


jimin looks confused. “what d’you mean?”


“like, stretch yourself. with your fingers. or i could do it too! don’t want you to hurt yourself.”


jimin frowns, still gripping jungkook’s dick and holding it in position, lined up.


“i don’t think so,” he says, then slowly starts lowering himself down.


it’s so good. the head slides in first, and it’s so hot inside, perfect, magic, tight as all hell. and it’s so wet too, from jimin’s candy slick, the slide feeling gross and wet, just the way jungkook likes it.


jimin seems to love it too, throwing his head back as he sinks down all the way, letting out little high-pitched moans.


“ah, jungkookie. this is so good, feels so good,” he says breathily, eyes closed and head thrown back. finally jungkook’s bottomed out, and jimin just sits, taking it in.


jungkook looks down to see his cock inside jimin’s gut, through his translucent slime-flesh, standing tall and proud. inside jimin! it’s like nothing jungkook’s ever experienced before. it makes him feel some sense of possessive pride, being able to see that he’s the one who’s filling jimin up, his sweet, pretty slime boy.


“can i, can i move?” jimin asks, breathless as he opens his eyes to meet jungkook’s.


“yes, yeah baby. 'f course.”


jimin starts by rocking his hips, exploring, feeling all the new sensations of being full , all the little spots inside of him that make him moan.


“ah, fuck. feel so. feel so happy,” jimin pants as he leans back, rocking hips and gasping, finding some perfect spot. like his slime prostate or something. “feel like i’m, like i’m yours.”


jungkook’s heart pulls at that, and he can’t help but feel the same. “yes, yes baby. you’re mine, mine. can do whatever you want.”


jimin flushes as he moans again, starting to move up and down on jungkook’s dick, getting into a rhythm until he’s bouncing.


jungkook’s mesmerized, watching the way jimin’s body bounces with him, liquidy and soft, seeming to morph a little out of shape each time he sinks all the way down, landing hard. his cheeks are all cute and pink, mouth open and pretty as he lets out all sorts of desperate sounds.


and fuck, seeing his dick through jimin’s body is just the icing on top of the cake. he doesn’t think he’ll last long.


from what it looks like, though, jimin’s not going to last long either — his little dick’s already twitching against his stomach, and jungkook sees precome squeezing out the tip. his little sounds are getting louder too, chanting nonsense about please and good and jungkookie .


jungkook bucks his hips up to meet jimin in the middle, which makes the slime boy squeal , overwhelmed by the sensation, the depth. he grips jimin’s thighs as best as he can, even though they still move with their lack of solidity, but it’s good enough, gives him enough leverage to fuck hard into jimin’s body.


and jimin just takes it, bouncing, his little spikes of slime hair smacking him in the face and melting into his forehead as they do it. he’s barely able to keep himself up anymore, supporting himself with his hands on jungkook’s chest, mouth hanging open as he’s pounded hard.


jimin’s mouth hangs open, and little droplets of green-ish drool drip out and onto jungkook’s chest. it looks so dirty, unnatural even, jungkook feels himself getting close.


“fuck, gonna come for me again, baby?” he grits out, fucking even harder into jimin, trying to nail his sweet spot with every thrust.


it must work, as jimin cries out, moaning. “yes, yes jungkookie, don’t stop, so good, so deep, yes—,”


“fuck yeah, bouncing on me like that, fucking dirty, aren’t you babe, fucking love it, yeah?”


jimin’s so close. with just a few more thrusts he’s coming, squirting so hard from his little cock that it lands way up on jungkook’s chest. he gushes too, getting insanely wet around jungkook’s dick, and hot, and he’s fucking pulsing on the inside, and it’s too much.


jungkook empties himself inside jimin with a strained groan, forcing himself to keep his eyes open so that he can watch his come squirt out inside jimin’s gut, the sticky white substance forming a little blob amidst the the rest of jimin’s jello-looking slime-flesh.


it takes a few minutes for both of them to catch their breath. eventually, jungkook’s getting soft, and he feels like jimin’s self-produced candy lube must be getting sticky as it dries on his dick. he slips out from under jimin, then gently lays the other boy down onto his back.


he sees his come still a solid little spot in jimin’s gut, and it looks so dirty, almost to the point of being gross, but fuck if he doesn’t love it. jimin’s his .


“thank you,” jimin finally says quietly, eyes happy. “i’m all full now.”


when namjoon comes back to check in on his potion at the end of the weekend, he’s surprised to find a happy, green slime boy playing games on jungkook’s laptop instead.


“jungkook,” he asks immediately, eyes still glued to jimin. “did you jerk off into my potion?”


jungkook scrambles from where he’s sitting at his desk, trying to do some reading for his magic history class.


“n-no! what?”


namjoon just laughs. “that potion takes whatever you put into it, and turns into something that will get more of it. i was going to test it as a potential renewable energy solution, but — well, can’t say this is half bad.”


jimin looks up, smiling. “jungkookie feeds me really good!”


jungkook looks between the two. “ feed?


namjoon rolls his eyes. “you didn’t even know? you’re one horny fuck.”


jungkook blushes the color of a beet, still confused. “what? know what?”


“he’s going to turn into a potion again if you don’t keep giving him, you know. cum. and he’ll stop at nothing to get it out of you.”


jungkook’s eyes widen. jimin giggles. “it’s no problem, right, jungkookie?”


and thus goes the story of how jungkook ended up with a very cute and very horny slimy baby who’s alllllll his own!!!