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No Ordinary Love

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So that was how things went for Regina and Emma. They had their monthly visits to Dr. Hopper. Histories, feelings, and insecurities were explained. Faults were admitted. Much healing took place in three weeks much to the delight of little Henry since he lived with his parents and had to suffer some of the awkwardness between them.

Regina just wanted her family whole, and just put all of the ugliness behind them. Emma was eager to do the same as well, so their family rhythms were restored with a few wrinkles. Neal came over more often, especially at dinners.

Emma joked that he just came over for the free delicious food. Neal said that it would be an excellent time for family bonding…and the free food was just the cherry on top.

Regina was slowly opening up to Neal and developing a sense of kinship with one another. They both talked about their disappointments with Rumple, he learned more about their father's past. Technically, Regina spent more time with Rumple then Neal did, since he jumped into a portal when he was thirteen. It was fascinating when he thought about that.

Another wrinkle was Regina and Cora going to their weekly sessions to Archie. The mayor believed that she and her family singlehandedly were paying the bug's living wages. The mayor also always escorted Cora to her individual sessions as well.

With Regina being more advanced in her pregnancy, a few surprises came Emma's way. One, which she had no complaints were, was Regina's increased libido. Basically, Regina was horny all the time. Not that she is complaining.

"Sheriff, your services are needed at the mayor's officers."

"I'll be there in a jiffy," Emma smiled into the phone. She forwarded the calls to her phone and quickly made her way to her girlfriend's job.

"I'm here," Emma announced as she close and locked the door.

"It took you long enough," Regina huffed as she speedily unbuckled the belt from her skin tight jeans.

"So bossy," Emma said as picked Regina up and sat her on the desk after Regina pulled her tight jeans down and her lover's hard dick rubbing her protruding belly. Regina threaded her hand through Emma's hair as they kissed deeply. The mayor lifted her hips so Emma can take off lacy panties.

She moaned in Regina's mouth as she rubbed a finger over her wetness. Regina nipped on Emma's neck and bit down when the younger woman slowly entered her. She precariously thrust softly in her as Regina wrapped her arms around her neck. Kisses, juices lubricating with their rhythm, and soft moans were all that was heard in the mayor office.

Regina truly enjoyed sex while pregnant. For some reason, her orgasms were even more intense.

"Faster," Regina quietly pleaded in Emma's ears. The blonde grunted in response and sped up movement in her hips.

Regina's breath hitched as her nails dug in Emma's flesh. They kissed to swallow their moans as they both came together. Emma reluctantly pulled away, cum still on her dick. With their regular office dalliances, Regina has invested in having wipes in her office. She gracefully gave one to Emma who wiped herself as Regina done the same.

"Are you alright?"

Regina rolled her eyes at Emma's overprotectiveness. "I just had a great orgasm. I'm just fine dear."

"Don't roll your eyes at me woman. I'm just making sure I didn't hurt you."

Regina cleaned herself and pecked Emma on the lips. "There is a station waiting for its sheriff. You have performed your duties well."

Emma cocked her head. "I aim to please."

Regina rolled her eyes again and Emma just laughed. Things are going so well for them. She needed to get her shit together.


Cora was deathly bored with her current station in life. She tried to pass time by talking to the sheriff and deputy who were both weary of her. She had an interesting conversation with the former.

"You know, we both have much in common, Charming," she drawled out his nickname.

He eyed the older woman suspiciously as he put down his Emma approved pastrami sandwich. Cora has made previous attempts at conversation before, and he may not be the brightest tool in the shed, but he was careful to not be manipulated. "I'll highly doubt that, Queen of Hearts," he responded to her own nickname.

"Hmmph. I beg to differ. We both came from humble beginnings. You a shepherd, I was a miller's daughter. And we moved up in the world marrying royalty."

David crossed his arms and glared at Cora. "I married for love, I don't think you did the same."

Cora wrinkled her noise. "And you just happened to fall in love with a princess. Ha," she brushed him off.

David was angered at Cora's accusation that he was some type of…gold digger which was a term that he learned from Neal. He remembered how Grumpy was so protective of Snow, and accused him also of only being with Snow to gain a kingdom. He couldn't care less if Snow remained a bandit or not. He loved her for HER, not some title.

"Say what you want witch, but my conscious is clear and you know nothing about me."

The older woman held her hand up in protest. "Touché. I'm just trying to make conversation chisel chin. We are family, after all."

"I don't think so."

She flicked invisible lint from her jacket. "Our daughters are True Love and about to have their second child. Whether you like it or not, you might as come to an understanding of that fact."

The prince became heated as he thought about Cora's kidnapping of shared grandson. "And let me clue you in to an understanding, if you ever touch a head on any of my family's head again, yours will be cut off."

She frowned. "And I do now regret that decision. I did not put my hands on Henry, however."

David sucked his teeth. He wasn't impressed from that statement. He may be slow, but since he has been spending time with his family, including Regina, he learned bits and pieces of her past, and as Snow mentioned, the relationship with her mother was abusive.

"Like you never laid your hands on a child before," he challenged.

She looked away from his accusatory tone. "I'm trying."

He returned to his paper, he'll believe that when he sees it.


Emma told David how she wanted to build a crib for her daughter and he was eager to participate with her. He said that Henry should help as well to have more bonding time together. They decided to do it at Snow and David's loft so it can be a surprise.

David looked at the instructions. He was so confused. "The enemy battle plans that were used are easier to decode than this.

"Let me see." She took the diagram from him. "Alright, it says, 'take screws E, with washers D, through bar C, using wrench F' which is not provided," she groaned. She hates Ikea furniture.

Mary Margaret walked into the room to check up on her family. "Why don't we just call Marco? He's really good at this sort of thing. And he owes us anyway," she mumbled the last part.


"No! We're fine," Emma and David protest. Snow rolled her eyes at her stubborn duo.

"Okay, I'll go prepare lunch."

Henry looked over the diagram that he took from his ma and smiled.

"I think I got it. I used to help Mom all the time with this type of stuff."

Emma and David looked at each other and gave the enthusiastic boy the go ahead. Henry went on to direct them which part goes with which and an hour later, the cribbed was built.

David made some friendly conversation. "So…your mother and I were wondering…"

Emma looked up at her father. "Yes..." She replied, trying to figure out where this was leading.

"We were wondering when you planned to make Regina an honest woman."

"Hey," she frowned in offense, "I planned to do that very soon."

Henry's eyes lit up. "So you finally going to ask Mom to marry you?"

She rubbed his knee in affection. "Yep, I actually plan for us to go to New York with Neal to get her a ring."

The boy's mouth dropped open in excitement. "Really?! That's freaking awesome!"

David smiled at his grandson's joy but was feeling a little let out.

"So you and Neal…" he trailed off.

Emma saw the sad reflection of David's smile and wanted to put him at ease.

"Yeah, I'm sorry but it seems that only I, Neal, Regina, and Henry are able to cross the town line at the moment Dad."

Both Emma and David's eyes widen at the title. For Emma, she knew it was the final step in accepting fully that David, that Prince Charming, was really her father. It may have been a slip, but she knew in her heart, that she loves him and would not want anyone else to be her father. The term still felt awkward, but she knew she will get used to it.

She gave a startled look at her father and then gave him a reassuring grin.

For David, to finally hear Emma to finally call her Dad was a milestone that he would cherish forever. So many first moments like Emma saying "da da" were robbed from him. But the past is in the past and he only wanted to look forward from here on out. He gave her a watery smile in return.

"I understand. I think Rumple found a way, we need to convince him to find a way so that everyone can cross."

The significant moment passed, and Emma was glad that…Dad, was able to understand that she didn't leave him out of the trip on purpose. "Yeah, I think I can convince him. He owes me one."

"Did I hear a proposal is on the way?" Snow asked as she finished making lunch and was going to call her brigade to come to the table.

"Yes…Mom," Emma tested the title with her mother. Unlike David, Snow beamed at Emma and rushed at her to give her a hug. Tears threaten to pour. She waited a long time for Emma to be comfortable with being her daughter. She knows that it will different for David and her. That Emma was a grown woman that didn't need to be raised. But she still wanted that relationship.

Emma felt like she was suffocating but willingly returned the hug.

"Yeah, I'm finally getting my act together."

Snow pulled herself away and slapped Emma on the arm. "Finally!? I don't understand why it took you this long. You are about to have your second child for crying out loud."

Henry and David laughed at Emma's pout. "Geez, let up will you. You guys are sounding like Cora."

David shivered from his past conversation with the older woman, how they have more in common than what they may believe.

"I don't know Cora very well but if she said the same thing in regards to marrying Regina, then shame on you."

"Yeah, yeah, how do you like the crib?" Emma asked to deflect her parents getting on her case. She felt like a teenager being chided, but it was not a bad feeling at all since she missed that growing up.

Snow looked over their handiwork. "It's beautiful. Henry must've helped with this."

"Why you say that?"

"Why?" Emma and David both asked in offense since Snow implied that two grown adults weren't capable of the feat.

"Because Henry is a very smart boy and is excellent at puzzles isn't that right?" Snow asked as she placed a kiss on top of Henry's head.

"You know it Grandma," Henry smugly smiled at the two grumpy blondes.

"Alright. Let's get up and have some lunch."

Henry smugly beamed at everyone. His heart burst with how much his family is growing and at the upcoming New York trip.


Emma leaned against their kitchen counter as she sipped some coffee, freshly brewed. She definitely enjoyed the ease of domesticity with Regina. It felt like they are closer than before.

"So…how is Cora coming along, with therapy and everything?"

Regina took some sugar out of the container and stirred it into her coffee. She put her spoon in her mouth and tasted the small amount. Emma softly groaned, only her woman can make something as mundane as tasting coffee as sexy. Regina did not notice the blonde's lusty gaze.

"Better than what I imagined. I now understand some of her motivations in regards of how she raised me."

Emma closed the distance between them, held her hand, and looked at her intently.

"That still doesn't excuse her abuse, you do understand that?"

Regina smiled softly and squeezed her hand. "I do understand. She apologized and I'm inclined to believe her."

The sheriff returned her smile. "I'm happy about that."

Regina cleared her throat. "You know we cannot hold her up in that small cell forever."

Emma nodded. "I understand."

"The bug said that it would not be good for her emotional well-being to be isolated."

"So what do you suggest?"

"Have her to walk around town, get acclimated within the community. Like become an actual citizen."

Emma wrinkled her noise. She trusted Regina's opinion, but she is still off-kilter with her lover's mother. She decided to that shelf later.

"Let's put that on pause." The younger woman put down her coffee and took Regina's and placed it on the counter. Regina gave her an inquisitive look as Emma softly kissed her.

"The things you do with that spoon…"

"I can't imagine you getting turned on by an inanimate object."

"Shut up and kiss me."

Boy oh boy, Emma did. Their tongues massaged each other. The blonde inhaled the dark, roasted taste of Regina's plush lips. She moaned as she held onto Regina's growing waist. As wonderful as being attached to Emma's lips were, she reluctantly had to pull back.

"We both have to be responsible adults and go to work."

Emma pouted. "This is coming from woman that calls me daily for 'Afternoon Delights'."

"I have needs and I won't apologize for it."

Emma took her hand and placed it against her growing erection. "Are you sure about these responsible jobs we have to go too?"

Regina whimpered, her resolve breaking. She looked at her with full blown lust. "I think I can spare five minutes."

Emma grinned victoriously, unzipped her pants, and they both enjoyed their morning quickie.


"Why are you going to New York and why does it include our son?" Regina asked as they sat in their beloved study room after a delicious home-cooked dinner meal. She is sipping on sparkling cider, a poor substitute since she can't have any of her precious hard apple cider.

"Neal needs to tie up some loose ends in New York since he is moving here. Just like I had to do months ago. And I think the kid deserves a break from the craziness in Storybrooke, you know?"

Regina quirked an eyebrow, she could not disagree with Emma on that end. Her poor son was kidnapped by her lunatic of an ex-employee, and kidnapped later on by her demented mother. The boy deserved a break, indeed.

"And how long said trip will take?"

"We'll be back Sunday before you know it."

"That is acceptable."

Emma grinned at Regina as she caressed her milky calf seductively.

"I love it when the mayor is so amicable."

"Hmmm," she said against her lips. "Make sure you bring our son back in one piece. I imagined the thief would be fine."

Emma smiled at Regina's quip against her brother. "Don't pretend that you are not warming up to Neal."

Regina sniffed. "He is uncouth and unshaven, but he has a few redeeming qualities."

The sheriff snorted. "You give the best compliments in the world."

"I don't appreciate your sarcasm," Regina fought off a smile.

Emma was jokingly aghast. "This is coming from the Queen of Sarcasm?"

The brunette ignored her jab. "Come upstairs, you have work to do today."

As Emma thought before, she doesn't mind Regina's increase in libido at all with this pregnancy.

"As you wish, Your Majesty."


Neal was excited to go back to New York and hang with Emma and his nephew. As Emma's relationship improved with Regina, he could see the change in both and he was happy for reconciliation. Weeks later, Regina and he were still skeptical being around Rumple. But at this point, he rather just let the old man stew in his own misery until he learns that he can't just force people to get what he wanted.

He is busy making amends on his own, and that is for Emma. He is going to help the blonde to get a fat ring for is sister, she was a queen after all, and she does seem to have more of the expensive things in life. Diamonds are forever, right? But he knows that he is not the only one that has to make up to Emma. That is why he is knocking on an old wooden door now.

The door creaked opened. "Neal?" August asked, confused why the man was at his door after they haven't spoken in months.

"Let's have a chat."


Rumple has been in a funk for weeks. It felt like when he takes a step forward to redeem himself, he takes two steps back. He is trying to fight the darkness inside, he wants to do better for himself, his children that aren't even talking to him, and his Belle.

While he stews in his own self-loathing, he found so many people around him happy. He knows how Neal has been spending so much time with Regina, Emma, and Henry. He couldn't begrudge them, and he was genuinely happy that they are spending time together.

Neal was an only child and escaped to a different realm to escape his darkness. Regina also was an only child that was isolated and who he manipulated into darkness. Both deserved to have love and family, since he failed in that area. He just wished he was a part of it.

And Belle is so smart, so independent. She has her job in the library and increasingly spent time with friends. Again, he can't begrudge her having a life of her own.

His infamous doorbell rang, jumbling him out of his thoughts. The familiar red leather jacket caught his attention.

"How can I be of assistance for you today, Sheriff?"

Emma was still cautious when it came to Rumple. But she knew she had nothing to fear, the older man seem more subdued and tired.

"We need a permanent fix on the border. You somehow were able to cross the line without losing your memories. Can you find a way so everyone can cross without losing their memories, but still keep the border in tact so no stranger can come in?"

Ha, a challenge, a definite goal. That can occupy his time. "I'm sure I can cook up a solution."

Emma lifted her eyebrows in surprise. "Wait…you'll do it. No deal needed?"

Rumple gave her a dry chuckle. "Dearie, I'm surprised you even have to ask. It is not like my deals have been beneficial to me anyway."

Emma shook her head slowly, backing out of the shop. That was way easier than she thought. But she shouldn't have been surprised anyway, after their last debacle, he wouldn't give her too much trouble.

"Ahhh…thanks," and she began to leave the shop.

"Wait!" Rumple quickly wanted her to stop.

Emma turned around. "Yes…"

"Is she happy?"

Emma saw the longing in his eyes, she did feel bad for the guy, even with his involvement in Regina's and her worse argument.

"Yes, she is," Emma smiled, especially with the copious amount of love making they been having, but he doesn't need to know the things she does to his daughter.

"Good." He shook his head. "You're…you are good for her."

This visit had many unexpected exchanges happening. "Thank you."

"You have a good time in New York."

"How do you…" Oh wait, he is Rumpelstiltskin. He knew everything that goes in Storybook. Well, almost everything. "I will." And she finally left the Dark One's shop.


Emma, Neal, and Henry sat in the yellow bug for a few hours on the road to Manhattan. Neal joked how it was like the good ole times being in the bug together. Henry had a whole host of questions for both of them about their past. But since both were perpetual delinquents, they wanted to keep the conversation on the more PG side.

The trip took a little over eight hours but they finally made it. Emma was hit with nostalgia. New York had a different energy than Boston. The hustle is harder. People came here to fulfill their dreams, just ask Alicia Keys. Plus, New York was much more diverse in culture and scenery.

"How are you doing kid?"

Henry stomach rumbled. When they made stops, it was for just snacks. "I'm hungry."

Neal's stomach made noise as well and they shared a laugh. "How about we get the best pizza you'll ever have?"

The boy's eyes lit up and he pumped his fist. "Yes!"

They left Neal's apartment. It's later in the day and they can help Neal pack later. They left and went into the bustling streets. Emma looked at her son seriously. "Hold onto my hand. And never…EVER run off. You understand?"

"I understand."

Nostalgia hit the blonde again, for a different reason. Alley's Place was the lesbian bar in Manhattan where she met Regina, and where Henry was conceived. Emma looked at Neal. "Hey, where's a good pizza joint around here? I know Brooklyn better than Manhattan."

"Yep, right on 44th avenue. Let's hit the subways." Henry was amazed at the amount of people here. Some of them were a little bit on the scarier side but he wasn't afraid, his ma took down a dragon and his uncle took an axe to the leg to save him, he'll be okay. It was a little smelly here, though.

Emma just thought of something. "Henry, did your mom ever tell you how we met?"

"No. She hasn't."

"Well, we met right here in this city, in a bar."

"I would preface this whole conversation by saying that you exist because of me kid," Neal laughed as he rubbed his hair. "I got her a fake ID and everything."

"Isn't that illegal?"

Emma rolled her eyes at Neal. "Yes, kid. Please remember to not be like me and this doofus here and be an upstanding citizen."

"Tell me more."

"Yeah, so it was my birthday and I went to a more grown up club for the first time."

"Make sure you are 21, okay?" Neal interrupted. Emma jokingly rolled her eyes at him again.

"Anyway, I saw your mom across the bar. She was the most beautiful woman there. I was too scared to talk to her though. I mean, she was a classy lady and I was a street urchin.

I saw a couple of women try to approach her, but she shut them down. But one woman, she was being very aggressive with her. So I went over to them and told the jerk to step back or she was going to have problems with me."

"You were like a knight," he looked at her proudly. Emma returned a smug smile with his own.

"Yeah…something like that."

Neal sucked his teeth. "Big head you have."

Emma winked at him. "Bigger than yours."

Her buddy looked at her in mock offense. "Can't believe you went there," he muttered. Neal knew Emma was actually bigger than him. When Emma revealed her extra package and got more comfortable with him, they got drunk one day and compared the size of their dicks.

Henry didn't understand what was going on so he just continued to ask his mom some more questions.

"What happened next?"

"Yeah, she thanks me and…ahhh…yeah…" Emma blushed at the last part and Neal laughed at her red face as they got off their stop to head towards the Gino's Pizza Joint.

Henry got the hint of the Emma's last statement. He may be ten, but he knows things. "So basically I was a one night stand?"

Emma's mouth drop opened in horror. Neal was outright laughing at the whole situation. He is not ready for kids and is just happy having a nephew.

Emma didn't know what to say. The moment that she and Regina shared was very special. And it wasn't up to her that it stopped there but she had no idea how to respond.

"What. How. Huh. How do you even know what a one night stand is?" She sputtered.

Henry just shrugged. "The internet."

Emma patted the back of his head and led him gently into the restaurant. "Okay buddy. When we get home, I'm going to talk to your mom about your internet usage."

Henry pouted and all Neal could do was laugh at the whole scenario.

"How about we quit this talk and get some greasy, cheesy pizza?"

"Oh yes!" They ordered and Henry was amazed at the sheer size of one slice of pizza.

"I'm think I'm in heaven," the kid said in between bites.

"I'm with you there," Neal said with a mouth full as well.

They enjoyed their meal, enjoyed a little touring, and went back to the apartment the next day for ring shopping.